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Adhesive sheet roll for wafer processing
Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving a pilot sequence in a mobile communication system us...
Polyvalent conjugate vaccine for cancer
External support for restoring competence to venous valves by traction of their intercommissural wal...
Artist's cradle
Universal bracket for mounting a drop terminal
Stable low-sulfur diesel blend of an olefinic blend component, a low-sulfur blend component, and a s...
DNA-templated combinatorial library chemistry
Computer assisted lighting control system
Data transfer scheme using caching technique for reducing network load
Roller seam welded body for exhaust gas treatment and process for producing the body
Osteospermum plant named `Sunny Xita`
Aerosol dispenser
Breathing assistance apparatus
Programming scheme for segmented word line MRAM array
Hockey stick blade having rib stiffening system
Plasma display panel incorporating non-discharge areas between discharge cells
Method and system for determining time-phased product sales forecasts and projected replenishment sh...
Discharge lamp lighting circuit
Phenylcarboxyamides as beta-secretase inhibitors
Tuft gripping strength test for primary backing mat and method
Compounds and methods for modulating functions of nonclassical cadherins
Dispensing brush
Active materials based approaches to latch snug down and articles containing the same
Qualified anomaly detection
Modified pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) dependent glucose dehydrogenase excellent in substrate speci...
Production of itaconic acid by Pseudozyma antarctica
Method for assessing behavioral predisposition
Methods for altering protein production rates
Method of analyzing enzyme compositions with lipolytic, proteolytic and amylolytic activity
Compositions and methods for identifying and targeting cancer cells of alimentary canal origin
Method for classifying a microorganism in a biological sample
Sugar kinases with expanded substrate specificity and their use
System and method for migrating databases
Accessibility insurance coverage management
Integration manager and natural interaction processor
Systems and methods for remanufacturing imaging components
Device for controlling touch panel
Exposure station for film webs
Light recycler and color display system including same
Process for the synthesis of enantiomeric indanylamine derivatives
Method and apparatus for programming a transponder
Triboelectric, ranging, or dual use security sensor cable and method of manufacturing same
Radio frequency identification tag inlay sortation and assembly
Method and apparatus for automatically tracking and communicating data storage device information us...
Fresnel lens
Lighting device
Solar shed light
Headlight for beach vehicles
Single interior lamp for a vehicle
Fluorescent tube
Fluorescent tube
Stained glass
Outdoor and garden structure
Flat panel door facing
Flat panel door facing
Foot spa
Therapeutic device
Raised edge of a spa
Anatomical portable or stationary massage table
Shade guide capsule
Glucose meter
Glucose meter
Glucose meter
Catheter assembly
Distributed database system and method having nodes co-ordinated in a decentralized manner
Caching information for multiple service applications
System and method for protecting files on a computer from access by unauthorized applications
Asarina plant named `Sunasashiro`
Boron oxide and related compounds for hydrogen storage
Monitoring error-handler vector in architected memory
System and method for monitoring application availability
Methods and apparatus for Boolean equivalency checking in the presence of voting logic
Method and apparatus for manipulating two-dimensional windows within a three-dimensional display mod...
Tree construction for XML to XML document transformation
Aerosol generation device and inhalation device therewith
Respiratory booster machine and method for enhancing ventilation
Method and a plant for waste water treatment
Apparatus and process for converting a mixture of organic materials into hydrocarbons and carbon sol...
Disposable, single use security tag
Disc driving unit and disc equipment using the same
Data distribution method
Bulk bag unloader with flow regulation
Bottle crushing device
Method and apparatus for the manipulation and management of a cryogen for production of frozen small...
Reagent activator for electroless plating
Photodetection device and method
Image pickup and conversion apparatus
On chip real time FPN correction without imager size memory
Browsing system including a camera for browsing a server via an operation screen
Image sensor having resolution adjustment employing an analog column averaging/row averaging for hig...
System and method for effectively implementing an electronic image hub device
Image device and method for removing noise
Image recording apparatus
Digital camera, and signal processing method and signal processing apparatus for the same
Programmable image processing unit which displays a tentative image during programming
Method for chroma upsampling with luma reference
Video camera apparatus using an image sensor
Imaging apparatus including a cooled imaging element which is shifted to perform high-definition ima...
Testing a vertical blanking interval signal
Monitoring system
Method of forming an isolation structure that includes forming a silicon layer at a base of the rece...
MRAM based on vertical current writing and its control method
Modular staircase construction
Botulinum toxin for treating postherpetic neuralgia
Method for reducing intraocular pressure using integrin-linked kinase inhibitor
Antibody fragment-targeted immunoliposomes for systemic gene delivery
Method of administering and using VEGF inhibitors for the treatment of colorectal cancer
Method of administering and using VEGF inhibitors for the treatment of pancreatic carcinoma
Method of administering and using VEGF inhibitors for the treatment of renal cell cancer
Method of administering and using VEGF inhibitors for the treatment of breast cancer
Cell-or organ-differentiation controllers and method of controlling morphogenesis by using the same
Display device with varying phosphor structure
Shape processor and method for representing shape
Process for decreasing aggregate levels of pegylated protein
Hazardous substance removing method, hazardous substance removing material used therein such as air ...
Expandable multi-port therapeutic delivery system
Osteospermum plant named `Sunny Xandra`
Osteospermum plant named `Sunny Xena`
Dahlia plant named `DA12`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yogigi Gold`
Plum tree named `Queen Garnet`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yogreen Valley`
Erodium plant named `Freedom`
Clematis plant named `American Beauty`
Calibrachoa plant named `Filindura Pink`
Information processing apparatus, control method thereof, and computer-readable medium
Methods and apparatus for identifying a source of content
Managing mirrored memory transactions and error recovery
Digital watermark detection method and apparatus
Image processor and recording medium
System and method for generating pixel values for pixels in an image using strictly deterministic me...
System and method for tree structure indexing that provides at least one constraint sequence to pres...
Optimizing a union database query
Apparatus and method for selecting a subset of report templates based on specified criteria
Canonical abstraction for outerjoin optimization
Text generation and searching method and system
Query processing in a parallel single cursor model on multi-instance configurations, using hints
Vehicle seat arrangement with an electric adjustment mechanism
Vehicle lighting apparatus
Seal for an electric machine located within a drive train of a motor vehicle
Alternator for vehicle
Method to optimize alternator load capabilities
Inkjet ink composition and method of making the same
Method and apparatus for controlling a continuously variable transmission
Pinion shaft and differential housing assembly
Axle having dual planetary reduction
Gear mechanism
Belt tensioner system
Electronic control module having an internal electric ground
Cooling fan using Coanda effect to reduce recirculation
Systems and methods of trailering vehicles
Rocker pendulum made of an extruded section
Method and apparatus for synthesizing hydrocarbons using sonic mixing and solid catalysts
Use of Sumoylation Inhibitors for the Treatment of Neurodegenerative Disease
snRNA gene-like transcriptional units and uses thereof
Rnai Agents for Maintenance of Stem Cells
Regulation of Transgene Expression by RNA Interference
Modulators of Hypoxia Inducible Factor-1 and Related Uses
Identification of Agonistic Autoantibodies Associated with Humoral Kidney Rejection
Methods and Materials Relating to CD84-like Polypeptides and Polynucelotides
Biased Ligands for Receptors Such as the PTH Receptor
Method of using broad-spectrum delta-endotoxins
Memory devices using carbon nanotube (CNT) technologies
Metal nano-void photonic crystal for enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Carbon nano tube technology in liquid crystal on silicon micro-display
Composite material with conductive nanowires
Non-volatile memory with carbon nanotubes
Multiwalled carbon nanotube memory device
Rewritable nano-surface organic electrical bistable devices
Charge trap memory device comprising composite of nanoparticles and method of fabricating the charge...
Nanoporous media with lamellar structures
Process for preparing nano-sized metal oxide particles
Telomere-encoding synthetic DNA nanocircles, and their use for the elongation of telomere repeats
Fusing nanowires using in situ crystal growth
Conformal nanolaminate dielectric deposition and etch bag gap fill process
Method for fabricating a nanotube field effect transistor
Semiconductor devices having nano-line channels and methods of fabricating the same
Nanoparticle filled underfill
Method of estimating chemical reactivity of nanoparticles
Electroluminescent device using metal nanoparticles
Semiconductor nanocrystal complexes comprising a metal coating and methods of making same
Methods for osmylating and ruthenylating single-walled carbon nanotubes
Method for cutting fullerene nanotubes
Optical viewfinder of a camera having a function of taking photographs
Image-taking apparatus
Imaging apparatus and driving method of its imaging optical system
Image combining viewer
Zoom lens optical system
Image and audio capture with mode selection
Electrostatic actuator including a switching circuit which selectively sets one of a moving mode and...
Flameless candle incorporating insect repellant diffuser and an ambient light sensor
Method for producing map images of surface sea current velocity vectors and altimetric radar system ...
Air scoop device
Transportable flotation system
Floating dock
Rotatable guard mounted about boat mooring
Floating lowering and lifting device
Slot machine having multiple progressive jackpots
System and method for media damage prevention on a portable player
Methods and apparatus for entity search
Cellular wireless network for passengers cabins
Wireless and wired speaker hub for a home theater system
Motor stop control device utilizable for gaming machine and gaming machine using the same
High definition telescope
Floating aquatic stair stepper
Ski mat and tile member for forming the ski mat
Gaming device having a replicating display and a payout display
Method for playing Keno with side bets
Remote control armored personnel carrier toy
Dynamic current collector system for a set of toy vehicles which are disposed on a track comprising ...
Constructional system
Flying toy for propeller launching
Playing cards with dual number feature
Method of playing a pai-gow-type game
Poker style card game and method of play
Method of playing a poker-type scratch ticket game
Bingo-style lottery game ticket
Rule templates
Automatic neural-net model generation and maintenance
Subclass partitioning in a pattern recognition classifier for controlling deployment of an occupant ...
System for classification of small collections of high-value entities
Active learning method and system
Transgenic animal model of bone mass modulation
Water-soluble, uv-absorbing and/or flourescent components with very high isoelectric points
Applications with and Methods for Producing Selected Interstrand Cross-Links in Nucleic Acids
RNA Interference Mediated Inhibition of MAP Kinase Gene Expression or Expression of Genes Involved i...
RNA Interference Mediated Inhibition of Gene Expression Using Chemically Modified Short Interfering ...
Transcription factor stress-related proteins and methods of use in plants
Phosphatase stress-related proteins and methods of use in plants
Transgenic plants carrying neoxanthin cleavage enzyme gene
Methods and means for modulating cellulose biosynthesis in fiber producing plants
Wound dressing and method for controlling severe, life-threatening bleeding
Terminating substrates for DNA polymerases
Systems and methods to quantify and amplify both signaling probes for cDNA chips and genes expressio...
HEMCM42 nucleic acids
Artificial chromosomes comprising EHV sequences
Hemopoietin receptor protein, NR10
Caprazene as novel compound and derivatives thereof, and caprazol as novel compound and derivatives ...
AXMI-003, a delta-endotoxin gene and methods for its use
Optimized expression of HPV 31 L1 in yeast
Diagnosis and treatment of myocardial failure
Composite polynucleic acid therapeutics
Monacolin K biosynthesis genes
Chimeric promoters for controlling expression in smooth muscle cells
Method of using ammonia-oxidizing bacteria
Recombinant calf-chymosin and a process for producing the same
Ubiquitin protease
Coded data associated with an object and encoding a distributed signature
Methods and apparatuses for sharing media content, libraries and playlists
Efficient downloading of content data via network
Method for detecting object formed of regions from image
Method for synchronizing graphics processing units
Method for creating kaleidoscopic interfaces for use in biofeedback
Method and system for processing wireless digital multimedia
Reproduction apparatus for selecting sub-data with use of numeric keypad
Time delay compensation device for the management of multimedia communications via an asynchronous n...
Streaming multimedia data over a network having a variable bandwith
Multi-media jitter removal in an asynchronous digital home network
Method of communicating packet multimedia to restricted endpoints
Method and system for sending a multimedia stream in an IP multicast network
Movie enhancement
Method and apparatus for establishing a protocol proxy for a mobile host terminal in a multimedia se...
Method of, and system for, webcasting with just-in-time resource provisioning, automated telephone s...
Machine for digging a trench and making a wall in said trench
Tensionable spiral bolt with resin nut and related method
Software execution control system and software execution control program
Trampoline accessories
Hopscotch-like game
Gaming device having dual evaluation scheme
Bingo bonusing system and method
Financial trading game
Superconductor compositions operable at high temperatures
Iridium alloy
Heat resistant alloy for use as material of engine valve
Stringed musical instrument
High density sound enhancing components for stringed musical instruments
Digital mixer
Integrated digital control for stringed musical instrument
Signal processing apparatus and method, recording medium and program
Self-adjusting music scrolling system
Electronic music apparatus capable of reproducing composite music file, and program therefor
Method of utilizing a touch sensor for controlling music playback and related music playback device
Technique for supplying unique ID to electronic musical apparatus
Music notation
System and method for teaching music
Layered composite pick guard for stringed musical instruments
Cajon incorporating a snare carpet
Water music device
Musical rhythm instrument
Television reception system, channel selection apparatus and display apparatus
Antenna for an implantable medical device
Mobile wireless communications device having improved antenna impedance match and antenna gain from ...
Communication device providing diverse audio signals to indicate receipt of a call or message
Method and system for mobile receiver architecture for US band cellular and VHF/UHF broadcasting
Ranging and positioning system, ranging and positioning method, and radio communication apparatus
Transmission power control method, communication device, and radio communication system
Mobile communication system with improved trackability of transmission power control
Quadrature sub-harmonic frequency down-converter
Harmonic rejection gated-switching mixer
Dual-band radio enabled lapel mounted audio and signal handling system and method
Portable-terminal holder and radio communication system
Single chip GSM/EDGE transceiver architecture with closed loop power control
Rescue beacon
Method for resynchronization of a mobile radio receiver in the event of a changeover between two dif...
Apparatus and method for receiving signal in mobile communication system using adaptive antenna arra...
System and method for radio receiver RF background noise estimation
Apparatus and method for exchanging variable-length data according to radio link protocol in mobile ...
Radio frequency local area network
Noise reception reducing arrangement
Corona wind antennas and related methods
Robot controller
Surgical instrument with bending articulation controlled articulation pivot joint
System and apparatus for driving a track mounted robot
Layer picking end effector system, apparatus and method
Automated sputtering target production and sub systems thereof
Mini pallet-box moving container
Vehicle hood structure
Vehicle front end
Pedestrian protection apparatus for vehicle
Stamped dual snowmobile runner and method of manufacture
Bracket for use in installing a sensor in a vehicle
Tube assembly one piece bracket
Position securing system for restraining an occupant in land and aeronautical vehicles
Electric power steering system
Power steering apparatus in vehicle having handlebar and vehicle having handlebar
Vehicle ignition interlock systems with retesting frequency control
Vehicle steerable by movement of center of gravity
Vertical lift vehicle
Swiveling work machine
Cooling Arrangement for a fuel-cell vehicle
Vehicle cooling package
Motorized propulsion system for a bed
Lifting and steering assembly
Robot cleaner, robot cleaning system and method of controlling same
System and method for providing data security
Enabling user control over automated provisioning environment
System and method for formatting source text files to be imported into a spreadsheet file
System for communicating program data between a first device and a second device
Methods and systems for proofing identities using a certificate authority
Systems, methods, and software for preventing redundant processing of transmissions sent to a remote...
Server, distribution system, distribution method and terminal
Information processing device, method, and program for distributing content by querying for a select...
Context management with audit capability
Electronic commerce information processing system and method
System and method for prepaid biometric redemption accounts
System, method and computer program product for a network analyzer business model
Method and system for managing software licenses
System and method for dispensing digital information from an automated transaction machine
Network-based system
Online e-commerce transactions incorporating effects of uncertainty and risk factors
System and method for effecting payment for an electronic auction commerce transaction
System and method for automated order entry on short queues
Method and system for intelligent automated security trading via the internet
Procurement system which automatically calls for bids on predetermined subjects
Processing device with intuitive learning capability
Vascular embolization with an expansible implant
Image display panel and image display device
Particles for display media, information display panel and information display device, utilizing the...
Chemical compounds
Physiological cooling compositions
Single domain TDF-related compounds and analogs thereof
Methods and devices for microencapsulation of cells
Snow mountain virus genome sequence, virus-like particles and methods of use
Medical device for delivering patches
Swing teaching system and method
Steering gear pinion bearing assembly for use in a rack and pinion steering apparatus
Composite document for bearing secure information, apparatus and method for producing such document
Method for obtaining a high pressure acid gas stream by removal of the acid gases from a fluid strea...
Method of removing sulfur trioxide from a flue gas stream
Process for making alkylene glycol ether compositions useful for metal recovery
Alkali-transition metal phosphates having a +3 valence non-transition element and related electrode ...
Method and system for injection of a solution into a gas stream
Fire-retardant agent based on polyphosphoric or orthophosphoric acid impregnated on a highly porous ...
Reforming apparatus for fuel cell, fuel cell and operation method of fuel cell
Method of removing impurities from a gas
Catalytic burning reaction
Base-facilitated reformation reactions of organic substances
Composition for a light filtering material
Process for producing lithium-containing composite oxide for positive electrode for lithium secondar...
Diamond single crystal substrate manufacturing method and diamond single crystal substrate
Ceramic pigments on apatite basis
Method for removing mercury from gas
Footwear sole piece
Shoe upper
Shoe outsole
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Electrostatic dissipative ergonomic forearm support
Magnetically operable studs for footwear
Tiger lily style smart sandal
Portion of a footwear upper
Heel for footwear
Footwear outsole
Method and apparatus for transmitting power and data using the human body
Antimicrobial compositions comprising polymeric stabilizers
Size controlled fibers, tubes and channels synthesized by heterogeneous deposition via sol-gel proce...
Pigment spacing
Semiconductor module and semiconductor module heat radiation plate
High density card retention device
Attaching heat sinks to integrated circuit packages
Carbon monoxide conversion process and reactor
Reactor for autothermal reforming of hydrocarbons
Anisotropic thermal and electrical applications of composites of ceramics and carbon nanotubes
Air cooler for power plants and use of such an air cooler
Steam condenser
Cooling apparatus
Keel cooler with fluid flow diverter
Fan disabling device
Cooling plate and manufacturing method thereof, and sputtering target and manufacturing method there...
Sound reducing device for a coffee grinder and other kitchen appliances
Speaker system and speaker enclosure
Agent architecture employed within an integrated message, document and communication system
System and method for providing testing and failure analysis of integrated circuit memory devices
Opening computer files quickly and safely over a network
Temporal access control for computer virus prevention
Method and system for selectively blocking delivery of electronic mail
Message rendering for identification of content features
Method for ranking webpages via circuit simulation
Exponential priors for maximum entropy models
Technique for implementing virtual fabric membership assignments for devices in a storage area netwo...
Implantable converter for cochlea implants and implantable hearing aids
Heat exchanger for a motor vehicle
Intercostal for aircraft
Force supporting device with a load-dependent force support
Small-size high-speed transmission system for use in microturbine-powered aircraft
System and method for enriching aircraft cabin air with oxygen from a nitrogen generation system
External, underside positioned aircraft object mounting system
Truck pivot joint bearing and method of lubricating
Ellipsometric investigation of very thin films
Micro integrated planar optical waveguide type SPR sensor
Non-invasive method and apparatus to detect and monitor early medical shock, and related conditions
Fan rack fixture having two pairs of positioning and locking portions
Volumetric screw compressor provided with delivery adjustment device
Variable capacity rotary compressor
Hand held vacuum cleaner and housing for such a cleaner
Radial piston pump
Diaphragm pump
Air compressor tools that communicate with an air compressor
Apparatus for fluid storage and delivery at a substantially constant pressure
Guitar transposition tool
Albumin fusion proteins
Searching and displaying hierarchical information bases using an enhanced treeview
Method for capturing multiple data packets in a data signal for analysis
Dynamic adjustment of ion monitoring periods
Lettuce cultivar Del Sol
Expandable mask stent coating method
Ras p27 mouse models and uses thereof
Rationally designed antibodies
Endoscopic instrument system for implanting a device in the stomach
Magnetic resonance imaging of a medical device and proximate body tissue
Medical sensor and technique for using the same
Pathological tissue mapping
Acoustic diaphragm
Laser system
Inbred corn line UNW1
Soybean variety XB19Z07
Soybean cultivar 1686017
Soybean variety XB11L06
Positive modulator of bone morphogenic protein-2
C23 Polypeptides
Tricyclic steroid hormone nuclear receptor modulators
Methods and systems for treating wastewater using ozone activated flotation
Apparatus and process for coalescing bitumen in an oil sand slurry
Water treatment apparatus
Fluid treatment apparatus
Vibratory mixer
Vapor/liquid separation apparatus
Vacuum system for immersion photolithography
Toner cartridge
Data processing apparatus, and method of reconfiguring reconfigurable processing circuit
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Image forming apparatus which prevents misregistration
Developer supply container
Image forming apparatus featuring a controller for controlling rotation of a developer feeding screw...
Image forming apparatus including a plurality of image forming units disposed so as to be removable ...
Cartridge having a molded resin complex
Developer container, process cartridge, image forming apparatus and manufacturing method for develop...
Image forming apparatus and high voltage power thereof
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser device
Generation of color measured data from transform-based color profiles
Information processing apparatus and print preview display method
Projection optical system, exposure apparatus, and exposure method
Image sensing apparatus cleaning operation and control method of said cleaning operation
Image-taking apparatus and image-taking system
Image-capturing apparatus, image processing system, control method, and storage medium for use with ...
Reducing the number of compositing operations performed in a pixel sequential rendering system
Electron source substrate with high-impedance portion, and image-forming apparatus
Ink-jet water-based ink, ink-jet recording method, ink cartridge and ink-jet recording apparatus
Ink for inkjet recording, method of inkjet recording, ink cartridge and inkjet recording apparatus
Stimulation of the stomach in response to sensed parameters to treat obesity
Doxepin analogs and methods of use thereof
Flat fluorescent lamp capable of reducing pinhole formation
Movement facilitation device
Device for making a spiral incision on a meat product
Method and system for setting expressions in network management notifications
Glycosylation variants of BACE
Amino-5,5-diphenylimidazolone derivatives for the inhibition of .beta.-secretase
Retractable contact post shield and method
Self-adhered roof system and components
Apparatus for reducing exposing time of an image processing system
System, method and storage medium for providing fault detection and correction in a memory subsystem
Tagged translation lookaside buffers in a hypervisor computing environment
Storage space management methods and systems
Analyzing an access control list for a router to identify a subsumption relation between elements in...
Gateway for service oriented state
Systems and methods for providing relational and hierarchical synchronization services for units of ...
Systems and method for representing relationships between units of information manageable by a hardw...
Unsupervised learning tool for feature correction
Total value bidding
Waste sensing system
Translating objects between software applications which employ different data formats
Form measuring device, form measuring method, form analysis device, form analysis program, and recor...
Feedback mechanism for smart nozzles and nebulizers
Systems and methods for enhancing or affecting neural stimulation efficiency and/or efficacy
Low-noise optical probes for reducing ambient noise
Universal platform module and methods and apparatuses relating thereto enabled by universal frequenc...
Optical hybrid
Method and system for transmitting information in an optical communication system using distributed ...
Liquid crystal display device
Methods for treating immune disorders associated with graft transplantation with soluble CTLA4 mutan...
Multi-piece artificial spinal disk replacement device with selectably positioning articulating eleme...
Condom ring wallet
Method and system for the information protection of digital content
Method and system for intelligent maintenance
Portable communication unit and internal antenna used for same
Optical waveguide
Elliptic polynomial cryptography with multi y-coordinates embedding
Elliptic polynomial cryptography with multi x-coordinates embedding
Sponsored information distribution method and apparatus
User interface for selection of sampling parameters in a logic analyzer whose data receivers are in ...
Apparatus for fixing shaft of cartridge and image forming device having the same
Variable gain amplifier and communication apparatus
Motor control device
Artificial muscle hydrogel blends reversibly electroactuated near neutral pH, implantable actuating ...
Chelators for radioactively labeled conjugates comprising a stabilizing sidechain
Sintered rare earth magnetic alloy wafer surface grinding machine
Triggering a proactive session from an applet in a smart card
Temperature limited heaters with relatively constant current
Hybrid wellhead system and method of use
4,5-disubstituted-2-aryl pyrimidines
Phenylaminoethanol derivatives as .beta.2 receptor agonists
Angiotensin converting enzyme homolog and uses therefor
2-(benzimidazol-1-yl)-acetamide bisaryl derivatives
PAK5-related compositions and methods
Signals and molecular species involved in senescence
Method of identifying a PPARgamma-agonist compound having a decreased likelihood of inducing dose-de...
Intra-aortic renal drug delivery catheter
Vessel enlargement by arteriogenic factor delivery
Systems and methods for treatment of coronary artery disease
Fuel cell power system having a master control unit and a plurality of fuel cell power units
Transparent conductor
Diffuse reflectance readhead
Lens array sheet, transparent screen, and rear-projection display
Groove formed around a semiconductor device on a circuit board
Compounds useful in therapy
Apparatus for controlling gas pulsing in processes for depositing materials onto micro-device workpi...
Ultra-wideband communication apparatus and methods
Nuclear-cored battery
Process for producing fluoroionomer, method for purification and concentration of the ionomer, and m...
Sealing material for polymer electrolyte fuel-cell separator
Fuel cartridge interconnect for portable fuel cells
Fuel cell
Flow field
Electrochemical polymer electrolyte membrane cell stacks and manufacturing methods thereof
Apparatus for improving the cold starting capability of an electrochemical fuel cell
Corrosion resistant coated fuel cell bipolar plate with filled-in fine scale porosities
Battery system with in-situ and on-time continuous regeneration of the electrodes
Fuel cell system and method of controlling a fuel discharging process based on the fuel cell output ...
Co-production of hydrogen and electricity in a high temperature electrochemical system
Direct hydrocarbon fuel cells
Optimizing reactions in fuel cells and electrochemical reactions
System for heating and/or converting at least one medium
Carbon monoxide oxidizer
Heat transfer compositions with high electrical resistance for fuel cell assemblies
Process for cooling an exothermic reaction zone and reactor unit
Hydrogen generating fuel cell cartridges
Light trapping in thin film solar cells using textured photonic crystal
Fluorosulfonic acid compound, process for producing the same, and use thereof
High mobility high efficiency organic films based on pure organic materials
Method of making conductor contacts having enhanced reliability
Optomechanical and digital ocular sensor reader systems
Method for designing multifocal contact lenses
Pseudo-accommodative IOL having multiple diffractive patterns
Bobin assembly for a driving assembly used in a personal care appliance
Propenoyl hydrazides
Fully and uniformly silicided gate structure and method for forming same
Compositions and methods relating to multimeric and oligomeric soluble fragments of the TWEAK recept...
Disc cartridge, and method of installing shutter to same
Method for adhering fabric to rubber, treated fabric, and fabric-rubber composites
Loudspeaker for vehicle reversing radar
Downregulation of immune response by administering B7RP-2 fusion protein
Chordin-like molecules and uses thereof
Method for controlling inking in an offset press
Method for controlling the cut register in a web-fed rotary press
Method for the cyclic conveyance of sheets through a printing machine
Seat bar for skid-steer loader
Sample tube for solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus magic angle high-speed rotation met...
Method of optimized gradient coil design
Superconductive magnet apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Process for the preparation of citalopram and escitalopram
Compositions for lipid matrix-assisted chemical ligation
System and method of sorting materials using holographic laser steering
Soybean variety 0387907
Piperidine derivatives useful as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Endothelial-monocyte activating polypeptide III
Androgen receptor modulators
Hepatocellular carcinoma specific promoter and uses thereof
17-acetamido-4-azasteroid derivatives as androgen receptor modulators
Bicyclic pyrazolone cytokine inhibitors
Pyrimidine derivatives as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
2-Naphthylimino-1,3-thiazine derivative
Cyclic derivatives as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Therapeutic treatment methods
Methods for the preparation and formulation of magnesium valproate hydrate
Protease inhibitor conjugates and antibodies useful in immunoassay
Emulsion containing a plant extract, method for producing said emulsion and for obtaining said plant...
Catalytic domains of .beta.(1,4)-galactosyltransferase I having altered donor and acceptor specifici...
Anti-feline albumin antibodies
Endonuclease-substrate complexes
Process for making an adjuvanted vaccine comprising host albumin
Nuclear powered quantum dot light source
Tactile sensor element and sensor array
Cellular phone
Systems and methods for detecting the presence and/or absence of a solid liquid or gas
Power tool with measurement of a penetration depth of a working tool
Process for cracking hydrocarbons using improved furnace reactor tubes
Process for continuous ringclosing metathesis in compressed carbondioxide
Preparation of butadiene
Bicyclo(3.3.1)nonanes and bicyclo(3.3.1)nonenes and their use as flavor or fragrance ingredient
Fluid ultraviolet sterilization system
Portion of a display screen showing an icon
Analog base-band test apparatus and method by enhanced combination of JTAG and memory in mobile comm...
System and method of enhancing range in a radio frequency identification system
Re-configurable trigger assembly
Fluid pressure equipment fitting
Electrode chip for biological application and its using method
Heterogenous domain-based routing mechanism for user authentication
Forklift truck
Materials handling vehicle
Box unloader
Utility cart
Swing top lid
Recycling top
Trash can
Steam iron
Portion of a cleaning implement
Cleaning brush
Cleaning brush
Cleaning brush
Cleaning head
Portion of a wiper
Handle for a high pressure cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Cat scratching panel
Canine backpack
Protective palm pad
Devices, methods, and systems for shrinking tissues
Coronary probe including a sophisticated retention structure
System for detecting, diagnosing, and treating cardiovascular disease
Non-destructive derivation of weight of single seed or several seeds
Shipping container for an implantable medical device
Radiation sensitive film including a measuring scale
Methods of screening agents for activity using teleosts
Growth factor-binding compounds and methods of use
Plexin family-like polypeptide, and uses thereof
Modulation of smooth muscle cell proliferation
Variable centre diffractometer
Electrolyte for lithium battery and lithium battery comprising same
Electrolyte for lithium battery and lithium battery comprising same
Anode and battery using the same
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Method for producing non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Alkaline cell with improved anode
Compounds, methods and compositions
Process of making a compound by forming a polymer from a template drug
Methods and compositions for improving fidelity in a nucleic acid synthesis reaction
Toner for electrostatic latent image development and manufacturing method of the toner for electrost...
Electrolyte system having multiple liquid phases in contact with one another
Alleviation of voltage delay in lithium-liquid depolarizer/electrolyte solvent battery cells
Combination stimulating and exothermic heating device and method of use thereof
Method for improving the thermal characteristics of semiconductor memory cells
Elastic covering material having improved flame retardant properties and production thereof
High-resolution gas concentration measuring apparatus
Polymer electrolyte membrane having excellent durability
Method and apparatus for stabilizing plating film impurities
Bis-benzimidazoles and related compounds as potassium channel modulators
Inflator system
Low profile computer case and computer
Amur cherry tree named `Jefspur`
Styrax plant named `Fragrant Fountain`
Oenothera plant named `Shimmer`
Agastache plant named `Heatwave`
Petunia.times.hybrida plant named `Kerblufan`
Dianthus plant named `Coral Reef`
Geranium plant named `Dueline`
Scaevola plant named `Wesscaetob`
Application for cosmetic product
Silsesquioxane resin wax
Cigarette wrapper consisting of mandarin orange essential oil
Handpiece with RF electrode and non-volatile memory
Method of applying makeup by means of a vibrating applicator
Dressing for treatment of short wounds located in high tension areas
Antibodies directed to monocyte chemo-attractant protein-1 (MCP-1) and uses thereof
Peptides and compounds that bind to the IL-5 receptor
Microdermabrasion composition and kit
Determination of vitamin D metabolite and displacement from plasma or serum binding proteins
Inhibition of SARS coronavirus infection with clinically approved antiviral drugs
Deglycosylated enzymes for conjugates
Development of an anti-cough, anti-tussive and throat soothing herbal formulation
Natural herb composition for the treatment of diabetes and manufacturing method thereof
Composition for treatment of menopause
Plant derived or derivable material with appetite suppressing activity
Composition for the prevention or treatment of diseases associated with angiogenesis
Compositions and methods directed towards sore muscles and joints
Apparatus system and method for managing control path commands in an automated data storage library
Method and system for selective route search on satellite navigators
System and method for prescribing and conveying pharmaceuticals within the premises of a healthcare ...
Control system migration
Inspection system and method
GMSK and OFDM nonlinearly and linearly amplified cellular and wireless networks
Electronic unit, circuit design for the same, and production method
Media cartridge storage device for an autoloading data storage and retrieval system
Roadway systems and methods for conditionally transmitting a radio signal to vehicles, depending on ...
Communication device and communication method
Resonance tag system for a data medium provided with a metallization
Traceability system
Product flow based auto-ID infrastructure
Limiter for controlling overvoltage and RFID tag having the same
Point-of-sale activation of consumer electronics
Apparatus and method to electromagnetically shield portable consumer devices
Low dead volume extraction column device
On-line properties analysis of a molten polymer by raman spectroscopy for control of a mixing device
Benzene derivative having long, linear conjugated structure, process for producing benzene derivativ...
Polycarbonate compositions
Optimized liquid-phase oxidation
Antifouling coating
Crystalline propylene-hexene and propylene-octene copolymers
Method of fracturing subterranean formations utilizing emulsions comprising acrylamide copolymers
Transition metal complex ligand and olefin polymerization catalyst containing transition metal compl...
Herbicide composition
Processes for producing high density polyethylene
Mar resistant surface film-forming silicone coating compositions and coated articles
Process for producing ethylene-.alpha.-olefin-polyene copolymer
Polishing composition and rinsing composition
Livestock brushing device
Ventilated terrarium
Pet litter pan enclosure
Device for feeding a liquid to an animal
Animal feeder
In ovo activation of an egg in the shell
Split bobber designs
Apparatus and method for securing bait fish
Bait baiting apparatus
Medical imaging communication system, method and software
Compositions for preparing low dielectric materials
Organic electronic circuit and method for making the same
Thermoformed food containers with enhanced rigidity
Adjustable orthopaedic prosthesis and associated method
Headphone cable heart
Gas-phase olefin polymerization process
Sink disposer stuffer and scraper tool
Food splatter guard for microwave oven
Microwaveable laminate container having enhanced cooking features and method for the manufacture the...
Fabricated potato chip
Carotenoid preparation
Method for use in baking articles of manufacture and mold for use in said method
System, method, and apparatus for air-propelled conveyance of workpieces in sanitary environments
Process for injection of particles in food
Juice extractor
Cooking basket for pressure cooker comprising means for adjusting the passage of steam
Toaster having visual shade indicator
Food presentation system and assembly therefor
System and method of a wireless network operation and maintenance
Response systems and methods for notification systems for modifying future notifications
Vision based alert system using portable device with camera
Smartcard authentication and authorization unit attachable to a PDA, computer, cell phone, or the li...
Physiologic event monitoring device having robust internal control
Reduction of interaction with tachyarrhythmia detection by negative offset pacing
Apparatus and method for monitoring body composition by measuring body dielectric constant and body ...
Treatment apparatus for applying electrical impulses to the body of a patient
Pulse oximeter access apparatus and method
Model based adaptive multi-elliptical approach: a one click 3D segmentation approach
Baby health monitoring system
Apparatus and method for compensation of movements of a target volume during ion beam irradiation
Method for combining PET with MR perfusion and diffusion
Thermotherapy device
Lancing device with a floating probe for control of penetration depth
Instrument for surgically cutting tissue and method of use
Flexible electrode device and surgical apparatus equipped with same
Triple lumen stone balloon catheter and method
Method of calibration for the representation of knee kinematics and harness for use therewith
Method of managing and preventing the onset of computer and sedentary work related fatigue
Automated banking machine with improved resistance to fraud
System for authoring and viewing detail on demand video
Performance digital image sensing
Image processing method and device
Method, apparatus, computer program, computer system, and computer-readable storage medium for repre...
Image data enlarging/reducing apparatus enlarging/reducing image data by direct memory access transf...
Method and apparatus for magnifying computer screen display
Data validation using signatures and sampling
Image transfer apparatus with streak removal system
Information sharing system and information sharing method
Image processing apparatus and image processing method for non-planar image, storage medium, and com...
Method for copying objects
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding an icosahedron panorama image
Iterative filtering for dithered imaging
Image compression apparatus, image expansion apparatus, image forming apparatus, image compression m...
Image compression using variable bit size run length encoding
Extended hybrid variable length coding of transform coefficients for video compression
System and method for processing image data
JPEG2000 coding and/or decoding apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for encoding digital image data in a lossless manner
Receiver for OTDM/PDM optical signals
Optical transceiver
Underground enclosure mounting system
Method of changing the refractive index in a region of a core of a photonic crystal fiber using a la...
Optical fiber and optical device using the same
Chromatic dispersion compensating fiber
Large mode area fibers using higher order modes
Transmission fibre with optical amplification and method for producing same
Optical fiber having reduced defect density
Image wavelength conversion device, method of manufacturing the device, and image conversion system ...
Method of designing optical pulse shaping device and optical pulse shaping device
Dual core optic fiber illuminated laser probe
Planar power splitter
Methods for optical attenuation and switching optical beams
Diffractive grating element for balancing diffraction efficiency
Optical device and method for manufacturing the same, optical module, and optical transmission devic...
Planar array optical switch and method
Polarization maintaining optical device
Integrated coherent optical detector
Method of calibrating a monolithic transmitter photonic integrated circuit (TXPIC) chip
Method and apparatus for controlling at least one set-top box
Apparatus and method for providing improved user interface between multiple network devices
Media search engine for a personal media network
Wireless event authentication system
System and method for adaptively updating precoder taps
System and method for joint de-interlacing and down-sampling using adaptive frame and field filterin...
Digital picture signal processing apparatus, method thereof, digital picture recording apparatus, me...
Image processing device and method, learning device and method, recording medium, and program
Method and system for improved unresolved target detection using multiple frame association
Method and system for evaluating moving image quality of displays
Vehicle surroundings monitoring apparatus
Light sources for illumination of liquids
Non-PWM vehicle lamp dimming arrangement
Light emitting diode lamp assembly
Multi-source optical transmitter and photonic visualization device
Optical feedback system with improved accuracy
Systems and methods for calibrating light output by light-emitting diodes
Quick secure connection system for outdoor lighting systems
Nightlight, LED power supply circuit, and combination thereof
Direct type backlight module
Laser system architecture and method of using the same
Surface light source device, flat type display device and liquid crystal display device
Optical arrangement with stepped lens
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display device using the same
Light emitting diode backlight unit and liquid crystal display having the same
Light guide plate
Light control film and backlight unit using the same
LED backlight
Device and method for providing illuminating light using quantum dots
Vehicle lighting device
High-pressure fixed munition for low-pressure launching system
Device for transferring projectile into barrel of weapon
Cruise munitions detonator projectile
Ramrod for wiping bore residue, lubricating and loading muzzleloaders
Reflective imaging assembly for displaying interlaced images
Methods for making architectural glass panels with embedded objects
Multilayer medical devices
Diamagnetic force field bioreactor
Amplifier fault detection circuit
Power system providing power to at least one component including circuit for minimizing effects of p...
Method of generating a deep resistivity image in LWD measurements
Power saving in a transmitter
Method and apparatus for modulation path delay mismatch compensation in a polar modulation transmitt...
Power line communications using battery devices
Image-forming apparatus, image-forming system, and image-forming unit
Loop extender with selectable line termination and equalization
Narrowband gain control of receiver with digital post filtering
Receiver circuit and a method for its operation
Universal media disc cleaning/repairing device
Voltage glitch detection circuits and methods thereof
Fast and accurate sensing amplifier for low voltage semiconductor memory
Graphical cursor navigation methods
Method and apparatus for self validating URL links
Method and apparatus for increasing personability of instant messaging with user images
Inducing diversity in replicated systems with software rejuvenation
Fault-tolerant server for collaborative computing
System and method for protecting a computer system from malicious software
Service gateway for interactive television
Web client endpoint emulator
System and method for describing and identifying abstract software modules in peer-to-peer network e...
Adapter deployment without recycle
System and method for building a run-time image from components of a software program
Method, system and program product for processing a transaction
Instrumenting java code by modifying bytecodes
Method, system and program product for retrofitting collaborative components into existing software ...
Automatically analyzing and modifying a graphical program
Method for asynchronous clock modeling in an integrated circuit simulation
Method for modeling metastability decay through latches in an integrated circuit model
System and method for ensuring non-interfering garbage collection in a real time multi-threaded envi...
Wire bonding apparatus and method for clamping a wire
Piperidylcarboxamide derivatives and their use in the treatment of tachykinin-mediated diseases
Dual anode capacitor with internally connected anodes
Control cable adjustment device
Cooling device for use in an electric arc furnace
System and method for performing storage operations in a computer network
Method and apparatus for educational testing
Method for operation of an internal combustion engine running on hydrogen
Methods and arrangements for automated change plan construction and impact analysis
Nonflammable mixed refrigerants (MR) for use with very low temperature throttle-cycle refrigeration ...
Water treatment system
Transretinal implant and method of implantation
Computer volatile memory power backup system
Method for conference call initialization
Method and system for selecting a communication channel with a recipient device over a communication...
Network for telephony and data communication
Real time event logging system
Mobile phone with a diathermic function
System and method for handling media in a seamless handoff environment
Inverter maintenance system and inverter
Method and system for remotely testing a wireless device
Call override feature for mobile phones
Operations method for providing wireless communication services
Stereo imaging manifold and method for use in a portable electronic device
Telephone bill reducer
Apparatus for separating blind source signals having systolic array structure
Installation for distributing digital signals
Database for use in telephone communications
Method for operating a call-centre
Method and apparatus for prompting a cellular telephone user with instructions
Artists's grid viewing device and method of use
Collapsible inhaler
Breathing mask with integrated suction area
Display method for display apparatus
Organic light emitting materials with anionic ligand
Unified bandgap voltage and PTAT current reference circuit
Ridge-waveguide semiconductor laser diode
System and method for creating a standard envelope structure
Information recording/reproducing apparatus, and information recording medium
System, method and apparatus for controlling converters using input-output linearization
Ripple generation in buck regulator using fixed on-time control to enable the use of output capacito...
IC with fully integrated DC-to-DC power converter
Constant on-time regulator with internal ripple generation and improved output voltage accuracy
Voltage regulator output stage with low voltage MOS devices
Step-up converter
Buck converter for both full load and light load operations
Controller for a permanent magnet generator and a generator in combination with such a controller
Electric discharger using semiconductor switch
Transponder with oscillator peak voltage limit
Degradation judgment circuit for secondary battery
Group-based BCU methods for on-line dynamical security assessments and energy margin calculations of...
Physical key to facilitate an inactive mode for a state-of-charge indicator within a battery
Automatic current trimming method & circuits
Temperature-sensitive current source
Voltage monitor and electrical storage device using the same
Regulated internal power supply and method
Trimmable bandgap circuit
Switching regulator, power supply circuit and secondary cell charging circuit including the same
Pre-bias protection circuit for converter
Service for selectively and proactively notifying users of changes in states of items in an electron...
Method and system for customizing voice translation of text to speech
Activated clays from oil contaminated drill cuttings
Caller controlled systems to suppress system to de-activate 911 indicator
Electric/magnetic field sensor
Laser-computer graphics system for generating portrait and 3-D sculpture reproductions inside optica...
Convertible outlet cover
Wetting agent formulations for hydrotropic moisture control of substrates and dispersed phases
Watch dial
Method for producing structures
Non-drip spout
Guitar shaped pocket
Guitar shaped pocket
Method for embedded integrated end-to-end testing
Gaming device having a free spin game
Targeted modification of chromatin structure
Neoplasia diagnostic compositions and methods of use
Diamine and Iminodiacetic Acid Hydroxamic Acid Derivatives
Method of Treating Organophosphorous Poisoning
Cytokine Inhibitors
Amino Acid Vitamin Ester Compositions for Controlled Delivery of Pharmaceutically Active Compounds
Use of Antagonists of the Bradykinin B2 Receptor for the Treatment of Osteoarthrosis