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Method for measuring and calibrating measurements using optical fiber distributed sensor
Interferometric miniature grating encoder readhead using fiber optic receiver channels
Optical fiber, optical fiber module, and Raman amplifier
Cascade fiber-optic grating-based sensor apparatus and method
Optical multiplexing method and optical multiplexer, and optical amplifier using same
Fiber bragg grating device
Distribution cable assembly having overmolded mid-span access location
Optical fiber composite power cable having loose-tube-type optical fiber impregnated therein
Optical fibre manifold
System for spectrum allocation in ethernet-based fiber optic TDMA networks
Hybrid-integrated high-speed OTDM module
Optical transmission system of radio signal over optical fiber link
Optical communication device
System for mitigating the effects of fiber dispersion by separate detection of two transmitted sideb...
System and method to failover storage area network targets from one interface to another
Method for determining a microactuator range of movement
Disk drive having a sector clock that is synchronized to the angular speed of the spindle motor
Method, system, and article of manufacture for self-servowriting a disk
Disk drive employing a multi-stage pulse width modulated voice coil motor driver
Acceleration sensor and disk drive employing it
Disk drive apparatus, servo control circuit, method of manufacturing recording medium, magnetic reco...
Concurrent data recording and reproducing method, seek operation control method and magnetic disk dr...
Multi-stage actuator disk drives, methods, and computer program products for seeking and then mainta...
Motor/encoder assembly for tape drives
System and method for hard disk drive with disk clamp annular rim inner wall engaging hub annular re...
Trailing edge recording magnetic head with reversed double bias coil and deflection pole for perpend...
Low DC coil resistance planar writer
Magnetic head for perpendicular recording with magnetic loop providing non-perpendicular write field
Recording medium cartridge having an accommodation portion for a noncontact-type memory
Slider for a data storage device including transducer level micro-positioning and method of fabricat...
Head drum assembly for a tape recorder
Thin film magnetic head including heat dissipation, method of manufacturing the same, and magnetic d...
Magnetic recording head, a magnetic reproducing head, a magnetic recording apparatus, and a magnetic...
Read sensor with overlaying lead layer top surface portions interfaced by hard bias and tapered lead...
Spin valve magnetoresistive element having pinned magnetic layer composed of epitaxial laminated fil...
Hard disk-mounting module
Linerless labels
Conditional execution with multiple destination stores
Secure sharing of application methods on a microcontroller
Secured peer-to-peer network data exchange
Apparatus and method for efficient data transport using transparent framing procedure
Document management systems and methods
Method and system for providing a separate browser window with information from the main window in a...
Method for managing contents of a web site
Method and apparatus for developing web services using standard logical interfaces to support multip...
Application development system and method
Method for controlling a function executable by specific commands to different software products
Process for the preparation of angiotensis converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors and its use
Method for the production and purification of adenoviral vectors
Composition comprising a Lactobacillus pentosus strain and uses thereof
Bovine immunodeficiency virus (BIV) based vectors
Metabolically activated recombinant viral vectors and methods for their preparation and use
Method for introducing and expressing genes in animal cells, and bacterial blebs for use in same
Method of cancer screening; method of cancer treatment; and method of diabetes treatment
Anti-pathogen treatments
Pharmaceutical composition comprising factor VII polypeptides and factor V polypeptides
Hyaluronic acid in the treatment of cancer
Treatment of acne using alkonolamine compositions
Combined therapies for atherosclerosis treatment
Malaria polypeptides
Method for delivering secondary (non-location) data to a GPS receiver
Emergency report cellular phone, cellular connection switching method and GPS positioning method
Combined parallel and sequential detection for GPS signal acquisition
Nitrosophenols and C-nitrosoanilines as polymerization inhibitors
Corrosion control in olefin production plants
Combined cracking and selective hydrogen combustion for catalytic cracking
Method for deuteration of an inert methylene
Thermal isomerization of lycopene
Efficient methods for filtering to avoid inter-symbol interference and processing digital signals ha...
DC-offset compensation loops for magnetic recording system
Demodulation apparatus
Apparatus and method for multi-path search using dual code generators
Image searching defect detector
System and method for adaptive video fast forward using scene generative models
Charge processing device charge processing system and charge processing card
Electronic document display system
Intelligent discard in information access system
Method for updating personal financial information on a web site
XML database mixed structural-textual classification system
Retrieval of digital objects by redirection of controlled vocabulary searches
Automatic selection of cranial remodeling device trim lines
Non-imaging optical corner turner
Optical frequency filter
Patient support and method for studies of lumbar vertebra rotation
Customized medical equipment preventative maintenance method and system
System and method for selecting and protecting intellectual property assets
Movable tap finite impulse response filter
Performance optimized approach for efficient downsampling operations
Method of dynamically controlling cache size
Decoding and decryption of partially encrypted information
Lighted mirror
Wall mountable support
Vehicle mountable football cooler
Bottle portion
Fuel supply for fuel cells
Cable connector
Writing utensil cap
Input device for video game
Monitoring system for a corporate network
Batch target and method for producing radionuclide
Synchronized magnification system and method for images
Pet food supplement
Pet food
Edible pet chew
Methods and systems for combining a plurality of radiographic images
Integrated image registration for cardiac magnetic resonance perfusion data
Factor analysis in medical imaging
Registration of separations
Sensors and methods for high-sensitivity optical particle counting and sizing
Information communication system for carrying out communication and delivery of information
Direct scintillator coating for radiation detector assembly longevity
Radiation pretreated stimulable phosphor screen or panel
Nanoparticle optical storage apparatus and methods of making and using same
Illumination system with field mirrors for producing uniform scanning energy
Thin film transistor display device with integral control circuitry
Multi-channel integrated circuit
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Thermal development method and apparatus
Objective with fluoride crystal lenses
Radiological imaging apparatus and radiological imaging method and radiological imaging support meth...
Direct conversion energy discriminating CT detector
Radiation image taking system
Arrangement and method for obtaining tomosynthesis data
Area exposure dosimetry and area absorbed dosimetry
Radiation imaging apparatus, radiation imaging system and radiation imaging method
X-ray detector having an accelerometer
X-ray grid arrangement
Method and apparatus for visualizing a limited part of a 3D medical image-point-related data set, th...
Method and software for improving coronary calcium scoring consistency
Video conferencing device and method
System and method for sidebar functionality in a regular conference system
Lens protection mechanism and camera with lens protection mechanism
Photographic processing arrangement and a processing solution supply cartridge for the processing ar...
Taking lens having focus determination optical system
Recyclable, digital one time use camera
Print processing method, printing order receiving machine and print processing device
Lens module assembly method and assembly intermediate
Lens barrel and optical apparatus
Camera module
Selective animal feeding apparatus
Support for formed bird treat and method therefor
Case ready stackable tray designs
Nestable containers with reversibly deformable closures
Tube valve arrangement for a patty-forming machine
Method and an apparatus for continuously deaerating a liquid
Preventive, alleviative or remedy for hypertension
Method of removing off-flavor from foods and deodorizer
High protein tortillas
Coolant treatment formulation
Modified acacia and use thereof
Ultrafine ground tea dispersion and food or beverage containing the same
Chitosan foodstuff
Puffed pet food for diet control
Processed soybean material and method of producing the same
Calcineurin activators
Method of manufacturing konnyaku food
Stable aqueous solution of natamycin fungicide
Preparation method for preserving cooked fish-based food products
Method for the reduction of acrylamide formation
Composite candy and method for making the same
Method for manufacturing confectionery, freeze drying method and freeze-dried confectionery
Single-walled carbon nanotube composites
Evaluating bacterial lethality of containerized food production
Biosensors and methods for detecting agents based upon time resolved luminescent resonance energy tr...
Fibrous sheets coated or impregnated with biodegradable polyhydroxybutyrate polymers or polymer blen...
Open top meat skinning device
Detergent composition and method of using same
Consolidation of unit attentions
Method and system for improving computer system boot reliability by executing an application specifi...
Memory controller providing multiple power modes for accessing memory devices by reordering memory t...
Memory subsystem voltage control and method
Method and apparatus for out of order memory scheduling
Data management architecture
Offsite management using disk based tape library and vault system
Identifying pure pointers to disambiguate memory references
Method and system for data duplication
Data transfer request processing scheme for reducing mechanical actions in data storage system
Distributed snapshot process
Storage device and information management system
Hardened extended firmware interface framework
Apparatus and method for controlling data access using encrypted link position information
Data-migration method
Disk control system and control method of disk control system
System and method for dynamic rank specific timing adjustments for double data rate (DDR) components
Storage having logical partitioning capability and systems which include the storage
Prefetching hints
Intent seizes in a multi-processor environment
Apparatus for providing proper vertebral spacing
Humeral joint prosthesis
Method and apparatus for use of porous implants
Resorbable medical implants and methods
Interpositional biarticular disk implant
Modular resurfacing prosthetic
Method and apparatus for use of porous implants
Computer systems and methods for inferring causality from cellullar constituent abundance data
Patient medical data graphical presentation system
Tax attenuation and financing
Methods and systems for monitoring tumor burden
Methods and apparatus for distributing digital medical images via a redirected system
Prior-constrained mean shift analysis
Display System Having Improved Multiple Modes For Displaying Image Data From Multiple Input Source F...
Rhododendron plant named `Christine Belli`
Hydrangea macrophylla plant named `Blushing Bride`
Verbascum plant named `Honey Dijon`
Echinacea purpurea plant named `Green Eyes`
Method for selecting node variables in a binary decision tree structure
System and user interface supporting URL processing and concurrent application operation
Control module for heat and light therapy device
Single dose liquid medication dispenser
Heat and light therapy device
Instrument for diagnosing and treating soft tissue abnormalities
Blackberry plant named `Ouachita`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Swing Time Red`
System And Method For Providing Defect Printability Analysis Of Photolithographic Masks With Job-Bas...
Disease model animal carrying foreign ppar alpha gene transferred thereinto and use thereof
Expression systems
SOCS-box containing peptides
Nucleotide sequences of shrimp beta-actin and actin promoters and their use in gentic transformation...
Inducible site-directed mutagenesis through conditional gene rescue
Gene families associated with liver cancer
Alpha(1,3)-galactosyltransferase null cells, methods of selecting and alpha(1,3)-galactosyl transfer...
Chimeric mouse with regulated bradeion gene expression
Cell-specific molecule and method for importing DNA into osteoblast nuclei
Methods and vectors for making knockout animals
Expression cassette encoding a 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate synthase (epsps) and herbicde-tole...
Polynucleotides encoding proteins involved in plant metabolism
DNA shuffling to produce herbicide selective crops
Bacillus Cry9 family members
Nucleic acid fragments encoding isoflavone synthase
Polynucleotides and polypeptides in plants
Poplar tree named 'curly poplar'
Solvent removal process
Functional UV paint, construction material using the same, and method of preparing the paint
Waste ink liquid absorber and inkjet-type recording apparatus including the same
Water-based ink set for ink-jet recording and ink-jet recording method
Water-based ink set for ink-jet recording and ink-jet recording method
Composition against injection with and process for producting the same
Semiconductor nanoparticle having high luminescence properties
Microencapsulated particulate metal material, method for producing the same, and aqueous dispersion ...
Process for producing macromolecule-identifying polymer
Photoelectrochemical determination of chemical oxygen demand
Method of manufacturing abrasive composition
Biodegradable glucosamine-muramyl peptides for apoptosis modulation
Use of beta glucans for the treatment of osteoporosis and other diseases of bone resorption
Foamed isocyanate-based polymer, a mix and process for production thereof
Ink composition for ink jet recording, and recording method and recorded matter using the same
Method of concentrating fluoropolymer and fluorine-containing emulsifiers
Controlled polymerization
Peptidomimetic polymers for antifouling surfaces
Method of treating second and third degree burns using oxidative reductive potential water solution
Composition for lowering blood glucose
Chemotherapeutic composition using nanocrystalline calcium phosphate paste
Antiseptic solutions containing silver chelated with polypectate and edta
Pharmaceutical composition
Treatment of anemia
Composition for affecting weight loss
Use of agomelatine in obtaining medicaments intended for the treatment of bipolar disorders
Combined immediate release and extended release analgesic composition
Skin tissue regeneration promoters comprising ginsenoside Rb1
Methods for treating prostate cancer with herbal compositions
Caspase 10 as target for monitoring and treatment of diseases
Prevention of Type 1 diabetes and other non-polio enterovirus diseases
Methods of MHC class II epitope mapping, detection of autoimmune T cells and antigens, and autoimmun...
Texturizing lactic bacteria
Decoy composition for treating and preventing inflammatory disease
Methods For inhibiting angiogenesis, cell migration, cell adhesion, and cell survival
Means and methods for counteracting fatty acid accumulation
Alkylating agent combinations in the treatment of cancer
Insecticidal polypeptides and methods of use thereof
Method to detect application spoofing in mixed use avionics display
Method and system for identifying bottlenecks in a securities processing system
System and method for generating a discharge in high pressure gases
Multiprogrammable tissue stimulator and method
Butene oligomer derivatives having terminal 1,4-butanediol functional groups
Light emitting device with blue light LED and phosphor components
Self-testing printed circuit board comprising electrically programmable three-dimensional memory
Multilayer metal gate electrode
MRI probes of membrane potential
Means and method for filling bag-on-valve aerosol barrier packs
Method and system for executing database queries
Electronic game and method for effecting game features
Diascia plant named `Dala Whit`
Method for rendering streptokinase less immunogenic to a human
Process tolerant methods and apparatus for obtaining data
Microarray scanning
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Ring light guide
Systems and methods for electrokinetic delivery of a substance
Interactive horizon mapping
Method and apparatus for implementing level of detail with ray tracing
Active fiducials for augmented reality
Direct method for the correction of pressure induced scrambling of polarized fluorescence intensitie...
System and method to specify device specific user interface information in the firmware of a USB dev...
Printer for printing labels, tags or the like
Control device, control method, control unit, and engine control unit
System and method for implementing application functionality within a network infrastructure
Cell surface display of proteins by recombinant host cells
Method and apparatus for planning frequencies
Viral sequences
Encoded variable filter spectrometer
Method and an apparatus for a quick retransmission of signals in a communication system
Distributed functional electrical stimulation system
Additives for reversed-phase HPLC mobile phases
Disc cartridge including an inner shell formed by severing a molded portion and a flanged thin-walle...
Neck traction system
Magnetic cell and magnetic memory
Two dimension RF location method and apparatus
Method for reduction of electromagnetic interference in integrated circuit packages
Oil waste and toxic compound separator
Handling information about packet data connections in a security gateway element
Clumping animal litter and method for making same
Display panel with phosphorescent and fluorescent pixels
Set of compaction rams and/or die-plates for a tabletting machine
Equalizer bar for a track-type vehicle
Cosmetic or dermatological composition comprising a combination of an elastase inhibitor of the N-ac...
Bleach compositions
Anti-Pro268 antibodies
Culture device and method for eukaryotic cell transfection
High melt flow fluoropolymer
Process and catalyst for dehydrogenating primary alcohols to make carboxylic acid salts
Identification of a human N-terminal acetyltransferase gene
Fuel cell catalyst and fuel cell
Non-aqueous electrolyte battery
Method for the start-up of an epoxidation process and a process for the epoxidation of an olefin
Remote control of a medical device using speech recognition and foot controls
Image forming apparatus featuring upward and downward toner carrying paths
Pressure sensor and method for detecting an effective pressure
Magnetic transducer torque measurement
Nucleic acid sensor molecules and methods of using same
Method and apparatus for controlling a valve during a hazard event
Pulse shifted array
System and method for analyzing an image
Computer processing and programming method using autonomous data handlers
Lamp driving apparatus, backlight assembly and liquid crystal display device using the same
Hemerocallis plant named `Going Bananas`
Geographical comparison system and method
System and method for delivering incoming calls to mobile units in border cells using packet-based l...
Communication device
Taxonomy for mobile e-services
Storing state in a dynamic content routing network
Millimeter-wave area-protection system and method
Protein biopolymer markers predictive of type II diabetes
Method and kit for diagnosing myocardial infarction
Benzothiazepine derivatives for the treatment of hyperlipidemia
Polycyclic compounds which modulate PPAR.gamma. type receptors and cosmetic/pharmaceutical compositi...
Beta-amino tetrahydroimidazo (1, 2-a) pyrazines and tetrahydrotrioazolo (4, 3-a) pyrazines as dipept...
Substituted pyrroline kinase inhibitors
Corticotropin releasing factor antagonists
Fused heterocyclic compounds
Tripeptidyl peptidase inhibitors
Thiophene carboxamide compounds as inhibitors of enzyme IKK-2
Inhibitors of 11-.beta.-hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase type 1
Thiazole derivatives
PRO4405 polypeptides
Imidazolyl derivatives as corticotropin releasing factor inhibitors
A.sub.2B adenosine receptor antagonists
Substituted amidoalkyl uracils and their use as inhibitors of the poly(adp-ribose) synthetase (PARS)
Substituted cyclic compounds
Method of irradiating ultraviolet light onto an object
Limited use DVD-video disc
Generating sets of tailored laser pulses
Optical pickup apparatus for detecting a focus-error signal using a spot size detection method
Integrated post-amplifier and laser driver assembly with digital control interface
Hybrid optical amplifier coupling Raman fiber amplifier and semiconductor optical amplifier
Optical disk apparatus and method for adjusting optical disk apparatus laser power
Optical methods and systems for rapid screening of the cervix
Objective lens and optical head device provided with the same
Information recording method, recording condition detection method, and information recording appara...
Multi-level information recording apparatus, multi-level information recording method, multi-level i...
Open-path laser/optical communication systems and methods utilizing wavelengths between atmospheric ...
Nitride based semiconductor laser diode device with a bar mask
One dimensional all-metal slab waveguide gas laser
Ring geometry diode laser arrays and methods
Electron-beam excitation laser
Surface emitting semiconductor laser and manufacturing method thereof, light module, light transmiss...
Method, apparatus and system for high-speed transmission on fiber optic channel
Desulphating of nitrogen oxide trapping catalyst
Exhaust emission control device of internal combustion engine
Hybrid drive system
Determining amplitude limits for vibration spectra
Vehicle dynamics control system
Control strategy for active torque control
Clear coating composition, method of forming a coating film and multilayer coating film
Dimming mirror with blind zone sub-mirror and indicator
Engine air-fuel ratio control system
Building having a pitched, sculptured tile roof with a ridge extending atop the pitched, sculptured ...
Prefabricated multi-purpose support block for use with I-joists
Pressure regulating dampers
Microwave-attenuating composite materials, methods for preparing the same, intermediates for prepari...
Contacts for electrochemical processing
Electrochemical cell and bipolar assembly for an electrochemical cell
Ion exchange materials
Ion-conducting polymeric materials
Actuator element and device including the actuator element
Visible spectrum modulator arrays
Carboxylic acid modified aminoplast crosslinkers and powder coating compositions containing such cro...
Thermosetting compositions containing alternating copolymers of isobutylene type monomers
Method for making precipitated silica or silicate compositions and products thereof
Fibers of aligned single-wall carbon nanotubes and process for making the same
Method of precipitating slags from flue gas with a ceramic
Single stage denitration
Process for the manufacture of dispersible alumino-silicates
Method for functionalizing carbon nanotubes utilizing peroxides
Catalytic growth of single- and double-wall carbon nanotubes from metal particles
Method of preparing anhydrous manganese chloride
Method for manufacturing nanopowders of oxide through DC plasma thermal reaction
Alumina and methods for preparing the same
Ground calcined alumina for input in a precursor composition for refractory material and method for ...
Microsystem process networks
Single-crystal silicon ingot and wafer having homogeneous vacancy defects, and method and apparatus ...
Method of producing oxide ion conductor
Conductive polymer-inorganic hybrid composites
Charge trap insulator memory device
Method for purification of high purity sucrose material
Device for fastening a manoeuvrable plug for plugging of pipes
Flow control system for a holding pond
Scuba diver weight carrying backpack
Stabilized earth structure and method for constructing it
Retaining wall and block
Drainage channel installation device
Methods and arrangements for providing multiple concurrent desktops and workspaces in a shared compu...
Method and apparatus for providing protocol independent naming and life cycle services in an object-...
Eye wear display case
Personal computer bezel
Digital entertainment center
Method for preventing circuit failures due to gate oxide leakage
Method and system for defect evaluation using quiescent power plane current (IDDQ) voltage linearity
Method and apparatus for manufacturing test generation
Method and apparatus for generating steiner trees using simultaneous blockage avoidance, delay optim...
Method for optimizing a number of kernels used in a sum of coherent sources for optical proximity co...
Interactive software engineering tool with support for embedded lexical contexts
Intellisense in project upgrade
System and method for jointly managing dynamically generated code and data
System and method for providing a java code release infrastructure with granular code patching
Digital camera printing user interface responsive to location
Autofocus strobe control in image sensing apparatus
System and method for adjusting start-up of a digital camera
Image display apparatus
Progressive scan method used in display using adaptive edge dependent interpolation
Rapid white balance method for color digital images
Back-porch clamp
Device and method for tracking phase error in digital TV receiver
Power supply device of video display apparatus and method thereof
Method and apparatus for printing contents carried on broadcast signals
Image pickup device
Wide-angle projection lens for front projection display systems
Camera latch
System and process for robust sound source localization
Method for tracking motion of a face
Systems for spectral multiplexing of source images to provide a composite image, for rendering the c...
Systems and methods for automatically editing a video
Strobe illumination
Vehicle based data collection and processing system
Auxiliary facilities for the maneuvering of submerged water jet propelled sea craft
Portable dock cleat
Dock bracket
Propulsion system for scuba diver
Fishing kayak with a deployable fan-tail
Convertible personal watercraft
Multi-purpose storage rack and fishing troller for a personal water craft
Recreational aquatic airborne vehicle
Cosmetic container
Cosmetic container
Cosmetic applicator
Welding mask
Bed frame for pets
Birdcage attachment
Shirt pressing apparatus
Shirt pressing apparatus
Vacuum cleaner
Steam iron
Steam iron
Garbage can
Hose reel cart with utility tray
Drywall cart
Pallet truck
Wheelbarrow stabilizer
Aluminum base alloy containing boron and manufacturing method thereof
System and method for creating and administering an investment instrument
Click based trading with intuitive grid display of market depth and price consolidation
System and method for providing a loan to a taxpayer based on a pre year-end tax refund
Reloadable debit card system and method
Secure transaction processing system and method
Dynamic business relationship establishment in a public wireless LAN environment
Digital contents superdistribution system and method of distributing digital contents
Recording medium, recorder, reproducer, cryptocommunication system and program license system
Information recording device and information reproducing device
System for enabling data processing while maintaining confidentiality
Data query system load optimization
Matching and cleansing of part data
Method and system for facilitating marketing dialogues
Verification of image data
Smart card system having asynchronous communication with the smart card operating either as master o...
Account-based digital signature (ABDS) system
Method of load balancing a distributed workflow management system
Method of improving repetitive striking performance, jack and action mechanism of piano
Cymbals operation control
Remote control system and remote switch control method for blade servers
Method and system for scripted testing
Electronic learning environment
Electronic education system
Interactive tutorial system and method
Smart buttons: training tracker and motivator
Search method for discovery of individual best study period cycle
Method and apparatus for effectively capturing a traditionally delivered classroom or a presentation...
Hip hop dolls, animals, bears/ rapping dolls, animals, bears
Method and system for providing timely performance evaluations to students or trainees
Auto-aiming dazzler
Methods for Treating Joint Pain Using Poly-Gamma-Glutamic Acid
Sign language interpretation system and a sign language interpretation method
Method for improving listening comprehension, sentence and reading skills, and working memory skills...
Interventional simulator control system
Method and apparatus for body part filters of comparison studies
Portable karaoke device
Method for transmitting message in wireless terminal
Computer-based system and method for developing memory skills
Computer based method for self-learning and auto-certification
System and method for adaptive electronic-based learning programs
System and method for monitoring a physiological condition
Methods and apparatus for pitch control power conversion
Method and device for controlling photovoltaic inverter, and feed water device
Apparatus and method for balanced charging of a multiple-cell battery pack
Battery box for recreational vehicle
Method and apparatus for balancing multi-cell lithium battery systems
Architecture for electric machine
Non-synchronous boost converter including switched schottky diode for true disconnect
DC/DC Converter with input and output current sensing and over current protection capable of interru...
Difference amplifier for regulating voltage
Apparatus and methods for regulated voltage
Higher order slope compensation for fixed frequency current mode switching regulators
Low leakage CMOS power mux
Voltage measurement device
Circuit configuration having a load transistor and a current measuring configuration, method for asc...
Method and apparatus for driving low input impedance power transistor switches
Segmented sawtooth generator
Method and apparatus for low power, regulated output in battery powered electrotherapy devices
Nano-structured particles with high thermal stability
System and method for encryption processing in a mobile communication system
Chemical Vapor Deposition Method Preventing Particles Forming in Chamber
Automation system
Children's toy with wireless tag/transponder
System and method of dynamic packet transmission for AGPS
Broadband High Efficiency Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier System
Mobile radio combiner and multi-coupler unit
Radio communication system, radio transmission apparatus and radio reception apparatus
Integrated circuit comprising a transmission channel with an integrated independent tester
Mobile communication device and method for controlling such a mobile communication device
Radio communication system and transmission mode selecting method
Received signal to noise indicator
Semiconductor integrated circuit for communication and portable communication terminal
Low complexity equalizer for radio receiver
Broadcasting user-specific information
Adaptive radio patch interface system
Aircraft in-flight entertainment system including digital radio service and associated methods
Selective transmission of mobile radio communications system service information
Method, apparatus and computer program providing for rapid network selection in a multimode device
Collective notification of node reset to subset of connections in radio access network
Variable power control for OLED area illumination
RIP status monitor in a printer
System aid for digital radiographic image quality verification
Method of suppressing a periodical pattern in an image
Method and device for removing junk e-mail messages
Bottom pan for a snowmobile
Side panel for a snowmobile
Frame construction for a vehicle
Frame construction for a vehicle
Foldable tricycle
Four wheel drive assembly and a method for utilizing the same
Seat mounting structure for mitigating injury in side impacts
Acceleration sensor and engine control for motorcycle
Multiwheeled modular rigid frame vehicle
Transmission device of vehicle
Flow controlling apparatus for power steering
Four-wheel drive hybrid vehicle
Secure method for managing the operating conditions of a apparatus by a user and equipment therefor
Wheel slip correction system
Driving assisting apparatus for vehicles
Silent operating mode for reducing emissions of a hybrid electric vehicle
Driving assist apparatus and method for vehicle
Variable gain logic for a GPS based automatic steering system
Failsafe steering device for steer-by-wire system
Latency monitor
Managing data integrity
Applicator for dispensing a medicinal substance
Cathode-ray tube apparatus
Multitasking microcontroller for controlling the physical layer of a network interface card and meth...
Method and apparatus for high availability distributed processing across independent networked compu...
Method of removing entrained sulfuric acid from alkylate
Apparatus for optical measurements on low-index non-solid materials based on arrow waveguides
Disk acceleration using first and second storage devices
Slip control device of four-wheel-drive vehicle
Raw material kit for electrolytic composition, electrolytic composition, and dye-sensitized solar ce...
Customizable remote order entry system and method
Core object model for network management configuration applications in telecommunication systems
System for providing protection from reactive oxygen species
Aerosol particle analyzer for measuring the amount of analyte in airborne particles
Method and apparatus for mapping objects to multiple tables of a database
Gathering data from a database for display
High altitude oven
Method and apparatus for multiplexing in a wireless communication infrastructure
Error correlation for wireless networks
Multiple protocol database
Intermediation computer system
Database management
Wireless communication and control system
Method and apparatus for imaging permeability pathways of geologic fluid reservoirs using seismic em...
User registration and location management for mobile telecommunications systems
Cardiac resynchronization system employing mechanical measurement of cardiac walls
Apparatus and method for document processing and management
Use of mobile stations for determination of base station location parameters in a wireless mobile co...
Method for operating a navigation system of a vehicle, especially a motor vehicle, and corresponding...
Method and apparatus for distributing requests among a plurality of resources
Method and apparatus for dynamically loading and managing software services on a network device
Information handling system including media drive resume recording feature
System and method for kernel mode memory management having moveable kernel objects
Method for reducing reticle set cost
Method for dynamically adjusting the number of retransmissions and NAKs in a communications system i...
Method and apparatus for processing escrow transactions
Method of creating season ticket package
Method and system for acquiring branded promotional products
E-marker find music
System and method for gathering information related to a geographical location of a caller in an int...
PC configuration fault analysis
System for and a method of providing an online time period reserving service, which can protect an e...
System and user interface for adaptively processing and communicating URL data between applications
Java application framework for use in a content delivery network (CDN)
Establishing a secure connection with a private corporate network over a public network
Method and system for the electronic provision of services for machines via a data communication lin...
Method of controlling access for software development via a virtual common desktop with plural viewe...
Power generation plant remote operation system
Voice processing method and voice processing device
Multiple access internet portal revenue sharing
Absorption pipe structure of compressor
Acoustic liner for gas turbine engine
Piezoelectric vibration gyro element, method for manufacturing the same, and piezoelectric vibration...
Point of sale display for doorbell
Campanula plant named `Powder Puff`
System and method for detecting SS7 messaging inefficiency
Internationally accessible communications
Dynamic adaptation to congestion in connection-oriented networks
Methods and systems for distributing application data among multiple processing modules in a telecom...
Managing communications in a call center
System and method for integrated resource scheduling, task allocation and agent work management
Subscriber circuit
Line driver for digital signal transmission
Hybrid circuit for a broadband modem
Implanted outer ear canal hearing aid
Method and system for providing accurate service record using phone line detector
Communication terminal having caller identification information display function
Method and apparatus for using Caller ID information in a browser of a mobile communication device
Method for selective mid-call call forwarding from mobile station
Private branch exchange system
Mobile originated interactive menus via short messaging services
System and method for providing accurate local maps for a central service
Methods and systems for personal interactive voice response
Transaction tracking, managing, assessment, and auditing data processing system and network
Correlating information between internet and call center environments
Method for preparing a polypeptide soluble in an aqueous solvent in the absence of detergent
Attitude indicator and activity monitoring device
Method of authenticating proper access to secured site and device for implementation thereof
Embedded bio-sensor system
Biothermal power source for implantable devices
Comprehensive security structure platform for network managers
Method for rating images to facilitate image retrieval
Method of grouping and analyzing clinical risks, and system therefor
Local firewall apparatus and method
System for bi-directional voice and data communications over a video distribution network
Method and apparatus for determining transistor sizes
Audio wave data playback in an audio generation system
Mobile work zone protection device
Automated annotation
Developing applications online
Casting of non-ferrous metals
Fuel element for a pressurized water reactor
High purity chemical container with diptube and level sensor terminating in lowest most point of con...
Fuser member with reinforced slot
System and method for retaining cards in an information handling system
Method and system for e-mail message transmission
Magnetically shielded assembly
Crosslinked elastin and process for producing the same
Self service transaction terminal
Mouse model for aging
Writing instrument
Bridged bi-aromatic ligands, catalysts, processes for polymerizing and polymers therefrom
Eastern redbud tree named `Ace of Hearts`
Elastin-based compositions
Optical absorbance sensitivity and reliability improvement via rotation of sample container
Accommodating intraocular lens implant
Functionalized polymer for oligonucleotide purification
Genes, compositions, kits and methods for identification, assessment, prevention, and therapy of cer...
Doped sol-gel materials and method of manufacture utilizing reduced mixing temperatures
Integrally-formed closure for a container
Reduction of motion artifact in NMR images using spherical navigator signals
Apparatus comprising an array of tightly spaced rotatable optical elements with two axes of rotation
Wheeled ski
Method for identifying a defective die site
Electronic fence transmitter for self-adjusting the receiving distance
Microphone housing
Motion converter
Color quantization and method thereof and searching method using the same
Internet protocol enabled multimedia mail system with reduced bandwidth requirements
WLAN roaming based on location
System and method for personalizing an interactive voice broadcast of a voice service based on parti...
Deep gradient-density filter device
Drilling instrument in particular for drilling dental root canals
Solid state lasers and a method for their production
Functional chitosan derivative
Method and apparatus for estimating a life-span of a cutter
Method and system for reducing the effect of signal-interference in null areas caused by one or more...
Method of preparing a molded cross vehicle beam
Electric oven and choking structure for the same
Kalanchoe plant named `Forever Maxi Neon Rose`
Dental diet for reducing tartar
Mutant human factor IX with an increased resistance to inhibition by heparin
Treatments for contaminant reduction in lactoferrin preparations and lactoferrin containing composit...
Polarization plate with optical compensation layer and image display device
Method for marking sites
Method and apparatus for coating of substrates
Light source device including a planar light source having a single, substantially continuous light ...
Low metal content catalyst compositions and processes for making and using same
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Catalyst composition for oxychlorination
System and methods for home network communications
Medical diagnostic system service method and apparatus
Method for generating pay-per-page pricing data for managed printer services
Presenilin enhancers assays
Managing expressions in a database system
Nucleoside derivatives as inhibitors of RNA-dependent RNA viral polymerase
Method and apparatus for controlling a railway consist
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display device using the same
Image for a portion of a display screen
Method of removing matrix from fiber optic cable
Thienoisoxazolyl-and thienylpyrrazolyl-phenoxy substituted propyl derivatives useful as D.sub.4 anta...
Benzylcycloalkyl amines as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
N-[(1-dimethylaminocycloalkyl)methyl]benzamide derivatives
Class of cytodifferentiating agents and histone deacetylase inhibitors, and methods of use thereof
Liquid distributor for use in mass transfer column
Non-noble metal catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction
Comparing circuits for time-to-threshold A/D conversion in digital imaging arrays
Reducing errors and power consumption in a multi-stage analog to digital converter (ADC) using ampli...
Method of manufacturing a heat pipe wick with structural enhancement
Sub-zero condensation vacuum system
Quick-connect thermal solution for computer hardware testing
Micro pump device with liquid tank
Tube feature for limiting insertion depth into header slot
Heat sink for enhanced heat dissipation
Heat dissipation device having thermally conductive cover board
Heat dissipation device
Brazed wick for a heat transfer device
Heat pipe having wick structure
Systems for integrated pump and cold plate
Heat exchanger
High-V plate fin heat exchanger and method of manufacturing
Multi-layered adhesive sheet, material for forming heat exchanger, and heat exchanger
Chassis air guide thermal cooling solution
Electronic packages, assemblies, and systems with fluid cooling
Locking device for heat dissipating device
Heat dissipation device assembly incorporating retention member
Decorative shutter with hidden louver control
Pressing tool and pressing process for extruding press fittings
Method for producing a torsional vibration damper housing, especially a housing for a viscosity tors...
Multi-media workstation having a master rail system
Ethylene copolymer
Miniature x-ray tube cooling system
Thrust reverser utilizing integrated structural bypass duct
Device for bracing a shell in an aircraft fuselage
Hybrid electrical ice protection system and method including an energy saving mode
Apparatus and method for directing a light beam to a target
Foldable armrest for chair
Muscle training apparatus and method
Baseball bat grip
Extension handle and golf bag with extension handle
Golf club holding rack
Golf club putter
Putting training aid and calibration device
Solid golf ball
Lipid-based nanotubules for controlled release of healing agents in golf ball layers
Methods of forming a phosphorous doped silicon dioxide comprising layer
Chip scale marker and method of calibrating marking position
Wafer-level moat structures
Memory circuitry
Compensation component and process for producing the component
Semiconductor device and a method of producing the same
Vertical split gate memory cell and manufacturing method thereof
Method for removing impurities of a semiconductor wafer, semiconductor wafer assembly, and semicondu...
Method for forming a metallization layer
Power MOSFET and methods of making same
Protruding spacers for self-aligned contacts
Distributed capacitor array
Composition for forming porous film, porous film and method for forming the same, interlevel insulat...
Two part mold for wafer scale caps
Semiconductor device
Defect repair apparatus for an electronic device
Method for inspecting a wafer and apparatus for inspecting a wafer
Combined chip/heat-dissipating metal plate and method for manufacturing the same
Monolithically integrated optic triplexer and method for making same
Method and system for estimating manufacturing target bias
Method and system for run-to-run control
Method and apparatus for associating documents with shipping containers
Sheet dividers with enhanced tabs
Protecting printed items intended for public exchange with glossmarks
Apparatus, system, and method for postage stamp generating
Derivatized oligonucleotides having improved uptake and other properties
Method of screening for agents inhibiting chloride intracellular channels
Genes for heat resistant enzymes of amino acid biosynthetic pathway derived from thermophilic coryne...
Promoter for regulating expression of foreign genes
Upstream control elements of the proopiomelanocortin gene and their use
Nucleic acid fragments for the identification of bacteria in industrial wastewater bioreactors
Nucleic acid fragments for the identification of bacteria in industrial wastewater bioreactors
Microbial production of nuclease resistant DNA, RNA, and oligo mixtures
Glucuronofucan sulfate
Glycoluril core molecules for combinatorial libraries
Animal tissue with carbohydrate antigens compatible for human transplantation
High efficiency gene targeting in plants
Recombinant oleosins from cacao and their use as flavoring or emulsifying agents
ADC polynucleotides and polypeptides, uses thereof including methods for improving seeds
Plant genes conferring resistance to Citrus tristeza virus
Lettuce cultivar 40-0203103-B
Soybean cultivar 0491715
Soybean cultivar M08851
Methods for genetic analysis
Crystal structure of WW domains and methods of use thereof
Method for the evolutionary design of biochemical reaction networks
Hex-axis horizontal movement dynamic simulator
Hand device for working robot
Robot for surgical applications
Controllable object remote control and diagnosis apparatus
Certain principles of biomorphic robots including foot placement selection using non-geometric visua...
Method, system and program product for identifying information for a software application
Benzamide modulators of metabotropic glutamate receptors
Compositions and methods for treating vascular, autoimmune, and inflammatory diseases
Insulin secretion potentiator
Indole-derivative modulators of steroid hormone nuclear receptors
Palpable, implantable actuator
Methods for the treatment of mammals with abnormal glucose tolerance
3D ultrasound-based instrument for non-invasive measurement of amniotic fluid volume
Cardiac monitoring apparatus and method
Article, system, and method for securing medical device to tissue or organ
Ligament Decompression Tool with Tissue Engaging Device
Ligament Decompression Tool with Tissue Removal Device
Single balloon ripening device with novel inserter and inflator
Therapy programming guidance based on stored programming history
Patient event marking in combination with physiological signals
Networked system for interactive communication and remote monitoring of individuals
Mask fititng system and method
Secondary binding site of dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DP IV)
Boron-containing small molecules
Neuroprotective benzo 1 3 oxathiol 2 ones
DHEA composition and method
7-Phenyl pyrazolopyridine compounds
Cytokine Inhibitors
Therapeutic agents useful for treating pain
Inhibitors of macrophage migration inhibitory factor and methods for indentifying the same
Novel pyrazolopyrimidines as cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors
Quinoline-4-Carboxamide Derivatives as NK-3 and NK-2 Receptor Antagonists
Novel compounds for treatment of cancer and disorders associated with angiogenesis function
Heterocyclic inhibitors of protein arginine methyl transferases
Treatment of connective tissue diseases of the skin
Therapeutic agents useful for treating pain
Dipeptide nitriles
Tetrafluorobenzyl derivatives and pharmaceutical composition for preventing and treating acute and c...
Comfort suite for an intelligent patient bed
Transcutaneous analyte sensor
Aqueous humor drainage implant for treatment glaucoma
Method of regulating mammalian keratinous tissue
Gene expression programming algorithm
Method and apparatus for receiving a reward for the use of a processor in a parallel processing envi...
Method of regulating and controlling a technical process such as spot-welding of metal sheets
Automated analyzers for estimation systems
Knowledge management system and method
System and method for using agent-based distributed case-based reasoning to manage a computer networ...
Ironclad notification of license errors
Technique for controlling fraudulent use of a telecommunication service including information assist...
Distribution theory based enrichment of sparse data for machine learning
Game machine
Malleable surface material
Enhanced telecommunication services
Transforming puzzle
Board game
Dual play area lottery game with enhanced authentication system
Video game chair
Printer with replaceable modules
Smart smoke unit
Yo-yo having replaceable disks
Device for positioning a telescopic doll in a packing box
Hydraulic tool working head
Video pachinko on a video platform as a gaming device
Casino gambling system with biometric access control
Intermittent connection device
Floor plan for scalable multiple level tab oriented interconnect architecture
Digital subscriber line user capacity estimation
Telecommunication system, method and subscriber unit for use therein
Method and system for providing enhanced caller identification information
Secured virtual network in a gaming environment
Method and system for facilitating paper to electronic communications
Communications network planning system, method for creating communication network diagrams and contr...
Automated transmission systems
Tire air pressure abnormality warning device and method
Electronic control unit having hold circuit and method therefor
Method for diagnosing a tank venting valve
System for calibrating apparatus for acquiring the pressure in a motor vehicle diesel engine cylinde...
Vehicular navigation device
Liquidproof seam for protective apparel
Footwear with pivotal and/or rotatable tongue
Shoe with reversible upper
Portion of an article of footwear
Portion of an article of footwear
Lug for a shoe sole
Portion of an article of footwear
Portion of an article of footwear
Portion of a shoe midsole
Valve train for internal combustion engine
Valve controller
Valve case and resin cylinder head cover
Anti-rotation guide for a roller follower valve lifter
Cylinder and valve mode control for an engine with valves that may be deactivated
Information retrieval apparatus and recording medium having an information retrieval program recorde...
Bacterial strains, methods of preparing the same and use thereof in fermentation processes for L-lys...
Graphic user interface for a website
Superconducting magnet device-monitoring system, method of monitoring superconducting magnet device ...
Mri system with wireless identification capability
Imaging apparatus and method
Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus
Nuclear quadrupole resonance inspection system
Computer system for providing user interaction via an interface surface
Copy protection via multiple tests
Technique of embedding and detecting digital watermark
Method and arrangement for detecting a watermark in an information signal
Digital watermark embedding method, digital watermark embedding apparatus, digital watermark detecti...
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Method and device for detecting a watermark
Use of antisense oligonucleotides to inhibit the expression of human Akt-1
SYK-UBP polypeptides and methods of making and isolating same
Derivatized oligonucleotides having improved uptake and other properties
Time series analysis and forecasting program
Method and system for reserving air charter aircraft
Electronic publication distribution method and system
Method and system for ordering an advertising spot over a data network
Controlled transfer of information in computer networks
Third party merchandise return method, storage medium and implementing system
Method and system for buffered digital entertainment
Identification of modulators of neurotransmitter activity of xanthurenic acid
Engineering of metabolic control
Live genetically attenuated malaria vaccine
Methods for treating autoimmune and chronic inflammatory conditions using antagonists of CD30 or CD3...
System and method for determining when to exit an existing wireless communications coverage network
System and method for providing information to users based on the user's location
Replacement indicator timer for implantable medical devices
Power consumption management method
Method and apparatus for rule file generation
Operation indicator of a heater
Diagnostics device for testing electrical circuits of a recreational vehicle
Method and apparatus for transmission error characterization