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Apparatus for aerial refuelling
Non-threaded structural insert for component attachment
Sealing device for a flap track in a belly fairing of an aircraft for a flap-actuating shaft
Method for ensuring the safety of an aircraft flying horizontally at low speed
Apparatus and method for cooperative multi target tracking and interception
System and method for using a flexible composite surface for pressure-drop free heat transfer enhanc...
.beta. Crystalline polypropylenes
Footwear sockliner
Footwear outsole
Shoe sole
Portion of the side of a shoe sole
Process for removing oil-based components and forming ceramic bodies
Technique for incorporating a liquid additive into a nonwoven web
Method and apparatus for forming an extrusion
Method of press quenching aluminum alloy 6020
Main cylinder or press cylinder of an extrusion/tube extrusion press
Pressing tool and pressing process for extruding press fittings
Layered composites
HVAC control using modulated evaporator outlet temperature
Rotating clip
Arrangement and method for cooling a power semiconductor
Secure device capable of engaging with a heat sink firmly
Sleeve-tightening heat dissipating module
Heat dissipation device
System and method for heat dissipation in an information handling system
Liquid-cooling heat dissipating device for dissipating heat by a casing
Magneto-hydrodynamic heat sink
Heat dissipation device having fan holder for attachment of a fan
Electric device with improved cooling and casing therefor
Heat exchange furnace and its manufacturing process
Device and method for shaping a foil strip
Heat exchanger assembly for a charge air cooler
Vapor augmented heatsink with multi-wick structure
Low profile thermosiphon
Air conditioning apparatus for vehicle
Methods for fabricating thermal management systems for micro-components
Analog-to-digital converter (ADC) having a reduced number of quantizer output levels
Optical signal processing device for A/D converter including optical encoders with nonlinear loop mi...
Particle accelerator and methods therefor
Methods, compounds, and compositions for reducing body fat and modulating fatty acid metabolism
Film structures having improved oxygen transmission
Matrix-forming composition containing pectin
Acid controlled induced viscosity fiber system and uses thereof
Process for producing soybean powder
In-line process for preparing calcium-supplemented juice beverages
Food or beverage containing fucoidan and method of production thereof
Integrated container for lyophilization, rehydration and processing of biological materials
Sago-based gelling starches
Drive system for a knockout apparatus for a patty-forming machine
Storage bag with fluid separator
Cutting board and stand
Roll-forming apparatus with sensor driven gates
Injera baking machine
Grease collection system for oven
Liquid galley refrigeration system for aircraft
Portable terminal having motion detection function and motion detection method therefor
Methods and apparatus for low power SRAM using evaluation circuit
SRAM device having forward body bias control
Techniques for to defeat phishing
Water detection sensing system
Wound dressing
Azeotrope compositions comprising E-1,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene and hydrogen fluoride and uses thereo...
Method for the enrichment and characterization of phosphorylated peptides or proteins
Inhibitors of hepatitis C virus NS3 protease
2-(3-Aminoaryl)amino-4-aryl-thiazoles for the treatment of diseases
Protein formulation
Fold-resistant cleaning sheet
Method and apparatus for electroprocessing a substrate with edge profile control
Manifold designs, and flow control in multichannel microchannel devices
Enzyme-based device for environmental monitoring
Optoelectronic detection system
Human E3.alpha. ubiquitin ligase family
Apparatus and process for forming a printing form having a cylindrical support
Ceramic coatings for insulating modular fuel cell cassettes in a solid-oxide fuel cell stack
Fuel cell systems comprising microfibrous fuel cell elements and methods of making and using same
Low temperature process to produce low-K dielectrics with low stress by plasma-enhanced chemical vap...
Anti-microbial compositions and methods of making and using the same
Composition for treating bacterial, viral, fungal diseases, inflammation and pain
Calcium salts with cytotoxic activity
Insecticidal composition
Substitute thiophenes and uses thereof
Thiophene hydroxamic acid derivatives and their use as HDAC inhibitors
Compounds as anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and anti-proliferatory agents
Antibodies to VEGF-C
Interleukin-9 antagonist muteins and their pharmacological methods of use
GD2 ligands
Diphenyl cyclopentyl amides as cannabinoid-1 receptor inverse agonists
Therapeutic use of methionine-derivitives to reduce the toxicity of noise
Treatment of fluids with wave energy from a carbon arc
Process for the microbiological decontamination of water by means of photosensitive agents
Monitoring and control system for blood processing
Raw influent treatment processes eliminating secondary biological treatment
Filtering system
Membrane-cleaning method for membrane bioreactor process
Biological wastewater treatment process and reactor
Biotreatment of As-containing hydroxide sludge
Cellulose hydrate ultrafiltration membranes and method for their production
Method and device for separating constituents of a liquid charge by means of liquid-liquid centrifug...
Method and apparatus for sanitizing water dispensed from a water dispenser having a reservoir
Vortex separator for separating floating and settling substances from centrally inflowing storm-wate...
Compositions, devices, and methods for use in environmental remediation
Substrate treating apparatus
Animal waste effluent treatment system
Separation membrane by controlled annealing of polyimide polymers
Oil separator for the separation of oil from the crankcase ventilation gas of an internal combustion...
Centrifuge with aerodynamic rotor and bucket design
Process for producing a sterilization system
Colander bowl and server
Method and apparatus for role-based access control
Method and apparatus for transceiving multiple services data simultaneously over SONET/SDH
PCI--express slot for coupling plural devices to a host system
Method and system for providing a virtual universal serial port interface and a virtual storage inte...
Matched filter circuit and correlation calculation method
Low-cost doppler frequency shift measuring device
Method and apparatus for measuring grammage
Simultaneous segmentation of multiple or composed objects by mesh adaptation
Spectral normalization using illuminant exposure estimation
Apparatus correcting image by luminance histogram
Method of automatically assessing skeletal age of hand radiographs
Gloss sensor for a paper machine
Modulated reflectance measurement system with multiple wavelengths
Method for marking defect and device therefor
Dual electrode system for a continuous analyte sensor
Non-invasive measurement of blood analytes
Packaging cases for a cosmetic product with improved ergonomics
Solid dispersion compositions
Method to enhance plant growth with a biological fertilizer composition comprising poultry manure an...
Method for diagnosing infectious diseases
Method for determining expression of a PI3 kinase gene
Hepatitis-B viral variants with reduced susceptibility to nucleoside analogs and uses thereof
Plant-based medicament for the treatment of Hepatitis C
Sustained release vitamin composition
Soft, strong clothlike webs
Paper manufacturing process
Three-piece disposable undergarment with folded crotch member and method for the manufacture thereof
Shade for a decorative luminary
Films and film laminates having cushioning cells and processes of making thereof
Fabric article treating apparatus with safety device and controller
Two-sided cloth like tissue webs
Packaged tampon and applicator assembly
Electric toothbrushes
Trial kit for dispensing toilet paper and moist wipes
Surgical drape having an expandable member
Refrigerant compressor, and refrigerating machine using the same
Compressor assembly with pressure relief valve fittings
Plunger pump apparatus
Two stage vacuum valve for a vacuum packaging system
Communication system
Low CO for increased naphtha desulfurization
Driving force controller for a vehicle
Control unit and data transmitting method
Speed display device for a vehicle
Systems and methods for implementing contention-based optical channel access
System for detecting, tracking, and reconstructing signals in spectrally competitive environments
Steering system for small boat
Hazardous material transportation railcar and cask craddle
Attitude sensing system for an automotive vehicle relative to the road
Treated port fuel injectors
Washing machine and control method thereof
Printing system with embedded audio/video content recognition and processing
Low power support pads for moment loading and associated methods
Process for low temperature plasma deposition of an optical absorption layer and high speed optical ...
Processing chamber configured for uniform gas flow
Active hybrid FDB motor
Sapphire alignment fixture
Clip attachment for a tripod
Intrusion detection and vulnerability assessment system, method and computer program product
Anti-virus fix for intermittently connected client computers
Signature based network intrusion detection system and method
Apparatus for verifying the integrity of computer networks and implementation of countermeasures
Dynamic security events and event channels in a network security system
Method and system for prevention of network denial-of-service attacks
Method and system for activating a computer system
On-machine communication verification
Virtual host for protocol transforming traffic traversing between an IP-compliant source and non-IP ...
Method for establishing directed circuits between parties with limited mutual trust
System and method for computer security using multiple cages
Service providing system, information processing apparatus and method, recording medium and program
Device control system
Card settlement method and system using mobile information terminal
Differentiated PSIP table update interval technology
Double-sided recording/reproducing disk drive
Disk array device and disk array device housing
System and method for executing an arbitrary function from an external process
Display and analysis of medical images using calibrated pixel values in units of known properties of...
Method, computer program product, and apparatus for performing rendering
Modular X-ray tube and method of production thereof
Light source apparatus and optical tomography imaging apparatus
Inbred maize line 291B
Method of increasing yield in a plant and genes useful therefor
High oleic acid Brassica juncea
Anti-properdin antibodies, and methods for making and using same
Process and implementation for dynamically determining probe enablement using out of process correla...
Systems and methods for business process plug-in development
Object-oriented operating system
Assigning inputs of look-up tables to improve a design implementation in a programmable logic device
Gated clock conversion
Methods and systems for enabling collaborative authoring of hierarchical documents
Method and apparatus to detect/manage faults in a system
Method and apparatus for testing integrated circuits
Method and apparatus for detection of transmission unit loss and/or replication
Microprocessor with improved task management and table management mechanism
Methods for managing data writes and reads to a hybrid solid-state disk drive
Dynamic optimization of cache memory
Systems using mix of packet, coherent, and noncoherent traffic to optimize transmission between syst...
Method of adaptively connecting a video source and a video display
Computer assembly
Passive video multiplexing method and apparatus priority to prior provisional application
Optical information recording medium and method of manufacturing thereof, manufacturing apparatus, r...
Sintered body electrode and solid electrolytic capacitor using the electrode
Solid electrolytic capacitor element, solid electrolytic capacitor and production method thereof
Optical film using diffraction grating and display device using the same
Circuit board having resistor and method for manufacturing the circuit board
Control of eddy currents in magnetic vias for inductors and transformers in integrated circuits
Probe sheet adhesion holder, probe card, semiconductor test device, and manufacturing method of semi...
Module part
Semiconductor device
Chip structure and chip package structure
In-situ deposition for cu hillock suppression
Post passivation interconnection process and structures
Semiconductor package free of substrate and fabrication method thereof
Methods for stacking wire-bonded integrated circuit dice on flip-chip bonded integrated circuit dice
Methods for stacking wire-bonded integrated circuit dice on flip-chip bonded integrated circuit dice
Sensor module package structure and method of the same
Vertical laminated electrical switch circuit
Electron beam apparatus and method of manufacturing semiconductor device using the apparatus
Circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
Polymer obtained with silsesquioxane derivative
Ta-TaN selective removal process for integrated device fabrication
Image printer with common filter to filter common operating frequency band of fixing module and swit...
Image forming apparatus for forming images with at least two process speeds
Semi-permanent canal hearing device
Method for laterally steering streamer cables
Base paints containing fatty acid-modified epoxy esters, methods for the production thereof and thei...
Magnetic tape recording system having tape with defined remanent magnetization
Lens barrel
Polarizing plate provided with optical compensation layers and image display apparatus using the sam...
Electronic method and system for monitoring containers and products
Carbon black composite material and method of producing the same, and composite elastomer
Surface acoustic wave device
Divided wall exchange column
Storage device protection system, method for protecting hard disk thereof, medium for providing cont...
Printing apparatus and power supply control method in printing apparatus
Communication system, server device, client device and method for controlling the same
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and storage medium
Image heating apparatus
Thermal fixing device and image forming device
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus having door positioning device
Image forming apparatus with filtering function
Image forming apparatus having a function of adjusting an image formation condition
Image forming apparatus
Charging apparatus
Image processing method and apparatus, computer program, and computer readable storage medium
Image processing apparatus and method based on feature of a color image
Method and device for evaluating the noise associated with turbocodes, and systems using them
Electrophoretic display device
Optical deflector and optical instrument using the same
Color conversion using barycentric projections
Luminaire device
Liquid measurement cell having a transparent partition therein
Display having a reflective polarizer
Method for producing allyl compound
Polymerization processes
Reversible thermosensitive recording medium, reversible thermosensitive recording label, reversible ...
Solar heat reflective roofing membrane and process for making the same
Manufacturing method of the active matrix substrate, and an electro-optical apparatus having the act...
Electrostatic latent image developing magenta toner, electrostatic latent image developer, toner man...
Light scrambling system
Portable washing apparatus for animals
Process for the production of anhydrosugar alcohols
Optical sensor with co-located pressure and temperature sensors
Amino alcohol derivatives, pharmaceutical compositions containing the same, and use thereof
Method for concentrating precious metals contained in leaching residue discharged from copper hydrom...
Inverter device utilizing three switches controlled in a concurrent manner in a resonant transformer
Heating device for a planar heater with induction heating elements
Methods to find worst-case setup and hold relationship for static timing analysis
Amino-5-[4-(difluoromethoxy)phenyl]-5-phenylimidazolone compounds for the inhibition of .beta.-secre...
Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material
Method and system for converting paper ECG printouts to digital ECG files
Toner recovery belt conveyor, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus using the same
Optical scanning module, device, and method, and imaging apparatus
Fully integrated tuner architecture
Method and system for panoramic display of medical images
Method and apparatus for formant tracking using a residual model
Tissue localizing and marking device and method of using same
Rectifier circuit and RFID tag
Rectifier circuit and radio communication device
Variable attenuation signal acquisition probing and voltage measurement systems using an electro-opt...
Adaptively configured and autoranging voltage transformation module arrays
Switching power supply circuit
Magnetic-head apparatus with microactuator having function of short-circuiting both electrodes of ep...
Communication device with a wideband antenna
Antenna system
Handling uniqueness constraints in a database system with versioned data
System and method for storing and accessing data in an interlocking trees datastore
System and method for blending the results of a classifier and a search engine
Measuring layer thickness or composition changes
Method for use with an optical aligner system for positioning a fixture relative to a vehicle
Nucleic acid analysis
Method and system for creating a dynamic OGSI service proxy framework using runtime introspection of...
Method for tracking an event through multiple module-specific files
Method and system for simulation of mixed-language circuit designs
Method and system for providing low density parity check (LDPC) encoding
Emission-monitoring system and method for transferring data
Control system and method for validating operation of the control system
Authentication device and computer system
Key-controlled object-based memory protection
High dynamic range radio frequency to optical link
Fiber tip fluid output device
Polyethylene process
Imaging system having extended useful latitude
Organic-inorganic hybrid material, organic-inorganic hybrid proton-conductive material and fuel cell
Location information recommending apparatus, method, and storage medium
Identification of terrestrial foliage location, type and height for scaled physical models
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, computer readable program and stora...
Recording apparatus and method
Inspecting system for security documents
Electronic watermark embedding apparatus, electronic watermark embedding method, record medium havin...
Method and system for utilizing void regions in computer-generated areas of text
Interleaved soft switching bridge power converter
Method for frequency-driven generation of a multiresolution decomposition of the input to wave-based...
Capacitor with multiple elements for multiple replacement applications
Sample-loading system and anti-collision device and anti-collision method thereof
Car control method and car control apparatus
Semiconductor device including fuse elements and bonding pad
Mutant carotenoid ketolase
Active material of positive electrode for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and process for p...
Single cell for a solid oxide fuel cell
Surface-coated cermet cutting tool with hard coating layer having excellent chipping resistance in h...
Treatment of mood disorders by administration of SMR1
Multiplexing assays for analyte detection
Low fouling and high activity polymerization process
Bicyclic aromatic sulfinyl derivatives
Methods and apparatus for processing microfeature workpieces, e.g., for depositing materials on micr...
Frequency conversion with nonlinear optical polymers and high index contrast waveguides
Near-field aperture having a fractal iterate shape
Fuel cell life predicting device and fuel cell system
High temperature fuel cell system and method of operating same
Partial oxidation reactor
Electrochemical sensor with dry ionomer membrane and methodfor making the same
Method for operating one or more electrolysiscells for production of aluminium
Breath-based sensors for non-invasive molecular detection
Electrode-supported solid state electrochemical cell
Solid oxide fuel cell stack
Fuel cell system
Fuel cell separator, manufacturing method thereof and fuel cell
Fuel cell system
Photoelectric transducer and its manufacturing method
Photoelectric conversion element and process for fabricating the same, electronic device and process...
Lens with SLM
High refractive-index siloxy-containing monomers and polymers, and ophthalmic devices comprising suc...
Polysiloxane prepolymers for biomedical devices
Preloaded IOL injector
Associative thickeners for aqueous systems
Hyperbranched copolymer comprising monomers of choice, a composition, and a cosmetic method
N-substituted p-menthane carboxamides
Gripper cylinder in a folding apparatus
Method and device for adjustment of the transfer of printing ink and a method for the application of...
Rotary unions, fluid delivery systems, and related methods
Annular magnet
Resonator with adjustable capacitance for medical device
Multiple ring polefaceless permanent magnet and method of making
Apparatus and associated method that integrate the modalities of diagnosis and therapy to treat, in ...
Process for the surface treatment of an article containing silicone crosslinked by polyaddition
Piston compressor, particularly hermetically enclosed refrigerant compressor
Drill having construction suitable for enlarging previously formed hole
Detection of NO by using guanylyl cyclase and cGMP production as a readout system
Language input architecture for converting one text form to another text form with tolerance to spel...
Switch/network adapter port incorporating shared memory resources selectively accessible by a direct...
Heating system and method
Surface treatment of coated media
Counterweight for a fork lift truck
Control handle for carts
Boot and glove dryer
Paint roller cleaner
Base for a garment steamer
Personal cosmetics organizer
Whale mesh ball
Wall sconce
Light fixture
Vehicle fog light bezel
Headlight cover for a motorcycle
Light fixture
Base for lamp head
Lighting fixture
Lighting assembly
Decorative luminary
Clip lamp
Electric torch
Hydroxy-tetrahydro-naphthalenylurea derivatives
Preparation and use of aryl alkyl acid derivatives for the treatment of obesity
System and method for performing auto-focused tomosynthesis
Canal hearing device with tubular insert
Pyridinoylpiperidines as 5-HT.sub.1F agonists
Unidirectional, multi-head fiber placement
Micromesh material and micromesh mono-crystal high frequency capacitor and its producing method
Light emitting device
Nonaqueous electrolyte
In situ thermal polymerization method for making gel polymer lithium ion rechargeable electrochemica...
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and battery pack
Lithium secondary battery
Electric storage battery construction and method of manufacture
Method of manufacturing multilayered circuit board
Integrated circuit having a memory cell
Memory structure and method of manufacture
Synthesis of ionic liquids
Conductive polishing article for electrochemical mechanical polishing
Lithographic printing plate precursor and lithographic printing method
Titanylphthalocyanine crystal and method of producing the titanylphthalocyanine crystal, and electro...
Solid electrolyte and all solid state battery using the same
Coolant comprising azole derivatives for cooling systems in fuel-cell drives
Coolant comprising azole derivatives for cooling systems in fuel-cell drives
Cylindrical lithium battery resistant to breakage of the porous heat resistant layer
Remote provisioning of secure systems for mandatory control
Applicator intended to be attached to a finger
Applicator dispenser
Combined video camera and toolholder with triangulation sensing
Device for packaging and application of a product, in particular an eyeliner
Stick-type cosmetic paint container
Storing and using artist pastels in godets
Image display apparatus
Patient monitoring apparatus
Highly anti-corrosive metal pigments
Heat-stable diketopyrrolopyrrole pigment mixtures
Use of algae-derived physiologically active substances for treating a carcinomatous disease
Method for treatment of kidney diseases
Derivatives of mithramycin and methods of making and uses thereof
Binding agent for solidification matrix
Method and computer system for matching mobile device users for business and social networking
Systems and methods for networking passive information devices
Antenna device
Key input device combined with key display unit and digital appliance having the same
RFID tags combining signals received from multiple RF ports
Object monitoring, locating, and tracking method employing RFID devices
Electronic label for the identification of containers, and container and nozzle top comprising one s...
Radio frequency identification (RFID) network system and method
Method and apparatus for a product information interface utilizing radio frequency identification (R...
Systems and methods for approximating the location of an RFID tag
Method of minimizing absorption of visible light in ink compositions comprising infrared-absorbing m...
Document laminate formed from different polyester materials
Agent for preventing or treating neuropathy
Detection of congestion from monitoring patient response to a recumbent position
Conductive paste for multilayer electronic components and multilayer electronic component using same
Adsorbent for adsorption heat pump, adsorbent for humidity-control air conditioner, adsorption heat ...
Polyester process using a pipe reactor
Method of operating a fixed bed reactor under predetermined hydraulic conditions
Molting hormone receptor and method for screening ligand to the receptor
Collation shrink
Apparatus for preparing hydrazo-dicarbonamide using urea as starting material
Highly conductive composition for wafer coating
Benzene derivative having long, linear conjugated structure, process for producing benzene derivativ...
Process for producing polyolefin
Light-diffusing polycarbonate resin composition
Star polymer
Photosemiconductor encapsulant of epoxy group-containing (meth) acrylic polymer and alicyclic anhydr...
Catalyst composition and use thereof
Warpknitted spacer fabric with tearable threads
Device for managing animal traffic
Fish stand that catches water
Drag device for spinning reel
Growing marine fish in fresh water
Pet strap having buffering effect
Device for fixing a vehicle antenna
Domestic porridge making appliance and method for making porridge by using the same
Walking cane clamp
Jig fish lure
Pet collar with decorations
Electronic fence capable of guiding animals to return
Multiple perch squirrel proof bird feeder
Methods for injecting and sampling material through avian egg membranes
Pole holder
Interstitial prostatism model animal
Implantation of medical device with measurement of body surface potential
Marking biopsy sites
Slow tail compensation
Polyether polyols containing pendant amine groups and a process for their preparation
Superabsorbent polymer product and use in agriculture
Underfill of resin and sulfonic acid-releasing thermally cleavable compound
Surface-modified base matrices
Magnetic toner
Method of using a shape memory material as a mandrel for composite part manufacturing
Flexographic printing plate precursor and imaging method
Media and method for limiting access to data thereon
Enzymatic production of (meth)acrylic acid esters
System and method for forming a connective tissue construct
Data integration techniques for use in enterprise architecture modeling
Polymerization catalyst system utilizing external donor systems and processes of forming polymers th...
Methods and systems for running multiple operating systems in a single mobile device
Watercraft dry storage and storage method
System and method for electromagnetic wavefield resolution
Pole light electrical interface
System for direct vertical connection between contiguous subsea equipment and method of installation...
Access devices for inflatable and other boats
Retractable windshield for a boat
Boat that is provided with floating tubes in a multi-layer design
Mooring apparatus and method
Flexible buoy
Method and apparatus for providing authentication in a communication system
Group scheduling in wireless communication systems
Time converter
Method and apparatus for monitoring an interferometer
High impedance electromagnetic surface and method
Constant-power constant-temperature resistive network
Pulse generator
Precision segmented ion trap
Pipelined accumulators
Curved conduit ion sampling device and method
System and method for making synchronized signal measurements at spaced apart locations
Apparatus for combined laser focusing and spot imaging for MALDI
Characterizing eye diagrams
Mass spectrometer and method for enhancing dynamic range
Interface system for an accessory and a communication device
Composite flexible array substrate having flexible support
On-line enzymatic digestion in separation-detection methods
Methods and systems for rapid prototyping of high density circuits
Method and apparatus for stimulus artifact suppression
Systems and methods for multi-axis cardiac vibration measurements
Electrode assembly and a system with impedance control
Procedure and system for detecting a person's fall
Heat sensor activated detector and method
Integrated patient diagnostic and identification system
Method and apparatus for measuring body fat by using bioelectrical impedance
Adaptive parallel acquisition and reconstruction of dynamic MR images
Blood coagulation test cartridge, system, and method
Real-time measurement of ventricular stroke volume variations by continuous arterial pulse contour a...
Ultrasonographic system and ultrasonography
Borescope comprising fluid supply system
Device for treating heart failure
Method, apparatus and program for restoring phase information
Image processing method, image processing apparatus and image pickup apparatus and display apparatus...
Automated statistical self-calibrating detection and removal of blemishes in digital images based on...
Active compensation of streaks using spatial filtering and feedback control
Enhancing the quality of decoded quantized images
Tide filtering for video surveillance system
Enhancing the quality of decoded quantized images
System and method for auto-focusing an image
Processing a detected eye of an image to provide visual enhancement
System and method for lossless image compression
Image compression system with coding quantity control
Recording medium having recorded thereon coded information using plus and/or minus rounding of image...
Methods and apparatus for monitoring compressed bitstreams
Stochastic modeling of time distributed sequences
Method and device for condensed image recording and reproduction
Video segmentation using statistical pixel modeling
Image predictive coding method
Reconfigurable wavelength blocking apparatus and optical selector device therefore
Method and device for packaging a substrate
Multimode optical fibre
Single polarization fiber and method of evaluating fiber cutoff wavelengths using optical time domai...
Composite waveguide
System for measuring the wavelength dispersion and nonlinear coefficient of an optical fiber
Fiber optic cable for use in harsh environments
Mid-span breakout with potted closure
Optical module and mounting deviation compensation method for optical waveguide part
Optical microresonator with resonant waveguide imparting polarization
Transducer mandrel with attachment for holding fiber Bragg grating mounting collar
Stretching and compression of laser pulses by means of high efficiency volume diffractive gratings w...
Optical member and optical communication module with easy height adjustment
Collimator array and method for manufacturing the same
Wavelength selection switch
Hitless switch for high-density integrated optics
High power planar lightwave circuit optical Tx module and Tx/Rx module
System and method of permissive data flow and application transfer
Method and system for delivering photos to called destinations
Digital camera
Video information summarizing apparatus and method for generating digest information, and video info...
Defect inspection method
Method and apparatus for capturing, geolocating and measuring oblique images
Embedding hidden auxiliary code signals in media
Delivery of streaming media
Power supply having two switch-mode power supply units
Plasma display device
Color correction of LCD lighting for ambient illumination
Vehicle pathway vision system having in-path delineation reticle
Tire pressure alert system
Lamp assembly
Decorative light
Candlestick and method of making same
Lighted vehicle access system and method
Backlight module
Optical plate and backlight module using the same
Light emitting device
Illumination device
Vehicle console device
Pendent style luminaire split design
Led lighting apparatus
Lighting apparatus for illumination of removable frame sign
Planar light source and planar lighting apparatus
Method of forming a lamp assembly
Data protection
Method and an apparatus for the high-precision tracking of approximate per-task memory usage
Data processing method with restricted data arrangement, storage area management method, and data pr...
Providing access to database objects
Storage system, data transfer method according to volume priority
Annotating documents in a collaborative application with data in disparate information systems
Storage device system interfacing open-system host computer input/output interfaces
Method for transferring data and a destination database
System and method for unified registration information collection
Pre-formulated spreadsheet cell groups
System and method for error capture and logging in computer systems
Inter-object communication interface bridge
Application with multiple embedded drivers
Method for verifying performance of an array by simulating operation of edge cells in a full array m...
Set top box object security system
System and method for improved electronic mail processing with introductory text
Automated document formatting tool
Saving and retrieving data based on symmetric key encryption
Mechanism for layered authentication
Method for automatic updating of software
Application system configuration packages
Dynamic management of compiled code
Apparatus, method, and instruction for software management of multiple computational contexts in a m...
Code interpretation using stack state information
System and method for implementing volume sets in a storage system
Recovery of TNT and RDX from bulk composition B explosives
High density nontoxic projectiles and other articles, and methods for making the same
Piezoelectric stun projectile
Modular insertion trigger method and apparatus
Telescoping stun gun
Bullet test tube and method
Firearm mount with embedded laser sight
Weapon sight
Practice ammunition
Method and apparatus for pneumatic regulation including a high-pressure reserve
System and method for triggering an explosive device
Systems with bore-launched projectiles
Peelable/resealable packaging film
Polyester process using a pipe reactor
Espresso maker with accents
Semiconductor wafer, semiconductor chip and dicing method of a semiconductor wafer
Mutually authenticated secure key exchange (MASKE)
Secure network/service access
Generating asymmetric keys in a telecommunications system
Method for enhancing security of public key encryption schemas
Ciphertext switching for syntax compliant encryption
System and method of applying parity bits to protect transmitting and receiving data
Ethylenically unsaturated amine salts of sulfonic, phosphoric and carboxylic acids
Electric wire and cable with coating/covering of polyvinyl chloride family resin composition
Layer 2 link handler and path connection method thereof
Debeading tool for butt-welded plastic pipe
Stabilizer composition for halogen-containing thermoplastic resin compositions
Method and apparatus for configuring network devices with subnetworks in an ATM environment and retr...
Strain sensitive coax cable sensors for monitoring structures
Blasting method
Centrifuge permeameter for unsaturated soils system
Process for three-dimensional modeling and design of off-highway dump bodies
Apparatus and methods for generating water in a fuel cell system
Method and apparatus for regulating electrical power output of a fuel cell system
Oxidizer for a fuel cell system
Apparatus for growing cells under variable hydrostatic pressures
Dermal sheath tissue in wound healing
Electrosurgical probe with movable return electrode and methods related thereto
Multiblock copolymers having improved mechanical properties
Thermo-responsive water-soluble polymers for viscosity switch
Method and apparatus for volume control
Moving object equipped with ultra-directional speaker
Mounting mechanism for mounting a cartridge or an optical disc to the tray of an optical disc device
Method and apparatus for heating a workpiece in an inert atmosphere or in vacuum
Optical disk player
Wide tuneable laser sources
Image-rejection mixers having high linearity and high gain and RF circuits using the same
Method and apparatus for securing a printing device
Transmitter for transmitting signals over radio channels and method for transmitting signals over ra...
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device
Bit line control circuit for semiconductor memory device
Read-only memory using linear passive elements
Local sense amplifier in memory device
Surface brightening composition
Methods of producing lignin peroxidase and its use in skin and hair lightening
Use of crosslinked cationic polymers in skin cosmetic and dermatological preparations
Composition and process for retaining active ingredients
Sunscreen compositions
Methods for treating trichotillomania
Method for allocating programs
System and method for controlling co-scheduling of processes of parallel program
Audiovisual information management system with advertising
Efficient complex multiplication and fast fourier transform (FFT) implementation on the ManArray arc...
Audiovisual information management system with usage preferences
Use of multiple overlays to import programs from external memory
Systems and methods that facilitate state machine power and wake state management
Host memory interface for a parallel processor
Memory controller for processor having multiple multithreaded programmable units
Two-level interrupt service routine
System, method, and article of manufacture for using a replaceable component to select a replaceable...
Transmitter/receiver system, mobile transmitter/receiver apparatus, communication management apparat...
Cloth accessory
VEGFR-3 fusion proteins
Method for treating peritoneal adhesions
Microseeding device for gene delivery by microneedle injection
Antibodies to the human prolactin receptor
Compositions and methods for non-targeted activation of endogenous genes
Window cutout for a package
Pre-moistened wipe comprising polymeric biguanide for treating a surface
Absorbent article with improved fastening system
Tubular mould for continuous casting
Process and materials for marking plastic surfaces
Infrared-reflective material comprising interference pigments having higher transmission in the visi...
Backlight with light diffusion and brightness enhancement structures and method for producing such
Membrane for the separation of material mixtures and method for production thereof
Thermoplastic formulations for manufacturing pipes and accessories for home and industrial use, and ...
Particle having conductive polymer surface additive
Imaging member having polyvinylidene chloride barrier polymer resins
Process belt with variably adjustable release characteristics
Organometal compound catalyst
Preparation of titania and cobalt aluminate catalyst supports and their use in Fischer-Tropsch synth...
Massaging bar soap
Solid acid catalyst and process for decomposition of cumene hydroperoxide
Stable water standard
Process for fluoro derivative-substituted aryl pnictogens and their oxides
Rhodococcus cloning and expression vectors
Reduced fuming fluoropolymer
Polytrimethylene ether ester elastomer flexible films
Process for the production of paint coating layers
1,1,1,3,3-pentafluorobutane refrigerant or heat transfer fluid compositions comprising hydrofluoroca...
1-ethoxy-1, 1,2,2,3,3,4,4,4-nonafluorobutane refrigerant compositions comprising functionalized orga...
Membrane-mediated electropolishing
Pillow-top mattress comprising a fire blocked gusset
Hybrid agent-oriented object model to provide software fault tolerance between distributed processor...
System for determining status of multiple interlocking FIFO buffer structures based on the position ...
Data transfer control device, electronic instrument, program and method of fabricating electronic in...
System using host bus adapter connection tables and server tables to generate connection topology of...
Parallel cachelets
Hydraulic compensation for magnetically biased fluid dynamic bearing motor
Plastic ring bearing, particularly for use in MacPherson strut
Rotary machine
Bearing unit for railway carriages
Sealing system for bearing assembly
Ball connecting body for a rolling motion apparatus
Linear guide device and rolling element accommodating belt for the same
Working machine
Disc brake for vehicles having an application device with a needle bearing
Crankshaft assembly with coated crank pin
Electronic package for electrical machine
Interactive martial arts training apparatus
Cylindrical roller bearing
Shaft bearing retainer
Rolling element and method of producing the same
Spherical roller bearing sealing assembly
Bearing and developing apparatus
Pulley support double row ball bearing
EL lighting for garments with four wire circuit
Container for ammunition
Mortar tube for training
Safety mechanism for handgun and rifle trigger
Dual spin canister ammunition
Recoilless weapon system
System and method for tracking shipment of items utilizing RFID-tags
Rifle scope with adjustment knob having multiple detent forces
Time slot and carrier frequency allocation in a network
Smart shape insert
Split aperture array for increased short range target coverage
System and method for radar tracking using communications packets
Transgenic plants containing ligninase and cellulase which degrade lignin and cellulose to fermentab...
Extended tuning in external cavity quantum cascade lasers
Apparatus for optical navigation
Optical printed circuit board blank, a kit and a method of making an optical printed circuit board
Illumination module
Scanning unit for a position measuring system for the optical scanning of a scale and position measu...
Method and system for determining optical distortion in a transparent medium
LED extractor composed of high index glass
Method and apparatus for analyzing a downhole fluid using a thermal detector
Light emitting device and element substrate
Method of fabricating a light emitting device
Light emitting device, method of manufacturing the same, and manufacturing apparatus therefor
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Osmium complexes and related organic light-emitting devices
Encapsulation for electroluminescent devices
Luminescent material and organic electroluminescent device using the same
Electroluminescent fluorescent substance
Light emitting device
Compound for molecular electronic device having thiol anchoring group, method of synthesizing the co...
Color electroluminescent displays with thick film dielectric layer between electrodes
Sole of a golf club head
Sodium channel rNa.sub.v1.5a
Anticancer agents based on regulation of protein prenylation
Substituted benzazoles and methods of their use as inhibitors of Raf kinase
Carboxamide derivatives as therapeutic agents
Process and apparatus for treating a workpiece with gases
Corner fitting using fiber transfer
Distributed storage system, storage device and method of copying data
Decoupling an attachment from an electronic message that included the attachment
Methods and systems for Web-based incremental searches
Lazy timestamping in transaction time database
Probabilistic summary data structure based encoding for garbage collection
Technique for accelerating the creation of a point in time prepresentation of a virtual file system
Computer-implemented method to provide options on products to enhance customer experience
Multifunctional tip catheter for applying energy to tissue and detecting the presence of blood flow
Non-toxic corrosion-protection rinses and seals based on rare earth elements
Protective coating for application to a substrate and method for manufacturing a protective coating
Surface acoustic wave device and environmental difference detecting apparatus using the surface acou...
Ferroelectric capacitor
Photosensitive composition
Method for preparing chemical adsorption film and solution for preparing chemical adsorption film us...
Porous abrasive articles with agglomerated abrasives
Layer forming method, product comprising the layer, optical film, dielectric-coated electrode and pl...
Ultrasonograph, ultrasonic transducer, examining instrument, and ultrasonographing device
Method for characterizing porous low dielectric constant films
Method for recording information in luminescent compositions and uses thereof in articles of manufac...
Three inch silicon carbide wafer with low warp, bow, and TTV
Light-emitting semiconductor device, light-emitting system and method for fabricating light-emitting...
Mounting device for mobile information terminal, and mobile information terminal
Display device and apparatus
Hold type image display apparatus having two staggered different pixels and its driving method
Organic electroluminescence display device having organic passivation layer
Organic electroluminescence element and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device, EL display device, liquid crystal display device, and calculating device
Defect inspection method and apparatus for transparent plate-like members
Image display apparatus with driving modes and method of driving the same
Pixel circuit, display device method for controlling pixel circuit
Process and apparatus for cleaning silicon wafers
Extra-short cantilevered wall mount for a flat panel display
Medium low profile tiltable mount for flat panel display
Mobile terminal device and antenna switch
Method and system for coding/decoding signals and computer program product therefor
Color image scanning and printing device with efficient conversion of scanned image data into print ...
Radiation hardened logic circuit
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, toner counter and calculation method of toner consump...
Low-consumption inhibit circuit with hysteresis
Ultra precise polishing method and ultra precise polishing apparatus
Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the same, cover for semiconductor device, and electron...
Print-and-embossing composite apparatus for superposing ink and embossing characters on an object
Passing lamp assembly for motorcycle
Image pickup microscope
Image for a digital camera
Character input apparatus and tape printing apparatus incorporating the same as well as character in...
Anticurl back coating layer electrophotographic imaging members
Method and apparatus using pixel spot size control for reducing intercolor bleed
Compensation for malfunctioning jets
Lateral and skew registration using closed loop feedback on the paper edge position
Sheet deskewing system with final correction from trail edge sensing
Printing system with inverter disposed for media velocity buffering and registration
Asymmetric AC cleaner for improved toner charge distribution in scavenging development systems
Method and system for image classification and halftone frequency detection
Systems and methods for media summarization
System and method for dynamically determining the function of a lexical item based on context
Transfer device and image forming device that include a transfer assisting blade having a slant port...
Methods and devices for removing latent image ghosts photoreceptors
Toner imaging machine having an external fusing module
Data structure and method for sorting using heap-supernodes
Mobile wireless communications device including an electrically conductive director element and rela...
Image managing method, image managing apparatus, image managing program and storage medium
Hierarchical in-place menus
Communications system providing shared client-server communications interface and related methods
Methylated cyclodextrin complexes
Process for producing porous polymer films
Color enhancing shampoo composition
Lubricating deodorant for ostomy pouches
Sector switching detection method
Method and system for increasing the spectral efficiency of binary coded digital signals
Method and system employing antenna arrays
Technique for identifying backup path for shared mesh protection
Dynamic assignment of re-assembly queues
Method for management of voice-over IP communications of various relative priority levels
Head of line blockage avoidance system and method of operation thereof
Apparatus for providing holdover power
Method and apparatus for providing integral cell payload integrity verification and detecting defect...
Automated service change recommendations for wireless network subscribers
Look-ahead contention resolution method for a burst switching network
Method and apparatus for controlling a clock signal of a line card circuit
Addressing error and address detection systems and methods
Method for controlling timing in a communications channel
Method of controlling a mode of reporting of measurements on a radio interface and radio network con...
Nonsystematic repeat-accumulate codes for encoding and decoding information in a communication syste...
Systems and methods for therapeutically treating neuro-psychiatric disorders and other illnesses
Tracking the geographic location of an animal
Radio network relocation
Method of Determining an Error Rate and a Suitable Testing Device
Method and Apparatus for Controlling the Transmission of Radio Links in a Radio-Communication System
Transmission of Signals in Cellular Systems and in Mobile Networks
Block-Based Encoding and Decoding Information Transference System and Method
Multistage Resonant Amplifier System and Method
Integrated tracking filters for direct conversion and low-IF single conversion broadband filters
Receiver For Wireless Communications
System And Method For Adjacent Channel Power Detection And Dynamic Bandwidth Filter Control
Transmission Rate Control Method and Mobile Station
Method and System for Using PSK Sync Word for Fine Tuning Frequency Adjustment
Communication service subscription management
Privacy Securing Film
System and Method for Floor Covering Installation
Wireless Infrared Multimedia System
Digital Predistortion for Cognitive Radio
Process and structure to fabricate CPP spin valve heads for ultra-high recording density
Medical device delivery handle
Voltage regulator and method for providing a regulated output
DC-DC converter and its control method, and switching regulator and its control method
Apparatus and method for switching regulator with compensation delay for output voltage error correc...
Power supply for a load control device
Method, apparatus and computer program product for injecting current
Resistive torsional mode damping system and method
Battery protecting circuit
Battery polarity management
Monitoring device and method for determining at least one characteristic variable for the state of a...
Cordless power tool system having slidably-engaging power source connection
Data controlled power supply apparatus
Vehicle-generator control device
Voltage conversion circuit and switching power supply device
Fuel cell device with compound power supply
Machine for on-site folding and securing a tape to an unfinished edge of a carpet
Drywall installation tool and method
Air circulation board for cavity wall construction
Dryer venting apparatus, techniques and installation kit
System and Method for Creating, Executing and Searching through a form of Active Web-Based Content
School-level outcome standard setting method
Electronic Circuit Experiment Board
Enclosed Vapor Pressure Oscillation Device
Method for Decoding Pictographic Signs Present on Ancient Artifacts
Dieter's reality check garbage can
System and Method for Calculating a Projectile Impact Coordinates
Antiperspirant compositions comprising cyclodextrin complexing material
Variation and Control of Sensory Work Playback
Apparatus, Method and Computer Program for Compiling a Test as Well as Apparatus, Method and Compute...
System and method of providing video-based training over a communications network
Apparatus for managing a child's time
Apparatus, System and Method
Training System and Method for Improving Cognition and Motor Timing
System, Use of Said System and Method For Monitoring and Optimising a Performance of at Least One Hu...
Candidate Evaluation Tool
Liquid crystal device for compensating for aberration, optical pickup including liquid crystal devic...
Apparatus for producing a spectrally-shifted light output from a light emitting device utilizing thi...
Surface-functionalized carrier material and solid phase synthesis method
Golf club head with variable face thickness
Roof ridge vent having an integral covering and method of installing a ridge vent
Lane departure prevention apparatus
Vehicle side mirror
Modular underbody for a motor vehicle
Vehicle seat and a power seat adjuster assembly for a vehicle seat
Diesel engine exhaust gas after-treatment device
Method and system for acquiring delivery position data of carrying apparatus
Systems and methods for tape advancement in laser produced plasma equipment
Semiconductor laser device
Surface-emitting type semiconductor laser
Optical disc device for recording different types of optical discs and data recording method for opt...
Method for manufacturing magneto-optical recording medium
Method of suppressing distortion of a working laser beam of a laser link processing system
Holographic printer
Method and apparatus for transmitting energy via a laser beam
Beam irradiation apparatus
Mouse with a built-in laser pointer
Multi-function egress path device
Piperidine compounds for use as orexin receptor antagoinst
Pyrimidine derivatives useful in the treatment of insulin resistance and hyperglycemia
A1 adenosine receptor antagonists
Leptin antagonist
Treatment of CNS disorders with trans 4-(3,4-dichlorophenyl)-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-1-napthalenamine
Tyrosine derivatives as PPAR-.gamma.-modulators
Substituted n-aryl amidines as selective D.sub.1 dopamine receptor antagonists for the treatment of ...
Pyridine compounds as histamine H3 modulators
1-amino-phthalazine derivatives, the preparation and the therapeutic use thereof
Agent for inducing conversion of intestinal cells into insulin-producing cells and antidiabetic drug
Methods and apparatus for delivering a message to two or more associated wireless communication devi...
Broadband communications access device
Mobile communication terminal and method
Push-pull converter, in particular for driving cold-cathode fluorescent lamps
Method and apparatus for decision threshold control in an optical signal receiver
Dissolution rate modifiers for photoresist compositions
Seal construction for a fuel cell electrolyser and process for making a fuel cell with same
Electromagnetic rotating machine
Preparation of rubber composition comprised of EPDM/polyisoprene rubber blends and tire with sidewal...
Multi-wavelength oral phototherapy applicator
Device and method for belt speed control, and image forming apparatus
Cathodic protection coatings containing carbonaceous conductive media