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Processing high-speed digital signals
System and method for secure message-based leasing of resources in a distributed computing environme...
Timing recovery circuit
Method, system and article of manufacture for recovery from a failure in a cascading PPRC system
Apparatus and method for testing a computer system by utilizing FPGA and programmable memory module
Tamper resistant shadow memory
Communication signal testing with a programmable logic device
Scan test circuit with reset control circuit
Product configuration using configuration patterns
System and methods for providing histogram computation in a high precision rasterization data pipeli...
Dynamic subject information generation in message services of distributed object systems in a semico...
System and method for component-based software development
Method and apparatus for grammatical packet classifier
Maintaining state information in mobile applications
Method, system, and program for mirroring data among storage sites
Plant viral movement protein genes
Aliphatic acyl transferase genes
Congestive heart failure pacing optimization method and device
Expression of sedoheptulose 1,7 bisphosphatase in transgenic plants
Prospective abnormal shadow detecting system, and method of and apparatus for judging whether prospe...
Method and apparatus for image segmentation using Jensen-Shannon divergence and Jensen-Renyi diverge...
Methods and systems for correcting image misalignment
Method and apparatus for adding and updating protocol inspection knowledge to firewall processing du...
Distributed denial of service attack defense method and device
Method and apparatus for repairing damage to a computer system using a system rollback mechanism
Video splitter
Remote controller for LCD video projector
Gaming system dome cap for a shared symbol display
Poker table
Multiple network protocol encoder/decoder and data processor
Flash EEPROM system with simultaneous multiple data sector programming and storage of physical block...
Adaptive communication protocol for wireless networks
Infusion device and inlet structure for same
Personal virtual bridged local area networks
Microphone boom for a communications headset
Detergent compositions
Papanicolau staining process
Remote locking fifth wheel
Hybrid energy off highway vehicle propulsion circuit
Modular system for a vehicle
System for determining a change in vehicle tire pressure
Rule based proximity and time based tracking system
Hierarchical floating car data network
Method, product, and apparatus for resource identifier registration and aftermarket services
Movable body start-up locking device
System and method for transferring navigation information using different coordinate systems
Multiple pass speech recognition method and system
System for controlling the hydraulic actuated components of a truck
Multifunctional nutrient supplement and a process for making
Method for drying water-borne materials
Method of extracting virus from cell culture
Agents for promoting fattening of animals and method of promoting fattening
Modulating transcription of genes in vascular cells
Topical cleansing composition
Nucleic acid delivery system, methods of synthesis and use thereof
Method of treating leishmaniasis using methyl-beta-cyclodextrin
Methods and apparatus to update a basic input/output system (BIOS)
Derivation and quantization of robust non-local characteristics for blind watermarking
Method and apparatus for performing network processing functions
Recording medium having encrypted sound data recorded therein and information processor
Error detecting circuit
Method of transferring files and analysis of train operational data
Installation of data-driven business integration adapters
Optical disc drive apparatus and method
Intelligent digital audiovisual playback system
System for and method of transmitting and receiving program, center device, and terminal device
Universal authentication mechanism
System and method of user and data verification
Virus scanning prioritization using pre-processor checking
Space-based server network architecture
Data-recording/reproduction apparatus and data-recording/reproduction method
Parallel concatenated turbo code modulation encoder
Swoopy text for connecting annotations in fluid documents
System and method for user authentication interface
Image forming system
Architecture of a parallel computer and an information processing unit using the same
Run-ahead program execution with value prediction
Architecture for a read/write thread lock
Method and apparatus for measuring work performed by a compressor
Compressor mounting bracket and method of making
Swash plate type variable displacement compressor
Plunger pump housing and access bore plug
Variable capacity rotary compressor
Storage-volume fuel injection system for an internal combustion engine
Pump actuation motor
Centrifugal pump with reverse rotation protection integrated on the impeller blade
System for controlling the operation of at least one aircraft engine
Motor protector
Electrically driven flow compressor
Scroll compressor
Fan with driving gear
Apparatus and method for controlling the maximum stroke for linear compressors
Method of manufacturing a linear compressor
Tandem pump unit
Method and apparatus for cooling motor bearings of a high pressure pump
Shofar timekeeping apparatus and method
Wide area program distribution and game information communication system
Waste minimizing carousel-style dispenser
Static build-up control in dispensing system
Apparatus and method for degrading a web in the machine direction while preserving cross-machine dir...
Methods of manufacturing glucose measuring assemblies with hydrogels
Data processing and feedback method and system
Operating method and computer program for a medical installation
Biological optical measuring instrument
Achromatic spectroscopic ellipsometer with high spatial resolution
Device for determining the properties of surfaces
Holographic sensor, especially for recognition of moisture on a glass pane of a motor vehicle
Polarized optical probes
Measuring method and apparatus using attenuation in total internal reflection
Method and apparatus for optically scanning a scene
Measuring apparatus
System for processing image representative data
Multiresolution method of spatially filtering a digital image
Method for constructing a Gamma table to perform Gamma correction according to the Gamma table
Detecting a defect in an image scanner
Method and apparatus for user customized shading of a graphical user interface
Image processing system, imaging device, and parameter-determining program
Endoscope utilizing fiduciary alignment to process image data
Method to improve profile control and N/P loading in dual doped gate applications
Method for forming a hard mask for gate electrode patterning and corresponding device
High density plasma process for silicon thin films
Methods and structures for metal interconnections in integrated circuits
Method and apparatus for fabricating mercuric iodide polycrystalline films for digital radiography
Thin film transistor array substrate, method for manufacturing the same and system for inspecting th...
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device having a multi-bridge-channel and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device having a low dielectric constant film and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device with MOS transistors with an etch-stop layer having an improved residual stress...
Memory function body, particle forming method therefor and, memory device, semiconductor device, and...
Junction field effect metal oxide compound semiconductor integrated transistor devices
Radiation hardened bipolar junction transistor
Resin-molded package with cavity structure
Bump structure
Semiconductor device including dual damascene interconnections
Circuit board device and its manufacturing method
Method of interfacing ancillary equipment to FIMS processing stations
High swelling ramming paste for aluminum electrolysis cell
Battery with built-in load leveling
System for distributing information and energy using fiber optic and optical wireless networks
Reduced-footprint night illumination laser system
Multi-parameter hearing aid
Transducer to actuator interface
Low cost/low power analog transceiver architecture
Method and apparatus for downloading executable code in a non-disruptive manner
Fibre channel switch having a push/pull method for caching remote switch information
Reboot manager usable to change firmware in a high availability single processor system
File transfer method and system
Storage system
Fibre channel frame-mode GFP with distributed delimiter
Session-based target/LUN mapping for a storage area network and associated method
Monitoring unit for monitoring the condition of a semi-permeable membrane
Orbital wastewater treatment system with combined surface aerator and submerged impeller
Storm drain filtration system
Combined chlorine and ozone generator sterilization system
Process and device for biological treatment of a suspension in a bioreactor with integrated hydrauli...
Flow sensing apparatus
Quick-change filter and bracket system
Twist and lock filter housing
Anaerobic digester system for animal waste stabilization and biogas recovery
Perchlorate reduction and related water treatment methods
Methods and apparatus for reducing nitrate demands in the reduction of dissolved and/or atmospheric ...
Method for filling and washing a filter for a dialysis machine
Cyclic aeration system for submerged membrane modules
Membrane based fluid treatment systems
Systems for water purification through supercritical oxidation
Low cost indoor grease trap
Vibratory apparatus for separating liquid from liquid laden solid material
Multi-part substitution infusion fluids and matching anticoagulants
Motor drive apparatus, vehicle having the same mounted therein, and computer readable storage medium...
Commutation technique for an AC-to-AC converter based on state machine control
Digital light ballast oscillator
Polarization insensitive optical switching and routing systems and methods of manufacturing and oper...
Triangular wave generating circuit adapted to class-D amplifier
Class-D amplifier
Active filter for reduction of common mode current
Method of bonding adherend
Sprayable adhesive material for laser marking semiconductor wafers and dies
Substituted pyrazolyl compounds for the treatment of inflammation
Prostamides for the treatment of glaucoma and related diseases
Indolone derivatives having vascular damaging activity
Indoles having anti-diabetic activity
N-phenylpyrrole guanidine derivatives as melanocortin receptor ligands
Optically active maleimide derivatives, optically active polymaleimide derivatives, process for thei...
Injectable composition of paclitaxel
Derivatives of N-(iminomethyl)amines, their preparation, their use as medicaments and the pharmaceut...
Use of creatine or creatine compounds for skin preservation
Bioabsorbable, biobeneficial polyester polymers for use in drug eluting stent coatings
Process for producing regenerated collagen fiber and process for setting the same
Cancerous disease modifying antibodies
Stable pharmaceutical compositions containing 7-substituted-3,5-dihydroxyheptanoic acids or 7-substi...
Data processor
In-vivo method and device for improving diastolic function of the left ventricle
Method and apparatus for borehole sensing
Inflator devices having a moisture barrier member
Swim training and buoyancy assist device
Jet drive propulsion system for a pontoon boat
Inflatable keel floor chamber for inflatable kayaks
Security system for watercraft
Pressure-resistant reference electrode for electrochemical measurements
Analytical device
Method of oxygenating yeast slurry using hydrophobic polymer membranes
Liposome coated with polyhydroxyalkanoate and production method thereof
Apparatus and method for electroporation of biological samples
Production of low-temperature fuel cell electrodes
Stability enhanced water-in-oil emulsion and method for using same
Polyacetal resin composition and process for producing the same
Chuck with integrated wafer support
Particulate alumina and process for removing metal ions from water
Hard surface cleaning compositions comprising alginate materials and xanthan gum
Use of GLP for the treatment, prevention, diagnosis, and prognosis of bone-related and nutrition-rel...
Compounds as inhibitors of hepatitis C virus NS3 serine protease
Biologically active material
Silane-modified oxidic or siliceous filler, process for its production and its use
Claudin polypeptides
Osteogenic device and a method for preparing the device
Phosphorus-containing compounds and uses thereof
Sodium channel blockers
Printed wiring boards and methods for making them
Polycarbosilane buried etch stops in interconnect structures
Oxidation of volatile organic compounds in electrographic printing
Medical electrical lead anchoring
Spam fax filter
Exponential priors for maximum entropy models
Preventing unauthorized delivery of liquid product to a liquid product storage tank
System and method for aggregating ranking results from various sources to improve the results of web...
Email access control scheme for communication network using identification concealment mechanism
Heat sink vacuum packaging procedure
Heat exchange apparatus with parallel flow
Methods and apparatus for exchanging heat
Gasketed field-replaceable active integrated liquid pump heat sink module for thermal management of ...
Multi-type air conditioner and method for controlling operation of the same
Apparatus for cooling semiconductor devices attached to a printed circuit board
Appliance diagnostic display apparatus and network incorporating same
Heated flooring module for livestock stables
Cooling element for heat dissipation in electronic components
Electroosmotic microchannel cooling system
Thermal shield for heat exchangers
Cooling devices for cooling electric components, module including cooling device and electric compon...
Power converter having improved fluid cooling
Light-emitting diode based products
Temperature regulated clothing
Footwear sole
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe midsole
Roll fuser apparatus
Image forming apparatus having a fixing device for fixing toner including wax on a transfer sheet
Wrist-watch device having communication function, information display method, control program, and r...
Rectifiers and rectifying methods for use in telecommunications devices
Autopopulation of address book entries
Method and apparatus for displaying alternans data
Apparatus for acquiring and transmitting neural signals and related methods
Medical fluid delivery system
System and method for proactive content delivery by situational location
Entitlements administration
Live image server and client
System, method and computer program for providing a time map of rolled-up data
Method and system for managing the contents of an event log stored within a computer
System and method for managing data associated with copying and recovery procedures in a data storag...
Processor operational range indicator
Method and apparatus for embedding an additional layer of error correction into an error correcting ...
Container for cleaning medical instruments
Spraying system for a cleaning wiper or cleaning mop
Underwater ear prophylactic
Orifice plate diffuser
Method for manufacturing an ear device and ear device
Hearing protection earplug, use of such an earplug and method for manufacturing such an earplug
Audio speaker with wobble free voice coil movement
Aerodynamic noise abatement device and method for air-cooled condensing systems
Extension and upsetting sensor
Stabilization of fragrances in salt mixtures by dual encapsulation and entrapment
Laundry system having unitized dosing
Formulated composition
Compositions and methods for enhanced mucosal delivery of Y2 receptor-binding peptides and methods f...
.beta.-L-2'-deoxynucleosides for the treatment of resistant HBV strains and combination therapies
Dihydropyrancarboxamides and uses thereof
2-heteroaryl-3,4-dihydro-2h-pyrrole derivatives and the use thereof as pesticides
Pyrrolo-naphthyl acids and methods for using them
Substituted iminoazines
Microbicidal agents on the basis of biphenylbenzamide derivatives
Recombinant fibroblast growth factor analogs
Nucleic acids encoding oryza sativa nuclear cap binding protein 80 and methods of use
Composition for diminishing neutral fat in blood
DCMP2 polypeptide
IL-21 antagonists
Cannie IL-5 nucleic acid molecules
Methods for monitoring multiple gene expression
3-hydroxypropionic acid and other organic compounds
Plant polynucleotides encoding novel Na.sup.+/H.sup.+ antiporters
Apparatuses and methods for displaying and receiving tactical and strategic flight guidance informat...
Methods and systems for guiding an object to a target using an improved guidance law
Faceted ball lens for semi-active laser seeker
Asymmetrical control surface system for tube-launched air vehicles
Winged vehicle with variable-sweep cantilevered wing mounted on a translating wing-support body
Mass transfer system for stabilizing an airship and other vehicles subject to pitch and roll moments
Passenger accommodation cabin for a vehicle
Cut to fit powered seat track cover
Inflatable aerodynamic wing and method
Actuator with helical cam guides
Air discharge valve for an aircraft
In-flight refueling system and method for extending and retracting an in-flight refueling device
Method and system for steering a momentum control system
Method for controlling the attitude of an satellites in elliptic orbits using solar radiation pressu...
Thrust vector actuation control system and method
Spacecraft gyro calibration system
Aerospace vehicle yaw generating systems and associated methods
Method for genetic transformation of woody trees
Serine O-acetyltransferase
Plant cells and plants expressing chimeric isoprenoid synthases
Plants transformed with CryET29-encoding nucleic acids
Soybean variety S05-97016-G99-21212
Soybean cultivar CL727422
Soybean variety XB29R06
Cotton cultivar 02X25R
Nucleic acid molecules from maize and their use for the production of modified starch
Plants and seeds of corn variety I918166
Plants and seeds of variety I156024
Plants and seeds of corn variety LH249
Inbred maize line PH0GC
Plants and seeds of corn variety I029010
Plants and seeds of corn variety I900429
Inbred maize line PH6CF
Plants and seeds of corn variety I139593
Method and apparatus for detecting and imaging the presence of biological materials
Methods and systems for using RFID in biological field
Automatic threshold setting for quantitative polymerase chain reaction
Method for acquiring information of a biochip using time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometry a...
Retaining wall block
Installation for the very long storage of products that emit a high heat flux
System and method for recovering return fluid from subsea wellbores
Stormwater detention system and method
Padding machine and method of use
Method and device for lining construction in sewer followed by simultaneous filling of back-fill mat...
Self-regulating jacking system
System and method for collection and analysis of electronic discussion messages
System and method for collection and analysis of electronic discussion messages
Systems and methods wherin a buyer purchases products in a plurality of product categories
Electronic shopping basket
Electronic ordering system, such as for use by eye care professionals
System for and method of rapid collection of income taxes
Methods and systems for determining roll rates of loans
Method and system for delivering encrypted content with associated geographical-based advertisements
Confidential information management system and information terminal for use in the system
Devices, systems and methods for restricting use of digital content
Video editing apparatus, video editing method, and recording medium
System and method for securely storing, generating, transferring and printing electronic prepaid vou...
System and method for distributing advertisements to a plurality of users based upon advertisement u...
System and method for managing connections in an online social network
Receipt printing and issuing system, an added-value printing processing method and a data storage me...
Method and apparatus for software and hardware event monitoring and repair
Content duplication management system and networked apparatus
Software delivery system
Apparatus and method for centralized power management
Product incompatibility system
Server controlled branding of client software deployed over computer networks
Radio navigation system using a constellation of positioning satellites with alternating transmissio...
Antenna device
Flexible processing system
Method and arrangement in a communication system
Method and apparatus for data rate matching
Data buffer structure for physical and transport channels in a CDMA system
Frequency translating repeater with low cost high performance local oscillator architecture
Method and arrangement for improving the accuracy of positioning-related time measurements in radio ...
Apparatus and method for wireless local area network (LAN) antenna selection
Global cell phone system and method for aircraft
Radio link controlling apparatus, mobile communication system, and radio link controlling method
Wireless tracking system for personal items
Secure network-routed voice processing
Personal portable integrator for music player and mobile phone
Command station for mobile radio networks
Semiconductor integrated circuit for radio communication
Method and apparatus for testing circuit boards
Federated multiprotocol communication
RLP frame receiving method
Flexible layer one for radio interface to PLMN
Piano key assembly
Stringed musical instrument pick with inert adhesion
Ergonomic key pounder
Musical tone generating apparatus and musical tone generating computer program
Carbo-nitrided case hardened martensitic stainless steels
Copper-base alloy and its use
Method of providing a nuclear fuel and a fuel element provided by such a method
Material(s)/content(s) management method and apparatus
System and a method of three-dimensional modeling and restitution of an object
Cardiac catheter imaging system
Three-dimensional position and motion telemetry input
Portable information processing terminal, information input/output system and information input/outp...
Process for the regeneration of an adsorbent bed containing sulfur oxidated compounds
Method for carrying out chemical reactions in pseudo-isothermal conditions
Sintered compact of lanthanum sulfide or cerium sulfide and method for preparing the same
Oxynitride compounds, methods of preparation, and uses thereof
Complex oxide, and production process therefor and applications thereof
Retarding agents for preparing purified brine
Iron oxides with a higher degree of refining
Method for hydrogen storage and delivery
Lottery game with method for playing a lottery game using multiple independent lottery results
Game apparatus having a ball drop mechanism
Pointing device for digital camera display
Method and system for using an image based autofocus algorithm
Circuit for stabilizing high tension voltage of CRT, and method thereof
System for detecting aspect ratio and method thereof
Video signal processing apparatus that performs frame rate conversion of a video signal
Systems and methods for delivering picture-in-picture signals at diverse compressions and bandwidths
Integrated circuit tuner with broad tuning range
Television tuner in which local oscillation signal is prevented from going out of lock in video dete...
Portable terminal
Image display system and method
System, method and article of manufacture for a synchronizer component in a multimedia synchronizati...
Light modulator with a light-absorbing layer
Color wheel and manufacturing method of same
Information processing device and method for processing picture data and digital watermark informati...
Borescope for drilled shaft inspection
Method and system for enhancing portrait images that are processed in a batch mode
Method for determining a hue adjustment to an input hue
Apparatus for sharpening an image using a luminance channel
Methods, systems and data structures for timecoding media samples
Power transmission apparatus of motor vehicles
Support system for a forklift power train
Battery support structure
Layout structure of driving device for vehicle
Bicycle with optional power assist
Seat assembly
Vehicle front end structure
Lubricant tank for snowmobile lubrication system
Hydraulic steering arrangement
Haptic controller for road vehicles
Motor-driven steering assist apparatus
Drive axle with integrated electric motor for a hydraulic pump
Double wheel chock frame
Front suspension for motorcycle
Knee bolster structure
Brush guard with adjustable rear-view mirrors
Navigational control system for a robotic device
Vehicle capable of auditorily informing its state and method for auditorily informing state of vehic...
Automatic braking-enhanced steering system
Adaptive voice control and vehicle collision warning and countermeasure system
Control device for an at least partially four-wheel-driven motor vehicle
Geranium plant named `SIL RUBEN`
Mini Impatiens plant named `Immicora`
Strawberry plant named `DPI Rubygem`
Variety of geranium named `Pendec`
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis plant named `Hollywood`
Persicaria plant named `Fat Domino`
Phlox plant named `Delilah`
Lantana plant named `Robpatcha`
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis plant named `ISLAND MAGIC`
Nemesia plant named `Intraiyel`
Nemesia plant named `Inuppink`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Dueriimbu`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Duerivdared`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yorockport`
Photinia plant named `Parbri`
Poinsettia plant named `Duepremmar`
Nemesia plant named `Inupcream`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Sunny Yoolympia`
Nectarine tree name `Nectareine`
Miniature rose plant named `Meigenpi`
Hybrid Tea rose plant named `Hadque`
Method for operating software configured for internet access on a remote computer
Method for verifying users and updating database, and face verification system using the same
Process controlling method with merged two-control loops
Method for cross-linking of regulation-and/or control functions for a motor vehicle
Drill-through queries from data mining model content
Rule processing system
Pattern recognition template application applied to oil exploration and production
Methods and systems for determining circular dependency
System and method for retreiving database items with increased diversity
Processing fixed-format data in a unicode environment
Easily constructable and collapsible portable tents
Sun shade for vehicles
Toy water gun system with detachable weapons
Casino table wagering game and method therefor
Method and apparatus for playing a stock trading simulation game
Wagering card game
Apparatus for shooting ranges
Real construction game (RCG)
Aquatic amusement toy
Mounting system for a swing
Therapeutic method and device therefor
Construction of playing surfaces
Display device
Methods and apparatus for illumination of liquids
Monitoring terminal device
Alarm system with thin profile
Active anti-theft device for securing property
Systems and methods for measuring a parameter of a landfill including a barrier cap and wireless sen...
Method of determining bulk refractive indicies of liquids from thin films thereof
Lidar system and method
Photonic MEMS and structures
Induced dipole alignment of solar concentrator balls
Selective potting for controlled failure and electronic devices employing the same
Recording apparatus
Apparatus and method for measuring biologic parameters
Semiconductor device for sensor system
Cardiac rhythm monitoring device
Method and system of computing and rendering the nature of the chemical bond of hydrogen-type molecu...
Method and system for dynamic distributed data caching
Solar powered insect exterminator
Solar powered insect exterminator
Solar powered insect exterminator
Solar powered insect exterminator
Mounting platform assembly for a stand device
Imaging optical system
Surveillance window
Compact optical assembly for imaging a remote object
Lens control apparatus
Camera and method for operating a camera based upon available power in a supply
Method and apparatus for manufacturing contact lenses
Underwater camera housing
Thermal interface material (TIM) with carbon nanotubes (CNT) and low thermal impedance
Insulated nanoscopic pathways, compositions and devices of the same
Fe/Au nanoparticles and methods
Nanocomposite compositions for hydrogen storage and methods for supplying hydrogen to fuel cells
Method of removing nanoclusters in a semiconductor device
Silicon based nanospheres and nanowires
Bioconjugate-nanoparticle probes
Alpha(2) macroglobulin receptor as a heat shock protein receptor and uses thereof
Compositions and methods for monitoring breast cancer treatment
Probiotic strains from Lactobacillus salivarius and antimicrobial agents obtained therefrom
Polynucleotides encoding novel cysteine proteases of the calpain superfamily, CAN-12v1 and CAN-12v2.
Compositions comprising gelatin-glycine and carotenoids
Methods of stimulating angiogenesis in a patient by administering vascular endothelial growth factor...
Compositions and methods for enhanced mucosal delivery and non-infused administration of Y2 receptor...
Leptin-related peptides
Administration of non-oral androgenic steroids to women
Flumazenil for the treatment of cocaine dependency
Piperazine- and piperidine-derivatives as melanocortin receptor agonists
Aryl imidazoles and related compounds as C5a receptor modulators
Acylated arylcycloalkylamines and their use as pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical compounds
Nimesulide gel systems for topical use
Tumor necrosis factor 6.alpha. and 6.beta.
Polypeptide encoded by a nucleic acid underexpressed in stomach tumor and lung tumor
Modified peptides as therapeutic agents
Production of humanised antibodies to TNF.alpha.
Tricyclic 2-pyrimidone compounds useful as HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Sertraline compositions
Adhesive precoated headliner materials
Method for making a lightweight, thermoplastic, vehicle headliner having at least one integrally for...
Composite substance containing metal particles, conductive paste and manufacturing method thereof
Electrically heated seat apparatus for a vehicle, vehicle incorporating same, and method of using sa...
Wake-up circuit
Security storage locker for a vehicle
Occupant heartbeat detection and monitoring system
Inter-vehicle drowsy driver advisory system
Speed trap detection and warning system
Vehicle tracking and identification of emergency/law enforcement vehicles
Method and system for video capture of vehicle information
System and method for warning drivers based on road curvature
Work implement side shift control and method
Hydrostatic vehicle drive system comprising a differential lock
Vehicle operating apparatus
Traveling apparatus and method for controlling thereof
Relational database access system using semantically dynamic objects
Method and apparatus for discovery of dynamic network services
System and method for supporting a tariff code selection
Methods and systems for transferring funds
Systems and methods for recommending business decisions utilizing weather driven demand data and opp...
System and method utilizing a graphical user interface of a business process workflow scheduling pro...
System and method for facilitating bilateral and multilateral decision-making
Position analysis system and method
Operating on-line communities using a computer network with an extensible information publishing arc...
Tiered on-demand location-based service and infrastructure
System and method for managing employee absences
System and method for implementing financial transactions using cellular telephone data
User interaction with hand-drawing software via interface surface
Printer for printing an interface onto a surface using a complementary ink set
Method and system for automatically forwarding an image product
Digital authentication with digital and analog documents
Child protective garment
Multiple use rotary cutting device
Assembly method for a refrigerated display case
Spica chair
Device for portioning flowable food products
Food container for use with a beverage receptacle
Device for the continuous production of a strip of dough
Circovirus sequences associated with piglet weight loss disease (PWD)
Elongase gene and method for producing polyunsaturated fatty acids
Method and system for controlling interchangeable components in a modular test system
Conductor loop
Poly(arylene ether) data storage media
Permeable capacitor electrode
Plasma display panel and video display system employing same
Vaccine immunotherapy for immune suppressed patients
Method and system for modulation of microbial cell characteristics
Methods of increasing distribution of nucleic acids
Anti-inflammatory peptides derived from C-reactive protein
Antibodies isolating and/or identifying neuronal stem cells and method for isolating and/or identify...
Selection and treatment of seeds
Abuse-resistant transdermal dosage form
Stable topical drug delivery compositions
.beta.-carboline pharmaceutical compositions
Methods of estimating routing delays during the placement process in programmable logic devices
Vectorless instantaneous current estimation
Generic method and apparatus for implementing source synchronous interface in platform ASIC
Method for generating layouts by chamfering corners of polygons
Method and apparatus for laying out cells in a semiconductor device
Creating a power distribution arrangement with tapered metal wires for a physical design
Method and apparatus for enhancing signal routability
Method of fabricating and integrated circuit through utilizing metal layers to program randomly posi...
Graphical feedback of disparities in target designs in graphical development environment
Method and system for debugging through supervisory operating codes and self modifying codes
Code optimization method and system
Chip design verifying and chip testing apparatus and method
Semiconductor memory device
Non-volatile memory device having controlled bulk voltage and method of programming same
Humanized antibodies to gamma-interferon
Automatic white balancing via illuminant scoring
Camera drive unit and cellular phone equipped with camera drive unit
Image processing apparatus which prevents a panoramic image or sequence of consecutive images from b...
Video image formatting technique
Image displaying system, image displaying method, image printing system, and image printing method
Decoding system, video color converter and method thereof
Solid state image pickup apparatus of low power consumption and its driving method
Digital broadcast/analog broadcast receiving apparatus
Method and apparatus for image sensing with CCD
Method and circuit for providing a horizontal scan signal for a television set
On-screen display apparatus
Cyclic data signal averaging system and method for use in video display systems
Method of selecting key-frames from a video sequence
Camera having flexible display
On-screen device for subject of interest in portable electronic device, and method of controlling sa...
Apparatus and method for obtaining 3D images
Electronic camera and photographing composition determination apparatus mountable on electronic came...
Method for connecting split images and image shooting apparatus
Apparatus and method for working asphalt pavement
Tire rubber granulator
Blasting apparatus and blasting method
Disposable centrifuge rotor
Image forming apparatus for reliably holding attachable units
Extraction method
Golf ball with covered dimples
Intubation tube placement assessment device
Dual spray pattern actuator for aerosol product
Integrated planar ion traps
Mars optical modulators
Method and apparatus for exchanging routing information within an autonomous system in a packet-base...
Substantially pure glycopeptide antibiotics AC-98-1, AC-98-2, AC-98-3, AC-98-4 and AC-98-5
Pharmaceutical compositions for nasal delivery of oestradiol and norethisterone
Fault tolerance in a supercomputer through dynamic repartitioning
Method and system for performing remote maintenance operations on a battery powered computer
Monitoring of solid state memory devices in active memory system utilizing redundant devices
Signal processing method, signal processing system, program for signal processing, and computer-read...
Apparatus, system, and method for maintaining data in a storage array
System and method for load dependent frequency and performance modulation in bladed systems
Wafer-level testing of optical and optoelectronic chips
Method for manufacturing electro-optical device, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Electroactive fluorene polymers having perfluoroalkyl groups, process for preparing such polymers an...
Electroactive fluorene copolymers and devices made with such polymers
Mono-, oligo- and polythieno[2,3-b]thiophenes
Method for preparing three types of benzidine compounds in a specific ratio
Electro-optical device, manufacturing method of the same, and electronic apparatus
Plasma display panel
Display circuit with optical sensor
Liquid crystal display device
D/A conversion circuit and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Display panel and method for manufacturing the same
Water-barrier performance of an encapsulating film
Electronic device
Facility management platform for a hybrid coaxial/twisted pair local loop network service architectu...
Method and system for identifying a party answering a telephone call based on simultaneous activity
Voice message based applets
Rules based real-time communication system
Accessing messages stored in one communication system by another communication system
System and method for monitoring and handling telecommunication activity via a computer network
Method and system for connecting a subscriber to an advertiser prior to call completion
Prepaid billing support for simultaneous communication sessions in data networks
Dynamic ringback services
Method and apparatus for mixed media contact notification service
Using a telephony application server for call control with a voice server
Methods and systems for releasing a voice mail system from a communication and further processing th...
Image data communications device and method
Communication apparatus and method
System and method for selectively processing data sub-segments using a data mask
Generating one or more block addresses based on an identifier of a hierarchical data structure
Work data management system and work data management method
Subnet replicated database elements
Method for synchronizing read/unread data during LOTUS NOTES database migration
Evolving entries within persistent stores in a scalable infrastructure environment
Data files systems with hierarchical ranking for different activity groups
Method and apparatus for maintaining, and updating in-memory copies of the first and second pointers...
Method for constructing and caching a chain of file identifiers and enabling inheritance of resource...
Systems and methods for rule inheritance
Hair dryer
Handle for hairdryer
Electric hair curling tongs
Hair clipper housing
Helmet with binoculars
Motorcycle mouth guard
Chin strap assembly for helmet
Animal sleeping bag
Chew toy for animals
Pool cleaner housing
Washing machine
Handheld vacuum
Portable vacuum
Wall vacuum
Portable vacuum
Wall vacuum
Backpack cleaner
Compact vacuum cleaner
Architecture for printing via the internet
Methods and systems for black and white conversion of imaging data
Direct radio-frequency detection of nucleotide hybridization at microelectrodes
Liquid metal switch employing an electrically isolated control element
Method and apparatus for an ambient energy battery recharge system
Power amplifier arrangement, and a method for amplification of a signal
Gain calibration of a digital controlled oscillator
Method for identifying packages in transit
EAS/RFID identification hard tags
RFID delivery and pickup determination system
System for tracking items
Radio relay appliance activation
Bus-based appliance remote control
High speed digital delta-sigma modulator with integrated upsampler
Directional antenna mechanism
Ultra-wideband V-UHF antenna
Power control protocol for highly variable data rate reverse link of a wireless communication system
Method of controlling handover in uplink synchronous transmission scheme
Signal processing method and apparatus for a spread spectrum radio communication receiver
Radio frequency data conveyance system including configurable integrated circuits
Colored noise detection algorithms
Viterbi decoding device and method for processing multi-data input into multi-data output
Magnetic induction device
Devices and methods for reduction of NO.sub.x emissions from lean burn engines
Method, apparatus and article of manufacture for modifying printing based upon direct on-the-fly med...
System and method for machine specific register addressing in external devices
Animal grooming tool
Prebiotic oligosaccharides via alternansucrase acceptor reactions
Apparatus and method for urging fluid into a pressurized system
Using antenna arrays in multipath environment
Disposable toothbrush
Production of hollow ceramic membranes by electrophoretic deposition
Image processing apparatus and image processing method as well as recording medium
Negative active material composition for a rechargeable lithium battery, method of producing a negat...
Pattern matching using projection kernels
Cold cathode fluorescent lamp drive apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for detecting liquid flow from a spray device
Modular frame load handler with translatable carriage
Fastener having supplemental support and retention capabilities
Layer system
Apparatus and method for developing latent fingerprints
Kits and methods for determining the effectiveness of sterilization of disinfection processes
Threat scanning machine management system
Separator and particle detection system
System and method for inspecting transportable items using microwave imaging
System and method for communicating with airborne weapons platforms
Integrated system for quickly and accurately imaging and modeling three-dimensional objects
Controllable signal baseline and frequency emphasis circuit
Compositions and methods for labeling oligonucleotides
Nucleic acid purification method and purification apparatus
Mammalian genes; related reagents and methods
Helical nucleopeptides
Methods of identifying synthetic transcriptional and translational regulatory elements, and composit...
Nucleic acids and proteins showing increased expression dose under salt stress
Method for the modulation of function of transcription factors
Amino Sugar Chelates
Antisense antibacterial method and compound
RNA interference mediated inhibition of 11 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase-1 (11 beta-HSD-1) gene ...
Patched-2 antibodies
Antisense modulation of fibroblast growth factor receptor 3 expression
Aminoglycoside-polyamine displacers and methods of use in displacement chromatography
Novel nucleic acids and polypeptides
Oligonucleotide synthesis using periodate salts
Spherical sulfated cellulose and production process for the same
Micrornas and uses thereof
Rubisco activase with increased thermostability and methods of use thereof
Control of hypocotyllength and flowering time by COL8 gene
Agents for phytoremediation
Chimeric immunomodulatory compounds and methods of using the same - IV
Micro-fastening system and method of manufacture
Thermal interface material and method for manufacturing same
Optical pulse duration extender
Method and apparatus for increasing quality and resolution of a projected image
Projection lens system and projector
Projection zoom lens and projector
Zoom lens system and camera incorporating the same
Original reading lens, original reading lens unit, original reading device, and image forming device
Imaging lens including light blocking region and method of making it
Projection optical system
Aspherical type imaging lens array
Hybrid lens system and mobile phone employing the same
Optical unit, exposure unit and optical devices
Lens body tube
Optical switch element
Optical scanning device
Vertically-coupled whispering gallery mode resonator optical waveguide, and methods
Internet facsimile apparatus and method of controlling internet facsimile communication using the ap...
Gallium nitride (GaN)-based semiconductor light emitting diode and method for manufacturing the same
Magneto resistance random access memory element
Ferroelectric capacitor hydrogen barriers and methods for fabricating the same
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Mouthguard having device securing tab
Combined spray cap and aerosol container
Tunable dispersion compensator
Logical partitioning in redundant systems
Storage system, method of controlling storage system, and storage device
Process for the preparation of porous polymers and polymers obtainable thereof
Collection well for body fluid tester
Animal control arrangement
Pulse sorting apparatus for frequency histogramming in a radar receiver system
Selectively expandable composite structures for spinal arthroplasty
Transformable mobile station
Bacterial plaque evidencing composition based on natural colorants
Process for the production of metal salts of radical-polymerizable compounds
Unmanned underwater vehicle fuel cell powered charging system and method
Image forming method and apparatus to maintain a high efficiency of toner transfer
Document anonymity setting device, method and computer readable recording medium recording anonymity...
Human ataxin-1-like polypeptide IMX97018
Treatment for cardiovascular and related diseases
Indole peptidomimetics as thrombin receptor antagonists
Pyrazole derivatives
Method and apparatus for treatment of thrombosed hemodialysis access grafts
Sealing clip, delivery systems, and methods
Vascular couplers, techniques, methods, and accessories
Sample retention apparatus for use in measuring hemostasis
Targeting drug/gene carriers to irradiated tissue
Prostaglandin receptor protein and methods of use thereof
Carboxylic acid amides
Pitcher for holding flexible bags of milk or other liquids
Lactose test apparatus
Shea butter esters
Fluid handling apparatus for an automated analyzer
System and method for voltage contrast analysis of a wafer
Method of detecting partial discharges and diagnostic system for electrical apparatus
Tracking apparatus, system and method
Semiconductor memory device having a single input terminal to select a buffer and method of testing ...
System and method for locating a cellular service
System and method for smart card personalization
Distributed control unit
Dynamic routing for a measurement system
Meta content delivery network system
Device for drying products such as in particular purifying station sludge
Vacuum-packing diaper and pressing encasement
Pressing and vacuum-sealing diaper in vacuum chamber
Vehicle cooler
Solar panel and water dispenser
Methods and apparatus for cleaning a hearing aid device
Low cost roofing shingles manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Semiconductor thin film forming method, production methods for semiconductor device and electrooptic...
Protective cover system including a corrosion inhibitor
3,4-dioxythiophene derivatives
Enhanced rapid thermal processing apparatus and method
Heating elements for a storage device
Reversible field-programmable electric interconnects
Methods of reducing floating body effect
TIMP3 as VEGF inhibitor
Piezoelectric array with strain dependant conducting elements and method therefor
Rare earth compounds having photo-luminescent properties and applications thereof
Gaming machine with universal PC board mounting system
Event manager for a control management system
Methods and mechanisms for proactive memory management
Methods and systems for collecting, analyzing, and reporting software reliability and availability
Method and apparatus for merging electronic documents containing markup language
Separating and moving document objects using the movement of a wiper bar
NROM flash memory with self-aligned structural charge separation
Component specific machine wear determination with x-ray fluorescence spectrometry
Medical electrical lead anchoring
Model-based controller for auto-ignition optimization in a diesel engine
Adaptive position sensing method and apparatus for synchronous motor generator system
Systems and methods for remote role-based collaborative work environment
Treatment of HPV caused diseases
Cell regulatory genes, encoded products, and uses related thereto
Method and system for sending, receiving and managing messaging data
Multi-system instant messaging (IM)
Message processing pipeline for streams
Template-based customization of a user interface for a messaging application program
End-to-end reliable messaging with complete acknowledgement
Method and apparatus for on demand multicast and unicast using controlled flood multicast communicat...
Methods for generating voice prompts using grammatical rules in a system proving TDM voice communica...
Method and system for managing the resources of a toolbar application program
Automated system and method for conducting usability testing
Injection nozzle system and injection molding machine incorporating same
Bit end design for pseudo spin valve (PSV) devices
Methods for detecting papillomavirus DNA in blood plasma and serum
Peptides for detection of antibody to Ehrlichia ewingii
Gas dual-dynamic solid state fermentation technique and apparatus
Etch-stop material for improved manufacture of magnetic devices
N-pyrazole A2A receptor agonists
System and method for dynamic stand-off biometric verification
Deinterleaving apparatus and method for a digital communication system
Measurement circuit and method for serially merging single-ended signals to analyze them
Wireless network using multiple channel assignment messages and method of operation
Data transmitting/receiving method in HARQ data communication system
Method and system for transmitting character messages in mobile communication terminal during conver...
Exposure method for correcting line width variation in a photomask
Hinge device of swing-type portable terminal
Disk drive adopting vibration absorber
Retrieving data from a server
Cartridge for an information recording medium
Apparatus and method for calculation of divisions and square roots
Method of discovering and installing clients for digital copier services
Method and apparatus for checking and analyzing the state of peripherals wherein state information i...
Methods and compositions for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis restenosis and related ...
Substituted pyrimidinones
Method of manufacturing an organic light-emitting display apparatus having a diamond-like carbon fil...
OLED device with short reduction
Organic electro luminescence display device and fabricating method thereof
Personal electronics device with display switching
Image display apparatus
Organic electro luminescent display panel and fabricating method thereof
VoIP proxy server
MNTF peptides and compositions and methods of use
Casing contained filter
Method of installing a disk clamp over a hub of a disk drive
TMR sensor with oxidized alloy barrier layer and method for forming the same
Motor assembly with an integrated flexible printed circuit
Ground post in data storage device
Interlaced even and odd address mapping
Online used car information search method, program, and device
Image forming apparatus, image forming method and program, and recording medium
Gallium-nitride based light emitting diode structure and fabrication thereof
Magnetic memory cell and magnetic random access memory using the same
Self coordinated machine network
Micro droplet generator
Telescopic strap, particularly for a dust cap of a metered dose inhaler
Portable communication device having a MEMS switch and method therefor
Sol-gel process for the production of glassy articles
Compacting press
Catalysts and method for the production of amines
Semiconductor integrated circuit and electronic system
Treatment of alzheimer's disease
Method and apparatus for programmable lexical packet classifier
System and method for processing track identifier errors to mitigate head instability in data storag...
Precompensation circuit for magnetic recording
Apparatus and method for driving a write head
Dual source tracking servo systems and associated methods
Compensation for jitter in servo signal within data storage device
Power management in operating recording media
Magnetic hard disk drive
Method and apparatus for selecting equalization targets
Track impedance anomaly detection in an automated data storage library
Alignment system method and apparatus for multi-unit storage systems
Disk drive that performs cold writes to erased buffer
Self-contained robotics module for storage library
Cartridge loading mechanism
Method for flying a disk drive slider having a high pressure micropad ABS
Head slider to be adhered to precise positioning actuator, head gimbal assembly with the head slider...