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Storage system and a method of speeding up writing data into the storage system
Saframycins, analogues and uses thereof
Light source device having high limit-emitting efficiency
Projection display device
High drug load acid labile pharmaceutical composition
Method for producing tungsten carbides by gas-phase carburization
Direct synthesis of hydrazine through nitrogen fixation by means of two-photon absorptions
Reshapable hair styling composition comprising (meth)acrylic copolymers of four or more monomers
Holographic storage medium
Method of lithographic printing without dampening liquid
Paper quality improver for papermaking and method for producing pulp sheet
Resin composition for plating substrate and resin molding using the same, and metal plated parts
Plasma display having a dielectric layer formed with a recessed part
Semiconductor light emitting devices with graded composition light emitting layers
Biopolymer markers indicative of type II diabetes
Method and system for performing more consistent switching of magnetic elements in a magnetic memory
Method of fabricating a shiftable magnetic shift register
Magnesium pressure casting
Closed loop fluid dispensing system
Magnetic tape cassettes, tape reels for use therewith, resinous leaf springs, and a process for prod...
Digital camera device for facilitating a recovery and recycling system
Ink cartridge for inkjet recording apparatus
Image bearing member unit, including image bearing shutter
Fluid mixer utilizing viscous drag
Low volume cover for a golf ball
Device and method for treatment of wounds with nitric oxide
Use of siderophores to increase the current efficiency of iron plating solutions
Methods for detecting vancomycin-resistant microorganisms and compositions therefor
Method of maintaining constant arterial PCO.sub.2 and measurement of anatomic and alveolar dead spac...
Locking aerosol spray tube
Method, system, and program for managing requests to tracks subject to a relationship
Presence detection for IP telephony
Cloning optical-frequency comb sources
Decision support mechanisms for bandwidth commerce in communication networks
Clock, data and time recovery using bit-resolved timing registers
Routing of bandwidth guaranteed paths with restoration in an information network
Encapsulated fragrance chemicals
Tack free cauterized edge for pressure sensitive adhesive web
Hexahydro-4H-indeno acetonide fragrance compound
Use of 5-substituted nucleosides and/or prodrugs thereof in the resistance-free treatment of infecti...
Fragrance bottle
Toner for developing static latent image, method for producing toner for developing static latent im...
Activation of products with embedded functionality in an information management system
Method and system for network processor scheduling based on service levels
System and method for updating user home automation systems
Print head reservoir having purge vents
Sheet folding apparatus
Arylamine processes
Image compression and decompression using adaptive run length encoding
Spacer layer for electrophoretic display device
Mosaicing images with an offset lens
System and method of trapping for correcting for separation misregistration in color printing
Control system and method for mitigating transients in a machine due to occasional maintenance or se...
Printer contaminant abatement systems and methods
Small footprint charge device for tandem color marking engines
Printing system with inverter disposed for media velocity buffering and registration
Method and system for ordering a consumable for a device
Method for verifying chronological integrity of an electronic time stamp
Detecting device abnormality by comparing a current value of current of electric power with a preset...
Conductive paste for via conductor, ceramic wiring board using the same, and method of manufacturing...
Method and device for synchronization and identification of the codegroup in cellular communication ...
Method and composition for angiogenesis inhibition
Method of intercorporate information-sharing, system, and computer program
Semiconductor device, nonvolatile semiconductor memory, system including a plurality of semiconducto...
Image forming apparatus with rotary unit that can accommodate a plurality of development cartridges
Drynaria extractions for treating osteoporosis and their extraction process
Electrophotographic photoconductor, image forming method and apparatus, and process cartridge using ...
Semiconductor device with perovskite capacitor
Silicone mould tool
Method and system for data management perform the functions of automatically propagating changes in ...
Establishing an operating mode in a processor
Method and apparatus enhanced acoustic mud pulse telemetry
Heteroaryl-substituted pyrrole derivatives, their preparation and their therapeutic uses
Dibenzoanthraquinone based chromophores
Analogs of discodermolide and dictyostatin-1, intermediates therefor and methods of synthesis thereo...
Method and apparatus for providing fault-tolerance for temporary results within a CPU
Ball glove
Method and system for a feed-forward encoder
Honeycomb filter and method for manufacturing the same
Security articles
Radiation image conversion panel
Small item pneumatic diverter
Light emitting unit operative at high coupling efficiency, optical sensor system and musical instrum...
Optical module
Methods of fabrication for flip-chip image sensor packages
Methods and systems for inspecting reticles using aerial imaging and die-to-database detection
Optical time-division multiplex signal processing apparatus and method, optical time-division multip...
Rod member receiving apparatus
Computer system control with user data via interface surface
Apparatus for monitoring optical frequencies of WDM signals
Thermal transfer image receiving sheet and image forming method using the same
Apparatus having a rewritable display portion
System for on-line assessment of the condition of thermal coating on a turbine vane
Adder tree structure digital signal processor system and method
Pyrotechnic circuit breaker
Hydraulastic recoil pad for a shoulder firearm
Gun lock
Paintball gun and method
Ride control constant contact side bearing arrangement
Wellhead protector
Shaft and wheel hub retention assembly
Linear guide apparatus
Linear motion guide device
Fluid bearing device
Inlet guide vane bushing having extended life expectancy
Seal for a bearing assembly
Damped bearing cage
Bearing device
Computer readable storage medium with instructions for monitoring catalytic device
Implementing memory failure analysis in a data processing system
Method for treating circuit board for use in disk recorder or player apparatus
Absorbent article with acquisition portion protruding through a topsheet opening and a storage membe...
Bottle cap
Mesenchymal precursor cell
Polynucleotide encoding mammalian cytokine-like polypeptide-10
Nucleic acid encoding a chimeric polypeptide
Metaxalone products, method of manufacture, and method of use
Peak cancellation apparatus of base station transmission unit
Digital reception apparatus for removing distortion from received signals
Audio power amplifying apparatus and method
Transmission system and method for equalization of channels in the system
Infrared signal communication system and method including transmission means having automatic gain c...
Off-board tool with optical scanner
Method and circuit for increasing the memory access speed of an enhanced synchronous SDRAM
Multi-mode envelope restoration architecture for RF transmitters
Collagen mimics
Preparation and xenotransplantation of porcine islets
Vitro engineered, regenerated urinary tract tissue compositions and methods for producing same
Modular cell culture bioreactor
Sight-preserving, partially self-cleaning, divergent-axis caliber conversion in handguns
Method and apparatus for safe operation of an electronic firearm sight depending upon the detection ...
Projectile having frangible trailing end barrier and method
Multifunction adaptive projector system for motor vehicles
Vehicle headlamp
Headlight for a motor vehicle comprising a reflector and an optical deviation element
Vehicle headlamp unit
Illuminated electrical cords and outlets
Illuminated logo unit with light guide plate
Surface light source device, diffusion plate and liquid crystal display device
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Surface emitting device and liquid crystal display apparatus
Stepwise combined sockets for Christmas lights
Leak detection lamp
Methods and apparatuses for providing strobe effects for wheel illumination systems and wheel lighti...
Indicator system having multiple LEDs
Modulator array architectures
Methods for the alignment and calibration of the spectral responses of optical filters
Directional coupler switch
Optical fiber and optical transmission line and optical communication system including such optical ...
Intelligent optical network element
Cable management system
Circular display device with a projective light source
Apparatus and method for detecting a pattern
System and method for directed acuity segmentation resolution compression and decompression
Image compression by differences within a strip
Image interpolating method
System and method for coding data
Face classification using curvature-based multi-scale morphology
Method of processing digital images for low-bit rate applications
Word string collating apparatus, word string collating method and address recognition apparatus
Method for communicating a measuring position of a structural element that is to be formed on a mask
Sphygmomanometer and sphygmomanometer storage case
Method and apparatus for determining alveolar opening and closing
Methods and devices for cutting and collecting soft tissue
Intra-aortic renal drug delivery catheter
Curved ablation catheter
Nuisance alarm reductions in a physiological monitor
Control method and system and the sense organs test method and system based on electrical steady sta...
Method and apparatus for injection of external data within an implantable medical device
Managing transmissions between devices
Point-of-sale body powder dispensing system
Method of testing fiber channel ports in a storage server at full bandwidth without connection to ex...
Tin-silver electrolyte
Pouch type secondary battery with safety vent
Hands-free car kit
Patient safety and alerting system
Method and apparatus for preventing cardiac arrhythmias with endovascular stimulation
(R)-chiral halogenated substituted fused heterocyclic amino compounds useful for inhibiting choleste...
Anthranilic acid amides and the use thereof as medicaments
Protein kinase inhibitors
Immune response enhancement methods
Method of producing an MRI image with gradient delay compensation
Multiple tuned radio frequency coil for resonance imaging and spectroscopic analysis
Magnetic resonance imaging interference immune device
Magnetic gradient field projection
Magnetic resonance system and method
Positioning aid and method for assisting in aligning heavy machines
Method of setting optimized pre-inking prior to the start of printing the current print job
Independently activatable side pull for lateral alignment of a sheet
Hand wheel
Methods of modulating appetite using agouti-related transcript polypeptides
System and method for multiple antennas having a single core
Turbomachine blade, in particular a fan blade, and its method of manufacture
Implantable medical device with controllable gaseous agent release system
Accommodating intraocular lens system and method
Drop volume measurement and control for ink jet printing
Energy system for watercraft
Fuel cell reactant supply
Hydronium-oxyanion energy cell
Electrode for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery
Process for preparing aromatic amines
Light-emitting apparatus and method for forming the same
Motor operator system for a power switch
Piezoelectric oscillator, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic device
Sealed integral MEMS switch
Image display device and driving method thereof
Liquid crystal display laminate and method of manufacturing such comprising a stratified-phase-separ...
Reflective liquid crystal display with infrared reflection
Lithographic apparatus and method utilizing dose control
Lithographic projection assembly, substrate handling apparatus and substrate handling method
Method for determining core positions of optical element array and an apparatus for determining core...
All optical phase insensitive wavelength converters, apparatus systems and methods
X-ray tube
Feature extracting method, subject recognizing method and image processing apparatus
Methods and compositions for targeted drug delivery
Methods and compositions for identifying receptor effectors
Method and apparatus to increase ionization efficiency in an ion source
Optical multi/demultiplexer device, optical wavelength selective filter and method of making filter
Skate board with battery-powered rope light periphery
Locking device
Electron beam inspection method and apparatus and semiconductor manufacturing method and its manufac...
Optical displacement sensor using optical fiber, and external force detecting device
Electro-optical device
Distributed optical structures designed by computed interference between simulated optical signals
Dynamically reconfigurable optical smart node
Two-station type color image forming apparatus with separately replaceable components
Manufacturing management system and method
Capacity management system and method
Method and apparatus for partitioned based purging of data
I2O command and status batching
Automatic optical proximity correction (OPC) rule generation
Error correction coding and decoding apparatuses
Method and system for medical image display of a three-dimensional representation
Microplasma emission spectrometer
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
Light deflector
High voltage input apparatus for magnetron
Chiral photoisomerizable compounds
Method for solubilising asphaltenes in a hydrocarbon mixture
Cable guide for joints
Process for controlling industrial robots, and related robots, systems and computer programs
Wireless controllable cleaning robot and remote controlling system for controlling the same
Access control system in radio lan system
Self-guided cleaning robot
Filament lamp light quantity control method and filament lamp light quantity control unit and filame...
Method for stabilization of lead smelter slag and matte
Temperature controlled pipe and method of manufacturing same
Electrostatic development belt
Design build test cycle reduction
Multichip package with clock frequency adjustment
Ultrasonic welding apparatus
Method and device for communicating between a first and a second network
Data communication system, data communication method and data communication apparatus
Image forming apparatus, image forming apparatus control method, cartridge, and storage medium
Image processing method and apparatus therefor
Peripheral equipment and peripheral equipment control method
Communication device, communication method, computer program, and storing medium for an address book
Data processing apparatus connected to a network connectable a plurality of devices
Control of reproduction apparatus and distribution apparatus based on remaining power of battery
Image edit device adapted to rapidly lay-out photographs into templates with means for preview and c...
Television signal reception apparatus and method, and broadcast reception apparatus and method
Developer supplying container
Developer supplying container
Centrifugal adsorption system
Semiconductor module and method for mounting the same
Semiconductor device and method manufacturing the same
Chip scale surface mounted device and process of manufacture
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device, electrical inspection method thereof, and electronic apparatus including the s...
Semiconductor packaging device and manufacture thereof
Interposer substrate and wafer scale interposer substrate member for use with flip-chip configured s...
Packaged semiconductor device
Chip and multi-chip semiconductor device using thereof and method for manufacturing same
Surface shape recognition sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Display device including imperfect connection parts extending between printed circuit boards for bri...
Liquid crystal display device, electronic device having the same, and semiconductor device
Developing device using electrostatic transport member
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the semiconductor device
Clock divider
Data server
Blade system for using multiple frequency synthesizers to control multiple processor clocks operatin...
Cluster failover via distributed configuration repository
Physical layer loop back method and apparatus
Design tool for systems-on-a-chip
System and method for aggregating channel segment ID's into a first section and data segments into a...
Control system and method for a communications interface
Bus communication architecture, in particular for multicomputing systems
Microprocessor including bank-pipelined cache with asynchronous data blocks
Imaging system for examining biological material
Aqueous-based pharmaceutical composition
Secure user action request indicator
Bottle shaped video monitor
Digital video disc recorder with video tape recorder
Fluid dynamic bearing lubricant air extraction device
Graphical user interface for association with an electrode structure deployed in contact with a tiss...
Ear clasp headset
Method of assaying wash performance of enzymes on a microtiter plate
Hybrid electric vehicle and method of selectively operating the hybrid electric vehicle
Bulldozer autograding system
Method for managing a parking lot
Vehicle parking assistance electronic timer system and method
Desulfurization of a naphtha gasoline stream derived from a fluid catalytic cracking unit
Method and system for annotating a computer program or hardware design
Inflatable product provided with electric air pump
Liquid sampler
Portable dispensing pump
Devices for controlling brake fluid pressure
High frequency air pulse generator
Method of driving pump
High-pressure pump having small initial axial force of a clamping bolt
Capacity control valve for variable displacement compressor
High pressure pump having replaceable plunger/valve cartridges
Reverse rotation preventing structure of centrifugal compressor
Compressor sound suppression
Tube coupling for a peristaltic pump
Implantable infusion device with optimized peristaltic pump motor drive
Container hermetically sealed with crushable material and reactive multilayer material
Method; microscope system and software program for the observation of dynamic processes
Method and apparatus for reducing pressure in a perforating gun
Control system for a hydro-mechanical transmission
Phosphors containing borate of terbium, alkaline-earth, and Group-3 metals, and light sources incorp...
Miniature fuel cell system having integrated fuel processor and electronic devices
Method and apparatus for selective operation of a hybrid electric vehicle in various driving modes
Contactable charging type charging device for image formation apparatus, and method of manufacturing...
Variable sampling data output circuit
Method and apparatus for managing faults in storage system having job management function
Network system and its switches
Sieve separator
Filter element, particularly for the static or dead-end filtration of fluids, and corresponding filt...
Advanced submerged membrane modules, systems and processes
Method of filtering a fluid with a filter assembly
Membrane apparatus with enhanced mass transfer, heat transfer and pumping capabilities via active mi...
Wave generator with oxygen injection for treatment of a body of fluid
Grating system
Pleated filter media with embossed spacers and cross flow
Apparatus for treatment of contaminated liquids
Method for processing semiconductor devices in a singulated form
Accuracy fuze for airburst cargo delivery projectiles
Methods for drug target screening
Method for enhancing amplification of a target nucleic acid sequence
Method for preventing or reducing collateral phototoxic damage to neighboring tissues during photody...
Method and apparatus for EUV light source target material handling
Method and system for providing a call answering service between a source telephone and a target tel...
Dynamically adaptive associativity of a branch target buffer (BTB)
Composition comprising a carrier and a purified mycobacterial lipid cell-wall component and its use ...
Eye treatments using synthetic thyroid hormone compositions
Antibiotic composition with inhibitor
Ultra wideband bow-tie printed antenna
Protective cap for infrared radiation thermometer
Ferroelectric hyperthermia system and method for cancer therapy
Retro peptides, antibodies thereto and their uses for vaccination and in vitro diagnosis
Process for preparing a flexographic printing plate
Blocked mercaptosilane coupling agents for filled rubbers
Olefin polymerization process
Polymerization process
Porous ceramic filters with catalyst coatings
Quinolin-, isoquinolin-, and quinazolin-oxyalkylamides and their use as fungicides
Hydroboronation process
Process for preparing organic boronic acid derivatives using diboronic acid
Method for sending and receiving a plurality of mail contents and display condition information
Information management system and method
Method of using link adaptation and power control for streaming services in wireless networks
Electrooptical device and a method of manufacturing the same
Hybrid solid state/electrochemical photoelectrode for hyrodrogen production
Electronic mailbox with electronically programmed access door to remove mail, with separate mail del...
Remote sensing and signaling of the presence of wildfire
Photonic MEMS and structures
Method for monitoring slope lands and buildings on the slope lands
Easy set-up, vehicle mounted, in-motion tracking, satellite antenna
Routing algorithm for distributed telecommunication networks
Method and system for determining demand in a water distribution system
Parallel decimation circuits
Solar charger
Nematic elastomer fiber with mechanical properties of a muscle
Assembly and method for determining speed of a supercavitating underwater vehicle
Smooth method for adjusting downlink transmitted power
Computer based system for directing communications over electronic networks
Carbamate compounds for use in preventing or treating bipolar disorder
Method for the treatment of diabetes
Peptide useful in immunomodulation
Microfluidized oil-in-water emulsions and vaccine compositions
Stabilized formulations of 6-hydroxy-3-(-4-[2-(piperidin-1-yl) ethoxy]phenoxy)-2-(4-methoxyphenyl) b...
Protease-activated receptor PAR4 (ZCHEMR2)
Regulation of intracellular glucocorticoid concentrations
Regulation of intracellular glucocorticoid concentrations
Imidazol-1-ylmethyl pyridazine derivatives
Alkali-soluble polymer and polymerizable composition thereof
Method for the production of polycarbonates
Process for the preparation of organosilylated carboxylate monomers, and their use in antifouling co...
Localizing device for ventriculostomy
Method and apparatus for increasing the data acquisition rate in a digital detector
Magnetic resonance apparatus and operation method for hyperthermic treatment
Lighted tickle stick
Polymeric spinnerbait lure frame
Methods for raising pre-adult anadromous fish
Animal waste disposing assembly
Carton of a plurality of packets of cigarettes
Reel unit for spinning reel
Method and system for evaluating arrhythmia risk with QT-RR interval data sets
Compact, cost-effective optical-electrical-optical (OEO) converter for an optical transmission netwo...
Configurable aperiodic grating device
Well scrubber
Fluorescent substance and fluorescent composition containing the same
Reactor with multiple risers and consolidated transport
Composite resin particle with specific shape factor
Angular substrates
Semiconductor encapsulating flame retardant epoxy resin composition and semiconductor device
Modified propylene polymer, composition containing the same and use thereof
Process for the preparation of 5,5'-bi-1H-tetrazolediammonium salts using hydrazine hydrate and dicy...
Process for producing compound, catalyst component for addition polymerization, process for producin...
Surface acoustic wave device
Osmium oxide carried by hydrophilic polymer
Method and apparatus for cartilage growth stimulation
Method and apparatus for punching out a plurality of parts from tape-like member
Fork based transport storage system for pharmaceutical unit of use dispenser
Automatically adjusting parameters of a lifting device by identifying objects to be lifted
Reject bin having separated storage areas for diverted and retracted currency notes
Indicators of optimum positioning of a data collection device for reading data carriers, such as RFI...
Transaction terminal having elongated finger recess
Method and system for DNA recognition biometrics on a fob
Method of manufacturing RFID
Apparatus and method for synthesizing combinatorial libraries
Method of and computer program product for monitoring person's movements
Security method for theft prone areas of a retail store
Wireless communication devices, radio frequency identification devices, radio frequency identificati...
Tagging and tracking system for assets and personnel of a commercial enterprise
Waste container identification system
RFID readers and RFID tags communicating using extensible bit vectors
Energy source communication employing slot antenna
System and apparatus for materials transport and storage
Device comprising detecting means for hydraulic or chemical-physical properties of a fluid
Delay compensation for synchronous processing sets
Weed puller
Method and system for evaluating interest of a tested animal
Display with controller for construction machines
Vibratory cleaning devices and methods
Method and system for antenna interference cancellation
Ultrasound horn
Hexa-, hepta-, and octapeptides having antiangiogenic activity
Liquid crystal display device having a polarization member that includes a cholesteric liquid crysta...
Catalytic hydrogenation of an aliphatically unsaturated group in an organic compound
Opaque polyester film containing a cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) with good surface attachment, metho...
Fuel cell vehicle
Solid electrolyte type fuel battery
Cyclic redundancy checking of a field programmable gate array having an SRAM memory architecture
Toner conveying device for an image forming apparatus and toner replenishing device including the sa...
Combination L.E.D. emergency lamp, glass cutter hammer pick with smoke triggered power on
Cyclic amino acids and derivatives thereof useful as pharmaceutical agents
Phenylglycine derivatives useful as serine protease inhibitors
Methods for treating a patient having Metabolic Syndrome
Use of low-dose PDT to inhibit restenosis
Tripeptides and tripeptide derivatives for the treatment of postlesional disease of the nervous syst...
Acylated indanyl amines and their use as pharmaceuticals
Aryl and heteroaryl compounds and methods to modulate coagulation
Modified factor VIII
Multicyclic compounds and the use thereof
Color-corrected laser illumination system for night vision applications
Infrared radiation emitter
Near infrared chemical imaging microscope
Mount for holding and releasing dental implant components
System for warming lower extremities of supine persons
Processing a network packet using queues
Apparatus and methods for identifying and processing mail using an identification code
Method and apparatus for implementing a software cache
Adaptive throttling
Illuminated protective headgear
Dynamic on-die termination management
Correlation of flight track data with other data sources
Liquid crystal display device with multi-timing controller
Precise positioning of media
Dynamic allocation of transmission bandwidth in a communication system
Initial power control for spread-spectrum communications
Stacked network routers
Vehicle identification means detection and evasion system
Random number generator
Method and apparatus for intercepting performance metric packets for improved security and intrusion...
Polybenzazole precursor film, polybenzazole film and method of producing the same
Tunnel-junction structure incorporating N-type layer comprising nitrogen and a group VI dopant
Color stabilization of anodized aluminum alloys
Manufacturing of optoelectronic devices
Vehicle air conditioning system
Intercept valve for spray guns for water cleaner apparatus
Compositions employing a novel human kinase
Joint construction in upper part of center pillar
Human genes and gene expression products V
Drilling fluids and method of drilling
Detection of viable agents
Cylindrical electron beam generating/triggering device and method for generation of electrons
Cathode ray tube having magnetic pieces at predetermined locations within the electron gun component...
Home resource controller system
Enhanced surveilled subject imaging
Method for seismic exploration utilizing motion sensor and pressure sensor data
Semiconductor device having local interconnection layer and etch stopper pattern for preventing leak...
OLED display and method of manufacturing such display
Organic electroluminescent display
Positive column tubular PDP
Control circuit drive circuit for a plasma panel
Element substrate and light emitting device
Method for testing OLED substrate and OLED display
Driving apparatus of plasma display panel
Electric circuit
Promoter sequences for corticotropin releasing-factor binding protein and use thereof
Nucleic acid molecules encoding opioid growth factor receptors
Polymorphisms in the human hPXR gene and their use diagnostic and therapeutic applications
Reagents and methods useful for detecting diseases of the prostate
Vascular endothelial growth factor D (VEGF-D) antibodies and vectors, and methods of use
Cellulose acetate and dope containing the same
Lactones of carboxylic acid polysaccharides and methods for forming conjugates thereof
Nucleic acid sequences encoding zinc finger proteins
Nucleic acid sequences encoding zinc finger proteins
Identification of cancer genes using a high-throughput forward genetic screening method
Stress-related polypeptides and uses therefor
Sugar and lipid metabolism regulators in plants v
Sequence-determined DNA fragments encoding cytochrome P450 proteins
Sequence-determined DNA fragments encoding thioredoxin proteins
Novel guanosine derivatives and use thereof
Nucleic acid molecules encoding starch degrading enzymes
Cloning and characterization of microRNAs from rice
Gene encoding protein involved in cytokinin synthesis
Chimeric plant promoters and plants containing the same
Supplied air respirator that has an adjustable length hose
Polymer networks
Optical device
Method for producing library
Optical instrument and optical element providing expanded exit pupil
Method of making high performance optical edge and notch filters and resulting products
Imaging optical system
Compact high performance zoom lens system
Zoom lens system
Objective lens for optical information recording medium
Light path reflecting optical system and apparatus provided with the same
Objective, particularly a projection objective for use in semiconductor lithography
System and method for panoramic imaging
Novel heterocyclic analogs of diphenylethylene compounds
Cyclic salen-metal compounds as scavengers for oxygen radicals and useful as antioxidants in the tre...
Database synchronization apparatus in element management system and method therefor
Lamp and method of manufacturing the same
Bonding pad for gallium nitride-based light-emitting devices
Using permanent magnets in MRAM to assist write operation
Fuel cell air system and method
Method and apparatus for monitoring intravenous (IV) drug concentration using exhaled breath
Inhaler with airflow regulation
Domain specification system for an LDAP ACI entry
Cleansing article for personal care
Digital phased array architecture and associated method
Handheld computer system configured to authenticate a user and power-up in response to a single acti...
System and method for calculating a user affinity
Exhaust gas recirculation afterburner
Polymerization catalysts
Methods of synthesis and use of radiolabelled platinum chemotherapeutic agents
Note and sketch transcription device, system, and method
Protecting groups useful in the synthesis of polysaccharides, natural products, and combinatorial li...
Mechanical press
Adaptive transmission and receiving method and device in wireless communication system with multiple...
Methods for whitening teeth
Method for manufacturing multilayer wiring board
Method for producing an annular shell catalyst and use thereof for producing acrolein
Negative resist composition, a method for forming a resist pattern thereof, and a method for fabrica...
Gasket structure for fuel cell and fabrication method of the same
Battery and battery electrode
Data storage method with error correction
Electrophotographic printing device having non-grounded electrically conductive layer
Combined back-up and battery low-level alarm for vehicle
Didemnin analogs and fragments and methods of making and using them
Targeted therapeutics and uses thereof
Quantum well energizing method and apparatus
Semiconductor devices having regions of induced high and low conductivity, and methods of making the...
Display device using vertical cavity laser arrays
Speckle pattern analysis method and system
Ink jet recording element
Photoconductive members
Fluorescent polymer superquenching-based bioassays
System and method for securely storing and controlling the dispensing of a payout
Reflection space image based rendering
Incremental system for real time digital ink analysis
Whiteboard imaging system
System and method for mining model accuracy display
Method and apparatus for providing improved HMM POS tagger for multi-word entries and factoids
Frequency domain postfiltering for quality enhancement of coded speech
Method and apparatus for adapting a class entity dictionary used with language models
Apparatus and method for scaling TCP off load buffer requirements by segment size
Stack allocation system and method
Message based inter-process for high volume data
Drop and slide engagement for implantable medical device
Lead having one or more low polarization electrodes
Engine control module and method for use in engine system manufacture
Engine testing device which simulates dynamic gas exchange
Devices, systems, and methods for monitoring the operation of an injection molding machine
Masks for use in optical lithography below 180 nm
Programmable manual hair dryer with multiple functions
Water heater and method of providing the same
Auditory treatment device
Image forming apparatus
Catheter having mapping assembly
Methods and devices for reducing integrated circuit power consumption in implantable cardiac stimula...
Golf ball
Method of manufacturing fabric with rubber for tire
Analogs of green tea polyphenols as chemotherapeutic and chemopreventive agents
Golf ball
Rubber composition
Method and apparatus for recognizing speech in a noisy environment
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Glow-in-the-dark tire sidewalls
Tire tread
Motorcycle tire tread
Motorcycle tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Preparation of silica-rich rubber composition by sequential mixing with maximum mixing temperature l...
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Skipping z-counts and accurate time in GPS receivers
Method and system for implementing a communications transceiver using modified GPS user equipment
Method and apparatus for estimating time delay of GPS receiver in hybrid navigation system
Manufacturing method of thin film device substrate
Methods of fabricating semiconductor structures having epitaxially grown source and drain elements
Method for forming an oxide with improved oxygen bonding
High density plasma process for the formation of silicon dioxide on silicon carbide substrates
Method and apparatus for fabricating a thin-film solar cell utilizing a hot wire chemical vapor depo...
SOI wafer and process for producing it
Plasma display panel with a low K dielectric layer
Multiple wire cable connector
Abrasive articles, and methods of making and using the same
Abrasive brush elements and segments
Encapsulated endoscope system in which endoscope moves in lumen by itself and rotation of image of r...
Endoscope hood and endoscopic mucosa cutting device
Endoscopic retractor instrument and associated method
Method and system for controlling water system fouling
Electronic reader for sterilization monitors
Photoacid generators with perfluorinated multifunctional anions
Method for quantification of biological material in a sample
Pharmaceutical compositions containing antigen-antibody complexes and uses therefor
Method for obtaining ethanol
Applications for radio frequency identification systems
Electronic endoscope eliminating influence of light distribution in optical zooming
Head-up display with narrow band reflective polarizer
Scanning method and apparatus
Pocket photo album page
Wireless data collecting system having transmission possibility determining means
Method and apparatus for creating and using a base station almanac for position determination
System and method for remote application management of a wireless device
Communication station with automatic cable loss compensation
Apparatus and method for controlling auxiliary pilot channel in a CDMA2000 wireless network
Module with sensor means for monitoring industrial processes
Data storage system having cache memory manager with packet switching network
Managing packet-based telephony
Backlight module and reflective cover used therein
Liquid crystal display with fluorescent material
Reflector providing particularly high reflectance in an intended viewing angle and reflection type l...
Collimating and optical elements with reduced mass
System for in-situ control of the orientation of a vehicle headlamp and process for its implementati...
Fuel injector and an engine including such as injector
Method and apparatus for sterile connection between two flexible tubes
Crystallized structure of type IV collagen NC1 domain hexamer
Method for separating and processing signal and bearer in all IP radio access network
Methods for inhibiting tumor cell proliferation
Feature mapping between data sets
Indolocarbazole anticancer agents and methods of using same
Folding USB flash memory device for providing memory storage capacity
Cellular phone
Memory module device for use in high-frequency operation
Cellular phone
Memory device for burst or pipelined operation with mode selection circuitry
Cellular phone
Mobile communications device
Portable phone
Portable phone
USB drive having MP3 function
Skin buffing implement
Curved file
Apparatus for transmitting and receiving wireless data and method thereof
Lead screw adjustment structure of disc drive
DVD player
Metal oxide-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry
Lactam derivatives as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases and/or TNF-.alpha. converting enzyme
Fast dissolving composition with prolonged sweet taste
Single management point for a storage system or storage area network
Internet usage data recording system and method employing a configurable rule engine for the process...
Role-permission model for security policy administration and enforcement
Image information transmitting system, scanner apparatus and user terminal apparatus, and image info...
Selective cache flushing in identity and access management systems
Method or apparatus for establishing a plug and play (PnP) communication channel via an abstraction ...
Persistency control in an information browser
Secured network processor
Complete outdoor kitchen
Sanitary manifold system and method for hygienically dispensing fluids
Disposable plate having improved ergonomics
Roller shaft for a vegetable peeler
Anti-obesity devices
Tomato-based caramelized sauce and process for making same
Taste enhancer
Method for purifying a composition containing at least one internal dehydration product of a hydroge...
Insulated composite reinforcement material
Use of alkenyl succinic anhydride compounds derived from symmetrical olefins in internal sizing for ...
Adapter for mounting a faceplate of a first style to an electrical outlet cavity of a second style
Method and apparatus for heat treatment in a fluidized bed
Mechanical flotation device for reduction of oil, alkalinity and undesirable gases
Recessed light fixture
Production of titania
Customizable ceiling or wall panels and method of construction
Foam of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene and process for the preparation of the same
Building material for erection or renovation of a construction, in particular dykes and use and meth...
Method for producing L-lactic acid
Genetically modified yeast species and fermenation processes using genetically modified yeast
System and Method for Predicting Mold Growth in an Environment
Shear thickening fluid containment in polymer composites
Sealant composition comprising a gel system and a reduced amount of cement for a permeable zone down...
Acetylinic piperazine compounds and their use as metabotropic glutamate receptor antagonists
Foamed material, method for production thereof, cushioning material, thermal insulating material and...
Additive for hydraulic compositions
Aerosol paint composition for adherence to plastic
Filling device and system for treating a deformed or diseased spine
Pre-cast concrete panels for construction of a building
Wall papering adhesive
Swinging agitator for a gypsum calcining apparatus and the like
Rocker paddle switch with articulated cam driver
Mixture which can be thermally hardened and hardened by actinic radiation and use thereof
Method for detecting proteins under mutual interaction
Powder-slurry that can be hardened by actinic radiation or by thermal means, method for producing sa...
Sensor insertion into an active conduit
Water treatment system
Cooling water scale and corrosion inhibition
Apparatus and method for continuous depyrogenation and production of sterile water for injection
Methods for manufacturing an enhanced cosmetic skin care toner
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Carriers having biological substance
Process for aligning macromolecules by passage of a meniscus and applications
Regeneration of adsorption media within electrical purification apparatuses
Synergistic biocidal mixtures
Method for manufacturing porous structure and method for forming pattern
Water Based Ink For Ink Jet Recording And Ink Jet Recording Method
Water-based ink for ink-jet recording and ink-jet recording method
Betaine compositions
Non-affinity purification of proteins
Method for producing carotenoids or their precursors using genetically modified organisms of the bla...
Expression of soluble, active eukaryotic glycosyltransferases in prokaryotic organisms
Process for cleaning silicon substrate
Substrate processing apparatus, substrate processing method, and substrate holding apparatus
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Cerium oxide abrasives for chemical mechanical polishing
Novel proteins and dnas thereof
Treatment or prevention of cancer and precancerous disorders
Ink composition, ink set, recording process and recorded image
Polymerizable compound, polymer compound, composition using the same, image-forming method, and imag...
Method of treating skin ulcers using oxidative reductive potential water solution
Ingestible compositions containing extracts
Treatment of Human Multiple Myeloma by Curcumin
Preparation for reducing the appetite, producing a satiated feeling and/or for weight loss in childr...
Oils of capsaicinoids and methods of making and using the same
Compositions and foods for improving lipid metabolism
Method of screening
Use of human stem cells and/or factors they produce to promote adult mammalian cardiac repair throug...
Rasgap derived peptide for selectively killing cancer cells
Composition and Method for Selective Cytostasis
Inducible plasmid vector encoding tgf-beta and use thereof
Inhibition of the cd95 ligand/receptor system for the treatment of neurological disorders and injuri...
Compositions and methods for inhibiting inflammation of vessel walls and formation of neointimal hyp...
Calpains as targets for inhibition of prion propagation
Disulfide, sulfide, sulfoxide, and sulfone derivatives of cyclic sugars and uses
Diverticular remodling technique
Use of anti-tissue factor antibodies for treating thromboses
External preparation, method of applying external preparation, iontophoresis device, and percutaneou...
Ion source apparatus and method
Solid state white light emitter and display using same
Random cache read
Methods of forming a multilayer stack alloy for work function engineering
Wall mounted-type microwave oven
Information transmission and display method and system for a handheld computing device
Method of using focused acoustic waves to deliver a pharmaceutical product
Water stabilized medicinal aerosol formulation
Method and system for processing data in a multi-database system
Detection of antidepressant induced mania
Composite solid-state scintillators for neutron detection
Combustion control apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
Communication and/or transaction with client through active management of a client menu hierarchy
UDP-glucose aglycon-glucosytransferase
Doggie blanket coat
Protecting software from unauthorized use by converting source code modules to byte codes
Dynamic pressure bearing device
Cellular communication system with virtual antennas
Flyer bow for wire bunching or wire stranding machines
Method and apparatus for identifying assist feature placement problems
Methods and systems for distributed processing on consumer devices
Use of location awareness to establish and suspend communications sessions in a healthcare environme...
Transposon-based targeting system
Embryonically modified animal and method of constructing the same
Nucleic acid molecules and other molecules associated with plants and uses thereof for plant improve...
Strawberry variety named 'Wendy'
Adenylate translocator protein gene non-coding regulatory elements for use in plants
Methods of distinguishing ear shape and resistance against gibberella zeae and method of improving b...
Insecticidal plant cyclotide with activity against homopteran insects
Methods and compositions for designing nucleic acid molecules for polypeptide expression in plants u...
Plant acyltransferases
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) for plant growth and development
Manipulation of cellulose and/or beta-1,4-glucan
Electric drill apparatus
High-functionality polyether polyols and preparation thereof
Photoresist compositions
Method of monitoring a fuel cell unit
Resonant light scattering microparticle methods
Olefin polymerization catalyst system
Color image forming method and apparatus with image flaw reducing speed control of toner image carri...
Viral polymerase inhibitors
Network for remote administration of street lighting inter alia and methods to carry out said admini...
Desolvation process for the production of atorvastatin hemi-calcium essentially free of bound organi...
Dual function prosthetic bone implant and method for preparing the same
Optical device and method of producing the same
Device for transmitting optical waves with inclined coupling surfaces
Method and device for arranging optical fibers
Optical control element
Optical networking circuit pack
Optical fiber array
Optical fiber connectors with identification circuits and distribution terminals that communicate th...
WDM self-healing optical ring network
Method and system for increasing the capacity and spectral efficiency of optical transmission
All-optical network distribution system
Optical ring network architecture
System and method for transmitting signals over a fiber strand
System and method of using variable pulses for symbology
Receiving apparatus with waveform degradation compensating function
Telecommunications overlay system
Compounds and methods to enhance rAAV transduction
Methods to alter levels of a DNA repair protein
Nucleic acid encoding a NOVX13 polypeptide
Targeted carrier fusions for delivery of chemotherapeutic agents
Inhibitors of JAK and CDK2 protein kinases
Natural killer stimulatory factor
Monoclonal human natural antibodies
Multivalent and multispecific binding proteins, their manufacture and use
FEN endonucleases
Splice variant of MyD88 and uses thereof
Acetaldehyde acetal compounds, their synthesis, and uses thereof
System and method for selective processing of digital images
Synthetically expedient water-dispersible IR dyes
Integrated process for simultaneous beneficiation, leaching, and dewatering of kaolin clay suspensio...
Method and apparatus for runout correction during self-servo writing
Method and apparatus for overwriting data in a disk drive
Front panel assembly of disk drive having door locking means and disk drive incorporating the same
Aerodynamic diffuser, contraction, and fairing for disk base and re-acceleration drag reduction in h...
Hermetically sealed electronics arrangement and approach
Electric motor having foil-shaped substrate with tracks with varying width
Thin-film magnetic head and manufacturing method of thin-film magnetic head
Self-aligned void filling for mushroomed plating
Tape cassette having an optical signal receiver and a memory for storing information optically trans...
Data storage cartridge with hard drive and door
Damping apparatus
Removable cartridge recording device incorporating antiferromagnetically coupled rigid magnetic medi...
Disk cartridge to protect an information area of a disk from being contaminated
Patterned multi-material basecoat to reduce thermal protrusion
Extended alumina basecoat advanced air bearing slider
Air bearing slider for disk drive
Transducer positioning device utilizing a guide member mounted with flexible members
Thin-film magnetic head for reading magnetic information on a hard disk by utilizing a magnetoresist...
Spin-valve GMR with patterned synthetic exchange bias
Exchange coupling film and magnetoresistive element using the same
Longitudinal bias structure having stability with minimal effect on output
Magnetic tunnel junction sensor with insulating antiferromagnetic material extending from free layer...
Packaging system for ammunition
Protective layer transfer sheet and an image forming method employing it
Automated provisioning framework for internet site servers
System and method for eliminating static initialization overhead by memory space cloning of a master...
Document/view application development architecture applied to ActiveX technology for web based appli...
Framework for integrating existing and new information technology applications and systems
Use of transaction agents to perform distributed transactions
Capturing system error messages
System and method for displaying usage information in a data network
Multi-layer path explorer
Silicon wafer and manufacturing method thereof
Branched vapor-grown carbon fiber, electrically conductive transparent composition and use thereof
Niobate-based octahedral molecular sieves
Concentration of hydrogen peroxide
Positive electrode material and nickel-zinc battery
Catalysts for SPOC.TM. enhanced synthesis gas production
Supramolecular complexes as photocatylysts for the production of hydrogen from water
Driving separation distance indicator
Systems and methods for blocking microwave propagation in parallel plate structures utilizing cluste...
Method and apparatus for tracking invalid signals through a digital system
Subsampling RF receiver architecture
Fast computation of multi-input-multi-output decision feedback equalizer coefficients
Therapeutic liposome composition and method of preparation
User programmable smart card interface system
Search server and method for providing search results
User-friendly search results display system, method, and computer program product
Services search method
Interactive communication between a plurality of users
File folder
Method of making magnetoresistive head element
Semiconductor device having delay-locked loop and test method thereof
Method and apparatus for generating and distributing personalized media clips
Motion organized simultaneous acquisition with interactive control for fast real-time navigator guid...
Image transfer and output method and system using the same
Optical computational system
Cardiac magnetic field diagnozer for atrial flutter and atrial fibrillation and method for identifyi...
Visceral fat estimation apparatus
Facial image processing methods and systems
Device having spare I/O and method of using a device having spare I/O
Graphical interface control system
Power builder for power management control system automation software
Boxed watch and jewelry set
Car seat head rest
Drip coffeemaker
Fluid reservoir
Stand mixer
Remote control cooler
Handle for a folding knife
Deck tie down spring
Adhesive backed clip
Cosmetic container
Ink stick for phase change ink jet printer
Game card
Packaged soap
System and method for optimization of three-dimensional audio
Method and system for locating and accessing digitally stored images
Optical fiber cable with fiber receiving jacket ducts
Method and system for monitoring breathing activity of a subject
Image forming apparatus having positioned cleaning unit for image transfer belt positioned with resp...
Sealing strip for toner cartridge and method for making same
Family molding
Online shopping system
Hummingbird feeder
Pet waste retrieval and disposal tool
Method and system for recognizing and selecting a region of interest in an image
Positional magnetic resonance imaging
Thermal development method and apparatus
Substrate holding device, substrate processing apparatus using the same, and method for aligning and...
Reflective multi-image surface
X-ray computer tomography apparatus
Folded array CT baggage scanner
Method and apparatus for determining functional parameters in a radiological apparatus
Radiographing apparatus and method
Full field mammography with tissue exposure control, tomosynthesis, and dynamic field of view proces...
Apparatus and method for X-ray analysis
Method for displaying digital X-ray image data at high resolution
Radiological marker device
X-ray computed tomography scanner
Method and apparatus for removing obstructing structures in CT imaging
Method and system for risk-modulated diagnosis of disease
Image discrimination apparatus and image discrimination method
Manipulating a digital dentition model to form models of individual dentition components
Image coding-decoding method, image coding-decoding system, image coder, image decoder, and storage ...
Method and apparatus for merging images into a composite image