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Non-invasive microwave analysis systems
Flashback blood collection needle with needle shield
Patient data collection system and methods
Projectile blood collection device
Specimen collection and application apparatus
Psychological testing method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for facilitating physiological coherence and autonomic balance
Surgical instrument access device
Component of endoscope and endoscope provided with the component
Image processing
Method and apparatus for illumination compensation of digital images
Method and system for automatically reducing aliasing artifacts
Creating image-sharpening profiles
Image processing method and apparatus, and recording medium
Method and apparatus for eliminating flicker by quantizing values based on previous quantization
Method for encoding digitized images
Method for image compression by modified Huffman coding
System and method for efficiently encoding an image by prioritizing groups of spatially correlated c...
Method and system for constraint-consistent motion estimation
Information recording medium, information recording device, and information reproducing method
Learning-based automatic commercial content detection
Apparatus for extracting ruled line from multiple-valued image
Pen-based handwritten character recognition and storage system
Pocket-pen ultra-high resolution MEMS projection display in combination with on-axis CCD image captu...
Method and apparatus for compressing images using color palettes and rare colors
Method and computer program product for identifying and incorporating new output classes in a patter...
Optical fiber and optical communication system employing the optical fiber
Waveguide turn for a waveguide circuit
Nonlinear optical fiber and optical signal processing apparatus using the optical fiber
Optical fiber, optical transmission line and optical communications system
Optical module with accurate axial alignment using a platform
Light-guide lights suitable for use in illuminated displays
Optical fiber
Dispersion-compensating fiber, dispersion compensator, and optical transmission line
Variable optical gain control device
Multi-chip image sensor, on chip apparatus for causing each chip to selectably function in a paralle...
Projector having scanning optics
Remote control
Method and apparatus for isolating IIC bus noise from a tuner in a television receiver
Method for scrolling MPEG-compressed pictures
Systems and methods for detecting scene changes in a video data stream
Systems and methods for encoding redundant motion vectors in compressed video bitstreams
Plasma display
Polarizing eyeglass device
Digital camera and method of controlling the same
Back up alarm system
Self heating thermal protector
Display tree with bubble trunk
Connector assembly for a lamp on a pendent lamp
Front light and reflective display
Lighting unit and display device
Front light, reflective type of display, and light controlling method
Adjustable light pipe fixture
Backlight module with lamp positioning device
Illumination system using a plurality of light sources
Efficient luminaire with directional side-light extraction
Road indication device
Led light stick assembly
Vehicular rotatable lamp unit
Illumination device for license plate
Emergency vehicle grille
Grille having light emitting effect
Lightweight armor against firearm projectiles
Method and means for adjusting the scope of a firearm
Video sighting system
Parametric amplification using two pump waves
Semiconductor integrated circuit and data processing system
Differential termination and attenuator network for a measurement probe
Differential termination attenuator network for a measurement probe having an internal termination v...
Numerical controller and servomotor control system
Amplifier with limiter
Laser driving circuit
Optical disk reproducing apparatus and method for controlling spindle motor
Test circuit for measuring sense amplifier and memory mismatches
Semiconductor memory device and electric device with the same
Image correction apparatus
Infrared spectrometer
Modulation dependent biasing for efficient and high linearity power amplifiers
Power amplifier with multi mode gain circuit
Method and system for organizing and manipulating nodes by category in a program tree
Method and system for coordinating media and messaging operations in an information processing syste...
Technical support for software products
Automated verification of user interface tests on low-end emulators and devices
Optical waveguide sensor system
Built-in self test for a thermal processing system
Combustion state detecting apparatus for an engine
Rodent snap trap device
Pharmaceutical aerosol formulation
Disposable inhaler system
Structure in a microelectronic device including a bi-layer for a diffusion barrier and an etch-stop ...
Apparatus and method of analyzing a magnetic random access memory
Reverse fowler-nordheim tunneling programming for non-volatile memory cell
Process for printing adhesives, adhesive articles and printing equipment
System and method for dynamic, transparent migration of services
Method of notifying print job information and printer and printing system using the same
Printing system and printer driver, which are easy to use
Bus line current calibration
Voltage regulator using protected low voltage devices
Bandgap reference circuit with a shared resistive network
Apparatus and method for calibrating a bandgap reference voltage
Circuits and methods for providing multiple phase switching regulators which employ the input capaci...
Method and system for protection of a lithium-based multicell battery pack including a heat sink
Method and device for determining available electric power in an instrument panel
Inductive battery charger system with primary transformer windings formed in a multi-layer structure
Air purifier
Battery-powered electrical device having a detachable battery pack
Portable power source
Coaxial cable connector
Compositions and methods for orthostatic intolerance
Methods and compositions for treating amyloid-related diseases
Indole derivatives for use as chemical uncoupler
Compositions and methods for treating gastrointestinal hypomotility and associated disorders
Triazolo[1,5-c]pyrimidines and pyrazolo[1,5-c]pyrimidines useful as a2a adenosine receptor antagonis...
Mouse with deficiency of glutamate transporter glast function
Triazolopyrazines and methods of making and using the same
Configurable, multimodal human-computer interface system and method
Non-steroidal progesterone receptor modulators
Biomimetic biosynthetic nerve implant
Method for treating or inhibiting the effects of injuries or diseases that result in neuronal degene...
Novel quinazoline derivatives and methods of treatment related to the use thereof
Compositions and methods for treatment of mitochondrial diseases
Preparation and use of compounds as aspartyl protease inhibitors
Therapy and diagnosis of conditions related to telomere length and/or telomerase activity
Diabetes type 2 animal model
Methods and systems for ensuring accuracy of health-related data transmission over a network
Networked system for interactive communication and remote monitoring of individuals
Apparatus, system, and method for providing personalized physical fitness instruction and integratin...
Attachment cuff for gastrointestinal implant
Everting gastrointestinal sleeve
Gastrointestinal implant system
Devices and methods for endolumenal gastrointestinal bypass
Massaging device
Tissue retractor and method for using the retractor
Efficient method for preparing 3-aryloxy-3-arylpropylamines and their optical stereoisomers
Nitrogen-containing fused ring compounds and use thereof
Methods and compositions for reducing blood homocysteine levels
Substituted azabicyclo hexane derivatives as muscarinic receptor antagonists
Nr1h4 nuclear receptor binding compounds
Opioid receptor antagonists
Content syndication platform
Distribution of data transfer load when transmitting layer-3 datagrams on a layer-2 network
Shared bandwidth reservation in PL, ATM, FR and IP/MPLS networks
Wireless computer network including a mobile appliance containing a single chip transceiver
Videoconferencing system
Upgrading software held in read-only storage
Information providing method and information distribution apparatus
Anticipatory power control of memory
Method and apparatus for distributing large payload file to a plurality of storage devices in a netw...
System and user interface for accessing and processing patient record information
Scuba diver electronic assistant
Method and system for tracked device location and route adherence via geofencing
Method for making multi-path data stream acceptable in a high-density recording medium
System and method for firmware to export pre-boot data into the operating system runtime environment
Golf ball marker apparatus
Golf ball composition with improved temperature performance, heat resistance and resiliency
Printing cartridge with two dimensional code identification
Golf putter having improved marking
Golf balls having sound-altered layers and methods for making them
Rear, perimeter, and face weighted putter support
Putter and putter fitting system
Apparatus and method for controlling and stabilizing the swing mechanics of a golfer
Golf club with right angled hosel
Continuously variable transmission with decoupled centrifugal weight
Hitch assembly
Ground maintenance apparatus
Planographic printing plate material process, planographic printing plate and printing process
Abrasion-resistant jacket
Methods of and apparatus for making high aspect ratio microelectromechanical structures
Multi-lumen fluted balloon radiation centering catheter
Extrusion die for honeycomb extrusion molding and manufacturing method therefor
Method and apparatus for incorporating lumens into the wall of a tubular extrusion
Method and apparatus for injection molding light metal alloy
Pressurized fluid conduit
Method for constructing a honeycomb extrusion die
Particle Preparation for Direct-Delivery Transformation
Low pungency, long day onion
Black level uniformity correction method
Identifying collection images with special events
Secure data transfer
Radiation blocking patch for radio-therapy
Hair-treatment or removal utilizing energy-guiding mechanisms
Contact lens for collecting tears and detecting analytes for determining health status, ovulation de...
Radio therapy apparatus and operating method of the same
Open architecture imaging apparatus and coil system for magnetic resonance imaging
Power source system for RF location/identification tags
Radio wave receiving apparatus
Radio access network apparatus and mobile communication system using the same
Method for controlling user equipment to select a cell in radio communication system
Method for control of the transmission power of a transmitting station in a radio communication syst...
Coordinated data flow control and buffer sharing in umts
Mobile telecommunications system
Wireless Media Source for Communication with Devices on Data Bus of Vehicle
Reduced power consumption
Integrated wireless receiver and a wireless receiving method thereof
Method for the estimation of data units transmitted in a radio block via a radio channel and receivi...
Communication system using short range radio communication headset
System comprising controlled-supply bluetooth communication module, radio communication assembly, me...
Relaying radio communication between a base station and a mobile terminal using a control channel at...
Metal/ZnOx/metal current limiter
More controllable acoustic spray patch
Apparatus and method for fabricating foam wall panels
Golf Swing Training Device
Specialized merchandising system
Message strip kit
Method and apparatus for performing a behaviour analysis using a virtual environment
Method of mental training
Computer kit for hobbyists and students
Automated updating of job assessments
Automated updating of job analyses
Reading system
System, method, computer program and data set which are intended to facilitate language learning by ...
Interactive Foreign Language Teaching
Travel recording apparatus
Identifying locations
System and method for automatic driver evaluation
Methods and apparatus to provide training against improvised explosive devices
Potty training method using toilet paper with cartoon characters
Lock-in training system
Lock-in training system
Lock-in training system
Toy gun for launching a foam projectile
Vehicle video stand system
System and method for telephony call control
Method for making solid, ungelled aminoplast crosslinkers
Load sensor and method of manufacturing the load sensor, paste used for the method, and method of ma...
Method of formation of gate stack spacer and charge storage materials having reduced hydrogen conten...
Golf club head
Golf club head
Method for manufacturing electron-emitting material
Endodontic post and obturating system
Utilities access closure
Display system and associated methods
Gravity valve for a downhole tool
Tightening strap for binding a boot to a sports apparatus
Mechanical fastening system for an article
Synchronizer for transmission
Map image display apparatus, map image display program, and map image display method
Modular unit connectable to the battery of a vehicle for monitoring its condition and protecting the...
Exhaust gas purifying system
Vehicle body floor structure
Automotive movable center stack panel with integrated roller track
Automotive console with adjustable armrest
Vehicle occupant restraint system and vehicle occupant restraint method
Vehicular cross car beam assembly having an integral air bag inflator
Diagnosis system of exhaust aftertreatment apparatus for internal combustion engine
Information recording apparatus
Aberration compensating device and optical head device
Laser processing apparatus and method using polygon mirror
High throughput brightfield/darkfield wafer inspection system using advanced optical techniques
Light emitting device
Print delay based on media type
Temperature control systems for excimer lasers
Optical transmitters and interconnects using surface-emitting lasers and micro-optical elements
Semiconductor laser and method for manufacturing the same
Multi-axis laser machine, method for machining with the same, and recording medium recording compute...
Method for machining grooves by a laser and honeycomb structure forming die and method for producing...
Solder ball bonding method and bonding device
Neuromedin U receptor NMUR2 and nucleotides encoding it
Apparatus for working the abdominal muscles while protecting the back and promoting diaphragmatic br...
Apparatus for the nasal or oral delivery of a medicament
Aryldifluoromethylphosphonic acids for treatment of diabetes
Compositions and methods containing natural compounds from nonconventional sources that are useful i...
Implantable artificial partition and methods of use
Method and device for umbilicus protection during abdominal surgery
Methods of screening compositions for G protein-coupled receptor desensitization inhibitory activity
Method and apparatus for parallel dispensing of defined volumes of solid particles
Monitor for intrusion detection
Multi-layered opaque thermally imaged label
User-friendly catheter connection adapters for optimized connection to multiple lumen catheters
Spin-valve magnetoresistive thin film element
Head actuator with elastic members oriented at obtuse angles relative to an arm and hard disk appara...
Apparatus to buffer vibration and support an actuator of a hard disk drive
Magnetic disk device and magnetic head slider
Magnetic head with heater of thermal flying height control
Disk drive with hub and apparatus for prevention of lubrication migration for lubricated clamp faste...
Magnetic recording and reproduction apparatus
Method for self-servo writing a disk drive with dual-stage actuator
Tape cassette and tape driver
Load/unload system and method for maximizing disk writeable area
Magnetic recording medium and method of manufacturing magnetic recording medium
Open-loop voltage driving of a DC motor
Magnetic tape cartridge having a data storage medium connected to an integral cleaning tape section
Method for sensing cartridge decoupling in tape drive
Method of manufacturing integrated spin valve head
Multiple-processor wireless mobile communication device
Apparatus and methods for stabilization and control of fiber devices and fiber devices including the...
Method of evaluating fiber PMD using composite POTDR trace
Optical switch and optical add/drop multiplexer using the same
Method for making a porous calcium phosphate article
Aralkyl ester soft drugs
Apparatus and method for realizing alarm function in a charging device for a mobile terminal
Image-processing apparatus, print control apparatus, image-processing method, and recording medium
Sulfonamide compounds for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders
Photoreceptor unit
Laser-based maze procedure for atrial fibrillation
High-purity polyalkylene glycols and preparation thereof
Glucan binding protein and glucosyltransferase immunogens
Hydraulic excavator
Stimulable phosphor panel and method of producing stimulable phosphor panel
Laminate-controlling light autonomously and window using the same
Heat-curable silicone adhesive complex whereof the interface has release force capable of being modu...
Elastic strap assembly for tree stand safety belts and harnesses
Data storage medium, and apparatus and method for reproducing the data from the same
Flow rate sensor implementing a plurality of inner tubes located within a sensor tube
Power breaking apparatus for prevention of electrical shock
Device, method, and program recording medium for control of air-fuel ratio of internal combustion en...
Amorphous drug beads
Methods and procedures for engineering of composite conductive by atomic layer deposition
Data read method of magnetic random access memory
Barium-silica glass lamp having thermally balanced lead-in wires
Method for processing and organizing pharmacy data
System and method for managing a procurement process
Non-destructive inspection of material in container
Apparatus, system and method for selectively encrypting different portions of data sent over a netwo...
Serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor and uses thereof
Cyclosporin compositions
Macromolecular conjugates of bone morphogenetic protein-7
Treatment of skin, and wound repair, with thymosin beta 4
Cyclosporin compositions
Cyclosporin compositions
Cyclosporin compositions
Cyclosporin compositions
Cyclosporin compositions
Fragment of neurosecretory protein VGF as a biomarker for Alzheimer's disease
Novel nucleic acid sequences and proteins of tumors and neoplasias of the thyroid gland
Method for treating osteoarthritis
Ellagic acid and anti-coagulant compound
Cosmetic formulations and skin treatment
Method for preparing ginkgo extracts having a reduced content of nonpolar plant ingredients and nonp...
Composition comprising notoginseng radix extract for preventing and treating of arthritis as an effe...
Compositions and methods for increasing metabolism, thermogenesis and/or muscular definition
Use of extracts from pelargonium species
Synergistic compositions and method for potentiating anti-oxidative activity
Novel drug delivery system for proton pump inhibitors and process thereof
Mrp3 genes and uses thereof
Copolymers of amino acids and methods of their production
Method for producing polymer, polymer, composition for forming insulating film, method for producing...
Ink composition comprising a block or graft polymer and at least one colorant
Ink composition, and recording method and recorded matter using the same
Detergent for selectively permeable film and method for cleaning
Modified Polysaccharides
Trichoderma reesei glucoamylase and homologs thereof
Extraction of phytochemicals
Calcium containing soy protein isolate composition
Steroid analogs and characterization and treatment methods
Amine-aldehyde resins and uses thereof in separation processes
Residential reverse osmosis system
Method for producing micro-porous film of thermoplastic resin
Apparatus, system and method for removing a contaminant in a fluid through the application of an ele...
Water processing apparatus
Process for the preparation of 3,3-dimethylbutanal
Stabilized pesticide compositions
Superabsorbent polymer products including a beneficial additive and methods of making and applicatio...
Building material having adaptive vapor retarder
Method for producing organic acid ammonium solution
Wet insulation method
Method of processing porous building materials
Method for removing impurties accumulated in a scrubbing fluid
Recovering metals from sulfidic materials
Device for supporting and vertically adjusting the position of an object upon a support structure
Secure peg hook
Damping material resin compositions, damping materials, restraining-type damping members, and use th...
Multilayer nonwoven fibrous mats with good hiding properties, laminates and method
Cement compositions comprising environmentally compatible defoamers and methods of use
Method for ameliorating sodicity in soil
Exterior insulation and finish system and method and tool for installing same
Novel hanger for gypsum board walls
Decorative ceiling panel
Wallboard cuttting method and device
Kalanchoe plant named 'Forever Maxi Light Orange'
Calla lily plant named 'Purple Heart'
Calla lily plant named 'Picante'
Boxwood cultivar named "Arctic Emerald"
Grape plant named 'Arrafourteen'
Transgenic plants with increased titerpene saponin levels
Gene Targeting Using Replicating DNA Molecules
Stem-regulated, plant defense promoter and uses thereof in tissue-specific expression in monocots
Plant genes involved in defense against pathogens
Nucleic acid molecules and other molecules associated with plants
Selective plant growth using D-amino acids
Aerated liquid priming of conifer somatic germinants
Transcriptional control element, chimeric constructs and uses therefor
Guinea pig-chymase
Treatment of pain through expression of opioid receptors
Novel IFNgamma-like polypeptides
Nonhuman model animal suffering from gillain-barre syndrome and/or fisher syndrome
Reverse finite element analysis and modeling of biomechanical properties of internal tissues
Protein engineering
Humeral implant for minimally invasive shoulder replacement surgery
Glenoid implant for minimally invasive shoulder replacement surgery
Implant for spinal stabilization and its method of use
Intervertebral disc replacement
Multi-axial interbody spacer device
Annulus-reinforcing band
Vertebral Defect Device
Method for repair of a spine and intervertebral implant
Prostheses for Spine Facets
Surgical measurement systems and methods
Reinforced molded implant formed of cortical bone
Micro-thin film structures for cardiovascular indications
Gastrointestinal (GI) ablation for GI tumors or to provide therapy for obesity, motility disorders, ...
Systems and methods for treating a hollow anatomical structure
Percutaneous electrode array
Directional sound processing in a cochlear implant
Method and apparatus including heuristic for sharing TLB entries
Remote storage disk control device and method for controlling the same
Computing system with memory mirroring and snapshot reliability
System and method for migrating a replication system
System and method for data backup
Method and apparatus for managing access to storage devices in a storage system with access control
System and method for managing long-running process carried out upon a plurality of disks
DDR II write data capture calibration
Mechanism for starvation avoidance while maintaining cache consistency in computer systems
Computer-implemented method for correcting transmission errors using linear programming
Refrigerator for managing food by using RFID
Conjugate of cyclodextrin and poly(oxyethylene), and process for preparation thereof
Sharpening guidelines for blades
Animal dental care device
Webs with synergists that promote or preserve the desirable color of meat
Packaging inserts with myoglobin blooming agents, packages and methods for packaging
Protein isolate compositions and uses thereof
Calcium fortified soymilk based frozen dessert
Edible emulsion spread
Acidic, protein-containing drinks with improved sensory and functional characteristics
Acidic, protein-containing drinks with improved sensory and functional characteristics
Low fat frozen confectionery product
Confectionery with high milk protein content, high dry milk mass and low denaturation level of the w...
Starchy material processed to produce one or more products comprising starch, ethanol, sugar syrup, ...
Process for preparing hypoallergenic and reduced fat foods
Food products with a protective coating
Ice cream holder
Method for applying carbon monoxide to meat products
Signal enhancement module
Method of forming a sample image and charged particle beam apparatus
Photoelectric conversion device for reducing radiation noise on large screen sensors
Folded array CT baggage scanner
Actinic ray curable ink and printed matter utilizing the same
X-ray CT apparatus and imaging method
Direct imprinting of etch barriers using step and flash imprint lithography
Image forming apparatus
Method of controlling an optical disk apparatus
Vehicle mounted travel surface and weather condition monitoring system
Pet treat
Multi-language phrase editor and method thereof
Lamp shade
Writing instrument with cap
Ink stick for phase change ink jet printer
Ink stick for phase change ink jet printer
Portion of a decorator receptacle
Carpet holder
Adhesive layered retaining clip
Toilet attachment
Web application code conversion system
Active electronic messaging system
Magnetic resonance fluid analysis apparatus and method
Nuclear magnetic resonance tool with conductive and non-conductive magnet assembly
Search enhancement system and method having rankings, explicitly specified by the user, based upon a...
Metasearching a plurality of queries and consolidating results
Metasearching a plurality of queries and consolidating results
Real-time search engine
Analysis of search activities of users to identify related network sites
Systems and methods for retrieving data
Language input architecture for converting one text form to another text form with modeless entry
Method for segmenting a video image into elementary objects
Discrete light color processor
Osmotic implant with membrane and membrane retention means
Synthesizing coherent correlation sums at one or multiple carrier frequencies using correlation sums...
Method and apparatus for driving a gas discharge lamp
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of effectively performing an image fixing
Method for making dense crack free thin films
Heterogeneously catalyzed partial gas phase oxidation of propene to acrylic acid
Vehicle headlight restoration
Well drilling and completions system
Force connection strut
Space-filling miniature antennas
Transfer press with improved use of space
Electroluminescent iridium compounds with phosphinoalkoxides and phenylpyridines or phenylpyrimidine...
Apparatus and methods for the automated synthesis of oligosaccharides
Anchor peg
Manufacturing method of an optical waveguide
Multiprocessor system having shared buses, prioritized arbitration, and clock synchronization circui...
Fault isolation in large networks
Load store unit with replay mechanism
Method to plasma deposit on organic polymer dielectric film
Progestin co-micronized with a surfactant pharmaceutical composition comprising same methods for mak...
Dynamic, hierarchical data exchange system
Methods of operating magnetic random access memory device using spin injection and related devices
Seal for ceramic discharge lamp arc tube
Security system with methodology for computing unique security signature for executable file employe...
Access privilege authentication of client computer for services provided by server computer
Adaptive voltage-mode controller for a voice coil motor
Stator heat transfer device
Baby and toddler sunglasses
Office components, seating structures, methods of using seating structures, and systems of seating s...
Solar shield sun visor
Stent delivery system with hydraulic deployment
Balloon catheter
System and method for dispensing a volatile liquid fertilizer
Method for making float glass having reduced defect density
Gene resistant to aphis gossypii
Expression vector for hirudin and transformed cells and transgenic animals containing said vector
Sucralose composition
Method of preparing percarboxy-cyclodextrins by means of regioselective oxidation at position 6 of a...
Stereoselective synthesis of beta-nucleosides
Adiponectin variants
123 human secreted proteins
Repeat sequences of the ca125 gene and their use for diagnostic and therapeutic interventions
Novel essential fungal polynucleotides, polypeptides, and methods of use
2' and 3'-nucleoside prodrugs for treating Flaviviridae infections
2-azapurine compounds and their uses
Method and system for allocating a carrier frequency in a radio communication system
Method and transceiver for a data packet oriented communication system
Direct digital amplitude modulator
Power amplifier module for wireless communication devices
Apparatus for generating planar plasma using concentric coils and ferromagnetic cores
Setting black levels in organic EL display devices
Display device
Printer bumper
Door for truck underbed box
DNA hybridization device and method
Layered message processing model
Dynamically downloading and executing system services on a wireless device
Handover in a wireless local area network (WLAN)
Method and system for providing supplementary services for a wireless access network
Apparatus, and associated method, for facilitating selection by a mobile node of a network through w...
Amplifiers with compensation
Vision-based method and system for automotive parking aid, reversing aid, and pre-collision sensing ...
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Camouflage or otherwise multicolored pattern tire and method of manufacturing
Tire tread
Tire tread
Group III-B metal catalyst system
Tire with compound of rubber composition comprised of silanol and/or siloxy functionalized elastomer...
Cured applique or label with protective film on arcuate sidewall or tread of pneumatic tire
Head for golf club
Golf ball and method of manufacturing the same
Golf club head
Head for golf club
Pneumatic tire with belt ply having composite topping rubber layer
Golf ball and process for producing the same
Flame-retardant seamless belt, method of manufacturing flame-retardant seamless belt, and image-form...
Golf ball
Pneumatic tire
Heavy duty tire
Golf ball
Warhead fuzing system
High-power microwave system employing a phase-locked array of inexpensive commercial magnetrons
Non-planar flash memory having shielding between floating gates
Method for anchoring a material in or to concrete or masonry
Spray gun head
Portable gas powered fluid dispenser
Method and system to access software pertinent to an electronic peripheral device based on an addres...
Method and system for matching network clients and servers under matching constraints
System and method for incremental and reversible data migration and feature deployment
System and method for progressive stereo matching of digital images
Anti-integrin antibodies, compositions, methods and uses
Method for network discovery using name servers
Method and apparatus for packet analysis in a network
Communications system and method with non-blocking shared interface
Virtual loop carrier system with gateway protocol mediation
High-voltage tolerant input buffer circuit
Magnetic stripe reader
Bioerodible poly(ortho esters) from dioxane-based di(ketene acetals), and block copolymers containin...
Ultrasonic therapy device for dental implant and therapy method therefor
Impression cap
Pharmaceutical compositions and methods relating to fucans
Tripeptide derivatives for the treatment of postlesional diseases of the nervous system
Clot-specific streptokinase proteins possessing altered plasminogen activation characteristics and a...
Bioprosthesis and method for suturelessly making same
Drug-eluting stent for controlled drug delivery
Discharge lamp ballast circuit
Autonomous surface cleaning robot for wet and dry cleaning
Design of robotic gait rehabilitation by optimal motion of the hip
Control device for mobile body
Compact, high-power, low-jitter, semiconductor modelocked laser module
High-speed line interface for networking devices
Apparatus and method for transmitting 10 Gigabit Ethernet LAN signals over a transport system
System and method for time-space multiplexing in finger-imaging applications
Scalable abstraction of topology across domain boundaries
System and method for providing a two-way satellite system
Optical pickup apparatus, recording/reproducing apparatus provided with the optical pickup apparatus...
Method of processing marine seismic data and a method of seismic surveying
Diffuser plate and method of making same
Fast scanner with rotatable mirror and image processing system
Bacterial hemoglobin genes and their use to increase carotenoid production
Rinse-processing composition for processing silver halide color photographic material, processing ap...
Posterior rod system
Protection of hard drive interface connector
Method of and apparatus for winding web
Illumination device
Portable vehicle lift
Multi-purpose impact absorbent units
Torsional rigidity control device
Circular knitting machine and method for collecting the fabric produced by a circular knitting machi...
Container with cover
Exhaust gas purifying device for internal combustion engine
Method and laser apparatus for preventing tooth decay
Nucleotide sequence encoding corynebacterium glutamicum leucine response regulatory protein
Front suspension for vehicles with front steerable wheel
Electronically servo-assisted bicycle gearshift and related method
Light device for bicycle
Light device for bicycle
Rubber reinforcing fiber cord, method of manufacturing the same, and radial pneumatic tire for passe...
Aluminum flake pigment, paint composition and ink composition containing the same, and films thereof
Evminov's preventer training device essentially for using in backbone treatment and a method for pre...
Epicyclic gear exercise device
Continuously variable transmission
Continuously variable transmission
Golf club grip with embedded display and method of fabrication
Foot peg
Lockout mechanism for a suspension system
Grip tip
Liquid substance supply device for vaporizing system, vaporizer, and vaporization performance apprai...
Method for charging quartz glass objects with hydrogen
Integrated circuit inductors
Electronic systems using optical waveguide interconnects formed throught a semiconductor wafer
Toner for developing electrostatic image, developer, process for forming image, and image forming ap...
Component comprising a masking layer
Method for producing ceramic brake disks, with an insert in the green body before the pyrolysis
Process for producing ceramic bearing components
Vapor deposition apparatus
Forming a substantially planar upper surface at the outer edge of a semiconductor topography
Process for preparing (per) fluorohalogenethers
Biodegradable stent
Endoprostheses and methods of manufacture
Intravascular stent and method of use
Filter membrane manufacturing method
Enhanced ablation and mapping catheter and method for treating atrial fibrillation
System for detecting leaks and occlusions in a cryoablation catheter
Vascular treatment device and method
Block copolymer elastomer catheter balloons
Integrated infusion and aspiration system and method
Method and device for removal of radiocontrast media from blood
Diagnostic reagents for human cytomegalovirus and methods of use
Human G-protein chemokine receptor (CCR5) HDGNR10
Circuit arrangement and method for phase modulation in a backscattering transponder
MOS charge pump
Radio frequency identification controlled heatable objects
Independently positionable and programmable key switches
RFID tag having multiple transceivers
Shopping system and method
High performance CT reflector for a scintillator array and method for making same
Luminaire lens
Ventilating and lighting assembly
Fan light grille
Torchiere floor lamp
Torchiere floor lamp
Light fixture
Wall lamp support
Track light fixture
Track luminaire
Ceiling fan light kit
Electric candle
Locator light
Front combination lamp lens for an automobile
Front combination lamp lens for an automobile
Process for the production of synthesis gas from heavy charges such as heavy crude oils and distilla...
Data processing system, data processing apparatus and control method for a data processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for providing application specific strategies to a JAVA platform including load...
System and method for installing and configuring computing agents
Software development test case analyzer and optimizer
Transaction optimization of read-only data sources
Safety glasses
Surface pattern of a paper product
Polymer systems and cleaning compositions comprising the same
Foam enhancement by cationic polymers
Shampoo compositions
Cosmetic package
Absorbent article
Beverage container
Combined cleaning pad and cleaning implement
Process for purifying hydrofluoropropanes
Process for manufacture of polytrimethylene ether glycol
Manufacture of polytrimethylene ether glycol
Gas phase synthesis of methylene lactones using novel catalyst
Supercritical fluid phase synthesis of methylene lactones using novel catalyst field of invention
High pressure media mill
Bearing assembly with rotation sensing device
Hydrodynamic bearing runner for use in tilting pad thrust bearing assemblies for electric submersibl...
Bearing to be used for pulley in auxiliary device for engine
Valve for air tank
Modular trigger group for firearms and trigger group installation method
Firearm stock connector
Polymer-carrying optically active binaphthyl type oxazoline compound
Method and apparatus for an improved optical window deposition shield in a plasma processing system
Exposure pattern forming method and exposure pattern
Processing a workpiece using water, a base, and ozone
Water based intercoat coating composition and multi-layer coating film-forming method by use of the ...
Organic light dash emitting display
Bottom gate-type thin-film transistor and method for manufacturing the same
Display panel and manufacturing method of display panel
Conductive polymers on acicular substrates
Illuminated sign
Liquid crystal device and electronic apparatus provided with the same
Flat panel display with improved white balance
Digital camera
Tilt control for optical disc recording and playback apparatus
Liquid crystal display device, portable terminal and display equipment provided with the liquid crys...
Driver for driving a liquid crystal display and method of driving the same
Analog to digital converter using both analog and digital offset voltages as feedback
Apparatus for controlling electric motors and related control method
Seat belt mounted air bag puncture device
Optical scanning device
Image input terminal
Image forming apparatus, expansion box for image forming apparatus and image editing system
Print controller, print control method and printer including determination to store macro as instruc...
Imaging members
Process for recovering methylene chloride
Methods and apparatus for an automatic fluid ejector alignment and performance system
Methods and systems for maintaining color consistency in a print-on-demand workflow
Display of symmetrical patterns with encoded information
Device and method for initiating an exercise routine
Process for the preparation of highly concentrated flowable aqueous solutions of betaines
Process for producing high purity trialkanolamine
Auditory-articulatory analysis for speech quality assessment
Transporting a gigabit per second data stream over a SDH/SONET network
Measuring device for measuring the volume flow or the substance properties of a gas, whose direction...
Decorated panel and process for making the same
LED package
Multi-tube fluorescent discharge lamp
Method for forming a transparent electrode film
Digital watermark embedding method, digital watermark embedding apparatus, and storage medium storin...
Ballot marking system and apparatus utilizing dual print heads
Glass surface cleaning machine
Systems for fingerprinting digital data
Custom cut image products
Information processing terminal with adjustable and foldable support stand
Display kiosk
Information retrieval system
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine and method for assembling same
Systems and methods for motion adaptive filtering
Systems and methods for processing analyte sensor data
Hyperspectral imaging in diabetes and peripheral vascular disease
Systems and methods for using dynamic vascular assessment to distinguish among vascular states and f...
Process for making hydroisoindoline tachykinin receptor antagonists
Methods of treating overactive bladder and urinary incontinence
Derivatives of seleno-amino acids
Methods and compositions for treating ophthalmic conditions via serum retinol, serum retinol binding...
Parp Modulators and Treatment of Cancer
Treatment of protein folding disorders
Novel methods using aminobenzoic acid compounds
Use of Inhibitors of the Ubiquitin Proteasome Pathway as a Method of Increasing Contractility of the...
Quinoline Derivatives as NK-3 and NK-2 Antagonists
Treatment of psychosis associated with parkinson's disease and subcortical dementias using a combina...
5,6-Di-substituted oxadiazolopyrazines and thiadiazolopyrazines as CXC-chemokine receptor ligands
Diagnosis and management of infection caused by Chlamydia
Networked system for interactive communication and remote monitoring of individuals
Methods and apparatus for controlling the internal circumference of an anatomic orifice or lumen
Precurved gastric band
Gastric band
Gastric band suture tab extender
Methods and systems for monitoring and enhancing patient compliance with a health treatment program
Latching device for gastric band
Accordion-like gastric band
Gastric band with mating end profiles
Urinary frequency and urgency treatment device
Daily Dosage Regimen for Treating Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome and Polycystic Ovary Syndrom...
Use of a retinoid type compound to modulate in vivo the decoupling activity of the protein UCP2
Highly selective serotonin and norepinephrine dual reuptake inhibitor and use thereof
Application of chromium-amino acid complexes in the treatment of diabetes and other diseases
Distributed capture and aggregation of dynamic application usage information
One dimensional molecular representations
Startup and control of graph-based computation
Invariant pattern recognition
Generating a hierarchical plain-text execution plan from a database query
DNA computer and a computation method using the same
System, process and software arrangement for assisting with a knowledge discovery process
Process for performing fuzzy procedures in processing devices, corresponding processing device and c...
Geranium plant named `Swevio`
Geranium plant named `Pacpin`
Geranium plant named `Pacry`
Alstroemeria plant named `Zalsarest`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisco Fire`
Strawberry plant and fruit named `La Cle des Champs`
Phlox plant named `Spinners`
Double Impatiens plant named `Danmuorglow`
Osteospermum plant named `Sunny Sabrina`
Miniature rose plant named `Poulpah037`
Climbing rose plant named `KORgolgat`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Danhardaror`
Calibrachoa plant named `Balcabscar`
Ground cover rose plant named `NOA83100B`
Sutera plant named `Sutcatrabl`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Effie`
Information security device, exponentiation device, modular exponentiation device, and elliptic curv...
Mobile IP authentication
Secured virtual network in a gaming environment
Information processing method and information processing apparatus
System and method for providing trusted browser verification
Method and device for generating approximate message authentication codes
Method of transmitting email, device for implementing same method, and storing medium storing progra...
Device and method for hiding information and device and method for extracting information
Method and device for controlling multimedia data watermark
Efficient techniques for sharing a secret
Information processing system and method
Decoding device, decoding method and chip-card
Security method using information transmission by optical means, and an optical disk for implementin...
Recording apparatus, recording method, reproducing apparatus, and reproducing method
Partial encryption of stream-formatted media
Surface configuration of a forklift, toy, and/or other replicas
Portion of inlet for escalator
Shopping cart protective compartment
Poly cart
Trash can with restricted top
Trash can assembly
Refuse receptacle with spring-biased hinged top and clean-out tray for table
Garbage can
Garbage can
Garbage can
Basketball basket container
Paint distribution device and brush holder
Coat hanger for an electric garment steamer
Vacuum cleaner
Revolving anchored pet toy
Animal leash
Cosmetic case
Electric hair clipper
Electric hair dressing tool with base
Electric clipper
Electric shaver
System and method of executing and controlling workflow processes
Runtime prediction framework for CPU intensive applications
Non-intrusive digital rights enforcement
Financial transaction processing system and method
System and method for building a distributed internet application
Electronic menu document creator in a virtual financial environment
Apparatus for private personal identification number management
Architecture and method for operational privacy in business services
Content distributing system, content distributing service server, and community site server
Method and apparatus for distributing and selling electronic content
Collection agency data access method
Security analyst estimates performance viewing system and method
Fair-value pricing of a financial asset
Method and system of restricted substance management and recycling
Method of providing project and product information to a purchaser of floor covering materials
Garden and agricultural material identification method and apparatus
Conference management assistance apparatus and conference management assistance program
System and method for controlling financial transactions over a wireless network
Information delivering system, information delivering method, and computer product
Destructible privacy label
Method, examination apparatus and antenna array for magnetic resonance data acquisition
Method and apparatus for adaptive channel reduction for parallel imaging
Method and apparatus for improved transmission-side accelerated PPA-based volume-selective magnetic ...
Quadrupolar nuclei NMR using residual dipolar splittings in solids
NMR probe
Superconducting array of surface mri probes
Color electrophoretic displays
PRO1561 polypeptides
PRO703 Polypeptides
Substituted 5-aryl-2-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-2H-benzotriazole UV absorbers, compositions stabilized therew...
Two-part self-adhering dental compositions
2'-Methyl-5'-(1,3,4-oxadiazol-2-yl)-1,1'-biphenyl-4-carboxamide derivatives and their use as p38 kin...
Fused pyrazole derivatives being protein kinase inhibitors
24-Sulfur-substituted analogs of 1.alpha.,25-dihydroxy vitamin D.sub.3
Compositions and methods for enhanced mucosal delivery of peptide YY and methods for treating and pr...
Medical implants and fibrosis-inducing agents
Laundry system having unitized dosing
62112, a novel human dehydrogenase and uses thereof
Direct selection of cells by secretion product
Imaging element having protective overcoat layers
Use of microcapsules in gypsum plasterboards
Use of insulin-like growth factor binding protein 3 (IGF-BP3) for inhibition of tumor growth
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Transducers for focusing sonic energy in transmitting and receiving device
Towed streamer deghosting
Titanium alloy having excellent high-temperature oxidation and corrosion resistance
Method for containing an acoustical material within an assembly
Mechanical acoustic filter by erosion etching
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Dance footwear
Conjugated diene polymers and copolymer blocks having high vinyl content prepared using mixed micros...
Smectite clay intercalated with polyether block polyamide copolymer
External wheeled heeling apparatus and method
Heeling apparatus and method
Disposable, one-piece, self-adhesive, all-surface, sport, game, play, work, cushioning, safety "RED ...
Shoe with fixtures for walking on a slope
Blends of poly(ester amide) polymers
Chromium/biotin treatment of type II diabetes
3-imino-2-indolones for the treatment of depression and/or anxiety
Benzo[d]isoxazol-3-ol DAAO inhibitors
Statin derivatives
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Curing lamp apparatus giving operating conditions with electronic voice
HCV assay
Narrow data path for very high radix division
Compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Trisubstituted pyrimidines
Asphalt-filled polymer foams
Hyperthermia treatment and probe therefor
Optical waveguide and production method thereof
Photonic crystal fibers and medical systems including photonic crystal fibers
TCP/IP offload device with fast-path TCP ACK generating and transmitting mechanism
Silicone elastomer emulsion cosmetic composition comprising colorant inclusive internal phase
Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Cytotoxic conjugates comprising a chemokine receptor targeting agent
Aminoindazole derivatives as medicaments and pharmaceutical compositions including them
Cytokine inhibitors
Tetrahydropyranyl cyclopentyl tetrahydroisoquinoline modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Substituted indoles
Glucocorticoid receptor modulators
Treatment of chemotherapeutic agent and antiviral agent toxicity with acylated pyrimidine nucleoside...
Compositions and methods to inhibit formation of the C5b-9 complex of complement
Nucleic acids, polypeptides, compositions, and methods for modulating apoptosis
Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using coupled ligase detection and polymerase chain r...
Genetic immunization with cationic lipids
Methods of treatment and diagnostic visualization, particularly in cancer
Hollow fiber contactor systems for removal of lipids from fluids
Process for preparing conjugate vaccines and the conjugate vaccines
Apatite glass ceramic based on siliceous oxyapatites
Injection molding machine
Method for dialog management
System and method for wired network synchronization for real time location tracking
Interface for integrating reconfigurable processors into a general purpose computing system
Durable turbine nozzle
Process and apparatus for improving and controlling the curing of natural and synthetic moldable com...
Battery charging cradle of a personal digital assistant
Cradle apparatus for camera
Disease simulation system and method
Concentration measuring instrument, and method of measuring the concentration of a specific componen...
Devices and methods for treating defects in the tissue of a living being
Isolated thermal interface
Non-invasive measurement system and method for measuring the concentration of an optically-active su...
Method and system of permitting stack allocation to programs having open-world features
Method and system of transaction security
Method and system for managing access to information and the transfer thereof
Thin-coat metal oxide electrode for an electrochemical capacitor
Resonant waveguide-grating filters and sensors and methods for making and using same
Methods for identifying agents that interact with MAP kinase activated protein kinase 2
Robotic vacuum cleaner
System from preparing language learning materials to teaching language, and language teaching system
Monitoring storage resources used by computer applications distributed across a network
Methods and devices for use in performing pulmonary procedures
Distributed publishing network
Organic electroluminescence device
Remote control device with directional mode indicator