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System and method of geospatially mapping topological regions and displaying their attributes
Reconfigurable measurement system utilizing a programmable hardware element and fixed hardware resou...
Surface mountable clip suitable for use in a mobile communication device
Method and apparatus for associating identification and personal data for multiple magnetic stripe c...
Data driven remote device control model with general programming interface-to-network messaging adap...
Managing access of modular wireless earpiece/microphone (HEADSET) to public/private servicing base s...
Mobile device multi-antenna system
Method and system for identifying, matching and transacting information among portable devices withi...
Heat Shrink Scleral Band With Custom-Made Buckle For Retinal Detachment Surgery
Electronic coagulation scalpel
Electronic scalpel to cut organic tissues
Medical instrument including an end effector having a medical-treatment electrode
Systems and methods for manufacturing control using radio frequency identification
Method for mapping machine rooms and locating machines within machine rooms
Terahertz detection using a multi-mode signal
Processing system for recording media content
Internet radio receiver
Radio communication interface module, and its use in a device reading, processing, transmitting and ...
Method and apparatus for coordinating charging for services provided in a multimedia session
System and method for configuring a wireless communication system in a vehicle
Method of and apparatus for adaptive control of data buffering in a data transmitter
Media device and enhancing use of media device
Method and system for radio link establishment and maintenance with p2p communication in wireless co...
Integrated management of in-person and virtual meeting attendence
Grant channel assignment
Wireless transmission evaluation system and method
System and method for providing an improved channel encoder in a digital data communications system
Software debugger having a monitor for monitoring conditional statements within a software program
Inhibitors of c-Jun N-terminal kinases (JNK) and other protein kinases
Method and apparatus for blind separation of an overcomplete set mixed signals
Mixtures of calcitonin drug-oligomer conjugates comprising polyalkylene glycol, uses thereof, and me...
Automotive vehicle seating comfort system
Purified cytokine inhibitory factor
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor antagonists and methods relating thereto
Cradle for digital camera
Method for array shape inferencing for a class of functions in MATLAB
Automatic liquid refill apparatus
Speech recognition using word-in-phrase command
Process for the preparation of a suspension of silica in an optionally crosslinkable silicone matrix
Monkey-origin embryonic stem cells
Catalyzed polyol gel breaker compositions
System for hydrogen generation
Hot solids gasifier with CO.sub.2 removal and hydrogen production
Generation of elevated pressure gas mixtures by absorption and stripping
Catalysts for lean burn engine exhaust abatement
Reduction of oxides of nitrogen in a gas stream using molecular sieve SSZ-71
Reduction of oxides of nitrogen in a gas stream using molecular sieve SSZ-70
Processes for purifying phosphoric acid and for preparing phosphoric acid
Aqueous solution of zinc nitrite and method for production thereof
Method for producing nitrogen trifluoride using jet-loop reactors
Process for the preparation of vanadyl sulfate solution
Molecular sieve SSZ-71 composition of matter and synthesis thereof
Process for regenerating a layered double hydroxide
Methods and systems for accessing networks, methods and systems for accessing the internet
STARS--a muscle-specific actin-binding protein
Mounting assembly for sectorized antennas
N-halamine vinyl compounds and their polymeric biocides
Nontoxic dental care herbal formulation for preventing dental plaque and gingivitis
Fusion proteins of mycobacterium tuberculosis
Normally white, supertwist nematic liquid crystal display of reflective type
Method and apparatus for providing modular power
Membrane scaffold proteins
Lewis acid catalyst composition
Optical disc apparatus which determines tray movement speeds
Apparatus and method for fiber batt foam encapsulation
Benzodiazepine derivatives as inhibitors of gamma secretase
Melanocortin receptor templates, peptides, and use thereof
Glucopyranosyloxypyrazole derivatives and use thereof in medicines
Substituted indazole-O-glucosides
Methods and compositions for enhancing cellular function through protection of tissue components
Inhibitors of macrophase migration inhibitory factor and methods for identifying the same
Triazole compounds useful in therapy
Heterocyclic inhibitors of kinases
Monoamine reuptake inhibitors for treatment of CNS disorders
Animal food and method
Comminuted form of(S)-2-ethoxy-3-[4-(2-{4-methanesulfonyloxyphenyl}ethoxy)phenyl] propanoic acid
DNA molecule encoding a mutant prepro-neuropeptide Y, a mutant signal peptide, and uses thereof
Glucagon-like peptide-1 analogs
DB, the receptor for leptin
Cantilevered multi purpose tower and method for installing drilling equipment
Aquatic weed suppressor
Control gates
Method for rehabilitating an existing pipe
Aquatic breathing apparatus, system, and associated methods
Buoyancy compensation coupling device (BCCD) and method of inflation
Pier installation system and method
Retaining wall system with interlocked wall-building units
Image-processing device, image-processing method and solid-state image-pickup device
Method and apparatus for determining and assessing a characteristic of a material
Pressure sensor apparatus and method
Fluid flow measurement device
Apparatus and method for shutting down a fuel fired appliance
Device for automatically actuating a door, in particular a vertical door
Drill string telemetry system and method
Electromagnetic void-sensing probes and position control systems
Discharge lamp lighting apparatus and discharge lamp apparatus
Dual function prosthetic bone implant and method for preparing the same
Magnetic sensor
Method and device for the comprehensive characterization and monitoring of exhaust gases and the reg...
Apparatus and method for recording and reproducing optical information
Direct-write system and method for roll-to-roll manufacturing of reflective gratings
Optical element module, and apparatus and method for fixing optical element
Integrated circuit having a non-volatile memory cell transistor as a fuse device
Dual parameter laser optical feedback
Driving method and driving circuit of light source apparatus
Tunnel junction utilizing GaPSb, AlGaPSb
High power semiconductor laser with a large optical superlattice waveguide
Integral vertical cavity surface emitting laser and power monitor
Photonic crystal single transverse mode defect structure for vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Laser apparatus, exposure apparatus and method
Diode-pumped solid state disk laser and method for producing uniform laser gain
Electron emitter assembly and method for adjusting a power level of electron beams
Semiconductor laser module and optical amplifier
Optical pickup device
Insulation sheet and apparatus utilizing the same
Surface configuration of a vehicle body, toy, and/or replica
Bumper for vehicle
Regeneration of diesel particulate filter
Hemming device and hemming method
Positive engagement latch mechanism with multiple loading features
Internal combustion engine control device
Method and system for testing image sensor system-on-chip
Lockup control of torque converter
Method and system of electrically connecting multiple printed circuit boards
Connector assembly screw and anchor security device
Elastomeric vehicle control switch
Axle drive block with a differential lock
System and method of facilitating training of a tire pressure monitoring system on a vehicle
Programmable vehicle-based appliance remote control
Lined pipeline vent
In-situ post-deposition oxidation treatment for improved magnetic recording media
Laminated lens for focusing ions from atmospheric pressure
Method for processing a golf club head with cup shaped face component
Composite material and method of controlling damage thereto and damage sensor
Chassis part consisting of fiber-reinforced plastics, equipped with an integrated sensor
Layered composite material
Filter manufacturing process using a combined welding and cutting step
Method of observation by transmission electron microscopy
Anisotropic acoustic impedance matching material
Optical lens and optical information recording and reproducing apparatus
Process and device for the piecing of a yarn in an open-end spinning device
Programmable interconnect structures
System and method for creating and running protected information
Method and apparatus for identifying, managing, and controlling communications
Electronic catalog maintenance system for enabling out-of-standard electronic catalog changes
Dynamic resource allocation using known future benefits
Electronic contracts
Storage system performing remote copying bypassing controller
Rules-based identification of items represented on web pages
Method and apparatus for meta-shopping and dynamic setup of B2B eCommerce
Method and system for creating and operating an investable hedge fund index fund
Lighting zone control methods and apparatus
Method and system for transferring data with respect to a portable electronic device
Activating virtual keys of a touch-screen virtual keyboard
Image scaling arrangement
Online purchase of digital media bundles
Reservation of digital media items
Audio user interface for computing devices
Multipoint touchscreen
Methods and apparatus for providing luminance compensation
Digital media file with embedded sales/marketing information
Multiple media type synchronization between host computer and media device
Vectorized table lookup
Methods and apparatus for controlled lighting based on a reference gamut
Software update for a plurality of mobile devices
Method and system for updating firmware stored in non-volatile memory
Music synchronization arrangement
Restricted media sharing over networks
Media presentation with supplementary media
Method and system for updating playlists
Wireless synchronization between media player and host device
Integrated channel filter and method of operation
System and method for estimating impedance time through a road network
Systems and methods for fault detection and exclusion in navigational systems
System and method for calculating a navigation route based on non-contiguous cartographic map databa...
Method for making overlay surface mount resistor
Personal training device using GPS data
PDA with integrated address book and electronic map waypoints
Closed cell trench metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor
Grounding apparatus for an electronic module
Lubricant base oil palm origin
Inductor coil and method for making same
System and method for estimating impedance time through a road network
System and method for estimating impedance time through a road network
Navigation system, method and device with detour algorithm
System, device and method for providing proximate addresses
Surface mount MELF capacitor
High-density lipoprotein assay device and method
High power resistor having an improved operating temperature range
HTML delivery from edge-of-network servers in a content delivery network (CDN)
Apparatus and method of employing combined switching and PWM dimming signals to control brightness o...
Method of fabricating an encapsulated chip and chip produced thereby
Encapsulated chip and method of fabrication thereof
Current replication to avoid LEB restriction of DC-DC boost converter
On-chip EE-PROM programming waveform generation
Constant-on-time switching power supply with virtual ripple feedback and related system and method
Radiation hardened bipolar junction transistor
Plasma enhanced deposited, fully oxidized PSG film
Methods and products for producing lattices of EMR-treated islets in tissues, and uses therefor
Methods and products for producing lattices of EMR-treated islets in tissues, and uses therefor
Speech amplifier-resident mechanism for controllably supplying power to a line circuit
Integrated circuit having a device wafer with a diffused doped backside layer
Apparatus and method for treatment using a patterned mask
Phase shift modulation-based control of amplitude of AC voltage output produced by double-ended DC-A...
Apparatus and method for sliding-mode control in a multiphase switching power supply
Apparatus and method for transient control in a multiphase switching power supply
Apparatus and method for fixed-frequency control in a switching power supply
Apparatus and method for state-variable synthesis in a switching power supply
Method and apparatus for preventing boosting system bus when charging a battery
Current averaging circuit for a PWM power converter
Methods and products for producing lattices of EMR-treated islets in tissues, and uses therefor
Digital receiver
Video display system for a vehicle
Multi-mode stereoscopic image display method and apparatus
Multi-directional optical element and an optical system utilizing the multi-directional optical elem...
Multiple format video compression
Image processing unit for and method of generating a first output image and a second output image an...
Method of manufacturing electronic components including a method for three dimensional inspection
Method and system for compressing motion image information
Volterra filters for enhancement of contours in images
Image data forming method and apparatus
Image synthesization method
Data storage method and device and storage medium therefor
Method for changing channel information in digital TV receiver
Explosives simulation apparatus
Speaking words language instruction system and methods
Educational method and device
Predictive artificial intelligence and pedagogical agent modeling in the cognitive imprinting of kno...
Device for teaching swimming
Mathematical circulatory system model
Method of incorporating an active learning experience into a classroom
Device and method for voicing phonemes, and keyboard for use in such a device
System and method for assessment of basic concepts
Multimedia training system
Computer peripheral device wireless linking method and system
Vehicle AC generator apparatus having improved generator control apparatus
Active clamping circuit and power supply system using the same
Method and apparatus for starting power converters
Power supply apparatus and control circuit therefor
Battery capacity calculating method, battery capacity calculating apparatus and battery capacity cal...
Abnormality detection apparatus for power supply circuit
Energy harvesting circuit
Non-polarity charging device
Battery charger having fixed ends for winding and releasing wires
PCMCIA card with dedicated on-board battery
Alternator controlled rectifier
Alternator rectifier
DC/DC converter
High efficiency linear regulator
Multiphase DC-DC converter with reduced ripple
Reference voltage generator
Band-gap reference circuit
Power supply apparatus and power supply method
Low power, high accuracy lithium battery protection circuit
State detecting system and device employing the same
Method for attaching rod-shaped nano structure to probe holder
Adhesive of a silicon and silica composite particularly useful for joining silicon parts
Synergistic combinations of nano-scaled fillers and hindered amine light stabilizers
Scanning kelvin microprobe system and process for analyzing a surface
Method and apparatus for defect correction in a display
Light tone reproduction of binary rip output at high screen frequencies using post rip image process...
Creating high spatial frequency halfton screens with increased numbers of printable density levels
Fuel cell vehicle
Updating computer files
Cotton cultivar DP 432RR
Cosmetic package
Aqueous compositions for treating a surface
Method and apparatus for skin absorption enhancement and transdermal drug delivery
Film forming polymers, methods of use, and devices and applications thereof
Ventilator and methods for treating head trauma
Tampon having recessed portions
System and method for reporting to a website owner user reactions to particular web pages of a websi...
Systems for in the field configuration of intelligent electronic devices
Protein having antithrombotic activity and method for producing the same
Method for preparing a polydispersed saccharide composition and resulting polydispersed saccharide c...
Artemisinins with improved stability and bioavailability for therapeutic drug development and applic...
Substituted propargylamines
Surface modification of contact lenses
Identification of self and non-self antigens implicated in autoimmune diseases
Therapeutic suppression of specific immune responses by administration of oligomeric forms of antige...
Method for purifying enzymes from clostridium histolyticum using multi-stage chromatography
Human enzymes of the metalloprotease family
Inhibitors of the interaction between P53 and MDM2
Collagen material and its production process
Data flow control between a base station and a mobile station
Group III-nitride layers with patterned surfaces
Aggregate power measurement
Method and apparatus for generating a pseudo random number
Sender-initiated recovery algorithm (SIRA) for the layer 2 tunneling protocol (L2TP)
Wafer-based ion traps
Method and apparatus for compressing an input string to provide an equivalent decompressed output st...
TDMA communication system and method including discontinuous modulation for reducing adjacent and co...
Variable spacing pulse position modulation for ultra-wideband communication links
Document descriptor extraction method
7-nitro-2,1,3-benzoxadiazole and 7-nitro-2,1,3-benzthiadiazole derivatives, as well dyeing agents fo...
Inkjet color ink
Highlightable marking composition, method of highlighting the same, highlightable marking compositio...
Water clarifying agent inducing catalytic reaction and method of clarifying water through activation...
Cosmetic composition containing hydroxyethers
Cosmetic agent in the form of a gel
Transparent invisible conductive grid
Antioxidant compositions
Perfumed detergent tablet
Methods of preparation of ethoxylated phenolic compounds, compositions containing the same and relat...
Mild and effective cleansing compositions
Method and system for notifying mail users of mail piece contamination
Analogs and prodrugs of buprenorphine
Amphiphilic organopolysiloxanes having polyester groups and use thereof as emulsifiers or dispersing...
Use of C.sub.4-C.sub.6-polymercaptopolyols as regulators in solution or precipitation polymerization
Aromatic polycarbonate, process for producing the same, polycarbonate composition, and hollow contai...
Epidermal growth factor agonists
Method and apparatus for adjusting the rate of vaporization
Automatically identifying incongruous item packages
Transactional file system for flash memory
Method of and apparatus for gathering stacks of sheets and the like
Synchronization and merge engines
Electronic organizer
Method and apparatus for positioning a software keyboard
Method and apparatus for just-in-time provisioning application-related information at a communicatio...
Crabapple tree named `X6114`
Methods and means for determining fitness in plants
Stress-protected transgenic plants
Soybean cultivar S030155
Soybean cultivar 0509253
Soybean cultivar 70826751
Soybean cultivar 4417779
Cotton cultivar DP 494 RR
Rice containing endophytic bacteria and method of producing it
Inbred corn line CB1
Inbred corn line CC2
Wheat variety XW00D
Image analysis system and method of biochip
Methods for searching polynucleotide probe targets in databases
Color calibration alarm apparatus and method for use in an image-rendering device
Compact contamination reducing multi-corona system and method for reducing contamination of surfaces...
Image forming unit having positioner for withstanding transfer roll pressing force
Image forming method and image forming apparatus
Fringe field tailoring with sub-pixel patterns for improved print quality
Calibration system for document processing system including visual layout validation for target meas...
Method for an image forming device to process a media, and an image forming device arranged in accor...
Method for controlling the state of developer material
Ink stick for phase change ink jet printer
Shredder and shredding method
Electronic tilt adjustment in fluid-jet fluid ejecting heads
Inkjet recording apparatus
Color toner and image forming apparatus using the color toner
Phase change inks with isocyanate-derived antioxidants and UV stabilizers
Method and system for overloading loop selection commands in a system for selecting and arranging vi...
Secured cellular telephone communications system, method, and computer program product
Device for transferring data between an unconscious capture device and another device
Method and apparatus for initiating strong encryption using existing SSL connection for secure key e...
Method and system for securely exchanging encryption key determination information
System and method for secure replacement of high level cryptographic keys in a personal security dev...
Information delivery in a multi-stream digital broadcasting system
Method and system to decode image watermarks
Countermeasure method in an electronic component using a secret key cryptographic algorithm
Watermark detecting apparatus
Image compression device and image decompressing device, and computer-readable recorded medium on wh...
Method for modifying a copy protected video signal with a negative amplitude pulse
Data multiplexing device, program distribution system, program transmission system, pay broadcast sy...
Authenticating software licenses
Method and system for conducting a transaction over a network
Information processing device, card device and information processing system
Method and apparatus for improved color correction
Electric tweezers
Medical robotic arm that is attached to an operating table
Vision system
Method and system for using short ranged wireless enabled computers as a service tool
Autonomous machine
Display apparatus and control circuit thereof
Circuit apparatus and method for testing integrated circuits using weighted pseudo-random test patte...
Communication terminal
Certification test suite
Semiconductor storage device formed to optimize test technique and redundancy technology
Bottle for fragrance
Process for generating a variable frequency signal, for instance for spreading the spectrum of a clo...
Document feeder
Operation button
Image reproduction icon for a sound reproduction machine
Wiring board and method of fabricating tape-like wiring substrate
Icon for a digital camera
Optical device, method of manufacturing the same, optical module, circuit board and electronic instr...
Piezoelectric converter
Clock generation system
Semiconductor device, method of testing the same and electronic instrument
System and method for database design
Preparation of lactic acid from a pentose-containing substrate
Stabilizing apparatus for watercraft
Take apart anchor
Transformant and process for producing polyester by using the same
Gray cast iron member
Steel product for oil country tubular good
High-strength race and method of producing the same
Method and means for tolerating multiple dependent or arbitrary double disk failures in a disk array
Nonwoven fabric
Non-woven textile
Apertured, nonwoven fabric
Nonwoven fabric
Nonwoven fabric
Embossed paper product
Nonwoven fabric
Optical writing head such as organic EL array exposure head, method of manufacturing the same, and i...
Sheets for plasma display panels and process for producing the same
Nitride semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Crystalline semiconductor thin film, method of fabricating the same, semiconductor device, and metho...
Display device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor light emitting device having quantum well layer sandwiched between carrier confinement...
Transistor, integrated circuit, electro-optic device, electronic instrument and method of manufactur...
Assembly of organic electroluminescence display device
Organic light emitting element with insulation film and metal reflection film
Semiconductor device
Touch panel for display device
Optical component for liquid crystal display
Transfer body and method using the same
Method for manufacturing resonant device
Amorphous, fine silica particles, and method for their production and their use
Optical film
High refractive index layers
Methods of forming LaNiO.sub.3 conductive layers, ferro-electric devices with LaNiO.sub.3 layers, an...
All solid state battery with coated substrate
Heat-developable photosensitive material
Method for manufacturing a nano-structured electrode of metal oxide
Liquid crystal display
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Electrical interconnection, method of forming the electrical interconnection, image sensor having th...
Atomic layer deposited lanthanide doped TiOx dielectric films
Fischer-tropsch synthesis using microchannel technology and novel catalyst and microchannel reactor
Electroosmotic pumps using porous frits for cooling integrated circuit stacks
Bimorph MEMS devices
Method of forming inorganic alignment film, inorganic alignment film, substrate for electronic devic...
Optical multi/demultiplexing circuit equipped with phase generating device
Optical fiber with visualization features
Methods for enhancing performance of ferroelectic memory with polarization treatment
Electrical wheelchair with an electrical seat-rotating device
Automatic stop/start controller for engine and method for controlling automatic stop and automatic s...
Motorcycle drive train
Actuating device for a safety means
Ackerman angle correction in a steering system for a low speed turn
Three-point engine mount
Method for implementing vehicle stability enhancement reference models for active steer systems
Torque transfer coupling with magnetorheological clutch actuator
Track tensioner for a wheel-driven skid steer
Torque distributing drive axle assembly
Automatic transmission system and automobile using the system
Vehicle and method for controlling power to wheels in a vehicle
Method and apparatus for thermal management of an electric power assist steering control system by c...
Predicting wheel slip and skid in a locomotive
Sensor system for determination of environment for motor vehicles
Multiple sensor vehicle occupant detection for air bag deployment control
Vehicle and method for operating an engine in a vehicle
System and method for improving vehicle operator driving assistance of automotive vehicle
Parking assist apparatus and parking assist method for vehicle
Diffractive head up display for firearms
Method for increasing HDL cholesterol level
Modulation of cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP) activity
Electronic bartering system
Promotion pricing system and method
Method and apparatus for conducting auctions
Keyless locking device
Method and apparatus for hardware co-simulation clocking
Information processing system, proxy server, web page display method, storage medium, and program tr...
Incremental design using a group area designation
Determining hardware generated by high level language compilation through loop optimizations
Method and apparatus for combining operating system resource data and application program resource d...
Poinsettia plant named `Eckalger`
Platform-independent programmable batch processing engine
Method for processing objects of a standardized communication protocol
Method and apparatus for recommending a match to another
System and method for providing links to available services over a local network by a thin portal se...
Method for distinguishing clients in a communication system, a communication system; and a communica...
Scalable memory management of token state for distributed lock managers
Integrated service management system for remote customer support
System and method to manage inconsistency problems between network management systems and network el...
Determining a user's groups
Network content management
Method and apparatus for random play technology
Dynamic data structures for tracking data stored in a flash memory device
Backup technique for data stored on multiple storage devices
Apparatus and method for source compression and comparison
Storage apparatus and method for optimal snapshot transfer
Tagging related files in a document management system
Attaching multiple files to an electronic document
Conformationally constrained backbone cyclized peptide analogs
Mapping a print stream for printing on mailers from a first application for input to a second applic...
Actuator for providing tactile sensations and device for directional tactile sensations
Image generation method, program, and information storage medium
Haptic interface system for collision detection and applications therefore
Methods and apparatus for detecting and correcting penetration between objects
Virtual reality presentation
Method for presenting a virtual reality environment for an interaction
Marker layout method, mixed reality apparatus, and mixed reality space image generation method
Method and apparatus for synthesizing new video and/or still imagery from a collection of real video...
Data processing and observation system
Belt and belt buckle construction
Game system and related game machine, control method and program, operable with different interchang...
Signal transmission device
Image processing apparatus and display control method
System and method for menu-driven voice control of characters in a game environment
Apparatus and method for executing a game program having advertisements therein
Explosion simulation device
Stars in ecliptic coordinates
Contaminant-tolerant Braille pins
Symbolic vocabulary development and use
Pediatric congenital heart defect repair model
Doll for demonstrating a medical procedure
Interactive handheld apparatus with stylus
Manipulation of electronic media using off-line media
Mobile communication system and method
Storage system with symmetrical mirroring
Provision of location information to a call party
Checkpointing with a write back controller
Spindle system, apparatus, and methods for applying spindle apparatus
System and method for creating and editing, an on-line publication
Decoupling capacitance analysis method
Information delivering server and clients and method thereof and storing medium stored programs to e...
Method and apparatus for creating a simulated particle pack
Robustness and notifications in travel planning system
Method and system for tracing the identity of an agricultural product
Capturing data changes utilizing data-space tracking
Method, system, and program for providing information on proximate events based on current location ...
Intelligent system control agent for managing jobs on a network by managing a plurality of queues on...
Method and apparatus for address FIFO for high-bandwidth command/address busses in digital storage s...
Modular semiconductor workpiece processing tool
Automated semiconductor processing systems
Tertiary amine compounds having an ester structure and processes for preparing same
Thiophene-amd thiazolesulfonamides as antineoplastic agents
N-arylphenylacetamide derivatives and medicinal compositions containing the same
Cancer peptides of NY-ESO-1/CAG-3
Crystallization of IGF-1
Tumor associated antigen peptides and use of same as anti-tumor vaccines
Protease-activated receptor PAR4 (ZCHEMR2)
PRO1278 polypeptides
Self antigen vaccines for treating B cell lymphomas and other cancers
Clip on welder for plastic material
Counterbalance annular tire transponder assembly and method
Radiotherapy device
Implantable medical assembly
Pyrimido compounds having antiproliferative activity
Pyrazolopyrimidines as cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors
Method for the selective preparation of 3-oxo-4-aza-5.alpha.-androstane compound
Noise measurement system
Method and apparatus for gathering seismic data
Systems and methods for creating aerial messages
System and method for analyzing website activity
Induction heating apparatus and methods of operation thereof
Pegylated T1249 polypeptide
Method for triggering NMR measurement in a NMR check weighing system
Flanged terminal pins for DC/DC converters
Double connector for medical sensor
Dynamic on-line optimization of production processes
Compounds and therapies for the prevention of vascular and non-vascular pathologies
Process for preparation of a tetrafluoroethylene copolymer
Overlapping coated stents
Method and device for evaluating physical parameters of an underground reservoir from rock cuttings ...
Process for making a composition for conversion to lyocell fiber from an alkaline pulp having low av...
Method of producing fermentation-based products from corn
Bi-directional matrix converter with reverse start-up
Phenyl quinolines and their use as estrogenic agents
Pump system for pumping liquefied gases
Method of removing palladium
CATV directional component with signal reversing capability and method
Molded polymeric cradle for containing an anode in an electrolytic capacitor from high shock and vib...
Functional enterprise bean
Timing control unit and color image forming apparatus using the same
Parallel imaging compatible birdcage resonator
Hair dye composition
Processor unit for executing event processes in real time without causing process interference
Sheet dispenser with braking means
Method and device for estimating time errors in time interleaved A/D converter system
Video signal processing system with a dynamic ADC calibration loop and related methods
Adaptive error correction in an oversampled ADC
Continuously variable transmission
Continuously variable transmission
Continuously variable transmission
Methods for providing on-hold music using auto-composition
Method for monitoring cumulative fitness activity
Leg press and abdominal crunch exercise machine
Magnetorheological composition
Positive resistance training device
Stacked cushions
Adjustable weight exercise methods and apparatus
Weight selection methods and apparatus
Exercise machine with infinite position range limiter and automatic belt tensioning system
Exercise apparatus
Combination abdominal/pectoral exercise device
Thermoplastic container with petaloid base
Method for fabricating magnesium alloy billets for a thixoforming process
Polyester resin composition for profile extrusion molding and molded article comprising the same
Method for preparing high molecular weight polycarbonate
Transparent transaction device
Method of manufacturing monolithic inkjet printhead
Airbag device
III group nitride system compound semiconductor light emitting element and method of making same
Method and apparatus for arranging light-emitting diodes and light-emitting elements
Head protecting airbag device
Head protecting airbag device
Method of making group III nitride compound semiconductor light emitting element
Light-emitting device
Airbag for head-protecting airbag device
Mounting structure for engine cover
Airbag for head protection
Light-emitting device using group III nitride group compound semiconductor
Aerodynamic component for controlling a landing guide path of an aircraft
Seats that convert to sleeper bunks
Method and system for presenting moving simulated images in a moving vehicle
In orbit space transportation and recovery system
Drag reduction article and method of use
UAV comprising a sensing system for detection and identification of biological particles
High altitude reconnaissance vehicle
Method for guiding a rocket
Full-bore artillery projectile fin development device and method
Self-propelled projectile
Compact co-axial rotor system for a rotary wing aircraft and a control system thereof
Apparatuses and methods for attaching engines and other structures to aircraft wings
Apparatus and methods for support of propulsion systems interconnect members
Crew rest module and method of forming same
Seating arrangement especially adjoining an emergency exit in an aircraft passenger cabin
Modularized insulation, systems, apparatus, and methods
Assembly for carrying and ejecting stores
Aircraft structure fatigue alleviation
Automatic reserve or primary parachute activation device
Database method and system for conducting integrated dispatching
Golf putter
Putting aid for aiding a golfer in property aligning the golfer's line of sight, putting stroke and ...
Golf shoe
Combined media- and ink-supply cartridge
Method and apparatus for enabling live selection of content for print on demand output
Multimedia search system
Wireless locating and tracking systems
Combination radio frequency identification transponder (RFID tag) and magnetic electronic article su...
Generalized mechanism for unicode metadata
Numerical control apparatus
Process of synthesis of compounds having nitrile functions from ethylenically unsaturated compounds
Application device for applying a composite substance to a site
Methods for enhanced retroviral-mediated gene transfer
Directed maximum ratio combining and scheduling of high rate transmission for data networks
Process for producing silicon carbide fibers essentially devoid of whiskers
No-synthase inhibitors
Antibodies against the PRO862 polypeptides
Low-volume ice making machine
Retention member for connector system
Shielded jack assemblies and methods for forming a cable termination
Bonus system and method of awarding a bonus without playing a game
In-room game promotion and demonstration method and system
Methods, systems, and articles for providing a family telecommunication service
Communications system for identifying remote digital subscriber line (DSL) customer premises equipme...
Process for producing three-dimensional polyimide optical waveguide
Abrasion resistant electrical wire
Photosensitive polymer and chemically amplified photoresist composition containing the same
Power system to transfer power between a plurality of power sources
Artificial vertebral disk replacement implant with translating pivot point
Power semiconductor device having a voltage sustaining region that includes terraced trench with con...
DMOS device having a trenched bus structure
SOI substrate
Parallel field effect transistor structure having a body contact
Magnetic storage device comprising memory cells including magneto-resistive elements
Lateral conduction Schottky diode with plural mesas
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor component, and semiconductor component formed thereby
Shielded platform for die-bonding an analog die to an FPGA
Leads under chip IC package
Wiring circuit board and production method thereof
Semiconductor circuit with multiple contact sizes
Microelectromechanical device and method for producing it
Semiconductor device and fabricating method thereof
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device having resin-sealed area on circuit board thereof
Multi-chip module and methods
System and method for accelerated detection of transient particle induced soft error rates in integr...
Arrangement and method for inspecting unpatterned wafers
In-module current source
Atomic layer deposition apparatus
Method and apparatus for rapid inline measurement of parameter spreads and defects in integrated cir...
Livestock products with an increased ppar/rxr heterodimer activator level
Method for the treatment of diseases linked to an accumulation of triglycerides and cholesterol
Methods and compositions for preparing peptides with excellent solubility characteristics in aqueous...
Sh2 domain binding inhibitors
Biologically active peptide conjugates
Tetralin and indane derivatives and uses thereof
5-substituted 2h-pyrazone-3-carbixylic acid derivatives as antilipolytic agents for the treatment of...
Body fluid flow control method and device
Biological interface system with patient training apparatus
Transscleral drug delivery device and related methods
Implantable medical device having multiple electrode/sensor capability and stimulation based on sens...
Energy efficient therapeutic pulse generator system
Device and method for improving upper airway functionality
Patient training routine for biological interface system
Method of treating dependencies
Pharmaceutical composition and method for treating disorders of the central nervous system
Pyrrolopyridine derivative and use thereof
Nicotinic alpha-7 receptor ligands and preparation and uses thereof
Compounds for the treatment of CNS and amyloid associated diseases
Ureido substituted benzoic acid compounds and their use for nonsense suppression and the treatment o...
Ep4 receptor agonists
Therapeutic methods and compositions involving isoflav-3-ene and isoflavan structures
Medicinal composition
Methods and compositions for treating ophthalmic conditions with retinyl derivatives
Methods of treating cancer with HDAC inhibitors
Compounds acting at the centrosome
Acetylamino benzoic acid compounds and their use for nonsense suppression and the treatment of disea...
Blood vessel graft sizer
External counterpulsation system and method for minimizing end diastolic pressure
Frame for an orthopedic brace including offset hinges
Method, apparatus, and surgical technique for autonomic neuromodulation for the treatment of disease
Method to enhance progenitor or genetically-modified cell therapy
Testing printed circuit boards of disk drives and servo track writers
Fully human antibody Fab fragments with human interferon-gamma neutralizing activity
Display including electroluminescent elements and liquid crystal elements aligned with each other in...
Catalyst fluidization in oxygenate to olefin reaction systems
Implementation of delay-critical services in a cable television system
Continuous filament mat binder system
Iterative drilling simulation process for enhanced economic decision making
Cleaning unit, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Dual-frequency microwave sensor
Hand held led device
Application of a viral complement inhibitory protein in the treatment and diagnosis of Alzheimer's D...
Task allocation time decision apparatus and method of deciding task allocation time
Nontoxic mucosal adjuvant
Image display device, display method and digital camera for reducing display power consumption
Process for preparing 5-(4-fluorophenyl)-1-[2-((2R,4R)-4-hydroxy-6-oxo-tetrahydro-pyran-2-yl)et- hyl...
Substituted acid derivatives useful as antidiabetic and antiobesity agents and method
Method for depinning the Fermi level of a semiconductor at an electrical junction and devices incorp...
Method for making a porous calcium phosphate article
System and method for localization of sounds in three-dimensional space
Method and apparatus for regularizing measured HRTF for smooth 3D digital audio
Ergonomic stringed instrument
Lug fixing structure for drum
Foam core multi rod drum stick
Apparatus and method of letter learning finger patterns for stringed instruments
Sound pickup system for acoustic string instruments
User-adjustable ergonomic stringed musical instrument
Dog bone with jerky pieces
Toy vehicle track
Display system having improved multiple modes for displaying image data from multiple input source f...
Printing system and method of printing data on a designated paper
Remote portable and universal smartcard authentication and authorization device
Location-based reminders
PDA enabled telephone
Machine for automated generation of movement of chimes
Instruction interpretation within a data processing system
Surveying apparatus with network communications
System and method for conducting the closing of a real estate sale over a computerized network
Method and system for facilitating, coordinating and managing a competitive marketplace
Method and system for an intelligent proxy server for workload balancing by workload shifting
High volume secure internet server
Authentication methods and systems for accessing networks, authentication methods and systems for ac...
Home printing from internet sources
Method and apparatus for internet TV
Fax over internet protocol client driver
System and method for notifying a user of the status of other mobile terminals
Internet protocol based wireless call processing
Methods, systems and computer program products for translating internet protocol (IP) addresses loca...
Network-based wireless telephone communication device
Non-invasive diagnostic and monitoring method and apparatus based on odor detection
Conjugated polymer preparation via Suzuki-coupling in emulsion
Arylamine compound and organic electroluminescence device
EL element
Luminous element and method for preparation thereof
Aromatic condensed-ring compound, light emitting device material and light emitting device using the...
Organic element for electroluminescent devices
Organic electroluminescent device and method for fabricating same
Peropyrene compound, organic electroluminescent element and organic electroluminescent display
Polyarylene compounds, polymers thereof, and electroluminescence element using the same
Polymer, method of its preparation, and electronic device
Organic light emitting device with increased service life
OLEDs having n-type doping
Electronic device and driving method
Light emitting device, driving method of light emitting device and electronic device
Integrated optical device and method of making the same
Organic electroluminescent devices
Active EL display having an inverter in each pixel thereof
Automated banking machine development method
Bar-code reader and method of reading bar-code
Recording apparatus
Carbonyl reductases, polynucleotides comprising DNA encoding the same, methods for producing the sam...
Calcium receptor active molecules and method for preparing same
Stereospecific enrichment of heterocyclic enantiomers
Process for production of optically active compounds
Projection video device
Photoaffinity-labeled sphingomyelin analogs and processes thereof
Compensator having particular sequence of films and crosslinked barrier layer
Tamsulosin derivative
Compact pulse stretcher
Diffractive optical position detector in an atomic force microscope having a moveable cantilever
Concentration measuring instrument
Chip-type electronic component and chip resistor
System for measuring the optical image quality of an eye in a contactless manner
Virtual data entry device and method for input of alphanumeric and other data
Apparatus for shaping a light beam
Multiple passes over tracks of and radially non-collinear track starting positions on label side of ...
Laser with combined lens and birefringence compensator
Electrical and optical isolating unit for an undersea branching unit
High frequency jet nozzle actuators for jet noise reduction
Methods to increase the capacity of high content cell-based screening assays
Clip-on light
Easel lamp
G-protein coupled receptors
High affinity human antibodies and human antibodies against human antigens
Viral sequences
Polynucleotide encoding 2-hydroxyisoflavanone synthase
Cloned genome of infectious hepatitus C virus of genotype 2A and uses thereof
Promoter regions of the mouse and human telomerase RNA component genes
Isolated nucleic acid molecules relating to papaya fruit ripening
Method for biosynthesizing the serotonin derivatives in plants
Soybean variety XB22K05
Hybrid maize 34P88
Plasma display device
Method and apparatus for managing digital content usage rights
Graphical object interactions
Method and system for generating a file containing graphical displays from content stored on a compu...
Orientation detection marker, orientation detection device and video game device
Printing system and method
Enhanced quality of identification in a data communications network
Enhanced turbo product code decoder system
Micro-scale firetrain for ultra-miniature electro-mechanical safety and arming device
System for detecting the presence of harmful materials in an incoming mail stream
Firearm magazine grip
Method of making an environmentally safe substitute for lead shot
System for accepting non harming mail at a receptacle
Empty cartridge removing device of a dummy launcher for animal training
Active protection system
Arrow system
Motion detector and illumination apparatus and method
Method for removing coating damages and/or erosion damages
Group information management
System and method for telemarketing through a hypertext network
Call duration alert
Method of providing a screen-pop via SIP
Dialing method with phone number retrieval using partial pattern matching
Ringback detection circuit
Push-button signal receiving device and a gain control method
Method and device for transmitting a transmission signal via a two-core line
Circuit and method for detecting AC voltage pulses
Distributed echo cancelling
Small-sized hinge device
Portable device including a replaceable cover
Modular base plate for wireless device
Systems and methods for providing non-dedicated wireless backup service for monitored security syste...
Subscriber migration system
Vending machine
Method for a secure detach procedure in a radio telecommunication network
Portable communication apparatus
Method and apparatus of controlling noise level calculations in a conferencing system
Voice filter for normalizing an agents response by altering emotional and word content
Bearing unit, and motor using same
Bearing structure of a motor
Roller bearing
Disk blade bearing hub assembly
Locking device for a wheel hub bearing
Piloting configuration for thrust bearing assembly
Ball and socket joint
Multilayer aluminum-base alloy slide member
Lubricating oil guiding system for motor bearings
Contact bearing
Seal arrangement with encoder and magnetization head for the encoder
Ball bearing
Contact material, composite sintered component and method of producing same
Slide bearing
Method and apparatus for contamination protection for bearing assembly
Compliant foil fluid film radial bearing
Torque converter
Slide guide device for press
Laser level rotor assembly addressing angular drift
Axial flow fan motor
Rotation detecting device and wheel support bearing assembly utilizing the same
Method and device for monitoring an exhaust gas treatment system
Comprehensive system, process and article of manufacture to facilitate institutional, regulatory and...
Price decision support
Image pickup apparatus
Image processing apparatus with another display unit its control method, and recording medium
Light regulator and image pickup system
Driving device, position controller provided with driving device, and camera provided with position ...
Intermediate adapter and camera system
Lens barrel incorporating a rotatable ring
Cam mechanism of a photographing lens
Automatic focusing apparatus
Mobile device and mobile telephone device having imaging function
Density range control in a photograph by variation of hue density range of the negative
Adjustable optical apparatus adapter
Lithography equipment
Magazine shuttle for a photographic processor
White eye portraiture system and method
Set of razor handle buttons
Battery-operated dental floss
Motorcycle helmet
Silicone glove
Side portion of a welding helmet
Hook for horse harness
Artificial insemination device for domestic animals
Hand-held scrubber
Swimming pool cleaner robot
Tool for a cleaning appliance
Round pedal bin
Rolling display cart
Wreath cart
Bottom tray for shopping cart
Shopping cart handle
Turret type materials handling vehicle
Materials handling controller
Multimedia computer
Micro-opto-electro-mechanical waveguide switches
Power allocation method for multicast services
Method for forecasting and managing multimedia contracts
Method and system for data layout and replacement in distributed streaming caches on a network
Transactional card system and encoding method
Hologram laminate and hologram label
Method and system for counting non-speculative events in a speculative processor
System and method for creating systolic solvers
Compiler for optimizing source code with computed goto statements
Extensible type system for representing and checking consistency of program components during the pr...
Generating and utilizing robust XPath expressions
Compiler apparatus and method for unrolling a superblock in a computer program
Method, article of manufacture and apparatus for performing automatic intermodule call linkage optim...
Heuristic to improve register allocation using pass degree
Method and apparatus for displaying compiler-optimizated code
Background code update for embedded systems
Software installation and operation with random selection
Method and apparatus for enabling threads to reach a consistent state without explicit thread suspen...
Computer system and method for increased processing power by communicating with non-computer devices
Method and apparatus to eliminate processor core hot spots
Method for programmatic representation and enforcement of resource controls
Dynamic Java bean for VisualAge for Java
Optical storage media with embedded security device
Multi-media coordinated information system with multiple user devices and multiple interconnection n...
Multi-terminal docking station system
Method and system for protecting pervasive devices and servers from exchanging viruses
SNMP interface to existing resource management extension-enabled management agents
Performance profiling tool
Data transfer control device and electronic equipment
System and method for maintaining N number of simultaneous cryptographic sessions using a distribute...
Method, apparatus and program storage device for automatically presenting status from a host bus ada...
Apparatus and method for controlling resource transfers in a logically partitioned computer system b...
Arrangement for managing transmitted packets requiring acknowledgement in a host channel adapter
Method for managing a cache memory using a predictive modeling engine to select a caching algorithm
Secure data report preparation and delivery
Virtual smart card system and method
Method and system for limiting processor utilization by a virus scanner
System and method for using login correlations to detect intrusions
Adaptive method for amortizing authentication overhead
Network-based bookmark management and web-summary system
Shared virtual space conversation support system using virtual telephones
Multiple personas for mobile devices
Throttling queue
Statistical tracking of global server load balancing for selecting the best network address from ord...
System and method for file caching in a distributed program build environment
Bioproduction of astaxanthin using mutant carotenoid ketolase and carotenoid hydroxylase genes
Method for the production of 1,3-propanediol by recombinant organisms comprising genes for coenzyme ...
Pyridinyl amides and imides for use as fungicides
Terminal electrode compositions for multilayer ceramic capacitors
Stretch break method and product
Polycyclic fluoroalkanes
Insulated power cable
Photosensitive acrylate composition and waveguide device
Processes for preparing high purity polycyclic fluoroalkanes
Electroactive fluorene copolymers and devices made with such polymers
Electroactive fluorene polymers having perfluoroalkyl groups, process for preparing such polymers an...
Continuous process for the preparation of polytrimethylene ether glycol
Process for preparation of polytrimethylene ether glycols
Process for the preparation of 1,1,1,2,2-pentafluoroethane
Measuring and dispensing system for solid dry flowable materials
Gas turbine installation
Self-contained spray cooling module
Geothermal heat accumulator and air-conditioning using it
Rotary regenerative heat exchanger and rotor therefor
Heat exchanger with heat deformation absorbing mechanism
Heat exchanger
Air conditioning apparatus for vehicle