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Surgical light
Automatic gain control method and automatic gain control circuit
Volume-responsive loudness compensation circuits, systems, and methods
Moldings having ink layer
Method for stably incorporating substances within dry, foamed glass matrices
Class characterization of circulating cancer cells isolated from body fluids and methods of use
Hyper video: information retrieval using realtime buffers
Multifunctional container system
Apparatus for tightening threaded member
Obstacle following sensor scheme for a mobile robot
Compliant cutoff saw assembly
Robot cleaner
Automated production system for object identification, selection and transport
System and method for accessing ferrous surfaces normally accessible only with special effort
Power recharger for use with robot cleaner
Single cell operation supporting robot
Method in the control of a machine tool cell
Robot control apparatus
Method and a system for programming an industrial robot
Ground-based haptic interface comprising at least two decoupled rotary finger actuators
Eccentric gearbox
System and method registered video endoscopy and virtual endoscopy
Method and a system for programming an industrial robot
Thermal fixing device with heater operation diagnosing function
Generation triple-targeting, chiral, broad-spectrum antimicrobial 7-substituted piperidino-quinolone...
Process for resolution of tamsulosin and compounds, compositions, and processes associated therewith
Compounds that modulate PPAR activity and methods for their preparation
Weld guidance system and method
Stage apparatus, exposure apparatus, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Interferometer system for measuring surface shape
Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium storing image processing program
Print control method and apparatus
Image processing methods and apparatus for detecting human eyes, human face, and other objects in an...
Printing system, information processor, and authenticating method
Image composition for use in lossy compression
Image formation apparatus
Moving image data management apparatus and method
Communication system between computer and facsimile machine
Image forming apparatus
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Developing apparatus
Light scanner, multibeam scanner, and image forming apparatus using the same
Image forming apparatus with control feature for forming predetermined pattern and normal images
Speech processing apparatus and method measuring signal to noise ratio and scaling speech and noise
Information processing apparatus, method for controlling information processing apparatus, and stora...
Peripheral apparatus, control method for peripheral apparatus, memory medium, and information proces...
Searching for printers over a network using intermediate print data
Device for separating air from flotation foam
Apparatus for the separation of solids from liquids by dissolved gas floatation
Leachate and wastewater remediation system
Wastewater treatment
Alkynylated quinazoline compounds
Compositions and methods for detecting stress-inducible proteins
Tobacco cultivar NC 2000
Haptic feedback devices for simulating an orifice
Susceptometers for foreign body detection
Produce packaging system having produce containers with double-arched ventilation channels
Method and system for scanning an image using a look-down linear array scanner
Production of silk-like proteins in plants
Spraying gun having flow rate control effect
Detergent compositions comprising a mannanase and a soil release polymer
Solid detergent compositions
xDSL symbol processor and method of operating same
Multithreaded processor efficiency by pre-fetching instructions for a scheduled thread
Method and system to remotely grant limited access to software options resident on a device
Method and apparatus for streaming XML content
Method and apparatus for scrollable cross-point navigation in a calendar user interface
Method and electronic apparatus for formatting and serving inkjet image data
Meta-address architecture for parallel, dynamically reconfigurable computing
Graphics processor and system with microcontroller for programmable sequencing of power up or power ...
Fuel pump metering system
Engine control based on flow rate and pressure for hydraulic hybrid vehicle
Fuel injection system for an internal combustion engine
Water pump with a hollow shaft, seal, and drain opening therein
Reciprocating compressor having an inner core with a scratch resistant intermediate member
Center valve sleeve retention system for an oscillating pump
Arrangement structure of swash plate hydraulic pump hydraulic pump
Centrifugal turbine for breathing-aid devices
Driving apparatus of a linear motor
Method for operating a multi family/commercial plumbing system
Constant bypass flow controller for a variable displacement pump
Variable capacity rotary compressor
Fluid driven pump with improved exhaust port arrangement
Surgical cassette having an aspiration pressure sensor
Electrically operated fuel injection apparatus
Submersible pumping system
Compressor utilizing low volt power tapped from high volt power
Two shaft vacuum pump with cantilevered rotors
Pumping or mixing system using a levitating magnetic element
Automated service scheduling system
Child-resistant packaging for tablets
Co-injection methods using endothermic-blowing agents and products made therefrom
Endoscope with a single image pick-up element for fluorescent and normal-light images
Excitation light illuminating probe, video endoscope system, and video endoscope for fluorescence ob...
Implantable biosensor system, apparatus and method
Method for Raman chemical imaging of endogenous chemicals to reveal tissue lesion boundaries in tiss...
Image-forming device sensing mechanism
Method and apparatus for obtaining information from polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomogra...
Systems and methods for analyzing particle systems using polarized scattered light
Method for determining the reflectance profile of materials
Method for processing biomagnetic field data, magnetic field contour mapping, forming their waveform...
Device for four-dimensional representation of a structural variation, in particular of the course of...
Methods and computer readable medium for improved radiotherapy dosimetry planning
System and method for performing discrete simulation of ergonomic movements
Method and production of a sensor
Method for removing residue from a magneto-resistive random access memory (MRAM) film stack using a ...
Method of forming a narrow gate, and product produced thereby
Method of fabricating dielectric layer
Ultra fast rapid thermal processing chamber and method of use
Semiconductor-based encapsulated infrared sensor and electronic device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing
Method of determining dose uniformity of a scanning ion implanter
Floating-gate semiconductor structures
Structure and fabricating method with self-aligned bit line contact to word line in split gate flash
Self-aligned planar DMOS transistor structure and its manufacturing methods
Device including a resistive path to introduce an equivalent RC circuit
Semiconductor device with glue layer in opening
Amorphous carbon metal-to-metal antifuse with adhesion promoting layers
Reinforced lead-frame assembly for interconnecting circuits within a circuit module
Electronic device and method of manufacturing the same
Micro-machined semiconductor package
Method and structure for selective thermal paste deposition and retention on integrated circuit chip...
FBAR, FBAR based duplexer device and manufacturing method thereof
Method for characterizing and simulating a chemical mechanical polishing process
Refrigerant compositions containing a compatibilizer
AC-coupled burst mode receiver with wide dynamic range
Methods and apparatus for supplying high concentrations of dissolved oxygen and ozone for chemical a...
Filter accessory for use in swimming pool water flow system
Liquid reconditioning system including a venturi pump
Water treatment system
Variable flow rate injector
Liquid—liquid extraction apparatus and method
Contaminant skimming device
Process for treating lightly contaminated acid mine water
Connecting structure of fuel filter and fuel pump
Device and method for autologous blood transfusion
Purification apparatus and method
Systems for water and wastewater sludge treatment using floc or network strength
Device and method for generating and applying ozonated water
System and method of gas energy management for particle flotation and separation
Apparatus for withdrawing permeate using an immersed vertical skein of hollow fiber membranes
Method for reducing malodors in hydrotropic compositions
Target drive ventilation gain controller and method
AD conversion method
Power converter with an inductor input and switched capacitor outputs
Powdered epoxy composition
Distributed open architecture for media and telephony services
Method for facilitating microcontroller programming
In situ thermal recovery from a relatively permeable formation with backproduction through a heater ...
Zeolite-containing cement composition
Gardening tool transport and storage device
Liquid supply apparatus
High-performance infusion system for VARTM fabrication
Fiber embedded polishing pad
Percutaneous catheter and guidewire having filter and medical device deployment capabilities
Biologic replacement for fibrin clot
Soil-resistant coating for glass surfaces
Polymerization reactor and process
Large high density foam glass tile
Ink jet recording medium comprising amine-treated silica
Processing of unsolicited bulk electronic mail
Tetrahydroquinoline derivatives for the inhibition of osteoporosis, estrogen dependent breast cancer...
Oxygen or sulfur containing heteroaromatics as factor Xa inhibitors
Azacycloalkanone serine protease inhibitors
User-retainable temperature and impedance monitoring methods and devices
System and method for facilitating hemostasis of blood vessel punctures with absorbable sponge
Endovenous ablation mechanism with feedback control
Articulating suturing device and method
Embolic protection guide wire
Bifurcated graft with a superior extension
Method of thrombolysis by local delivery of reversibly inactivated acidified plasmin
Compositions and methods useful for the diagnosis and treatment of heparin induced thrombocytopenia/...
Therapeutic peptide-based constructs derived from Domain II of bactericidal/permeability-increasing ...
Therapeutic composition for broad spectrum dermal disease
Use of a methylol-containing compound to treat tumors
Solid-state form of celecoxib having enhanced bioavailability
Method for reducing corrosion of a head element during the manufacture of a disk drive
Disk drive maintaining a cache link attribute for each of a plurality of allocation states
Hybrid printed servo patterns for magnetic media and hard disk systems implementing same
Method of detecting polarity reversal in a magnetoresistive sensor
High voltage differential amplifier using low voltage devices
Method to correct radial misposition of data tracks
Rotor assembly, information-recording/-reproducing device using the rotor assembly and method of ass...
Hydrodynamic pressure bearing system and spindle motor using the same
Magnetic recording head having a first pole for generating an easy axis field and an auxiliary pole ...
Disk drive controlling ripple current of a voice coil motor when driven by a PWM driver
Thin film magnetic head, magnetic head device and magnetic recording/reproducing device
Using an external spiral servo writer to write reference servo sectors and spiral tracks to a disk t...
Air-bearing sliders having leading read/write head and flying with negative pitch
Head suspension configured for improved thermal performance during solder ball bonding to head slide...
Suspension design for attenuation of disk flutter induced track mis-registration of a hard disk driv...
Tracking and focus servo system with error signal inverse non-linearity calibration
Resource reservation system in a computer network to support end-to-end quality-of-service constrain...
Methods and apparatus for digital offset correction using an ADC with an increased input range
Cascade A/D converter
Patient lifting apparatus
Combinations of reboxetine and neuroleptic agents
1,6-naphthyridine derivatives and their use to treat diabetes and related disorders
8-Azabicyclo(3,2,1)oct-2 ene and octane derivatives as cholinergic ligands at nicotinic ACh receptor...
2,3-oxidosqualene-lanosterol cyclase inhibitors
Hydroxyalkylamide derivatives
Pool heating system
Fixation of a heat-exchanger cassette
Heat dissipation assembly with retaining device
Tubular catalytic aircraft precooler
Brazed sheets with aligned openings and heat exchanger formed therefrom
Vehicle heating and air conditioning modules
Mode switching control device of vehicle air-conditioning apparatus
Integrated circuit system with a latent heat storage module
Device to convey the cool air from an air-conditioner into a computer
Controlling thermal, acoustic, and/or electromagnetic properties of a computing device
Methods and apparatus for conductive cooling of electronic units
Method and system for determining relative duct sizes by zone in an HVAC system
Passive cooling system for a vehicle
Heat dissipation device
Heat exchanger
Removable tube heat exchanger and header plate
Fluid cooled vehicle drive module
Thermoelectric cooling of low-noise amplifier transistors in wireless communications networks
Analyte detection system
Method and apparatus for three dimensional imaging using infrared radiation
Adjustable tooth spreading and uprighting device
Method for evaluating and affecting male fertility
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Fluorescence intensity multiple distributions analysis: concurrent determination of diffusion times ...
Optical low-pass filter, and image sensing unit and apparatus using the same
Input buffer with hysteresis option
Facility for transporting TDM streams over an asynchronous ethernet network using internet protocol
Integrated tunable optical sensor (ITOS) system
Method and apparatus for information transmission
System of measurements experts and method for generating high-performance measurements software driv...
PFN/TRAC system FAA upgrades for accountable remote and robotics control to stop the unauthorized us...
Systems and methods for operating an electromagnetic actuator
System and methodology for automatically setting a clock
Method and apparatus for retrieving a network file using a logical reference
IP routing lookup scheme and system for multi-gigabit switching routers
Methods and systems for receiving and viewing content-rich communications
Method and architecture for a dynamically extensible web-based management solution
Method and apparatus for processing requests in a network data processing system based on a trust as...
Method and apparatus for automated transcoder selection
Device centric discovery and configuration for fabric devices
Data processing using multiple instruction sets
Method and apparatus for the user-defined loading and running of applications by means of a token
System and method for a uniform website platform that can be targeted to individual users and enviro...
Script embedded in electronic documents as invisible encoding
Method and apparatus for distribution of greeting cards with electronic commerce transaction
Memory device having a semiconducting polymer film
Process to manufacture nonvolatile MOS memory device
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device having a nanoparticle porous oxide film
Transfer belt for a paper machine
Metallic catalytic particle for producing single-walled carbon nanotubes
Nanoparticles having a rutile-like crystalline phase and method of preparing same
Fused off-axis object illumination direct-to-digital holography with a plurality of illumination sou...
Temperature controlled content release from liposomes
Melanoma antigens and their use in diagnostic and therapeutic methods
Retractable writing instrument
Vehicle glass run having molded corner parts with varying cross sections
Flashing and weep apparatus for masonry wall window and door installations
Extruder die and cutter assembly for extruding filled food pieces
Shrinkage control material and elastomeric molding
Inkjet printhead and manufacturing method thereof
Portion of a keyboard
Pen projection display
Method and apparatus for smoothing cursor movement in relation to a refresh rate of a display
Reduced size eight-pin audio jack electrical connector
In-situ digital inking for applications
System and method for block scaling data to fit a screen on a mobile device
Content-based characterization of video frame sequences
Speech recognition user interface
Security mechanism for computer processing modules
Electric motor for hybrid vehicles
Coated electrode with enhanced electron emission and ignition characteristics
Surface acoustic wave device
Non-invasive wafer transfer position diagnosis and calibration
Display filter, display apparatus, and method for production of the same
Particles for display device, image display medium using the same, and image forming device
Micromirror array having reduced gap between adjacent micromirrors of the micromirror array
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Sintered valve metal powders for implantable capacitors
Mounting method for optical device and optical head equipment
Equalizable electro-acoustic device used in commercial panels and method for converting said panels
Steam turbine system inspecting method
Hybrid foil-magnetic bearing with improved load sharing
Architecture for electric machine
Multi-range parallel-hybrid continuously variable transmission
Wide ratio transmissions with a stationary planetary gear member and at least five clutches
Transmission, particularly automatic transmission, with several shifting elements
Countermeasure washdown system cleaning
MILES hand grenade
Non-toxic and non-corrosive ignition mixture
Grip cover for coating dispensing device hand grip
Method and apparatus for system management using codebook correlation with symptom exclusion
Tamper-proof truck anti-theft device
Advanced cleaning system with off-head mounted nozzle
Measuring cognitive impairment
Method of making continuous filament web with statistical filament distribution
Synthesis of epothilones, intermediates thereto and analogues thereof
System and method for security inspection using microwave imaging
Game control device having genre data
Portion of a shoe upper
Pre-curved wader with front and back seams
Supple penetration resistant fabric and method of making
Electric resistance heating/warming fabric articles
Semiconductor device and method for forming the same
Programmable element with selectively conductive dopant and method for programming same
Pressing device
Laser optical apparatus
Light-emitting element drive circuit
Method and device for photothermal imaging tiny metal particles immersed in a given medium
Integrated lead suspension for high density drive
Optical recording medium with prepit regions and recording/reproducing method thereof
Erbium-doped phosphate-glass tunable single-mode fiber laser using a tunable fabry-perot filter
Wavelength locking scheme and algorithm for ultra-high density WDM system
Semiconductor laser device and method of manufacturing the same
Laser gas replenishment method
Apparatuses and methods for generating coherent electromagnetic laser radiation
Semiconductor laser module
Distributed feedback laser having a differential grating
Optical communication system
Machining simulation machine
Portable coordinate measurement machine with integrated line laser scanner
Steel cord, method of making the same and pneumatic tire including the same
Head for golf club
Pneumatic tire
Method and system for detecting changes in three dimensional shape
Surgical method
Tire information obtaining device, method for obtaining tire information and tire information obtain...
Reinforcement for rubber composites
Tire tread
Pneumatic tire having built-in sealant layer and preparation thereof
Sealing system
Process for manufacturing tires
Needle-less injection apparatus and method
Smad6 and uses thereof
Prevention and treatment of amyloidogenic disease
Sports glove
Adjustable slope and contour practice putting green assembly and method
Adjustable putter for dual handed use
Golf club shaft support
Combination putter and divot repair device
Water resistant polyurea elastomers for golf equipment
Communication system and method for operating multicast service in communication system
Switch fabric capable of aggregating multiple chips and links for high bandwidth operation
Apparatus for and method of optimizing the performance of a radio frequency receiver in the presence...
Torque angle sensing system and method with angle indication
Dual sensor process temperature switch having a high-diagnostic one-out-of-two voting architecture
Method and system for processing stability of semiconductor devices
Converting negative floating point numbers to integer notation without two's complement hardware
Disk array controller and system with automated detection and control of both ATA and SCSI disk driv...
System and method for introducing proprietary signals into a standard backplane via physical separat...
Method and system for reducing false alarms in network fault management systems
System, method, and computer software product for grid alignment of multiple scanned images
Devices, systems, and methods for sensing moisture
Pool cleaning apparatus
Electronic control systems for marine vessels
Top gate thin-film transistor and method of producing the same
Semiconductor device including a TFT having large-grain polycrystalline active layer, LCD employing ...
Light-emitting element
Transflective LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) panel and method of constructing the same
Polycrystalline silicon emitter having an accurately controlled critical dimension
Method of base formation in a BiCMOS process
Photon-blocking layer
Multi-layer conductive memory device
Magnetic memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method of the same
Electrooptic system array, charged-particle beam exposure apparatus using the same, and device manuf...
Light-emitting device and method of fabricating the same
Ultra-flat box for insert
Solid support dirhodium catalyst compositions and methods for making and using same
Image-forming device having a belt type processing member with micro-features
Production of dyed polymer microparticles
Photosensitive microcapsules containing a synthetic viscosity modifier in the continuous phase
Substituted thiene-3-yl-sulfonyl amino(thio)carbonyl-triazolin(thi)ones
Methods for treating stress disorders using glucocorticoid receptor-specific antagonists
Oxindole derivatives
Aqueous adhesive system, method for the production and use thereof
Bisamidate phosphonate prodrugs
Absorbent article
Dielectric filter, antenna duplexer
Filter circuit
System for, and method of, processing quadrature amplitude modulated signals
Method and system for communications between different types of devices
Method and apparatus for interference cancellation in shared communication mediums
Apparatus for performing doppler correction in a wireless communications system
Controlled oscillator circuitry for synthesizing high-frequency signals and associated method
System and method for notification of an event
Transactional message-queue communication for wirelessly networked devices system and method
Method and system for improving throughput over wireless local area networks with a dynamic contenti...
System for transferring customized hardware and software settings from one computer to another compu...
System and method for connecting security systems to a wireless device
Communal vehicle system
Automotive picture and data acquisition center and method
Automated electronic module configuration within a vehicle
Vehicle measuring apparatus and method for toll collection system
On-vehicle electronic apparatus
Electroluminescent sign
Method of reducing serum glucose and triglyceride levels and for inhibiting angiogenesis using subst...
System and method for communicating an event status across a data channel
Method for operating CDMA channel in base transceiver station
System and method for switching security associations
Method for quantitating a protein by image analysis
Upstream transmission profiles for a DOCSIS or DOCSIS-like system
Applying modified mobile internet protocol (IP) in a wireless mobile data network interface
Antimicrobial polypeptide, nucleic acid, and methods of use
Oral pharmaceutical compositions containing taxanes and methods of treatment employing the same
Spiro-cyclic β-amino acid derivatives as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteases and TNF-α...
(+)-2-[1-(3-Ethoxy-4-methoxyphenyl)-2-methylsulfonylethyl]-4-acetylaminoisoindoline-1,3-dione: metho...
Method and apparatus for driving electro-luminescence display device
Light emitting element and azole compound
Transparent electrically-conductive film and its use
Organic light-emitting device using iptycene derivatives
Organic EL element drive circuit and organic EL display device using the same drive circuit
Method of providing pulse amplitude modulation for OLED display drivers
Signal line driving circuit and light emitting device
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Organic light-emitting device having enhanced light extraction efficiency
Organic light emitting full color display panel
Method of current matching in integrated circuits
Apparatus and method for driving light emitting panel
Stand-up vertical field MRI apparatus
Supersensitive nuclear magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Superconducting magnet device and magnetic resonance imaging system employing it
Multi-turn element RF coil array for multiple channel MRI
Magnet system with shielded regenerator housing
NMR magnet device for solution analysis and NMR apparatus
Microfludic device with multiple microcoil NMR detectors
Method and MR apparatus for dynamic frequency detection in MR spectroscopy
Magnetic resonance imaging involving movement of patient's couch
Scanning a band of frequencies using an array of high temperature superconductor sensors tuned to th...
Method, system storage medium and software arrangement for homogenizing a magnetic field in a magnet...
Magnetic resonance imaging with fat suppression
Method of pseudopolar acquisition and reconstruction for dynamic MRI
Method and control device for determining the position of a local coil on a patient table of a magne...
Permanent magnet for magnet resonance
Optical scanner and software for correcting distorted images
Fluorescent optical position sensor
Satellite positioning system receiver with reference oscillator circuit and methods therefor
Method and system for controlling one or more apparatus based on a geographic location
Method and system for tracking moving objects
Image-based computer interface
System for estimating thickness of thin subsurface strata
Method and apparatus for two dimensional surface property analysis based on boundary measurement
System and method for fast reboot of a file server
Adaptive startup policy for accelerating multi-disk array spin-up
Application container that allows concurrent execution on multiple Nodes in a Cluster
Balanced view generation for electronic documents
Method, system and computer program product for implementing acronym assistance
Frame for communicating expressive information for meetings
System and method for improved navigation using bookmarks for movement between locations in a window...
Method for designing minimal cost, timing correct hardware during circuit synthesis
CMOS tapered gate and synthesis method
Method and apparatus for allocating use of an access device between host and guest operating systems
Intelligent trust management method and system
Energy caching for a computer
Tail light for a motorcycle
Light fixture
Phone booth lighter
Epilation head with attachment
Electric shaver
Floss stick
Lifeline cabinet
Triple pet dish
Joint portion for a horse bit
Strap fitting for girth straps for saddles
Harness for animals
Hand plunger
Hand-held vacuum cleaner
Handheld vacuum cleaner
Paint roller cleaner
Tool handle
Refuse container
Garbage can lid
Cremation urn with motorcycle gas tank shape
Triangular mailbox
Geranium plant named 'Fisum Coral Red'
Phlox plant named 'Junior Dream'
Petunia plant named 'Petpo26'
Geranium plant named 'Fisum Red'
Aster plant named 'Esmbrasil'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Yoerin'
Lobelia plant named 'Lobetis'
Ligularia plant named 'Britt-Marie Crawford'
Prunus plant named 'LC-52'
Grape plant named 'RS-9'
Kalanchoe plant named 'Pellinore'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Redock White'
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Fisupnic Lipink'
Apricot tree, 'F194 cv'
Gaura plant named 'Perky Pink'
Argyranthemum plant named 'Supa0186'
Eupatorium plant named 'Little Joe'
Philodendron plant named 'Pastel Sport #2'
Hull for high speed water craft
Universal down rigger adaptor
Kayak accessory pack
Shock absorbing apparatus
Lateral thrust drive unit for marine vessels
Crampon, mountain boot and relative fastening system
Footwear with impact absorbing system
Footwear midsole with compressible element in lateral heel area
Enhanced selection of genetically modified pine embryogenic tissue
Systems and methods for blood glucose sensing
Immunoassay method
Chemically modified lipolytic enzyme
Method of protecting plants by introducing a gene coded for a protein which enhances virus infection...
Soybean cultivar 4181001
Optical biodiscs with reflective layers
Methods for modulating nuclear receptor coactivator binding
Composition and method for stimulating immune response to pathogen using complex adenoviral vector
Methods and compositions for inhibiting HIV infectivity and blocking chemokine activity
Methods and compositions for treatment of inflammatory disease using cadherin-11 modulating agents
Molecular antigen array
Identification, monitoring and treatment of disease and characterization of biological condition usi...
Substituted pyrazine derivatives
Method for the treatment or prevention of viral infection using nucleoside analogues
Materials and methods involving hybrid vascular endothelial growth factor DNAs and proteins
Oxygenate to olefin process
Image recording device, image input device, and data processor, image recording method, and storage ...
Imaging pickup apparatus with control information capable of being stored to detachably attached mem...
Image processor and image processing method
Image sensor ADC and CDS per column
Solid-state image pickup device having a photoelectric conversion unit and a punch-through current s...
Image input apparatus having photoelectric conversion devices bonded to a light guide member
Image sensing apparatus employing dark image data to correct dark noise
Remote camera positioner
X-Y video camera support and positioning system
Apparatus for detecting telecine conversion method of video signal
EPG-conditioned letterbox-to-anamorphic conversion
Signal processor
Image reading apparatus
System and method for personalizing an electrical device
Digital recording apparatus
Numbering of video objects and cells
Brake pedal apparatus
Multi-wheel-driving vehicle
Repulsive differential driving double-acting type electrical machinery power system
Surface traversing apparatus and method
Personal transport vehicle, such as a bicycle
Three wheel motorcycle conversion assembly
On-demand transfer case
Front opening hood assembly
Drive assembly for a high ground clearance vehicle
Integrated electric motor-driven oil pump for automatic transmissions in hybrid applications
Fuel cell fuel supply system and mobile body
Fuel cell control device and fuel cell vehicle control apparatus
Electric generating system for automobiles and its control method
Robust steering-pull torque compensation
Method and system for fail-safe motor operation
Power output apparatus and automobile with power output apparatus mounted thereon
Blast resistant partitions
Automatic accel voltage tracking system for an ion thruster
Nacelle chine installation for drag reduction
Method for applying pressure to composite laminate areas masked by secondary features
System and method for promoting commerce, including sales agent assisted commerce, in a networked ec...
Service point management system for use in sales promotion services
Method and apparatus to enable consumer replenishment shopping by expiration date
Systems, methods and computer program products for facilitating the sale of commodity-like goods/ser...
Method, apparatus and program product for facilitating transfer of vehicle leases
Method and system for customizing a distribution network based on market conditions
Methods and devices utilizing a tracking system
Brokering and facilitating consumer projects in an e-commerce system
Currency and credit rating system for business-to-business transaction
Automated banking machine system using plural communication formats
Transaction number management method in network commodity sales
Method and system for seeking bids
Charging mechanism for multicasting
Image pick-up unit including an image pick-up device and optical filter layers
Measuring camera attitude
Supplying apparatus for recording material
Lens barrel incorporating the cam mechanism
Electronic equipment and camera
Portable information terminal device
Controlled-release pharmaceutical formulations
Sustained release drug delivery devices with prefabricated permeable plugs
Stable hydrogen peroxide compositions, products and methods of use
Non-solid composition for local application
Herbal composition for improving anticancer activity, immune response and hematopoiesis of the body,...
Oil from Momordica charantia L., its method of preparation and uses
Methods and reagents for the detection of antibodies to adenovirus
Antigenic structural peptide, antigenic and immunogenic compounds, and uses for detecting, preventin...
Peptides for detection to Anaplasma phagocytophilum
Animal models and methods for sepsis
Method and apparatus for performing multiple processing steps on a sample in a single vessel
Method and composition for skin grafts
Method of simultaneously treating sensory auditory gating deficit and associated psychosis in schizo...
Composition and method for treating impaired or deteriorating neurological function
Hydrocolloid adhesive mass with improved resistance to deterioration of its absorption capacity afte...
Grafted comb polymers based on acryloyldimethyltaurine acid
Mold inhibitor integrated within a matrix and method of making same
Antibodies directed to B7-related polypeptide, BSL-2
Compacted forms of halogenated hydantoins
Zwitterionic lipid compound and uses thereof
Packaging food products
Traffic monitoring system
Floating wave making apparatus
Precast concrete column for use in post-frame construction
Modular floating boat lift
Portable mooring device for small watercraft
Variably adjustable watercraft ramp
Fish safe screened water diversion apparatus
Pin and collar shoring device
Game system and game method
Skill games
Video game device, technique setting method in video game, and computer readable recording medium st...
Game ball lacing
Information input method using wearable information input device
N-view synthesis from monocular video of certain broadcast and stored mass media content
Multi-person shared display device
Water-metachromatic laminate, and process for its production
Role managed collaborative learning support system and method
Method and device for training the tactile perception of a marksman, in particular a sport marksman
Conference-table-based wired information system
Systems and methods for automatic evaluation of subjective quality of packetized telecommunication s...
Camera information coding/decoding method for synthesizing stereoscopic real video and a computer gr...
On-line educational system having an electronic notebook feature
Processor including a plurality of computing devices
Method and apparatus for selective network access
Supplemental request header for applications or devices using web browsers
Interactive television receiver unit browser that waits to send requests
Method and apparatus for internet access which bypass local central end office using digital loop ca...
Method and system for energy management using intelligent agents over the internet
Loopback capability for bi-directional multi-protocol label switching traffic engineered trucks
High bandwidth broadcast system having localized multicast access to broadcast content
Method for using portable wireless devices to monitor industrial controllers
Negotiated wireless peripheral systems
Network architecture for internet appliances
End-to-end internet control
Human 5-ht7 receptor promoter sequence
Flexible scalable file conversion system and method
Echo canceling method and apparatus for digital data communication system
Signal traffic routing method for a signaling network
System, method, and computer-readable medium for enabling both hearing and hearing-impaired callers ...
Voice interaction to instruct a user to effect a transaction while avoiding repeated transmission of...
System and method for sending e-mails from a customer entity in a telecommunications network
Method of accounting prepaid online internet service credit values
Method and system for presenting billing information according to a customer-defined hierarchal stru...
Method for processing calls in a call center with automatic answering
Method for optimizing the transmission properties and the power loss of a high-voltage part which is...
Electric plug for use in a mobile electronic apparatus
Electronic switching system
Method and apparatus for generating billing data in a telecommunication system
Method and system for activity responsive telemarketing
Communications system for the control of a communications terminal by a remote computer
Calcium sulphate-based composition and methods of making same
Method for producing high activity photocatalyst, photoactivity catalyst, and method for treating hy...
Method for treating alumina honeycomb monoliths
Low-temperature hydrogen production from oxygenated hydrocarbons
Low-temperature hydrogen production from oxygenated hydrocarbons
Cathode compositions for lithium-ion batteries
Silicon carbonitride with spinel structure
Process for the preparation of doped pentasil-type zeolite using doped seeds
Polyreactions in non-aqueous miniemulsions
Metal alkoxide polymers
Method and apparatus for initiating a pulsed arc discharge for nanopowder synthesis
Method for forming chromium anisotropic metal particles
Copper base alloy suitable for use as material for sliding member
Coated catalytic material with a metal phase in contact with a grain boundary oxide
Method and system for robot localization and confinement
Robot apparatus, and load absorbing apparatus and method
Electrical charging system, electrical charging controlling method, robot apparatus, electrical char...
Speech interface for an automated endoscopic system
RFID smart office chair
System and method for improved installation and control of concealed plumbing flush valves
Multi-layered polymer based thin film structure for medical grade products
Multiple frequency band antenna and signal receiving system using such antenna
Radio controllable clock
Communication controller and computer product
Radio communication system using point-to-point and point-to-multipoint user information communicati...
Cellular radio communication system
Internet assisted mobile calling
Split access point
Method and means for telecommunication
Arrangement in acoustic headsets
RF loopback test apparatus for data radio transceiver
Multiband short range radio receiver for motor vehicle data
Allocation of a channel for data calls with a different useful signal/ disturb signal ratio than for...
System for pseudo-interactive internet access
Fermentation byproduct feed formulation and processing
Method and apparatus for accelerating formation of functional meat mixtures
Method and apparatus for acceleration ingredient diffusion in meat
Method and apparatus for compostion control for processing meat
Integrated continuous meat processing system
Antiallergic composition
Meat extract and process for producing the same
Composition for preventing hypertension
Protein isolation procedures for reducing phytic acid
System and method for facilitating meetings between pharmaceutical sales representatives and physici...
Highly selective membrane systems and methods for protein ultrafiltration
Food preparation system
Process for controlling protein to salt ratio in animal muscle protein composition and protein compo...
Edible product comprising starch-containing material and process for preparing the same
Vinylidene chloride polymer compositions and food casings made therefrom
Retort container, and hot melt adhesive therefor
Gene for coding thermostable L-arabinose isomerase and method for producing the same
Comprehensive food allergy test
Method for hydrolysing carotenoids esters
Method and apparatus for two-way transmission of medical data
Thermostable phage lambda operator mutants for regulating gene expression
Derivative nucleic acids and uses thereof
Invasion assay
Proteins and nucleic acids encoding same
Processes for producing sugar nucleotides and complex carbohydrates
Enhanced in vitro recombinational cloning of using ribosomal proteins
Methods to identify swine genetically resistant to F18 E. coli associated diseases
Host cells comprising Streptomyces clavuligerus chromosomal DNA fragments encoding enzymes for ;...
Death domain proteins
Methods and compositions for highly efficient transformation of filamentous fungi
Process for producing humanized chimera antibody
Human genes and gene expression products II
Antisense modulation of connective tissue growth factor expression
Antisense modulation of C-reactive protein expression
N-acylphosphoramidites and their use in oligonucleotide synthesis
Hybrid maize plant and seed 30A29
Flint polypeptide analogs
Nucleic acid labeling compounds
Ztnfr14, a tumor necrosis factor receptor
Vascular endothelial growth factor 2
Method of modulating tissue growth using Frzb protein
Mono-and disaccharide derivatives
Crystal forms of azithromycin
9-Desoxoerythromycin compounds as prokinetic agents
RNA interference mediated inhibition of stearoyl-CoA desaturase (SCD) gene expression using short in...
IRNA agents with biocleavable tethers
Inhibitor nucleic acids
Dual functional oligonucleotides for use in repressing mutant gene expression
Oxidized reversibly swelling granular starch products
Process for the manufacture of n-acyl-(epi)k5-amine-o-sulfate-derivatives and products thus obtained
Purification of pure disaccharide solution
Purine nucleosides
Genes coding for a protein having a glycoside transfer activity
Method for using a static electric field to induce crystallization and to control crystal form
Ehd1gene promoting plant flowering, and utlization thereof
Method of making a filtering face mask that has an exhalation valve attached thereto
Novel glucagon antagonists/inverse agonists
Novel nutraceutical compositions comprising boitin
Method for activating the lipid catabolic metabolism in enteric epithelium and improving the lipid m...
Denaturants for sympathomimetic amine salts
Methods and compositions for facilitating metabolic control
Ortho-substituted benzoic acid derivatives for the treatmetn of insulin resistance
Novel peptides having camp producing activity
Spiro compounds, medicinal compositions containing the same and intermediates of the compounds
Tri-and bi-cyclic heteroaryl histamine-3 receptor ligands
Therapeutic compounds
1h-benzo{f}indazol-5-yl derivatives as selective glucocorticoid receptor modulators
Preparation of phosphatase inhibitors
Compounds for the treatment of metabolic disorders
Noninvasive glucose sensor
Assessment of sleep quality and sleep disordered breathing based on cardiopulmonary coupling
Clinical wound manager and method
Methods and devices for improving delivery of a substance to skin
Single fold device for tissue fixation
Gastric bypass prosthesis
Drug therapy for celiac sprue
Propenoyl hydrazides
Methods and compositions for treatment of neurological disorder
Protease inhibitors
Protease inhibitors
Protease inhibitors
Anti-cytokine heterocyclic compounds
Ophthalmic compositions for treating ocular hypertension
C-substituted tricyclic isoxazoline derivatives and their use as anti-depressants
Compounds with 5-HT1A activity useful for treating disorders of the outer retina
Thienopyridinone compounds and methods of treatment
Fluoroalkoxybenzylamino derivatives of nitrogen containing heterocycles
Formulations of anti-pain agents and methods of using the same
Prevention of and countermeasures against mitochondrial disease
Methods for modulating macrophage proliferation in ocular disease using polyamine analogs
Compounds with activity at estrogen receptors
Csf biomarker dilution factor corrections by mri imaging and algorithm
Vaginal probe
System of implantable devices for monitoring and/or affecting body parameters
Apparatus and method for improving ventricular function
Methods and apparatus for system and device design and control
System and method for transmitting data between terminals based upon progress vectors
Self-organizing feature map with improved performance by non-monotonic variation of the learning rat...
System and method for analyzing and utilizing data, by executing complex analytical models in real t...
Rule processing methods for automating a decision and assessing satisfiability of rule-based decisio...
Approach for generating rules
Method and apparatus for analyzing manufacturing data
War game and method of play
Gaming machine
Interactive toy
Stump-cutting toy assembly
Celebrity figurine
Child's infant-care play center
Method, apparatus and article for evaluating card games, such as blackjack
Riding device
Method and apparatus for facilitating communication between a user and a toy
Process and streaming server for encrypting a data stream
System and method for processing audio-only programs in a television receiver
Dice game
Neck for stringed musical instrument
Elongated string support for a stringed musical instrument
Guitar tuner
System and method for estimating tones in an input signal
Programmable melody generator
Upright keyboard instrument
Method and system to overlap pointer load cache misses
Nand flash memory device
Dynamic response shaping for command aging
Disk drive pre-computing seek parameters for a continuation track and a next command to facilitate c...
Disk memory device, data pre-reading method, and recorded medium
Policy-based caching
Non-uniform cache apparatus, systems, and methods
List based method and apparatus for selective and rapid cache flushes
Real time emulation of coherence directories using global sparse directories
Dynamic partitioning of memory banks among multiple agents
Backup method on a hierarchical backup system
Tamper-resistant method and data processing system using the same
Memory tracking tool
Methods and systems of host caching
Simultaneously setting prefetch address and fetch address pipelined stages upon branch
System and method for handling load and/or store operations in a superscalar microprocessor
Cache memory self test
Telephone and camera with a bidirectionally rotatable lid having a display mounted thereon
Image processing circuit and method for processing image
Multi-channel head position controlling apparatus and method of controlling position of multi-channe...
Information recording medium cartridge
Optical disk identifying device, optical disk identifying method, optical disk recorder, and optical...
Data transmitting method and data transmitter
Method and apparatus for using adaptive threshold with initial acquisition
Robust time domain block decoding
Image processor, image processing method, and recorded medium
Coding apparatus and method, decoding apparatus and method, data processing system, storage medium, ...
Data reproduction apparatus and method
Buffer management system for digital audio
Coding apparatus and method, decoding apparatus and method, and program storage medium
User input apparatus
Signal input and output apparatus that discriminates between plurality of different devices each iss...
Data playing system, transmitting and receiving apparatus, and bus conversion unit
Continuous arrangement of data clusters across multiple storages
Multi-sequence burst accessing for SDRAM
Signal processing circuit
D/A conversion apparatus, decoder, and tape drive
Data transmission control method, data transmitting method, data transmitting apparatus, and receivi...
Mono-and bis-hydrazone pigments
Feedback-resistant pyruvate carboxylase gene from corynebacterium
Reading machine
Transistor with variable electron affinity gate and methods of fabrication and use
Audio assisted setup apparatus and method
Structure and method for fabricating semiconductor microresonator devices
EL display device and electronic device
High pressure discharge lamp and lamp unit
Light emitting diode based products
Apparatus and method for asynchronously analyzing data to detect radioactive material
Cathodic test lead and pig monitoring system
Video-centroid integrated circuit
Spectrum-controllable reflective polarizers having electrically-switchable modes of operation
Controller for information recording and reproducing device and control method for the information r...
Electronic article comprising loudspeaker and touch pad
Method and apparatus for improving the quality of reconstructed information
Integrated aspheric optical coupler for RF planarized automatic photonics packaging
Apparatus and method for supplying power over an optical link
Climate control system and method for controlling such
Plunger for brewing a drink
Apparatus for filling food trays at high speeds
Temperature measuring apparatus
Chitosan-xanthan based polyionic hydrogels for stabilization and controlled release of vitamins
Method and system for reducing microbial burden on a food product
System for handling processed meat and poultry products
Soluble powder for espresso type beverage
Laminated package material, method for manufacturing the same, and a package
Cleaning/sanitizing methods, compositions, and/or articles for non-food inanimate surfaces
Controlled heat steamer
Active log read I/O balancing for log duplexing
Data compression method and apparatus
Information retrieval system, an information retrieval method, a program for executing information r...
Online reorganization and redefinition of relational database tables
Adaptive and generalized status monitor
Method and apparatus for managing functions
Techniques for managing hierarchical data with link attributes in a relational database
Query Service for electronic documents archived in a multi-dimensional storage space
Lock-free, parallel remembered sets
System and method for integrated management of electronic messages
Profile responsive electronic message management system
System and method for clustering servers for performance and load balancing
System and method for slot based ARL table learning and concurrent table search using range address ...
Remote line directory which covers subset of shareable CC-NUMA memory space
Method for system obstacle correspondence support
Method of organizing and accessing Chinese words
System and method for managing initiative delivery process
Method of using transient faults to verify the security of a cryptosystem
System and method for providing WLAN security through synchronized update and rotation of WEP keys
Structure and method for loading encryption keys through a test access port
Data transmission by watermark proxy
Electronic commerce using optical input device
Digital credential usage reporting
Apparatus and method for moving contents having a restricted number of copies between storage media
Method and system for network security capable of doing stronger encryption with authorized devices
System and method for binding and unbinding ticket items with user-negotiated security features
Time stamping method using time-based signature key
Facsimile apparatus and facsimile communication method
Multi-word arithmetic device for faster computation of cryptosystem calculations
Method for implementing the chinese remainder theorem
Processor for making more efficient use of idling components and program conversion apparatus for th...
Static compilation of instrumentation code for debugging support
System and method for managing software upgrades in a distributed computing system
System and method for providing automated low bandwidth updates of computer anti-virus application c...
Method and system for remote client installation
Internet camera
Apparatus and method for commissioning and diagnosing control systems
System and method for remote maintenance of handheld computers
Method and apparatus for providing programming assistance
Methods and apparatus for secure distribution of software
Method and system for performing automated regression tests in a state-dependent data processing sys...
Method and system for computer based testing using a non-deterministic exam extensible language (XXL...
Software development tool employing workflows for developing user interactive programs
Software building support system
Automatically generated symbol-based debug script executable by a debug program for software debuggi...
Method and apparatus for top-down testing based on end user documentation
Architecture for automated analysis and design with read only structure
Method and system for generating a computer program
Optimizing post-link code
Catheter and guide wire exchange system with improved proximal shaft and transition section
Sublithographic nanoscale memory architecture
Porous sintered metal and filter thereof, and method for producing porous sintered metal
Nanoscale faceted polyhedra
Electronic devices with fullerene layers
Segmented-rod warhead
Termination clamp assembly for a hybrid electrical/fiber optic cable
Method and apparatus using jets to initiate detonations
Rocket motor exhaust scrubber
Bioreactor processing of wastewater
Ship degaussing system and algorithm
Poly (3,4-alkylenedioxythiophene)-based capacitors using ionic liquids as supporting electrolytes
Method and apparatus for parallel readout and correlation of data on optical disks
Non-contact electrical energy transfer system
Astrometry system using two telescopes, one of which is an astrometry telescope
Nonreciprocal optical element with independent control of transmission opposite directions
Polarizing plate and liquid crystal display device using the same
Polymeric optical film
Optical component, optical device and optical communications system
Diffractive optical element
Optical shutter
Microlens arrays
Optical filter, interleaver, and optical communication system
Method and apparatus for calibrating a tunable microlens
Zoom lens and photographing system
Objective lens design method, lens, and optical system, optical head, and optical disc apparatus usi...
Imaging system comprising a concave mirror