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Compact, single chip-based, entangled polarization-state photon sources and methods for generating p...
Methods of incorporating treatment agents into wood based composite products
Liquid crystal display device with plural linear light sources having different lengths
Alkenyl-substituted spirocyclic sulfamides as inhibitors of gamma-secretase
Photoconductor, image forming apparatus, image forming process, and process cartridge
Ventilated safety goggles
Method for automatic branch labeling
Loudspeaker driver
Modal acoustic array transduction apparatus
Switching power source device of the type capable of controlling power loss in generating output vol...
Optically-assisted magnetic recording head and optically-assisted magnetic recording apparatus
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Dielectrically-loaded antenna
Antenna device and communication system using it
Method and system for determining unwrapped phases from noisy two-dimensional wrapped-phase images
Methods and mechanisms for extracting and reducing capacitor elements
Method and system for selection and replacement of subcircuits in equivalence checking
Techniques for automatic software error diagnostics and correction
Boot methods, computer systems, and production methods thereof
System and method for session provision
Techniques for automatically delegating address spaces among dynamic host configuration servers
Method and system for providing information to remote clients
Intonation transformation for speech therapy and the like
Diagnosing device for stereo camera mounted on robot, and diagnostic method of stereo camera mounted...
Ultra-wideband wireless backplane
Signal relay apparatus and method for a wireless network
Locking-status judging circuit for digital PLL circuit
Integrated circuit capable of balancing switch transitions
Point to multipoint cell plan and migration
Method of manufacturing microlens, microlens, microlens array, electro-optical device, and electroni...
Solid-state image pickup apparatus driven at a frequency adaptive to photographic sensitivity
Solid-state image pickup apparatus with horizontal thinning and a signal reading method for the same
Variable gain amplifier
Method and apparatus for probing at arbitrary locations within an inaccessible array of leads the so...
Phase identification system and method
Radiation image storage panel
Apparatus and method for ion production enhancement
Tachykinin peptides, precursor peptides thereof and genes encoding the same
Processes for determining compounds that interact with snorf33 receptor
Wired circuit board and producing method thereof
Electromagnetic noise suppressing thin film
Silica sol composition, membrane electrode assembly with proton-exchange membrane, and fuel cell
Continuous hydrogen and alcohol generator from coal
Opthalmologic apparatus
Pupil regulated multifocal contact lenses
Methods of using G-CSF analog compositions
Systems and methods for long-range, high-resolution laser radar range detection
Printing blanket assembly for a blanket cylinder and method for producing a printing blanket assembl...
Inking or dampening unit including adjustable throw-on force for setting imprint width
Method for handling printing plates
Control roller having speed-dependent pressing force
Antibody against tumor specific antigen as target
Lugged cap forming system
Method and apparatus for analog-to-digital conversion
Gradient coil apparatus and method of assembly thereof
Methods and devices configured for dissolving hyperpolarised solid material with a solvent within a ...
High temperature superconducting current leads for superconducting magnets
Electromagnetic wave transceiver apparatus and nuclear magnetic resonance analyzing apparatus using ...
Main magnet perforated eddy current shield for a magnetic resonance imaging device
Compensating for non-uniformity of excitation field in MRI
Compensation of magnetic field disturbances due to vibrations in an MRI system
Variable field-of-view gradient coil system for magnetic resonance imaging
Portable phone
Shunt barrier in pulse oximeter sensor
Catheter information clip
Cardiac rhythm management system with prevention of double counting of events
X-ray diagnostics device and method for controlling an X-ray diagnostics device
Cytotoxic agents and methods of use
Methods and compositions for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders
Metal fluorides as electrode materials
Programmable metallization cell structures including an oxide electrolyte, devices including the str...
Peelable and resealable devices for biochemical assays
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Electrophotographic image forming method
Cooling agents for cooling systems in fuel cell drives containing azole derivatives
Inkjet recording ink
Versatile cellular telephone holder
Methods, systems and computer program products for automated location and monitoring of mobile devic...
Parallel-beam scanning for surface patterning of materials
Monocoque lenticular plastic card and method of making same
RFID animal ear tag
Presentation system for displaying data
Inline power controller
Label for an electronic product that provides failure information when the product fails
Transaction card comprising two magnetic stripes
Manufacturing system with intrinsically safe electric information storage
Seal method and system for packages
Image forming apparatus and main body of the same
Optimized liquid-phase oxidation
Reactor for producing a nitrile compound and method for operating the reactor
6-Alkylamino-2-methyl-2'-(N-methyl substituted sulfonamido)methyl-2H-1-benzopyran derivative as anti...
Sulfoxyalkylthiophene and process for producing the same
Processes for producing 7-isoindoline-quinolonecarboxylic acid derivative and its intermediate, as w...
1,2,4-Thiadiazole compounds and pests controlling composition containing the same
Desulfurization sorbent
G proteins, polynucleotide encoding the same and utilization thereof
Nonhuman animal model non-responsive to mycoplasma-origin lipoprotein/lipopeptide
Spool assembly for a dual bearing reel
Animal restraining and cape or vest device
Locking finial and receptacle incorporating the same
Arrangement for and a method of managing a herd of animals
Animal feeding apparatus
Method of milking an animal
Fishing hook
Monomers and polymers for optical elements
Blends of amorphous and semicrystalline polymers having shape memory properties
Polymerisation initiators, polymerisable compositions, and uses thereof for bonding low surface ener...
Method and system for detecting measurement error
Signal component processor
Oximeter red and IR zero calibration control
Shunt barrier in pulse oximeter sensor
Shunt barrier in pulse oximeter sensor
Pulsometer worn on wrist and associated control method
Ultrasonic transmitter, ultrasonic transceiver and sounding apparatus
System and method for automatic indexing and archiving of paper documents
System and method of point matching measured positions to template positions
Method and system for generating an image
Apparatus and method for reproducing image
Image search program, information storage medium, image search apparatus and image search method
Image processing apparatus and image processing program
System and method for providing multi-sensor super-resolution
Method and system for object recognition using fractal maps
Image processing device and method
Post-processing method for reducing artifacts in block-coded digital images, and post-processing dev...
Detecting moving objects in videos with corner-based background model
Density-dependent sharpening
Method and device for post-processing digital images
Method and apparatus for efficient transmission and decoding of quantization matrices
Grayscale and binary image data compression
Encoded data generation apparatus and a method, a program, and an information recording medium
Feedthrough fiber strain relief
Cable management panel with sliding drawer and methods
Fiber optic tester
Connecting a component with an embedded optical fiber
Optical waveguide, optical waveguide module, and a method for fabricating optical waveguide module
Hollow core optical fiber
Apparatus and method for detecting optical radiation
Telecommunication loose tube optical cable with reduced diameter
High-voltage component with optical fiber and method for producing it
System and method for providing a buffer tube including a jet
Optical cable shield layer connection
Optical fiber array and manufacturing method thereof
Systems and method for compensation of sensor degradation in shooter detection systems
Mounting devices for firearms and methods of operating the same
Impact resistant housing system for a fluorescent task lamp
Off-channel signal detector with programmable hysteresis
Multicasting optical switch fabric and method of detection based on novel heterodyne receiver
Polarization insensitive semiconductor optical amplifier
Image detection using multimode fiber amplifier
Measurement deferral and aggregation for extensible test configuration
Transmission device with adaptive digital predistortion, transceiver with transmission device, and m...
Electric power saving apparatus comprising semi-conductor device to pass energy of infrared ray synt...
Photometrically modulated delivery of reagents
Apparatus and method for establishment and protection of connections within mesh networks
High frequency semiconductor apparatus, transmitting apparatus and receiving apparatus
Removal of transition metal ternary and/or quaternary barrier materials from a substrate
Dosages for treatment with anti-ErbB2 antibodies
Anti-ErbB2 antibodies
Tampon applicator
Product dispensing package
Apertured laminate web
Method for forming fastening members
Keratin dyeing compounds, keratin dyeing compositions containing them, and use thereof
Web-based speech recognition with scripting and semantic objects
Poker table
Computer support network with customer portal to monitor incident-handling status by vendor's comput...
Method to provide autonomic boot recovery
Systems and methods of securing resources through passwords
Root cause correlation in connectionless networks
Secure network processing
Methods and apparatus for rapidly activating previously inactive components in a computer system
Network infrastructure management and data routing framework and method thereof
Tripod constant-velocity universal joint
Hydrodynamic bearing device and compact motor including hydrodynamic bearing device
Split gib mounting arrangement for drilling components
Substrate holder which is self-adjusting for substrate deformation
Method of operating a micromechanical device that contains anti-stiction gas-phase lubricant
Optical guide and surface light emitting apparatus using the same
System performance monitoring system
Embedded electrode integrated optical devices and methods of fabrication
Optical rotary coupling
Compact wavelength-selective optical crossconnect
Optoelectronic hybrid integrated module
Chip-to-chip optical interconnect
Method of correcting alignment errors in a segmented reflective surface
Methods and apparatus to optically couple an optoelectronic chip to a waveguide
Aldolase, and method for producing optically active IHOG and monatin
Method for producing an optical arrangement
Information processing method
Coaligned bar codes and validation means
Hub for a passive optical network hub
Method and apparatus utilizing tunable differential group delay
Waveguide device having improved spatial filter configurations
Optical add/drop interconnect bus for multiprocessor architecture
Methods of fabricating organic light emitting display and donor substrate
Machine for coffee beverage production
Prodrugs of excitatory amino acids
Azaindolylidene derivatives as kinase inhibitors, process for their preparation and pharmaceutical c...
Integrated tool with interchangeable wet processing components for processing microfeature workpiece...
Methods for transporting vitamin C
Method, system, apparatus, and computer-readable medium for taking and managing snapshots of a stora...
Gas discharge panel substrate assembly having protective layer in contact with discharge space, and ...
Copper (I) compounds useful as deposition precursors of copper thin films
Guanidinopyrimidinone compounds and phase change inks containing same
Method for separating biological material from a fluid using magnetic particles
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Color filter
Ferroelectric film, ferroelectric capacitor, ferroelectric memory, piezoelectric element, semiconduc...
Sol-gel coating from water-soluble oxalamides
Antireflection film, polarizing plate and image display device
Catalyst element having a thermal barrier coating as the catalyst substrate
Hanging curved mount for flat panel displays
Power-gating system and method for integrated circuit devices
Semiconductor device, nonvolatile semiconductor memory, system including a plurality of semiconducto...
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and method of manufacturing electronic device
Set of resin sheets and method for producing ceramic structure using the same, and ceramic structure
Mobile wireless device with a conductive part connected to a reference potential layer
Method for driving piezoelectric ink jet head
Printing system and print control method
Ink jet recording apparatus
Coordinated synchronization
Gesture recognition
Methods and apparatus for scheduling tasks
Fragrance bottle
Liquid crystal display with a perfume dispenser
Remotely activated, multiple stage alarm system
C.sub.10-alkanolalkoxylate mixtures and the use thereof
Distributed dynamic channel allocation technique for multi-carrier CDMA cellular systems with mobile...
Low-ripple optical device
Systems and methods for synchronization in asynchronous transport networks
Method of transmitting broadcast-multicast services parameters messages in a wireless communications...
Adaptive packet routing
Method and apparatus for optimizing routing through network nodes
Network system with color-aware upstream switch transmission rate control in response to downstream ...
Traffic grooming methods for undersea trunk and branch architectures
Apparatus for reducing drops in a transmission spectrum due to inter-pixel gaps
Active organic semiconductor devices and methods for making the same
Ranging arrangement and method for TDMA communications
Methods and apparatus for delegation of cryptographic servers for capture-resilient devices
Method and apparatus for scheduling data packet transmission over a multihop wireless backhaul netwo...
Method for constructing an updateable database of subject behavior patterns
Adaptive classification of network traffic
Fluid vaporizing device having controlled temperature profile heater/capillary tube
Fuel cell system and related control method
Highly adhesive pressure sensitive adhesive compositions and sheets
Reagent vessel cap and method for shielding reagent from the air
Polymer treating method and apparatus
Production of water for injection using reverse osmosis
Method for making a road base material using treated oil and gas waste material
Radioactive-material container, metal gasket for sealing the radioactive-material container, and met...
Active matrix type display device having antistatic lines used as repair lines
Impact absorbing member for motor vehicle
Support structure with self-adapting support surface for receiving any type of body
Automated transaction machine
Gan semiconductor device
Lamp and method of manufacturing a lamp
Electromagnetic shielding sheet
Rubber composition and pneumatic tire using the same
Erasable ink composition
Conductive patterned sheet utilizing multi-layered conductive conduit channels
Method for connecting electronic device
Optical pulse lasers
Stressed material and shape memory material MEMS devices and methods for manufacturing
Low cost heating devices manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Resist pattern and reflow technology
Protective pad for a user hand
Tweezer with light
Hair styling tool
Soap bar
Skin treatment article
Heteromeric umami T1R1/T1R3 taste receptors and isolated cells that express same
Peptides and methods for the control of obesity
Neural transplantation using pluripotent neuroepithelial cells
Cotton event PV-GHBK04 (757) and compositions and methods for detection thereof
Cell death-related nucleases and their uses
Compositions and methods for WT1 specific immunotherapy
Xylanase treatment of chemical pulp
Food container sealing apparatus
System reactions to the detection of embedded watermarks in a digital host content
Record medium, recording method for record medium, output controlling method, reproducing apparatus,...
Sensing device for enabling interaction between a computer and a form printed on a surface
Multilayer image, particularly a multicolor image
Source code transformation based on program operators
Dynamic wavelet feature-based watermark
Digital watermarking with content dependent keys and autocorrelation properties for synchronization
Information processing device and method and program storage medium
Method and system for communication via a computer network
Storage system
Information-embedding apparatus, encoder, tamper-detecting apparatus, information-embedding method, ...
Copy protection of data
Video registration based on local prediction errors
System and method for calculating and displaying estimated wait times for transaction request based ...
Computer system warranty upgrade method with configuration change detection feature
Computer system warranty upgrade method
Accounting apparatus, accounting method, and computer-readable program storage medium for storing pr...
System and method for integrated customer management
Method and apparatus for facilitating sales of goods by independent parties
Information recommendation apparatus and information recommendation system
Method and apparatus for facilitating sales of goods by independent parties
Automated sales support method
Method and apparatus for facilitating user registration in an on-line auction environment
Brain signal selection by contraction mapping with iterated function systems
Generic search engine framework
Method and apparatus for implementing a corporate directory and service center
Method and system for the architecture and implementation of a conscious machine
Information processing method, information processing system, information registration apparatus, in...
Method and system for optimizing configuration classification of software
Stereographic network monitoring system and method thereof
Data gathering
Method to provide management of query output
Method and apparatus for converting a network description into a computer program for disambiguating...
Fully capable minimally inflatable object model system for multidimensional applications
Registration of solved cubes within a relational database management system
Method and apparatus for retrieving data representing a postal address from a plurality of postal ad...
Visual query modeling for configurable patterns
Mechanism for controlling toe angle of vehicle wheels
3D portable game system
Apparatus and method for locating and marking an underground utility
Control device for motor-driven 4WD vehicle and related control method
Electron emission source composition for flat panel display and method of producing electron emissio...
Structurally efficient airbag cushion exhibiting high available inflation volume
Preparation of injectable suspensions having improved injectability
Vaccine formulations
Method of treating inflammatory acne vulgaris and rosacea with carbamide peroxide
Method of forming a vehicle component
Flexible road surfaces
Vehicle barrier system
Vehicle headlamp
Console and light assembly
Rearview mirror assembly for motor vehicles
Wheel assembly for a tracked vehicle and anti-accumulation sleeve therefor
Door hole seal for automobile
Foot switch and output system having foot switch
Optical alignment device for machine tool
Protein sequences containing antigenized antibodies for foot-and-mouth disease
Papermaking belt and method of manufacturing papermaking belt
Prosthetic foot with tunable performance
Power driven tilting inversion exerciser
Economical foam stilts
Clamping device for digital camera module
System for accessing components of a power train of a straddle type vehicle
Snowboard scooter
Playing card dealing shoe with automated internal card feeding and card reading
Ergonomic fish tape
Anti-backlash apparatus for bait reel
Waste receptacle
Method and apparatus for preventing spillage or loss of drill fluids
Packer element retaining system
Method and system for shortening brake activation reaction time
Foot covering for medical use
Innovative shaped memory insole structure with re-adjustable supporting pads
Shoe sole having fabric and method for adhering fabric to shoe sole
Surface contact maximizing shoe, outsole and rand
Nano-scale resolution holographic lens and pickup device
Continuous carbon-nanotube filaments for radiation-emitting devices and related methods
NANO IC packaging
Spin-coatable liquid for formation of high purity nanotube films
Superlattice for fabricating nanowires
Carbon nanotube and method for producing the same, electron source and method for producing the same...
Combined nanoimprinting and photolithography for micro and nano devices fabrication
Core-shell nanocrystallite comprising tellurium-containing nanocrystalline core and semiconductor sh...
Constructive nanolithography
Nanocrystal doped matrixes
Methods and structures for promoting stable synthesis of carbon nanotubes
Nanoscale indium tin mixed oxide powder
Process and apparatus for synthesis of nanotubes
Synthesis of nanofibers of polyaniline and substituted derivatives
Nanometer heat-conducting water solution for use in car cooling system
Process for separating metallic from semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes
Dispersion of carbon nanotubes by nucleic acids
Dendritic metal nanostructures
Synthesis of metal nanoparticle compositions from metallic and ethynyl compounds
Digital still camera, image reproducing apparatus, face image display apparatus and methods of contr...
Method of promoting skin care products
Camera reference device and method of taking a photographic image using a camera reference device
Variable power optical system and image pickup apparatus
Digital image capturing apparatus capable of capturing images from different directions
Band-like matter fastening seal, roll photo film, apparatus and methods for manufacturing a band-lik...
Light control apparatus and optical apparatus
Light amount adjusting apparatus and image pickup apparatus
Spring loaded attachment mechanism for camera and base
Wavable basketball backboard and rim
Steering wheel adapted for connection to finger dial of RC control unit
Lottery ticket security method
Rotating pattern matching board game
Table bowling
Method of making a toy ball
Telematic method and apparatus with integrated power source
Construction system
Automated pet toy
Target apparatus
Flame simulating assembly
Gaming devices and methods of playing card games with indicator of cards played from previous hands
Card-based board game and method of playing the same
Geocoding using a relational database
Method and apparatus for implementing Q&A function and computer-aided authoring
Configurational density process and structure
Model and method for using an interactive rational agent, multiagent server and system implementing ...
Business process analysis tool
Simulation of network traffic using non-deterministic user behavior models
Method of identifying fluid purification equipment which is optimized for individual fluid purificat...
System and method for exploiting a good starting guess for binding constraints in quadratic programm...
Content service aggregation system
Distributed method, system and computer program product for establishing security in a publish/subsc...
Real-time sales information architecture
Method and apparatus for implementing persistent and reliable message delivery
Optical component
XML-based textual specification for rich-media content creation--methods
System and method for providing statistics gathering within a packet network
Apparatus and method for generating packed sum of absolute differences
Information processing method and information processing apparatus
Method and system for regulating power in portable audio/video playback device
Encoded data recording apparatus and mobile terminal
Content-based multimedia retrieval system and method thereof
Method and apparatus for delivery of metadata synchronized to multimedia contents
Wall plate assembly
In-situ hydraulic treatment conduit
High aspect ratio wastewater system
Process and composition for forming an earthen hardpan
Rock bolt anchor having concurrent chemical and mechanical anchoring means and method for using the ...
Method for the earthwork of a foundation sunk for a wind energy facility
Method and apparatus for slip-lining
Methods for stabilizing heavy metal containing material for disposal in saturated zone
Wave generator
Leaching chamber with strengthened dome end
Trench drain filter assembly
Modular spill containment system
Covering systems and venting methods
Riser connector
Two-part telescopic tensioner for risers at a floating installation for oil and gas production
Method for preparation of amino acid chelate
Methods of separating ZE-nepetalactone and EZ-nepetalactone from catnip oil
Antibodies that bind to an epitope on the Huntington's disease protein
Anti-VEGF antibodies
Antibodies that specifically bind to chemokine beta-4
Thermoplastic composition comprising a hyperbranched polymer additive and articles made using said m...
Transdermal method and apparatus
Method of preparing a supramolecular complex containing a therapeutic agent and a multi-dimensional ...
HER-2/neu fusion proteins
Modulators of Nod2 signaling
Melanocyte-stimulating hormone inhibitors
Pharmaceutical compositions for prevention of overdose or abuse
Abuse-resistant hydrocodone compounds
Previns as specific inhibitors and therapeutic agents for botulinum toxin B and tetanus neurotoxins
In vivo synthesis of connective tissues
Functionalized polymeric surfactants based upon alkyl polyglycosides
Structured body wash
Vaccine against staphylococcus intoxication
Use of selected lactic acid bacteria for reducing infantile colic
Method of analyzing coenzyme Q-10 and two-electron reduction product thereof and analysis system
Methods of identifying compounds that modulate IL-4 receptor-mediated IgE synthesis utilizing a chlo...
Exhaust system baffling apparatus
Muffler device
Well production optimizing system
Spacecraft magnetic momentum control system
Apparatus, system and method for aircraft security and anti-hijacking intervention
Systems and methods for semi-permanent, non-precision inspace assembly of space structures, modules ...
Wing having a negative dihedron for towing a load
Insulation product and system suitable for use in an aircraft
Support device for a galley
Method and apparatus for vehicle control using variable blade pitch
Device for launching a power kite
Method and apparatus for encrypted data stream transmission
Transcryption of digital content between content protection systems
Method and system for performing asynchronous cryptographic operations
Remote control of VCR with electronic mail
Implementing nonrepudiation and audit using authentication assertions and key servers
Methods and apparatus for performing encryption and authentication
Apparatus and method for computing SHA-1hash function
System and method for accessibility content copyright permission
Video signal recording apparatus for copyrighted works
Apparatus and method for watermarking a digital image
Methods and systems for frustrating statistical attacks by injecting pseudo data into a data system
Portable keying device and method
Video slice and active region based multiple partial encryption
Computer system security via dynamic encryption
Method and system for producing a graphical password, and a terminal device
TCP/IP processor and engine using RDMA
Streaming of data
Method, apparatus, and system for capturing data exchanged between a server and a user
System for internet connections, method for calculating connection fees for network connection servi...
Method and system for monitoring, collecting information, diagnosing and servicing a remote system
Apparatus and method for managing and controlling UPnP devices in home network over external interne...
Asynchronous hypertext messaging system and method
System and method for selectively acquiring and targeting online advertising based on user IP addres...
Email message filtering system and method
Method and system for restricting content redistribution
System and methodology for control of, and access and response to internet email from a wireless dev...
System and method for performing remote tracking and reporting of computing system performance, usag...
Method for evaluating activity-based costs of a company
System and method for conducting an electronic financial asset deposit auction over computer network
Virtual warehouse parts distribution system and process
Interactive internet shopping and data integration method and system
Union remote controller, union remote controller information providing system and method for using t...
Method and system for advertisement using internet browser with book-like interface
Method for processing speech signal features for streaming transport
Method of licensing functionality after initial transaction
Information recording medium, information processing apparatus, information processing method, and c...
System and method for activating individualized software modules in a digital broadcast environment
Secure communication and real-time watermarking using mutating identifiers
Computer implemented method and system for controlling use of digitally encoded products
Interactive user interface for displaying supply chain information
Method for controlled and audited access to privileged accounts on computer systems
Smart card enabled mobile personal computing environment system
Personal coaching system for clients with ongoing concerns such as weight loss
System and method for automated debiting and settling of financial transactions
Method, apparatus and computer program product for reporting energy consumption
Method and apparatus for conducting electronic commerce transactions using electronic tokens
Postage franking system, device and method
System and method for measuring the quality of information retrieval
Method of and system for effecting anonymous credit card purchases over the internet
Method and system for rapid tenant screening, lease recommendation, and automatic conversion/transcr...
Methods and systems for carrying out contingency-dependent payments via secure electronic bank draft...
Detecting and measuring risk with predictive models using content mining
Interleaving circuit for a multiband OFDM transceiver
Plants and seeds of corn variety LH372
Inbred corn line PHACV
Inbred corn line PHCCW
Soybean variety 4440685
Soybean cultivar S06-WW169267
Solanum tuberosum sterol alkaloid glycosyltransferase (SGT) a novel solanidine glucosyltransferase S...
Fermentation and purification of migrastatin and analog
Modulation of Aurora B expression
PCR primer set for detecting severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)-Coronavirus, method and kit fo...
Expression cassettes for seed-preferential expression in plants
Rice regulatory sequences for gene expression in defined wheat tissue
Galanin receptor 2 proteins and nucleic acids
Brother of the regulator of imprinted sites (BORIS)
Elongase genes and uses thereof
Fungal cell wall synthesis gene
Fluorescent protein
Cancer-associated genes
Modified nucleic acid probes
Recombinant protein and method of screening for agents that modulate polypeptide aggregation
Electronic musical apparatus having volatile internal clock to be corrected by external clock and co...
Pick-up system and process
Electronic instrument and reproduction system
Automatic accompaniment apparatus, method of controlling the apparatus, and program for implementing...
Electronic music stand and method of using the same
Pedal stand for musical instrument
Enhanced drum stick
Transverse whistle flute and method of playing
Bass guitar stand up adapter
Machine with which stringed instruments will be picked or plucked
String instrument with a detachable neck
Topological crystal of transition metal chalcogenide and method of forming the same
Direct sulfur recovery system
Method for growing silicon single crystal and silicon wafer
Process for producing high purity phosphates
Calcium phosphate bone replacement materials and methods of use thereof
Superhard dielectric compounds and methods of preparation
Use of a tiO.sub.2 composition as catalyst for hydrolyzing COS and/or HCN
Method to reduce flue gas NOx
Method for nitrogen oxide reduction in flue gas
Absorbing agent and method for eliminating acid gases from fluids
Method and system for removing mercury from combustion gas
Leaching process
Adenine modified silica-based catalyst, a process for the preparation and use there for the producti...
Exhaust gas treatment catalyst and exhaust gas treatment method
Synthesis and use of aluminophosphates and silicoaluminophosphates
Method and apparatus for determining the progress of a uranium oxyfluoride conversion reaction in a ...
Positive electrode active matter and secondary battery using this
Acentric lithium borate crystals, method for making, and applications thereof
Vehicle running control apparatus and vehicle running control method
Device for triggering a restraining system in a vehicle
Parking assistance apparatus
Method of controlling motor thermal protection for an electric power steering system of a motor vehi...
Vehicle tracking control system
Braking system for an agricultural vehicle
Motor-driven power steering system
Control method for four-wheel drive vehicle
Motor-driven steering controller and automobile anti-skid controller
Crash pad for instrument panel
Electric power steering apparatus
Working machine
Operation control system for small-sized vehicle
Power steering apparatus
Transmission for a working vehicle and vehicle
Control box mounting bracket
Hood elevation system
Wheeled vehicle with leg shield
Method and device for determining the roadway condition
Opposing pump/motors
Methods and systems for providing access to stored audio data over a network
Instant messaging with caller identification
System and method for customer satisfaction survey and analysis for off-site customer service
Wideband matching circuit and method of effectuating same
Slidable and automatic rotatable apparatus
Location based fraud reduction system and method
Call triggering to one or more service nodes upon receipt of initial trigger response
System and method for offering portable language interpretation services
Voice mailbox with management support
Key setting methods
Controlling a telecommunications device
Systems and methods for distributing content objects in a telecommunication system
Abuse resistant safety telephone and method of adaptation
Mobile phone and battery-release device
System identification module for a communications system
Call center management systems
Method and apparatus for integrating agent status between a customer relations management system and...
Systems, methods and devices for a callback/callback reminder feature
Method for feature transfer in a telecommunication network
Pay-per-use communication node capabilities
Method and system for connecting a subscriber to an advertiser prior to call completion
Scent delivery device
Electrophoretic media and processes for the production thereof
Garment incorporating functional electrical circuit
Compounds and method for the inhibition of the expression of VCAM-1
Ortho-heterocyclic substituted aryl amides for controlling invertebrate pests
Histone deacetylase inhibitors
PRO19814 antibodies
Anti-PRO7171 polypeptides
PRO1382 polypeptides
PRO19680 polypeptides
Methods of treating cancer with HDAC inhibitors
Fused compounds that inhibit vanilloid receptor subtype 1 (VR1) receptor
Melanocortin-4 receptor binding compounds and methods of use thereof
Use of .alpha.-phenylthiocarboxylic and .alpha.-phenyloxycarboxylic acids with serum-glucose-lowerin...
Methods for decreasing or preventing pain using spicamycin derivatives
Encapsulation of food ingredients
Production of microspheres
Pharmaceutical formulations and systems for improved absorption and multistage release of active age...
Ultrasound contrast agents
Process for the manufacture of electrophoretic displays
Permanent magnet alternator and voltage regulator circuit for the permanent magnet alternator
Cleaning sponge
Biometric cleaning brush
Defense against virus attacks
Apparatus and method for creating a trusted environment
Server communication channel architecture and implementation method
String template pages for generating HTML document
MAC architecture in wireless communication systems supporting H-ARQ
Combined tag and data ECC for enhanced soft error recovery from cache tag errors
Method of seeking consensus among computer processes
Charging and communication cable system for a mobile computer apparatus
Data processing system having address translation bypass and method therefor
Memory management methods and systems that support cache consistency
Coherent signal in a multi-processor system
Method for transferring data from a memory subsystem to a network adapter by extending data lengths ...
Phone application state management mechanism
Method and system for receiving and framing packetized data
Information system
Travel update messaging system and method
Managing cross-store relationships to data objects
Low-noise fine-frequency tuning
Method and apparatus for controlled voltage level shifting
Method and apparatus to remove the DC component of a feedback signal
Footwear welt portion
Footwear welt
Footwear welt portion
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Portion of a footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear outsole
Footwear outsole
Footwear outsole
Footwear sole
Shoe outsole
Shoe sole
Systems for spectral multiplexing of a source image and a background image to provide a composite im...
Stabilization of organic materials
Disaster pack and method for making the same
Skate boot construction with 3-D heel pocket
Shoe upper
Peptide mediated synthesis of metallic and magnetic materials
Electroprocessed material made by simultaneously electroprocessing a natural protein polymer and two...
High density memory module using stacked printed circuit boards
Plasma display device
Portable electronic device and heat-dissipation method and battery charger thereof
Clip and heat dissipation assembly using the same
System and method for cooling a module
Jet orifice plate with projecting jet orifice structures for direct impingement cooling apparatus
Recovered high strength multi-layer aluminum brazing sheet products
Personal cooling or warming system using closed loop fluid flow
Method and apparatus for manipulating an organic liquid sample
Mechanical assembly, for regulating the temperature of an IC-Chip, having a gimbaled heat-exchanger ...
Desiccant dehumidification system
Geo-thermal heat exchanging system facilitating the transfer of heat energy using coaxial-flow heat ...
Network address generating system, network address generating apparatus and method, program and stor...
Personal portal and secure information exchange
Harmonic ultrasound imaging with microbubbles
Liquid dispenser for dispensing foam
Hydrophobic feed window
Plasma-shell radiation detector
Mesothelin, immunogenic peptides derived therefrom, and compositions comprising mesothelin, or immun...
Growth factor homolog zvegf4
Process for purifying glycopeptide phosphonate derivatives
Organosilicon compound
Protein compatible methods and compounds for controlling the morphology and shrinkage of silica deri...
Portioned detergent composition
Method and apparatus for chemical mechanical polishing of semiconductor substrates
Device and bioanalytical method utilizing asymmetric biofunctionalized membrane
Process and apparatus for the combinatorial production and testing of catalyst material libraries by...
Methods for detecting B. anthracis infection
Coated carrier
Well plate reactor
Device for processing samples, use of the device, and method for producing the device
Filtration matrix
Methods, systems, and computer program products for ultrasound measurements using receive mode paral...
Fungicidal trifluoromethylalkylamino-triazolopyrimidines
Pentafluorosulfanylbenzoylguanidines, processes for their preparation, their use as medicaments or d...
pH-dependent NMDA receptor antagonists
Fatty acid derivatives; preparation and uses thereof
Cathepsin cysteine protease inhibitors
Pharmaceutical compositions including carotenoid ether analogs or derivatives for the inhibition and...
Compounds and methods for inhibiting cellular responses to hypoxia
NF-.kappa.B inhibitors
Antidiabetic compounds comprising benzofuran and benzothiophene derivatives
Bis-indole pyrroles useful as antimicrobials agents
Inhibitors of .alpha..sub.1 .beta..sub.2 integrin mediated cell adhesion
Tetrahydrocarbazole derivatives having improved biological action and improved solubility as ligands...
Treatment of ballast water
Processes for removing oil from solid wellbore materials and produced water
System and method of gas energy management for particle flotation and separation
Spark-induced consolidation of sludge
Method of decolorizing stock-raising treatment water
Electrocoat manufacturing process
Method of separating components in a sample using silane-treated silica filter media
Biofilter and method for filtering a waste liquid
Method and apparatus for the methane fermentation treatment of wastewater containing sulfur compound
Biological deoxygenation method and uses thereof
Ecofriendly cationic polyelectrolytes
Device for microbiological examination of a sample of liquid under pressure
Chemical reactor
Method for remineralizing raw water
Water decontamination apparatus and method
Asymmetric porous polytetrafluoroethylene membrane for a filter
Apparatus and method for storage processing with split data and control paths
Cushioned seat protector
Polyphase filter with integrators
3D display system and method
Data object oriented repository system
System and methods for providing adaptive media property classification
Method and system for simulation of a thread in computer graphics simulations
Scanless virtual retinal display system
Goniometric sensor
Method for controlling power change for a semiconductor module
Process monitoring device for sample processing apparatus and control method of sample processing ap...
Echelle gratings with low Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL) using metal coating on the reflecting fa...
Topography compensation of imprint lithography patterning
Variable charge packet integrated circuit capacitor
Light modulator with integrated drive and control circuitry
Integrated circuit component and mounting method thereof
Semiconductor device, circuit board, electro-optic device, electronic device
Fabricating stacked chips using fluidic templated-assembly
Trench widening without merging
Fabricating method of a high voltage metal oxide semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for increasing stability of MOS memory cells
High voltage FET gate structure
Vertical field-effect transistor in source-down structure
Non-volatile memory (NVM) retention improvement utilizing protective electrical shield
Gate structures having sidewall spacers formed using selective deposition
Ingan-based light-emitting diode chip and a method for the production thereof
Thin film transistor array panel
Multilevel phase-change memory, manufacture method and operating method thereof
Transfer chamber for cluster system
User interface for molecular array feature analysis
Apparatus and method for measuring intracellular reactions
Method and system for diffusion attenuated total reflection based concentration sensing
Effect-particle orientation and apparatus therefor
Near-infrared spectroscopic analysis of blood vessel walls
Systems and methods for dynamic optical imaging
Apparatus and method for measuring transit time of oxygen in blood
Chip with measuring reliability and a method thereof
Dispenser housing
Player insert for a gaming machine, a gaming system and a method of operating a gaming system
Gaming device having odds of winning which increase as a player's wager increases
Method for manufacturing a cell-driving-type micro pump member
Reciprocating pump
Engine cooling fan motor with reduced water entry protection
Power transmission mechanism and process of assembling the same
System and method for reducing noise in multi-capacity compressors
Method of and device for lubricating rolling bearings
Vacuum tank assembly
Process for cracking an olefin-rich hydrocarbon feedstock
ZSM-5 additive
Process for the production of gasoline with a low sulfur content comprising a stage for transformati...
Oxidative desulfurization of sulfur-containing hydrocarbons
Method for jointly producing propylene and petrol from a relatively heavy charge
Process for selectively producing C.sub.3 olefins in a fluid catalytic cracking process with recycle...
Method of producing hydrofluorocarbons
Flexible method for producing oil bases and distillates by hydroisomerization-conversion on a weakly...
Programmable locating system and method
Multimodal natural language query system and architecture for processing voice and proximity-based q...
Valve tester control enhancements
Travel time calculating method and traffic information display method for a navigation device
Geophysics-based method of locating a stationary earth object
High bandwidth data transport system
Method and system for providing tracking services to locate an asset
Traffic routing based on segment travel time
Detector for sunken condition of vehicle
Telematic parametric speed metering system
Electronic circuit device
Interior mirror assembly with display
Apparatus for treatment of snow and ice
Integrated center stack electronic module retention system
Bleach-containing laundry detergents or cleaning compositions comprising water-soluble builder syste...
Anti-soiling detergent composition comprising a polyetheramide-modified organopolysiloxane
Liquid detergent composition comprising an anionic surfactant, amine oxide, and alkyl glyceryl ether
System and method for multiple access control in satellite communications system
Management and control of call center and office telephony assets
Method of repairing micromirrors in spatial light modulators
Optical recording medium, reproducing system, method of reproducing optical disk, method of fabricat...
Single objective lens for use with CD or DVD optical disks
Document processing with flexible resolution and output style
Video signal processing circuit and computer system
Single chip frame buffer and graphics accelerator
Device and method for repeatedly updating the function of a monitor
Thumb actuated X-Y input device
Tests for non-linear distortion using digital signal processing
Sugar cane variety named `L99-233`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Kiorona`
Lantana plant named `Tropical Fruit`
Anisodontea plant named `Cefdonpin`
Echinacea plant named `Pink Sorbet`
Video camera with video tape recorder
Video image display for portable phone
Video image display for portable phone
Video image display for portable phone
Control buttons for video game controller
Topical composition for follicular delivery of an ornithine decarboxylase inhibitor
System for rehabilitation of a hearing disorder
Apparatus and method for expanding a stimulation lead body in situ
Method and apparatus for skin absorption enhancement and transdermal drug delivery
Oximeter with selection between calculations based on patient type
Signal processing apparatus
Method for surface-contouring of a three-dimensional image
Optical tomography system
Cavity resonator for MR systems
Fabrication and integration of polymeric bioMEMS
Permanent magnet radiation dose delivery enhancement
2,4,6-Triamino-1,3,5-triazine derivative
Substituted indole compounds having NOS inhibitory activity
Human virus causing severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and uses thereof
Laser hardening tool
Circuit board and its manufacturing method
Optical module and method for manufacturing the same
Optical recording method, optical recording apparatus and optical storage medium
Magnetic head for perpendicular magnetic recording and method of manufacturing same
Light intensity ratio adjustment filter for an interferometer, interferometer, and light interferenc...
Electron emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
High density multilayer circuit module
Leadframe enhancement and method of producing a multi-row semiconductor package
Semiconductor device having an SOI structure and method for manufacturing the same
LED illumination apparatus and card-type LED illumination source
Light-emitting device
Surface passivated photovoltaic devices
Method and apparatus for reducing or eliminating stray light in an optical test head
Virtual ion trap
Semiconductor wafer cleaning agent and cleaning method
Semiconductor substrate thinning method for manufacturing thinned die
Technique for forming interconnect structures with reduced electro and stress migration and/or resis...
Method of manufacturing wiring board
Surface acoustic wave excitation device
Compositions for affecting weight loss
Desk lamp
Network resource monitoring and measurement system and method
Anti-idiotypic antibody and its use in diagnosis and therapy of Hepatitis C Virus related diseases
Performing a constrained optimization to determine circuit parameters
Method of treating diseases and conditions associated with an altered level of amyloid .beta. pepti...
Method for detection and quantification of T-cell receptor V.beta. repertoire
Toner cartridge
Method, system and program product for enabling rapid connection of automated tools to a device netw...
Enhanced transport using membrane disruptive agents
Method for determination of the charge drawn by an energy storage battery
Electro-optical device, method of driving the same and electronic apparatus
Biological assays using gradients formed in microfluidic systems
Electrochemical fuel cell with fluid distribution layer having non-uniform permeability
Swellable elastomer-based apparatus, oilfield elements comprising same, and methods of using same in...
Printed circuit board and manufacturing method thereof
Method and apparatus for providing a benefit during a transaction for use during a later transaction
Location system and method for operating mobile terminal as a responsible location for selecting a p...
Reaction apparatus for producing vapor-grown carbon fibers and continuous production system thereof
Wavelet multi-resolution waveforms
Alzheimer's disease secretase, APP substrates therefor, and uses therefor
Ricin-like toxin variants for treatment of cancer, viral or parasitic infections
Amide derivatives as NMDA receptor antagonists
Immobilized lactoferrin (Im-LF) antimicrobial agents and uses thereof
Single-primer nucleic acid amplification methods
Amplification of HIV-1 gag sequences for detection of sequences associated with drug-resistance muta...
Peptides having affinity for the gp120 viral protein and use thereof
CC chemokine receptor 5 DNA, new animal models and therapeutic agents for HIV infection
Systems and methods for removing viral agents from blood
Viral vaccines
Dura substitute and a process for producing the same
Cellular phone
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Computer-implemented methods and systems for entering and searching for non-Roman-alphabet character...
Backup cell controller
Tire tread
Golf ball positioning trainer and stance guide
Method and means for site directed therapy
Compact disc receptacle and compact disc processing system
Multi-orientation battery charging cradle
Inkjet printer cradle for receiving a pagewidth printhead cartridge
Enhancing digital rights management system security through policy enforcement
Production of low sulfur, moderately aromatic distillate fuels by hydrocracking of combined Fischer-...
Bayesian scoring
Resource optimization function in a data and telecommunication system
Three-port flat fluid manifold
Implant device for osseointegration to endure weight
Real time monitoring and analysis of events from multiple network security devices
Method for catalyst preparation and improved polyethylene blow molding resin
Catalysts for olefin polymerization
Card holder for a round precious coin
LED traffic light
Method for building a tool
Systems and methods that facilitate quantum computer simulation
Nitrogen rejection method and apparatus
Centrifugally atomized zinc alloy powder for alkaline batteries
Metallurgical product of carbon steel, intended especially for galvanization, and processes for its ...
Portable therapeutic seat exercise apparatus and method
System and method for implementing a bubble policy to achieve host and network security
Automatic tracking method for golf swing
Method for metering ammonia into the exhaust-gas region of an internal combustion engine and device ...
Method of managing memory for class variables
Method and system for recovering stranded outbound messages
Melanoma Gene Signature
Method for the in Vitro Diagnosis and Prognosis of Demyelinating Diseases, and for the Development o...
Methods and Compositions for the Response Prediction of Malignant Neoplasia to Treatment
Treatment of Neurological Conditions Using Complement C5a Receptor Modulators
Method for Inducing Differentiation to Skeletal Muscle Cells
Novel 27875, 22025, 27420, 17906, 16319, 55092 and 10218 molecules and uses therefor
Kits and peptides for transferases
Contact lens compositions
Pyrrolopyridine Derivatives And Their Use As Crth2 Antagonists
Condensed indoline derivatives and their use as 5HT, in particular 5HT2C, receptor ligands
Farnesyl Transferase Inhibiting 1,2-Annelated Quinoline Enantiomer
Fibrate Compounds Having Ppar Agonist Activity
Use of Pyrimidylaminobenzamides for the Treatment of Diseases that Respond to Modulation of Tie-2 Ki...
Substituted Homopiperidine, Piperidine or Pyrrolidine Derivatives
Imidazopyridazine Compounds
Substituted piperazines and diazepanes
Modulators of muscarinic receptors
Drugs for chronic pains
Agent For Preventing And Ameliorating Obesity
Formulations of Human Growth Hormone Comprising a Non-Naturally Encoded Amino Acid
Method and apparatus for honoring CORBA transaction requests by a legacy data base management system
Nesting negotiation for self-mobile devices
Argyranthemum plant named `Bonmadcher`
Terminal devices synchronizing method communication system and terminal device
System and method for CSEM exploration in polar regions
Method for creating durable web-enabled uniform resource locator links
Inhaler nozzle
Tracheotomy procedure with integrated tool
Master guide table for a digital broadcast protocol and method of broadcasting and receiving broadca...
Method and mechanism for using a meta-language to define and analyze traces
Liquid crystal poly(phenylene sulfonic acids)
Driverless interfacing of a removable device with a digital product
Method of remotely programming and updating food product holding apparatus using hand held computer
Ferroelectric random access memory circuits for guarding against operation with out-of-range voltage...
Power saving data storage circuit, data writing method in the same, and data storage device
Optical phase conjugation laser diode
Programming of fuse-based memories using snapback devices
Remote reservoir resistivity mapping
Fast lifetime analysis of objects in a garbage collected system
Pen cap and clip
System and method for proactive computer virus protection
System and method for simultaneous display of multiple information sources
iTFC with optimized C(T)
Stylus system for modifying small structures
Substrates with topographical features for the manipulation of cellular behavior and response
Single crystal material having high density dislocations arranged one-dimensionally in straight line...
High efficiency single stage bidirectional converter
Reference current generator
System for current sensing in switched DC-to-DC converters
Secure supply of an integrated circuit
Method of calculating power generating torque of synchronous generator
Fault tolerant synchronisation source for excitation control of a three phase power generating syste...
Battery pack
State of charge tracking system for battery systems
Discharge methodologies for lithium/silver vanadium oxide cells to manage voltage delay and permanen...
Rechargeable battery assembly having a data and power connector plug