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Television tuner which maintains UHF band tuning circuit bandwidth constant in low to high band rang...
System and method for reducing noise in images
Method and apparatus for fast robust estimation of image noise in a video processing system
Electronic apparatus and electronic system provided with the same
Method and system for range sensing of objects in proximity to a display
Automatic selection of favorite media selections of a user of a media presentation device
Terminal device, apparatus and method for controlling a terminal device, and method of controlling a...
Figure eight hysteresis control method and follow-up system
Wave image compression
Decoding method and apparatus and recording method and apparatus for moving picture data
Automatic prefetch of pointers
Content addressable memory with hashing function
Method and apparatus for resequencing of packets into an original ordering using multiple resequenci...
Method and system for cross-domain service invocation using a single data handle associated with the...
Information extraction system, information processing apparatus, information collection apparatus, c...
Method and apparatus for sampling remote data sources
MEMS based tilt sensor
Method and apparatus for transmission line analysis
Test pattern generator for SRAM and DRAM
Method and apparatus for precise positioning of large structures
Functional fail-over apparatus and method of operation thereof
Low-cost, low-power geolocation system
Data backup/recovery system
Systems and methods for providing information regarding the arrival of a party
System and method for dynamically allocating memory and managing memory allocated to logging in a st...
Internal combustion engine with NOx adsorber
Bi-directional stack in a linear memory array
Integrated vertical situation display
Microprocessor having a low-power cache memory
Method and apparatus for visually indexing objects upon a moving surface
Engine's cylinder having a layer coated with nano-gold and nano-titanium to the inner wall thereof
Non-skid floor mat design
Golf club head
Golf teaching apparatus and method
Golf teaching and training device
Suitcase with foldable chair
Thermoplastic polymer blend produced from thermoplastic starch and method for the production thereof
Method of fabricating honeycomb body
Channel letter lighting using light emitting diodes
Orally administered peptides to ameliorate atherosclerosis
Carbohydrate absorption inhibitor and method for manufacturing the same
Hydroxy substituted fused naphthyl-azoles and fused indeno-azoles and their use for the treatment of...
Substituted naphthylenes for the treatment of non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
Halogenobenzyl aminopropionic acid derivatives
Oxazinocarbazoles for the treatment of CNS diseases
Satiety meter
A/D conversion processing apparatus providing improved elimination of effects of noise through digit...
System and method for using data address sequences of a program in a software development tool
Method and apparatus for driving liquid crystal display
Fuser release agent fluid management system
Catheter and stent delivery system
Photosensitive polymer including fluorine, resist composition containing the same and patterning met...
Tablet comprising epoxy resin composition
Method of microencapsulation
Damper and vibration proof structure for mechanical chassis
Antibodies specific for intracellular domain of protein tyrosine phosphatase
Animal component free meningococcal polysaccharide fermentation and seedbank development
Flow sharing priority circuit for open circuit systems with several actuators per pump
Automatically expanding abbreviated character substrings
Food supplemented with a carnitine, suitable for stimulating the biosynthesis of polyunsaturated fat...
Optical path-changing connector
Method and apparatus for managing multiple instances of server code on a machine
Encapsulated flavor and/or fragrance composition
Transducer mounting assembly
Data integrity error handling in a redundant storage array
Method and apparatus for accurate profiling of computer programs
Method for providing a description of a user's current position in a web page
Cell-based assay for screening cox-2 inhibitors
Method for manufacturing a component, in particular a thermal sensor, and thermal sensor
Device for mass transport assisted optical assays
Electronic sensor with signal conditioning
Composition and method for inhibition of harmful bacteria
Method and system for presenting programs to a user that facilitate selecting programs from a multit...
Aerosol drug formulations containing hydrofluoroalkanes and alkyl saccharides
Housing for an inhaler
Portable operating environment for information devices
Semiconductor device equipped with fuel cell and method for producing the same
Initialization method for an entertainment and communications network
Pointing device with storage
Method and system for providing a magnetic memory having a wrapped write line
System and method for changing transmission from an in vivo sensing device
Light emitting device addressed spatial light modulator
Communication systems, components, and methods operative with programmable wireless devices
Method of finding application components in an intelligent backup and restoring system
Warranty transaction system and method
Disk recording and/or reproducing device
Recording medium driving device
Audio and/or video data recording and reproducing apparatus and method of same
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing system and r...
Signal processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
Variable length decoder for decoding digitally encoded video signals
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and recording medium
Video encoder with embedded scene change and 3:2 pull-down detections
Surround sound field reproduction system and surround sound field reproduction method
Image processing apparatus
Optical recording medium and stamper for manufacturing the same
Optical element, optical head and signal reproducing method
Disc cartridge and disc recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Optical recording medium/system with heat-dissipating and light reflecting layers
Method and apparatus for reducing register file access times in pipelined processors
High-performance, superscalar-based computer system with out-of-order instruction execution
Decoupling floating point linear address
Method and apparatus for avoiding cache line collisions between an object and corresponding object t...
Dual-port memory controller for adjusting data access timing
Method and apparatus for handling memory read return data from different time domains
Organization of multiple snapshot copies in a data storage system
Memory management apparatus, memory management method, memory management program and computer readab...
Traffic controller using priority and burst control for reducing access latency
Method for memory addressing in micro controller and device using the same
Access control apparatus and method for controlling access to storage medium
Controlling access to multiple memory zones in an isolated execution environment
Integrated circuit memory devices having asynchronous flow-through capability
Method and apparatus used for data communication between processors, and data processing apparatus
Cache coherence directory eviction mechanisms in multiprocessor systems which maintain transaction o...
System and method for caching data based on identity of requestor
Media player with instant play capability
Bi-directional communication system, display apparatus, base apparatus and bi-directional communicat...
Elliptical resonators with radial current mode and radio frequency filter formed therefrom
System for coupling a mobile radio service base station to an antenna
Method of and a system for estimating the frequency uncertainty of a mobile radio system able to use...
Adaptive omni-modal radio apparatus and methods
Portable type radio equipment
Radio communication system
Methods for detecting, computing and disseminating location information associated with emergency 91...
Portable telephone with moving status detection function
Automatic gain control apparatus
System for automatically setting a portable object with a clock function
Radio network system
Satellite broadcasting system capable of designating areas for broadcasting program and satellite br...
System and method for obtaining comprehensive vehicle radio listener statistics
Methods for designing agents that interact with MMP-13
Stimulation methodologies and apparatus for control of brain states
Developing device conveying toner using a traveling-wave electric field and image forming apparatus ...
Sealing member for toner cartridge
Optical device permitting passive alignment of lens element
Planar-magnetic speakers with secondary magnetic structure
Radiographic imaging system and method
System and method for dynamic generation of a single user interface for displaying and entry of medi...
Frequency hopping spread spectrum system with high sensitivity tracking and synchronization for freq...
Portable programmable medical alert device
Liquid crystal display including an anisotropic scattering layer
Transflective liquid crystal device with bright reflective display
Method and apparatus for optimizing clock distribution to reduce the effect of power supply noise
Conversational networking via transport, coding and control conversational protocols
Tracking distributed data retrieval in a network device
Methods of genetic cluster analysis and uses thereof
Quality control system for medical diagnostic apparatus
System and method for automatic atrial capture detection and atrial pacing threshold determination
Integrated physiologic sensor system
Detecting small amounts of color in an image
Radiation diaphragm for an X-ray apparatus
Exception mechanism for a computer
Methods and apparatus for motion compensation in image reconstruction
Authenticated search engines
Content addressable memory with programmable word width and programmable priority
External memory engine selectable pipeline architecture
Method and system of routing messages in a distributed search network
Address geocoding
Apparatus and method for substantially eliminating a near-channel interfering amplitude modulated si...
Electro-ferromagnetic, tunable electromagnetic band-gap, and bi-anisotropic composite media using wi...
Light emitting device
Photovoltaic cell
Computer chip heat responsive method and apparatus
Method for storing and retrieving data from an imaging array of vertical-color-filter detector group...
Method of making a semiconductor transistor
Solid state imaging device, method of making the same and imaging unit including the same
Semiconductor storage device
High performance FET with laterally thin extension
Substrate pump ESD protection for silicon-on-insulator technologies
Power transistor structure with non-uniform metal widths
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor component
Large value, compact, high yielding integrated circuit capacitors
Field-effect transistor, and integrated circuit device and switching circuit using the same
Emitter turn-off thyristors (ETO)
Method for fabricating fiducials for passive alignment of opto-electronic devices
Light emitting devices with enhanced luminous efficiency
Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of inducing or enhancing chondrogenesis with extracellular matrix containing BMP-4
Composite oxide powder, a method for producing the same and a catalyst using the same
Porous inorganic macrostructure materials and process for their preparation
Simplified three-stage fuel processor
Method and apparatus for increasing bulk conductivity of a ferroelectric material
Production of sulphur and activated carbon
Powder material, electrode structure, production processes thereof, and secondary lithium battery
Method for producing silicon
Particulate silica and its preparation
Method and apparatus for wet type flue-gas desulfurization
Lithium cobalt oxides and methods of making same
Mechanical separation of volatile metals at high temperatures
High performance fuel processing system for fuel cell power plant
System and method for grouping diverse operations
Visual tool for developing real time task management code
Lightweight native method invocation interface for java computing environments
Method and apparatus for controlling communications
Computer system and method for constant pool operations
Source code transformation-temporary object reduction
Method for unwinding a program call stack
Method and system for software object testing
System and method for enterprise modeling, optimization and control
Method and apparatus for designing a pattern on a semiconductor surface
Uniform handling of external resources within structured documents
Programmable counters for setting bus arbitration delays involves counting clock cycles equal to a c...
Label sheet for electrophotographic process and image forming method using the same
Three terminal magnetic head having a magnetic semiconductor and a tunnel magnetoresistive film and ...
Magneto-resistance effect element, magneto-resistance effect head, magneto-resistance transducer sys...
Spin valve with thermally stable pinned layer structure having ruthenium oxide specular reflecting l...
Magnetic device having shaped ferromagnetic film
Magnetoresistive sensor with overlapping lead layers including alpha tantalum and conductive layers
Magnetic head and magnetic disk drive
Precise positioning actuator for head element, head gimbal assembly with the actuator and disk drive...
Disk drive including a base assembly having a flex-to-board edge connector
Suspension for disc drive and manufacturing method therefor
Rotating recording medium and slider of thin-film magnetic head device
Magnetic disk device and magnetic head slider
Disc head slider with sub-ambient pressure cavity bottom surfaces of differing depths
Process for planarizing patterned metal structures for magnetic thin film heads
Thin-film magnetic head having auxiliary layer disposed under portions of two conductive layers of t...
Disk drive
Car disk drive unit
Technique to compensate for resonances and disturbances on primary actuator through use of a seconda...
Method and apparatus for head positioning control in a disk drive
Band identification using a single C-core servo write head for timing based servo patterns
Reduced bit number wedge identification techniques within a rotating media storage device
Systems and methods for automatically generating cookies
Electronic ballast using cut and save technology
Voice recognition device for toys
System to optimize received power in an optical network
Vascular protection system
Low-VOC aqueous coating compositions with excellent freeze-thaw stability
Heat-resistant glass fiber and process for the production thereof
Port expansion peripheral module system
Electron emitting device, electron source, and image forming apparatus
Device for coating dental floss with toothpaste
Pet tethering apparatus
Information recording medium
Thread dispatcher for multi-threaded communication library
Error code indexing and interpretation apparatus and method
Method and system for inserting a data object into a computer-generated document using a text instru...
Using microcode to correct ECC errors in a processor
Lyophilization method and apparatus for producing particles
Lamp assembly and lamp for a luminare
Board swing
Free-standing jumping device
Method of playing a dice wagering game
Tagging XML query results over relational DBMSs
Aerosol dispensing device
Spacer or actuator for inertial removal of the non-respirable fraction of medicinal aerosols
IP (Intellectual Property) generating system
System and method for monitoring a security state of an electronic device
High speed cooking oven having an air impingement heater with an improved orifice configuration
Process for direct integration of a thin-film silicon p-n junction diode with a magnetic tunnel junc...
Method of forming wiring, and method of arranging devices and method of manufacturing image display ...
Driver circuit for a vacuum fluorescence display
System combining pager type personal digital assistant and mobile phone module
Privacy protection in a server
Method, system, and program for managing information for an application program using a file managem...
Circuit and method for protecting electronic devices
Thermostable L-arabinose isomerase and process for preparing D-tagatose
Method to reduce damage caused by irradiation of halogenated polymers
Processed mozzarella cheese and method for its production
Apparatus and method for forming two component food product
Method for forming multiple rows of meat patties
Coated flaked fats
Method for producing bulk confectionery
Method for producing an iced food product such as an iced lollipop
Method for producing filled foodstuff hollow bodies
Levan-producing Lactobacillus strain and method of preparing human or pet food products using the sa...
Food serving paperboard container pressing apparatus employing cast-in electrical heaters
Apparatus for automatically stuffing food casing
Spreadable food product dispenser
Food scraper attachment for food mixer
Refrigerator contents viewing system
Dispensing canister
Method, computer program product, and system for dual mode batch program execution
Optimization of control transfers to dynamically loaded modules
System and method for personalizing an electrical device interface
Bi-directional communication system, display apparatus, base apparatus and bi-directional communicat...
Method, system, and computer program for performing carbohydrate/insulin calculation based upon food...
Methods, compounds, and compositions for reducing body fat and modulating fatty acid metabolism
Metalloproteinase inhibitory agent
Composition for removal of odors and contaminants from textiles and method
Composition for removal of odors and contaminants from carpet and method
Poultry wing separator and partial deboner
Decropping tool and wrapped cam for use in food processing machinery
Picker apparatus and method for defeathering poultry
Method of making a stick resistant multi-layer ceramic coating
Method and apparatus for producing a fruit product
Liquid egg product
Scrambled egg snack food
Frozen heat and serve egg patty
Proficiency beverage
Method and composition for fortifying a single serving prepared beverage having minimal nutritional ...
Process for producing baked bread crumb product and baked bread crumb product
Determination of dough development using near infrared radiation
Fried bakery products with low oil absorption and process for preparation thereof
Apparatus for ultrafinely shattering organic granular substances
Method for manufacturing containered green tea beverage
Method for decorating a fruit surface
Method and apparatus for displaying intermediate content messages in the unused portion of a web bro...
Method and apparatus for sharing common data objects among multiple applications in a client device
Dynamic synchronization of tables
Storing and retrieving of field descriptors in Java computing environments
Management of file extent mapping to hasten mirror breaking in file level mirrored backups
Methods and apparatus for reducing resource contention in parallel data backup processes
Method, system and program for sharing the ability to set configuration parameters in a network envi...
Hardware I/O control block structure for mirrored and non-mirrored data transfers
Portable telephone set for detecting radio wave interference on switched perch channels and displayi...
Radio transmission apparatus
Methods for the preparation of metallic alloy nanoparticles and compositions thereof
Method of generating pattern via laser cutting process on a cloth or fabric
Isolated laminin 10
Compact container holder
Pixel based gobo record control format
Navigation apparatus, navigation method and navigation software
Lateral acceleration indicator for aircraft
Decorative lights with at least one commonly controlled set of color-controllable multi-color LEDs f...
Emergency lighting function illumination appliance
Irradiation unit
Rapidly-assembled lamp with a detachable lamp rod and lamp seat
Wavelength variable light source apparatus with an optical connector between a light source slot sec...
Light conductive member, illuminating device having the same, and information processing apparatus h...
Vehicular lamp
Signal light and rear-view mirror arrangement
LED-based elevated omnidirectional airfield light
System and method for migrating processes on a network
Method and apparatus for providing multi-level access control in a shared computer window
Methods and apparatus for processing network data transmissions
Software analysis tool for CDMA system
Method and apparatus for configurable selection and acquisition of a wireless communications system
System for managing operation status of equipment and apparatus used therein
Network formation in asset-tracking system based on asset class
Apparatus and method for use in identifying presence of wireless terminals in mobile wireless commun...
Device and method for coding speech to be recognized (STBR) at a near end
Space-based integrated multi-mission broadband architecture
Wireless communication device and controlling method thereof
Wireless communication system capable of changing dynamically charge rate and wireless communication...
Microfluidic pump system for chemical or biological agents
Method for using three GPS frequencies to resolve carrier-phase integer ambiguities
GPS receiver tracking system
Signal acquisition using data bit information
Miniaturized digital GPS anti-jam for space and size constrained applications
Error resilient scalable audio coding
Quantization matrices based on critical band pattern information for digital audio wherein quantizat...
System and method for communicating audio data signals via an audio communications medium
System for networked component address and logical network formation and maintenance
Aspect ratio conversion of video content
Alpha correction to compensate for lack of gamma correction
Scene representation method and system
Computer mouse with elastomeric dome switch
Proximity sensor with adaptive threshold
Keyboard with improved lateral region
Icon for a display screen
Method and apparatus for operating a gaming device to dispense a specified amount
Dispensing system including a coin dispenser and a printer
Slot machine
Generating an optical model for lens aberrations
Method for improving OPC modeling
Specimen analyzing method
Optical elements and methods for making thereof
Pyranosyl cytosines: pharmaceutical formulations and methods
Multilayered package with barrier properties
Releasable corrosion inhibitor compositions
Write-once-read-many optical recording media and process for recording and reproducing information o...
Vacuum deposition of dielectric coatings on volatile material
Formation of discontinuous films during an imprint lithography process
Method and apparatus for the controlled formation of cavitation bubbles using target bubbles
Heated self-detecting type cantilever for atomic force microscope
Microgenerator of electrical energy
Manufacturing of micro-objects such as miniature diamond tool tips
Microwave powered lamphead having external shutter
Plasma display device, luminance correction method and display method thereof
Olefin polymerization process
Disc shaped filter
Compositions and methods for therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer
Cleaning method and cleaning device for fluid dynamic bearings component
Anaesthesia control system
Golf club head
Apparatus and method for urging fluid into a pressurized system
Cosmetic composition comprising a phosphoric triester and a skin activating component
Aquatic farm
Electronic timepiece including rotary weight and antenna
Parallel processor with functional pipeline providing programming engines by supporting multiple con...
Grouping and displaying of contextual objects
Methods and means for producing efficient silencing construct using recombinational cloning
Complex compounds and their use in olefin polymerization
Method and array for determining the virtual address of a terminal
Multi stage control architecture for error suppression in micromachined gyroscopes
Generating coherent global identifiers for efficient data identification
Medicament container with same side airflow inlet and outlet
Conductive adhesive sealant for bipolar fuel cell separator plate assemblies
Method for removing conductive residue
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Apparatus for blocking ambient air of electrodeless lighting system and waveguide thereof
Automatic invalidation of cached data
System for determining carrier service using logistics considerations
Method for operating fluorescent lamps and ballast
Method for starting a discharge lamp using high energy initial pulse
Deuterium arc lamp assembly with an elapsed time indicator system and a method thereof
Electronic dimming ballast for cold cathode fluorescent lamp
Electronic ballast and electronic transformer
Light source and image reading device using the same
Ballast circuit for control of lamp power
Electric power supply system for LED lighting unit
Incremental color blending illumination system using LEDs
Luminary control system
Method and apparatus for detecting remaining lamp lifetime
Method and device for lighting an electronic or electromechanical apparatus
Light source device
Compact accelerator
Lamp ballast for circuit driving multiple parallel lamps
Discharge lamp driving apparatus
Method of converting line voltage to an RMS load voltage in a lamp using a phase-control clipping ci...
Ballast dimming control IC
Apparatus and method for compensating for reduced light output of a light source having a lumen depr...
Methods and apparatus for constructing a power supply capable drawing power from fluorescent lamps
CFL ballast with passive valley fill and crest factor control
Starting device for a high-pressure discharge lamp, and an illuminating system
Air-gap switch
Display device and display panel device
Field emission RF amplifier
Flexible linear lighting system
Design methodology of power supply lines in electroluminescence display
Power line arrangement for electroluminescence display devices
Lamp monitoring and control system and method
Device for confinement of a plasma within a volume
Methods and Apparatus for Generating Strongly-Ionized Plasmas with Ionizational Instabilities
Integrated vi probe
CCFL illuminated device and method of use
Process of making cold cathode fluorescent tube
Combination of materials for mercury-dispensing devices, method of preparation and devices thus obta...
Annular dosing capsule for electric discharge lamp and method of dosing the lamp using the capsule
Method of despensing mercury into arc dishcharge lamp having capsule coated with low ionization ener...
Method of controlling the mercury vapor pressure in a photo-chemical lamp or vapor filter used for H...
Negative glow discharge lamp
Negative glow discharge lamp
Method of manufacturing vaporized metal discharge lamp
Incandescent lamps including a combined getter
Incandescent lamps including a combined getter
A resiliently deformable container for mercury, and lamp and method of its manufacture using such a ...
Method of dispensing mercury into an arc discharge lamp
Method for gettering incandescent lamps
Mercury retention structure for introduction of measured amounts of mercury into a lamp and method o...
Mercury dispenser for arc discharge lamps
Methods for dispensing mercury into devices
Method of manufacturing metal halide lamp
Method of forming capsules containing a precise amount of material
Method of dispensing mercury into a fluorescent lamp and lamp to operate with method
Mercury dispenser for electric discharge lamps
Method of producing a low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp
Treatment of skin wounds using polyenylphosphatidylcholine and alkanolamines
Method and apparatus for free-space optical communication without eletro-optical conversion
Compensation and/or variation of wafer level produced lenses and resultant structures
Method and apparatus for generating a pulse width modulated signal and optical attenuator controlled...
Distributed optical amplifying apparatus, optical communication station, optical communication syste...
Piano MEMs micromirror
Switch for the optical switching of a light path
Variable optical delay lines and methods for making same
Traverse Bragg resonance lasers and amplifiers and method of operating the same
Rod integrator holder and projection type image display apparatus having the rod integrator holder
Electronic imaging apparatus
Imaging lens device
Zoom lens and photographing apparatus having the same
Image-formation lens system, and imaging system using the same
Variable optical element, optical unit, and image capturing device
Objective lens system
Fiber optic collimator and collimator array
Optical component and compact wavelength locking arrangement including such a component
First surface mirror with chromium inclusive nucleation layer
Helmet-mounted parachutist navigation system
Countermeasure threat emulator and method
Phthalocyanines with peripheral siloxane substitution
Steering and directional reversing control for waterjet propulsion
Method and apparatus for installing an operating system
Method of monitoring the activation of programmed sequences of a programmed system and computer prog...
Computing system construction method under execution environment to be dependent on OS
Debugging apparatus and method
Method of programming linear graphs for streaming vector computation
Multi-channel, multi-service debug on a pipelined CPU architecture
Methods, systems and computer program products for controlling variables associated with transaction...
Specifying and targeting portions of a graphical program for execution by multiple targets
Methods and systems for acquiring seismic data
Methods and apparatus for generation and control of coherent polarization mode dispersion
Antenna apparatus
Active balance system and vibration balanced machine
High efficiency lighting system
Hydropower generation apparatus and method
Tunnel junctions for long-wavelength VCSELs
Plasma encapsulation for electronic and microelectronic components such as organic light emitting di...
RF circuits including transistors having strained material layers
Ultra accurate gas injection system with vehicle transient air simulation
Switching VSAT transmitter
Integrated repeater
Free-space optical communications using holographic conjugation
Resorcinol derivatives
Two-mask process for metal-insulator-metal capacitors and single mask process for thin film resistor...
Filtration module
System for high throughput sample preparation and analysis using column chromatography
Method for vibration in a centrifuge
Wastewater treatment system for residential septic systems
Gutter lining method and insert apparatus incorporating porous non-woven fiber matting
Method and apparatus for recycling wash chemicals used in powder coating
Method of treating mine drainage
Fluid treatment elements
Filter element fixation for filter presses
Water treatment system
Chromatographic device and method of forming a chromatographic device
Ultraviolet-and-ozone disinfection apparatus having improvement on disinfection effect
Hydraulic oil filtration apparatus
One piece eaves treatment combining rain gutter, leaf screen, drip edge, fascia and soffit vent
Filter device
Pool skimmer basket kit
Water treatment device and method
Method and device for monitoring the access to the cardiovascular system of a patient
Lipoxygenase polynucleotides and methods of use
RHIZOC3 nucleic acid molecules
Nucleic acids that can be used to create plants with a modified metabolite content
Cellulose acetate and dope containing the same
Process for the preparation of 2'-halo-beta-L-arabinofuranosyl nucleosides
Negatively charged minor groove binders
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Solid- and solution-phase synthesis of heparin and other glycosaminoglycans
Method for treating Th2-mediated disease
Carboxyl-reduced derivatives of chondroitin sulfate, preparation thereof, use thereof as a medicinal...
Compositions comprising alternating 2'-modified nucleosides for use in gene modulation
Methods and compositions for CPG15-2
RNA interference mediated inhibition of intercellular adhesion molecule (ICAM) gene expression using...
Glycomimetic antagonists for both E-and P-selectins
6-11 Bicyclic erythromycin derivatives
Glucopyranosyloxy-substituted aromatic compounds, medicaments containing such compounds, their use a...
Polyene polyketides, processes for their production and their use as a pharmaceutical
Pregnancy up-regulated, nonubiquitous CaM kinase
Expressed ligand - vascular intercellular signaling molecule
Process for the synthesis of 2-deoxy-D-glucose
Cell cycle polynucleotides, polypeptides and uses thereof
Method to produce a solid form of heparin
Derivatives of isoindigo, indigo and indirubin and methods of treating cancer
11-deoxy azalide antibacterials
System and method of providing integrated communications and broadcasting service
Systems, tools and methods for constructing interactive biological diagrams
Image display apparatus and method of driving image display apparatus
Operation voltage auto-adjustable active matrix organic light emitting diode circuit and auto-adjust...
Luminescent device and process of manufacturing the same
Actively driven organic EL device and manufacturing method thereof
Organic electroluminescent display device and method of fabricating the same
Organic electroluminescent device and method for producing the same
Organic electroluminescent device adapted for assembly function
Peptides from the E2, E6, and E7 proteins of human papilloma viruses 16 and 18 for detecting and/or ...
Combined vaccine compositions
Vehicle framing system for plurality of vehicle body styles
Sling for carrying objects
Lockable fishing rod rack
Collimator assembly having multi-piece components
Color reference system for display monitor
Method for interpolation of tristimulus color data
Air travel security method, system and device
Tandem warhead
CT detector having a segmented optical coupler and method of manufacturing same
System and method for a flameless tracer / marker for ammunition housing multiple projectiles utiliz...
Arrow system
Rebound attenuation device for automatic firearms
Swaging technology
Six-speed planetary transmission mechanisms with two clutches and three brakes
Computer module housing
Fragmentation processing device and fragmentation processing apparatus using thereof
Heat sink material and method of manufacturing the heat sink material
Chemical agent detector
Abutment screw with gold spring-washer
Interproximal squirt brush
Interproximal squirt brush
Determination of the ultrastructure of connective tissue by an infrared fiber-optic spectroscopic pr...
Functionalized metal complexes
Radiation sensitive coating composition useful for lithographic printing plates and the like
Reclosable package and methods for block cheese and other products that do not slide well
Implantable enzyme-based monitoring system having improved longevity due to improved exterior surfac...
Anilinoquinazolines as protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Substituted isoindoles and the use thereof
Method for making recombinant proteins
Venous valvuloplasty device and method
Convertible blood clot filter
System and method for forming a non-ablative cardiac conduction block
Method and apparatus for detecting and treating vulnerable plaques
Method for surgically restoring coronary blood vessels
Variable self-time scheme for write recovery by low speed tester
Method and apparatus for forming container bodies
High reliability non-conductive adhesives for non-solder flip chip bondings and flip chip bonding me...
Method and apparatus for providing positive airway pressure to a patient
Biosensor membranes composed of polymers containing heterocyclic nitrogens
Centrifuge with a variable frequency drive and a single motor and clutch mechanism
Viscometer sag test shoe
Parallel flow fuel cell
Solid polymer type fuel cell and production method thereof
Azeotrope-like compositions containing fluoroethane
Ink-jet recording head
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation via backproducing through a heater ...
Two stage indirect evaporative cooling system
Method for comparing and correlating analyses of changes in cells and tissues
Calculating noise from multiple digital images having a common noise source
Mask correction for photolithographic processes
PCI radiation image processing apparatus
Method and system for tag detection and tracking in MRI tagged images
Multi-tone representation of a digital image on a digital nonlinear editing system
Thin film optical measurement system and method with calibrating ellipsometer
Ellipsometry methods and apparatus using solid immersion tunneling
Method of polarimetry
Method for differentiated investigation of diverse structures in preferably biological preparations
Bumper having a hollow section and mounting brackets attached to it
Portable monoblock air conditioner
Method and apparatus of detecting disturbances in a centrifugal pump
Dual motor configuration with primary brushless motor and secondary integrated speed control motor
Cooling system including redundant fan controllers
Variable capacity rotary compressor
Cylinder assembly of hermetic compressor
Infusion device and driving mechanism and process for same with actuator for multiple infusion uses
Multiple stage pump with multiple external control valves
Vibration damping mechanism for piston type compressor
Gas lift valve
Electrohydrodynamic conduction pump
Valve apparatus for hermetic compressor
Device for circulating sealing gas for mechanical dry seals of a centrifugal compressor at times whe...
Multistage compression type rotary compressor and cooling device
Polyaspartate derivatives for use in detergent compositions
Effervescent cleaning composition for use in fabric washing
Self-cleaning oscillating conveyor for deburring, dedusting and the onward transport of small parts
Method and apparatus for managing computer storage devices for improved operational availability
Method and apparatus for communicating in a distributed multiple access wireless communication syste...
PCI card retaining device with integrated airflow guide
Compressed symbology strain gage
Method for determining superficial residual stress as applied to machined, mechanically or thermally...
Increasing antibody affinity by altering glycosylation of immunoglobulin variable region
Chimeric toxins for targeted therapy
Image forming apparatus and image formation control method
Toner supply container, image formation unit and image forming apparatus
Developing device
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Process cartridge, electrophotographic image forming apparatus and fixing method of electrical conta...
Radiographic apparatus
Image reading apparatus and method with reading suspension and resumption based on memory characteri...
Information processor, method for processing information and memory medium for storing program reada...
Illumination apparatus, illumination-controlling method, exposure apparatus, device fabricating meth...
Exposure apparatus, semiconductor device manufacturing method, maintenance method of exposure appara...
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Image-shake correcting device
Method for recycling metals from swarf
Using adhesive materials as insulation coatings for leadless lead frame semiconductor packages
Power reduction mechanism for floating point register file reads
Complex material, artificial light-emitting skin and artificial light-emitting body
Method and/or apparatus for navigating mobile robot using virtual sensor
Robot apparatus
Robot apparatus
Robot apparatus
Robot apparatus
Robot apparatus
Robot with display device
Isolator system
Robot-guidance assembly for providing a precision motion of an object
Super bright low reflectance liquid crystal display
Panel bending and testing device
Temperature sensor scheme
Reel to reel manufacturing line
Method of controlling half-controlled rectifier, and rectifier structure
View navigation and magnification of a hand-held device with a display
Optically generated isolated feedback stabilized bias
Ramp arrangement and method for measuring the position of an actuator in a rotating media data stora...
Programmable AC power switch
Electronic power control for cooktop heaters
Method and apparatus for welding with a trigger hold
Laser treatment apparatus
Electrically-bent endoscope
Throttle control and failure accommodation
Device for controlling a forager chute
Ground drilling machine
Pilot device
Engine control system for internal combustion engines
Image forming apparatus with belt, plural sensitized bodies, and belt positioning mechanism
System or method for calibrating a radiation detection medium
Method and apparatus for monitoring operational performance of fluid storage systems
MRI scanner and method for modular patient handling
Beam shaping and practical methods of reducing loss associated with mating external sources and opti...
Optical switch and optical switch device
Thermo-optical switch using coated microsphere resonators
Contactless electrical energy transmission system having a primary side current feedback control and...
Output resistance modulation in power converters
Image and sound input-output control
Cosite interference rejection system using an optical approach
Optical layer multicasting using a single sub-carrier header and a multicast switch with active head...
Photonic switch using time-slot interchange
Measurement of optical power in optical fiber networks
Waveguides with optical monitoring
Fiber optic brush light detector and method
Optical waveguiding apparatus having reduced crossover losses
Direct space-to-time pulse shaper and optical word generator
Catalyst composition and methods for its preparation and use in a polymerization process
Guidewire occlusion system utilizing repeatably inflatable gas-filled occlusive device
Method of transcoding encoded video data and apparatus which transcodes encoded video data
Optical head
High bandwidth oscilloscope probe with replaceable cable
Cell driving type actuator and method for manufacturing the same
Styrene polymer resin and composition thereof
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and polishing apparatus
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor wafer with spacer and its manufacturing method, semiconductor device and its manufactu...
Fuel cell
Method of making microalgal-based animal foodstuff supplements, microalgal-supplemented animal foods...
Method for manufacturing angulated bottom paper bag with handle in rotary type bag manufacturing mac...
Golf club head and golf club
Golf club head
Organic electroluminescence panel and method for manufacturing the same
Amphiphilic compounds having a dendritic branch structure
Nucleic acid ligand binding site identification
Method and apparatus for enhanced fat saturation during MRI
Method for producing methacrylic acid from isobutane
Low temperature nitridation of amorphous high-K metal-oxide in inter-gates insulator stack
Managing work-piece deflection
Dye loaded zeolite material
Multi-use electric tile modules
Intraocular lens assembly and method
Baby teeth collector box with pillow toothbox
Polymers having reactive functional groups at terminus and curable compositions comprising the same
Magnetic circuit with opposing permanent magnets and method for adjusting magnetic field thereof
Multifrequency electro-magnetic field generator
NMR probe circuit for generating close frequency resonances
Matrix coil for generating a variable magnetic field
Coil system for an MR apparatus and an MR apparatus provided with such a coil system
Magnetic resonance imaging device and gradient magnetic field coil used for it
Variable CAM timing (VCT) system having modifications to increase CAM torsionals for engines having ...
System and method for improving VCT closed-loop response at low cam torque frequency
Scalable fish rearing raceway system
Intraluminal prostheses having polymeric material with selectively modified crystallinity and method...
Apparatus and method for the in-situ formation of a structural prosthesis
Repositionable and recapturable vascular stent/graft
Method and barrier for limiting fluid movement through a tissue rent
System and method for placing endocardial leads
Implantable lead and method for stimulating the vagus nerve
Personal warming systems and apparatuses for use in hospitals and other settings, and associated met...
Use of azetidinone compounds
Method of preventing adhesions with absorbable polyoxaesters
Polymer electrolyte, preparation method for the same and lithium battery using the same
Crosslinked polymer electrolytes and method of making such crosslinked polymers
Solid electrolyte battery
Alkaline battery
Device for in-line measurement of properties of fluid flows in pipeline systems
Method and apparatus for improved gas detection
Separator for alkaline storage battery and alkaline storage battery using the same
Diagnostic system for monitoring catalyst performance
Flaky fine powder, production thereof, and cosmetic
Lipstick case and refill cartridge
Gel-form lipstick
Tool holder and method of use
Cap of a lip gloss bottle
Method and device to transmit data
System and method for disabling data on radio frequency identification tags
Rectifying charge storage element with transistor
Wear indicator for sacrificial anode
Card cartridge
Micro bar code and recognition system and method thereof
Method for sawing wafers employing multiple indexing techniques for multiple die dimensions and dici...
Mono carbonylation of benzene diols
Method of producing powdery coating material
Polymers, resist compositions and patterning process
Metallocene-produced very low density polyethylenes
Magnetic field and electrical current visualization system
E-field-modulated bistable molecular mechanical device
Canine waste receptacle
Compact pedigrees showing heritable traits for many individuals
Fishing reel
Collapsible shade for feeder assembly
Spinning reel
Fisherman's sinker-bobber
Simulated turtle fishing lure apparatus
Adjustable depth lure
Fishing lure with concealed hook
Mobile rod holder
Fishing rod
Fishing lure recuperator
Detachable support arm for surgical navigation system reference array
Optical component
Process for removal of intermediate hydrogen from cascaded polyolefin slurry reactors
Method and apparatus for interactive annotation and measurement of time series data with automatic m...
Risk monitoring
Television standard converter for endoscope
Time-gain controlling method and apparatus, recording medium and ultrasonic imaging apparatus
Sequence preconditioning for ultra-fast magnetic resonance imaging
Centering catheter
Large area thermal ablation
Liquid metering system
Efficient sampling of digital waveforms for eye diagram analysis
Incorporating camera effects into existing video sequences
Methods, data, and systems to warp an image
Enhanced compression of gray-level images
Image data coding apparatus and image data server
Transcoding scheme for assistance in image transformations
Video coding and video decoding apparatus
Visual attention system
Segmentation of text lines in digitized images
Method and apparatus for RGB color conversion that can be used in conjunction with lossless and loss...
Bidirectional add/drop multiplexer
Cassette for coiling optical fibers
Cable trough cover
Optical fiber cables
Mount for use in optical fiber hydrophone array
Optical element-mounting substrate and method of producing the same
Y-branched optical waveguide and multi-stage optical power splitter using the same
Optical fiber coupling system
Undersea branching unit for an undersea optical transmission system
Wavelength separation devices incorporating multi-barrier photonic heterostructures
Germicidal lamp retaining assembly
Fluorescent light tube adaptor
Combination lamp assembly
LED flashlight
Solar stepping stone
Vanity lighting system
Smokeless cylinder for muzzle-loading revolver
Lightweight impact resistant helmet system
Apparatus and method for dicing semiconductor wafers
Plastisol compositions comprising vinyl chloride polymers and mixtures of aromatic and aliphatic est...
Gimbaled pad support
Doped odor controlling materials
Shaped tampon
Absorbent articles comprising a material having a high vertical wicking capacity
Liquid removal system which is compressible in the longitudinal and/or in the transverse direction
Electric toothbrush
Surface pattern of a paper product
Digital device, bridge circuit, and method
Adaptable switch architecture that is independent of media types
Stack-based access control using code and executor identifiers
Deferred procedure call in interface description language
Method and device for providing more accurate subscriber device billing
Connection cache for highly available TCP systems with fail over connections
Computer network indicating relatedness of attributes of monitored terminals
System and method for co-operative thermal management of electronic devices within a common housing
Software and method for controlling the timing of delayed downloads
Stator assembly
Toroidal continuously variable transmission
Agricultural rockshaft bearing block structure and wear inserts therefor
Damped drawer slide mechanism
Optically-controlled switch and optically-controlled optical switching method using dispersion curve...
Image-processing device independently controlling each of functions that correct density of image
Optical proximity correction method utilizing gray bars as sub-resolution assist features
Method for improved alignment of magnetic tunnel junction elements
Process for roll-to-roll manufacture of a display by synchronized photolithographic exposure on a su...
Autoclavable coupler for endoscopic camera system
Surface optical device apparatus, method of fabricating the same, and apparatus using the same
Method and apparatus for leg length discrepancy measurement
Multilayer with spacers, touch screen and method
Method and apparatus for enhancing input/output error analysis in hardware sub-systems
Apparatus and method for electrolytically depositing copper on a semiconductor workpiece
Categorizing and retrieving items
Coated film and method of laminating the same
Sol-gel derived porous microcomposite of perfluorinated ion-exchange polymer and metal oxide
Semiconductor capacitor with diffusion prevention layer
Photosensitive composition for manufacturing optical waveguide, production method thereof and polyme...
Magenta toner for electrophotography and full color image formation method
High temperature superconducting thick films
Thermal barrier coating resistant to sintering
Diffusion barrier and protective coating for turbine engine component and method for forming
Titanium-containing interference pigments and foils with color shifting properties
Fluid purification and disinfection device
Ferroelectric-type nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor connection substrate
Organosilicate polymer and insulating film therefrom
Dental curable composition
System and method for far-field R-wave detection
Therapeutic composition providing enhanced cardiac function
DRAM with refresh control function
Oscillating circuit and a semiconductor integrated circuit
High performance, integrated, MOS-type semiconductor device and related manufacturing process
Electron microscope
High-frequency signal transmitting device
Engine control device
Process for noise reduction, particularly for audio systems, device and computer program product the...
Engine control device
Disc for a disc brake
Imaging member
Photoreceptor of electrophotographic system, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
methods for producing device and illumination independent color reproduction
Multi-stage pre-transfer substrate heating assembly
Method for image layout using energy minimization
Phase change ink imaging component with Q-resin layer
System and processes for particulate analysis
Inkjet recording head and method for manufacturing the same
Image data processing system and server system
Corrugated cardboard manufacturing machine
Enzyme granulate
Essential oil mixture for miticide, miticide composition, and spray for miticide
Enzyme blocking skin protectant cream
Cosmetic composition with water-soluble or water-dispersible polymers
Particles of carboxylated polymer
3,3-Dimethylcyclohexane derivatives
Liquid protectant composition
Alkaline cleaning and sanitizing composition effective for soap scum removal
Method of decoding uplink status flags for RT-EGPRS users
Antenna alignment using a temperature-dependent driver
Control of stress in metal films by controlling the temperature during film deposition
Method for searching for data in at least two databases, and database system having at least two dat...
Resuscitation tube
System and method for forming a pattern on plain or holographic metallized film and hot stamp foil
Elastic-bodied crawler
Method and apparatus for reassembling a toner cartridge
Combined tension and back stop function for seating unit
Amination of aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic analogs thereof
Stackable plastic container
Methods of making intermediates from polyhydroxyalkanoates
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, integrated circuit, electro-optical device, and electr...
Hot melt coating composition for film transfer and casting process
Process for forming and removing a golf ball core or intermediate ball assembly
Electrically conductive polymer films
Blasting apparatus and process for accelerating blast media
Optical semiconductor device
Plasma display panel utilizing carbon nanotubes and method of manufacturing the front panel of the p...
Newspaper for offset printing
System for electrophysiological measurements
Ethylene-styrene copolymers and phenol-triazole type complexes, catalysts, and processes for polymer...
Fused azabicyclic compounds that inhibit vanilloid receptor subtype 1 (VR1) receptor
Method for forming a minute pattern and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device using the sa...
Water-soluble, sulfoalkyl-containing, hydrophobically modified cellulose ethers, process for prepari...
Method for producing polymer coated pigment particles by precipitation
Cementitous compositions and a method of their use
Methods for generating ligand arrays
Edible PGA coating composition
Radiofrequency probes for tissue treatment and methods of use
Dental articulation kit and method
Methods and compositions for the detection and treatment of multiple sclerosis
System for generating, distributing and receiving an interactive user interface
Method and system of reversibly marking a text document with a pattern of extra blanks for authentic...
Robust blind watermarking method in wavelet DC components
Multi-band modem
System and method for loading a cache with query results