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Apple tree named `Minneiska`
Lupinus plant named `Blossom`
Echinacea purpurea plant named `Merlot`
Interspecific tree named `Bella Cerise`
Peach tree named `NEPTUNE I`
Process for photo-oxidative stability improvements
Ice method for production of hydrogen clathrate hydrates
Process for catalytic hydrogenation
Method for producing 1-olefins using palladium carbene compounds
Process for benzene alkylation and transalkylation of polyalkylated aromatics over improved zeolite ...
Critical phase alkylation and transalkylation process in the presence of a beta zeolite
Process for making xylene isomer using a deheptanizer with a side draw recycle
Selective aromatics isomerization process
Xylene isomerization with an added benzene
Conversion of oxygenate to propylene using moving bed technology
Conversion of an alcoholic oxygenate to propylene using moving bed technology and an etherification ...
Preparation of olefins by metathesis over a carbide or oxycarbide of a transition metal
Alkylation process with settler effluent recycle
Windsurfing catamaran vessel
System for reducing the roll of a boat
Watercraft hull and gunwale mooring guard
Kayak having stabilizing flares
Retractable folding top assembly
Power driven marine ladder
Multi-purpose boat tower
Wave power
Protective marine vessel and drive
Robotic hand with extendable palm
Grip strength with tactile feedback for robotic surgery
Robot teaching device
Off-axis rotary joint
Radio transmitting apparatus, radio receiving apparatus and method therefor
Data transmission method and arrangement
Beam forming and transmit diversity in a multiple array radio communications system
Portable radio communication apparatus and connection member
Transmitting method and transmitting device, receiving method and receiving device, and transfer met...
Methods and devices to expand applications of intraoperative radiation probes
Method for detecting a signal and receiver system for the implementation of the method
Wireless LAN receiver with I and Q RF and baseband AGC loops and DC offset cancellation
On-fiber microwave modulator and high speed switch for telecommunication applications
High output power radio frequency integrated circuit
Power control in telecommunications networks
Method and system for facilitating transmission of analog signals to a wireless terminal
Multiple tuners in a single radio receiver
Radio communication terminal
Adaptive radio patch interface system
Mobile communication method and mobile station
Radio signal strength mapping through a telematics system
Multi-protocol interchip interface
Stringed instrument
Optimally coupled string instrument bridge
Push-button spike system for support leg
Musical instrument having exchangeable components
Tuner apparatus for aiding a tuning of musical instrument
Plectrum holder
Drum tuning key
Musician's article of clothing with strap openings for inserting and holding a musical instrument st...
Musical content utilizing apparatus
Performance apparatus and tone generation method therefor
Method, medium, and system summarizing music content
System, method and computer program for ensuring secure use of music playing data files
Sound features extracting apparatus, sound data registering apparatus, sound data retrieving apparat...
Method for reducing reactivity of calcium hypochlorite
Manufacturing apparatus and method for carbon nanotube
Method for removing N.sub.2O during the production of nitric acid
Catalyst for purifying methane-containing waste gas and method of purifying methane-containing waste...
Raw material powder for molding oxide ion conductor, and method for manufacturing the same
3C-SIC nanowhisker and synthesizing method and 3C-SIC nanowhisker
Portable playing field for playing a plastic ball and bat game
Apparatus and methods for the inspection of microvias in printed circuit boards
Method and apparatus for reducing the effect of EMI on receiver sensitivity in a camera phone
Observation device
Heat dissipating structure for IC chip of plasma display module and plasma display module having the...
Closed loop sub-carrier synchronization system
System and method for determining a seed vigor index from germinated seedlings by automatic separati...
Three-dimensional image evaluation unit and display device using the unit
Color misregistration reducer
Compressed moving image decompression device and image display device using the same
Image synthesizing apparatus and image synthesizing method
Navigation apparatus and navigation method with image recognition
System and method for capturing adjacent images by utilizing a panorama mode
Apparatuses and methods to enable the simultaneous viewing of multiple television channels and elect...
Video recording apparatus
Method and an apparatus for stream conversion, a method and an apparatus for data recording, and dat...
Personal mobility vehicles and methods
Power-dividing device and axle-driving device for a working vehicle
Vehicle and method for controlling engine start in a vehicle
Radiator device for two-wheeled motor vehicle
Hood with integral air duct
Instrument panel construction for a vehicle
Electromotive power assisted bicycle
Seatbelt tensioning device and method
Structure for protecting brake pedal from impact
Loading machine
Motor-driven steering assist apparatus
Vehicle frame with shock absorbing system
Wheelchair suspension
Cowling structure of motorcycle
Amphibious vehicle suspension
Hybrid transmissions having three motor/generators and three interconnected planetary gear members
Electrically variable transmission having three planetary gear sets and two fixed interconnections a...
Steering assist apparatus and method for vehicle
Turbojet electromechanical thrust reverser with servo-controlled door displacement
Complimentary retrograde/prograde satellite constellation
Rotary wing aircraft
Method and system for controlling helicopter vibrations
System and method for landing a tailless aircraft in a crosswind
Power strip for seats
Payload to support track interface and fitting apparatus and methods
Method and system for determining a singularity free momentum path
Apparatus and methods for in-space satellite operations
Platform and system for mass storage and transfer in space
Missile defense system and methods for evading heat seeking missiles
Method and system for multi-enterprise optimization using flexible trade contracts
Joint subscriber management system and receiving terminal
Method and system for exchange of financial investment advice
Method and system for linking personnel, organizational, and budgetary elements
Mobile process automation method
Automated trading for e-markets
Method, system, and storage medium for facilitating excess inventory utilization in a manufacturing ...
System and method for developing and using a request for transaction framework
Intelligent filtering for contact spanning multiple access networks
Method and interface for presenting last traded quantity information
Operation of a security module in a card reader
Method, software program, and system for managing debt
Method and system for optimum placement of advertisements on a webpage
Systems and methods for implementing person-to-person money exchange
Simulation method for designing customized medical devices
System and method for improved surgical workflow development
Manikin and eye device apparatus, methods and articles of manufacture
Operationalizing a learning solution
Cooccurrence and constructions
Image distribution system
Method of forming an earplug by laser ablation and an earplug formed thereby
Method and system for intelligent scalable animation with intelligent parallel processing engine and...
System and method for measuring position and orientation using distortion-compensated magnetic field...
Text-to-scene conversion
Media role management in a video conferencing network
Method and system for providing adaptive and proactive interaction management for multiple types of ...
Multi-media system and method for simultaneously delivering multi-media data to multiple destination...
Transmarking of multimedia signals
Apparatus and method for discontinuously receiving MBMS notification indicator in mobile communicati...
Mix protocol multi-media provider system incorporating a session initiation protocol based media ser...
Method for providing local and toll services with LNP, and toll-free services to a calling party whi...
Detecting multimedia capability of a caller
Source adaptive system and method for 2D iDCT
System and method for registering attendance of entities associated with content creation
Method for providing guide broadcasting for video phone by means of fallback between speech mode and...
Thwarting denial of service attacks originating in a DOCSIS-compliant cable network
Apparatus and method for operating and maintaining private mobile communication service system using...
Satellite receiver/router, system, and method of use
Handoff system and method of dual mode mobile for connecting mobile communication system and wireles...
System and method for compressing information flows in a network environment
Call routing method in VoIP based on prediction MOS value
Data call routing on IP connections
Method and system for automatic language negotiation on voice (over IP) calls
Hybrid satellite and fiber communications system
Information mapping approaches
Method and apparatus for updating map data, and computer-readable medium storing program for executi...
Unified product purchasing method
System and method for electronic commerce
Content augmentation based on personal profiles
Methods and apparatus for improved security services
System and method for digital content distribution
Method and system for accessing interactive multimedia information or services by touching marked it...
Skin generating method, program, and apparatus
Systems and methods for automatically configuring and managing network devices and virtual private n...
Method for supporting the communication of information via a communications system
Earphone antenna and portable radio equipment provided with earphone antenna
Method and apparatus for accentuating graphical elements on a mobile handset housing
Wireless mobile phone including a headset
Foldable mobile communication terminal and calling method thereof
Folding-type portable information device provided with image capturing function
Method and apparatus for extended management of state and interaction of a remote knowledge worker f...
Telephony control system with intelligent call routing
Methods and systems for default routing in a signaling network
Method for NPA split processing
System and method for accessing a wireless network from a handset connected to a public wiring netwo...
Method and apparatus for providing an interactive home agent with access to call center functionalit...
Method and apparatus for implementing call processing in packet telephony networks
Portable communication apparatus
Handheld electronic device with reconfigurable keypad
Method and system for data rating for wireless devices
Method to challenge cell phone user for fraudulent use
Wireless communication system and method of changing language to be displayed in wireless client
Mobile communication terminal and method for converting voice message to text message
Transmission of short message with a master unit
Method, apparatus, and machine-readable medium for configuring thresholds on heterogeneous network e...
Shared electronic ink annotation method and system
Zinc oxide powder aggregates present in circular, ellipsoidal, linear and branched form
Method for the production of precipitated calcium carbonate with a high degree of brightness
Process for removal of pollutants
Catalyst for treatment and control of post-combustion emissions
Non-aqueous borate routes to boron nitride
Phyllosilicate-intercalation compounds
Maximum reaction rate converter system for exothermic reactions
Catalytic wet oxidation of lactose
Methods of purifying hydrogen fluoride
Method for fullerene derivative and the fullerene derivative proton conductor and electrochemical de...
Titanium dioxide pigment and method for producing the same and resin composition using the same
High pressure crystal growth apparatuses and associated methods
Kraft pulp yield by heat treatment of polysulphide liquors generated by oxidation
On-site generation, purification, and distribution of ultra-pure anhydrous ammonia
Sharing calendar information
Human virus causing respiratory tract infection and uses thereof
Nucleic acids encoding .beta. 1,4-N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferases from C. jejuni
Alkaline proteases
Isolation and characterization of ECA1, a gene overexpressed in endometrioid carcinomas of ovary and...
Methods of modulating cold sensory perception
Polynucleotide encoding a 35 KDA protein thats binds to WF00144
Cultured Xenopus laevis cell lines expressing mutant Adenomatous polyposis coli gene
Nucleic acids encoding parathyroid hormone (PTH) derivatives
MAGE-A3 peptides presented by HLA class II molecules
CD4-independent HIV envelope proteins as vaccines and therapeutics
Yeast-origin promoter and vector and expression system using the same
Chimeric promoters comprising a caulimovirus promoter enhancer for use in plants
Methods of constructing camel antibody libraries
Method and composition for reducing expression of ROCK-II
Methods of cloning and producing fragment chains with readable information content
Alkyl-linked nucleotide compositions
Cytokinin oxidase promoter from maize
Plant seed-specific expression promoter derived from sesame and seed-specific expression vector comp...
COT102 insecticidal cotton
Inbred corn line G06-NP2760
Inbred corn line PHCND
Novel receptors
Genetically Modified Plant Producing Lactosyl Ceramide and Utilization of the Same
Sushi Peptide Multimer
Use of a Compound Comprising D-Mannoheptulose and/or Perseitol for Treating and Preventing Innate Im...
Type II Cubic Liquid Crystal Composition
Neuramindase Inhibitor
Indolopyrrolocarbazole derivatives and anti-tumor agent
Modified Cea/B7 Vector
Geranyl compounds
Plant Genome Sequence and Uses Thereof
Carbonylated Compounds Preparation Process From A Vegetable Product And Resulting Carbonylated Compo...
Cloning and Sequencing of the Ferulate Esterase Gene from Lactobacillus Buchneri LN4017
1H-Indole-3-Carboxylic Acid Derivatives And Their Use As Ppar Agonists
Novel Compounds, Their Preparations And Use
Compounds And Compositions As Ppar Modulators
Tri(Hydroxymethyl)Methylamine Salt or an Ethanol Amine Salt of (2S)-2-Ethoxy-3-(4-PHENYL) Propanoic ...
Multifunction health apparatus
Remote Commander To Be Used With A Drug Delivery Device
Adhesive and Mechanical Fastener
Adipose Resolve Apparatus for Low-Power Laser
Computational methods and systems associated with nutraceutical related assays
Novel biological substance nesfatin and its related substances and uses thereof
Drugs For Diseases Accompanying Changes In Total Bile Acid Pool Or Lipid Metabolism Disorders And Me...
Compositions and Methods for Increasing Telomerase Activity
Use of lipid conjugates in the treatment of diseases or disorders of the eye
Novel Indole Derivatives
Preparation and use of compounds as protease inhibitors
{Beta}-Lactamyl vasopression V1a antagonists and methods of use
Skeletal muscle protecting agent
Heterocyclic Oxime Compounds, A Process For Their Preparation And Pharmaceutical Compositions Contai...
Modulators of ATP-binding cassette transporters
Isoxazoline-Indole Derivatives With an Improved Antipsychotic and Anxiolytic Activity
Methods for dosing an orally active 1,2,4-oxadiazole for nonsense mutation suppression therapy
Chromone Derivatives Useful as Vanilloid Antagonists
Diphenylethylene compounds and uses thereof
Methods for the treatment of HIV-1 related fat maldistribution, fasting hyperlipidemia and modificat...
Synergistic Effects Of Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) And Carotenoid Absorption Of Cognitive Function
Methods of inducing terminal differentiation
Use of 2,5-Dihydroxybenzene Derivatives for Treating Dermatitis
Functional and hyperfunctional siRNA directed against Bcl-2
CBG gene as a genetic marker of hypercortisolism and associated pathologies
Systems and methods for tracking employee leaves under the FMLA
Methods and apparatus for detecting temporal process variation and for managing and predicting perfo...
Information processing apparatus and method, program storage medium and program
Most probable explanation generation for a Bayesian Network
System and method for efficient development of configurable software systems in a large software dev...
Automatically opening dollhouse
Determining a result of an electronic game
Toy with virtual character
Multiply interconnectable environmentally interactive character simulation module method and system
Sand sculpture kit and a method for creating and decorating a sand sculpture
Card game system
Conveyor control system and method for water amusement parks
Water amusement park conveyors
Collapsible sports goal
Toy construction set method and apparatus
System for realising complex assemblies
Dye loaded zeolite material containing devices
Interface for UV-curable adhesives
Semiconductor thin film, semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Wind farm and method for operating same
Sub-miniature arc lamp
Robot for surgical applications
Energy source communication employing slot antenna
Cruciform antenna comprising linear sub-antennas and associated processing
Electrochromic devices and methods
Method and device for multistate interferometric light modulation
Display device having a movable structure for modulating light and method thereof
Radio controlled timepiece and method of controlling the same
Watch comprising a solar time display
Hearing device with fuel cell
Directional video filters for locally adaptive spatial noise reduction
MEMS device fabricated on a pre-patterned substrate
Methods and apparatus for extraction and tracking of objects from multi-dimensional sequence data
Interactive virtual thematic environment
Coated substrate with high reflectance
Exactly once protocol for message-based collaboration
Network system using name server with pseudo host name and pseudo IP address generation function
System and method for reprioritizing high-latency input/output operations
System method using material exchange format (MXF) converting program for audio and video data files...
Control facility for processing in-band control messages during data replication
Storage switch asynchronous replication
System and method for efficient storage and manipulation of extremely large amounts of scan data
Method for computing data signatures
Representing sub-events with physical exertion actions
Managing the release of electronic content using a template without version logic
Method for visualizing weblog social network communities
Multidimensional structured data visualization method and apparatus, text visualization method and a...
Visualization of a comparison result of at least two data structures organized in directory trees
Analytical application framework
Server-centric search function in an interactive program guide
Methods and apparatus to distribute policy information
Protecting a computer coupled to a network from malicious code infections
Method and system for determining presence of probable error or fraud in a data set by linking commo...
Method and apparatus for setting access restriction information
Method and system for user information verification
Method for securely managing information in database
Wireless security system and method
System and method for encrypting and decrypting files
Distinguishing legitimate modifications from malicious modifications during executable computer file...
Semiconductor IC, information processing method, information processing device, and program storage ...
Method and apparatus for controlling data and software access
Method and apparatus for performing finite field calculations
Method of public key generation
Storage system executing encryption and decryption processing
Device for compression and encryption, and device for decompression and decryption
Method and apparatus for recording information including secret information and method and apparatus...
Electric circuit management method and device
Method and apparatus for tracking and controlling e-mail forwarding of encrypted documents
System and method for on-line diagnostics
Data authentication system
System and method for establishing secure communication
Passive optical network and ultrawide band adapter
Outage reporting for a telecommunications system
Multi-modal communications method
DTMF lockout utility epoch time stamp
Call transfer service using service control point and service node
Call management reports
Connector having retentive rib
Symbol display device for game machine
Method and system for providing enhanced caller identification information
Call programming apparatus and method
Multiple output stage converter and operating method thereof
Scrambling of the current signature of an integrated circuit
Photovoltaic power generation system
Power converters
Charge control device and battery pack employing it
Charging control circuit and charging device including charging transistor control unit
Charger and DC-DC converter
Method and apparatus for regulating charging of electrochemical cells using cell temperature increas...
Apparatus and method for step-down switching voltage regulation
Multi-output type DC/DC converter
Output load adaptable MOSFET gate drive voltage level in a DC-DC controller
Apparatus and method for switching voltage regulation
System and method for generating a reference voltage
Reference voltage circuit driven by non-linear current mirror circuit
Temperature reference circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Robust start-up circuit and method for on-chip self-biased voltage and/or current reference
Image signal processor for use with a solid-state imaging device
Voltage regulator in a non-volatile memory device
Recharging method and apparatus
System and method for interleaving point-of-load regulators
Semiconductor device
Automatic Volume Control of Audio Devices for Marine Vessels
System and Method for Reducing Multi-Modulation Radio Transmit Range
Low Noise Mixer
Method and apparatus of selecting MBMS operating frequency for user equipment in a wireless communic...
Ancillary terrestrial component services using multiple frequency bands
Apparatus and Methods for Reducing Power Consumption and/or Radio Frequency Interference in a Mobile...
System and method for RF transceiver duty cycling in an implantable medical device
System for Obtaining Vehicular Information
Airport radio
Sharing data between wireless switches system and method
Control system for an optical storage device
Eyeglass detection method
Image processing apparatus
Vibration resistant camera for mounting to archery bow
Developer endpoint detection in a track lithography system
Apparatus for processing substrates and method therefor
System and method of capturing and providing supplemental data associated with a digital image
Image pickup device and camera shake correction method
Electronic flash, electronic camera and light emitting head
Focusing unit and optical device
Lens barrel
Three-channel camera systems with non-collinear apertures
Stroboscopic flash device for a digital camera
Light shielding structure of a zoom lens barrel
Camera incorporating a releasable print roll unit
Effects and recording system
Apparatus and method for the controlled production of nano-soot particles
Device for the immobilization of nano- and micro-sized particles in a solid-fluid contact vessel fac...
Nano-powder extraction apparatus using a hollow impeller
Nanoparticle based inks and methods of making the same
Nanoparticle comprising nanoshell of thickness less than the bulk electron mean free path of the she...
Process for producing luminescent silicon nanoparticles
Nanostructure-based package interconnect
Laterally grown nanotubes and method of formation
Carbon nanotube structure and method of vertically aligning carbon nanotubes
Self-assembly of peptide-amphiphile nanofibers under physiological conditions
Method of transdermal drug delivery using hyaluronic acid nanoparticles
Tumor environment-induced ligand-expressing nanocarrier system
Nanocomposite comprising stabilization functionalized thermoplastic polyolefins
Cold cathode light emitting device with nano-fiber structure layer, manufacturing method thereof and...
Dynamic random separation among nanoparticles for nano enhanced Raman spectroscopy (NERS) molecular ...
Nanocrystalline metal oxide films and associated devices comprising the same
Passive fiber alignment arrangement for coupling to nano-taper optical waveguides
Shape memory alloy and method for producing same
Method of Manufacturing Footwear of Differing Widths
Absorbent structure in an absorbent article
Porous bioresorbable dressing conformable to a wound and methods of making same
Sealing Film Dressing
Method of Performing An End-to-End Anastomosis Using a Stent and an Adhesive
Security footwear
Weight sporters athletic shoe
Article of footwear with temperature regulation means
Door lock
Customized molded orthotic shoe insert method and apparatus
Method for manufacturing breathable shoe
Spiritual statue system
Removable or reversible lining for footwear
Field and stream boot
Footwear cinch
Ankle support to be attached to footwear and footwear equipped with it
Footwear item for racket sports
Anti-twist cleat receptacle
One trip cemented expandable monobore liner system and method
Banquet cart
Storage cabinet with locking system having dual release members
Mixer foot and hand held mixer equipped with the foot
Circular electrical connector
Frame structure for hi-hat assembly
Foot operated computer mouse
Tilt base for a router tool
Multipurpose souvenir kit
Gaming device having a multi-round bonus scheme wherein each round has a probability of success
Gaming apparatus and method of gaming including interactive gaming symbols for producing different o...
Method and apparatus for determining a gaming device award
Gaming device having a multiple symbol swapping game
Wagering game with secondary symbol
Multi-line video slot chip-based gaming
Gaming device having a bonus scheme with alternative ending sequences
Processing image data
Methods, apparatus, and systems for evaluating gemstones
Fabrication process of color filters, inks, color filters, and image displays using the color filter...
Carbodiimide composition with suppressed yellowing, a stabilizer against hydrolysis and a thermoplas...
Structural determination of intact proteins using mass spectrometry
Electrochromic display
Thin layered micro optics polarization converter
Optical element, aberration correcting element, light converging element, objective optical system, ...
Toner for electrophotography, method of manufacturing the toner, developer, development method, tran...
Toner and fixing device and image forming device using the same
Emulsion for damping materials and chipping-resistant materials
Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition
Power transistor control device
Liquid crystal display
Manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus of display device
Plasma display panel
Skewed girder tie
Design techniques for low leakage circuits based on delay statistics
Method for heuristic preservation of critical inputs during sequential reparameterization
Method and computer program product for register transfer level power estimation in chip design
Method and apparatus for mixing static logic with domino logic
Technique and apparatus for processing cryptographic services of data in a network system
Paper punch
Integrated circuit analysis method and program product
Method and apparatus for facilitating cell placement for an integrated circuit design
Image recording method and image recording device for correcting optical magnification errors
Bioarray chip reaction apparatus and its manufacture
Method and kits for multiplex hybridization assays
MRAM having error correction code circuitry and method therefor
Semiconductor device having fuse circuit on cell region and method of fabricating the same
Trace amine receptor 1 of the African green monkey
Use of novel virulence-specific genes as targets for diagnosis and potential control of virulent str...
Automated document processing system using full image scanning
Aluminum conductor composite core reinforced cable and method of manufacture
Method of manufacturing an OLED device with a curved light emitting surface
Manufacturing method of die for optical element molding
Method for preventing elution of lead and/or nickel from copper alloy piping material such as valve ...
Methods and devices for selective disruption of fatty tissue by controlled cooling
Method for compensating a pressure drop in a ventilator tube, ventilator and memory medium
Breath aerosol management and collection system
Fuel overflow prevention device
Method and system for packet and circuit telephony in a distributed telecommunications switching sys...
Network support for voice path signal strength balancing
Methods and apparatus for producing transmission failure protected, bridged, and dispersion resistan...
Method of handing off a packet switched to a circuit switched call
Distributed software application software component recovery in an ordered sequence
Supplemental channel sharing algorithm
Rate loop processor for perceptual encoder/decoder
Method and apparatus for providing improved border paging in a wireless network
Method for alerting a mobile unit of a missed call upon movement of the mobile unit
Methods and devices for selectively generating time-scaled sound signals
Internet-enabled service management and authorization system and method
Method and apparatus for managing data bursts
Method and system to send SMS messages in a hybrid network
Automated copyright detection in digital images
Mobile wireless communications device having dual antenna system for cellular and WiFi
Mobile Wireless Communications device with multiple RF transceivers using a common antenna at a same...
Regulating data-burst transfer
Methods, systems, and computer program products for dynamic inter-operability of nodes in service gr...
Process for preparing a polyformyl arylamine
Image processing device and received document sorting control method for same
Halftone screen frequency and magnitude estimation for digital descreening of documents
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser diode and process for producing the same
10-bit per pixel processing using 8-bit resources
Systems and methods for adjusting image data to form highly compressible image planes
Rotary-type developing device and image forming apparatus
Xerographic developer unit having multiple magnetic brush rolls rotating against the photoreceptor
Finite impulse response filter method and apparatus
Image forming device and method
Method and system for handling data
Photoreceptor layer having thiophosphate lubricants
Electrostatic latent image developing toner and manufacturing method thereof
System and method for dynamically determining the attitude of an author of a natural language docume...
Lubrication device of engine
Card reader
Sheet feeding device
Optical receptacle and optical module with optical receptacle
Color adjustment apparatus, print control apparatus, color adjustment method, and color adjustment p...
Write driver with improved boosting circuit and interconnect impedance matching
Dielectric ceramics, multilayer ceramic capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
FBG sensing system
Noise cancel circuit
Communications apparatus that displays data in a standby screen
Data processing machine
Four-stroke engine
Neural networks in sedation and analgesia systems
Host based printer, host device and printing control method
Variable capacitor, circuit module, and communications apparatus
Wrist watch
Hanging mount for flat panel displays
Cantilevered desktop mount for flat panel displays
Desktop mount for flat panel displays
Apparatus and method for measuring coating accumulations in a spray booth
Patterned substrate, electro-optical device, and method for manufacturing an electro-optical device
Organic electroluminescence display apparatus
Display device and manufacturing method thereof
Light emitting panel and light emitting apparatus having the same
Surface-mount coil package and method of producing the same
Field emission device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Molecular beam source for use in accumulation of organic thin-films
Particles, aqueous dispersion and film of titanium oxide, and preparation thereof
Phosphorus-containing silazane composition, phosphorus-containing siliceous film, phosphorus-contain...
Siloxane monomer containing trifluorovinylether group and sol-gel hybrid polymer prepared by using t...
Capacitor and its manufacturing method, ferroelectric memory device, actuator, and liquid jetting he...
Surface acoustic wave device and environmental difference detecting apparatus using the surface acou...
Surface acoustic wave device and environmental difference detecting apparatus using the surface acou...
Manufacturing method of thin-film transistor, thin-film transistor sheet, and electric circuit
Methods for making integrated-circuit wiring from copper, silver, gold, and other metals
Membrane multi-layer structure, and actuator element, capacitive element and filter element using th...
Recombinant organisms producing insect toxins and methods for constructing same
Capillary-action, glitter markers and ink compositions for same
System and method for user edit merging with preservation of unrepresented data
SQL predicate migration
Audio distribution system
Database remote replication for back-end tier of multi-tier computer systems
Renaming multiple files
Method for the production of impact polystyrene
Method and system for representing reservoir systems
Method of selective esterification
Absorbent article having improved surface properties
Lacrosse pocket having runners with pre-sewn apertures
Soluble compound and organic electroluminescent devices
Pyran derivative, method for manufacturing the same, and light-emitting element containing the pyran...
Methods and devices using high efficiency alkaline earth metal thiogallate-based phosphors
Card activated cash dispensing automated banking machine system and method
Echelle grating dense wavelength division multiplexer/demultiplexer
Monitoring light beam position in electro-optical readers and image projectors
Single-plate color projector and synchronization adjusting method therefor
Position lamp for use with watercraft and ashore and having multiple light sources
Optical transceiver with optical subassemblies optionally fixed to housing
Ultrasound system
Optically active 1-(fluoro-, trifluoromethyl- or trifluoromethoxy- substituted phenyl)alkylamine N-m...
Optoelectronic input device, method for production of such a device, and method for measuring the mo...
Liquid-crystal display having liquid-crystal layer oriented to bend alignment
Method for winding sensing coils and sensing coil for fiber optic gyroscopes
Color display device having single illuminating system
Closing module for an optical arrangement
Printed circuit board inspection system combining X-ray inspection and visual inspection
Package substrate pattern to accommodate optical waveguide
Optical device
Optical line terminal arrangement, apparatus and methods
Method and system for fluid mediated disk activation and deactivation
Image forming apparatus and fixing apparatus
Pyrotechnic systems and associated methods
Apparatus and method for security
Rotational and linear shock apparatus
Shock and launch apparatus
Lubricated trench wall cutter with remote lubricant inlet port
Bearing structure and press molding apparatus having the structure
Bearing and turbo compressor comprising the same
Cartridge bearing
Conrad bearing cage
Lubricating system for a fan
Hard disk drive device, and fluid dynamic bearing spindle motor and assembling method thereof
CAM follower
Device for feeding oil to a bearing seat of a rotatable shaft
Instrumented rolling bearing
Layered composite material for plain bearings, production and use thereof
Contamination barrier and lithographic apparatus comprising same
Cylinder head with integral tuned exhaust manifold
XML schema evolution
Method and system for managing configuration changes in a data processing system
Poker table
Poker table
Fixing agent in the form of an oil/water type emulsion or suspension, and preparation of the same
X-ray detector
Radiation emitting structures including photonic crystals
Catalyst and method for hydrogenating aromatic compounds
Ultra-bright light engine for projection displays
Heat-transfer label assembly and method of using the same
Manufacture of paper and paper board
Separation of fluorous compounds
System for the preferential removal of silicon oxide
ALD of amorphous lanthanide doped TiO.sub.x films
Oxidation process
Electromagnetic radiation sensor and method for fabricating the same
Ultra low density thermally clad microspheres and method of making same
High-frequency porcelain composition, process for producing the same and planar high-frequency circu...
Rubber compositions comprising unsaturated imidoalkoxysilanes
Web-based speech recognition with scripting and semantic objects
Submerged entry nozzle with installable parts
Process for making a wet wipe using a concentrated emulsion
Lipophilic fluid cleaning compositions capable of delivering scent
Method of making an edge fold having substantially uniform gathers for absorbent article
Tampon applicator
Skin care device
Method of and apparatus for processing of semi-solid metal alloys
Human intestinal Npt2B
Amorphous cinacalcet hydrochloride and preparation thereof
Low-temperature-stable preservatives
Lens structure of safety glasses
System and method for power quality analytics
Mounting apparatus for electronic component
Method for assigning job in parallel processing method and parallel processing method
Method and apparatus for delivery of targeted video programming
Method and apparatus for notification on an electronic handheld device using an attention manager
Modified calcium phosphate excipient
Substituted aryl cycloalkanol derivatives and methods of their use
Chromane and chromene derivatives and uses thereof
Bicyclic heterocycles as cannabinoid receptor modulators
Label holder
Use of at least one (dihydro)jasmonic acid derivative as a desquamating agent
Skin cream
Sulfacetamide formulations for treatment of rosacea
Composition comprising at least one first semi-crystalline polymer and at least one second film-form...
Compositions for use in golf balls
Compositions for use in golf balls
Compositions for use in golf balls
Multifunctional 3,4-alkylenedioxythiophene derivatives and electrically conductive polymers containi...
Compositions for use in golf balls
Skin whitening compositions containing black cohosh extract
Chewing gum containing physiological cooling agents and method of preparing
Tubular electro-luminescent panel(s) light device
Printer for authenticating a replaceable ink cartridge
Portable oxygen concentrator
Semiconductor memory device
System, method and software for isolating dual-channel memory during diagnostics
Amplitude limiting circuit and CDMA communication apparatus
Switching between a service virtual machine and a guest virtual machine in a virtual machine monitor...
Disc type recording/reproduction device
Method and system for providing technical support relating to an imaging cartridge
Satellite transponder architecture with integral redundancy and beam selection capabilities
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Radio wave receive, radio wave reception integrated circuit, wave clock, and repeater
System and method for allowing a TDMA/CDMA portable transceiver to operate with closed loop power co...
Medication adherence system
Implant having MEMS flow module with movable, flow-controlling baffle
Biointerface membrane with macro-and micro-architecture
Self-folding polymer microparticles
Methods of using bioelastomers
Multi-lineage directed induction of bone marrow stromal cell differentiation
Photocrosslinked-polysaccharide composition and production process of the same
Probes for chondrogenesis
Hydrazide compounds with angiogenic activity
Method and system for underground treatment of materials
Electromagnetic surveying for resistive or conductive bodies
Centrifuge permeameter for unsaturated soils system
Process for three-dimensional modeling and design of off-highway dump bodies
Adjustable roof fitment and method of making the same
Slip-resistant coatings and substrates coated therewith
Layered film sheet for coating
Method and apparatus for associating PVC identifiers with domain names of home gateways
Method for producing chlorinated vinyl chloride resin
Method for opening a lumen in an occluded blood vessel
Orthodontic indirect bonding tray with moisture control
Medical device articles formed from polymer-inorganic hybrids prepared by ester-alkoxy transesterifi...
Drink container with molded straw and method of manufacture
Injection mold having a wear resistant portion and a high heat transfer portion
Modular firearm buttstock
Systems and methods for electronic weaponry having audio and/or video recording capability
Concealable speed loader for firearms and method for loading a firearm
Multiple magazine carrier and dispenser for firearms
Safety and arming device for a spinning projectile fuze
Light bulb having surfaces for reflecting light produced by electronic light generating sources
Vehicular lamp and projection lens for decreasing an amount of blocked light
Projector and lamp housing thereof
LED flashlight with heat-dissipating plate
Foldable lantern base
Decorative light support device
Hand-held portable drop light
Emergency light in a multilevel aeroplane
Safety whip mast
Headlight assembly structure for a motorcycle
Vehicle headlamp and lamp unit
Light guide plate and backlight module using same
Illumination unit and liquid crystal display comprising it
Backlight module
Direct type backlight unit
Discharge lamp lighting device
Cable management system with spring latch
Method and apparatus for automatically adjusting the optical power directed to a dispersion compensa...
Regeneration of optical phase modulated signals
Optical communication between face-to-face semiconductor chips
Apparatus for coupling electromagnetic energy and method of making
Chromatic dispersion-compensating optical fibre in the S-band using a higher order mode
Glass optical waveguide
Light tunnel, uniform light illuminating device and projector employing the same
Image processing apparatus, method and program that determines a color space of image data using an ...
Methods and apparatuses for restoring color and enhancing electronic images
Identifier comparison
Automated docketing system
Template-based cursive handwriting recognition
Image processing apparatus, image processing system, and image processing method
Image data compression device and encoder
Image-data processing device, image-data processing method, image-data distributing device and image...
Intra-picture prediction coding method
Image data compression device and encoder
Conditional lapped transform
Image processing device, image processing method and image processing program
Automated statistical self-calibrating detection and removal of blemishes in digital images based on...
Image processing apparatus and method for determining whether an image is of a vertical or horizonta...
Digital watermark detection method and apparatus
Electronic blood pressure monitor and blood pressure measuring system
Method and system for determining a period of interest using multiple inputs
Method and apparatus for determining cardiac output
Combined laser spirometer motion tracking system for radiotherapy
Patient sensory response evaluation for neuromodulation efficacy rating
Methods and apparatus for sizing fresh donor heart valves
Device for measuring light absorption characteristics of a biological tissue sample
Dual gradient echo pulse sequence using interleaved spiral-out spiral-in k-space trajectories
Autoclavable imager assembly
Fixed focus handy ovulation tester
Shunt barrier in pulse oximeter sensor
Apparatus for analyzing cardiac events
Reverse thermal gels as support for rapid prototyping
Apparatus and method for updating data in a dual port memory
Method and system for handoff to a destination base station by measuring signal strength of carrier ...
System and method for performing automated optical inspection of objects
Method and apparatus for routing on hold calls
Communication resource selection within a multi-band wireless communication system
Group call management through receive/transmit synchronization
Methods for providing access to wireless resources in a trunked radio communication system
Communication systems automated security detection based on protocol cause codes
Housing for network wireless modem device
Handset device with dual side joystick
Method and apparatus for transmitting location data within a communication system
Method and system for registering an in-vehicle cellular phone
Methods for informing subscribers in a channelized network of adjacent sites
Housing for a headset
User interface module
Pretreated and prepolymerized polyolefin catalyst, production thereof and method of use
Anti-virus hydrophilic polymeric material
Process for wafer level treatment to reduce stiction and passivate micromachined surfaces and compou...
Phase retardation film and liquid crystal display device including the same
Amphiphilic polymers for medical applications
Solid phases optimized for chemiluminescent detection
Composition of vinyl ether group containing (meth)acrylic acid ester and production method thereof
Thermoplastic vulcanizate composition
High melt strength polypropylene
Polymers for use in optical devices
Polycarbonate and process for producing the same
Crosslinked polysaccharide, obtained by crosslinking with substituted polyethylene glycol, as supera...
Method of rendering a surface from a solid graphical image
DRR generation using a non-linear attenuation model
Method, apparatus, and recording medium for processing tomographic image
System to link periodic X-ray images
Robotic trajectory guide
Multi-purpose textured pad
Safety bobber
Method of emptying a container, and use of the method
Animal display and habitat assembly
Beak treatment with tongue protection
Fishing reel with a warning device
Cable barrier system
Recombinant plasmid expressing two fluorescence genes
In vivo models for rabGEF1-dependent signaling and functions
Collapsible planar board
Apparatus for repelling predators of water-residing species
Leak-proof pet ball
Automated poultry processing method and system
Illuminated pet leash
Implement for carrying waste
Agglutination accelerator for immunological measurement
Flame-retardant resin composition free from halogen
Polypropylene resin composition and injection-molded article made of the same
High IV melt phase polyester polymer catalyzed with antimony containing compounds
6-alkylamino-2,2'-disubstituted-7,8-disubstituted-2H-1-benzopyran derivatives as 5-lipoxygenase inhi...
Preparation of sulfide chain-bearing organosilicon compounds
Process for producing zinc dialkyldithiophosphates exhibiting improved seal compatibility properties
Process for producing (meth)acrylic acids and process for distilling the same
Amphiphilic materials and liposome formulations thereof
Method of producing high-purity hydroxypivalaldehyde and/or dimer thereof
Positive resist compositions and patterning process
Lens sheets for rear projection screens
Photopolymerizable composition
RFID label technique
Security tag and system for fabricating a tag including an integrated surface processing system
Low parasitic capacitance Schottky diode
Magnetic element
Flexible surface acoustic wave device
Wireless communication fuse state indicator system and method
Adaptive sensing network
System for isolating radio propagation zones
Curtain for isolating radio propagation zones
Method for isolating radio propagation zones
Photoelectric controller for electric street lighting
Combo memory design and technology for multiple-function java card, sim-card, bio-passport and bio-i...
System and method for sensitivity optimization of RF receiver using adaptive nulling
Methods and apparatus for sharing cell coverage information
System and methods for predicting failures in a fluid delivery system
Apparatus for producing ions from an electrospray assembly
Method and system for ordering customized cosmetic contact lenses
Method and apparatus for displaying a plurality of related products to a user based upon the selecti...
Packaging container with contents mixing structure
Solid-liquid twofold dauber
Angle attachment for power tool
Calculating remaining battery capacity based on battery-side end voltage and device-side end voltage
Fluid mixing apparatus
Methods for increased removal of drag reducer additives from liquid hydrocarbon fuel
RSV proteins, antibodies, compositions, methods and uses
Electrostatic latent image developing toner, and method for manufacturing electrostatic latent image...
Integrated microarray analysis
Azole derivatives
Ink jet recording method and ink jet recording apparatus
Gate stack engineering by electrochemical processing utilizing through-gate-dielectric current flow
Method for fabricating a resistive memory
Alkaline electrochemical cell with a blended zinc powder
Compounds and method for the treatment of overactive bladder
Substituted 4-amino-1-benzylpiperidine compounds
Amidomethyl-substituted 2-(4-sulfonylamino)-3-hydroxy-3,4-dihydro-2H-chromen-6-yl compounds, a proce...
Intravenous site securement device for catheters
Animal control apparatus
Pressure switch
System capable of determining applied and anodized coating thickness of a coated-anodized product
Two-piece rotary metal-cutting tool and method for interconnecting the pieces
Multi-stage pulse tube cryocooler
Golf exercising method
Universal fixed pin trigger block
System for shoe latching in laterally removable sash
Endless track for high speed multi-terrain vehicles
Bit for a powered surgical instrument
Interlocking tubular stent structure
Radiographic image reader for medical purposes
Top surface portion of a blood pressure cuff
Cerebral sensor
Hearing aid device
Digital radiography system cowling
Crib-mountable pacifier holder
Four cell integrated transducer
Pedicure spa
Interlocking rock component system for a spa
Massage device
Control device
Control device
Powered massager for internal use on the human body
Needle counter
Needle counter
Needle counter
Needle counter
Water pump
Polymerizable bicyclic cyclopropane derivatives and their use for the preparation of dental material...
Method of enhancing neural stem cell proliferation, differentiation, and survival using pituitary ad...
Electromagnetic-force-balancing-type electronic balance
Hybrid magnet configuration
MRI apparatus which automatically determines and displays operating instructions
Flexible RF coil assembly and method of making same
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
Permanent magnet, magnetic device for use in MRI including the same, and manufacturing processes the...
Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus and method for assessing whole body composition
Configuration for nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with an MRI phantom
Apparatus and method of providing forced airflow to a surface of a gradient coil
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and imaging apparatus
Prism, method of producing a prism, and optical head apparatus using a prism
Machine for processing printing material sheets
Sheet combining device and a method for combining sheets
Method and device for mounting dressings onto the cylinder of a printing press
Aryl sulfonamide compounds and uses related thereto
Aperture for a radar detector
Method for forming a pattern and substrate-processing apparatus
Method for silicon nitride chemical vapor deposition
Flame-retardant union fabric
RF surfaces and RF ion guides
Cycling LED heat spreader
Tunneled multi-swirler for liquid fuel atomization
Conductive paste for terminal electrode of multilayer ceramic electronic part
Systems and methods for producing fluorocarbons
Multi-chamber MOCVD growth apparatus for high performance/high throughput
Process of making silicon--silicon carbide ceramic using biopreform, silicon--silicon carbide cerami...
Laundry compositions
Cooking device
Semiconductor light-emitting device
Methods of making and filling a fill-through-the-top package
Latch mechanism for pivoting handle assembly of a power tool
Strap assembly with cushioning elements
Lifting device with release mechanism that moves with lifted object
Arrangement structure of speed-change cable
Foldable bicycle
Saddle support structure
Bicycle seat and associated methods
Hub assembly for disk brake of bicycle
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same, and electric appliance
Bicyclic heterocycles, processes for their preparation and their use as herbicides and pharmaceutica...
Information distribution system
Hands-free microphone with wind guard
Electronically servo-assisted bicycle gearshift and related method
Adjustable bag for transporting fluid apparatus
Bicycle base bar
Exercise machine, physical strength evaluation method and pulse rate meter
Precise error handling in a fine grain multithreaded multicore processor
C.sub.xH.sub.y sacrificial layer for cu/low-k interconnects
On-press developable IR sensitive printing plates containing an onium salt initiator system
Functional norbornenes and polymeric derivatives and fabrication thereof
Methods for the therapeutic use of cyclosporine components