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Method for improving disk space allocation
Pending request scoreboard for out-of-order memory scheduler
Method and apparatus for data migration based on a comparison of storage device state information
System, method and apparatus for the detection and capturing of technological crime instances
System, method and device for language education through a voice portal server
Apparatus and system for teaching proper letter sizing and spacing to autistic children and others w...
Braille display for use with a notetaker and with personal computers for blind and low vision users
L-amino acid oxidase with cytotoxic activity from Aplysia punctata
Systems and methods for reducing vibrations
Spoiler anchoring sail
PSCA: prostate stem cell antigen and uses thereof
Mechanical and acoustical suspension coating of medical implants
Sheaths for implantable fixation devices
2-pyridyl substituted imidazoles as ALK5 and/or ALK4 inhibitors
Bone morphogenic proteins (BMP), BMP receptors and BMP binding proteins and their use in the diagnos...
Side-loading adjustable bone anchor
Fracture and wear resistant compounds and down hole cutting tools
Device, system and method for interstitial transvascular intervention
Apparatus and method for compressing a gas, and cryosurgery system and method utilizing same
Golf club head
Balloon folding technology
Composite material and resin mold
System and method for isolating flow in a shunt tube
Vehicle braking control apparatus
Process for the control and actuation of vehicle dashboard indicators
Lane departure prevention apparatus
Vehicle front structure
Vehicle end structure
Engine vibration suppression device and suppression method thereof
Preform, hydroforming method, and hydroformed product
Optically pumped semiconductor laser device
Optically pumped external-cavity semiconductor laser with multiple gain structures
Handheld laser light detector with height correction, using a GPS receiver to provide two-dimensiona...
Color laser printer and detachable transfer belt unit for correcting color and position difference
Control of output beam divergence in a semiconductor waveguide device
Semiconductor laser device and method for fabricating the same
Method of fabricating single mode VCSEL for optical mouse
Semiconductor laser diode with emission efficiency independent of thickness of p-type cladding layer
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser including indium and nitrogen in the active region
Medical laser apparatus
Method of aligning an optical fiber, method of manufacturing a semiconductor laser module, and semic...
Method of recording information in optical recording medium, information recording apparatus and opt...
Method and apparatus for coupling laser beams
Beam shaping prior to harmonic generation for increased stability of laser beam shaping post harmoni...
Optical-axis deflection type laser interferometer, calibration method thereof, correcting method the...
Radar apparatus
Pyrazine derivatives and pharmaceutical use thereof
Cathepsin cysteine protease inhibitors
Carbazole derivatives and their use as NPY5 receptor antagonists
8-[3-amino-piperidin-1-yl]-xanthines, the preparation thereof and their use as pharmaceutical compos...
1,8-annelated quinoline derivatives substituted with carbon-linked triazoles as farnesyl transferase...
Thieno-(1,3)-oxazin-4-ones with lipase inhibiting activity
Heterocyclic analogs of diphenylethylene compounds
Wound healing
Protein kinase inhibitors comprising ATP mimetics conjugated to peptides or peptidomimetics
Construction of medical components using gas assisted microcellular foaming
System for connecting a compatibility liner with a source of perishable therapeutic
CPP GMR/TMR structure providing higher dR
Side reading reduced GMR for high track density
Magnetoresistive device and method of manufacturing same, thin-film magnetic head, head gimbal assem...
Impedance control with reduced stiffness contribution from electrical interconnect
Hard disk drive suspension employing a vertical offset to reduce track mis-registration induced by d...
Magnetic head slider and method of fabricating magnetic head slider
Magnetic disk slider having improved inclination margins in a rolling direction
Thin film magnetic head for perpendicular magnetic recording having a main pole with plural grooves ...
Hard disk drive with disk spacer and spindle motor assembly
Magnetic recording system with improved magnetic shield
Apparatus of performing self-servo write using a helium environment
Magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus
Data tracking method and apparatus for disk-based data storage
Preventing damage to the heads and media in a removable cartridge and disk drive
Magnetic disk drive and magnetic disk medium
Shock resistant, high reliability rotating magnetic storage device and method
Track allocation method of disk drive
Reproducing head and magnetic disk drive
Protection against data corruption due to power failure in solid-state memory device
Scheduling of reclaim operations in non-volatile memory
Off-chip data relocation
Systems for soft programming non-volatile memory utilizing individual verification and additional so...
Disk drive or any serial attached device logging a cable loss event
Flexible and area efficient column redundancy for non-volatile memories
Deposited semiconductor structure to minimize n-type dopant diffusion and method of making
Dual mode electronic toll collection transponder
Protection of non-promiscuous data in an RFID transponder
Wireless payment method and systems
Bidirectional optical amplifier
Fiber optic local convergence points for multiple dwelling units
Fiber optic ferrule
Optical fiber array module, fabrication method thereof, and portable terminal
Fiber optic assemblies suitable for adding nodes to a communication network
Optical fiber having a low polarization mode dispersion and process and apparatus for producing it
Intersubband quantum box stack lasers
Method and apparatus for applying quality of service to multicast streams transmitted in a cable net...
Tunable optical routing systems
Method of determining a zero point of a current sensor
Method and apparatus for adjusting interventricular delay based on ventricular pressure
Methods and system to quantify depth data accuracy in three-dimensional sensors using single frame c...
Control of monitored zone
Dynamically tasking one or more surveillance resources
Method of thermally coupling a flow tube or like component to a thermal sensor and sensor systems fo...
G2-Gyroscope: MEMS gyroscope with output oscillation about the normal to the plane
Method for determining dark condition and method for interpolating color in image sensor
Method of producing highly functionalized 1,3-diamino-propan-2-ols from solid support
Method for the production of diaminodiarylmethanes
Method and apparatus using coordinate interleaving to increase diversity in a MIMO system
Bird feeder port
3-dimensional integrated circuit architecture, structure and method for fabrication thereof
Nonsteroidal progesterone receptor modulators
Memory command unit throttle and error recovery
Peptide vaccines against group A streptococci
Low-polydispersity photoimageable polymers and photoresists and processes for microlithography
Diesel exhaust system including NOx-trap
Active NEMS arrays for biochemical analyses
Method for automatically managing information using hyperlink features of a mobile terminal
SCUBA walk improved underwater breathing apparatus
Automated PCB manufacturing documentation release package system and method
Method of maintaining aseptic conditions in a juice plant in brief production stoppages
Memory device
Method for writing to magnetoresistive memory cells and magnetoresistive memory which can be written...
Flip-chip packaging structure for light emitting diode and method thereof
Declarative page view and click tracking systems and methods
Line item data processing
Regulation of Mammalian Hair Growth
Delivery Systems
Type II Diabetes
Methods and apparatus to prevent, treat, and cure the symptoms of nausea caused by chemotherapy trea...
Polyoxometalate materials, metal-containing materials, and methods of use thereof
Method of disinfecting food and food preparation areas
Method and Apparatus for Pressure Sodding a Biological Vascular Conduit
Baby diaper cream for diaper itch and diaper red sore
Sustained Release Preparation Comprising a Foamed Capillary Tube
Benefit agent containing delivery particle
Method For Carrying Therapeutic Substances Into Cells
Dosage Form With Improved Release Of Cefuroximaxetil
Multiplexed assays of cell migration
Human Milk Fortifiers and Methods for Their Production
Method for Producing Sodium Dithionite
Oligonucleotide probes and microarray for determining genome types
Electrochemical mechanical polishing apparatus conditioning method, and conditioning solution
Process to Prepare Salt
Immuno gold lateral flow assay
Water Treatment System
Erythropoietin: remodeling and glycoconjugation of erythropoietin
Retention of counterions in the separative bioreactor
Black dye composition and black ink composition for textile digital printing
Fluid filtration method, fluid filtered thereby, lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing met...
Multistage Thermoelectric Water Cooler
Dispersant or coatability improver
Cementitious veneer and laminate material
Fire retardant body and methods of use
Method of Marking Material, Marked and Verification of Genuineness of a Product
Article of Lightweight Inorganic Agglomerate in Form of Slab, Process of Manufacturing the Same and ...
Constructional board capable of capturing and decomposing aldehyde
Three-Dimensional Printing Material System With Improved Color, Article Performance, and Ease of Use
Mycellated grain and other myceliated agricultural materials to be used as animal food supplement
Two-Way Drywall Lift Overload Protection System
Multi-Stage Drywall Hydraulic Lift System
Sharps Instrument Disposal
Pneumatically Operated Power Tool Having Mechanism for Changing Compressed Air Pressure
Method of making a photovoltaic device with antireflective coating containing porous silica and resu...
Composite Absorbent Particles
Method for Processing Ore to Minimize the Production of Acidic Wastes
Roof truss system
Acoustical and firewall barrier assembly
Virus-Interacting Layered Phyllosilicates and Methods of Use
System and method for forming composite stent-graft assembly in-situ
Constant force material delivery system and method
Endoluminal prosthesis adapted to resist migration and method of deploying the same
Translumenally implantable heart valve with multiple chamber formed in place support
Translumenally implantable heart valve with formed in place support
Methods of cardiac valve replacement using nonstented prosthetic valve
Method of in situ formation of translumenally deployable heart valve support
Nonstented temporary valve for cardiovascular therapy
Nonstented heart valves with formed in situ support
Intravascular devices and fibrosis-inducing agents
Intravascular devices and fibrosis-inducing agents
Intravascular devices and fibrosis-inducing agents
Vascular fixation device and method
Intravascular devices and fibrosis-inducing agents
Intravascular devices and fibrosis-inducing agents
Intravascular devices and fibrosis-inducing agents
Intravascular devices and fibrosis-inducing agents
Intravascular devices and fibrosis-inducing agents
Non-Woven Fabric and Food Casing Which is Produced Therefrom and Which is Based on Cellulose Hydrate
Tri-layer food container
Soft Chew Confectionary with High Fiber and Sugar Content and Method for Making Same
Increase in Yield by Reducing Gene Expression
Low Energy Food Product
Sterol Ester Powder
Nutritious fabricated snack products
Sonora style corn tortillas
Nutritional meal replacement high-protein bar, method of making the bar and improving the flavor and...
Pelletization method for raw royal jelly
Cartridge, a Machine, a System and a Method for the Preparation of Beverages
Method and device for decorating or depositing components on a horizontal section of flat bakeware
Process for Preparing Nutritional Products
Aerated product
Beverage Foaming Devices
More appealing pet food products and their methods of preparation
Security and support for flexible conferencing topologies spanning proxies, firewalls and gateways
Cold electron emitter
Image sensing apparatus and method using radiation
Systems, methods and apparatus for adaptive cancellation of induced row noise in X-ray detector
Imaging apparatus, radiation imaging apparatus, and radiation imaging system
X-ray examination apparatus and radiation detector
Detector arrangement
Method for registration of an image applied to digital subtracted angiography
Method and apparatus to control radiation tube focal spot size
Phantom for improving coronary calcium scoring consistency
Radiation tomography apparatus
Tomographic reconstruction for x-ray cone-beam scan data
Registration target design for managing both reticle grid error and wafer overlay
Semiconductor pixel arrays with reduced sensitivity to defects
Ultrasonic flow-velocity distribution meter/flowmeter, method of ultrasonically measuring flow veloc...
Imminent-collision detection system and process
Breast cancer detection
System and method for imaging myocardial infarction
Data processing
Nearest-neighbor rebinning in clinical PET using on-line three dimensional LOR-to-bin mapping
System and method for efficient broadcast of information over a network
Distance measurement for wireless building automation devices
Digitizing planimeter
Screen and method for manufacturing the same
Multi-region light scattering element
Display device and method for manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
Method and apparatus for end-to-end content publishing system using XML with an object dependency gr...
Determination of related failure events in a multi-node system
Automatic and transparent hardware conversion of traditional control flow to predicates
Computer and method for on-demand network access control
Electronic equipment, method of receiving data, method of transmitting data, method of setting chann...
Method and apparatus for controlling document service requests from a mobile device
Creating taxonomies and training data for document categorization
Object oriented library for Markov chain Monte Carlo simulation
Segmentation of image data
Sub-resolution alignment of images
Method for cooking a cooking load including cooking items of varying size, and cooking device for ca...
Method for identifying components of a mixture via spectral analysis
Rewritable optical recording medium, recording method on the same, and optical disc recording/retrie...
Method and apparatus for a downhole spectrometer based on tunable optical filters
Data processing system
Display apparatus for accessing desired web site
Locating meaningful stopwords or stop-phrases in keyword-based retrieval systems
Method and system for searching data based on identified subset of categories and relevance-scored t...
Inferring informational goals and preferred level of detail of answers based on application being em...
Method and apparatus for eye-opening based optimization
Method and apparatus for channel equalization
Method and device for detecting vertical bell laboratories layered space-time codes
Room air purifier
Stereoscopic endoscope
IFN-.beta. liquid formulations
Fastening film system and assembly comprising a fastening film system and a substrate
Penile prosthesis devices and methods
Phosphor based illumination system having a plurality of light guides and a display using same
Rotary valve assembly for fluid filtration system
Apparatus and methods for disinfecting components of an air conditioning system in a motor vehicle
Full face respirator
Media cutting device
Capsule endoscope starter
Multi-function device with positioning system and shared processor
GPS position measuring method and GPS position measuring system
Automated diagnosis for computer networks
Method and system for managing programs for web service system
Undergarment having crotch member with unattached end portion
Auto sheet threading and cutting device and method
System and method for providing therapy to an individual
Hands-free electronic towel dispenser
Apparatus for winding paper with static control
Flexible carton loading apparatus
Polyhydroxyalkanoate containing unit with phenylsulfanyl structure in the side chain, process for it...
Primer compositions in non-flowable forms
Concrete washout container
Apparatus for power control by phase gating and a method for harmonic reduction
Laser-assisted replication method
Lamp lighting circuit and device, and lamp lighting apparatus and device
Image forming apparatus including photosensitive body fixing apparatus
Protective coating for substrates that are subjected to high temperatures and method for producing s...
Method for producing an alkene oxide
Wired circuit board and production method thereof
Data transmission/reception apparatus and method for improving performance in a mobile communication...
Display/layout methods and apparatuses including content items and display containers
Device and method for performing measurements of the chemical composition of the anterior eye
Method and apparatus for intensity control of multiple light sources using source timing
Method for reducing leakage current in a vacuum field emission display
Thin keypad assemblies and components for electronics devices and methods
Method and system for interleaving in a parallel turbo decoder
Headset for a radio communication device
Digital-to-time converter using cycle selection windowing
Modulator and signaling method
Methods for delivery in a wireless communications network
Methods and devices for correlating audio sample comparisons and network performance statistics
Direction finding method and system using probabilistic mapping
Electrical interconnection for high-frequency devices
Method and apparatus for operating a blocked secure storage memory
Method for optimizing a pattern generation program, a program, and a signal generator
Mapping logic for loading control of crossbar multiplexer select RAM
Method and apparatus for congestion relief within an ad-hoc communication system
Fiber coupling into bent capillary
Multiband antenna in a communication device
Lipolysis promoter and food-and-drink and feed containing the same
Method for manufacturing vegetable juice and the like with decreased nitrate ions
Use of cationic preservative in food products
Method for enzymatic treatment of a vegetable composition
Adaptable food storage box
Refrigerator storage system
Compositions and methods for resisting soil erosion and fire retardation
Tertiary filter septic system and method
Automatic SPT monitor
Method and apparatus for a shift register based interconnection for a massively parallel processor a...
System memory board subsystem using DRAM with stacked dedicated high speed point to point links
Optimized data transfer for a data bus
Method and apparatus for reducing number of cycles required to checkpoint instructions in a multi-th...
Cryptographically signed filesystem
Operation prioritization and selection in a probability-based job scheduler
Data transfer control device for data transfer over a bus, electronic equipment and method for data ...
Media exchange network supporting varying media guide based on viewing filters
Method and apparatus for session replication and failover
Identifying energy drivers in an energy management system
Steel wire for heat-resistant spring, heat-resistant spring and method for producing heat-resistant ...
Method for replying to related messages
Composition comprising water- and air-hardenable binders and its use notably to the preparation of a...
Variable resistance pulmonary ventilation bypass valve and method
Low power consumption designing method of semiconductor integrated circuit
Polarized semiconductor light emitting device
Plasma display panel
Computer system, management computer, storage system, and backup management method
System and method for efficiently guaranteeing data consistency to clients of a storage system clust...
Method and apparatus for providing a temporal storage appliance with block virtualization in storage...
Apparatus and method for managing address book in portable wireless terminal having a radio frequenc...
Network and method for call management
Method and system for data processing with high availability
Method and apparatus for preventing un-authorized attachment of computer peripherals
Certificate validity authentication method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for maintaining information that indicates valid regions of a working volume an...
Method for checking return path of printed and CAD apparatus for designing patterns of printed board
Electronic service manual for product constituted by electric or electronic circuit
Method for transmitting and receiving variable length packets based on forward error correction (FEC...
Method and System for Mobilizing a Management Service Platform
Method and Apparatus For Listing Goods For Sale
Wear resistant data storage device
Interlayer design for magnetic media
Method and system for withstanding shock in a spindle motor bearing
Atomic force microscopy scanning and image processing
Analogs of dictyostatin, intermediates therefor and methods of systhesis thereof
Method for producing glucosamine from microbial biomass
siRNA targeting human hairless protein (HR)
siRNA targeting DNA-damage-inducible transcript 4 (DDIT4)
Synthesis of Nitrodibenzylfuran Chromophore For Photodeprotection of Organic Molecules
Oligomeric compounds for the modulation ras expression
RNA interference mediated inhibition of hypoxia inducible factor 1 (HIF1) gene expression using shor...
Synthetic siRNA compounds and methods for the downregulation of gene expression
Disintegrin variants and pharmaceutical uses thereof
IL-2 transmembrane construct
Genetic alterations associated with prostate cancer
BGL7 beta-glucosidase and nucleic acids encoding the same
Marker assisted selection of bovine for improved milk composition
Internet television program guide system with embedded real-time data
Method and system for predictive handoff of a data session between entities
Radio corrected clock
Low voltage surge protectors with ground shield
Automotive radar
Radio frequency identification tag
Programmable event driver/interface apparatus and method
Semiconductor device and adjusting method for semiconductor device
Organic radiographic contrasting agents for medical devices
Medical-treatment electrode assembly having treatment-monitoring application
Radio-frequency generator for powering an ablation device
Image forming apparatus and replacement part used therefor
Method and system for managing delivery of digital image files to image processing labs
Method and system for splitting an order in a flexible order transaction system
Method and system for measuring customer delivery service
Method and apparatus for achieving a tailored content response based upon a product identifier coupl...
Toll fee system and method
Information converting apparatus
System and method for training and monitoring data reader operators
Method and apparatus for safely shipping tape drives while mounted inside a frame of an automated ta...
IPOS transaction terminal
Auto-verifying voting system and voting method
Microfluidic chemostat
Lens assembly for biological testing
Apparatus for monitoring bioluminescence of biological samples
Ricin toxin A-chain fragment for use as a vaccine
Liquid crystal cassette
Functional molecular element and functional molecular device
Light emitting devices with multiple light emitting layers to achieve broad spectrum
Light emitting display and driving method thereof
Tiled OLED display
Organic light-emitting display device
Low-voltage organic transistors on flexible substrates using high-gate dielectric insulators by room...
Organic light emitting device and display using the same
Radioactive magnetic fluids for treatment or diagnosis of cancer, process for preparing them and use...
Modified chase combining for hybrid automatic repeat request
Image forming apparatus and image reading apparatus with locking unit for locking movable object
Method of verifying defect management area information of optical disc upon initialization without c...
Optical transceiver for compensating for loss due to transmission distance in passive optical networ...
Digital signal processing architecture with a wide memory bandwidth and a memory mapping method ther...
Large-capacity optical router using electric buffer
Reducing overhead in reverse proxy servers when processing web pages
Support network
System and method for moving substrates in and out of a manufacturing process
Mobile communication terminal and method for inputting characters by speech recognition
Method of adjusting power of forward link signal
Cell search method for inter-system handover in a mobile station
DVD-audio disk, and apparatus and method for playing the same
Upscaling of anti-aliased graphical elements
Printing gaming information using a mobile device
Recovery of computer systems
Method using two different programs to determine state of a network node to eliminate message respon...
Exactly once JMS communication
Wireless communication headset with exchangeable attachments
Mechanism for detection of attacks based on impersonation in a wireless network
Apparatus and method of clock recovery for sampling analog signals
Wireless communication method and apparatus for scheduling prioritized data for a plurality of mobil...
Use of hardware to manage dependencies between groups of network data packets
Use of precedence bits for quality of service
Method and apparatus for two-stage packet classification using most specific filter matching and tra...
Originator based directing and origination call processing features for external devices
Method and apparatus for reducing uplink and downlink transmission errors by supporting adaptive mod...
Apparatus and method for controlling power of reverse channels in a mobile communication system
Method for providing mobile phone user with accurate capability indicator
Method and apparatus for automatic determination of performance problem locations in a network
Method and apparatus for providing quality of service across a switched backplane between egress que...
System and method for focal length stabilization using active temperature control
Rearview mirror constructed for efficient assembly
Generation and usage of workflows for processing data on a printing device
System and method for dynamic propagation and display of graphical edits
System and method for representation of aircraft altitude using spatial size and other natural perce...
Traffic detection and signal system and method therefor
Hygiene monitoring system
Methods and reagents that generate a CD8 T cell immune response
Liquid precursors for the CVD deposition of amorphous carbon films
Liquid crystal display panel and method of fabricating thereof
Vacuum packaged single crystal silicon device
Liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating the same
Method of manufacturing vibrating micromechanical structures
Method for photo-curing polymerizable compositions with pulsed light
Flexible network wireless transceiver and flexible network telemetry transceiver
Antenna calibration method and system
Metal detection system and method
Apparatus comprising armor
Boiler water level monitoring and control system
Control system for plant and internal combustion engine
Low-voltage single-layer polysilicon EEPROM memory cell
Reducing delays in word line selection
Static electricity detection for fuel dispenser
Electro-optic device
System and methods for authoring domain specific rule-driven data generators
Automated recovery of computer appliances
Graceful load fail over
Methods and systems for authenticating messages
Fast booting an operating system from an off state
Slot machine shaped slipper
Composition and method for increasing apoptosis in cancer cells
Use of pirfenidone in therapeutic regimens
System and method for estimating reliability of components for testing and quality optimization
Dynamic random access memory trench capacitors
Heteropolycyclic compound and dye
Selective header field dispatch in a network processing system
Distributed router with ping-pong preventing function and ping-pong preventing method using the same
System and method to decrease the route convergence time and find optimal routes in a wireless commu...
Router, terminal apparatus, communication system and routing method
System and method for round trip delay adjustment in a multipoint-to-point orthogonal frequency divi...
Method for measuring position, linear velocity and velocity change of an object in two-dimensional m...
Image conversion device, image conversion method and data conversion circuit as well as digital came...
Communication apparatus having wired communication function and wireless communication function, and...
Four-transistor Schmitt trigger inverter
Scientific phenomena evaluation device, diffusion velocity measurement experimental device, and manu...
Electromechanical lock employing shape memory metal wire
Apparatus and method for agitating a sample during in vitro testing
N-(heteroaryl)-1H-indole-2-carboxamide derivatives and their use as vanilloid TRPV1 receptor ligands
Light sensing instrument with modulated polychromatic source
IR transparent inkjet ink set
Benzamide inhibitors of the P2X.sub.7 receptor
Use of sulfated glycosaminoglycans for establishing effective labor in women
Method of treating Crohn's Disease using sargramostim
Inhibitors of factor Xa and other serine proteases involved in the coagulation cascade
Inhibitors of factor Xa and other serine proteases involved in the coagulation cascade
Modified annexin proteins, and methods and compositions for using them
Method of using expandable vein ligator catheter having multiple electrode leads
Radiation-curable coatings for metal substrates from multifunctional acrylate oligomers
Composite membrane having oleophobic properties
Skin care cosmetic compositions and methods for microemulsification of sebum on contact
Polymeric particle slurry system and method to reduce feature sidewall erosion
Method of using sol-gel coatings for on-line preconcentration of amino acids in capillary electropho...
Methods and materials for connective tissue repair
Orbital implant coating having differential degradation
Branched vessel endoluminal device with fenestration
Runflat tire with sidewall component containing high strength glass bubbles
Energy damping flow device for printing system
Printhead cartridge having an integrated circuit storing an identifier for use in mobile device
Annular isolators for expandable tubulars in wellbores
Combination bottle/can beverage cooler and bottle cap opener
Substituted pyrrolo-pyrazole derivatives as kinase inhibitors
Thienopyridinone compounds and methods of treatment
Caspase inhibitors and uses thereof
Cyclopropane CGRP antagonists, medicaments containing these compounds, and method for the production...
Substituted heterocyclic compounds
Substituted N-acyl-2-aminothiazoles
Epothilone derivatives, method for producing same and their pharmaceutical use
Oil mist removal device with oil fill
Remote sump with film heater and auto purge
Liquid filtering instrument and dry type analysis device
Separating agent for an optical enantiomeric isomer
Filtering structure for swimming pool
Rooftop drainage device
Quick countercurrent-type water purifier
Active filter element for end face incident flow
Apparatus for cleaning contaminated oil
Centrifuge apparatus for processing blood
Storage, homogenisation and dosing system
Filter element for filtering fluids
Plastic transmission filter
Apparatus for controlling cyclone separators
Method of manufacturing article having uneven surface
Semiconductor device and a fabrication process thereof
Method for preparing a contact plug structure
Methods of forming electrically conductive plugs
Method for forming an aluminum contact
Electronic package with improved current carrying capability and method of forming the same
Semiconductor component having a contact structure and method of manufacture
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing process therefore
Chemical planarization performance for copper/low-k interconnect structures
Method of providing solder bumps on a substrate using localized heating
Self-coplanarity bumping shape for flip-chip
Method of plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition of TaC and TaCN films having good adhesion to copp...
Low resistance contact structure and fabrication thereof
Deposition methods
Method and apparatus for leveling a semiconductor wafer, and semiconductor wafer with improved flatn...
Patterning sub-lithographic features with variable widths
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of identifying activity modulators of a polycystin-2L1 taste receptor polypeptide
Compounds, compositions and methods for treating neuropsychiatric disorders
Peptides, antibodies thereto, and their use in treatment of central nervous system, damage
Pulse generation scheme for improving the speed and robustness of a current sense amplifier without ...
Method and apparatus for filtering output data
Asynchronous sampling rate converter and method for audio DAC
Importation of virtual signals into electronic test equipment to facilitate testing of an electronic...
Programmable switch
Digital-imaging based code symbol reading system employing a micro-computing platform supporting an ...
Channel buffering and display management system for multi-tuner set-top box
Data sampling method and apparatus with alternating edge sampling phase detection for loop character...
High speed communication system with a feedback synchronization loop
Method and apparatus for data transmission, and method and apparatus for data reception
Device for transmitting asynchronous data having clock deviation control
Method for auto-routing of multi-hop pseudowires
Address learning to enable high speed routing table lookups
Motorized traction device for a patient support
Steering apparatus for working machine
Steering controller of vehicle
Hydrostatic transmission circuit with replenishing for a vehicle
Plastic waveguide for terahertz wave
All-optical logic gates using nonlinear elements--claim set V
Methods and apparatus for alignment and assembly of optoelectronic components
Matrix slicing
Personalized telephone directory and calling system
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell
Adjustable pliers having slidably mounted jaw
Glove with support for hyper-extension resistance
Automotive message display
Inscribed pyramid ornament
Method of producing liquid crystal display devices
Method of fabricating pipe for absorbing fuel evaporation gas for automobiles
Method and apparatus for correction of urinary and gynecological pathologies, including treatment of...
Lacrosse head having a wide catching area and channeled thongs
Method and circuit for reducing SATA transmission data errors by adjusting the period of sending ALI...
Intelligent pluggable optical transceiver
Method and apparatus for obtaining patient-verified prescription of high order aberrations
Ink jet recording method, recording apparatus, and recorded object
Sheet finisher with a punching unit
Vehicle-use automatic opening/closing device
Method and apparatus for subscribing and receiving personalized updates in a format customized for h...
Data transfer control system, electronic instrument, and data transfer control method
Packet communication control device and packet communication control method
Anti-rollover device for vehicle
Communication apparatus and communication method
Driving circuit for crew protecting system
Tire trouble detection device
Data management and networking system and method
Device and a method for processing a digital signal in a bit-to-bit polarization-interleaved format ...
Human detection method and apparatus
Method of fuel bundle consideration in a reactor
Method and apparatus for synchronization of data in a transformer circuit
Electric connection box
Ion source using matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization
Information recording medium and method for manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for measuring thermophysical properties
Image forming apparatus and cleaning method thereof
Image processing apparatus for a printing mechanism of a wide format pagewidth inkjet printer
Apparatus, system, and method for multi-dimensional registration printing
Ink-jet head device, ink-jet device, and ink-supplying method of ink-jet head device
Aluminum ingot casting machine
Returning an olefin which is not reacted during the oxidation of olefins
Releasing method and releasing apparatus of work having adhesive tape
Method and system for improving the performance of a fuel cell
Centrifugal compressor surge detection using a bi-directional MFM in a fuel cell system
Flow control for multiple stacks
Honeycomb structure
MIMO-OFDM receiver processing with frequency and channel estimation
Method for tomographically displaying a cavity by optical coherence tomography (OCT) and an OCT devi...
Imaging agents and methods of imaging NAALADase or PSMA
Lipopeptides as antibacterial agents
Peptides effective in the treatment of tumors and other conditions requiring the removal or destruct...
Anti-neoplastic compositions comprising extracts of black cohosh
Temperature controlled solute delivery system
Methods of diagnosing pre-eclampsia or eclampsia
Embedded electrode conformations for balanced energy, power, and cost in an alkaline cell
Photothermographic material
Gold plating solution and gold plating method
Use of water-soluble crosslinked cationic polymers for controlling deposition of pitch and stickies ...
Linear silicone resins in personal care applications
Merocyanine derivatives for cosmetic use
Lignan extracts and compositions including the lignan extracts
Solid dispersions comprising two different polymer matrixes
Transceiver with receive path overload protection and method
Device and method for detecting the phase of a signal
Methods and apparatus for operating a wireless electronic device based on usage pattern
RFID device having nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device
Gathering data concerning publication usage
Photographing device including identifying data acquisition device
Wireless communication system
Security device for electrical cord
Apparatus for communication with article having a wireless tag
Antenna and RFID tag mounting the same
Adjusting RFID waveform shape in view of detected RF energy
Method of using RFID systems to help blind and visually-impaired individuals
System and method for identifying component parts in an assembly
Process for ammoximation of carbonyl compounds
Method for producing 3, 4-dihydro-1,2,3-oxathiazin-4-one-2,2-dioxide compound or salt thereof
Maleated high acid number high molecular weight polypropylene of low color
Lubricating oil compositions
Herbicide composition
Polymeric compound containing a repeated unit having a 2-oxatricyclo [,8] nonan-3-one r...
Release film
Polymeric dispersants based on addition of amines to dialkylsuccinyl succinate or its derivatives
Process for producing nickel oxyhydroxide by electrolytic oxidation
Fish scale and length measuring sensor
Pet waste removal scooper
Fishing stringer with multiple integral fishing tools
Super high floating line
Diver and planer fishing device
Fishing rod holder apparatus and method
Calcium scoring method and system
Process for adhesive separation of bonded joints
Binder composition comprising condensed tannin and furfuryl alcohol and its uses
Methods of coating particulates
Active muscle display device
Monitoring the sympathico-vagal activity by analysis of endocardiac acceleration in an active implan...
Micromachined ultrasonic transducer cells having compliant support structure
Temperature sensing system with retrograde sensor
Method and an apparatus for pulse plethysmograph based detection of nociception during anesthesia or...
Monitoring pain-related responses of a patient
Physiological monitoring system for a computational device of a human subject
Minimally invasive surgical access device
Impotence treatment apparatus with connection device
Incontinence treatment apparatus with connection device
Image retrieval system, image retrieval program and storage medium and image retrieval method
Apparatuses and methods for incorporating a border within an image by defining a portion of the bord...
Method and system for hybrid rigid registration of 2D/3D medical images
Image generating device, image generating method, and image generating program
Panoramic maker engine for a low profile system
Methods and systems for reducing ringing in composited user interface elements
Methods and apparatus for improving quality of block-transform coded images
Method of improved image/video compression via data re-ordering
Process and functional unit for the optimization of displaying progressively coded image data
Slide arrangement for cable drawer
Retention release auxiliary device for optical connector and printed circuit board device
Grating having reduced mode dispersion
Emergency shut-off system and method of using same
Electronic intelligent turn signal control system
Apparatus for power circuit of light emitting diode
Outlet cover with barrier wall
Spacer and backlight module using the same
Prism sheet and backlight unit using the same
LCD backlight system using light emitting diode chip
Method and apparatus for backlighting a device
Keypad light guide
Luminescent diode, fabrication method thereof, and backlight assembly having the same
Light with a ring structure for a vehicle lamp
Vehicular headlamp
Medical lamp
Illuminating panel and illuminating device
Aerodynamic lighted display panel
Fixing apparatus for reducing noise of backlit unit
Method for enhancement of the flight path of an ammunition projectile and product
Rifle vise
Revolver handgun having an ambidextrous, integrated, combined, lockable safety and handgun lock and ...
Module integration integrated circuits
RFIC transmit power control
Predistortion circuit for a transmit system
Method and apparatus for frequency synthesis in direct-conversion transmitters
Detection and elimination of oscillation within cellular network amplifiers
Sheet post-process apparatus and waiting tray
Original document reading device
Method and system for transmitting signals with reduced spurious emissions
Heat-transfer systems
Lotioned and embossed tissue paper
Method of dynamically pre-fastening a disposable absorbent article having a slot-and-tab-fastening s...
Therapeutic device
Perfume bottle
Container and closure
Fault-tolerant networks
Security association management through the use of lookup tables
Dynamic storage device pooling in a computer system
Controlling flow of data between data processing systems via a memory
Sliding bearing
Deformable bearing housing
Method of making a one-piece loop for ammunition cartridge
Coupling for connecting ammunition cartridge loops
Signal analysis system and calibration method for processing acquires signal samples with an arbitra...
Automatic discovery of network node addresses
System and method for disambiguating shooter locations
Shim dialer platform and process to compensate for optical variations in components used in the asse...
Optical transmission system
Method and system for wavefront measurements of an optical system
Image sensor testing method and apparatus
Particle surface treatment for promoting condensation
Semiconductor device and display device
Magnetic recording medium and the method of manufacturing the same
Neutralizing antibody against HGF
Human voltage gated sodium channel .beta.1A subunit and methods of use
Data element and structure for data processing
File management program, file management method, file management apparatus, imaging device and recor...
System and method of presenting multilingual metadata
Method for editing a recorded stream of application packets, and corresponding stream recorder
Using ViewTypes for accessing instance data structured by a base model
Card with enhanced security features
Piezoelectric substrate for a saw device
Thin film transistor, display device and their production
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Light sensitive planographic printing plate precursor and its processing method
Chiral nematic liquid crystal composition, liquid crystal display device, and production method ther...
Glass package that is hermetically sealed with a frit and method of fabrication
Method and apparatus for lowering power use by a ranging receiver
Design support system
Image forming apparatus and method having an intermediate transfer member with a multilayer structur...
Facsimile server that distributes received image data to a secondary destination
Motor-generator with adjustable axial gap for vehicle
Wrist watch
Image input and output system, method and recording medium having a common initiation portion
Rapid cost effective method for the synthesis of TPD-type arylamines
Optical member, manufacturing method of the optical member, waveguide substrate, and photo-electric ...
Phase change ink transfix pressure component with single layer configuration
Ink level sensing
Animated sign assembly
Ink composition
Apparatus for detecting chemical substances and method therefor
Antibiotics GE 81112 factors A,B,B1, pharmaceutically acceptable salts and compositions, and use the...
Plant pot shaped air freshening apparatus and system comprising same
Method of discharging an aerosolized fluid
Coffee bean roaster and method for roasting coffee beans using the same
System and method for provisioning QoS paths with restoration in a network
Method and apparatus for reducing adjacent channel power in wireless communication systems
Systems and methods for smooth and efficient round-robin scheduling
Scalable VLAN grouping in a provider Metro Ethernet
Method of real time hybrid ARQ
Differential delay constrained routing for virtually-concatenated data traffic
Process for recycling waste FRP
Mobile processing enclosure for preventing air pollution
Method of processing multicomponent, composite and combined materials and use of so separated compon...
ATM with stack transporter for bulk note deposit
Automatic container recycling apparatus
Hydroentanglement of continuous polymer filaments
Nitride semiconductor laser device and nitride semiconductor device
Image display device
Polymer hydration method using microemulsions
Probe tips and method of making same
Rylene dyes
Water soluble-Polymer dispersion and method of producing a water-soluble polymer dispersion
Pigmented polymer composition
Purification of immunoglobulins using affinity chromatography and peptide ligands
Mercury amalgams for elevated temperatures in discharge lamps
Inkjet recording apparatus
Human T2R receptors for acetaminophen ranitidine, strychnine and denatomium and related assays for i...
Method and system for rate adaptation
Facsimile delivery method and system using associated identifiers
Generations of sequences of waveforms
Method, system and program for executing a query having a UNION operator
Information processing system, terminal device, method and medium
Materialized query table matching with query expansion
Application cache management
Direct-injection internal combustion engine and method of controlling the direct-injection internal ...
Variable valve timing control apparatus of internal combustion engine
Valve timing controller with separating member
Variable valve timing apparatus with reduced power consumption and control method thereof
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Music reproduction apparatus, audio player, and headphone
Brake control system and method
Method for actuating active vibration insulators
Passive measurement of terrain parameters
Articulating mount for an in-vehicle display
Tire information detecting apparatus without distortion
Lightweight panel
Insulating liner for an article of clothing
Prosthetic foot with tunable performance
Hindfoot nail
Orthosis knee joint and sensor
Multifunctional exercise treadmill with sensor for activating motor driven tread belt or not in resp...
Commercial lifting device-power unit
Display package with stabilizing and indexing means
Walking foot for sewing machine
Electricity-producing shoe
Article of footwear with linkage-tightening device
Bellowed chamber for a shoe
Fluid system having multiple pump chambers
Hang tabs for footwear
Dock leveler support frame and method of installation
Toy storage cover for portable play yards, cribs and containers
Compression Wrap
Orthopaedic compress support
Back and muscle support body suit with semi-rigid support rods
Hinge assembly for an orthopedic knee brace and knee brace incorporating the hinge assembly
Adaptable Shoe Cover
Platinum alloy and method of production thereof
Application of hebbian and anti-hebbian learning to nanotechnology-based physical neural networks
Nanophotonic integrated circuit and fabrication thereof
Gated nanorod field emitter structures and associated methods of fabrication
Vertical type nanotube semiconductor device
Carbon nanotube dispersion, production method of carbon nanotube structure and carbon nanotube struc...
Polymer composites containing nanotubes
Methods of manufacturing metal oxide nanowires
Method of forming a nanowire and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using the same
Assay based on doped nanoparticles
Methods for material fabrication utilizing the polymerization of nanoparticles
Method of fabricating nano-silver fibers
Metal phosphate sols, metal nanoparticles, metal-chalcogenide nanoparticles, and nanocomposites made...
Method of preparation for carbon nanotube material
Process of making metal containing iron oxide and iron sulfide based nanoparticle materials
Method and system for making a nano-plate for imprint lithography
Apparatus and method for biopolymer identification during translocation through a nanopore
Method for making a computer hard drive platen using a nano-plate
Camera module of an electronic device
Imaging device having an angle adjusting device for an image sensor
Pop-up flash of a camera
Image pickup apparatus and lens barrel
Image pickup apparatus and defocus amount correction value calculation method
Deeper depth of field for video
Lens driving device
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
Optical filter, method of manufacturing optical filter, optical system, and imaging apparatus
Display apparatus and information processing method
Blade driving apparatus for cameras
Optical shutter
Portable computer with bar code reader
Fence bracket for a potted plant
High performance battery backed ram interface
Augmenting search query results with behaviorally related items
System, method, and article of manufacture for obtaining data
Broad temperature WDM transmitters and receivers for coarse wavelength division multiplexed (CWDM) f...
Pet tracking systems, other tracking systems, and portable virtual fence
High efficiency combination motor and drive
Urethral catheter device and method of using
Unified player rewards
Progressive meter system architecture and method
Electrical contact with stapled connection
Poker style scratch-ticket lottery games
Middleware appliance for scalable and reliable automated identification
Hair trim guide
Methods of treating pain
39-Desmethoxy Derivatives of Rapamycin
Cherry picking search terms
Automated therapy device for biomechanical rehabilitation massage and method for use
Therapy device for biomechanical rehabilitation massage
Foldable Brush Self-sampling Device
Compounds with (substituted phenyl)-propenal moiety, their derivatives, biological activity, and use...
New Compounds II
Thiazole Derivatives and Use Thereof
New Compounds I
Health care education systems
Device and method for biasing and stimulating respiration
Local Delivery of Drugs or Substances Using Electronic Permeability Increase
Obesity treatment systems
Method for Preparing Halogenated Amines
Compounds for treatment of inflammation, diabetes and related disorders
Crystalline polymorphs of desvenlafaxine succinate and their preparations
Treatment of inflammation
Composition for Preventing and/or Treating Metabolic Syndrome and Insulin Resistance Syndrome
Modulation of pathogenicity
Modulation of pathogenicity
Novel pharmaceutical compounds
Systems and methods for contextually linking television program information
Control system
Chess-like game involving hidden information
Method of playing a poker-type keno game
Amusement device and method
Remote control toy system and driving device thereof
Hugging toy
Casino poker games
Head to head challenge card game
Game having an electronic instruction unit
Random number selector, and bingo game machine incorporating the same
Caricature apparatus and method of making same
Notification device interaction
System and method for identifying a food event, tracking the food product, and assessing risks and c...
Problem determination rules processing
Method for managing multi-field classification rules relating to ingress
Determining the quality of computer software
Method for data classification by kernel density shape interpolation of clusters
Object instance recognition using feature symbol triplets
Neural networks with learning and expression capability
Partially supervised machine learning of data classification based on local-neighborhood Laplacian E...
Method for developing a dialog manager using modular spoken-dialog components
Efficient representation of state transition tables
Ion trap in a semiconductor chip
World wide web registration information processing system
System and method for registration of cubic fisheye hemispherical images
Device and method for performing multiple view imaging by means of a plurality of video processing d...
Information processing apparatus and method
Force reflecting haptic interface
Method and system for fiber tracking
Exoskeleton for the human arm, in particular for space applications
Display adjustably positionable about swivel and pivot axes
Exoskeleton interface apparatus
Tokenized compression of session initiation protocol data
Method for processing session information of session initiation protocol system and recorded medium ...
End-point identifiers in SIP
Versatile multimedia gateway box
Multimedia amplified speaker
Multimedia scheduler
Content retrieving device and content retrieving method
Multimedia over internet protocol border controller for network-based virtual private networks
System and method for processing a plurality of requests for a plurality of multi-media services
Multimedia file format
Concrete block system
Arctic platform
Auxiliary reaction frame system for cantilevered jack-up rigs, and method therefore
Modular guide frame for a gate
Bio-passage for disrupting laminar flow
Method for prognostic factor analysis regarding cancers
Apparatus for electroporation mediated delivery for drugs and genes
Method and apparatus for chemical imaging in a microfluidic circuit
Inbred corn line G07-NP2457
Inbred corn line PHB00
Inbred corn line BE9515
Inbred corn line G5205
Sweet potato sporamin gene promoter
Soybean cultivar S07-02KG294307
Modulating myo-inositol catabolism in plants
Maize promoter named CRWAQ81
Luminescent compounds
Cold-adapted equine influenza viruses
Nucleic acids encoding human monoclonal antibodies to CTLA-4