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Sampling to a next hop
Methylation altered DNA sequences as markers associated with human cancer
Integrated electric gas turbine
Corewire actuated delivery system with fixed distal stent-carrying extension
Nose rider improvement for filter exchange and methods of use
Electrical interconnection devices incorporating redundant contact points for reducing capacitive st...
Cargo hauling system
Video game controller
Emergency communication controller and console
Telepresence system
Pharmaceutical formulations for intranasal administration of protein comprising a chitosan or a deri...
Posture detection system and method
Electrode assembly for constant-current electroporation and use
P15 hairpin constructs and use
Modification of lignin biosynthesis
Huffman-L compiler optimized for cell-based computers or other computers having reconfigurable instr...
System and method for designing multiple clock domain circuits
Semiconductor device layout method and layout program
Failure handling and debugging with causalities
Add-subtract coprocessor instruction execution on complex number components with saturation and cond...
Method and apparatus for providing user-defined interfaces for a configurable processor
TCP/IP offload network interface device
Automatically infering and updating an availability status of user
System and method for caching type information for un-typed web service requests
System and method for synchronous reproduction of local and remote content in a communication networ...
Method and system for synchronizing cached files
Vehicle seat belt apparatus
Electric power assisted steering apparatus
Automobile and control method of automobile
Vigilance monitoring technique for vehicle operators
Controller for drive system
Motor control unit and vehicle equipped therewith
Speed sensor fitting structure
Wheeled chair
Vehicle and chain play adjusting device thereof
Control method for a reaction force device in a power steering device
Motor-driven steering apparatus
Vehicle seatbelt apparatus
Parking brake system
Vehicle operated by multiple power sources
Snowmobile with airbag system
Construction machine
Semiconductor device and electronic instrument
Optical information recording medium, and substrate and manufacturing method for the optical informa...
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the semiconductor device
Semiconductor BGA package having a segmented voltage plane
Pattern writing system and pattern writing method
Variable sensitivity imaging device including a voltage applying section, and imaging apparatus incl...
Oscillator circuit having a stable output signal resistant to power supply voltage fluctuation
Test socket
Electrooptic device, method for producing the same, and elecronic apparatus
Thermal interface material and solder preforms
Inlet for an electronic tag
Interposer including at least one passive element at least partially defined by a recess formed ther...
Semiconductor device with a diffusion barrier film having a spacing for stress relief of solder bump
Drain separator
Image forming apparatus with locking means
Work flow management apparatus and work flow management method
Image forming apparatus including image formation adjustment based on prior use
Authentication apparatus, method and program
Relay apparatus, system and method, and storage medium
Method of constructing preferred views of hierarchical data
Control apparatus, method and computer readable memory medium for enabling a user to communicate by ...
Color electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Development apparatus
Image processing method, system, program, program storage medium and information processing apparatu...
Histone deacetylase inhibitor and process for producing the same
Carbon fiber tow termination and method for making
Apparatus and method for monitoring biological information, and computer program product
System for making custom prototypes
Method and apparatus for quantitative analysis using terahertz radiation
Mercury dispensing compositions and device using the same
Optical plate and backlight module using the same
Method for the analysis of correspondences in image data sets
Therapy control based on cardiopulmonary status
On-chip temperature sensor for an integrated circuit
Acceleration strain transducer
Multi-phase flow measurement system having a fluid separator
Drying device
Fluorescent polypeptide complex
Eg5 co-crystals
Multi-compartment reagent container having means to inhibit re-use thereof
Approach for controlling audio signals in remote location
Polysulfone compositions exhibiting very low color and high light transmittance properties and artic...
Guarded cover sheet for LCD polarizers and method of making the same
System and method for multiple injection procedures on heart vessels
Exercise data apparatus
Signal processing system and method
Sound image control device and design tool therefor
Polypeptide films and methods
System, method, and computer program product for group scheduling of computer resources
Method and mechanism for performing timing aware via insertion
System, method, and computer program product using an SNMP implementation to obtain vendor informati...
In-memory space management for database systems
Browser-based proxy server for customization and distribution of existing applications
Method and system for implementing a SQL profile
Method and apparatus to provision a network appliance
Tracking time using portable recorders and speech recognition
Polymer supported metallocene catalyst composition for polymerizing olefins
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Display device
Apparatus and method for treating intravascular disease
Commutator motor with brush biased toward initial contact side
TV tent for kids
Method for performing post-synthesis circuit optimization
Method and circuit for reducing SATA transmission data errors by adjusting the period of sending ali...
Second language writing advisor
Seamless handoff across heterogeneous access networks using a handoff controller in a service contro...
Image forming apparatus with a holding amount adjusting unit
Image recording apparatus including a fusing unit having a plurality of heater members
Storage control apparatus, storage apparatus, storage control method, and computer-readable recordin...
Rotary wedge scanner
Light-emitting device and image forming apparatus
Image display method and apparatus
Scannable dynamic circuit latch
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Thiazolidinone amides, thiazolidine carboxylic acid amides, and serine amides, including polyamine c...
Treatment of tumors using short peptides from human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG)
Labeled peptides, proteins and antibodies and processes and intermediates useful for their preparati...
Use of a G protein-coupled receptor and its cognizant ligand in the identification of compounds that...
Labor biomarkers, methods comprising same, and methods targeting same
Wireless router
Breastfeeding garment
Uninstall system
Microcomputer and encoding system for instruction code and CPU
Data transmitting system using multicast addresses for networked resources
Server, information providing method and recording medium for distributing a terminal with informati...
Method and system for creating and trading derivative investment instruments based on an index of in...
Pre-calibrated gas sensor
Starting system and method of internal combustion engine
Method of reusing developing device used in image-forming device
Warehouse system
Methods and systems for detecting concealed objects
Semiconductor device, display device and electronic device
Pressure switch
Magnetic latch for a voice coil actuator
Semiconductor device and electronic apparatus having the same
Device and method for detecting deformation of the viscoelastic magnet
Methods and apparatus for generating strongly-ionized plasmas with ionizational instabilities
Wiring material and a semiconductor device having a wiring using the material, and the manufacturing...
Laser analytical instrument, laser analytical method, and gas leak inspection instrument
Generation of endo- and/or exo-norbornenecarboxaldehyde as an intermediate to functionalized norborn...
Catalyst and method for the hydration of carbonyl compounds
Crystalline thermoplastic polyester resin composition for clear transparent products and process the...
Nanoparticulate probe for in vivo monitoring of tissue oxygenation
Nanoparticulate preparation
Micro powered dispensing device
Proton-conducting polymer membrane that contains polyazoles and is coated with a catalyst layer, and...
Catalysts for hydrogen production
Power supply system of fuel cell vehicle
Fuel cell, disassembly method thereof, and separators used therein
Package for a miniature fuel cell
Polymer electrolyte composition containing aromatic hydrocarbon-based resin
Method for reducing coking in a hydrogen generation reactor chamber
Fuel reforming apparatus with first pipe ends closed onto second pipe
Electrophoretic assembly of electrochemical devices
Filter for purifying hydrogen and method for manufacture thereof
Methanol steam reforming catalysts, steam reformers, and fuel cell systems incorporating the same
Binder composition for fuel cell, membrane-electrode assembly for fuel cell, and method for preparin...
Method of packaging solar modules
Selectable capacitance circuit
Chalcopyrite type solar cell
Selectable capacitance circuit
MEMS device with integrated optical element
Polymerizable dye and ophthalmic lens containing the same
Accommodating intraocular lens and method of manufacture thereof
Haptics for accommodative intraocular lens system
Programmable Delay Circuit Providing For A Wide Span Of Delays
Verticle exercise bicycle
Recumbent bicycle for disabled users
Ellipical exercise apparatus with flexible unitary force imparting member
Human-powered flapping hydrofoil craft
Ball bearing assembly for bicycle
Quick connect/disconnect bicycle power pack
Vehicle light unit with shadow casting feature
Interactive game kiosk with bicycle
Bicycle crank arm
Bicycle support stand
Folding bicycle frame
Nonvolatile memory
Semiconductor device, IC card, IC tag, RFID, transponder, bills, securities, passport, electronic ap...
Patient couch, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) apparatus, and MRI method
Nonaqueous electrolyte battery, battery pack and vehicle
Rim assembly with oscillator
Method of preparing patterned carbon nanotube array and patterned carbon nanotube array prepared the...
Method for manufacturing crystalline semiconductor film and semiconductor device
Approaches to identify less harmful tobacco and tobacco products
Method for preparing porous material using nanostructures and porous material prepared by the same
Apparatus for manufacturing molten irons by injecting fine coals into a melter-gasifier and the meth...
Procedure for gasification of glycerine
Process for making a bamboo filament slab floor by opposite directional hot pressing
Process for dehydrating glycerol to acrolein
Solution containing flame-resistant polymer and carbon molding
Quinoneimines of malonic acid diamides
Synthesis of [.sup.13C] and [.sup.2H] substituted methacrylic acid, [.sup.13C] and [.sup.2H] substit...
Weather incident prediction
Sitosterolemia susceptibility gene (SSG): compositions and methods of use
System for automatic quality inspection of a printed image, comprising an image sensor, evaluation u...
Control method and device, and method for setting up a control system
Device for receiving a cylinder of a printing unit and corresponding printing unit
Printing machine comprising a former
Control lever for a construction vehicle
Packaging machine for producing packaging comprising a transponder
Coil system for contact-free magnetic navigation of a magnetic body in a working chamber
Arrangement to control antenna elements
Arrangement for radiation of a radio-frequency field
Shaped MRI coil array
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus with a movable RF coil having a controllable distance between t...
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and analysis method for fat suppression effect in magnetic reso...
Recognition of oligosaccharide molecular targets by polycationic small molecule inhibitors and treat...
Optical semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Hard-core jacketed bullet with tracer composition and method of manufacture thereof
Radial-linear shaped charge pipe cutter
Signal conducting detonating cord
Connector block configured to induce a bend in shock tubes retained therein
Administration of extracts of nonfruiting nonphotosynthetic filamentous bacteria for increasing the ...
Light emission drive circuit and its drive control method and display unit and its display drive met...
Organic electroluminescence display device
Organic electroluminescent element having plurality of light emitting layers with specific thickness...
Light-emitting device
Organic electroluminescence element
Organic electroluminescent device and display apparatus using the same
Porphyrin compositions
Organic light emitting devices for illumination
Full-color organic electroluminescence display panel having sub pixel regions
Monolithic photodetector
Organic light emitting device and display device using the same
Organic light emitting display device
Organic memory devices including organic material and fullerene layers
Video data correction circuit, control circuit of display device, and display device and electronic ...
Light emitting element and light emitting device using the element
Driving circuit for driving organic electroluminescent element, display panel and display apparatus ...
Organometallic complex and organic light-emitting diodes and displays comprising the same
Accelerated UV curing
Fuel cell cooling system and method for controlling circulation of cooling liquid in fuel cell
Polymer and polymer light-emitting device using the same
Emissive polymers and devices incorporating these polymers
Electrical connector assembly
Solar air conditioning device
Silicon plate, producing method thereof, and solar cell
Integrated solid oxide fuel cell and fuel processor
Exposure apparatus and image plane detecting method
Color photographing device
Image processing apparatus and pixel-extraction method therefor
Interface control circuit for a portable product
Signal output circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
Automotive passenger restraint and protection apparatus
Systems and media for managing electronic asset tags for asset devices
Computer-implemented system for recording oil and gas inspection data
Method and system for catch-weight management
System for and method of individual annuity payout administration
Automatic generation of temporary credit card information
Personal electronic settling system and a terminal and control apparatus therefor
Data processing system for complex pricing and transactional analysis
Securities market and market maker activity tracking system and method
Valuation-tilted capitalization weighted investment methods and products
Financial methodology for the examination and explanation of spread between analyst targets and mark...
Method and apparatus for facilitating financial monitoring by guardians
Insurance claim management
Methods and systems for electronic commerce facility client-based presentation offer management
Systems and methods for transaction and information management
Method and devices for sales of gift cards and folder greeting cards
Managing information in a multi-hub system for collaborative planning and supply chain management
Method and apparatus for creating contextual auction feeds
Semantically aware relational database management system and related methods
Integrated database system and method for accessing a plurality of databases
Multiply-integrated system for product inventory, sales, and distribution
Method of, and system for, heuristically detecting viruses in executable code
Historical data warehousing system
Apparatus and method for database migration
System and method for recovering databases on a mainframe computer
Method and apparatus to minimize database exchange in OSPF by using a SHA-1 digest value
File operations with persistent file locking techniques
SQL tuning sets
Mapping of an RDBMS schema onto a multidimensional data model
Method and system for record association management
Preserving user code in OTT-generated classes
Compositions containing fast-leaching plasticizers for improved performance of medical devices
Ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic device
Thermoelastic and superelastic Ni-Ti-W alloy
Method and apparatus for loading a beneficial agent into an expandable medical device
Right retrieval mechanism
Method of preparing organo dialkylalkoxysilane
Solenoid valve
Product saver foot bath
Massaging compression sleeve
Automatic analyzer
Implantable pulse generator
Portable vascular testing device
Tissue modification device
Rotational atherectomy abrasive crown
Surgical drill guide
Drug testing cup with handle and angled base
Pre-filled nasal drip device
Medical injector
Medical injector
Bottom housing for a mobile communication device
Valve gasket sealing surface refurbishing methods and systems
System and method for speech separation and multi-talker speech recognition
Method, apparatus and article for off-line certification in mobile applications
Flow switch
Filtering device, in particular for fish basins
Intervertebral implants
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Fibre optic dosimeter
Antisense oligonucleotides against VR1
Cardiac rhythm management system with arrhythmia classification and electrode selection
2' and 3'-nucleoside prodrugs for treating Flaviviridae infections
Selective high affinity polydentate ligands and methods of making such
Immunopotentiating agent
Organic/inorganic composite microporous membrane and electrochemical device prepared thereby
Electrode plate of positive electrode for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and manufacturin...
Leveler compounds
Resin particle liquid dispersion for electrostatic image developing toner, production process of the...
X-ray sensitive battery separator and a method for detecting the position of a separator in a batter...
Solid polymer electrolyte, proton conductive membrane, electrode electrolyte, electrode paste and me...
Dopant solution for an electroconductive polymer, an oxidant and dopant solution for an electrocondu...
Portable and modular system for extracting petroleum and generating power
System for controlling voltage balancing in a plurality of lithium-ion cell battery packs and method...
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method for producing negative electrode material for n...
Lithium-ion battery
Trailer having tilt and dump functions
Optimized Fc variants and methods for their generation
Method for rapid identification of microorganisms
High elongation vacuum formable digital ink
Correlation processing among multiple analyzers of video streams at stages of a pipeline architectur...
Resonance scattering seismic method
Image processing apparatus and method, and image processing program
Feed-customized processing of multiple video streams in a pipeline architecture
Tag reader with conformal antenna stand
Semiconductor device having group III nitride buffer layer and growth layers
Mobile cantilever door-type container inspection system
Gas monitoring apparatus and gas monitoring method
Method for manufacturing surface-coated cutting insert
System and method for incoming telephone call distribution among inbound links of service platforms
Rubbery block polymers containing polylactone and rubber compounds including the same
Use of desiccant material in rubber compounds for reducing the cure time of tires
Device for molding a keyhole sipe in a tire tread
Tire for automobile
Tire for automobile
Tire for automobile
Wood-type golf club head
Method and apparatus for determination of text orientation
Golf ball
Tire for motorcycle with sidewall upper layer and sidewall lower layer
Run-flat tire with side reinforcing cord layer
Customizable spectral profiles for filtering
Triazolyl macrocyclic hepatitis C serine protease inhibitors
Cyclic amine BACE-1 inhibitors having a benzamide substituent
Fixing device, and image forming apparatus provided with the same
Method for producing a reinforced polyester non-woven material
Direct oxidation fuel cell
Viscosity index improver for lubricant compositions
Hydroformylation process and product separation with improved recovery of rhodium
Adhesive for polarizing plate, polarizing plate, method for producing same, optical film and image d...
Cam cover
Method for identifying ester coolers
Control lever for a construction vehicle
Method for treating warm-blooded vertebrates with halide-free glucosamine-acidic drug complexes
Method for agglomerating and passivating used material or fines resulting from the production of org...
Linking element for connecting the two volutes of a scroll compressor
Media player
Materials and methods for cell growth
Method For Recovering A Low Sodium Content Lignin Fuel From Black Liquor
Optical Isomer separating filler
Conserved neisserial antigens
Solid Support Reagents for Synthesis
Nucleic acid molecules encoding prolyl dipeptidyl peptidases
Promoter sequences from Corynebacterium ammoniagenes
Fluorescent quenching detection reagents and methods
Nucleotide and amino acid sequences from Bacillus thuringiensis and uses thereof
Molecular determinants of tropism and virulence in enteroviruses
Method for manufacturing cellulose carbamate
siRNA targeting myeloid differentiation primary response gene (88) (MYD88)
Arabidopsis-stomatal-specific promoter and a genetic construct containing the promoter for expressio...
Sequences encoding ADAMTS13 genes and proteins
Method for combining transfer functions with predetermined key creation
Electro-optic modulator
Recreational and sporting device for movement over ground
Systems and methods for authentication of target protocol screen names
Method and system for identification and registration of a moving object entering a pre-determined a...
Photosensitive recording medium, and recording and reproducing apparatus for same
High speed serial switch fabric performing mapping of traffic classes onto virtual channels
Obtaining user assistance
Method for confirming end point location of 911 calls
Use of antisense oligonucleotides or siRNA to suppress expression of eIF-5A1
Method for producing 3,4-dihydro-1,2,3-oxathiazin-4-one-2,2-dioxide compound or salt thereof
Polyfunctional phenylene ether oligomer, derivative thereof, resin composition containing the same, ...
Aromatic polyether resins crosslinked by amic acid or imide side chain
Organic tellurium compound, process for producing the same, living radical polymerization initiator,...
Impact copolymers
Distribution aiding method, distribution aiding server, recording medium, distribution aiding progra...
Optical waveguide structure including at least first, second and third waveguides and coupling waveg...
Process for production of purified alcohols
Ester compound and its use
Preparation of Si--Si bond-bearing compounds
Isoxazoline-substituted benzamide compound and pesticide
Imidazothiazole derivatives and process for producing the same
Lighting device with illuminated front panel
Drag mechanism for dual-bearing reel
Compositions containing prodrugs of florfenicol and methods of use
Hoof bath system
Containment systems and components for animal husbandry: nested cage bases
Swiftlets farming for production of edible bird's nests
System for culture and storage of benthic organisms in an aquatic environment
Aquaculture cage with variable buoyancy spars
Portable security device for fishing rods and reels
Fish holding apparatus and method of using same
Degradable surfactants and methods for use
Reduction of the hook effect in membrane-based assay devices
Polyhydroxyalkanoic acid fibers with high strength, fibers with high strength and high modulus of el...
Immune response modifier formulations containing oleic acid and methods
Organic electronic device, method of producing the same, and method of operating the same
Conjugates of N-hydroxypropymethacrylamide-methacrylate copolymer with nuclide activation agent and/...
Method for performing a non-invasive blood gas test
Computerized medical modeling of group life and disability insurance using medical claims data
Displaying clinical predicted length of stay of patients for workload balancing in a healthcare envi...
Methods and devices for use in performing pulmonary procedures
Antimicrobial transcutaneous access shield and kit
Spinal fluid introduction
Image processing method for object recognition and dynamic scene understanding
Perspective transformation of two-dimensional images
Automatic defect review and classification system
Modified Levenshtein distance algorithm for coding
Information processing system, information processing apparatus, and method
Approximating wafer intensity change to provide fast mask defect scoring
Content-based storage management
System and method for electronic, web-based, address element correction for uncoded addresses
Video noise reduction
Modular system for an optical rear panel bus
Waveguide assembly and connector
All-optical gates using nonlinear elements-claim set III
Spot size converter
Compact optics for concentration, aggregation and illumination of light energy
Optical switch with reconfigurable broadcasting and combining capabilities
Waveguide-type broadband optical isolator
Method of illuminating at least two illumination points
Back light assembly and tiled display device having the same
Light guide plate for a display panel having arcuate grooves formed in the incident and upper surfac...
Backlight unit with linearly reduced divergence having the width of an output aperture vary over the...
Apparatus and method of controlling emitting color of visible light according to a current communica...
Method and apparatus for handling a charging state in a mobile electronic device
Backlight module and light emitting diode package structure therefor
Illumination device including wavelength converting element side holding heat sink
Keypad assembly having three-dimensional patterns
Copolycarbonate, copolycarbonate composition, and optical molded article obtained therefrom
Field bendable line voltage track lighting system
Backlight assembly and display device having the same
Diffuser sheet for compensating for chromatic dispersion and illumination apparatus employing the sa...
Spread illuminating apparatus and display device incorporating same
Lighting system and display apparatus using the same
Liquid crystal display backlight and liquid crystal display device
Back-light unit having prism sheet including reflective elements with different curvature surfaces, ...
Prism sheet including reflective elements with different curvature surfaces
LCD display backlight using elongated illuminators
Traumatic amputation and wound dressing
Method of manufacturing glass substrate for magnetic disk
Fuel cell system
System and method for cultivating cells
Use of SDF-1 or G-CSF to improve myocardial function after ischemic injury
Porous spun polymeric structures and method of making same
Tissue processing system
Semiconductor memory device and operating method of the same
Camera for encoding audio signals
Trend monitoring and diagnostic analysis method and system for failure protection and for predictive...
Statistical methods for hierarchical multivariate ordinal data which are used for data base driven d...
Test interface for diagnosing communication faults in automobiles
Amplifier control device
Wireless transceiver system
Optical communication device
Imaging device of radiotherapy system
Transmission device and wireless communication apparatus
Bit stream linear equalizer with AGC loop
Infrared adapter with data packet throttle
Delayed sense amplifier multiplexer isolation
Semiconductor memory device including a sense amplifier having a reduced operating current
Image display device
Administering hypocretin to obese individuals
Methods of making two-sided cloth like webs
Alkyl-capped alkoxylated esters and compositions comprising same
Polypropylene based heat shrinkable film
Fabric softening composition
Gene knockout mutations that increase peptide production
Melanocortin 1 receptor selective compounds
Method for chromatographic finger printing and standardization of single medicines and formulations
Apparatus and method for in vitro storage of a cornea
Phthalazinone derivatives
Polymer processing aid and method for processing polymers
Oral antidepressant formulation
N-(2-hydroxyethyl)-N-methyl-4-(quinolin-8-yl(1-(thiazol-4-ylmethyl)piperid- in-4-ylidene)methyl)benz...
Apparatus and method for assembling tire and wheel based on rigidity and radial runout of wheel
Eyeframe with interchangeable lenspieces held by a magnetic closure and interchangeable lens system
Quaternary trifluoromethylcyclohexane derivatives for liquid crystals
Method of using Zven antibodies
Identification of markers in esophageal cancer, colon cancer, head and neck cancer, and melanoma
Cystatin-based peptide tags for the expression and purification of bioactive peptides
Method for decreasing body weight using a somatostatin receptor agonist
Product package ornament
Oral product packaging with surface ornamentation
Undulated-wall honeycomb structure and manufacturing method thereof
Integrated paper comprising fibrillated fibers and active particles immobilized therein
Air treatment system for refrigerated appliance
Compositions comprising modified metal oxides
Catalyst element and manufacturing method thereof
Slurry for use in polishing semiconductor device conductive structures that include copper and tungs...
Metal surface-modified silica-titania composites and methods for forming the same
Method of manufacturing high-crush-strength iridium catalyst for hydrazine decomposition reaction in...
Lube basestocks manufacturing process using improved hydrodewaxing catalysts
Honeycomb structure and seal material
Process for the preparation of 1,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene and/or 1,1,3,3,3-pentafluoropropene
Aqueous coating compositions
Process for producing coating compositions with customizable properties
Resin composition having easy-openable property
Transfer of application loggin status information across subsystem nodes
Automation of testing in remote sessions
Method and system for updating a software image
Systems and methods for event driven recovery management
Profiling users based on artificially constructed deceptive content
Method for dynamically changing intrusion detection rule in kernel level intrusion detection system
Method and apparatus for vibration reduction in laser system line narrowing unit wavelength selectio...
Plain bearing
Drive shaft for a compressor
Roller apparatus
Sealing element for a rotatable part with a tractrix form
Fluid dynamic pressure bearing device, spindle motor provided with the fluid dynamic pressure bearin...
Roller device for a conveyer
Accessing 2D graphic content using axonometric layer views
Polypeptide having amidase activity and gene thereof
Electrophoresis apparatus
Optical subassembly for an electro-optical assembly
Multi-fiber fiber optic receptacle and plug assembly
Electronic device with diffused backlit display
Aldolase, and method for producing optically active IHOG and monatin
Method for manufacturing a master, master, method for manufacturing optical elements and optical ele...
Catheter with multi port tip for optical lesion evaluation
Lighting unit for producing linearly polarized light directed onto a target surface
Discrete optical correlation system with adjustable aperture
Direction finding radiation detector, and radiation monitoring method and apparatus
System and method for performing an optical tracking operation using relative referencing
Production methods of optically active hydrazine compound and optically active amine compound
Light emission material and organic electroluminescent device using the same
Azaaromatic compounds having azafluoranthene skeletons and organic electroluminescent devices made b...
White organic light-emitting devices with improved performance
Conductive organic/inorganic composite composition and organic electroluminescent device comprising ...
Triptolide derivatives for modulation of apoptosis and immunosuppression
Coumarin derivatives as ion channel openers
Process for producing fused imidazole compound, reformatsky reagent in stable form, and process for ...
Display apparatus and fabricating method thereof
Process for the manufacture of aminoalkylenephosphonic acid compounds in the presence of a heterogen...
Method and apparatus for detection of microscopic pathogens
Atomic layer deposition of a ruthenium layer to a lanthanide oxide dielectric layer
Method of manufacturing a ferroelectric capacitor with a hydrogen barrier layer
Compositions and liquid crystals
Toner having bumpy surface morphology
Durable reactive thermal barrier coatings
Color display device and color display method
Organic electroluminescence display panel and method for sealing the same
Operation target identification system
Systems and methods for collective bandwidth throttling
Liquid crystal display device
Power-efficient, pulsed driving of capacitive loads to controllable voltage levels
Input device and electronic device using the input device
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Level shift circuit and shift register and display device
OLED patterning method
Inertial sensor
Mobile terminal and method of managing data reception using the mobile terminal
Image forming apparatus with fusing roller that is preheated
Image forming apparatus that adjusts operating conditions based on a density detection result of a p...
Optical head and image forming apparatus incorporating the same
Container and information provision system
Gene silencing using mRNA-cDNA hybrids
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, electronic device and method of manufactu...
Ceramic electronic component and method for manufacturing the same
Cleaning device and image forming apparatus
Hot air convective glosser
Image-forming apparatus, control method thereof, and control program storing medium for image-formin...
Log data recording device, log data recording method and storage medium storing program
Image processor, image processing method, and storage medium storing program for the combining of co...
Document deciding apparatus, document reading apparatus, image forming apparatus and document decidi...
System and method for high addressable binary image generation using rank ordered error diffusion on...
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and program therefor
Method and system for shopping for a consumable for a device
Plural light source and camera to detect surface flaws
Image formation device and method for correcting periodic variations
Charge generating composition
Silanol containing photoconductor
Books and binding method
Method and apparatus for processing digitally signed messages to determine address mismatches
Permissions using a namespace
Data processing unit
Differential update for data broadcasting
Dynamically configurable service oriented architecture
Guiding device and guiding method
Peptide substance restoring myocardium function
Compositions useful as fabric softener
Soap bars comprising insoluble multivalent ion soap complexes
Cleansing composition comprising a ternary surfactant mixture and polyaryl siloxane
Printed circuit board thickness adaptors
Glitch-free clock regeneration circuit
Radio communication antenna fitted with a radome and method of assembling this kind of radio communi...
Implicit interprocess communications (IPC) versioning support
Methods and devices for generating XML expressed management transactions
Shell specific filtering and display of log messages
Method for assigning uplink and/or downlink capacities based on available capacity
Real-time E911 location information in a consumer VOIP solution
Optical switching device for a transparent node of high switching degree adapted to spectral equaliz...
Multiple port symmetric transmissive wavelength-selective mesh node
Method of creating and managing a customized recording of audio data relayed over a phone network
Channel-adaptive waveform modulation
Method and apparatus for providing call admission control in packet networks
Method and apparatus for merging virtual connections
Method and apparatus for improved multicast streaming in wireless networks
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus having improved home position sensing structure of transfer belt, and method...
Developing device and image forming apparatus having the same
Developing device, image forming apparatus and developing method
Cleaning of a charging member in an image forming apparatus
Transfer mechanism and image forming apparatus using the same
Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same
Toner Formulations with Tribocharge Control and Stability
Toner Compositions Including Silica Blends
Developing system and image forming apparatus using the same
Method for Controlling the Distance Between the Photosensitive Member and the Developing Member in a...
Closed Loop Charge Control to Minimize Low Frequency Charge Non-Uniformity
Wet development device, wet development method, and image forming apparatus using the device
Apparatus and method of image forming
Device and method for detecting position of unit mounted in image forming apparatus
Method and system for information distribution
Identifying e-mail messages from allowed senders
Method and system for capturing instant messages
Coordinated changing of email settings on wireless electronic devices and wireless networks
Methods for evaluating osteoarthritis risk
Polymorphisms in the urocortin 3 gene and their associations with marbling and subcutaneous fat dept...
Shutdown separators with improved properties
Passive restriction pathways in fuel cell water drainage
High gas adsorption metal-organic framework
Air cleaner; replaceable filter cartridges; and, methods
Hair dye composition
Dynamic spinal implants incorporating cartilage bearing graft material
Embolic protection device
Absorbent article
Self energized backup system for packer sealing elements
Splint for a joint connection and methods for production of such a splint
Therapeutic writing instrument devices and methods
Evaporator assembly unit, especially for a vehicle heater or a reformer arrangement of a fuel cell s...
Dual component dispenser
System and method for a secondary water drainage system with street level leak detection
Method of forming spaced pleated filter material and product of same
Liquid filtration device
Disposable vacuum filtration funnel with integral prefilter
Catch basin sealing system
Self-cleaning filter assembly
Water purifier
Swing-type submersible floating aerator
Submersible hollow shaft motor and submersible floating aerator comprising the same
Deep well sparging
Appliance for ironing or steaming linen, comprising a container for additive
Dual side cooling integrated power device package and module with a clip attached to a leadframe in ...
Optical component assembly
Integrated circuit device packaging structure and packaging method
High power light emitting diode package and fabrication method thereof
CMOS device and method of manufacturing same
Vertical floating body cell of a semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device
Vertical field-effect transistor and method of forming the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Wire-type semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for calibrating a metrology tool
Light emitting diode with embedded saw-tooth multilayer having a photonic crystal structure and proc...
Method of fabricating light emitting device and thus-fabricated light emitting device
Optoelectronic chip
Nitride semiconductor light emitting element
Phase change memory cell and method of formation
Memory cell having a side electrode contact
Memory elements having patterned electrodes and method of forming the same
Method and apparatus to detect and prevent malicious changes to tokens
System and method for monitoring processing in a document processing peripheral
Method and system for managing access authorization for a user in a local administrative domain when...
System and method for providing access to protected services
Authentication device
Human sarcoma-associated antigens
Counter weapon containment
Index data structure for a peer-to-peer network
Techniques for performing operations on a source symbolic document
Apparatus and method for switching clocks while preventing glitches and data loss
Method for resolving mutex contention in a network system
PPP terminating equipment, network equipment and method of responding to LCP echo requirement
System for utilizing genetic algorithm to provide constraint-based routing of packets in a communica...
Monitoring portal systems and methods
Apparatus and method for controlling reverse-link data transmission rate during handoff
Apparatus and method for metering and marking data in a communication system
Reduced-power memory with per-sector power/ground control and early address
Semiconductor memory with a delay circuit
Collaborative design
High-speed asynchronous digital signal level conversion circuit
Fluid cushion conveyance system
Motor vehicle comprising a pop-up hood
Power assisted steering for motorized pallet truck
Motorized wheeled vehicle having a multi-stage speed reduction function when turning
Methods for synthesis of acyloxyalkyl compounds
Vaccine for activating helper function of CD8.sup.+ Tcells
Tabstrip user interface element for formulating boolean statements
Semiautomatic jacketing method
Efficient simulation of manufacturing process of shapeable material using finite element analysis
Steam trap monitoring
On-board message repeater for railroad train communications system
Pluggable optical diplexer/triplexer module
Video analysis
Alkylidene complexes of ruthenium containing N-heterocyclic carbene ligands; use as highly active, s...
Method and derived product, for the preparation of chips, flakes, pastes, and similar items, contain...
Radiation shield securing and covering system
Apparatus for digital imaging photodetector using gas electron multiplier
Thermoplastic polyimide and imide oligomer
Stable defoamant composition containing GTL fluid and/or hydrodewaxate and/or hydroisomerized/cataly...
Providing photonic control over wafer borne semiconductor devices
Electrophotographic photoconductor
Martensitic stainless steel and method for manufacturing same
Concrete with enriched quarry limestone waste as a coarse aggregate
Aqueous ink-jet ink composition
Disposable diaper
Curved guide mechanism and walk-assisting device
Method of manufacturing amorphous NiO thin films and nonvolatile memory devices using the same
SyAF structure to fabricate Mbit MTJ MRAM
Method and apparatus for accurate calibration of a reflectometer by using a relative reflectance mea...
High thermally conductive aluminum nitride sintered product
Methods for producing members of specific binding pairs
Antigen binding molecules that bind EGFR, vectors encoding same, and uses thereof
Vibration apparatus and methods of vibration
Cord rotating head for a crystal drawing system
Laminate hose made of fluorocopolymer
Preparation of isoxazolin-3-ylacylbenzene
Coupling and socket thereof
Fuel cell system
Fuel cell having a separator with water-retaining groove portions
Thermally primed hydrogen-producing fuel cell system
Fuel injector having algorithm controlled look-ahead timing for injector-ignition operation
Electrode material and fuel cell
Fuel cell using in the cathode compartment and optionally in the anode compartment oxydoreductase en...
Liquid fuel supply type fuel cell
Proton-conducting polymer membrane and method for the production thereof to simultaneously remove th...
Ultra short high pressure gradient flow path flow field
Micro fuel cell thermal management
Air breathing direct methanol fuel cell pack
Proton-conducting electrolyte membrane method for production and use thereof in a fuel cell
Sub-micron solid oxide electrolyte membrane in a fuel cell
Curable composition
Stabilizer mixtures
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Reduced wetting string for ribbon crystal
Barrier film and laminated material, container for wrapping and image display medium using the same,...
Measuring apparatus used for determining an analyte in a liquid sample, comprising polymer electroni...
Ultra-sensitive metal oxide gas sensor and fabrication method thereof
Communications system and method using remote antennas
Method and apparatus for controlling hydraulic pump for working machine of working vehicle
System and method for determining implanted device orientation
Halide-free glucosamine-acidic drug complexes
Methods of forming arrays of nanoscale building blocks
Composition based on silicone oils that can be crosslinked into elastomers for the impregnation trea...
Fan design and method of operating
Playback apparatus and playback control method
Method and apparatus for utilizing representational images in commercial and other activities
Human Akt3 nucleic acid and uses thereof
Human and mammalian stem cell-derived neuron survival factors
Proximal guidewire port
C3 exoenzyme-coated stents and uses thereof for treating and preventing restenosis
Spinal mobility preservation apparatus
Vascular closure
Sheathless embolic protection system
Chronic pathogen-expressing cell lines
Method of screening for modulators of HIV infection
Compositions and methods for detecting and treating HIV infections
Fungus-induced inflammation and eosinophil degranulation
Respiratory syncytial virus vaccines expressing protective antigens from promoter-proximal genes
Low-toxicity, long-circulating human interferon-alpha PEGylated mutants
Adeno-associated virus materials and methods
Compositions and methods for enhanced expression of recombinant polypeptides from a single vector us...
Sol-fusin: use of GP64-6His to catalyze membrane fusion
Polynucleotide intercalator interceptors and inhibitors
Method for detection of specific antibodies using ubiquitin fusion proteins
Omp85 proteins of Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Neisseria meningitidis, compositions containing same and...
Traditional Chinese medicine composition to treat rheumatoid arthritis and preparation method thereo...
Sustained-release preparations
Chewable softgel capsules
Compositions and methods of preparation of liposomal microparticulate IL-12
Interferon alpha receptor 1 antibodies and their uses
Disordered percolation layer for forming conductive islands on electric paper
Method for producing polyisobutene
Dipterinyl calcium pentahydrate (DCP) and therapeutic methods based thereon
Networked RF tag for tracking people by means of loyalty cards
Substrate damage detection mechanism using RFID tag
Methods and apparatus for efficiently tracking activity using radio frequency identification
RFID tag user memory indication
Apparatus for identifying objects using radio frequency and apparatus and method for tracking positi...
Methods and apparatus for security device portal sensing
Tracking and processing cargo containers having indefinite security status
Inline power for multiple devices in a wired data telecommunications network
Image forming device and controlling method with recording material storage unit having replaceable ...
Cartridge with identifiers
Antenna structure, transponder and method of manufacturing an antenna structure
Third Party Management of Computer System Control
Canister dosage indicator device
Input apparatus and method for inputting information with a small display area
Financial relationship visualization
Prioritizing thread selection partly based on stall likelihood providing status information of instr...
Global smartcard cache methods and apparatuses
Flash memory access apparatus and method
Lubricants for sports equipment
Web comprising fine fiber and reactive, adsorptive or absorptive particulate
Polymerization catalysts for producing high molecular weight polymers with low levels of long chain ...
Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives with aziridine crosslinking agents
Plasticized polyolefin compositions
Articles from plasticized thermoplastic polyolefin compositions
Meat processing
Method and system for in-cup dispensing, mixing and foaming hot and cold beverages from liquid conce...
Chemical sensor using semiconducting metal oxide nanowires
Method of manufacturing nano-template for a high-density patterned medium and high-density magnetic ...
Carbon nanotube composite and method for fabricating the same
Method for carbon nanotube emitter surface treatment
Nanoimprint lithography template techniques for use during the fabrication of a semiconductor device...
Shoe with writing surface
Snowshoe binding without heel strap
Method and apparatus for fashion adaptable footwear
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Electrostatic footwear
Cross-country ski assembly and cross-country ski binding
Metering device for a medium
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image forming method, and image forming apparatus and process cartridge using the image forming meth...
Capturing sequences adjacent to type-IIS restriction sites for genomic library mapping
Glasses for display panels and photovoltaic devices
Disk drive
Method and apparatus for a computing system using meta program representation
Receiver system having analog pre-filter and digital equalizer
Liquid crystal display device
Ink jet printing method and ink jet printing apparatus
Energy activated printing process
Polymerization with living characteristics
Image forming method and image forming apparatus
Imidazole compound and use thereof
Corrosion inhibitor
Pigment compositions, colored compositions making use of the pigment compositions, and color filters
Colloidal metal-containing Urushi lacquer and Urushi lacquered article
Carbon black inks and method for making same
Metal display panel having one or more translucent regions
Microelectronic imaging devices and associated methods for attaching transmissive elements
Aqueous pigment dispersion and ink composition for inkjet recording
High temperature and high humidity release coating for polymer film
Toner particles of controlled morphology
Method for attaching seeds in an automated seeding system
Plasticized superabsorbent polymer sheets and use thereof in hygienic articles
Molecular modeling for metalloproteins
Variable collimation in radiation detection
.beta.-agarase isolated from Thalassomonas agarivorans, preparation process and uses thereof
Nucleic acid encoding a polypeptide with the biological activity of a serine hydroxymethyltransferas...
Enhancement of adenoviral oncolytic activity by modification of the E1A gene product
Activation method of protein derived from extremely thermophilic bacterium in nucleic acid amplifica...
ErbB4 receptor-specific neuregulin related ligands and uses therefor
Bioreactor containing cells expressing glycosyltransferase nucleic acids isolatable from Arabidopsis
Development system with methodology providing information hiding in executable programs
Method and apparatus of WAFS backup managed in centralized center
Image processing method, image processor, photographic apparatus, image output unit and iris verify ...
Encoding device, decoding device, and printed matter
Method and a system for computer software distribution using networked software dispensing vending m...
Increased production of secreted proteins by recombinant eukaryotic cells
Camshaft adjusting device
Control device and control method of internal combustion engine
Hydraulic camshaft adjuster and method for assembling the same
Synchronized media experience
Apparatus for providing a visual effect
Water ride attraction
Amusement ride
Method for generating the left and right perspectives in a 3D videogame
Gaming system and method for enabling a player to select progressive awards to try for and chances o...
Gaming system having multiple gaming devices that share a multi-outcome display
Gaming machine with visual and audio indicia changed over time
Method of leasing a gaming machine for a percentage of a net win amount
Gaming device having accumulation game with changing selections
Gaming device having an input-output value bonus scheme
Method and apparatus for conducting a game of chance
Wagering game with concealed elements continuously revealed
Video game processing apparatus, a method and a computer readable medium that stores a program for p...
Streamer launching system
Traveling device for moving toys
Offset matrix adapter for toy construction sets
Package for magnetic toy vehicles
Variable-heat smoke unit for model vehicle
21 to the river
Method of conducting a wagering game
System and method for developing rules utilized in a knowledge management system
Identification of anomalous data records
Active semiotic system for image and video understanding by robots and unmanned vehicles, methods an...
Automata learning algorithms and processes for providing more complete systems requirements specific...
Data analyzer utilizing the spreading activation theory for stemming processing
Method and apparatus for complex RFID event processing
Method of multivariate estimation analysis and sampling for data mining
Portable terminal device with a display and focused-state determination means
Distinguishing facts from opinions using a multi-stage approach
System and method for fusing data from different information sources with shared-sampling distributi...
Comparing distributions of cases over groups of categories
Resource assignment optimization using direct encoding and genetic algorithms
Method, apparatus, and program product for efficiently adding entities and relationships in a compre...
On-line service provision method, and equipment for implementing such a method
Method and system for interfacing with a multi-level data structure
Design and selection of genetic targets for sequence resolved organism detection and identification
Firearm handgrip with a horizontal angle tracking bipod
Modular system rifle stock
Canting, tilting and rotating vertical fore grip
Azimuth measuring apparatus and method
Predictor of When to Harvest Cells Grown in a Bioreactor
Expert System for Controlling Plant Growth in a Contained Environment
Preservation and Controlled Delivery / Release of Spermatozoa
Method for Production of Styrene from Toluene Syngas
Sprayable liquid emulsion polymer coating compositions
Production of peracids using an enzyme having perhydrolysis activity
Transfection Reagent
Gene Vector
Isolated MCPIP and Methods of Use
Hose connector for vacuum or blower
Disposable dental floss pick set
Method and system to combine keyword and natural language search results
Recommendations based on item tagging activities of users
Integrated technology money transfer system
Method of providing customer services
Automated prescription filling system/method with automated labeling and packaging system/method and...
Smart call delivery with GIS integration
Virtual private network based upon multi-protocol label switching adapted to measure the traffic flo...
Mobile handover utilizing multicast in a multi-protocol label switching (MPLS)-based network
Visual cryptography and voting technology using a pair of enhanced contrast glyphs in overlay
Systems and methods for remote monitoring of vibrations in machines
Image-based document display
Scanning antenna with beam-forming waveguide structure
Magnetic safety feature for cookware and cooking stoves
Identification of cancer protein biomarkers using proteomic techniques
Method for analyzing mitochondrial function
Multi-system gaming terminal communication device
Gaming device having modified reel spin sounds to highlight and enhance positive player outcomes
Gaming method and device involving progressive wagers
Heterocyclic compounds as antiinflammatory agents