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Test adapter for a weapon store test set
Smart and secure container
Blending the edges of multiple overlapping screen images
Apparatus and method for event correlation and problem reporting
Programmable logic controller programming system
Method of inhibiting pathogenicity of infectious agents
Personal multi-modal control and communications system
Human antithrombin variants
Down-regulation resistant C3 convertase
Method for the inhibition of function of STAT transcription factors
Protection of nucleosides
Production of high molecular weight hyaluronates
Compositions and methods for therapeutic use
Anti-viral nucleosides
Lipid a and other carbohydrate ligand analogs
Process for synthesizing oil and surfactant-free hyaluronic acid nanoparticles and microparticles
Method and medicament for anticoagulation using a sulfated polysaccharide with enhanced anti-inflamm...
Neoglycorandomization and digitoxin analogs
Dock 3 tumor suppressor gene
Novel human G-coupled protein receptor kinases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Phytase enzymes, nucleic acids encoding phytase enzymes and vectors and host cells incorporating sam...
Activators for oligonucleotide synthesis
Methods for preparing oligonucleotides having chiral phosphorothioate linkages
Process for the preparation of cellulose derivatives containing amino groups
High- concentration liquid pullulan and method of circulating the same
Stereospecific reduction of Sapogen-3-ones
Nessie nucleic acids, polypeptides and mutations, and methods of use thereof
Cassava vein mosaic virus promoters nucleic acid sequences and expression vectors
P450 polynucleotides, polypeptides, and uses thereof
Control of fruit dehiscence in Arabidopsis by indehiscenti genes
Root-specific, stimulant inducible promoter and its use
Genes and uses thereof to modulate secondary metabolite biosynthesis
Thermal interconnect and interface systems, methods of production and uses thereof
Methods, systems and apparatus for measuring average received optical power
Monitoring system and method
Organic electronic device
Supplemental referencing techniques in borehole surveying
Assembly comprised of a panel-like constructed module and of a connection unit, production method an...
Hearing aid with large diaphragm microphone element including a printed circuit board
Remote sensing electric field exploration system
Method and arrangement for registering and verifying fingerprint information
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer readable recording medium recordin...
Electrochromic organic polymer synthesis and devices utilizing electrochromic organic polymers
Artificial retina device with stimulating and ground return electrodes disposed on opposite sides of...
Time-based initialization defaults for an electronic information retrieval device
Wireless UWB-based space-time sensor networks communications
Semiconductor storage device
Multiple engine test system
Direct-write laser transfer and processing
Chromate-free method for surface etching of aluminum and aluminum alloys
High voltage, high temperature wire
Laser-gated and pumped multi-layer semiconductor power switch with reduced forward losses
Spectroscopy system for the detection of chemicals
Polarized optical part using high impact polyurethane-based material
Polarization recovery system for projection displays
Security element comprising macrostructures
Diffuser plate and method of making same
Method of producing a package from a sheet having lenticular lens in pre-selected areas
Image capturing device
Image display apparatus
Three-panel color management systems and methods
Color-corrected projection lenses for use with pixelized panels
Zoom lens, and electronic imaging system using the same
Variable focal length lens, photographing lens unit, camera, and portable information terminal devic...
Collimator optical system and optical information storage device
Lens unit for multibeam scanning device
Adjustable convergence device for a projector and projector equipped with such a convergence device
Tomographic microscope for high resolution imaging and method of analyzing specimens
Independently variable first and second order polarization mode dispersion compensator
Low loss optical switching system
Information processing apparatus and control method therefor
Communication control method, communication system, print control apparatus, printing apparatus, hos...
Halting execution of duplexed commands
Targeted optimization of buffer-tree logic
Integrated project tracking tool for integrated development environment
Form skin and design time WYSIWYG for .net compact framework
Error estimation and tracking tool for testing of code
Method, apparatus and computer program product for implementing enhanced compiled breakpoint analysi...
Systems and methods for varying software build properties using primary and supplemental build files
Explicitly defining user interface through class definition
Administration of kernel extensions
Adaptive class loading
System and method for configuring computer for operation
Input management system and method
Extensible device synchronization architecture and user interface
Systems and methods for interfacing with codecs across an architecture optimized for audio
Determining program boundaries through viewing behavior
Techniques for automatically detecting protocols in a computer network
Virtual distributed security system
Systems and methods for recovering passwords and password-protected data
Single sign-on (SSO) for non-SSO-compliant applications
Physical encryption key system
Method and apparatus for graphical presentation of firewall security policy
Enabling network devices within a virtual network to communicate while the network's communications ...
Synchronization of plural databases in a database replication system
Real time data transmission systems and methods
Ultra-high pressure discharge lamp
Semiconductor device using semiconductor chip
Method of fabrication of an FeRAM capacitor and an FeRAM capacitor formed by the method
Solid polymer type fuel battery
Top cover for a material handling vehicle
Ventilation interface for sleep apnea therapy
System for adaptively identifying data for storage
Composition and method for treatment and prevention of pruritis
Dynamic power equalizer
Optical sensor and method for measuring concentration of a chemical constituent using its intrinsic ...
Method for forming openings in low-k dielectric layers
System and method for creating a virtual media channel
Rabbiteye blueberry plant named 'Alapaha'
Apparatus and method for configuration of an electronic device using a scanned configuration sheet
Credit management for electronic brokerage system
Method and apparatus for providing network dependent application services
Fluorescent proteins
Kavalactone product
Device for fastening elongate objects onto a flat support
High-frequency switch circuit, high-frequency switch module and wireless communication device
Efficient method for multiplication over galois fields
Closed loop processing system for waste and crops
Ganglioside-KLH conjugate vaccine plus QS-21
Di-, tri-, and tetra-peptides having antiangiogenic activity
Information recording medium on which sector data generated from ECC block is recorded, information ...
Treatment of epilepsy by brain stimulation
Developing apparatus including agitating member
Multi-lamp drive device
7-pyrrolyl tetracycline compounds and methods of use thereof
Method of induction of apoptosis and inhibition of matrix metalloproteinases using antimicrobial met...
Electroluminescent devices fabricated with encapsulated light emitting polymer particles
Process for the preparation of metal-containing nanostructured films
Nucleic acid sequence identification
Electrode manufacturing method
Ultra-fast nucleic acid sequencing device and a method for making and using the same
Method for fabricating n-type carbon nanotube device
Inhibitors of RNase P proteins as antibacterial compounds
Thin-layer-covered golf ball with improved velocity
Targeted delivery of bioaffecting compounds for the treatment of cancer
Catalysis by water-soluble organometallic complexes in water-in-densified fluid microemulsions
Thin specimen producing method and apparatus
Electrophoretic particles, and processes for the production thereof
Method and apparatus for operating a gaming device to dispense a specified amount
Method and system for tessellating a polygon
Grammar-based automatic data completion and suggestion for user input
Method and apparatus for rendering a quadrangle primitive
Method of noise reduction using correction and scaling vectors with partitioning of the acoustic spa...
Method and system for creating an embedded search link document
System and method for incorporating smart tags in online content
System and method for defining, refining, and personalizing communications policies in a notificatio...
Delayed uploading of user registration data
Session load balancing and use of VIP as source address for inter-cluster traffic through the use of...
Handwriting recognition with mixtures of Bayesian networks
Relative range camera calibration
Method and apparatus for improved grammar checking using a stochastic parser
Statistically driven sentence realizing method and apparatus
Using multiple detection algorithms in positioning signal processing
GPS receiver using software correlation for acquisition and hardware correlation for tracking
Signal detector employing correlation analysis of non-uniform and disjoint sample segments
Short-range wireless transmitter registration for a mobile user of a communications system
Method, apparatus, and system for monitoring amount of liquid poured from liquid containers
Method and apparatus for providing partitioned telecommunication services
Bandwidth boost using a wireless communication path
Dedicated high priority access channel
Method and apparatus for using multi-dimensional trellis codes over multi-path channels
Short message system, especially prepaid message system
System and method for a messaging gateway
Coupled uplink/downlink power control and spatial processing with adaptive antenna arrays
Method of selecting base station, and mobile station, base station, and recording medium recording p...
Method for enhancing mobility in a wireless mesh network
Wireless communication method, base station, and receiving terminal
Wireless mobile station with visible RF power disable indicator
Apparatus, method and program to optimize battery life in a wireless device
Timely organized ad hoc network and protocol for timely organized ad hoc network
Method and system for communicating information and controlling equipment according to a standard pr...
Two-way backlight assembly and two-way liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Front light having a plurality of prism-shaped lenses
Illumination apparatus with housing frame including cut-out portion for FPC
Structure of multi-directions socket for christmas lights
Endoscope apparatus
Acrylic resin formulations curable to clear, heat-resistant bodies
Remote lamp status display via fiber optic system
Parking violation surveillance system
Light guidance system for guiding an aircraft service vehicle to a parking position adjacent to an a...
Luminance and chromaticity control of an LCD backlight
Drive controller and control method
Setting module for the illumination of an optical instrument
Polarization conversion system
Expanding the scope of coverage of wireless cellular telephone systems into regions beyond the cellu...
Device and method for determining the position of a working part
Off-road trail recording method and apparatus for navigation system
Aqueous vertical sampler
Optical multiplexer and demultiplexer
Method and apparatus for automated generation of a patient treatment plan
Compact floribunda rose plant named 'POULac005'
Argyranthemum plant named 'OHAR01245'
Grapevine denominated 'Autumn King'
Calibrachoa plant named 'Sunbel-labu'
Hibiscus plant named 'Maple Sugar'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Jeanny Orange'
Variegated Illicium
Apple tree named 'Fugachee Fuji'
Nephrolepis plant named 'VP004'
Prunus rootstock named 'AP-1'
Aster plant named 'Esmguatamala'
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Visinfsal'
Shrub rose plant named 'NOA250092'
Cortaderia plant named 'SPLENDID STAR'
Azalea plant named 'Roblel'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Bold Yogretchen'
Thuja plant named 'Walter Brown'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Sunny Yoursula'
Composite nanospheres and their conjugates with biomolecules
Protein having PDZ domain sequence
Process for manufacture of grated cheese and uses thereof
System for extruding, cutting in strands, freezing, and chopping a ground food product and method th...
Dry food pasteurization apparatus and method
Method for preventing wheat from mycotoxin contamination
Use of an acaricidal powder
Method and apparatus for forming a ready-to bake, endless dough ring and method for the manufacture ...
Non-carbohydrate foaming compositions and methods of making the same
Non-protein foaming compositions and methods of making the same
Bakeable icing
Aqueous solutions containing beta-glucan and gums
Prodigy pizza-John Endicott's original low-carb pizza
Foaming soluble coffee powder containing pressurized gas
Composition comprising hemp and method for making
Device for ozone treatment of plant materials
Methods and apparatuses for producing alternatively shaped confectionary products
High Gloss Film Coating and Stable Solution Therefor
Method for preparing emulsions
Shirred casing
Calcium channel inhibitor
Novel "green" materials from soy meal and natural rubber blends
Ultraviolet light (UV) absorbing compounds and compositions containing UV absorbing compounds
Hand-held remote personal communicator & controller
Calendar desktop graphical user interface (GUI) for computer workstations, personal computers, and p...
Policy management for distributed computing and a method for aging statistics
Dynamic interface aggregation on demand
Hardware implementation of an application-level watchdog timer
Hierarchical connected graph model for implementation of event management design
Method of achieving timing closure in digital integrated circuits by optimizing individual macros
Topology based wire shielding generation
Plasma-assisted disinfection of milking machines
Measurement and monitoring system of daily stock and plant
Disposable adhesive slippers
Apparatus for tightening top of foot in leisure sports boot fixing heel to sole
Boot for a skate
Side entry footwear and methods of making
Methods and systems of interior window framing
Interior wall and partition construction
Chemically bonded ceramic material
Inorganic matrix composite reinforced by ionically crosslinked polymer
Plastic bag for fine powders
Ink jet ink and recording material
Silicone rubber composition containing mineral fibers
Antimicrobial drywall
Oil-in-water emulsions of aminosiloxanes
Antifoam compositions containing fatty and rosin acids or derivatives thereof
Fluid loss concentrate for hydraulic cement
Ablative blast resistant security door panel
Casting mold and method for manufacturing the same
Evaporative scent burner provided with a gypsum evaporative base
Rooftop vent for reducing pressure under a membrane roof
Clinker and white portland cement with a high sulfur content derived from a high sulfur content pet-...
Slurry monitoring system
Electro-rheological composition
Surface-active photoinitiators
Genes encoding wheat starch synthases and uses thereof
Blends of crystalline and amorphous compounds which can be activated by actinic radiation, method fo...
Polyurethane and polyurethane-based mixed graft polymers and their use for producing coating materia...
System and method for scaleable multiplexed transactional log recovery
Method and apparatus for using ternary and binary content-addressable memory stages to classify pack...
Discharge lamp with specific amounts of halogen, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon
Solid state disk on module with high speed data transmission
Method of forming and using a hardmask for forming ferroelectric capacitors in a semiconductor devic...
Inflatable resuscitation face mask
System and method for multiple pass cooperative processing
Method for treating ischemia
Real-time monitoring and mapping of ablation lesion formation in the heart
Multiple-stage filtering device and method
Reception AGC circuit
Method and apparatus for improved high-speed adaptive equalization
Card for testing functions of card interface
System and method for providing network coordinated conversational services
Method and system for accepting non-toxic mail that has an indication of the mailer on the mail
Methods and systems for defining targeted marketing campaigns using embedded models and historical d...
Certification method for manufacturing process
Methods and systems for efficiently sampling portfolios for optimal underwriting
Methods and apparatus for submitting information to an automated lending system
Multivariate responses using classification and regression trees systems and methods
Methods and systems for a collections model for loans
System, method and computer program product for improved efficiency in network assessment utilizing ...
High speed serial interface
System and method for accessing readers and other I/O devices by programs
Pipeline configuration unit protocols and communication
Managing processing associated with coupling facility Structures
Collection makefile generator
Apparatus and method for imaging
Hydrogen plasma photoresist strip and polymeric residue cleanup process for oxygen-sensitive materia...
Clematis plant named 'Evipo018'
Pyrazole compounds as anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents
Apparatus and method for indicating the status of transaction function devices in an automated banki...
Non-invasive substance concentration measurement using and optical bridge
Cigar holder
Combined camera and cradle
Analyte sensor method of making the same
Hybrid stream cipher
Combination radio frequency identification transponder (RFID tag) and magnetic electronic article su...
Biodegradable polycation composition for delivery of an anionic macromolecule
Bearing seal
Electroluminescent devices comprising diketopyrrolopyrroles
Oral care devices
Hydrogel with controllable mechanical, chemical, and biological properties and method for making sam...
Process for cooling a product in a heat exchanger employing microchannels
Two component development apparatus and process cartridge
Method for using facial expression to determine affective information in an imaging system
Electronic ballast for a discharge lamp
Method and system for converting a schema-based hierarchical data structure into a flat data structu...
Methods for treating inflammation with 2F1 antibody
Production of adenine nucleotide translocator (ANT), novel ANT ligands and screening assays therefor
Methods and compositions for screening for modulations of IgE synthesis, secretion and switch rearra...
Compositions and methods for delivery of genetic material
Murine and human kinases
DNA sequences comprising dystrophin minigenes and methods of use thereof
Targeted modification of chromatin structure
Eglin c based drugs for treatment of disease
Pharmaceutical materials and methods for their preparation and use
Azabicyclic compounds for the treatment of disease
HIV-integrase inhibitors, pharmaceutical compositions, and methods for their use
Radiologically trackable surgical sponges
Shock resistant, high reliability rotating magnetic storage device
Detection of recorded data employing interpolation with gain compensation
Disk drive having reduced variation of disk surface lubricant layer thickness
Head control method and recording apparatus
Methods for setting end-of-seek criteria for rotatable storage media
Method and apparatus for sensing position of a tape head in a tape drive
Disk storage apparatus for audio visual data and retry method employed therein upon occurrence of se...
Gripper mechanism for tape cartridges
Media enclosures dampening desk vibration in single disk storage devices
Recirculating filter for a data storage device
Head for perpendicular magnetic recording with a shield structure connected to the return pole piece
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same
Tape drive head with lower core layer side inclined at angle equal to or greater than azimuth angle ...
Magnetic head having an Fe-Ni-X layer
Thermal pole-tip recession/slide shape variation reduction
Suspension design for elevated slider attachment
Current-perpendicular-to-the-plane structure magnetoresistive element having the free and/or pinned ...
Magnetic sensing element biased by two antiferromagnetic layers above free magnetic layer and two ha...
Image recording apparatus and method and recording sheet for use therewith
3-arylindole derivatives and their use as CB2 receptor agonists
Interleukin converting enzyme inhibitors
Guanidine derivatives quinazoline and quinoline for use in the treatment of autoimmune diseases
Arylpiperazines having activity at the serotonin 1A receptor
Formate salt of O-desmethyl-venlafaxine
Multiple view endoscopes
Anti-airway obstruction strap
Nutritional composition for weight management
Glucose transporter/sensor protein and uses thereof
Human uncoupling protein 3
Methods and compositions for the differentiation of human preadipocytes into adipocytes
59079 and 12599, protein kinase family members and uses therefor
System and method for representing and managing pages in a production printing workflow
Method and system for display of electronic mail
Specification of the hierarchy, connectivity, and graphical representation of a circuit design
User interface for a networked-based mask defect printability analysis system
Suite of metrics for software quality assurance and product development
System and method for remotely updating software applications
Method and apparatus for class intialization barriers and access to class variables in multitasking ...
Logically partitioned processing system having hypervisor for creating a new translation table in re...
Multidimensional advanced adaptive software architecture
System and method for object persistence life-cycle and object caching integration
Exception handling in java computing environments
Optimized COBRA software method invocation
Partial oxidation of alcohols
Essentially insoluble heavy metal sulfide slurry for wastewater treatment
Purification of ammonia by distillation
Chemical process and composition
Polymer formulation for removing hydrogen and liquid water from an enclosed space
Method of making barium titanate
CO-free hydrogen from decomposition of methane
Water vapor transport power generator
Low oxygen cubic boron nitride and its production
Family of discretely sized silicon nanoparticles and method for producing the same
Method for producing highly purified, granular silicium
Emulsions including surface-modified organic molecules
Method for producing nanocarbon materials
Micronized barium sulfate
Joint spacer with compartment for orthobiologic material
Pharmacophore recombination for the identification of small molecule drug lead compounds
Medical implant processing chamber
Methods for ligand discovery
Screen for selective inhibitors or activators of Smad protein function
Apparatus and method for allocating call resources during a conference call
System and method for conference call line drop recovery
Shoe outsole
Training shoe, in particular ski-shoe
Apparatus for ground support
Precast concrete retaining wall
Landscape/erosion control product
Geogrid or mesh structure
Apparatus and method for installation of pipe liner
Interlocking paver/tile
Method of in situ blending of soil to reduce concentration of toxic residue in the soil
Installation of service connections for sensors or transmitters in buried water pipes
Air cylinder fastening device
Biocatalytic synthesis of quinic acid and conversion to hydroquinone
Herbicide tolerant Brassica juncea and method of production
Thioredoxin H homologs
Soybean transformation method
Enzymatic template polymerization
Proteins, their production and use
Nucleic acids encoding a chimeric glycosyltransferase
Tumor associated nucleic acids and uses therefor
Nucleic acid encoding α chain of human IL-11 receptor
Enzymes involved in petroselinic acid biosynthesis
Biomolecule and/or cellular arrays on metal surfaces
Soybean variety 94M41
Analytical detection of Staphylococcus aureus
Soybean cultivar 0509254
Inbred corn line BT751-31
Inbred corn line A60059
Video poker dice game
Gaming machine and server therefor
Peripheral devices for a video game system
Fold flat jogging strollers and cargo carriers including pivoting wheel axles and folding support fr...
Fishing lure
Multi-channel audio distribution for aircraft passenger entertainment and information systems
Method and device for equalizing and decoding a data signal
Radio transmitter, radio receiver, and multilevel modulation communication system
Adaptive interference cancellation for ADSL
Method and device for determining sideband ratio of superconduction mixer using comb generator
Measurement reporting in a telecommunication system
Fixed wireless network extender
Mechanism for point-to-multipoint communication
Method of signaling compressed mode parameters to a mobile station
Wireless base station and packet transfer apparatus for dynamically controlling data transmission ra...
System for the common operation of digital radio devices adjustable according to different waveforms
Radio system, antenna arrangement and polarization modulator for generating a transmit signal with c...
Method and system for decreasing power-on time for software-defined radios
Intravenous cardiac pacing system with wireless power supply
Electronic apparatus having radio transmitter
Direct conversion receiver having a gain-setting dependent filter parameter
Radio apparatus with adjustable reception quality
Temperature compensating circuit, electronic apparatus and radio unit having temperature compensatin...
Voice control of multimedia content
Chassis for an electrical stringed musical instrument
Musical instrument stand
Wrist position training assembly
Method for making electronic tones close to acoustic tones, recording system for the acoustic tones,...
Balancing MIDI instrument volume levels
Method and apparatus for scalable disambiguated coherence in shared storage hierarchies
System and method for creating logical pairs of storage devices in a multiprocessor environment
Generalized active inheritance consistency mechanism having linked writes
Memory control circuit
Disk array device with utilization of a dual-bus architecture dependent on data length of cache acce...
Memory bus interface for use in a peripheral device
Memory controller with power management logic
Power-aware adaptation in an information server
System and method for controlling access to storage in a distributed information handling system
Burst counter controller and method in a memory device operable in a 2-bit prefetch mode
Execution time dependent command schedule optimization
Use of a storage medium as a communications network for liveness determination in a high-availabilit...
Efficiency in a memory management system
Method, apparatus and computer program product for dynamically minimizing translation lookaside buff...
Method for prioritizing operations within a pipelined microprocessor based upon required results
Disk drive employing a disk with a pristine area for storing encrypted data accessible only by trust...
Method, system, and program for improved device blocking and suspension
Method and an apparatus to extend the logic volume manager model to allow device management plug-ins
Communication network specific charging method and communication network specific charging apparatus
IEEE 1394-based protocol repeater
Communication system transmitting encoded signal using block lengths with multiple integral relation...
Image processing apparatus
Data editing apparatus, data editing method and data recording/reproducing apparatus for re-editing ...
Portable communication terminal, communication method of the portable communication terminal, progra...
Display system of a mobile terminal apparatus, a display control program for such display system, an...
Audio signal processors
Method of and apparatus for cancelling a pending AV/C notify command
Signal recording medium, content signal generation apparatus, content signal reproduction method, an...
Information processing device and information processing method
Decoding apparatus, decoding method, data-receiving apparatus and data-receiving method
Recording medium driving device
Recording medium driving device
Disc cartridge
Broadcast-program selection history information acquisition apparatus and its method
Return link design for PSD limited mobile satellite communication systems
Mobile radio communication system for downlink transmission and method for transmitting a signal acr...
Radio frequency integrated circuit electo-static discharge circuit
Determination and processing for fractional-N programming values
Method of system for testing a wireless device
Method for operating terminals of a mobile radio communication system
Access point apparatus, radio communication system and connection method
Radio communication system
Method for operating a radio system, emitting station and radio system
Data protection for position-dependent services
Cellular radio telecommunications terminal, a system, a method, a computer program and a user interf...
Method and system for group call service
Apparatus and method for making measurements in mobile telecommunications system user equipment
Radio frequency-controlled telecommunication device
Radio node apparatus, multi-hop radio system, and multi-hop radio system constructing method
Symbol estimation-based decorrelator for directing beams and nulls to remote users in a wireless com...
Polycationic compounds and uses thereof
Injectable bone-replacement mixture
System and method for integrating environmental sensors and asynchronous ubication repeaters forming...
Providing personal skating music on demand at skating rinks
Devices and methods for programming microcontrollers
Roof-top air-conditioning system for a vehicle, particularly a bus
System and method for a reserved memory area shared by all redundant storage controllers
Locking mechanism override and disable for personal computer ROM access protection
Jewelry with battery-illuminated medallion
Flexible thermally insulative and waterproof barrier
Filter trimming
Ferroelectric capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
System and method for wireless transactions
Electrically controllable device having variable optical and/or energy properties
Smart agent based on habit, statistical inference and psycho-demographic profiling
Breathing gas humidifier system for a patient
Installation for filling aerosol receptacles
Interspecific Impatiens plant named 'Balfafblus'
Methods for characterizing subsurface volatile contaminants using in-situ sensors
Electrochemical analyte sensor
Power supply methods and configurations
Secure personal identification number entry in a distributed network
Miniature rose plant named 'KORnilsca'
Image input apparatus using projected light
Ultra-thin backlight
Optically based machine input control device
Optical see-through augmented reality modified-scale display
System and method for generating adaptively sampled distance fields with bounded distance trees
Method and system for converting engineering data into 3D modeling data
System and method for rapidly tracking multiple faces
Self-decrypting web site pages
Electronic piano
System and method for re-directing requests from browsers for communication over non-IP based networ...
Electric heater for thermal treatment furnace
Modification of plant fibers
Control handle for a material handling vehicle
Matrix composition for human grafts/implants
Spatially-heterodyned holography
Scanning optical microscope
Device for generating line-shaped light beam and laser microscope
Light receiving amplification element
Method of recording data in optical recording medium and an apparatus for recording data in optical ...
Optical pickup reproducing apparatus having reading compatibility among recording media with respect...
Information recording medium and method for producing the same, and method for recording/reproducing...
Medical laser apparatus
Fiber-coupled microsphere Raman laser
Method and apparatus for providing multiple independently controllable beams from a single laser out...
Pulsed multiple color laser system
Simplified laser oscillator-amplifier system
Green diode laser
System and method for using an output transformer for packaged laser diode drivers
Semiconductor laser light emitting device
Semiconductor laser device
Multi-group multi-wavelength laser matrix
Discharge laser with porous insulating layer covering anode discharge surface
Distributed feedback semiconductor laser device
Image recording device and an image recording system
Apparatus for correcting for the effects of laser noise
Method of making an environmentally safe substitute for lead shot
Sealed multilateral junction system
Dense, layered membranes for hydrogen separation
Charged filtration membranes and uses therefor
Nanotube/matrix composites and methods of production and use
Dental composite restorative material and method of restoring a tooth
Absorbent article having a fever indicator
Multilayer wiring board
Junction-isolated depletion mode ferroelectric memory devices
Light-emitting device having light-emissive particles partially coated with intensity-enhancement ma...
Device for the continuous cabling and setting of yarns followed by additional heat treatment
Single or multi-layer printed circuit board with recessed or extended breakaway tabs and method of m...
Open-end spinning rotor
Double-apron drafting unit for spinning machines
Catalysts for low-cure powder coatings and methods for using the same
Process for fabricating circuit assemblies using electrodepositable dielectric coating compositions
Alkyd-based free radical wood coating compositions
Coating compositions containing polyurethane dispersions and highly crosslinked polymer particles
Industrial truck
Output power split hybrid electric drive system
Power output apparatus and hybrid vehicle with power output apparatus mounted thereon
Air intake for motor vehicles
Front hood assembly
Optical object detection apparatus designed to monitor front and lateral zones of vehicle
Operating device for a cruise control system of an automobile vehicle
Cruise control system
Skid steer vehicle with bogie suspension
Airbag device for pedestrian protection
Engine positioning structure for an automobile
Direct drive assembly and go-kart containing same
Method for attaching a carrier to a balancing transporter
Construction machine
Method and apparatus for cooling a hybrid transmission electric motor
Wiring connection module for hybrid electro-mechanical transmission
Seat belt status monitoring system
Integral joystick display for a powder driven wheelchair
System and method for characterizing vehicle body to road angle for vehicle roll stability control
Method for mixing and introduction of inulin
Substance for lowering high cholesterol level in serum and methods for preparing and using the same
Solid phase synthesis of salts of organic acids including butyric acid
Automated grill
Vertical rotisserie basting oven
Food container
Animal protein-containing food products having improved moisture retention and method of preparing
Low temperature sanitization of human pathogens from the surfaces of food and food packaging
Anti-listeria compositions for use in food products
Stabilization of cooked and fully hydrated potato compositions
Process for suppressing the foaming of an aqueous system
Process for improving smoky color of an encased food product
Method for manufacturing feed pellets and a plant for use in the implementation of the method
Cooking machine
Use of glycosides extracted from hop plant parts to flavor malt beverages
Artificial testing soil and method of testing
Blood flow improvers and thrombosis preventives or remedies
High amylose wheat starch and wheat containing the same
Canola protein isolate functionality II
System and method for confirming electronic transactions
Service activation by virtual prepaid card
Method and apparatus for developing and checking technical configurations of a product
Secure authentication of users via intermediate parties
Electronic shipment planner
Method and system for creating and displaying images including pop-up images on a visual display
Television commerce payments
Secure routable file upload/download across the internet
Preprocessor system and method for rejection of duplicate invoices
Webcam mount for flexible positioning
Camera stabilizer
Method and apparatus for stabilizing payloads, including airborne cameras
Method and system for processing of photographic materials
Developing method, substrate treating method, and substrate treating apparatus
Slip ring unit with a printed circuit board
Image pickup apparatus with precise exposure value, exposure decision method, program, and storage m...
Hybrid digital photofinishing system
Camera, lens apparatus, and camera system
Lens control system and focus information display apparatus
Automatic focusing device and method of controlling the same
Artificial intervertebral disc device
Methods for controlling peptide solubility, chemically modified peptides, and stable solvent systems...
Chemokine β-7 variants
Oxazolidinone combinatorial libraries, compositions and methods of preparation
Method and apparatus for correlation of events in a distributed multi-system computing environment
Image display device
Digital camera with cradle
Method of detaching and re-attaching components of a computing process
Process for achieving décor on surface elements
Data encryption methodology
Integrated closed loop system for industrial water purification
Circuit configuration for fan regulation
Computer-based pre-execution analysis and verification utility for shell scripts
Process for removing phosphorus from wastewater utilizing a triple basin wastewater treatment system
Porous drug delivery system
Microwave oven
Analyte monitoring devices and methods of use
Zinc/air cell
Apparatus for storing
Display comprising touch panel
Package location system
Separator for fuel cell and method for producing the same
Catalyst composition and methods for its preparation and use in a polymerization process
Constraint data management for electronic design automation
Method of encoding an audio signal using a quality value for bit allocation
Image forming method having transfer temperature difference and apparatus for the same
System and method for diagnosing pathologic heart conditions
Lamp driver system with improved redundancy
Method and apparatus for minimizing weighted networks with link and node labels
Process for the preparation of citalopram
Method of forming a composite bone material implant
Method for etching at least one ion track to a pore in a membrane and electrolyte cell for preparing...
Method of forming a nanocomposite coating
Elastomeric composition and process for producing glove having interpenetrating network structure
Diffusion barrier for improving the thermal stability of MRAM devices
Method and means for reading the status of and controlling irrigation components
Algorithm for selecting audio content
Methods and apparatus for establishing collaboration using browser state information
Follow-up notification of availability of requested application service and bandwidth between client...
Method and system for automatic configuration of IDE bus devices
Tracking a non-posted writes in a system using a storage location to store a write response indicato...
Searching small entities in a wide CAM
Buffered transfer of data blocks between memory and processors independent of the order of allocatio...
Method and apparatus for self-diagnostics of a vision system
Gas jet control for inertial measurement unit
Distribution of deployment information for remote applications
Electronic battery tester with network communication
Method of interleaving/deinterleaving in a communication system
Spatial asset management system and method
User identification and password field determination
Method for interactive browsing and visualization of documents in real space and time
Method and apparatus for controlling rippling during optical proximity correction
Method and device for simulating detonating projectiles
Diagnostically and audibly responsive computer learning memory game and system provided therefor
Terminal apparatus, information service center, transmitting system, and transmitting method
Method for superimposing pictures
Video signal contour corrector
System and method for detecting picture freeze within a video signal
Automatic gain control
Dual digital television tuner
Apparatus for mounting a screen in a projection television
Webcam-based interface for initiating two-way video communication
Image processing apparatus
Modular integral magnifier
Single-focus lens for electronic still cameras
Zero drift analog memory cell, array and method of operation
Systems and methods for encoding redundant motion vectors in compressed video bitstreams
Video coding methods and apparatuses
Image extraction from complex scenes in digital video
Plan-view projections of depth image data for object tracking
Method of encoding data in a monochrome media
Image compression and decompression based on an integer wavelet transform using a lifting scheme and...
Image processing technique for images projected by projector
Mobile phone with camera
Remote control for providing interactive DVD navigation based on user response
Flowable cottonseed and method for its preparation
Method and plant for solvent-free microwave extraction of natural products
Purification of red blood cells by separation and diafiltration
Recombinant DNA, plasmid, transformed microorganism and vaccine protein for prevention and therapy o...
Bacillus species NRRL B-30212 for reducing Fusarium head blight in cereals
Microorganism strain of GM-020 of Lactobacillus rhamnosus and its use for treating obesity
Microbial biodegradation of phosphonates
Compositions comprising tissue specific adenoviral vectors
Method for in vitro propagation of the agent responsible for transmissible spongiform encephalopathi...
Method of collection of fragrance ingredient, perfume composition containing this fragrance ingredie...
Anthelmintic oral homogeneous veterinary pastes
Inclusion complex of Rifampicin, an anti-tubercular drug, with β-cyclodextrin or 2-hydroxyprop...
Peptide-containing α-ketoamide cysteine and serine protease inhibitors
Polyhydric alcohol-modified silicone and cosmetic material containing same
Antibodies to secreted protein HEMCM42
Methods for introducing mannose 6-phosphate and other oligosaccharides onto glycoproteins
Synthetic human papillomavirus genes
Abundant extracellular products and methods for their production and use
Vessel delineation in magnetic resonance angiographic images
System and method for enhancing microscope images of tissue using citric acid and agents of the like
Toy storage curtain with toy pouches
Cyanoadhesive composition for toy articles
Frictionally reduced hull
Mast extender for a sailboat
Sealing device and method for sealing between a chain and a chain pipe
Hatch assembly with seat and storage bin
Modular floating swim platforms
Modularized underwater motive device
Unmanned underwater vehicle docking station coupling system and method
Mast device for a submarine
Pneumatic boat arranged for the loading/unloading and transportation of floating loads
Mat supported offshore structure
Personal watercraft air intake assembly
Marine riser system
Dynamic fin system for watercraft
Marine oil and gas exploration system using telluric currents as a natural electromagnatic energy so...
Pick-and-place tool
Split collar for mechanical arm connection
Robot arm mechanism
Toolholder for coupling a tool to a handling device
Graphic display apparatus for robot system
Intake apparatus
Noise reducing fluid transfer hose, in particular for a motor vehicle power steering controlled syst...
Five-layer sound absorbing pad: improved acoustical absorber
Wall mounted speaker enclosure
Private dialing plan for voice on a packet-based network
System and method for downloading portions of a remotely located network object to produce a complet...
Apparatus and method for domain name resolution
System and method for improved load balancing and high availability in a data processing system havi...
System and method for dynamically determining CRL locations and access methods
Apparatus and method for adaptive, multimode decoding
Remote accessible programming
System for providing video-on-demand services in wireless network environment and method therefor
Communication interface device for managing wireless data transmission between a vehicle and the int...
Network system having multiple subnets for a mobile platform
Devices, softwares and methods for handing off live calls between legs of CSV and VOX modalities
Method and system for handwritten electronic messaging
GUMP: grand unified meta-protocol for simple standards-based electronic commerce transactions
Ticket auction
Retail point of sale (RPOS) apparatus for internet merchandising
Web-based system and method for archiving and searching participant-based internet text sources for ...
Modulated power supply
Switching power supply circuit capable of reducing switching loss and control method used therein
Switching power supply control circuit and switching power supply using same
Clocked cascading current-mode regulator with high noise immunity and arbitrary phase count
Method of modulating current regulation control loop's current magnitude from a second control signa...
Digital control apparatus for a switching DC-DC converter
Switching power converter method
Voltage regulator using two operational amplifiers in current consumption
Switching regulator
Modular power supply system including a power status signal generator to perform fast sag detection ...
Source and sink voltage regulator
Process and device for compensating the low frequency magnetic field in an inductive signal coupling...
Frequency converter
Voltage buffer for capacitive loads
Split screen GPS and electronic tachograph
Assembling structure of electronic apparatus and assembling method thereof
DC-to-DC converter with improved transient response
Photovoltaic powered charging apparatus for implanted rechargeable batteries
Electronic battery tester with relative test output
Battery management system and apparatus
System and method for storing a charging algorithm and charging methodology associated with a batter...
Film packing for a pasty substance
Addition cross-linking, two-component silicone material with high shore hardness and high modulus of...
Device for discharging a pasty two-component mixture
Capsule for mixing and applying dental cement
Device for mixing two pasty materials, especially for mixing a dental impression material with a cat...
Device for mixing two pasty substances, particularly for mixing a dental impression substance with c...
Relining for prostheses and process the manufacturing thereof
Film packaging for a pasty-like substance
Device for mixing two paste-like compounds, in particular for mixing a dental-molding compound with ...
Relining for prostheses and process for the manufacturing thereof
Dual container assembly
Device for dispensing one- and multi-component compounds and valve arrangement for this purpose
Cationic liposomes for gene transfer
Rare earth aluminates and gallates supported rhodium catalysts for catalytic partial oxidation of hy...
Boatlift and movable canopy assembly
Combined razor handle and cradle
Coordination-centric framework for software design in a distributed environment
Food supplement and use thereof for elevating levels of essential fatty acids in livestock and produ...
Methods and apparatus for managing probe requests
Computer system architecture and memory controller for close-coupling within a hybrid processing sys...
Modular component for a multimedia storage tray
Method and system for the presentation of multimedia contents in elevator installations
Multi-function electrical connector
Wireless mobile network with an adaptive locally linked mobile network for locally routing multimedi...
Automatic voicemail announcements with multimedia attachments
Multimedia data transfer system between computers associated with terminals
Method and apparatus for organizing and scheduling multimedia data transfers over a wireless channel
Sensing phone apparatus and method
Multimedia searching method using histogram
Computer network having context sensitive and interactive multimedia applications and controls, form...
Multicasting transmission of multimedia information
Method of trimming bore liners
Hydraulic spool valve for use in a hydraulic vehicle drive
Use of substituted biaromatic β-diketone as stabilizing agent of halogenated polymers and resu...
Method and apparatus for using a display associated with a dental kiln
Pt complexes as phosphorescent emitters in the fabrication of organic light emitting diodes
Composite fiber-resin tube with diametral fiber truss and method of manufacture
Diketopyrrolopyrrole pigments
Design support apparatus, design support method, and program
Multilayer polymer gradient index (GRIN) lenses
Dosing system
Rotary cutting apparatus
Sulfonate and a resist composition
Distal protection mechanically attached filter cartridge
Display device and electronic apparatus including the same
Variable compensation circuit for capacitive adapters
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge
Conjugates comprising two active agents
Method, system, and program for use in displaying expression phenomenon in living matters
Liquid crystal display device having electromagnetic sensor
Method for enhancing pointer analyses
Fused cyclic modulators of nuclear hormone receptor function
Indicators for early detection of potential failures due to water exposure of polymer-clad fiberglas...
Providing pipe line ADC with acceptable bit error and power efficiency combination
Digital isolation system with ADC offset calibration
Personal cooling or warming system using closed loop fluid flow
Heatsink device
Method and apparatus for efficient vertical fluid delivery for cooling a heat producing device
Cooling system for vehicle
Heat transport device and electronic device
Heat dissipating device
Supply air terminal device
Fluid connectors for heat exchangers
Heat exchanger for a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for cooling with coolant at a subambient pressure
Apparatus for brazing a heat exchanger
Low noise heatsink
Computer component mounting system
Noise-reducing blower structure
External liquid loop heat exchanger for an electronic system
Integrated power and cooling architecture
Method of cooling semiconductor die using microchannel thermosyphon
Cooling device, electronic apparatus, display unit, and method of producing cooling device
Electronic product with heat radiating plate
Heat dissipating apparatus
Controlling cooling air intake for air cooled equipment
Screening device
Sizer for forming shaped polymeric articles and method of sizing polymeric articles
Apparatus and methods for managing molds and forming transverse corrugations and other shapes in ext...
Apparatus for producing multi-component liquid filaments
Process aid for melt processable polymers
Optical system production system
Footwear upper
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole insert
Footwear cleat with inward traction elements
Footwear cleat with blade-like traction elements and studs
Footwear cleat with studded traction elements
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Transit boarding platform panel
Footwear with a sole structure incorporating a lobed fluid-filled chamber
Method and apparatus for removable shoe weights
Tandem-wheeled riding device
Video game device, video game method, video game program, and video game system
Acetoacetylated polyvinyl polymers and curable coating compositions made therefrom
Polyamide and composition and article including same
Integrated man-portable wearable antenna system
Diverter valve with multiple valve seat rings
Cross section for a supersonic airplane
Ice detection assembly installed on an aircraft
Circular parachute
Projectile steering by plasma discharge
Aircraft cargo loading logistics system using machine readable identifiers
System for computationally efficient adaptation of active control of sound or vibration
Flight management system using holding pattern entry algorithms
Training machine for golf swing
Composition for the relief of heat stress
Golf putting practicing aid
Putter fitting template
Golf swing tracking device
Method and device for merchandising a product
Images in solids surfaces
Method for producing electrically conductive heated glass panels
Method of making resonant tunneling diodes and CMOS backend-process-compatible three dimensional (3-...
Test region layout for shallow trench isolation
Integrated schottky diode using buried power buss structure and method for making same
Via AP switching
Magnetic random access memory (MRAM) cells having split sub-digit lines
Ferroelectric capacitor devices and FeRAM devices
MOSFET structure with high mechanical stress in the channel
Transistor and logic circuit on thin silicon-on-insulator wafers based on gate induced drain leakage...
Ultra-thin body super-steep retrograde well (SSRW) FET devices
Floating entrance guard for preventing electrical short circuits
Compliant component for supporting electrical interface component
Microelectro mechanical system for magneto-optic data storage apparatus
Low cost capacitors manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor package and method for producing the same
Leadless leadframe packaging panel featuring peripheral dummy leads
Surface acoustic wave device and method of fabricating the same
Image sensor with motion artifact supression and anti-blooming
Display device and method of manufacturing the same
Detection of an end point of polishing a substrate
Compact crypto-engine for random number and stream cipher generation
Software aging method and apparatus for discouraging software piracy
Method, system, and program, for encoding and decoding input data
Extensible GPS receiver system
Position authentication system and electronic equipment using the same
Method and apparatus for achieving crypto-synchronization in a packet data communication system
Communication apparatus, communication system and method of the same
System for encrypted file storage optimization via differentiated key lengths
Identity-based encryption system for secure data distribution
High performance IPSEC hardware accelerator for packet classification
System and method for authentication in a mobile communications system
Direct payment with token
Portable electronic authorization system and method
Method for preventing fraudulent use of credit cards and credit card information, and for preventing...
Zero-knowledge proving system and method
Method for the secure transmission of messages
Biometric rights management system
Encrypted content data structure package and generation thereof
Method for operating proactively secured applications on an insecure system
IC card and IC chip module
User control and activation of watermark enabled objects
Integrated process for producing an alkenyl-substituted aromatic compound
Method for preparing high-purity diisobutene
File management method, content recording/playback apparatus and content recording program
Generating difference files using module information of embedded software components
Network system and a purchasing method using the network system, plug-in software for an internet br...
Method and apparatus for minimizing storage of common attachment files in an e-mail communications s...
Method and apparatus for customizably calculating and displaying health of a computer network
Apparatus and method for processing status information
Information processing system and information processing method