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Multi-configuration processor-memory substrate device
Page stream sorter for poor locality access patterns
Integral apparatus for testing twilight vision and glare sensitivity and a method for operating the ...
System and method for optical coherence imaging
Fused pyrazole derivatives as TGF-.beta. signal transduction inhibitors for the treatment of fibrosi...
System and method for optical coherence imaging
Optical method and system for extended depth of focus
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Multi-function solid oxide fuel cell bundle and method of making the same
Ink for forming catalyst layer, and electrode and membrane-electrode assembly using the same
Separator of a fuel cell and a manufacturing method thereof
Method of preserving fuel cell membrane electrode assembly
Process for pre-reforming hydrocarbon fuels
Heat transfer optimization in multi shelled reformers
Method and apparatus for hydrogen detection and dilution
Fuel processor feedstock delivery system
System and method for early detection of contaminants in a fuel processing system
Systems for protecting internal components of a EUV light source from plasma-generated debris
High aspect ratio micromechanical probe tips and methods of fabrication
Polyester polymer and copolymer compositions containing titanium nitride particles
Microscope system and methods for intracellular studies
Projection screen and projection system containing same
Preparation of xylylenediamine (XDA)
Functional norbornenes and polymeric derivatives and fabrication thereof
Fuel cell stack
Advanced pattern definition for particle-beam exposure
SLM addressing methods and apparatuses
Cytological autofocusing imaging systems and methods
Sonar scanner
Speaker supporting device and electronic device comprising this speaker supporting device
Method of assigning carrier frequencies in an optical transmission network
Spacer discharging apparatus and method of field emission display
Method and apparatus for intra-aortic substance delivery to a branch vessel
Stabilized bioactive peptides and methods of identification, synthesis, and use
Method and apparatus for enhanced sequencing of complex molecules using surface-induced dissociation...
Use of biomolecular targets in the treatment and visualization of tumors
Method for the synthesis of perindopril and the pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof
Mask for laser crystallization and crystallization method using the same
Method of manufacturing ferroelectric semiconductor device
Method for forming a semiconductor
Resin composition, prepreg, laminate, and semiconductor package
Copper metalized ohmic contact electrode of compound device
Laser crystallization apparatus
Display apparatus having improved heat dissipation capabilities
System and method for recording and reproducing broadcasting programs
Expander device capable of communication protocol translation
Band configuration agent for link based computing system
Rear panel for a ponytail cap
Bendable display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Dynamic-pressure bearing device and disk drive
Tuning product selectivity in catalytic hydroformylation reactions with carbon dioxide expanded liqu...
Multi-mode smart card emulator and related methods
Generation of high affinity media
Method for extracting association rules from transactions in a database
Method and system for accessing a target sample in a media data stream
Method for optimizing a photolithographic mask
Method and program for generating layout data of a semiconductor integrated circuit and method for m...
System for testing tire sidewall irregularities and related methods
Light curable articles containing azinium salts
Retail blowing insulation machine
Journal bearing arrangement
Transmission line comprising a plurality of serially connected rotational direction-reversal structu...
Electronic device provided with a magnetic screening
High frequency magnetic thin film, composite magnetic thin film and magnetic device using them
Coil component
Superconducting quantum antenna
Haptic devices having multiple operational modes including at least one resonant mode
Multilayer capacitor
Device and method for inspecting surfaces in the interior of holes
Amine compound, electrophotographic photoreceptor using the amine compound and image forming apparat...
Silver salt photothermographic dry imaging material
3-(heteroaryl) alanine derivatives-inhibitors of leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Image capture device and methods
Automatic analyzer and part feeding device used for the analyzer
Anti-CD40 antibodies capable of blocking B-cell activation
Dynamic metered fluid volume determination method and related apparatus
Digital diagnostic apparatus and vision system with related methods
Method for diluting a fluid and detecting analytes within a diluted fluid
Expression of recombinant proteinase K from Tritirachium album in yeast
Method for simultaneously detecting an antigen of, and an antibody against, an infectious microorgan...
Rotary automatic transfer rail for injection molding
Multipurpose tool including bypass pruner
Dishwashing detergent containing glycerol hydroxyalkyl ethers
Packaging for napkins and/or cutlery
Closed-loop magnetic sensor system
Method to infer engine coolant temperature in cylinder head temperature sensor equipped vehicles
Sensor for detection of liquid ingredients, particularly for biological materials and the detection ...
Apparatus and method for providing a flow measurement compensated for entrained gas
MEMS sensor suite on a chip
Diamond radiation detector
Display system and method with multi-person presentation function
Dual band lens system incorporating molded chalcogenide
Holding device for a sensor signal, method for forwarding a sensor signal and computer program
Overhead door immobilizer
Ocean bottom seismic sensing system
Method for analysis of a molten material, device and immersion sensor
Blast movement monitor and method for determining the movement of a blast movement monitor and assoc...
Tire/wheel bead entrapment remover
Branch predictor comprising a split branch history shift register
Laser-supported reproduction method
Conveyance device in an embossing device
Fingerprint input device
Image forming device and detachably loaded process unit
Photosensitive member cartridge, developer cartridge and process cartridge that are capable of being...
Engagement method and system for an image forming apparatus
Signaling gateway with multiple IMSI with multiple MSISDN(MIMM) service in a single SIM for multiple...
Producing three-dimensional objects from deformable material
Device, system and method for accurate printing of three dimensional objects
System and method for automatic sorting of elements in drawing specifications for efficient tracing ...
Radiation curable ink compositions and applications thereof
Use of zinc oxide to improve compatibility of polymer modified asphalt crosslinked with phenol aldeh...
Grafted cyclodextrin
PRO9912 polypeptides
Plant vernalization independence (VIP) genes, proteins, and methods of use
Light enhancing structures with three or more arrays of elongate features
Method of remanufacturing cartridge and remanufactured cartridge
Long curved wedges in an optical film
Golf ball
Graft copolymer, composition containing the same and molded object thereof, and process for producin...
Process cartridge including paper dust removal member
Wireless communication apparatus capable of wireless communication with public wireless network and ...
Communication apparatus, communication method, communication system, and storage medium
Recording apparatus
Inkjet printing apparatus, inkjet printing method and inkjet printing system
Magnetic toner
SOI substrate manufacturing method
Multilayer printed wiring board and multilayer printed circuit board
Envelope, envelope manufacturing method, image display device, and television display device
Frequency modulation apparatus and frequency modulation method
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program using condition information for ima...
Image processing apparatus and control method therefor
Polarizing beam splitter featuring stacked grating layers and display including the same
Image processing apparatus and its method, and control method
Image coding apparatus and method of the same
Photographing apparatus and three-dimensional image generating apparatus
Developer supply container and image forming apparatus
Gas/liquid separation utilizing bunched mesh materials
Method and kit for use with standard pipe couplings to construct a de-aerator
Packing element comprising at least one recessed portion of specific volume and method of using ther...
Waste extraction system
Method and device for separating a mixture of fluids
Systems and methods using multiple solvents for removal of lipids from fluids
Balanced surface acoustic wave filter
End-of-scan reporting system
Electroactive polymer generators
Method for manufacturing a magnet armature
Methods of making and using optical film, light-diffusing film
Color filter
Developing cartridge and image forming apparatus
Method for selective deposition of a thin self-assembled monolayer
Multi-layer interconnect structure for semiconductor devices
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Methods for designing carrier substrates with raised terminals
Method for monitoring edge bead removal process of copper metal interconnection
Glass-ceramic composition, glass-ceramic sintered body, and monolithic ceramic electronic component
Computer automated design system, a computer automated design method, and a semiconductor integrated...
Semiconductor device, flexible substrate, tape carrier, and electronic device including the semicond...
Optical device with alignment compensation
Data storage device with heater, and control method therefor involving different control modes
Semiconductor device including semiconductor element surrounded by an insulating member and wiring s...
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Probe structure having a plurality of discrete insulated probe tips projecting from a support surfac...
Electric signal connecting device and probe assembly and probing device using the same
Approach to minimize worst-case queuing delay for a switching communication system with transmission...
Storage controller and methods for using the same
Discoverability and enumeration mechanisms in a hierarchically secure storage system
Memory system
Determining a remote device name
Unity parallel processing system and method
Input/output device with configuration, fault isolation and redundant fault assist functionality
Cross-correlation of delay line characteristics
Circuit testing with ring-connected test instrument modules
Constructs for delivery of therapeutic agents to neuronal cells
PCA3 messenger RNA species in benign and malignant prostate tissues
Technique for discriminating between coordinated and uncoordinated cardiac rhythms
Polymer coating for medical devices
Projection type liquid crystal projector
System and method for securing computers against computer virus
Video/audio disc player
Combined video tape recorder with a display
Amplifier with digital video disc player
Video game console cooling mechanism
Video game console cooling mechanism
Angular orientation control system for friction welding
Water wiping apparatus and method for removing standing water from flat and contoured surfaces
Method of making a contact
Method and apparatus measuring bandwidth
Golf short game training device and mounting clip
Method and system for timing controlled signal transmission in a point to multipoint power line comm...
Noncontact temperature measurement device having compressed video image transfer
Random refractive index modulated optical fibers
Optical fiber for amplification, optical amplifying apparatus, light source apparatus, photo-therapy...
Optical control device
Holder for optical fiber ferrule end face grinding apparatus
Semiconductor based broad area optical amplifier
Fiber optic cable protective apparatus
Photonic link using angle modulation and method of use thereof
Ethernet passive optical network ring and its method of authorization and collision detection
High pressure and high temperature acoustic sensor
Bi-directional optical transceiver module
Integrated tunable wavelength converter and variable optical delay
Optical imaging system with optical delay lines
Automatic analyzer
Method for the production of pure virally inactivated butyrylcholinesterase
Alkaline protease
Photo-labile pro-fragrance conjugates
Method and apparatus for reducing code phase search space
Method and apparatus for displaying information for vehicle, and computer product
Dynamic discount card tied to price curves and group discounts
Method and device for video-based observation and measurement of the lateral environment of a vehicl...
Method and system for remote reflash
Roll stability control system for an automotive vehicle using an external environmental sensing syst...
G.P.S. management system
Tumor antigen peptides derived from cyclophilin B
Eager evaluation of tasks in a workflow system
Information processing apparatus having simplified user switching function and program for use there...
Voice over internet protocol base
System and method for real-time annotation of a co-browsed document
Multi-catalyst injection system
Process for discharging and transferring fluidized particles
FCC spent catalyst distributor
Fluid catalytic cracking catalyst injection system and method for communicating with same
Framework for integrated intra- and inter-loop aggregation of contiguous memory accesses for SIMD ve...
Automated detection system for sports fields and the like
Efficient and flexible sequencing of data processing units extending VLIW architecture
Pick for stringed musical instruments
Guitar headstock
Fan impeller and fan motor
System, method, and apparatus for valve stop assembly in a reciprocating pump
Reciprocating compressor with enlarged valve seat area
Fluid pump system
Scroll type compressor with an enhanced sealing arrangement
Supercharger with electric motor
Medical fluid delivery system and method relating to the same
Pumping device
Motor protector and method for chemical protection of same
Packaged micromachined device such as a vacuum micropump, device having a micromachined sealed elect...
Pump plate of a rotary feed pump
Rotating fluid machine
Oil supply device for compressor in refrigerating system
Reduced icing valves and gas-driven motor and reciprocating pump incorporating same
Linear compressor
Pumping unit for a liquid medium
Pump for antilock braking system in vehicle
Device for maintaining a static seal of a high pressure pump
Device for cardiocirculatory assistance
Pressure control system with optimized performance
Insulated box fan
Hammer drill with camming hammer drive mechanism
Railway car with overload detector
Self-steering axle suspension system having a rotary stabilizer
Vehicle brake hydraulic pressure generator
Cast trailing arm assembly for trailer suspension
Control valve system
SLA independent vehicle suspension with air bag springs
Motor driven blower support system
Apparatus for forming an air spring flexible member
Automotive suspension with spring-shock absorber assembly response control
Methods and apparatus for reducing vehicle tire wear
Method and systems for aligning a stationary vehicle with an artificial horizon
Sensing and communication system and method
Arrangement for vibration damping in a vehicle
Workpiece support device
Frame integral suspension system
Simple and inexpensive high-capacity output catch tray for document production machines
Method and apparatus for use in removal of internal bones in a fore-end
Integrating event-based production information with financial and purchasing systems in product manu...
Multi-ply wiping products made according to a low temperature delamination process
Single step sterilization wrap system
Recycling of latex-containing broke
Absorbent article having a dehydration indicator
Circumferential stiffening rib for hot-fill containers
Multi-posture folded towel dispenser
Controlled dispensing roll
Sheet fed continuous motion printing system
Reinforcing strips for corrugated paperboard and related method and apparatus for its manufacture
Anti-clotting apparatus and methods for fluid handling system
Vision enhancement system for improved detection of epithelial neoplasia and other conditions
Dual electrode system for a continuous analyte sensor
Catheter device
Nonlinear blind demixing of single pixel underlying radiation sources and digital spectrum local the...
Method and apparatus for testing blood glucose in a reversible infusion line
Analyte detector
System and technique for detecting the presence of foreign material
System for measuring radiance, transmittance and reflectance
Measuring method and measuring apparatus utilizing attenuated total reflection
Analysis disc with analysis object
Stokes parameter measurement device and method
Optical system for measuring samples using short wavelength radiation
Method of performing optical measurement on a sample
Method and system for measuring deep trenches in silicon
Hierarchical static shadow detection method
Method and apparatus for selecting regions of interest in optical imaging
Method of extraction of region of interest, image processing apparatus, and computer product
Image processing of regions in a wide angle video camera
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus with automatic marking
Diotic presentation of second-order gradient directional hearing aid signals
Switching structures for hearing aid
Transmitter modulation switching
Fibre channel zoning by logical unit number in hardware
System, method and apparatus for multiple-protocol-accessible OSD storage subsystem
Storage device
System and method for authenticating a storage device for use with driver software in a storage netw...
System and method for implementing a demand paging jitter buffer algorithm
Distributed apparatus and method for non-invasive measurement of functional state and adaptive respo...
Method and apparatus for separating biological materials and other substances
Polyelectrolyte complex films for analytical and membrane separation of chiral compounds
Aqueous solution plate control system and method
Control strategy to better usage of fuel in gaseous engine
Four-cycle engine and motorcycle comprising four-cycle engine
Method for preferentially removing monovalent cations from contaminated water
Apparatuses and methods for detecting contaminant in a fuel system
Process and device for the production of elastomer-modified thermoplastics
Organometallic complexes as singlet oxygen sensitizers
Purification of silicone containing compounds by supercritical fluid extraction
Passive grease trap using separator technology
Centrifuge including a rotating chamber having a bowl and a cylinder
Membrane zeta potential measuring system
Apparatus to separate oil and debris from an aqueous fluid
Structural improvement for a water purifier
Method for capturing an image with an electronic handheld device
DC/DC converter
Method of apparatus for detecting particles on a specimen
Control circuit for isolated forward DC-to DC converters
Introduction to R2RC D/A converter
Liquid crystal display
Light emitting display device and drive control method thereof
Pendulum resonant converter and method
Switching class A-B amplifier
Switching control circuit for primary-side controlled power converters
Switching control circuit having off-time modulation to improve efficiency of primary-side controlle...
Display device
Adhesive composition and adhesive film
Cooler for cooling clinker
Methods for inhibiting angiogenesis and tumor growth
Substituted 3-pyrrolidine-indole derivatives
1,2,4-Triaminobenzene derivatives useful for treating disorders of the central nervous system
Paclitaxel enhancer compounds
Scintillator-based low energy particle imaging spectrometer
Software and hardware simulation
Interlabial pad
Formulation of spotting solution to achieve uniform spot size and morphology and for nondestructive ...
Pulmonary delivery of aminoglycosides
Method of preparation of bioabsorbable porous reinforced tissue implants and implants thereof
Composite polymer electrolyte membranes and electrode assemblies for reducing fuel crossover in dire...
Toner for developing electrostatic image, developer, image forming apparatus, process for forming im...
Continuous optical measuring apparatus and continuous optical measuring method
Rotating envelope x-ray radiator
Capped pyrazinoylguanidine sodium channel blockers
Water-soluble electrically insulative composition, modifications, and applications thereof
Functionalized porous poly(aryl ether ketone) materials and their use
Polymerizable composition and planographic printing plate precursor using the same
Mercapto-functional silane
Methods of making microelectronic assemblies including compliant interfaces
RFID systems and graphic image fusion
Polyelectrolyte, non-aqueous electrolyte, and electrical device containing the same
Method and apparatus for improving quality of service over meshed bachaul facilities in a wireless n...
Method for creating a whitelist for processing e-mails
Method for the identification and management of mass unsolicited e-mail
Use of geo-location data for spam detection
Countering malicious code infections to computer files that have been infected more than once
Method and system for the prevention of unwanted wireless telecommunications
Electronic bill presentment with bill categorization
System and method for secure network purchasing
Communication system of an automation equipment based on the soap protocol
Trusted communications system
Network apparatus for switching based on content of application data
Metal-cyanine dye having axial ligands which reduce visible absorption
Secure telematics
Antenna with multiple-band patch and slot structures
Methods and apparatus for computationally-efficient generation of secure digital signatures
Apparatus and method for an audio channel switching wireless device
Knowledge-type authorization device and methods
Modifying advertisement scores based on advertisement response probabilities
Data processing systems and methods with enhanced bios functionality
Non-nucleotide compositions and method for inhibiting platelet aggregation
Fluvastatin sodium crystal forms XIV, LXXIII, LXXIX, LXXX and LXXXVII, processes for preparing them,...
Use of inhibitors of the renin-angiotensin system in the prevention of cardiovascular events
Methods and compositions with trans-clomiphene
Thiazole-based nitric oxide donors having aryl substituent(s) and uses thereof
Process for the preparation of fluvastatin sodium crystal from XIV
Ischemic heart disease detection
Method and device for identifying substances capable of modulating adipocyte differentiation
Method to form large grain size polysilicon films by nuclei-induced solid phase crystallization
Implementation of output floating scheme for hv charge pumps
Apparatus and method for programming an array of nonvolatile memory cells including switchable resis...
Disk drive detecting disk warping by detecting negative correlation between read signal amplitudes f...
Disk drive correcting track address during a write operation
System for reading non-volatile storage with efficient setup
Methods for active boosting to minimize capacitive coupling effect between adjacent gates of flash m...
Flash EEprom system
Method for manufacturing a group of head gimbal assemblies
Appliance and receptacle for receiving a Universal Serial Bus (USB) plug in two orientations
Memory cards having two standard sets of contacts
Fabrication of semiconductor device for flash memory with increased select gate width
Disk drive comprising an optical sensor for vibration mode compensation
Apparatus for programming of multi-state non-volatile memory using smart verify
Method of high-performance flash memory data transfer
High-performance flash memory data transfer
Serial interface amplitude selection for a disk drive in an unknown interconnect environment
Non-volatile memory and method with multi-stream update tracking
Universal non-volatile memory card used with various different standard cards containing a memory co...
Magnetic head, head suspension assembly, magnetic reproduction apparatus, and method of manufacturin...
Disk drive voice coil motor yoke assembly having proximity latch magnet pair attracting and holding ...
Head stack assembly having an actuator body with multiple slots adjacent to a bore
Bidirectional micropositioning recording head for a magnetic storage device
GMR head design that suppresses tribocharge during its assembly
Magnetoresistive sensor having a shape enhanced pinned layer
Exchange-coupled film including pinned magnetic layer composed of a plurality of cobalt-iron alloys ...
CPP GMR with hard magnet in stack bias layer
Current in plane magnetoresistive sensor having a contiguous hard bias layer located at back edge of...
Magneto-resistance effect element and magneto-resistance effect head
Amorphous layers in a magnetic tunnel junction device
Mounting apparatus for storage device
Thin film magnetic head having sectional shape of write magnetic pole formed as a trapezoid
Magnetic head and magnetic head substructure including resistor element whose resistance corresponds...
Tape cleaning apparatus
Interconnect for dissipating electrostatic charges on a head slider
Head slider capable of being reliably released from effect of moving recording medium
Suspension assembly of actuator for disk drive with portion of load beam inclined lengthwise between...
Heat transfer paper with peelable film and crosslinked coatings
Thermally-sensitive medium with Fabry-Perot cavities
Flux-quantizing superconducting analog to digital converter (ADC)
ADC with dynamic range extension
Delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter (ADC) having an intermittent power-down state between conver...
D/A converter for a digital signal after non-linear A/D conversion, audio signal processing circuit ...
Specification-based anomaly detection
Method and apparatus for verifying the integrity and security of computer networks and implementing ...
Inventory replication based upon order fulfillment rates
Cheese server
Sharing tagged data on the Internet
Exercise treadmill
Methods and apparatus for supporting selectorized dumbbells
Universal exercise article
Reinforced cord well lifting bar assembly
Adjustment assembly for exercise device
Jump rope with physiological monitor
Melanin concentrating hormone antagonists
Ion channel modulators
Substituted indole acid derivatives as inhibitors of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1)
Benzofuranyl alkanamine derivatives and uses thereof
Agent and compositions comprising the same for inhibiting lipases and phospholipases in body fluids,...
Arylsulfonyl benzodioxanes, benzoxazines and benzothiazines as 5-HT6 antagonists
Process for making spirolactone compounds
Triamide-substituted heterobicyclic compounds
Substituted thiazolidinedione derivative, process for its preparation and its pharmaceutical use
Dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitors and their uses as anti-cancer agents
System and method for managing indoor air through cooperation between air conditioner and mobile ass...
Combined cycle power plant with auxiliary air-cooled condenser
Fuel cooler with lamellar inner structures for connecting to an air-conditioning system of a vehicle
Coil type turn-fin condenser
Fan motor
Heat-emitting element cooling apparatus and heat sink
Multi-layer wick structure of heat pipe
Integrated heat exchangers in a rack for vertical board style computer systems
Optimized fins for convective heat transfer
Air cooled oil cooler
Tube plate for exhaust heat exchanger
Evaporator for carbon dioxide air-conditioner
Computer enclosure with removable bracket
Disk array apparatus
Screwless mini fan holder
Apparatus, method, and control program for cooling electronic devices
Apparatuses for dissipating heat from semiconductor devices
Thermal interface assembly and method for forming a thermal interface between a microelectronic comp...
Heat dissipation device
Electronic control enclosure
Dental implant system and method
Monoclonal antibodies to the CLFA protein and method of use in treating infections
Systems and methods for moving and/or restraining tissue in the upper respiratory system
Method for precisely-positioned production of a cavity, especially a bone cavity and instrument ther...
Low complexity real-time video coding
Plasmon switch
Lock-free bounded FIFO queue mechanism
Method for forming a reinforced tip for a probe storage device
MEMS vascular sensor
Variable temperature deposition methods
Information storage medium and apparatus for recording/reproducing information thereon
High-throughput assay for virus entry and drug screening
Multi-media jitter removal in an asynchronous digital home network
Ultra-wideband receiver and transmitter
Network switch with high-speed serializing/deserializing hazard-free double data rate switch
Training pattern for a biased clock recovery tracking loop
Platform and method for establishing trust without revealing identity
Optical network with selective mode switching
Programmable hardware element with cartridge controllers for controlling modular cartridges that con...
Optically boosted router
Method and apparatus for managing web services within a computer network system
System and method for providing virtual network attached storage using excess distributed storage ca...
Communication scheme using outside DTCP bridge for realizing copyright protection
Packet data communications
Peristaltic mixing and oxygenation system
Method and apparatus for providing compensation against temperature, process and supply voltage vari...
Source credit based fairness scheme
Method and apparatus for performing filter operations on data packets using an instruction
Router for virtual private network employing tag switching
Multi-service segmentation and reassembly device that is operable in an ingress mode or in an egress...
Electromagnetic signal transmission/reception tower and accompanying base station employing system o...
Onboard hydrogen storage unit with heat transfer system for use in a hydrogen powered vehicle
Substrate with transparent conductive oxide film, process for its production and photoelectric conve...
Combined energy storage and fuel generation with reversible fuel cells
Marking liquid
Methods for making wafers with low-defect surfaces, wafers obtained thereby and electronic component...
Smooth outer coating for combustor components and coating method therefor
System and methodology for asynchronous code refactoring with symbol injection
Method and apparatus for performing online application upgrades in a java platform
System and method for state saves in a distributed data system
Adjustable mobile agent
Authentication scheme system and method
Agent-based intrusion detection system
User interface for displaying multiple applications
Method and apparatus for designing a pattern on a semiconductor surface
Static address mapping
Generating components on a programmable device using a high-level language
System and method for controlling simulation of hardware in a hardware development process
Electrocatalytic nucleic acid hybridization detection
Miniaturized spectrometer using optical waveguide and integrated Raman system on-chip
Methods of reducing floating body effect
Memory array buried digit line
Hydroxamates as therapeutic agents
Acetylene derivatives as inhibitors of histone deacetylase
Method and apparatus for controlling power sequencing of a plurality of electrical/electronic device...
G+C-rich binding protein
Test methods using enzymatic deposition and alteration of metals
Expandable packer
Spinning device and method having cooling by blowing
Arrangement with an extrusion die of an extruder
Barrier free matrix band with flash guard
Actuator device with shape-memory flexible cable
Ink-jet printhead and method for manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing ink-jet printhead
Method and apparatus for manufacturing organic EL display and color filter by ink jet method
System and method for presenting payouts in gaming systems
Gaming device base
Apparatus and method for facilitating team play of slot machines
Power control for gaming machine
Slot machine shaped beer mug
Cash dispensing automated banking machine diagnostic device
Systems and methods for increasing the difficulty of data sniffing
Methods of forming materials
System and method for n-way authentication in a network
System and method for formatting objects on a page of an electronic document by reference
System and method for providing context to an input method by tagging existing applications
Method and system for selecting objects on a display device
Contact card
Visual programming environment providing synchronization between source code and graphical component...
Systems and methods to read, optimize, and verify byte codes for a multiplatform jit
Composite electroactive material for electromechanical actuators
Method and system for producing controlled frequency power from a variable frequency power source
Light source device and method for manufacturing the same, display device and method for manufacturi...
Storage adapter with dust cap posts
Developing apparatus and process cartridge with protrusions between the bearing and the shaft
Rate control techniques for implantable pulse generator systems
Neural bridge devices and methods for restoring and modulating neural activity
Myocardial lead and lead system
System and method for turbine engine anomaly detection
Optical pickup device and optical element
Compound planetary gear set and gear trains
Method and apparatus for using vertical magnetic stirring to produce turbulent and chaotic mixing in...
Vision testing system
Polymerase chain reaction using metallic glass-coated microwire
Atomic level ion source and method of manufacture and operation
Cathode ray tube with a conical portion
Application programming interface that maps input device controls to software actions
Method and device for correcting the rotation of a video display
Day/night weapon sight assembly for use on weapon without change in eye relief
Earplug and method for manufacturing the same
Fusion protein including of CD4
Inhibitors of serine proteases, particularly HCV NS3-NS4A protease
Compounds containing silicon-containing groups, medical devices, and methods
Passively shielded inductive sensor system for personnel screening
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Portion of a shoe sole
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear outsole
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Optical scanner and laser image projector using the same
Total internal reflection fluorescence microscope
Laser power control apparatus and method, an optical disk apparatus and a recording method
Optical miniaturized module, optical pickup device, and optical disk device provided with light sour...
Laser module and method of manufacture thereof
High-power fiber laser amplifier and fiber laser oscillator
Laser module
Temperature control for coarse wavelength division multiplexing systems
Diode laser subelement and arrangements with such diode laser subelement
Laser diode driving circuit
System for controlling peaking for a driver for a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser
Semiconductor laser device
Semiconductor laser and method for manufacturing the same
Chamber for a high energy excimer laser source
Laser output light pulse stretcher
Optical network terminator and optical network connection method using it
Optical frequency controlling device for ultra-dense wavelength-division-multiplexed optical channel...
Engine overall height reduction
Vehicle lock controlled by a shape memory alloy actuator
Laminate type battery and method for manufacturing the same
Vehicle occupant sensing system having a contamination barrier member
Information device
Distributed control system for forklift
Fuel vapor treatment system with leak diagnosing
Bumper for vehicle
Motor vehicle equipped with a brake system and with a drive system
Cover assembly for an openable roof with an adjustable linkage for a side flap
Modular sliding rigid panel roof system
Adjustable attachment and tensioning assembly for the suspension of a seat assembly
Method of producing a plate stack preform for hydrostatic forming
Method for operating a display system in a vehicle for driving into a parking space
Replaceable sleeve insert for a choke assembly
Multi-chip structure
Methods and systems for supporting acoustical transducers
Non-destructive inspection system and associated method
CVD diamond-coated composite substrate containing a carbide-forming material and ceramic phases and ...
Impact machine and a method of forming a body
Electrochemical device having opposing electrodes
Fin field effect transistors (FinFETs) and methods for making the same
Electrically conductive matching layers and methods
Solid material for magnet
Inductor element containing circuit board and power amplifier module
Widely wavelength tuneable polychrome colloidal photonic crystal device
Process for making and process for converting polyolefin fibres
Cationically curable composition for dental use
Highly conductive thermoplastic composites for rapid production of fuel cell bipolar plates
Method and system for removing residual water from excess washcoat by ultrafiltration
Photochromic contact lenses and methods of manufacturing
Aqueous acrylic coating composition
Location services system that reduces auto-correlation or cross-correlation in weak signals
GPS receiver having a prescribed time-of-entry into an operation mode
Monolithic GPS RF front end integrated circuit
Apparatus and method for improving GPS receive sensitivity in mobile terminal
GPS receiver
Occupant protecting device and air bag device for rear-end collision mounted on vehicle
Method for manufacturing automobile weather strip
Medical devices comprising drug-loaded capsules for localized drug delivery
Electromechanical reduction of a diazonium salt to modify the surface of a metallic material
Method for treating inflammation
Antibodies to OPGL
Method for simultaneous production of multiple proteins; vectors and cells for use therein
Compounds with improved cartilage-inducing and/or bone-inducing activity
Derivatives of succinic and glutaric acids and analogs thereof useful as inhibitors of PHEX
Biologically active peptide and agent containing the same
Polymorphs of an androgen receptor modulator
Implants with textured surface and methods for producing the same
Human antibodies specific for TGF.beta.2
RUNX3 gene showing anti-tumor activity and use thereof
In vivo incorporation of unnatural amino acids
Myostatin and mimetics thereof
Method for fabricating SOI device
Liquid crystal display device having polycrystalline TFT and fabricating method thereof
Single-crystal silicon-on-glass from film transfer
Simultaneous read circuit for multiple memory cells
Dual bit flash memory devices and methods for fabricating the same
Method of fabricating a gate structure of a field effect transistor having a metal-containing gate e...
Photoelectric conversion element and display device including the same
Etch methods to form anisotropic features for high aspect ratio applications
Embedded stressed nitride liners for CMOS performance improvement
Method of manufacturing an electronic device comprising a thin film transistor
Liquid crystal display device and fabrication method thereof
Array substrate of liquid crystal display and fabrication method thereof
Method and apparatus for the abatement of toxic gas components from a semiconductor manufacturing pr...
Liquid crystal display panel of horizontal electronic field applying type and fabricating method the...
Active matrix display device
Method and apparatus for semiconductor device with improved source/drain junctions
Method of forming polycrystalline silicon thin film and method of manufacturing thin film transistor...
Reticle fabrication using a removable hard mask
Semiconductor thin film and method of fabricating semiconductor thin film, apparatus for fabricating...
Self-assembling recombinant papillomavirus capsid proteins
Approach to molecular diagnosis of human papillomavirus-related diseases
Peptides of human Papilloma virus for use in human T cell response inducing compositions
Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using coupled ligase detection and polymerase chain r...
DNA molecules encoding human NHL, a DNA helicase
Plants and seeds of corn variety I062687
Apparatus and process for filling a medicament into a container
Solid state imaging unit and endoscope
Endoscope apparatus and function adjusting circuit for endoscope
Tissue scanning apparatus and method
Pre-torqued orthodontic appliance with archwire retaining latch
Vessel harvesting apparatus
Cathode compositions for lithium ion batteries
Color stable pigmented polymeric films
Aqueous ink jet printable compositions
Projection system with beam homogenizer
Optical connector and fiber distribution unit
Wall mountable wire mirror/soap dish assembly
Tape dispenser
Greens mower data display and controller
Wet brake system for vehicles
Apparatus and method for practicing golf ball putting
Golf putter head
Kinesthetic training system with composite feedback
Universal putter
Golf putting cup
Golf cart foldable canopy
Belt unit for image-forming apparatus
Fixing device and image forming apparatus using the same
Cleaner, and process cartridge and image forming apparatus using the cleaner
Supplementary call grabber service for mobile networks
Connectivity notification displaying path to connection
Apparatus and method generating error flag for error correction
System and method for implementing a handoff in a traffic state in a broadband wireless access commu...
Grouping and displaying multiple tasks within an event object of an electronic calendar
Methods, systems, and computer program products for managing movement of work-in-process materials i...
Prerequisite-based scheduler
System and method for turbine engine fault detection using discrete event system modeling
Systems and methods for USA Patriot Act compliance
Quality of service control, particularly for telecommunication
Network revision system with local system ports
Memory controller with prefetching capability
Method for system recovery
PRO1316 polypeptides
T-bet antibodies
Adiponectin and uses thereof
Amino-substituted tricyclic derivatives and methods of use
Pharmaceutical compositions of isolated orthorhombic crystalline 4-[6-acetyl-3-[3-(4-acetyl-3-hydrox...
Process for fabricating thin film transistors
Backplanes for electro-optic displays
Shaving systems
Controlled release depot formulations
Semi-synthetic rearranged vancomycin/desmethyl-vancomycin-based glycopeptides with antibiotic activi...
Composition and method for treating chronic allograft rejection
Conotoxin peptides
Variously substituted derivatives of guanidine, and their use as medicines with anti-diabetes and/or...
Sandal fragrances
Image display panel and image display device
Method, system and device for treating disorders of the pelvic floor by electrical stimulation of th...
Dielectric filter
Method, communication system and communication unit for synchronisation for multi-rate communication
Method for compensating for peak values during a data transmission with discrete multitone symbols a...
Shim board system
Thermal barrier coating system method of manufacturing the same
Organic light emitting device having a protective barrier
Method for creating electrical pathways for semiconductor device structures using laser machining pr...
Embedded trap direct tunnel non-volatile memory
Acoustic monitoring method and system in laser-induced optical breakdown (LIOB)
Probe head having a membrane suspended probe
Apparatus for retrieving and presenting digital data
Method and system for providing electronic discovery on computer databases and archives using statem...
Multi-language document search and retrieval system
Detecting duplicate and near-duplicate files
Personalized interactive network architecture
System for compressing a search tree structure used in rule classification
System and method for performing electronic information retrieval using keywords
Method for monitoring and reporting usage of non-hypertext markup language e-mail campaigns
Methods and systems for search indexing
Seamless multiple access internet portal
Facilitating identification of entire web pages when each web page is rendered from multiple portion...
Row expansion reduction by inversion for range representation in ternary content addressable memorie...
Methods for processing a text search query in a collection of documents
Text based markup language resource interface
Searching with adaptively configurable user interface and extensible query language
Method for querying XML documents using a weighted navigational index
Method and apparatus for sharing content with a remote device using a wireless network
Dynamic generation of a networked information resource
Method and apparatus for providing access to a peripheral device management interface
Method and apparatus for obtaining space advertisements
Cluster computing system and its failover method
Wireless LAN apparatus
System and method for managing clusters containing multiple nodes
System and method for communicating a software-generated pulse waveform between two servers in a net...
System and method for communicating a software-generated pulse waveform between two servers in a net...
Redirection of user-initiated distinctive presence alert messages
Apparatus and method for remotely modifying reconfigurable hardware in a mobile station
Distributed computing infrastructure including small peer-to-peer applications
Method and apparatus for locating rogue access point switch ports in a wireless network
Wheat variety YW03W
Compositions and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of tumor
Modulators of lymphocyte activation, Mkk3b compositions and methods of use
Promoter variants for expressing genes in a fungal cell
Polypeptides having alpha-glucosidase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
CD200 receptors
Human SAA3 nucleic acid molecule, protein, and methods of use for same
Plants and seeds of corn variety I291278
Plants and seeds of corn variety LH334
Plants and seeds of corn variety I576433
Plants and seeds of corn variety LH342
Polypeptide variants
Drosophila G protein coupled receptors, nucleic acids, and methods related to the same
Acyl-nucleotide probes and methods of their synthesis and use in proteomic analysis
Nucleic acids encoding anthelmintic agents and plants made therefrom
Plants and seeds of corn variety I006440
Accumulation device with charge balance structure and method of forming the same
Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for testing standby current of semiconductor package
Strained Si/SiGe/SOI islands and processes of making same
System and method for measuring dimension of patterns formed on photomask
MOS transistor with elevated source/drain structure
Process variable of interest monitoring and control
HEMT transistor semiconductor device
Boron carbide particle detectors
Methods of forming trench isolation in the fabrication of integrated circuitry, methods of fabricati...
Phase-change memory device and method of manufacturing same
Flip chip package with anti-floating structure
Low cost method to produce high volume lead frames
MEMS packaging using a non-silicon substrate for encapsulation and interconnection
Pillar grid array package
Multi-chip package and method for manufacturing the same
Bump-on-lead flip chip interconnection
Test vehicle data analysis
Method for determining the arrangement of contact areas on the active top side of a semiconductor ch...
Electrooptically wavelength-tunable resonant cavity optoelectronic device for high-speed data transf...
Minimally invasive systems for locating an optimal location for deep brain stimulation
Quantification of adsorbed molecular contaminant using thin film measurement
Femtosecond spectroscopy using minimum phase functions
Context based language translation devices and methods
Semiconductor memory device capable of accessing all memory cells
Integrated circuit testing module including data compression
Method and tomography unit for taking tomographic pictures of a beating heart
Processor for analyzing tubular structure such as blood vessels
Thoracic cage coordinate system for recording pathologies in lung CT volume data
Rapid multislice black blood double-inversion recovery technique for blood vessel imaging
System and method for responding to pulsed gradient magnetic fields using an implantable medical dev...
Portion of a bottle
Portion of a bottle
Two-pan balance
Triple-beam balance
Bowl for balance
Motorquick switch
Funnel for reloading cartridges
Pad for orthopedic support
Low profile luminaire
Lighting fixture support arm
Lighting fixture support arm
Safety razor with trimmer
Safety razor
Safety razor
Safety razor handle
Safety razor handle
Safety razor handle with trimmer
Safety razor handle with trimmer
Portable refractometer
System and method to inspect components having non-parallel surfaces
Method for producing magnetic tape in which a prescribed winding habit is imparted to the magnetic t...
Pre-formatted linear optical data storage medium
System and method for detecting a protrusion in a medical image
Vision-based operating method and system
Optical interconnection harness
High speed piezoelectric optical system with tunable focal length
Apparatus and method for an improved lens structure for polymer wave guides which maximizes free spa...
Ferrule for optical wave guide
Optical fiber sheet and optical fiber sheet production method
Multi-slice cerebral blood flow imaging with continuous arterial spin labeling MRI
Recipe editor and controller
Method for residential indoor environmental quality inspection and monitoring
Pet toy
Portion of a pet toy
Hormonally up-regulated, neu-tumor-associated kinase
Antiscattering grid and a method of manufacturing such a grid
Methods of screening for lung neoplasm based on stool samples containing a nucleic acid marker indic...
Density detection using real time discrete photon counting for fast moving targets
Scintillating materials, articles employing the same, and methods for their use
Imaging method and apparatus with exposure control
Extreme ultraviolet light source
Photon sieve for optical systems in micro-lithography
Phosphor panel
Image display apparatus
Digital camera device providing improved methodology for rapidly taking successive pictures
Radiation scanning of objects for contraband
X-ray imaging technique
Single boom cargo scanning system
Method and apparatus for metal artifact reduction in 3D X-ray image reconstruction using artifact sp...
Asynchronous calibration and correction of a solid-state detector
Radiation detection device and method of making the same
Backbone-substituted bifunctional DOTA ligands, complexes and compositions thereof, and methods of u...
System, method, and code for providing promotions in a network environment
Blind-supply open commerce business system
System and method for controlling and managing sessions between endpoints in a communications system
Methods for affiliating endpoints with a group and determining common communication capabilities for...
Electronic program guide with blackout features
Managing content resources
Controlling electronic withdrawals by a transaction processor
Controlling electronic withdrawals by a withdrawal device
Centralized terminology and glossary management
Schema framework and a method and apparatus for normalizing schema
Method and system for managing user activities and information using a customized computer interface
Computer interface method and apparatus with portable network organization system and targeted adver...
System and method for tracking URL usage
System and method for navigating a graphical user interface on a smaller display
Interface for collecting user preferences
E-mail interface having an informational tool tip
Dynamic controls for use in computing applications
Dispersion compensation method and apparatus
Truck box with reduced clearance cover and access for electrical cord passthrough
Tamper response system for integrated circuits
Virtual bracket library and uses thereof in orthodontic treatment planning
Quantification of disease progression by means of interpolation between parameters based on electrom...
Substituted heteroarylalkanoic acids
Enhanced DRAM with embedded registers
Hardware efficient CRC generator for high speed communication networks
Leak detection apparatus
Agile digital communication network with rapid rerouting
Cable end fastening device and method
Type of oligosaccharides and their sulfate derivatives
Antenna system
SRAM with read assist
Separate write and read access architecture for a magnetic tunnel junction
Method and interface for presenting last traded quantity information
Universal connector for micro memory cards
Error correction method for high density disc
Handle for electronic oven
Light-emitting diode
DVD player
DVD player
Portable phone
Mobile phone
Cellular phone
Cellular phone
Cellular phone
Cellular phone
Mobile phone
Portable phone
Portable phone
TV receiver with pictorial image
Digital television receiver displaying design on screen
Generated image for display on a personal digital assistant
Portable LCD screen
GLP-1 analogues
Ceramic based nanoparticles for entrapping therapeutic agents for photodynamic therapy and method of...
Method of purifying nucleic acid using silver nanoparticles
Diffusion solder position, and process for producing it
Pharmaceutical composition for cancer treatment containing cells that express a membrane cytokine
Providing conferencing data in a network communications system based on client capabilities
Organic thin film transistor including fluorine-based polymer thin film and method of fabricating th...
Organic semiconductor material and organic semiconductor element
Organic electronic device
Organic electroluminescent device having sloped banks and coating fabrication technique
High contrast organic light emitting device with electron transport layer including fullerenes
High efficiency organic electroluminescent display and method for fabricating the same
Flat panel display
Semiconductor device and driving method thereof
Data driving apparatus and method of driving organic electro luminescence display panel
Electronic circuit, electronic device and personal computer
Light emitting device and method of driving the same
Display device
Stable organic light-emitting devices using aminoanthracenes
Electroluminescent device containing borondiketonate emitter
Organic electroluminescent elements including triazine derivative compounds
Organic semiconductor copolymers containing oligothiophene and n-type heteroaromatic units
Electrodes mitigating effects of defects in organic electronic devices
Light emitting device, display apparatus having the light emitting device, and method of manufacturi...
Current supply circuit and display device having the current supply circuit
Systems and methods for populating a ticker using multiple data transmission modes
Superconductive magnetic apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging unit
Flow-through microfluidic nuclear magnetic resonance(=NMR)-chip
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Sample holder for NMR measurements with field homogenization in the sample volume by means of the bo...
Magnetically driven dynamic phantom
Method of Carrying Out Dynamic Nuclear Polarization
Event tracing with time stamp compression and history buffer based compression
System and method for modeling timeouts in discrete event execution
Platform-independent real-time interface translation by token mapping without modification of applic...
Model of documents and method for automatically classifying a document
Data transmitting apparatus and method with control feature for transmitting data or transmitting a ...
System and method for distributed management of shared computers
Method for latest producer tracking in an out-of-order processor, and applications thereof
Method and circuit for collecting memory failure information
System and method for smart drag-and-drop functionality
System and method for regulating execution of computer software
Method of remotely managing a firewall
Item handling system
Methods and apparatus for distributing digital content
Method and apparatus for detection of loss of cipher synchronization