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Methods and systems for reporting automotive traffic conditions in response to user-specific request...
Sharing and implementing instant messaging environments
Online exchange market system with a buyer auction and a seller auction
System and method of integrating collaboration systems with browser based application systems
Transfer seal for a removable nozzle tip of an injection molding apparatus
Wave interrogated near field array system and method for detection of subwavelength scale anomalies
Bonding for a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) and MEMS based devices
Control device for engine driven vehicle incorporating generator
Recording and reproducing apparatus for use with optical recording medium having real-time, lossless...
Media access controller with power-save mode
Clock synchronization apparatus and method of devices with different clocks
Recovery of real-time video data after power loss
Pad connection structure of embedded memory devices and related memory testing method
Apparatus and method for testing on-chip ROM
Dischargeable storage device for distributing food over a surface
Catering display for food
Hanger and backcard for packages
Method of manufacturing organic EL device, and organic EL device
Organic electroluminescent device and method of fabricating the same
Electroluminescent iridium compounds with fluorinated phenylpyridines, phenylpyrimidines, and phenyl...
Capacitively switched matrixed EL display
Dual purpose test structure for gate-body current measurement in PD/SOI and for direct extraction of...
Method and apparatus for data-driving electro-luminescence display panel device
Luminescent array, wavelength-converting sealing material and light source
Organic EL device, method of manufacturing the same and electronic apparatus
Electroluminescence display
Information processing device and method
Flightless rock auger for use with pressure drills with quick attachment and method of use
Method and apparatus for counting somatic cells or fat droplets in milk
Information recording medium on which sector data generated from ECC block is recorded, information ...
Simulated three-dimensional navigational menu system
Data processing method and storage medium, and program for causing computer to execute the data proc...
Method and apparatus for controlling an instrumentation system
Method for recovering the data of a logic cell in a DCE system
Display device and heat dissipating chassis therefor
Wall conforming wine rack for a plurality of bottles
Apparatus and method for a jitter cancellation circuit
Organic electroluminescence display device and method of fabricating the same
Control system for electrochromic devices
Multi-wire saw
Boron separation and recovery
Collapsible process tank for a water purification system
Solvent-resistant composite membrane composition
Solvent-resistant composite membrane composition
Treatment of wastewater containing phosphorous and nitrogen
Method, apparatus and systems for treating contaminates in a waste fluid
Exposure apparatus and device fabricating method
Methods and apparatus for recovering gypsum and magnesium hydroxide
Defatted, dewatered bone marrow
Method for the identification of epitopes related to immunogenicity in biopharmaceuticals
Ophthalmic devices for sustained delivery of active compounds
Crystalloid electrolyte water formulation
Biofuel cell
Cryopreservation method for bivalve oocytes
Method and an apparatus for determining nucleotide sequence, and a computer program product to be ex...
Process for the preparation of l-threonine
Alcohol compatible copolymer
Method of using oxidative reductive potential water solution in dental applications
Balloon catheter having osmotic inflation system
Process for removing protein aggregates and virus from a protein solution
Kavalactone product
Composition for inducing sleep comprising essential oils as active ingredients, a percutaneous pharm...
Method for preparing ginkgo extracts having a reduced content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Method for preparing a Ginkgo extract having a reduced content of 4'-O-methyl pyridoxine and/or bifl...
Method for preparing ginkgo extracts having a low content of 4'-O-methyl pyridoxine and/or biflavone...
Method of making and using mustard as an insect or rodent repellent or preservative
Novel strain of bacillus amyloliquefaciens and its use in obtaining fermented glycine max (L.) extra...
Compositions Of Bakuchiol And Methods Of Making The Same
Soy formulations and their use in skin care
Sophoridine and its use as an analgesic
Compositions for treating and/or preventing pollinosis
Ellagic acid food supplement prepared from pomegranate seed
Larynx carcinoma-associated protein larcap-1
Compositions Comprising Particles Resulting from Processing in a Slurry Mix
Sphingoid polyalkylamine conjugates for vaccination
Sphingolipids polyalkylamine conjugates for use in transfection
Method and composition for modulating bone growth
Composition for oral administration containing alkylene dioxybenzene derivative
Formulations and methods for treating amyloidosis
Cloning, sequencing and expression of a gene encoding an eukaryotic amino acid racemase, and diagnos...
Atomizing device
Aerosol product
Two piece calendar holder
Magnetic substrates, composition and method for making the same
Method and apparatus for varying bandwidth provided to virtual channels in a virtual path
System and method for catalog administration using supplier provided flat files
System and method for securely duplicating digital documents
Message delivery systems and methods
System and method for measuring and quantizing document quality
Image forming device
System and method for measuring and quantizing document quality
Vented MEMS structures and methods
Processes for coating photoconductors
Printing method employing printer-independent print quality characteristics
Rehalftoning of gray halftones with optimal screen frequency for robust suppression of moire
Image forming apparatus using an image carrier and rotary developer unit
Digital camera
Autochoke controller
Method and system for picking and placing vessels
Multicrystalline silicon substrate and process for roughening surface thereof
Network service provider platform for supporting usage sensitive billing and operation services
Handle for an apparatus for preparing a hot beverage
Structural slab and wall assembly for use with expansive soils
Peptide having osteogenetic activity and osteogenetic accelerator containing the same
Liquid crystal display
Transfer device, with transfer pressure control
Apparatus for depositing a low work function material
Non-woven textile
Methods of inspecting a lithography template
Method for depositing porous films
Composition for forming porous film, porous film and method for forming the same, interlevel insulat...
Amine compounds and curable compositions derived therefrom
Variable watt density layered heater
Color image sensor with integrated binary optical elements
Ferroelectric-type nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Amorphous soft magnetic alloy powder, and dust core and wave absorber using the same
Porous ceramic filters with catalyst coatings
Layer obtained from an aqueous dispersion containing a silicon/titanium mixed oxide powder prepared ...
Multi-level and multi-category data labeling system
Method, system, and program for configuring system resources
System, method, and format thereof for scalable encoded media delivery
Content addressable data storage and compression for semi-persistent computer memory
Disk array device, method for controlling the disk array device and storage system
Lockdown rotor for a processing machine
Therapeutic synergy of anti-cancer compounds
Compounds for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction
Method of evaluating whiteness, method of evaluating comparative whiteness, light source and luminai...
Plural metallic layers in OLED donor
Copolymers having tunable energy levels and color of emission
Method for manufacturing light-emitting device
Light-emitting device, method of manufacturing a light-emitting device, and electronic equipment
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device by crystallization of a semiconductor region by use o...
Self-light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Display members
Prism, projection and optical component
Polarization recovery system for projection displays
Drive circuit of switch and relay circuit
Process for the manufacturing of the polymer compensation layer for LCD optical light shutter and th...
Process for producing levetiracetam
Substrate testing device and substrate testing method
Method of and apparatus for reducing speckle-pattern noise in a planar laser illumination and imagin...
Faraday dose and uniformity monitor for plasma based ion implantation
Efficient illumination systems for reduced etendue color video projection systems
Laser obstacle avoidance apparartus
Wavelength monitor
Two-optical signal generator for generating two optical signals having adjustable optical frequency ...
Patient management in automated diagnostic hearing test
Plasma display panel and method and apparatus for driving the same
Transport network and method
Multipath voice switching method and apparatus
Actuator assembly
Shotgun cleaning shell device
Hydrodynamic pump passages for rolling cone drill bit
Hydrodynamic bearing, method of manufacturing the same, method of manufacturing shaft member for hyd...
Lightweight bearing and wave gear drive
Bearings for CO.sub.2 refrigerant compressor use, compressor using the same, and applications of the...
Magneto-fluidic seal with wide working temperature range
Sliding bearing
Method for assembling supporting disk of motor rotor
Hydro fill controlling shield and sleeve for a hydrodynamic bearing
Motor vehicle with a cryotank
Method and electronic device allowing an HTML document to access local system resources
System and method for assisting in controlling real-time transport protocol flow through multiple ne...
System and method for providing detailed path information to clients
Method and an apparatus for a re-configurable processor
Multiple personality I/O bus
DNA encoding parathyroid hormone receptor
PTH-like peptides
Luminescence sensing system for welding
Method for making thermally tempered glass comprising a non-abrasive, porous, SiO.sub.2 antireflecti...
Eyeglass protective device
Aromatic dihydroxy compound useful for the preparation of (CO)polycarbonates
System and method for distribution of software licenses in a networked computing environment
Request arbitration in multi-core processor
System and method for handling exceptional instructions in a trace cache based processor
Cache memory system including a cache memory employing a tag including associated touch bits
Scalable rundown protection for object lifetime management
Method and apparatus for processing data stored in a memory shared among a plurality of processors
Prioritized bus request scheduling mechanism for processing devices
Network interface with double data rate and delay locked loop
Apparatus and method for allowing a direct decode of fire and similar codes
System and method for multiple screen electronic presentations
Method and apparatus for efficient register-transfer level (RTL) power estimation
Direct conversion receiver
Network based diagnostic system and method for programmable hardware
Method and apparatus for dynamic performance evaluation of data storage systems
Disk drive with protection from static electricity
Sense amplifier circuit
Method and apparatus for determining a type of disk
Amplifying apparatus
Infrared air heater with multiple light sources and reflective enclosure
Optical FSK receiver having compensation for Kerr effect phase noise
Fixing device and image forming device provided with the same
Circuit arrangement for compensation of the damping in an antenna feed cable for a mobile radio devi...
Receiver and composite component having local oscillator components and mixing circuit integrally fo...
Amplifiers and amplifying methods for use in telecommunications devices
Bulk material storage facilities with access chases and/or internal filling structures
Atomization technique for producing fine particles
Power plug with overloaded display
Coated metal article and method of making same
Method of inhibiting coke formation in ethylene dichloride pyrolysis cracker
Key installation system, LSI for implementing the same, and key installation method
Communication security apparatus and method of using same
Software system with a biometric dongle function
Methods and systems for unilateral authentication of messages
Data transmission system
Method and apparatus for encryption of data
Removable conformal liners for centrifuge containers
Automated means to remove air from venous blood during CPB
Throwable emergency response automatic inflatable personal flotation device
Hydraulic bolt buffer for firearm
Decorative lights with addressable color-controllable LED nodes and control circuitry, and method
Heat distributing hybrid reflector lamp or illumination system
Backlight apparatus
Attachment system for use in an optical illumination system
Articulating crack curing lamp and method
Multi-arm adjustable fluorescent lighting fixture
Automatic headlamp control
Turn signals on a front-fork shock absorber
Recessed light source for vehicle seat belts
Holder and heat sink for high performance light emitting diode warning light assembly
Vehicle headlamp with light-emitting unit shifted from optical axis of lens
Vehicular lamp and light source module
LED luminaire with thermally conductive support
Self-illuminating fabricated solid material objects
Stacked microvoided light diffuser
Optical equalization
Method and system for flexible and cost effective dynamic tilt gain equalizer
Optical modulator with an impedance matching region
Optical switch
Wavelength-selective routing using an optical add/drop architecture
Palettized image compression
Image coding apparatus and image coding method
Image processing apparatus
Aliasing artifact attenuation system
Calibrated sensor and method for calibrating same
Automated cropping of electronic images
Fast two dimensional object localization based on oriented edges
Document skew accommodation
Architecture for processing fingerprint images
Method and apparatus for image processing
Method, apparatus, system, program and medium for inspecting a circuit board and an apparatus incorp...
Device and method for automatically classifying documents using vector analysis
Dynamic chain-based thresholding using global characteristics
Method of filling exposed areas in digital images
Brachytherapy seed deployment system
Surgical instrument and method for treating organ prolapse conditions
Method and apparatus for treating pelvic organ prolapses in female patients
Detection assembly and measuring arrangement for multigas analyzers
Hearing evaluation device with noise detection and evaluation capability
Determining the hydration status of a patient
Ultrasonic detection of ear disorders
Method and apparatus for intravascular two-dimensional ultrasonography
Method and apparatus for examining vascular endothelial functions
System and method for noise reduction in thermodilution for cardiac measurement
Biopsy needle
Method and apparatus for measuring spinal distortions
Compositions and methods for the treatment of primary and metastatic neoplastic diseases using arsen...
Rapid prototyping apparatus and method of rapid prototyping
Liquid metal switch employing electrowetting for actuation and architectures for implementing same
Method for attaching shields on substrates
Capacitive sensor measurement method for discrete time sampled system for in-circuit test
System for discharging electronic circuitry
System and method for providing distributed amplification
High-frequency inductor with integrated contact
Retractable/extendable antenna assembly
Defect mitigation in spatial light modulator used for dynamic photolithography
Methods for achieving reliable joins in a multicast IP network
Wireless network with improved sharing of high power consumption tasks
System and method for asynchronous communications employing direct and indirect access protocols
Collision mitigation methods used in a communication system
Stream transmission method and device
Concurrent FM signal receiver
Method and system for timing recovery and delay spread estimation in a communication system
Method and device for maintaining environmental audio awareness in a simplex communications system
2-phenyl-1-[4-(2-aminoethoxy)-benzyl]-indoles as estrogenic agents
Bimodal polyethylene pipe composition and article made therefrom
Poly(bromoaryl)alkane additives and methods for their preparation and use
Methods of using sealants in multilateral junctions
Polymers and photoresist compositions for short wavelength imaging
Fishing reel
Fishing rod holder and clamp apparatus
Scented fishing lure
Selection system and method for milking animals
Device for at least one milking stall and a parlour comprising a plurality of milking stalls
Collapsible mesh feeder
Animal toilet
Method to enhance reproductive performance in poultry
Air flow sensing and control for animal confinement system
Animal restraint
Animal wrap for touch training
Retracting and locking leash assembly
Laminates of films and methods and apparatus for the manufacture
Protein production system
Automotive vehicle seating comfort system
Rapid computer modeling of faces for animation
Optical modulator and methods of making and using optical modulator
Method and system for providing tactical information during crisis situations
Silicone coating composition and release sheet
Positive resist composition
bHLH-PAS proteins, genes thereof and utilization of the same
Dimine metal complexes, methods of synthesis, and methods of using in oligomerization and polymeriza...
Solid siliconized polyester resins for powder coatings
Ester compounds, polymers, resist compositions and patterning process
Chemically amplified positive resist composition
Organosiloxane polymer, photo-curable resin composition, patterning process, and substrate protectiv...
Process for producing composite oxide catalyst
Mono- and bis-hydrazone pigments
Process for recovering 1,3-dimethyl-2-imidazolidinone
Crystal of bicalutamide and production method thereof
Process for the purification of a crude carboxylic acid slurry
Conveyor belt cleaner scraper blade with sensor and control system therefor
Method and apparatus for locating a fire hose
MDB transaction string effectuated cashless vending
Integrated self-powered tire revolution counter
Material support system for supporting items having radio frequency identification (RFID) tags
Variable frequency radio frequency identification (RFID) tags
Systems and methods for data reading and EAS tag sensing and deactivating at retail checkout
System for optimally placing radio frequency identification (RFID) antennas, tags, and interrogators
Demodulation of multiple signals
Method for confirming end point location of calls
Intelligent microwave oven
Polythiophenes and devices thereof
Polythiophenes and devices thereof
Surface acoustic wave modulator
Bacteriocins and novel bacterial strains
LED brush
Light-triggered tattoo process
Guest check presenter
Stick-form cosmetic material feeding container
Machine for the manufacture of lipsticks or similar
Hydrogen generator for hydrogen desulfurization of hydrocarbon feeds
Leveler compounds
Method for manufacturing a nucleotide detector
Tire with rubber tread of load bearing central and lateral zones
Niobium powder for capacitor, sintered body using the powder and capacitor using the same
Phthalocyanine compound, ink, ink jet recording method and image forming method
Bis-benzimidazoles and related compounds as potassium channel modulators
System and method for creating still images by utilizing a video camera device
Method for the treatment of chemonucleolysis
Adenovirus packaging cell lines
Beta-secretase substrates and uses thereof
Stimulation of cellular regeneration and differentiation in the inner ear
Composition and method for inhibiting platelet aggregation
Anticoagulant/sterilizing compositions and methods
Treatment of cardiovascular and related pathologies
Renal-selective biphenylalkyl 1H-substituted-1,2,4-triazole angiotensin II antagonists for treatment...
Generation of combinatorial synthetic libraries and screening for proadhesins and nonadhesins
System and method for assessing catheter connection using return loss
Cardiac rhythm management system synchronizing atrial shock to ventricular depolarization based on l...
Aqueous-aqueous emulsions comprising a dispersed phase and a continuous surfactant phase with rod-li...
Product package
Ornamentation for container element
Container and a cap
Hair treatment applicator
Process for preparing a gel element
Black and white photothermographic material and image forming method
Three-layer-cover golf ball
Presensitized plate
Photothermographic material and image forming method
Eye shadow compact
Protective helmet
Fish tank
Dishwasher cage
Dryer having a see-through door
Bowling lane conditioning machine
Portable dust collector
Steam cleaner
Dust collector
Vacuum cleaner
Remote controller for drum type washing machine
Steam iron
Combined travel steam iron with brush or similar article
Container for household waste materials
Amenity unit
Golf cart
Portion of a drawer of a service cart
Vampire fangs coffin
Apparatus for the registration of weight
Training speech recognition word models from word samples synthesized by Monte Carlo techniques
Safe, eco-friendly, health protective herbal colors and aroma useful for cosmaceutical applications
Device for applying active principles for pharmaceutical or cosmetic purposes
Method for creating a ready-to-use product from a concentrated form
Sunscreen compositions
Odorless formulation for treating mucosal discontinuities
Separation device between the machining station and a machine tool driving station
Sliding slam latch strike
Off-road vehicle trailer
Method and composition for analyzing a carbohydrate polymer
Velocity modulation coil apparatus and cathode-ray tube apparatus
Radiofrequency wave transmission circuit using arbitrary waveform generator and NMR apparatus using ...
Replacement lock lever for an automatic beverage filling machine
Printing material processing machine, in particular printing press
Oscillating mechanism for a distributor roll of a press
Device for processing a printing substrate
Method of controlling register when overprinting a plurality of separated colors
Method for screen-adaptive copy retouching
CNC production system with central database and a workpiece measuring method
Method and printing unit for influencing lateral web spreading in particular in rotary presses
Methods and host cells for producing human monoclonal antibodies to CTLA-4
Detection and identification of stable PRI patterns using multiple parallel hypothesis correlation a...
Network interface device employing a DMA command queue
Ethers of 2,2,4-trimethylpentane-1,3-diol as fragrance materials
Universal storage bus adaptor
Insertion device for intraocular lens
High refractive index aromatic-based prepolymer precursors
High refractive index aromatic-based prepolymer precursors
Apparatus and means for updating a memory display
Optically powered and optically data-transmitting wireless intraocular pressure sensor device
Near-infrared absorbing coat film and near-infrared absorbing resin composition
Membrane electrode assembly and method of manufacturing a membrane electrode assembly
Method of operating a reformer and a vehicle
Hydrogen generating device having hydrogen separator membrane and control method therefor
Method and apparatus for venting and purging of a fuel cell
Method and apparatus for electrochemical compression and expansion of hydrogen in a fuel cell system
Process and system for converting carbonaceous feedstocks into energy without greenhouse gas emissio...
Fuel cell system
Fuel cell system shunt regulator method and apparatus
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell and production method thereof
Electrode arrangement for a fuel cell
Addressing one MEA failure mode by controlling MEA catalyst layer overlap
Nonlinear electromagnetic quantum information processing
Semiconductor-on-diamond devices and methods of forming
Adhesive film for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for isomerizing allyl alcohols
Dual panel-type organic electroluminescent display device and method of fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for manufacturing display panel
Boron diffusion barrier by nitrogen incorporation in spacer dielectrics
Convenient method for the preparation of no-carrier-added O-(2-[.sup.18F]fluoroethyl)-L-tyrosine)
Device and method for milling of material using ions
Photon source and a method of operating a photon source
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Electro-optical device, method for fabricating the same, and electronic apparatus
Method for obtaining biometric data for an individual in a secure transaction
Phosphor particles having specific distribution of average diameters
Luminous device including conductive film
Superconducting magnet apparatus
Apparatus for image projection
Switchgear with embedded electronic controls
Domestic appliance
Heterocyclic analgesic compounds and methods of use thereof
Use of soluble cytokeratin-1-fragments in diagnostics and therapy
Ligands for monoamine receptors and transporters, and methods of use thereof
Apparatus and method for ion production enhancement
Trench structure having one or more diodes embedded therein adjacent a PN junction
Design for test for a high speed serial interface
Position detector, camera-shake compensation mechanism, and image capture apparatus
Ignition coil having secondary coil assembly and connecting method for the same
Super twist nematic liquid crystal display driver for reducing power consumption
Digital thermal transfer printer
Variable grating diffractive light modulator
Solid-state replacement for locomotive relay
Housing assembly for stacking multiple computer modules
Low power, high speed read method for a multi-level cell DRAM
Method and system for improvement of network performance over asymmetic links
Device using analog controls to mix compressed digital audio data
Fuel cell stack with bypass
Dual panel-type organic electroluminescent device and method for fabricating the same
Methods and apparatus for restricting access of a user using a cellular telephone
Telephone with dynamically programmable push buttons for access to advanced applications
Position location SMDPP message retry mechanism
Object views for relational data
Transmitting acknowledgements using direct memory access
Method and mechanism of accessing segments in data storage systems
Plasma production device and method and RF driver circuit
Meander line antenna
Resonant impedance matching in microwave and RF device
Multilaser bi-directional printer with an oscillating scanning mirror
Zero voltage switching power conversion circuit
Engine combustion state detection device
Volumetric ultrasonic image segment acquisition with ECG display
Optical system design for a universal computing device
Extended temperature range EMF device
Norbornene compounds with cross-linkable groups and their derivatives
Method for radiological examination of an object
Cutlery set
Phyllosilicate adsorbate and its use
Product overwrap machine
Active sensor circuit with one or more T-network pairs
Asset tracker for identifying user of current internet protocol addresses within an organization's c...
Moving robot
Method of assembling substrate transfer device and transfer system unit for the same
Substrate transport apparatus and substrate transport method
Parallel robot
Robot handling system
Positioning jig device for vehicle body frame
Multi-axis vacuum motor assembly
Electro-chemical deposition system
Control device for legged mobile robot
Gait generation device for legged mobile robot
Robot device, information processing method, and program
Gripper gage assembly
Silicon shelf towers
Arrangement for housing milking animals
Leg type mobile robot
Autonomous Environmental Control System and Method For Post-Capture and Pre-Launch Management of an ...
Torque-position transformer for task control of position controlled robots
Surgical robotic helping hand system
Auxiliary communication interface system and method thereof
Self-guided cleaning robot, self-guided robot, and program product for performing method for control...
Automatic anti-accident electrical outlet
Negative feedback amplifier for transmitter, transmitter, and method of correcting error in the nega...
Dry paint transfer laminate for use as wall covering
Functional replicator of a specific integrated circuit and its use as an emulation device
Tolerance bondwire inductors for analog circuitry
Product comprising an inhibitor of the transduction of heterotrimeric G protein signals combined wit...
Optical waveguide device and manufacturing method therefor
Method to realize fast silicon-on-insulator (SOI) optical device
Method to realize fast silicon-on-insulator (SOI) optical device
Polymer optical waveguide and method of making the same
Heater for scented candles
Image forming device
Circulating body and fixing device
Method for designing a tire and method for producing at least one tire
Methods for selecting a cementing composition for use
Method and programmable apparatus for quantum computing
Least mean square dynamic cache-locking
Device for the ultrasonic sealing and separation of a pipe section
Continuous processing of thin-film batteries and like devices
Modified spring system end cap for packaging fragile articles within shipping cartons
Landscape edging form assembly and method
Fuel cells and fuel cell catalysts
Method for manufacturing image display device
Toner kit and color-image-forming method
Induction heating for image flexing with means for adjusting magnetic flux
Optical encoder
Image pickup apparatus
Image processing apparatus having an image correction circuit and its processing method
Auto focus camera, lens apparatus and camera system with a vibration motor drive
Image-processing apparatus equipped with recording-material manual-feeding mechanism and control met...
Printhead having digital circuit and analog circuit, and printing apparatus using the same
Image reading device, method of controlling the same, control program, storage medium and image form...
Image processing apparatus and method
Image forming apparatus and program update method in the apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Configurations and methods for water purification
Water distribution system for an evaporative cooler
Purifying device
Surface acoustic wave device
Registering copy protected material in a check-out, check-in system
Polymer mixtures with improved odor control
Fiber-reactive AZO dyes, preparation thereof and use thereof
Hydantoin derivatives as inhibitors of tumor necrosis factor-alpha converting enzyme (TACE)
Method for treating a semiconductor surface to form a metal-containing layer
Radiation detector and radiation detecting element
Method for fabricating semiconductor components using conductive layer and grooves
Organic field-effect transistor and method of making same based on polymerizable self-assembled mono...
Micro electro-mechanical system device with piezoelectric thin film actuator
Semiconductor component and assembly having female conductive members
Semiconductor device having multiple semiconductor chips stacked in layers and method for manufactur...
Semiconductor chip assembly with carved bumped terminal
Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Enhanced die-up ball grid array packages and method for making the same
Electronic assembly with solder-bonded heat sink
Semiconductor device, method for manufacturing the same, circuit substrate, electro-optical apparatu...
Semiconductor component having conductors with wire bondable metalization layers
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Recording medium having a substrate containing microscopic pattern of parallel groove and land secti...
Layout method and apparatus for arrangement of a via offset from a center axis of a conductor and se...
Electronic device having side electrode, method of manufacturing the same, and apparatus using the s...
Content synchronization frameworks using dynamic attributes and file bundles for connected devices
Memory hub with internal cache and/or memory access prediction
Mechanism for providing early coherency detection to enable high performance memory updates in a lat...
Method for generating a synchronization signal based on the clock ratio between two clock domains fo...
Communication clocking conversion techniques
Method, system, and program for providing a mirror copy of data
Memory circuit scan arrangement
At-speed ATPG testing and apparatus for SoC designs having multiple clock domain using a VLCT test p...
Method and apparatus for error detection and correction
Method and system for providing fast design for testability prototyping in integrated circuit design...
Moulded bodies made from a polyurethane material, production and use thereof
Polypeptide inhibiting a proton-gated Na+ channel, a nucleic acid coding for such polypeptide and a ...
Manipulation of the phenolic acid content and digestibility of plant cell walls by targeted expressi...
Methods of making male-sterile plants by underexpressing allene oxide synthase
Method and apparatus for automated image analysis of biological specimens
Means for identifying a novel class of genes resistant to the rice yellow mottle virus and the locus...
Map compiler pipelined loop structure
System and method for displaying advertisements
Method, system, and software for creating and utilizing broadcast electronic program guide templates
Fault management in a VDSL network
Transmit device and method thereof, record/play device and method thereof as well as recording syste...
Methods and apparatus for providing security for a data storage system
Token-based authentication for network connection
Method for firmware to provide seamless regulation of system resources and extend additional configu...
Apparatus and method for reducing program selection time in multi-changer of optical disk player
Apparatus and method for user-based control of television content
Method and apparatus for data packet pattern matching
Piezoelectric lighter
Piezoelectric lighter
Storage bin with attachable label holder
Disposable lighter
Color rendering of illumination light in display systems
Antihelminthic anthraquinones and method of use thereof
Single axis light pipe for homogenizing slow axis of illumination systems based on laser diodes
Vehicle license frame having a design of skulls with illuminated eyes
Method and apparatus for accelerated post-silicon testing and random number generation
Method and apparatus for debugging programs in a distributed environment
Database management system using offsets in entries with at least one varying-length column
Molding compositions with solid thermoplastic elastomer thickeners and products obtained therefrom
Gain-clamped fiber amplifier
Fluorine-containing amphoteric polymer for surface coating and preparation method thereof
Erbium doped fiber amplifier for reducing transient phenomena of OSNR and BER in dynamic WDM system ...
Resistive heating using polyaniline fiber
Neutron flux mapping system for nuclear reactor
Signal light interruption detecting method and optical amplifier using same
Fiber-optic filter with tunable grating
Integrated photonic broadband light source
Device for bending an optical beam, in particular in an optical integrated circuit
Tape fiber and method for treating same
NMR RF coils with improved low-frequency efficiency
Exposure method
Rapid depth scanning optical imaging device
Light amplification control unit and method
Optical transmission systems including optical amplifiers, apparatuses and methods
Multiply-substituted protease variants with altered net charge for use in detergents
Action recommendation system for a mobile vehicle
Methods and devices for inhibiting tilting of a mirror in an interferometric modulator
Method and system for establishing communication to a mobile module
Locomotive control system and method
Wheel lift identification for an automotive vehicle using passive and active detection
Method and apparatus for accurate aircraft and vehicle tracking
Method for outputting data in a vehicle and a driver-information device
Regulation of human aminopeptidase N
Fuel cell
High loading supported carbon catalyst, method of preparing the same, catalyst electrode including t...
Method for producing homopolymers and copolymers of isobutene
Method and system for local memory addressing in single instruction, multiple data computer system
Dolly for portable air compressor
Centrifugal fluid pump apparatus
Refrigeration system having a rotary compressor
Oscillating displacement pump
Variable displacement pump
Cooling mechanism for cooling electric driving part of injection molding machine and cooling method ...
Process and an apparatus for utilizing wave energy
Gas turbine engine system having an electric starter motor with integral clutch
Refrigerant cycle with plural condensers receiving refrigerant at different pressure
Submersible pump controller
Method and device for discharging fluid
Method for controlling a thick matter pump
Internal intermediate pressure multistage compression type rotary compressor, manufacturing method t...
Swash plate compressors with non-circular pistons and cylinders
Electrically driven pump and domestic appliance having the pump
Wheeled portable air compressor
Spindle-motor driven pump system
Candle warmer
Electric fan for vehicle use
Dispenser for sheet material
Absorbent articles containing additives
Tissue dispenser
Process for producing a catheter
Respiratory circuit support arm
Container and cartridge for dispensing paper products
Dental wipe
Roll firmness measuring system and process
Backlight apparatus
Bulk shipping box assembly with detachable pallet
Package particularly for packaging food products
Octagonal bulk bin with means to resist initiation of failure of the vertical score in the bin
Self-locking roll-over flap with hook lock
Method and system for decomposition of multiple channel signals
Reflection-photometric analytical system
Portable device for measuring the light intensity from an object, and the use of such a device
Method and apparatus for forming substrate for semiconductor or the like
Telescope accessory
Method and apparatus for detecting phycocyanin-pigmented algae and bacteria from reflected light
Imaging system and methodology employing reciprocal space optical design
Method of controlling data gathered at remote locations
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program for executing image processing method, ...
Reference database
High density combined cycle power plant process
Plasma catalyst
Illumination system housing multiple LEDs and provided with corresponding conversion material
Compressible hearing aid
Method and apparatus for processing digitally sampled signals at a resolution finer than that of a s...
Converting data signals in a multiple communication protocol system area network
Data migration method, protocol converter and switching apparatus using it
Storage switch with bandwidth control function
Positive crankcase ventilation valve assembly
Sanitary, storm and catch basin trap with filter insert
Material classifier having a scoop wheel
Stainless steel tubing/frit with sintered inorganic particle, the chromatography comprising it, and ...
Separating device, particularly for separating solids from liquids
Combination particulate and acid-neutralizing filter
Filter element-removing jig
Negatively charged membrane
Apparatus for in-situ microbial seeding
Liquid-liquid extraction of polar organic substances from their aqueous solutions with fluorinated e...
System for the purification and reuse of spent brine in a water softener
Protective device for the chromatographic bed in dynamic axial compression chromatographic columns
Module for automated matrix removal
Granular moving-bed apparatus
Tissue repair compositions and methods for their manufacture and use
Step-by-step alkylation of polymeric amines
Method of chlorine purification and process for producing 1,2-dichloroethane
Dialysis machine and method of controlling it
Safety device for a blood treatment machine and a method of increasing the safety of a blood treatme...
Apparatus and methods for occluding an access tube anastomosed to sidewall of an anatomical vessel
Method and apparatus for processing semiconductor devices in a singulated form
Transparent composite composition
Target flow meters
Method and kit for analyzing target nucleic acid fragment
Metrology system and method for measuring five degrees-of-freedom for a point target
Target for surveying instrument
Target identification from a pool of targets using a new adaptive transmitter-receiver design
Method and system for adjusting downlink outer loop power to control target SIR
Controller device and communications system for transmitting reserve commands from a controller to t...
Processing device for buffering sequential and target sequences and target address information for m...
3,4-Di-substituted cyclobutene-1,2-diones as CXC-chemokine receptor ligands
Isolation of a dimer di-gallate, a potent endothelium-dependent vasorelaxing compound
Substance FKI-1083 and process for producing the same
High concentration topical insecticide containing insect growth regulator
Inhibitors of cruzipain and other cysteine proteases
Adamantane derivatives
Oxidized carotenoid fractions and ketoaldehyde useful as cell-differentiation inducers, cytostatic a...
Phthalamide derivatives
Alkyl sorbitan emulsion compositions for fuel cell reformer start-up
Elastic blends comprising crystalline polymer and crystallizable polymers of propylene
Muscle-based grafts/implants
Ink for ink-jet recording and image forming method
Joined bodies, high pressure discharge lamps and assemblies therefor
Hearing protection and communication assembly
Methods and apparatus for improving the cold starting capability of a fuel cell
Air filter unit with several filter elements
RBC or CRBC fine powder dispersing foam-molded synthetic resin material, method for preparing same a...
Composite devices incorporating biological material and methods
Hole transporting agents and photoelectric conversion device comprising the same
Human serpin polypeptides
Devices having compliant wafer-level packages with pillars and methods of fabrication
Multilayer polymer-quantum dot light emitting diodes and methods of making and using thereof
Low k interconnect dielectric using surface transformation
Disposable dish care and hard surface cleaning wipe
Polymerization process using a metallocene catalyst system
Immunosuppressive effects of administration of a cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor and a 5-lipoxygenase inh...
Linear low density polyethylenes with high melt strength and high melt index ratio
Self-assembled calixarene-based guest-host assemblies for guest storage by van der Waals confinement
Optical memory card based e-commerce business method
Symmetric data tags
Methods of operating a reservation system using electronic device cover with embedded transponder
Spin stand testing system with fine positioner for head stack assembly
Disk drive with read while write capability
Methods and apparatuses for writing spiral servo patterns onto a disk surface
Servo write head assembly and servo writer
Pole base assembly driving device for tape recorder
Self extending, retractable communications cable mechanism for storage library robotics module
Hard disc drive having a base including a channel at the bottom of a moving region and corresponding...
Recording disk drive having rectifier plate and ramp member therefor
Inboard thrust surface fluid recirculation pump
Conning motor hub surface to compensate disk conning angle for balanced head flying height on both s...
Single pole type recording head with trailing side tapered edges
Pole tip with sides flared at media-facing surface
Magnetic recording head with heating device
Magnetic head having magnetic pole with lengthened neck pole tip and coplanar yoke, and method of fa...
Recording medium cartridge having a cam actuated cover member
Control of twist, crown and camber for sliders using location sensitive scribing
Flying head slider capable of avoiding collision when loaded
Head suspension for disk drive and method of manufacturing head suspension
Recording medium drive capable of avoiding damages of recording medium
Tape head having a support plate with contoured surface
Tape drive apparatus with a head alignment system
Magnetoresistive sensor having a self aligned lead overlay structure and method of fabrication there...
High resistance sense current perpendicular-to-plane (CPP) giant magnetoresistive (GMR) head
Video recording system utilizing storage redundancy to transfer non-time-critical, error-intolerant ...
Method of manufacturing a long rod shaped ignition transformer integrated in an igniter unit
Heat sensitive recording material
System and method for detecting an intruder using impulse radio technology
Betaine/GABA transport protein biopolymer marker indicative of insulin resistance
MCH receptor antagonists
Uses of galanin GALR2 receptors
Method for identifying modulators of CLK-1 and UbiF activity
Epidermal melanocyte culture formulations
Tricyclic compounds protein kinase inhibitors for enhancing the efficacy of anti-neoplastic agents a...
Melanocortin receptor ligands
Preventives/remedies for urinary disturbance
Pharmaceutical compositions containing 3-aminoazetidine derivatives, novel derivatives and their pre...
Benzothiazepine and benzothiazepine derivatives with ileal bile acid transport (IBAT) inhibotory act...
5-substituted-six-membered heteroaromatic glucokinase activators
Fused-aryl and heteroaryl derivatives as modulators of metabolism and the prophylaxis and treatment ...
Inhibitors of 11-.beta.-hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase type 1
Benzimidazole derivatives
Fluoropyrrolidines as dipeptidyl peptidase inhibitors
Apparatus, method, and program for breakpoint setting
Intercalling between native and non-native instruction sets
System and method for providing exploit protection for networks
Variable cycle instruction execution in variable or maximum fixed cycle mode to disguise execution p...
Utility for configuring and verifying data sources
Access control for computers
Apparatus and method for enabling composite style sheet application to multi-part electronic documen...
Conversion of documents between XML and processor efficient MXML in content based routing networks
Method and apparatus for portable universal resource locator and coding across runtime environments
Graphical association of program icons
Parameter oriented graphical representation of hardware timing and triggering capabilities with cont...
Method and device for joining of metal components, particularly light metal components
Method of molding using a plunger machine with a tapered bore
Lactic acid-based resin composition
Process to make polycarbonate from bismethylsalicylcarbonate (BMSC)
Power supply without cooling fan
Thickener for high-surfactant aqueous systems
Isolated cancer associated antigens NY-MEL 1 and NY-MEL 3, peptides based thereon, and their uses
Identification of viral agents in breast ducts and antiviral therapy therefore
Methods for detecting the interaction of compounds with cytochrome P450 using optical molecular sens...
Apoptotic entities for use in treatment of neurodegenerative and other neurological disorders
Isotopically coded affinity markers 3
Antimicrobial absorbent article, and methods of making and using the same
Compositions for receptor/liposome mediated transfection and methods of using same
Topical formulation having effects on alleviating pain/inflammation caused by herpes virus infection
AOM modulation techniques employing plurality of transducers to improve laser system performance
AOM modulation techniques employing an upstream Bragg adjustment device
Apparatus for applying optical gradient forces
Magneto-optical recording apparatus having recovery processing unit
Optical disc apparatus
Disk recording-playback device
Laser diode driver, method of driving the laser diode driver, and method of initializing an optical ...
Photo-detector amplifier circuit for optical disk device
Optical pickup and disk drive apparatus
Method and apparatus for producing a pulsed laser beam
Optical apparatus and method for producing the same
Laser driver circuit with signal transition enhancement
Semiconductor laser element and method of fabrication thereof
Semiconductor laser device and method for fabricating the same
Traveling-wave optoelectronic wavelength converter
Fiber optic mechanical/thermal tuning and isolating device
Method of aligning optical wireless transceivers comprising distinct mirrors for transmitting and re...
Return-to-zero (RZ) optical data modulator
Fusing unit used with a color laser printer
Engine air intake device
Truck space storage platform
Automotive door trim panel having an integrated seal
Electrical connector and airbag apparatus having an electrical connector
Fuel cell with solid polymer membrane to be moisturized, fuel cell system, and moisturizing method f...
Camp fire tool
Functional element, method for fixing it in a sheet metal part, assembling element and swaging assem...
Catheter having exchangeable balloon
Multilayer circuit board and method for manufacturing the same
Temperature compensating insert for a mechanically leveraged smart material actuator
Direct application voltage variable material, components thereof and devices employing same
Textile machine texturing system and texturing nozzle therefor
Device for grinding of clothing in a textile machine
Thermosetting compositions containing alternating copolymers of isobutylene type monomers
Powder coating compositions
Heatable article having a configured heating member
Generic satellite positioning system receivers with programmable inputs
Multi-function device with positioning system and shared processor
Reverse venturi atomization chamber and the use thereof
Portable aircraft hangar
Device and method of control of fixed and variable geometry rhomboid wings
Nacelle inlet lip anti-icing with engine oil
High-altitude launching of rockets lifted by helium devices and platforms with rotatable wings
Attitude alignment of a slave inertial measurement system
Anti-submarining seat-belt assembly
Magnetic tool
Golf swing training template
Multi-function electronic fishing float
Slope controllable foot plate for golf swing practice apparatus
Universal golf spike removal tool
Method of reducing switching noise in a power distribution system by external coupled resistive term...
Method of correcting for phase error induced by a down sampling routine
Spacetime equalization in a wireless receiver
Digital filter for reducing voltage peaks
Apparatus and method for piercing skin with microprotrusions
Microfluidic two-way isolation valve
Molybdenum metal
Multilayer polymer hose line or tubing having reduced length variations
Fuel cell using variable porosity gas diffusion material
Multi-layer inductor formed in a semiconductor substrate and having a core of ferromagnetic material
Method and apparatus for configuring the operation of an integrated circuit
Information providing system and apparatus and methods therefor
Reference database
Method and apparatus to search for information
System and method for accessing biological data
Method and apparatus for matching customer symptoms with a database of content solutions
Method and system for recovering the validity of cryptographically signed digital data
Graphical user interface method and apparatus
Liquid crystal display of horizontal electric field applying type and fabricating method thereof
Compound semiconductor device and its manufacture
SiGe layer having small poly grains
Contact method for thin silicon carbide epitaxial layer and semiconductor devices formed by those me...
Field-effect transistor
Semiconductor device including a capacitor having a capacitive insulating film of an insulating meta...
Printhead assembly with composite support beam for a pagewidth printhead
Power metal oxide semiconductor transistor layout with lower output resistance and high current limi...
Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
Complete-charge-transfer vertical color filter detector
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
Microelectronic component assemblies and microelectronic component lead frame structures
Multilayer integrated circuit for RF communication and method for assembly thereof
Flip chip stack
Method for treating surface of organic insulating film using helium plasma and method of fabricating...
Dual sided lithographic substrate imaging
Dispersion compensator, method for manufacturing the same, and method for compensating wavelength di...
Experiment management system and method thereof in semiconductor manufacturing environment
Program for controlling laser apparatus and recording medium for recording program for controlling l...
Output driver capable of controlling slew rate of output signal according to operating frequency inf...
Synchronous dynamic random access memory devices having dual data rate 1 (DDR1) and DDR2 modes of op...
Method and apparatus for non-invasive monitoring of blood substances using self-sampled tears
Pattern-and model-based power line monitoring
Method for transmitting wellbore data acquired in the wellbore to the surface
Process and method for chemical manufacturing using transformation of on-line instrumentation data
Monitoring signals between two integrated circuit devices within a single package
Passive embedded interaction code
Method and apparatus for analysis of variables
High-speed magneto-optic modulator
Jacket tube made of synthetically produced quartz glass and optical fibres produced using said jacke...
Method and system for solving the word problem in braid group cryptosystems
Thermal cycler for PCR
Automated borehole geology and petrophysics interpretation using image logs
System and method for analyzing data streams
State coverage tool
Metrics and status presentation system and method using persistent template-driven web objects
Processor with low overhead predictive supply voltage gating for leakage power reduction