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Fuel supply pump and tappet structure body
Submerged motor and pump assembly
Sheet metal support for a furnace blower
Variable capacity scroll compressor
Beam pump dynamic load monitoring and methods
Method for regulating the vacuum supply of calibration tools
Container system
Apparatus and method for enforcing homogeneity within partitions of heterogeneous computer systems
Systems and methods for package sortation and delivery using radio frequency identification technolo...
Method using stream prefetching history to improve data prefetching performance.
Process and apparatus for upgrading FCC product with additional reactor with thorough mixing
Process for reducing the acidity of hydrocarbon mixtures
Process for preparation of liquefied petroleum gas selective cracking catalyst
Hydrocracking process using bulk group VIII/Group VIB catalysts
Method for generating document components and managing same
Marking changes based on a region and a threshold
Automatically adding code to voice enable a GUI component
Integrated circuit with dynamically controlled voltage supply
Handheld electronic device including appointment and meeting conflict notification, and associated m...
Mobile virtual desktop
Communication system
Systems and methods for managing and aggregating media formats
Differential dynamic delivery of content to users not in attendance at a presentation
Method and apparatus for network security using a router based authentication system
Real-time multi-modal business transformation interaction
Polynucleotides encoding immunoadhesins comprising a glycoprotein VI domain
A.sub.1 adenosine receptor agonists
Processes for purifying and for detecting target double-stranded DNA sequences by triple helix inter...
Clear-view sun visor
Navigation system and method, and computer program product
Method and apparatus for a verbo-manual gesture interface
System and method for tracking surgical assets
Inferring static traffic artifact presence, location, and specifics from aggregated navigation syste...
Method and system for remote immobilization of vehicles
Driving support methods, apparatus, and programs
Multiple prime power source locomotive control
Amino substituted diaryl[a,d]cycloheptene analogs as muscarinic agonists and methods of treatment of...
Systems and methods for providing server operations in a work machine
Method of identifying moving bodies
Alternator boost method
Electronic circuit device and production method of the same
Computer assisted driving of vehicles
Emulsions of water-in-oil type, with a high content of aqueous phase, their process of preparation a...
Method for cleaning textiles
Dishwasher detergents comprising specific polymers
Aminated silicone detergent cosmetic composition and use
Device and method for treatment of eyelid diseases
Merge systems and methods for transmit systems interfaces
Perpendicular pole with bilayer gap
Single thrust magnetically biased fully recirculating self purging fluid dynamic bearing motor
Electrochemical fabrication methods incorporating dielectric materials and/or using dielectric subst...
Accurate microstepping motor
Fluidic structures
Integrated megasonic cascade scrubber module and process
User interface for computer display
Laminated antiferromagnetically coupled media with decoupled magnetic layer
Covered microchamber structures
Video camera with recorder and player
User interface for software project system for computer display
Digital video disc player for automobile
Method of and system for heuristically detecting viruses in executable code
Security intrusion mitigation system and method
Programmable hardware for deep packet filtering
Access control system, device, and program
Token device that generates and displays one-time passwords and that couples to a computer for input...
Method and apparatus for authenticated network address allocation
Method and apparatus for handling files containing confidential or sensitive information
Method and apparatus for filtering SDTV channels of digital video broadcasting
Pioglitazone hydrochloride
Devices, methods, and systems involving cast computed tomography collimators
Integrated receiver for continuous analyte sensor
Driving-force output of a reciprocating actuator
Electronic stimulator implant
Highly constrained image reconstruction method
La placian electrode
Method and program for supporting register-transfer-level design of semiconductor integrated circuit
Apparatus and method for dynamic in-circuit probing of field programmable gate arrays
Plug-in problem relief actuators
Methods for conducting server-side encryption/decryption-on-demand
Storage layout and data replication
Ring optimization for data sieving writes
Method and apparatus for selective DRAM precharge
Transparent PCI-based multi-host switch
Communication system
Elastic buffer
Dynamically updateable parameters in integrated services hub
Method and system for dynamic distributed data caching
Multilayer electronic device and the production method
Magnetic head for perpendicular magnetic recording that has a pole layer having a shape for easy for...
Slotted magnetic material for integrated circuit inductors
Surface acoustic wave element, surface acoustic wave device and communication device including the s...
Contactor for electronic components and test method using the same
Microwave energized plasma lamp with solid dielectric waveguide
Piezoelectric device
Semiconductor device and a method for manufacturing of the same
Inductive filters and methods of fabrication therefor
Deposition pattern for eliminating backside metal peeling during die separation in semiconductor dev...
Semiconductor device with substrate having penetrating hole having a protrusion
Semiconductor device with a photoelectric converting portion and a light-shading means
Semiconductor package and method for manufacturing the same
Gallium nitride-based compound semiconductor light-emitting device and negative electrode thereof
Semiconductor light emitting devices and submounts
Semiconductor device
Light emitting element mounting member, and semiconductor device using the same
Printed wiring board for plasma display and process for producing the same
Chemical impedance detectors for fluid analyzers
Surface acoustic wave filter utilizing a floating electrode
System for separating solids from a fluid stream
Field water purification system
Gas separation devices
Recirculating wastewater evapotranspiration and disinfection system
Aeration vessel and aerator assembly for use in a wastewater treatment system
Facsimile apparatus controlling communication in accordance with registered execution of the error c...
Data processing method, information processing apparatus, and program
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, computer program, and storage mediu...
Information processing system, information processing apparatus, information processing method, stor...
Image heating apparatus in which heater for heating heat roller is outside heat roller
Developing apparatus, process cartridge, image forming apparatus, and assemblying method for develop...
Process cartridge having cartridge positioning portion and movable member and image forming apparatu...
Form search apparatus and method
Marker detection method and apparatus, and position and orientation estimation method
Optical deflector and optical instrument using the same
Image reading apparatus having support structure
Image reading apparatus and control program therefor
Image processing system and control method therefor
Informing a user of the status of a job that corresponds to obtained job identification information
Measurement method and apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Exposure apparatus and a device manufacturing method using the same
Liquid-immersion exposure method and liquid-immersion exposure apparatus
Exposure apparatus
Receiving apparatus
Piping connector and method of fabricating the same
Device and method for removing image forming substance deposits
Light-emitting funneling apparatus
Fluid mediated disk activation and deactivation mechanisms
Gastrointestinal stimulation lead
Wireless IC device and component for wireless IC device
Multiple IOT photoreceptor belt seam synchronization
Process for the removal of mercury from solutions contaminated with mercury
Method for efficient calibration of EVM using compression characteristics
System and method for electronically identifying connections of a cross-connect system
Method for removing phosphorus and method for reutilizing recovered phosphorus
Starch ester blends with linear polyesters
Method and device for adapting hearing aids
Dispensing container
Ultra wide-angle imaging lens device and imaging apparatus
Core-shell particles
Metering tip with internal features to control fluid meniscus and oscillation
Inactivated enzyme variants and associated process and reagent system
Biocidal blood glucose strip and lancet or sharps disposal device
Non nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Active energy ray curable coating composition and molded product
Developing toner for electrostatic latent images, imaging forming method and image forming apparatus
Optical air data system
Dual detection sensor system for washroom device
Diagnostic method utilizing standard lead ECG signals
Toner cartridge
Speaker adaptive learning of resonance targets in a hidden trajectory model of speech coarticulation
Method for assembling the finite element discretization of arbitrary weak equations, involving local...
Method and apparatus for visualization of 2D/3D fused image data for catheter angiography
Apparatus and method for measuring motion in a strong magnetic field
Image processing method and apparatus for extracting an image
Factor analysis in medical imaging
System and methods of organ segmentation and applications of same
Detection and correction method for radiograph orientation
Detection of features in images
System for enhancing intensity modulated radiation therapy, program product, and related methods
Flow method and apparatus for screening chemicals using micro x-ray fluorescence
Multi-radius rails for load beams on disk drive suspension assemblies
Optical device having nonmonotonic transfer function and applications using same
Retroreflective articles having microcubes, and tools and methods for forming microcubes
Multi-attribute dynamic link library packaging
Apparatus and method for compensating a lithography projection tool
System, method and program for designing a semiconductor integrated circuit using intersection ratio...
System and method for analyzing crosstalk occurring in a semiconductor integrated circuit
Linear burst mode synchronizer for passive optical networks
Method and system of remote monitoring and support of devices, including handling email messages hav...
System and method of propagating status among related entities
Method and system for extracting information from networked devices in a multi-protocol remote monit...
Method and apparatus for generating true random numbers by way of a quantum optics process
Query intermediate language method and system
Storage medium for facilitating parts procurement and production planning across an extended supply ...
System and method for morphable model design space definition
Slope detection for measuring gas concentration
Transitional image for liquid crystal display panel for forklift truck
Electrooptical manufacturing apparatus, electrooptical apparatus, and electronic device
Active matrix type liquid crystal display
Electronic fence system and controlling method thereof
Phase compensation circuit and power circuit having same
Method and device for cutting freeform surfaces by milling
Plasma display panel
Semiconductor device having power transistors and Schottky barrier diode
Safety debris collecting device for a hand held power tool
Iterative decoding of linear block codes by adapting the parity check matrix
Computer-based system and method for generating, classifying, searching, and analyzing standardized ...
Method and apparatus for controlling record and reproduction of optical record medium
Phase control system for switching power supply pre-regulator allows increased power transformer lea...
EL display device including color filter and light shielding film
Methods of screening for ligands for FPRL2
Methods for preparing compositions using a SNORF33 receptor
Packaging of immunostimulatory oligonucleotides into virus-like particles: method of preparation and...
Use of vasopeptidase inhibitors in the treatment of metabolic diseases, nephropathy and advanced gly...
Multivalent Clostridial toxin derivatives and methods of their use
Methods of antagonizing signal transduction in dorsal root ganglion cells with IL-31 antagonists
Bonding tissues and cross-linking proteins with naphthalimide compounds
Crowd force control in electrically propelled machine
Method of manufacturing a magnetoresistive head with spin-valve film
Method for determining position of semiconductor wafer, and apparatus using the same
Fuel cells and batteries including metal-carbon composite powders
Metamaterial structures for light processing and method of processing light
Fuel cell electrolyte membrane with acidic polymer
Solid oxide fuel cell
Process for preparing UV curable sealing assemblies
Integrated fuel processor subsystem with quasi-autothermal reforming
Catalyst for a water gas shift for a fuel cell system, a method of preparing the same, and a fuel ce...
Method and apparatus for generating hydrogen
Fabrication of magnesium-titanium template for a magnesium hydrogen peroxide fuel cell
Method and device for determining the redox state of a reaction surface coated with a catalyst mater...
Method for fabricating an inorganic nanocomposite
Electro-optic lens with integrated components for varying refractive properties
Railroad switch lubricator
Multifocal contact lens designs utilizing pupil apodization
Deformable molds and methods for their use in the manufacture of ophthalmic lenses
Correction of presbyopia using adaptive optics and associated methods
Thermally stabilized waveguides
Weakly ionic aqueous suspensions of ground mineral matter and their uses
Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape for LCDs
Low attention recording with particular application to social recording
Liquid vinyl injection molding method and apparatus
Hip pump assembly
Lighting device
Anti-flinch device attachment for a golf club handle
Bicycle saddle
Connector assembly
Flashlight with rotary head brightness control and detachable tailcap mount
Combination child carrier
Bicycle rear frame having exactly locking effect
Bicycle fork, bicycle frame and method for producing a bicycle frame
Bicycle with non-collinear seat tube and seat tube sleeve
Travel adjustable front suspension fork
Bicycle disk brake pad
Torsion detecting sleeve member and torque-detecting device
Bicycle hydraulic brake actuation device
Composition comprising a phosphate binder and its preparation
Nitride semiconductor light emitting device
Process to prepare lower olefins from a Fischer-Tropsch synthesis product
Process for steam stripping hydrocarbons from a bromine index reduction catalyst
Method for producing high carrier concentration p-Type transparent conducting oxides
Adaptive cancellation of fixed interferers
Thiazole compounds and methods of use
Folding apparatus for collect operation
Devices for controlling at least one register in a printing machine
Printing machine comprising at least one printing group, one folder and at least one turn-and-mix st...
Method and device for executing method steps
Feeder for a punching of embossing apparatus and method of operating the apparatus
Process for the modeling of dots for a screen
Visual control device for exposed printing plates
Method for determining color and/or density values and printing apparatus configured for the method
Sheet brake using a partitioned blower nozzle array
Diagnostic method for manufacturing processes
Manufacturing device, particularly a folding press, having electronic tool detection
High-magnetic field MRI system within a housing and a method of operating an MRI system within a hou...
Device and method for optical transmission of magnetic resonance signals in magnetic resonance syste...
Whole-body antenna with microwave elements, and magnetic resonance system embodying same
Method for testing magnetic field distribution and apparatus therefor
Head coil arrangement with an adjustable neck-engaging portion for use in a magnetic resonance appar...
Magnetic resonance apparatus utilizing time-varying rate of magnetic resonant frequency
NMR imaging method and device focusing magnetic flux to a focal point in the imaging volume region
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and A-D conversion device
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and static magnetic field correction method
Magnetic resonance system with reception antenna device
Superconducting magnet configuration with reduced heat input in the low temperature regions
MRI RF coil arrangement with solder joint reinforcement of discrete components
MR multi-slice steady state free precession imaging
Completely automatic MAS-NMR apparatus
Spatially reconfigurable magnetic resonance coil
Anti-infective agents
Piperidine derivatives having CCR3 antagonism
Compounds for the treatment of hepatitis C
Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Piperidine derivatives useful as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
SOCS3 proteins
Prodrugs of pharmaceuticals with improved bioavailability
Display element
Dedifferentiated, programmable stem cells of monocytic origin, and their production and use
Dielectric composite and a method of manufacturing a dielectric composite
Self massager
Display and processing unit for a medical scanning device
Medical sensor device housing
Diagnostic device
Diagnostic device
Transportable device for the storage and delivery of oxygen
Scanner for an X-ray tomography diagnosis apparatus
Bellows joint
Grip for laparoscope
Laryngoscope handle
Syringe plunger
Hub for small dual lumen catheter
Visual indicia for a backsheet of a diaper
Screw cap spoon with attached lid
Mask shell/assembly
Multidose inhaler
Humidifier base
Device to wash nasal passages
Small holesaw mandrel assembly
Over the air provisioning of a wireless mobile station using IP multimedia subsystem mode
Multimedia storage and communication device and its determining method
Time references for multimedia objects
Troubleshooting engine and method for using same
System for downloading multimedia content and associated process
IC card
Non-vinyl flooring and method for making same
Device and method for adjusting imaging parameters of an X-ray apparatus
Transducer array with non-uniform kerfs
Electrotherapy device
Cradle bearing
Methods of treating or preventing autoimmune diseases with 2,4-pyrimidinediamine compounds
Electrochemical device including electrolyte
Method for improving metals recovery using high temperature pressure leaching
CBRAM cell and CBRAM array, and method of operating thereof
Fused pyrrolocarbazoles
A.sub.1 adenosine receptor antagonists
Inorganic solid electrolyte and lithium cell component
Organic electrolytic solution and lithium-sulfur battery comprising the same
Tin plating electrolyte composition and method for electroplating surfaces with tin
Detection of analytes using reorganization energy
Lithium ion secondary battery
Battery device, internal combustion engine system including battery device, and motor vehicle equipp...
Method for monitoring end of life for battery
Organic electrolytic solution and lithium battery using the same
Battery with molten salt electrolyte and protected lithium-based negative electrode material
Low temperature Li/FeS.sub.2 battery
Lithium secondary battery including a lithium bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide electrolyte and a gl...
Cathode material for use in lithium secondary battery and manufacturing method thereof
Wireless IC device
Intermodulation mitigation technique in an RFID system
RFID reader having antenna with directional attenuation panels for determining RFID tag location
RFID tag sensitivity
Apparatus, system, and method for deliberately preventing unauthorized access to data stored in a no...
Livestock tracking and management system
Method for automatic deletion scheduling of the plurality of files in multi-user a digital playback ...
Wirelessly enabled trailer locking/unlocking
Systems and methods for managing inventory of items held in a cabinet using radio frequency identifi...
Method and system for RFID communication
Aromatic vinyl ether compounds
Polymer transfer within a polymerization system
Polymerization catalysts for producing high molecular weight polymers with low levels of long chain ...
Lubricating oil for bearing
Photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive element, production method of resist pattern and pr...
Composition for forming gap-filling material for lithography
Dye-containing resist composition and color filter using same
Process for preparing polyvinyl alcohol film and polarizing film using the same
Arrangements in a transflective liquid crystal display with patterned optical foil
Process for producing penicillanic acid compound
Phalaenopsis plant named `Queen V6`
Comb-shaped epoxy resin and method for preparing comb-shaped epoxy resin
Liquid vegetable unsaturated alcohol and process for producing the same
Antistatic agent for vinyl chloride-based resins, vinyl chloride-based resin composition containing ...
Low permeability airbag cushions having extremely low coating levels
Methods for the production of cells and mammals with desired genetic modifications
Power control system for heating devices and method of providing a heated microenvironment within a ...
Combined leash and jogging belt for pets and caregivers
Bird feeder
Bird feeder
Concrete anchor strap
Animal model for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cystic fibrosis
Feed dish for animal cages
Potable water delivery system for animals
Fluid dispenser for automatically providing cold water to animals
Smart bowl system
Fishing leader wallet
Method and apparatus for image support of an operative procedure implemented with a medical instrume...
Method and apparatus for error-tolerant data transfer for a CT system
System and method for filtering a medical image
Functionalized isobutylene polymer-inorganic clay nanocomposites and organic-aqueous emulsion proces...
Solid, radiation-curing binders with reactive thinners
Card sheet construction
Phosphorus-containing polymers for optical signal transducers
High performance curable polymers and processes for the preparation thereof
Process for making chemical protective wipes and such wipes
Materials and methods for creating imaging layers
Methods for producing and purifying 2-hydrocarbyl-3,3-bis(4-hydroxyaryl)phthalimidine monomers and p...
Measurement and preparation of branched vinyl polymers
Use of soluble cellulose derivative having been made hardly soluble in water and process for produci...
Catalyst compositions and methods of forming isotactic polyproyplene
Loop reactor with varying diameter for olefin polymerization
Retention of inductively rechargeable devices on an inductive charger
Method of bulk transport and storage of gas in a liquid medium
Pipe separator for the separation of fluids, particularly oil, gas and water
Hurricane anchor system
Vertical damper for mooring vessels
Cardiac muscle regeneration using mesenchymal stem cells
Computerized prescription system for gathering and presenting information relating to pharmaceutical...
Quantitative fetal heart rate and cardiotocographic monitoring system and related method thereof
Three-dimensional reconstructions of a breast from two X-ray mammographics
Endoscope device
Device for and method of testing occult blood in feces
Systems and methods for concurrent image capture and decoding of graphical codes
Image retrieval
Using nonlinear filtering while resizing an image to preserve sharp image detail
Apparatuses and methods for incorporating a border region within an image region
Accumulating transforms through an effect graph in digital image processing
Method and system for detecting diagonal strength of an edge in an image
Hierarchical scheme for blur detection in a digital image
Video coding system providing separate coding chains for dynamically selected small-size or full-siz...
Storage device and method for protecting data stored therein
Finding structures in multi-dimensional spaces using image-guided clustering
Optical projection system
Coaxial optoelectronic device separation apparatus and method
Increasing capacity of a telecommunications cabinet
Preconnectorized fiber optic local convergence points
Waveguide structure for guiding light in low-index material
Method for making an optical fiber preform via internal vapor deposition
Laser annealing apparatus
Optical fiber
Optical fiber with mode sink
Polarization insensitive microbend fiber gratings and devices using the same
Optical switches
Semiconductor optical modulator
Transmission gratings designed by computed interference between simulated optical signals and fabric...
Wavelength selective optical switch
Photonic integrated circuit (PIC) chips
Modular array computer with optical intercell communications pathways
Display device with multi-grooved light direction element and first and second alternating illuminat...
Illuminator for emitting at least two lights having directivity and display apparatus using same
Meter for automotive vehicle
Compact PAR lamp comprising an ellipsoid reflector having more than one focal point
Integrated searchlight lighthead
Backlight module with frame having elastic member and liquid crystal display incorporating same
Backlight unit and method to uniform the brightness thereof
Chassis, backlight assembly having the same and liquid crystal display device having the same
Light-emitting and light-receiving backlight unit, and information device using the light-emitting a...
Backlight module with light guide plate having reflective structures and liquid crystal display with...
Planar light source unit
Light guide plate, backlight assembly having the same, display apparatus having the same and method ...
Backlight assembly removing dark areas and display device provided with the same
Light guide plate, including inclined surface, surface light source device and display using the sam...
Light source structure of backlight module
Manufacturing method of backlight unit, and backlight unit, electro-optic device, and electronic app...
System for fixing a lamp to a headlight lamp holder for an automobile
Motorized lamp adjuster
Headlight device for a vehicle
Infrared range-finding and compensating scope for use with a projectile firing device
Ballot integrity systems
Magazine for an automatic weapon
Modified anionically polymerized polymers
Polycarbonate compositions and articles formed therefrom, with matte surfaces and high light transmi...
Defoaming methods and compositions
Fuel cell system fluid recovery
Pseudoisothermal ammonia process
Process for the production of multiple cross-linked hyaluronic acid derivatives
Fabrication of drug loaded biodegradable polymer fibers
Bleaching product comprising a water-soluble film coated with bleaching agents
Packaging for dilute hypochlorite
Ink composition for ink jet recording, recording method and recorded matter
Black ink composition, ink set, recording method and recorded matter
Method for fluid recovery in a semi-aqueous wash process
Soft paper sheet with improved mucus removal
Process for permanently reshaping the hair using particular aminosilicones
Method and apparatus for averaging out variations in run-to-run path data of a computer program
Method and system for debugging business process flow
Hybrid profiling technique
Computer method and system for executing post-processing logic depending on function exit type
Method for propagating phase constants in static model analysis of circuits
Method and system for selecting a dynamic object in a graphical user interface
Method for transferring files from one machine to another using adjacent desktop displays in a virtu...
System and method for asynchronously invoking dynamic proxy interface using supplemental interfaces
Mechanism that provides more efficient event handler processing
System and method for application deployment in a domain for a cluster
N-sulfonylpiperidine cannabinoid receptor 1 antagonists
Biphenyl-pyrazolecarboxamide compounds
Retractable operator control panel with universal hinge design and dual orientation features
Method and apparatus for presenting, searching, and viewing directories
See-through one-way light-emitting light guide
Eyeglasses with built in enclosure
Method for arc welding of ductile cast iron
Cross-screening system and methods for detecting a molecule having binding affinity for a target mol...
Aerosolization apparatus with feedback mechanism
Method for distinguishing between head and neck squamous cell carcinoma and lung squamous cell carci...
Substituted pyrazolo [1,5-A]pyrimidines as calcium receptor modulating agents
Phosphorus-containing thyromimetics
Zinc finger transcription factor differentiation proteins
Functional molecule and process for producing the same
Medicinal container with surface ornamentation
Medicinal container with surface ornamentation
Medicinal container with surface ornamentation
Medicinal container with surface ornamentation
Packing case
Motorized cleaning implement
Candle and container
Collection of indicia for a consumer product
Method for producing a corrugated stretch laminate with a free formed printed elastic member
Agents for coloring keratin fibers comprising zwitterionic azomethine dyes
Coloring agents for keratin fibers
Agents for coloring keratin fibers
Ring opening polymerization of cyclic amides using N-heterocyclic carbene catalysts
Method for the production of at least one body and a pourable mixture for use in such a method
White electrically conductive primer composition and method for forming multilayer coating film
White conductive primer coating composition and method of forming multilayered coating film
Materials for dewatering elements
Optical plate and backlight module using the same
Optical plate and backlight module using the same
Process for making ceramic, mineral, and metal beads from powder
Direct type backlight module and liquid crystal display using same
RFID tags
Colored thermoplastic resin compositions for laser welding, specific neutral anthraquinone dyes as c...
Computer readable medium with a program for minimizing banding artifacts in an ink jet printing appa...
Inkjet ink
Process for production of multilayer coating including curing clear-coat composition with high-energ...
Systems and methods for identifying incomplete transactions
Detection of an in-band reset
Near real-time multi-party task authorization access control
System and method for a sidecar authentication mechanism
Memory region access management
Method, apparatus and system for memory instructions in processors with embedded memory controllers
Optical head having a position detection portion and optical disk device utilizing the optical head
Computer controller front bezel
Providing unique event notification to enable firmware to request that an operating system perform a...
Methods, systems and computer program products for creating user interface to applications using gen...
Facilitating biased synchronization in an object-based system
Information processing and control
Resilient mount of uniform stiffness
Turbocharger shaft bearing system
Fluid dynamic bearing system
Squeeze film damper with variable support stiffness
Multi piece bearing for telescoping steering column assembly
Method for multi orbital engagement of surfaces by free rolling bodies and multi orbital devices bas...
Piston engine, shaft and rolling bearing for a piston engine
Hydrodynamic bearing device
Hydrodynamic bearing device and inspection method of amount of working fluid
Linear rolling bearing
Support structure carrying thrust load of transmission, method of manufacturing thereof and thrust n...
Portable tree shelf
Firing pin assembly
Gun mount
Method and apparatus for processing descriptive statements
Dynamic media content for collaborators
Data verification systems and methods using business objects
Maintaining synchronization of information published to multiple subscribers
Automatic frequency correction PLL circuit
Laser assisted track width definition and radial control with magnetic recording
Image heating apparatus including flexible metallic sleeve, and heater used for this apparatus
Electrosurgical instrument for an endoscope or a catheter
Method and device for the subjective determination of aberrations of higher order
Hermetic fiber feedthrough
Imaging device for optically extracting features of an object
Method and device for the automated recognition of semi-finished products
Approximating topology of optically writable medium surface
Phase extraction in optical processing
Image forming apparatus and associated methodology of forming an enlarged image
Probe card and a method for detecting defects using a probe card and an additional inspection
Transparent touch panel and a method of manufacturing the same
Optical fingerprint imaging system and method with protective film
Method of manufacturing a light-emitting device
Light emitting module and method of driving the same, and optical sensor
Light-emitting device with enhanced homogeneity of image quality and operating speed of the driver c...
Organic light emitting display having an NaF layer and method of fabricating the organic light emitt...
Electron injection composition for light emitting element, light emitting element, and light emittin...
Coumarin compound
Method of forming thin film of organometallic compound, thin film of organometallic compound, method...
Shifting between electrode combinations in electrical stimulation device
Azole compound
Heterocyclic inhibitors of MEK and methods of use thereof
Tetrahydropyridothiophenes for use in the treatment of cancer
Distributed application server and method for implementing distributed functions
Better placement of dying objects in a generation managed by the train algorithm
Method and apparatus for dynamic incremental defragmentation of memory
Method for developing enterprise information life cycle management policies and solutions
System and method for reorganizing a database
Key sequenced clustered I/O in a database management system
Ink composition
Business rating placement heuristic
Electrochromic arrangement
Piezoelectric in-line RF MEMS switch and method of fabrication
Actuator fine motion mechanism including the actuator, and camera module including the fine motion m...
Wavelength converter, lighting system, and lighting system assembly
Tailored heat transfer layered heater system
Modified support materials for catalysts
Siloxane-acrylate interpenetrating networks and methods for producing the same
Thermal transfer sheet and protective layer transfer sheet
Method for forming ferroelectric memory device
Method and apparatus for determining a molecular descriptor of absorption for a candidate compound
Liquid crystal composition containing at least two kinds of gelling agents and liquid crystal displa...
Organic-inorganic hybrid material, composition for synthesizing the same, and manufacturing method o...
Method of supporting and/or applying particulate materials
Communication terminal, information supply system, and information supply method
Electrooptical device, mounting structure, and electronic apparatus having wiring formed on and prot...
Micro corner cube array, method of making the micro corner cube array and reflective type display de...
Display device having horizontal power transformer configuration
Test circuit and display device having the same
Array substrate and display apparatus and method for manufacturing display apparatus
Liquid crystal display device
Active matrix electroluminescence device and method for fabricating the same
Packaging technique for the fabrication of polarized light emitting diodes
Method of manufacturing a thin film transistor
Image reading apparatus and image reading module
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Magnetic recording disk, magnetic recording disk manufacturing method and magnetic recording disk ma...
Liquid discharge device
Proxy response apparatus
Refresh period adjustment technique for dynamic random access memories (DRAM) and integrated circuit...
Vertically aligned liquid crystal display
Battery having a molded resin portion
Circuit and technique for adjusting and accurately controlling clock duty cycles in integrated circu...
Method and apparatus for producing resin particles using granulation-prevention agent, and resin par...
Slew rate controlled output circuit
Fiber optic receptacle and optical module
Total ionizing dose suppression transistor architecture
Systems and methods for mounting flat panel video displays
Method for manufacturing surface acoustic wave device
Temporary tattoo for neutralizing or blocking skin imperfections
Imaging member
Imaging member having antistatic anticurl back coating
Methods and systems for selecting objects by grouping annotations on the objects
Image forming means with mark removing unit
Readout system for a CMOS-based image sensor array
Imaging system with haptic interface
Anti-aliased tagging using look-up table edge pixel identification
Electric field probe
Light-emitting element having PNPN-structure and light-emitting element array
Polythiophenes and devices thereof
Elastic microchannel collimating arrays and method of fabrication
Solid ink stick with enhanced differentiation
Ink-jet recording head and ink-jet recording device
Method of providing specialized dance videos
System and method for providing educational content over a network
Command script parsing using local and extended storage for command lookup
Pushing rich content information to mobile devices
Method and apparatus for scheduling work orders in a manufacturing process
Electronic device and method for enhancing usability of electronic device
Method of displaying an image on a color display
Two-slot dynamic length WFQ calendar
Method for surface cleaning
Petunia plant named `Kleph06126`
Miniature rose plant `PACfiftysix`
Streptocarpus plant named `KLEST07337`
Torenia plant named `danmoon 18`
Verbena plant named `Wesvercavio`
Rose plant named `KORtifhar`
Method for moving of flows in communication networks
System and method for converting requests between different multicast protocols in a communication n...
Method of power control for call migration
Managing traffic in a multiport network node using logical ports
Optical edge router
Route determination method and apparatus for virtually-concatenated data traffic
AC coupling-DC blocking surge protection module with DC blocking bypass functionality
Method of reverse link dynamic power control in a wireless communication system using per-flow quali...
Detection of power-drain denial-of-service attacks in wireless networks
Connect customized ring back tone service only at one MSC when intersystem page is involved
System and method for fabricating an optical isolator
Compact source with very bright X-ray beam
Dynamic switching of a transmission time interval in a wireless system
Method and apparatus for automatic discovery of network devices with data forwarding capabilities
Packet reorder resolution in a load-balanced network architecture
Sheet material, a block like sheet material, a method for producing a sheet material, a method for s...
Barrier coating corrosion control methods and systems for interior piping systems
Composition for solidifying soil and industrial waste
Low-cost circular polarizing eyewear
Method for making collimating or transflecting film having a reflective layer
Transmissive and reflective type liquid crystal display
Method to make reversibly cross-linked isotactic polypropylene
Raw material composition
Automobile interior board and method of producing automobile interior board
Image forming method
Attachment device
Immunotoxin with in vivo T cell suppressant activity and methods of use
Automatic process control for a multilayer injection molding apparatus
Marker proteins for diagnosing liver disease and method of diagnosing liver disease using the same
Storage system, storage access restriction method and computer program product
Magnetoresistive element
Interdigitated multi-pixel arrays for the fabrication of light-emitting devices with very low series...
Method of manufacturing integrated circuits using pre-made and pre-qualified exposure masks for sele...
Method and an apparatus for visual summarization of documents
Automatic formatting and validating of text for a markup language graphical user interface
Converging repeater methodology for channel-limited SOC microprocessors
Memory device with error correction code module
Method and computer program product for interlayer connection of arbitrarily complex shapes under as...
IO self test method and apparatus for memory
Wiring methods to reduce metal variation effects on launch-capture clock pairs in order to minimize ...
Input/output circuit for handling unconnected I/O pads
Semiconductor device and method for designing the same
System and method to reduce LBIST manufacturing test time of integrated circuits
Method and system for dynamically selecting a clock edge for read data recovery
Red-colored electric lamp
Biodegradable resin composition and biodegradable resin molded article
Polyol component for polyurethane formation comprising anionic diol and composition
Use of water-soluble polymer complexes in aqueous systems
Element for modulating area
Displacement-measuring optical device with orifice
UV curable paint composition, method for using the same and related coating structure
Method of manufacturing active matrix substrate, active matrix substrate, electro-optical device, an...
Local flow and shear stress sensor based on molecular rotors
Manufacturing method of electrostatic charge image developing toner, and electrostatic charge image ...
Gel electrolyte, process for producing the same, and use thereof
Non-systemic control of parasites
Copolymerizable polyalkylene glycol macromonomers, and the preparation and use thereof
Indolylthiazoliumazo dyes-containing colorants for keratin fibers
Cationic naphthyldiazo dyes and keratin fibers-coloring agents containing these dyes
Denture fixative composition
Devices and methods for chemical reactive filtration
Therapeutic agent delivery device with controlled therapeutic agent release rates
Process for providing marking on security papers
Deodorized waste receptacle
Lithographic apparatus comprising a cleaning arrangement, cleaning arrangement and method for cleani...
Hydrazines and derivatives production process from hydrazines and dicarboxylic acid
Phytic citrate compounds and process for preparing the same
Light source device and display device
Compact dual ellipsoidal reflector (DER) system having two molded ellipsoidal modules such that a ra...
Selection and use of lactic acid bacteria for reducing dental caries and bacteria causing dental car...
Production of clavulanic acid by genetic engineering of Streptomyces clavuligerus
Protein capable of deposition onto extracellular matrix
Dengue tetravalent vaccine containing a common 30 nucleotide deletion in the 3'-UTR of dengue types ...
Soybean variety XB19E07
Process for the stabilization of proteins in an aqueous solution comprising cysteine in a concentrat...
Platelet-derived growth factor protection of cardiac myocardium
Mammalian cultured inner cell mass cell culture using a quiescent cell as nuclear
Contents linkage information delivery system
Assisted profiling of skills in an enterprise management system
Information signal reproducing apparatus
Image processing method, image processor, photographic apparatus, image output unit and iris verify ...
Method and apparatus for copy protection
Switch fabric with memory management unit for improved flow control
Method and apparatus for disc drive data security using fields in servo wedges
Method and system for delivery of a facsimile using sensor with identifier
Differentially cured materials and process for forming same
Interactive data transmission system having staged servers
Apparatus for distributing content objects to a personalized access point of a user over a network-b...
Oxidation of carbohydrates by means of peroxidases and nitroxy radicals
Oils with heterogenous chain lengths
Prioritizing network management traffic
Globally trusted credentials leveraged for server access control
Data searching system, method of synchronizing metadata and data searching apparatus
Method and system for performing phrase/word clustering and cluster merging
Keyword characterization and application
Selection context filtering
Data processing apparatus, data processing method, data processing system, storage medium, and progr...
Detecting and tracking monotonicity for accelerating range and inequality queries
System and method for performing a high-level multi-dimensional query on a multi-structural database
Method and apparatus for performing a search
Search criteria control system and method
Method and system for updating a summary page of a document
Ubiquitous search framework
Facilitating document classification using branch associations
XML storage solution and data interchange file format structure
Secure virtual data warehousing system and method
Cam phaser compensation in a hybrid vehicle system
Variable valve timing controller for internal combustion engine
Adjustable camshaft, in particular for internal combustion engines for motor vehicles having a hydra...
Valve gear of internal combustion engine
Camshaft adjusting device
Apparatus for and method of controlling variable valve mechanism
Internal combustion engine
Valve timing control device
Hydraulic control system for a switching valve train
Method and apparatus for making archival copies of audiovisual recordings
Mobile communication device having music player navigation function and method of operation thereof
System and method of creating secure encrypted digital media files from a base media work for additi...
Parallel computation structures to enhance signal-quality, using arithmetic or statistical averaging
Personal shared playback
Device for recognition of a pole crash
Method and device for a vehicle-related telematics service
Object identification between non-overlapping cameras without direct feature matching
Vehicle service system with variable-lens imaging sensors
Driver assistance system
Method and system for broadcasting audio and visual display messages to a vehicle
Wheel unit for providing data
Vehicle tag reader
National Radio Network for Ground Vehicle Traffic Management
Electrosurgical system
Noise reduction system and methods for magnetic resonance imaging
Device, Module and Method for Shared Antenna Operation In a Rfid Technology Based Communication Envi...
Mobile Radio Module for Multiband-Multimode Operation
Hand-Off Control Method in Radio Communication System
Translational loop transmitter architecture employing channel power ratio measurements for modulatio...
Method for verifying smart battery failures by measuring input charging voltage and associated syste...
Method and system for charge rate adjustment to enhance battery cycle life
State variable and parameter estimator comprising several partial models for an electrical energy st...
Parallel hybrid battery pack charging
Constant current circuit and constant current generating method
Bootstrap clamping circuit for DC/DC regulators and method thereof
Switching regulator over voltage reduction circuit and method
Current multiplier/divider-configured feed-forward compensation for buck-mode converter controller w...
Adaptive error amplifier clamp circuit to improve transient response of DC/DC converter with current...
Regulator circuit
Buck-boost DC/DC converter with overlap control using ramp shift signal
Device for converting a continuous supply voltage into a continuous output voltage and corresponding...
Method and damping device for damping a torsional vibration in a rotating drivetrain
Method and apparatus for handling a charging state in a mobile electronic device
Battery pack event-proof monitoring and analysis system and method
Apparatus and method for effecting power distribution to a host system from a voltage source or a ba...
Power adapter for a remote device
Electrophoretic buffer
Method for distributed ignition of fuels by light sources
Gas bag module
Lens molds with coating
Portable electronic device with multifunctional coating
Flat panel display device
Method for determining lens errors in a particle-optical device
Diagnosis and prognosis of breast cancer patients
Genetic screen for bioactive peptides
Delivery of therapeutic through multiple delivery members
Growth factor homolog zvegf4
Diagnostic assay and method of treatment involving macrophage inhibitory cytokine-1 (MIC-1)
Soft and calcified tissue implants
Process for optimizing the production performance of a spinning machine
Adjustable hanging device
Composites with oriented particles and particle networks with method
Compatibilizers for composites of PVC and cellulosic materials
Curable polyvinyl benzyl compound and process for producing the same
Composite plated product and method for producing same
Transmission line connecting structure and transmission/reception device
Hybrid wound/etched winding constructs for scanning and monitoring
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Shield material
Composite web
Piezoelectric element
Driver for voltage driven type switching element
Remote function actuator with pressure equalizer
Fuel cell system
Control device for a transmission having a plurality of automatic clutches
Continuous recliner
Power dual action rocker board
Vehicle occupant restraint system and method
Discriminate input system for decision algorithm
Electric motor
Electrical switch
Battery paste material and method
Reclining mechanism for vehicle seats
Dual release headrest
System and method for selecting a user speech profile for a device in a vehicle
Diagnostic apparatus for internal combustion engine
Broad band deep ultraviolet/vacuum ultraviolet catadioptric imaging system
Drive laser for EUV light source
Power stabilization of semiconductor laser harmonic frequency conversion modules
Vertical-cavity, surface-emission type laser diode and fabrication process thereof
Laser driver circuit and system
Tunable laser source with optical wavelength addressing
All-optical 2R regenerator using self-seeded laser diode
Recording and reproducing apparatus
Compact optical detection system for a microfluidic device
Information record apparatus and method, and computer program product
Processing apparatus for pulsed signal and processing method for pulsed signal and program therefor
Singlet telescopes with controllable ghosts for laser beam forming
Image forming apparatus
Removal of MEMS sacrificial layers using supercritical fluid/chemical formulations
Sulfonyl-substituted bicyclic compounds as modulators of PPAR
Triazine derivatives, their preparation and therapeutic application thereof
Heteroarylaminopyrazole derivatives useful for the treatment of diabetes
Substituted imidazo[1,5-a][1,4]diazepines and imidazo[1,5-a]pyrazines as cannabinoid receptor agonis...
Resin infused acrylic shell
Method and system for flexible FM tuning
Virtual keypad for touchscreen display
Scalable network apparatus for content based switching or validation acceleration
Method and apparatus for measuring web site performance
System and method for certifying the contents of a correspondence
Method and apparatus for cloning terminals in a communications network
System for associating identification and personal data for multiple magnetic stripe cards or other ...
Device authentication in a PKI
Vehicle frame having air tank cross member
Medical examination table
Wishbone-shaped linkage component and suspension systems incorporating the same
Brake system and suspension for use therewith
Speaker apparatus
Truck load storage apparatus
Bar pin attachment for bush assembly
Vehicle seat system
Floating interface linkage
Bicycle suspension assembly with inertia valve and blow-off
Stabilizer control apparatus
Air spring/coil spring combination suspension system
Air spring assembly and method
Method and unit for heat-shrinking overwrappings of heat-shrink plastic material of a succession of ...
Illumination device, image display device, and projector
Toner cartridge
Light-emitting diode
Devices for percutaneous remote endarterectomy
Multiphase soft switched DC/DC converter and active control technique for fuel cell ripple current e...
Press machine
System and method for enforcing network cluster proximity requirements using a proxy
Printer cradle having shock absorption for removable print cartridge
Emergency and security condition retractable computer arrangements
Substituted pyrimidodiazepines
Systems, methods and computer readable media for performing a domain-specific metasearch, and visual...
Charge-based circuit analysis
Particle-measuring system and particle-measuring method
Fenicol compounds and methods synthesizing 2-trifluoroacetamido-3-substituted propiophenone compound...
Implant device used in minimally invasive facet joint hemi-arthroplasty
Stage Specific Prognostic In Vivo Markers of Brain Aging and Dementia
Systems and methods for treatment of medical conditions related to the central nervous system and fo...
Method and mixture for treating unilateral vocal fold paralysis
Device for Regenerating Adipose Tissue and Method for Utilizing Thereof
Microcapsules With Acetylene Carbamide-Polyurea Polymers and Formulations Thereof for Controlled Rel...
Novel glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD) proteins and methods of use
Compositions and Methods for Reduction of LDL Oxidation
Metabolic enhancing properties of theaflavins and thearubigins
Accelerating Agent of Calcium Absorption
Creatine ascorbyl derivatives and methods of use thereof
Anti-adhesion membrane
Antifungal nail coat and method of use
Fluoroalkylamine Derivatives as Cathepsin Inhibtors
Organ-adhesion preventing agent and process for preventing adhesion using thereof
Methods and Compositions for the Management of Soil Borne Fungal Diseases
Omega-3 mixtures
Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid-Containing Solid Fat Compositions and Uses and Production Thereof
Method for regulating gene expression
Physiological coolants based on lactoyl esters of menthyl lactate
Drug for Treating Circulatory Insufficiency
Agent for Alleviating Vascular Failure
Method and Kit for Regulation of Microvascular Tone
Transgenic plants with enhanced agronomic traits
Novel Fungal Enzymes
Nanoparticles and Method to Control Nanoparticle Spacing
Method of manufacturing a glass substrate, glass substrate manufactured by the method, and magnetic ...
Production method for solid Cultured active mushroom mycelium and fruit-body metabolites (AMFM) prod...
Microporous polyolefin membrane, and method of producing the same
Method and apparatus for separating, purifying, promoting interaction and improving combustion
Optionally Modified/Insoluble Vegetable Gums for Removing Natural or Synthetic Organic Impurities fr...
Chimeric MSP-based malaria vaccine
Substrate and Substrate Assembly for Use in Raman Spectroscopic Analysis
Light-emitting device material and light-emitting device
Beverage base dispenser and method
Method for the continuous manufacture of tubular membranes
Production of fine particle copper powders
Detection systems utilizing supported lipid bilayers
Screw anchor
Tablet, process for producing the same, and molded article obtained therefrom
Continuous slurry dispenser apparatus
Methods of marking a zone of a wellbore for localizing the source of produced particulate
Method for improving prediction of the viability of potential petroleum reservoirs
Method for wet mixing cementitious slurry for fiber-reinforced structural cement panels
Chrome free and zinc-poor, anti-corrosive pigment mixture and method for the production and use ther...
Methods of controlling chemical self-heating of organic-containing materials
Embedment roll device
Sound reducing system
Photosensitive Resin Composition, and Photosensitive Film and Stencil for Screen Printing Using the ...
Use of polymeric microparticles in building material mixtures
Melamine methylol for abrasive products
Coatings to increase water and grease resistance of porous materials and materials having such prote...
Composition and Method for Treatment and Prevention of Atherosclerosis
Device and Method for Electrophoretic Deposition with a Movable Electrode
Cement Compositions Comprising a High-Density Particulate Elastomer and Associated Methods
Drywall tape dispensing mudbox
Low-Cost, Energy-Efficient Building Panel Assemblies Comprised of Load and Non-Load Bearing Substitu...