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Thin-film magnetic head having heater member and bump for electrical connection of heater member
Connectable memory devices to provide expandable memory
Failure analysis system and failure analysis method of logic LSI
Virtual impactor device with reduced fouling
Continuously variable transmission
Exercise device tubing
Hand-held drinking container
Upper back exercise machine and method of use
Exercise apparatus
Abdominal exercising support apparatus
Portable abdominal exerciser
Treadmill mechanism
Exercise apparatus with resilient foot support
Therapy cushion for use with blood pressure cuff
Isometric/pacing exercise device and method for performing isometric exercises
Elliptical exercise apparatus with articulating track
Open hand gripped exercise device
Exercise device
Hybrid translator in a global positioning system (GPS)
Communications system that reduces auto-correlation or cross-correlation in weak signals
Microstrip band pass filter using end-coupled SIRs
Methods and apparatus for spectral filtering channel estimates
Iterative method, and apparatus for acquiring time and frequency synchronization in a DSSS receiver
Continuous self-calibration of internal analog signals
Fast phase synchronization and retrieval of sequence components in three-phase networks
Efficient reduced complexity windowed optimal time domain equalizer for discrete multitone-based DSL...
Method and system for adaptively combining signals
Information exchange system
Method and apparatus for supporting cellular data communication to roaming mobile telephony devices
System and method of monitoring and controlling application files
X-ray CT apparatus
Emulation of operational characteristics of electronic device
Methods and transformations for transforming metadata model
Method, computer program product, and system of optimized data translation from relational data stor...
Method, system and program products for managing a clustered computing environment
Processor system, especially a processor system for communications devices
Machine code builder derived power consumption reduction
Method of extraction of wire capacitances in LSI device having diagonal wires and extraction program...
Methods and apparatuses for recording and playing back audio signals
Refractory period tracking and arrhythmia detection
High-voltage feed-through capacitor and magnetron
Time-domain windowing of multi-band OFDM system to enable spectral sculpting
Method, system and computer readable medium for an intelligent search workstation for computer assis...
Charging device and image forming apparatus
Toner cartridge used with electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Performance estimation tool for data storage systems
System and method for authorizing a party to join a conference
Participant display and selection in video conference calls
Conferencing using flexible connection ports
Method for preparing food article
Polyol coated food product
Preparation process of green tea extract
Flexible package having insulating support member
Emulsions for confectionery applications
Method and system for powderizing a liquid form treated material into powder form
Use of dextrin in animal feeds
Knotting system for a dough strand
Closed system bioreactor apparatus
Liquid composition of 2-Isopropyl-N,2,3-trimethylbutyramide and N-Ethyl-p-menthane-3-carboxamide, it...
Toy storage system and method for teaching children
Mixtures of fructose-containing sweeteners with ternary or quaternary high-intensity sweetener blend...
Sharpener carried by the product table of a food slicer
Methods and systems for providing access to decision critical information for food services supply c...
Oil modifier to lower fat content of fried foods
System & Method for Producing Foamed and Steamed Milk
Scheme for spreading and facilitating remote e-services
Column address path circuit and method for memory devices having a burst access mode
Technique for accessing memory in a data processing apparatus
Recording device for writing data including expiration time data
Method and apparatus for securing data stored on a removable storage medium of a computer system
Method and apparatus for programming a flash memory
Balancing most frequently used file system clusters across a plurality of disks
Method for rearranging logical volume
Invariant memory page pool and implementation thereof
Computer system and method for determining operation in a multi-channel mode
Heap allocation
System and method for quality of service management in a partitioned storage device or subsystem
Virtual physical drives
Data processing system having translation lookaside buffer valid bits with lock and method therefor
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Spinal implants and methods of providing dynamic stability to the spine
Method for correcting a deformity in the spinal column and its corresponding implant
Expandable implant device with interchangeable spacer
Spinal implant and implant inserter
Prosthetic intervertebral discs
Prosthetic intervertebral discs
Low-compliance expandable medical device
Low-compliance expandable medical device
Rail-based modular disc nucleus prosthesis
High precision manufacture of polyurethane products such as spinal disc implants having gradual modu...
High precision manufacture of polyurethane products such as spinal disc implants having gradual modu...
Orthopaedic implant, stem and associated method
Orthopaedic implant stem component, joint component, and associated kit
Orthopaedic implant kit, orthopaedic surgery kit and associated method
Sensing system and method for motion-controlled foot unit
System and method for determining terrain transitions
Engraftment of stem cell technology to life insurance policies and methods of reducing payouts on sa...
Data storage device with wireless interface for autonomous operation
Pattern verification method, program thereof, and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Method for testing and controlling workflows in a clinical system and/or components thereof
Method and system for XML message based transactions on a medical diagnostic system
Streaming video network system
Control method, control program, and control system
Modified transferrin fusion proteins
Use of protein products for preventing and treating pancreatic diseases and/or obesity and/or metabo...
Method of treatment and prophylaxis
Inactive ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II-alpha knockin animal and knockin cell of the sa...
Method of making a geneticaly modified mammalian cell
Nucleic acid sequences from diabrotica virgifera virgifera LeConte and uses thereof
Inbred broccoli line GKO-1
Promoter and methods of use in plants
Herbicide Resistance Gene, Compositions and Methods
Polynucleotide encoding 2-hydorxyisoflavanone dehydratase and application of the same
Methods of modulating cytokinin related processes in a plant using B3 domain proteins
Embro sac-specific genes
Pineapple lily plant named 'Eucomis 155'
Phormium tenax plant named 'PHOS2'
Helianthus plant named 'TABLE MOUNTAIN'
Purified water reclamation process
Method and system for operating a shut-off valve of a filtration system
Biofouling control of membrane water-purification systems
Acid mine water demineralization methods
Method for operating electrodeionization deionized water producing apparatus, electrodeionization de...
Reverse osmosis filtration system storage tanks
Liquid feed pump, filter housing, valve and spray nozzle and spray apparatus incorporating the same
Ultraviolet light treatment chamber
Heat resistant ohmic electrode and method of manufacturing the same
Methods and compositions for decontaminating surfaces exposed to chemical and/or biological warfare ...
CD147 binding molecules as therapeutics
Production Method of Food and Beverage Products with High Content of gamma-Aminobutyric Acid and Foo...
Beverage precursor and process for manufacture thereof
Method for detecting target plant genus
Silicon surface preparation
Substituted, non-coding nucleic acid molecule for therapeutic and prophylactic stimulation of the im...
Method for synthesizing spiro quartenary ammonium systems
Polyglycerols and production thereof
Systems and methods for fluid quality sensing, data sharing and data visualization
Tissue disruption treatment and composition for use thereof
Stabilized and preserved ketotifen ophthalmic compositions
Stabilized and preserved ketotifen ophthalmic compositions
Combination of a lanthanum compound and bone enhancing agent for the treatment of bone diseases
Composition for reduction of scar formation on wound scar
Topical turmeric skin care products
Immunomodulatory compositions
Antibacterial treatment and composition
Anti-inflammatory compositions and methods of use
Anti-inflammatory compositions and methods of use
Use of Effect Pigments in Ingested Drugs
Mass tags for quantitative analyses
Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) peptides
Tablets for dispersing agricultural compounds
Pesticide composition
Use of Insulin for the Treatment of Cartilaginous Disorders
Bioabsorbable stent
Sales system and sales processing apparatus for selling an intangible product and a tangible product
Method and apparatus for programmable generation of traffic streams
Plasma display panel, plasma display apparatus and method of driving the same
Semiconductor device and a method for the manufacture thereof
Highly efficient segmented word line MRAM array
Modular software components for wireless communication devices
Image forming apparatus and elastic roller
Respiratory therapy device for keeping free natural respiratory tract of a human body and the use th...
Aerosol delivery system
User interface and content enhancements for real-time communication
Method and system for designing and implementing shapes in a software module
Guard assembly for a sectional garage door
Electro-hydraulic power unit with a rotary cam hydraulic power unit
Catheter-delivered cardiac lead
Wired circuit board
Test reading apparatus for memories
Cleaning blade for image formation apparatus
Inhibition of A.beta. production by .beta.-secretase BACE2
Encoding addresses in a communication system
Cell culture system for synthesis of infectious hepatitis C virus
Power supply with internally limited outputs for use in lighting systems for direct mounting onto a ...
Dual function prosthetic bone implant and method for preparing the same
Azole compounds
Bicyclic imidazole derivatives, the preparation thereof and their use as pharmaceutical compositions
Substituted heterocycle fused .gamma.-carbolines
Amide derivatives as glycogen synthase kinase 3-.beta. inhibitors
Fluoropyrrolidines as dipeptidyl peptidase inhibitors
Indole derivatives useful for the treatment of diseases
PPAR-activating compound and pharmaceutical composition comprising the compound
Heterocyclic compounds and methods of use
Substituted cyclic compounds, preparation method and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Method and apparatus for the generation of computer graphic representations of individuals
Apparatus using reference measurement for calibration
Method of storing material into which gas saturates
Dual wavelength semiconductor laser emitting apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
Method and apparatus for fiber Bragg grating production
System and method for protecting eye safety during operation of a fiber optic transceiver
Optical transmission controller
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge
Semiconductor laser device containing laser driver and electronic equipment having the same
Light emitting device with an integrated monitor photodiode
Test head for optically inspecting workpieces
Method for remote sensing of pollutant molecules in a transparent medium using ultra-short intense l...
High speed swept frequency spectroscopic system
Method for identifying measuring points in an optical measuring system
Image-forming device and scanning unit for use therein
Master-oscillator power-amplifier (MOPA) excimer or molecular fluorine laser system with long optics...
Evanescent-field optical amplifiers and lasers
Optical pickup
Method for making dimensionally stable composite products from lignocelluloses
Local network using an electrical power distribution system and associated reflection device
Hard disk device
System and method for implementing channel change operations in internet protocol television systems
Determination of scaling for scaled physical architectural models
Dual Coupling Link for Rubber Band Sculptures
Personal organizer method and system
Globe with map detail display
System and method for providing customized contents
Inexpensive computer-aided learning methods and apparatus for learners
Three Dimensional Object with Lights, Flash Memory, Fiber Optics and Power USB Plug
System and method for assessment or survey response collection using a remote, digitally recording u...
Backwards and backwards numbering system
Battery housing structure for portable devices
Power factor correction circuit
Adapter for a power tool battery
DC/DC converter
Constant-voltage power circuit with fold back current limiting capability
Current monitoring system using bi-directional current sensor
Switching power source, switching power source control method, electric apparatus having the switchi...
Integrated circuit and method for generating a clock signal
Fuse sense circuit
Semiconductor device having internal power supply voltage dropping circuit
Buck converter with high efficiency gate driver providing extremely short dead time
Switching frequency jitter having output ripple cancel for power supplies
Method of measuring a monophase voltage
Method and circuit arrangement for determining the average current consumption of a battery-operated...
Electric charger and power supply device for portable terminal
Vehicle generator control system
Vehicle power-generation control unit and vehicle power-generation control system
Reactive power compensator device
Connection method for a static VAR compensator
Hermetically sealed multi feed-through pin electrical connector
Sample holder for physical vapor deposition equipment
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Wireless electronic device with a kinetic-energy-to-electrical-energy converter
Detecting cargo status and load activity
Light-activated RFID tag
Miniature radio frequency transceiver
RFID reader system incorporating antenna orientation sensing
Dynamically reconfigurable antennas for RFID label encoders/readers
Cellphone GPS positioning system
Wristwatch with antenna
Transmission rate control method, mobile station, radio base station, and radio network controller
Apparatus, method and computer program product providing simultaneous radio resource and service req...
Mechanisms to extend UMA or GAN to inter-work with UMTS core network
Prioritization techniques for quality of service packet transmission over EV-DO network
Reverse link power control for an OFDMA system
Positioning a multipath search window
Averaging a delay profile in a limited delay range
Apparatus and method of on-channel repeater
Networking methods and systems
Single path architecture & automatic gain control (SAGC) algorithm for low power SDARS receivers
Apparatus for producing a DNA doped carbon cluster and method for producing the same
Tractor/trailer back up kit
Electric motor circuit with overload protection
Vehicle system control unit with auxiliary control capabilities
Watercraft network
Vehicle dynamics behavior reproduction system
Method and apparatus for an E-mail affiliate program
Device for the longitudinally guiding a motor vehicle
Engine protection system
Vehicle navigation system
Volume controller
Turret targeting system and method for a fire fighting vehicle
Portable loudspeaker with replaceable insertion base
Thermal device and method
Device comprising at least one functional unit of a camshaft adjusting device
Device for hydraulic valve lift switching
Control system and method for engine valve actuator
Air and fuel supply system for combustion engine
Method and system to avoid piston-valve collision
Variable valve timing controller for internal combustion engine
Adjusting device for camshafts, particularly for motor vehicles
Control apparatus
Lean-burn engine exhaust air-fuel and temperature management strategy for improved catalyst durabili...
Electromechanical valve actuator for internal combustion engines and internal combustion engine equi...
Valve timing controller
Camshaft adjuster for an internal combustion engine
Method for controlling valves during the stop of an engine having a variable event valvetrain
Method and device for determining the phase position of a camshaft of an internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for ranked join indices
Query transformation for queries involving correlated subqueries having correlation join predicates ...
Method, system, and program product for executing a scalar function on a varying number of records w...
Delayed distance computations for nearest-neighbor queries in an R-tree index
Image indexing search system and method
Data interoperability between open standard directory service and proprietary database
Method and apparatus for presenting query plans
Systems and methods for data retrieval, manipulation, and delivery
Query scheduling in a parallel-processing database system
System and method for reverse routing materialized query tables in a database
Process for preparing alkali-and heat-stable sugar alcohol compositions and a sorbitol composition
Bacterial composition and its use
Information processing apparatus and method for generating print data to be printed in a printer tha...
Network switch stacking configuration
Image processing apparatus
Compensation system and method for sound reproduction
Methods and systems for steganographic processing
Multi-stage watermarking process and system
Using steganographic encoded information with maps
Apparatus for capturing information as a file and enhancing the file with embedded information
Individually specifying message output attributes in a messaging system
Data exchange system comprising portable data processing units
Secure distribution of digital content
Content identifiers triggering corresponding responses
Nectarine tree named `SUGAR PEARL`
Shrub rose plant named `Meigadraz`
Corn plant named `Venus Express`
Coleus plant named `ScolK1`
Hypericum plant named `Autumn Surprise`
Poinsettia plant named `Duepremimapri`
Poinsettia plant named `Duearcwi`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Duerilav`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Delightful Yovictoria`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Elegant Yomarjorie`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yodawn`
Dieffenbachia plant named `Mary`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yellow Yograceland`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Sunny Yogainesville`
Peach tree named `S 6359`
Peach tree names `S 5848`
Antirrhinum plant named `Amalia Pink`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Samos`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yosun City`
Diagnosis and treatment of cancer
Method of expressing Heliothis ecdysone receptor fusion protein
Compositions and methods for enhancing disease resistance in fish
Cytotoxin-based biological containment
Method and device for detecting biologically active substances
Method for the use of distiller's grain as herbicide and fertilizer
Nucleic acids encoding linked chromo/fluorescent domains and methods for using the same
Computer user interface architecture wherein users interact with both content and user interface by ...
Screen control method
Query pruning using interior circles for geodetic data in an R-tree index
Systems and methods for extracting coherent correlation data
Element management system with dynamic database updates based on parsed snooping
Lighting apparatus
Method and apparatus for removing particulate metals from dental waste water
High capacity regenerable sorbent for removing arsenic and other toxic ions from drinking water
Key fob deactivation system and method
Waterproof pace clock
Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp
Method and system for monitoring power supplies
Interactive system using tags
Water-absorbent resin and production process therefor
Method to convert seismic traces into petrophysical property logs
Pesticide in gel form
Damage-resistant superabsorbent materials
Methods of reducing water permeability for acidizing a subterranean formation
Ink jet-recording medium and method for producing the same
Reaction chamber that comprises a jacket that contains at least one module that is connected by flex...
Additives for inhibiting the formation of gas hydrates
Methanol manufacture using pressure swing reforming
Active ingredient combinations for hair-dyeing agents
Detergent cosmetic compositions and use thereof
Polymer particles having select pendant groups and composition prepared therefrom
Polymer blends that swell in an acidic environment and deswell in a basic environment
Surfactant composition containing hydrophobically modified polymer
Polyvinyl alcohol film and polarizing film
Hydrophobically modified polymers
Monoclonal antibody 7H11 reactive with human cancer
Electro-optic reflective element assembly
Compositions and methods for use in three dimensional model printing
Process for the preparation of free standing membranes
Screening for electrical conductivity of molecules by measuring surface potential
Structural printing of absorbent webs
Preventing deposition of fouling agents onto equipment
Room temperature curable functionalized HNBR coating
Mouth guard and sheet for mouth guard
Multi-functional solder and articles made therewith, such as microelectronic components
Ink composition and inkjet recording method
Dry toner, toner kit, and image forming apparatus and process cartridge using the dry toner
Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material
Polarizing plate having cellulose ester films on opposite sides thereof and liquid crystal display e...
Closed end slotted carbon anodes for aluminum electrolysis cells
High speed, universal polarity full adder which consumes minimal power and minimal area
Alkylated aromatic compositions, zeolite catalyst compositions and processes for making the same
Updatable firmware having boot and/or communication redundancy
One transistor SOI non-volatile random access memory cell
Retail coupon distribution apparatus and method
Electrolytic commercial production of hydrogen from hydrocarbon compounds
Container cap
Flooring system and method
Gradient resolved information platform
Versatile linker compound, ligand, and producing method thereof
Process for preparing 4-aminodiphenylamine intermediates
Thermal imaging paper laminate
Image-erasing apparatus and image-erasing method
Toolless printed circuit carrier assembly
Stripper for cured negative-tone isoprene-based photoresist and bisbenzocyclobutene coatings
Device for achieving smooth and straight hair
Detergent product
Spray device and method
Aerosol separator; and method
Method for distinguishing 5-position methylation changes of cytosine bases and cytosine-to-thymine m...
Method of parasitic extraction from a previously calculated capacitance solution
Method and apparatus to facilitate secure network communications with a voice responsive network int...
Apparatus and method for authentication and method for registering a person
Data mining and reporting
Personalized automatic publishing extensible layouts
CAM-based search engine devices having index translation capability
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Staphylococcus epidermidis for diagnostics and the...
Method for selective expression of therapeutic genes by hyperthermia
Keto cannabinoids with therapeutic indications
Variant B7 co-stimulatory molecules
Feline immunoglobulin E proteins and compositions thereof
Cosmetic and dermopharmaceutical compositions for skin prone to acne
Dissolving thin film xanthone supplement
Porous ferro- or ferrimagnetic glass particles for isolating molecules
Apparatus and method for flow path based fault detection and service restoration in a packet based s...
Phone connector component operationally connectable through packet network to any selected one or mo...
High-speed chip-to-chip communication interface
Apparatus for splicing optical fibers
Band edge amplitude reduction system and method
Hybrid method for adjusting downlink transmitted power
Method and system of decoding an encoded data block
Method and circuit configuration for synchronous resetting of a multiple clock domain circuit
Self-initializing frequency detector
Adjustment for equalization parameters in receivers
Decision feedback structure with selective sampling phase control
Quasi-orthogonal space-time codes
Method of estimating a signal-to-interference+noise ratio (SINR)
Method and apparatus for providing network support for a wireless emergency call
Enhanced roaming notification of call handoffs
Method for enhancing production of isoprenoid compounds
Uses for anti-malarial therapeutic agents
Detergent compositions comprising a mixture of phosphate esters
Enzymatic cleaner having high pH stability
Galactosylceramide analogs, and .beta.-glucocerebrosidase activators, external skin preparations and...
Powdery product comprising crystalline .beta.-maltose monohydrate, its preparation, and uses
Superabsorbent carboxyl-containing polymers with odor control properties and method for preparation
Process for producing polyester resins
Method for the preparation of 11(12)-pentadecen-15-olides
Shea butter alkanolamides
Method for producing anis alcohol
Alcohol mixtures having 13 and 15 carbon atoms and the use thereof in the preparation of surface-act...
Over-the-range microwave oven that guides air to a suction port
Information recording device and information recording method
Application of supply chain unit cell or cell group or boundary conservation of value and quantity t...
System and method for saving status of paused game of chance
Game performing method, storage medium, game apparatus, data signal and program
Mailable fan
Protective layer transfer film, intermediate recording medium and printed matter
Method for sorting and displaying a multiple user database
Method, system, and computer program product for managing controlled residential or non-residential ...
Method and system for teaching vocabulary
Whole-body mathematical model for simulating intracranial pressure dynamics
Meal information supply system and meal information supply service method thereof
Chrysanthemum plant named `Sunny Yoblush`
Image processing apparatus and image process method
Printing system and printing method using the printing system
Gloss-imparting device and color image-forming apparatus
Halftone image gloss control for glossmarks
Image forming method
Image forming method, image forming apparatus and toner cartridge
Methods to form oxide-filled trenches
Air diffusing vacuum transport belt
Photodetector, method of using the same, and image forming apparatus
Adaptive power control of ink melt heaters for uniform ink melt rate
Tactile overlays for screens
Ink set for ink jet recording, ink jet recording method, and ink jet recording apparatus
Image processing apparatus for reducing coding load
Method for delivering a fine particle dispersion, and device for delivering a fine particle dispersi...
Method for delivering fine particle dispersion, and device for delivering fine particle dispersion
Endless belt member stress relief
Data processing
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of testing semiconductor integrated circuit
Method based on an algorithm capable of being graphically implemented to be used for the generation ...
Authenticating or signature method with reduced computations
Encoding and decoding methods for secure scalable streaming and related systems
Method and apparatus for encryption, method and apparatus for decryption, and computer-readable medi...
Method and apparatus for simultaneous decryption and re-encryption of publicly distributed content v...
Public key cryptography using matrices
Information reproducing apparatus
Method and system for encryption of optical signals
Wireless device management
Quantum computation
Wireless identification security activation device
Key caching system
Method and system for masking speech
Member for supporting magnetic disc substrates, process of producing the same, and magnetic disc dev...
Particle based homogeneous assays using capillary electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence de...
Light emitting element, method of manufacturing the same, and semiconductor device having light emit...
Nitride based semiconductor light-emitting device
Stacked semiconductor chips
Powergating method and apparatus
Facsimile machines and methods for operating facsimile machines
Digital camera
Digital camera
High frequency device
Cut-processing apparatus, cut-processing method in cut-processing apparatus, and program
Wireless console/control concentrator
Semiconductor apparatus, method for growing nitride semiconductor and method for producing semicondu...
Semiconductor device with external terminal joined to concave portion of wiring layer
System for controlling the dissipated power supply of a power stage working in a mixed Linear/PWM mo...
Optical disk recording/reproducing method and apparatus in which recording properties of the disk ar...
Immunostimulator for animals and humans, and method of preventing animal and human infectious diseas...
System and method for processing breakpoint events in a child process generated by a parent process
Using value speculation to break constraining dependencies in iterative control flow structures
Automatically reordering variables as a part of compiling and linking source code
Method and software tool for intelligent operating system installation
System and method for selecting and installing a device driver
Processor with speculative multithreading and hardware to support multithreading software
Victim selection for deadlock detection
System and method for sharing PCI bus devices
Method of porting software
Method and mechanism for implementing synonym-based access control
Using a first device to engage in a digital rights management transaction on behalf of a second devi...
Composition comprising vitamin C prepared during application, use of enzymes for forming vitamin C f...
Composite polymer electrolytes for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Lithographic printing plate precursor and lithographic printing method
Process for fabrication of a ferrocapacitor
Atomic layer deposited ZrTiO.sub.4 films
Process for chemical mechanical polishing of semiconductor substrate and aqueous dispersion for chem...
Process for the activation of a catalyst comprising a cobalt compound and a support
UV curable coating composition
Injectible bodily prosthetics employing methacrylic copolymer gels
Semiconductor element and manufacturing method for the same
High dielectric constant device
Wiring glass substrate for connecting a semiconductor chip to a printed wiring substrate and a semic...
Electron multipliers and radiation detectors
Display device
Passive broadband infrared optical limiter device based on a micro-optomechanical cantilever array
Crosspoint-type ferroelectric memory
Ferroelectric-type nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Durable electrophotographic prints
Modular heated cover
Waterborne thermosetting compositions containing alternating copolymers of isobutylene type monomers
Fluororesin powder coating composition
Storage system storing a file with multiple different formats and method thereof
Creating a backup volume using a data profile of a host volume
Mechanism for replicating and maintaining files in a space-efficient manner
Backup processing method
Secure data sharing system
Method and apparatus for providing a hyperlink indication on a display for an image in a web page
Multiphase system and method of performing operations on data structures
System, method and computer program product for authenticating users using a lightweight directory a...
Maintenance of third party service's subscription information
Systems and methods for removing duplicate search engine results
Image forming method and image forming device having profile read from radio IC chip
Radio packet communication system, radio packet communication method, base station and mobile statio...
Transmission of filtering/filtered information over the lur interface
Load balancing network access requests
Broadcast receiver
Radio communication apparatus
Radio frequency integrated circuit having symmetrical differential layout
VHF ground station selection algorithm
Diversity handover control apparatus and method
Method and system for supplying services to mobile stations in active mode
Radio terminal and information reception control method suitable for push type information distribut...
Multicast service providing system, multicast service providing method, information distributor, rad...
Method and device for simulating radio channel
Controlled substance analysis, wastage disposal and documentation system, apparatus and method
Anti-MUC-1 single chain antibodies for tumor targeting
Monoclonal antibodies and cell surface antigens for the detection and treatment of small cell lung c...
Kunitz domain polypeptide zkun10
Linvin, a novel inhibitor of apoptosis protein
Use of ULIP proteins in the diagnosis and therapy of cancers and paraneoplastic neurological syndrom...
Naphthol, quinoline and isoquinoline-derived urea modulators of vanilloid VR1 receptor
Compounds which can block the response to chemical substances or thermal stimuli or mediators of inf...
Substituted 4-aminocyclohexanols
Compact bumper system for imaging device
Selection of neurostimulator parameter configurations using bayesian networks
Pacing lead stabilizer
Phospho-specific antibodies to Flt3 and uses thereof
Adaptive mechanism for optimally accessing data based upon data access characteristics
Display device with openings in an insulating structure
Electroluminescent materials
Organic electroluminescent element
Signal line drive circuit and light emitting device and driving method therefor
Organic light-emitting diode devices with improved operational stability
Light emitting device and element substrate
Modular system for connecting multiple customer premises voice and data communications devices to a ...
Connector and receptacle containing a physical security feature
Optical transmission device
Chemical mechanical polishing pad and chemical mechanical polishing method
Position-to-number electro-optical converter
Colors only process to reduce package yield loss
Diagnostic circuit
Lithographic optical system
Device for optically measuring boreholes
Interleaved document rendering
Optical stack of laminated removable lenses for face shield, windows, and displays
Mirrors for reducing the effects of spontaneous emissions in photodiodes
Optical switch array for routing multiple optical signals
Integrated volume holographic optical circuit apparatus
Apparatus, system and method for an adiabatic coupler for multi-mode fiber-optic transmission system...
Reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer
Sensor signal processor
Missile time-space-position-information unit test software
Special effect device, address signal generating device, address signal generating method and addres...
Allocating access across shared communications medium to user classes
Vaccine against ISA virus
Electromagnetic wave shielding sheet, front panel, and display
Methods and apparatus for advanced wind turbine design
Pressure-actuated notification system for fishing lures
Roller sear/hammer interface for firearms
Dual-zero sight for a firearm
System and method for allocating multi-function resources for a wetdeck process in semiconductor waf...
Interior contour for bore of a friction support bearing of a railway locomotive traction motor
Precision mounting structure for industrial equipment parts
Linear roller bearing
Hydrodynamic bearing system for the rotary bearing of a spindle motor
Retaining device for rolling-element
Anti-vibration device for a motor bearing
Spindle motor and magnetic disk drive
Bearing assembly and method for manufacturing the same
Bearing arrangement for supporting a trunnion of an universal joint
Methods and apparatus for assembling a bearing assembly
Bearing holding structure and motor having same
Full type tapered roller bearing
Rolling bearing
Axial bearing unit
Preloaded duplex ball bearing design
Method and device for monitoring status of mechanical equipment and abnormality diagnosing device
Flexible rail section
Method and system for regenerating, particularly desulfating, a storage-type catalytic converter dur...
Method for controlling information processing system and information processing system
Aggressive content pre-fetching during pre-boot runtime to support speedy OS booting
Pushing capabilities into firmware by an operating system
Methods and apparatus for controlling access to a resource
Certificate based digital rights management
Portable terminal apparatus with security function
Method and system for signaling a system fault
Data restoring method and an apparatus using journal data and an identification information
Data loss prevention
Pseudo bus agent to support functional testing
Methods and systems for implementing auto-complete in a web page
Interface for mobilizing content and transactions on multiple classes of devices
User interface for a system and process for providing dynamic communication access and information a...
Debugging distributed applications
Authentication and authorization across autonomous network systems
Central site architecture for remote service delivery
Continuous casting roll
Casingless food production methods, systems, and associated traveling matable mold shells
Stent and method for manufacturing the same
Microbiological control in poultry processing
Method for sterilizing canned ackee
Composition containing xylitol and fiber
NCC2705--the genome of a bifidobacterium
Apparatus and method for continuous rework fermentation
Dual induced viscosity fiber system and uses thereof
Beverage brewing system and method for brewing a beverage
Indole derivatives useful as progesterone receptor modulators
Oil composition
System of food storage preparation and delivery in finished cooked state
Water-soluble bean-based extracts
Roasting device
Low temperature process for extracting principal components from plants or plant materials and plant...
Installation for microwave heating of a product held in containers
Recyclable multi-layer material of polyester resin
Microwave anti-heat supporter
Edge seal for absorbent article and method for making
Oxidative treatment of hair with reduced hair damage
Hair styling compositions
Package with a transparent window
Product package
Product package
Topsheet pattern for a feminine hygiene article
Cosmetic product
Cosmetic product
Dispensing device for unit dose laundry additive pouch
Cleaning composition, pad, wipe, implement, and system and method of use thereof
Method for reducing malodor impression on inanimate surfaces comprising uncomplexed cyclodextrin
Textured materials and method of manufacturing textured materials
Compositions for washing and conditioning hair
Non-magnetic nickel powders and method for preparing the same
Resonant sensor and sensing system
Polypeptide variants with altered effector function
Device and method for enhancing transdermal flux of agents being delivered or sampled
Method and system for spinal cord stimulation prior to and during a medical procedure
Growing marine fish in fresh water
Method for identifying pre-neoplastic and/or neoplastic states in mammals
Method for making multispecific antibodies having heteromultimeric and common components
Glycoprotein synthesis
Silicone surfactants for rigid polyurethane foam made with hydrocarbon blowing agents
Cloth accessory
System and method for tracking and displaying hazardous material clouds
Master cylinder lever for a hydraulic disc brake having a backpack reservoir
Synthetic pattern exchange configuration for side reading reduction
LED sign visibility enhancing device
Genetic diagnosis for QT prolongation related adverse drug reactions
Solid solution perforator for drug delivery and other applications
Method and apparatus for inserting synchronized errors
Test and verification framework
Method for automatically filling in web forms
Method and computer system for enabling a user to construct a web-site navigation
System and method for dynamically translating HTML to VoiceXML intelligently
Wireless deployment / distributed execution of graphical programs to smart sensors
Universal hardware device and method and tools for use therewith
Method and apparatus for application-specific programmable memory architecture and interconnection n...
Application class extensions
System and method for improving a working set
Multi-tiered incremental software updating
Efficient locking for thread-safe self-modifying code
Data propagation in an activity service
Power management in computing applications
Semiconductor device comprising a differential sense amplifier, a write column selection switch and ...
Fixing temperature control method and image forming apparatus with detection of thickness of a print...
High speed and high precision sensing for digital multilevel non-volatile memory system
Maintaining constant power over a wide range of temperatures employing a power amplifier with adjust...
Semiconductor memory devices having separate read and write global data lines
Radio apparatus
Semiconductor memory device
Method and apparatus for reducing wake up time of a powered down device
Apparatus and method for ejecting/loading tray of optical disk player
Cloud shadow detection: VNIR-SWIR
Method and system for using optical phase conjugation in an optical communications network including...
Programmatic application installation diagnosis and cleaning
Laser driver circuit for reducing electromagnetic interference
Low-profile disk unit
Audio reproducing apparatus and method
Wireless communication apparatus
Electronic apparatus having audio output units
Seed tray for digital image analysis of grain and the like
Image system for processing image data
Polyacetal resin composition and process for producing same
Method for dicing semiconductor wafers
Espresso machine having a rotating ceramic disk valve as a selective water/steam distributor
Espresso coffee machine
Precipitation collecting gauge
Method for manufacturing a key top member for push button switch structure
Additive transfer film suitable for cook-in end use
Wedge-type breechblock
Ballistic protection
Multi-variable, multi-parameter projectile launching and testing device
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Foot portion for a floor care appliance
Cleaning device
Shoe scraper design
Cleaning implement
Soft boot for glass scraper
Electric steam iron
Steam iron
Steam iron
Waste receptacle
Combined trash can and dust pan
Bagging ring
Garbage can
Garbage can
Garbage can
Insert for waste receptacle
Refuse collection cart with ramp
Electric car jack
Pneumatic vehicle jack
Rear lamp unit for vehicle
Light mixing and homogenizing apparatus and method
Multiple LED focused lighting device
Illumination unit using LED and image projecting apparatus employing the same
Phosphor based illumination system having a plurality of light guides and an interference reflector
Light-conductive board and a rear light module using the light-conductive board
Liquid crystal display module and back light for the same
Backlight unit
Press-in place LED for a digital switching cross-connect module
Alignment of sockets enabling to engage with a large number of Christmas lamps
Bollard lamp
Curing light instrument
High illumosity lighting assembly
All-optically prepared and controlled nematic liquid crystal light valve
Lamp for a vehicle headlight with low-beam function
Rotating beacon system
Shining fan structure for displaying images
Backlight device of a LCD display
Rod integrators for light recycling
Address generation for video processing
Television tuner having input and output signals sufficiently isolated from each other
Laser video projector having multi-channel acousto-optic modulator, and method and circuit for drivi...
System and method for frequency translation using an image reject mixer
Projector having scanning optics
High frequency receiving device, integrated circuit used for the same, and TV receiver using them
Scanning module capable of finely tuning the optical length
Method of activating a camera from a remote terminal
Pattern generator diffractive mirror methods and systems
Data transfer rate display selection
Observation apparatus
Signal repetition-rate and frequency-drift estimator using proportional-delayed zero-crossing techni...
System and method for decoding audio/video data such as DVD or/and DVB data
Digital display apparatus supporting error compensation and method thereof
Delayed video tracking
Method and system for enhancing portrait images that are processed in a batch mode
Object detection
Algorithm selector
Optical waveguide grating coupler incorporating reflective optical elements and anti-reflection elem...
Method of manufacturing an optical module with diffraction grating
Spiral waveguide slow wave resonator structure
Optical coupling module with self-aligned etched grooves and method for fabricating the same
Optical device
Light scattering optical resonator
Preterminated fiber optic distribution cable
Fiber optic drop cables suitable for outdoor fiber to the subscriber applications
Method of controllably doping a glassy optical preform with water
Broadband ultra-flattened dispersion micro-structured fiber
Electromagnetic wave frequency filter
Slab waveguide and method of manufacturing the slab waveguide
Buried heterostructure device fabricated by single step MOCVD
Surface-plasmon index guided (SPIG) waveguides and surface-plasmon effective index guided (SPEIG) wa...
Three-dimensional photonic crystal and optical element
Multiple-core planar optical waveguides and methods of fabrication and use thereof
Cable exit trough with cover
Separator for optical-fiber tape
Optical module with multiple optical sources
Optical transceiver systems and methods
Image compression in retained-mode renderer
Video coding and video decoding apparatus
Encoding and decoding method and apparatus using plus and/or minus rounding of images
System and method for low bandwidth video streaming for face-to-face teleconferencing
System and method for lossless compression of digital images
Wavelet processing apparatus and wavelet processing method
Image normalization processing system
Method and system for spatially variable rate application of agricultural chemicals based on remotel...
System and method of implementing user action monitoring to automatically populate object launchers
Navigation device for displaying dated map data
Server-side watermark data writing method and apparatus for digital signals
Image processing apparatus and method therefor
Method and apparatus for automatically adjusting sharpening weighting value
Apparatus and method for edge enhancement of digital image data and digital display device including...
System and method for head size equalization in 360 degree panoramic images
Miniaturized microscope array digital slide scanner
Data recording apparatus and method, data reproducing apparatus and method, data recording and repro...
Hardware configuration for parallel data processing without cross communication
System and method for selection of morphology templates
Cardiac stimulating and detecting device, system and method for identifying far field signals
System and method for acquiring breathing pattern signals from intracardiac electrograms and its use...
Method and system for characterizing a representative cardiac beat using multiple templates
User interface system for use in ECG signal derivation and management
Monitoring thoracic fluid changes
Animal health care system
Body composition management apparatus for pregnant woman
Method and system for examining tissue according to the dielectric properties thereof
Multiple pacing output channels
Implantable lead with isolated contact coupling
Method for determining care and prevention pathways for clinical management of wounds
Laser digitizer system for dental applications
Pulse amplitude indexing method and apparatus
Method and a device for measuring glucose
Apparatus for mapping and coagulating soft tissue in or around body orifices
Control of inter-electrode resistivity to improve quality of measured electrical biological signals
Method and apparatus for improved metabolite signal separation in MR spectroscopy
Human FRP and fragments thereof including methods for using them
Phosphonic-acid grafted hybrid inorganic-organic proton electrolyte membranes (PEMs)
Interface device for an integrated television-based broadband home health system
Mandibular bone transport reconstruction plate
Stock material for trim caps
Low coherence interferometry utilizing phase
Systems and methods for providing for degradation of a computer application
Stable olefinic, low sulfur diesel fuels
Quantitative measurement method and quantitative measurement chip for target substance
Method and system for establishing normal software system behavior and departures from normal behavi...
Tissue monitoring system for intravascular infusion
Bone fixation system
Topical veterinary compositions and methods for the treatment and prevention of infection
Program flow method and method for expanding a program component system
Method for the provision of an individual device code for an electronic device
Module for a valve bank
Monitoring light beam position in electro-optical readers and image projectors
Subsurface imaged labels and tags using thermal transfer ribbon carrier as overlaminate and method o...
Apparatus and method for testing codec software by utilizing parallel processes
Irradiated absorbent materials
Machine tool
Distributed service aggregation and composition
Rotor for an electric motor
Translucent and radio-opaque ceramics
Chemokine receptor able to bind to MCP-1, MIP-1 .alpha. and/or rantes and its uses
Reagent, method and apparatus for measuring amylase activity
Human Ck.beta.-10 polynucleotides
Iminothiazolidinones as inhibitors of HCV replication
Eubacterial minicells and their use as vectors for nucleic acid delivery and expression
Pyrazole-derived kinase inhibitors and uses thereof
Immunomodulatory formulations and methods for use thereof
Site-specific, covalent bioconjugation of proteins
Construction and use of synthetic constructs encoding syndecan
Polymorph of a pharmaceutical
Use of RPL41 to treat infections and inhibit cancer
2-amino-9-[(2-hydroxymethyl) cyclopropylidenemethyl] purine antiviral agents
Cyclic derivatives as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Chemokine receptor binding heterocyclic compounds
Aminium salts of 1,2,3-triazoles as prodrugs of drugs including antiviral agents
Anti-HIV pyrazole derivatives
Inhibitors of HIV-1 capsid formation: substituted aryl aminomethyl thiazole ureas and analogues ther...
Phosphor for use in white semiconductor light sources and a white light source utilizing the same
Emulsion producing apparatus
Full-duplex antenna system and method
Low temperature molding compositions with solid thermoplastic elastomer thickeners and fiber reinfor...
Fetch speculation in a multithreaded processor
Fragrance compositions and delivery systems
Method and apparatus for improving safety during exposure to a monochromatic light source
NOEY2 gene compositions and methods of use
Dicing adhesive sheet and dicing method
Process for preparation of polyolefins via degenerative transfer polymerization
High temperature protection of hybrid fuel cell system combustor and other components VIA water or w...
Convex surface cosmetic applicator
Intravascular filter
NK-2 homeobox transcription factor
Process for the conversion of natural gas to hydrocarbon liquids
Flat panel display with brightness correction
Access system interface
Solid electrolyte battery
Olefin oligomerization
Conductive masterbatch and conductive resin composition
Light appliance and cooling arrangement
Method and device for exploiting heat resulting from the production of 1,2-dichloroethane
Method and apparatus for combining broadcast schedules and content on a digital broadcast-enabled cl...
Configurable bi-directional bus for communicating between autonomous units
Printed digital ECG system and method
Pharmaceutically useful compounds
Compositions and treatments for inhibiting kinase and/or HMG-CoA reductase
Sulfonylquinoxalone derivatives and related compounds as bradykinin antagonists
C-terminal modified oxamyl dipeptides as inhibitors of the ICE/ced-3 family of cysteine proteases
Fault injection methods and apparatus
Enhanced replication of HCV RNA
Logical data modeling and integrated application framework
Infrared lamp, heating apparatus, and method for manufacturing infrared lamp
Ester or amide derivatives
Method and system for nerve stimulation prior to and during a medical procedure
Quinoline compound
Device for mixing and distributing a gas phase and a liquid phase supplied to a granular bed
Surface acoustic wave filter
Image forming device and image forming method
Powder container, powder contained product, powder container manufacturing method, powder contained ...
Image forming apparatus, process cartridge, and waste toner recovery device
Image forming apparatus
Toner container, toner supply device and image forming apparatus
System and method for improving the quality of range measurement based upon historical data
Pole switch down converter with symmetric resonator
Shrinkage of dilatations in the body
Methods and systems for treating arrhythmias using a combination of vibrational and electrical energ...
Method and apparatus to control delivery of high-voltage and anti-tachy pacing therapy in an implant...
Implantable devices using rechargeable zero-volt technology lithium-ion batteries
Automated container storage and delivery system
System and method for controlling generation over an integrated wireless network
Method and system of evaluating performance of a crop
Motor parameter estimation method and apparatus
System and method for a self-healing grid using demand side management techniques and energy storage
System and method for providing universal additional functionality for power meters
Method and apparatus for detecting bad data packets received by a mobile telephone using decoded spe...
Method and apparatus for communicating order entries in a network environment
Application messaging system with flexible message header structure
Finned tube for heat exchangers, heat exchanger, apparatus for fabricating heat exchanger finned tub...
Split ring casting for boiler tubes with protective shields
Heating and cooling apparatus, and vacuum processing apparatus equipped with this apparatus
Rib and block for a radiator
Heat sink structure
Low profile heat exchanger with notched turbulizer
Fluid heater
Heat exchanger
Heat exchanger tube having strengthening deformations
Device for heating and/or air-conditioning the passenger compartment of a motor vehicle
Sample temperature regulator
Cooling system for a portable computer
Dynamically adaptable electronics cooling fan
Cooling apparatus and method for an electronics module employing an integrated heat exchange assembl...
Crayon marker
Method for making an electrode structure
Kit for detecting Her-2/neu gene by site-specific metal deposition
Process for manufacturing a cylindrical hollow body and hollow body made thereby
Three-dimensional shape creating program, three-dimensional shape creating method, three-dimensional...
Method for manufacturing color filter
Portion of a shoe upper
Support and cushioning system for an article of footwear
Article of footwear having a sole with a flex control member
Shoe with optimal mass distribution
Footwear with black light LED
Bicycle or skateboard peg with independently rotatable surface
Illuminated cap
Air bag device for knee protection
Bio-liquid crystal polymer and shaped material using same
Semiconductor element and method for producing the same
Methods and systems for starting propeller-driven devices
Integrated aircraft structural floor
Wide spreader bar and lift-up seat spreader bar for seat legs