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Systems and methods for measurement and/or control using mobile probes
Interactive weather advisory system
Electronic judging apparatus for working state of the equipment
Electronic document assembly, proofing and printing system
Time-divided transmission between adjacent cells
Methods and apparatus for routing a content request
Global sequence numbers in wireless communications systems and methods
Roaming across different access mechanisms and network technologies
In-kernel content-aware service differentiation
Secure handling of stored-value data objects
Organization of test cases
Data race detection using sequential program analysis
Embedding keys into test data
Method and apparatus for generating electronic document definitions
XPath evaluation method, XML document processing system and program using the same
Electronic document handling system and method
System and method for using short captions to map user interfaces
Method, computer program product, and system for a statistical analysis screensaver
Method and system for creating, viewing, editing, and sharing output from a design checking system
Method and device for automated layer generation for double-gate FinFET designs
Method and system for performing heuristic constraint simplification
Interactive agent for a topological multi-tier business application composer
System and method for developing a dynamic web page
Projection display device
Apparatus and method for fabricating liquid crystal display panel
Video processing system and method for automatic enhancement of digital video
System of and method for warning about unauthorized objects attached to vehicle bottoms and/or adjoi...
Memory with interaction between data in a memory cell
Method of testing the uniformity of an image sensor
Imaging element, imaging device, and method of deterring misappropriation of imaging element
Solid-state image sensor device and driving method
Solid-state image-pickup device having an accumulation gate for reading out, accumulating, and alloc...
Solid-state image pickup element including a thinning method to discharge unnecessary image data
Method and device for converting video signals
Video and text display with reduced text flicker
TV tuners and methods thereof
Screen frame and bezel clip system
Digital camera
Wireless transmitter for use in a vehicle
Pneumatic launcher system and method for operating same
Water craft
Express docking system and method of use
Method of towing and installing a pipe
Mechanical flexor drive connector system for modular causeway system
Collapsible boat hull
Retractable step with secure locking mechanism
Amphibious vehicle
Medical manipulator
System and apparatus for credit data transmission
Character Learning Apparatus and Driving Method Thereof for Preschool Child
Electronic Learning Device with a Graphic User Interface for Interactive Writing
Tripod grip training device
System presenting step by step mathematical solutions
Measurement system apparatus and method of teaching units of measurement
Addition and subtraction dice game
Candidate transition analysis method and system
Prayer strand marker device
Computer executable dynamic presentation system for simulating human meridian points and method ther...
Sound Reproducing Device
Process and system for producing electronic book allowing note and corrigendum sharing as well as di...
Calendar-Based and Services-Oriented Bidding Process for Tutoring Request and Fulfillment
Educational System and Method Using Remote Communication Devices
System and method for providing educational course data
System and method for managing educationl courses
Patient education management database system
Racquet and ball sport court and target system
Adjustable electrical outlet box assembly
Wall finishing system
Ergonomic and easily serviceable taper tool
System for suspending decorative trees
Gaming system symbol display
Electrical power connector
Split-fingered oven mitten
Fluorescence detection system
Vertically mounted modular printer system
Multi-phase switching regulator
Flashlight with rotatable lamp head
Vehicle generator
Method of power conversion and apparatus which achieves high power factor correction using ripple cu...
Switching power supply in an integrated circuit having a comparator with two threshold values, a syn...
Voltage regulator
PWM control system
System and method for controlling output-timing parameters of power converters
ADC transfer function providing improved dynamic regulation in a switched mode power supply
Pulse width modulation circuit
Power supply for switching operation, electronic apparatus including the same, and method of control...
Non linear controlled power supply with a linear soft start operation
Voltage regulator
Power supply device
Clock-less serial data interface using a single pin
Directoryless public key cryptographic system and method
Method and apparatus for validating a directory in a storage system
Secretion-monitoring article
Polypropylene films
Heat dissipation structure for display panel and display module equipped with the structure
Class AB-D audio power amplifier
Data storage device and associated method for writing data to, and reading data from an unpatterned ...
Method and apparatus for timing and event processing in wireless systems
Scheduler apparatus employing a gopher agent that sends e-mail messages for use in a television rece...
Organoselenium compounds for cancer chemoprevention
Method, system, and graphical user interface for dynamically updating transmission characteristics i...
Deriving an object class by inheritance, instantiation or cloning
Atomizer for applying liquids onto eyes
Apparatus for remotely supporting and operating an aerosol canister
Dynamic and selective data source binding through a metawrapper
Method of signal processing for high resolution bathymetric sidescan sonar
Memory assessment by retrieval speed and uses thereof
Medical manipulator
Optical filter
System and method for speed-based presence state modification
2-Arylcarboxamide-Nitrogenous Heterocycle Compound
Substituted 3-Amino-Pyrrolidino-4-Lactams
Benzamide derivatives and uses related thereto
Heterocyclic Derivatives and Their Use as Mediators of Stearoyl-Coa Desaturase
Novel Azabicyclic Aryl Derivatives and Their Medical Use
Tetrahydropyranyl Cyclopentyl 1-Substituted and 1,1-Disubstituted Tetrahydroisoquinoline Modulators ...
Benzamide derivatives and uses related thereto
Substituted indoles
Substituted pyrrole-indoles
Compounds and derivatives for the treatment of medical conditions by modulating hormone-sensitive li...
Novel retractor for hernia surgery
Analysis Of Eating Habits
Portable positive airway pressure device accessories and methods for use thereof
Methods for modifying electrical currents in neuronal circuits
Implantable devices for controlling the internal circumference of an anatomic orifice or lumen
Specific Antibodies for Diagnosing Heart Failure
Macrolides and methods for producing same
Dimeric Compounds Of Piperidine, Piperazine Or Morpholine Or Their 7-Membered Analogs Suitable For T...
Modified Tailed Oligonucleotides
Metabotropic glutamate receptor modulators
Benzoxazolone Derivatives, Processes For Preparing Them And Their Uses
Compositions and kits comprising a melatonin component and an omega-3-fatty acid component
System and Method for Treatment of Anal Incontinence and Pelvic Organ Prolapse
Biomechanical Stimulation Device
Health care method
Melanin concentrating hormone antagonists
Quinoline and isoquinoline derivatives as phosphodiesterase 10 inhibitors
Guanidine Compounds, and Use Thereof as Binding partners for 5-Ht5 Receptors
Track based multiple sector error recovery
Method of providing print preview of print document
Printing System, Printing Method and Storage Medium
Printer Formatter In A Cable
Integrated development environment and related methods
System for programming processing operations on an ordered set of objects
Chrysanthemum plant named `GG GOFRT 05`
Method and system for authenticating communication terminals
Component mounting apparatus and component mounting method
Expression of microbial proteins in plants for production of plants with improved properties
Functionalized polyalphaolefins
System for controlling and enforcing playback restrictions for a media file by splitting the media f...
Electrical stimulation system and method for treating tinnitus
Creatine-fatty acids
Therapeutic applications of laminin and laminin-derived protein fragments
Biodegradable injectable implants containing glycolic acid
Adrenomedullin agonists
Method of administering liposomal encapsulated taxane
Humanin, a polypeptide suppressing neuronal death
Process for the production of crystals of a benzoic acid derivative
Formulation and process for drug loaded cores
High-bioavailability particle coated with fungicide and polymer
Soft capsule preparation
Extraction and purification method of active constituents from stem of Lonicera japonica thunb., its...
Biopolymer marker indicative of disease state having a molecular weight of 1562 daltons
Cushion assembly for absorbing vibration of a disc drive
Portable phone cradle
Techniques for dynamically establishing and managing trust relationships
Laser generator
Animal feeder
Flow control valve
Bottom portion housing of a mobile terminal
Error correction in speech recognition
User-tailorable romanized Chinese text input systems and methods
Alkylation of aromatic compounds
Catalysts containing copper and zinc for the purification of ethylene
Percussion or hammer drill
Twin compressor
Preservation of eukaryotic cells using reversible pore formation
Extracorporeal pathogen reduction system
Methods for diagnosis and treatment of PH domain signal transduction disorders
Cytidine deaminase
Cationic lipid-mediated enhancement of nucleic acid immunization of cats
Use of recombinant live-attenuated parainfluenza virus (PIV) as a vector to protect against disease ...
Pseudomonas exotoxin A-like chimeric immunogens
Cytostatin II antibodies and methods
Retrocyclins: antiviral and antimicrobial peptides
Aryl ketone pyrrolo-triazine compounds useful as kinase inhibitors
Regulation of bcl-2 gene expression
4-amino substituted-6-aryl/heteroaryl substituted-2-methylsulfanyl-pyrimidine-5-carbaldehyde interme...
I.kappa.B Kinase-.beta. (IKK.beta.) binding antibodies and methods of using same
Inducing apoptosis using anti-Apo-2 antibodies
Former for a strip-producing or strip-processing machine
Vanilloid receptor ligands and their use in treatments
Electro-magnetically enhanced current interrupter
Method of preventing eye-related positional injuries during spinal surgery
Solid-state photoelectric device
Substance shutoff device and fuel cell
Electrochemical synthesis of ammonia
Planar fuel cell and method for the production thereof
Method of manufacturing honeycomb structural body
Amino thiol compounds and compositions for use in conjunction with cancer therapy
Liquid crystal display including O-type and E-type polarizer
Irradiation system with ion beam/charged particle beam
Cold cathode fluorescent discharge lamp apparatus and operating method for same
Method and apparatus for conserving battery for operation of a low intensity optical communication p...
Micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) based current and magnetic field sensor having capacitive sens...
Combination car alarm and personal locator system
Positioning system with intentional multi-path signal
Image display apparatus
Methods of operating and forming chalcogenide glass constant current devices
Semiconductor storage device, method for protecting predetermined memory element and portable electr...
High efficiency external counterpulsation apparatus and method for controlling same
Methods and compositions for the introduction of molecules into cells
Ionization chamber for atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometry
Method of preparing a sample for examination in a TEM
Radiation detection device, scintillator panel, method of making the same, making apparatus, and rad...
Analytical separations with polyelectrolyte layers, molecular micelles, or zwitterionic polymers
Polynucleotide encoding the hOT7T175 G protein coupled receptor
Cosmetics case
Space-creating retractor with vessel manipulator
Fluid purification system with low temperature purifier
High-strength forged parts having high reduction of area and method for producing same
Interferon-alpha polypeptides and conjugates
Methods of isolating amyloid-inhibiting compounds and use of compounds isolated from Uncaria tomento...
Optically anisotropic element comprising discotic compound
Inhibitors of cathepsin S
Radiation image storage panel
Supporting spacers of a flat display device
Monitoring device for monitoring electronic control units on a vehicle
Multi-way input device and operating failure avoidance method using the same
Interferometry method for ellipsometry, reflectometry, and scatterometry measurements, including cha...
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus using the same
Compounds and methods of early diagnosis of cervical cancer and genital condyloma with HPV, CHSP60 t...
Drug and manufacturing method of same
Electric current adjustment of light emitting element of display device
Spherical catalysts to convert hydrocarbons to light olefins
Optical device
Optical modulator, optical waveguide device and acousto-optic tunable filter apparatus
Fiber optic rotary coupling and devices
Method, system and computer program product for ordering merchandise in a global computer network en...
Consolidated monitoring system and method using the internet for diagnosis of an installed product s...
Method, system, and storage medium for providing automated execution of pre-defined events
Techniques for handling lock-related inconsistencies
Method and system for restoring data redundancy in a storage system without a hot standby disk
Object process graph system
System and method for a media codec employing a reversible transform obtained via matrix lifting
Power clamp
Actuators and fluid delivery systems using such actuators
Method and apparatus for electronic power control
Magnetic resonance imaging screening method and apparatus
Volume coil for a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus
Shimming with MRI gradient
Motion-based visualization
Motion clutter suppression for image-subtracting cameras
Track-seek control method of HDD and recording medium suitable for the same
Non-repeatable run out compensating apparatus and method and disc drive using the same
Drive system and AC conversion device
Real-time X-ray scanner and remote crawler apparatus and method
Diaphragm for loud speaker and loud speaker employing it
Perfecting of digital image rendering parameters within rendering devices using face detection
Generation of reconstructed images
Method of lung lobe segmentation and computer system
Systems and methods for communicating a protocol over a network
Method and device for reconstructing a 3D image data set of a moving object
Vehicle wheel alignment system and methodology
Porous gas permeable material for gas separation
Toner for developing electrostatic charge image
Beta secretase exosite binding peptides and methods for identifying beta secretase modulators
Optimization of n-base typed arithmetic expressions
Cutlery set
Apparatus for controlling CCFL and method for operating the same
Load sensing system
Air distributor for a bioleaching system
Systems and methods for removing contaminate material from a flowable material
Optical shutter for plasma display panel and driving method thereof
Bicyclic heterocycles as cannabinoid receptor modulators
System and method for recording of information on a holographic recording medium, preferably an opti...
Storage device having a probe with plural tips
Nitride semiconductor laser device and a method for improving its performance
Sound-damping laminate for loudspeaker structure
Liquid-crystal planar-waveguide apparatus and method for fast control of polarization and other prop...
Dual dopant dual alpha multimode optical fiber
Segmented waveguide structures
Optical waveguides formed in glass-ceramic materials and method for making same
Light source for generating an output signal having spaced apart frequencies
Cochlear implant electrode and method of making same
Computer program for continuously monitoring a fluid storage system using synchronized sensors
Method and system for battery parameter estimation
Apparatus, system and methods for collecting position information over a large surface using electri...
Circuit for turning off charging function to a battery of a system based on information set by user ...
Treatment of lung cells with histone deacetylase inhibitors
Image processing with conversion of non-linear to linear conversion
CPU system, bus bridge, control method therefor, and computer system
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Disabling access based on location
Quantization apparatus and method, and inkjet printing apparatus using the same
Receiving apparatus and receiving method, and storage medium
Monitoring job status for grouped print jobs
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
Zoom lens and image projection apparatus having the same
X-ray imaging apparatus and its control method
Digital signal coding with division into tiles
Recording system
Image forming apparatus capable of reducing time unable to perform image formation due to temperatur...
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with movable placement members
Electrophotographic image recording apparatus and method therefore
Image forming apparatus including a controller for controlling a moving speed of a moving member hol...
Image forming and fixing apparatus with cooling fan
Internet printing by hotel guests
Crystallization of sugars
Method for separating particulate matter from a fluid stream
Surface acoustic wave device
Methods of treating peripheral arterial occlusions
Chemical agent detection
Method for fabricating sputter targets
Semiconductor package, method of production of same, and semiconductor device
Structure and method to generate local mechanical gate stress for MOSFET channel mobility modificati...
Self-aligned trench field effect transistors with regrown gates and bipolar junction transistors wit...
Masking layer in substrate cavity
Ball-limiting metallurgies, solder bump compositions used therewith, packages assembled thereby, and...
Chemical mechanical polishing composition and process
Material for welding and welded article
Nitrogen-free ARC/capping layer and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device capable of suppressing current concentration in pad and its manufacture method
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Molded leadless package having a partially exposed lead frame pad
Circuit device and manufacturing method thereof
Plasma producing apparatus and doping apparatus
Surface-mounted electronic component module and method for manufacturing the same
Propagating light to be sensed
Information management system for bed data
Method and apparatus for shared buffer packet switching
Synchronous low voltage differential I/O buss
Digital subscriber line (DSL) modems supporting high-speed universal serial bus (USB) interfaces and...
Coherent receiver
Hyperfine oversampler method and apparatus
Interpolator based clock and data recovery (CDR) circuit with digitally programmable BW and tracking...
Asynchronous FIFO apparatus and method for passing data between a first clock domain and a second cl...
Computer system and method for training certifying or monitoring human clinical raters
Data processing performance control
Operations and support discrete event stimulation system and method
Method and system for network processor scheduling outputs using disconnect/reconnect flow queues
Self-configuring server and server network
Systems and methods for managing virtualized logical units using vendor specific storage array comma...
Memory device
Data processing system having instruction specifiers for SIMD register operands and method thereof
Phase error determination method and digital phase-locked loop system
Rules-based patient care system for use in healthcare locations
Inbred maize line PHE35
Inbred corn line PHEHR
Pulse oximeter with parallel saturation calculation modules
Multi-slice double inversion-recovery black-blood imaging with simultaneous slice re-inversion
Radioscopy using K.sub..alpha. gadolinium emission
Preparing method for controlled released type tablet tamsulosin HCL and the tablet thereof
Emulation of a programmable hardware element
Switching method in a multi-threaded processor
Methods for sharing conditionally across class loaders dynamically compiled code
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, alternate response apparatus, respo...
Memory reduction for object-oriented compilers
Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding broadcast or recorded segments and monitoring audience ex...
System, method, and apparatus for spilling and filling rotating registers in software-pipelined loop...
Software updating system, information processing apparatus and method, recording medium and program
Method and system for transmitting information across a firewall
Application modification system and method
Network security services architecture
Method, apparatus, and program for constructing an execution environment, and computer readable medi...
Method and system for authenticating a personal security device vis-a-vis at least one remote comput...
System and method for remotely monitoring wireless networks
System and method for allocatiing communications to processors and rescheduling processes in a multi...
Grouping resource allocation commands in a logically-partitioned system
Resource manager architecture utilizing a policy manager
360 degree display case
Calibrachoa plant named `Cal Bulrose`
Security and monitoring for containers
Enhanced perception lighting
Vehicle speed limiter
System and method of sub-surface system design and installation
Catalytic naphtha cracking catalyst and process
Encapsulation of large native operating system functions as enhancements of the instruction set in a...
Inflatable product provided with electric air pump
Motor/pump unit, particularly for anti-skid vehicle brake systems
Method of controlling operation of a liquid-fuel combustion appliance
Slidable sleeve plunger
Pumping from two levels of a pool of production fluid, and one way valve therefore
Fluid level control system for progressive cavity pump
Energy store circuit for controlling rotor rotation
Fuel supply pump capable of lubricating cam bearings
Electric pump
Pump assembly for transporting a cooling fluid
Rotor machine
Process for manufacturing a pouch-type form of packaging
Method and device for determining a light transport parameter in a biological matrix
Impedance spectroscopy based systems and methods
Optical arrangement for assay reading device
Evaluating method and apparatus thereof
Isothermal de-iced sensor
Vibration damping apparatus
Aircraft evacuation slide with thermally actuated gas relief valve
Floatation system including life raft
Method for manufacturing substrate for discrete track recording media and method for manufacturing d...
Semiconductor device fabrication method
Plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition system and method
Enhanced nitride layers for metal oxide semiconductors
Chemical treatment of semiconductor substrates
Method for forming a high density dielectric film by chemical vapor deposition
Methods and systems for positioning a laser beam spot relative to a semiconductor integrated circuit...
Switching devices based on half-metals
Semiconductors containing trans-1,2-bis(acenyl)ethylene compounds
Method for forming an organic semiconductor film
Split gate non-volatile memory devices and methods of forming same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device, mask for impurity implantation, and method of fabricating the semiconductor de...
Integrated multi-purpose getter for radio-frequency (RF) circuit modules
Magnetic RAM
Display device and manufacturing method of the same
Chip-stacked semiconductor package and method for fabricating the same
Thermally-enhanced ball grid array package structure and method
Copper interconnection and the method for fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display device with variations of positions of peaks of depth distributions of concen...
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Hearing aid with performance-optimized power consumption for variable clock, supply voltage and DSP ...
Extracorporeal blood treatment machine
Anaerobic ammonium oxidation for water treatment in recirculating aquaculture
Filter cartridge for a filter assembly
Filter disc with panel sectors
Method and device for forming mineral wool
Pleated panel fluid filter
Cyclone separator
Method for purifying water
Membrane coupled activated sludge method and apparatus operating anoxic/anaerobic process alternatel...
Method for treating liquids
Method and apparatus for separating aromatic hydrocarbons in an isothermal system
Method for transferring heterogeneous liquids in microchannels without the occurrence of mixing
Water conditioning system
Method for removing heavy metals from media containing heavy metals by means of a Lyocell moulded bo...
Methods and systems for removing floating solid waste from the surface of a watercourse
Methods of and apparatus for low-angle-tray settling with multi-zone configuration
Benzofuran derivative
Piperazine benzothiazoles as agents for the treatment of cerebral ischemic disorders or CNS disorder...
Melanocortin receptor agonists
2,4,8-trisubstituted-8H-pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidin-7-one compounds
Anti-migraine treatments
DPP IV inhibitors
Tetrahydropyrano-indole derivatives
Thrombopoietin activity modulating compounds and methods
Compounds and medicinal use thereof
Compounds and their use in medicine, process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions c...
Polypeptides containing polymorphisms of the repeated regions of pertactin in Bordetella pertussis, ...
AAv scleroprotein, production and use thereof
Human K.sup.+channel polypeptides
Modified vitamin K-dependent polypeptides
Human recombinant antibody against the hepatitis C (HCV) non structural NS3 protein nucleic acid and...
Multi-marker screening protocol for fetal abnormalities
Verification environment creation infrastructure for bus-based systems and modules
Device for separating dust and dirt out of flowing media
Ink jet printing apparatus
Handheld diagnostic device with renewable biosensor
Stent graft with branch leg
Method and system for separating a component from a multi-component gas
Floating wetland structures for use in water remediation
Toughened uni-piece, fibrous, reinforced, oxidization-resistant composite
Hybrid structure using ceramic tiles and method of manufacture
Method and apparatus for electronic synthesis of molecular structures
Combustion powered fastener-driving tool with interconnected chambers
Odor control agent
Balloon catheter having a balloon with a thickened wall portion
Circovirus sequences associated with piglet weight loss disease (PWD)
Carboxylate-gated-nitroxide (CGN) compounds and compositions and methods of use thereof
Diffuser for flat panel display
Integrated fuel cell power module
Electrophotographic photoconductor, electrophotographic process, electrophotographic apparatus, and ...
Polymerizable composition and planographic printing plate precursor using the same
Assays employing electrochemiluminescent labels and electrochemiluminescence quenchers
Regulation of human transmembrane serine protease
Non-imidazole aryl alkylamines compounds as histamine H3 receptor antagonists, preparation and thera...
Fluidics-based assay devices
Compositions and methods for inhibiting TGF-.beta.
Synergistic antimicrobial compositions and methods of inhibiting biofilm formation
Trans-1,2-cyclohexane bis(urea-urethane) compounds
Heparin-like compounds, their preparation and use to prevent arterial thrombosis associated with vas...
Moisture responsive sealing members in disposable absorbent articles
Light-emitting and electron-emitting devices having getter regions
Method for preparing storage-stable fast-drying multi-component aqueous coating compositions and coa...
Arrays of optical confinements and uses thereof
Air-cooled heat generating device airflow control system
Apparatus for supporting a heatsink
Heat-generating component cooling structure
Interface layer for the fabrication of electronic devices
Footwear outsole
Footwear outsole and method of manufacture
Orthopedic cast or splint
Location determination method and system for asset tracking devices
Controlling viewing distance to a television receiver
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Systems and methods for generating banner pages
Self testing ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) with end of life (EOL) indicator, secondary pow...
Apparatus and method for neighbor assisted combining for multicast services
Wet-type image forming apparatus, a toner concentration sensing method, and a method for controlling...
Electrophotographic photosensitive drum supporting apparatus, process cartridge and electrophotograp...
Image forming apparatus, process cartridge and cleaningless system
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of effectively transporting toner
Method of informing uplink synchronization using downlink TPC bit patterns
Capability spoofing using a local proxy server
System and method for managing access to active devices operably connected to a data network
Apparatus and related method of coordinating north bridge and south bridge for processing bus master...
Method and apparatus for choosing tests for simulation and associated algorithms and hierarchical bi...
Transmission power control apparatus in wireless communication system and method therefor
User interface for presenting media information
Verification of RRAM tiling netlist
Method and apparatus for identifying assist feature placement problems
Detachable integral aircraft tailcone and power assembly
Method and device for utilization of a stethoscope as a neurological diagnostic tool and percussion ...
Acoustic absorbers for use with computer cabinet fans and other cooling systems
Flat panel diffuser
Sound attenuating fencing assembly
Waterproof/breathable, moisture transfer, soft shell Alpine boots, and snowboard boots, insert liner...
Cardioprotective delta opioid receptor agonists and methods of using same
Pyrrole compounds useful as kinase inhibitors
PRO1891 polypeptides
PRO6246 antibodies
Antibodies against the PRO4340 polypeptide
Nucleoside and oligonucleotide analogues
Deazapurines and uses thereof
Modulators of cellular adhesion
Transdermal delivery of therapeutic agent
Method For Molecule Examination By NMR Spectroscopy
Cooled electric drive unit for a motor vehicle
Control device for fuel cell vehicle
Vehicle motion control method and vehicle motion control apparatus
Control device for an at least part-time four-wheel-drive motor vehicle
Vehicle control method and vehicle control apparatus
Re-locatable operator station
Steam driven road vehicle
Electric drive axle assembly with independent dual motors
Vehicle chassis with side mounted air intake plenum
Air cleaner structure
Dust cover strike plate and suspension mechanism having the same
Powertrain for a hybrid vehicle with all-wheel drive capability and method for controlling wheel sli...
Electric bicycle
Hydraulic drive vehicle
Starter mounting structure
Walkie/rider truck
Suspension system for a powered wheelchair
Meso-porous transition metal oxide having crystallized pore wall and method for preparing the same
Lithium metal oxide electrodes for lithium batteries
Layer cathode methods of manufacturing and materials for Li-ion rechargeable batteries
Electrolytic orthoborate salts for lithium batteries
Method for synthesis of lamellar solids from an amino-alcohol-type organic structuring agent
Supported catalyst systems
Regenerable sorbents for CO.sub.2 capture from moderate and high temperature gas streams
Actuator element and production method therefor
Diamond-coated electrode and method for producing same
Treatment of arsenic-contaminated water using akaganeite adsorption
Rare earth phosphate and making method
Stable ferric arsenate precipitation from acid copper solutions whilst minimising copper losses
Microporous crystalline metal silicates and processes for their preparation
Constructs and methods for expression of recombinant HCV envelope proteins
Transgenic fish and .beta.-catenin signaling pathway model
Nuclear fertility restorer genes and methods of use in plants
Transgenic plants expressing biocidal proteins and method of producing the same
Production of oligosaccharides in transgenic plants
Rubisco Activase with increased thermostability and methods of use thereof
Lettuce cultivar 21-0406147-B
Lettuce cultivar 40-0401161-B
Lettuce cultivar 50-0401019-B
Multibranching watermelon plant and method of producing
Soybean cultivar S040122
Soybean cultivar 4713487
Soybean cultivar 4817034
Soybean cultivar 5608398
Soybean cultivar S06-MT116260
Pea cultivar FP2282
Soybean cultivar 5900450
Inbred maize line PH6KW
Inbred maize line PH876
Image processing and analysis of array data
Network for evaluating data obtained in a biochip measurement device
System and method for conveying image assets to a recipient
Online bidding system
Graphical internet search system and methods
Wish list
Price fluctuation predicting device and predicting method, price fluctuation warning device and meth...
Method of controlling recording of media
Method for obtaining and allocating investment income based on the capitalization of intellectual pr...
Communication interface for a financial modeling and counseling system
Method and system for pricing options
Securities pricing system
Procedural order system and method
Mortgage loan and financial services data processing system
Computer system and method for pricing financial and insurance risks with historically-known or comp...
Electronic identifier payment systems and methods
System, method and program to estimate cost of a product and/or service
Method of printing statements using postage meter
Text mining system for web-based business intelligence
Facilitating integration of communications network equipment inventory management
Storing, updating, and reporting on migration data using automated agents
System and method for computer-created advertisements
Operating system utilizing a selectively concealed multi-function wall station transmitter with an a...
Quality measurement of circuit-switched service in cellular radio network
System for detecting current in an output stage of a power amplifier
Multiple power mode amplifier with bias modulation option and without bypass switches
Phase shifter providing multiple selectable phase shift states
Radio frequency identification tags for use on metal or other conductive objects
Method and system for determining the position of marine vessels and similar objects
Dual home mobility management in a wireless telephony/wireless LAN interworking environment
Single feed dual-band PIFA realized on circuit board
Uplink synchronization in a radio telecommunication system
Method and apparatus to support differential internet data packet treatment in a base station contro...
Analog signal separator for UWB versus narrowband signals
Mobile communication system, channel synchronization establishing method, and mobile station
Method for power detection of multicarrier signals, radio transmission unit and module for such a un...
Method and apparatus for low-loss signal transmission
Dynamic data delivery apparatus and method for same
Handover processing method of mobile communication system
Detection of function of implanted medical devices
Guide system, guide apparatus, and radio apparatus which communicates with guide apparatus
Automatic telephone line switch
System and method for maintaining real-time agent information for multi-channel communication queuin...
Method and system for managing calls of an automatic call distributor
Voice caller ID
System and method for enhanced subjective stereo audio
Small-sized opening and closing device
Method for performing a predetermined action on wireless calls based on caller's location
System and method for emergency 911 location detection
Personal emergency communication system
System and method for health care information processing based on acoustic features
Method and apparatus for the prevention of unwanted calls in a callback system
Common mode noise cancellation
Systems and methods for facilitating communications involving hearing-impaired parties
Multi-modal messaging
Remote notification of communications
Display illumination system and manufacturing method thereof
Method and system for providing a personal identification security feature to a portable computing d...
Pet bed
Double dog bowl
Pet collar cover with one gathered edge
Pet utensil handle
Pet grooming tool
Pet toy
Exercise equipment for pets
Dishwasher cage
Apertured hollow wand for blowing water off surfaces
Portable air blower
Vacuum cleaner
Dual tank container for spraying cleaning solution and removal of waste water from a fabric or floor...
Vacuum cleaner body
Carpet and floor cleaning device having a liquid dispensing container mounted on the control and ext...
Vacuum cleaner handle portion
Lottery ticket scratcher
Electric laundry iron
Combined recycling bins and locking system
Collapsible cart for a paint spray pump
Part of cleaning trolley
Draughtkeg with tap
Method of conveying musical information
Apparatus for analyzing music data and displaying music score
Automatic performance apparatus and automatic performance program
Music processing printer
Data acquisition system preparing inner force sense data for inner sense controller
Hydrogen storage alloy
Information reproducing system, information recording medium, and information recording apparatus
3D publication with page-turn
Voice-over IP mobile roaming using SIP refer
Comparatively analyzing vendors of components required for a web-based architecture
Tree hoist system
Video game system using trading cards
Methods and apparatus for a competitive bonus game with variable odds
Player action incentive arrangement for gaming systems
Game device, storing medium storing game program, and game method using ultraviolet rays
Anchor pile apparatus and method of installation
Fine-grained fill reinforcing apparatus and method
Multimedia device
Front cover for a multimedia device
Multimedia player
Method for recovering from a received data error in a mobile communication system providing a multim...
Method for allowing a customer to preview, acquire and/or pay for information and a system therefor
Ballot marking system and apparatus having ballot alignment compensation
Ballot marking system and apparatus having periodic ballot alignment compensation
Security system, particularly for valuable documents
Protein design automation for protein libraries
Method and apparatus for optimizing a system model with gain constraints using a non-linear programm...
Homogeneous monitoring of heterogeneous nodes
Rotary pop-up envelope
Presidential election game
Gaming device having a selectable combination bonus game
Gaming device having a bonus round with a win, lose or draw outcome
Control unit and system utilizing the control unit
Bag tossing game
Apparatus for generating ozone
Solution and method for treating organic waste
White pigment for use in formulations including white pearlescent paint
Low-E coated articles having zirconium inclusive dielectric layer
Thin film infrared transparent conductor
Low resistance thin film organic solar cell electrodes
Chip packaging systems and methods
Synthesis of phosphono-substituted porphyrin compounds for attachment to metal oxide surfaces
Motion-activated electrical switch
Semiconductor device, semiconductor layer and production method thereof
Fluid device for recovery of the kinetic energy of a vehicle
Powertrain system comprising compressed air engine and method comprising same
Wave powered electric generating device
Wind turbine system for buildings
Integrated removable functional faceplate for portable computer system
Electronic and optical devices and methods of forming these devices
Method, and article of the method, for fabricating a flexible, hollow waveguide
Image forming apparatus, image forming system, and image forming method
Multi-tier benefit optimization for operating the power systems including renewable and traditional ...
System and method for determining orientation based on solar positioning
Method of and article of manufacture for determining probability of avian collision
Extendable pivot shaft mechanism, and an extendable pivot shaft mechanism of a camera for pivoting a...
Image detecting module
Method and apparatus for reducing biological contamination in an immersion lithography system
Digital camera using an indicating device to indicate a plurality of functions
Apparatus and methods of manufacturing and assembling microscale and nanoscale components and assemb...
Recovery of sodium thiocyanate from industrial process solution using nanofiltration technique
Nanoemulsion vaccines
Organo luminescent semiconductor nanocrystal probes for biological applications and process for maki...
Nano-particulate blends with fully-neutralized ionomeric polymers for golf ball layers
Real-time monitoring optically trapped carbon nanotubes
Metallic nano-optic lenses and beam shaping devices
Shoe and a Method of Making Shoes
Brace for restraining shoulder movement
Assembled Orthopedic Retractor
Foam layer cohesive articles and wound care bandages and methods of making and using same
Shoe-mounted umpire's brush unit
Footwear outsole
Copper alloy piston shoe
Bicycle brake assembly having multiple replaceable brake pads
Impact attenuating and spring elements and products containing such elements
Shoe shelf for adjustable organizer system
Supporting apparatus for washing machine
Brake device and wheel assembly for skateboards
Plough for underground mining
Miniature manipulator for servicing the interior of nuclear steam generator tubes
Exercise device
Actuated leg prosthesis for above-knee amputees
System and method for conveying flat panel display
Amphibious vehicle
Apparatus for controlling speed of a water pump
Planetary gear set for an automatic transmission of a vehicle
Automatic transmission control system
Mechanical automatic transmission apparatus
Method for improving a drive-to-park shift
Motor vehicle massage seat
Device for heating and/or demisting a vehicle
Safety liner having a valve for a vehicle tire and method of use
Process for foaming around the peripheral edge area of cover for a motor vehicle roof and a motor ve...
Coated article having low-E coating with ion beam treated IR reflecting layer and corresponding meth...
Data transmission system utilizing efficient complexity estimation of the kolmogorov complexity for ...
Binding assays that use the T1R1/T1R3 (umami) taste receptor to identify compounds that elicit or mo...
Polymer compositions exhibiting a PTC property and methods of fabrication
Method for analysing physical and/or chemical properties of the surface layer of a solid body (varia...
Rotary power converter
Electro-optic reflective element assembly
PRO4348 antibodies
Ink-jet printing method and ink-jet printing apparatus
Phase change inks containing Fischer-Tropsch waxes
High efficiency plasma display panel (PDP) provided with electrodes within laminated dielectric barr...
Rotavirus subunit vaccine
Compositions and methods for treating cancer
Antiseptic solutions containing silver chelated with polypectate and EDTA
Nutritional weight loss agent and method
Herbal composition for treatment of chronic renal failure and method to produce thereof
Optical projection apparatus and projection-type image displaying apparatus
CMOS imaging for ALC and CDS
Liquid crystal display device and driving method thereof
Liquid crystal display controller
Perpendicular view three dimensional electronic programming guide
Color correction of digital video images using a programmable graphics processing unit
Wide-angle image generating device
Video communication system
Summarization of football video content
Wireless application protocol television
System and method for storing pattern data
Method and apparatus for color calibration
Digital observation system
Printer and docking station having a digital camera docking port with an image magnifier
Iris image pickup apparatus
Light emitting panel
Device for preparation of plastic materials for recycling purposes
Drum-type washing machine with elastic oil damper
Paper-made cloth hanger
Self cleaning shredding device having movable cleaning rings
Biofiltration apparatus and method for reducing methyl bromide concentration in a volume of gas
Filter module
Moving bed adsorber/desorber and low flow (high yield) desorber devices and their methods of use
Compositions and methods for screening antibacterial compounds
Use of salt-like structured silicas as charge control agents
Method and system for generating executable code for formatting and printing complex data structures
Vectorization in a SIMdD DSP architecture
System and method for system-on-chip interconnect verification
System and method for applying error correction code (ECC) erasure mode and clearing recorded inform...
Printer control method, information processing apparatus, program, and storage medium
Apparatus and method for using values from a frequent values list to bridge additional keys in a dat...
Method for computing the minimum edit distance with fine granularity suitably quickly
Multi-protocol lock manager
Generating and analyzing business process-aware modules
RF power amplifier
Phased array antenna system to achieve suppression of undesired signal components
Mobile terminal positioning system
Radio transceiver card communicating in a plurality of frequency bands
Method and system for control of congestion in CDMA systems
Method and system for multicasting messages to wireless terminals
Method and system for selective usage of broadband forward link
Methods, systems, and computer program products for allocating bandwidth in a radio packet data syst...
Method and arrangement for asynchronous processing of CCTrCH data
Resource management and traffic control in time-division-duplex communication systems
Adaptive downlink packet transmission method in multicarrier CDMA system
Method and apparatus for synchronizing a radio telemetry system by way of transmitted-reference, del...
Ophthalmic measuring apparatus
Integrated optical devices and methods of making same
Endoscopic observation apparatus and medical device holder
Method and apparatus for optimized combustion in an internal combustion engine utilizing homogeneous...
Communications management using weights and thresholds
System and method for the prevention of corruption of networked storage devices during backup data r...
Method of analyzing ligand in sample and apparatus for analyzing ligand in sample
Microorganism culture device and microorganism culture medium comprising the same
Chimeric binding peptide library screening method
Genetic demonstration of requirement for nkx6.1, nkx2.2 and nkx6.2 in ventral neuron generation
Method and apparatus for using documents written in a markup language to access and configure networ...
Network architecture using firewalls
Method and apparatus for providing full duplex and multipoint IP audio streaming
System and method for record and playback of collaborative web browsing session
Adaptive control system and method for optimized invocation of portlets
Pendant light
Pendant light
Combined cigar and cigar accessory carrying case
Dome light
Liquid and lotion applicator
Flip-top dental floss dispenser cap
Electric light
Surgical site marking apparatus
Ceiling light fixture
Hair curling iron
Hanging lamp support
Electric depilator
Electric shaver
Reusable cuff barrier
Detection of erythropoietin and erythropoietin receptor
Method of authenticating products using hardware compatibility flag
Data compression method and compressed data transmitting method
Sterilizer cassette handling system with dual visual code reading
Radio frequency identification shelf antenna with a distributed pattern for localized tag detection
Rectifying charge storage memory circuit
Deposition fabrication using inkjet technology
RFID weight-based security method with container compensation
Storage device for integrated circuits and method of employing a storage device
Retroactive device
Wheelchair with forced driven front caterpillar wheels
Pneumatic transport tube system
Method for controlling a patient's body temperature
Intravascular stent device
Type 1 ryanodine receptor-based methods
Macrocyclic pyrimidines, their production and use as pharmaceutical agents
Substituted (4-aminocyclohexen-1-yl)phenyl and (4-aminocyclohexen-1-yl)pyridinyl compounds as 5-HT.s...
Storage element and memory including a storage layer a magnetization fixed layer and a drive layer
Slide phone
Method for compressing an intraluminal device
Aminoalkylphosphonates and related compounds as Edg receptor agonists
Patient temperature regulation method and apparatus
Device and method for treatment of mitral insufficiency
Device and method for modifying the shape of a body organ
Apparatus for separating components from blood plasma
Method and device for monitoring platelet function
Mapping Enterprise Java Bean attributes to database schema
Data migration system and method
Method, system and recording medium for maintaining the order of nodes in a heirarchical document
Web-interactive software testing management method and computer system including an integrated test ...
System and method for funding a collective account by use of an electronic tag
Method and system for transmitting electronic value information
Method and system for automatically detecting fraudulent applications
Methods and systems for generating and displaying the capacity of a delivery management system
Method and system for quantitatively assessing project risk and effectiveness
Computer implemented system and method for determining the most profitable distribution policy
Systems and methods for monitoring and controlling business level service level agreements
Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
Packet header alignment
Packet messaging method and apparatus
Compact compression connector with flexible clamp for corrugated coaxial cable
Atomic layer deposition methods, and methods of forming materials over semiconductor substrates
Thermoplastic polyamide moulding compositions
Representing quasi-homogenous materials
Hardware accelerated blend modes
Three way validation and authentication of boot files transmitted from server to client
Multiplexing a communication port
Sequential motion pattern representation
Software license enforcement mechanism for an emulated computing environment
Schemaless XML payload generation
Methods, computer readable mediums and systems for requesting, retrieving and delivering metadata pa...
Capacity planning for server resources
Multi-level persisted template caching
Architecture for electric machine
Rotary electro-dynamic machine and armature winding thereof
Measurement device and process for determining the straightness of hollow cylindrical or hollow coni...
Microelectromechanical devices with low inertia movable elements
Optical filter and optical instrument
Electron-emitting device, electron source, and method for manufacturing image displaying apparatus
Flat panel display apparatus
Powered panel moving system
Active matrix liquid crystal display with 5MM contact hole in color filter and manufacturing method ...
Lithographic apparatus, illumination system, and optical element for rotating an intensity distribut...
Wireless device battery conservation method and system
Communication device with multiple detachable communication modules
Always active message retrieval
System and method for transmitting bidirectional signals over a cable antenna
Adaptive data rate control method
System and method for handoff in a CDMA network
Protocol for configuring a wireless network
Configuring wireless devices
Network projector interface system
Wind speed measurement apparatus and method
Phoretic display
Methods and systems for substrate surface evaluation
Portable phone
Portable phone
Portable phone
Portable telephone
Foldable mobile phone
Charging holder for portable phone
Mobile phone
LCD monitor
Portable phone
Graphic user interface for a MP3 player
Display with graphic user interface
Display with graphic user interface
Digital audio player
Digital camcorder
Portable mobile printer
Air conditioner
Solution masterbatch process using fine particle silica for low hysteresis rubber
1-aza-dibenzoazulenes as inhibitors of tumour necrosis factor production and intermediates for the p...
Composition for forming porous film, porous film and method for forming the same, interlevel insulat...
Field-effect transistor
Strawberry variety named `Wendy`
Hydrangea macrophylla plant named `HYMMAD III`
dianthus plant named `Cranberry Ice`
Geranium plant named `Guigloria`
Geranium plant named `Guitroika`
Geranium plant named `Indy Red`
Methods of eliciting broadly neutralizing antibodies targeting HIV-1 gp41
DNA transfection system for the generation of infectious influenza virus
Virus coat protein/receptor chimeras and methods of use
Alpha-complementation viral fusion assay
Multi-subtype FIV vaccines
Anti-viral activity of an anti-thymidine kinase monoclonal antibody