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Mobile phone for voice adaptation in socially sensitive environment
Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption of slotted mode mobile communication terminal
Portable terminal
Portable electronic devices having a locking mechanism for holding and releasing a flipping section
Combined global positioning system receiver and radio
Method and system for implementing statistical functions in a telephone switching system
Distributing files from a single server to multiple clients via cyclical multicasting
Dynamic operator functions based on operator position
Access point discovery and selection
Protocol message compression in a wireless communications system
Increasing data throughput on a wireless local area network in the presence of intermittent interfer...
System and method for executing wireless communications device dynamic instruction sets
Wireless device mobile application security system
Gaming system indicator for a shared symbol display
Gaming system having a combined gaming machine display and spacer displays for a shared symbol displ...
Power connector with safety feature
Architecture and interconnect scheme for programmable logic circuits
Method and system of remotely restoring communication lines
Dedicated data modem system and method
Platform for rapid development of telecommunications services
Optical encoding of audio data
Power supply method of a line interactive UPS and the line interactive UPS
Method and control circuitry for providing average current mode control in a power converter and an ...
Li-ion/Li-polymer battery charger configured to be DC-powered from multiple types of wall adapters
Apparatus and method for monitoring current for a high-side switch
Digital output voltage regulation circuit having first control loop for high speed and second contro...
Converter circuit and control method for same
Power supply apparatus and power supply control device
Circuit for generating internal voltage
Electronic circuit for contactless tag, and contactless tag
Detecting overcurrents in a switching regulator using a voltage dependent reference
Method for reading battery status by operation system of portable computer
Automatic power factor corrector
Methods, apparatus, and devices for noise reduction
Portable information device, access device for portable information device, home network system, and...
Geographical data markup on a personal digital assistant (PDA)
Single gesture map navigation graphical user interface for a personal digital assistant
In-flight communications system
Device for running offline applications and synchronizing with a central computer system
Method and system for the selection of cardiac defibrillation shocks based on discomfort
Field stimulation about a discontinuity of the myocardium to capture the heart at reduced pacing thr...
Computer-implemented method and carrier medium configured to generate a set of process parameters an...
Medical tele-robotic system
Medical tele-robotic method
Apparatus, system, and method of archival and retrieval of samples
Method and information system for non-random selection of uniform structural and functional features...
Sentence realization system for use with unification grammars
Translator for infants and toddlers
Medical facility building structure
Method of producing, selling, and distributing articles of manufacture
Systems and methods for matching, selecting, narrowcasting, and/or classifying based on rights manag...
Automated abstract database generation through existing application statement analysis
Information storage and retrieval system for storing and retrieving the visual form of information f...
Method and system for delayed cookie transmission in a client-server architecture
ABDS method and verification status for authenticating entity access
Trusted and secure techniques, systems and methods for item delivery and execution
Information processing apparatus
Document processing system
System and user interface for managing user access to network compatible applications
Gradient pump apparatus
Apparatus for imprinting lithography and fabrication thereof
Peach tree named "FLATPRETTY"
Peach tree named "FLATPRINCESSE"
Peach tree named "FLATQUEEN"
Peach tree named "Juliepretty"
Peach tree named "JULIENICE"
Genetic and epigenetic manipulation of ABC transporters and ecto-phosphatases for the conference of ...
Interaction of glyphosate with photosystem II inhibitor herbicides as a selection tool for roundup r...
Novel plant transcribed regions and uses thereof
Modulating developmental pathways in plants
Counter selection strategy for Gram-negative bacteria
Recombinant carrier molecule for expression, delivery and purification of target polypeptides
Plant-specific genetic elements and transfer cassettes for plant transformation
Climber rose plant named 'JACamite'
Nectarine tree named "NECTACHIEF"
Nectarine tree named "NECTADELICIOUS"
Metallically gross layer decorative molded article for use in the beam path of a radar device
Augmentation of commercial Wireless Location System (WLS) with moving and/or airborne sensors for en...
Radio beacon, mobile station, processor, system and method for determining location
Antenna device and portable radio communication device comprising such an antenna device
Synchronizing of a digital signal using a pcr program clock reference
Method and system for efficient flow control in a spot beam satellite system
Communication method
System providing land mobile radio content using a cellular data network
Multimode land mobile radio
Digital receiver device
Apparatus and method for GPS-based digital compensation of radio frequencies
Radio apparatus
Speaker array system
Multi-purpose torch speaker
Mechanical hand kit with remote control system
Secondary battery containing loop antenna patterned on PCB
High performance rechargeable battery pack for toy vehicles
Single path front end with digital AGC in SDARS system
In-situ gain calibration of radio frequency devices using thermal noise
Receiver, in particular for mobile radio
System and method for managed database query pre-optimization
Reporting engine for data warehouse
Computer assisted lighting control system
Intelligent caching data structure for immediate mode graphics
Printing method and system
Manual annotation document reformation
Method, system, and computer-readable medium for providing a patient electronic medical record with ...
Fill Form with Computer (Comp-Fill)
Print processing apparatus, print processing system and print control method
Data processing setting apparatus, data processing setting method, data processing setting program, ...
Miniature vaporizers for use with chemical converters and energy devices
Ink jet printing composition comprising a dye containing hydrazine or hydrazide
Single-stage separation and esterification of cation salt carboxylates using electrodeionization
Method for the manufacture of a composite filter plate
Functional water
Process for manufacturing a toner
Methods and compositions for treating and inhibiting retinal neovascularization
Process for separating 2-butanol from tert-butanol/water mixtures
Devices, methods, and systems involving castings
Method and apparatus for converting organic material
Water-based ink for ink-jet recording
Process for printing textile fibre materials in accordance with the ink-jet printing process
Supply unit for power and water based on renewable energy
System and method for producing hot water without a flame
Extraction of dihydrogen oxide stratagies and solutions
Component of glass-like carbon for CVD apparatus and process for production thereof
Aqueous disinfectants and sterilants including colloidal transition metals
Process for nickel and cobalt extraction from laterite ores
Hyaluronan as a cytotoxic agent, drug pre-sensitizer and chemo-sensitizer in the treatment of diseas...
Biological method for detoxication of a liquid food medium
System and method for producing concentrated food products with fractionation concentration
Print receptive topcoat for ink jet printing media
Compositions and chromatography materials for bioseparation
Bacillus natto culture extract
Process for in situ bioremediation of subsurface contaminants
Hydrocarbon processing method and hydrocarbon processing system
Surface-modified titanium dioxide fine particles and dispersion comprising the same, and method for ...
Liquid composition
Ink composition for ink jet recording
Music learning aid
Karaoke apparatus, content reproducing apparatus, method of managing music piece data for a karaoke ...
Remote control locomotive simulator
Perpetual calendar wheel chart
Flag label
Apparatus and method for transferring a label portion from a label assembly onto an object
Tabbed index divider assembly and kit
Hologram transfer film
Fingerprint matching using ridge feature maps
Camera body
Remote controlled pan head system for video cameras and its method of operation
Sector drive assembly for camera
Article of manufacture having a performance verification indicator
Digital camera with integrated cable storage
Printing control device and printing control method, printing control system, and recording medium
Camera system and lens barrel
Self-luminous device and electric machine using the same
Embedded pigments for ceramic products and oxides in the form of nanometric particles
Monitoring semiconductor wafer defects below one nanometer
Apparatus and method for a nanocalorimeter for detecting chemical reactions
Apparatus and method for preparing cerium oxide nanoparticles
Self-generating inorganic passivation layers for polymer-layered silicate nanocomposites
Method of fabricating nano-scale resistance cross-point memory array
Preparation of nanoporous metal foam from high nitrogen transition metal complexes
Method and apparatus for fabricating a carbon nanotube transistor having unipolar characteristics
Nanowire capillaries for mass spectrometry
Rice cultivar `Banks `
Location-based ringbacks
Metal lip jig rig
Method and system for controlling quality and tracking parts for repair and replacement in a piping ...
Stackable in-line underwater missile launch system for a modular payload bay
Stand-up type personal watercraft
Method and system for steering watercraft
Boat drain valve
Central pontoon semisubmersible floating platform
Method and apparatus for modifying wake
Pile anchor with external vanes
Device for holding the log transmitter of a boat speedometer
Coupling systems and methods for marine barriers
Hybrid composite steel tendon for offshore platform
Surface topography method for determining effects of a botulinum toxin upon a muscle and for compari...
Pharmaceutical foam
Intravenous valproate for acute treatment of migraine headache
Pharmaceutical formulation containing bittering agent
Synergistic composition for the treatment of diabetes mellitus
Compositions and methods for treating articular cartilage disorders
Albumin fusion proteins comprising GLP-1 polypeptides
Use of lipid conjugates in the treatment of diseases
A3AR agonists for the treatment of inflammatory arthritis
Method of treating irritable bowel syndrome
Lipid analogs for treating viral infections
High molecular weight primary aliphatic alcohols obtained from natural products and uses thereof
Antibodies to PRO1561 polypeptide
Use of extracts from roots of pelargonium sidoides and pelargonium reniforme
Herbal composition for treatment of arthritic disorders, skin inflammatory disorders and pain
Preparation, process and a regenerative method and technique for prevention, treatment and glycemic ...
Topical composition containing essential oils
Methods and compositions for modulating glutamate dehydrogenase
Production process of purified green tea extract
Composition for preventing urinary system infections
Process for preparation of hypoglycemic foods and formulations thereof
Pharmaceutical composition for treatment of emiction disorders caused by benign prostate hyperplasia...
Composition comprising growth factor of xanthoceras sorbifolia extracts, compounds isolated from sam...
Sea Buckthorn Compositions and Associated Methods
Multi-cistronic vectors for gene transfer protocols
Methods for evaluating genetic susceptibility and therapy for chronic inflammatory diseases
Polypeptides having anti-HIV activity and compositions comprising same
Use of heat shock proteins
System and method for high pressure delivery of gas-supersaturated fluids"[method of making perfluor...
Method of determining skin type, choosing skin care products and procedures and promoting skin care ...
Dyrks as modifiersof the apc and axin pathways and methods of use
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst
Regeneration control of diesel particulate filter
Universal garage door operating system and method
Micro-roll forming device
Touch pad sensor for motor vehicle
Lightweight tool for crimping a flange cover
Refrigerant compressor and friction control process therefor
Air bag deployment arrangement
Vehicle seat assembly
Headrest seat-back arrangement
Backrest for a vehicle seat
Insulation displacement connection
Fuel cut control system for internal combustion engine
Downsized facsimile machine using semiconductor DAA
Service delivery instruction processing system and method
System and method for gathering information related to a geographical location of a callee in a publ...
Highway expansion apparatus for key telephone system and operation method thereof
Method and system for providing preselected information services upon detection of an off-hook condi...
Method of providing services to remote private terminals and an associated device
Method for signaling an incoming call
Monitoring telephone conferences through a network of computer controlled display terminals, each as...
System and method for performing signaling-plan-specific call progress analysis
Method and apparatus for initiating telephony contact
System and method for restricting incoming calls
Method and apparatus for an audio bridge
System and method for cancelling signal echoes in a full-duplex transceiver front end
Using hyperlinks to establish call sessions
Conflict free parallel read access to a bank interleaved branch predictor in a processor
Method and apparatus for implementing distributed SCSI devices using enhanced adapter reservations
Password exposure elimination for digital signature coupling with a host identity
System and method for dynamic cluster adjustment to node failures in a distributed data system
Method and apparatus for verifying the correctness of a processor behavioral model
System and method for testing servers and taking remedial action
Method and apparatus for reporting global errors on heterogeneous partitioned systems
Method and apparatus for memory redundancy and recovery from uncorrectable errors
Segmented scan chains with dynamic reconfigurations
Bus device that concurrently synchronizes source synchronous data while performing error detection a...
Inverse query decisions using binary decision diagrams and sub-expression implications
System for communicating through maps
Authorized distribution of digital content over mobile networks
Method and system for tranferring an electronic sum of money from a credit memory
Notification apparatus and method therefor
Project planning system and method for accommodating AD HOC requests within a fixed core development...
System for sorting waste
Method and apparatus for extending protected content access with peer to peer applications
Check accepting and cash dispensing automated banking machine system and method
System and method for using time-sensitive tickets as player awards in gaming machines
Extensible disc player
Motivational and behavioral modification system and method
Quantitative EEG as an identifier of learning modality
Endoscopy simulation system
Three-dimensional finite-element code for electrosurgery and thermal ablation simulations
Apparatus, method and system for teaching elapsed time
Mastery-based drill and practice algorithm
Survey system, survey program, and survey method
Presenting an interview question and answer session over a communications network
Automatic paper grading and student progress tracking system
Home power management system
Personal nutrition control devices
Vocabulary skills, syntax skills, and sentence-level comprehension
Teaching method for the rapid acquisition of attractive, effective, articulate spoken english skills
Method of reasoning mode identification and assessment
Educational system
System for managing and messaging critical student information
System and method of image display simulation
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Interleaving method and apparatus with parallel access in linear and interleaved order
Method and system for improving usable life of memory devices using vector processing
System and method of ruggedizing devices having spinning media memory, such as automatic data collec...
System and method for assessing the effectiveness of a cache memory or portion thereof using FIFO or...
System and method for providing client-directed staging to improve non-sequential access performance...
Disk array apparatus and control method for disk array apparatus
Microprocessor and apparatus for performing speculative load operation from a stack memory cache
System and method of improving fault-based multi-page pre-fetches
LIFO type data storage device incorporating two random access memories
Electric tightening device
Converter apparatus, inverter apparatus, and DC link voltage control method
Modular and reconfigurable rapid battery charger
Method and system for selectivly diverting current during charging of multiple batteries
Power-on device and method for controllably powering a circuit system with an adaptor or with a batt...
Battery pack and method of charging and discharging the same
DC/DC converter circuit and method for DC/DC conversion
Emulated inductor current automatic correction without knowledge of actual inductor current ramp for...
Voltage regulator having improved IR drop
Multiple Facet Joint Replacement
Artificial intervertebral disc
Artificial intervertebral disc
Intervertebral spacer device
Posterior spinal arthroplasty-development of a new posteriorly inserted artificial disc, a new anter...
Intervertebral implant
Catheter holder for spinal implant
Spinal repair
Knee prosthesis
Modular keel tibial component
Bone substitute material
Expression profiling of tumours
Method of making a decision on the status of a mechanical system using input and response data acqui...
Method and apparatus for calibrating circular objects using a computer tracking system
Compositions and methods for treatment of autoimmune and related diseases
Gab2 (p97) gene and methods of use thereof
Transgenic mice containing glutamate receptor (GRIK5) gene disruptions
Methods for producing transgenic animals with modified disease resistance
Method of growing sperm stem cells in vitro, sperm stem cells grown by the method, and medium additi...
Wireless millimeter wave communication system with mobile base station
Method and system for reporting evolved utran capabilities
Architecture for integration of application functions within mobile systems
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Base station using global channel power control
Apparatus and method for radio frequency testing of a wireless communication device
Receiving apparatus, transmitting apparatus and transmitting/receiving system
Portable therapy delivery device with fluid delivery
User interface for a portable therapy delivery device
Methods and compositions for treating varicose veins
Operation indicator for a portable therapy delivery device
Method and system for detecting position of moving body using mobile terminal
Displaying vehicle information
Vehicle hijacking prevention system and method
Combination alarm device with enhanced wireless notification and position location features
Method and apparatus for communicating product notices through digital broadcasting
System and method for preventing the lapse of a recurring event using electronic calendar system
Methods and apparatus for signaling offsets and changes in digital broadcast networks
Video communication system
Method And Related Apparatus For Enhancing Information Security Of A Computer System
Techniques for predicting colorimetric measurements of mixed subtractive colors
Spiral wrap golf club grip
Radiation imaging system, device and method for scan imaging
Load shed notification method, product, and apparatus
Peer-to-peer resource resolution
Method and apparatus for article authentication
Apparatus and method for fault-tolerant control using fully distributed common memory
Semiconductor memory device including an SOI substrate
Integrated circuit and method of improving signal integrity
Lighting apparatus, communication method, display unit, communication circuit and terminal adaptor
Common voltage regulating circuit of liquid crystal display device
Methods for determing optical characteristics including subsurface characteristics of dental objects...
Sub-volt sensing for digital multilevel flash memory
Cascading of gigabit switches
Using an embedded indication of egress application type to determine which type of egress processing...
Method and apparatus for a label forwarding information base
Process to expand data density
System and method for providing virtual network attached storage using excess distributed storage ca...
Method and apparatus for handling embedded address in data sent through multiple network address tra...
Chip testing within a multi-chip semiconductor package
Retrofit hurricane and earthquake protection
Double acting thermodynamically resonant free-piston multicylinder stirling system and method
Adiabatic power generating system
Coating silicon pellets with dopant for addition of dopant in crystal growth
Biomass heating system
Atomic layer-deposited hafnium aluminum oxide
Process for making an organic electronic device having a roughened surface heat sink
Electron source for food treating apparatus and method
System and method for monitoring and controlling energy usage
Thermostat calibration device
Process for production of hydrogen from anaerobically decomposed organic materials
Glass laminates having improved structural integrity against severe stresses for use in external pre...
Red-green-blue polymeric interference film
Transparent, low-flammability, UV-resistant film made from a crystallizable thermoplastic, its use a...
Small portable instrument
Colorant compounds containing copolymerizable vinyl groups
Development system for an integrated circuit having standardized hardware objects
Integration of a run-time parameterizable core with a static circuit design
Dynamically loading program code over a push-based network
Microkernel for real time applications
Security service layer
Production method of polyisocyanate by end capping with acyl chloride
Ink jet recording element
Method and apparatus for bandwidth-efficient and storage-efficient backups
Method of isolation and self-assembly of small protein particles from blood and other biological mat...
Integration of biaxial tensile strained NMOS and uniaxial compressive strained PMOS on the same wafe...
Nitrosated and nitrosylated nebivolol and its metabolites, compositions and methods of use
Method and device for non-contact sampling and detection
Ion source with controlled superposition of electrostatic and gas flow fields
Tetraode field-emission display and method of fabricating the same
Method for measuring rotational speed of molecule of fullerenes
Welded polyimide intermediate transfer belt and process for making the belt
Method for forming microscopic polymer interconnections
Method to form an interconnect
Screen printing apparatus
Resealable bag with top tear-away header and zipper and method of manufacturing the same
Electrospinning of fibers using a rotatable spray head
Extrusion nozzle
Method and apparatus for manufacturing plastic optical transmission medium
Sustained release beadlets containing stavudine
Zinc diacrylate predispersed in high-cis polybutadiene
Elastomeric compositions containing fluoropolymer blends
Silicon tube formed of bonded staves
Honeycomb structure and process for production thereof
Method of manufacturing a multi-nozzle ink jet head
Ink-jet recording head, manufacturing method of the same and ink-jet recording apparatus
Methods and apparatus for providing a lottery game
Method and apparatus for human readable character scanning verification after printing in a gaming p...
Systems and methods for managing interactions from multiple speech-enabled applications
Streaming information appliance with buffer read and write synchronization
Data format for a streaming information appliance
Dynamic endian switching
Method and apparatus for authenticating an open system application to a portable IC device
Method and system for evaluating and connecting web parts
Method and system for improved security to control and facilitate access to data stored in a databas...
Linear programming approach to assigning benefit to database physical design structures
Method and system for developing extract transform load systems for data warehouses
Weak leader election
System and method for transferring data over a network
Electronic component
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Electrode and method for the production thereof
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Three phase buck power converters having input current control
Memory device and method of use
Semiconductor storage device, mobile electronic apparatus, and method for controlling the semiconduc...
Water bottom cable seismic survey cable and system
Developing method for an image forming apparatus and developing device using the same
Information recording medium having substrate with microscopic pattern and reproducing apparatus the...
System for preparing eyeglass lenses with bar code reader
Spherical neutron generator
Reactivity control rod for core
Method for calibrating a volumetric flow meter having an array of sensors
Portion of a golf club head
Hydraulic control circuit for automatic transmission of vehicle
Fractal structure and method of forming it
Mobile storage system for weapons and weapon accessories
Strainer and level indicator for a hot melt adhesive system
Methods and apparatus for manufacturing operations using opposing-force support systems
Grinding method for workpiece, jet guide means and jet regulation means used for the method
Protective bed unit
Biosensors utilizing dendrimer-immobilized ligands and there use thereof
Dietary supplements and methods for treating pain and inflammation
Stimulable phosphor sheet for detection of substances originating from living body or its analogues
Bonding material solution and the use thereof in an automotive spot repair kit
Method and apparatus for welding with mechanical arc control
Testing apparatus using charged particles and device manufacturing method using the testing apparatu...
High density stepped, non-planar nitride read only memory
Method for monitoring the movements of individuals in and around buildings, rooms and the like
Hydraulic impulse generator and frequency sweep mechanism for borehole applications
Cladding structure of optical fiber laser
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe midsole
Elastomeric sole for use with converted flatbed sewing machine
Pedicure shoe
Method of and device for drying grass surfaces
Reactive hot melt adhesive with improved properties
Power conversion from piezoelectric source with multi-stage storage
Strap for footwear
Systems for spectral multiplexing of source images to provide a composite image, for rendering the c...
Outsole for a shoe
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Image forming device having multiple laser beam sources
Laser scanning control apparatus
Post amplification optical isolator
Device and method for recording data to optical disk using recording pulse with corrected edge posit...
Device and method for recording data to optical disk using recording pulse with corrected edge posit...
Information recording apparatus and information recording method
Optical element with diffraction grating, semiconductor device, and optical information recording de...
Multi-output harmonic laser and methods employing same
Tunable wavelength locker, tunable wavelength spectrum monitor, and relative wavelength measurement ...
Semiconductor laser chip unit and semiconductor laser module using the same
Laser diode and semiconductor light-emitting device producing visible-wavelength radiation
Semiconductor laser device and method of manufacturing the same
De-tuned distributed feedback laser diode
Wide-stripe single-mode diode-laser
Laser spectral engineering for lithographic process
Compact fiber optic geometry for a counter-chirp FMCW coherent laser radar
Laser transmitter device
Laser oscillator, optical communication method and system
Method of fabricating composite tooling using closed-loop direct-metal deposition
Coordinated brake control system
Obstacle detection apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Driving assist system for vehicle
Packaged teabag
Regeneration apparatus and method for particulate filter applicable to engine exhaust gas purifying ...
Tire air pressure monitoring system
Vehicle seat adjustment with actuator isolation valves
Console latch assembly
Vehicle seat with a pivotable backrest
Multi-position head restraint
Shaft comprising a part connected thereto by welding
Rechargeable lithium ion battery
Power transfer device with contactless optical encoder and color reflective surface
Heterojunction diode with reduced leakage current
Vehicular accessory control panel
Rotating machine
Spring sensor retention assembly for sensor apparatus mounted in a vehicle seat cushion
Range selection control device of automatic transmission
Intake air parameter estimating device for internal combustion engine
Method for utilizing human tissue
Transcutaneous medical device dressings and method of use
Processes for forming dental materials and device
Thermoplastic polymer composition
Golf head
Process cartridge, image forming apparatus and image forming method
High swell absorbent changing a thin underpants-like garment into a thick diaper-like garment
Polytetrafluoroethylene composites
Composite fabric product and method of manufacturing the same
Simplified inductive position sensor and circuit configuration
Integrated window display
Parallel configuration composite material fabricator
Drive axle for motor vehicles and method for assembling the same
Magnetic-inductive measuring device for flowing substances and method for its production
Golf club head with variable face thickness
Attrition resistant carrier product
Golf ball and golf ball manufacturing method
Pneumatic tire having shoulder blocks with V-shaped axially inner edge and convexly curved axially o...
ATV radial tire
Pneumatic tire and method of manufacturing the tire
Golf club head
Golf ball
Vehicle tire
Golf ball
Simulation method for estimating performance of product made of viscoelastic material
Gas flow simulation method
Metal cord and pneumatic tire including the same
Pneumatic tire and method of manufacturing the tire
Core bar for rubber crawler and rubber crawler
Racket frame
Method and device for detecting decompression of tires, and program for judging decompression of tir...
Tire used in winter having pair of rib portions and central vertical groove with saw-tooth shape
Golf club head
Golf club head
Golf ball
Tennis racket
Prediction of internal rib irregular wear via rib edge lateral slip
Venting device which stops the spews on the tire
Functionalization of living rubbery polymers with nitrones
Composite of melamine derivative and carbon black, rubber composition and article having a component...
Tire tread
Tire tread
Low net to gross OTR tire
Pneumatic tire having an innerliner comprised of butyl rubber and dispersion of corncob granules
Tire tread
Tire with component comprised of amine functionalized styrene/diene copolymer elastomer, silanol fun...
Expandable tire building drum with alternating fixed and expandable segments, and contours for sidew...
Tire curing bladder
Method of manufacturing precured tread with reflective grooves
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Apparatus and method for testing performance of mobile station having GPS function
Method for GPS carpool rendezvous tracking and personal safety verification
Attitude measurement using a GPS receiver with two closely-spaced antennas
Varying circumferential spanned connectors in a stent
Bone morphogenetic protein antagonist based on the mature protein
Magnetically-actuable intramedullary device
Devices and methods for mixing and extruding medically useful compositions
Antibodies directed to PDGFD and uses thereof
Mixtures of various triblock polyester polyethylene glycol copolymers having improved gel properties
Analysis and modification of gene expression in marine invertebrate cells
Short enzyme donor fragment
Methods of use of FGF homologs
Single-lock anterior cervical plate and method
Specific binding agents of human angiopoietin-2
Method of treating dopaminergic and GABA-nergic disorders
Staggered in-situ deposition and etching of a dielectric layer for HDP CVD
Transistor structure with thick recessed source/drain structures and fabrication process of same
Method of forming a low-K dual damascene interconnect structure
Low temperature polycrystalline silicon type thin film transistor and a method of the thin film tran...
Array substrate of liquid crystal display and fabricating method thereof
Reduction of channel hot carrier effects in transistor devices
Varactors for CMOS and BiCMOS technologies
Phase change memory with damascene memory element
Gallium nitride material transistors and methods associated with the same
Method of manufacturing device, device, and electronic apparatus
Conductive polishing article for electrochemical mechanical polishing
Hard carbon films formed from plasma treated polymer surfaces
Air gap for tungsten/aluminum plug applications
Liquid crystal display panel and fabricating method thereof
Screening for papilloma viruses
Treating cancer using an oligonucleotide N3'->N5' thiophosphoramidate
Drowsy driver monitoring and prevention system
Roller caddy
Side portion of a welding helmet
Circumferential pulmonary vein ablation using a laser and fiberoptic balloon catheter
Closure for a medicament bottle
Method and apparatus for slitting and processing a web into plural use supply forms
Automotive lamp
Apparatus for indirect bonding of orthodontic appliances and method of making the same
Sterile connector
Bone tendon bone assembly with allograft bone block
Apparatus and method for steam reprocessing flexible endoscopes
Cloth-like polymeric film with directional tear
Adhesively mounted lever device
Uncrosslinked foams made from emulsions
Fluoroelastomers with improved low temperature property and method for making the same
Interferometric measuring device
Wall mountable soap dish
Method for automatically tracking objects in augmented reality
Trailer-mounted vibratory apparatus
Golf putt training device and method
Golf swing training and exercising device
Plant growth regulation compositions and methods using gibberellin biosynthesis inhibitor combinatio...
Apparatus and method for practicing golf ball putting
System for aligning a golfer's stance
Protective winter turf cover
Cleat assembly for golf shoe
Dual electric motor four wheel drive personnel carrier
Golf ball comprising saturated rubber/ionomer block copolymers
Studded footwear
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Cleaning apparatus with conductive member
Charging device, and process cartridge and image forming apparatus using the charging device
Image forming cartridge and image forming apparatus
Memory bus polarity indicator system and method for reducing the affects of simultaneous switching o...
High performance synchronization of resource allocation in a logically-partitioned system
Use of set-by-read and set-by-write registers as semaphores
Method and apparatus for dynamic prefetch buffer configuration and replacement
Method and system for mobile number portability service
Single separable electrode and self-contained pad viability tester
Method and apparatus for use of multiple control systems
Method and apparatus to perform speech recognition over a voice channel
Preparation of azo colorants in microreactors and their use in electrophotographic toners and develo...
Use of SLURP-1 compositions for treating schizophrenia
Derivatives of 2-(1-benzyl-1H-pyrazolo(3,4-B)pyridine-3-yl)-5(-4-pyridinyl)l-4-pyrimidin- amines and...
Azabicyclic compounds are central nervous system active agents
Active substance combinations having insecticidal and acaricidal properties
Oil based ink composition for inkjet printer and method of forming image using the same
Chemokine .beta.-15
Method for manufacturing a light-emitting panel
Hydrogel entrapping therapeutic agent and stent with coating comprising this
Bioadhesive, closed-cell foam film, sustained release, delivery devices and methods of making and us...
IN vitro sorting method
High mannose proteins and methods of making high mannose proteins
Bisymmetrical electric paper and a system therefor
Coated articles having enhanced reversible thermal properties and exhibiting improved flexibility, s...
Method for controlled placement of oilfield chemicals and composition useful for practicing same
Nonuniform oversampled filter banks for audio signal processing
Wireless receiver and method employing forward/backward recursive covariance based filter coefficien...
Amelioration in inter-carrier interference in OFDM
Compensation circuit and method for reducing intersymbol interference products caused by signal tran...
Adaptive memory prioritization for implanted medical devices
Joint timing recovery for multiple signal channels
Robust low complexity multi-antenna adaptive minimum mean square error equalizer
Device and method for detecting and suppressing noise
Two-mean level-crossing time interval estimation method
Electrotransport agent delivery apparatus
Separation analyzer
Flame retardant compositions
System and method for classifying electronically posted documents
Reduced architecture processing paths
Method for safely and efficiently navigating magnetic devices in the body
Configurable terminal engine
Adjustable resource based speech recognition system
Associative database scanning and information retrieval using FPGA devices
System and method for distributed web crawling
System and method for where-used searches for data stored in a multi-level hierarchical structure
Full match (FM) search algorithm implementation for a network processor
System and method for producing a virtual online book
Service searching system
Trigger for hard handoff from an overlay carrier to an underlying carrier
Communication system for providing dynamic management of contacts and method therefor
Process of maintaining hybrid etch
Method of producing a substrate with a surface treated by a vacuum treatment process, use of said me...
Method for minimizing slip line faults on a semiconductor wafer surface
Cleaning gas and etching gas
Method and apparatus for maintaining a separation between contacts
Determining method of thermal processing condition
Structures for stabilizing semiconductor devices relative to test substrates and methods for fabrica...
Chemical-mechanical polishing proximity correction method and correction pattern thereof
Memory device with floating gate stack
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Barrier layers for microelectromechanical systems
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Thick solder mask for confining encapsulant material over selected locations of a substrate and asse...
Method and apparatus for testing defective portion of semiconductor device
Allocating manufactured devices according to customer specifications
Enhanced process and profile simulator algorithms
Semiconductor device fabrication method
Spectroscopy apparatus and method
Determination of a measure of a glycation end-product or disease state using tissue fluorescence
Optical techniques for examination of biological tissue
Prediction method and apparatus of a processing result
Computational method for designing enzymes for incorporation of non natural amino acids into protein...
Method for identifying or characterizing properties of polymeric units
Imaging apparatus
Dynamic intelligent discovery applied to topographic networks
Automatic method and system for instantiating built-in-test (BIST) modules in ASIC memory designs
Robotic microscopy systems
Spectral filter for green and longer wavelengths
Optical element, method of producing optical elements, coating device, and coating method
System and method for detecting duplicate and similar documents
Decorative bench barrier
Lumbar pillow
Handle for hand tool
Electrical compartmented device for keeping cold foods chilled
Wall mounted organizing board
Image marker
Spatial data analysis apparatus and spatial data analysis method
Method for automatic wrapper repair
Presence information based on media activity
User interface for a message-based system having embedded information management capabilities
One-way transaction tagging in a switch crossbar
Data byte insertion circuitry
Navigation methods, systems, and computer program products for virtual three-dimensional books
Aspect-oriented programming with multiple semantic levels
Vertical MOSFET SRAM cell
Electrical capacitance proximity sensor
Personal medical device communication system and method
Identification marking and method for applying the identification marking to an item
Ink sheet cartridge and exchangeable ink sheet set
Long term rapid color changing time indicator
Combination compression and registration techniques to implement temporal subtraction as an applicat...
Method for tomographic reconstruction with non-linear diagonal estimators
Optical fiber wiring sheet and method of manufacturing same
Image fusing device and image forming apparatus
Shape analysis of surfaces
Charging device, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Simulating the dynamic response of a drilling tool assembly and its application to drilling tool ass...
Combined T/R switch with LNA and a method of improving the performance of a receiver
Method and apparatus to establish safe state in a volatile computer memory under multiple hardware a...
Edible pet chew
Process of preparation of rare earth silicate phosphor
Remote baggage screening system, software and method
Use of bi-specific antibodies for pre-targeting diagnosis and therapy
Method for enhancing the contrast of an image
Image processing apparatus, method and storage medium
Positive resist composition
Radiation detector
Apparatus employing a filtered scintillator and method of using same
Systems, methods and apparatus to calibrate a solid state X-ray detector
Edge effects treatment for crystals
Image pick-up apparatus and image pick-up system
Image reading apparatus
Methods and systems for determining a composition and a thickness of a specimen
Computer tomograph comprising energy discriminating detectors
Oblique-view cone-beam CT system
X-ray-tomographic imaging apparatus, X-ray-tomographic imaging method, and program
Time share digital integration method and apparatus for processing X-ray images
X-ray CT apparatus
System and method to determine the validity of an interaction on a network
Dynamic information object cache approach useful in a vocabulary retrieval system
Method and apparatus for providing a shopping list service
Serving advertisements based on content
Dynamic toolbar for markup language document
Fictitious domain name method, product, and apparatus
System and method for extending application preferences classes
Universal drill-down system for coordinated presentation of items in different databases
Framework for managing document objects stored on a network
Recording user interaction with an application
Method and system for remotely sensing the file formats processed by an e-mail client
Source-specific electronic message addressing
Motor-adjustable head rest
Reagents and methods for smooth muscle therapies
Single bit nonvolatile memory cell and methods for programming and erasing thereof
Hot runner nozzle with a tip, a tip surrounding piece and an alignment piece
Method and apparatus for slack stealing with dynamic threads
Method of supporting reverse FCH gating in base station of a mobile communication system
Order allocation to minimize container stops in a distribution center
Scheduling delivery of products via the internet
Extended markup language (XML) indexing method for processing regular path expression queries in a r...
System for enabling multiple clients to interact together over a network with a secure web page
Semiconductor memory device having externally controllable data input and output mode
Non-volatile memory and method with block management system
Technique for system initial program load or boot-up of electronic devices and systems
Optical disc loading apparatus
Microwave oven
Plasma display panel television receiver
Portable telephone
MP3 player
MP3 player
MP3 player
Photo printer
Water soluble paclitaxel derivatives
Methods of treating disseminated intravascular coagulation using anti-TNF antibodies
Regulators of type-1 tumor necrosis factor receptor and other cytokine receptor shedding
Mammalian TNF-.alpha. convertases
2,4,5-trisubstituted thiazolyl derivatives and their antiinflammatory activity
Scalable multiparty conferencing and collaboration system and method of dynamically allocating syste...
Tablet laptop and interactive conferencing station system
Method and apparatus for adding functionality to an existing conference call
Telephone conferencing device
Electronic conference system using presentation data processing based on audience equipment informat...
Light-emitting block copolymers composition, process and use
Electroluminescent polymer, bisfluorenylsilane compound and organic electroluminescent element
Organic electroluminescent devices
Organic semiconductor structure, manufacturing method of the same, and organic semiconductor device
Organic electroluminescent device, method for manufacturing the same, and display unit
Organic electroluminescence panel and method for manufacturing the same
Display device
Organic electroluminescence device and photoelectron device using said electroluminescence device
Electroluminescent devices and displays with integrally fabricated address and logic devices fabrica...
Organic thin-film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Organic electroluminescent device and manufacturing method therefor
Organic electroluminescent devices having a stability-enhancing layer
Display device and driving method thereof
Electronic circuit, electroluminescent display device, electro-optical device, electronic apparatus,...
Method for driving light emitting diode
Method of LED life extension and end-of-life prediction
Circuit for driving LED display
Combined positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance tomography unit
NMR magnet device for solution analysis and NMR apparatus
System and methods for testing operation of a radio frequency device
Combined positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance tomography unit
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Shielded, asymmetric magnets for use in magnetic resonance imaging
Assymetric radio frequency magnetic line array
Digital magnetic resonance gradient pre-emphasis
Transmission cable
Iterative decomposition of water and fat with echo asymmetry and least square estimation
Homodyne reconstruction of water and fat images based on iterative decomposition of MRI signals
Passively shielded inductive sensor system for personnel screening
Magnetic resonance cylindrical body coil and method for generating a homogeneous RF field
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
System for scheduling product planning
Method and system for determining minimum post production test time required on an integrated circui...
Data entry in a virtual environment with position indicator movement constrained between locations a...
Method and system for checking operation of a mask generation algorithm
Data access system
Method and system for processing data selected for recording to optical media
Ownership reassignment in a shared-nothing database system
Methods and apparatus for obtaining location information in relation to a target device
Data routing monitoring and management
Communication network based on topographic network devices
Method and apparatus for assigning a network node address
CAM with automatic writing to the next free address
Microprocessor and apparatus for performing fast speculative pop operation from a stack memory cache
Method and apparatus of recording data in the optical recording medium
Side portion of a welding helmet
Bird cage cover
Contact lens cleaner
Washing machine for deodorizing clothes
Holder for a scrubber
Floor mounted cleaning accessory
Direct drive structure of drum washing machine
Wheeled hamper
Hand grip for a mop
Utensil receptacle
Garbage can
Garbage can
Garbage can
Sand bag carrying enclosure
Combined wheel dolly and jack
Jack-clamp winch push adapter
Cinerary urn
Automated teller machine
Mailbox system
Sedum plant named `Hot Stuff`
Cuphea plant named `FLAMENCO RUMBA`
Sanvitalia plant named `San Yel`
Diascia plant named `Dala Litpink`
Crapemyrtle plant named `Gamad II`
Diascia plant named `Dala Desal`
Petunia plant named `Petgrabl`
Crapemyrtle plant named `Gamad IV`
Azalea plant named `MNIKRI`
Pyrolysis furnace with new type heat supply and method of high temperature cracking using the same
Conjoined reactor system
Method and apparatus for selective deep catalytic cracking of hydrocarbons
Process for the production of olefins
Process for separating carbon dioxide from an oxygenate-to-olefin effluent stream
Method for producing aromatic hydrocarbons
Selective dimethylether recovery and recycle in a methanol-to-olefin process
Direct return of oxygenate recycle stream in olefin production process
Lighting apparatus
Rotor system for a remotely controlled aircraft
Musical baby bottle
Acrylic synthetic fiber improved in styleability
Reagents and methods for mycophenolic acid immunoassay
Methods and means for obtaining modified phenotypes
Soybean variety 0008079
Agent for preventing and/or treating cachexia
Transgenic animals and cell lines for screening drugs effective for the treatment or prevention of A...
Compositions and methods for drug delivery using pH sensitive molecules
Interleukin-1.beta. converting enzyme inhibitors
Nitrogenous 5-membered ring compounds
Modulators of the glucocorticoid receptor
HIV integrase inhibitors, pharmaceutical compositions and methods for their use
Inhibitors of integrin .alpha..sub.v.beta..sub.6
Polypeptides having anti-HIV activity and compositions comprising same
Human monoclonal antibodies against human CXCR4
Isolated human drug-metabolizing proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human drug-metabolizing p...
Antibodies that immunospecifically bind BLyS
Thiolalkyl benzoic acid derivatives
Transgenic animals
Surgical navigation systems including reference and localization frames
Apparatus and method for probabilistic population size and overlap determination, remote processing ...
System and method for television frame capture and display
Segment-based encoding system using exposed area filling performed by an encoder and a decoder
Positioning of a cursor associated with a dynamic background
Wireless RF link for uncompressed transmission of HDTV signals
Video noise floor estimator with impulse noise detection
Method and system for channel estimation using iterative estimation and detection
Method and apparatus for image detail enhancement using filter bank
Circle correction in digital low-pass filter
Video apparatus using several video signal sources and process for controlling such a video apparatu...
Input circuit of television tuner
Method to correct non-periodic index event time-of-arrival data in a synchronization system
Display apparatus
Method and device for controlling the printing, printer device, printing method, printing system and...
Apparatus for protecting occupant in vehicle
Pedestrian detection and tracking with night vision
Image synthesis display method and apparatus for vehicle camera
Stereoscopic image characteristics examination system
Peripheral for portable viewing apparatus and broadcasting viewing system
Hybrid energy off highway vehicle load control system and method
Stair climbing hand truck
Crawler device
Arrangement structure for fuel cell system in vehicle
Straddle type vehicle
Methods and apparatus for conversion of motorcycle rear suspension
Running power transmission mechanism for a vehicle
Drive device for an industrial truck
Alcohol and drug sensor system for vehicles
Collision detecting device and passive safety system
Four-wheel industrial truck with a swing axle
Support structure of high pressure container
Shift device for vehicle
Vehicle steering apparatus and mounting structure for mounting the apparatus on vehicle
Steering column mounted power transmission shifter
Wheel fender with integral tank
Motorcycle passenger safety handles
Control device for a restraining system in a motor vehicle
Transmission arrangement, use of said transmission arrangement and a vehicle provided with said tran...
Vehicle control unit and vehicle
System and method for monitoring driver fatique
Structural panels for use in aircraft fuselages and other structures
Thermal deformation determination for payload pointing using space-based beacon
Vorticity cancellation at trailing edge for induced drag elimination
Method and apparatus for on-board autonomous pair catalog generation
Ballistic target defense system and methods
Compound helicopter with combined wings and landing struts
Lubricating installation for rocking power transmission box
Tilting mast in a rotorcraft
High-aspect ratio hybrid airship
Vertical conveyor arrangement for the transport of catering service goods in an aircraft with at lea...
Aircraft interior configuration detection system
Flight lock actuator with dual energy sources
Aircraft surface ice inhibitor
In-flight refueling system, bladder device and method for preventing oscillations in in-flight refue...
In-flight refueling system, sensor system and method for damping oscillations in in-flight refueling...
Launcher with dual mode electronics
Tilting transmission gearbox comprising a pivoting connection with plain bearings
Vacuum assisted resin transfer method for co-bonding composite laminate structures
Plasma-based de-icing
Tone based command system for reception of very weak signals
Control device with servocontrol loop, particularly an electro-hydraulic flight control actuator
Privacy compliant multiple dataset correlation system
Method of offering free products or services over the internet
Method and system for supplying automatic status updates using electronic mail