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Modulation of Aurora B expression
Dried and agglomerated hyaluronic acid product
Process for the preparation of esters of heparin
Antibodies with increased affinities for anthrax antigens
Method for selective removal of a substance from samples containing compounds having nucleic acid st...
Cost-effective process for preparing agarose from gracilaria spp.
Novel human proteases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Selected nucleotide sequences isolated from pathogenic strains of haemophilus influenzae
Chemically synthesized artificial promoter for high level expression of transgenes and a method for ...
Processes and reagents for oligonucleotide synthesis and purification
Ship lock electrical energy generation
Forming improved metal nitrides
Wireless remote vehicle signal indicator for supplementing existing vehicle signal indicators
Short range communication system
Highly compact, precision lightweight deployable truss which accommodates side mounted components
Treatment method of film quality for the manufacture of substrates
High-sensitivity tracking in free-space optical communication systems
Data processing apparatus
Machining program producing apparatus
Determining the complexity of a computing environment
Methods and apparatus for monitoring end-user experience in a distributed network
Counting latencies of an instruction table flush, refill and instruction execution using a plurality...
Scenario analysis control system device
Error handling of software modules
Common Information Model (CIM) translation to and from Windows Management Interface (WMI) in client ...
Automatic firmware version upgrade system
System and method for connecting with a network of sensors
Microelectronic stimulator array for stimulating nerve tissue
Castable thermobaric explosive formulations
Two band imaging system
Tube measurement and calibration system
Short resonant ridge waveguide load under radiation slot
Beam splitting unit, beam-emission-angle compensating optical unit, and laser marking apparatus
Signaling device for traffic signals
Zoom lens system and image capture apparatus having the same
Lens driving mechanism and image capture apparatus
Lens driving mechanism and image capture apparatus
Lens driving mechanism and image capture apparatus
Lens driving mechanism and image capture apparatus
Lens driving mechanism and image capture apparatus
Lens driving mechanism and image capture apparatus
Imaging lens
Optical near-field generating element and optical apparatus including the same
Medical apparatus
Diffraction type lens which converges two wavelengths of light
Directional optical coupler
Suppression of cladding mode loss in fiber amplifiers with distributed suppression of amplified spon...
One-core two-way optical transmission system
Pentanoic acid derivatives
Pentanoic acid derivatives
Primer removal tool
Close combat handguard for rifles
Image output apparatus which stores output data in accordance with form or state of output
Multi-execute system calls
Transfer request pipeline throttling
High-availability disk control device and failure processing method thereof and high-availability di...
Software based system and method for I/O chip hiding of processor based controllers from operating s...
Enabling a User to Have a Custom Desired Experience While Accessing an Electronic File
Content customization with resizability and context-sensitivity
Switching between an arm's length user interface and a distance user interface
Thread rendezvous for read-only code in an object-oriented computing environment
Method to provide secure multi-vendor system sizings
Audited builds based upon separate class dependency records
Uniform references
Object oriented GUI test automation
Methods and systems of testing software, and methods and systems of modeling user behavior
Specifying user interface interactions for controls in a data driven system
Non-compile pages
Compiler optimization
System, method and program to migrate a virtual machine
System, method and program for scheduling computer program jobs
Distributed task scheduler for computing environments
Persistent representations for complex data structures as interpreted programs
Transparent and sub-classable proxies
Contactless power and/or data transmission in an automated data storage library employing segmented ...
Configuration goals via video presenting network
Checking the security of web services configurations
Method for secure access to multiple secure networks
Large inventory-service optimization in configure-to-order systems
Methods and apparatus for sharing computational resources
Plasma display panel with speedy gas-charge and discharge structure
Light-emitting diode and the manufacturing method of the same
Thin film magnetic memory device for conducting data write operation by application of a magnetic fi...
Modular helmet
Immunological compositions and methods of use to transiently alter mammalian central nervous system ...
Nucleic acids encoding non aggregating fluorescent proteins and methods for using the same
System, method, and apparatus for portable design, deployment, test, and optimization of a communica...
Method, system, and product for booting a partition using one of multiple, different firmware images...
Miniature immuno-optical rapid analyte sensor platform
Trimmer caddie for mower deck
Semi-transmissive LCD device including an optical film having negative uniaxial double refractive in...
Video data bus communication system and method
Child harness with handle
Synthesis of block polymers obtained by controlled free radical polymerization
Synthetic implant with nonimmunogenicity coating
Container closure assembly
Olefin polymerization titanium catalyst
Image forming apparatus with detachable power-requiring unit
Jak kinases and regulation of cytokine signal transduction
Method of producing structures using centrifugal forces
Device for the continuous process for the production of controlled architecture materials
CMP assisted liftoff micropatterning
Methods and apparatus for patterned deposition of nanostructure-containing materials by self-assembl...
Slot machine card holder
Distributed account based gaming system
Determining regions that are occluded from an observation point
System and method for locating a data frame within a transmitted data stream
Reducing and controlling sizes of prototype-based recognizers
Method and system for programming disconnected data
Synchronizing a store with write generations
Non-delegable client requests to servers storing local information only
Dynamically configuring resources for cycle translation in a computer system
Methods and arrangements for limiting access to computer controlled functions and devices
Systems and methods for playing digital video in reverse and fast forward modes
Method and apparatus for providing distributed scene programming of a home automation and control sy...
Automated gear transmission
Universal collection medium
System and method for improving channel monitoring in a cellular system
Method for dynamic allocation of wireless base station DSP resources
Dual protocol GPRS message center and method therefor
Method and system wherein timeslots allocated for common control channels may be reused for user tra...
Adaptive power level setting in an ad-hoc wireless network
Array beamforming with wide nulls
Extended antenna support for a wireless communications device
Vehicle information system
Voice mail caller identification
System and method for remote control and management of wireless devices
Distributed network communication system which provides different network access features
Power off method for wireless peripheral device
LED backlight module
Endoscopic light source connector
Line type luminous device and induction heating cooker employing same
Light standard for microscopy
Image projection lighting device
Vehicular rearview mirror system with microcontroller
High/low level alarm controller
Parking guidance method and system
Traffic violation detection, recording and evidence processing system
System and a method for event detection and storage
Filter, color wheel using the filter, and manufacturing method for the same
Integrated personal communications system and method
Dynamic allocation of wireless mobile nodes over an internet protocol (IP) network
Radio frequency receiver for CDMA mobile communication base station system
Method of determining a best initial focal position estimate
Rose plant name 'POULtw003'
Chinese dogwood named 'Madison'
Petunia plant named 'Petpo29'
Shrub rose plant named 'BAIfairy'
Aster plant named 'Esmchile'
Aster plant named 'Esmguyana'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Yobrandi'
Method of collecting nanoparticles by using a cyclone and method of designing the cyclone
Method for translucent online interaction
System and method for connecting to a device on a protected network
System method for replacing old device with new device in a layered structure and determining config...
Method for efficient caching and enumerating objects in distributed storage systems
Semiconductor-device design method, semiconductor-device design program and semiconductor-device des...
Trust establishment for multi-party communications
Blade cleaner for a continuous loop blade on a food slicing machine
Cutting head for cutting a food product
Food, vegetables and fruit processor
Bagel and pastry filler attachment
Food dispensing chest
Magnetic wall border, system and method
Absorbent material for animal bedding
Reinforced paper product and method for making same
Sixplex receptacle
Fire-resistant gypsum
Wall structure
Fiber-reinforced composites and building structures comprising fiber-reinforced composites
Interior wallboard and method of making same
Siliceous clay slurry
Water and oil repellent composition
Emulsion, production method thereof and use thereof
Step support method for use in the manufacturing of straight or curved stairs
Abrasive product, method of making and using the same, and apparatus for making the same
Granulated gas charges
Organometallic monoacylalkylphosphines
Aqueous polymer dispersion and method of use
Malic acid diester surfactants
Method of email attachment confirmation
System for direct communications with a space craft
Debugger impact reduction through motion of induction variable based breakpoints
System and method to pace event sharing collaboration across multiple distributed applications
Cache entry error-correcting code (ECC) based at least on cache entry data and memory address
Signal line impedance adjustment tool
Method and apparatus for detecting and isolating failures in equipment connected to a data bus
Accuracy of timing analysis using region-based voltage drop budgets
Method and system for determining repeatable yield detractors of integrated circuits
Sealing foil and associated lamp having this foil
Thin-film magnetic memory device executing data writing with data write magnetic fields in two direc...
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device and method for storing multiple bit using the same
Ballistic aerosol marking apparatus
Golf club head
Cherry tree named 'PC7064-3'
Recombinant tumor specific antibody and use thereof
Anti-entrapment system
Lockable contact plate
Modulators of TNF-α signaling
Shock actuated responsive mechanism with improved dual safety means to prevent over-rotation of the ...
Liquid crystal display device, display device and manufacturing method thereof
Method for providing location certificates
Pet ramp
Mobile virtual network system and method
Synthetic bulk laxative
Inorganic matrix composition and composites incorporating the matrix composition
Apparatus to dispense toothpaste
Biaryl heterocyclic compounds and methods of making and using the same
Micro silicon fuel cell, method of fabrication and self-powered semiconductor device integrating a m...
Image forming apparatus
Square wave drive system
Detection of nucleic acid heteroduplex molecules by anion-exchange chromatography
Polynucleotide encoding a human receptor tyrosine kinase
Methods for producing high titre vectors and compositions used in such methods
Tricyclic-2-pyridone compounds useful as HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Isolation chamber
Multiple section read/write head for high track density, flexible media storage applications
Method and apparatus write control in a disk drive
Write head driver circuit and method for writing to a memory disk
Recording medium control method and recording medium adapter
Electronically updatable labeling system for data storage
Disk drive comprising a pulse width modulated demand limit circuit for enhancing power management du...
Servo pattern recording method
Automatic model regulation in a disc drive servo system using model reference inverse
Bulkhead connector for low leak rate disc drives
Micro device including a thin film wiring structure and method for fabricating the same
Thin film head with nickel-iron alloy non-magnetic substratum between non-magnetic gap layer and upp...
Magnetic head apparatus, magnetic reproducing method, and magnetic reproducing apparatus in linear t...
Magnetic head provided with resin-molded IC bare-chip between height-restriction plate and suspensio...
Data storage device with damped load arm formed from Mn-Cu alloy composition
Low stiffness, high torsion suspension
Disk drive having a VCM plate which includes an integrally formed elongated protrusion for securing ...
Magnetic disk drive with carriage having bobbin supporting annular coil connected by connection memb...
Magnetic recording head having modules with opposing read elements and opposing periodic structures
Magnetoresistive head with spin valve film magnetic sensor element
Layer system having an increased magnetoresistive effect and use of the same, wherein a first layer ...
Transmitting circuit and method thereof, receiving circuit and method thereof, and data communicatio...
Multi-lumen catheter with detachable locking hub
Information recording-displaying card, image processing method using same, and image processor
Multifunction exercise device
Histogram-based virus detection
System and method for synchronizing execution of a batch of threads
Object oriented structured query language (OOSQL) support for enterprise java beans
Common user interface development toolkit for a system administration program
Binary compatible software objects
Techniques for maintaining compatibility of a software core module and an interacting module
Method and apparatus for implementing concurrently running jobs on an extended virtual machine using...
Inter-thread communications using shared interrupt register
Method and apparatus for calculating altitude based on barometric and GPS measurements
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Backthinned CMOS sensor with low fixed pattern noise
Thin film transistor array panel for liquid crystal display
Flip-chip light emitting diode with resonant optical microcavity
Buried channel strained silicon FET using a supply layer created through ion implantation
Solid state image sensor
ONO fabrication process for reducing oxygen vacancy content in bottom oxide layer in flash memory de...
Planarized and silicided trench contact
Optoelectronic devices employing fibers for light collection and emission
Optical semiconductor housing and method for making same
Image sensor with light guides
Solid state imaging device
Semiconductor layers with roughness patterning
L-C type filter module and helical filter made up of at least two such modules
Basket catheter with multiple location sensors
Automated self-learning diagnostic system
Planning engine for a parcel shipping system
Method and system for order returns
Using PCMCIA/PCI drivers to control USB ports
Reactive user interface control based on environmental sensing
System and method for adaptively optimizing program execution by sampling at selected program points
State based object transition control and nested locking
Method for mixed human and computer-supported distributed scheduling
Methods and systems for analyzing marketing campaigns
Methods and apparatus wherein a buyer arranges to purchase a first product using a communication net...
Techniques for reducing latency in a multi-node system when obtaining a resource that does not resid...
Location system using retransmission of identifying information
Image forming apparatus and method for controlling image forming apparatus
Probability centrifuge algorithm with minimum laterally adiabatically-reduced Fisher information cal...
Developing apparatus having a sheet preventing a developing agent from leaking out of a container op...
Folder type multi display device
Continuous flexible belt loading device
Elliptical polarizer and liquid crystal display device
Belt transporting device and image forming apparatus using the same
Controlling resonant photoelastic modulators
Method for guiding a medical instrument through a body
Micro-lens sheet and projection screen
System and method for electrode localization using ultrasound
Use of computer-aided detection system outputs in clinical practice
Microcontact structure for neuroprostheses for implantation on nerve tissue and method therefor
Enabling voice control of voice-controlled apparatus using a head mounted camera system
Auto-setting and optimization of EAM with optical line systems
Methods for the isolation and analysis of cellular protein content
Methods, devices, arrays and kits for detecting and analyzing biomolecules
Process for producing processed glyceride fat
Method of producing transgenic plants having improved amino acid composition
Heat stable mutants of starch biosynthesis enzymes
Sterol metabolism enzymes
Canola line 43A56
Soybean cultivar S030160
Inbred maize line PHBAB
Hybrid maize plant and seed 38H67
Inbred corn line PHB1V
Methods of modifying cell structure and remodeling tissue
Methods to prepare cells comprising heterologous polyketide synthase expression systems
Method for determination of hydrogen sulfide or sulfide ion and method for determination of specific...
Lamp housing
Lighting fixture
Faceted lighter
Hair curler
Spatula head for a device having a non-shaving head
Rotary shaver
Electric razor
Electric hair clipper
Hair clipper
Attachment for an electric shaver
Protective face shield assembly
Horse rug
Dog chew toy
Bird perch assembly
Hand held vacuum cleaner
Image processing system
Device for mounting on a vehicle for hoisting and transporting a big-game carcass
System and method for automated play of multiple gaming devices
System and method for applying lottery multipliers
Diffusion bond mixture for healing single crystal alloys
Catalytic alloy for the dissociation of water into hydrogen and oxygen and method of making
Method of detecting a redirection or relaying of a contactless data transmission using at least two ...
Device for and method of detecting interference waves
Integrated multimode radio and components thereof
Method for reducing interference in transmitter and transmitter
Method and apparatus for dynamic filter selection in radio receivers
Data processing apparatus and card-sized data processing device
Method and apparatus for mobile based access point name (APN) selection
Power delivery system
Handover control method and handover path determination for use in communication system
Radio data communication apparatus and radio data communication method
Power control for downlink shared channel in radio access telecommunications network
Digital architecture for radio-frequency apparatus and associated methods
Service apparatus for a public and private mobile communication network
Apparatus and method for measuring and controlling the performance or an adjustable antenna on a sub...
Mobile station having short-range radio function and power consumption reduction method therefor
Hands-free device with button for cellular telephone send/end and two-way radio push-to-talk
System and method for improving the precision of localization estimates
Method of preparing fried rice
Granulated flavor and method for producing the same
Compositions of fructose and glucose containing inulin
Roller for forming noodles and the like
Food composition
Calcium stable high acyl gellan gum for enhanced colloidal stability in beverages
Process for transesterification of vegetable or animal oils using heterogeneous catalysts based on t...
Calcium absorption enhancer
Compositions containing a nopal cactus isolate and method for making same
Low sugar presweetened coated cereals and method of preparation
Method for enhancing resveratrol content of peanut compositions
Parfried frozen french fry having high solids content
Washed deboned meat having high protein recovery
Method for producing a jerked meat rawhide chew toy
Method for detecting fiberization of vegetable proteins
Computer program, method, and system for monitoring nutrition content of consumables and for facilit...
Lactic acid bacteria with immunoregualting activites
Modified exendins and exendin agonists
Retrieval device
Method and apparatus for modifying the exit orifice of a satiation pouch
Systems and methods of ordering at an automated food processing machine
Extensions to filter on IPv6 header
System with virtual address networks and split ownership and access right coherence mechanism
Volume management method and apparatus
System with multicast invalidations and split ownership and access right coherence mechanism
Virtual mode virtual memory manager method and apparatus
Method and apparatus to maintain consistency between an object store and a plurality of caches utili...
Computer system with virtual memory and paging mechanism
Method and system for maintaining coherency in a multiprocessor system by broadcasting TLB invalidat...
Apparatus to map virtual pages to disparate-sized, non-contiguous real pages and methods relating th...
Architecture to relax memory performance requirements
Computer security system
DDR to SDR conversion that decodes read and write accesses and forwards delayed commands to first an...
Digital signal processor and modem using the same
Statically speculative memory accessing
Method for storing data in a geographically-diverse data-storing system providing cross-site redunda...
Algorithm mapping, specialized instructions and architecture features for smart memory computing
Canine femoral stem system
Dual function prosthetic bone implant and method for preparing the same
Dual function prosthetic bone implant and method for preparing the same
Dual function prosthetic bone implant and method for preparing the same
Femoral stem for artificial coxal articulation and method for processing neck portion thereof
Transcutaneous port having micro-textured surfaces for tissue and bone integration
Dual function prosthetic bone implant and method for preparing the same
Radiation and melt treated ultra high molecular weight polyethylene prosthetic devices
Prosthetic or orthotic sleeve having external surface peripheral profiles
Suspension liner having external surface peripheral profiles
Dual function prosthetic bone implant and method for preparing the same
System and method of virtual modeling of thin materials
System and method of virtual representation of folds and pleats
Systems and methods to determine elastic properties of materials
Material analysis including density and moisture content determinations
Computer-assisted external fixation apparatus and method
Hue angle calculation system and methods
Color flat panel display sub-pixel arrangements and layouts
Interchangeable cartridge data storage system for devices performing diverse functions
Flow modification for reducing track misregistration in hard disk drives
Majority detection in error recovery
Method of manufacturing single-sided sputtered magnetic recording disks
Systems, methods, and graphical tools for representing connectedness of individuals
System for interactive processing of form documents
Method, media renderer and media source for controlling content over network
Multi-source longitudinal patient-level data encryption process
Modeling resolution enhancement processes in integrated circuit fabrication
Network interface card for supporting multi-streaming format and method thereof
Enhanced electronic mail security system and method
Access and control system for network-enabled devices
Transgenic pigs carrying both hHO-1 and hDAF transgenes for xenotransplantation
Mouse model for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis
Transgenic mice containing brain-specific membrane-anchored protein gene disruptions
Identification and purification of higher order transcription complexes from transgenic non-human an...
Modulation of storage organs
Insect viruses and their uses in protecting plants
Nucleic acid molecules encoding cyclotide polypeptides and methods of use
Modified threonine deaminase
Method for producing direct in vitro flowering and viable seed from cotyledon, radicle, and leaf exp...
Plant centromere compositions
Soybean cultivar CL615261
Soybean cultivar SJ919784
Linkage energy return shoe
Open shoe, such as a slipper, sandal and the like
Shoe bed structure for sandals
Footwear construction and related method of manufacture
Full bearing 3D cushioning system
Athletic shoe with inclined wall configuration
Athletic shoe with visible arch bridge
Athletic shoe with inclined wall configuration and non-ground-engaging member
Footwear having a heel and heel breast
Inner sole structure
Health promoting insole
Footwear comfort componentry
Footwear outsole with optimized material placement
Shoe with reversible upper
Article of footwear with an articulated sole structure
Footwear orthosis
Remote control for wireless control of system and displaying of compressed video on a display on the...
Wireless messaging system to multiple recipients
High pressure discharge vessel for an alumina high-intensity discharge lamp
Operand queue for use in a floating point unit to reduce read-after-write latency and method of oper...
Enhanced brightness light emitting device spot emitter
Method for manufacturing NAND type nonvolatile ferroelectric memory cell
Process of preparing frozen french fried potato product
Wireless local area communication and networking system
Ion-exchange polymers
Computer system, memory management method, storage medium and program transmission apparatus
High temperature powder metallurgy superalloy with enhanced fatigue and creep resistance
Methods and systems for operating an aerosol generator
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Visinflila'
Reducing tester channels for high pinout integrated circuits
High power density fuel cell stack using micro structured components
System and method for frame storage of executable code
Method for tapping the immunological repertoire
Method for defining MPEG 4 animation parameters for an animation definition interface
Realtime computer assisted leak detection/location reporting and inventory loss monitoring system of...
Deployed agent used in the installation and maintenance of software
Combination reader
Service clusters and method in a processing system with failover capability
Protease inhibitors that overcome drug resistance
Tamper-proof enclosure for a circuit card
Safe handle
Lockable Petri dish
Gas analyzer calibration checking device
Multiple port system and method for controlling the same
Use of isatin derivatives as ion channel activating agents
Method and system to perform a thread switching operation within a multithreaded processor based on ...
Bus bicycle rack having a spring operated wheel lock
Testing device driver hardening
Stacked solid electrolytic capacitor and stacked transmission line element
Encryption and decryption with endurance to cryptanalysis
Pet tracking collar
Compositions of polysaccharides derived from heparin, their preparation and pharmaceutical compositi...
Phosphorus element-containing crosslinking agents and flame retardant phosphorus element-containing ...
Lightweight strain hardening brittle matrix composites
Wall mountable dispenser for collapsible tubes
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Optical film and liquid-crystal display device using the optical film
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor
Solvent resistant imageable element
Low current shape memory alloy devices
Method for the hydroformylation of olefins comprising 2 to 8 carbon atoms
System and method for efficient convolutional interleaving/de-interleaving
Electrophotographic toner regulating member with polymer coating having surface roughness modified b...
Method and apparatus for analysis of molecular combination based on computational estimation of elec...
Multilayer capacitor
Projection aligner, aberration estimating mask pattern, aberration quantity estimating method, aberr...
System and method for implementing an image ancillary to a cursor
Project docket management apparatus and method
Systems and methods of message queuing
General and reusable components for defining net-centric application program architectures
Automatically configuring a graphical program to publish or subscribe to data
Body fat measurement system
Methods for genomic analysis
Compounds and methods for increasing neurogenesis
Benzimidazole derivatives
Azaindole kinase inhibitors
Polycyclic guanine phosphodiesterase V inhibitors
Heterocyclic aromatic compounds useful as growth hormone secretagogues
Amines as histamine-3 receptor ligands and their therapeutic applications
Molecular interaction sites of interleukin-2 RNA and methods of modulating the same
Particle size distribution measuring apparatus
Robotic vision system to locate Z-forms
Optical beam expander with a function of laser power detection
Lens for forming laser lines with uniform brightness
Apparatus for recording and/or reproducing information and/or from optical information record disk
Data storage medium utilizing directed light beam and near-field optical sources
Method and a device for realizing both high extraction efficiency of laser light from electron beams...
Laser tuning by spectrally dependent spatial filtering
Time driven tunable laser based switching with common time reference
Fiberoptic system for communicating between a central office and a downstream station
Method and circuit for generating single-sideband optical signal
Mold type semiconductor laser
Semiconductor laser driving circuit and optical head
Tunable organic VCSEL system
Semiconductor laser module, spatial optical transmission system and electronic appliance
Planar and wafer level packaging of semiconductor lasers and photo detectors for transmitter optical...
DUV and VUV laser with on-line pulse energy monitor
Diode-pumped laser with funnel-coupled pump source
Automatic player keyboard musical instrument equipped with key sensors shared between automatic play...
Self-locking keyboard bracket
Piano key finder and chord indicator
Music playback apparatus and music playback system
Electronic tone generation system and batons therefor
Automatic music performing apparatus and automatic music performance processing program
Apparatus, method and computer program for imparting tone effects to musical tone signals
Smart card with volatile memory file subsystem
Programmable delay indexed data path register file for array processing
Method and apparatus for embedding routing information to a remote web site in an audio/video track
Method and apparatus for large payload distribution in a network
System and method for register renaming
Ad hoc secure access to documents and services
Chromatographic or spectroscopic reports with hyperlinks to allow direct access to external referenc...
Signal-processing based approach to translation of web pages into wireless pages
Information retrieval system and a computer product
Methods for rendering footnotes
Dialog box positioning
Method for programming programmable logic device with blocks that perform multiplication and other a...
Method and apparatus for converting a geographic location to a direct marketing area for a query
System and method of sorting information based on a location of a mobile station
Configurable mechanism and abstract API model for directory operations
Search facility for local and remote interface repositories
Method for downstream editing of compressed video
Controlling the system time clock of an MPEG decoder
Pattern recognition system and method for monitoring hand washing or application of a disinfectant
Surveillance system with autonomic control
Fast fourier transform correlation tracking algorithm with background correction
Method of generating images to aid in the detection of manmade objects in cluttered underwater envir...
Orientation invariant feature detection system and method for unstructured low-quality video
System and method for maintaining a video image in a wireless communication device
Information processing apparatus and method, computer-readable memory, and program
Side lit, 3D edge location method
Image processing apparatus
Apparatus and method for image processing of hand-written characters using coded structured light an...
Image retrieval system, method and image retrieval program
Radio calibration by correcting the crystal frequency
Mobile-type electronic apparatus and method for controlling the same
System and method for deploying a graphical program on an image acquisition device
Active immunization against clostridium difficile disease
Aerosol insect repellent composition having low VOC content and method of applying same to the skin
Pesticidal compositions containing plant essential oils against human body louse
Collagen/glycosaminoglycan matrix stable to sterilizing by electron beam radiation
Interferon complex and medicinal use thereof
Surgically implanted time release medication for post-surgical treatment of a patient
Paroxetine controlled release compositions
Calcium hypochlorite blended tablets
Phosphorus-containing dendrimers as transfection agents
Microcapsules and emulsions containing low bloom gelatin and methods of making and using thereof
Sodium hyaluronate microspheres
Compounds inhibiting COX-2 and iNOS promoter activities
Beverage and additive for inflamed tissue
Use of a polypeptide for treatment of pruritus in animals
Method for the selective survival or selective growth of a target cell by the use of a conjugate, it...
Production of an immunovariant strain of Eimeria maxima contributes to strain cross-protectio...
Recombinant vector expressing multiple costimulatory molecules and uses thereof
Very large vessel construction
Mooring cleat with illumination
Anchor with releasable shank
Safety device
Applied sun shade to a launched boat
Portable and stowable safety device
Buoyant retrieval of unmanned seawater vehicles
Self-running vacuum cleaner
Electronic component mounting device and mounting head unit for electronic component
Wafer transport apparatus
Wrist with decoupled motion transmission
Golf swing timing/training device
Dental model demonstrating tooth enamel loss and gum recession
Programmable AED-CPR training device
Technology explorer toy
Computerized system and method for teaching and assessing the holistic scoring of open-ended questio...
Deer aging tool
Camera mount
Method for heat processing of substrate
Developing method and apparatus
Display apparatus and information processing method
Three-dimenional image photographing apparatus and method having deflection means, apparatus and met...
Shock detecting apparatus and image forming apparatus comprises shock detecting apparatus
Lens barrel
Focus control apparatus, image sensor, program and storage medium
Refrigeration compressor capacity limiting device
Exhaust apparatus for vehicle
Searching and sorting media clips having associated style and attributes
Web-based system and method for engineering project design
IP library management system
Method and system for enabling training of field service personnel and field service of machines
Consumer driven methods for associating content indentifiers with related web addresses
Streaming content over a telephone interface
User-relayed data broadcasting
System and method for distributing a single multicast multi-program audio stream over a network
System uses internet electronic mail for communicating status of a monitored device to a monitoring ...
System and method for storing information on a wireless device
Internet lottery method and system
Streaming content reproduction method and internet connection device using the same
Switch apparatus and mobile communications terminal apparatus
Storage and transmission of one-bit data
Virtual-space providing apparatus, virtual-space providing system, and virtual-space providing metho...
Methodology for implementing a vocabulary set for use in a speech recognition system
Content distribution method and content supply system
Signal processor
Method and system for reducing power consumption of a multi-function electronic apparatus that is ad...
System for transferring data between application systems
Attaching and detaching mechanism
Attaching and detaching mechanism
Optical pickup device and recording and/or reproducing device
Audio processing apparatus and audio reproducing method
Headphone device
Data encoding apparatus and method of same and camera system
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, noise-amount estimate apparatus, noise-amount e...
System and method for editing source content to produce an edited content sequence
Method and electronic device for decoding compressed image data and auxiliary recording device
Network for targeting individual operating a microcomputer regardless of his location
System and method for placement of user-negotiated security features on ticket items
File protection service for a computer system
Method and apparatus for evaluating security and method and apparatus for supporting the making of s...
National identification card system and biometric identity verification method for negotiating trans...
Automated banking machine apparatus and system
Business method for secure document folder distribution
Method for authenticating users
Inter-server communication using request with encrypted parameter
Proximity service provider system
Method and system for strong, convenient authentication of a web user
Method and system for enterprise-level unassisted customer shipping
Postage printing system having subsidized printing of third party messages
Method and system for answering online certificate status protocol (OCSP) requests without certifica...
Battery pack
Transformerless, load adaptive speed controller
Engine start control device, engine start control method and recording medium having program recorde...
Method of controlling the charging of a battery
Reverse battery protection circuit
Architecture for switching between an external and internal power source
Apparatus for calculating remaining battery capacity
Battery fuel gauge using safety circuit
Circuit arrangement for power factor correction
Dynamic current limit adjustments
Soft-start voltage regulator circuit
DC-DC converter with reduced electromagnetic interference
Multiple mode switching regulator having an automatic sensor circuit for power reduction
Noise-resistant pulse width modulator
Voltage regulator power management apparatus
Voltage regulation using current feedback
Power source test instrument
Low cost AC/DC converter with power factor correction
Controlled frequency power factor correction circuit and method
System architecture and method for customer flow management
Method and apparatus for scheduling enhanced uplink dedicated channels in a mobile communication sys...
Radio base station and mobile communication system
Radio link loss management in multimedia domain (MMD)
GPRS class B communications system and data transmission method employed therein
Method and apparatus for providing multiple quality of service levels in a wireless packet data serv...
Header compression of multimedia data transmitted over a wireless communication system
Network combining wired and non-wired segments
Multi-carrier OFDM UWB communications systems
Digital receiver and method for processing received signals
Method and apparatus for synchronizing transmissions
Machine for intraoperative radiation therapy
Millimeter wave transmitter using optical heterodyning
Electronic-album displaying system. electronic-album displaying method, remote controller, machine r...
Methods and apparatuses for detecting the TX diversity mode for mobile radio receivers
Method for monitoring an RF power amplifier, and an RF device, a monitoring device, and an MR system...
Radio wave reception device and radio wave clock
Method for gaining time information and receiver for implementing the method
Receiver system and method for wideband self test
Dynamic AC-coupled DC offset correction
Portable radio receiver and automatic power generator
Method and apparatus for selective blocking of radio frequency identification devices
System and method for tracking the source of a computer attack
Skid steer vehicle including steering actuators to simultaneously steer one side's wheels
Tracked vehicle with improved track drive unit
Fuel cell automobile capable of reducing vibration
Air intake system for a vehicle
ATV with improved driver positioning and/or multi passenger capacity
Vehicle chassis having programmable operating characteristics and method for using same
Cable type steering system
Steering control during split-mu ABS braking
Multiple-passenger transporter
Motorcycle engine guard and foot peg
Front bumper
Passenger restraint system for a motor vehicle
Vehicle speed control system and program
Roll-over controller
Flow designer for establishing and maintaining assignment and strategy process maps
System and software for data collection and process control in semiconductor manufacturing and metho...
Keyboard modification system
Secure personalization of chip cards
Polyethylene compositions for rotational molding
Dispatch call server in a packet based communication network
Surface optical device apparatus, method of fabricating the same, and apparatus using the same
System and method for storing data in an unpatterned, continuous magnetic layer
Ferroelectric write once read only memory for archival storage
Display and method of manufacturing the same
Composite buffering
Automotive lane deviation avoidance system
System for remote signature writing
Multi-ringed internet co-location facility security system and method
Integrated application management system
Product for a welded construction made of AlMgMn alloy having improved mechanical strength
Clearing modes of operation of medical engineering devices
Aerosol cleaner
Vector-based, clustering web geographic information system and control method thereof
Method for participating in network type game, server system for the same, and recording medium upon...
Package with peel seal tape between compartments and method of manufacture
Printhead assembly having printhead modules fixed along a channel
Printer and ink cartridge attached thereto
Osteospermum plant named 'Balserpink'
Sports helmet having integral speakers
Methods of using an agonistic antibody human tumor necrosis factor receptor (TR17)
Controller of legged mobile robot
Plasmon resonance phase imaging
Anisotropically conductive connector, its manufacture method and probe member
Computer software framework and method for managing communication flow between a user interface and ...
Image projection apparatus, projection image pattern, laser drive apparatus, camera apparatus
Nucleic acids encoding tumor necrosis factor receptor TR10
Method and apparatus for providing consumer-chosen telephone services on a digital cable TV set-top ...
Apparatus for use in arthroplasty of the knees
Transaction data structure for process communications among network-distributed applications
Accessing audio processing components in an audio generation system
Automated banking machine configuration method
Reduced noise valve stack connection
Technique for automatic parking of a vehicle
Stereo image processing apparatus and method of processing stereo image
Application launchpad
Genetic engineering of plants through manipulation of lignin biosynthesis
Implant surface preparation
Metal complexes of iminohydroxamic acids
Prosthetic element comprising two components and process for assembling such a prosthetic element
Monitoring, preventing, and treating rejection of transplanted organs
System and method for network address translation as an external service in the access server of a s...
MASP-2, a complement-fixing enzyme, and uses for it
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Capillary column connector assembly
Enterotoxin adsorbent, method of adsorptive removal, and adsorption apparatus
Razor blade sharpener
Creating optimized physical implementations from high-level descriptions of electronic design using ...
Cooling device, semiconductor laser light source device, semiconductor laser source unit, method of ...
Data communication and control for medical imaging systems
Method and apparatus for detecting fluorescence of a sample
Reliable and redundant control signals in a multi-master system
Method and system of providing differentiated services
Computer allowing easy insertion of PC components
Coil system, a method for the production thereof and an electrodynamic direct linear drive having sa...
Clamping device
System and process for viewing and navigating through an interactive video tour
Interface device to couple a musical instrument to a computing device to allow a user to play a musi...
Multimedia surveillance and monitoring system including network configuration
Methods and systems for distributing multimedia data over heterogeneous networks
Method and apparatus for transcoding multimedia using content analysis
Semi-automatic annotation of multimedia objects
Network access port
Recognizer of content of digital signals
Managing asynchronous requests for user interface resources in an information system
Dental apparatus
Pharmaceuticals containing multipotential precursor cells from tissues containing sensory receptors
Water absorbent material and absorbent article using same
Rare-earth doped phosphate-glass lasers and associated methods
Method of monitoring operation of an automated tool and associated apparatus
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of breast cancer
Method of making precision castings using thixotropic materials
Method for pitting and slicing olives with spring-loaded, adjustable slicing knife assembly
Combinatorial enzymatic complexes
Optical element and liquid-crystal display
Process for the preparation of ethylene copolymers, and their use as additives to mineral oil and mi...
Organic light emitting devices based on the formation of an electron-hole plasma
Stamper for producing optical recording medium, optical recording medium, and methods of producing t...
Nozzle bolting arrangement for a turbine
Electronic torque wrench
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Portable ECG device with wireless communication interface to remotely monitor patients and method of...
Nanoparticulate compositions comprising copolymers of vinyl pyrrolidone and vinyl acetate as surface...
Inhibitors of the ICE/ced-3 family of cysteine proteases
Front-end weight factor search criteria
Extracorporeal pathogen reduction system
Device for connecting a first optical component to a second optical component
System and method for analyzing data accesses of a trace from a computer-executable program to deter...
Oxazole derivatives
Macrocycles useful in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease
17-β hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 3 inhibitors for the treatment of androgen dependent di...
Method for detecting, diagnosing, and treating cardiovascular disease
Mat element that has a distribution function
Metal coated nanocrystalline silicon as an active surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) substra...
High-speed high-resolution ADC for precision measurements
Thermal receptacle with phase change material
Fastening structure of heat sink
Heat sink
Louver fin and corrugation cutter for forming louver fin
Heat exchanger
Compact light weight autothermal reformer assembly
Fan holder and components cooling duct assembly
Processor retention system and method
Frame level partial cooling boost for drawer and/or node level processors
Portion of a footwear sole
Portion of a shoe midsole
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Resilient strap-on sole cover
Athletic shoe bottom
Footwear sole with a stiffness adjustment mechanism
Sole-mounted footwear stability system
Educational shoe
Sport board control device and footpiece
Plasticizers from less branched decyl alcohols
Plasticizers from less branched nonyl alcohols
Rubber composition
Servo actuation systems
Vertical takeoff and landing apparatus
Scarf nozzle for a jet engine and method of using the same
Methods and systems for removing material from aircraft flight surfaces
Spacecraft docking mechanism
Thermal insulation system employing oxide ceramic matrix composites
Passenger control system during a plane flying
Amusement ride
Ignition system for a high-frequency high-intensity discharge lamp system
Flooring device for positioning on joists
Methods for conducting and playing a lottery game
Apparatus for supporting sport practice targets
Playing piece
Portable black light device
Bubble generating assembly
Assembly of modules with magnetic anchorage for the construction of stable grid structures
Balloon pedestal
Top with a lighting device
Golf shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Time-variable magnetic fields generator and magnetic resonance apparatus embodying same
Method for controlling static magnetic field and MRI apparatus
Sample catcher for NMR apparatus and method utilizing thereof
Generic eddy-current compensation in magnetic resonance imaging
Method for improving the image homogeneity of image data from phase-cycled steady state sequences
Scanning a band of frequencies using an array of high temperature superconductor sensors tuned to di...
System and method for crypto-key generation and use in cryptosystem
System for fast scrambling and descrambling of data
Data multiplexing device, program distribution system, program transmission system, pay broadcast sy...
Apparatus for and method of securely downloading and installing a program patch in a processing devi...
Network system and method for secure communication service
System and method for securely storing electronic data
Financial management system
System and method of configuring value cards
Methods and apparatus for conducting secure, online monetary transactions
Instream loader
Assured printing of documents of value
Authorization of services in a conditional access system
Image and video authentication system
Watermark detection
Motion picture electronic watermark system
Authenticated access to storage area network
Circuit and method for the securing of a coprocessor dedicated to cryptography
Cryptographic apparatus for performing cryptography on a specified area of content data
Authorizing an additional computer program module for use with a core computer program
Recording medium, data recording method and apparatus, data reproducing method and apparatus, and co...
System and method for maintaining user security features
Hydrate-based desalination with hydrate-elevating density-driven circulation
Living and quasiliving cationic telechelic polymers quenched by N-substituted pyrrole and methods fo...
Method and device for aftertreatment of exhaust gases from combustion engines
Method for producing concentrated nitric acid and installation for carrying out a method of this typ...
Apparatus and method for treating pollutants in a gas using hydrogen peroxide and UV light
Bacterially assisted heap leach
Method for separating titanium tetrachloride
Minerals and methods for their production and use
Method and device for growing large-volume oriented monocrystals
Vapor grown carbon fiber and electrode material for battery
Electrical conductors comprising single-wall carbon nanotubes
Process for conducting an equilibrium limited chemical reaction in a single stage process channel
Methods of conducting simultaneous exothermic and endothermic reactions
Fuel cell power generation method and system
Process for the preparation of doped pentasil-type zeolites using a doped reactant
Method for installing a self-floating deck structure onto a buoyant substructure
Drilling-workover vessel having a drill string extending through at least one swivel
Portable drill string compensator
Method and apparatus for laying pipe on an incline
Pressurized bladder canister for installation of cured in place pipe
Pipe puller
Apparatus for applying multi-component liquid liner compositions to the inner surfaces of conduits a...
Dewatering a leach field