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Fuel system comprising vehicle impact shutoff
Power steering system
Transmission-ratio-varying steering apparatus
Electric power steering apparatus
Multi-linking, rear suspension system for two-wheeled motor vehicles
Method for asphalt compaction and compaction apparatus
Power transmission system and operation method therefor
High melt integrity battery separator for lithium ion batteries
Binding acceleration techniques for the detection of analytes
Method for forming an array of single-wall carbon nanotubes in an electric field and compositions th...
Polyesters, method for producing same, and depot medicaments produced from these polyesters
Pharmaceutical component based on human parathyroid hormone and a pharmaceutical composition for int...
Polymer electrolyte fuel-cell separator sealing rubber composition
Organic electrolytic solution and lithium secondary battery employing the same
Image-formation material and infrared absorber
Support for lithographic printing plate, method of preparing the support and presensitized plate
Heat mode-compatible planographic printing plate
Modification of floral scent in flowering plants
Absorbents and process for producing the same, absorbable constructs and absorbable articles
Carbonized product used for production of activated carbon for electrode of electric double-layer ca...
Polymer gel electrolyte, secondary cell, and electrical double-layer capacitor
Inkjet recording method
Surface-modified implants
Phthalocyanine compound, ink, inkjet recording ink, ink-jet recording method and method for improvin...
Nonaqueous electrolytic solution and lithium secondary battery
Method for the production of p-Hydrozybenzoate in species of Pseudomonas and Agrobacterium
Hybrid phthalocyanine derivatives and their uses
Metal-air battery components and methods for making same
Alkali/transition metal phosphates and related electrode active materials
Coated electrode particles for composite electrodes and electrochemical cells
Recycled plastic molded parts for photosensitive materials
Compounds active at a novel site on receptor-operated calcium channels useful for treatment of neuro...
Methods for detecting polypeptides regulating signal transduction pathways
Nucleic acid sequences showing enhanced expression in benign neuroblastoma compared with acritical h...
CAIP-like gene family
7SK RNA regulated transcription
Methods of inhibiting platelet anti-HLA alloimmune antibody responses with soluble 18 KDa CD40L
Brain associated inhibitor of tissue-type plasminogen activator
Detection and modulation of IAPs and NAIP for the diagnosis and treatment of proliferative disease
Oligonucleotide compositions and their use to induce differentiation of cells
Pyrimidine 5-carboxamide compounds, process for producing the same and use thereof
Pyrazole compounds useful as protein kinase inhibitors
Cyclic derivatives as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Benzothiazole antiviral agents
6,7-dihydro-5H-pyrazolo[1,2-a]pyrazol-1-ones which provide analgesia
Substituted pyrimidine derivatives
Pyrazolopyridinyl pyrimidine therapeutic compounds
Cyclic AMP-specific phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Methods for modulating macrophage proliferation using polyamine analogs
Compounds and methods for diagnosis and immunotherapy of tuberculosis
Carbohydrate crosslinked glycoprotein crystals
Bivalent binding molecules of 7 transmembrane G protein-coupled receptors
Silanol enzyme inhibitors
Basket trading system having an interface for user specification of goods to be traded as a unit
Trade allocation
Method and system for determining a company's probability of no default
System and method for electronically exchanging value among distributed users
Method for revaluing a phone card
System for a recipient to determine whether or not they received non-life-harming materials
Directory enabled secure multicast group communications
System and method for controlling access to protected information
System and method for producing and verifying secure negotiable instruments
Method for utilizing a portable electronic authorization device to approve transactions between a us...
Remote negotiation apparatus, remote negotiation method, and program product
System and method for locating a document containing a selected number and displaying the number as ...
System and method for resolving a discrepancy in a clinical data management system
Geographic database organization that facilitates location-based advertising
System and method of aggregating data from a plurality of data generating machines
Sending electronic transaction message, digital signature derived therefrom, and sender identity inf...
Security system method and apparatus for preventing application program unauthorized use
Creation of local usage rights voucher
Mortgage loan customization system and process
Method for selecting products
Application rights management in a mobile environment
Device to provide an electrical connection between a recoiling mass of a weapon and a fixed cradle
Method of promoting natural bypass
Combination for site-specifically transforming cells in vivo comprising a double-balloon catheter an...
19-norbufalin derivatives, their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Method for the treatment of urinary incontinence
Aryltetrazole compounds, and compositions thereof
Compositions including modafinil for treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and multi...
Water-soluble coating agents bearing initiator groups
Safe and effective biofilm inhibitory compounds and health-related uses thereof
Polymers for delivering nitric oxide in vivo
Human paris-1 antigen and nucleic acids: diagnostic and therapeutic uses
Fibrin binding domain polypeptides and uses and methods of producing same
Carrier molecules
Catheter and method for mapping Purkinje fibers
Removable cap for tissue-insertable connections
Implantable medical device with valve opening detector
Apparatus and method for treating a tumor or the like
Method and apparatus for delivering pre-shock defibrillation therapy
Change log for implantable medical device
Deflectable tip catheter with guidewire tracking mechanism
Therapeutic prostatic thermotherapy
Modified guidewire for left ventricular access lead
Hair clip
Epilator and cap
Lipstick holder
Face shield for use with headgear
Shoelace baseball glove
Helmet mount
Protective chin guard for helmets
Football helmet birdhouse
Horse blanket
Dog garment
Washing machine
Rinse basket
Trash can
Garbage can
Garbage can
Garbage can
Inkjet cartridge recycling lid
Fork lift truck
Binding proteins for recognition of DNA
Cooling system and method employing auxiliary thermal capacitor unit for facilitating continuous ope...
Refrigerant distribution device and method
Heating apparatus
Heat sink with carbon nanotubes and method for manufacturing same
Method and an apparatus for cooling a computer
Integrated liquid cooling system for electrical components
Wick structure of heat pipe
Spray cooling system
Combination of fan and heat sink
Heat exchanger for industrial installations
Heat sink structure with flexible heat dissipation pad
Method and apparatus for individually cooling components of electronic systems
Method for carrying out chemical reactions in pseudo-isothermal conditions
Mounting apparatus for electronic devices
Heat-dissipating device
Cooling system and method employing at least two modular cooling units for ensuring cooling of multi...
Distributed control systems and methods
Electrostatic discharge protection component
Multi-modal RF coil for magnetic resonance imaging
Magnetic resonance imaging array coil system and method for breast imaging
Permanent magnet for magnet resonance
Magnetic field generating device and MRI equipment using the device
Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus probe
Probe for NMR apparatus using magnesium diboride
Method and device for alignment of individually moved sheet-shaped materials
Process and device for recognition of substrate stock by means of light-sensitive sensors
Short inking unit
Folding device with a first and second partial cylinder and method for operating such a folding devi...
Geared folding apparatus
Methods and compositions for stabilizing microtubules and intermediate filaments in striated muscle ...
Refrigeration system
Piezoelectric element, liquid jetting head, and method for manufacturing thereof
Laminated sheeting and method of manufacture
Carbapenem compound crystals and interjection preparations
Circuits with a trench capacitor having micro-roughened semiconductor surfaces
Semiconductor device having projected electrodes and structure for mounting the same
Methods and systems for remediating hydrazine-contaminated equipment and/or surfaces
System and methods for improved emission control of internal combustion engines using pulsed fuel fl...
Drive train for an image forming apparatus
Self-administered two-handled probe for treating prostatitis
Bladed spoke wrench
Brush optimizer
Chain connecting pin extracting apparatus
Collapsible protective cover
Handled cover for water bag
Balancing skateboard
Adjustable bicycle seat assemblies and methods of use
Bicycle seat
Arching mechanism and method of use
Bicycle rim
Solid state light source
Internal bicycle hub transmission with a one-way clutch for a driving member
Method and apparatus for speed controlled eccentric exercise training
Variable height system for supporting the non-driven wheel of a bicycle having a driven wheel engage...
Two component agent with a time dependant pH and method of treating hair with said agent
Water plasticized high refractive index polymer for ophthalmic applications
Surface modification of functional group-containing intraocular lenses
Ocular solutions
Method and apparatus for joining adhesive tape to back face of semiconductor wafer
Method for the continuous production of propylene glycol
Article of clothing with built in support system
Organometallic precursor for forming metal film or pattern and method of forming metal film or patte...
Apparatus and method for balancing and for providing a compliant range to a test head
Stator coil made of joined conductor segments for rotary electric machinery and method for manufactu...
Driver of piezoelectric actuator
Spark plug and method for manufacturing the spark plug
Method of and apparatus for distinguishing type of pixel
Optical device and projector
Over-parameterized polarization controller
Stepping motor controlling method and disk apparatus
Network routing apparatus
Developer container for an image forming apparatus
Transmitter having a phase control loop whose frequency bandwidth is varied in accordance with modul...
High activity polyethylene catalysts prepared with borates reagents
Wavelength division multiplexed device
Vehicular communication system
Method and apparatus for determining a direct-to-home satellite receiver multi-switch type
Embedded channel analysis for RF data modem
Method, system, and computer program product for optimizing throughput of lots
Method and apparatus for monitoring a database system
Writable file system snapshot with ditto address feature
System and method for concurrent logical device swapping
Programmable logic controller method, system and apparatus
Cyclohexyl sulphones
Potentiometric, ion-selective electrode
Method of detecting a gas bubble in a liquid
Method and apparatus for verifying logical equivalency between logic circuits
Method and device for automated application of lacquer film on bodywork parts and use of a stretched...
Swing device of industrial robot
Support device for cells culture
Localised medical instrument with tilt and swivel screen
Robot control device, robot control method, and robot control program
Controller of legged mobile robot
External electrode fluorescent lamp, back light unit using the external electrode fluorescent lamp, ...
Print layout device, print layout method, and storage medium
Print system, information processing apparatus and method, and computer-readable memory medium
Defective nozzle compensation
Image processing apparatus and method
Facsimile apparatus
Optical scanner and image forming apparatus using the same
Characterization of display devices by averaging chromaticity values
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and image forming unit detachably mountable thereto
Image forming apparatus
Method and plant for thickening sludge derived from water treatment by flocculation-decantation with...
Water purification apparatus
Waterboiler system with solids removal apparatus
Glare shield for camera
Apparatus for providing coronary retroperfusion and methods of use
Device for irradiating tissue
Self-disengaging wearable grounding device
Inactivated respiratory syncytial viral vaccines
MAb-based Dot-ELISA method and assay kit for the detection of viruses
Dynamic test program generator for VLIW simulation
Apparatus and method for accessing a disk containing an alternate sector
Low decoding complexity concatenated codes for high rate coded transmission
System, method and computer program product for displaying and/or compressing digital data
Multi-pipe dispatch and execution of complex instructions in a superscalar processor
Centrifugal pump having oil misting system with pivoting blades
Pressurizer for a rocket engine
Gas compressor pollution control system and method
Exhaust gas turbocharger
Oil separator for vapor compression system compressor
Balanced variable displacement fluid apparatus
Scroll compressor with motor control for capacity modulation
Fan with enhanced operational versatility
Vibrating pumping stage for molecular vacuum pumps, and molecular vacuum pump with vibrating pumping...
Method and device for detecting the speed of a pump
Motor-driven compressors
Pump and pump control circuit apparatus and method
Valve arrangement for a small hermetic compressor
Combination sight glass, strainer and orifice
Composition used in producing calcium-rich getter thin film
Vane pump with undervane feed
Container lid
Tool with protective sheath
Sheet of absorbent creped paper, cylinder for embossing such a sheet and an embossing process
Exposure apparatus and method of measuring Mueller Matrix of optical system of exposure apparatus
Sample orientation system and method
Non-contact optical profilometer with orthogonal beams
SPR interferometer
Method for determining the paper quality for halftone printing
Distortion correction device for correcting imaged object to produce plane image without distortion
Footwear outsole
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Clasp, lace with a clasp, and a shoe with a lace and clasp
Shoe sole structures using a theoretically ideal stability plane
Article of footwear having a sole structure with adjustable characteristics
Midsole including cushioning structure
Athletic shoe with inclined wall configuration
Footwear variable tension lacing systems
Article of footwear
Article of footwear for sand sports
Insole, and footwear system incorporating same
Multiple-serial-hydrofoil swim fins
Method and apparatus for defining an input state vector that achieves low power consumption in a dig...
Method and circuitry for controlling supply voltage in a data processing system
Parallel data communication realignment of data sent in multiple groups
System and method for the detection and compensation of radio signal time of arrival errors
Power quality indicator
Apparatus and method for early cache miss detection
Method, apparatus, and program for improving data mirroring performance in a SCSI topology
Fibers from polymer nanoclay nanocomposites by electrospinning
Thermoplastic olefin nanocomposite
Tooth cleaning powders and methods of use thereof
Compounds that stimulate glucose utilization and methods of use
Benzotriazol-1-yl-aminoacetonitrile compounds and their use in the control of parasite disease
Device and method for examining a body lumen
Ultrasound contrast agents and methods of making and using them
Molecules with extended half-lives, compositions and uses thereof
Tango 243 polypeptides and uses thereof
Therapeutic agents and methods of use thereof for the modulation of angiogenesis
Thiazines and thiazoles as agents for protecting materials
Moving-target magnetic resonance imaging system and method
Optimized channel controller for NMR apparatus
System and method for transmitting/receiving alerting information for mobile terminal in a wireless ...
System and method for switching cells in a communications network
Method and system for reducing bearing fluting in electromechanical machine
Halogen-free resin composition
Electronic device package
Corneal topography-based target warping
Boring tool tracking/guiding system and method with unconstrained target location geometry
Digital packet network for the local access loop
Thermal treatment methods and apparatus with focused energy application
Covered stent with encapsulated ends
Methods for treating aneurysms
Preservation of blood platelets with citrate
Pyrrolidin-2-one derivatives as inhibitors of factor Xa
Platelet adenosine diphosphate receptor antagonists
Anilinoquinazaolines as protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Process for the preparation of acetyl-amidiniophenylalanyl-cyclohexylglycyl-pyridinioalaninamides
Methods and Deoxyribonucleic acid for the preparation of tissue factor protein
FVIIa antagonists
Combination treatment with t-PA variant and low molecular weight heparin
Polynucleotides related to murine anti-idiotype antibody 11D10 and methods of use thereof
Near infrared chemiluminescent acridinium compounds and uses thereof
Tissue lockable connecting structures
System and method for 3-D digital reconstruction of an oral cavity from a sequence of 2-D images
Activity based probe analysis
C2,5'-disubstituted and N.sup.6, C2,5'-trisubstituted adenosine derivatives and their different uses
Method for reducing intraocular pressure
New expression system from rhodococcus
Thio-siRNA aptamers
Apoptosis-inducing gene and utilization of the same
Sulfonamide inhibitors of aspartyl protease
Identification of new NY-ESO-1 epitopes recognized by CD4+ T-cells
Antisense modulation of integrin beta 4 binding protein expression
Phospholipid scramblase 3
Method for producing alkyl-esterified glycosaminoglycan
Bactericidak anti-apoptotic, pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory peptides of heparin-binding prot...
Staphylococcal nuclease fusion proteins for the produciton of recombinant peptides
Systems for expressing toxic proteins, vectors and method of method of producing toxic proteins
Process for the purification of recombinant polypeptides
Method for producing novel spinosyn derivatives
2' -0-Trisubstituted silyloxymethyl-ribonucleoside-derivative and method for preparing the same
Difluoronucleosides and process for preparation thereof
Genetic insulator for preventing influence by another gene promoter
Novel glycosyltransferase gene
Method for checking the authorization of users
Remote display system with independent power source
Method, apparatus and computer program product for implementing and organizing an AD-HOC aviation da...
Provision of local data in a wireless system
Semiconductor device, display device and method of fabricating the same
Crosslinkable resin compositions
Method and apparatus for solar power conversion
Electric power generation arrangement with rotary cabling guide
Fluorescent light power source for supplying power to an external device
Driver of electric compressor
Zoom lens
Low-deformation support device of an optical element
Optical path bending optical system and electronic apparatus using the same
Optical device and projector
Automatic focusing method for digital image processing apparatus
Objective pivoting device having crossed swivelling axes
Lens barrel having cam-cylinder with cam-groove and varying thickness, lens barrel having guide-cyli...
Apparatus and method for recording optical information, apparatus and method for reproducing optical...
Projection objectives including a plurality of mirrors with lenses ahead of mirror M3
Doping profiles in PN diode optical modulators
Aperture stop assembly for high power laser beams
Method for fabricating optical devices by assembling multiple wafers containing planar optical waveg...
Image lens array
Passive add/drop amplifier for optical networks and method
Combined optical elements
Variable transmission window constructions
Bioactive peptides and unique ires elements from myelin proteolipid protein plp/dm20
Piperazinyl and piperidinyl ureas as modulators of fatty acid amide hydrolase
Hierarchical bus structure and memory access protocol for multiprocessor systems
Digital signal processing back biased hall effect muzzle velocity measurement system
Lithographic apparatus
Magnetic pole insensitive switch circuit
Device for connecting two workstations with several links
Reducing swing line driver
Thin film shape memory alloy actuated microrelay
Sigma-delta modulated amplifier
Applications of nano-enabled large area macroelectronic substrates incorporating nanowires and nanow...
Light-emitting devices utilizing nanoparticles
Electrosurgical instrument and method of use
Method of making semiconductor bonding tools
Single- or multilayer thermoplastic polymer film capable of structuring by means of electromagnetic ...
Method for producing a layer on a substrate
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Portion of an image for a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Animated image for a portion of a display screen
Type font
System and method for inputting characters using a directional pad
Foveated wide-angle imaging system and method for capturing and viewing wide-angle images in real ti...
Filtering image data to obtain samples mapped to pixel sub-components of a display device
Text detection in continuous tone image segments
System and method for the logical substitution of processor control in an emulated computing environ...
Caching user network access information within a network
Time-window-constrained multicast using connection scheduling
Variable focus optical apparatus
Method for monitoring an internal combustion engine
Carbon nanotube devices and uses therefor
Surface mount chip capacitor
Semiconductor memory device and programming method thereof
Light guide plate with diffusion dots having scattering particles and surface light source unit inco...
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Adhesive material for processing device, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming ap...
Control system display for monitoring a complex process
Method for controlling an industrial process
Multiple speed automatic transmission for motor vehicle
Cytotoxic factors for modulating cell death
Joining system for joining elements onto components, method of operating a joining system and data m...
Heated device and method of redundant temperature sensing
Methods and apparatus for post-exposure determination of ionizing radiation dose
Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapon detection system comprising array of spatiall...
Surveillance camera with flicker immunity
Method for detecting earth formation fractures by seismic imaging of diffractors
Method and device for detecting defects of at least one rotary wing aircraft rotor
Database enabled messaging facility
Dynamic command sets in a computer messaging system in a method, system and program
Wireless communications device with artificial intelligence-based distributive call routing
System and method for using geographical location to determine when to exit an existing wireless com...
Wireless base station and a wireless phone
Method and apparatus for providing streaming information to a wireless mobile wireless device
System and method for vibrating a portable device
Dispatcher for wireless device applications
Session initiation protocol enabled set-top device
Method and system for modifying requests for remote resources
Snippet selection
Portable terminal and information provision system utilizing the portable terminal
Vehicle-mounted apparatus and method for outputting information about articles in vehicle
Hand-held printer
Remote vehicle security system
System and method for a multi-frequency upstream channel in a computer network
High speed decoding apparatus and method for analog subscriber connections
Communication system in digital television
Signal transmission circuit and method for equalizing disparate delay times dynamically, and data la...
Data recovery device
Method of detecting a specific object in an image signal
Method and apparatus for recording manufacturer information on a recording medium and for determinin...
System and method for allocating manufactured products to sellers
Voltage-glitch detection device and method for securing integrated circuit device from voltage glitc...
Oxidation catalyst device and wet-type electro-photographic imageforming apparatus having the same
Disc tray for decreasing vibration and noise in optical disc drive, and optical disc drive using the...
Multi-function office apparatus
Developing device for wet electrophotographic printer
System and method for determining and representing one or more potential physical locations of a new...
Control method of PI controller
Methods of treatment by administering an anti-BCMA antibody
Organic electroluminescent device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
Light-emitting device and method for producing same
IM-12 crystallized solid and its process of preparation
High speed ethernet MAC and PHY apparatus with a filter based ethernet packet router with priority q...
Individual information management system
Enhanced automotive monitoring system using sound
Transmissibility shaping control for active vehicle suspension systems
Steering angle sensor assembly including reduction gear and logic module
Vehicle diagnostic tool
Means of mounting a toll calculator in a motor vehicle
Fixing structure using a couple of screws and antenna unit having the same
Programmable tactile touch screen displays and man-machine interfaces for improved vehicle instrumen...
Methods and apparatus for treating wastewater employing a high rate clarifier and a membrane
Multi-stage sulfur removal system and process for an auxiliary fuel system
Pressure container
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and method for producing device
Composites and composite membranes
Optical measurement substrate and method of manufacturing the same
Reticulated liquid treatment devices with electric power source
Methods for making chlorine dioxide
Method and device for the continuous production of biomolecules
Methods of identification of biomarkers with mass spectrometry techniques
Method for reducing microbial levels on the hide of an animal
Method of using a composition for disinfection and/or sterilization
Bipolar membrane and method of making same
Aqueous ink composition, and ink jet recording method and recorded matter using the same
Method and system for corn fractionation
Bisphosphonate complexes
Continuous Process For On Site And On Demand Production Of Aqueous Peracetic Acid
Production line and treatment for organic product
Data recording medium, data reproducing method and reproducing device, and data processing system
Telephone terminal
Method and apparatus of karaoke storage on a wireless communications device
EEG feedback controlled sound therapy for tinnitus
Network telephony devices, softwares and methods for discontinuing transmitting music-on-hold
Optical disc player for playing a disc in a selected format
Mobile terminal with ergonomic imaging functions
Sound and light apparatus
Shrub rose plant named `BAIset`
Patriot turf bermudagrass
Shrub rose plant named `BAIore`
Valve control device for an internal combustion engine and internal combustion engine comprising suc...
Engine valve actuation system
Controlling an engine with adjustable intake valve timing
Intake system for an internal combustion engine
Variable valve apparatus of internal combustion engine
Control apparatus for multi-cylinder internal combustion engine and control method
System and method for monitoring engine valve actuation
Electro-hydraulic lost-motion valve train
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Variable valve control system and method for multi-cylinder internal combustion engine
Variable valve system with control shaft actuating mechanism
Valve timing controller
Valve control for an engine with electromechanically actuated valves
Measuring system
Method for auto-ignition combustion control
Hydraulically actuated, variable valve drive of an internal combustion engine
System and method for actuating an engine valve
Valve-driving system and method for internal combustion engine, and power output apparatus
Valve characteristic changing apparatus for internal combustion engine
Idling speed control system and method
Controlling spark for an engine with controllable valves
Method for configuring a multiple channel discrete output module
Audibly enabled error status
Mobile station and method to transmit data word using an unused portion of a slot by interleaving th...
Multi-component iconic representation of file characteristics
System and method for representation of object animation within presentations of software applicatio...
Method and system for managing timed responses to A/V events in television programming
Service rate change method and apparatus
Variable trust levels for authentication
Using multiple thermal points to enable component level power and thermal management
Systems and methods for network security
Upgrading of firmware with tolerance to failures
Method and apparatus for selectively sharing and passively tracking communication device experiences
Method and system for person data authentication and management
Methods, systems, and computer program products for web services
Device search system
Query execution in query processing systems
Customization of metadata describing objects in a computing environment
Bed frame
Continuous process for production of scrambled eggs
Powdered adhesive for foods
System and method for transporting and handling bulk quantities of bulk feed
Web-based common use terminal with multiple application servers
Electronic offer management system and method thereof
Code generating method and unit thereof, code detecting method and unit thereof, and watermark embed...
System for automatic connection to a network
Apparatus and method for efficient filtering and convolution of content data
Buffer to buffer credit flow control for computer network
Method of preparing an anisotropic polymer film on a substrate with a structured surface
Image capturing system and method for automatically watermarking recorded parameters for providing d...
Apparatus for detecting and recovering data
Embedding data in material
Watermark information embedding device and watermark information detection device
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
System for monitoring audio content in a video broadcast
Methods of distributing postage label sheets with security features
Geranium plant named `Genfipurple`
Berberis plant named `Admiration`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yodigit`
Coreopsis plant named `Limerock Dream`
Geranium plant named `Dueamica`
Geranium plant named `Dueameliastar`
Geranium plant named `Duepalav`
Sedum plant named `Sunkissed`
Hypericum plant named `Bosaclas`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yohankie`
Euphorbia plant named `Waleutiny`
Nemesia plant named `Fleurbac`
Calibrachoa plant named `Wescarasp`
Pelargonium plant named `Fisroccal`
Pelargonium plant named `Fishelus`
Pelargonium plant named `Fismored`
Climbing Rose plant named `KORadigel`
Active ingredient combinations with insecticidal and acaricidal properties
Heterocyclic carboxamides and their use as fungicides
Surface assembly for immobilizing DNA capture probes in genetic assays using enzymatic reactions to ...
Detection of negatively charged polymers using water-soluble, cationic, polythiophene derivatives
Production of a highly active, soluble form of the cytochrome P450 reductase (CPR A) from Candida tr...
Nucleic acid molecules which encode proteins having fructosyl transferase activity and methods for p...
Tyrosine recombinase for genetic engineering
Coplanar waveguide biosensor for detecting molecular or cellular events
Inositol pyrophosphates, and methods of use thereof
Storage system and method for backup
Compact garbage collection tables
Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp with improved heat dissipation, and manufacturing method t...
Controllled delivery system of antifungal and keratolytic agents for local treatment of fungal infec...
Catalyst for conversion processes
Longitudinal piezoelectric optical latching relay
Radiological imaging apparatus and radiological imaging method
Apparatus and method for transporting waste materials
High-pressure discharge lamp
Chemical formulations for the removal of mercury and other pollutants present in fluid streams
Process for preparing monodisperse ion exchangers having chelating functional
Ultraviolet lighting platform
Phosphors containing oxides of alkaline-earth and group-IIIB metals and white-light sources incorpor...
Ink jet printer with ultraviolet curable ink, ultraviolet irradiation device, and maintenance statio...
Non-destructive contact test
Tilt detection in illumination source
Absorbent composite sheet and absorbent article using the same
Imageable elements containing cyanoacrylate polymer particles
Cleaning and decontamination formula for surfaces contaminated with prion-infected material
Measuring device for rapid non-destructive measurement of the contents of capsules
Therapeutic delivery systems
Intraocular irrigating solution having improved flow characteristics
Process for preparing a pharmaceutical composition
Juice deacidification
System and method for producing concentrated food products with fractionation concentration
Method and apparatus for fastening steel framing using helical features
Multi element, multi color solid state LED/laser
Semiconductor memory device with current driver providing bi-directional current to data write line
Semiconductor memory device
Portable terminal and GPS time keeping method
Method, apparatus and system for GPS time synchronization using cellular signal bursts
Transgenic fibrinogen
Soybean cultivar 4417380
Method for cloning animals with targetted genetic alterations by transfer of long-term cultured male...
Synthetic nucleic acid molecule for imparting multiple traits
Method for selecting cell lines to be used for nuclear transfer in mammalian species
Plants transformed with polynucleotides encoding broad-spectrum delta-endotoxins
Non-inbred embryonic stem cells having good developmental potential
Novel plant acyltransferases specific for long-chained, multiply unsaturated fatty acids
Chitinase encoding DNA molecules from cotton expressed preferentially in secondary walled cells duri...
Method to trigger RNA interference
Soybean variety 91M70
Inbred corn line PH8WD
Long-term culture of avian primordial germ cells (PGCs)
Germline transmission of avian primordial germ cells (PGCs)
Artificial chromosomes and transchromosomic avians
Use of ahas mutant genes as selection marker in potato transformation
Soybean cultivar 4405070
Vertical alignment and levelling of modular building units
Corner Flashing for Windows and the Like
Building module and the method of erecting walls of building with the application of the modules
Non-combustible reinforced cementitious lighweight panels and metal frame system for a fire wall and...
Recovering nickel
Saw blade for drywall, saw apparatus utilizing saw blade and method
Cement Composition for Use with a Formate-Based Drilling Fluid Comprising an Alkaline Buffering Agen...
Processes for incorporating inert gas in a cement composition containing spherical beads
Liquid additive for intergrinding cement
Civil engineering material and construction method of the same
Adhesive composition with lightweight filler
Solar cell low iron patterned glass and method of making same
Enhanced efficacy of fungicides in paper and paperboard
Mold resistant gypsum wallboard
Magnesium oxide-based construction board
Occlusion correction improvement instrument and correction improvement method using the instrument
Method and material for stabilizing a wall or surface
Absorbent polymer compositions, medical articles, and methods
Ocular prosthesis and fabrication method of same
Polymeric foam and scrim sheathings
Method and apparatus for clarifying a slurry
Method for treating sludge using recycle
Top sheet for absorbent articles, and method for producing it
Radiation-sensitive negative-type resist composition for pattern formation method
Photoresist compositions
Photoresist compositions
Photoresist compositions
Resist composition and pattern forming method using the same
Method for making fluid emitter orifice
System and method for eliminating duplicate copies of activity history logs in bridging two or more ...
Floribunda rose plant named `KORgretaum`
Assay techniques using nematode worms
Measuring cell and measuring field comprising measuring cells of this type, use of a measuring and u...
Fabrication method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Polynucleotide compositions encoding broad spectrum delta-endotoxins
Crapemyrtle plant named `Gamad I`
Thrombin inhibitors
Communication system and method
Solid catalyst component for olefin polymerization, catalyst for olefin polymerization and process f...
DTPA monoamides, pharmaceutical agents containing these compounds, their use and process for their p...
Method and apparatus for formatting vital component data in a field replaceable unit of a computer s...
System and method for monitoring location of an object
Charging cradle for electronic device
Customizable system for creating supervisory process control and manufacturing information applicati...
Multilayer capacitor
Methods for flavor enhancement
Edible product comprising flavoring microcapsules
Reduced sugar sweet roll
Process for mozzarella-type cheese
Method for delivering fresh flavor in an on-premise beverage
Low-trans for confectionery fat compositions
Concentrated-protein food product and process
Method of inhibiting water content variation of composition and use thereof
Additive delivery laminate, process for making and using same and article employing same
Retortable/peelable film
Method of teaching behavior modification relating to sanitation
Polydiacetylene-containing solid colorimetric and/or fluorescent detector, method for its preparatio...
Casingless food production methods, systems, and associated traveling matable mold shells
Remedy for diabetes
Compositions and methods for improving the condition of patients suffering from copd and other disea...
Dynamically controlled gastric occlusion device
Method and system for treatment of eating disorders by means of neuro-electrical coded signals
Alteration of the skin and nail for the prevention and treatment of skin and nail infections
Use of a gene for increasing the oil content in plants
Automated remote monitoring system for construction sites
Drug delivery mask for animals
Hydraulic binder with enhanced aging properties
Methods and products related to the analysis of polysaccarides
Printed bandpass filter for a double conversion tuner
RF circuit component
Wireless receiver and method for determining a representation of noise level of a signal
Method and system for detecting and/or predicting biological anomalies
Device for sensing cardiac activity in an implantable medical device in the presence of magnetic res...
Methods and apparatus for discriminating polymorphic tachyarrhythmias from monomorphic tachyarrhythm...
Method and system for mapping and searching the Internet and displaying the results in a visual form
Electronic document repository management and access system
System and method for automatically discovering a hierarchy of concepts from a corpus of documents
Built-in functional tester for search engines
Clock distribution providing optimal delay
Investigation and reporting of inmate security threats
Optical measurement of device features using lenslet array illumination
Scanning system for inspecting anomalies on surfaces
Method and apparatus for compact dispersive imaging spectrometer
Variable binning CCD for spectroscopy
Apparatus and method for light spectrum measurement
Interferometric confocal microscopy incorporating a pinhole array beam-splitter
Apparatus and method for high speed scan for detection and measurement of properties of sub-waveleng...
Method and its apparatus for measuring size and shape of fine patterns
Method for selecting representative endmember components from spectral data
Embedded DCT-based still image coding algorithm
Method and system for pronoun disambiguation
Energy management system in a power and distribution system
Method and system for efficient and accurate processing of a discrete time input signal
Dynamic adder with reduced logic
Sender elected messaging services
Apparatus, system and method for subscription computing using spare resources of subscriber computin...
High frequency bus system
Methods for renaming stack references to processor registers
Pulse generation circuit and semiconductor tester that uses the pulse generation circuit
Representation of weighted tree-related elements
Method and apparatus for a touch sensitive system employing direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) t...
Interactive binaural shell modeling for hearing aids
Porous optical switch films
Image forming apparatus having a medium transporting belt formed in an endless shape
Biological electrode and connector for the same
Electronic control unit, in particular a speed control unit for an electric fan, and a process for i...
Method and apparatus for reducing DC offsets in a communication system
Xylo-LNA analogues
Difunctional photoinitiators
X-ray tube apparatus
Direct tomographic reconstruction
Correcting geometric distortion in a digitally captured image
Scintillator compositions, and related processes and articles of manufacture
CT detector having a segmented optical coupler and method of manufacturing same
Collector unit with a reflective element for illumination systems with a wavelength of smaller than ...
Image inputting apparatus and image inputting method
Alignment stage apparatus
Method and apparatus for obtaining high dynamic range images
X-ray computed tomography apparatus
Radiation computed tomographic imaging apparatus and radiation detector for use therein
Method and apparatus for controlling electron beam current
Method and device for assembling nucleic acid base sequences
Method and system of producing analytical data result
Alarm management method and apparatus therefor
User interface adapted for performing a remote inspection of a facility
Unsupervised machine learning-based mathematical model selection
Abstract data linking and joining interface
Data query differential analysis
Laboratory database system and methods for combinatorial materials research
Method and apparatus for writing data between fast and slow clock domains
Methods of forming patterned reticles
System, method, computer program, and recording medium for machine-management
Alpha helical peptides with broad spectrum antimicrobial activity that are insensitive to salt
Differential-fed stacked patch antenna
Catalyst and method for hydrogenating carbonyl compounds
Fuel cell power generation system
Method for hydrogen production from organic wastes using a two-phase bioreactor system
Oxidative halogenation of aromatic compound
MASP-2, a complement-fixing enzyme, and uses for it
Molecules of the card-related protein family and uses thereof
Yeast-dendritic cell vaccines and uses thereof
Polypeptide purification reagents and methods for their use
Recombinant vaccines comprising immunogenic attenuated bacteria having RpoS positive phenotype
Modified proteins, designer toxins, and methods of making thereof
Cytidine deaminase
Hybrid yeast-bacteria cloning system and uses thereof
Stereoselective reduction of substituted oxo-butanes
Method and means for producing high titer, safe, recombinant lentivirus vectors
Methods for treating lower urinary tract disorders and the related disorders vulvodynia and vulvar v...
Chemokine receptor binding heterocyclic compounds
Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using the ligase detection reaction with addressable ...
Detection of HIV
Gene BN01 mapping to chromosome 16q24.3
Human choline acetyltransferase
System and method for providing video conferencing synchronization
System and method for providing reservationless conferencing
Advanced conference drop
Conference call reconnect system
Line navigation conferencing system
Polymerization catalyst system containing polyether-modified aluminoxane
Method and apparatus for measuring blood pressure using relaxed matching criteria
System and method for image based sensor calibration
Discharge lamp lighting apparatus
Method and product for phosphosilicate slurry for use in dentistry and related bone cements
Memory window manager for control structure access
Resizable cache sensitive hash table
Sequential nibble burst ordering for data
Managing a secure environment using a chipset in isolated execution mode
Methods and arrangements for repairing ports
Memory device
Dynamic reconfiguration of memory in a multi-cluster storage control unit
Linear object management for a range of flash memory
Method, system and computer program product for implementing copy-on-write of a file
Safety penetrating method and apparatus into body cavities, organs, or potential spaces
Percutaneous breast and buttock modification
Needle for suturing instrument
Multi-phasic signal for stimulation by an implantable device
Systems for electrical stimulation of nerves in adipose tissue regions
Electrically insulated surgical needle assembly
Anchoring of a medical device component adjacent a dura of the brain or spinal cord
Metal structure compatible with mri imaging, and method of manufacturing such a structure
Micro-porous mesh stent with hybrid structure
Biomaterial for artificial cartilage
Support device for vertebral fusion
Intervertebral nucleus prosthesis and surgical procedure for implanting the same
Spinal disc annulus reconstruction method and deformable spinal disc annulus stent
Elbow prosthesis
Modular femoral knee stem extender
Tissue augmentation material and method
Method for predicting effectiveness of chemotherapy
Crystalline phosphatase and method for use thereof
System and method for real time regional feedback
Transgenic mice containing adrenocorticotropin hormone receptor gene disruptions
Shock-limiting interface, compact (SLIC)
Alignment systems for imprint lithography
Height-adjustable vehicle seat with a crash blocking unit
Step and repeat imprint lithography processes
Process for preparing 2,6-dialkylnaphthalene
Composition of lubricating base oil with high monocycloparaffins and low multicycloparaffins
Ruthenium complexes, process for preparation thereof, and processes for producing open-ring polymer ...
Acylation using molecular sieve SSZ-70
Toluene methylation process
Primary intermediates for oxidative coloration of hair
Compositions and method for promoting the growth of human hair
Delivery of therapeutic capable agents
Porous spun polymeric structures and method of making same
Hollow thread film cartridge, hollow thread film module using the cartridge, and tank type filter
Method and apparatus for continuous particle production using supercritical fluid
Vehicle having atmosphere pollutant treating surface
Ophthalmic pharmaceutical compositions and methods for treating ocular inflammation
Method for increasing ionization efficiency in mass spectroscopy
Porous film, composition and manufacturing method, interlayer dielectric film, and semiconductor dev...
Integrated circuit device and method of producing the same
Apparatus having a photonic crystal
PRO1343 nucleic acids
Nucleic acid encoding PRO1111 polypeptides
Multi-color image forming material and multi-color image forming method
Self-reactive/curable water-based solid adhesive and method of bonding with the self-reactive/curabl...
Block copolymer hot-melt processable adhesives, methods of their preparation, and articles therefrom
Electronic device
Pigment dispersing agent, pigment composition containing the same and pigment dispersion containing ...
System and method for capturing video frames for focused navigation within a user interface
Ambient temperature anhydrous liquid cross-linking agent
Pigment dispersant, and pigment composition, pigment dispersion and printing ink using the same
Water treatment system and method
Toner, fixing device, and image forming apparatus
Reflection-type liquid crystal display device and fabrication process thereof
HAN-mode liquid crystal display having a phase delay value (d.DELTA.n) of 0.36-0.40 .mu.m
Optically compensated birefringence mode liquid crystal display device having specific retardations ...
Electron emitter assembly and method for generating electron beams
Nuclear reactor fuel assemblies
Three-dimensional periodic structure, functional element including the same, and light-emitting devi...
Pressure alarms and reports system module for proactive maintenance application
Support fixture and method for supporting subscriber specific fiber optic drop wire
Tunable filter consisting of an optical fiber, and a corresponding method
Plastic fiber-optic cable and producing method for the same
Fiber-optic gyroscope with depolarizer using integrated optic waveguide
System for flexible multiple broadcast service delivery over a WDM passive optical network based on ...
Optical fiber gratings with azimuthal refractive index perturbation
Optical devices having WGM cavity coupled to side-polished port
Underground electrical cable with temperature sensing means
Optical fiber ribbons with subunits having preferential tear portions
Optical fiber, optical fiber module and optical amplifier
Optical fiber and optical transmission line
Optical fiber having high nonlinearity
Optical fiber and method of measuring coefficient of kinetic friction of optical fiber
Method for controlling microbending induced attenuation losses in an optical fiber
Identifying defective data sectors in a disk drive
Disk drives and disk drive containing devices that include a servo frequency generator and spindle c...
Shielded pole writer
Methods and systems for asynchronously testing a plurality of disk drives
Method for mapping a selected sector to a zone on a disk
Disk drive employing a disk command data structure for tracking a write verify status of a write com...
Demagnetization of magnetic media for data storage device using gradually reduced magnetic field
Automated merge nest for pairs of magnetic storage disks
Method for simultaneous two-disk texturing
Single-sided sputtered magnetic recording disks
Hashing system utilizing error correction coding techniques
Systems and methods for doubling sample rate using two-step self-servowriting
Interleaved repeatable runout correction for data storage device
Method of generating current trajectory for seek control of hard disc drive and seek control system ...
Entry/exit port magazine for a data cartridge library
Disk drive including a disk plate overlapping a disk spacer in a circumferential disk spacer opening
Thin film magnetic head having spiral coils and manufacturing method thereof
Magnetic head having a bilayer pole tip
Magnetic tape cartridge with rotatably-mounted multi-projection brake release member
Tape cassette
Magnetic head slider with side pads which each have a width W and a length L, wherein W>L
Low profile head gimbal assembly with shock limiting and load/unload capability
Actuator latch apparatus for data storage device
Actuator latch apparatus for data storage device
Inertial latching mechanism for disk drive actuator
Disk drive including pivot-bearing cartridge tolerance ring having a damping layer for actuator reso...
Spin valve type transducer capable of reducing reproducing gap
Thermally stable oxidized bias layer structure for magnetoresistive magnetic head for a hard disk dr...
Low resistance antiparallel tab magnetoresistive sensor
AV/C commands for accessing a hard disk device
Precombustion chamber ignition device for an internal combustion engine, precombustion chamber ignit...
Igniter for air bag system
Medical catheter assembly and method of using the same
Structural framework detailing tool
Phase-frequency detector with gated reference clock input
System and method for correcting timing signals in integrated circuits
Information processing apparatus and processing method and program storage medium
Method, program, and storage medium for acquiring logs
Automatic generation of application program interfaces, source code, interrupts, and datasheets for ...
Electronic circuit design method, simulation apparatus and computer-readable storage medium
Circuits and methods for matching device characteristics for analog and mixed-signal designs
System and method for probabilistic criticality prediction of digital circuits
Programmable logic device partitioning method for application specific integrated circuit prototypin...
Method and apparatus for constraint graph based layout compaction for integrated circuits
Optical functional device and optical module
Adaptive algorithm for MRAM manufacturing
Ti-4 protein derived from Triatoma infestans exhibiting activity to inhibit platelet aggregation
Specific inhibitors of NFAT activation by calcineurin and their use in treating immune-related disea...
Redundantly encoded data structure for encoding a surface
Apparatus and method for droplet steering
Apparatus and method for modifying surface of polymer powder by rotational ultrasonic treatment
Comminuting apparatus with multiple entrance openings
Aerodynamic surface geometry for a golf ball
Hydrocarbon conversion using molecular sieve SSZ-65
Precious metal scavenging from a liquid medium with a functionalised polymer fiber
Toner and image forming apparatus using the toner
Compositions and methods for gender sorting
Thermoplastic polyurethane composition and process for producing the same
Rubber composition for a tire tread
Triazole derivative
Process for preparing 4-aminodiphenylamine
V-seal EMC gasket assembly for precise placement, conduction and retention without adhesives
Developing device, image forming apparatus, and image forming system
Inhaler case cover
Climbing Rose plant named `KORklemol`
High affinity fusion proteins and therapeutic and diagnostic methods for use
Light emitting device using LED
Mint plant Mentha spicata L. var.viridis christened as `Ganga`
Rose plant named `Evera 105`
Substituted pyrimidines as selective cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors
Apparatus, method and system for improving application performance across a communications network
Method and system for dynamic addition and removal of multiple network names on a single server
Accelerating a set-up procedure for wireless connections between devices