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Gap adjustment apparatus and gap adjustment method for adjusting gap between two objects
Methods and apparatus for billing conference calls
Duplicating digital streams for digital conferencing using switching technologies
Cellular phone blocker
System and method for multipoint distribution of satellite digital audio radio service
RF switch
Method and system for transmission of seismic data
Radio transmitter testing method, radio transmitter and base station
Architecture for an AM/FM digital intermediate frequency radio
Dynamic range extension system and method
Retransmission packet structure having multiple sequence numbers
Radio communications device
Method for controlling the distribution of transmission rates in a cellular radio telecommunications...
Method and system for determining the speed and position of a mobile unit
Beverage additive mixture of trehalose and protein
Rhamnolipids in bakery products
Vegetable and fruit nutrients-enriched rice
Method of making French fry-style products and composition thereof.
Meat-like food materials and meat-like food products produced utilizing the same
Method of preparing moulded confectionery articles
Confectionary product employing a syrupless coating of powderized edible polyols with negative heat ...
Multilayer food packaging
Enyzmes having alpha amylase activity and methods of making and using them
Intrinsically stable shirred plastic food casing
System for processing a lipophilic fluid
Use of at least one $g(a)62 casein peptide with angiotensin i converting enzyme inhibiting activity ...
Lignan-containing compositions
Adiponectin expression promoter
Photodynamic therapy utilizing multiple duty cycle light modulation
Antiinflammatory agent, agent for preventing/ameliorating allergic diseases and functional food
Medicinal composition for treating infection with drug-resistant staphylococcus aureus
Dual reactor polyethylene resins for food packaging - films, bags and pouches
Artificial gastric valve
Method and system for treatment of eating disorders by means of neuro-electrical coded signals
Nicotiana hybrids and plant varieties for use in production of pharmaceuticals
Method and apparatus for voice over internet protocol telephony using a virtual private network
Modified persistent auto precharge command protocol system and method for memory devices
Access to bit values within data words stored in a memory
Memory controller, semiconductor integrated circuit, and method for controlling a memory
Storage system, control method for storage system, and storage control unit
Storage system which controls access to logical devices by permitting attribute modes for logical de...
Locking and memory allocation in file system cache
Remote copy system
Sorting method and apparatus using a CAM
Memory controller including data clearing module
Transceiver with latency alignment circuitry
File usage history log for improved placement of files in differential rate memory according to freq...
Method and apparatus for translating guest physical addresses in a virtual machine environment
Virtual to physical memory address mapping within a system having a secure domain and a non-secure d...
Apparatus and method for determining a physical address from a virtual address by using a hierarchic...
Method and apparatus for a trace cache trace-end predictor
Information processing device and method, program, data structure, and computer-readable recording m...
Personal identification apparatus and method
Resolution enhancement for images stored in a database
Audio/video production method
Audio and/or video generation apparatus and method of generating audio and/or video signals
Task display switching method, portable apparatus and portable communications apparatus
Encoding apparatus and decoding apparatus
External connection device, host device, and data communication system
Programmable interface link layer device
Automatically configuring storage array including a plurality of media storage devices for storing a...
Elementary stream partial encryption
Information recording and playback system having a memory interface and method therefore
Attaching and detaching mechanism
Feed screw driver and information recorder/reproducer
Information providing system, information terminal device, information server device and information...
Transmit device and method thereof, record/play device and method thereof as well as recording syste...
Transmit device and method thereof, record/play device and method thereof as well as recording syste...
Joint prosthesis made from a titanium alloy
Unicondylar knee implant
Surgical apparatus for implantation of a partial of total knee prosthesis
Surgical kit for hemiarthroplasty hip replacement
Massive modular system
Bearing implant
Flexible segmented bearing implant
Apparatus and method for performing the delay estimation of signals propagating through an environme...
Methods for eliminating false data from comparative data matrices and for quantifying data matrix qu...
Method and apparatus for network transactions
Method and apparatus employing stress detection for highly secure communication
Method and apparatus for highly secure communication
Antagonists il-15
Porcine uroplakin ii promoter and the production method of useful proteins using said promoter
Proteases and methods for producing them
Neural crest cells specific promoters; isolated neural crest cells; and methods of isolating and of ...
Transgenic mammal carrying ganp gene transferred thereinto and utilization thereof
Genetically modified non-human mammals and cells
Nanostructured casting of organic and bio-polymers in porous silicon templates
Instrument for diagnosing and treating soft tissue abnormalities
Data storage devices for large size data structures
Method, system, network entity, and end-user terminal for controlling a handover of a cellular termi...
System, devices, methods and programs for reducing service interruption during routing area change
Techniques for radio link resource management in wireless networks carrying packet traffic
Communication system, communication unit and method of power saving therein
Method for synchronisation of a radio communication system divided into radio cells a base station a...
Cell selection broadcast and multicast communication environments
Ultra wideband radio transmitter, ultra wideband radio receiver, and ultra wideband radio communicat...
Methods and systems for providing wireless information transportation using dual frequencies
Flexible multi-sector multiple antenna system
Wireless communications terminal, communications protocol switching method, communications protocol ...
Implantable bone distraction device and method
Device for localization of stereotactic coordinates
Ground effects compensated angle of attack command system and method
Poynting-vector based method for determining the bearing and location of electromagnetic sources
Radio communication network cell configuration model optimization device
Method and system of channel resource allocation
Virtual "web radio" that allows for the free on-demand streaming of individual files of songs, films...
Systems and methods for automatically configuring and managing network devices and virtual private n...
RF transmission error detection and correction module
Power control of packet data transmission in cellular network
Identification labels in plants or plant parts
RF-properties-optimized compositions of (RE)Ba2Cu3O7-delta thin film superconductors
Methods and systems for implementing a profitability model
In a networked computing cluster storage system and plurality of servers sharing files, in the event...
Field emission display and driving device thereof
Radio communication system
Method of forming an image
AC sensing for a resistive memory
Bipolar transistor with high dynamic performances
Methods and apparatus for classifying and selecting wine
Craft menu system using caller ID functionality for installation and testing
Light bipolar plate for fuel cell and method for making same
Method and apparatus for dynamically connecting modules in a programmable logic device
Personal oxygen concentrator
Trigger actuator aerosol can with overcap
Method and system for responding to requests relating to complex data maintained in a structured for...
Compounds that release nitric oxide at controlled rates upon photolysis
Method for determining calciotropic activity of a preparation of Padina pavonic algae
Dummy fill for integrated circuits
Circuit arrangement, electrochemical sensor, sensor arrangement, and method for processing a current...
Molecular imprinting of solute on cellulose/silica composite, and products and uses thereof
Substituted hydrazones as inhibitors of cyclooxygenase-2
Method, system, and program for recovery of a reverse restore operation
Computer interactive isometric exercise system and method for operatively interconnecting the exerci...
Micro-electromechanical systems
Recording-location determination
Surround-vision display system
Information processing method and apparatus
Autostereoscopic display
Asset tracking in a network-based supply chain environment
Broadband network system configured to transport audio or video at the transport layer, and associat...
System, method and computer program product for auditing XML messages in a network-based message str...
Methods for initiating activity in intelligent devices connected to an in home digital network using...
Data dictionary method
Device for controlling an internal combustion engine
Method for designing logic circuit and CAD program
Processes for preparation of N-protected-.beta.-amino alcohols and N-protected-.beta.-amino epoxides
Cellular telephone
Seed-preferred regulatory elements and uses thereof
Wireless communication method and system for detecting and correcting transmission errors
Process for the preparation of epothilone analogs
Spill-reduction cap for fluid container
Connector axial compression tool
Generating a split power plane of a multi-layer printed circuit board
Horizontal reaction chamber comprised of nested, concentric tubes for use in water purification
Cosmetic brush with holding tube
Axial piston machine having a device for the electrically proportional adjustment of its volumetric ...
Finely particulate functional metal and finely particulate functional semiconductor each with disper...
Idler guide unit
Radio LAN master station system
Plastic lenses for spectacles with high refractive indices
System for detecting, tracking, and reconstructing signals in spectrally competitive environments
Validating the origin of web content
Production method of porous spherical particles of vinyl polymer
Projection screen and projection system comprising the same
System including a computer and a fuel cell that communicates with the computer and supplies power t...
Open channel solid phase extraction systems and methods
Fuel cell configured with discharge passages that preheat fuel gas and prevent cross leakage
Metallocenes and catalyst compositions derived therefrom
Neutralizing apparatus and image forming apparatus having the neutralizing apparatus
Method of determining depth of chest compressions during CPR
Sequences of hepatitis C virus genotypes and their use as therapeutic and diagnostic agents
Seismic activity monitor based on optical fiber Bragg gratings
Monitoring device and method using echo signals
System for monitoring the interior of a vehicle
System and method for a self-calibrating non-invasive sensor
Voice mail in a voice over IP telephone system
Dual function prosthetic bone implant and method for preparing the same
Aryl fused azapolycyclic compounds
Sulfonamide derivatives as antipsychotic agents
Methods of inhibiting metastases
Anilinopyrimidine derivatives as IKK inhibitors and compositions and methods related thereto
Pyrido [2,1-a] isoquinoline derivatives
Sulfonyl-amidino-containing and tetrahydropyrimidino-containing compounds as factor Xa inhibitors
4-pyrrolidino-phenyl-benzyl ether derivatives
Biaromatic ligand activators of PPAR.gamma. receptors
Heterocyclic amide derivatives having glycogen phosphorylase inhibitory activity
Treatment of hypertension
Parathyroid hormone receptor ligands
Ion channel receptor and uses thereof
Compositions involving M-RIP, and related methods for screening for anti-hypertensive agents, and us...
Tricyclic compound having spiro union
NK1 antagonists
3-Substituted oxindole .beta..sub.3 agonsists
Pneumatic servo unit, method for making same and device
Low permeation hydraulic accumulator
Truck mast
Process for preparing rubber sheet and tread and studless tire using same
Method and system for dual co-extrusion
Process of making polymeric hydrogels by reactive extrusion
Piezoelectric ink-jet printhead
Phosphate fluorosurfactants for use in carbon dioxide
System and method for generating chaotic sound for sonic infrared imaging of defects in materials
System and method for the laser beam deflection for optical measuring systems
Arrangement for examining microscopic preparations with a scanning microscope, and illumination devi...
DOE-based systems and devices for producing laser beams having modified beam characteristics
Lens support mechanism, optical head device and optical information processor
Optical fiber coupling system and manufacturing method thereof
Recording apparatus and recording method
Method and apparatus for fine tuning clock signals of an integrated circuit
Laser beam source
Method for maintaining mode-locked state of fabry-perot laser irrespective of temperature change and...
Medicine for clogging blood vessels of eye fundus
Zig-zag laser amplifier with polarization controlled reflectors
Helium-cooled laser device
Laser light irradiator
Nitride-based laser diode with GaN waveguide/cladding layer
Nitride semiconductor laser device chip and laser apparatus including the same
Semiconductor laser device and optical disc unit
Intake valve control system and method for internal combustion engine
Intake passage of an internal combustion engine
Diesel engine oil dilution managing device
Multi-link piston crank mechanism for internal combustion engine
Installation structure for electric rotating machine in motor vehicle
Method of determining a clearance
Trim panel having foam bridge supported hidden tear seam
Method of joining closed section members between frame modules
Integrated expandable cargo system for vehicles
Glove box with sensor
Stow in floor seat assembly with main lateral displacement
Headrest mechanism
Control panel with light source for control illumination
High smoothness grinding process and apparatus for metal material
Shift shock system of automatic transmission
Fuel cell startup method
Single cell for fuel cell and solid oxide fuel cell
Solid oxide electrolyte fuel cell plate structure, stack and electrical power generation unit
Power conversion and vehicle
Image synthesizing device and method
Driving assist system for vehicle
Air-burst drain plunger
Apparatus and method for inspecting articles
Autosetpoint registration control system and method associated with a web converting manufacturing p...
Conductor-in-conduit temperature limited heaters
Thermal processes for subsurface formations
Vehicle storage structure
System and method for absorbent core production
Golf club head with customizable center of gravity
Multiple material golf club head
Spatiotemporal and geometric optimization of sensor arrays for detecting analytes fluids
Composite particles imparting sequential changes in food products and methods of making same
Inorganic electrode for organic electroluminescent devices
Contactor assembly for common grid array devices
Writing to ferroelectric memory devices
Wedge shaped glass and methods of forming wedged glass
Powder coating compositions having improved mar and acid resistance
Device comprising a microwave resonator for or on a spinner preparation machine
Side airbag apparatus
Method for dicing semiconductor wafer into chips
Femoral neck compression screw system with ortho-biologic material delivery capability
Method and apparatus for engineered regenerative biostructures such as hydroxyapatite substrates for...
Dynamic anterior cervical plate system having moveable segments, instrumentation, and method for ins...
Fusion proteins comprising DP-178 and other viral fusion inhibitor peptides useful for treating aids
Instrumentation for inserting an expandable interbody spinal fusion implant
Bioerodable polymeric adhesives for tissue repair
Expandable push-in arcuate interbody spinal fusion implant with cylindrical configuration during ins...
Dimerized PDGF-D and materials and methods for producing it
Testis-specific tubulin tyrosine-ligase-like protein, BGS42
PRO274 nucleic acids
24-hydroxyvitamin D, analogs and uses thereof
Soluble Interleukin-20 receptor
Antibody fragment-polymer conjugates and uses of same
Vehicle including multiple items that move vertically
Cellular phone with expansion memory for audio and video storage
Practice golf club, target, and swing platform apparatus
Golf exercise device
Golf round data system with cellular telephone and player help features
Vehicular collision avoidance system
Putting method and putter
Methods for manufacturing dosage forms
Golf shoe upper
Matrix-free desorption ionization mass spectrometry using tailored morphology layer devices
Field emitter X-ray source and system and method thereof
String leveling device and method of use thereof
Beater weight assembly for drum pedal
Musical information processing terminal, control method therefor, and program for implementing the m...
Selectivity pipelining and prefetching memory data
Method and system for allocating register locations in a memory during compilation
Optimizing cache efficiency within application software
Method and apparatus for locating devices
Traffic flow data collection agents
Data repository and method for promoting network storage of data
Portable device supplying tourist information
Method for dynamically generating reference identifiers in structured information
Mud gas isotope logging interpretive method in oil and gas drilling operations
Presence and geographic location notification based on a delegation model
Method for reconstructing complex wave attributes from limited view measurements
Mass spectrometer system and method for matrix-assisted laser desorption measurements
Print system, service system, data server, master server, print client system and printer
Apparatus, system and method for electronic book distribution
Electronic interactive communication system and the method therefor
Network device management method, system and management equipment thereof
Method and apparatus for caching native code in a virtual machine interpreter
Binding by hash
Automatic software installation on heterogeneous networked computer systems
Distributed allocation of system hardware resources for multiprocessor systems
Method, system and program product for routing requests in a distributed system
System and method for user mode applications to register to receive kernel mode device related event...
Password that associates screen position information with sequentially entered characters
Image for a portion of a display screen
System and method for rearranging run-time ordering of open tasks
System and method for controlling analysis of multiple instantiations of circuits in hierarchical VL...
Integrated circuit macro placing system and method
System and method for processing configuration information
Alternating phase-shift mask rule compliant IC design
Rapid GUI refacing of a legacy application
Extensible customization framework for a software system
Testing software module responsiveness to string input tokens having lengths which span a range of i...
Methods and apparatus for managing defunct processes
Electronic imaging device
Projection lens and display device
Electronic device
Receiving apparatus for digital broadcasting signal and receiving/recording/reproducing apparatus th...
Method and apparatus for detecting moving objects in video conferencing and other applications
Method and system for detecting an object in relation to a surface
Enhancement of vehicle interior digital images
Height measurement apparatus
Automated plant analysis method, apparatus, and system using imaging technologies
Shot boundary detection
Image processing method, image processing program and image processing apparatus
Television signal receiver, and method for controlling recording of television signals
Communication device, imaging device, communication method, and recording medium storing program to ...
Low latency multi-level communication interface
Method and apparatus for surveillance using an image server
Method for display time stamping and synchronization of multiple video object planes
Haptotactic peptides
Anti-cellular proliferative disorder polypeptide
Compounds and methods for modulating cell adhesion
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Polypeptide variants with altered effector function
Chemokine alpha-2 antibodies
Methods for purifying protein
Cytostatic lanthanum compounds
Method for attachment of biomolecules to medical device surfaces
Formulations to increase in vivo survival of probiotic bacteria and extend their shelf-life
Amyloid beta-protein 3(pE)-42 antibodies and uses thereof
Uniform microcapsules
Composition for controlling the growth of algae, fungi and pathogenic organisms in water
Compositions and methods for treatment of staphylococcal infection while suppressing formation of an...
Stabilized bioactive peptides and methods of identification, synthesis and use
Liposomal formulation of irinotecan
Method and composition for treating mammalian diseases and injuries which cause pain, erythema, swel...
Polyanhydrides with therapeutically useful degradation products
Quaternary polyamidoamines, the production thereof, corresponding agents and the use thereof
Pet-play apparatus configured for interactive use
Distorting shaped balloon
Running toy
Concealed attack vehicle system
Front conversion deck for a boat
Boat control system
Steering mechanism for watercraft
Floatable dock mooring article
Anchor assembly and method
Anchor assembly
Kayak with a plurality of topside storage enclosures
Movable platform unit for a boat particularly for hauling and launching tenders and the like
Drain plug assembly
System of interchangeable components for creating a customized waterboard
Surfcraft removable fin system improved plug installation
Self-cleaning composite deck drain
Subsea communication system and technique
Component mounting apparatus having component supply tables provided on opposite sides of a componen...
Screen-printing machine with a device for transferring objects to be printed
Surgical instrument with a universal wrist
Teleconferencing robot with swiveling video monitor
Gap welding process
Method for the exchange of data between controls of machines, particularly robots
Method of manufacturing an orthodontic model, and an orthodontic model produced thereby
Method for collecting, analyzing, and reporting data on skills and personal attributes
Balance practicing machine
Three-dimensional surgery simulation system
Apparatus, method and system for teaching elapsed time
Method and apparatus of enhancing learning capacity
Apparatus and method for separating music and voice using independent component analysis algorithm f...
Managing maintenance for an item of equipment
Device and method for applying patterns and/or labels to a substantially flat surface of an article
Automated projectile delivery system
Soundproofing laminated window for vehicles
High intensity infrasonic tunable resonant acoustic test cell
Remote control method using remote control device with keyboard
Image forming apparatus administration system
Facsimile gateway device
System, device and method for limiting tunnel traffic in an information communication network
Voice over IP device capable of auto-selectively dialing up public switch telephone or internet phon...
Facilitating data transmission
Configuring user interfaces of call devices
Irrigation controller
Apparatus for internet on-line insurance policy service
Method, system and computer code for content based web advertising
Query system for service availability according to customized criteria
System and method for providing media samples on-line in response to media related searches on the i...
E-commerce volume pricing
Method and apparatus for providing group interaction via communications networks
Method and apparatus for determining a unique communication identifier
Arrangement and method for displaying and sharing images
IP web based messaging system for localized management of wireless messaging
Business method and system for security and personal communication
Overhead material handling system and track block
Method of and apparatus for electrostatic fluid acceleration control of a fluid flow
Regulated voltage control override
Control apparatus for a starter/generator system
Multi-phase DC-DC converter and control circuit for multi-phase DC-DC converter
Voltage regulator circuit
Temperature compensated low voltage reference circuit
Current summing low-voltage band gap reference circuit
Circuit for compensating rise times and ringing in high impedance loads
Method and an apparatus to detect low voltage
Current mirror compensation using channel length modulation
Operational mode-based battery monitoring for a battery-powered electronic device
AC-DC converting device, and electrical apparatus provided with AC-DC converting function
Circuit for reducing inrush current generated during startup of a switching power supply
Power factor correction circuit and method of varying switching frequency
Inverter controlled generator set
Oled display manufacturing method with uniformity correction
Electronic device display panel
Use of frequency transforms in the analysis of image sensors
Method for imaging an array of microspheres using specular illumination
Method for imaging an array of microspheres
Method for imaging an array of microspheres
Colored spa shoes
Class initialization method semantics
Monitoring network traffic denial of service attacks
Wearable book
Method for providing anonymous browsing by transferring a request from a server to a relaying appara...
Process for producing stabilized tampons
Alpha-Olefin/propylene copolymers and their use
Cathode-ray tube apparatus
Apparatus and method for duty cycle conversion
Electrosurgery system and method
Multi-wavelength laser device
Methods and apparatus for indexed register access
Capacitor having a barrier layer made of a transition metal phosphide, arsenide or sulfide
Electrical programmable metal resistor
Styryl compound and organic electroluminescence device
Entertainment system
Watermark systems and methods
Screen maker
Method for using a floating pallet for a digital asset managements system in a plurality of differen...
Respiratory mask
Actuator for aerosol container
Data structures related to documents, and querying such data structures
Audio/Video/Computer graphics synchronous reproducing/synthesizing system and method
Sea surface antenna
Human zven proteins
Article pickup device
Method for time-evolving rectilinear contours representing photo masks
Integrated loop resonator with adjustable couplings and methods of using the same
Sample discriminating method
Systems and methods for anomaly detection in patterns of monitored communications
Mycoattractants and mycopesticides
Apparatus and method for forming processed data
Singing voice-synthesizing method and apparatus and storage medium
Method and apparatus for controlling hydrocarbon injection into engine exhaust to reduce NOx
Color monitoring and analysis for color vision deficient individuals
System and method of secure message processing
Device for casting of metal
Cold-box binders containing an epoxy resin, acrylate, and certain akyl esters
Method for changing a target array, a method for analyzing a structure, and an apparatus, a storage ...
Method for selecting wireless communication system
Riveting system and process for forming a riveted joint
Method and installation for hot-rolling strips using a Steckel rolling frame
Phonocardiographic image-based atrioventricular delay optimization
Method of preparing layered graft prostheses
System and method for modeling bone structure
Titanium substituted pyridyl amine complexes, catalysts and processes for polymerizing ethylene and ...
Method for manufacturing endo-osseous implants or medical prosthesis by ionic implantation technique
Ovoid flexible pressure vessel, apparatus and method for making same
Heat treatment of inflamed tissue
Audio/video system and method utilizing a head mounted apparatus with noise attenuation
Portable muscle stimulator with pulse width control
Multiple layer softgel
Mouse models of human prostate cancer
Vented microcradle for prenidial incubator
Cradle for an electronic device
Detection of fluids in tissue
Hose device
Pickup device having a heat-radiation path
System and method for explicit communication of messages between processes running on different node...
Method and apparatus for diagnosing a cyclic system
Communication system with improved medium access control sub-layer
Coded digital modulation method for communication system
Method for reception and processing of incoming calls and messaging services in a mobile communicati...
Technique for setting up calls in mobile network
Technique for suggesting a service provider to service a vehicle
Method and apparatus for content representation and retrieval in concept model space
Audiovisual distribution system for playing an audiovisual piece among a plurality of audiovisual de...
Design method for essentially digital systems and components thereof and essentially digital systems...
Modulation of the resonant frequency of a circuit using an energy field
Method and device for detecting an event in a program of a video and/or audio signal and for providi...
Precious metal recovery from organics-precious metal compositions with supercritical water reactant
Housing retrofit assembly for a milling machine or the like
Valve arrangement in a hydraulic circuit, use of the same and arrangement for controlling a hydrauli...
Cerium phosphate and/or lanthanum sol preparation method and use for polishing
Vegetable oil extraction methods
Oscillation method and device of fluorine molecular laser
Radio station with closed-loop transmission diversity, and process for controlling transmission from...
Coating powders, methods of manufacture thereof, and articles formed therefrom
Process for the preparation of bleach activator granules
Sinterable semi-crystalline powder and near-fully dense article formed therewith
Network interface device that fast-path processes solicited session layer read commands
Top loading internal assembly for a power toothbrush
Compositions for manufacturing fiber-reinforced, starch-bound articles having a foamed cellular matr...
Polarization plate having optical compensation function and liquid crystal display device using the ...
Projection screen and projection system comprising the same
Catalyst for polymerization of norbornene
Intervertebral implant
Methods and compositions for inhibiting neoplastic cell growth
Method of using a water transport plate
Light emissive display based on lightwave coupling
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Molecular sieve catalyst composition, its making and use in conversion processes
Emission device for an ultra-high pressure mercury lamp
Method for producing a synthesized stereoscopic image
Adjustable shelf system for refrigerated case
Electrically driven tool
Netting product chute for automatic and/or manual packaging operations
Cleaning device and method, image forming apparatus, and process cartridge
Method for classifying and localizing heart arrhythmias
Time delay measurement
Human cDNAs and proteins and uses thereof
Ultrasonic and infrared transmitter with tunable carrier frequency
Lactam inhibitors of Hepatitis C virus NS3 protease
Capacitive sensing employing a repeatable offset charge
Apparatus for lighting fluorescent lamp
Image for a portion of a display screen
Amides useful as monoamine re-uptake inhibitors
System for monitoring regulation of pharmaceuticals from data structure of medical and labortory rec...
Crystal structure of a deacetylase and inhibitors thereof
Enclosed space for mixing and distribution of a gaseous phase and a liquid phase circulating in asce...
Surveillance method and apparatus
Dual function prosthetic bone implant and method for preparing the same
Heat exchanger
Built-in type refrigerator
Heat exchanger
Heat sink
Heat sink assembly
Plastic tanked heat exchanger-side, header tank assembly
Heat exchange unit
Heat exchanger
Heat exchanger
Radiator sheet
Refrigerator and control method thereof
Scroll fluid machine
Enhanced flow channel for component cooling in computer systems
Package structure for a semiconductor device
Levers for support of heatsink component
Multi-layer and multi-direction fan device
Thermal management set-temperature correction for individual system
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Last with grip device for shoemaking
Mass producible custom-made shoe inserts
Footwear system
Running sandal
Roller skate and wheel trucks therefor
Upright human floatation apparatus and propulsion mechanism therefor
Modified block copolymer composition
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe sole
Portion of an article of footwear
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Structures formed in diamond
Susceptor for MOCVD reactor
Substrate bonded transition metal catalyst and method for preparation thereof
Structure/method to fabricate a high performance magnetic tunneling junction MRAM
Method to improve yield and simplify operation of polymer memory cells
Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Reduction of channel hot carrier effects in transistor devices
SOI device with structure for enhancing carrier recombination and method of fabricating same
Control of stress in metal films by controlling the atmosphere during film deposition
Electronic package having a sealing structure on predetermined area, and the method thereof
Compositions for preparing low dielectric materials
Semiconductor package structure
Mounting structure of electronic component, electro-optic device, electronic equipment, and method f...
Semiconductor device and production process
Wiring board, stacked wiring board and method of manufacturing the same, semiconductor device and me...
Decoupling capacitor for an integrated circuit and method of manufacturing thereof
Semiconductor memory devices and methods of fabricating semiconductor memory device
Integrated photonic circuits with vertical connections
Multiple oxidation smoothing method for reducing silicon waveguide roughness
Phased array coils utilizing selectable quadrature combination
Under-sampled 3D MRI using a shells k-space sampling trajectory
Methods and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging in inhomogeneous fields
Apparatus and method for manipulating a ball
Switch apparatus
Game machine, game title display control method and program
Carromboard adapted for challenging players of varying skill
Board game having magnetically attractive game
World geography and culture based game and method
Card game
Specimen label
Bi-directional automotive cooling fan
Frame for multiple vehicle heat exchangers
All terrain vehicle with a seat backrest
Lift truck with variable range with at least three wheels
Four-wheel drive combine with slip control
Belt deflector for a seat belt in an automotive vehicle, more specifically in a cabriolet or a coupe
Device for the control of an active element of an occupant retention system in a vehicle
Dual shaft rack and pinion steering assembly
Transfer ratio varying apparatus
Steering unit for an electric vehicle
Heel rest for a motorcycle
Clip-on brush guard
Rotating and/or swiveling seat
Torque transmission device and method of reducing effects of torque pulsations
Intake air filter for an internal combustion engine
System for starting an electric drive machine engine
Chassis alignment system
Method and arrangement for monitoring a deceleration function of a control unit of a motor vehicle
Vehicle-mounted control system and method for an internal combustion engine
Automated elevational adjustment of passenger loading bridge
Oval swing lock mechanism
Method of manufacturing elliptic deep-drawn products
Airborne vehicle for firefighting
Pseudo GPS aided multiple projectile bistatic guidance
Better balanced canard airplane with forward engine
Hanging device to connect an engine to an aircraft wing
Method of control for toy aircraft
Remotely controlled model airplane having deflectable centrally biased control surface
Methods and apparatuses for capturing and storing unmanned aircraft, including methods and apparatus...
Aircraft wheel immobilizer
Alerting system for aircraft crew
Luggage bins and aircraft passenger cabin ceilings
Shock wave modification method and system
Drain particularly for engine support strut
Multi-junction photovoltaic cell having buffer layers for the growth of single crystal boron compoun...
Graphic closure indicator for cockpit traffic display
Relative attitude estimator for multi-payload attitude determination
Assay methods and systems
Chemoselective ligation
In vitro method to create circular molecules for use in transformation
Enhanced plant cell transformation by addition of host genes involved in T-DNA integration
Enzymes involved in squalene metabolism
Modification of plant resistance to diseases and/or pests
Method of imparting disease resistance to plants by reducing polyphenol oxidase activities
Synthetic nucleic acid molecule for imparting multiple traits
Plant gene expression under the control of constitutive plant V-ATPase promoters
Methods for producing transgenic cotton plants using chilled apical shoot tips
Plant recombination proteins
Cotton cultivar DP 455 BG/RR
Inbred maize line PH6WR
Inbred maize line NP2460
Nucleic acid molecules from wheat encoding an R1-protein, and transgenic plant cells and plants comp...
Image processing method for use in analyzing data of a chemotaxis or haptotaxis assay
Method for identifying matched groups
RNA binding protein and binding site useful for expression of recombinant molecules
High level of expression of INGAP in bacterial and eukaryotic cells
Creatine amidinohydrolase, production thereof and use thereof
Preparation of human IGF via recombinant DNA technology
Underwater pile cutting apparatus and method of use
Portable flood barrier section and flood barrier
Subsurface materials management and containment system
Inflatable underground structure liner
Rugged foam buoyancy modules and method of manufacture
Cash flow optimization using a genetic algorithm
System and method for dynamic business logic rule integration
Apparatus for trading of bundled assets including bundle substitution and method therefor
Method for communicating a live performance and an incentive to a user computer via a network in rea...
Collective procurement management system
Threshold-based database synchronization system and method
Method for electronically initiating and managing agricultural production contracts
Enterprise application transactions as shared active documents
Point service system
Information transaction system
Method and apparatus for message flow and transaction queue management
Service charge adjustment platform
Providing evaluation and processing of line items
Method and apparatus for determining digital A/V content distribution terms based on detected piracy...
Method for performing market-adapted price planning
Method and apparatus for dynamically locating and printing a plurality of postage payment indicia on...
Transit best fare system and method
Panel with knob for a dishwashing machine
Dishwasher cage
Rechargeable, battery-operated cleaning device with telescoping handle and rotating head
Bowling lane conditioning machine
Handheld vacuum cleaner
Hand-held vacuum
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Steam cleaner
Body of electric vacuum cleaner
Body of electric vacuum cleaner
Upper housing for a floor care appliance
Electric vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner handle portion
Garbage can
Garbage can
Garbage can
Shopping cart
Decorative bracket assembly for a head stone
Countermeasure method in an electronic component which uses an RSA-type public key cryptographic alg...
Utilizing data reduction in stegnographic and cryptographic systems
Method and apparatus for providing authentication in a communication system
Key scheduler for encryption apparatus using data encryption standard algorithm
Enhanced subscriber authentication protocol
Encryption management system and method
Print user interface system and its applications
System and method for verifying, setting, printing and guaranteeing checks at a remote location
Micro payment-based advertising
Information providing apparatus and method, information processing apparatus and method, and program...
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Receiving device for securely storing a content item, and playback device
Information transmission system, and information sending apparatus and information receiving apparat...
Security unit for use in memory card
System for dynamically encrypting information for secure internet commerce and providing embedded fu...
Method and apparatus for securely associating an optically readable memory with a user machine
System and method for insertion and retrieval of microthreads in transmitted data
Method of converting audio data for a portable device and reproducing the converted audio data
System for signatureless transmission and reception of data packets between computer networks
Calibrachoa plant named `Sunbelpapi`
Variety of Angelonia plant named `Ansky`
Cosmos plant named `Cacao Choco Sanse 35`
Carnation plant named `CFPC Lipstick`
Female Pistachio tree named `Golden Hills`
Shrub rose plant named `AUSjameson`
Combined cracking and selective hydrogen combustion for catalytic cracking
Combined cracking and selective hydrogen combustion for catalytic cracking
Combined cracking and selective hydrogen combustion for catalytic cracking
Combined cracking and selective hydrogen combustion for catalytic cracking
Use of functionalized mesoporous silicates to esterify fatty acids and transesterify oils
Method for producing biaryl compound
Method for audio stream monitoring on behalf of a calling party
Method and systems for intelligent signaling router-based surveillance
Call handling system and method
Computer telephony server with improved flexibility
Communication device
Speakerphone having improved outbound audio quality
Telephone apparatus
Headset cable retainer
Antenna and speaker configuration for a mobile device
Method and apparatus to increase acoustic separation
Housing that automatically locks into a mounting structure
Handheld mobile phone with a detachable battery pack
Directional receiver coupling arrangement with frequency selectivity and gain control for DSL
Call diversion system
Integrated telephony service
Portable information terminal device and telephone directory display method used by the device
Microphone aided vibrator tuning
Data link tester
Spontaneous virtual private network between portable device and enterprise network
Data processing device and method of controlling power consumption in back-light in data processing ...
Apparatus and method for testing MEGACO protocol
Non-linear model with disturbance rejection
Communication between intelligent agents and humans in a distributed system environment
Method and apparatus for real time monitoring of electroplating bath performance and early fault det...
Multi-threaded Naive Bayes algorithm for enterprise-server data mining
Method of drafting control and instrumentation technology
Intelligent processing in the context of away and offline instant messages
Identifying the items most relevant to a current query based on items selected in connection with si...
Method and apparatus for Internet TV
Compound inhibiting dipeptidyl peptidase IV
Melanin concentrating hormone receptor ligands: substituted 1-benzyl-4-aryl piperazine analogues
Piperazine compounds
Pyridine-3-carboxamide derivatives as CB1 inverse agonists
Selective androgen receptor modulators and methods of use thereof
Substituted Heteroaryl- and Phenylsulfamoyl Compounds
System for improving vascular systems in humans using biofeedback and network data communication
Apparatus and method for performing a bypass procedure in a digestive system
Methods and apparatus for removing veins
Monopolar stimulation assembly including at least one remote electrode
Shifting between electrode combinations in electrical stimulation device
Gastric ring
Cyclic tetrapeptide compound and use thereof
Conformationally constrained parathyroid hormone (pth) analogs with lactam bridges
T. cruzi-derived neurotrophic agents and methods of use therefor
Treatment of T cell disorders
Pentapeptide compounds and uses related thereto
Nicotinamide riboside and analogues thereof
Small interference RNA (siRNA) molecules for modulating superoxide dismutase (SOD)
Cycloalkyl-Hydroxyl Compounds and Compositions for Cholesterol Management and Related Uses
Substituted pyrirmidin-4-ylamine analogues as vanilloid receptor ligands
Thienopyridinone derivatives as macrophage migration inhibitory factor inhibitors
3-Substituted Quinoline-4-Carboxamide Derivatives as NK-3 and NK-2 Receptor Antagonists
4-aminopyrimidine-5-one derivatives
Cellulosic-based interference domain for an analyte sensor
Novel use of substituted aminomethyl chromans
Implantable prismatic device, and related methods and systems
Pharmaceutical composition containing flavonoids
Arrays of nucleic acid probes for analyzing biotransformation genes
Database system including computer code for predictive cellular bioinformatics
Electrical splice connector
Electrical connector contact
Gaming device including a game having a player selected function based on symbols in a free spins ga...
Gaming device with an increasing goal advancement game
Digital subscriber line user capacity estimation
Conversion of a sub-pixel format data to another sub-pixel data format
Method and apparatus for measuring presentation data exposure
Method for delivering radio frequency identification device control and data signals
Synchronized image transformation processing method for a printer
Security of printed documents through end user presence sensing
Hinge for an LCD monitor of a video movie camera
Image recording apparatus
Ophthalmic apparatus, ophthalmic system and method for managing ophthalmic data
Image input apparatus, subject identification system, subject verification system and image input me...
Camera assemblies having overlapping rocker and link projections
Digital camera and power supply apparatus used therefor
Data storage device with deterministic caching and retention capabilities to effect file level data ...
Telescoping camera crane
Motor and optical apparatus
Blur correction optical device and lens barrel
Nanotube based multi-level memory structure
Memory cell with nanocrystals or nanodots
Electro-optical nanocrystal memory device
Electrosynthesis of nanofibers and nano-composite films
Rare-earth oxide or sulfide of nano size and process for producing the same through photochemical re...
Sidewall-functionalized carbon nanotubes, and methods for making the same
Shape anisotropic metal oxide nanoparticles and synthetic method thereof
Method to assemble structures from nano-materials
Monolithic light emitting devices based on wide bandgap semiconductor nanostructures and methods for...
Organic electroluminescent device with a nanostructured recovery layer
Optical devices and methods employing nanoparticles, microcavities, and semicontinuous metal films
Push button keypad and knob for motor vehicle control panel
Multi-functional remote control switch on steering wheel
Switch system capable of automatic configuration
On-vehicle generator mounting device
Permanent magnet electric rotating machine and electromotive vehicle using permanent magnet electric...
Drive controlling device of a motor-driven vehicle
Vehicle locating apparatus
Electronic access security and keyless entry system
Integrated electronic security system for vehicle
Sterile disposable internal defibrillation paddles
Method and apparatus for controlling interrupt storms
System and method for increasing cache hit detection performance
Method for using data regarding manufacturing procedures integrated circuits (ICS) have undergone, s...
Method and device for controlling the drive unit of a vehicle
System and method for direct injection of gaseous fuel into internal combustion engine
Engine with variable lift valve mechanism
Device for adjusting a camshaft of an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle
Message processing for handling unsupported character codes
Synonym extension of search queries with validation
Method and apparatus for document information management
Bacterial strains, methods of preparing the same and use thereof in fermentation processes for L-lys...
Computer system control via interface surface and processing sensor
Image reading apparatus
Apparatus and method for image group integrity protection
Recognizing commands written onto a medium
Adaptive generation of Q-table2 for improved image quality
Ligand for herpes simplex virus entry mediator and methods of use
Transformed bacteria producing CS6 antigens as vaccines
Controlled release lipoic acid
Methods of classifying, diagnosing, stratifying and treating cancer patients and their tumors
Recombinant protective protein from Streptococcus pneumoniae
PAK2: modulators of lymphocyte activation
Genomic sequence of the 5-Lipoxygenase-activating protein (FLAP), polymorphic markers thereof and me...
Methods and systems for modeling using classification and regression trees
Service system, information processing system and interrogator
Web-based method and system for providing expert information on selected matters
Fluorescent lamp disposal system
Catalyst for hydrorefining and/or hydroconversion and its use in hydrotreatment processes for batche...
Switch with concentric curvilinear heater resistor
Methods useful for controlling fluid loss during sand control operations
Process for lining a surface using an organic film
Methods of eliminating pattern collapse on photoresist patterns
Bending wave acoustic radiator
String-like sealing material
Method for manufacturing toner, toner, fixing device, and image forming apparatus
Liquid crystal display device
Concrete washout container and method for controlling concrete washout
Method for electrostatically separating particles, apparatus for electrostatically separating partic...
Paper Strap
Printed communication materials having reduced odor and textural or tactile properties
Process for producing peptides by using in vitro transcription/translation system
Single molecule detection systems and methods
Continuous neat polymerization and ambient grinding methods of polyolefin drag reducing agents
Flame-retardant thermoset composition, method, and article
Thermoplastic polyester compositions having improved impact properties
Humidity controller
Trigger actuator aerosol can with overcap
Radio link protocol framing system for high speed data transfer over digital cellular mobile telecom...
Contention resolution in a memory management system
Detecting substances in drinking water reservoirs
Voice-over Internet protocol processor
Method of making a drop emitting device
Heater and drip plate for ink loader melt assembly
Terminal end processing method and terminal end shielding structure of shielded cable, and light tra...
Image display device
Parallel beam to beam power correction
Detection and segmentation of sweeps in color graphics images
Systems and methods for generating threshold array halftone images with partial pixel position resol...
Multiple parallel processor computer graphics system
Liquid crystal display device having particular drain lines and orientation control window
Facsimile server device
Semiconductor memory device for storing multivalued data
Conductor gateway prioritization parameters
Signal processing circuit for optical disk player having a shared memory for both an anti-shock mech...
Digital camera
Optical crossconnect device and monitoring method of optical crossconnect device
Muteins of apolipoprotein D
Semiconductor device, EL display device, liquid crystal display device, and calculating device
Display apparatus
Light emitting circuit for organic electroluminescence element and display device
Reflective LCD device having the first photo-acryl layer being out of direct contact with the data l...
Cold cathode field emission device and process for the production thereof, and cold cathode field em...
Radiation emitter device having an integral micro-groove lens
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
Method for manufacturing display device that includes supplying solution to the underside of a glass...
Support for lithographic printing plate and original forme for lithographic printing plate
Methods for making large dimension, flexible piezoelectric ceramic tapes
UV curable transparent conductive compositions
Thermal imaging system and method
Tuneable dielectric resonator
Data processing system comprising ceramic/organic hybrid substrate with embedded capacitors
Lottery gaming with merchandising prizes
System and method for network-free file replication in a storage area network
Method and apparatus for updating XML data
Pressure clamp for relieving a headache
Electroplating reactor
Shielded capacitive load cell apparatus responsive to weight applied to a vehicle seat
Print roll for use in a camera imaging system
Method of determining and indicating airbag suppression status
Method and device for off-loading message digest calculations
Projection display apparatus
Image display system
Optical connector plug, optical connector adapter and optical connector
Ferrule block and optical module using the same
Optical semiconductor module and its manufacturing method
Optical compensatory sheet comprising transparent support and optically anisotropic layer
Method for preparation of (s)-(+)-and(r)-(-)10,11-dihydro-10-hydrodoxy-5h-dibenz/b,f/azephine-5-car-...
Transmission mode terahertz computed tomography
Photodetectors and optically pumped emitters based on III-nitride multiple-quantum-well structures