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Laminated printed circuit board fixture assembly and method
Dual bias frequency plasma reactor with feedback control of E.S.C. voltage using wafer voltage measu...
Method and system for the efficient calculation of unsteady processes on arbitrary space-time domain...
Contact user interface
Contact controls
Methods and systems of providing information to computer users
In-service reconfigurable DRAM and flash memory device
Sample observation method, microscope, and solid immersion lens, optical contact liquid used in the ...
Sensing photons from objects in channels
Raman signal-enhancing structures and devices
C-glycosides, uses thereof
NROM flash memory devices on ultrathin silicon
Pancreatic cancer secreted targets and uses thereof
Metathesis depolymerizable surfactants
Method for creating a uniform vascular wound in zebrafish or zebrafish larva
Method of imaging cell death in vivo
Polymers of fluorinated and hydrophilic monomers
Assay for low molecular weight heparin
Platelet ADP receptor inhibitors
Device and methods for identifying and treating aspirin non-responsive patients
Diagnostic markers of acute coronary syndrome and methods of use thereof
Phase-control power controller for converting a line voltage to a RMS load voltage
Method for automatic on-line calibration of a process model
Laminate, method for preparation thereof, and use thereof
USB data transfer control device including first and second USB device wherein destination informati...
Data transfer control device, electronic equipment, and data transfer control method
Subnet of power line communication network, method for setting up the same, electronic appliance con...
Cooperative processing apparatus and cooperative processing method
Generating a risk assessment regarding a software implementation project
Data processing system intended to facilitate confronting an offer and a demand
Sensor apparatus, control system having the same and offset correction method
Electricity metering with a current transformer
Method for carrying out quality control on an analytical process and device for carrying out said me...
Control device for internal combustion engine
Straight top mount feedneck
Slanted top mount feedneck
Tape printing machine
Portable electric jig saw
Golf bag divider top
Target carrying case
Macrocell, integrated circuit device, and electronic instrument
Method for the purification of isocyanates
Modular electric toothbrushes
Cementitious material reinforced with chemically treated cellulose fiber
Space-time bit-interleaved coded modulation for wideband transmission
Damper device
Arrangements and methods for invoking an upcall in a computer system
Pervasive, user-centric network security enabled by dynamic datagram switch and an on-demand authent...
Tetronic acid derivative
Mine resistant armored vehicle
Multi-threaded packet processing engine for stateful packet processing
Functional derivatives of ICAM-1 with altered ability to bind LFA-1 or HRV
Liposomal analgesic drug compositions prepared in GMV using an ammonium sulfate gradient
Aerosol dispenser for mixing and dispensing multiple fluid products
Nasal and oral cannula breathing detection device
Light emitting device having a layer of photonic crystals and a region of diffusing material and met...
Plasma display panel and method of driving the same
System to facilitate pipeline management, software, and related methods
System and method for secure network connectivity
Toner cartridge
Package for a toner cartridge
Cleaning and spots blade lubricating method and apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Developing apparatus for image forming apparatus
Universal toner cartridge mounts for attaching a waste bin to a hopper
Process cartridge in image-forming device
Optical element and optical scanning device using the same
System and method for calculating toner usage
Line head and image forming apparatus
Image forming method
Developing method and developing assembly
Color toner, and full-color image-forming method
Electrophotographic photoconductor, and image forming process, image forming apparatus and process c...
Image forming apparatus having fixing device with endless fixing belt
Fixing device for an image forming apparatus including supporting members for fixing belts of the fi...
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with control blade having an arcuate shape
Method of addition of extra particulate additives to image forming material
Addition of extra particulate additives to chemically processed toner
Developer, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Emulsion aggregation processes
Method Of Production Of Fluorinated Carbon Nanostructures
Waste-toner housing device, and image forming apparatus
Uv Impeded Toner
Developing roller, and developing device and image-forming apparatus using the same
Method, Device And Computer Program For Producing A Developer Mixture In An Electrographic Developer...
Toner conveying device, toner supply device and image forming apparatus using these
Image Forming Component
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge
System and method for determining an amount of toner mass on a photoreceptor
Image Forming Apparatus Capable of Reducing Time Unable to Perform Image Fromation Due to Temperatur...
Torsion spring probe contactor design
External bone/joint fixation device
Exercise device
Exercise bench methods and apparatus
Exercise equipment with automatic adjustment of stride length and/or stride height based upon speed ...
Rocking horse stand
Aquatic propulsion device for swimmers
Apparatus for operating parking brake
Biasing mechanism for sewing machine presser foot
Workpiece cloth ruler suitable for use with sewing machine
Flexible footwear sole
Article of footwear with spherical support elements
Method of assembling an inductive proximity sensor
Bandage with controlled environment
Non-ambulatory thermo therapeutic boot for heat and cold therapy of the foot/ankle complex and hand/...
Orthopaedic cast with outrigger attachment
Footwear repair
Lifeboat disengagement system
Nanoelectromechanical memory cells and data storage devices
Far-field optical microscope with a nanometer-scale resolution based on the in-plane image magnifica...
Far-field optical microscope with a nanometer-scale resolution based on the in-plane image magnifica...
Coupled nano-resonating energy emitting structures
Controlled alignment of nanobarcodes encoding specific information for scanning probe microscopy (SP...
Hydrocarbon conversion using nanocrystalline zeolite Y
Method for selective chemical vapor deposition of nanotubes
Non-volatile nanocrystal memory and method therefor
Method of forming a nanocluster charge storage device
Carbon nanotube-polymer composite actuators
Nanostructured soldered or brazed joints made with reactive multilayer foils
External modification of composite organic inorganic nanoclusters comprising raman active organic co...
Methods for uniform metal impregnation into a nanoporous material
Direct write nanolithographic deposition of nucleic acids from nanoscopic tips
Use of derivatized nanoparticles to minimize growth of micro-organisms in hot filled drinks
Dental compositions containing nanofillers and related methods
Generator for flux specific bursts of nano-particles
Information processing unit
Camera unit incorporating a lidded printhead unit
Electronic device for compressing image data and producing thumbnail image, image processing apparat...
Camera model and calibration procedure for omnidirectional paraboloidal catadioptric cameras
Combination camera and DSC lens control method using the same
Digital camera and manual focus method thereof
Controlling apparatus for photographing system
Wireless communication activation system and method
Face identification apparatus, face identification method, and face identification program
Lens module and electronic device using the same
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus
Perfecting the optics within a digital image acquisition device using face detection
Multi-biometric finger sensor having different selectivities and associated methods
Camera with strap through hole in protruding area of object side surface
Photographic light reflector
Photostable photoprotective compositions comprising dibenzoylmethane and amide oil compounds and a c...
Photostable photoprotective compositions comprising dibenzoylmethane and arylalkyl benzoate compound...
Clinical and surgical system and method for moving and stretching plastic tissue
Wire bundle support platform
Laser shooting gallery
Warming tray for a barbeque grill
System for digital content access control
System and method for processing high speed network data
Enforcement process for correction of hardware and software defects
System and method for accessing digital subscriber line data
Polypeptide from a cellulolytic fungus having cellulolytic enhancing activity
Multi-reel slot machine with selectable reel play
Gaming device having a game with incremental value disclosure and value modification
Gaming device having high-low game
Electrical connector with lever and latch
Motorcycle triple clamp
Method and apparatus for rebound control
Apportionment of pay out of casino game with escrow
Communication system
Communication system
Solar light for swimming pool stairs
Solar-powered flashlight
Solar-powered spotlight
Casing for a portable solar powered light
Solar panel
Intelligent environmental sensor for irrigation systems
Communication system
Switching power supply with capacitor input for a wide range of AC input voltages
Multi-conjugate liquid crystal tunable filter
Range image sensor
Dual-polarized feed antenna apparatus and method of use
Communication methods, systems, apparatus, and devices involving RF tag registration
Method for determining deterioration of accumulator battery, method for measuring internal impedance...
Self-learning control system and method for controlling fan speed
Wind turbine device
Energy harvesting for wireless sensor operation and data transmission
UV water purification system
Vehicle headlamp control utilizing a light sensor having at least two light transducers
Transition-metal-catalyzed process for the conversion of alkenes to sterically hindered substituted ...
Video on demand methods and systems
Controller for remote vehicles and craft and for virtual subjects
Automated ball game training and playing system
Magnetic golf club cover
Player skill equalizer for video games
Method of automatically and fairly playing a die game and machine for the same
Gaming machine with simulated AI feature
Multimedia system and method for remote monitoring or refereeing in dart machines
Hand-held amusement devices and methods involving same
Rotating light toy
Motion responsive toy
Vehicle entertainment system with backside loading DVD player
Apparatus for playing a flying disc game
Method for playing casino poker game
Poker style game and method
Yangtze hold 'em and other poker games played with a chinese poker deck
Die eye number determination method, die eye number determination apparatus, and electronic apparatu...
Method for scheduling jobs using distributed utility-based oversubscription policies
Search system using user behavior data
Reduction of fitness evaluations using clustering techniques and neural network ensembles
Methods for multi-objective optimization using evolutionary algorithms
Method and system for calculating importance of a block within a display page
Psychosomatic diagnosis system
Process and system for updating semantic knowledge over a computer network
Apparatus and method for isolating noise effects in a signal
Methods and systems for analyzing engine unbalance conditions
Functional and hyperfunctional siRNA directed against Bcl-2
Functional and hyperfunctional siRNA directed against Bcl-2
Functional and hyperfunctional siRNA directed against Bcl-2
Functional and hyperfunctional siRNA directed against Bcl-2
siRNA targeting complement component 3 (C3)
Staining Composition For Staining An Ophthalmic Membrane
Sphingolipid-Derived Phamaceutical Compositions
Crystal Comprising (2R)-2-Propyloctanoic Acid and Amine
Compositions and methods for neuroprotectin
Triazole compounds that modulate HSP90 activity
Pharmaceutical combinations and their use in treating gastrointestinal and abdominal viscera disorde...
Pyridine Derivatives and Their Use as Medicaments for Treating Diseases Related to Mch Receptor
Method for online health management
Parasympathetic stimulation for treating ventricular arrhythmia
Methods, devices, and kits for microjet drug delivery
Amine Salts Of (-)-2-((2-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)Ethyl)Thio)-3-(4-(2-(4-((Methylsulfonyl)Oxy)Ph- enoxy)Ethy...
Heterocyclic Carbonyl Compounds
Method of treatment
Transgenic Plants with Reduced Level of Saturated Fatty Acid and Methods for Making Them
Enhanced Expression
Modified cellulose films
Nitrate ester cyclodextrin complexes
Stress-inducible plant promoters
Nucleotide and amino acid sequences from xenorhabdus and uses thereof
Genes and uses for plant improvement
Glucan Derivative And Production Process Thereof
Telomerase reverse transcriptase fusion protein, nucleotides encoding it, and uses thereof
Long lasting drug formulations
Antagonist of TEB4 and Methods of Use
Macrolones - Amino Substituted Quinolones
High level production of p-hydroxybenzoic acid in green plants
DNA encoding insecticidal Cry9Fa Bacillus thuringiensis proteins and recombinant hosts expressing sa...
OAR polynucleotides, polypeptides and their use in PHA production in plants
Ehd1 gene promoting plant flowering, and utilization thereof
Method for producing L-biopterin
Genetically purified gellan gum
Method for the production of easily wetted, water-soluble, powdered at least alkylated non-ionic cel...
RNAi modulation of MLL-AF4 and uses thereof
Bacillus thuringiensis strains and their insecticidal proteins
Streptoccal inhibitor of complement-mediated lysis, protein SIC
Sequence-determined DNA encoding methyltransferases
von Willebrand factor (vWF)--cleaving protease
Isolation and characterization of the precursor virus of human SARS virus: SARS-associated corona vi...
Methods and compositions for detection of Mycobacterium avium complex species
Process for the preparation of 1-chloro-3,5-di-o-acyl-2-deoxy-l-ribofuranoside derivatives
Oligosaccharide derivative
Lincomycin derivatives possessing antibacterial activity
Megakaryocyte stimulating factors
Mouse CXC chemokine receptor
Family 44 xyloglucanases
Mobile digital video recorders
Keyboard musical instrument displaying depression values of pedals and keys
Automatic player musical instrument, automatic player incorporated therein and method used therein
Transducer free from aged deterioration, musical instrument using the same and method used therein
Portable electronic musical keyboard instrument
Electronic keyboard instrument
Method and device for storing main information with associated additional information incorporated t...
Drum with replaceable bearing edge
Plug assembly for a xylophone resonator
Software agent-based architecture for data relocation
Image data encryption method, image data transform method, apparatus for the methods, computer progr...
Data printing method using a small printer and a commodity data register
Composite file folder
Method and system for TERC4 decoding using minimum distance rule in high definition multimedia inter...
Method and file structures for managing data on a flash disk
Dedicated portable computer sales presentation system
Apparatus and method for establishing feedback in a broadcast or multicast service
Multimedia photo albums
Computational graceful degradation method using priority information in multiple objects case
Exchange mechanisms for digital information packages with bandwidth securitization, multichannel dig...
Multimedia outlet box
Extraction and treatment of heavy metals
Yieldable prop
Composite masonry block
Z-shaped sheet piling
Method and device for anchoring a pipeline
Solubilization and disposal of radioactive scale and sludge
Methods and systems for remediating contaminated soil
Cleanout with drainage capabilities
Steam cure of cured in place liner
Methods and apparatus for awarding prizes based on authentication of computer generated outcomes usi...
Joystick connectable to the operating member of an exerciser or game machine
Low impact switch apparatus
Recording medium storing game progress control program, game progress control device, game progress ...
Contingency-based options and futures for contingent travel accommodations
Dynamic generation of a profile for spinning reel gaming machines
Intermediate address table for converting position information to an address of a link structure cor...
Method and apparatus to support remote configuration code
Transparent disconnected services discovery and use
Electronic notification delivery mechanism selection based on recipient presence information and not...
Search and retrieval system of transportation-related flexibly defined paths
Trading system and method for institutional athletic and education programs
Long elements method for simulation of deformable objects
Wavelet-based mesh coding method
Beamsplitting structures and methods in optical systems
Hardfacing alloy, methods, and products
Oxidation and fatigue resistant metallic coating
High-strength isotropic steel, method for making steel plates and resulting plates
Single phase tungsten alloy
Mobile wireless communications device with reduced interference from the keyboard into the radio rec...
Systems and methods for exchanging data and audio between cellular telephones and landline telephone...
Cell phone muting override system
Interference avoiding radio transmission unit
Procedure for registering a new subscriber in a radio system through routers
Cellular docking station
System and method of accessing and recording messages at coordinate way points
Method and apparatus for estimating the impulse response of a radio channel based on a calculated co...
Adaptive modulation/demodulation method and radio communications systems
Dynamic data delivery apparatus and method for same
Cellular radio routing system
Method, system, and computer program product for providing multi-tiered broadcasting services
Method and system for realising a fast control channel in a cellular radio network
Receiving device and integrated circuit for reception
Methods, apparatus, and program products for inferring service usage
Method and system for interactive channel equalization
System and method for carrier identification in a pneumatic tube system
Frequency domain equalizer for wireless commuications system
Compact conformal antenna for a medical telemetry system
Channel equalisation
Audio speaker with wobble free voice coil movement
Wearable stethoscope sanitizing device
Expandable manifold
Helmholtz resonator type marine signal
Treatment of conditions through modulation of the autonomic nervous system
Chalcone compound
Pyrrolo-pyridine kinase modulators
Pyrrolo-pyridine kinase modulators
Crystals of triazaspiro[5.5]undecane derivative
Amide derivatives as NMDA receptor antagonists
Inhibitors of c-Jun N-terminal kinases (JNK) and other protein kinases
Chemical compounds
Canine specific growth hormone releasing hormone
Methods and compositions for genomic modification
Sequences encoding hepatitis C virus glycoproteins
Nucleic acid amplification methods
Antiviral inhibition of capsid proteins
Safe mutant viral vaccines
Mutant forms of cholera holotoxin as an adjuvant
Immunisation against Chlamydia trachomatis
Gasket with curved configuration at peripheral edge
Backlash compensation control method, backlash compensation controller and backlash compensation con...
Robot and control method for controlling robot expressions
Multi-joint robot and control device thereof
Non-contacting conveyance equipment
System and method for drift compensation in a seat load sensing system
Wheel slip detection and torque management
Controller of electric power steering apparatus
Re-positionable vehicle control-by-wire assembly, method, and system
Method for controlling a hybrid drive of a vehicle
Air cleaner device
Detachable half shaft assembly of a vehicle wheel end
Vehicle development process characterized by market responsiveness
Electric power steering apparatus
Motor mount assembly for controlling a mobile machine
Differential mounting structure
Suspension cross member of automotive vehicle
Engine mounting structure of low floor type vehicle
Motorcycle frame structure
Snowmobile track suspension
Snowmobile with reinforced frame structure for improved engine support
Method for controlling and regulating a power train of a hybrid vehicle and power train of a hybrid ...
Predictive energy management system for hybrid electric vehicles
Steering control for drive wheels of vehicle
Transmission for speed changing and steering of a vehicle
Electric power steering device and resin gear used for the same
Probiotic bacteria
Enzyme fusion proteins and their use
Packaging from a polymer film for food products
Metalized film laminates with anticorrosion agents
Alkyldienamides exhibiting taste and sensory effect in flavor compositions
Fish chum system and process for making same
Application for hop acids as anti-microbial agents
Active preparation containing plant extracts for cosmetics
Plant bioreactors
Variable serving size insulated packaging
Combined toaster and microwave oven
Method and device for weight management of humans
Pivotal handle for a food service table
Holder for a food or drink container, and motor vehicle having such a holder
Food waste disposer shredder assembly
Portable food, beverage and utensil holder
Speed cooking oven
Radiopaque animal chew
Personal information intermediary method
Data transmission system and sale managing system
Media content descriptions
Registering and storing dependencies among applications and objects in a computer system and communi...
Data centric and protocol agnostic workflows for exchanging data between a workflow instance and a w...
Database breakpoint apparatus and method
System and method for presenting information organized by hierarchical levels
Presentation generator
Method and system for automated, no downtime, real-time, continuous data protection
Transaction-safe FAT file system improvements
Cost/benefit based checkpointing while maintaining a logical standby database
Software virus detection methods, apparatus and articles of manufacture
Storage pool space allocation across multiple locations
Method and apparatus for improving storage device performance by selective volume swapping based on ...
Storage system and storage control device
Extendable memory work-stealing
Message-based distributed synchronization in a storage system
Method and system for direct server synchronization with a computing device
Running a communication protocol state machine through a packet classifier
System and method for managing content delivered to a user over a network
System and method for transaction recording and playback
Transdermal delivery system for dried particulate or lyophilized medications
Corn event MIR604
Compound protecting against ultraviolet rays
Poly(hydroxyalkanoate-co-ester amides) and agents for use with medical articles
Agents for controlling plant pests
Stable lipid-comprising drug delivery complexes and methods for their production
Gene therapy agent for Haemophilia B and its preparation method
Pain-sensitive therapeutic wound dressings
Non-aflatoxigenic Aspergillus flavus isolates
Compositions and methods relating to colon specific genes and proteins
Antipyrotic and method of manufacturing the same
Extract of petasites japonicus having neuroprotective effect and antioxidant activity
Formulations useful in the treatment of male and female impotence
Implant with structure allowing injection of polymer for attaching implant to tissue
Device and method for combining a treatment agent and a gel
System, method and apparatus for searching geographic area using prioritized spatial order
Method of adjusting at least one defective rotor of a rotorcraft
Methods and systems for automatically displaying information, including air traffic control instruct...
Aircraft passenger accommodation unit with deployable bed
Methods and apparatuses for launching unmanned aircraft, including releasably gripping aircraft duri...
Spin-stabilized artillery projectile
Methods and apparatus for protecting information content
System and method of content copy control
Method and system for keystroke scan recognition biometrics on a smartcard
Tunneled authentication protocol for preventing man-in-the-middle attacks
Authenticated ID-based cryptosystem with no key escrow
Method and apparatus for performing enhanced time-based authentication
Archive with timestamps and deletion management
Broadcast receiving method and apparatus and information distributing method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for recording/playing back information
Method of distributing a public key
Hidden link dynamic key manager for use in computer systems with database structure for storage of e...
Apparatus and method for generating scrambling code in UMTS mobile communication system
Method for determining encryption algorithm of secret communication based on mobile country codes
Wireless network system
Framing of transmit encoded data and linear feedback shifting
DES hardware throughput for short operations
Enhancement of utilization of encryption engine
Wireless methods and devices employing steganography
Four color digital cinema system with extended color gamut and copy protection
Pre-filling order forms for transactions over a communications network
Services of remote software installation, configuration and afterward support, for network connected...
Ticket booking and issuing system and method for the same
Systems and methods for robust, real-time measurement of network performance
Method and communications system for managing, supplying and retrieving data
Systems and methods for determining, collecting, and using geographic locations of internet users
Material application system with remote access
Computer networks for providing peer to peer remote data storage and collaboration
Method using a set-top box communicating between a remote data network and a wireless communication ...
System and method for obtaining keyword descriptions of records from a large database
Method for multicast load balancing in wireless LANs
Techniques for inline searching in an instant messenger environment
Network processing pipeline chipset for routing and host packet processing
System and method for negotiating and providing quotes for freight and insurance in real time
Optimizing 802.11 power-save for IP multicast groups
Internet sales method
Translation of identifiers of user installation terminal in a packet network
System and method for settling trades in a digital merchant exchange
Conversational dealing system
Anonymous trading system with improved quote input capabilities
Workflow event editor
Device and method of preventing pirated copies of computer programs
Semiconductor integrated circuit with function to manage license information
Method and system for graphical representation
Copyright detection and protection system and method
Detecting copyright violation via streamed extraction and signature analysis in a method, system and...
Access right contradiction detection apparatus and analysis rule creation apparatus
Automatic teller machine
Debit purchasing of stored value card for use by and/or delivery to others
Systems and methods for asset valuation
Method and system for ubiquitous enablement of electronic currency
Transfusion registry network providing real-time interaction between users and providers of genetica...
Adaptive baseline algorithm for quantitative PCR
Significance analysis of microarrays
Semiconductor device-based sensors
Plants and seeds of corn variety LH400
Plants and seeds of corn variety 1669334
Plants and seeds of corn variety I226273
Plants and seeds of corn variety I111009
Inbred corn line G06-NP2742
Plants and seeds of corn variety I119153
Plants and seeds of corn variety I057391
Inbred corn line PHB8V
Soybean cultivar S06-MT9152077
Soybean 13948
Azeotrope-like compositions of 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluorobutane and hydrogen fluoride
Method for producing a component comprising at least one germanium-based element and component obtai...
Method of preparing ZSM-5 using variable temperature without organic template
Microporous crystals and synthesis schemes
Process for the production of sulfuric acid
Methods for making XF.cndot.nH.sub.2O.sub.2 compounds
Precipitated calcium carbonate
Method for the production of phosphoric acid and/or a salt thereof and products thus obtained
Ceric oxide and method for production thereof, and catalyst for exhaust gas clarification
Exhaust stream treatment
Exhaust gas purification unit with reducing agent supply
Mixed metal oxide sorbents
Sodium hydrogencarbonate crystal particles
Borazine-boron nitride hybrid hydrogen storage system
System for recycling spent sulfuric acid, method for recycling spent sulfuric waste liquid, and recy...
System and method for provisioning universal stateless digital and computing services
Method and apparatus for automatically establishing bi-directional line-switched rings in telecommun...
Speech recognition system and method
Portable electronic apparatus
Asymmetric handheld electronic device
System for monitoring and controlling a set of household appliances
Establishing a conference call from a call-log
Unified interface for voice, text or picture message authoring
Protecting secret data entry from infrared and audio eavesdropping
High-speed telephone connection
Subscriber line interface circuitry transceiver
Subscriber line interface circuitry transceiver
Subscriber line interface circuitry transceiver
Portable electronic device having integrated telephony and calendar functions
Automated DSL network testing software tool
Cost negotiation for communication sessions
Non-linear execution of application program instructions for application program obfuscation
Calendar bar interface for electronic mail interaction
Circuit for and method of determining the location of a defect in an integrated circuit
Storage area network(SAN) booting method
Method, system, and computer-readable medium for updating the firmware of a computing device via a c...
Control device connected to external device
Collision detection in a multi-port memory system
Cache member protection with partial make MRU allocation
Context-aware systems and methods, location-aware systems and methods, context-aware vehicles and me...
Recording method, recording apparatus, and recording medium
File system path alias
Compositional modeling and pyrolysis data analysis methods
Guard tour system
Estimation methods for wave speed
Techniques for analyzing non-uniform curvatures and stresses in thin-film structures on substrates w...
Radio frequency field localization
Completely automatic MAS-NMR apparatus
Field generating unit of a combined MR/PET system
Pixel circuit, light-emitting device and electronic device
Light emitting device
Organic electroluminescence panel, a display with the same, and an apparatus and a method for drivin...
Image display device and drive method thereof
Partial overlapping display tiles of organic light emitting device
Transistor, circuit board, display and electronic equipment
Field-effect transistor
Orangic electroluminescence device
Transistor production using semiconductor printing fluid
System and method for producing light with organic light-emitting devices
Light emitting device and display apparatus using same
Removing crosstalk in an organic light-emitting diode display by adjusting display scan periods
Display apparatus and display reading apparatus
Image display apparatus
Display device of digital drive type
Organic electro-luminescence display device having a pad portion
Organic light-emitting diode
Organic electroluminescent device using mixture of phosphorescent material as light-emitting substan...
Organic electroluminescent device and display
Field-effect transistors with weakly coupled layered inorganic semiconductors
Integrated circuit metrology
Electronic component and radiating member, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device using th...
Tiltable-body apparatus, and method of fabricating the same
Terminal pad structures and methods of fabricating same
Semiconductor device including interconnects formed by damascene process and manufacturing method th...
Reducing cracking of high-lead or lead-free bumps by matching sizes of contact pads and bump pads
Apparatuses and methods to route line to line
Manufacturing method for an integrated semiconductor structure
Chip packaging structure for improving reliability
Semiconductor device with fuse wires and connection wires
Actuator chip for inkjet printhead with electrostatic discharge protection
Substrate processing apparatus and transfer positioning method thereof
Semiconductor device having partially insulated field effect transistor (PiFET) and method of fabric...
Flash memory having memory section and peripheral circuit section
Electrical device with a plurality of thin-film device layers
Methods and apparatus for glitch recovery in stationary-beam ion implantation process using fast ion...
Semiconductor device
Method of depositing a silicon dioxide comprising layer in the fabrication of integrated circuitry
Muteins of hypoxia inducible factor alpha and methods of use thereof
Antibodies against the PRO1754 polypeptides
Prevention of diabetes through induction of immunological tolerance
PRO4400 polypeptides
Substituted aminoalcohols useful in treatment of Alzheimer's disease
7, 8 and 9-substituted tetracycline compounds
Heterocyclic analgesic compounds and methods of use thereof
Methods for treating gastroesophageal reflux disease
Compositions, kits, and methods for identification, assessment, prevention, and therapy of cervical ...
Ink jet recording method and ink jet recording apparatus
System and method of retrieving and presenting partial (skipped) document content
Wide chain link conveyor structure
Method and apparatus for a dedicated cyclic redundancy check block within a device
Head for cleaning appliance
System and method for fault-tolerant synchronization of replica updates for fixed persistent consist...
Cleaning sheet good with pattern
Method and apparatus for power management by user needs
Golf equipment cleaning device
Method and apparatus for suspending execution of a thread until a specified memory access occurs
Memory access consolidation for SIMD processing elements having access indicators
Interrupting a microprocessor after a data transmission is complete
Dynamic access scheduling memory controller
Secure content delivery system
System and method for building a balanced B-tree
Method and system for enhanced medical triage
System and method for providing a price quotation for a transportation service based on equipment ow...
Method and apparatus for measuring the relative duty cycle of a clock signal
Method and device for assisting in the piloting of an aircraft
Systems, methods and apparatuses for manufacturing dosage forms
Intelligent video system
Method of detecting the condition of a turf grass
Surgical procedures and devices for increasing cardiac output of the heart
Data recording method and data recording system as well as data recording medium
Steering haptic feedback system for vehicle active safety
Lane detection system and method
Low noise voltage-controlled oscillator
Memory repair system and method
Motor spindle control system and method
Mixed-mode analog offset cancellation for data conversion systems
Automotive lane change aid
Monitoring and compensating for real time local circuit speed in an integrated circuit
Swing switch
Airbag apparatus
Airbag device for front passenger's seat
Tire sidewall
Pneumatic tire with composite belt structure
Tire tread
Tire tread portion
Liquid polymer
Thermoplastic resin composition
Golf ball
Tire profile design method
Rubber composition and tire using the same
Runflat system
Method and device for detecting decompression of tires, and program for judging decompression of tir...
Electroactive polymer devices for moving fluid
Golf club shaft
Low noise tire support ring
Pneumatic tire with tread including circumferential rib region, block regions and sipes
Heel for footwear
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Corrosion protection system for transport pipe
Process for multilayer coating of substrates
Fluorinated precursors of superconducting ceramics, and methods of making the same
Displaced-ray CT inspection
Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapon detection system with environmental acuity
Inspection apparatus for thin film transistor substrate
Methods for immobilization of nitrate and nitrite in aqueous waste
Preamorphization to minimize void formation
Nucleic acid molecule encoding a neuronal serine-threonine protein kinase
Removing metals from solution using metal binding compounds and sorbents therefor
Method and apparatus for application of electrostatic charges to compounds held within containers
Simplified ocular fundus auto imager
Dispenser for spherical articles
Gun protector
Debris reduction perforating apparatus and method for use of same
System and method for predicting external events from electronic posting activity
Injection molding of polymeric material
Method for producing dispersed oxide reinforced ferritic steel having coarse grain structure and bei...
Low-viscosity allophanates containing actinically curable groups
Peptide derivatives, and their use for the synthesis of silicon-based composite materials
Thermal processes for subsurface formations
Aliphatic polyester composition, a molded article thereof and a method for controlling biodegradatio...
Method of manufacturing a thin film transistor, thin film transistor, thin film transistor circuit, ...
Method of peeling off and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Light supply unit, illumination unit, and illumination system
Network router management interface with API invoked via login stream
Apparatus and method for water vapor removal in an ion mobility spectrometer
Integrated control card for conveying systems
Coaxial via structure for optimizing signal transmission in multiple layer electronic device carrier...
Method and apparatus for providing web services in a collaborative computing system
Enhanced methods for crystallographic structure determination employing hydrogen exchange analysis
Laser transmitter capable of transmitting line data and supervisory information at a plurality of da...
Method for selecting optimum sampling parameters for a plurality of data receivers having at least o...
Database management system and method of using it to transmit packets
Packet network monitoring device
System for dynamic service provisioning
Large supply range differential line driver
Low jitter input buffer with small input signal swing
System and method for wireless transactions
Information distribution system for improved response to safety and security incidents
Personal digital assistant apparatus
Storage device having first and second magnetic elements that interact magnetically to indicate a st...
Mobile utility data collection system with voice technology, such as for data collection relating to...
Nonplanar transistors with metal gate electrodes
In situ scanning tunneling microscope tip treatment device for spin polarization imaging
Implantable device and methods for delivering drugs and other substances to treat sinusitis and othe...
Method to transiently detect sample features using cantilevers
Process for electropolishing a device made from cobalt-chromium
Registration of 3-D imaging of 3-D objects
Polycyclic sulphamate compounds suitable for use as inhibitors of aromatase and/or sulphatase
Multipotent neural stem cell compositions
Methionyl tRNA synthetase polynucleotides
Dental appliance
Manipulable dental model system for fabrication of a dental appliance
Multi-mode sampling probes
Enhanced signal detection of optically encoded particles via flare
Heat relief socket
Thermal management device for multiple heat producing devices
Heat sink fixing device
Portable electronic apparatus having a cooling device
Heat sink fastening system
Cooling method use diamond pins and heat pipes
Jet orifice plate with projecting jet orifice structures for direct impingement cooling apparatus
Heat dissipation device
Fan bearer
Temperature control assembly for use in etching processes and an associated retrofit method
Fan to generate air flow in axial and radial directions
Graphical user interface system for a thermal comfort controller
Wrap around heat sink apparatus and method
Heat exchanger cooling fin
Thermal relief mechanism for combination-type heat exchangers
Integrated liquid cooling system for electronic components
Flow distributing unit and cooling unit having bypass flow
Structured thermal transfer article
External flue heat exchangers
Method of verifying proper installation of a zoned HVAC system
Under counter dispenser
Device for administration of fluids
Cosmetic composition
Female connector, female connector mounting structure, and method of mounting female connector to su...
Chilled water storage for milk cooling process
Method for analyzing energy consistency to process data
Construction equipment discovery on a network
Batch mixing method with first derivative homogeneity monitoring
Batch mixing method with standard deviation homogeneity monitoring
Device for electrically stimulating stomach
Peach tree named `SNOW ANGEL`
Damping sliding rail
Apparatus and method for communicating hierarchical structures of directories
Power control for intermittently active data channels in a wireless communication system
Mobile military satellite receiver architecture for accommodating wide carrier offset and method of ...
Polymeric photonic crystals with co-continuous phases
Optical fiber with quantum dots
Methods for estimating the position and shape of lips and for estimating the position of teeth in a ...
Shielded x-ray detector
Device and method for reducing peaks of a composite signal
UWB (Ultra Wide Band) interference mitigation
Methods and systems for hitless restart of layer 3 packet forwarding
Add-on medicine dispenser timer
Chopping and oversampling ADC having reduced low frequency drift
Bandwidth tunable sigma-delta ADC modulator
Method and system for selective email acceptance via encoded email identifiers
Network traffic routing
Autonomous service backup and migration
Electro-optical device, film member, laminated film, low refractivity film, laminated multilayer fil...
Process for the separation of olefins from paraffins using membranes
N-sulfonyldicarboximide containing tethering compounds
Electrically conducting materials from branched end-capping intermediates
Self assembling monolayer compositions
Water- and oil-repellent, antistatic composition
Method for producing colorant excellent in color development
Durable foam of olefin polymers, methods of making foam and articles prepared from same
Low density polymer beads
Flexible hermetic enclosure for implantable medical devices
Nucleic acid archiving
Method and test kit for detecting analytes in a sample
Production of urokinase in a three-dimensional cell culture
Cross-linked primer composition and use thereof in thermoformable films
Low stress to seal ePTFE gasket material
Chuck with integrated wafer support
Water absorbing agent, process for its production, and absorbers and absorbent articles made by usin...
Fluorinated resin water dispersion composition and fluorinated water base coating composition
Multi-staged catalyst systems and process for converting alkanes to alkenes and to their correspondi...
Panel element, particularly for a motor vehicle, and method for the production thereof
Anisotropic porous material
Cartilage repair apparatus and method
Fluid container having air passageway
Ink cartridge having porous insert for use in a mobile device
Waste ink tank and inkjet recording apparatus
Pagewidth printhead cartridge having an integral capper unit associated therewith
System for mounting a capper assembly to a pagewidth printhead
Lipstick case
Signal acquisition probe having a retractable double cushioned probing tip assembly
Patient immobilization device with diagnostic capabilities
Alpha-aminoamide derivatives useful as analgesic agents
Method of treating cancers using .beta.-lapachone or analogs or derivatives thereof
Compositions and methods for the treatment of urinary incontinence
Antibacterial 1-(4-mono- and di-halomethylsulphonylphenyl)-2-acylamino-3-fluoroproponals and prepara...
Arylsulphonamide derivatives and methods of preparing
Compounds for the treatment of metabolic disorders
Compounds for use in the treatment of skin conditions
Screening of compounds for treatment of atherosclerosis and heart attack
Paclitaxel aqueous injection solution and methods for preparing the same
Indole derivatives as H3 inverse agonists
Method of treating amytrophic lateral sclerosis using melatonin
Indole compounds useful for the treatment of cancer
2-phenyl-3-heteroarylpropionic acid derivative or salt thereof and medicine containing the same
Azole derivatives and fused bicyclic azole derivatives as therapeutic agents
Solid preparation containing single crystal form
Remote controller for semiconductor memory card player
Environmentally friendly dual lube venturi filter cartridge
Apparatus for water treatment
Fraction collector with adjustable tray
Waste treatment systems
Dialysis machine blood circulating circuit fitting
Moisture exchange module having a bundle of moisture-permeable hollow fibre membranes
Separator of floating components
High efficiency ion exchange system and method for removing chromium from water
Catalytic activated carbon for removal of chloramines from water
Process for producing mass transfer device and apparatus for production thereof
Biological fluid filter and system
Apparatus and method for osmotic membrane distillation
Aeration method
Separation of sugars, sugar alcohols, carbohydrates and mixtures thereof
Extension and locking assembly for dripless element and container therefore
Flow system for a hydraulic choke solids strainer
Apparatus, methods, and articles incorporating multiple path failover driver mechanism
Shared/exclusive control scheme among sites including storage device system shared by plural high-ra...
Method and system for using distributed name servers in multi-module fibre channel switches
Router with routing processors and methods for virtualization
Method and system for measurement of sidewall damage in etched dielectric structures using a near fi...
Magnetic assembly for a transducer
Bright point detecting method and computer program product for conducting the bright point detecting...
Modulated reflectance measurement system using UV probe
Method of determining initial thickness value for sample surface layer, and use of splines for fitti...
Gloss coated multifunctional printing paper
Waterless lotion and lotion-treated substrate
Device and method for providing payouts based on activity and ranks of other gaming sessions
Hydraulic vane pump
Tandem pump unit
Means for using single force sensor to supply all necessary information for determination of status ...
Method of cleaning out blockages which prevent operation of a reciprocating downhole tubing pump
Compressor pulse width modulation
Apparatus and method for selectively mapping proper boot image to processors of heterogeneous comput...
Interrupt control system and method for reducing interrupt latency
External storage apparatus and control apparatus thereof, and data transmission/reception apparatus
Method of refining petroleum and refining apparatus
Process for the selective hydrodesulfurization of olefinic naphtha streams
Mixed metal oxide additives
Method of preparing a chiral substrate surface by electrodeposition
Methods of treating cancer using antibodies that immunospecifically bind to trail receptors
Method and apparatus for performing wide area terrain mapping
Autonomous in-vehicle navigation system and diagnostic system
Navigation device and method for determining orientation of vehicle
Method for determining the mass of a motor vehicle while taking into account different driving situa...
Method and system for customized music delivery
GPS-equipped meter
Vehicle proximity warning apparatus, method and program
Ensuring the performance of mandated inspections combined with the collection of ancillary data
Test probe having modular components
Method for controlling the acceleration of a marine vessel used for water skiing
Entertainment system comprising suspension platform
Flash EEPROM system with simultaneous multiple data sector programming and storage of physical block...
Column capillary seal for FDB motors
Flash memory control method, flash memory system using the control method and flash memory device us...
Pulse width modulation circuit controlling output current of an inverter circuit for motor-driven bl...
Infrared imaging system employing on-focal plane nonuniformity correction
Pelargonium plant named `Fisprit`
DVD recorder
DVD recorder
Using a virus checker in one file server to check for viruses in another file server
Computer virus screening methods and systems
Firewall including local bus
Cable modem tuner
Method for preventing transmission control protocol synchronous package flood attack
Mapping process for use in sending trick-mode video streams with a high performance
System and method for incrementally distributing a security policy in a computer network
Interactive electronic program guide for use with television delivery system
Method and apparatus for simulating soft object movement
Band stop filter employing a capacitor and an inductor tank circuit to enhance MRI compatibility of ...
Augmenting hypoventilation
Flexible subcutaneous implantable cardioverter-defibrillator
Biomagnetic measurement apparatus
Elastomeric actuator devices for magnetic resonance imaging
Balloon-expandable hearing device fitting system and self-expanding hearing device
Transgenic plants expressing a cellulase
Substituted naphthyridine derivatives as inhibitors of macrophage migration inhibitory factor and th...
Alteration of FcRn binding affinities or serum half-lives of antibodies by mutagenesis
Building integrated circuits using a common database
Method of simulating bidirectional signals in a modeling system
Method and article for interactive data exploration
Systems and methods for a built in test circuit for asynchronous testing of high-speed transceivers
Command management using task attributes
Delivery of an interruption to an operating system
Method and apparatus for generating an identifier to facilitate delivery of enhanced data services i...
High reliability memory module with a fault tolerant address and command bus
Element management system with automatic remote backup of network elements' local storage
Method for transferring data across different clock domains with selectable delay
System and method for message encryption and signing in a transaction processing system
Computer system utilizing multiple computer modules with password protection
Computer system utilizing multiple computer modules with serial interface
Efficient system management synchronization and memory allocation
Optical disc and remote control device
Dummy fill for integrated circuits
High frequency module and manufacturing method thereof
Miniature condenser microphone and fabrication method therefor
Semiconductor laser apparatus and production method thereof
Optical disc recording and/or playing apparatus and method
Solid-state memory device and method for arrangement of solid-state memory cells
Electronic assembly having an indium wetting layer on a thermally conductive body
Multilayer electronic component and method for producing the same
Postprocessing apparatus and postprocessing method
Liquid crystal display device and fabrication method thereof
Color filter for IPS and liquid crystal display apparatus
Compact radio frequency transmitting and receiving antenna and control device employing same
Internal antenna and motherboard architecture
Magnetic field sensor
Surface acoustic wave (SAW) device package and method for packaging a SAW device
Aligning device, for a disk recording medium, having a sliding portion disposed between the medium a...
Communication control apparatus and method
Image forming apparatus
Image-forming apparatus with inertial means selectively connected to fixing drive
Recording apparatus including plural storage means having standby modes
Reproducing apparatus
Automated visual image editing system
Radiation imaging method, radiation imaging apparatus, computer program and computer-readable record...
Image processing apparatus, image-taking system and image processing method
Age-based face recognition
Lens apparatus and image-pickup apparatus
Image-forming controller, method therefor, program, and storage medium
Image sensing device and image processing method
Information processing apparatus and control method therefor
Print job substitution in a copy job
Tracking system and autonomous mobile unit
Method of molding silicone elastomer drug carrier in an endocardial lead
Coatings comprising self-assembled molecular structures and a method of delivering a drug using the ...
Image forming apparatus
Optical harness assembly and method
Method to improve the cleaner froth flotation process
Humidifier with ultraviolet lamp
Method and system of remote diagnostic, control and information collection using multiple formats an...