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Main signal controlling apparatus and method in a WDM optical communications system
Scanning method and an image-processing device including the same
Image forming method
Determining the context of surroundings
Integrated multi-rail imaging system
Tissue electroperforation for enhanced drug delivery and diagnostic sampling
Method for creating a sculpture
Method and system for a user-following interface
Ignition coil
Self monitoring pool cover system
Thin metal oxide film and process for producing the same
Pixel sensor array having a layer of sensor material grown on a pre-fabricated wafer and method of m...
Positioning device, exposure apparatus using the positioning device, and device production method
In-situ BWR and PWR CRUD flake analysis method and tool
X-ray illumination optical system and X-ray reduction exposure apparatus
Automatic classification of defects using pattern recognition applied to X-ray spectra
Radiological imaging device, method and program of control associated with the device
Method and apparatus for improving PET detectors
Traveling X-ray inspection system with collimators
Method and apparatus for improved data acquisition using a solid state digital X-ray detector
Soft tissue cephalometric screen with submental-neck extension, and radiology apparatus, modular sys...
Image sensor
Digital medical image analysis
Compact apparatus for noninvasive measurement of glucose through near-infrared spectroscopy
Magnetic resonance imaging probes
Apparatus and method for volume processing and rendering
Systems and methods for generating an appliance with tie points
Intelligent buffering process for network conference video
Monitoring boundary crossings in a wireless network
Automated closet system and methods
Device and method for processing slaughter animals and/or parts thereof provided with a transportati...
Layout modeling system for a transport system
Automated route determination to avoid a particular maneuver
Apparatus and method for locating electronic job site plan features at a job site
Dynamic insertion of a speech recognition engine within a distributed speech recognition system
Method to import/export or detach/attach a file to/from a remote mail server
Microprocessor that detects erroneous speculative prediction of branch instruction opcode byte
Firmwave mechanism for correcting soft errors
System and method for sequencing and performing very high speed software downloads concurrent with s...
Static timing analysis approach for multi-clock domain designs
Handheld portable user device and method for the presentation of images
Electronic apparatus and remote controller
Apparatus and method for internet telephone communication
IP datagram over multiple queue pairs
Method and apparatus for allocating time slots within a frame of a TDMA frequency channel
Interface module in a vehicle
Item delivery and retrieval system
Providing a presentation on a network
Methods, systems and computer program products for detecting a spoofed source address in IP datagram...
System and method for remotely configuring testing laboratories
Method and apparatus for individualizing and updating a directory of computer files
Performing multicast communication in computer networks by using overlay routing
Digital broadcast program billing
Scheduling system using packet FIFOs and cell FIFOs for converting IP packets to ATM cells
Directional focus navigation
Quality of displayed images with user preference information
Graphical user interface for direct control of display of data
Method and apparatus for a configurable metal register
Method, system and program product for specifying a configuration for multiple signal or dial instan...
ESD design, verification and checking system and method of use
Method, system, and product for verifying voltage drop across an entire integrated circuit package
Method of selectively building redundant logic structures to improve fault tolerance
Multiple level transistor abstraction for dynamic circuits
System and method for determining detail of analysis in a circuit design
Methods and apparatus for improving critical path analysis using gate delay
Method and system for generating an optimized suite of test cases
Installing fixes based on usage
One click deployment
Virtual machine with reset operation
Providing data to applications from an access system
System and method for host and network based intrusion detection and response
Detecting and responding to a clock rollback in a digital rights management system on a computing de...
Single pump water gun with adjustable force pressure chamber
Method for braking a vessel with two marine propulsion devices
Marine propulsion system with pressure compensated hydraulic supply capability
Folding cleat with spring actuation
Rescue boat
Safety and accessibility assembly
Device of a basket for scooping up objects
Ram-type tensioner assembly having integral hydraulic fluid accumulator
Artificial leather composite reinforced with ultramicrofiber nonwoven fabric
Methods for generating classroom productivity index
Apparatus for training a body part of a person and method for using same
Automated laterally offset retractable food dislodgement or guiding mechanisms and associated method...
Method and apparatus for spiral cutting a tubular meat product
Flavored film
Method and apparatus for producing and dispensing an aerated and/or blended food product
Centrifugal separating device and method of clarifying must during the production of wine
Double sided grill with automated control including localized prompting and confirmation of manual o...
Food storage containers
Mold for the making of a hand-holdable edible food product
Method for producing beer
Method and apparatus for producing a continuous food shaped as a bar and a belt conveyor used for it...
Process for producing isoprenoid compounds by microorganisms and a method for screening compounds wi...
Biodegradable composition having improved water resistance and process for producing same
Smart tray system and method for restaurant inventory management
Peach tree plant named `Plawhite 5`
Miniature rose plant named `KORpagbel`
Ageratum plant named `Sage80091`
Carnation plant named `CFPC Lahana`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Ingorch`
Torenia plant named `Dantohoneymon`
Campanula plant named `PKMP05`
Impatiens plant named `Imtraoran`
Verbascum plant named `Sunshine Spires`
Azalea plant named `MNIELE`
Azalea plant named `MNIESM`
Azalea plant named MNISIR
Echinacea purpurea plant named `Hope`
Heuchera plant named `Peach Flambe`
Shrub rose plant named `BAIief`
Epimedium plant named `AMBER QUEEN`
Petunia plant named `Jam Lavertwo`
Diascia plant named `Dala Pinka`
Diascia plant named `Dala Rossa`
System and method for TV automatic gain control (AGC)
Digital television receiver with remote tuner for driving transmission line with intermediate-freque...
Dynamic shadow removal from front projection displays
Lens systems for projection televisions
Digital camera for image device calibration
Compensating display surface
Method and devices for digital video signal compression and multi-screen process by multi-thread sca...
Apparatus and methods for suppression of interference among disparately-modulated signals
Method and apparatus for tracking a moving object
Method for quantitative video-microscopy and associated system and computer software program product
Pattern inspection method and apparatus
Method for recognizing position of honeycomb structure
Recording audio enabling software and images on a removable storage medium
Power supply having stable reset function in mobile electronic unit
Error detecting method and apparatus
Method of preparation and packaging of a fresh food product with respiratory capacity for its conser...
Food presentation plank
Apparatus and process for preparing a frozen confection
Method for cooking meat using steam
Method for cooking food using steam
Cyclopropanated coumarin derivatives
Nutritional product and hydration method of manufacture
Nutritional product and hydration method of manufacture
Novel dairy product compositions using highly refined cellulosic fiber ingredients
Prepared foods containing triglyceride-recrystallized non-esterified phytosterols
Continuous production of pregelatinized corn flours for dairy-based and cereal-based foods
Rice flour composition with enhanced process tolerance and solution stability
High-quality human-grade ingredient dry pet food and method of producing same
Method for testing ghrelin release
Belt conveyor with external drive
Use of prebiotics for preventing or treating oxidation stress
Medicinal compositions and therapeutic methods for treating arthritis and other painful conditions
Antimicrobial bolisin peptides
Nondestructive fluid transfer device
Wireless surveillance system
ScreenXbook publishing method
Learning support system and learning support program
Learning apparatus and method
Professor Pieczenik's instruction method and system
Magnetic substance display panel
Method and Apparatus for Improving Performance
Method and Apparatus for Improving Performance
Stationary kick practice stand
Train Simulator and Playback Station
System and method for identifying activity levels in a kitchen workspace and recommending zones for ...
Intelligence-adjusted cognitive evaluation system and method
Semi-custom method of educating and developing individuals
Schedule creation method, schedule creation system, unexperienced schedule prediction method, and le...
Definition of dynamic movement parameters of a material object during sports competitions or trainin...
Golf swing analysis
Knot tying training apparatus
Apparatus for teaching and practicing dental procedures
Requirements based registration system
Methods for automatically identifying user selected answers on a test sheet
Method and architecture for distributed multi-echelon exercise and training system and method of usi...
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) safe remotely adjustable artificial sphincter
Dynamically adjustable gastric implants and methods of treating obesity using dynamically adjustable...
Anastomotic ring applier with inflatable members
Cosmetic laser treatment device and method for localized lipodystrophies and flaccidity
Sheath for enabling insertion and extraction of anastomotic ring applier
Surgical instrument for extracting an anastomotic ring device
Anastomotic ring applier device utilizing an electroactive polymer
Spring-based firing mechanism for anastomotic ring applier
Sheathless anastomotic ring applier device
Articulating anastomotic ring applier
Anastomotic ring applier device providing forward and retrograde visualization
Anastomotic ring applier with double motion actuation
Screw tip control for anastomotic ring applier
Endoluminal gastric ring and method
Surgical marker/connector
Patient training routine for biological interface system
Impedance-based stimulation adjustment
Shape-memory port-access tube
Networked system for interactive communication and remote monitoring of individuals
Networked system for interactive communication and remote monitoring of individuals
3-(2-amino-1-azacyclyl)-5-aryl-1,2,4-oxadiazoles as s1p receptor agonists
Substitituted 1-piperidin-3-yl-piperidin 4-yl-piperazine derivatives and their use as neurokinin aua...
Use of CDK II inhibitors for birth control
Spiroheterocyclic compounds and their uses as therapeutic agents
2,3,6-Trisubstituted-4-pyrimidone derivatives
Regulation of type 5 adenylyl cyclase for treatment of neurodegenerative and cardiac diseases
Methods for reducing levels of disease associated proteins
Methods and compositions for the treatment of CNS-related conditions
Spiro-oxindole compounds and their uses as therapeutic agents
Apparatus for curing a composite laminate
Treatment and inhibition of disease conditions using flexible heteroarotinoids
Monoamine re-uptake inhibitors and methods relating thereto
Novel interleukin-1 and tumor necrosis factor-alpha modulators, synthesis of said modulators and the...
Highly purified ethyl EPA and other EPA derivatives for psychiatric and neurological disorders
Cellulosic-based resistance domain for an analyte sensor
Physical therapy platform assembly
Method and apparatus for controlling autonomic balance using neural stimulation
Production of hSA-linked butyrylcholinesterases in transgenic mammals
Method, system, and article of manufacture for consistent copying of storage volumes
Configurable cache
Pipeline replay support for unaligned memory operations
Methods and circuits for preventing the overwriting of memory frames in programmable logic devices
Logical unit security for clustered storage area networks
System and method for authenticating block level cache access on network
Method and system for migrating data
System and method for managing data associated with copying and replication procedures in a data sto...
Method, system, and program for forming a consistency group
Storage system and snapshot management method thereof
Method and apparatus for managing direct I/O to storage systems in virtualization
Point in time copy between data storage systems
System and method for controlling access to protected data stored in a storage unit
Method and system for capturing and bypassing memory transactions in a hub-based memory system
Burst counter controller and method in a memory device operable in a 2-bit prefetch mode
Inferring size of a processor memory address based on pointer usage
Configuration size determination in logically partitioned environment
Dynamic page conflict prediction for DRAM
Portable, human-powered electrical energy source
Constant voltage power supply with normal and standby modes
Vehicle speed dependent compensator for electric steering systems
Unbalance dynamic load generator
Switching power supply control device and switching power supply
Synthetic ripple regulator
Reference current generation system
System for detecting defective battery packs
Disk array device
High frequency voltage regulating transformer based converter
Over-voltage protection circuit for power converter
Apparatus and method for generating electrical power in a borehole
Device and method for providing phototherapy to the brain
Production of tissue engineered heart valves
Multi-lumen mold for intervertebral prosthesis and method of using same
Lordosis creating nucleus replacement method and apparatus
Bone fusion device
Vertebral disc implant in fiber form
Digital cell
Integrated biosensor and simulation system for diagnosis and therapy
Methods for establishing and analyzing the conformation of amino acid sequences
Digitizing biology
Novel Methods and Devices for Evaluating Poisons
Method to optimize drug selection, dosing and evaluation and to help predict therapeutic response an...
Dive computer and method for determining gas formation
Providing an independent practitioner medical opinion via a network
Method of making tissue simulating analog materials and models made from same
Nucleotide and amino acid sequences of oocyte factors for altering ovarian follicular growth in vivo...
Ha4,a new osteoblast-and chondrocyte-specific small secreted peptide, compositions and methods of us...
Transgenic Mice Containing Kir3.3 Potassium Channel Gene Disruptions
High throughput multi-dimensional sample analysis
Portable coilable electronic apparatus and method
Device-to-lead terminal connector for implantable tissue stimulators
Device for enhancing cell metabolism
Logarithmic light intensifier for use with photoreceptor-based implanted retinal prosthetics and tho...
Computer software for automated annotation of biological sequences
Biopolymer sequence comparison
Process controller for semiconductor manufacturing
Measurement support system and measurement support method
Method and apparatus for calibration over time of histological and physiological biometric markers f...
Simulator cart
Product value information interchange server
Integrated nested account financial system with medical savings subaccount
System with user directed enrichment and import/export control
Method and systems for making OLAP hierarchies summarisable
Input devices for entering data into an electronic medical record (EMR)
DNA shuffling to produce herbicide selective crops
DNA shuffling to produce herbicide selective crops
Nucleotide sequences involved in disease resistance
Coleopteran-toxic polypeptide compositions
Enoyl-ACP reductases
Optimizing glycan processing in plants
Plants having modified growth characteristics and method for making the same
Nucleic acid molecules and other molecules associated with the gibberellin pathway
Methods for conditional transgene expression and trait removal in plants
Expression of human serum albumin insulin in plastids
Novel constructs and their use in metabolic pathway engineering
Production of polyhydroxyalkanoate in plants
Nucleotide sequences and method of using same to increase plant stress tolerance
Plants having resistance to multiple herbicides and its use
Celery variety command
Miniature rose plant named 'SPRoheather'
Lavandula plant named 'Winter Lace'
Euphorbia milii plant named 'Katie's Crown'
Real-time programming of electronic radio system resource assets
Internal calibration system for a radio frequency (RF) transmitter
Receiver of RFID reader for eliminating leakage signal
Arrangement for dividing a filter output signal
Frequency layer dispersion
Method for a supervisor to monitor the proximity of multiple charges - typically children
Method for synchronizing a radio communication system that is divided up into radio cells
Method and apparatus for setting a power limit for high speed downlink packet access services
Method, apparatus and computer program providing signaling of configurable power step sizes for high...
Mobile station, mobile communication system, and mobile communication method
Method and circuit arrangement for determining a charge consumed within a period in mobile devices
Apparatus and methods for renal stenting
RFID receiving process for use with enterprise resource planning systems
Data-defined communication device
Search method for radio LAN terminal, search system for radio LAN terminal using the search method, ...
System and method for field management using radio frequency tags
Wireless networking system and method
Platform and methods for continuous asset location tracking and monitoring in intermittently connect...
Communication apparatus implementing time domain isolation with restricted bus access
Fault-tolerant architecture for a distributed control system
Wireless communication system
Animation composing vending machine
Method and system for managing shared printers
Printer control program and apparatus
Default settings customization system
Method of using a mobile device with sensing means to interact with printed schedule information
Using time in recognizing persons in images
Colorant control values for color printing devices
Memory reallocation during ripping in a printer
Printing system, process, and product with a variable watermark
Color fringe desaturation for electronic imagers
Method for the production of zeaxanthin and/or biosynthetic intermediates and/or subsequent products...
Varactor tuning for a narrow band filter
E-mail filtering services and e-mail service enrollment techniques
System and method for sorting e-mail using a vendor registration code and a vendor registration purp...
Memory device and internal control method therefor
Mechanical highly compliant thermal interface pad
Heat exchanger
Modular architecture for thermal control in a spacecraft
Fan holder
Electroosmotic microchannel cooling system
Use of adjusted evaporator section area of heat pipe that is sized to match the surface area of an i...
Heat exchanger module
Heat exchanger
Fan coil controller
Fiber adhesive material
Method for the detection of coatings using emissivity and reflectivity
Frame-level thermal interface component for transfer of heat from an electronic component of a compu...
Electronics connector with heat sink
ATCA integrated heatsink and core power distribution mechanism
Method and system for synchronizing climate control devices
Direct micro-patterning of lipid bilayers using UV light and selected uses thereof
Shoe sole structures using a theoretically ideal stability plane
Athletic shoe with improved heel structure
Light display structures
Ankle brace
Methods, systems, and devices for performing electrosurgical procedures
Footwear with a sole structure incorporating a lobed fluid-filled chamber
Sole for sports footwear
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Fluid-filled bladder incorporating a foam tensile member
Inflatable footwear
Footwear with knit upper and method of manufacturing the footwear
System for and method of authenticating items
Customizable, illuminated hair beads
Toe stretcher
Bladder with multi-stage regionalized cushioning
Rubber composition and process for production thereof
Method and apparatus for fast data rate ramp up in Node B scheduling of UE uplink
Magnetic calibration array
Processing structured data
Index cards on network hosts for searching, rating, and ranking
System and method for providing status information from multiple information sources in a single dis...
Method and system for making a frame alteration in a network processing system
Method, system, and program for asynchronous copy
Apparatus, architecture, and method for integrated modular server system providing dynamically power...
Security enhancements for pervasive devices
Systems and methods for data backup over a network
Off-pitch column redundancy using dynamic shifters
Configuration of displays for targeted user communities
System and method for associating a block diagram with a user interface element
Automatic assigning of shortcut keys
Previewing points of interest in navigation system
Methods and compositions of novel triazine compounds
Inhibition of TNF-.alpha.-initiated neutrophil response
Compounds useful in the manufacture of an anti-inflammatory androstane derivative
Deep well sparging
Tissue treatment
Infectious cDNA clone of North American porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) virus a...
Biodegradable and biocompatible polymeric microspheres encapsulating Salmonella enteritidis bacteria
Cucumis melo extract coated and/or microencapsulated in a fat-soluble agent based on a fatty substan...
Nucleic acid encoding vitamin D receptor related polypeptide
Acid-coated sand for gravel pack and filter cake clean-up
High-pass two-dimensional ladder network resonator
Sense optimized MRI RF coil designed with a target field method
Magnetic resonance imaging receive chain with dynamic gain and wireless receiver coil
Double-balanced Double-tuned CP Birdcage with Similar Field Profiles
Motion compensation for magnetic resonance imaging
Method and device for assessing ambient conditions of an installation site of a magnetic resonance i...
Contrast from rotating frame relaxation by adiabatic pulses
Shimmed magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and shimming method therefor
Managing access to resources and services utilizing call information
Telephony security system
Conference call aggregation using an interactive voice response system
Method and system for transcribing voice content of an on-going teleconference into human-readable n...
Premise-based voice bridge extension
Subscriber control of busy line interrupt and line treatment codes
Prevention of call forwarding loops in communication networks
Interface to integrated switch control software
Methods and apparatus for accomplishing call-state synchronization and event notification between mu...
Intelligent communications point platform
Dynamic skill-based call routing
Method and apparatus for DTMF detection and voice mixing in the CELP parameter domain
Howling detecting and suppressing apparatus, method and computer program product
Hybrid public/private wireless network with seamless roaming
Portable phone with camera
Information providing system
Methods and apparatus for audio data analysis and data mining using speech recognition
System and method for supporting platform independent speech applications
System and method for processing personal telephony recorder commands
Adaptive error correction for communications over packet networks
Material for diamond sintered body die and diamond sintered body die
Sequestration of carbon dioxide
Single crystal silicon ingot having a high arsenic concentration
Metallized mesoporous silicate and method of oxidation with the same
Mesoporous mixed oxide materials as a new class of SO.sub.2 resistant catalysts for hydrocarbon oxid...
Method of producing hollow alumina particle
Method and device for manufacturing zeolite from ashes resulting from the incineration of combustibl...
Optical antenna array for harmonic generation, mixing and signal amplification
Hexagonal ferrite magnetic powder, method for producing the same and magnetic recording medium
Ultra-stable lamellar mesoporous silica compositions and process for the preparation thereof
Hydrogen generator, fuel cell system and control method of hydrogen generator
Preparation of amorphous sulfide sieves
Mammalian chemokine reagents
Bifunctional chelating agent
Non-autonomous transposon gene of rice, transformed plant and method of use
"Soybean cultivar 0509241"
Soybean variety S05-97177-N00-22972
Soybean cultivar CL727636
Soybean cultivar WW152201
Sequencing method and apparatus
X-ray crystal structures of functional ribosome complexes containing transfer RNA and model messenge...
System, method and program for bidding for best solution process execution in a heterogeneous networ...
Easy check-out with enhanced security
Digital certificate support system, methods and techniques for secure electronic commerce transactio...
System and method for producing and verifying secure negotiable instruments
Electronic bartering system
Dynamic pricing system
Method and arrangement for entering contents of a franking imprint into a postage meter machine
Postage system having telephone answering and message retrieval capability
System and method for combined mailing of a plurality of diverse publications
Text and attribute searches of data stores that include business objects
Methods and systems for delivering announcements to users of an information system
System and method for measuring usage of gateway processes utilized in managing network elements
Statistics-preserving ACL flattening system and method
System and method for real-time electronic inquiry, delivery, and reporting of credit information
Distributed-service architecture at the point of sale or service
Data terminal device providing backup of uniquely existable content data
System and method for transacting purchases with a cash vendor using points
System and method for design, procurement and manufacturing collaboration
Electronic program guide hardware card
Method and a system for controlling the propulsion of a hybrid motor vehicle
Method of characterizing an adult occupant of a vehicle seat based on a measure of seated weight
Motorcycle with a rear suspension having a pull shock track system
Collision detecting device and passive safety system
Occupant discriminating method for vehicular seat
Chassis with height adjustable wheels for regulating orientation of a chassis member
Steering device for the support device for the rear wheel hub in motor-vehicles
Mechanical improvements to a personal vehicle
Construction machine
Spring sensor assembly for a vehicle seat cushion
Dual neutral start switches
Pedal arrangement in a vehicle cab
Tracked ATV
Terrain conforming track assembly
Reverse operation safety circuit
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Information processing apparatus and method, program storage medium, and program
Method for compensating rotational position error of robot cleaner
Autonomous machine for docking with a docking station and method for docking
Robot controller
Use of methylated nucleic acid segments for isolating centromere DNA
Identification of compounds that bind biliary glycoprotein and affect cytotoxic T lymphocyte activit...
Methods for enhancing the production of viral vaccines in cell culture
Human p51 genes and gene products thereof
Recombinant protein production in a human cell
Aspartic protease inhibitors
Monocyclic derivatives as matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
HEXIM1 as a suppressor of HIV replication and cardiac hypertrophy
Colon specific gene and protein
Using heat shock proteins to increase immune response
Inhibition of viral infection using antigen-binding proteins
Methods and compositions for the identification of anti-poxvirus agents
Reagent kit for determining specific nucleotide variations
Avian leukosis viruses and polypeptide display
Air conditioning system with vibration dampening device
Construction machine
Noise attenuation device for a vehicle exhaust system
Method and device for synchronizing a mobile radio receiver with a time slot structure of a received...
Making measurements on parallel frequencies in a radio communications device
Mobile communication terminal and method of communication
Method and apparatus for high availability distributed processing across independent networked compu...
Modulation and demodulation format selectable system
Radio receiver
Ever-increasing quality for stored video streaming in a mobile wireless interworking environment
System and method for providing WLAN security through synchronized update and rotation of WEP keys
Apparatus and method for interference suppression transmission
Digital baseband system and process for compensating for analog radio transmitter impairments
Transceiver with optimal antenna direction indicators
Emergency information notifying system, and apparatus, method and moving object utilizing the emerge...
Radio communication system and reception status display method
Vehicular driving support system and vehicular control system
Method and apparatus for registration of a mobile station in a packet data communication system
Radio network planning
System and method for identifying interferes in a communication spectrum
Method and apparatus for transmitting voice information in a mobile radio network
Adjustable musician's stand
Beat analysis of musical signals
Automatic music selecting system in mobile unit
Transducer for converting between mechanical vibration and electrical signal
Optical transducer having optical modulator in the vicinity of rotational axis of moving object and ...
Personalized audio system and method
Solder for use on surfaces coated with nickel by electroless plating
Method and computer program product for customized information management by allowing a first habita...
Device for low-vibration force measurement in rapid dynamic tensile experiments on material samples
Data delivery track
Bird decoy
Gaming device having a weighted probability for selecting a bonus game
Method and apparatus for managing gaming machine code downloads
Baseball game and playing field
Printing control apparatus and printing control method including a copy-forgery-inhibited pattern im...
System and method for automatically configuring program data exchange
Device for inspecting plant parts located under water
Lift boat
Portable drill string compensator
Drilling with concentric strings of casing
Drain inlet cover
High-flow void-maintaining membrane laminates, grids and methods
Object retrieval system
Boring and conduit/pipe system
Pipeline rehabilitation systems
Alignment and support apparatus
Stabilization of polyolefins in permanent contact with chlorinated water
Portable display system
Delivery of voice data from multimedia messaging service messages
Universal driver server
Method for controlling exhaust emissions from direct injection homogeneous charge compression igniti...
Method and device for obtaining 1,3 pure butadiene from 1,3 raw butadiene by distillation
Production of fuels and lube oils from fischer-tropsch wax
Water-thinnable polymer precursors, their preparation and use
Selective dimethylether and methanol recovery and recycle in a methanol-to-olefin process
Catalyst pretreatment with aldehyde in an oxygenate to olefins reaction system
Catalytic process for the preparation of isolongifolene
Adenosine derivatives and use thereof
Hypersensitive response elicitor fragments eliciting a hypersensitive response and uses thereof
Isolation and characterisation of an anther-specific promoter (CoFS) in cotton
Promoter and plasmid system for genetic engineering
Promoter from the rice triosephosphate isomerase gene OsTPI
Antisense modulation of stearoyl-CoA desaturase expression
Antisense modulation of superoxide dismutase 1, soluble expression
Viral expression vectors
Treatment of skin diseases using a pharmaceutical preparation in colloidal form
Specific human antibodies for selective cancer therapy
Modified anti-EGFR antibodies with reduced immunogenicity
Medicament for the treatment of chlamydial infection
Releasable nonvolatile mass-label molecules
Nucleic acid marker ladder for estimating mass
Molecular regulatory circuits to achieve sustained activation of genes of interest by a single stres...
Regulatory sequences and expression cassettes for yeasts, especially for kluyveromyces
Human PRSS11-Like S2 serine protease and uses thereof
Plant brassinolide responsive genes and use thereof
B-cyclodextrin derivatives and their use against anthrax lethal toxin
Gfp fusion proteins and their use
Translocation dependent complementation for drug screening
Immune cell recptor ligand and immune cell receptor
Liver x receptor alpha splicing mutant protein, gene thereof and utilization of the same
Process to obtain 6-O-methylerythromycin a (clarithromycin)_form II
RNA interference mediated inhibition of gene expression using chemically modified short interfering ...
RNA interference mediated inhibition of gene expression using chemically modified short interfering ...
Methods and compounds for polynucleotide synthesis
Synthesis of 5-Azacytidine
Process for producing 2'-deoxy-2'-fluorouridine
DNAs coding for flavone synthases, methods of using flavone synthase DNAs, and plants, flowers, and ...
Perfluoroamidated and hydrolyzed maleic anhydride copolymers
Staged mixture modeling
Methods and apparatus for decoding LDPC codes
Method and circuits for encoding an input pattern using a normalizer and a classifier
Behavior control apparatus and method
Binary tree for complex supervised learning
Model train direction control device
Call device
Casino pinball game
Furniture with seating space and entertainment center
Educational globe-like structure for teaching colors
Card interactive amusement device
Methods and apparatus for camouflaging objects
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor light-emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
Power control system and method
Extracting power from a fluid flow
Hydrocratic generator
Wind turbine device
Optimal bank shapes for inkjet printing
Floating power supply and method of using the same
System and method for selectively providing video of travel destinations
Display control apparatus, display control method and information recording medium
Micro-optics solar energy concentrator
Reflecting surface material
Write once read only memory employing charge trapping in insulators
Single-input multi-output control system
Method for enhancing broadcast message communications
System and method for residential emissions trading
Method of managing electric power generator, managing device, electric power generator, communicatio...
Apparatus productivity improving system and its method
System and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Electricity generation equipment management system
Field emission device, display adopting the same and method of manufacturing the same
Fullerene compounds
Electronic device including a self-assembled monolayer, and a method of fabricating the same
Non-contact waveform monitor
Process for the preparation of 2-furyl-n-pentylketone and longer chain analogs
System and method for detecting an acoustic signal in the presence of flow noise
High speed electro-optic clock recovery circuit
Functionalized small molecules for use in chemical sensors
Vertical conducting power semiconductor devices implemented by deep etch
Method and apparatus for detecting a target material in a sample by pre-screening the sample for pie...
Eyepiece lens
Projector with flat light sources
Liquid immersion microscope objective
Zoom lens system
Zoom lens system and image-taking apparatus having the same
Varifocal zoom lens and camera system
Optical device
Image-taking optical system and image input apparatus
Optical system
Telescopic sighting device with variable exit pupil
Lens for reading an original, method and apparatus for reading an original, and image forming appara...
Lens system and optical device having the same
Optical element, method of molding optical element, and mold
Lens barrel, camera and portable information terminal apparatus
Method of manufacturing an optical system
Light converging apparatus with aberration correcting element with paraxial power which has temperat...
Phase conjugate laser and method with improved fidelity
Semi-automatic reconstruction method of 3-D building models using building outline segments
IR supercontinuum source
Polarization mode dispersion compensation module
Translation unit for wireless communications system
Radio base station apparatus and radio communication method
System and method for separating signals received by an overloaded antenna array
Wireless visual alerting method and system
Microphone position and speech level sensor
Idle mode cell reacquisition and reselection
Small electronic device having battery level detection unit
Manufacture of LPRF device wake up using wireless tag
Portable power amplifier
Triple-axis rotation type headset
Sensor web
Method and apparatus for providing communication transmissions
Method and apparatus for providing interactive text messages during a voice call
Systems and methods for locating mobile computer users in a wireless network
Mobile computing service system
Partial pre-aggregation in relational database queries
Retracting mechanism of a retractable lens
Lens barrels
Instrument and method for digital image stabilization
Devices and methods for retaining a lens in a mobile electronic device
Electronic device
Wireless communication activation system and method
Multifunctional magnetic nanowires
Fabrication of nano-object array
Super bright light emitting diode of nanorod array structure having InGaN quantum well and method fo...
Single wall carbon nanotube electronic devices
Nanosilicon light-emitting element and manufacturing method thereof
Nanomaterials for quantum tunneling varistors
Vertical carbon nanotube-field effect transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Cargo inspection apparatus having a nanoparticle film and method of use thereof
Method and related composition employing nanostructures
Carbon nanotube based light sensor
Separation of single wall carbon nanotubes
Manufacturing apparatus and method for carbon nanotube
Room temperature synthesis of multiwalled carbon nanostructures
Heteroporphyrin nanotubes and composites
Synergistic effects of amlodipine and atorvastatin metabolite as a basis for combination therapy
Stabilized liquid anti-RSV antibody formulations
Effects of sporoderm-broken germination activated ganoderma spores on treatment of spinal cord injur...
PRO273 polypeptides
Method for neural stem cell differentiation using valproate
Method of treatment of hemorrhagic disease using a factor VIIa/tissue factor inhibitor
Di(uridine 5'-)tetraphosphate and salts thereof
Methods and therapeutic combinations for the treatment of xanthoma using sterol absorption inhibitor...
Peptidyl heterocyclic ketones useful as tryptase inhibitors
Quinazolines and uses thereof
Hepatic disorder suppressant
Method of using prostacyclin to treat respiratory syncytial virus infections
Hepatitis C virus inhibitors
Triaza- and tetraaza-anthracenedione derivatives, their preparation and their use as pharmaceuticals
Aspartyl protease inhibitors
System and methods for optimized drug delivery and progression of diseased and normal cells
Vehicle intrusion monitoring system and method
Remote vehicle immobilization
Vehicle accessory microphone
Antenna device
Automobile infrared night vision device and automobile display
Automotive information system and method of controlling the same, recording medium storing control p...
Cell phone charger with incoming call indicator
Method and device for visualizing an automotive repair cycle
Roll over stability control for an automotive vehicle
Method of controlling a drive unit of a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for generation of real-time graphical descriptions in navigational systems
Information providing method and information providing device
Vehicle collision warning system
Method and device for fault diagnosis in control systems in an internal combustion engine in a motor...
Method and system for component authentication of a vehicle
Method of using a communications device together with another communications device, a communication...
Music detection with low-complexity pitch correlation algorithm
Valve driving apparatus and internal combustion engine including the same
System and method for exhaust heat generation using electrically actuated cylinder valves
Method and system for grouping entries in a directory server by group memberships defined by roles
Method and apparatus for generating electronic document definitions
Triacylglycerol based wax compositions
Image processing apparatus and method with forgery and/or fraud control
Methods and apparatus to produce security documents
Protecting images with an image watermark
Method of authenication for steganographic signals undergoing degradations
Systems and method for automatically choosing visual characteristics to highlight a target against a...
Method of printing information by a network kiosk
Method for making an article comprising a sheet and at least an element directly mounted thereon
Method for generating unique image sensor identification, and image sensor system for use therewith
Identification of Candida albicans essential fungal specific genes and use thereof in antifungal dru...
Matrix attachment regions and methods for use thereof
Production of humanized antibodies in transgenic animals
Aqueous acrylamide solution containing saccharide
File system for creating switched logical I/O paths for fault recovery
Roll printer with decomposed raster scan and X-Y distortion correction
Phosphors containing boron and metals of Group IIIA and IIIB
Polymer system with switchable physical properties and its use in direct exposure printing plates
Use of hydrophobic crosslinking agents to prepare crosslinked biomaterial compositions
Printing processes employing intermediate transfer with molten intermediate transfer materials
Well treatment fluid and methods for blocking permeability of a subterranean zone
Aqueous polymer dispersions
Method for simultaneously removing multiple conductive materials from microelectronic substrates
String wireless sensor and its manufacturing method
Segmented display having uniform optical properties
Waterborne acrylic modified alkyd resins
Functional groups-terminated vinyl polymers
Middle output electrodeless lighting system
Hydrazide building blocks and hydrazide modified biomolecules
Functionalized silicon compounds and methods for their synthesis and use
Functionalized silicon compounds and methods for their synthesis and use
Computer software system, method, and product for scanned image alignment
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Seating system and method of forming same
Process for producing building materials from raw paint sludge
Process for manufacturing high purity methacrylic acid
Process for separating 2-butanol from tert-butanol/water mixtures
Method and composition for polishing a substrate
Light-collimating system
Aromatic amide block copolymer and process of producing the same
Heat-shrinkable polyester film having excellent crystallinity
Process forming a cover layer for a golf ball
Bromination process
Method for the production of biologically-degradable packagings made from biaxially-drawn films
Toner and developer for developing latent electrostatic images, and image forming apparatus
Methods for use of apoptotic cells to deliver antigen to dendritic cells for induction or tolerizati...
Container and a cap
Container and a cap
Bottle with cap
Cosmetic container
Process for making pouches
Method and apparatus for splicing a web material
High caliper web and web-making belt for producing the same
Domestic fabric article refreshment in integrated cleaning and treatment processes
Dimpled projectile for use in firearms
Protective enclosures and related methods
Ethernet packet encapsulation for metropolitan area ethernet networks
Feed forward equalizer controlled by FEC correction rates
End user device supported emergency 9-1-1 function
System for providing commercial advertising to a telephone user on hold
System for providing commercial advertising to a telephone user
Mobile-originated reconnection of dropped wireless calls
Automatic access denial
Dimethylbenzene derivatives
Compositions for treating acne comprising phytandiol amine
Composition comprising at least one liquid fatty phase structured by at least one semi-crystalline p...
Sulphonated comb polymers having a selected lithium/sodium ratio and preparations including such pol...
Thiophosphine compounds and methods of making polymerizable compositions containing them and their u...
Methods for selective targeting
Production of 5-methyl-N-aryl-2-pyrrolidone and 5-methyl-N-alkyl-2-pyrrolidone by reductive of levul...
(Z)-7-cyclohexadecen-1-one as an odorant
Wall-mounted microwave oven
Identification of effective elements in complex systems
Process for preparing oxycodone hydrochloride having less than 25 ppm 14-hydroxycodeinone
Nitrosated and nitrosylated H.sub.2 receptor antagonist compounds, compositions and methods of use
RSV proteins, antibodies, compositions, methods and uses
Method, system, and article of manufacture for fault determination
Scalably presenting a collection of media objects
Power supply control system and storage device for holding data just prior to the occurence of an er...
Method for operating a nitrogen oxide storage-type catalytic converter of an internal combustion eng...
Halogenated biaryl heterocyclic compounds and methods of making and using the same
IgE receptor antagonists
System, methods, and computer program product for shared memory queue
Integrated footwear construction and related method of manufacture
Method and system for loose coupling of document and domain knowledge in interactive document config...
Scoop for cat litter
Oligosaccharide synthesizer
Disposable oral care device
Heat resistant material for molds and other articles
Apparatus and method for vending products having various dimensions
Isoindolinone kinase inhibitors
Polyelectrolyte type fuel cell and separator for polyelectrolyte type fuel cell
Hydrogen fueling system
Light beam scanning device and image forming apparatus
Ballast with braking inductance
Radiopaque and MRI compatible nitinol alloys for medical devices
Material containing metal ion ligand complex producing nitric oxide in contact with blood
Nucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase (NTPDase 8) and uses thereof
Hydrophobic multicomponent heparin conjugates, a preparing method and a use thereof
Mandelic acid derivatives and their use as thrombin inhibitors
Mandelic acid derivatives
Triazolopyrimidines and related analogs as HSP90-inhibitors
Aromatic amides
Phenoxy carboxylic acid compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Amorphous polymeric polyaxial initiators and compliant crystalline copolymers therefrom
Wireless subject monitoring system
Shaving preparation for wet shaving assembly
Mammal milking device
Structure of ice cream scoop
Regulation of neuronal function through metabotropic glutamate receptor signaling pathways
Eye position detection method and device
Antibodies to a growth/differentiation factor of the TGF-.beta. family
Electrically conductive Si-Ti-C-N ceramics
Illuminated sign for traffic control and method for functional monitoring of such a sign
Apparatus and method for radio frequency tracking and acquisition
Solar thermal energy conversion system
Systems and methods for providing backup energy to a load
Wellbore rig with heat transfer loop apparatus
Tamper-resistant container and methods
Antireflection film and method for manufacturing the same
Electron beam physical vapor deposition process
Polycyclic, polyamides as precursors for energetic polycyclic polynitramine oxidizers
Electron beam apparatus and method of manufacturing semiconductor device using the apparatus
Apparatus for magnetic and electrostatic confinement of plasma
Corona charging device and methods
Method for improved cleaning of a pumping system
Perimeter weighted golf clubs
Nucleic acid amplification with terminal-phosphate labeled nucleotides
Secretory protein or membrane protein
Antigen arrays for treatment of bone disease
Human marrow stromal cell lines which sustain hematopoiesis
Human serine protease
Dermatophagoides proteins and fragments thereof
Method for producing lactone
Cells engineered to contain genes of interest
Organic electroluminescence element
Organic EL device including UV shielding layer and its manufacturing method
Furan-containing hole transporting materials
Light-emitting device, and electric device using the same
Active matrix electroluminescent display device
Method and apparatus for driving electro-luminescence display device
Organic EL element drive circuit and organic EL display device using the same drive circuit
Low power circuits for active matrix emissive displays and methods of operating the same
Electroluminescent iridium compounds with fluorinated phenylpryidines, phenylpyrimidines, and phenyl...
White color light emitting device
Color OLED with added color gamut pixels
Organic EL display device with plural electrode segments
Active matrix organic electroluminescent device and fabrication method thereof
System and method for interactive television
Light-protection agents
Preserved and stable compositions containing peptide copper complexes and method related thereto
Use of rhamnolipids in wound healing, treatment and prevention of gum disease and periodontal regene...
Method and apparatus for storage system to provide distributed data storage and protection
Display device having a thin film electron source array
Electromagnetic radiation emitting semiconductor chip and procedure for its production
Process for producing and removing a mask layer
Methods and procedures for engineering of composite conductive films by atomic layer deposition
Heat-moisture exchanger with aerosol by-pass
Internal security system for a relational database system
Ophthalmic formulation with novel gum composition
Systems and methods for facilitating research and development
Respiratory syncytial virus replication inhibitors
System and method for testing circuitry using an externally generated signature
Exhaust gas purifying apparatus of internal combustion engine
Meter register
Compounds for pest control and methods for their use
Interferometers for optical coherence tomography and reflectometry
Peptide compounds
Pet toilet
Controlling chlorite or hypochlorite break rate of well treatment fluids using magnesium or calcium ...
Seal assembly and crawler-track connection structure
Rotor assembly for a permanent magnet power electric machine
Toothpaste dispensing toothbrush
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Method for producing 4,6-dichloro-5-fluoropyrimidine
Silicon-containing polymer, negative type resist composition comprising the same, and patterning met...
Method for providing a one-piece header assembly for hermetic battery terminal feedthrough, fill and...
Coding method for coding control commands for actuators and actuator control unit for controlling ac...
Moving status information providing method and server
Lighting apparatus for high intensity discharge lamp
Cytotoxic agents
Apparatus and method for detecting microorganisms
Sensor for use in testing biological, biochemical, chemical or environmental samples
Integrated circuit chip utilizing oriented carbon nanotube conductive layers
Method of growing semiconductor nanowires with uniform cross-sectional area using chemical vapor dep...
Mixtures which contain carbamate groups and/or allophanate groups and can be cured thermally and by ...
Clay nanocomposites prepared by in-situ polymerization
Scanning probe with digitized pulsed-force mode operation and real-time evaluation
Radiation detector system having heat pipe based cooling
Substrate, semiconductor die, multichip module, and system including a via structure comprising a pl...
Optical data storage system and method
Method and system for handling substrates in a production line including a cluster tool and a metrol...
System, method, and article of manufacture for gaming from an off-site location
Methods and systems for animating facial features, and methods and systems for expression transforma...
Audio messaging system and method
Method and system of handling the selection of alternates for recognized words
Intelligent default selection in an on-screen keyboard
System and method for maintaining and displaying user ordered lists
Caching mechanism using intervening network caching policies
Determining optimal image compression methods for reducing file size
System and method for robust video coding using progressive fine-granularity scalable (PFGS) coding
Methods and apparatus for filtering and caching data representing images
Unified object transfer for multiple wireless transfer mechanisms
Stacked capacitor and method for fabricating same
X-ray reflectometry of thin film layers with enhanced accuracy
Reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer
Process cartridge and electrographic image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of removing residual toner without using a toner clea...
Low noise converter employed in satellite broadcast reception system and receiver apparatus
Control unit for vehicle and total control system therefor
Control method for preventing engine speed decrease when closing the lockup clutch of a torque conve...
Method of preparing encapsulated bichromal balls
Optical filter and optical device
Dual path electrically-variable transmission
Failsafe hydraulic circuit
Formation of a silicon germanium-on-insulator structure by oxidation of a buried porous silicon laye...
Dense arrays and charge storage devices
Method of fabricating a high performance MOSFET device featuring formation of an elevated source/dra...
Method for fabricating liquid crystal display device
Controlling the properties and uniformity of a silicon nitride film by controlling the film forming ...
Method of depositing low K barrier layers
Self-aligned gate and method
Surfacing of metal fluoride excimer optics
Integration scheme to improve NMOS with poly cap while mitigating PMOS degradation
Low-temperature plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition of silicon-nitrogen-containing films
Contrast enhancing solution for use in confocal microscopy