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Method and system for optimizing market accessibility via an electronic network
Systems and methods for online selection of service providers and management of service accounts
Financial statement module
System, method, and computer program product for collateral management operations
Systems, methods, and computer program products facilitating real-time transactions through the purc...
Method and structure for bid winning probability estimation and pricing model
Preferred credit information data collection method
Administration planning system
Catalog, catalog query, and item identifier for configurable items
Server for synchronization control, channel driver and method of linking channels
Identification of an attacker in an electronic system
System and method for preventing software piracy
Method/process of determining a personal dietary supplement profile and recommending dietary supplem...
Facility management support apparatus, method, and medium for supporting management of visitors in f...
System for integrating mid-range and high-frequency acoustic sources in multi-way loudspeakers
Hermetic electric compressor having a suction muffler
Vibration generator for seismic applications
Vibration dampening device
Hybridoma, an antibody resistant to an interfering substance, and a kit for immunological analysis
NTB-A, a surface molecule involved in natural killer cells activity
Dedifferentiated, programmable stem cells of monocytic origin, and their production and use
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Gel compositions for diffusion devices
System and method for enhancing confocal reflectance images of tissue specimens
Methods and compositions for treating hepatitis C virus using 4'-modified nucleosides
Use of the interferon receptor 2c polypeptide chain to enhance the anti-growth effects of type I int...
Compositions containing nucleic acids and ligands for therapeutic treatment
Hydrophilizable and hydrophilic cyanine dyes
Method for controlling a population of social insects using 1-arylpyrazoles or 1-heteroarylpyrazoles
Reduced exothermic bone replacement cement
Sodium-independent small neutral amino acid transporter transporting L- and D-amino acids
Antibodies to human 4-1BB
Antibodies to the propeptide of Candida albicans and methods of use
Downrigger apparatus with sound emitting device
Gaming machine for awarding a bonus in accordance with a symbol association being displayed on a fir...
Slot machine reel mechanism with dedicated local microcontroller
Matching game for a gaming machine
Gaming machine with bonus choice changing feature
Modifying game image from wide to normal screen using moving or eye direction of character
Game playing system with assignable attack icons
Method and apparatus for write protecting a gaming storage medium
Hand-held display system and display method and storage medium therefor
Compact golf facility and a method of playing a golf game
Proportional force input apparatus for an electronic device
Device orientation based input signal generation
Electric connector
Data converter apparatus and method, data transmission/reception apparatus and method, and network s...
Multiple-interface port multiplexer
Location and time sensitive wireless calendaring
Pre-paid purchasing card and method
Printing media and methods employing digital watermarking
Imprintable tape with tear lines defining identification bracelets
Method and apparatus for publishing hypermedia documents over wide area networks
Snorkel clip
Submersible boom gate
Drain sealing
Offshores structure support
Yieldable prop having a yield section
Metal binding proteins and associated methods
Underground water retention apparatus
Fluid-tight bell-and-spigot-joint for box culverts
Method and device for repairing or reinforcing an underground pipe
Construction built from waste tires and its constructing method
Expandable anode pod
Tactile mouse
Method of indexing seizure risk due to flashing lights on video display and system therefor
System and method for dimensioning objects
Hand force feedback and sensing system
Parallel haptic joystick system
Refinement of a triangular mesh representing a three-dimensional object
Video-supported planning of equipment installation and/or room design
Image processing apparatus and database
Systems and methods for managing faults in a network
Displaying operations in an application using a graphical programming representation
Development architecture framework
Demonstration system of electronic equipment and demonstration method for electronic equipment
Teaching hands for an analog timepiece
Computer assisted game for teaching cooperative resource allocation and multi-party negotiation skil...
Potty training cabinet
Method of weaving braille and woven braille textile
Test item development system and method
Snowboard training device
Information processing apparatus and information output controlling method
Print media receiving unit including platform and print media
Ergonomic man-machine interface incorporating adaptive pattern recognition based control system
Interactive multimedia book
Method and apparatus for accessing and displaying multimedia content
Multimedia synchronization method and device
System and method for hierarchical segmentation with latent semantic indexing in scale space
Method of displaying, a method of processing, an apparatus for processing, and a system for processi...
Method and apparatus for chaining two or more tweens to provide non-linear multimedia effects
Priority handling of voice over data in a voice-over-internet protocol processor
Methods and system for fast session establishment between equipment using H.324 and related telecomm...
Methods and systems for managing multiple inputs and methods and systems for processing media conten...
Media role management in a video conferencing network
Object oriented communication among platform independent systems across a firewall over the internet...
Method and system for broadcasting alarm messages to selected users of an IP network
Method and system for parallel operation and control of legacy computer clusters
Method and apparatus for high-speed network rule processing
Internet refrigerator with web pad and method for operating the same
Method and system for error handling
Transaction verification
Methods, apparatuses and systems facilitating deployment, support and configuration of network routi...
Voice over IP architecture
Providing differentiated services on ATM switched virtual circuits when transporting IP packets
Telecommunications signalling using the internet protocol
Real-time alert mechanism for monitoring and controlling field assets via wireless and internet tech...
Determination of the time relation between speech signals affected by time warping
System and method for providing remote automatic speech recognition and text to speech services via ...
Internet promotion redemption
Multi-level fraud check with dynamic feedback for internet business transaction processor
Partially-ordered cams used in ternary hierarchical address searching/sorting
Method for NPA split processing on a service control point
Communication system and method for controlling features in a communication system
Method and system for integrating multi services for intelligent networks
Methods, systems, and computer program products for post-global-title-translation (GTT) load sharing
System and method for allocating contact resources to contact resource users
Promoting use of experts to callers waiting in a hold queue
DAA hook switch
Device and method for suppressing DSL signal echo induced by bridgetap
Environmental noise level estimation apparatus, a communication apparatus, a data terminal apparatus...
Leak-tolerant handsfree telephone
Sound guide for speaker and handset for mobile communication using the same
RF coupled data access arrangement circuit for telephony customer premise equipment
Mailbox answerphone service for mobile communications
Unified contact list
Method for call control of communication terminal equipment wirelessly connected to communication ne...
Method and apparatus for zero-footprint phone application development
Method and apparatus for providing a real-time message routing communications manager
Telephone line coupler
Method for the post-treatment of titanium dioxide pigments
Method for processing a zirconium oxide composition in crystalline form
Process for the production of platy precipitated calcium carbonates
Lithium metal oxide electrodes for lithium cells and batteries
Thermally stable lean nox trap
Method for decomposition oxidation of gaseous pollutants
Reduction of oxides of nitrogen in a gas stream using molecular sieve SSZ-73
Molecular sieve SSZ-73 composition of matter and synthesis thereof
Two-stage catalytic process for recovering sulfur from an H.sub.2S-containing gas stream
Method for manufacturing highly-crystallized double oxide powder
Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing same
Carbon fiber reinforced base material, preform and composite material comprising the same
Photocatalyst containing titanium oxide, the production method and use of the same
Thick products made of heat-treatable aluminum alloy with improved toughness and process for manufac...
Nickel-free white gold alloy compositions with reversible hardness characteristics
Magnetic material manufacturing method, ribbon-shaped magnetic materials, powdered magnetic material...
Soldering alloy
Servo adjustable gripper device
Systems and methods for using multiple hypotheses in a visual simultaneous localization and mapping ...
Method for generating a motion of a human type link system
Robot controller
Motion control systems and methods
Transporting apparatus with position detection sensor
Process for the control of the position of workpiece and tool with a robot in a production machine
Wafer protection system
Antenna assembly comprising a surface dipole
Apparatus and method for a multi-polarized ground plane beam antenna
Electronic device for a motor vehicle
TDMA backbone for a mobile network
Data transmission method and mobile telephone system
Digital radio receiver
Remote internet telephony device
Fluoroscopic registration artifact with optical and/or magnetic markers
Systems and methods for delivering a stored message to a subscriber
Multi point wireless transmission repeater system and wireless equipments
Outdoor radio equipment
Electronic component for amplifying high frequency power and radio communication system
Adaptive power pooling apparatus and method in a mobile communication system
Radio transmission device and method for aligning parameters thereof
Method and apparatus for compensating DC level in an adaptive radio receiver
Distortion reduction in a wireless communication device
System and method for automatically downloading software applications to a remote terminal
Mobile communication system and distributed broadcast information control method in mobile communica...
Portable telephone set with interference detecting and warning function displayed with indication of...
Convolutional decoding
Process for producing hydrated oily base food
Authentic refried beans rapidly produced from dehydrated starting material
Solid-liquid separation method for continously extracting and/or pressing edible food and drink
Protein powder composition
Rapid cooking oven with broadband communication capability to increase ease of use
Coated confectionary product
Sweetener composition
Sugar alcohol sanded confectionary and process for making same
Method and apparatus for material handling for a food product using high pressure pasteurization
Foamed pet packaging
Method for effecting the rapid release of a signature chemical from bacterial endospores, and for de...
Magnetically-assisted test strip cartridge and method for using same
Medium for detection and identification of micro-organisms
Slowly digestible starch
Use of non-absorbable fat in determining dietary fat absorption
Bgl6 beta-glucosidase and nucleic acids encoding the same
Oral medicament for improvement in going to sleep or waking
Integrated mobile surveillance system
Factor VIII:C nucleic acid molecules
Universal microarray system
Method of determining a chemotherapeutic regimen based on glutathione-s transferase pi expression
Inhibitor protein of the wnt signal pathway
GANP protein
Cloning sequencing and characterization of two cell death genes and uses therefor
Nucleic acids, kits and methods for the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of glaucoma and related d...
Gene SHINC-2 and diagnostic and therapeutic uses thereof
Genes encoding for genetic stability, gene expression and folding proteins
Hepatitis B virus surface antigen mutant and methods of detection thereof
Translational activity-promoting higher-order structure
Oligonucleotide probes for the detection and/or quantitation of non-viral organisms
Sugar modified oligonucleotides
Liquid chromatographic separation of polynucleotides
Gene of aluminum-activated malate transporter of a plant and a protein encoded by the gene
Ga20 oxidase from rice and uses thereof
Bacillus thuringiensis isolate active against lepidopteran pests, and genes encoding novel lepidopte...
Nucleic acids encoding pseudomonas hop proteins and use thereof
Inbred corn line SE8505
Modulation of STAT 6 expression for the treatment of airway hyperresponsiveness
Inhibition of SARS-associated coronavirus (SCoV) infection and replication by RNA interference
CFTR channel modulators
Nucleoside derivatives for treating hepatitis C virus infection
Pyrimidine-based non-nucleotide composition and method for inhibiting platelet aggregation
Natural semi-synthetic and synthetic lipid derivatives of ceramide and sphingosine groups, drugs and...
Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor
Algae fluorescence protein dry powder structure and manufacturing method thereof
Method for preparing human serum albumin through heat-treatment in the presence of divalent cation
High resolution analysis of genetic variation within cryptosporidium parvum
Method of isolating nucleic acids from stool samples
Par-related protein promoters
Nanotube polymer composite and methods of making same
In-line network simulator
Systems and methods for synchronizing time across networks
Systems and methods for producing random number distributions in devices having limited processing a...
Nanotube based non-linear optics and methods of making same
Coordination complex system comprising building blocks
Systems and methods for determining costs associated with a selected objective
Method of checking the layout versus the schematic of multi-fingered MOS transistor layouts using a ...
Short path search using tiles and piecewise linear cost propagation
Method and apparatus for routing differential signals across a semiconductor chip
Method and system for automatic code generation accessing functionality in a remote process
Method and system for specifying sets of instructions for selection by an instruction generator
Dynamic temporal optimization framework
Unrolling transformation of nested loops
Method and apparatus for simultaneous optimization of code targeting multiple machines
Dynamic management of virtual partition computer workloads through service level optimization
Dynamic TCP partitioning
Message preprocessing method and device for computer network communications
Method and system to reinitialize objects without losing a reference connection
System and method for building a target operating system from a source operating system
Detecting dissemination of malicious programs
Device interface
Multi-function printer
Performance of channels used in communicating between senders and receivers
Method for Vacuum-Assisted Tissue Ablation
Carboxylic derivates
Surgical method and composition utilizing submucosal tissue to prevent incisional hernias
Pelvic floor health articles and procedures
Cervical wagal stimulation induced weight loss
Method and apparatus for electronically switching electrode configuration
Impedance-based stimulation adjustment
System with left/right pulmonary artery electrodes
Neural stimulation system with pulmonary artery lead
Shifting between electrode combinations in electrical stimulation device
System for selective activation of a nerve trunk using a transvascular reshaping lead
Weight management system
Method for Cryogenic Tissue Ablation
Treatment of pain
Chromane and chromene derivatives and uses thereof
Modulators of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase and methods of using the same
Condensed ring compound
Farnesoid x receptor agonists
1,5-Disubstituted imidazolidin-2-one derivatives for use as ep4 receptor agonists in the treatment o...
Dihydrobenzofuran derivatives and uses therof
Method of treating endothelial dysfunction, oxidative stress and related diseases
Silicone based membranes for use in implantable glucose sensors
Post-translational modifications and Clostridial neurotoxins
Therapeutic methods using electromagnetic radiation
Apparatus and Method of Use for Non-Invasive Analyte Measurement
Combination Analyte Measurement Device and Method of Use
Non-Invasive Analyte Measurement Device for Measuring Tears and Other Ocular Elements Using Electrom...
Non-Invasive Analyte Measurement Glasses and Method of Use
System and methods for processing analyte sensor data for sensor calibration
Flexible circuit electrode array
Wireless Non-Invasive Analyte Measurement Device
Truncated fragments of alpha-synuclein in Lewy Body Disease
Method for providing control to an industrial process using one or more multidimensional variables
Method for the computer-assisted regulating of a plurality of serially coupled machines, regulating ...
System and method for modeling a propagation and containment process
Inferencing using disambiguated natural language rules
Method and device for adapting a signal for the detection of the movement of an object
Object-oriented framework for reasoning having pluggable inference engines
Case-based reasoning similarity metrics implementation using user defined functions
Thematic response to a computer user's context, such as by a wearable personal computer
Report generator for a mathematical computing environment
Method and apparatus for classifying unmarked string substructures using Markov Models
Face recognition using evolutionary algorithms
Systems and methods for estimating and integrating measures of human cognitive load into the behavio...
Knowledge oriented programming
Rule based security policy enforcement
Security and remote access for vehicular entertainment, safety, and convenience systems
Card games
Entertainment system, entertainment apparatus, recording medium, and program providing color coded d...
Combination Poker and Blackjack casino card game
Spinning decoy device
Apparatus, system, and method for teaching sequencing principles
Device and method for continuously shuffling and monitoring cards
Interactive three-dimensional multimedia I/O device for a computer
System and method for controlling multiple model vehicles
Toy having two sliding bobs on a string with end stoppers
Method and system for playing a poker matrix game
System and methodology for mapping and linking based user image integration
Knockdown labyrinth framework
Engine starter for remote-control toy car
Systems and methods for authoring lighting sequences
Methods and systems for controlling consumer electronics external devices via data delivered to a de...
Sound system with dedicated vocal channel
Durable percussion pad effective against noise, silent percussion instrument, silent percussion inst...
Quartz drum and method of making
Drum accessory for imparting flipping motion to a drum stick
Pedal locking device and pedal device
Mounting device for a microphone
System and method for musical sonification of data parameters in a data stream
Singing voice synthesizing apparatus, singing voice synthesizing method and program for singing voic...
Apparatus and method for detecting performer's motion to interactively control performance of music ...
Dynamic magnetic pickup for stringed instruments
Apparatus and method for detecting energy of tone signal
Peg for stringed instruments
Dual single reed module, particularly for instruments of the accordion type
Drumhead tightening and tuning apparatus
System and method for musical sonification of data
Sound system and method for creating a sound event based on a modeled sound field
Stringed musical instrument equipped with pickup embedded in bridge and bridge used therein
Semiconductor device comprising a plurality of memory structures
Data processing system
Computer system
Methods and arrangements to interface memory
Method and system for timestamped virtual worm in a SAN
Implementation of memory access control using optimizations
Transparent SDRAM in an embedded environment
Multilevel semiconductor memory, write/read method thereto/therefrom and storage medium storing writ...
Linear and non-linear object management
Method of controlling the system performance and reliability impact of hard disk drive rebuild
Preserving cache data against cluster reboot
Storage system for increased cache reliability via reading redundant disks into cache
Method of using a distinct flow of computational control as a reusable abstract data object
Symbolic buffer allocation in local cache at a network processing element
Method of controlling a communication terminal having a plurality of functions, communication termin...
Robot system and robot apparatus control method
System and method for speech recognition using an enhanced phone set
Method and system for supporting image creating and storing of the same
Memory protection system and method for computer architecture for broadband networks
Device authentication
Mask pattern correction apparatus and mask pattern correction method and mask preparation method and...
System and method for establishing TV channel
Method and system for user information verification
GPS receiver
Combined charger and transmitter for headphone
Combined connector and battery charger
Battery charger
Battery charger
Battery charger
Combined display and disc player
Electrical connection of flexible conductive strands in a flexible body
Golf ball heater
Method and apparatus for separating ions of metallic elements in aqueous solution
Dual-channel CMOS transistors with differentially strained channels
Semiconductor substrate, field-effect transistor, and their manufacturing method of the same
Anti-islanding techniques for distributed power generation
Actuator with control unit and method for operating said actuator
Programmable power personality card
Method for improving isolation of an antenna mounted on a structure
Deployable electromagnetic concentrator
Directly laminated touch sensitive screen
Method of calibrating luminance of display, driving circuit of display employing same method and por...
Liquid crystal display device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
Three-dimensional imaging with multiframe blind deconvolution
Stable optical diffuse reflection measurement
Systems and methods for creating wireless small world networks
Multi-phasic microphotodiode retinal implant and adaptive imaging retinal stimulation system
Methods and systems for navigating under water
System and method for developing artificial intelligence
Interactive content guide for television programming
System for conveying and slicing
Cooker for high-frequency heating apparatus
Feeding apparatus for products such as fruits
Auger brush
Apparatus and method for distributing warm prepackaged foods
Methods and apparatus for an improved rotary grater
Method of food and insulin dose management for a diabetic subject
Method and apparatus for ozination of grain
Method of making an anti-infective composition for treating oral infections
Calcium-fortified acidic beverages
Process for extracting carotenoids from fruit and vegetable processing waste
Additive product, a method of altering a characteristic of an unprocessed host food product, and a m...
Process for preparing a low-calorie food
Microbially-expressed thermotolerant phytase for animal feed
Preventives or remedies for arthritis
Polyester compositions of low residual aldehyde content
Process for extraction of .beta.-glucan from cereals and products obtained therefrom
Rotisserie oven having horizontally and vertically oriented cooking elements
Milking Parlor for the Forward Straight Line Animal Ambulation and Individual Presentation of an Ani...
Dead timestamp identification and elimination
Method for conveniently enabling a web server to provide commercial promotions using compiled code
Double-proxy remote data access system
Dynamic content delivery to static page in non-application capable environment
Fibre channel fabric snapshot service
Method and apparatus for re-synchronizing mirroring pair with data consistency
Method of managing storage system to be managed by multiple managers
System and method for caching data streams on a storage media
Disk array device, method for controlling the disk array device and storage system
Transactional file system for flash memory
Method, apparatus and computer program product for implementing enhanced autonomic backup using mult...
Method and apparatus for managing storage based replication
Coordinated storage management operations in replication environment
System and methods for sharing configuration information with multiple processes via shared memory
Starting point configuration determination for complex configurable systems
Data synchronization of multiple remote storage after remote copy suspension
Method of searching for and retrieving information from structure documents
Preemptive downloading of web pages with terms associated with user interest keywords
Method and apparatus for multi-version updates of application services
Component upgrading with dependency conflict resolution, knowledge based and rules
System and method for providing a flexible framework for remote heterogeneous server management and ...
Electronic password wallet
Digital license and method for obtaining/providing a digital license
Method for reissuing digital tokens in an open metering system
Systems and methods for conducting transactions and communications using a trusted third party
Internet-based shared file service with native PC client access and semantics and distributed access...
Cryptographic device
Method and system for electronic device authentication
Key controlling system, key controlling apparatus, information encrypting apparatus, information dec...
Koblitz exponentiation with bucketing
Hybrid architecture for realizing a random numbers generator
Time division partial encryption
Cryptographic system with methods for user-controlled message recovery
Image generation apparatus, image file generation method, image verification apparatus and image ver...
Method and system for verifying the authenticity of a first communication participants in a communic...
Content rendering repository
Apparatus and method for managing software licenses and storage medium storing a program for managin...
Method and system for monitoring user interaction with a computer
Multiple secure socket layer keyfiles for client login support
Signal reproducing apparatus and method, signal recording apparatus and method, signal receiver, and...
Protecting wireless local area networks from intrusion by eavesdropping on the eavesdroppers and dyn...
Watermark embedding and detecting method by quantization of a characteristic value of a signal
Coated titanium dioxide particles
Process for incremental coating of proppants for hydraulic fracturing and proppants produced therefr...
Apparatus and method for making a tensile diaphragm with an insert
Pressure equalizing fluidborne sound projector
Solid and liquid hybrid current transferring brush
In-situ calibration of radar frequency measurement
GPS microstrip antenna
Handheld thermo-electrically cooled surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TEC-SERS) fiber optic probe
Close range sonar system and method
Deep water surveillance system
Multi-objective optimization method
Wide viewing angle screen and projection television comprising the same
Polarizing turning film using total internal reflection
Optical element, lens and optical head device
Diffractive optical element
Diffraction grating having high throughput efficiency
Image-taking apparatus
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus having the same
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus having the same
Optical lens soft-focus effect
Image pickup lens
Apparatus for adjustment of partial coherence of light energy in an imaging system
Handheld illuminating magnifier
Support mechanism, exposure apparatus having the same, and aberration reducing method
Lens device
Optical module
Variable dispersion compensator utilizing wavelength conversion
Methods for signal transmission in optical fiber
System and method for power management in an optical network
System and method of dispersion compensation in optical communication systems
All-optical wavelength converter circuit
Method for managing wireless assets in a coverage area
Relay and communication system
Method and apparatus for estimating the position of a terminal based on identification codes for tra...
Apparatus and method for mobile unit positioning
Wireless communication apparatus and system
Method and apparatus for system selection
Method of switching communication mode to voice communication in response to voice communication req...
Mobile wireless terminal device
Hand held telecommunications and data entry device
Null deepening for an adaptive antenna based communication station
System and method for improving performance of an adaptive antenna array in a vehicular environment
Transit vehicle wireless transmission broadcast system
Modular two-body design for integration of mobile computing device features with a wireless communic...
Identification of unused resources in a packet data network
Proxy mobile node capability for mobile IP
Hydraulic tool automatic adjusting die holder
System and method for selecting a destination number upon receiving a dialed number from a calling p...
Quick shift jack panel
Fiber optic jumper routing and securing system having a series of interconnected and anchored enclos...
Electronic casino gaming system with improved play capacity, authentication and security
Electronic casino gaming system with improved play capacity, authentication and security
PVC based medical gloves and formulations therefor
Electronic video poker game
Gaming device having wild indicators
Protective cover for fastened electrical connectors
Interface and method of designing an interface
Method and system for providing enhanced call waiting
System and method for mixed mode communications in an advanced intelligent network telephone system
Method and apparatus for testing a computing device with memory using test program code
Switching power supply device
Control circuit for DC/DC converter
Drive circuit for a switch in a switching converter and method for driving a switch in a switching c...
Method for implementing radiation hardened, power efficient, non isolated low output voltage DC/DC c...
Serial connected low-loss synchronously switchable voltage chopper
Extremal voltage detector with high input impedance
Reference voltage generating circuit for integrated circuit
Portable electronic system equipped with a spare battery device
Hybrid battery power source for implantable medical use
Electrical power distribution system for street lighting
System for calculating remaining capacity of energy storage device
Control for battery pack
Current sensor using mirror MOSFET and PWM inverter incorporating the same
Power tool with means for obtaining product use information
Power supply driver circuit
DC/DC converter
Switch controller for a power control system and method therefor
Multiphase converter with zero voltage switching
Control device for controlling a charging switch in a switching regulator and method for controlling...
Logic controlled high voltage resonant switching power supply
Method and apparatus for supplying power in electronic equipment
Warming device
Delivery system and devices for the rapid insertion of self-expanding devices
Medical devices including metallic films and methods for making same
Pectus bar stabilizer
Prosthetic Facet Joint Ligament
Artificial disc prosthesis
Hybrid intervertebral disc system
Artificial disc prosthesis
Artificial disc prosthesis
Articulating spinal disc prosthesis
Cartilage-preserving long bone head prosthesis
Surgical assembly
Method of surface oxidizing zirconium and zirconium alloys and resulting product
Pre-stressed implant
System, method, device, and computer program product for extraction, gathering, manipulation, and an...
Deterministic computation of radiation transport for radiotherapy dose calculations and scatter corr...
Method and apparatus for examining obstructed welds
System for processing programmable buttons using system interrupts
Use of Xenopus laevis oocytes a microincubators
Method, system, and computer program product for representing object relationships in a multidimensi...
System, method and computer program product for performing unstructured information management and a...
Dynamic learning and knowledge representation for data mining
System and method for network security
Photomask designing method, pattern predicting method and computer program product
Method for constructing business application system and computer-readable storage medium having stor...
Headgear for respiratory mask assembly
Headgear for respiratory mask assembly
Thermal therapy pad
Japanese Zelkova tree named `ZSFKF`
Chrysanthemum plant named `GEDI THREE YKIS`
Carnation plant named `CFPC Jade`
Grape plant named `Arraone`
Grape plant named `Arrathree`
Campanula plant named `PKMI0L`
Campanula plant named `PKMT01`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Inglila`
Epimedium plant named `PINK ELF`
Oenothera plant named `TURNER01`
Fittonia plant named `Snow Star`
Angelonia plant named `Balangplum`
Stamp having an antisticking layer and a method of forming of repairing such a stamp
Variants of antithrombin III
Use of dg931 protein for treating diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome
Sporadic tumor mouse model for drug discovery
Diagnostic and therapeutic use of tb2 gene and protein for neurodegenerative diseases
Diagnostic and therapeutic use of scn2b protein for neurodegeneraative diseases
Animal models of long QT syndrome and uses thereof
Amidases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them
Cathepsin-associated genetically modified nonhuman mammal
Proteases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them
Single domain TDF-related compounds and analogs thereof
Method of constructing transgenic bird using lentivirus vector and transgenic bird obtained thereby
Device and Method to Facilitate Directed Delivery and Electroporation
Transformation of Brassica
Production of polyhydroxyalkanoate in plants
Inhibitors of yeast filamentous growth and method of their manufacture
Polynucleotide encoding coleopteran-toxic polypeptide
Nucleic acid molecule encoding bathochromic phytochrome and use thereof
Method of transforming soybean
Root-specific phosphate transporter promoters
Reduction of tobacco-specific nitrosamines using genetic modification to elevate production of nativ...
Blank channel searching frequency modulation transmitter
Apparatus an method to store and forward voicemail and messages in a two way radio
Cognition models for wireless communication systems and method and apparatus for optimal utilization...
Methods, systems, and products for selective broadcast enhancement
Method for performing inter-system handovers in a mobile communication system
Image data communication system and image data communication method
Method for controlling service priority in radio communication network,radio communication system, r...
Transmission rate control method and mobile station
Two-way pager and method for communicating preset messages over the global system for mobile communi...
Handheld audio system
Radio base station interface
System for Tissue Ablation
Apparatus for Tissue Cauterization
Method and Apparatus for Performing a Surgical Procedure
Method and device for noise detection
Electronic music marker device delayed notification
Selection of audio categories and files in entertainment system
Authentication of radio frequency transponders
Streaming voice over protocol
Method and apparatus for providing remote access to subscription television services
System and method for query refinement to enable improved searching based on identifying and utilizi...
Method and system for indexing and searching databases
Methods and apparatus for providing search results in response to an ambiguous search query
Adaptive menu system for media players
Peer-to-peer record structure and query language for searching and discovery thereof
System and method for filtering database records
System and method for improved printing efficiency
System and method for organizing multiple images using templates
System, method, and computer software product for linked window interfaces
Method of printing linearized spool off print jobs
Method for Visual Inspection of Size-Reduced Digital Image
Estrogen receptor modulators
Fluorine-containing copolymer molding material
Process for producing fatty acid alkyl esters and glycerol of high-purity
Method for producing modified natural intestines
Method for reducing microbial levels on the hide of an animal
Denitrification system for nitrified wastewater or nitrified water
Velocity induced catalyzed cavitation process for treating and conditioning fluids
Method of detecting nucleotide polymorphism
Modified reductase and its gene
Diacylglycerol acyl transferase proteins
Heat resistant ohmic electrode and method of manufacturing the same
Alternating-polarity operation for complete regeneration of electrochemical deionization system
Multi-path split cell spacer and electrodialysis stack design
Frozen spermatozoa compositions and uses thereof
Remodeling and glycoconjugation of peptides
Process for manufacturing bulk solutions and a lyophilized pure .alpha.-aztreonam lysinate
Method and apparatus for electric treatment of substrates
Method of monitoring membrane cleaning processes
Biogenic fuel gas generation in geologic hydrocarbon deposits
Electrophoretic cross-flow filtration and electrodeionization method for treating effluent waste and...
Column for ion chromatograph, suppressor and ion chromatograph
Apparatus for continuous closed circuit desalination under variable pressure a single container
Process for preparing silver deposited carbon covered alumina catalyst
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Ink set, and recording method and recorded matter using the same
Projection objective
Co-generation power system for supplying electricity to an air-water recovery system
Gas diffusion electrode and method for making same
Separators for use in alkaline cells having high capacity
Process for aligning macromolecules by passage of a meniscus and applicaions
Process for preparing L-amino acids using improved strains of the enterobacteriaceae family
Integrated circuits having organic-inorganic dielectric materials and methods for forming such integ...
Oil-in-water emulsified remover
Novel hemepeptide
Polyglycerol, polyglycerol/fatty acid ester, and processes for producing these
Aromatic nitrile containing ion-conducting sulfonated polymeric material
Electronic camera including enhanced functionality to change length-to-breadth ratios of captured im...
Mirror box and electronic still camera
Optical arrangement for producing stereoscopic images
Packaging bag and lens-fitted photo film unit
Image taking apparatus and program product
Lighting apparatus
Mobile telephone with built-in camera and flash
Shock and vibration isolator for a camera
Zoom lens, and optical apparatus using the same
Camera system
Folding type camera device and folding type portable telephone
Mobile equipment and mobile phone with shooting function
Nanoprisms and method of making them
Non-alloying core shell nanoparticles
Method of purifying single wall carbon nanotubes
Synthesis of nanoscaled carbon materials
Spheroidal aggregates comprising single-wall carbon nanotubes and method for making the same
Method of producing nanosized oxide powders
Coatings and films derived from clay/wax nanocomposites
Nanoscale helical microstructures and channels from chiral poly(L-lactide) block containing block co...
Large-area nanoenabled macroelectronic substrates and uses therefor
Integrated circuit chip utilizing carbon nanotube composite interconnection vias
Multi-dimensional force sensing for scanning probe microscopy using carbon nanotube tips and carbon ...
Active cantilever for nanomachining and metrology
Acid stable membranes for nanofiltration
Preparation of nanocrystallites
Process for making single-wall carbon nanotubes utilizing refractory particles
Method for manufacturing nano-gap electrode device
Polymeric nanoparticle formulations and their use for improving the dirt pick up resistance of a coa...
Nanocomposite blend composition having super barrier property
Preparation of transition metal nanoparticles and surfaces modified with (CO)polymers synthesized by...
Nanotube probe and method for manufacturing same
Nanotube-based switching elements and logic circuits
Mevalonate synthesis enzymes
Isolated Amaranthus agglutinin gene and uses thereof
Sound absorbers
Stowable ramp for a pontoon boat
Method of constructing a buoy
High volume liquid containment system for ships
Locking hinge for unstayed mast deployment
Steer by wire helm
Small watercraft
Kickdown catamaran
Catamaran with extending platform carried by the underwing and an extending deployable ramp carried ...
Folding seat
Image forming method employing the toner
Methods for treating sarcoidosis using anti-TNF antibodies and fragments thereof
Preservation of bioactive materials by freeze dried foam
Polynucleotides encoding disintegrin homologs, and related products
PRO20044 nucleic acids
Hepatitis C virus inhibitors
Antidepressant azaheterocyclylmethyl derivatives of heterocycle-fused benzodioxans
Pyrrolyl-thiazole derivatives
Nucleic acid and corresponding protein entitled 184P1E2 useful in treatment and detection of cancer
Polymerized hemoglobin solutions having reduced amounts of tetramer and method for preparing
Nucleic acid which is obtained from Tetrahymena and which codes for a delta-6-desaturase, the produc...
System for super-oxygenating water
Inhibition of olfactory neurosensory function to treat eating disorders and obesity
Use of IL-12 and IL-12 antagonists in the treatment of autoimmune diseases
Methods of treating rheumatoid arthritis with anti-TNF antibodies
Preparation and administration of jojoba product for reducing weight, fat and blood lipid levels
Advanced oral poliovirus vaccine (Adv-OPV) deprived of the possibility of vaccine associated paralyt...
Oral androgen therapy using modulators of testosterone bioavailability
Substituted benzopyran derivatives for the treatment of inflammation
Dietary control of arachidonic acid metabolism
Arylsulfonamido-substituted hydroxamic acid derivatives
Insulinotropic hormone derivatives and uses thereof
Nutritional supplement and method for providing supplemental nutrition to an athlete
Bioavailability enhancing activity of carum carvi extracts and fractions thereof
Crude drug compositions and the process for preparing them
Herbal cough formulations and process for the preparation thereof
Pharmaceutical compositions for alleviating excess levels of sugar in diabetic patients
Cosmetic composition and methods
Pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of ulcerations
Cosmetic treatment of xerosis
Methods of treatment and diagnosis of patients with hepatitis c infection
Novel NPH insulin preparations
Sustained-release microparticle preparation of human growth hormone and process for producing thereo...
Nucleolin-mediated cancer diagnostics and therapy
Absorption of fat-soluble nutrients
Use of inositol-tripyrophosphate in treating tumors and diseases
Use of dronabinol for treatment of side effects of Hepatitis C therapy
Deramciclane-fumarate tablets
Compositions comprising a dispersant and microcapsules containing an active material
Granules obtained by drying a multiple emulsion
Tattoo-removing substance
Universal soft remote control
High-speed chip-to-chip communication interface with signal trace routing and phase offset detection
Method and apparatus for the direct characterization of the phase of an optical signal
System and method for establishing and/or maintaining a data session across packet data networks
Method for improving uplink control channel efficiency in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for supporting real-time multi-user distributed applications
Agents for oxidatively dying keratin fibers
3-aminophenol derivatives and dyes that contain these compounds while serving to dye keratin fibers
Apparatus for removing sterilant from a sterilant containing atmosphere
Modulation of central nervous system (CNS) dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPIV) -like activity for the tre...
Real-time facial recognition and verification system
Apparatus for applying pulsed voltage charge to living matter
Bioactive fraction of Eurycoma longifolia
Computer-component power-consumption monitoring and control
Processor core clock generation circuits
Method of establishing the trustworthiness level of a participant in a communication connection
Method, system, and program for selecting a path to a device to use when sending data requests to th...
Method and system for containing software faults
Generalized parity stripe data storage array
Text processing system
Method and apparatus for testing liquid crystal display
Analog buffer and method for driving the same
Display device driving circuit, driving method of display device, and image display device
Information input device for giving input instructions to a program executing machine
Display device operating in sub-field process and method of displaying images in such display device
Image display and manufacturing method of the same including a thin film transistor and a storage ca...
Liquid crystal display apparatus having a transparent layer covering a reflective layer
System and method for modifying output of computer program without source code modifications
Method and apparatus for redefining a group of related objects in a relational database system
Dwarf cube architecture for reducing storage sizes of multidimensional data
External evaluation processes
Personalized library interface for providing data to a user
Encoding and transferring media content onto removable storage
Method and apparatus for creating and using a master catalog
General techniques for diagnosing data corruptions
Unobtrusive point-in-time consistent copies
Antiviral methods using human rhinovirus receptor (ICAM-1)
Radio frequency power amplifier module
Cellular reservoir flexible pressure vessel, apparatus and method for making same
Circuit board router apparatus and method thereof
RF connectors having ground springs
Establishment of a connection between a base station and a mobile station using random access channe...
Base station for wireless communication and method for setting up frequency band in the base station
Method and arrangement for controlling cell change and a terminal of a cellular system
Method and system for service portability across disjoint wireless networks
Time division protocol for an ad-hoc, peer-to-peer radio network having coordinating channel access ...
Method and system for generating button and tab user interface control components within the context...
Illumination unit with a solid-state light generating source, a flexible substrate, and a flexible a...
Liquid crystal information displays
Method of removing scratches from a compact disc
High refractive index aromatic-based silyl monomers
3-amino-propoxphenyl derivatives (l)
Diffraction mode terahertz tomography
Active display system and method with optical addressing
System for and method for dispatching service messages over a multicast network
Incoming call control by the called party
Non-voice completion of voice calls
Method and networking architecture for implementing service voice dynamic loading on intelligent net...
Call progress information in cable telephony
Prepaid long distance call system and method
Method and system for charging a set activation fee for pay telephone usage
Rapid identification of transmission media channel characteristics
Use of lower bandwidth technology to determine channel capability for supporting higher bandwidth te...
Systems and methods for processing emergency calls through a public switched telephone network
Method and apparatus for intercept of wireline communications
System for accessing amenities through a public telephone network
Methods, systems, and terminals for load coil switching
Prepaid service in a packet-switched mobile communication network
Policy distribution point for setting up network-based services
Methods and systems for and defining and distributing information alerts
Response time analysis of network performance
Information routing
Ply-twisted yarn for cut resistant fabrics
Crystallisation of materials from aqueous solutions
Liquid crystalline polymeric compositions
Polymer-liquid compositions useful in ultraviolet and vacuum ultraviolet uses
Plant caffeic acid 3-O-methyltransferase homologs
Annexin and P34 promoters and use in expression of transgenic genes in plants
Polymeric crosslinkable compositions containing spiroorthocarbonates
Production or aromatic carotenoids in gram negative bacteria
Continuous process for producing poly (trimethylene terephthalate)
Light colored cylinder head gasket and method of producing
Photo sensor for standardized color measurement
Method of improved high K dielectric-polysilicon interface for CMOS devices
Catalyst body
Environmental control system including vapor cycle system and isothermal CATOX/PTF
Preform for composite material and aluminum composite material having the preform for composite mate...
Method and apparatus for producing an aqueous paint composition from a plurality of premixed composi...
Helper dependent vector system for gene therapy
Method for neural stem cell differentiation using 5HT-1A agonists
PAS kinase
Genetic modification of C57 mice
Medium for culturing tumor cells
Method for introducing foreign matters into living cells
Recombinase-based system for combustion of adenovirus vectors
Vectors and cells for preparing immunoprotective compositions derived from transgenic plants
Anther-specific promoter from the rice TUB8 gene and uses thereof
Method for manufacturing noble metal electric discharge chips for spark plugs
Method and apparatus for managing a set of data structures associated with a large file
Method, apparatus, and program for synchronous remote builds
Client server system, server, client, proxy server control method, proxy server function provision m...
Apparatus and method for offloading and sharing CPU and RAM utilization in a network of machines
Schema for sharing relational database types
Method and system for unifying component metadata
Automated canopy positioning system
Method of making a golf ball with a multi-layer core
Methanol steam reforming catalysts, steam reformers, and fuel cell systems incorporating the same
Additives to the gas supply of fuel cells with circulating electrolytes and means to regenerate used...
Tile with discrete wavy line pattern
LED light bulb
Fluorescent lamp
LED battery holder lighting system
Extendible head flashlight
Portable rechargeable halogen searchlight
Outdoor light
Plastic lamp shade formed from phonographic record
Maltese cross light bezel
Chandelier stem
Eyebrow shaver
Combined nail groomer and advertising business card
Flossing device
Dental flosser
Hair coloring material holder for hair coloring apparatus
Ultrasonic finger probe
Secure credit card with near field communications
Continuous security state tracking for intermodal containers transported through a global supply cha...
Document security system
LC resonant circuit with amplification device
Remote communications devices, wireless communications systems, remote communications device operabl...
Method for determining proximity of devices in a wireless network
Recycling system and method of managing reusable components
Wireless communication devices and movement monitoring methods
Threaded push broom locking clip
Re-programmable flash memory micro controller as programmable logic controller
Soybean 1-deoxy-D-xylulose 5-phosphate synthase and DNA encoding thereof
Displacement amount measuring device
Flossing device
Designs for wide band antennas with parasitic elements and a method to optimize their design using a...
Method for producing a connector element for connecting frame parts at a joint location in a bicycle...
Targeting vector to the urokinase plasminogen activator receptor
Chewable top for a wiring instrument
Wired circuit board
Process for preparing cyclic ketones
Multi-processor restart stabilization system and method
Non-aqueous electrolytic battery and its manufacturing method
Belt device, image forming apparatus, and method to control belt speed
Method and system for measuring the velocity of a vessel relative to the bottom using velocity measu...
High efficiency 4-lamp instant start ballast
Acylated benzylmaltosides as inhibitors of smooth muscle cell proliferation
Dental implant installation method and device
Materials for dental and biomedical application
Processing apparatus and method for fluid, and deaerator therewith
AOM frequency and amplitude modulation techniques for facilitating full beam extinction in laser sys...
AOM modulation techniques employing transducers to modulate different axes
System and method to provide routing control of information over networks
Peer-to-peer method of quality of service (QoS) probing and analysis and infrastructure employing sa...
Method and system for tiered distribution in a content delivery network
Method and apparatus for streaming of data
Agile network protocol for secure communications with assured system availability
Distance measuring apparatus using passive AF sensor
Self-adhering modified bitumen underlayment for tile roofs
Apparatus and method for a heat engine
Automotive HVAC system and method of operating same utilizing evaporator freezing
Process of preparing low-temperature sintered microwave dielectric ceramics
System and method for measuring conductivity on molecular level
Operation scheme with charge balancing for charge trapping non-volatile memory
Method and apparatus for programming nonvolatile memory
Probe storage device
Coin counter and voucher dispensing machine and method
Context sensitive labels for a hardware input device
Autonomic recovery from hardware errors in an input/output fabric
Method and apparatus for soliciting personal voice recordings for a voice-dialing system
System and method for real time lip synchronization
Method and apparatus using spectral addition for speaker recognition
Prototyping model for components of a software program
Initiating computer system power-up from a USB keyboard
Methods and systems for processing XML documents
X-ray irradiation apparatus
Multilayer capacitor and mold capacitor
Integrated capacitor assembly
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Transflective liquid crystal display device having color filter-on-thin film transistor (COT) struct...
Array substrate for liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Optical scanner and image forming apparatus
Transmission module
Universal fleet electrical system
Threat detection system interface
Passive RF, single fighter aircraft multifunction aperture sensor, air to air geolocation
Method and apparatus for reviewing voltage contrast defects in semiconductor wafers
Weighted noise compensating method and camera used in millimeter wave imaging
Portable beer keg tap and dispenser
Papilloma virus sequences
Information management and processing in a wireless network
Wireless human input device and transmission-quality test method
Systems and methods for seamless roaming between wireless networks
Roaming agreement application and database for carrying out roaming between private and public wirel...
Apparatus and method for reactivating multiple packet data sessions in a wireless network
Forward link based rescue channel method and apparatus for telecommunication systems
Method and system of pooling channel elements on a switch or OMCR level
Floating IP address for roaming internet connected subscriber units