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Airfoil box and associated method
Kite surfing bar
Methods and apparatus for error-tolerant wrap-back ACE monitor
Method and apparatus for supporting aircraft components, including actuators
Compliant spacer
System and method of utilizing wireless remote device for communication, activation and control of v...
Dual mode target sensing apparatus
Hole-aligning putter
Multi-layer golf ball with reaction injection molded polyurethane component
Distributed MAC in an uncoordinated radio environment
Method and apparatus for security in a data processing system
GPS enabled emergency messaging system
System and method of communication between multiple point-coordinated wireless networks
Server and multiple sensor system for monitoring activity in a shared radio frequency band
Mobile application builder
Method of planning tasks in a machine, method of controlling a machine, supervisory machine control ...
Monitoring and control system for manned vehicles
GPS-based steering needle instrument
Method and apparatus for calculating a figure of merit for GPS position using NMEA 0183 output
Method and apparatus for improved grammar checking using a stochastic parser
Performant and scalable merge strategy for text indexing
Switch-based storage services
Method and apparatus for identifying an I/O network in a process control system
Read access and storage circuitry read allocation applicable to a cache
Method, system, and article of manufacture for generating a copy of a first and a second set of volu...
Methods and apparatus for meta-architecture defined programmable instruction fetch functions support...
Pipelined microprocessor, apparatus, and method for generating early instruction results
System for synchronizing first and second sections of data to opposing polarity edges of a clock
Method and apparatus for parallel action processing
Oil separator and muffler structure
Dual position hearing protection device
Gerotor and bearing system for whirling mass orbital vibrator
Muffler with variable acoustic properties
Sound insulation system
Cordless stethoscope for hazardous material environments
Loudspeaker apparatus
Materials and methods for controlling pests
Compounds and methods to increase plasma HDL cholesterol levels and improve HDL functionality
Methods and systems for planarizing workpieces, e.g., microelectronic workpieces
High performance capsules for electrophoretic displays
Urea and nitrogen based compounds as feeding stimulants/aggregants and masking agents of unpalatable...
Phase change electrophoretic imaging for rewritable applications
Rapidly dissolving dosage form and process for making same
Inhibitors of autoinducer transporters
Biphenyl-derivatives as p38-kinase inhibitors
Flash memory cell and manufacturing method thereof
Non-volatile memory structure
Semiconductor devices and methods for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device having an electrostatic discharge protecting element
Method and structure for enhancing both NMOSFET and PMOSFET performance with a stressed film
Hinge for micro-mirror devices
Module integrating MEMS and passive components
Trimmed integrated circuits with fuse circuits
Embedded heat spreader
Methods and procedures for engineering of composite conductive films by atomic layer deposition
Low cost microelectronic circuit package
Tape circuit substrate and semicondutor chip package using the same
Electrical open/short contact alignment structure for active region vs. gate region
Modifying a semiconductor device to provide electrical parameter monitoring
Dielectric reflector for amorphous silicon crystallization
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Inspection method and apparatus of laser crystallized silicons
Systems and methods for amorphous flexures in micro-electro mechanical systems
Method of compensating sensor data and evaluating an interlock of an interlock system
Testing system, a computer implemented testing method and a method for manufacturing electronic devi...
Reliability prediction for complex components
Automated news rack inventory and alert management system
Method and apparatus for generating test patterns used in testing semiconductor integrated circuit
Navigation system and method therefor
System and method for completing forms
Navigation system, method and device with detour algorithm
Compiler apparatus and method for determining locations for data in memory area
Contact sensitive device
System and method for optimizing operations via dataflow analysis
Apparatus and method to detect an intrusion point along a security fence
Speech recognition command via an intermediate mobile device
Method and apparatus for defining and implementing high-level quality of service policies in compute...
Multi-dimensional data routing fabric
Architectures for self-contained, mobile, memory programming
Method and system for privacy in public networks
Method and system for directory balancing
Crypto-pointers for secure data storage
Method of storing and retrieving miniaturized data
Processor isolation technique for integrated multi-processor systems
Secure authentication proxy architecture for a web-based wireless Intranet application
Systems and methods for document searching and organizing
Weather information delivery systems and methods providing planning functionality and navigational t...
Method and architecture for remote control of a user station via an internet-type network and applic...
Network image view server using efficient client-server, tiling and caching architecture
Method and system for diagnosis and control of machines using connection and connectionless modes of...
Fast dynamic measurement of connection bandwidth using at least a pair of non-compressible packets h...
System and method for determining a preferred mirrored service in a network by evaluating a border g...
Screen controller and method therefor
System for distributed network authentication and access control
Multiplexing storage element interface
Telecommunication system
Method for inputting internet address using a keypad
Method and system for providing a return path for signals generated by legacy terminals in an optica...
Arrangements and methods for remote configuration of personal equipment via wireless detection of us...
Transfer of bookmark information
Methods and apparatus for selecting a communication network
Intelligent forwarded telephone call handling with a call answering system
Apparatus and method for CNG detection with call waiting
Method of and apparatus for mediating common channel signaling message between networks using contro...
Automated call center transcription services
Personality based matching of callers to agents in a communication system
Method and apparatus for selecting an agent to handle a call
DTMF tone detection
Method and circuit arrangement for controlling a subscriber line interface circuit
Device and method for detecting presence of service on telephone line
System and method for audio telepresence
Maintenance system for a telecommunication installation
Pre-paid wireless interactive voice response system with variable announcements
System and method for analyzing wireless communication data
Method and apparatus for cellular telephone directory assistance
Method and system for connecting subscribers participating in several telecommunication networks und...
System and method for over the air area code update
Mobile communication device having rotating keypad assembly
Foldable base
Sliding module for mobile terminal
Ethernet interface device for reporting status via common industrial protocols
Host-client utility meter systems and methods for communicating with the same
Cooling equipment for a motor vehicle, in particular for an excavator
Snow cycle
Footrest tuck mechanism
Hybrid propulsion system for two-wheeled vehicle
Vehicle drive force control apparatus
Steering system for small-sized vehicle
Fork bottom for motorcycle front suspension
Motorcycle with accessory
Final drive for electric motor to wheel
Acoustic floor mat
Motor vehicle comprising means for varying accelerator pedal extreme actuated position
Cart charge system
Electric vehicle steering/drive control method
Method for controlling expansion of an air bag
Vehicle speed limiting device
Collision-prediction unit for a vehicle
Positioning mechanism for a vehicle
Struvite crystallization
Method of fluoride-containing wastewater treatment
Massive bodies containing free halogen source for producing highly converted solutions of chlorine d...
Sulphurous acid generator with air injector
Tantalum concentrates dissolution and purification method
Process for separating and recovering valuable metals
Hydrothermally stable metal promoted zeolite beta for NO.sub.x reduction
Calcium phosphate cements made from (TTCP) with surface whiskers and process for preparing same
Methods of fabricating barium titanate powders
Process for making titanium dioxide
Catalyst preparation
Electrode material for anode of rechargeable lithium battery, electrode structural body using said e...
Selection and uses of lactic acid bacteria strains modulating non-specific immunity
Installation and method for producing and disaggregating synthesis gases from natural gas
Ergonomic stringed instrument and ergonomic roundback guitar
Adjustable sounding board for acoustical stringed instruments
Stringed instrument with adjustable string tension control
Portable electronic music score device for transporting, storing displaying, and annotating music sc...
Musical tone control system and musical tone control apparatus
Dynamically moving note music generation method
Beat analysis of musical signals
Apparatus and method for detecting performer's motion to interactively control performance of music ...
Apparatus and method for embedding content within a MIDI data stream
Singing voice synthesizing method, singing voice synthesizing device, program, recording medium, and...
Stringed musical instrument learning aid and methods
Optical device and methods of manufacture
Marking articles using a covert digitally watermarked image
Fingerprint scar recognition method and apparatus
Buffered message queue architecture for database management systems with unlimited buffered message ...
Buffered message queue architecture for database management systems with guaranteed at least once de...
Apparatus which can be connected to network, and charging management system
CLEC convergent billing system
Methods and systems for leasing equipment
Dual accounts banking system
Online incremental payment method
Method and system for the creation of a class of loan securities
Architecture for anonymous trading system
System, method, and computer program product for valuating weather-based financial instruments
Global electronic trading system
Method, system, and apparatus for providing secure access to a digital work
Content transaction system and method, and program providing medium therefor
Internet-based system and method for facilitating commercial transactions between buyers and vendors
Methods for operating infrastructure and applications for cryptographically-supported services
Staged transactions systems and methods
Method and apparatus for selling an aging food product
IC foundry manufacturing technology master data management structure
System and method for scoring electronic messages
Web site, information communication terminal, robot search engine response system, robot search engi...
Apparatus and methods for providing secured communication
Method and apparatus for preventing reuse of text, images and software transmitted via networks
Flow-based detection of network intrusions
Joining expandable tubulars
Abandonment and recovery head apparatus
Re-enforced composite sheet piling segments
Stormwater treatment train
Systems and methods for providing optimal light-CO.sub.2 combinations for plant production
Integrated docking assembly for portable multimedia unit
Method and system for host mobility management protocol
Telephone-based selection, ordering, and billing of digital content delivered via a network
Techniques for combining voice with wireless text short message services
System and method for indexing videos based on speaker distinction
System and method for automated multimedia content indexing and retrieval
Multimedia integration description scheme, method and system for MPEG-7
Multimedia wired/wireless content synchronization method
Motor vehicle navigation system having a protected storage medium
Apparatus and method for controlling elastic actuator
Directional inertial tactile feedback using rotating masses
Safety aircraft flight system
Virtual environment navigation aid
Using render bin parallelism for rendering scene graph based graphics data
Image processing method and system
Assessing the condition of a joint and assessing cartilage loss
Equipment service vehicle with remote monitoring
Visually oriented computer implemented application development system utilizing standardized objects...
Chlamydia antigens and corresponding DNA fragments and uses thereof
Genes for heat resistant enzymes of amino acid biosynthetic pathway derived from thermophilic coryne...
Method for the synthesis of DNA sequences
Plant disease resistance genes
.DELTA.6 acetylenase and .DELTA.6-desaturase from ceratodon purpureus
Dwf7 mutants
Soybean variety XB16Q04
Soybean cultivar 915034
Soybean cultivar 02912951
Soybean cultivar 02022323
Soybean cultivar 02022433
Soybean cultivar 03022253
Soybean cultivar 1000109
Soybean cultivar S030136
Soybean cultivar 4N2V55022
Soybean variety XB21Z06
Inbred corn line LH321
Plants and seeds of corn variety I000091
Inbred maize line PH6WA
Bi-functional polymer chip
Method for selecting an optimally diverse library of small molecules based on validated molecular st...
Personal computer internet security system
Combination therapy for pain in painful diabetic neuropathy
Treatment of pain and fever
Medical cosmetic method for reducing adipose tissue and for initiating lipolysis through subcutaneou...
Inhibitors of akt activity
Benzenesulfonylamino compounds and pharmaceutical compositions containing these compounds
Modulators of muscarinic receptors
Dopamine receptor modulators as antipsychotic agents
Sulfonamide derivatives for the treatment of diabetes
11-Phenyl-dibenzodiazepine derivatives as rxr-antagonists
Indol-6 sulfonamide derivative, their preparation and their use 5-ht-6 as modulators
Biaromatic ligand activators of PPARGAMMA receptors
Method for Predicting Human Longevity
Methods of using Zven polynucleotides
Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using coupled ligase detection and polymerase chain r...
Diagnostics and therapeutics for diseases associated with arginyl aminopeptidase rnpep-like (rnpep-l...
Diagnostic method for brain damage-related disorders
Diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's Disease
Diagnostic methods for determining susceptibility to convulsive conditions
Head weighting system for spinal treatment
Nouvelles compositions et methods de traitement du psoriasis
Agents for preventing and/or treating uppper digestive tract disorders
Antagonistic analogs of gh rh (2003)
Compositions and methods related to soluble G-protein coupled receptors (sGPCRs)
Lefty, Lefty derivatives and uses thereof
Methods of using Zven proteins
Peptide dependent upregulation of telomerase expression
RNA interference mediated inhibition of gene expression using short interfering nucleic acid (siNA)
RNAi modulation of the Rho-A gene and uses thereof
Multifaceted system capabilities analysis
Evolutionary technique for automated synthesis of electronic circuits
Pattern recognition applied to oil exploration and production
Constrained optimization tool
Systems and methods for tractable variational approximation for interference in decision-graph Bayes...
Scaleable object recognition with a belief model
On-line web traffic sampling
Assisted jump ride
Automated ball game training and playing system
Model railway traffic light apparatus and control method thereof
Portable entertainment device
Method and apparatus for managing calls through an entertainment center
Hockey player toy
Math board game
Football board game
Word game
Illuminators for sprinkler systems
Interactive toy and methods for exploring emotional experience
Bubble generating assembly
Wing-attachment mechanism for a model airplane
Coloring paper
Play apparatus
Ice machine door
Support pedestal apparatus for a gaming machine terminal
Automotive rattle detection system
Connector receptacle having a short beam and long wipe dual beam contact
Power contact having current flow guiding feature and electrical connector containing same
Shieldless, high-speed electrical connectors
Gaming device having a bonus scheme with multiple selection groups
Gaming machine with scanning capability
Optical fiber array connectivity system utilizing angle polished ferrules and aligned-key adapters a...
Methods and systems for sub-pixel rendering with adaptive filtering
Color OLED display system
Subsea multiphase flow meter detector retrievable electronics
Umbilical retraction assembly and method
Kayak launcher
Conversion kit for all terrain vehicle
Clamp tool device and method of using
Self-contained marine propulsion system for a pontoon boat
Offshore floating dock
Boat slip step assembly
Shock limited hydrofoil system
Marine propulsion attachment with removable frame structure for non-self-propelled marine vehicles
Integrated sliding windshield for a boat
Retractable telescopic boat ladder
Offshore fluid transfer system
Detachable surfboard fin system
Cryogenic tank testing method including cathodic protection
Detection of nuclear weapons and fissile material abroad cargo containerships
Camera having a mirror box
Electrode shutter device with start area
Developing method and apparatus
Charge multiplying solid-state electronic image sensing device and method of controlling same
Image processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
Automatic flash switching rotational strobe frame
Nanoliter osmometer and method of operation
Direct synthesis of oxide nanostructures of low-melting metals
Structure and manufacturing process of a nano device transistor for a biosensor
Nanostructured multi-component and doped oxide powders and method of making same
Cosmetic formulations comprising ZnO nanoparticles
Nano-sized self-assembled liquid dilutable vehicles
Deposting nanowires on a substrate
Physical nano-machining with a scanning probe system for integrated circuit modification
Process for producing a nanoelement arrangement, and nanoelement arrangement
Method of forming an integrated circuit having nanocluster devices and non-nanocluster devices
Method for simultaneous fabrication of a nanocrystal and non-nanocrystal device
Carbon nanotube growth
Optically clear nanocomposites and products using nanoscale fillers
Shear modification of polyolefin-clay nanocomposites
Apparatus for modifying and measuring diamond and other workpiece surfaces with nanoscale precision
Magnetoresistance effect element comprising nano-contact portion not more than a fermi length, metho...
Systems, methods and apparatuses for manufacturing dosage forms
Anhydrous dentrifice formulations for the delivery of incompatible ingredients
Hair tonic composition
Papillomavirus truncated L1 protein and fusion protein constructs
Particulate compositions for pulmonary delivery
Soluble composition containing sporopollenin and the use thereof
Tape stripping methods for analysis of skin disease and pathological skin state
hCG therapy for the treatment of breast cancer
Use of leptin for treating human lipoatrophy and method of determining predisposition to said treatm...
Method for stabilizing blood pressure in hemodialysis subjects
Ether derivatives useful as inhibitors of PDE4 isozymes
Human leucine-rich repeat containing protein expressed predominately in small intestine, HLRRSI1
Composition of lactoferrin related peptides and uses thereof
Cyclohexyl derivatives as selective estrogen receptor modulators
Piece of heart-shaped jewelry with a hole generally centered on a midline of the piece of jewelry
Prosthetic shock absorber
Methods for improving proppant pack permeability and fracture conductivity in a subterranean well
Cement compositions comprising high aspect ratio materials and methods of use in subterranean format...
Method and apparatus for high frequency interfacing to biochemical membranes
Bromination process
Slow tail compensation
Flying disk for fishing
Device for releasing fishing line used with downrigger
Pet enclosing system
Inflatable pet house module
Apparatus for raising a sow in a farrowing crate
Fishing reel
Crank handle for spinning reel
Litter and refuse retrieval device
Removing foreign matter from aquarium water
Method and system for network-based, distributed, real-time command and control of an enterprise
Halftone phase shift mask blank, and method of manufacture
Phase shift mask blank, phase shift mask, and method of manufacture
Resist composition and patterning process
Process for producing reformate having increased xylenes content and reduced ethylbenzene content
Method and apparatus for detecting conception in animals
Large catalyst activator
Dielectric resin foam and lens for radio waves using the same
Phosphite additives in polyolefins
Process for producing polyester resins
Process for heating PET pellet feed to a solid stating process by heat exchange with hot solid state...
Process for isolating, purifying and formulating a stable, commercial grade Lutein paste from oleore...
High-purity trimethylaluminum and purification method of crude trimethylaluminum
Preparation of organohalosilanes
High-selective production method of di(aminomethyl)-substituted aromatic compound
Methods and devices for providing alerts for spoilage and hazardous combinations
Vote verification system and method
Cassette for handling and holding tissue samples during processing, embedding and microtome procedur...
Phase modulation in RF tag
RFID reader utilizing an analog to digital converter for data acquisition and power monitoring funct...
Tire tread wear sensor system
Merchandise marking with programmable transponders
Radio frequency tag and reader with asymmetric communication bandwidth
Asset management methods and apparatus
RFID devices for enabling reading of non-line-of-sight items
Hand-held portable printer with RFID read/write capability
Battery modem using short range wireless technology
System and method for performing security functions of a mobile station
Lipstick mechanism
Heterogeneous cleaning composition
Use of benzotriazole UV absorbers
Electrolyte and method for depositing tin-copper alloy layers
Corrosion prevention of cold rolled steel using water dispersible lignosulfonic acid doped polyanili...
Heat treatment method for a cold-rolled strip with an Ni and/or Co surface coating, sheet metal prod...
Proton conductor, single-ion conductor, and processes for producing these
Binder for a lithium-sulfur battery, positive active material composition comprising same and lithiu...
Blood glucose meter/modem interface arrangement
Aerial ladder cradle assembly
Thermosensitive biodegradable copolymer
Expert system and method
Neuromodulation device and method of using the same
Convertible stylet to abet in the implant of a left heart lead
Radiation detector
Apparatus and method for measuring myocardial oxygen consumption
Plate for ski binding
Metal wood sole having composite wedges
Air servo cylinder apparatus and controlling method therefor
Non-heavy metal optical bandpass filter in electro-optical readers
Machine tool
Clonal cell lines derived from BTI-TN-5B1-4
Trigger lock
Use of titanium dioxide as anti-UV agent in a rubber composition
Device and a process for expansion of haemopoeitic stem cells for therapeutic use
Degenerate birdcage coil and transmit/receive apparatus and method for same
NMR detector and NMR spectrometer equipped therewith
Method of analyzing astigmatic difference and method of correcting the spot diameters for an optical...
Catch hook for a folding box gluing machine
Method and device for drawing-in a material web
Web-fed rotary printing press
Radar display unit for vehicle reversing
Electrolytic polymer capacitors for decoupling power delivery, packages made therewith, and systems ...
Portulaca plant named `Balrioyel`
Method of ameliorating vision-inhibiting effects of cataracts and the like
Intraocular lens for implantation in an eye and instrument and methods for insertion of such a lens
Dye sensitized solar cells having foil electrodes
Electrochemical cell
Modified diffusion layer for use in a fuel cell system
Fuel cell systems
Fuel cell system
Fuel cell system
Composite electrolyte membrane and fuel cell containing the same
Regenerative autothermal catalytic steam reformer
Method of interrogating a barcode
Thermal strip thermocycler
Cry1F and Cry1Ac transgenic cotton lines and event-specific identification thereof
High temperature protection of fuel cell system combustor and other components via water or water va...
Method and apparatus for using cobalt silicided polycrystalline silicon for a one time programmable ...
Inductively coupled ballast circuit
Cooling of coils in magnetic resonance imaging
High resolution analytical probe station
Liquid crystal display device and method of driving the same
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
System for detection of wafer defects
Particle size distribution analyzer
Catoptric and catadioptric imaging systems with pellicle and aperture-array beam-splitters and non-a...
Class E amplifier with inductive clamp
Multi-component yarn, method of making and method of using the same
Sustained release ionic conjugate
Color keeping slip-resisting solution
System and method for performing semiconductor processing on substrate being processed
Cup-shaped plating apparatus
Carrier for developer for developing electrostatic latent image, image forming method using same and...
Radical polymerizable composition and lithographic printing plate precursor using the same
Human deubiquitinating protease gene on chromosome 7 and its murine ortholog
Laser processing apparatus and laser processing process
Semiconductor device
Method of fabricating polycrystalline silicon and switching device using polycrystalline silicon
Surface acoustic wave device
Method for identifying a movement of single tap on a touch device
Constant voltage control apparatus capable of reducing feedback lines
Optical information recording medium
Method and apparatus for call setup latency reduction
Clock delay adjusting method of semiconductor integrated circuit device and semiconductor integrated...
Clamp and alignment mechanism, and information recording and reproducing mechanism using the same
Flexing cosmetic applicator
Method and device for judging the condition of secondary batteries and method for regenerating secon...
Process for the hydroformylation of olefins
Method and apparatus to provision a network appliance
Flashback database
Method and apparatus for mapping network events to names of network devices
Intelligent data pool management engine
Automatically generating replication topology information for use by a directory service
Method, system and storage medium for simultaneous software image distribution to multiple optical n...
Method and system of remote monitoring and support of devices, using POP3 and decryption using virtu...
Method for synchronizing data utilized in redundant, closed loop control systems
Coverage metric and coverage computation for verification based on design partitions
Eyewear with removable insert
Heat treatment apparatus and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Optical disk vibration sensing and reproducing device
MRI apparatus
Method for planning and performing a magnetic resonance examination, magnetic resonance appliance an...
Electronic component and method for manufacturing the same
Hand-held electronic device
Transformer for resonant inverter
Noise reduction using correction vectors based on dynamic aspects of speech and noise normalization
Active threat detection and elimination while in transit
Wideband phased array radiator
System and method for calibrating and controlling a fly-height actuator in a magnetic recording disk...
Single wire bus for connecting devices and methods of operating the same
Monitoring APP cleavage in transgenic rodents comprising an APP-Swedish mutation
Ceramic dishwashing composition for inhibiting corrosion of glassware
Biometric self-contained gravity-operated illuminated tactile gun safe
Systems and methods for residue collection with improved letter handling capability
Sensor systems and methods of operation
Wireless sensor systems and methods, and methods of monitoring structures
Devices and method for spectral measurements
Computerized method for generating low-bias estimates of position of a vehicle from sensor data
Well fluids and methods of use in subterranean formations
Electronic power circuit for gas discharge lamps
Halo-substituted active methylene compounds
Process for preparation of phenethylamine derivatives
Board interlock ejection system
High-density NVRAM
Apparatus and method for storing and reading high data capacities
Method of determining current-voltage characteristics of a device
Method for selling upgrade packages in papermaking
Acoustical receiver housing for hearing aids
Print control apparatus, print control method, print system, and program
Image taking apparatus
Polarization state detecting system, light source, and exposure apparatus
Semiconductor device, and method for manufacturing the same
Electron beam emitting apparatus and image-forming apparatus
Display control system for displaying image information on multiple areas on a display screen
Exposure apparatus and method
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Print system, image processing apparatus and information processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for print error recovery
Image communication apparatus
Quantum-state-generating apparatus, Bell measurement apparatus, quantum gate apparatus, and method f...
Free space optics communication apparatus and free space optics communication system
Image forming apparatus, developing unit and storage medium
Storage device and processing method
Wireless transmit-only apparatus and method
Semiconductor heat-dissipating substrate, and manufacturing method and package therefor
Semiconductor component
Conductive bump for semiconductor device and method for making the same
Interlayer connector for preventing delamination of semiconductor device
Contact structure of semiconductor devices and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device mounting method, semiconductor device mounting structure, electro-optical devic...
Semiconductor device containing stacked semiconductor chips and manufacturing method thereof
White light emitting device having corrected distributions of chromaticity and luminance
Probe card and method for manufacturing probe card
Substrate with patterned conductive layer
Probe head with machined mounting pads and method of forming same
Multi-pitch test probe assembly for testing semiconductor dies having contact pads
Tester interface module
Printed wiring board having edge plating interconnects
Integrated overvoltage and overcurrent device
Semiconductor apparatus and a semiconductor unit, the semiconductor unit including a functional laye...
System and method for using software objects to manage devices connected to a network in a vehicle
Host-fabric adapter having hardware assist architecture and method of connecting a host system to a ...
Network protocol engine
Cache updating method and apparatus
System and method for accelerated device initialization
Data processing apparatus and method for operating a data processing module for secure power saving
Data processing performance control based on a status signal indicating the maximum voltage that can...
Method for distributing the processing among multiple synchronization paths in a computer system uti...
Hierarchical test circuit structure for chips with multiple circuit blocks
Synergism of photodynamic and electropermeation effect on cell vitality as a novel cytotoxic agent
Methods for inducing fibrillation utilizing subcutaneous electrodes
Apparatus and method for ventricular rate regularization
Method for altering nitrogen or oil content of seeds by down regulating AGL11 expression or activity
Magnetic resonance imaging method
Transgenic plants with elevated thioredoxin levels
Medical composition for external use for dermatosis
Flutter-reducing disk device
Disc drive apparatus
Video summary description scheme and method and system of video summary description data generation ...
System and method for providing interactivity for end-users over digital broadcast channels
Apparatus for pre-authentication of users using one-time passwords
Method and apparatus for providing node security in a router of a packet network
Digital video disc player with tuner
Laminar flow meter or controller
Safety headlight
Plasma processing methods and apparatus
Dynamic corrections for a non-linear touchscreen
Tool for measuring available bandwidth in computer networks
Data storage verification techniques for disk drivers
Photonic crystal interferometric fiber optical gyroscope system
Fiber optic module packaging architecture for integrated circuit and optical subassembly integration
Optical switching systems and methods
Optical monitor and a method for improved optical monitoring
Apparatus and method for combining light from two or more fibers into a single fiber
Dispersion compensating fiber module, and optical fiber transmission line
Fiber optic cable and process for manufacturing
Fractional cladding for optical fibers
Non-zero dispersion shifted optical fiber having large effective area, low slope and low zero disper...
Subband spectrum analysis for optical multiplex section protection
Broadband optical network apparatus and method
Raman amplifier
Post-processing scheme for adaptive directional microphone system with noise/interference suppressio...
Methods of achieving optimal communications performance
Detergent cosmetic compositions comprising a polymer mixture, for cleaning, conditioning and styling...
Laundry treatment compositions comprising a polymer with a cationic and polydialkylsiloxane moiety
Platform independent model-based framework for exchanging information in the justice system
Exterior aircraft vision system using a helmet-mounted display
Method and apparatus for quay container crane-based automated optical container code recognition wit...
Travel assist system
Simultaneous imaging of cardiac perfusion and a vitronectin receptor targeted imaging agent
Method, system, and article of manufacture for writing on sequential storage media
Selectively reducing the number of cell evaluations in a hardware simulation
Methods and apparatus for stride profiling a software application
Digital broadcasting system and digital broadcasting station and digital broadcasting receiver
Biometric system for replacing password or pin terminals
Data distribution system as well as data supply device terminal device and recording device for the ...
Apparatus for switching between a combination of operating modes such that the power consumed is red...
Affective control of information systems
Method, apparatus, and system for user-multiplexing in multiple access systems with retransmission
Detachable tabs presenting accessed objects in a multi-tab interface
Method and apparatus for modulating radio link control (RLC) ACK/NAK persistence to improve performa...
Layered decoding approach for low density parity check (LDPC) codes
Control of engineering processes using magnetostrictive alloy compositions
Apparatus for countercurrent contacting of gas and solids
FCC apparatus
Process for preparing tert-butanol
High-pressure pump, in particular for a fuel injection system of an internal combustion engine
Closed loop multiphase underbalanced drilling process
Fan array fan section in air-handling systems
Variable discharge pump with two pumping plungers and shared shuttle member
Multi-layer compressor housing and method of manufacture
Reciprocating-piston machine with a sliding sleeve
Reciprocating piston compressor for a gaseous medium
Linear compressor
Electric motor fuel pump
Electric compressor
Variable capacity pump/motor
Condenser fan motor dust shield
Blast resistant window
Air spring and shock absorber assembly for use in suspension systems
Vehicle suspension beam
Trailing arm suspension system
Method and apparatus for noninvasive physiologic monitoring
Imaging medical diagnosis apparatus and method for the operation of a magnetic resonance apparatus
Wind noise insensitive hearing aid
Method of processing a sound signal in a hearing aid
Method for the operation of a hearing aid as well as a hearing aid
Environmentally friendly dual lube venturi filter cartridge
Coated activated carbon for automotive emission control
Method and apparatus for magnetoresistive monitoring of analytes in flow streams
Control of cooling water system using rate of consumption of fluorescent polymer
Method for treating paint booth water systems
Discharging sand from a vessel at elevated pressure
Method for removing formic acid from aqueous solutions
Method of filtering a fluid and remote filtering station
Apparatus and method for separating and concentrating fluids containing multiple components
Size-exclusion-based extraction of affinity ligands and active compounds from natural samples
Apparatus and method for using intestinal segments or their substitutes in high-throughput analysis ...
Method and apparatus for solids processing
Filter for sludge filtration
Control apparatus for electric railcar
Push-pull inverter with snubber energy recovery
Dual-voltage vehicle electric system
Class D amplifier and a method of pulse width modulation
Semi-enclosed applicators for distributing a substance onto a target surface
Substituted imidazolidines, process for their preparation, and their use as a medicament or diagnost...
Substituted thienoimidazoles useful for disease treatment and prevention
5-[3-(4-benzyloxyphenylthio)-fur-2-yl]-imidazolidin-2, 4-dione and analogues as inhibitors of macrop...
Glycogen synthase kinase 3.beta. inhibitor, composition and process for the preparation thereof
Method of synthesising perindopril and the pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof
Salinosporamides and methods for use thereof
Variable area nozzle
Piezoelectric o-ring transducer
Personal control of address assignment and greeting options for multiple BRG ports
Imaging element having improved crack propagation during conversion
Sensor surfaces for detecting analytes and methods of use
Light-emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
Zeolite/SiC composites and their use in catalysis
Discharge produced plasma EUV light source
Thermal interposer for thermal management of semiconductor devices
Direct antifreeze cooled fuel cell power plant with passive water management
Method for detecting electrical defects in membrane electrode assemblies
Microarrays and their manufacture by slicing
Method for adding an apparent non-signal line to a rapid diagnostic assay
Recovery of hydrophobicity of low-k and ultra low-k organosilicate films used as inter metal dielect...
Bilayer cap structure including HDP/bHDP films for conductive metallization and method of making sam...
Extended lathering pillow article for personal care
Cationic bleach activator with enhanced hydrolytic stability
High tear films from hafnocene catalyzed polyethylenes
Absorbent article formed with microlayered films
Optical components having improved print permanence
Apparatus and method for large hardware finite state machine with embedded equivalence classes
Apparatus and method for decreasing the lock time of a lock loop circuit
Community-based green list for antispam
Methods and systems for object identification and interaction
Facilitating user interaction
Systems, methods and apparatus for tracking on-call activity
Methods and apparatus for re-establishing communication for a wireless communication device after a ...
Methods and device for digitally signing data
Expandable medical device for delivery of beneficial agent
Expandable medical device for delivery of beneficial agent
Protocol for monitoring platelet inhibition
2-(3-sulfonylamino-2-oxopyrrolidin-1-yl)propanamides as factor xa inhibitors
Coumarin analog compounds for safer anticoagulant treatment
Therapeutic antiangiogenic compositions and methods
Guinea pig proteinase-activated receptor 4 and its activating peptide
Method for detecting a lipoprotein-acute phase protein complex and predicting an increased risk of s...
3-(4-amidopyrrol-2-ylmethlidene)-2-indolinone derivatives as protein kinase inhibitors
Process for the preparation of rosuvastatin
Process of making a non-corrosive GMR slider for proximity recording
Methods, devices and systems for screw feeding by vacuum and gravity
Tape loading apparatus
Magnetic recording and reproduction apparatus
Thin-film magnetic head, head gimbal assembly, and hard disk drive
Stationary tape guide with spring arrangement and ceramic guide portion mating with plastic mounting...
Magnetic recording medium having three ferromagnetic layers with increasing intrinsic coercivity fro...
Head stack assembly with an actuator body and flex cable guiding support and method of making the sa...
Shield structure design to improve the stability of an MR head
Magnetoresistive element
Cassette library device
Canted easy axis in self-pinned layers
Magazine-based data cartridge library
Fabrication method for an in-stack stabilized synthetic stitched CPP GMR head
Data cartridges handler including a ring-shaped carousel and a picker within the inner periphery of ...
Disk drive comprising a spindle motor employing anionic/cationic lubricant to reduce disk surface po...
Magnetic head for perpendicular recording and magnetic disk storage apparatus mounting the head
Thin film magnetic head capable of reducing expansion and bending of a recording pattern, method of ...
Toning agents for use in thermographic recording materials
Means for producing milk or frothy milk drinks
Method of reducing risk of infection of a bovine teat after cessation of milking
Food scoop
Shaving cream composition and method of using
Personal care composition for shaving
Process for preparing a pharmaceutical composition containing an active ingredient and a micronised ...
Apparatus and method for performing a bypass procedure in a digestive system
11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 1 inhibitors useful for the treatment of diabetes, obesity and ...
2-Amino-imidazo[4,5-d]pyridazin-4-ones, their preparation and their use as pharmaceutical compositio...
Method of treating non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus with phytanic acid derivatives
Carbonylamino-substituted acyl phenyl urea derivatives, process for their preparation and their use
Methods of use of DNA encoding a human histamine receptor of the H3 subtype
Fibronectin precursor biopolymer markers indicative of alzheimer's disease
IG heavy chain, IG kappa, IG lambda biopolymer markers predictive of Alzheimer's disease
Complement C3 precursor biopolymer markers indicative of insulin resistance
Regulation of human serine/threonine kinase
Combination product of a 1,4-benzothiepine 1,1-dioxide compound with at least one other active ingre...
Antisense modulation of PTP1B expression
Stacked-plate gas-expansion cooler assembly, fabrication method, and use
Constant temperature refrigeration system for extensive temperature range application and control me...
Heat transfer tubes, including methods of fabrication and use thereof
Heat exchanger package with split charge air cooler
Heat exchanger for a motor vehicle
Plate-type heat exchanger
Apparatus for increasing a transfer of thermal energy through an inner surface of a hollow cylindric...
Fan module for a heat dissipating device
Plasma polymerization enhancement of surface of metal for use in refrigerating and air conditioning
Hybrid evaporator
Flattened tube cold plate for liquid cooling electrical components
Heat-dissipating module
Semiconductor processing temperature control
Heat exchanger system for circuit card assemblies
Electronic equipment
Method and apparatus for side-type heat dissipation
Spray cool system with a dry access chamber
Apparatus and method for cooling semiconductor devices
Fastener for heat sink
Heat sink mounting device
Apparatus and method to remove dental implant
Lobed dental implant
Abutment system and method for preparing the same
Osteoimplant and method for making same
Method and apparatus for scanning in scanning probe microscopy and presenting results
Conforming template for patterning liquids disposed on substrates
Positive tone bi-layer imprint lithography method
Address resolution protocol to map internet protocol addresses to a node transport identifier
Addressing method and name and address server in a digital network
Secure network identity distribution
Keypad device security system and method
Protective relay test device
Voltage tolerant structure for I/O cells
Portable automatic test instrument for video displays and generators
Receiving device
Bandwidth management for remote services system
Pressing and vacuum-packing diaper
Polyimide/metal laminate, and electric/electronic equipment bases, magnetic recording bases, solar b...
Substrate with transparent conductive oxide film, process for its production and photoelectric conve...
ZnO/Cu(InGa)Se.sub.2 solar cells prepared by vapor phase Zn doping
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor light-emitting device, surface-emission laser diode, and production apparatus thereof,...
Ethylenically-unsaturated blue anthraquinone dyes
Methods of hyperdoping semiconductor materials and hyperdoped semiconductor materials and devices
Method and system for transmitting and activating an application requesting human intervention in an...
Dynamic tree control system
Selecting screens in a GUI using events generated by a set of view controllers
Process and device for circuit design by means of high-level synthesis
Method for verifying safety properties of java byte code programs
Method and system for accessing objects defined within an external object-oriented environment
Method and device for executing a function with selection and sending of multiple results in a clien...
Carriers coated with polysaccharides, their preparation and use
Protein-stabilized liposomal formulations of pharmaceutical agents
Antimicrobial compositions containing colloids of oligodynamic metals
Biodegradable cationic polymer
Indoline and tetrahydro-quinolines as prodrugs for tumour treatment
Infra-red detector and method of making and using same
Monolithic micro scanning device
Process for fabricating non-volatile memory by tilt-angle ion implantation
Innovative polyestersiloxane acrylates, their use as additives in radiation-curable coatings and pri...
Method for forming liquid crystal display comprising manufacturing light-shielding film by applying ...
Braze alloy containing particulate material
Plastic barrel and method for manufacturing the barrel
Foil look printing technique
Monolithic ink-jet printhead
Systems and methods for allocating an outcome amount among a total number of events
Method for producing highly pure tris-ortho metalated organoiridium compounds
Forward-only evaluation for XPATH inverse query processing
Method and system for synchronizing identity information
Identifying files within a namespace
System and method for exchanging data
System and method for managing internet storage
Method to synchronize and upload an offloaded network stack connection with a network stack
System and method for data synchronization
Dynamic resizing of dialogs
Glanceable information system and method
Irreversible optical recording medium
Apparatus for controlling acousto-optic tunable filter and method of selecting wavelength
Optical device and method for manufacturing the same
Image forming apparatus using a cleaning member for preventing noises and process cartridge therefor
Method for mapping a tubular region near the heart
Ischemia detection
Implantable drug delivery device
Method and apparatus for controlling fluid supply to a clutch pack of an automatic transmission
Method for controlling an operating condition of a vehicle engine
Method for determining a change in air consumption for a combustion engine
Adjustable tension clip and method of use
Portable trailer
Locking tether assembly for shipping container doors
Secure life jacket container
Apparatus for separating particulates from a suspension, and uses thereof
Conducting polymer films and method of manufacturing the same by surface polymerization using ion-as...
Configurable dual process welding head and method
Formation of a field reversed configuration for magnetic and electrostatic confinement of plasma
Method for monitoring the movements of individuals in and around buildings, rooms and the like, and ...
Canine security system
Slow motion detection system
Multi-sensor surveillance portal
Gun barrel inspection mirror device
Method and apparatus for a dynamic data correction appliance
Comparing the position of shared objects
Method for forming footwear structures using thermoforming
Tamper resistant institutional shoe
Insole for footwear
Sole with improved construction
Sport board
Universal ski and snowboard binding
Light and sound producing system
Low-viscosity, silicone-modified penetrating asphalt sealer to eliminate water associated problems i...
Integrated shop vacuum and air compressor system
Shoe manufacturing method
Portion of a shoe outsole
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Self-seeded single-frequency solid-state ring laser and system using same
Method and apparatus for material processing
Safety system for focused energy applications
Surface emitting semiconductor laser
Semiconductor laser diode and semiconductor laser diode assembly containing the same
Wafer-level test structure for edge-emitting semiconductor lasers
DFB semiconductor laser device having ununiform arrangement of a diffraction grating
Method for adjusting alignment of laser beams in combined-laser-light source where the laser beams a...
Optical active device
Self-adjusting data transmitter
Laser printer with toner cartridge
Apparatus and method for inputting measurements into a software product to construct software models...
Laser optical system for liquid crystal display device
Information recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Optical disc cutting apparatus and method for manufacturing optical disc
Optical pickup
Power transmission device having torque transfer mechanism with power-operated clutch actuator
Low power modulating clutch control system
Fluid delivery system for spray applicator
Vehicle door with pivot arm
Integral doghouse fastener with retaining feature
Center occupant armrest actuated head restraint
Connection between a steering mechanism and a steering column of a motor vehicle steering system
Driving force control apparatus and method for hybrid vehicle
Integrated center stack switch bank for motor vehicle
Switch device
Engine air-fuel ratio control system
Rivet driving anvil retention system and method
Cylinder rod with position sensor surface markings
MCU based high energy ignition
Method for bonding surfaces on a web
Hollow capsule having a wall permeable to water or an aqueous solution
Aluminum conductor composite core reinforced cable and method of manufacture
Polyglycolic acid-based resin composition and shaped product thereof
Absorbent barrier structures having a high convective air flow rate and articles made therefrom
Circuit component built-in module and method for manufacturing the same
Via recess in underlying conductive line
Installation for producing non-woven textile webs with jet fluids leaving no visible mark
Method and system for removing residual water from excess washcoat by ultrafiltration
Pneumatic tire with short fibers and sipes having zigzag part and producing method thereof
Pneumatic tire with specified inner liner
Rubber composition for tire sidewalls and pneumatic tires using the same
Golf ball
Conductive roller and image-forming apparatus having conductive roller
Head for golf club
Head for golf club
Head for golf club
Rubber composition for tire and run flat tire using the same
Golf club head
Golf ball
Method and apparatus for performing prosody-based endpointing of a speech signal
Supplying/removing apparatus of puncture sealant of tire
Runflat tire system and support ring therefor
Pneumatic tire including main and auxiliary oblique grooves in axially inner region of tread
Vibration damping device for use in automotive suspension system and suspension system using the sam...
Composition for textile printing
Pneumatic tire with blended composite fiber cords
Synthesis of soluble functionalized lithium initiators
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Annular wire antenna and transponder apparatus method of assembly
Roof weather strip for convertible car
Osteogenic fusion device
Ex vivo and in vivo expression of the thrombomodulin gene for the treatment of cardiovascular and pe...
Growth differentiation factor-8
Access systems and methods for minimally invasive surgery
Therapeutic delivery balloon
Stent with stepped connectors
Method for producing micromechanical structures and a micromechanical structure
Spin-on glass composition and method of forming silicon oxide layer in semiconductor manufacturing p...
Semiconductor device, electro-optical device, integrated circuit and electronic equipment
Modified nodavirus RNA for gene delivery
Human E3.alpha. ubiquitin ligase family
Endoscope apparatus having an internal channel
Plasma spraying
Composite base material and adhesive film
Polymer electrolytes crosslinked by e-beam
Method and equipment for automated tracking and identification of nonuniform items
Magnetic resonance imaging receive circuit
Fluorescent image obtaining apparatus
Wall mountable wire corner basket
Room air purifier
Processor for endoscope
Diffuser/emulsifier for aquaculture applications
Transducer-protector device for biomedical haemodialysis lines
Sustained release microcapsules
Lighting methods and systems
Method of and an apparatus for establishing a golf practice range
Photoluminescent golf ball
Engaging element useful for securing objects, such as footwear and other foot-receiving devices
Purification with reducing agents of vinyl polymers obtained by atom transfer radical polymerization
Aggregating, retrieving, and providing access to document visuals
Method and system for exporting flight data for long term storage
Variably delayable transmission of packets between independently clocked source, intermediate, and d...