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Selective RXR ligands
Spinal disc prosthesis and methods
Catalyst component for ethylene polymerization, a process for preparing thereof and catalyst compris...
Acrylic impact modifier prepared by multi-stage polymerization and method for preparing the same
Fire-retardant antistatic vinyl chloride resin moldings
Communications system having enhanced fault tolerance
Entryway with dimensionally stable plastic components
Polypeptides having xyloglucanase activity and nucleic acids encoding same
Method of making grain-oriented magnetic steel sheet having low iron loss
Methods for using wireless phones having optical capabilities
Casting material for producing casting molds for casting high-melting point materials
Binding structure of refractory sleeve for inner hole of nozzle for continuous casting
Automotive exhaust component and method of manufacture
Adaptive catalog page display
Insecticidal compounds and methods for selection thereof
Aerosol generator having temperature controlled heating zone and method of use thereof
Intermetallic compound superconductors and alloy superconductors, and methods of making them
Scripting task-level user-interfaces
Terphenyl dihalide monomers having sulfonate groups and process for preparing the same
Moldings of fluororubbers and process for their production
Method for delivering large amounts of data with interactivity in an on-demand system
Computer integrated manufacturing techniques
Device and method for generating reference voltage in Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (FRAM)
Methods and systems for detecting and recognizing an object based on 3D image data
System and method for handling bad pixels in image sensors
Electroluminescence display apparatus
Device for depositing a non-flowable object or a non-flowable medicament in a body cavity
Loading data using links in a database
Method for operating a processor-controlled system
Multimedia player
Golf club head with lower center of gravity
Retrospective Correction of Inhomogeneities in Radiographs
Interpolation of panchromatic and color pixels
Image sensor with improved light sensitivity
Processing color and panchromatic pixels
Thermographic recording material with improved developability
Proportional to absolute temperature voltage circuit
Method and apparatus for current limitation in voltage regulators with improved circuitry for provid...
Boost DC/DC converter
Low dropout voltage regulator
Differential amplifier and low drop-out regulator with thereof
Integrated torsional mode damping system and method
System for controlling a vehicular generator
Hybrid electric vehicle with enhanced battery control
Light emission device and power supply therefor
Equipment and method for exchanging power, in shunt connection, with an electric power network, and ...
Universal serial bus charger for a mobile device
CMOS reference voltage circuit
Electrical device for charging batteries
Adjustable regulated power device
Card type device serving as supplementary battery and host using the same
Method and system for access to electronic images of text based on user ownership of corresponding p...
Ground bus bar connector
Diarylmethyl derivatives as potassium channel modulators
Activator of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta
Method of identifying inhibitors of DHODH
Multicyclic sulfonamide compounds as inhibitors of histone deacetylase for the treatment of disease
Agents for treating neurodegenerative diseases
Therapeutic agents useful for treating pain
Biaryl piperazinyl-pyridine analogues
Dynamic rotary orthotic control system
Dual electrode system for a continuous analyte sensor
Dual electrode system for a continuous analyte sensor
Analyte sensor
Novel substituted 2,3-benzodiazepine derivatives
Novel Anti-inflammatory Androstane Derivative
Medical uses of a selective estrogen receptor modulator in combination with sex steroid precursors
Medical uses of a selective estrogen receptor modulator in combination with sex steroid precursors
Medical uses of a selective estrogen receptor modulator in combination with sex steroid precursors
Electrical stimulation lead with rounded array of electrodes
Electrical stimulation lead with conformable array of electrodes
Cranial nerve stimulation to treat a hearing disorder
Multi-application trial stimulator
Stimulating cranial nerve to treat pulmonary disorder
Gastrointestinal methods and apparatus for use in treating disorders and controlling blood sugar
Autonomic nerve stimulation to treat a gastrointestinal disorder
Medical devices for enhancing intrinsic neural activity
Autonomic nerve stimulation to treat a pancreatic disorder
Stimulating cranial nerve to treat disorders associated with the thyroid gland
Cranial nerve stimulation to treat a vocal cord disorder
Patches, systems, and methods for non-invasive glucose measurement
Devices and methods to treat a patient
Magnetic core for medical procedures
Inter-domain congestion charging
Charging in communication systems
Ensuring EAS performance in audio signal encoding
Method for processing information associated with disaster
System and method for increasing completion of training
Elimination of inoperable service node during call set up
Method and apparatus to improve accuracy of mobile speech-enabled services
Method and system for managing the duration and cost of a telephone call
Implement for mobile phone
Method and apparatus providing caller identification telephone service with a real time audio messag...
Foldable portable telephone having a display portion selectively put into a lengthwise state or an o...
Method and system of VoiceXML interpreting
Method and system for providing mobility to enhanced call service features at remote locations
School-wide notification and response system
Service detail record application and system
Network based method and apparatus for supporting interoperability between incompatible TTY devices
Method and apparatus for providing images for caller identification over a mobile network
Method and system for troubleshooting a security system's telephone lines
Method and system for tracking and billing vocoder bypass calls in a wireless wide area network
Method and apparatus for ascertaining the capacity of a network switch
DVD multimedia player
Multimedia multiplexing method
Projection lens and display device for multimedia and other systems
Image upscaling by joint optimization of low and mid-level image variables
Image compression apparatus, method and recording medium storing an image compression program
Analog front end circuit
Color wheel with dovetailed balancing groove
Zoom lens optical system
Luminous intensity distribution control device and display having the same
Digital broadcast receiver unit
Expanded switching of video/S-video signals by auto-sense apparatus designed to initiate switching o...
RF transceiver arrangement, terminal employing the arrangement, and method for fabricating terminal ...
Method for designing de-emphasis circuit for video signal processing integrated circuit and integrat...
Image information describing method, video retrieval method, video reproducing method, and video rep...
Selectively overlaying a user interface atop a video signal
Information processing apparatus
Device and method to detect video format based on a cyclical period of a horizontal synchronizing si...
Information processing apparatus for adaptive processing circuits
Digital television system and method for supporting a film mode
Method and system for displaying textual information
Method and apparatus for monitoring and improving exercise schedule compliance
System and process for teaching speech to people with hearing or speech disabilities
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Animated image for a portion of a display screen
Image for a portion of a display screen
Eyeglass display
Administration of a system
System and method Xlet and applet manager testing
Computer storage subsystem, method, software program and data carrier
Variable sigma adjust methodology for static timing
Echo canceler-based mechanism for performing and reporting fault diagnostic testing of repeatered te...
Automation of fuse compression for an ASIC design system
Method of performing reliable updates in a symmetrically blocked nonvolatile memory having a bifurca...
Multi processor enqueue packet circuit
Co-location service system equipped with global load balancing (GLB) function among dispersed IDCS
Method and apparatus for safeguarding files
Gathering I/O measurement data during an I/O operation process
Method for detecting an element
Numerical controller for carrying out learning control
Umbrella holder
Multi-tool for use with golf carts
Aiming device for improving golf putting and chipping
Novelty golf club
Directional practice device
Golf swing plane training method and apparatus
Tool for determining optimal putter characteristics
Sealing structure for vehicle door
Head-protecting airbag device
Tube connector for fuel tank
Color filter array plate and method of fabricating the same
Ink tank
Ground pad structure for preventing solder extrusion and semiconductor package having the ground pad...
Extrusion-free wet cleaning process for copper-dual damascene structures
Methods for preparing red ginseng and puffed snack enriched with red ginseng using extrusion process
Method of manufacturing a rubber sheet for a power transmission belt and a power transmission belt i...
Filament spool auto-change in a modeling machine
Apparatus for manufacturing a vehicle tire and a belt structure, belt package and crown structure of...
Cat scratching post
Temperature field controlled scheduling for processing systems
Processor power and energy management
Apparatus and methods for assisting ablation of tissue using magnetic beads
Apparatus for image forming and image developing with an improvement of toner container holding
Developer supply device containing a stopping member which moves into a toner supply port and restri...
Multiple-tapped optical delay line
Energy minimization for classification, pattern recognition, sensor fusion, data compression, networ...
Laser stimulated sympathetic vibration of molecular structure of a body
Gas laser oscillation device
Method of electroplating stressed metal springs
Front suspension
Method for attaching filamentary members to a substrate
Method for reducing power consumption and emissions for an internal combustion engine having a varia...
System for fixing rotary cutting dies in machines for die cutting laminar material
Self-contained brake and remote control system for a trailer
Multiple orifice glass feed system
Substance detection and alarm using a spectrometer built into a steering wheel assembly
Rigid agitator and shaft assembly
Data processing method and system for simulation of hardware faults utilizing a PCI bus
Nonaqueous electrolyte battery and method for manufacturing it, and positive active material, and me...
Polymer electrolyte membranes crosslinked by direct fluorination
Rapid and sensitive assay for the detection and quantification of coregulators of nucleic acid bindi...
Integrated orthopedic bandage system and method for using the same
Flexible electro-heating apparatus and fabrication thereof
Method to solve the multi-path and to implement the roaming function
Highly active spherical metal support catalysts
Data storage medium and apparatus and method for reproducing the data from the same
Multi-cable jacket removal tool
Efficiently storing indented threads in a threaded discussion application
Distributed autonomous control system for multi-axis motion control
Wt1-interacting protein WTIP
Method of treating fibroproliferative disorders
Managing server resources for hosted applications
Benzo (f) insoindol derivatives and their use as ep4 receptor ligands
JAVA compile-on-demand service system for accelerating processing speed of JAVA program in data proc...
Method of preventing photoresist poisoning of a low-dielectric-constant insulator
Method and system for preserving an original table schema
Breath actuated dry powder inhaler and tape dose strip
Spirometer, display and method
Magnetic random access memory with memory cell stacks having more than two magnetic states
Light-emitting semiconductor device with a built-in overvoltage protector
Active matrix organic electroluminescent display device having organic thin-film transistor and meth...
System and method for searching an extended database
Tool handle having radio
Integrated wireless transceiver
Method of wireless local area network and Bluetooth network coexistence in a collocated device
Coexistent bluetooth and wireless local area networks in a multimode terminal and method thereof
Method for data transmission to a receiving station according to the temporal course of the pilot si...
Remotely configurable radio audience loyalty-generating and pick-up devices and broaucast network sy...
Method and apparatus for transporting ethernet and radio frequency signals in fiber-optic system
Dynamic radiation therapy simulation system
Cascadable diversity receiving system and method thereof
Estimating bit error probability (BEP) in an edge wireless system
Semiconductor integrated circuit and radio communication apparatus for communication
Automatic receiver calibration with noise and fast fourier transform
Apparatus for processing digital if signals capable of detecting jamming signals
Ultra-wideband communication through a wire medium
Wireless LAN unit
Network-initiated dormant handoffs
System for the dynamic allocation of carrier frequencies to a access points of a wireless local area...
Multiplexing system for time division duplex communication systems
Radio communication apparatus, base station apparatus, communication terminal apparatus and transmis...
Radio apparatus
Skull-mounted electrical stimulation system and method for treating patients
Knotless suture lock and bone anchor implant method
Tissue repair device
Device for the treatment of bones and/or soft parts of the human or animal body and/or for the modif...
Retrieval catheter
Sleeve assembly for spinal stabilization system and methods of use
Instruments and methods for manipulating a spinal fixation element
Apparatus and methods for performing cerclage
Rod reducer
Quick-release guide assembly for elements of or for an external fixation system
Syringe plunger seal
Prosthetic implant, and a method and tool for the insertion of same
Segmented joint distractor
Surgical instrument for moving vertebrae
Device for lengthening bones or bone parts
Milling system with guide paths and related methods for resecting a joint articulation surface
Adjustable cut guide
Network interface sharing methods and apparatuses that support kernel mode data traffic and user mod...
Network interface sharing methods and apparatuses that support kernel mode data traffic and user mod...
Network interface sharing methods and apparatuses that support kernel mode data traffic and user mod...
Flash memory card with enhanced operating mode detection and user-friendly interfacing system
Data addressing
Method and apparatus for performing block caching in a non-volatile memory system
Hierarchical storage apparatus and control apparatus thereof
Disk array apparatus
Memory access management in a shared memory multi-processor system
Method and system for maintaining shadow copies of data using a shadow mask bit
Memory control circuit, memory device, and microcomputer
Low latency memory access and synchronization
System and method for dynamically sharing media in a computer network
Mechanism for resolving ambiguous invalidates in a computer system
Bandwidth reduction technique using cache-to-cache transfer prediction in a snooping-based cache-coh...
Method and system for transforming memory location references in instructions
Object oriented communication among platform-independent systems over networks using soap
Method for controlling a hands free system, radio apparatus, and hands free apparatus
Radio communication system
Self-selection of radio frequency channels to reduce co-channel and adjacent channel interference in...
Method of call routing in a public/private communication system
Code-division-multiple-access mobile communication system accommodating increased number of mobile s...
Method and system for automatically tracking phone cells
Portable radio communication apparatus
Calibration of a phase locked loop
Apparatus, and associated method, for facilitating communications in a radio communication system th...
Delay control in a digital radio transmitter system
Direct conversion radio transceiver
Security apparatus and method during BLUETOOTH pairing
Method and apparatus for measuring frequency-resolved states of polarization of a working optical ch...
Wireless access system using multiple modulation formats in TDD frames and method of operation
Information display system
Copper alloy material for parts of electronic and electric machinery and tools
High strength nickel-based amorphous alloy
Remotely anchored tissue fixation device
Bone regeneration device for long bones, and method of use
Non-metallic orthopedic plate
Pressure apron direct injection catheter
Electrochromic vision panel having a plurality of connectors
Framing for a window of a motor vehicle passenger compartment, and a motor vehicle door including su...
Signal detector
Thickness measuring apparatus and method using a microwave cavity resonator
Laminated perpendicular magnetic recording media with uncorrelated grains
Disposable absorbent article with containment structure
Device for measuring loads applied to rotating components
Golf club head
Pneumatic tire with band cord modulus higher in side portion than in center portion of band
Toric reinforced air bag for safety tire and method of producing the same as well as method of produ...
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Control panel assembly with moveable illuminating button and method of making the same
Universal garage door operating system and method
Electrical high-current contact element
Motor vehicle rear seat
Vehicle seat assembly having a vehicle occupant sensing system and a seat cushion insert positioned ...
Tubing for hydrostatic forming, hydrostatic forming apparatus, and hydrostatic forming method using ...
Cylinder block for internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine thermostat guide
Diesel engine comprising DPM filter and method of estimating amount of DPM trapped in DPM filter
Housing for a key fob
Thin battery with an electrode having a higher strength base portion than a tip portion
Recliner assembly for an automotive vehicle seat having a floating cam
Vehicle front body structure
Stow in floor seat assembly with automatic lateral displacement
Control apparatus and method for internal combustion engine with variable compression ratio mechanis...
Exhaust gas purifying system for engine
Anti-reflection coatings for semiconductor lasers
Semiconductor laser device with light receiving element
Low-noise high-power SHG laser system
Method and system for performing OTDM
System for regulating optical output power
Fiber coupled laser diodes with even illumination pattern
Ultrahigh-frequency light source using dual-wavelength laser with 3-dB beam splitter and method of m...
Traveling-wave optoelectronic wavelength converter
Electrically controlled uniform or graded reflectivity electro-optic mirror
Optical recording medium, method of recording information to an optical recording medium, and inform...
High-efficiency multiple-pass nonlinear optical wavelength converter with an electro-optic phase com...
Micro-mirror and a method for fabricating the same
Integrated raster image processor and electro-photographic engine controller
Optical fiber sensors for harsh environments
CCD-based biochip reader
Device for plasma incision of matter with a specifically tuned radiofrequency electromagnetic field ...
Signal quality monitoring and control for a medical device system
4-aminomethyl-1-aryl-cyclohexylamine compounds
Imidazoline derivatives having CB.sub.1-antagonistic activity
Heteroaromate OSC inhibitors
Farnesyl transferase inhibiting 6-[(substituted phenyl)methyl]-quinoline and quinazoline derinazolin...
Pyrrolotriazine kinase inhibitors
Inhibitors of 11-.beta.-hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase type 1
Rescue agents for treating botulinum toxin intoxications
Intragastric device for treating morbid obesity
Living body information acquiring apparatus and living body information acquiring method
X-ray imaging apparatus and method for moving X-ray detector
Biguanide bleaching agent for a thermal-imaging receptor element
Playback apparatus and adaptive equalizing circuit with a phase-locked loop coupled thereto
Thin-film magnetic head
Spin valve with a capping layer comprising an oxidized cobalt layer and method of forming same
Bias point adjustment of a read head by means of an external magnet
Accessing both sides of data storage tape
Recording head, recording head manufacturing method, combined head and magnetic recording/reproducti...
Thin-film magnetic head having a cooling layer formed coplanar with a lower pole and from the same m...
Ferroelectric device including a unit element having a topological outline in a C-shape or a S-shape
Magnetic disk apparatus with dual stage actuator
Head position calculation method in magnetic disc apparatus
Medium and apparatus for magnetic recording and method for measuring the offset amount
Apparatus and method for controlling disk drive spin up
Magnetic disk drive apparatus and method for compensating characteristics of magnetic disk drive app...
Data storage device and servo information writing method
Apparatus for providing data dependent detection in a data read channel
Media noise optimized detector for magnetic recording
Magnetic disk drive and refresh method
Multi-tracks MR offset tuning based on error count in certification process
Method for extended self-pinned layer for a current perpendicular to plane head
Method and system for printing a photograph
Gesture identification of controlled devices
Public/private dual card system and method
Method for measuring the effort in donning a glove
System and method to communicate absorbent product features to consumers
Cloth-like tissue sheets having camouflaged texture
Method of orienting articles at intervals to form a package
Surface pattern for toilet paper
Vision system and method for observing use of a product by a consumer
Dispensing aid for facilitating removal of individual products from a compressed package
Method for making rolls of tissue sheets having improved properties
Air conveyance system
Absorbent article having disposal wings with odor absorbency
Transmission device and repeater
Bi-directional wavelength division multiplexing self-healing passive optical network
Method and an apparatus to detect signal failure on a per wavelength basis
Small array microphone for beam-forming and noise suppression
Intelligent address registration for optical user-network interface
Optical amplification system for variable span length WDM optical communication systems
Method and device for increasing the long-term operational reliability of a fiber optic interferomet...
Apparatus and method for gas sensing
Apparatus on a textile fibre processing machine for evaluating textile fibre material
Method and apparatus using polarisation optical time domain reflectometry for security applications
Increasing data throughput in optical fiber transmission systems
Article comprising holographic medium between substrates having environmental barrier seal and proce...
Triphosphate oligonucleotide modification reagents and uses thereof
Products, especially moulding materials of polymers containing triazine segments, method for the pro...
Crosslinked polycyclooctene
Construction of a medical electrical lead
Lead extension system for use with a microstimulator
Wireless communication device
Method for producing an allyl compound
Method for the manufacture of caprolactam from waste containing polyamides
Toner for electrophotography, and image forming process, process cartridge and image forming apparat...
Method and plant for separating polymeric materials
Nested balancing topology for balancing current among multiple lamps
Polarization mitigation technique
Garment incorporating embedded physiological sensors
Quadrature sensor systems and methods
Integrated assembly for delivery of air stream for optical analysis
Apparatus at a spinning preparation machine for detecting waste separated out from fibre material
Method and system for etching a film stack
Deployable constrictor for uterine artery occlusion
Modular architecture sensing and computing platform
Speed sensing method and apparatus
FBL2-specific agents as modulators of Flaviviridae RNA replication
Methodology for coordinating and tuning application power
Additive for enhancing the performance of electrochemical cells
Fuel cell and process for the production of same
Propylene polymers and resin composition and molding containing the polymers
Substantially solid bleaching or treatment compositions in the form of inserts for dental trays, and...
Endless-moving-member driving unit, image forming apparatus, photosensitive-element driving unit, an...
Power-based hardware diversity
Bottle manipulation device and methods
Quinoline inhibitors of cGMP phosphodiesterase
Upper panel of a drink cup lid
Fluorescently labeled growth hormone secretagogue
Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compound
Cosmetic emulsions with sunscreens and conjugated linoleic acid
Hair coloring compositions
Waterless lotion and lotion-treated substrate
Optical waveguide device, manufacturing method thereof and optical communication apparatus
Thermally developable materials containing thermal solvents
Blocked aliphatic thiol stabilizers for photothermographic materials
Polymer composition comprising a polymer having a gradient polymeric morphology
Photothermographic material
Apparatus for preparing a gypsum wallboard core
System and method for field testing a tack coat layer
Photoprotective UV-screening compositions comprising triazine/dibenzoylmethane/diarylbutadiene compo...
Packaging and dispensing device with disengaging mechanism
Cosmetic container
Tufted laminate web
Deproteinized natural rubber latex, method of preparing the same, rubber product using the same, and...
Fluid delivery mechanism
Database system providing methodology for prepared statement cloning
Effect pigments coated with reactive orientation aids
Ink set for ink jet recording including polyvalent metal ions and compound inactivating the same
Computer data bus interface control
Systems and methods for determining the delay offsets of communication systems
Method for reducing interference in a TDD system
Offner imaging system with reduced-diameter reflectors
Removable keypad for a portable communication device and method
Probing apparatus and test method including electrical shielding
Electrospray devices for mass spectrometry
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding data
System and method for removing measurement errors from measurement systems
Complex multiplication method and apparatus with phase rotation
Processing of telephone numbers in audio streams
Communication infrastructure and method to preserve communication link bandwidth in a packet communi...
System method and computer program product for obtaining structured data from text
Display engagement system
Switching apparatus and method for providing shared I/O within a load-store fabric
Method, apparatus and computer program product for write data transfer
Parallel computing system, method and architecture
Program coupling method
System and method for managing router metadata
System and methodology for developing, integrating and monitoring computer applications and programs
System and methods of updating compact disc cards and graphical user interface for updating same
Emulsifier composition for cakes and a method of making improved quality cakes thereof
Nutritionally superior cheese products
Microbiological control in poultry processing
Method and apparatus for evacuating pockets of injected fluid in meat products
Food packaging for microwave pressure cooking and method of using same
Container for sliced and fluffed food products
Food and vitamin preparations containing the natural isomer of reduced folates
Powder for preparation of a probiotic yogurt food
Dough product and method for making same
Method for preparing brewers wort
System and method for applying codes onto packaged products
Bottle closure containing beverage concentrate
Compartment plates having themes and method for manufacturing and packaging the same
Reinforced permeable paving structure
Integrated interactive software visualization environment
Integrated structure layout and layout of interconnections for an instruction execution unit of an i...
Multi-layered online calendaring and purchasing
IP subnet sharing technique implemented without using bridging or routing protocols
Design support system, design support method, and computer readable record medium on which program f...
System and method for adjusting I/O processor frequency in response to determining that a power set ...
Respiratory syncytial virus replication inhibitors
Mesoporous compositions for use in drug delivery
Face protector and method of use
Interval-based adjustment data includes computing an adjustment value from the data for a pending ad...
Accurate density calculation with density views in layout databases
Magnetic RAM and array architecture using a two transistor, one MTJ cell
Light emitting diode structure having photonic crystals
Plasma display apparatus with differing size protrusion electrodes
Ratioing algorithm for a label printing system using plates
Methods and systems for auto-partitioning of schema objects
Gift mediating method and a computer product
Data edition method and data edition device
HTML/DHTML web interface system and method
Computer program having an object module and a software development tool integration module which au...
Method and system for parsing e-mail
System and method for garbage collection in a computer system, which uses reinforcement learning to ...
Message screening system
Updating spin counters for spin latches
Method and apparatus for collaborative document versioning of networked documents
Dynamic port configuration of network equipment
Method for deleting stored digital data from write-once memory device
System and method for authenticating an operating system to a central processing unit, providing the...
Digital audio player
Car audio
Method of reproducing a multi-session disk
Method of storing or decoding a stream of bits
Method and system for coded null packet-aided synchronization
Method of authentication using familiar photographs
Imprinting an identification certificate
Method and apparatus for securing communications ports in an electronic device
Electrical Feedthrough assembly with elastic ring interface
Electronic device housing
Measuring capacitance
Cytokine receptor
Chimeric retroviral Gag genes and screening assays
Combination therapy for cancer treatment
Compositions for diabetes treatment and prophylaxis
Blood and urine test
Modulation of protein methylation and phosphoprotein phosphate
Topical Deodorant Compositions Based on Hydroxycitric Acid
Food compositions comprising waterleaf leaves and methods of using thereof
Food compositions comprising waterleaf leaves and methods of using thereof
Epimeredinoside a, and the pharmaceutics of epimeredinoside a-contained epimeredi indica root extrac...
Enriched aqueous components of emblica officinalis
Synergistic composition for the treatment of diabetes mellitus
Method of using ajoene as alcohol dehydrogenase inhibitor, composition for removing hangover compris...
Antibacterial bioactive fraction of cinnamon fruit
Cytokine modulators and related methods of use
Antioxidant producing bacterium and uses thereof
Composition for the prevention and treatment of cellulitis
Inorganic materials for hemostatic modulation and therapeutic wound healing
Use of isoindolinone derivatives as insecticides
Carbostyril derivatives and mood stabilizers for treating mood disorders
Mixtures of reactive dyes and their use
Branched water-soluble polymers and their conjugates
Ethanol recovery process
Insulating-film-forming composition, method of producing the same, silica-based insulating film, and...
Hyaluronic acid modification products and drug carrier therefrom
Powder exfoliating compositions and methods for producing the same
Amine N-oxide based surfactants
Nanoradiopharmaceuticals and methods of use
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and device fabricating method
Ink-jet recording apparatus
System and method of slurry treatment
Hollow fiber membrane module, hollow fiber membrane module unit, membrane filtration device using th...
Desalination system powered by renewable energy source and methods related thereto
Methods and apparatus for treating animal manure
Module for purifying a fluid containing a cleaning agent, and methods of fabricating and using this ...
Liquid processing apparatus and method
Ion exchanger
High purity sealing material
Cactaceae plant named "Elsie"
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Desire Time'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Smoothie Time'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Omega Time Dark Pink'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Sahara Time'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Omega Time Orange'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Vamp Time Purple'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Radiant Time'
Hop plant named "Super Galena"
Floribunda rose plant named 'Meinusian'
Method and system for nanoknife and MEMS platform
Brown mushrooms for commercial production
Precise cutting
Process for producing plant storage organ with high production of recombinant protein and novel reco...
Inbred corn line BE9515
Polynucleotides and polypeptides in plants
Wheat plants having increased tolerance to imidazolinone herbicides
Semaphorin gene family
Inbred miniature swine and uses thereof
Method for the Production of Nuclear Transfer Embryos
Using cytosine deaminases to diminish retroelement transfer from pigs to humans
Analyzer and computer program product
System and method for estimating product distribution using a product specific universe
System and method for processing flexible spending account transactions
Transcription service stopping automatic transcription
Heat and light therapy device
Applicator for use with electrotherapy and/or ultrasound therapy product
Medical information system and computer program product
Connected support entitlement system method of operation
Process for isolation and purification of xanthophyll crystals from plant oleoresin
Can coatings, methods for coating can and cans coated thereby
Drug, foods or drinks for ameliorating hyperglycemia
Novel antimicrobial agents
Systems, methods, and compositions for modifying the metabolism of plants and of euucaryotic microbe...
High capacity food processing system
Detection of poisons in materials such as food using colorimetric detection
Multilayer oriented high-modulus film
Smoke-permeable polyamide based food casing
Organic-oil-based food product
Oxigen stable active containing compositions
Chemoprotectants from crucifer seeds and sprouts
Solid co-crystallized monoglyceride and fatty acid lactylate emulsifier and starch-complexing agent ...
Natural product flavor concentrates as liquid spices: formulation and dispensing
Method for the preparation of frozen fish mass
Method for producing a soy protein product
Process for the preparation of whole soybean milk and curd comprising multiple steps of ultra high-p...
Puffed grain flake and method of preparation
Process for Preparing Aged Garlic
Method for preparing sophorae fructus extract containing isoflavone
Method for preparing fibre-containing pectin and products and uses thereof
Mold inhibitor having reduced corrosiveness
Laser complex
Speaker for a portable telephone
Mobile phone
Portable phone
Portable phone
Portable phone
Portable phone
Portable phone
Thin mobile telephone
Television monitor
Computer system and method for storing product keys thereof
Remote control method having GUI function, and system using the same
Error correction code block generating method and apparatus and optical storage medium containing er...
Recording medium having spare area for defect management and information on defect management, and m...
Method and apparatus mapping logical tracks in a disk drive for optimizing track seek time
Field effect transistor
Three-dimensional occlusal and interproximal contact detection and display using virtual tooth model...
Systems and methods for defining a simulated interactive web page
Methods and apparatus for 3D reconstruction in helical cone beam volumetric CT
Optical switching in lithography system
Medical device with magnetic resonance visibility enhancing structure
Radioactive therapeutic seed having selective marker configuration
Intraoral dental radiology positioning device for use with aiming ring
Lu.sub.1-xI.sub.3:Ce.sub.x--a scintillator for gamma ray spectroscopy and time-of-flight PET
QC phantom
Method for antiscatter stationary grid artifacts detection and attenuation in digital radiographic i...
Integrated fluid pump for use in an x-ray tube
Method for measurement of the three-dimensional density distribution in bones
X-ray microscope having an X-ray source for soft X-ray
CT detector having a segmented optical coupler and method of manufacturing same
X-ray CT imaging method and X-ray CT apparatus
Memory redundancy circuit techniques
Stain repellent optical hard coating
Printing apparatus
Piezoelectric transducer and electrophoretic ink display apparatus using piezoelectric transducer
Operating system for a motorized barrier operator
Method and system for supplying products from pre-stored digital data in response to demands transmi...
In-database clustering
Roller guide for use with fishing rods
Toy vehicle
Portion of a ground fault interrupter
Bottle with grip
Router handles
Capped weed remover
Drink dispensing kiosk
Garment sizer ring
Garment sizer ring
Analyzer and information management method of the same
Method and apparatus for fault-tolerant parallel computation
Spectroscope with thermal compensation mechanism
System and method for anti-moire imaging
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
Method of searching stored information using an interactive search request form
Method and system for scheduling online targeted content delivery
Multi-language document search and retrieval system
Multi-modal entry of ideogrammatic languages
Content addressable memory device
Information display
Re-programmable finite state machine
Analog N-tap FIR receiver equalizer
Treatment apparatus for endoscope
Sterile container
Security clip for spray gun connector
Sterile tubing sheath
Device for storing and mixing pasty materials
Angled product transfer conveyor
Phase-change memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Corn plants with improved quality grain traits
GPS speedometer and communication device for boats
Low force coin dispensing apparatus
Connecting/holding machine of cash container and connecting/holding unit of cash container
Photomask correction method using composite charged particle beam, and device used in the correction...
Zinc oxide crystal growth substrate
Storage device having a probe and a storage cell with moveable parts
Image noise removing method in FIB/SEM complex apparatus
Thermally developable materials with improved conductive layer
Methods and compositions for modulating axonal outgrowth of central nervous system neurons
Vehicular lamp
Integrated hopper and multiple cartridge front cocking marker
Hammermill hammer
Apparatus and method for simulation of the control and machine behavior of machine tools and product...
Hammermill hammer
Rotation angle detecting apparatus and method of detecting rotation angle
Hammermill hammer
Fault diagnosis apparatus
Speedometer controller and speedometer control method
Receiver having a built-in antenna and method of impedance-matching for the same
Image forming apparatus
Noggin head brace
Decorative ice chest
Information recording and reproducing apparatus
Fuel cell system
Polyphenylene sulfide resin composition
Frequency-domain method for joint equalization and decoding of space-time block codes
Jaw crusher and self-propelled crushing machine having the jaw crusher
Combined powder box and brush
Squirrel repelling hanger for a bird feeder or the like
Nucleotide sequences coding for the LuxR gene
Protective film and method for preparing same
Particulate trap
Cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor compositions having rapid onset of therapeutic effect
Linked cyclitols and their polysulfated derivatives
Locking mechanism for views associated with B-tree indexes
Soft oral airway for intravenous anesthesia and method of use
Ferroelectric memory device with merged-top-plate structure and method for fabricating the same
Magnetic memory array
Nitride semiconductor light emitting device having electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection capacity
Organic light emitting device, manufacturing method thereof, and display unit
Providing electronic access to consumer-customized nonverbal information regarding products and serv...
Superconductive filter module, superconductive filter assembly and heat insulating type coaxial cabl...
Method and an apparatus for signal transmission
Kinematic mount having connectors with beveled edges
Fisheye lens system
Light mixing homogenizer apparatus and method
Objective lens
Whole group focusing structure
Variable power optical system, image pickup lens device, and digital device
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus using the same
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus
Focusing device
Zoom lens, image magnification projection system and video projector using the zoom lens and rear pr...
Method of measuring magnetic field gradients
Thioacetate deprotection
Antisense IAP nucleobase oligomers and uses thereof
Genetic immunization with nonstructural proteins of hepatitis C virus
Vector utilizing ribonuclease reductase UTR and use for inhibiting neoplastic cells
Rna interference mediated inhibition of gene expression using chemically modified short interfering ...
Oligonucleotides directed against a survivin gene and use thereof
Fusion polypeptides, and use thereof in antivascular tumor therapy
Chorionic somatomammotropin hormone splice variants
Compositions, splice variants and methods relating to breast specific genes and proteins
Modified 2' and 3'-nucleoside prodrugs for treating flaviviridae infections
Flavanoid 3',5' hydroxylase gene sequences and uses therefor
GLP-2 receptor gene promoter and uses thereof
Method for the preparation of 2-halo-2'-deoxyadenosine compounds for 2'-deoxyguanosine
Recombinant Canine Thyroid Stimulating Hormone and Methods of Production and Use Thereof
Cis-element regulating transcription, transcriptional regulatory factor binding specifically thereto...
Novel genes and their use in the modulation of obesity, diabetes and energy imbalance
Identification of new small RNAs and ORFs of E. coli as mediators of cell and intercell regulation
Prevention and treatment of HCV infection employing antibodies directed against conformational epito...
Sugar modified nucleosides as viral replication inhibitors
Novel plasmids and utilization thereof
Inhibition of Syk kinase expression
Modified factor VIIa
Lipolytic enzyme variant
Scorpion toxins
103P2D6: tissue specific protein highly expressed in various cancers
Method and apparatus for defending against denial of service attacks in IP networks by target victim...
EL display device providing means for delivery of blanking signals to pixel elements
Active matrix display driving circuit
Current drive circuit and image display device
Transmissive-type organic electroluminescent display device and fabricating method of the same
Organic light emitting element and display device using the element
Transparent contacts for organic devices
Blue electroluminescent polymer and organo-electroluminescent device employing the same
Multimodal wireless communication device with user selection of transceiver mode via dialing string
Transmission level control method and transceiver apparatus in wireless local loop system
System and method for providing indication of maximum teleservice payload size in a wireless communi...
Cordless security system and method
Process for transmitting sms messages with protected identity
Wireless measuring device
Flat panel display with thin film transistor (TFT)
Reduced hydrogen sidewall spacer oxide
Polysilicon crystallizing method, method of fabricating thin film transistor using the same, and met...
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device by doping impurity element into a semiconductor layer t...
Method of making uniform oxide layer
Method for forming a high quality low temperature silicon nitride film
Projection display
Ship motion predictor
Sensor comprising multi-wavelength LEDs
Bird control system
Ruggedized digital low-light viewing device
Excessive temperature warning device using warning symbol outside fiber optic cable or light guide
Spot welding gun and a gun accessory
Nucleotide sequences specific to Francisella tularensis and methods for the detection of Francisella...
Electric energy supply system for a ship, in particular a navy ship that can be operated with low IR...
Miniature LED flashlight having split ring
Mobile camping facility and method for constructing same
Powder spray gun mount and cleaning arrangements
Magnetooptic recording medium and its manufacturing method
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
Method for determining an exhaust gas recirculation quantity for an internal combustion engine provi...
Virtual wire assembly having hermetic feedthroughs
Implantable medical device having a casing providing high-speed telemetry
Header for implantable medical for use with both unipolar and bipolar leads
Guided wave spatial filter
Transaction-safe FAT file system
System and method for receiver-driven streaming in a peer-to-peer network
Speech platform architecture
Method of determining uncertainty associated with acoustic distortion-based noise reduction
Scalability test and analysis
Straight angle conductor and method of manufacturing the same
Solar co-generator
Photo-cured and stabilized coatings
Semiconductor thin film and method of manufacturing the same and semiconductor device and method of ...
Preparation of compounds based on phase equilibria of Cu-In-Se
Ethylenically-unsaturated blue anthraquinone dyes
Electric generation facility and method employing solar technology
Windshield de-icing
Interest-based connections in peer-to-peer networks
Multi-rate and multi-level gigabit interface converter
Path to trapezoid decomposition of polygons for printing files in a page description language
Sputtered spring films with low stress anisotropy
Device for regenerating, repairing, and modeling human and animal bone, especially the jaw area for ...
Method and apparatus for downhole quantification of methane using near infrared spectroscopy
Vented and double walled baby bottles
Defect free composite membranes, method for producing said membranes and use of the same
Milk sampling apparatus and method
Compositions and methods for prevention and treatment of uncontrolled formation of intravascular fib...
Endothelialization of vascular surfaces
Apparatus and method for retrograde placement of sagittal sinus drainage catheter
Aminoheterocyclic derivatives as antithrombotic or anticoagulant agents
Method and device for determining blood flow in a vascular access
Cyclical pressure coronary assist pump
Stent with drug coating
Hybrid stent
Composite stent with regioselective material and a method of forming the same
Rapid exchange sheath for deployment of medical devices and methods of use
Compact germicidal lamp having multiple wavelengths
Fuel cells with integrated humidification and method for humidifying fuel cell process gas
Fluorocarbon elastomer silicone vulcanizates
Process for L-amino acid production using Enterobacteriaceae by enhancing ahpC or ahpF encoding alky...
Hydrogenated nitrile rubber composition
Multiple-antenna partially coherent constellations for multi-carrier systems
Magnet coil system for contactless movement of a magnetic body in a working space
Pyrimidine nucleotide precursors for treatment of systemic inflammation and inflammatory hepatitis
Method of screening therapeutic agents for nerve degeneration associated diseases
Balloon catheter
Planographic printing plate precursor and planographic printing plate precursor laminate
Method for blending and fabricating personalized lipstick
Cartridge type feeding container
System and method for memory hub-based expansion bus
Nested visibility for a container hierarchy
System and method for disabling data on radio frequency identification tags
Circuit arrangement with simplified input circuit for phase modulation in a backscattering transpond...
Method and apparatus for efficiently querying and identifying multiple items on a communication chan...
RFID tag, and RFID tag-related determining device and method, and management system and method
Single phase undirectional surface acoustic wave transducer and improved reflectors
Process to form compound with indolocarbazole moieties
Single-pass, in-line process for manufacturing multi-part articles
Electronic device, rubber product, and methods for manufacturing the same
Combined data reader and electronic article surveillance (EAS) system
XML system
Biometric identification system
System and method for creating a display card
Thermoplastic foam and method for production thereof
Reductase gene and use of the same
Forming method using thermal transfer printing sheet
Gas generator for air bag
Fixed quantity supply equipment for inflators
Self-calibrating meter with in-meter diffuser
System and method for automatically recognizing electronic handwriting in an electronic document and...
Imaging apparatus and method
Method for determining the bounding voxelisation of a 3D polygon
Methods and systems for positron emission tomography data correction
Hypoglycaemic peptides and methods of use thereof
Preparation of solvent-resistant binder for an imageable element
Methods for quantifying the morphology and amplitude of cardiac action potential alternans
Method and system relating to monitoring and characterizing heart condition
Test strip containers and methods of using the same
Follicular extraction punch and method
Penile prosthesis implant insertion tool
Gait detection system, gait detection apparatus, device, and gait detection method
Method and system for preboot user authentication
Providing information in a document
Space-optimized texture maps
Single-instruction multiple-data (SIMD)-based algorithms for processing video data
Image quantization and coding based on adaptive threshold
Method for character recognition based on gabor filters
On-line handwriting recognizer
Diagnostic apparatus for abnormalities in image recognition system
Integrated arrangement of optical fibers in a conductor
Conduit insert for optical fiber cable
Arrayed waveguide grating with increased uniformity of a performance parameter
All optical multiplexer
Apparatus and method for monitoring optical signal
Optical channelizer utilizing resonant microsphere coupling
Colorless tunable dispersion compensator employing a planar lightwave circuit and a deformable mirro...
Flash-bang projectile
Lampshade-fixing seat structure
Low profile module and frame assembly for arc lamps
Backlight module
Backlight assembly and display device having the same
Back light module
Compact lighting system and display device
Light-guide-plate structure
Optical filter system employing a tilted reflector
Backlight unit of liquid crystal display
Internally illuminated light panel with LED modules having light redirecting devices
Light emitting diode light spreader
Light tunnel and projection system utilizing the same
Hollow point bullets and methods of fabricating the same
Shrink wrap with sample holes
Foot controls for a bed
Methods for making functionalized polymers
Diagnostic device for a field bus with control-independent transfer of information
Sense amplifier of ferroelectric memory device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device capable of uniformly inputting/outputting data
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Power line sensors and systems incorporating same
Servo tool unit attachment and detachment method
Serial bus interface for direct conversion receiver
Receiver circuit with transmission loss compensation
RF system integrated with RF switch and RF modulation
Gain-clamped semiconductor optical amplifier
System and method for optimizing tissue barrier transfer of compounds
Method for selecting broadcasting tower, program for selecting broadcasting tower, storage medium st...
Insulin and IGF-1 receptor agonists and antagonists
Integrated circuit device that stores a value representative of an equalization co-efficient setting
Integrated network
Rolling sliding member and rolling apparatus
Sealing member and rolling bearing provided with the same
Bearing assembly
Apparatus and method for purchased product security
Thin-film transistors based on tunneling structures and applications
Transmitting electric power control method in the CDMA system
Method and system for modeling and advertising asymmetric topology of a node in a transport network
ROM-RAM medium and storage device thereof
Optical link for transmitting data through air from a plurality of receiver coils in a magnetic reso...
Image sensor device comprising protection against overflow
Retail store method and system
Humidity meter with non-contact temperature measurement
Semiconductor display device
Epothilone analogs
3-Cyano-quinoline derivatives
Substituted 3-cyanoquinolines as MEK inhibitors
Peptide anti-tumor agent
Quinazoline derivatives as VEGF inhibitors
Dynamic database management system and method
Dielectric ceramic capacitor comprising non-reducible dielectric
Method of manufacturing thin film capacitor