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Variable clock rate analog-to-digital converter
Power source circuit
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Image forming device
Load balancing in a dynamic session redirector
Method and apparatus for URL forwarding
System and method for verifying installed software
Collapsible carrying bag with separable book carrying case
Digital multifunctional machine
Aluminum alloy for producing high performance shaped castings
Nonwoven fabric
Nonwoven fabric
Nucleotides and analogs having photoremovable protecting groups
Atraumatic sensor lead assemblies
Detection and repair system and method thereof
Electroluminescent displays
Optical storage media and fabrication method thereof
Drive method of light-emitting display panel and organic EL display device
Bis (aminostyryl) naphthalene compound, synthesis intermediate thereof, and process for production t...
Method and circuit for driving electro-optical device, electro-optical device, and electronic appara...
Display device employing time-division-multiplexed driving of driver circuits
Image display apparatus, image display method and computer-readable recording medium storing image d...
Electrooptic device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
Method and device for the production of a semiconducting and/or electroluminescence-displaying organ...
Method of fabricating a p-type CaO-doped SrCu.sub.2O.sub.2 thin film
Textured substrate tape and devices thereof
Process for the preparation of acrolein and/or acrylic acid
Electroactive catalysis
Nanostructure and nanocomposite based compositions and photovoltaic devices
Nanostructure and nanocomposite based compositions and photovoltaic devices
Radiation image reproducing device and method for reproducing radiation image
Methods of forming light-emitting devices having an antireflective layer that has a graded index of ...
Optical integrated circuits (ICs)
Direct vial surface sorbent micro extraction device and method
High temperature SiCN and SiC-type nanostructured ceramic material from block copolymer mesophases
Alkylated urea and triaminotriazine compounds and phase change inks containing same
Nano-ceramics and method thereof
Distributed asset optimization (DAO) system and method
Chemical and/or biological decontamination system
Naming distribution method for ad hoc networks
Distributed application deployment using program characteristics and environment characteristics
State machine and system for data redundancy
System and method for transforming custom content generation tags associated with web pages
Bridging multiple network segments and exposing the multiple network segments as a single network to...
Cyclooxygenase 2 selective inhibitors, compositions and methods of use
World wide web registration information processing system
Method for optimizing utilization of a double-data-rate-SDRAM memory system
Image generation method, program, and information storage medium
Wide field of view head mounted display device
Synchronization of controlled device state using state table and eventing in data-driven remote devi...
Editing apparatus and editing method
Wireless data transmitting and receiving system, server device, and server device controlling method
Embedding data in an information signal
Information processing apparatus and information display method
Combined locating system and monitor
Remote controller
Embedding data in material
Robot apparatus, method and device for recognition of letters or characters, control program and rec...
Information processing method, information processing system and information processing apparatus
Recording apparatus and method, playback apparatus and method, and recording medium therefor
Receiving apparatus, transmitting apparatus, and communication system
Receiving apparatus, transmitting apparatus, and communication system
Apparatus, and associated method, for facilitating selection by a mobile node of a network portion t...
Methods and apparatus for selecting a communication network
Avoidance of overload in SHO
Detecting the location of mobile radio subscribers who are to be monitored
Communication method operated by software and apparatus thereof
Mobile communication system with imporved trackability in transmission power control
Mobile communication system, wireless base station, radio network controller, and power control meth...
Mobile body communication system and communication fee discount method and program
Scalable distributed radio network
Liquid infusion apparatus
Exhaust gas diagnosis system and vehicle control system
Information processing system, information processing device, method, and program
Inventory management tracking control system
System and method for providing mobile access to personal media
Portable diagnostic device for trouble-shooting a wireless network and a method for trouble-shooting...
Identification system and method
System and method for producing per-processor optimized executables
Antenna designs for radio frequency identification tags
Media device and enhancing use of media device
Antenna unit equipped with a tuner portion
System using radio frequency identification (RFID) for copy management of digital media
Plating system for semiconductor materials
C-type lectin transmembrane antigen expressed in human prostate cancer and uses thereof
Compositions, kits and treating methods for alteration cell-cell adhesion, transport, or permeation ...
Pro1278 nucleic acids
Detection of possible failure of capacitive elements in an implantable medical device
Hand-held sharpener device
Systems and methods for mass printing
Heat warning safety device using fiber optic cables
Search engine interface
Computer systems and methods for the query and visualization of multidimensional databases
Organic element for electroluminescent devices
Organic electro luminescence display using metallocene compound
Organic electroluminescence device
Organic element for electroluminescent devices
Organic light emitting devices having reduced pixel shrinkage
Optical waveguide device with reduced insertion loss between optical waveguides coupled to a free sp...
Changeable machine readable assaying indicia
Planar light illumination and imaging (PLIIM) systems employing LED-based planar light illumination ...
Optical unit for projection type image display apparatus
Jointing holder for optical module for single-fiber bidirectional communication and optical module i...
Optical sub-assembly for opto-electronic modules
Light barrier or light grid with alignment mechanism
High speed analyzer using near infrared radiation transmitted through thick samples of optically den...
Storage phosphor cassette
Image display
Methods and apparatus for ultra-violet stimulated displays
Density correction method and printing apparatus employing the same
Composite lens system, and lens unit provided with such composite lens system, as well as image pick...
Optically pumped, vertically emitting semiconductor laser
Slim magnifier
Etchant formulation for selectively removing thin films in the presence of copper, tin, and lead
Structural stress analysis
Intelligent network interface port for visiting computers
System and method for enhancing XML schemas
Process for the preparation of polyolefins
Fluorescent nucleotides and labeling methods using the same
Automated composite lay-up to an internal fuselage mandrel
Mechanical interaction with a phone using a cradle
Spectral coding by fluorescent semiconductor nanocrystals for document identification and security a...
Human antipneumococcal antibodies from non-human animals
System and method for designing and operating an electronic store
Fractal antenna system and method for improved wireless telecommunications
Methods for enhancing immune responses by fibroblast growth factor receptor 5 polypeptides
Bone implants with central chambers
Treatment of mucosal membranes
Resorbable bone replacement and bone formation material
Implants formed of coupled bone
Compounds, their use and preparation
Pichia pastoris formate dehydrogenase and uses therefor
Phenyl-substituted imidazopyridines
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Cyclization process for substituted benzothiazole derivatives
Biopolymer marker indicative of disease state having a molecular weight of 2753 daltons
Dipeptide phenyl ethers
Glucopyranosyloxypyrazole derivatives and medicinal use thereof
Estrogen receptor modulators
3H-quinazolin-4-one derivatives as MAO-B inhibitors
Thiazole and other heterocyclic ligands for mammalian dopamine, muscarinic and serotonin receptors a...
Phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitors
3-substituted oxindole .beta.3 agonists
Substituted piperidine compounds and methods of their use
Electronic apparatus
Adjustment of skew registration of media to a developed image in a printing machine
Portable proximity-sensing safety device
Treatment of CNS disorders with trans 4-(3,4-dichlorophenyl)-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-1-napthalenamine and...
Methods of forming layers over substrates
Laser module
Tunable laser
Green welding laser
Adjustable laser module
Slope efficiency measurement apparatus for a laser device and method therefor
Semiconductor laser device and optical pickup device
Nitride-base semiconductor laser device
Resonator box to laser cavity interface for chemical laser
Solid-state laser apparatus including in resonator light-transmitting element having relatively smal...
Multi-wavelength laser apparatus with rotatable mirror
Frequency comb analysis
System for modulating optical signals
Vehicle collision avoidance system and method
Gyro based alignment system
Device and method for configuring a cache tag in accordance with burst length
Motor vehicle bodywork assembly
Sulfonamide modified aminoplast crosslinkers and powder coating compositions containing such crossli...
Method of preparing an optical polymerizate
Stiction resistant release process
Dynamic RAM storage techniques
Device for striking a percussion instrument
Musical instrument system
Percussion instrument position adjustment
Snare drum stand lock adjustment
Instrument and method for generating sounds
Method, system and recording medium for viewing/listening evaluation of musical performance
System for converting turntable motion to MIDI data
Synthesizer multi-bus component
Isolated nucleic acids encoding proteins with chitinase activity and uses thereof
Enhanced protein production in higher plants by N-terminal fusion of a ubiquitin or a cucumber mosai...
Vectors for transforming plants
Soybean cultivar S030157
Cotton cultivar 00X01BR
Cotton cultivar DP 434 RR
Cotton cultivar 01X06
Non-pungent ornamental peppers
Inbred corn line PHAJE
Hybrid maize 33Y45
Inbred corn line PHADA
Hybrid maize X0923B
Process for evaluating chemical and biological assays
Methods for monitoring the expression of alternatively spliced genes
Parallel control arm with two branches
Scalar type robot for carrying flat plate-like object, and flat plate-like object processing system
System and method for managing visual structure, timing, and animation in a graphics processing syst...
Electronic pet system, network system, robot, and storage medium
Search robot system
Induction system with low pass filter for turbo charger applications
Noise attenuation device for a vehicle exhaust system
Use of thermal insulation for noise abatement
Electric power plant with adjustable array of fuel cell systems
Electric storage augmentation of fuel cell system transient response
System level device for battery and integrated circuit integration
Battery pack
Power management for battery powered appliances
Position-sensorless control of interior permanent magnet machines
Soft-start circuit for power converters
Active power factor correction
Power supply circuit for vacuum fluorescent display
High frequency partial boost power factor correction control circuit and method
Motor-generator system with a current control feedback loop
Regulator with variable capacitor for stability compensation
Switching regulator
Power supply circuit capable of rapidly changing output voltages
CMOS bandgap current and voltage generator
Power circuit for display driver, display device, and camera
Load drive control apparatus with performances of power-consumption reduction and overheat protectio...
Startup via FB pin regulation
Integrated battery service system
Pointing device with switch
Color display device with enhanced pixel pattern
Enhancing CMYK color workflow for CMYKF color
Method and arrangement for inhibiting counterfeit printing of legal tender
Determining scene distance in digital camera images
Methods and apparatus for charging a battery in a peripheral device
Low EMI capacitive trackpad
Raw data track pad device and system
System and method for processing raw data of track pad device
Method and apparatus for ensuring compatibility on a high performance serial bus
System and method for providing side wagering in multi-player wager-based games
Methods and apparatus for providing workspace lighting and facilitating workspace customization
Controlling access to a database using database internal and external authorization information
Multi-resolution image data management system and method based on tiled wavelet-like transform and s...
Portable navigation device with releasable antenna
System and method for frequency translation with harmonic suppression using mixer stages
Graphic closure indicator for cockpit traffic display
Systems and methods for a navigational device with forced layer switching based on memory constraint...
System and method for frequency translation with harmonic suppression using mixer stages
Method of manufacturing a resistor
Method for interwoven spreading codes
Common-mode current feedback amplifiers
Method and apparatus for medical treatment utilizing long duration electromagnetic radiation
Enhanced plasma etch process
Switching power supply controller system and method
DC-AC converter having phase-modulated, double-ended, half-bridge topology for powering high voltage...
DC-AC converter having phase-modulated, double-ended, full-bridge topology for powering high voltage...
Semiconductor memory device for preventing a late write from disturbing a refresh operation
Reducing memory access latencies from a bus using pre-fetching and caching
Apparatus and method for pre-fetching page data using segment table data
Methods and apparatus for maintaining coherency in a multi-processor system
Apparatus and method to reduce memory footprints in processor architectures
System and method for using hardware performance monitors to evaluate and modify the behavior of an ...
Method and apparatus for enhancing scheduling in an advanced microprocessor
Interface to a memory system for a processor having a replay system
Multiple clock domain microprocessor
Multi-port memory device having serial I/O interface
Data transmission method with a level of error protection selected from among several pre-defined le...
FEC block reconstruction system, method and computer program product for mitigating burst noise in a...
Method and program product of level converter optimization
Data processing system and method for high-efficiency multitasking
Method and apparatus for measuring dry density and water content of soil
Flexible membrane encapsulated strain measurement instrument and method of manufacture
Method of modeling of faulting and fracturing in the earth
Method and system for mapping between markup language document and an object model
Program instruction interpretation
Methods and apparatus for exchanging information between browser pages
Performance path method and apparatus for exchanging data among systems using different data formats
Display unit
Network analyzer including automatic port extension calibration and method of operation
Triggered narrow-band method for making pulsed-RF networking measurements
Method and apparatus for measuring a digital device
Speakerphone accessory assembly
Method and apparatus using biometric sensors for controlling access to a wireless communication devi...
Over-the-air subsidy lock resolution
Portable electronic device and method of operation therefore
System and method of switching between calls when handing off a mobile station out of a WLAN
Antenna system
Slot format and method for increasing random access opportunities in a wireless communication system
Adaptive turbo decision feedback equalization method and device
Method and apparatus for configuration of automated debug of in-circuit tests
Method and system for increasing audio perceptual tone alerts
Terpolymers from lactide
System and method of characterizing vascular tissue
Methods and compositions for treating metabolic bone diseases relating to human endokine alpha
Charging cradle and audio system for electronic device
Use of a silicone surfactant of alkyl-dimethicone copolyol type for preparing solid water-in-oil cos...
Detergent tablets
Catalytic composition and its preparation and use for preparing polymers from ethylenically unsatura...
Pyrazolyl pyrimidines
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation using heat sources positioned withi...
Model for modifying drill data to predict hole locations in a panel structure
Mole detector
Modular multi-media communication management system with an integrated service for wide area network...
VLAN data switching method using ARP packet
Integrated processor platform supporting wireless handheld multi-media devices
Interface including non-visual display for use in browsing an indexed collection of electronic conte...
Conditional promotion of bookmarks
Method and system for managing and distributing digital media
Protocol independent communication system for mobile devices
Audio data transmission system between a master module and slave modules by means of a digital commu...
Method of operating a hierarchical data document system having a duplicate tree structure
Data speculation based on stack-relative addressing patterns
Architecture and method for output clock generation on a high speed memory device
Apparatus and method for compression based error correction procedure in a data processing system
Method for detecting failure when installing input-output controller
Programmable test pattern and capture mechanism for boundary scan
Data structure, methods, and computer program products for storing text data strings used to display...
Method for legalizing the placement of cells in an integrated circuit layout
System and method for performing path-sensitive value flow analysis on a program
Firewall protection for wireless users
Translator for IP networks, network system using the translator, and IP network coupling method ther...
Method and apparatus for combining packets having different protocol encapsulations within a circuit
Dynamic internet gateway service
Method and apparatus for creating a packet using a digital signal processor
Subscription-based priority interactive help services on the internet
Method and apparatus for obtaining telephone status over a network
Method for remotely diagnosing process flows in systems
Navigation map creation system
System and method for the presentation of advertisements
System and method for verification of customer information entered via an Internet based order entry...
System for and method of managing and delivering manufacturer-specified consumer product information...
Building construction bid and contract management system, internet-based method and computer program...
Longest prefix match lookup using hash function
Method and apparatus for a professional practice application
Intelligent step presentation
Method and system for instantaneous on-demand delivery of multimedia content over a communication ne...
Process for supplying video-on-demand and other requested programs and services from a headend
System for transporting MPEG video as streaming video in an HTML web page
Method to sustain TCP connection
Ion exchange and electrochemical methods and devices employing one-step quaternized and polymerized ...
Coarse channel calibration for folding ADC architectures
Method of manufacturing an ink-jet printhead
Process of manufacturing nozzle plate for ink-jet print head
Golf putter and putting aid
Golf shoe cleat
Cleated article of footwear
Golf putter
Exercise system and method
Sulfur-containing composition for golf equipment, and method of using same
Posture correcting tool
Neurological pathology diagnostic apparatus and methods
Simplified identifier generation in a computer aided design (CAD) environment
Method and apparatus for detecting low contrast object in a diagnostic image
Automated essay scoring
Inflatable puzzle storage
Game with collectible pieces
Kissing shield game and method of use thereof
Trucking board game apparatus and method
Educational game
System and method for playing blackjack
Baseball mania slot machine
Method for operating a casino game having a number of play paths
Game method using network, server executing the game method, and storage medium storing program exec...
Systems and methods for facilitating play of a casino game via expiring prepaid plays of the casino ...
Multi-participant game method using network, game server executing the game method, and storage medi...
Apparatus and method for recording the impact location between a golf ball and a golf club
Apparatus, and associated method, for rewarding performance of a computer game at a mobile terminal
Method for configuration of devices in a computer network by a computer program
Quick-acting tool bit holder
Outdoor timer cord
Photon source and a method of fabricating a photon source
Functionalised maltosyl fluoride as glycosyl donor in the chemo-enzymatic preparation of ratio of ol...
R-NSAID esters and their use
Measuring device, including at least a sensor, capable of operating in difficult conditions
Rope of synthetic fiber with reinforcement element for frictionally engaged power transmission and r...
Lavender plant named `B01-30`
Fast-path processing for receiving data on TCP connection offload devices
Wiring circuit board
Double-sided lens sheet and projection screen
Thermoplastic elastomer composition for powder slush molding and process for preparation of said com...
Photo-imageable compositions of norbornene and acrylate copolymers and use thereof
Drive unit and vehicle equipped therewith
Regulator of G protein signalling
Color filter substrate, method of manufacturing color filter substrate, electro-optical device, meth...
Chain growth reaction process
Ergonomic cable tie installation tool
Controllable magneto-rheological elastomer vibration isolator
Quick adjust support system with trapped or integral wedge
Quick-setting cationic aqueous emulsions using pre-treated rubber modified asphalt cement
Electrical outlet box
Ice machine
Method for improved cable modem ranging in a data-over-cable system
Container for toner cartridges
.beta.-secretase and modulation of .beta.-secretase activity
System and method for embedment of emotive content in modern text processing, publishing and communi...
Optical mouse and method for preventing an erroneous operation thereof
Amplification apparatus, systems, and methods
Methods for preventing and treating diseases and conditions associated with cellular stress
Predicting susceptibility to neurological dysfunction based on measured neural electrophysiology
Method of enhancing motor function
Solution pressure sensitive adhesives based on acrylic block copolymers
New 3-aryl propionic acid derivatives and analogs
Apparatus for treating patients suffering from vascular disease by means of infra-,audible-and untra...
Compact apparatus for noninvasive measurement of glucose through near-infrared spectroscopy
Compact apparatus for noninvasive measurement of glucose through near-infrared spectroscopy
Biological interface system
Method for surgically implanting a fluid injection port
Surgically implantable injection port having an absorbable fastener
Gastric banding device
Trained and adaptive response in a neurostimulator
Autocapture in a neurostimulator
Diagnosis method of hepatic steatosis using biochemical markers
Method of screening drug
Heteroaryl compounds as P2Y1 receptor inhibitors
Substituted quinazolin-4-ylamine analogues
Compounds for inflammation and immune-related uses
Modulators of TNF-alpha signaling
Treatment of inflammatory disorders with praziquantel
Nobel compounds having selective inhibiting effect at gsk3
Novel pyrazolopyrimidines as cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors
Novel pyrazolopyrimidines as cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors
Compounds for inflammation and immune-related uses
Spirocvclic piperidines as mch1 antagonists and uses thereof
3-Aryloxy/thio-2,3-substituted propanamines and their use in inhibiting serotonin and norepinephrine...
Aminophenyl derivatives as selective androgen receptor modulators
Methods of treating factor VIIa-associated conditions with compounds having an amine nucleus
Oil-in-water method for making alpha-2 agonist polymeric drug delivery systems
Use of selective cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors for the treatment of endometriosis
Methods of modulating TNF using bupropion
System for early detection of disease and development of disease-specific biomarkers
Systems and methods for temperature adjustment using bodily fluids as a thermic medium
Medical devices for the detection, prevention and/or treatment of neurological disorders, and method...
Pallet assembly
In situ production of a blending agent from a hydrocarbon containing formation
Method and system for disposing of discarded items
Multi-layer golf ball
Preparation of nanosized copper and copper compounds
Process for purification of germane
Enhanced recovery of useful coal, potassium chloride and borax from screen bowl centrifuge
Multicolumn selectivity inversion generator for production of high purity actinium for use in therap...
Methods for making chlorous acid and chlorine dioxide
Single-step simple and economical process for the preparation of nanosized acicular magnetic iron ox...
Hydrogen production by high temperature water splitting using electron conducting membranes
Array scanner control system
Dimension measurement approach for metal-material
Naphthyltriazines as stabilizers for organic material
Multilayer insulated wire and transformer using the same
Radiation image storage panel
Light polarizing film and method of making same
Solid-state laser apparatus
Toner supply unit and image forming apparatus
Friction reducing devices
Tissue treatment device for an extremity
Electric cable resistant to water penetration
Packaged array of flexible articles
Dispenser for wet and dry interfolded tissue
Method and system for breaking a web perforation
Boxer-style absorbent underpant and method of making same
System for dispensing plurality of wet wipes
Surgical drape with adjustable fenestration
Sanitary napkin with garment attachment panels
Absorbent garment with refastenable adhesive elements engaging an elongatable body panel and methods...
Method of collecting data relating to attributes of personal care articles and compositions
Reflective heat patch
Fiber blending apparatus and method
Separation process for multi-component polymeric materials
Method and system for replacing web folding boards
Packaging configuration and method for personal care absorbent articles
Laminate structures containing activatable materials
Non-foaming cleaning and conditioning hair care compositions
Process for making a detergent product
Composition in the form of an oil-in water emulsion containing a silicone copolymer and showing a li...
Sp110, a polypeptide component of the nuclear body
Antibodies specifically reactive with a tumor necrosis factor related ligand
Anti-interferon-.alpha. antibodies
Kits for use in detecting resistance to streptogramin A and related compounds
Nucleic acids encoding novel proteins in enteroaggregative escherichia coli (EAEC)
Three-dimensional structures containing hyaluronic acid derivatives obtained by the supercritical an...
Compound containing a labile disulfide bond
Multiple riser reactor with centralized catalyst return
Cowl structure for a gas turbine engine
Brake condition monitoring
Severance of polycarbonates and polycarbonate laminates with linear shaped charge
Seat track cover and method with embedded conduits for seat-to-seat electrical connectivity
Composite laminated aluminum-glass fiber sandwich panels
Flight control indicator determining the maximum slope for the flight control of an aircraft by terr...
Peripheral device for protecting data stored on host device and method and system using the same
Remote access authorization of local content
Method and system for encryption
Absolute public key cryptographic system and method surviving private-key compromise with other adva...
Information playback device, information recording device, information playback method, information ...
System and method for secure distribution and evaluation of compressed digital information
Low I/O bandwidth method and system for implementing detection and identification of scrambling code...
Method for providing a crypto key and checkword to an encryption device
Method and apparatus for controlling integrated receiver operation in a communications terminal
Cryptographic information and flow control
Production of olefins
Process for removal of nitrogen containing contaminants from gas oil feedstreams
Process for preparing a branched olefin, a method of using the branched olefin for making a surfacta...
Method for the recovery of perfluorinated sulphonic acid
Use of waste nitrogen from air separation units for blanketing cargo and ballast tanks
Process for catalytic selective oxidation of a hydrocarbon substrate
System and method for using device dependent fonts in a graphical display interface
Anti-tank guided missile weapon
Lead screw for linear actuator, and method of manufacturing the same
Gearshift device
Laying head bearing with offset preloading
Bearing unit for the hub of a vehicle wheel equipped with a tire inflating system
Copper based sintered contact material and double-layered sintered contact member
Air bearing for MEMS based motor
Video enhanced gravemarker
Automatic focusing lens assembly in a camera
Mechanical interface using single stroke opener for multi-container chemical cartridge
Image stabilization apparatus and binocular equipped with image stabilization apparatus
Retractable lens barrel
Mounting device for a camera with automatic exposure mode to an optical system
Method, system, computer program product, and article of manufacture for downloading a remote comput...
Ordered semaphore management subsystem
Methods and systems for creating and communicating with computer processes
Universal driver server
High-performance memory queue
Security architecture for integration of enterprise information system with J2EE platform
Method and system for authorizing a client computer to access a server computer
Method for providing temporary access to a commonly accessible computer processing system
Personal computer housing
Housing for a memory device
Animated image for a portion of a display screen
Animated image for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Cache memory eviction policy for combining write transactions
Microprocessor apparatus and method for exclusively prefetching a block of cache lines from memory
Microprocessor apparatus and method for prefetch, allocation, and initialization of a block of cache...
Systems and methods for dynamic detection and prevention of electronic fraud
Dynamic computer system reset architecture
Termite control
Skew compensation for a multi-agent shared bus
Computer management system
Method for preparing and using personal and genetic profiles
Framework for hierarchical VLSI design
System and method for dynamic self-determining asynchronous event-driven computation
Inter-partition message passing method, system and program product for throughput measurement in a p...
Efficient RPC mechanism using XML
Chimeric genes and methods for increasing the lysine and threonine content of the seeds of plants
Co-fired ceramic capacitor and method for forming ceramic capacitors for use in printed wiring board...
Rapidly low temperature curable high gas barrier coating
Terminal electrode compositions for multilayer ceramic capacitors
Flame retardant surface coverings
Polymeric charge transport compositions and electronic devices made with such compositions
Carotenoid ketolase gene
Thick film dielectric compositions for use on aluminum nitride substrates
Photoactive lanthanide complexes with phosphine oxides, phosphine oxide-sulfides, pyridine N-oxides,...
Biological production of tetradehydrolycopene
Diamide invertebrate pest control agents containing a non-aromatic heterocyclic ring
Non-yellowing polyester coating composition
Fluorinated copolymers for hydrophobic and oleophobic treatment of building materials
Volatile copper(II) complexes and reducing agents for deposition of copper films by atomic layer dep...
Fluorosulfone compounds
Plant lipoxygenases
Genes encoding sulfate assimilation proteins
Method for making stabilised polyamide compositions
Process for the separation of double-stranded/single-stranded nucleic acid structures
Holding device for a ceramic blank
Lithographic printing with printing members having plasma polymer layers
Aerogel composite with fibrous batting
Honeycomb structure and assembly thereof
Process for the preparation of tablets comprising s-adenosylmethionine
Method for the dehydrogenation of hydrocarbons
Light emitting diode (LED) packaging
Pigment for safety applications
Large surface area electrode and method to produce same
Method of selecting maximum transmission power level to be used by a radio telecommunications base s...
Semiconductor device for radio communication device, and radio communication device using said semic...
Radio-based intelligent terminal and program for notice of gateway exchange
Personal communication device with transmitted RF power strength indicator
Releasing plural radio connections with omnibus release message
Method and apparatus for setting up a communication with a target base station in a cellular or cord...
Method and system for use in reducing cost associated with lost connections in wireless communicatio...
Channel allocation method for radio data calls having different bandwidths
Method and system for determining the position of subscriber devices of a radio communication system...
Paging control method and apparatus
Method and device for controlling combined UMTS/GSM/EDGE radio systems
Method for determining a control channel in a trunked radio communications system
Radio communication system
Radio terminal with browser
Radio transmitting/receiving device
Wireless operating system
Method and device for feedback transmission in a radio communication system
Portable radio communication apparatus
Collapsible radio terminal, conversion start method and conversion start program
Bottle for dispensing cosmetics
Container with flip-top lid
Tampon having recessed portions
Abrasion device and method
Tear resistant porous extensible web
Apertured elastic member
Rinse aid surface coating compositions for modifying dishware surfaces
Melanocortin receptor ligands
Method for joining porous metal structures and structure formed thereby
Product container
Prefillable intradermal delivery device
Oxadiazole compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Preventives and/or remedies for hyperphosphatemia
Ex vivo generation of functional leukemia cells in a three-dimensional bioreactor
Fused heterocyclic compounds and analogs thereof, modulators of nuclear hormone receptor function
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Method to determine the risk for side effects of an SSRI treatment in a person
ISCSI target offload administrator
Method and apparatus for the detection, notification, and elimination of certain computer viruses on...
Systems and methods for adaptive message interrogation through multiple queues
Modular parser architecture with mini parsers
Just in time compilation of java software methods
Method, apparatus, and program for chaining server applications
Architecture for building web applications
Software architecture for providing a connection handle association
Apparatus and method for dynamically updating a viewer profile in a digital television device
Method and apparatus for a business applications server
Cover for an elongate opening
Subsea connection apparatus
Method and apparatus for on-grade boring
Pre-stressed modular retaining wall system and method
Method of obtaining acoustic metrology data
Method of and apparatus for automatically coating the human body
System for applying a makeup and/or beauty care formulation
Polymeric urethane ester tertiary amines and related personal care formulations
Oligonucleotides and use of oligonucleotides modulating the expression of enzymes involved in the sy...
Polymeric film for water soluble package
Stable solid block metal protecting warewashing detergent composition
Composition for external application
Salt and heat sensitive, substantive UV-absorbing polymers
Toothpaste containing anticancer agents
Biaxially stretched polylactic acid multilayer film and the use thereof
Antistatic layer for electrically modulated display
Personal care composition with salts of dihydroxypropyltri(C.sub.1-C.sub.3 alkyl) ammonium monosubst...
Thermogelling oligopeptide polymers
Wound gels
Biological agent-containing ceramic coating and method
Shell metal catalyst and a precursor thereof, a process for their preparation and the use of the cat...
Process for the preparation of synthesis gas
Energy efficient gas separation for fuel cells
Power slope targeting for DC generators
Hydrogen recirculation without a pump
Authentication method and system
Plenum communication cables comprising polyolefin insulation
Method for producing a liquid crystal device with low zenithal anchoring energy, and resulting devic...
Oxygen-consuming chlor alkali cell configured to minimize peroxide formation
Cartilage composites and methods of use
Polymeric blends for optical devices and method of manufacture thereof
Automated multi-customer molding
Firearm cartridge and case-less chamber
Non-lethal projectile ammunition
Missile with multiple nosecones
Method and apparatus for attaching connective tissues to bone using a knotless suture anchoring devi...
Trigger assembly
Appliance for asynchronous data storage mirroring
Tracking in-progress writes through use of multi-column bitmaps
Method, system, and program for allocating storage units to a data set
Computer systems, virtual storage systems and virtual storage system operational methods
Authentication methods and systems for accessing networks authentication methods and systems for acc...
System and method for memory leak detection
Method and arrangement for browsing documents in a database
Method, system and program for associating a resource to be translated with a domain dictionary
System and method for creating reusable management instrumentation for IT resources
Method for accessing object linking-embedding database data via JAVA database connectivity
Object oriented information retrieval framework mechanism
Method of using transcript information to identify and learn commercial portions of a program
Upgrade for navigation data based on usage data or initialization of navigation data
Security system design supporting method
Method and system for performing SW upgrade in a real-time system
Method and apparatus for identifying universal resource locator rewriting in a distributed data proc...
Resin member and vehicle lighting apparatus
Thermally efficient LED bulb
Illumination device and illuminated input device
LED signage device
Method and apparatus for producing an illuminated animation effect
Lighting unit and liquid crystal display device including the lighting unit
Light guide plate with reflection lumps and round protrusions and plane light source using the same
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Surface lighting device and liquid crystal display device using the same
Backlight module for a liquid crystal display device
Light-emitting pen with pullable cover
Endoscope system having an auxiliary lighting device
Tailgate controlled light system
Ruggedized illuminating, marking, or signaling device and system
Traffic signal light having ambient light detection
Runway approach lighting system and method
Surface lighting device and portable terminal using the same
Use of spiro compounds as laser dyes
Charge mode active pixel sensor read-out circuit
Image-capturing apparatus
System and camera for creating lenticular output from digital images
Image sensor packaging with imaging optics
Method and apparatus for regenerating a clock for auxiliary data transmitted over a serial link with...
Signal processing apparatus signal processing method program and recording medium for detecting a po...
Display apparatus having TV tuner and method thereof
Variable-optical-property element
Method and apparatus for transcoding, and medium
Using an auxilary channel for video monitor training
Method and apparatus for variable accuracy inter-picture timing specification for digital video enco...
Video recording apparatus and method, and centralized monitoring recording system
Bubble macro mode lens
Electronic tuner
Method of calibrating robot
Videoconferencing apparatus having integrated multi-point conference capabilities
System and method for scene detection information storage
Program executing apparatus
Self-adapting limiter
Isothermal thin film heater
Waveguide-based Bragg gratings with spectral sidelobe suppression and method thereof
Optical splitter
Dual "cheese wedge" silicon taper waveguide
Optical power splitter
Normally dark Y-branch digital optical switches and variable optical attentuators
Pre-connectorized fiber optic distribution cable having multifiber connector
Optical cable having waved metal tube, and method and apparatus for producing the same
Optical fiber twig tree
Method of identifying optical fibers in a cable
Double-coated optical fiber
Long reach unamplified optical SONET/SDH card
Configuring pigtails in a fiber distribution hub
Alkali and fluorine doped optical fiber
Light guide apparatus and method for a detector array
Photonic crystal and producing method thereof
Optical glass having a small photoelastic constant
Light emitting module
Light guide, line-illuminating device, and image-scanning device
Electro-optical connector module
Method and apparatus for generating special-purpose image analysis algorithms
Method and system for removal of red eye effects
Method for quantization of histogram bin value of image
Fast high-accuracy multi-dimensional pattern inspection
Dynamic bilevel thresholding of digital images
Method for illumination independent change detection in a pair of registered gray images
Digital signal coding with division into tiles
Generating a test suite from an abstract state machine
Apparatus for processing machine-readable code printed on print medium together with human-readable ...
Image processing apparatus having image selection function, and recording medium having image select...
Dynamically reconfigurable signal processing circuit, pattern recognition apparatus, and image proce...
Image coding method and apparatus for localized decoding at multiple resolutions
Frequency coefficient scanning paths for coding digital video content
Compression and decompression coding scheme and apparatus
5,3 wavelet filter having three high pair and low pair filter elements with two pairs of cascaded de...
Image region filling by example-based tiling
Method and system for transmitting data for a shared application
Method and apparatus for two dimensional image processing
Bit-mapped image multi-stage analysis method
Devices and methods for measuring blood flow rate or cardiac output and for heating or cooling the b...
Device and method for monitoring respiration
Method and apparatus for sampling cervical tissue
Vascular shunt with audio flow indication
Predonation blood sampling apparatus
Mesh for pelvic floor repair
Articulating endoscopic surgical apparatus
Apparatus and method for estimating fatigue level
System and method for assisting shoe selection
Fat depth sensor
Biological signal transmission apparatus
Removing polarization artifacts from electrical activity signals to detect cardiac evoked response
Method and apparatus for measuring bladder electrical activity to diagnose bladder dysfunction
Method and system for estimating visceral fat area
Multi-chamber pacing system
Marine mooring line vermin shield
Structural flotation device
Device and method of collecting solids from a well
Minimum floating offshore platform with water entrapment plate and method of installation
Floating structure
Atmospheric vortex engine
Method for producing a halide brine
Modelling device behaviour using a first model, a second model and stored valid behaviour
Use of formal logic specification in construction of semantic descriptions
Method and system for generating a recommendation for a selection of a piece of clothing
Adaptive learning system and method
Method for inclusion of psychological temperament in an electronic emulation of the human brain
Information processing apparatus and method, and recording medium
Complexity-directed cooperative problem solving
Feedback control of problem solving
Goal based system tailored to the characteristics of a particular user
Programmable control of data attributes
Method and system for associating events
Managing interactions between computer users' context models
Non-removable snap fastener used to attach a pacifier, teething ring, toy or other article to any ga...
Rotating motor vehicle tail pipe
Toy vehicle slot track
Foaming machine
Coloring book for children
Fog filled bubble blower
Rocking toy for children
Track for model cars
Transformable toy furniture and room system
Personal digital assistant protection system
System and method for chinese input using a joystick
Integrated HVACR control and protection system
Personalizing user interfaces across operating systems
Optical disc drive compatible with memory card slot
Data transmission device of wrist exerciser
Enhanced user privacy for mobile station location services
Apparatus for coring into and cutting food items
Total chewing gum manufacture using high efficiency continuous mixing having optimized feed openings
Chewing gums that provide breath freshening characteristics
Flavoring composition and process for brewing malt beverages
Crustacean seafood process
Roasting of ground seeds for alimentary use
Concentrate comprising green tea, grape skin extract and grape extract, the production thereof and u...
Animal chew toy with flossing ribs/projections
Animal feed with low phytic acid, oil burdened and protein laden grain
Process for manufacturing dehydrated precooked flaked pinto beans
Nonoriented stiff packaging film with superior tear properties
Organoselenium compounds for cancer chemoprevention
Programmable oven with broiler temperature interlock
Multi-shelved convection microwave oven
Suspended containers
High-functionality bowl structure
Environmentally-controlled food container having fracture resistant seams
Vertical transport lift for moving containers from deck to deck in a commercial aircraft
Resealable bag for filling with food products and method
Group 4 metal complexes containing 4-aryl-substituted, tricyclic indenyl derivatives
Electro-optic polymers with tunable refractive index for optical waveguides
Consolidated monitoring cable arrangement
Method and apparatus for entering a flight plan into an aircraft navigation system
Controlled local/global and micro/macro-porous 3D plastic, polymer and ceramic/cement composite scaf...
Silver salt photothermographic dry imaging material, image recording method and image forming method...
Process for reacting large hydrophobic molecules with small hydrophilic molecules
Breathable polymer foams
Polymeric surfactants derived from cyclic monomers having pendant fluorinated carbon groups
Method for the production of cross-linkable acrylate contact adhesive materials
Nitrogen-containing polymers as porogens in the preparation of highly porous, low dielectric constan...
Particle size variable reactor
Thermoplastic polymer blends of isotactic polypropylene and alpha-olefin/propylene copolymers
Modified silane compounds
Oxylated vegetable-based polyol having increased functionality and urethane materials formed using t...
Modified silane compounds
Method for producing a multilayer coating and the use thereof
K-type polarizer and preparation thereof
Shampoo containing an alkyl ether
ICAM-1 formulation having controlled-size microparticles
Limited play optical storage medium, method for making the same
Method and system for unsupervised transfer function generation for images of rendered volumes
Repositioning and reorientation of master/slave relationship in minimally invasive telesurgery
Aquaculture nitrogen waste removal
Fishing line guide mechanism for a spinning reel and method of manufacturing the same
Combined fishing rod holder and strike notification assembly
Fly fishing rod having a detachable reel seat and waist holder therefore
Milking parlor for the forward straight line animal ambulation and individual presentation of an ani...
Floating rail-guided aquarium dock
Animal cage behavior system
Tube gate latch
Door suspended outward facing bird perch
Fishing reel
Fishing reel winding arm adapter for winding a fishing line
Method for producing chemically prestressed concrete product, high-temperature, high-pressure underw...
Modular cavity nesting for hymenoptera
Oxygen-supply-capable cooling water equipment, filtration-equipment and filtration-equipped cooling ...
Method for expressing multiple recombinant proteins in milk of transgenic non-human mammals
Method and apparatus for measuring gas concentration levels in liquids
Anti-aliasing optical filter for image sensors
Polarization maintaining dispersion controlled fiber laser source of ultrashort pulses
Relax gas discharge laser lithography light source
Laser apparatus
Single-photon-emission apparatus
Electro-optic devices, including modulators and switches
Optical modulator
Method and apparatus for motion tracking of an articulated rigid body
Methodology for placement based on circuit function and latchup sensitivity
Process control configuration system with connection validation and configuration
Graft prosthesis devices containing renal capsule collagen
Drycleaning method using dipropylene glycol n-propyl ether
Multifunctional calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate scale inhibitor
Multi-component composite membrane and method for preparing the same
Enhanced oxygen barrier performance from modification of ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymers (EVOH)
Antibody to hepatocyte growth factor activator inhibitor-1 and use thereof
Alkyl polyglycoside derived sulfosuccinates
Alkyl ether derivatives or salts thereof
Resin film and multilayer printed wiring board using thereof
Fluororubber compositions and articles thereof
Resin composition, laminate and production of laminate
Process and system for removing heavies from diluent recycled to a slurry polymerization reactor
Gas barrier(meth)acrylate resin cured product
.mu.-Oxo bridged heterometal compound and selective production method thereof
Process for producing cycloalkanol and/or cycloalkanone
Oxygenate conversion in the presence of highly unsaturated compounds
Amino group containing phenol derivative
Process for producing a polyol
Compositions for drug administration by electroporation
Electric dental cleaning device
Anti-tracking system to ensure consumer privacy
Magnetic field response measurement acquisition system
Reactor clamp
AC powered logic circuitry
Methods and systems for verifying the position and status of hierarchically arranged objects
Personal medical device communication system and method
Collective personal articles tracking
Remote-readable identification tag and method for operating the same
RFID tag and method for processing RFID data
System and method for selectively reading RFID devices
Housing structure for RFID tag, installation structure for RFID tag, and communication using such RF...
Antenna coil, and RFID-use tag using it, transponder-use antenna
Single chip radio with integrated antenna
Methods and apparatus for retrieving energy readings from an energy monitoring device
Sensor assemblies
Vitamin D assay
Correction of magnetic resonance images
Apparatus and method to identify inter-MTA calls
Call pick-up system and method of a switching device
Network access pay telephone and conversion kit
Call screening agent
Caller originated multiple calling
Call programming apparatus and method
Call management implemented using call routing engine
Identify caller preferences
Method and system for automatic call distribution based on network resource availability and agent s...
True alert indication
System and method for customising call alerts
Method and apparatus for performing high-density DTMF, MF-R1, MF-R2 detection
Configurable analog front end for communication systems
Localization of an IP telecommunications terminal over a LAN
Methods and apparatus for providing privacy for a user of an audio electronic device
IFB system apparatus and method
Circuitry to establish a wireless communication link
Portable telephone system
Mobile terminal having UWB and cellular capability
Battery pack having integral optical reader for wireless communication device
Communication terminal equipment and call incoming control method
Combination of a guard bed and a catalyst bed
Chrysanthemum plant named `PPP PAD L05`
Floribunda rose plant named `Poulcas024`
Dahlia plant named `Karma Prospero`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yofiona`
Poinsettia plant named `Fiscinne`
Rose plant named `Evera 119`
Cosmos plant named `Strawberry Choco Sanse 41`
Geranium plant named `Dueantaria`
Chrysanthemum plant named `PPP MIL PK05`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yobethany`
Rosa plant named `RUIZ012A`
Strawberry variety named `Cabot`
Sedum plant named `Novem`
Calibrachoa plant named `Wescapurve`
Pelargonium plant named `Fisroweiss`
Plectranthus plant named `Limplep 1`
Pelargonium plant named `Fislore`
Almond tree named `Wassum`
Osteospermum plant named `Kakegawa AU17`
Osteospermum plant named `Kakegawa AU16`
Fittonia plant named `Joly Josan`
Regenerative passive and semi-active suspension
Method for assisting a driver when performing driving maneuvers
System and method for inhibiting torque steer
Bi-directional damper valve for a hydraulic line, power steering system incorporating the damper val...
Tracked vehicle
Personal compact cart
Fuel cell vehicle