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System and method for manipulating micro-particles using electromagnetic fields
Wafer defect detection methods and systems
Radial field generating selection conductor device
EUV light source optical elements
Composite structure providing steady-state non-equilibrium distribution of free carriers and IR syst...
Process for producing semiconductor nanocrystal cores, core-shell, core-buffer-shell, and multiple l...
Polymorphic form of itraconazole
Low selectivity deposition methods
Nucleic acid enzyme biosensors for ions
Representing and managing dynamic data content for web documents
Method and apparatus for binding user interface objects to application objects
System and method for dynamic exception handling using an external exception handler
System and method for expediting and automating mainframe computer setup
Dynamic division optimization for a just-in-time compiler
Method of executing an interpreter program
System and method for packaging updates
Simulation of integrated circuitry within a high-level modeling system using hardware description la...
Formatting content by example
Adjustable apparatus for supporting milk extraction devices
Tube brassiere and method of making
Compression garment
Breast support garment system and method therefor
Reusable adhesive body apparel
Safety bubble cushion bra-sheath
Garment underwire with zones of differing flexibility
Breast form encased with fabric laminated thermoplastic film
Stretchable nursing tank top with invisible breast support
Nursing garment
Attachable breast form enhancement system
Abdominal support
Rigid frame brassiere with soft cup
Garment with interior bra structure with side supports
Bra structure having rigid under-arm support members
Hybrid brassiere
Plant extract of the Olea europaea species as NO-synthase inhibitor and uses
Recording/reproducing apparatus and disk cartridge
Cask and method of manufacturing the cask
Method of measurement in chromatography
Extending role scope in a directory server system
Medicament dispenser
User demographic profile driven advertising targeting
System, method and computer program product for collaborative engineering using component and file o...
Method and apparatus for managing remittance processing within account receivables
Anti-ferromagnetically coupled soft underlayer
Tuning exchange coupling in magnetic recording media
Random vibration and shock compensator using a disturbance observer
Data storage medium with optimized servo format
Method and apparatus for controlling head velocity in a disk drive during ramp load/unload
Method and apparatus for detecting and monitoring a bi-state head when self-servowriting a disk driv...
Magnetic anisotropy of soft-underlayer induced by seedlayer
Method and system for searching for images based on color and shape of a selected image
Composition for treatment of skin, hair and nails
Wavelength-division multiplexing optical transmission system and optical communication method
Elastic microchannel collimating arrays and method of fabrication
Image compression
Techniques for multiple frequency chirp readout of material with inhomogeneously broadened absorptio...
Adjustment arrangement of an optical element
Imaging lens
Optical component and method for its production
Tilt error reducing aspherical single lens homogenizer
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus
Zoom optical system and image pickup apparatus
Radar processor system and method
Electroactive polymer structure
Method and system for detecting anomalies in multispectral and hyperspectral imagery employing the n...
Hyperspectral remote sensing systems and methods using covariance equalization
Enhanced performance reactive composite projectiles
Ionic liquids
Ionic liquids
Use of a leguminous starch in an adhesive labeling composition
Method for producing double-crosslinked hyaluronate material
Selective O-acylation of nucleosides
Steroid modified chacotrioses and solatrioses
Tumor antigen
Gene cluster involved in biosynthesis of isopentenyl diphosphate in the non-mevalonate pathway of He...
Gene cluster of prenyl transferase from Hevea brasiliensis
Identification of reagents for the diagnosis and study of francisella
Apo2l(trail) receptor binding peptides and uses thereof
Cyclic maltosylmatose
Sulfotransferase inhibitor
Method of preparation of a fungal glucane hydrogel having antibacterial and immunostimulant activity...
Modulation of glucocorticoid receptor expression
Exocyclic amine triaryl methyl protecting groups in two-step polynucleotide synthesis
Compositions to identify swine genetically resistant to F18 E. coli associated diseases
Corn event PV-ZMGT32(nk603) and compositions and methods for detection thereof
Isolated DNA molecules encoding humanized calcitonin gene-related peptide receptor, related non-huma...
Tropoelastin derivatives
Synthetic peptides, conjugation reagents and methods
Method and system for asynchronous eventing over the internet
Method of sterilizing medical instruments
Signal line driving circuit and light emitting device
Current drive circuit and display device using same, pixel circuit, and drive method
Apparatus and method for driving display panel
Drive methods and drive devices for active type light emitting display panel
Active matrix organic electroluminescence display driving circuit
Image observation system
Organic electroluminescence device and organic electroluminescence display
Self light emitting display device and information equipment employing the same
Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Organic semiconductor material and organic electronic device
Iridium complexes as light emitting materials and organic light emitting diode device
OLED device using reduced drive voltage
Organic light-emitting diode for display and method for fabricating the same
Ethynyl containing electron transport dyes and compositions
Method of manufacturing a light-emitting element using a rubbing treatment
Preparation of hymenialdisine derivatives and use thereof
Methods of treating psoriasis with anti-TNF antibodies
Method for controlling transmitting power in a wireless communication device
Method for protecting privacy when using a Bluetooth device
Methods and devices for grouping cells
Transformation of an asynchronous transactional messaging language into a web services compatible la...
Allocation of channels to wireless LANs
System and method for downloading data to a mobile wireless unit using over-the-air parameter admini...
Method and wireless communication hub for data communications
Apparatus and method for monitoring and analyzing instant messaging account transcripts
System selection and acquisition for a wireless device
Portable wireless terminal device
System and method for concurrent operation of a wireless device in two disjoint wireless networks
Wireless communication system, wireless base station, wireless terminal and method of wireless commu...
Method and apparatus for facilitating data transmissions
Switch-based C/I measurement
Lanthanide oxide / hafnium oxide dielectric layers
Random set-based cluster tracking
System and method for detecting emitter signals in the presence of unwanted signals
System and method for hazardous incident decision support and training
Method and system for route planning of aircraft using rule-based expert system and threat assessmen...
Millimeter wave imaging system
Printed circuit dielectric foil and embedded capacitors
Power dough and food materials press
Bi-directionally actuated thin membrane mirror
System for handling welding wire and method of handling welding wire using the system
Universal flexible powder coating tip/nozzle
Technique for creating incident-specific credentials at the scene of a large-scale incident or WMD e...
Method and apparatus for the delivery and integration of an asset management system into an existing...
Method for determining a die profile for forming a metal part having a desired shape and associated ...
Systems and methods for detection of combustor stability margin
Method for evaluating the operating conditions of a machine or an installation
Coordinate measuring apparatus and method for measuring a workpiece
High acceleration time shift control apparatus and control method for vehicle
Coated electrode and method of making a coated electrode
Electromedical implant for intercardial coronary therapy
Impedance-matching apparatus and construction for intravascular device
Electric-mechanical-acoustic-transducer and portable communication device including the same
Imaging member belt support module
Light pipe with side-light extraction
Functional optical devices and methods for producing them
Resolving virtual network names
System and method for editing active measurements in a client management tool
Media variations browser
Methods and systems for managing state changes during an arbitration cycle when multiple computer no...
Maintaining a sliding view of server-based data on a handheld personal computer
System and method to query settings on a mobile device
Object clustering using inter-layer links
Validating multiple execution plans for database queries
Database monitoring system
Generic user control point tool for universal plug and play (UPnP) devices
Automated collection of information
Rewritable card printer
Manufacturing method of barrier-forming film
Compositions containing legume products
Low emission energy source
Hybrid generation with alternative fuel sources
Stirling engine and hybrid system that uses the Stirling engine
Radiation image conversion panel and preparation method thereof
Concentrating type solar collection and daylighting system within glazed building envelopes
Glass-based SOI structures
Liquid crystal display device for vehicle
Apparatus and method for heating fuel cells
Stacked photovoltaic device
Oxa(thia)zolidine compounds, process for preparation thereof and anti-inflammatory agents
Substituted porphyrins
Computer system storage
Exposure apparatus
Method and system for high-speed processing IPSec security protocol packets
Method and apparatus for high accuracy distributed time synchronization using processor tick counter...
Automated method and system for recognizing unfulfilled obligations and initiating steps to convert ...
Peer-to-peer based network performance measurement and analysis system and method for large scale ne...
Methods and systems for processing a device, methods and systems for modeling same and the device
Method and apparatus for determining marker gas concentration in exhaled breath using an internal ca...
Method, apparatus and system for measuring brake force
Method of manufacturing nanowires and electronic device
Near-infrared light-absorbing glass, near-infrared light-absorbing element, near-infrared light-abso...
Method for controlling production process
Molecular tag reader
Fenofibrate-containing composition
Shea butter dimethyl amidopropyl amines
Modulators of the interaction between Arp2/3 and cortactin or HS-1
Procedure for anti-Limulus-factors-independent determination of lipopolysaccharide- and/or lipid-A- ...
Ethylenediamine derivatives
Substituted bicyclic pyrimidinones as a mitotic kinesin KSP inhibitors
Delayed memory device
Ether compounds
Method and device for treatment of mitral insufficiency
Prevention of atherosclerosis and undesired blood clotting by reducing von Willebrand factor
Pledget-handling system and method for delivering hemostasis promoting material to a blood vessel pu...
Method of using platelet contractile force and whole blood clot elastic modulus as clinical markers
Self centering closure device for septal occlusion
Monocyclic anilide spirohydantoin CGRP receptor antagonists
Electronic ballast having a converter which can continue to operate in the event of lamp failure
Lighting system and projector
Image forming apparatus including intermediate transfer device
Meanderline coupled quadband antenna for wireless handsets
Grounded antenna for a wireless communication device and method
Method of detecting abnormal pattern candidates
Light source drive, optical information recording apparatus, and optical information recording metho...
Apparatus and method of removing resonance frequency in system
DC converter
Shim pieces for a magnetic resonance imaging magnet
Reconfigurable optical add and drop modules with servo control and dynamic spectral power management...
Eyeglass display
Method and apparatus for encrypting data communicated between a client and a server that use an unen...
Method and apparatus for processing inbound data within a powerline based communication system
Application platform development environment
Method and apparatus for measuring toner concentration
Variable-density optical cross-connect architectures and upgrades
Notched adjustable aperture
Process for producing fluorinated alkyl ether
Fuel cell stack and method of operating a fuel cell system with such a fuel cell stack
User interface for an electronic trading system for a computer screen
User interface for an electronic trading system for a computer screen
User interface for an electronic trading system for a computer screen
User interface for an electronic trading system for a computer screen
Method and system for reducing storage and transmission requirements for simulation results
System for estimating model parameters
Up/down conversion circuitry for radio transceiver
Encoding apparatus and method, recording medium and program
Temperature-compensated bias circuit for power amplifier
Electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal display device with dummy segment electrodes and dummy common electrodes
Thin film bulk acoustic wave sensor suite
Method for tapping a high voltage transmission line and substation using the same
Ambient pressure matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI) apparatus and method of analysi...
G protein-coupled receptor protein, its DNA and ligand thereof
Low NOX emission single side access gas engine driven electrical generating system
Highly concentrated formaldehyde solution, production and reaction thereof
Liquid ejecting head and a process for producing the head
Aspheric soft lens
Benzofuran derivatives as inhibitors of p38-.alpha. kinase
Eyeglass dispensing method
Ophthalmic lens with multiple phase plates
Mouth rinse with enhanced oxygenating activity
Method of analyzing a digital media by a digital media player
Low cost, high performance, flexible, water-swellable reinforcement for communications cable
Method and device for controlling the tension of a web
Conveyor unit for conveying flat objects
Web-fed press
Twin stacker delivery
Helical mechanism cutting unit and method for operating for the same
Modular cascaded detuning circuit for antennas in MRI apparatuses
Resonator system
Bi-planar coil assemblies for producing specified magnetic fields
Open magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) magnet system
Magnetic lens, method and focus volume imaging MRI
Downhole NMR processing
Device for installation of a gradient coil unit into a magnetic resonance apparatus
Variable spring resistance assembly and method
Nomuraeae rileyi-origin ecdysteroid 22-oxidase and molt hormone inactivation system with the use of ...
GaN semiconductor laser device, and optical disk information system using the laser device
Methods and apparatus for communicating changes between a user interface and an executing applicatio...
Tension adapter for a catheter
Cardiac optimization through low-frequency analysis of hemodynamic variables
Method and apparatus for detecting errors, fluid pressure, and occlusions in an ambulatory infusion ...
Adherent gels, composites, and articles
Sensor containing molded solidified protein
Peptides effective in the treatment of tumors and other conditions requiring the removal or destruct...
Process for producing positive electrode active material for lithium secondary battery
Lithium secondary battery
Multilayered construction for resistor and capacitor formation
Method of manufacturing light sensitive planographic printing plates and method of using the same
Aluminum support for planographic printing plate, its manufacturing process, and planographic printi...
Planographic printing plate precursor
System and method of fuel cell power generation
Antistatic composition
Conjugated molecule and electroluminescent device thereof and electronic device having the electrolu...
Niobium powder for capacitor, sintered body thereof and capacitor using the sintered body
Polishing pad, method of producing the same, and cushion layer for polishing pad
Radio frequency identification device enclosure
Disaggregated databases for tracking consumer purchasing data
Wireless base station to base station synchronization in a communication system, such as a system em...
Label applicator system
Radio frequency identification tag apparatus for tire in radio frequency identification system
System and method for centralized security screening
Organic Schottky diode
Tethered electrical components for eyeglasses
Information communicating member, liquid container having information communicating member and liqui...
Radio frequency identification device implemented with a metal-gate semiconductor fabrication proces...
Selectable multi-purpose card
Method of producing a wireless communication device
Process for production of a carboxylic acid/diol mixture suitable for use in polyester production
Process for preparation of a quinolinecarbaldehyde
Acid anhydride and polyimide using the same
Peel-treating agent and method for producing the peel-treating agent
Organosilicon compound-curing composition and silicone-base coating composition
Film and laminate of the same
Process for the production of vinyl compound
Binary and ternary blends comprising monovinylarene/conjugated diene block copolymers and monovinyla...
Dispersing agent comprising vinyl alcohol polymer having conjugated double bonds in its molecule
Copolymer, adhesive containing the same and laminate
Method of producing polyester powdery coating material
Substituted pyrazole derivatives, production process thereof, and herbicide compositions containing ...
Method of preparing a treated support
Cell surface layer-binding protein and utilization thereof
Common marmoset-derived beta-actin gene and use thereof
Polymerizable silicon-containing compound, manufacturing method, polymer, resist composition and pat...
Method for generating overexpression of alleles in genes of unknown function
Plastic bag having flap construction
Fishing reel
Electric animal deterrent for contact with underlying ground system
Apparatus for transporting laboratory animals
Door latch device for pet cages
Apparatus and method for feeding wild animals
Tube bird feeder
Fishing accessory and associated methods
Waste collection devices
Fishing reel
Spinning-reel oscillating device
Electronic circuit device for fishing equipment
Medical navigation and/or pre-operative treatment planning with the assistance of generic patient da...
Stereomicroscopy method and stereomicroscopy system
Oil absorbing composition and process
Photothermographic image-recording material
On-press developable imageable element comprising a tetraarylborate salt
Encapsulant composition and electronic package utilizing same
Image forming method using photothermographic material
Polymerisation initiators, polymerisable compositions, and uses thereof for bonding low surface ener...
Matt, thermoformable, IR-reflective polyester film
Multilayer, matt, thermoformable, IR-reflective polyester film
Active matrix type liquid crystal display apparatus
Initiator systems and adhesive compositions made therewith
Additive for rendering inert acidic or halogen-containing compounds contained in olefin polymers
Apparatus and method for assessing transmurality of a tissue ablation
Integrated lancet and bodily fluid sensor
MRI compatible surgical biopsy device having a tip which leaves an artifact
Cardiac monitoring
Selection of ensemble averaging weights for a pulse oximeter based on signal quality metrics
System and method for image compression, storage, and retrieval
Methods and systems for improving display resolution in achromatic images using sub-pixel sampling a...
Document image processing device, document image merging method, and storage medium recording a docu...
Method of enhancement of the visual display of images and other visual data records
Selective thickening of dark features by biased sharpening filters
Image resolution conversion using pixel dropping
Numerical model for image feature extraction
Wide-sense wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) cross-connect device
Electronic device having multiple LEDs
Modular receptacle assembly and interface with integral optical indication
Image display apparatus
Illuminated keyboard
LED surface light source and projection system using the same
Illuminated keyboard
Backlight module with frame having flexible printed circuit board fixed therein
Backlight assembly for a hand-held liquid crystal display
Backlighting light pipe for illuminating a flat-panel display
Light guiding panel formed with minute recesses by a sand blasting process and a backlight unit usin...
Optical throughput condenser
Visual warning device
Rear-view mirror with multifunctional signal
Flush-mounted lighting system for vehicle
Bicycle lighting apparatus
Lighting system
Lamp device
Lens having Fresnel lens surface(s) and lighting apparatus using it
Portable lighting device with light-emitting diode
Edge reinforced brittle armor system
Arrangement for weapon
Device, method, and use at a medical implant
Substrate container that does not degrade substrate surface
Espresso coffee machine
Tray device mechanism for optical disc apparatus
Modular multi-axis motion control and driving system and method thereof
Interference resistant infrared extension system
Sauna far infrared heat emitting article and method
Universal audio speaker connection block
Audio control device
Low power semiconductor memory device
Sense amplifier circuit and read/write method for semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Multi-value semiconductor memory device and method capable of caching a lower page data upon an inco...
Cross-point ferroelectric memory that reduces the effects of bit line to word line shorts
Cache hit logic of cache memory
Magnetically coupled device and electronic equipment employing same
Image forming apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium
Active sensor receiver detector array for countermeasuring shoulder-fired missiles
Memory card structure
Planetary gear mechanism for a bicycle hub
Method of treatment using bisphosphonic acid
Sustained release compositions for delivery of pharmaceutical proteins
Wet-skin treatment compositions
Stable cosmetic sprayable products with a desirable narrow conical spray pattern
Fabric treatment
Domestic spray device
Systems and methods for implementing content sensitive routing over a wide area network (WAN)
Data event logging in computing platform
Encryption and authentication systems and methods
Method and apparatus for command translation and enforcement of ordering of commands
Remote support for computer or other electronic device
Audiovisual information management system with user identification
Method and system for detection and correction of entrance into an improper MBR state in a computer ...
Multilayer sliding member
Paintball loading container
Flash and sound emitting diversion grenade
Magazine sleeve
System and method for imaging of coated substrates
Magnetic annealing of ferromagnetic thin films using induction heating
Distributed color coordination system
Display unit and methods of displaying an image
Optical connector
Optical media detector and method of operation thereof
IR absorbing photosensitive optically variable ink compositions and process
Drilling tool
Universal adapter for fiber optic connectors
Multimeter with non-contact temperature measurement
Airfield edge-light utilizing a side-emitting light source
Optical identification and marking system
Device for indicating and providing information and links to quoted or reproduced material
High level synthesis method and high level synthesis apparatus
Reversible electrodeposition devices and associated electrochemical media
Process and apparatus for thinning a semiconductor workpiece
Method and system for data processing with data replication for the same
Mapping XML schema components to qualified java components
Split processing system for providing increased system availability
Cross-point resistor memory array
Methanol oxidation over bulk metal vanadate catalysts
Method of changing an electrically programmable resistance cross point memory bit
Process of preparing planographic printing plate
Water-insoluble, antimicrobial silicate glass and use thereof
Method for improving crack resistance in fiber-metal-laminate structures
Addition of odorants to gases for leak detection
Method of reducing instantaneous current draw and an integrated circuit made thereby
System and method for facilitating profiling an application
Method and system for performing static timing analysis on digital electronic circuits
Whitening agent, skin preparation for external use and cosmetic
Digital camera
Digital voice recorder
Large cantilever mount for a flat panel display
Tiltable universal mount for a medium flat panel display
Apparatus for preparing a beverage
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Safety isolation of arc welding equipment
Method for reducing non-uniformity or topography variation between an array and circuitry in a proce...
R-T-B system rare earth permanent magnet and compound for magnet
Light-emitting apparatus and illuminating apparatus
Image forming apparatus attached with replaceable unit
Two particle electophoretic systems, electronic displays including two particle electophoretic syste...
Tag control for runtime glossmarks
Scan non-linearity correction using frequency modulation and synchronization with a master clock
Systems and methods for sensing skew and bow of a raster optical scanner using a full width array de...
Ink stick for phase change ink jet printer
Photoreceptor charge transport layer composition
Systems and methods for constrained anisotropic diffusion routing within an ad hoc network
Printing apparatus with sliding panels enabling extraction of medium from transport path
Systems and methods for indexing each level of the inner structure of a string over a language havin...
Systems, methods and structure for maximizing efficiency of refillable fluid ejection head
Droplet ejecting head and droplet ejecting apparatus
Systems and methods for dissipating heat from a fluid ejector carriage
Systems and methods for producing portraits
Soccer ball bottle arrangement
Perfume bottle
Gas-insulated switchgear tank
Enhancing the fragrance of an article
Disposable cleaning product
Screening for skin wrinkling modulators
Method for optimizing the transmit signal in multiple antenna wireless links
Location based service restrictions for mobile applications
System and method for predistorting a signal to reduce out-of-band error
Method and apparatus for dynamically adjusting acquisition search window
Method of processing soft handoff information at a base station
Monolithic MEMS device having a balanced cantilever plate
Nebulizer breathing system
Information recording medium and reproducing apparatus therefor
Image quality detecting apparatus, image forming apparatus and method, and image quality controlling...
Environmentally friendly, 100% solids, actinic radiation curable coating compositions for coating th...
Recombinant cells that highly express chromosomally-integrated heterologous gene
Keypad and method of separating a crosslinked cured resin layer thereof
Inductive heating process control of continuous cast metallic sheets
Method and apparatus for tracking features in a video sequence
Method and system for delivering monitored image signal of subject to be monitored
Blind equalization method for a high definition television signal
Information signal transmission system and remote control device for the same
Cabinet for television set and cabinet for electric apparatus
Digital photo processing apparatus and printing data recording method
Projector having alignment optics and electronics
Image processing apparatus
Transition metal alloys for use as a gate electrode and devices incorporating these alloys
Magnetoresistive effect device, magnetic random access memory, and magnetoresistive effect device ma...
High-intensity light emitting diode with concave and convex shaped light scattering portions formed ...
Cellulose acylate film and producing method thereof
Moisture curable, radiation curable sealant composition
Silver halide color photographic photosensitive material
Toner and image-forming apparatus using the same
Method of coating a multilayered element
Preformed pavement warning assembly and method
Energy pathway arrangement
Photochromic optical article
Method for preparing nuclear metal or metal alloy particles
Dimer poly-quaternary compounds
Method of coloring keratin-containing fibres using diazonium salts
Methods of forming shaped articles from suspensions
Processes for removing oil from solid wellbore materials and produced water
Flat rare gas discharge lamp with variable output light color, illumination instrument comprising it...
Switchable low-loss cryogenic lead system
X-ray detector
Process for purifying a compound
Methods for treating multiple sclerosis with GGF-related polypeptides
Method of reducing neuronal electrical activity with a potassium channel subunit
Real time electronic cell sensing systems and applications for cell-based assays
Methods for detection and treatment of neural cancers
Nucleic acid transfer complexes
Vaccine composition and method of using the same
Purging of cells using viruses
Method for secure delivery of digital image data using an embedded watermark based on a receiving in...
Method, system, and program for throttling data transfer
Method of forming a high-k film on a semiconductor device
Both-side recording apparatus and recording method
Enzyme-resistant starch and method for its production
Process for preparing carboxylic acids and derivatives thereof
Wax and wax-based products
Information storage and retrieval device
Weighted preference data search system and method
Method and system for optimizing snow flake queries
Exhaust valve drive control method and device
Control system for internal combustion engine
Vehicle control apparatus, vehicle control method, and computer program
Compressed air processing system for motor vehicles
Method and device for determining the geometric vehicle inclination of a motor vehicle
Instrument cluster with laser beam illumination
Method for outputting traffic information in a motor vehicle
Door system for a motor vehicle
Method and system for verifying an embedded module of a mobile vehicle
Route search method in navigation system
Navigation system
System and method for determining a wheel departure angle for a rollover control system
Substituted dihydroquinazolines
Method of treatment of conditions by administration of streptolysin O
Protein-induced morphogenesis of kidney tissue
Bifidobacterium in the treatment of inflammatory disease
Compositions and methods for the identification, assessment, prevention, and therapy of human cancer...
Modification of cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase activity with asteridae extracts and optionally bosw...
Drug delivery system for zero order, zero order-biphasic, ascending or descending drug delivery
Implantable and sealable system for unidirectional delivery of therapeutic agents to tissues
Anti-pro363 antibodies
Therapeutic uses of glandular kallikrein
Coated medical devices for the treatment of vulnerable plaque
PRO1557 polypeptide encoded by a nucleic acid highly expressed in esophageal and kidney tumors
PRO1315 polypeptide encoded by a nuclear acid highly expressed in esophageal tumors
Polypeptide underexpressed in lung tumor
Secreted polypeptide overexpressed in rectal tumor
PRO363 polypeptides
Secreted protein HHTLF25
T cell antigen receptor peptides
Nanomachining method and apparatus
Nanoporous organic polymer composite and preparation method thereof and its application for catalyst
Activation effect on carbon nanotubes
Nanoparticle delivery system
Nanotube based sunscreen
Colloidal solutions and nanocomposites of electrides and alkalides and methods of use
Electrochemical depositions applied to nanotechnology composites
Carbon nanotube-based sensor and method for continually sensing changes in a structure
Filter response optimization for an arrayed waveguide grating device by adjusting grating optical pa...
Nanostructured chemicals as alloying agents in fluorinated polymers
Fluorescent lifetime biological detection and imaging using water-stable semiconductor nanocrystals
Process for producing pigment nanoparticle
Camera module and portable terminal equipped with the camera module
Printing control device and printing control method, printing control system, and recording medium
AF evaluation value calculating device
Method of controlling a lithographic processing cell, device manufacturing method, lithographic appa...
Instant film pack
Number plate combination type camera apparatus for rear monitoring of vehicle
Boat cover
Unmanned underwater vehicle health monitoring system and method
Steering device of personal watercraft
Air cushioned rotatable platform
Variable-draft vessel
Lift arrangement for boats
Apparatuses and methods for monitoring stress in steel catenary risers
Radiation detector using a composite material and method for making same
Navigational system and method utilizing sources of pulsed celestial radiation
Coordinating controller for electric power equipment
Groove cable having a predetermined longitudinal thermal expansion force
System or method for selecting classifier attribute types
Method for operating a memory device having an amorphous silicon carbide gate insulator
Device and method for an optical tunable polarization interface filter
Aperiodic dielectric multilayer stack
Transparent flat body
Liquid crystal based polarimetric system, a process for the calibration of this polarimetric system,...
Sight adjuster
Security system including a method and system for acquiring GPS satellite position
Railroad crossing warning system
Vital signs monitoring system for animals
Tracking system and associated method
Solar powered light assembly to produce light of varying colors
Electromechanical assemblies using molecular-scale electrically conductive and mechanically flexible...
Stacked organic photosensitive devices
Molecular device, molecule array, rectifier device, rectifying method, sensor device, switching devi...
System for detecting incoming light from a remote laser source
System, computer program product and method for managing and controlling a local network of electron...
Knockdown skateboard park system
Video game controller with illuminated cable
Gaming machines with board game theme
Slot machine with dynamic wild symbol feature
Board game and method of play
Skipping toy with extendable ribbon
Education set and work model, training method, work efficiency improving method, and tool employing ...
Pinch-resistant hitch assembly and children's ride-on vehicle assemblies including the same
Print-type magnetic dartboard
Method of playing a pai-gow-type game
Play four poker
Roulette alternative card game
Combination game device and candy dispenser
Flapping apparatus
Paper holder with electronic entertainment system
Bullet trap
Liquid stream analysis and feedback system with acoustic filtering method
System and method for generating decision trees
System and method of facilitating and evaluating user thinking about an arbitrary problem using an a...
Apparatus and method for estimating battery state of charge
Optimization method with constraints and apparatus therefor
Square root method for computationally efficient model predictive control
Controller, program product, and storage medium
Network connectivity and wireless status in a notification area
Method for detecting a response of each probe zone on a test strip
Hybrid maize plant and seed 37Y12
Hybrid maize plant and seed 35F38
Inbred maize line PH8CW
Soybean cultivar 5520279
Soybean cultivar 5834401
Soybean cultivar 5621161
Soybean cultivar CL722114
Soybean variety S04-97130-15-02
Soybean cultivar SG5322NRR
Root-specific, stimulant inducible promoter and its use
HD3a Gene inducing flowering of plant and utilization thereof
Polynucleotides and polypeptides that confer increased biomass and tolerance to cold, water deprivat...
Method of transposon-mediated mutagenesis in the nematode caenorhabditis elegans
Transgenic animal containing CD200 and uses therefor
Microbial process for the preparation of acetic acid, as well as solvent for its extraction from the...
Methods and compositions for screening for angiogenesis modulating compounds
love variant regulator molecules
Method for producing antibody fragments
DNA composition and uses thereof
Bovine germline D-genes and their application
Two-wheeled vehicles and control systems and methods therefor
Electronic leaflet distribution/browsing method and electronic leaflet system
Architecture and implementation of a dynamic RMI server configuration hierarchy to support federated...
Apparatus and methods for illuminating optical systems
Method and system for complete 3D object and area digitizing
Geometric design and modeling system using control geometry
Haptic devices using electroactive polymers
Method and system for robot localization and confinement
Structure for managing umbilical member of welding torch in arc welding robot
Manipulator having arm mechanism for hand
Desktop terminal for multimedia communication
Information processing method and apparatus
Synchronizing samples of a multimedia stream with a system clock
Method and apparatus for selecting server to distribute multimedia data via a network
Method and system for verifying derivative digital files automatically
Paging system and method for providing multicast multimedia broadcast/multicast service
Color quantization and method thereof and searching method using the same
Internetwork quality of service provisioning with reciprocal compensation
System and method for network phone having adaptive transmission modes
Post-bit: multimedia ePaper stickies
Structural pier and method for installing the same
Method to produce landfill daily cover from sewer sludge and MSW
Method and apparatus for buffering graphics data in a graphics system
Drinking cup lids with promotional game piece
Lead-free steel for machine structural use with excellent machinability and low strength anisotropy
Soft magnetic alloy for clock-making
Computer aided piano voicing
Cellular phone
Electronic percussion instrument for producing sound at intended loudness and electronic percussion ...
Entry of musical data in a mobile communication device
Performance data transmission controlling apparatus and electronic musical instrument capable of acq...
Auto playlist generation with multiple seed songs
Federated multiprotocol communication
System and method for information access
Wireless communication apparatus, cordless telephone, display operation control method, program, and...
Radio telecommunications network, user equipment and method of operation
Method and apparatus for increasing success rate of push-to-talk access in a mobile communications n...
Radio module
Adaptive local wireless communication system
Communication terminal apparatus and incoming call detecting method
Method and network element for controlling handover
Method and system of retransmission
Method for administering radio resources by monitoring the interference situation
Communication system
Data routing in a universal mobile telecommunication system
Apparatus and method of registering home-zone location in portable radio telephone
Radio-communication terminal device that prevents communication through an unauthenticated antenna
RF circuit module
Multimode receiver and method for controlling signal interference
Method for AM band interference suppression via frequency shift
Method and system of spread spectrum modulation
Radio with a distortion compensation capability
System for and methods of administration of access control to numerous resources and objects
Unified permissions control for remotely and locally stored files whose informational content may be...
Non-persistent service support in transactional application support environments
Computerized risk management module for medical diagnosis
Asset management advice system and recording medium containing program of the system
Network and method for trading derivatives by providing enhanced RFQ visibility
Method and apparatus for customer storefront operations
Flexible production and material resource planning system using sales information directly acquired ...
System and method for front end business logic and validation
Methods and apparatus for implementing a multi-lingual catalog system
Rapid entry system for the placement of orders via the internet
System for selling subscriptions to periodicals using subscription giftcards
Electronic auction method and system for generating off-increment proxy bids
Multi-vendor internet commerce system for e-commerce applications and methods therefor
Method of modeling product demand subject to a large number of interactions
Estimating base sales volume
Market data acquisition system
System and method for assessing demographic data accuracy
System and method for collection analysis of electronic discussion methods
Method for allocating limited component supply and capacity to optimize production scheduling
Method and system for processing transactions involving accounts for reimbursing medical expenses or...
Method of making printed matter and the printed matter
Double-sided labels and methods of manufacture and use
Baggage identification system
Chemical-pressure tailoring of low-field, room temperature magnetoresistance in (Ca, Sr, Ba) Fe.sub....
Process for the production of hydrogen peroxide
Process for mixing and reacting two or more fluids
Interior surface modifications of molecular sieves with organometallic reagents and the use thereof ...
Method of preparing a product based on phosphate of thorium and/or actinide(s)
Preferential oxidation reactor and process
Treatment of chloralkali feeds containing hydrogen peroxide and base
Hydrogen purification membranes, components and fuel processing systems containing the same
Anti-blinding system for a vehicle
Hinge for vehicle hood
Motorized traction device for a patient support
Variable transmission ratio steering apparatus
Pedal pusher
Floating PRNDL face plate assembly and method to accommodate floor build variations
Vibration reduction apparatus
Fuel door actuated ignition cut off
Occupant restraint system incorporating rotatable seat back
Crash relief pedal assembly
Vehicle hood latch release system for improved pedestrian protection
Seat belt apparatus for vehicle
Bicycle drive unit and bicycle chain stay
Drive apparatus for vehicle
Pole for hand pallet truck
Roll stability control system for an automotive vehicle using an external environmental sensing syst...
Control system for a vehicle with at least part-time four-wheel drive
Devices, softwares and methods for enabling SIP devices to operate in H.323 networks and H.323 devic...
Communications system with fraud monitoring
Method and system for implementing supervision in a telecommunication system
Automated configuration of a virtual private network
System and method for frame image capture
Method and apparatus for providing secure assistance to a communications unit over a network
System and method for voice-enabled input for use in the creation and automatic deployment of person...
Locking mechanism
Mobile communication terminal, selection method for destination of communication, and computer progr...
Portable communication device
Localised audio data delivery
Sound baffle for portable telephone handset
Replaceable personal digital assistant cradle for a telephone
Programmable device and methods for disabling a ring signal in response to a detected off-hook condi...
Interface class discovery method and device
Digital portable telephone set
Systems and methods for caller-controlled tune notification of a call
DTMF generating assistant
Information transfer to a call agent using a portal system
Adaptive transaction guidance
Web-based network monitoring tool
Method, system, storage medium and software arrangement for radial prescription of long-axis slices ...
NMR characterization of thin films
Nmr spectroscopy using spin states with long lifetimes
Cavity Resonator For MR Systems
Variable field-of-view gradient coil system for magnetic resonance imaging
Metallocenes containing ligands of 2-substituted indenyl derivatives, process for their preparation,...
Pharmaceutical compositions of anti-tubercular drugs and process for their preparation
Heterodimeric four helix bundle cytokines
Aiolos, Helios, Daedalos and Ikaros: genes, polypeptides, regulatory elements and uses thereof
Cell adhesion inhibitors
Methods of decreasing or preventing pain using spicamycin derivatives
Products for controlling microbial generated odors
Composite patterning devices for soft lithography
Method and system for automated value transfer
Resonator adopting counter-bored holes and method of suppressing combustion instabilities
Cleaning and polishing household appliance
Lens cleaner and lens cleaning method for optical disc device
Seamless tabbed focus control in active content
System and method to provide customized graphical user interfaces via an interactive video casting n...
Animation on object user interface
System and methodology for the storage and manipulation of documents
Robust erasure detection and erasure-rate-based closed loop power control
Audio coding
Recording medium having spare area for defect management and information on defect management, and m...
Apparatus, method, and computer program for evaluating environmental measures
Method and system for energy management in a simultaneous multi-threaded (SMT) processing system inc...
System for controlling the stability of a vehicle using an algorithm comparing average slopes of var...
System and method for updating device firmware
Interrupt scheme for an Input/Output device
Method and apparatus for managing the execution of a broadcast instruction on a guest processor
Domain name system inquiry apparatus, domain name system inquiry method, and recording medium
Methods and systems for network element fault information processing
System and method for pluggable URL pattern matching for servlets and application servers
Machine-implemented activity management system using asynchronously shared activity data objects and...
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Polymer composition for traction on ice
Prismatic retroreflective article and method
Item of footwear
Sole structure with pivoting cleat assembly
Particle processing apparatus and methods
Stacked-tube heat exchanger
Heat exchanger and method of performing chemical processes
Heat radiating apparatus of electronic component
Heat sink made from a singly extruded heatpipe
IC package with an implanted heat-dissipation fin
Plate heat exchanger and end plate associated therewith
Thermal control covers
Device for connecting a secondary heat exchanger to an engine cooling system
Circulating fluidized bed boiler
Ceramic fiber block reflector system
System and method for preventing automated programs in a network
Automated disablement of disposable e-mail addresses based on user actions
Method and apparatus for machine learning a document relevance function
Permission based text messaging
Wavelength-converting light-emitting devices
Functionalized derivatives of hyaluronic acid, formation of hydrogels in situ using same, and method...
Elastomeric material compositions obtained from castor oil and epoxidized soybean oil
Methods for treating wound tissue and forming a supplemented fibrin matrix
Fluoroalcohol leaving group for non-metallocene olefin polymerization catalysts
Method and apparatus for forming fabrics and fabrics made by the method
Method for producing protective drainage wraps
Adhered membranes retaining porosity and biological activity
Mammalian cells that have increased proliferative capacity
Fuel cells
Water-soluble lotions for paper products
Compositions and kits pertaining to analyte determination
Porous sintered metal and filter thereof, and method for producing porous sintered metal
Composite webs and closure systems
Roll-good fuel cell fabrication processes, equipment, and articles produced from same
Shaft preheater
Ratiometric determination of glycated protein
Proton conducting membrane for fuel cells
Specimen centrifuge system
Material for chromatography
Wastewater treatment apparatus and method for removing nitrogen and phosphorus
Specialized hollow fiber membranes for in-vivo plasmapheresis and ultrafiltration
Systems and methods using multiple solvents for the removal of lipids from fluids
Detection systems and methods
Skimmer guard for a swimming pool
Apparatus for determining weight and biomass composition of a trickling filter
Chitosan-containing polysaccharide, method for preparing the same and use thereof
Reverse-flow cleaning systems and methods
Programmable, fluid pressure actuated blood processing systems and methods
Syringe and a method for its utilization in analysis
Self-cleaning filter apparatus
System and method for implementing logical switches in a network system
Integrated circuit dynamic parameter management in response to dynamic energy evaluation
Sound masking system
Reduced-latency soft-in/soft-out module
Workload placement among data centers based on thermal efficiency
Power supply apparatus including fuel cell and capacitor, and operation method thereof
Spin polarization amplifying transistor
Azeotrope-like compositions containing fluoroethane
Hydrogen generation system and fuel cell system having the same
Vehicle control system
Method and apparatus to calibrate a semi-empirical process simulator
Test structures for estimating dishing and erosion effects in copper damascene technology
Method, apparatus, and computer program for the Monte Carlo ion implantation simulation, and semicon...
System and method for identifying a manufacturing tool causing a fault
Photoresist edge bead removal measurement
Hardmasks for providing thermally assisted switching of magnetic memory elements
Method and apparatus for non-contact electrical probe
Method of manufacturing a probe card
Method of reducing film stress on overlay mark
Integrated circuit having at least one metallization level
Electronic device and method of manufacturing same
Semiconductor device, semiconductor body and method of manufacturing thereof
Termination design with multiple spiral trench rings
Semiconductor device having STI without divot and its manufacture
Method and apparatus for a deposited fill layer
Microstructure comprising a surface which is functionalized through the localized deposit of a thin ...
Thin film oxide interface
MOS capacitor device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having trench-type isolation region, and method of fabricati...
Pixel structure, and thin film transistor
Computationally efficient means for optimal control with control constraints
Fiber matrix for a geometric morphing wing
Aircraft high-lift system with overload protection
Multi-device controller for model aircraft
Winged spacecraft
Apparatus and method for servicing and inspecting small free-flying platforms in orbit in space
Parachute with skirt reefing system
High altitude platform control system
Wing skin and method of manufacture thereof
Method and device for improving the thermal comfort in passenger airplanes
Adaptable payload enabling architecture
Unmanned helicopter, takeoff method of unmanned helicopter, and landing method of unmanned helicopte...
Helicopter blade emergency detachment system
Techniques for controlling a fin with unlimited adjustment and no backlash
Method of measuring a biomagnetic field, method of analyzing a measured biomagnetic field, method of...
Miniature surface plasmon resonance waveguide device with sinusoidal curvature compensation
Systems and methods for limiting power using photo-induced anisotropy
Method for analyzing thin-film layer structure using spectroscopic ellipsometer
Tool for certifying a head-gimbal assembly
Computation of radiating particle and wave distributions using a generalized discrete field construc...
Variable-motion optical tomography of small objects
Heat insulating paper cups
Paperboard substrate for blister packaging
Sheet material dispenser with perforation sensor and method
Hot fillable container
Pattern for absorbent sheet material
Scroll compressor having frame fixing structure and frame fixing method thereof
Fuel pump having electric motor integrally contained in single housing
Reciprocating microfluidic pump system for chemical or biological agents
Hydraulic axial piston pump
Method of installing and renewing an inlet port plate filter in the low pressure side of an automoti...
Method for controlling several pumps
Liquid chromatographic method and system
Micro fluidic valves, agitators, and pumps and methods thereof
Pressurizer for a rocket engine
Guitar body
Lowered PU power usage method and apparatus
Plural microcontrollers for managing CPU allocation and device resources including establishing conn...
Method and apparatus for connecting LPC bus and serial flash memory
Method and system for recording events of an interrupt using pre-interrupt handler and post-interrup...
Tracking operating system process and thread execution and virtual machine execution in hardware or ...
System and method for selectively controlling operations in lanes
Remote control method and apparatus, remote controller, and apparatus and system based on such remot...
Method and system for communicating information between a vehicular hands-free telephone system and ...
Rearview assembly having an integral crush zone
Vehicle interior LED lighting system
Surface vehicle vertical trajectory planning
Consumer interactive shopping system
Method of providing localized information from a single global transformation source
Apparatus for and method of recording and reproducing information
LCD tile display
Reaction advantage anti-collision systems and methods
Surrounding surveillance apparatus and mobile body
Method for operating a drive train in a motor vehicle
Warewashing composition comprising a corrosion inhibitor with Al and Zn ions
Warewashing composition for use in automatic dishwashing machines, comprising a zinc ion and aluminu...
Method and apparatus for blowmoding capsules of polyvinylalcohol and blowmolded polyvinylalcohol cap...
Earpiece for a communications headset
Method and structure to develop a test program for semiconductor integrated circuits
Supporting calibration and diagnostics in an open architecture test system
Adaptive ophthalmologic system
Modular surface mount manifold