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Device for safely raising and lowering a rifle between the ground and an elevated stand
Multi-stage trigger for automatic weapons
Weapons firing safeties and methods of operating the same
Ballistic reticle for projectile weapon aiming systems and method of aiming
Structure of changing gas cylinder for air guns and paintball guns
Spring-biased multi-axis articulating lens cover
Receiver gasket
Handgun grip with a removable and replaceable grip portion
System for fastening the barrel of a rifle having a replaceable barrel
Pyrotechnic microsystem and method for fabricating a microsystem
Multi-stage mechanical delay mechanisms for inertial igniters for thermal batteries and the like
Mechanical delay mechanisms for inertial igniters for thermal batteries and the like
Blasting system and method of controlling a blasting operation
Geometric/mechanical apparatus to improve well perforator performance
Pressurized gas release mechanism
Instrumented ballistic test projectile
Load reducing stores launch tube
Integrated thin film explosive micro-detonator
Method and apparatus for fluid removal from a container
Reactive material enhanced projectiles and related methods
Chalk marking projectile
Information processing system and method, information processing apparatus, image-capturing device a...
Vehicular optical communications system
Communication device for automotive vehicle
Automotive audio controller with vibration sensor
Digital broadcast receiving device, digital broadcast receiving method, and program therefor
Technique for providing management of a motor vehicle information system
Target parking position setting apparatus and vehicle provided with the same
Input device
Vehicle control system ensuring stability of control
Vehicle speed dependant calibration trim for improved fuel economy
Device and method for detecting and preprocessing vehicle, traffic and/or driver related data
Financial decision aid for 4-D navigation
In-vehicle navigation system with removable navigation unit
Traffic navigation system
Method and system for reconciling equity hedge funds
System and method for dynamic media reproduction
Reproducing apparatus, reproducing method, and reproducing program
Ski goggles with digital music player
Interface for audio visual device
LCD TV capable of being used as a music station only
Order invariant fuzzy commitment system
Adaptive security for portable information devices
Apparatus for the optical manipulation of a pair of landscape stereoscopic images
Irrigation system
Landscape edging system
System for remotely recording landscape change
Valve actuation system for internal combustion engine
Engine control system
Apparatus for and method of controlling motion mechanism
Cylinder head cover and method for mounting cylinder head cover to cylinder head
System and method for operating a multiple fuel engine
Valve timing control apparatus
Electrically driven camshaft adjuster
Camshaft adjuster
Internal combustion engine and method for controlling a supercharged internal combustion engine
Variable valve timing controller for internal combustion engine
Method for controlling an engine having variable cam timing
Apparatus for adjusting valve timing when starting internal combustion engine
Cam phasing control system for improving regeneration efficiency
Cylinder deactivation system for vehicle and variable valve lift system using the same
Variable camshaft timing system for an internal combustion engine
Valve timing controller
Internal parameters (parameters aging) in an abstract query
System and method for efficient evaluation of a query that invokes a table valued function
System and method for scoping searches using index keys
Active Abstracts
System and method for verifying the integrity and completeness of records
Methods and systems for improving a search ranking using location awareness
Context-adaptive content distribution to handheld devices
Security method and system for storage subsystem
Method and system for performing a search on a network
Editorial related advertising content delivery system
Model consolidation in a database schema
Query optimization using materialized views in database management systems
Delta-mechanism for integration of OLAP-based planning and reporting
Model entity operations in query results
Searching apparatus and searching method
Version control in a distributed computing environment
Method and apparatus for processing vegetable oils
Method for processing vegetable oils
Treatment of phosphate material using directly supplied, high power ultrasonic energy
Method of producing resistant starch
Wall mounted kiosk
Systems and methods for managing and using prepaid purchasing accounts
System and method for wireless software download and remote transaction settlement
System and method for processing tokenless biometric electronic transmissions using an electronic ru...
Systems and methods for improving auction liquidity
Installment purchase card and related systems and methods for making informed consumer purchases
Television credit card system
Computer system and computer-implemented method for selecting invoice settlement options
Cash dispensing automated banking machine system and communication method
Voice signature with strong binding
System and method for embedding user authentication information in encrypted data
Electronic predication system for assessing a suitability of job applicants for an employer
Propagating data to facilitate electronic payments to payees
Automatic management of storage access control
Method and system for dynamic creation of service flows
Databinding workflow data to a user interface layer
System and method for generating warranty and pricing information for data storage apparatus
Method for asymmetric security
Electronic product design
Data processing setting apparatus, data processing setting method, data processing setting program, ...
Digital watermarking apparatus and computer-readable medium
Image processing apparatus and method and storage medium
System, and associated terminal, method and computer program product for forwarding content and prov...
Audio signal processing device, signal recovering device, audio signal processing method and signal ...
Information gathering system and method
Method and apparatus to utilize free cache in a storage system
Maintaining and establishing subscriptions with load-balanced servers
Document processing apparatus and method
E-mail server
Network system, method and apparatus for processing information, and control program
Including a metric in a digital watermark for media authentication
Embedding data in material
Communication with an external source application
Closed capsule with opening means
Coiled dough package
Easy-open sausage package
Pet food product and method of producing same
Method for diagnosing immunologic food sensitivity
Bag opening apparatus and method
Loaf seam synchronization device for continuous loaf feed slicing machine
Tunnel oven
Carrier and method
Multi-sided spiraled plastic container
Reinforcing systemic immune responses with lactobacillus casei
Chrysanthemum plant named `PPP BELG 07`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yogigi White`
Grape plant named `Improved Chancellor`
Enhancing anti-HIV efficiency through multivalent inhibitors targeting oligomeric gp120
Circovirus sequences associated with piglet weight loss disease (PWD)
Oncokinase fusion polypeptides associated with hyperproliferative and related disorders, nucleic aci...
Microorganisms for the recombinant production of resveratrol and other flavonoids
Sequence-determined DNA fragments encoding UBIE/COQ5 methyltransferase family proteins
Sequence-determined DNA fragments encoding glutamine amidotransferase proteins
Generation of neural stem cells from undifferentiated human embryonic stem cells
Enzyme catalyzed therapeutic compounds
Methods and apparatus for acute or chronic delivery of substances or apparatus to extravascular trea...
Bow-to-string pressure training device for bowed string music instruments
Gyro-JIG apparatus for repairing a stringed musical instrument
Keyboard apparatus
Apparatus for automatically starting add-on progression to run with inputted music, and computer pro...
Ensemble system, audio playback apparatus and volume controller for the ensemble system
Apparatus for assisting in playing musical instrument
System and method for providing a distributed decisioning environment for processing of financial tr...
Illuminated traffic directing methods and apparatus
Mechanism for remotely measuring medical treatment system bed deflection
Radiation treatment for ink jet fluids
Light emitting unit having light source inside a lamp tube with ceramic fins
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
External-electrode discharge lamp with no light leakage from external electrode portion
Electricity controller, device for lighting discharge tube, display device and electric power contro...
System for testing memory modules using a rotating-type module mounting portion
Methods and apparatuses for electrochemical deposition
Low-pressure mercury vapor lamp with an adhering unit to improve luminous efficiency
Initiating distribution of server based content via web-enabled device
Method for locally controlling spatial continuity in geologic models
System for delivering a composition to the nasal membrane and method of using the same
Method and composition for producing catheters with antibacterial property
Use for the dyeing with lightening effect of keratin substances of a composition comprising a fluore...
Methods for directly injecting plug forming materials from a catheter
Nanoparticles for protein drug delivery
Method for promoting growth of tissue
Solid preparation containing chitosan powder and process for producing the same
Process for making cheese containing gum
Hydrogels for protein concentration
Coking reduction in cracking reactors
Process for the preparation of substituted fluorenes
Integrated process yielding xylenes from mixed aromatics
Liquid crystal-containing composition, method of producing the same, the liquid crystal display devi...
Copolymers and their use for treating flexible substrates
Reacting alkylene oxide and glycidy ether to produce OH- or acid-terminated copolymer
Method for the production of an aqueous polymer dispersion
Tubular reactor with coaxial cylinders and process using this reactor
Marking liquid
Method of modifying polyacrylates for obtaining high molecular polymers
Method for producing creped paper
Papermaking process
Process for preparing an aqueous dispersion of a quaternary ammonium salt containing vinyl copolymer
Composition for coating over a photoresist pattern
Devices and methods for monitoring genomic DNA of organisms
Thermal reaction device and method for using the same
Doped nanoparticle-based semiconductor junction
Sub-lithographic feature patterning using self-aligned self-assembly polymers
Shale inhibition
Truncated hepatocyte growth factor variant protein HGF/NK2
Methods and compositions for treating rheumatoid arthritis
PRO87299 polypeptides
Non-acidic, non-basic colloid solution containing dispersed titanium dioxide method of manufacturing...
Gelatin derivatives and high-molecular micelle comprising the derivatives
Polymer foams containing multi-functional layered nano-graphite
Wound covering
Polymerizable compositions with acylgermanium compounds
Field effect transistor and production process thereof
Photosensitive resin, photosensitive composition and photo-crosslinked structure
Aqueous dispersions of polymer-enclosed particles, related coating compositions and coated substrate...
Three-phase liquid polishing and cleaning composition
Anti-fouling compositions comprising a polymer with salt groups
Recording paper and image recording method thereof
Toner manufacturing method, toner manufacturing apparatus, and toner
Multi-functional admixtures for concrete
Aqueous dispersion including two different block copolymers
Thermosetting flux and solder paste
Actinic ray curable composition, actinic ray curable ink, image formation method employing it, and i...
2-propynyl adenosine analogs with modified 5'-ribose groups having A.sub.2A agonist activity
Water treatment system and method
Molding resin composition
Insecticidal N-substituted (heteroaryl)cycloalkyl sulfoximines
Nanocomposite compositions and processes for making the same
Composite of glass and hot melt composition and method of producing the same
High strength propylene-based elastomers and uses thereof
Electrical insulation system and method for electrical power storage component separation
Switched-mode power supply system and speed variator comprising such a system
Electronic speed controller with modular layout
Method and equipment for producing polymer-film
Liquid crystal display
Polarizing plate and liquid crystal display employing the same
In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating the same
Reflective liquid crystal display apparatus
Coffee maker
Method for determining span lengths based on properties of lumber
Method for separating and purifying 2,6-dimethylnaphthalene
Method and system of identifying overlays
Semiconductor test apparatus for simultaneously testing plurality of semiconductor devices
Test wrapper including integrated scan chain for testing embedded hard macro in an integrated circui...
System and method for performing high speed memory diagnostics via built-in-self-test
Shrink test mode to identify Nth order speed paths
Serial asynchronous interface with slip coding/decoding and CRC checking in the transmission and rec...
Apparatus and method for generating a Galois-field syndrome
System and method for in-line consistency checking of packetized data
Error correction using iterating generation of data syndrome
Methods, algorithms, software, circuits, receivers and systems for iteratively decoding a tailbiting...
Method and apparatus for verifying system-on-chip model
Efficient serialization of bursty out-of-order results
LED chip
Integrated digital signal processor/general purpose CPU with shared internal memory
Image display system
Method and apparatus for performing metalization in an integrated circuit process
Wiring pattern determination method and computer program product thereof
Bidirectional transceiver assembly for POF application
Multiplexed active biologic array
Methods and apparatus for screening and detecting multiple genetic mutations
Memory cell, read device for memory cell, memory assembly, and corresponding method
Method and systems for routing packets from an endpoint to a gateway
Zinc oxide diodes for optical interconnections
Specific binding proteins including antibodies which bind to the necrotic centre of tumours, and use...
Antibodies that immunospecifically bind to B lymphocyte stimulator protein
High affinity human antibodies to human IL-4 receptor
Gamma tocopherol methyltransferase coding sequence from Brassica and uses thereof
PUFA polyketide synthase systems and uses thereof
Treatment of neurodegenerative disease through intracranial delivery of siRNA
Compositions and methods for inhibiting expression of the PCSK9 gene
Genetic insulator for preventing influence by another gene promoter
Plant FAD2 coding sequence balancing for fatty acid profiling in edible oils
Genes encoding novel bacillus thuringiensis proteins with pesticidal activity against coleopterans
Video content scene change determination
Data processing equipment, inspection assistance system, and data processing method
Robotic gesture recognition system
Method and apparatus for generating user preference data regarding color characteristic of image and...
Image gradation correction based on switching resolution of correction coefficients
Unsupervised learning of events in a video sequence
Method for extracting raw data from an image resulting from a camera shot
Image recording apparatus
Image pickup apparatus having moving picture photographing function and moving picture photographing...
Video language filtering based on user profile
Imaging device and imaging method
Image-taking apparatus
Photographic illuminating device and camera
Image capturing apparatus having a small removable memory and a small display, image capturing metho...
Method and apparatus for monitoring an information distribution system
Information providing device and method
Mobile communication apparatus having capability of housing temperature control
Slow cooker and method of operation
Dynamic routing of I/O requests in a multi-tier storage environment
Methods for the preparation of crosslinked carboxyalkyl cellulose fibers having permanent and non-pe...
In situ generation of hydrogen peroxide
Electrochemical cell
Environmentally-neutral processing with condensed phase cryogenic fluids
Water filtration system
System and method for processing organic waste material
Microchannel apparatus capable of separating phases and methods of using same
Method of forming a device wafer with recyclable support
Grafted cyclodextrin
Flame retardant bromobenzyl systems
Fiber-reinforced thermoplastic vulcanizates
Weatherable, thermostable polymers having improved flow composition
siRNA targeting cAMP-specific phosphodiesterase 4D
Process for preparing Si-H-containing silanes
Efficient and selective conversion of carbon dioxide to methanol, dimethyl ether and derived product...
Method for authentication by chemical marking or tracing of an object or a substance
Waveguide-based wireless distribution system and method of operation
Method of removing carbonaceous impurities in carbon nanotubes
Recycling method system and container
Separation of purified potassium sulfate from glaserite
Iron oxide precipitation from acidic iron salt solutions
Zeolite catalyst for skeletal isomerisation of olefins
Y and Nb-doped SrTiO.sub.3 as a mixed conducting anode for solid oxide fuel cells
Process for the on-site production of chlorine and high strength sodium hypochlorite
Method for sour gas treatment
Preparation of silver particles using thermoplastic polymers
Reduction of lime consumption when treating refractor gold ores or concentrates
Process for the extraction of specific transition metals with gaseous HCL
Process for the recovery of elemental sulphur from residues produced in hydrometallurgical processes
Method for recovering indium from indium-containing material
Process for sequestering carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide
Process for the conversion of polysulfanes
Allocation system and method
Gun and bow camera mount
Methods and system for treating subcutaneous tissues
Applicator attachable to skin treatment device and skin treatment method using the same
Control unit for flow regulation
Pharmaceutical aerosol composition
Rotorcraft having coaxial counter-rotating rotors which produce both vertical and horizontal thrust ...
Aerofoil containment structure
Fitting with torsion box, of plastic material reinforced with carbon fibre, for coupling a drive mot...
Nacelle drag reduction device for a turbofan gas turbine engine
Ice management system for tiltrotor aircraft
Loading device for the at least partially automated loading and unloading of a cargo hold on transpo...
Internet protocol multimedia subsystem enabled cellular phone accessory device
Two-way folder-type terminal
Multimedia communication system
Medical network system and method for transfer of information
Method and device for controlling receiver buffer fullness level in multimedia streaming
Method for synchronizing at least one multimedia peripheral of a portable communication device, and ...
Removable electronic device and method thereof
Foldable remote controller
Multimedia interface device, information processing method corresponding information carrier and com...
Multimedia service providing method and radio mobile communication system
Mobile communication terminal and operating method thereof
Method and apparatus for handing off control of service access over a cable IP network
Method and system for extended network access notification via a broadband access gateway
System and method for synchronization of version annotated objects
System and method for integrated logging and tracing functions in an enterprise network
Session QoS control apparatus
Prevention of unauthorized scripts
System and method for managing maintenance of building facilities
Method and apparatus for collecting electronic signatures
Multi-input reporting and editing tool
Registry emulation
Electronic information item selection for trade and traded item control delivery system
Method for extraction lectin from Chaenomeles lagenaria, medical composition for inhibiting tumor gr...
Method of making stably preserved microspheres in lower alcohol solvent
Methods and devices for cryopreservation of biological cells and tissues
Methods for early detection of pregnancy in cows
Bioamplification for microbial sensor signal transduction
Transient protein expression methods
Combined regulation of neural cell production
Oligopeptide lyophilisate, their preparation and use
DNA-binding polyamide drug conjugates
Nucleic acid compositions for stimulating immune responses
Process for producing an amide compound
Drug therapy for Celiac Sprue
Compounds that selectively bind to membranes of apoptotic cells
Method of anesthesia
Insecticidal toxin complex fusion proteins
Tumour necrosis factor binding ligands
Anti-tissue factor antibodies and compositions
Human CTLA-4 antibodies and their uses
Recombinant constructs of Borrelia burgdorferi
Trail engineering in agile photonic networks
Method and system for tracking a moving station or target in free space communications
In-grid decoupling for ball grid array (BGA) devices
WideBand cross-connect system and protection method utilizing SONET add/drop multiplexers
Slow-fast programming of distributed base stations in a wireless network
Method of blocking alert messages to mobile units
Method and apparatus for request/grant priority scheduling
Automatically configuring a neighbor set for a base station
Method of phase sweep transmit diversity (PSTD) and apparatus for providing PSTD
Method and data structure for indexed storage of hierarchically interrelated information in a relati...
Method for flow control in a communication system
Distributed and disjoint forwarding and routing system and method
Method and system for shared backup allocation in networks based on partial information
Sharing restoration path bandwidth in mesh networks
Adaptive preamble adjustment for burst-mode optical systems
Method of handling overlapping notification requests in networks with open application programming i...
Printed product
Kinematic images formed by orienting alignable flakes
Synthetic funds having structured notes
Decomposition device of organic waste and automatic cleaning system thereof
Wipes and methods for removal of metal contamination from surfaces
Flushable hard surface cleaning wet wipe
Multi-purpose cleaner comprising blue iron powder
Highly water-soluble solid laundry detergent composition that forms a clear wash liquor upon dissolu...
Cyclooct-(en-)yl derivatives for use as fragrances
Neurogenerative or neurotrophic factors for mitigating a symptom of ischemia
Inhibitory or blocking agents of molecular generating and/or inducing functions
Treatment of arrhythmia by retinoids affecting signal transduction
Method of compatibilizing non polymer solid fillers in polymeric materials and compositions therefro...
Selective hydrosilylation method with alcohol or epoxide reactant and product
Online analyte detection by surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS)
Perfume bottle
Fragrance dispenser
Heuchera plant named `Tiramisu`
Apricot tree named `MC5`
Baptisia plant named `Midnight`
Gentiana plant named `True Blue`
Heuchera plant named `Pinot Noir`
Blueberry plant named `DrisBlueThree`
Monolithic polymer composition having a releasing material
Slot machine with a regenerating bonus array
Gaming device having a puzzle function operable to indicate information related to a game event
Linked progressive jackpot system
Slot-loaded microstrip antenna and related methods
Scheduling eligible entries using an approximated finish delay identified for an entry based on an a...
Method, system, and graphical user interface for selecting a soft keyboard
Print job creation apparatus and print job creation and output method
Method and system of processing messages
Wide area network person-to-person payment
Health, safety and security analysis at a client location
System and method for surely but conveniently causing reset of a computerized device
Car seat motion simulating apparatus
White board and white board display system
Exercise device with a user-defined exercise mode
Data-driven color coordinator
Apple tree named `Co-op 31`
Genes differentially expressed in breast cancer
Nucleic acid molecules encoding a wheat sucrose transporter
siRNA targeting kinase insert domain receptor (KDR)
Methods, kits and compositions pertaining to combination oligomers and libraries for their preparati...
Anthraquinone and its derivatives
Maize promoter active in silks, stalk nodes, roots and leaf sheaths
Stress-responsive root-specific genes
Soybean cultivar 2388028
Soybean cultivar S060298
Soybean variety XB28N08
Regulation of quinolate phosphoribosyl transferase expression
Plants and seeds of corn variety CV427371
Inbred corn line BC5
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH407425
Plants and seeds of corn variety CV971868
Plants and seeds of corn variety CV590239
Plants and seeds of corn variety CV678981
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH675395
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH820648
Crystal structure of the 30S ribosome and its use
Yeast promoter and use thereof
Image formation apparatus with residue toner charging section with nonwoven fabric
Liquid droplet ejection apparatus
Process for producing polymer optical waveguide
Imaging member
Toner compositions having magenta pigment
Image processing device, method, and storage medium which stores a program
Image processing device, method, and storage medium which stores a program
Image processing apparatus and image processing method adapted to correct color unevenness
Design parameters for a multi-row linear photosensor array
Translated document image production device, recording medium and translated document image producti...
Coupling mechanism for material supply module
Luminescent element with a lens
Information processing server, information processing system, information processing method and stor...
Question paper forming apparatus and question paper forming method
Video playing system, video playing apparatus, control method for playing video, storage medium stor...
Scanned medium, and manufacturing apparatus and method therefor
Luminescent element with a lens
Code pattern, printed matter, image generating apparatus, image processing apparatus, image generati...
High-speed phase change ink image producing machine having a phase change ink delivery system includ...
Sending a message securely over an insecure channel
FPGA configuration bitstream encryption using modified key
System and method for context switching of a cryptographic engine
Disk drive with flexible data stream encryption
Encryption/decryption system and key scheduler with variable key length
Apparatus and method for embedding and extracting information in analog signals using distributed si...
Quantum cryptography with fewer random numbers
Method and apparatus for data encryption
Process for establishing a common cryptographic key for N subscribers
System, method and computer program product for updating security criteria in wireless networks
Two-way QKD system with active compensation
Contents border detection apparatus, monitoring method, and contents location detection method and p...
Mobile communication terminal having a function of reading out information from contactless type com...
Method for securing a communication
Method and apparatus for access authentication in wireless mobile communication system
Small memory footprint fast elliptic encryption
Secure manufacturing devices in a switched Ethernet network
Robotic appliance with on-board joystick sensor and associated methods of operation
Electronic-component holding apparatus and mounting system
Manipulator with automatic control, especially for the food industry
Control system using working robot, and work processing method using this system
Mobile robot for sensing and decoding a surface coding pattern on a surface
Robot system
Rotation actuator for endoscopic devices
Robot simulation device, and robot simulation program
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Surface coated member and cutting tool
Organic thin film transistor and process for manufacturing same
Antibody and use thereof
Heterocyclic inhibitors of MEK and methods of use thereof
Line head and image forming apparatus incorporating the same
Transportation vehicle system
Liquid ejection device and liquid ejection method
Control integrated circuit for a charge pump
Apparatus for and method of forming image using oscillation mirror
Optimized charge sharing for data bus skew applications
Support frame and group of parts for wall mounting an electrical apparatus
Mobile terminal device
Method for manufacturing a magnetoresistive multilayer film
Pressurization device
Axial flow pump and diagonal flow pump
Synergistic HIV/AIDS and/or immune disease phyto-nutraceutical composition
Light-weight, soft wing-sail for wind-propelled vehicle
Use of prefabricated components in floating structures
Cleat clamp system
Tow cable termination
Apparatus for measuring and weighing fish
Producing nickel-base, cobalt-base, iron-base, iron-nickel-base, or iron-nickel-cobalt-base alloy ar...
Aluminum-based material and a method for manufacturing products from aluminum-based material
High tensile nonmagnetic stainless steel wire for overhead electric conductor, low loss overhead ele...
Method and apparatus for communicating using a display
Method and apparatus for using virtual machine technology for managing parallel communicating applic...
Apparatus and method for enhancing performance of a computer system
Systems and methods for support of various processing capabilities
Systems and processes for managing policy change in a distributed enterprise
Network interface decryption and classification technique
Designer's intent tolerance bands for proximity correction and checking
Post build process to record stack and call tree information
Systems and methods for validating debug information for optimized code
Programming language support for integrating undo and exception handling
Urinalysis for the early detection of and recovery from worsening heart failure
Light-emitting device
Method for manufacturing wiring substrate and method for manufacturing electronic device
Method for forming a mark with pivoting of a nozzle about its target
Organic compounds for electroluminescence and organic electroluminescent devices using the same
Process of surface treatment, surface treating device, surface treated plate, and electro-optic devi...
Patterning method and methods for producing electro-optic device, color filter, illuminant, and thin...
Aminodibenzodioxin derivative and organic electroluminescent using the same
Organic electro-luminance device and method for fabricating the same
Organic light emitting device
Organic electro-luminescence display
Electroluminescent device and electronic apparatus
Display panel driving method
Phase difference control component having columnar material
Display unit, display method and equipment using thereof
Burst spread spectrum radio system and method for asset tracking and data telemetry
Light emitting slot-waveguide device
Hard-coated antiglare film, polarizing plate, and image display
Powder metallurgical compositions containing organometallic lubricants
Porous composite oxide and production method thereof
Polymer-assisted deposition of films
Metallic dispersion
Method for manufacturing liquid crystal alignment film, liquid crystal alignment film, optical film ...
Cellulose acylate film and process for producing the same, and optical film and image display device...
Low-maintenance coatings
Electrolyte membrane, membrane electrode assembly using this and fuel cell
Pellicle for lithography
Donor films with pattern-directing layers
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Translucent ceramic and method for manufacturing the same, and optical component and optical device
Ceramic body, ceramic catalyst body and related manufacturing methods
Photovoltaic devices fabricated from nanostructured template
Programmable photolithographic mask based on semiconductor nano-particle optical modulators
Light-emitting element having metal oxide and light-emitting device using the same
Optical deflector
Optical deflector
Mid-IR instrument for analyzing a gaseous sample and method for using the same
Optimizing performance parameters for switchable polymer dispersed liquid crystal optical elements
Electric stringed instrument
Device for impact detection
Circuit-unit-combined speaker apparatus
Asymmetric and continuously curved speaker driver enclosure to optimize audio fidelity
Exhaust diffuser for vehicle
Acoustic scatterer
Thermal-acoustic enclosure
Discharge muffler system for a rotary compressor
Vehicle passenger restricting system for vehicle rollover condition
Swing arm part structure
Steering apparatus for a vehicle
Vehicle load monitoring for four wheel steering
Layout structure for motor-driven power steering unit controller
Passive safety system and determination device
Electric power steering apparatus
Communication control device for passenger protection device
Vehicle steering apparatus
Operator display system
Motor-driven power steering apparatus
Electric power steering system
Storage check for locking vehicle steering system
Exhaust system
Lawn care service truck having an electric/hydraulic liquid distributing system and method of use
Device for blocking the steering shaft of a motor vehicle
Supports for vehicle instrument panels
Planetary roller driving device and steering apparatus comprising the same
Structure of air cleaner box
Controller for motor
System and method for providing personal directory assistance services
Methods and apparatus for automating the servicing of telephone calls including requesting direction...
Automated system and method for handling human and caller queues
System and method for handling sessions of specific type in communication networks
Key control with real time communications to remote locations
Emergency ringing facility for mobile phones
Wireless intelligent network (WIN) support for centralized service control in an IP multimedia subsy...
Wireless communication terminal and mobile type wireless communication terminal
System and method for storage and retrieval of personal communications in a broadband network
Intelligent peripheral for speech recognition in networks
Natural language classification within an automated response system
Apparatus and method for processing service interactions
Interactive survey and data management method and apparatus
System and method for tracking a billing cycle
Method and system for detailed accounting of packet data
Endpoint and method for displaying of SSSP and non-SSSP information
Speedy delivery of communication to a vehicle
System and method for providing on-line advertising and information
Method and apparatus for a business contact center
Displaying network segment decode information in diagrammatic form
Signal pulse detection scheme for use in real-time spectrum analysis
Method and apparatus for providing digital media player with portable digital radio broadcast system...
Distributed conformal adaptive antenna array for SATCOM using decision direction
RFID system for allowing access to remotely positioned RFID tags
Method for operating a base station of a mobile radio system, signaling unit, control unit, mobile s...
Modular wide-range transceiver
Signal quality indicator apparatus and method particularly useful for mobile telephones
Portable radio terminal and AFC control method
Information processing apparatus with antenna switching function, communication apparatus, antenna s...
Location information system for a wireless communication device and method therefor
Radio base station program update method and apparatus not requiring update host computer
Wireless switched network
Remote radio data communication system with data rate switching
System and method for alternative presence reporting system
Method of generating control signals based on location of radio terminals
Multicast transmission in a cellular network
Radio communication system
Radio system having distributed real-time processing
Radio frequency enabled control of environmental zones
Oilfield equipment identification method and apparatus
Method and device for calculating bit error rate of received signal
System, software and method for examining a database in a forensic accounting environment
System and method for facilitating interaction between consumer and merchant
Time delimited multiple admission method and system
Smartcard transaction method and system using retinal scan recognition
Method and system for vascular scan recognition with a smartcard
Rotatable water-spraying bat
Gear puzzle
Board game to help develop word recognition and spelling skills
Language learning board game
Math game and method
Grabbing device and method for controlling the gripping force
Vehicle entertainment system
Vehicle entertainment system incorporated within the armrest/console of a vehicle with a swivel moni...
System and method for toy adoption and marketing
System and method for detecting collusion in online gaming via conditional behavior
Exercise device and method
Abdominal exercise device
Control device for mobile body
Lawn sprinkler play apparatus
Integrating and enhancing searching of media content and biometric databases
Bi-directional remote control unit and method of using the same
Stereo imager
Variational path profiling
Method and apparatus for creating data transformation routines for binary data
Method for debugging a business process flow
Frameless data presentation
System and method for external override of annotations
Method and system for enabling a server application to be executed in the same virtual machine as a ...
Information processing method, apparatus, and system for controlling computer resources, control met...
Method and apparatus for interfacing with a distributed computing service
Integration of heterogeneous applications
Quiescence mode for a portal
Cancellation mechanism for cooperative systems
Method of protecting a computing system from harmful active content in documents
Techniques for permitting access across a context barrier on a small footprint device using an entry...
Trainable rule-based computer file usage auditing system
Method and apparatus for binding user interface objects to application objects
Method and system for reversible design tree transformations
Ink jet recording method and ink jet recording apparatus
Ink set, ink container, liquid ejecting apparatus, ink-jet recording process, and recorded article
System and method for customizing the storage and management of device data in a networked environme...
System and method for performing replication copy storage operations
Apparatus, systems, and method for concurrent storage to an active data file storage pool, copy pool...
Managing large OLAP in an analytical context
Methods, systems, and computer program products for presenting topical information referenced during...
Setting and display of communication receipt preferences by users of multiple communication devices
Messenger assistant for personal information management
Universal file access architecture for a heterogeneous computing environment
Method for displaying vendor name in a CMTS command line interface
System and method for virtualizing network storages into a single file system view
Media keying for updateable content distribution
Accelerated and reproducible domain visitor targeting
Presence management apparatus
Remote copy system
Snapshot system
Embedded interaction code document
Test summarization using relevance measures and latent semantic analysis
Dynamic presentation generator
Element persistent identification
System and method for providing result sets using EJB query language
Workflow as data-transition driven, scriptable state machines
Pet grooming glove
Pet waste grasping device
Pet waste scoop
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Mount for floor scrubbing implement
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum hose weight
Gun cleaning case
Floor maintenance tool
Litter receptacle
Recycling bin for paper
Recycling bin for paper
Wheel dolly for transmission jacks
Bar for lifting heavy or panel like objects
Hydraulic trailer jack
Wheelchair ramp base
Winch drum
Transport pallet
Integrated method and system for accessing and aggregating disparate remote server services
Record boundary identification and extraction through pattern mining
Network communications having endpoint device with automatic connection to iPBX
Integrated security switch
Home gateway system for providing optical communication packet data interface function and home broa...
Method and apparatus for caching, compressing and transmitting video signals
Method and apparatus for ordering goods, services and content over an internetwork
Processing data representing video and audio and methods and apparatus related thereto
Method of providing audio format professional information update service for payment, via internet
Method and apparatus for ordering goods, services and content over an internetwork
Data output control apparatus
System and method for performing an on-line transaction using a single-use payment instrument
Dynamic number authentication for credit/debit cards
Distributed search system and method
Internal hardware firewalls for microchips
Domain name acquisition and management system and method
System and methodology providing namespace and protocol management in an industrial controller envir...
System and method for network edge data protection
System and method for multi-level security on a network
System for fast recovery from losses for reliable data communication protocols
Client side localizations on the world wide web
Interactive service device metering systems
Cable receiver
Apparatus and method for wheelchair aerobic stationary exercise
Direct vision port site dissector
Method and apparatus for controlling human-computer interface systems providing force feedback
Enhanced environment visualization using holographic stereograms
Multi-dimensional locating system and method
Radio-frequency based catheter system and method for ablating biological tissues
Multiple-carriages high gamma tuner
Vehicular door mirror device
Method and system for generating access policies
Methods and systems for diagramming and remotely manipulating business objects
Movable device
Conformable ear piece and method of using and making same
Environmental monitoring using mobile devices and network information server
Safety jacket
Belt bags for firearms
Dynamic guidance for close-in maneuvering air combat
Locking apparatus for a firearm
Method for discharging countermeasure means, rocket launcher, and dispenser arrangement
Wheel bearing joint unit
Sealed four-row ball bearing for support and working roller bearing on roller stands
Skew contact double row ball bearing and bearing device for supporting pinion shaft
MID module and a method of mounting an optical fibre in an MID module
System and method to reduce jitter
Linear guidance device
Motor lubricant cycling system
Bearing holding structure for motor
Spindle for a machine tool, comprising a bearing element with a capillary feed line for supplying lu...
Ball roller rolling member
Wheel bearing in a wheel carrier
Operation of electrically actuated valves at lower temperatures
Using field programmable gate array (FPGA) technology with a microprocessor for reconfigurable, inst...
Security control module
Security provider development model
Information providing system and a method for providing information
Remote support for computer or other electronic device
Power/ground wire routing correction and optimization
Infrared solvent stripping process
Process for the synthesis of hydroxy aromatic acids
Toughened poly(hydroxyalkanoic acid) compositions
Process for applying fluoropolymer powder coating as a primer layer and an overcoat
Ethylene acid copolymer
Antifungal polypeptides
Methods of making thin film capacitors comprising a manganese doped barium titantate dielectric
Process for applying fluoropolymer powder coating as a primer layer and an overcoat
Dewatering fabrics
Solid phase extraction pipette
Delayed tackifying compositions and associated methods involving controlling particulate migration
Slip-cling stretch film
Multilayer phase-change information recording medium, and method for recording and reproducing using...
Increased bulk density of fatty acid-treated silanized powders and polymers containing the powders
Clamp for use in processing semiconductor workpieces
Methods for preparing titania coatings by plasma CVD at atmospheric pressure
Antireflection coating, optical element, and optical transceiver module
Algae resistant roofing system containing silver compounds, algae resistant shingles, and process fo...
Sintered body, magnetic head slider, and method of manufacturing sintered body
Cooling of rolls in continuous casting plants
Process and installation for granulating slag
Hair treatment applicator
Disposable absorbent article with improved topsheet
Carton for storing substrates
Polymer thickened hair colouring and bleaching compositions
Oxidizing hair colourant compositions
Combined bottle and cap
Process for high engagement embossing on substrate having non-uniform stretch characteristics
Sanitary towel
Prefillable intradermal delivery device
Certain 1H-imidazo[4,5-b]pyrazin-2(3H)-ones and 1H-imidazo[4,5-b]pyrazin-2-ols, compositions thereof...
Hydrostatic drive system
Display apparatus, method and light source
Spirocyclic heterocyclic derivatives and methods of their use
Compounds for the treatment of tobacco dependence and withdrawal
Silicone elastomer exfoliating compositions
Low molecular weight isotactic polypropylene polymers, copolymers and derivatives and materials prep...
Method of quenching electronic excitation of chromophore-containing organic molecules in photoactive...
Use of ester quats in compositions as sand-repellent substances
Compositions comprising a combination of a free sphingoid base and ceramide and uses thereof
Photosensitive polymeric material for worm optical data storage with two-photon fluorescent readout
Multilayer golf ball
Cleaning composition for handling water hardness and methods for manufacturing and using
Powders, flakes, or pellets containing salts of a sulfo fatty acid alkyl esters in high concentratio...
Method of making a golf ball with a multi-layer core
Transmission screen
Single dose tooth whitener dispenser and applicator, and method of tooth whitening
Unsubstituted and polymeric triphenymethane colorants for coloring consumer products
Kaolin pigment products
Modified polyvinylidenefluoride resin monofilament and method for manufacturing thereof
Method of forming a binding agent for solidification matrix
Dental whitening method
Antiplaque oral composition containing enzymes and cyclodextrins
Method and apparatus for use of porous implants
Production of amorphous metallic foam by powder consolidation
Protein crosslinkers, crosslinking methods and applications thereof
RGD-enriched gelatines
Fuel cell system with a gas supply pump that applies negative pressure to the anode and cathode
Fuel cell and fuel cell stack
Wafer dicing method
Turn signal light of motor vehicles
Clip-on head-mounted LED light for medical and dental professionals
LED illumination pendent lamp
Lamp for aquariums
Light fixture
Light fixture
Light fixture
Socket for fluorescent lamp
Task light
Cigar container
Folding comb
Hair clip
Hair clipper
Hair trimmer
Hand and nail brush
Shoulder strap for use in vehicles
Drive mechanism and slicing apparatus for food slicing machine
Baking apparatus
Process for isolation, purification, and recrystallization of lutein from saponified marigold oleore...
Production of polyethylene
Method of drying a material having a cohesive phase
Core-shell fluorescent nanoparticles
Method for cleavage of labile functional groups from chemical compounds
Process for improving the durability, dimensional stability and surface hardness of a wood body
Methods for producing and purifying 2-hydrocarbyl-3,3-bis(4-hydroxyaryl)phthalimidine monomers and p...
Modulation of apolipoprotein C-III expression
Functionalized polymers and improved tires therefrom
Filter cake degradation compositions and methods of use in subterranean operations
High density polyethylene
Tissue engineered biomimetic hair follicle graft
System for replenishing energy sources onboard different types of automotive vehicles
Dynamic configuration of a radio frequency transponder
Contextual medication prompting pillbox
Method for slap-and-ship RFID labeling
Across the pavement wireless security system
System and method for transport security control and tracking
Hard cover product with spine-disposed concealed security device
Wireless position location and tracking system
Narrow gap spray cooling in a globally cooled enclosure
Choline-utilizing microbial strains for biologically controlling fusarium head blight
Methods and compositions for controlled release of bioactive compounds
Carbohydrate mixtures
Antibodies that bind M. tuberculosis polypeptides
Synergetic effects of HGF and antibacterial treatment
Monoclonal antibodies and antigen binding fragments thereof capable of binding TrkA and inhibiting t...
Promotion of peroxisomal catalase function in cells
Compositions and methods for treating cancer using immunoconjugates and chemotherapeutic agents
Targeting of long chain triacylglycerol hydrolase gene for tuberculosis treatment
Mycobacterium tuberculosis protein composition
Lithium cell
Compositions for treating and/or preventing diseases characterized by the presence of metal ions
Method of making multilayered construction for use in resistors and capacitors
Niobium powder, sintered body thereof, and capacitor using the same
Process for engineered ion exchange recovery of copper and nickel
Ceramic assembly with a stabilizer layer
Treating a tumor or the like with an electric field
Brachytherapy apparatus and methods of using same
Infusion pump
Method and apparatus for plasma surgery
Devices for handling catheter assembly
Interlocking tissue anchor apparatus and methods
Actuator for an implantable band
Medical device with varying physical properties and method for forming same
Elliptic curve point multiplication
Method for multiplying stem cells
Vehicle radar sensor assembly
Device and method for the adjustment of a temperature of a liquid
Per-Channel Image Intensity Correction
Selectable multi-purpose card
Proton conductive polymer, catalyst composite, electrolyte membrane for fuel cell and fuel cell
Fuel cell system
Integrated fuel cell hybrid power plant with controlled oxidant flow for combustion of spent fuel
Fuel cell stack for vehicle
PEM fuel cell assembly formed of modular sub-assemblies
Sulfonated polyaryletherketone-polyethersulfone block copolymers
Diagnostic method for fuel cell
Sulfonic acid group-containing, proton-conducting polymer composition, a solid electrolyte membrane ...
Fuel cell bipolar plates with multiple active areas separated by non-conductive frame header
Power supply apparatus having plurality of planar fuel cell assemblies connected in stack form
Printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
Production method of anisotropic conductive sheet
Vacuum cleaner
System and method for delivering cryogenic fluids
Chromatography system with waste output
Overfill protection for liquid hydrogen tank
Magnetorheological damper system
Feeding mechanism auto-adjusting to load for use in automatic high-security destruction of a mixed l...
Twin-wall pipe with a ventilation zone between a socket and an adjacent elevation
Method and apparatus for pattern transfer, and annular recording medium
Seizure therapy method and apparatus
Apparatus for treating subcutaneous tissues
Piezoelectric film laminate and method of manufacturing the same
Controlling the temperature of a substrate in a film deposition apparatus
DLC coating system and process and apparatus for making coating system
Showerhead assembly and ALD methods
Method of manufacturing display device
Fuel injection system
Recording apparatus
Image reproducing and forming apparatus, printer driver and data processing apparatus
Inkjet head
Inkjet recording apparatus
Ink set, recording method using the ink set, recording device, recording system, and recorded object
Training device for exercising muscle groups of the entire body
Tray and recording apparatus
Interlabial pad individual packaging vessel
Aqueous gel ballpoint pen and method for the production thereof
Spinal motion preservation assemblies
Distributor structured for a 360-degree rotary ceiling fan
High-strength steel pipe excellent in low temperature toughness and toughness at weld heat-affected ...
BGA-type test and burn-in socket for integrated circuits (ICs)
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Reverse-turn mimetics and method relating thereto
System and method for linear distortion estimation by way of equalizer coefficients
Method and system for counting moving objects in a digital video stream
Mirror node process verification
Method and system for a data centric architecture in an optical network
Fiber chopper and method of controlling force
Heat roller of image forming apparatus
Flash discharge lamp
Substituted aniline derivatives
Welding device and method for welding workpieces
Snow vehicle
Method and system for providing ethernet protection
System and method for aggregating real-time and historical data
Control of multi-channel scan for re-establishing connections in a wirelessly networked device
Fixed-mobile communications with mid-session mode switching
System and method for deriving IPv6 scope indentifiers and for mapping the identifiers into IPv6 add...
Method of allocating bandwidth in an optical network
Switch method and apparatus with cut-through routing for use in a communications network
Method and system for network management providing access to application bandwidth usage calculation...
Systems and methods for mapping and multiplexing wider clock tolerance signals in optical transport ...
System and method for determining a fine frequency offset of a received signal
Providing accurate time-based counters for scaling operating frequencies of microprocessors
Method and apparatus for generating a phase dependent control signal
Insecticidal plant cyclotide with activity against homopteran insects
HLA-A24 binding cancer antigen peptide derived from livin
Fabrication of beta-pleated sheet proteins with specific binding properties
RTVP-GliPR-like compositions and methods for the detection, treatment and prevention of prostate can...
Electronic apparatus comprising receptacle for storing disk drive
Method of and client device for interactive television communication
Program guide system with combination category search
Interactive television program guide system with pay program package promotion
Fibre channel transceiver
Apparatus and methods for multi-stage multiplexing in a network
Fiber laser based production of laser drilled microvias for multi-layer drilling, dicing, trimming o...
Fault tolerant optical data communication network
Apparatus and method for optimum decision threshold setting
Creating links between nodes connected to a fibre channel (FC) fabric
CATV uplink optical transmission system
Initialization of a computer system including a secure execution mode-capable processor
Variable capacity rotary compressor
Dual cylinder lift pump system and method
System and method for measuring thin film thickness variations and for compensating for the variatio...
Optimizing image signal interpretation for analog image signals from medical image recording devices
Method for collecting data for color measurements from a digital electronic image capturing device o...
Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, correction value generation apparatus, correc...
Volume rendering quality adaptations for ultrasound imaging
Arrangement and method for fabricating a semiconductor wafer