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Dual fan heat sink
Thermal dissipation structure and method employing segmented heat sink surface coupling to an electr...
Heat duct-equipped heat-radiating device for power supply
Heat accumulating method and device
Method and apparatus to prevent low temperature damage using an HVAC control
Hyper-arc consistency in a contraint satisfaction network
Pulse signal circuit, parallel processing circuit, pattern recognition system, and image input syste...
Method and system for mapping a hypothesis to an analytical structure
Method and apparatus for generating test data sets in accordance with user feedback
Device and method for filtering electrical signals, in particular acoustic signals
Learning systems and methods for market-based control of smart matter
Spas having a retractable entertainment unit
Gaming device with transport device and method of use
Mathematical game
Adjustable-tone deer call having a reed contact band
Golf club head with insert
Portable apparatus with performance monitoring and audio entertainment features
Vehicle computer system audio entertainment system
System and method for defending against malicious software
Encapsulation of waste
Low polarization coatings for implantable electrodes
Optically variable marking
Carboxylate-containing photocatalytic body, manufacture and use thereof
Process for the production of acetic acid
Anhydrous and water-resistant cosmetic compositions
Metallized dye-based ink-jet inks with improved ozone fastness
Aerosol method and apparatus, coated particulate products, and electronic devices made therefrom
Silicon-titanium mixed oxide powder prepared by flame hydrolysis, which is surface-enriched with sil...
Process for the autothermal catalytic steam reforming of hydrocarbons
Process for producing detachable dirt- and water-repellent surface coatings
Supported late transition metal catalyst systems
Hydrogenation of chemically derived 1,3-propanediol
Display unit and drive method therefor
Optical head and optical device for enhancing the intensity of a transmitted light
Communication device, communication device set, authentication method and method of wireless-connect...
Method for controlling multi-mode audio gain balance
Dynamic capacity allocation of in-building system
Base station using reference signal power control
Wireless transmitter and doorbell system
Radio communication device for avoiding frequency collision among different radio control schemes
Method and apparatus for dynamically resolving radio frequency interference problems in a system
Portable communication terminal with image transmission function
Radio telecommunications network, a method of transmitting data in a radio telecommunications networ...
Dynamic power sharing zero intermediate frequency (ZIF) mixer and method of forming same
Method and apparatus for optimizing radio frequency (RF) coverage in a radio communication network
Mobile communication system, radio controller, base station and transmission power controlling metho...
Radio communication system, radio communication apparatus and radio communication method, and comput...
Data exchange system with a mobile component to control consumer
Cell search method for use in a mobile radio terminal adaptable to at least two kinds of mobile tele...
Handover method, system and radio network controller
Method for operating in a 800 MHz trunked radio communications system for channels 0 to 119
Mobile communication systems, mobile stations, base station controllers and packet data service node...
RPC channel power control in a HDR network
Multi-band radio terminal and band switching method used therefor and program thereof
Online trading for the placement of advertising in media
Submerged nozzle for a metallurgic container placed upstream from a casting device
Nucleotide sequences coding for proteins involved in the biosynthesis of L-serine, an improved metho...
Method for processing a contaminant-containing lipophilic fluid
Methods for stabilizing liquid nutritional products and products so stabilized
2-Aminoquinoline compounds
Process for isolating genistin from mixtures of soy isoflavones
Food product flavoring apparatus
High capacity food processing system
Water reuse in food processing
Biodegradable or compostable containers
Hinge down refrigerator water filter
Edible holographic products, particularly pharmaceuticals and methods and apparatus for producing sa...
Process for making yogurt cream cheese, and the resulting products
Modified whey, method for preparing same, use and bread-making product comprising modified whey
Method of producing laminated food and a device thereof and laminated cheese food thereby produced
Party tray
Process for manufacturing a soy protein concentrate having high isoflavone content
Method for producing biologically active products
Low carb mousse
Methods for identification of modulators of OSGPR116 activity
Drop tube inserts and apparatus adapted for use with a riser pipe
Apparatus for scan testing printed circuit boards
Vehicle measuring system
Apparatus for regenerating all-optical signal and method thereof
Agile RF-lightwave waveform synthesis and an optical multi-tone amplitude modulator
Programmable optical vector modulator and method for use in coherent optical communications
High sensitivity, high resolution detection of signals
Data communication protocols for a mobile-based client-server system over a wireless network
Method and system for controlling a vehicle
System and method for characterizing the road bank for vehicle roll stability control
Method and system for correcting sensor offsets
Method and system for designing or deploying a communications network which considers component attr...
Real-time event recommender for media programming using "Fuzzy-Now" and "Personal Scheduler"
System and method for communicating data to a process
Method and apparatus for organizing data by overlaying a searchable database with a directory tree s...
Managing pervasive devices
Scheduler systems and methods for transmit system interfaces
Memory data stretcher
Method and system for completing a backup job that was interrupted during a backup process
Close two constituent trellis of a turbo encoder within the interleave block
Method for integrating user models to interface design
Method and arrangement for extracting capacitance in integrated circuits having non manhattan wiring
System and method for exception handling
System and method for logins
Product container
Cold-box binders containing an epoxy resin and ester of a fatty acid
Differential apparatus
Planetary transmissions having three non-continuously interconnected gear sets
Transmission system for work vehicle
Aligning instructions using a variable width alignment engine having an intelligent buffer refill me...
Interactive data analysis support apparatus and media on which is recorded an interactive data analy...
Gas generating system and method for inerting aircraft fuel tanks
Device and method for determining a malfunction in a filter
Method for producing spark plug
Method for thermally spraying a film on an inner face of a bore with a spiraling vapor current
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst
NO.sub.x absorbent and absorption reduction-type NO.sub.x purifying catalyst
Memory request timing randomizer
Efficient movement of fragment stamp
Use of vitamin D-derivatives in the treatment of osteoporosis and related bone disorders, as well as...
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Androgen regulated prostate specific nucleic acids
Method for enhancing proliferation or differentiation of a cell using ob protein
Nucleic acids encoding BDP-1
Amplification of denatured and stabilized nucleic acids
Optical switch and safety apparatus using the same
System for cooling a power transformer
Spectacle lens
Process for the preparation of polycarbonates
Adjustable fit wedges
Method for transmitting data over a network medium
Functional validation of a packet management unit
System and method for instruction level multithreading scheduling in a embedded processor
Use of buckysome or carbon nanotube for drug delivery
Chemical compounds
Methods of treating or preventing erectile dysfunction
2-pyridinyl-1-piperazine therapeutic agents useful for treating pain
Pyrimidine derivatives as selective inhibitors of cox-2
Use of the (1S,2R) enantiomer of milnacipran for the preparation of a drug
5-Aryltetrazole compounds, compositions thereof, and uses therefor
Process for producing steel products having improved grain size properties and machinability
Cosmetic formulation containing unhydrolyzed jojoba protein
Composition and method for protecting both natural and artificial hair color from ultraviolet light ...
Compositions containing Guerbet lanolin esters and free lanolin alcohol useful in personal care appl...
Low pressure impact separator for separation, classification and collection of ultra-fine particles
Genes encoding p-coumarate 3-hydroxylase (C3H) and methods of use
Oral applicator
Cement composition
High gloss and high bulk paper
Ink jet recording method
Golf ball
Compositions for removing or lightening hair color
Cosmetic and pharmaceutical oil-in-water emulsions
Cross-linkable polyurethane block copolymers and their use in dispersion binding agent systems
Chewing gum containing physiological cooling agents and method of making
Low smoke emission, low corrosivity, low toxicity, low heat release, flame retardant, zero halogen p...
Non-polymer thickening agent and cleaning composition
Semiconductor memory device with refreshment control
Mirror translation loop transmitter architecture
Offset compensated sensing for magnetic random access memory
Semiconductor memory device and method of reading data
Low voltage operation DRAM control circuits
Machining apparatus for machining a workpiece to reproduce a model shape
Bioabsorbable polymeric implants and a method of using the same to create occlusions
Amorphous polymeric polyaxial initiators and compliant crystalline copolymers therefrom
Delivery of therapeutic biologicals from implantable tissue matrices
Urinary tract tissue graft compositions and methods for producing same
Polyalkylene glycol viscosity-enhancing polymeric formulations
Peptides for enhanced cell attachment and cell growth
Photochemical tissue bonding
Fuel cell system and method for generating electricity from a fuel cell system comprising a fuel cel...
Pressure regulation of a fuel cell hydrogen tank system
Fuel gas generating apparatus for a fuel cell
Plasma reformer for hydrogen production from water and fuel
Supported perovskite-type oxides and methods for preparation thereof
Process for the preparation of synthesis gas
Hydrogen generators for fuel cells
Process for the catalytic oxidation of hydrocarbons
Method for humidifying a reactant stream for a fuel cell
Method and apparatus for testing installation quality in a grouted anchor system
Composition for controlling wellbore fluid and gas invasion and method for using same
Gravity techniques for drilling and logging
Profiling system
Method for laterally extrapolating soil property data using soil samples and seismic amplitude data ...
Sensor for profiling system
Method and system for controlling pressure in a dual well system
Optical paper sorting method device and apparatus
Pre-isolated storage tank for cold liquids
Physical fitness course
Woven face polyvinyl chloride floor covering
Method and apparatus to configure a digital subscriber line device
USB device with plastic housing having integrated plug shell
Harvester of olives
Pacemaker control dependent on natural AV conduction or PVC/VES detection
Chlorate-containing stabilizer system with nitrogen-containing synergists for stabilizing halogen-co...
Method of producing nematic liquid-crystal devices
Ethylene polymerization employing bis-imino pyridinyl transition metal catalyst components
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device having a heat radiation layer including forming scribe...
Partial wafer bonding and dicing
Semiconductor wafer, semiconductor chip and dicing method of a semiconductor wafer
Protease inhibitors
Abrasion resistant electrode and device
Process for separating polyester from other materials
Laminated film for electrophotography and method for producing same, and image forming method
Clip-on wire identification markers
Method of using a reusable closure for packages
Correction of card sheets in an aligned positional relationship
IR-absorbing compositions
Inkjet recording element comprising polyester ionomer and a method of use
Polyester process using a pipe reactor
Lenticular card and processes for making
Tear-strip seal and tear-seal assembly using a pre-cut tear initialization and a toner hopper, toner...
Dental articles including post-formable multilayer optical films
Multiplanar EMI shielding gasket and method of making
Decorative laminate assembly and method of producing same
Magazine and slide lever assembly for a semi-automatic firearm
Reticle for telescopic gunsight and method for using
Tapered powder-based core for projectile
Paintball marker internal reset system
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for radar detection of moving target
Protective garment
Firing system for a firearm
Safety lock for a firearm
Projectile inductive interface for the concurrent transfer of data and power
Electromagnetic propulsion devices
Frame of CCFL assembly
Surface mount fluorescent strip light fixture retrofit kit and method
LED light source with reflecting side wall
Diffuse lighting arrangement
Inter-connected non-interlocked chain shape lamp
Modular lighting with blocks
Electronically controlled aircraft retractable landing light with manual retraction capability
Lamp unit in motorcycle
LED warning signal light and row of LED's
Home and building information system
Optical fiber cable with retaining sheath
Polyimide optical materials, polyimide precursor solutions and optical waveguide elements
Optical device
Authentication device, authentication system, and sensor
Document processing method and system
Color correction of images
Method and apparatus for separating text from images
Reducing aliasing artifacts when shaping a digital image
Statistic calculating method using a template and corresponding sub-image to determine similarity ba...
Two dimensional image recording and reproducing scheme using similarity distribution
Image data reproduction method
Implementation of a transform and of a subsequent quantization
Array transducer for 3D tilting probes
Endoscope sheath assemblies having an attached biopsy sampling device
Bone marrow aspiration instrument
Method and apparatus for body generation of electrical energy
Method and monitor for monitoring diastolic relaxation of a heart ventricle
Patient directed therapy management
Method for rapid prototyping by using plane light as sources
Method of generating a measure of a mistiming and apparatus therefor
Color interpolation for image sensors using a local linear regression method
Reception of multicarrier spread-spectrum signals
Portable device having rotatable display
Housing assembly with biased and removable door
Method and apparatus for reducing rate determination errors and their artifacts
Control for a graphical user interface supporting coupled variables and method of operation thereof
Creating polynomial division logical devices
Monitoring system and method implementing warning interface logic
Manufacture of singulated supports comprising arrays
Low profile contact block for a rechargeable cell of a wireless communication device
Test system and method for field measurement of alien cross-talk
Interconnection and control of alien cross-talk test signal units
Constant-power constant-temperature resistive network
Portable display device and method utilizing embedded still image buffer to facilitate full motion v...
Adjustable behind-the-ear communication device
FC101 and analogs as a method of treatment for cancer
Compositions for oral delivery of nutrients and pharmaceuticals
Foaming aqueous composition, use thereof and process for temporary demarcation of regulation distanc...
Pressure induced swelling in microporous materials
Polymeric fiber composition and method
Power conversion from piezoelectric source
Footwear outsole
Shoe sole
Portion of a shoe midsole
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe midsole
Method for scalable encoding of media streams, a scalable encoder and a terminal
Method and apparatus for automatically normalizing a perceived volume level in a digitally encoded f...
System and method for synchronizing video indexing between audio/video signal and data
Voice controlled multimedia and communications device
Virtual memory translation unit for multimedia accelerators
HDMI mortise adapter
Method of constructing information on associate meanings between segments of multimedia stream and m...
System and method for providing a printing capability for a transcription service or multimedia pres...
Device having a slot capable of receiving at least four types of memory cards
Remote media control for voice over internet telephony and related applications
Program clock reference correction method in a multiplexed burst mode downlink transmission in an in...
Mastopexy stabilization apparatus and method
Ultrasound imaging and treatment
Optical disk having super-resolution film
Nonwoven absorbent materials made with cellulose ester containing bicomponent fibers
Method for manufacturing a polyhydroxyalkanoate
Ionic photoacid generators with segmented hydrocarbonfluorocarbon sulfonate anions
Aqueous plastic material dispersions method for producing the same and use thereof
Electro-optic devices having flattened frequency response with reduced drive voltage
System and method for home automation using wireless control rf remocon module based on network
System for indicating the position of a surgical probe within a head on an image of the head
Apparatus and methods of brain shift compensation and applications of the same
Algebraic reconstruction of images from non-equidistant data
Capsulated medical equipment
Method and device for instrument, bone segment, tissue and organ navigation
Fishing line guide mechanism for spinning reel
Modular fly fishing reel
Dual-bearing reel
Sanitary pick-up device
Process for forming beeswax into a plastic article
Model animal with favorite onset or rheumatoid arthritis
Polyhydroxyalkanoate copolymer/starch compositions for laminates and films
Salmonella typhimurium-infected Caenorhabditis elegans for identifying inhibitors of infection
Bacterial cell component-unresponsive model mouse
Method of fly fishing and a unified kit for on-the-water fishing fly retention, selection and instru...
Horse hoods and methods of making
Apparatus for washing animals
Apparatus for picking up and bagging pet waste
Cell cultivating flask
Process for producing solvent-soluble polyimide
Carbonate decolorization
Adamantane derivatives and resin compositions using the same as raw material
Process for producing isopropyl chloride
Secondary battery with protective circuit
Electrolytic solution for electrolytic capacitor and electrolytic capacitor using the same
Method for transporting easily polymerizable liquid by pipeline
Method for improving crystalline titanosilicate catalyst having MWW structure
Immunomodulatory compounds
Process for preparing 3-chloro-5-nitrotoluene
Surface tracker
Process for sensor resources management
Method for orienting a hexapod turret
Document viewing device
Graphical user interface for color correction
System, device and method for supporting a label switched path across a non-MPLS compliant segment
Dual beam FTIR methods and devices for use in analyte detection in samples of low transmissivity
Data storage methods and apparatus
Electronic device cover with embedded radio frequency (RF) reader and method of using same
Baggage transportation security system and method
Apparatus, system, and method for abbreviated library calibration
Portable control device used as a security and safety component of a marine propulsion system
Radio frequency security system, method for a building facility or the like, and apparatus and metho...
Recycling facilitating system, recycling facilitating program, and recycling facilitating method
Smart tray for dispensing medicaments
High speed serial interface test
Method of attenuating swelling or inflammation
Method of attenuating bruise formation
Method of preparing fabric conditioning compositions
Method for separating single-wall carbon nanotubes and compositions thereof
Artificial antibody polypeptides
Synthetic genes for malarial proteins and methods of use
Raspberry amido amines and betaines as a delivery system for natural antioxidants
Antimicrobial polyester-containing articles and process for their preparation
Methods for diagnosing and monitoring treatment ADHD by assessing the dopamine transporter level
Concentrated water-dispersible vitamin compositions
Compositions and methods for minimizing adverse drug experiences associated with oxybutynin therapy
Precipitated silicas
Aerogel metallic compositions
Polymers comprising thieno [3,4-b]thiophene and methods of making and using the same
Two terminal memory array having reference cells
Electrolyte for electrolytic capacitor and electrolytic capacitor using the same
Fault detecting apparatus designed to detect different types of faults of gas sensor
Functional water, method and apparatus of producing the same, and method and apparatus of rinsing el...
Method for forming thick copper self-aligned dual damascene
Process for preparing high-whiteness hydrophobic precipitated silica with ultralow moisture absorpti...
Planographic printing plate precursor
Image recording material
Simulated exposed roof rafter end
Charging cradle for electronic device
Method and apparatus for determining a magnification factor a radiographic image
Method and apparatus for quantifying nerve and neural-muscular integrity related to pelvic organs or...
Method and apparatus for gauging cardiac status using post premature heart rate turbulence
Data analysis system
Self-calibrating rate-adaptive pacemaker
Imaging transducer assembly
Precurved catheter clip
Hemostasis valve
Bar clamp connection
Helical probe
Electrophysiology/ablation catheter having lariat configuration of variable radius
Method and system for providing reliability and availability in a distributed component object model...
Helicopter moving device
Apparatus and method for programming a KVO phase and a first phase of an injection procedure as a fl...
Methods for producing ML-236B, a pravastatin precursor, using a host cell transformed with mlcR, a t...
Power operable dispensing toothbrush
Three-dimensional integrated CMOS-MEMS device and process for making the same
Methods for forming wiring and electrode
Production of tetrafluorosilane
System, apparatus, and method for correcting vision using an electro-active lens
Structured micro-channel semiconductor electrode for photovoltaic cells
Composite ion-exchange membrane, fabrication method of the same, and membrane-electrode assembly, an...
Fuel container and delivery apparatus for a liquid feed fuel cell system
Polymer electrolyte membranes crosslinked by nitrile trimerization
Polyimide aerogels, carbon aerogels, and metal carbide aerogels and methods of making same
Microcombustors, microreformers, and methods for combusting and for reforming fluids
Honeycomb structure and assembly thereof
Method of warming up fuel cell system
Performance enhancing break-in method for a PEM fuel cell
Fuel cell system for low pressure operation
Bipolar plate having integrated gas-permeable membrane
Multiple stage combustion process to maintain a controllable reformation temperature profile
Bipolar plate assembly having transverse legs
Image intensifier using high-sensitivity high-resolution photodetector array
In-place differential compression
Clock generating circuit and image-forming apparatus
Array substrate for in-plane switching mode liquid crystal display and method of fabricating same
Lens having aspheric surfaces
Capacitor device, electronic parts packaging structure, and method of manufacturing the capacitor de...
Method of improving data retention ability of semiconductor memory device, and semiconductor memory ...
Control circuit for IEEE 1394b optical transmission protocol
Optical probe and method of testing employing an interrogation beam or optical pickup
Pain relieving and healing device
Communication system between a programmable logic controller server and a client machine
Novelty condom
Straight razor
Fuel injection valve having internal oil groove
Spiral contactor, contact sheet having spiral contactor, and connecting device having contact sheet
Azobarbituric acid metal complex pigment and process for the production thereof
Selective PARP-1 targeting for designing chemo/radio sensitizing agents
Polymer electrolyte thin film fuel cell and method of operating the same
Wavelength division multiplexing device capable of compensating for dispersion and dispersion slope ...
Structure and method for coupling light between dissimilar waveguides
Self-aligning optical interconnect utilizing conformal materials
Optical data storage system having combined fluorescent three-dimensional information carrier
Optical reproducing method for optical medium with aligned prepit portion
Suspended ceiling panel edge and rib technology
Methods and apparatus for controlling a pacing system in the presence of EMI
Signal injection coupling into the human vocal tract for robust audible and inaudible voice recognit...
Phased array antenna
Antenna coil and transmission antenna
Method and apparatus for resonant injection of discharge energy into a flat plasma display panel
Optical pickup apparatus
Fixing unit and image forming apparatus
Multi-modality diagnostic imager
Tetrazolylpropionamides as inhibitors of A.beta. protein production
Nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequences of the envelope 1 and core genes of isolates of hepatiti...
Control method and system for a trackless autonomous crawling all-position arc welding robot with wh...
Robot controller
Network-based robot control system
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
In-situ thin-film deposition method
Remotely held needle guide for ct fluoroscopy
Movable robot without falling over
Robot controller
Emotion-based software robot for automobiles
Terminal data format and a communication control system and method using the terminal data format
Clean assembling module device, produciton system formed with the module, industrial robot, and poll...
Method and device for automated application of lacquered films to body parts, and automation-compati...
Manufacturing method for double-glazing, and spacer forming device used for the manufacturing method
Joining system head, joining system, and method of feeding and joining elements
Program robots with off-line design
Acoustic signal transmission method and acoustic signal transmission apparatus
Rotary automatic transfer rail for injection molding
Driver circuit and method for driving electroluminescent lamp to emit light at brightness set level
Image sensor
Transaxle apparatus and four-wheel driving working vehicle using the apparatus
Electric power steering device
Hybrid vehicle
Vehicle suspension
Hybrid vehicle and method of controlling the same
Flexible gap covering between an adjustable steering column of a motor vehicle and an instrument pan...
Flip-up apparatus for hood of vehicle
Attachment of a panel to a soft instrument panel of an automotive vehicle
Controlled truck cab suspension system
Keyless engine controlling unit
Controlled truck cab suspension
Vehicle-based vehicle occupant reminder using weight-based sensor
Integral oil tank and chin spoiler for a motorcycle
Cooling device high voltage electrical unit for motor of vehicle, and hybrid vehicle
Folding and portable electric scooter
Motorcycle with a rear-mounted radiator and an air management system for providing cooling air there...
Optimum steering system geometry
Layout structure of power steering system for vehicle
Rack and pinion steering assembly
Method for digitally rendering an object using measured BRDF data
Methods and apparatus for evaluating mechanical and thermal strains in electronic materials, semicon...
Plastic lens systems, compositions, and methods
Technology for cultivation of Porphyra and other seaweeds in land-based sea water ponds
Expandable cardiac harness for treating congestive heart failure
Phototherapy device and method of use
Methods for manipulating moieties in microfluidic systems
High-affinity melatonin receptor and uses thereof
Method for programming programmable logic device having specialized functional blocks
Method and apparatus of IC implementation based on C++ language description
Compilation in a high-level modeling system
Simulation-based selection of evaluation points for model-based optical proximity correction
Contingency planning in a scheduling process
Method and apparatus for exception handling in a multi-processing environment
Transmission apparatus of video information, transmission system of video information and transmissi...
Predefined critical spaces in IC patterning to reduce line end pull back
High-speed low-power dynamic current biased operational amplifier
Programmable integrated circuit for use in a network switch
Enhanced companion digital organizer for a cellular phone device
System for retrieving and printing network documents
Calibrachoa plant named `Cal Scaredtwo`
Multiple channel wireless communication system
Method for automatically stopping an internal combustion engine with a variable stopping delay
Working machine, trouble diagnosis system of working machine, and maintenance system of working mach...
Integrated operator workspace incorporated into a mobile computing vehicle
Track monitoring equipment
Vehicle energy storage system control methods and method for determining battery cycle life projecti...
Data collection apparatus and method
System state indicator
Enhanced dead reckoning method
Agent apparatus
Process and apparatus for separating two phases from each other
Polyisobutene and polyisobutene derivatives for use in lubricant compositions
Combination hydrocracking process for the production of low sulfur motor fuels
FCC reactor vessel
Use of low pressure distillate as absorber oil in a FCC recovery section
Stripping apparatus
Second stage cyclone dipleg termination device in FCC units
Optical disk data erasing apparatus and optical disk data erasing method
Optical disk data erasing apparatus and optical disk data erasing method
System and method for transmission of medical and like data from a patient to a dedicated internet w...
Broadcast user controls for streaming digital content under remote direction
Bytecode program interpreter apparatus and method with pre-verification of data type restrictions an...
Gas pressure driven fluid pump having pilot valve controlling disc-type motive and exhaust valves
Downhole draw down pump and method
Variable capacity rotary compressor
Dual volume-ratio scroll machine
Oil pump apparatus having oil drain
Dipping type pump where discharging performance at a time of actuation has been improved
Planar turbopump assembly
Quick-release pump module
Direct drive linear flow blood pump
Rotor protector for wet-type rotor pump
Sanitary pump and sanitary valve
Axial-flow blood pump with magnetically suspended, radially and axially stabilized impeller
Variable displacement pump with a suction area groove for pushing out rotor vanes
Diaphragm pump with eliminated pump chamber dead space, and circular recesses on the reverse side of...
Integrated speed reducer and pump assembly
Linear adjustment operator for pressure control of paint pumps
Integrated cooler for electronic devices
Coaxial dynamical system
Multi-stage oil pumping station
Card reader cleaning plow apparatus and method
Media verification system
Method for identity verification
Device for electrostatic discharge protection and method of manufacturing the same
Silicon strain engineering accomplished via use of specific shallow trench isolation fill materials
Method for manufacturing device isolation film of semiconductor device
Methods of forming a conductive line
Method for producing a high quality useful layer on a substrate utilizing helium and hydrogen implan...
Method for manufacturing polysilicon layer and method for manufacturing thin film transistor thereby
Method of fabricating a p-type ohmic electrode in gallium nitride based optical device
Semiconductor package substrate having contact pad protective layer formed thereon and method for fa...
Thin leadless plastic chip carrier
Methods of selectively bumping integrated circuit substrates and related structures
Package module for an IC device and method of forming the same
Method of preventing damage to porous low-k materials during resist stripping
Method of creating a tapered via using a receding mask and resulting structure
Methods of producing integrated circuit devices utilizing tantalum amine derivatives
Wafer etching techniques
Double-sided etching technique for semiconductor structure with through-holes
Method and structure for ultra narrow gate
1,1,1,2,2,4,5,5,5-nonafluoro-4-(trifluoromethyl)-3-pentanone refrigerant compositions comprising a h...
Method and apparatus for decoupled thermo-catalytic pollution control
System and method for displaying storage system topology
Current and aeration system for wastewater plant
Method of cleaning ballast
Aerobic digester for bodily waste material
Oil separating device for a combustion engine
Swimming pool filter
Crankcase having blow-by gas passage and oil drain passage
Composite semipermeable membrane, production method thereof, and water treatment method using the sa...
Multifunctional apparatus for use in agricultural applications
Compact surface mounted on-site wastewater treatment unit
Bayonet coupling mechanism for a centrifuge
Mobile desalination plants and systems, and methods for producing desalinated water
Method for the separation of blood plasma particles from a blood plasma suspension
Method for cleaning a filter element in a filtering chamber and filter carrying out the method
Self-drilling, self-anchoring fastener for concrete
Flame retardant epoxy resin composition, and prepreg and fiber-reinforced composite materials made b...
2-aroylimidazole compounds for treating cancer
Substituted bis-indole derivatives useful as contrast agents, pharmaceutical compositions containing...
Drugs to improve synaptic transmission
Estrogenic compounds as anti-mitotic agents
Excitatory amino acid receptor modulators
Benzimidazole vascular damaging agents
Use of GALR3 receptor antagonists for the treatment of depression and/or anxiety and compounds usefu...
Method and apparatus for magnetic transfer
High-sensitivity pressure conduction sensor for localized pressures and stresses
Ink jet recording apparatus and ink jet recording method
Method of producing plasma display devices
Sanding machine supporting removable side extensions
Methods and apparatus for monitoring and quantifying the movement of fluid
Sterile docking apparatus and method
Cryogenically enhanced intravascular interventions
Aerosol separator; and method
Foams and coatings
Method for producing upsized FRP member
System and method for fluorescence monitoring
Method and apparatus for concentrating and stabilizing conjugated estrogens from mare urine
Line laying structure for robot wrist
Electrical charging system, electrical charging controlling method, robot apparatus, electrical char...
Data center robotic device
Legged mobile robot
Optimization of training sets for neural-net processing of characteristic patterns from vibrating so...
Information processing apparatus and method, and recording medium
System and method for mining execution traces with finite automata
Fuzzy inference method and machine, and an image production method and system
Six-input look-up table and associated memory control circuitry for use in a field programmable gate...
Method for optimizing configuration of pick-and-place machine
Test bit-stream generator and method for decoders
Process for consumer-directed diagnostic and health care information
System and method for an adaptive sales interview search technique
Knowledge-based methods for genetic network analysis and the whole cell computer system based thereo...
Classification with boosted dyadic kernel discriminants
Method for constructing segmentation-based predictive models from data that is particularly well-sui...
Clusters for rapid artist-audience matching
Fuzzy logic method and apparatus for battery state of health determination
Representation and retrieval of images using context vectors derived from image information elements
Data classification apparatus and method thereof
Plasmids comprising nucleic acids from the hereditary hemochromatosis gene
Sodium-channel alpha1-subunit and their polypeptides and their treatment of generalized epilepsy wit...
Method of reusing DNA-immobilization substrate
Forms of 5-Azacytidine
Enzyme catalyzed organosilicon carbohydrates
Glycosylation of exo-glycals
Tapetum-specific promoters
Isolated nematode regulated gene promoter and use thereof
Sequence regulating the anther-specific expression of a gene and its use in the production of andros...
Inbred corn line PHCND
Gene expression profiling in biopsied tumor tissues
Inbred corn line PHCMV
Use of a polypeptide for detecting, preventing or treating a pathological condition associated with ...
Novel ampiphilic fluorocarbon molecular vectors for biomedical and medical use
Novel fluorescent protein from aequorea coerulscens and methods for using the same
Mutations of voltage-gated ion channnels that allow them to express a voltage-independent phenotype ...
Truncated tau proteins
Sequences from an endosymbiont and their uses
Derivatives of monosaccharides for drug discovery
Gene expression using metal ion dependent repressor/operator tandems
Compounds and processes for single-pot attachment of a label to siRNA
Amino or thiol linker building block for the synthesis of amino- or thiol-functionalized nucleic aci...
Method for synthesizing cyclic bisdinucleoside
Novel polypetide having function of 7-keto-8-aminopelargonic acid synthase of plant and method for i...
System and method for determining orientation based on solar positioning
Methods and apparatus for promotional electronic signs
Data processing apparatus
Exception analysis for multimissions
Motorcycle helmet windshield control system and method
Glass panel
Coated article with low-E coating including tin oxide interlayer
Interconnect dielectric tuning
Controlling threading dislocation densities in Ge on Si using graded GeSi layers and planarization
Use of .beta.-adrenoceptor antagonists for the manufacture of a medicament for the treatment of diso...
Seat lock
Devices and methods for dynamic dispersion compensation
Vehicular mirror with adjustable pivot connection
Mirror substrate, mirror body using the same, and optical device using mirror body
Electrically switchable polymer-dispersed liquid crystal materials including switchable optical coup...
Method for protection of adhesives used to secure optics from ultra-violet light
Retroreflective photoelectric sensor
Micromirror device using interdigitated cantilevers and applications thereof
Lithographic projection apparatus and device manufacturing method utilizing two arrays of focusing e...
Angular multiplexing apparatus for holographic storage medium
Movable mirror device and dispersion compensator
Bit differential processing
Linearized optical link using a single Mach-Zehnder modulator and two optical carriers
Method and device for detecting and processing electric and optical signals
Method and system for a thermal architecture and user adjustable keystone in a display device
Combination mirror mount and headlight visor for cross view or spot mirror
High-resolution, all-reflective imaging spectrometer
Side view mirror with integral lighting
Automatic gain control
Self-adaptive frequency band-pass filtering device in microwave signal transceiver
Methods and systems for combining data frames in diversity hand-off
Method to build a microfilter
Reduced dielectric constant spacer materials integration for high speed logic gates
Trench sidewall passivation for lateral RIE in a selective silicon-on-insulator process flow
Method and apparatus for dynamically controlling scroller speed employed for a user interface of a w...
Human EphA9 receptor polypeptides
Anion exchange membrane, process for its production and solution treating apparatus
Integrated circuit with layout matched high speed lines
Highly reflective asphalt-based roofing membrane
System and method for detecting new left bundle branch block for accelerating treatment of acute myo...
Compositions and methods useful for treating and preventing chronic liver disease, chronic HCV infec...
Projection type video display apparatus
Multi-mode surface acoustic wave filter device and duplexer
Cooling tank
Heating and emulsifying device
Screen printing apparatus
Process for producing dry powders of one or more carotenoids
Infant formula
Vegetable protein meat analog
System and method for milking animals
Treatment of case-ready food products with immobilized lactoferrin (Im-LF) and the products so produ...
Composition for topical treatment
Detection and quantification of Cripto-1
Combined use of cementum attachment protein and cyclosporin a for improved attachment of dental and ...
Systems and methods for moving and/or restraining tissue in the oral cavity
Method and apparatus for atomic file look-up
Systems and methods for collaborative searching
Real-time searching of data in a data stream
Method for web content filtering
Content retrieval apparatus and method
Information distributing method and information distributing system
Internet download systems and methods providing software to internet computer users for local execut...
System and method for integrating on-line user ratings of businesses with search engines
Apparatus, method, and program for retrieving structured documents
System and methods for browsing a database of items and conducting associated transactions
Web-based siding material matching system
System and method for exchanging creative content
System and method for preventing unnecessary message duplication in electronic mail
Moveable object accountability system
Ballot marking system and apparatus
Manufacturing optimization and synchronization process
Media wall for displaying financial information
Goal oriented travel planning system
Integrated circuit
Image processing apparatus
Visualization during closed-chest surgery
X-ray therapy electronic portal imaging system and method for artifact reduction
CPR chest compression monitor and method of use
Output current and voltage regulating interface for remote terminal
Service programmable logic arrays with low tunnel barrier interpoly insulators
Cashless vending transaction management by a vend assist mode of operation
Digital camera with flash emission control
Vehicle identification means detection and evasion system
Engine crankshaft position recognition and tracking method applicable to cam and crankshaft signals ...
Programmable memory address and decode circuits with low tunnel barrier interpoly insulators
Bus precharge during a phase of a clock signal to eliminate idle clock cycle
Distributed write data drivers for burst access memories
Default bus grant to a bus agent
Apparatus to reproduce tactile sensations
Automotive passenger restraint and protection apparatus
Ion mobility spectrometer using ion beam modulation and wavelet decomposition
Flexible header protocol for network switch
Solar reflection panels
Coated article with and oxide of silicon zirconium or zirconium yttrium oxide in overcoat, and/or ni...
Foam-in-place apparatus, and methods of use and manufacture
Injection molding of lens
Composition for activation energy rays and method of forming pattern
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Photoresist intensive patterning and processing
Nuclear fusion reactor incorporating spherical electromagnetic fields to contain and extract energy
Surface treatment method and optical part
Methods and apparatus for disinfecting and sterilizing fluid using ultraviolet radiation
Coating composition for forming low-refractive index thin layers
Organic electroluminescent device
Transparent electrodes
Microchannel plates and biochip arrays, and methods of making same
System for current matching in integrated circuits
Organic bistable element, organic bistable memory device using the same, and method for driving said...
Active matrix display with light emitting diodes
Method for producing organic thin film device and transfer material used therein
Display device employing current-driven type light-emitting elements and method of driving same
Lighting apparatus with flexible OLED area illumination light source and fixture
Sialon-based oxynitride phosphor, process for its production, and use thereof
Organic electroluminescence display device
Light emitting component comprising organic layers
Light emitting device and manufacturing method therefor
Coatings with low permeation of gases and vapors
Organic element for electroluminescent devices
Organic element for electroluminescent devices
Photoactive lanthanide complexes with phosphine oxides, phosphine oxides-sulfides, pyridine N-oxides...
Photoactive lanthanide complexes with phosphine oxides, phosphine oxide-sulfides, pyridine N-oxides,...
Electroluminescent iridium compounds with fluorinated phenylpyridines, phenylpyrimidines, and phenyl...
Separation system, components of a separation system and methods of making and using them
Compositions and methods for minimizing adverse drug experiences associated with oxybutynin therapy
Compositions and methods for minimizing adverse drug experiences associated with oxybutynin therapy
Compositions and methods for minimizing adverse drug experiences associated with oxybutynin therapy
Quinolinone derivative pharmaceutical compositon and production method therefor
Skin preparations for external use
Composition for promoting hair growth
Cationic compounds and their use as macro molecular carriers
Packaging for two or more items
Processes for obtaining (-)-guaiol and the use thereof
Multi composition stick product and a process and system for manufacturing same
Resin compositions and uses thereof
Virtual makeover system and method
Nemesia plant named `Fleuripi`
Collar guard
Sulfhydryl rifamycins and uses thereof
Certain glycine derivatives as factor Xa inhibitors for use in the treatment of thrombotic disorders
Substituted 3-carbonyl-1H-indol-1-yl acetic acid derivatives as inhibitors of plasminogen activator ...
Pharmaceutical composition comprising factor VII polypeptides and alpha2-antiplasmin polypeptides
Methods and devices for improving cardiac output
Methods and apparatus for sclerosing the wall of a varicose vein
Method of reducing or eliminating thrombus formation
Methods and compositions useful for diagnosis, staging, and treatment of cancers and tumors
Therapeutic methods for treating subjects with a recombinant erythropoietin having high activity and...
Method of tissue repair II
Modulation of eNOS activity and therapeutic uses thereof
Ribozymes to growth factor originating in human platelet
Method for treating electrode tabs of crude cell for lithium secondary battery, and crude cell and l...
Method for charging a non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and charger therefor
Lithium secondary battery
Inkjet ink set and inkjet recording method
Polymeric sol electrolyte and lithium battery using the same
Lithium battery having effective performance
Presensitized plate
Method of treating edematous retinal disorders
PTH1R receptors
Thin film analyzing method
Methods of preparing electrochemical cells
Planographic printing plate precursor
Block copolymer and use thereof
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Polymers, containing a fluorocyclobutyl ring and their preparation
Layered lithium metal oxides free of localized cubic spinel-like structural phases and methods of ma...
Negative active material for rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing same
Method of manufacturing non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Polymer nanocomposites for lithium battery applications
Positive electrode having polymer film and lithium-sulfur battery employing the positive electrode
Cathode compositions for lithium-ion batteries
Preparation of nickel oxyhydroxide
Proton-conducting electric double layer capacitor using electrolytic solution
Method of magnetic resonance imaging
Cradle for a digital camera
Probes having helical and loop shaped inflatable therapeutic elements
Hand-held instruments that access interior body regions
Apparatus and method for approximating and closing the walls of a hole or puncture in a physiologica...
Universal introducer
Endovascular graft
Artificial valve
.PSI..epsilon.RACK peptide composition and method for protection against tissue damage due to ischem...
Ortho-substituted anthranilic acid amides and their use as medicaments
Wortmannin analogs and methods of using same
Hepatic disorder suppressant
Polymer dispersion with a cross-linking resin, a method for producing the same and the use thereof
Product container
Alkyl-capped alkoxylated esters and compositions comprising same
Hair treatment applicator
Package kit for personal care articles
Applicator having an indented fingergrip with raised portions
Disinfecting article with extended efficacy
In situ thermal processing of an oil reservoir formation
Treatment of crude oil fractions, fossil fuels, and products thereof with sonic energy
Toner, method of making, method of using
Polymer composition and process for the preparation thereof
Dye sublimation thermal transfer paper and transfer method
Glucocorticoid mimetics, methods of making them, pharmaceutical compositions, and uses thereof
Photoprotective and lightfastness-enhancing siloxanes
High energy density vanadium electrolyte solutions, methods of preparation thereof and all-vanadium ...
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Image forming method
Toner for electrophotography, method of manufacturing the toner, developer, development method, tran...
System and method of microdispensing and arrays of biolayers provided by same
Swollen starch-latex compositions for use in papermaking
Injector system having a front loading pressure jacket assembly
Method and apparatus for injecting fluid into animals and disposable front loadable syringe therefor
File path resolving debugger
Selectively embossed surface coverings and processes of manufacture
Electromagnetic valve
Insert molded antenna
Reference circuit enhancement for passive RFID tags
Compositions containing antimicrobials and urea for the treatment of dermatological disorders and me...
Breathing device for filtering and conditioning inhaled air
Use of amphoteric polysaccharide for treating textile fiber articles
Foot and shoe deodorant
Structured composition based on silicone oil, especially for cosmetic use
Electrostatically-sprayable topical compositions having insulating external phase and conductive int...
Cosmetic or pharmaceutical compositions comprising homopolymers and salts thereof
Ultrafine emulsion containing a haloalkynyl derivative
Aminothiol ester compounds, pharmaceutical and cosmetics compositions containing same and uses there...
Method of coloring hair using cationic dyes
Silanyl phenols and naphthols
Substituted cyclohexenes
Peach tree named `H28-52-96270`
Peach tree named `Vista Snow`
Developer components and their use for dyeing keratinic fibers
Multi-layer reaction mixtures and apparatuses for delivering a volatile component via a controlled e...
Stable hydroalcoholic compositions
Composition and method for inhibiting polar capsule discharge and protecting a subject from nematocy...
Composition containing a peptide and a pigment and the use thereof in darkening the skin
Molecular modification assays
Process for conversion of hydrocarbons on a catalyst with controlled acidity
Method for producing catalysts consisting of metal of the platinum group by means of electroless dep...
Method of desulfurizing a hydrocarbon gas by selective partial oxidation and adsorption
Multi-stage high voltage solid state switch
Intelligent wavelength division multiplexing systems based on arrays of wavelength tunable lasers an...
Foldable type cellular telephone
Apparatus for administering aerosols
Fiber-based displays containing lenses and methods of making same
Three-dimensional wire harness assembly models from three-dimensional zone models
Selective power-down for high performance CPU/system
Dynamic driver substitution
Method and apparatus for detecting and resolving circularflow paths in graphical programming systems
Method for performance monitoring and modeling
Multi-thread execution method and parallel processor system
Function unit based finite state automata data structure, transitions and methods for making the sam...
Upgrading peripheral devices