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Hardware unit for parsing an XML document
Optical power measuring apparatus capable of monitoring status of optical fiber contact end
Methods and apparatus for switching fibre channel arbitrated loop devices
High-speed transmission system comprising a coupled multi-cavity optical discriminator
Neighbor location discovery with directional antennas in a mesh network
Managing gain tilt in an optically amplified transmission system
Input/output controller for coupling the processor-memory complex to the fabric in fabric-backplane ...
Two-dimensional photonic crystal surface-emitting laser
Multi-core optical fiber sensor
Beam steering element with built-in detector and system for use thereof
System and method for loose tube tight buffer indoor/outdoor optical fiber cable
Vertical-type photonic-crystal plate and optical device assembly
Fiber optic drop terminal mounting plate
Cable management panel with sliding drawer
Cable management panel with sliding drawer and methods
Apparatus and method to protect fiber ribbons
Automatic power restoring method and optical communication system
Synchronizing nodes in an optical communications system utilizing frequency division multiplexing
Customizable development and demonstration platform for structured ASICs
Membrane scaffold proteins and embedded membrane proteins
Fluid analyser systems
Pneumatically actuated clutch
Pneumatically actuated clutch
Traffic management device and system
Vehicle location information notifying system
Automatic decorrelation and parameter tuning real-time kinematic method and apparatus
Location based image classification with map segmentation
Methods and devices for inhibiting tilting of a movable element in a MEMS device
CLK-peptide and SLK-peptide
Process for the preparation of activated polythylene glycols
Method and apparatus for reducing firewall rules
Origin and custody of copies from a stored electronic record verified page by page
System and method for ongoing supporting a procurement and accounts payable system
System and method of determining collectability in a distributed negative file
Configuration management database implementation with end-to-end cross-checking system and method
Method and apparatus for using statistical process control within a storage management system
Media transfer protocol
Generating path-centric traffic information for analysis using an association of packet-centric info...
Network interface device that fast-path processes solicited session layer read commands
Control unit with PCI and SCSI buses and computing system with electronic semiconductor disk
Method and system for automatic attempted recovery of equipment from transient faults
NOx purifying catalyst
System and method for provisioning digital phone service
System and method for translating non-native instructions to native instructions for processing on a...
Food dispenser with pump for dispensing from a plurality of sources
Variable displacement compressor
Oil balance system and method for compressors connected in series
Smart control valve for compressors
Diaphragm pump
Vacuum cleaner fan
Multi-directional actuator for a pump
Structure of motor shaft in clothes dryer
Method and apparatus for sensing and controlling fan speed
Portable heat transfer apparatus
Electromagnetic vibrating type diaphragm pump
Universal air pump
High pressure pump
Piston pump with slot-controlled inlet valve
Axial piston machine and a control plate for an axial piston engine
Powered hammer having beat piece with lubricant seal
Shock absorber with integrated position sensor
Frame for heavy-duty vehicles
Service brake relay with integrated quick release valve
Vehicle suspension system for stable squat magnitude responses
Absorbent sheet
Multi-ply paper towel with absorbent core
Method for automatically detecting factors that disturb analysis by a photometer
Integrating photometer for measuring total flux of light generated from light source to be measured,...
Polarization modulation imaging ellipsometer
Cavity enhanced photo acoustic gas sensor
Apparatus and method for obtaining a reflectance property indication of a sample
Apparatus and method for detecting surface plasmon resonance
Displacement sensor
Method for calculating optical constants and substrate processing system
Defect inspection method and apparatus
Shading correction circuit of electronic camera
Driving device of light source
Method and apparatus for automatic eyeglasses detection and removal
Image reconstruction method and tomograph
Method and system for ground glass nodule (GGN) segmentation with shape analysis
Method and apparatus for analyzing image data
Hierarchical modeling in medical abnormality detection
System and method for making a correction to a plurality of images
Equipment for fitting a hearing aid to the specific needs of a hearing impaired individual and softw...
Hearing aid having an operating device
Radar sensor and method for analyzing objects
Digital subchannel transceiver for transmitting data
Frequency-shift-keying demodulator and method of frequency-shift-keying
Computer system with a packet transfer device using a hash value for transferring a content request
Host-centric storage provisioner in a managed SAN
Computer system and boot control method
Storage switch system, storage switch method, management server, management method, and management p...
Apparatus for treating sludge
Liquid filter arrangement and methods
Filter diaper and method
Wastewater denitrification system
Canister for treatment of contaminated fluids
Method and apparatus for liquid purification
Method for reducing organic contamination
Method for removing organic material in oilfield produced water and a removal device therefor
Filtering and compacting device for solid particles suspended and contained in fluids, such as slurr...
Method of and apparatus for separation of scum from a liquid
Control circuit and method for driving a gas discharge lamp
Apparatus, system, and method for controlling multiple power supplies
Multi-phase, multi-frequency controller
Pharmaceutical formulations of substituted azaindoleoxoacetic piperazine derivatives
Network architecture for real time delivery of video over lossy networks from remote locations
Radio communication system and method of operation
Multi-policy security auditing system and method
Method and apparatus for detecting hidden rootkits
System and method for double-capture/double-redirect to a different location
Detecting and addressing network attacks
Detecting method and architecture thereof for malicious codes
Ultrasound phased arrays
Anti-cd70 antibody-drug conjugates and their use for the treatment of cancer and immune disorders
Nitrile compound and its use in pest control
Modified release formulations of a bupropion salt
Heat radiator and display unit
Image forming apparatus and a fixing device having a rigid heat-insulating layer
Process for removal of solvent and detergent from plasma
Ink recording medium and production method therefor
Peptide scaffolds for transfer of molecules into eukaryotic cells
Composition, foam and process for the decontamination of surfaces
1,2,3,4-tetrahydropyrazin-2-yl acetamides and methods of use
System and methods for preparing microscopy samples
Liquid metal thermal interface material system
Flexible OLED light source
Annular isolators for expandable tubulars in wellbores
Organic electroluminescent display device with porous material layer
Polymeric support having novel pore structures
Ink-jet ink composition
Polyester polymer and copolymer compositions containing metallic nickel particles
Method to make an article comprising polymer concentrate
Syndiotactic propylene elastomers
Process for producing photoresist polymeric compounds
Method and system for evaluating confidence in a sending domain to accurately assign a trust that a ...
E-mail certification service
User interface for context sensitive creation of electronic mail message handling rules
Methods and interfaces for probing and understanding behaviors of alerting and filtering systems bas...
Methods and systems for distributing information within a dynamically defined community
Selective jamming of network traffic in contention-based networks
Method for transferring packets in networks comprising a plurality of linked intermediate networks
System and method for providing message notification
Pseudo-anchor text extraction for vertical search
Inferred relationships from user tagged content
Microprocessor apparatus and method for modular exponentiation
Incremental anti-spam lookup and update service
System and method for difference-based software updating
Fraudulent message detection
Server, mobile terminal, and service method
Apparatus and method of timer-based registration in a mobile radio network
Advanced user interface operations in a dual-mode wireless device
Roaming for mobile e-commerce
Session handling
Password methods and systems for use on a mobile device
Chlamydia outer membrane protein (OMP) and vaccine uses of the protein
Method of diagnosing cardiovascular disease
Polynucleotide encoding an IL-28A polypeptide
Polynucleotide encoding an IL-28A polypeptide
Chondroitinase ABC I and methods of production
Method of manufacturing a hermetic chamber with electrical feedthroughs
Glycosyltransferase GnT-V having neovascularization action
Method for using lipoprotein associated coagulation inhibitor to treat sepsis
DNA enzyme to inhibit plasminogen activator inhibitor-1
Beta-strand mimetics and method relating thereto
PI-3 kinase inhibitor prodrugs
Method of mask making to prevent phase edge and overlay shift for chrome-less phase shifting mask
High density three dimensional semiconductor die package
Method for column redundancy using data latches in solid-state memories
Flash memory device with fast reading rate
Method of forming servo data of HDD and self servo write method using the same
Reproduction device and method, recording medium, and program
Method of compensating for track zero position in reference servo track copying system and disc driv...
Controller, storage apparatus and control method
Data sector phase correction method and disk drive apparatus using the same
System and method for identifying track squeeze errors (TSEs) of a disk of a disk drive
Disk drive base/cover plate with push pin hole having enlarged portion
Rotor blade and hard disk drive having the same
Production method for magnetic recording medium
Magnetic head for perpendicular magnetic recording with encasing layer
Monitoring and reporting normalized device system performance
Actuator apparatus of a hard disk drive
Flex cable frame assembly for micro-actuator and flex cable suspension assembly for HGA of disk driv...
Actuator arm with arm hole to improve dynamic characteristics and actuator assembly having the same
Current-perpendicular-to-plane magneto-resistive element including multilayer lower magnetic shieldi...
Magnetoresistive sensor having an enhanced lead overlay design and shape enhanced pinning
Magnetoresistive sensor having an anisotropic hard bias without a buffer layer
Magnetic memories utilizing a magnetic element having an engineered free layer
Collapsible gel articles
Quick release bicycle wheel
Armored building modules and panels
Exchangeable barrel modules for firearms
Module structure for electrical armour plating
Energetic material initiation device utilizing exploding foil initiated ignition system with seconda...
Impact fuse
Safety and arming unit for a spinning projectile fuze
Crossbow grip guard
Plant Transcriptional Regulators
Process for creating a durable EMI/RFI shield between two or more structural surfaces and shield for...
Two-dimensional spectral imaging system
Catheter shaft with improved manifold bond
Scheme for non-linearity correction of residue amplifiers in a pipelined analog-to-digital converter...
A/D conversion apparatus
Performance of A/D converter and receiver
Method and apparatus for using stuffing bytes over a G.709 signal to carry multiple streams
Image forming apparatus with control of power to a fixing unit
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus and process cartridge
Developing unit and density control method in electrophotography
Liquid handling system with electronic information storage
Engine output control via auto selection of engine output curve
Method of sorting waste utilizing removable liners
Supply chain and inventory risk management system
Message-oriented middleware provider having multiple server instances integrated into a clustered ap...
Computer system for booting a diskless server after a fault by reading a boot loader from a maintena...
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
System and methodology for design-time dynamic class type construction
Universal cementing plug
Nursing cup
Component mounting board inspecting apparatus
Diazabicyclic aryl derivatives and their use as chinolinergic ligands at nicotinic acetylcholine rec...
Triazole compounds that modulate HSP90 activity
4-(2-Butylamino)-2,7-dimethyl-8-(2-methyl-6-methoxypyrid-3-yl)pyrazolo-[1,- 5-A]-1,3,5-triazine, its...
Pteridinone derivatives for use as stearoyl CoA desaturase inhibitors
Pyrazolo [1,5-a] pyrimidine derivative and nad (p) h oxidase inhibitor containing the same
Substituted 5,6,7,8-tetrahydropyrido[4,3-d]pyrimidine-2-yl compounds and 5,6,7,8-tetrahydroquinazoli...
Inhibitors for the soluble epoxide hydrolase
Modified Fc molecules
Tetrahydrobenzo[d]azepin-2-one derivatives and the use thereof for treating cardiovascular diseases
Anabaseine derivatives, pharmaceutical compositions and method of use thereof
Treatment of the autonomic nervous system
Tetracyclic indoles as potassium channel modulators
Use of a deoxynojirimycin derivative or a pharmaceutically salt thereof
Heat exchangers for fluid media
Cooling device for CPU
Heat dissipation assembly
Cooling device incorporating boiling chamber
Evaporator for use in a heat transfer system
Integrated cooling system with multiple condensing passages for cooling electronic components
Heat sink assembly having a fin also functioning as a supporting bracket
Methods to control heat transfer in fluids containing drag-reducing additives
Electro-hydrodynamic gas flow cooling system
Synchronized thermal management method
Upper swing body with minimized rear protrusion in excavator
Light emitting diode lamp
Powdered coil cleaner
Cogeneration system
Computer enclosure with airflow-guiding device
Heat dissipating assembly having a fan duct
Heat transfer mechanism, heat dissipation system, and communication apparatus
Heat dissipation device
IC fixing structure
Heat dissipation device assembly with retainer device
Contingency mode operating method for air conditioning system
Method and device for determination of moisture content and solid state phase of solids using moistu...
Near-infrared shield and display front plate
Lithographic printing original plate and lithographic printing plate
WNT pathway antagonists
Vascular endothelial growth factor D (VEGF-D) polypeptides and methods of use
Methods for manufacturing dental implant components
Outer layer having entanglement of hydrophobic polymer host and hydrophilic polymer guest
Method for reversible fixing of a tool to an implantable element and device for carrying out such a ...
Osteoimplant and method for making same
Internal sinus manipulation (ISM) procedure for facilitating sinus floor augmentation in dental proc...
Protein matrix materials, devices and methods of making and using thereof
Chalaropsis lysozyme protein and its method of use in anti-bacterial applications
Micromachined artificial haircell
Method of assembling displays on substrates
Electro-blowing technology for fabrication of fibrous articles and its applications of hyaluronan
Immunoliposome-nucleic acid amplification (ILNAA) assay
Nanostructures formed of branched nanowhiskers and methods of producing the same
Quantum dot manipulating method and quantum dot production/manipulation apparatus
Overheat detection in thermally controlled devices
Telecommunications transmissions test set
Apparatus for and method of using an intelligent network and RFID signal router
Visual device, interlocking counter, and image sensor
Method and apparatus for article authentication
Optical line terminal in a wavelength division multiplexing passive optical network
Screw tightening apparatus
Electrostatic actuator, droplet discharge head, method for driving droplet discharge head, and metho...
Flash memory array with a top gate line dynamically coupled to a word line
Loop prevention technique for MPLS using service labels
Wireless probe
Communication terminal and communication network
Wireless device, method for wireless communication system, and wireless communication system
Packet header compression system and method based upon a dynamic template creation
System, method and computer program product for anti-virus scanning in a storage subsystem
Software termination method
Method for determining and recording system information and function in distributed parallel compone...
Methods and systems for testing software applications
Management object model for performing management of a computer system
System and method for using a classloader hierarchy to load software applications
Memory efficient classloading to reduce the number of class copies
Systems and methods for mobile communication
Associating notifications of the status of a data network by use of a topology editor
Policy-based selection of remediation
Metal oxide nanoparticles for smoke clearing and fire suppression
Method and use of nanoparticles to bind biocides in paints
Oriented nanostructures and methods of preparing
Porous electrode, and electrochemical element made using the same
Acylhydrazones as kinase modulators
Methods for marking fibrous substrates
RNA interference mediated treatment of Alzheimer's disease using short interfering nucleic acid (siN...
Secondary process for radioactive chloride deweaponization and storage
System and method for using pre-equilibrium ballistic charge carrier refraction
Method and apparatus for phase contrast quadrature interferometric detection of an immunoassay
EUV debris mitigation filter and method for fabricating semiconductor dies using same
Light source apparatus using field emission cathode
Derivatized polyhydroxystyrenes (DPHS) with a novolak type structure and blocked DPHS (BDPHS) and pr...
Test piece magazine, magazine holder, and test piece attachment apparatus
Means for curving sausage links
Process for producing a gas generating agent
Thermochromic polymer layer and method for production thereof
Dynamic vulcanization of fluorocarbon elastomers containing peroxide cure sites
Low manufacturing cost printed ink liquid level sensors
Method of manufacturing organic EL element, organic EL element and organic EL display device
Transfer paper for printing with an inkjet printer
Coin selector
Gaming machine having a community game with side wagering
Accelerated scrolling
Architecture for controlling a computer using hand gestures
Generating test cases for software with complex preconditions
Electrolytic capacitor
Method and system for estimating exhaust gas temperature and internal combustion engine equipped wit...
Printed circuit board having embedded RF module power stage circuit
Memory device in which data is written or read by a switching operation of a bit line that is insert...
Integrated circuit having a phase change memory cell including a narrow active region width
Isolation structure for deflectable nanotube elements
Process and device for the fast or on-line determination of the components of a two-component or mul...
Hollow waveguide and method of manufacturing the same
Casing for a portable communication device
Engine overrate detection method and apparatus
System for detecting ignition failure in a gas turbine engine
Lens barrel assembly of camera module and laser apparatus for assembling the same
Circuit limiting cascade failure of a series of laser diodes
Optically assisted magnetic recording device with semiconductor laser, optically assisted magnetic r...
Optical pickup apparatus
Device for reading from or writing to optical recording media
Passive Q switch laser device
Auto-stabilization of lasers by means of resonant structures
Diode laser electrical isolation system
Nitride semiconductor laser diode
Semiconductor laser device
Laser diode array, optical scanning device and printing apparatus
Gas laser oscillator and gas laser beam machine
Gas laser oscillating unit
Wavelength tunable laser
Tunable laser
Thermal distortion compensation for laser mirrors
Advanced phase shift inspection method
Method of manufacturing CO.sub.2 laser grooved long period fiber gratings
Image forming apparatus having power source circuit board arranged on side portion thereof
Heat-assisted magnetic recording method and test record reproduction method
Internal combustion engine fail-safe control device and method
Drive unit for motor vehicles with hybrid drive in a longitudinal arrangement
Vehicle console
Filler neck of a fuel tank with an arrangement for preventing incorrect fueling
Locking mechanism for seat track assembly
Interior trim assembly and method for operating the same
Under cover
Head restraint support component for a vehicle seat
Vehicle seat assembly having a hardness gradient via "A" surface intrusions and/or protrusions
Printed circuit board for sensing voltage drop
Steering control system
Apparatus and method for following a preceding vehicle
Wood composite material containing strands of differing densities
Wood composite material containing paulownia
High density spin torque three dimensional (3D) memory arrays addressed with microwave current
Radiographic inspection system and method
Multi-port optical connection terminal
Compact hydraulic accumulator
Method of making composite particle for electrode, method of making electrode, method of making elec...
Composite materials made from pretreated, adhesive coated beads
Amorphous inorganic ceramic material and method of producing same
Flame-retardant plastic composition, yarn and textile structure coated therewith
Stretchable absorbent composites having high permeability
Modified inorganic particles and methods of preparing the same
Process for neutron interrogation of objects in relative motion or of large extent
Non-volatile memory device and fabricating method thereof
Ridge-waveguide filter and filter bank
Hydro-insensitive alternating current responsive composites
Supramolecular composite film material and method for fabricating
Laminated body and producing method thereof, fixing belt, fixing device and image forming device
System for detecting coatings on transparent or semi-transparent materials
Device and method for the manufacture of a roving yarn by means of air spinning processes
Assembly consisting of a bumper skin and of a shock absorber
Liquid-injection syringe assembly, and a sheath for the assembly
Personal training device using GPS data
Switched combiner GPS receiver system
Memory reduction in digital broadcast receivers
GPS front end having an interface with reduced data rate
Decoding GPS satellite data at low signal to noise levels by computing total probability of current ...
Anterior interbody spinal implant
Transdermal delivery system for dried particulate or lyophilized peptides and polypeptides
Methods for detecting the differentiation status of cells using 5T4 antigen expression
Solution polymerization processes to prepare a polymer that degrades to release a physiologically ac...
Separation of carbon nanotubes in density gradients
Method for detection and analysis of impurity content in refined metallurgical silicon
Method and device for separating pasty materials
Process and plant for producing metal oxide from metal compounds
Method and system for removing mercury from flue gas
Methods and systems for removing mercury from combustion flue gas
Silicon nanosized linear body and a method for producing a silicon nanosized linear body
Method of refining Si
Hydrogen-containing electrically conductive inorganic compound
Fine-particled alkaline-earth titanates and method for the production thereof using titan oxide part...
Titanium oxide product method for making the same and its use as a photocatalyst
Amorphous silica
Honeycomb structured body, method for manufacturing honeycomb structured body and honeycomb structur...
Alkaline-earth metal carbonate core coated with at least one group IV transition metal compound and ...
Negative electrode active material for lithium-based secondary battery and method of preparing same
Activated charcoal production
Apparatus for the laser ablative synthesis of carbon nanotubes
Power semiconductor devices and methods of manufacture
Method and apparatus for cleaning a CVD chamber
Integrated nanomechanical sensor array chips
Methods for depositing, releasing and packaging micro-electromechanical devices on wafer substrates
Methods and apparatus for depositing a microcrystalline silicon film for photovoltaic device
Control of poly-Si depletion in CMOS via gas phase doping
Photodetector for backside-illuminated sensor
Semiconductor device structures with reduced junction capacitance and drain induced barrier lowering...
Method for forming silicon thin-film on flexible metal substrate
Vacuum packaged single crystal silicon device
Vacuum packaged single crystal silicon device
Method of forming a more highly-oriented silicon layer and substrate having the same
Method for fabricating reverse-staggered thin film transistor
Method for manufacturing a crystalline silicon layer
Vertical memory device and method
Nanowire photodiodes and methods of making nanowire photodiodes
Organic light emitting display (OLED) and its method of fabrication
Microorganisms for therapy
Helicase-dependent amplification of RNA
Efficient transistor structure
Apparatus and method for generating a clock signal
Dual MAC arbitration
Low power preamplifier writer architecture
Over-power detector
Current biasing circuit to reduce MR common mode voltage jumping for MR resistance measurement
Method for repeatable run-out compensation
Adjustable supply voltage in a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) for wide range frequency coverage
Medical indication device and identification method
Endoscope suitable to body cavity
Endoscope system
Endoscope device with electrically actuated bending
Endoscope provided with a lighting system and a combined image transmission
Method for assembling an endoscope
Devices and methods for delivering active agents to target sites
Living-body tissue removing apparatus
Wastewater treatment apparatus
Device for the in-situ disposal of health-care waste, in particular of incontinence articles and met...
Liquid growth hormone formulation and method of use
Method of profiling gene expression in a human subject
Dental composition containing unsaturated carbosilane containing components
Fluorochemical sulfonamide surfactants
Layer for use in a domestic appliance
Cleaning tool
Cleaning tool
Processes to beneficiate heat-dried biosolid pellets
Grasping glove and method of finger restraining therapy
Golf head
Automated tightening shoe
Footwear apparatus and methods of manufacture and use
Outsole for a golf shoe
Method and system of frequency domain equalization
Implantable medical device for improved storage of intracardiac electrograms
Method of and apparatus for classifying arrhythmias using scatter plot analysis
Nano-crystal austenitic steel bulk material having ultra-hardness and toughness and excellent corros...
Permanent magnet array iron filter
Nano-scaled graphene plate-reinforced composite materials and method of producing same
Process for preparing a metal styrene polymer composite having nano metallic particles deposited the...
Process for marking object surfaces
Light delivery module, method of fabricating the same and heat-assisted magnetic recording head usin...
Corrosion inhibitor composition applicable for aluminum and steel protection and procedure
Method and system for ranking documents of a search result to improve diversity and information rich...
Information retrieval system and method for retrieving information
System and method for geographically organizing and classifying businesses on the world-wide web
Systems and methods for determining communication chains based on messages
Method for balancing load between processors in a multi-processor environment
Method and apparatus for supporting context links for application program text
Presence-based seamless messaging
Wireless communication device and control method for the device
Integrated building environment data system
Healthcare communications and documentation system
Communication system with automatic configuration of the communication interface
Wireless human interface device (HID) coordination
Wireless handheld device with local biometric authentication
Diagnostic operations associated with wireless modem
Method and apparatus for implementing a low density parity check code in a wireless system
Rate adaptive video transmission and synchronization system
Semiconductor device module structure
Method for manufacturing electronic components, mother substrate, and electronic component
Elongated fasteners for securing together electronic components and substrates, semiconductor device...
Semiconductor electrode containing phosphate and solar cell using the same
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device with multiple interconnect layers and vias
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device comprising pseudo ground pad and related method
Semiconductor device and semiconductor wafer and a method for manufacturing the same
Flip-chip component
Embedded chip package structure
Wafer level package and manufacturing method thereof
Board having electronic parts mounted by using under-fill material and method for producing the same
Semiconductor apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Photomask inspection apparatus comparing optical proximity correction patterns to minimum and maximu...
MEMS device fabricated on a pre-patterned substrate
Beam homogenizer, and laser irradiation method, laser irradiation apparatus, and laser annealing met...
Method of inspecting photomask defect
Method for identifying semiconductor integrated circuit device, method for manufacturing semiconduct...
Semiconductor apparatus design method in which dummy line is placed in close proximity to signal lin...
Method and system for dynamic placement of bond fingers on integrated circuit package
Bone conduction hearing aid devices and methods
Three-dimensional joint structure measuring method
Methods of treating subterranean formations using well characteristics
Method for enabling or blocking an operating mode of a medical diagnostic device
High resolution radio frequency medical imaging and therapy system
Optical processing
Multi-channel magnetic resonance imaging reconstruction method for water-fat separation
System and methods for performing percutaneous pedicle integrity assessments
Neurostimulation site screening
Selective activation of TCP/IP link and traffic
Companion escutcheons with touch pads
Perfume bottle with cap
Stud earring
Power cell assembly
Finger sheath with retractable stylus
Tile mosaic assembly
Decorative oil lamp with candle support template
Systems and methods for changing symbol sequences in documents
Managing network errors communicated in a message transaction with error information using a trouble...
Automation system with automation objects with a directory structure and method for the management o...
Methods and apparatus for controlling a user interface based on the emotional state of a user
Method and apparatus of image processing to detect and enhance edges
Human body communication system and communication device
Registering intra-operative image data sets with pre-operative 3D image data sets on the basis of op...
Obstacle detection device
Breast cancer risk analysis and computer-aided diagnosis
Signal processing method and apparatus
Method for generating documents using layer-specific inheritance rules
System and method for distribution of security policies for mobile devices
Greeting card having a heart shaped blister pack
Greeting card having a dog bone shaped blister pack
Developing apparatus
Image forming apparatus with multiple image forming modes
Cassette type radiation image detector
Scintillator panel
System and method of determining fluid levels in containers including an infrared device for detecti...
Inspection system with data acquisition system interconnect protocol
Telephone service via networking
Method and computed tomography unit for producing computed tomograms of a patient's beating heart
Portable digital tomosynthesis imaging system and method
Collimator element
X-ray fluorescence visualizing, imaging, or information providing of chemicals, compounds, or biolog...
Intelligent adaptive x-ray imaging system
X-ray tube and x-ray source including same
Methods for the compensation of imaging technique in the processing of radiographic images
Simultaneous grayscale and geometric registration of images
Apparatus that prepares information relating to image data
CT scanner for and method of imaging a preselected portion of the lower abdomen region of a patient
Medical apparatus and method
Mobile radiography apparatus, control method thereof, and program
Forked-call ringback replacement system
Apparatus, systems and methods for online, multi-carrier, multi-service parcel shipping management
Electronic service of process system and method for carrying out service of court papers
Influence based rewards for word-of-mouth advertising ecosystems
Automatically displaying keywords and other supplemental information
Determining alternative textual identifiers, such as for registered domain names
Systems and methods for generating multiple implicit search queries
Personalized search and headlines
Distributed system for interactive collaboration
Smart browser panes
Apparatus and method for managing application context
System and method of managing documents using bookmarks
Systems and methods for web service function, definition, implementation, and/or execution
Liquid ejection head and image forming apparatus
Application device for applying a layer of a building material in powder form in a device for a laye...
Breastshield with multi-pressure and expansible chamber construction, related breastpump and method
High-speed diamond growth using a microwave plasma in pulsed mode
E.coli host cells with modified PhoS/PstS periplasmic phosphate-binding proteins, and method of manu...
Beta chain-associated regulator of apoptosis
Method and system for measuring physical parameters with a piezoelectric bimorph cantilever in a gas...
System for estimating parameters of a gaussian mixture model
Portable telephone
Portable phone
Mobile phone
Adaptive variable-length coding and decoding methods for image data
Portable phone
Apparatus and method for controlling recording and reproduction in digital recording medium
Communication device
Mobile phone
Mobile phone with removable touch pen
Mobile phone
Communication device
Cellular phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
LCD monitor
Handle for refrigerator
Glucagon-like peptide-1 crystals
Method for preparation of stable metal oxide nanoparticles suspensions
Solution-based fabrication of photovoltaic cell
Methods and compositions for modulating drug activity through telomere damage
Pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of TNF-.alpha. related disorders
Monoclonal antibodies to activated erbB family members and methods of use thereof
Compounds, methods and formulations for the oral delivery of a glucagon-like peptide (GLP)-1 compoun...
Recombinant protein comprising starch binding domain and use thereof
Audio-to-video synchronization system and method for packet-based network video conferencing
Sorting speakers in a network-enabled conference
Systems and methods for parallel evaluation of multiple queries
Method and apparatus for virtualized XML parsing
Method and system for storing and retrieving data using hash-accessed multiple data stores
Sidebar engine, object model and schema
Variable user interface based on document access privileges
Information processing apparatus utilizing real image data
Code builders
DDS-assisted CORBA discovery
Optimizing defragmentation operations in a differential snapshotter
Structured data storage method, structured data storage apparatus, and retrieval method
Communication method and system
RFID wireless control of instant messaging
System and method for monitoring networked devices employing RSS functionality
Web interface to a device and an electrical network control system
Semantic processor systems and methods
Hair iron
Hair styling iron
Electric shaver
Electric shaver
Electric shaver
Cosmetic holder
Back scratcher
Ornamentation for sportswear
Pet condo
Combined bench seat and pet cage
Ring-shaped retractable pet leash
Bird scooter
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Optical connector cleaner
Wiping cloth used for mop
Cleaning sponge
Trash receptacle
Service cart
Mobile cart, pedestal assembly
Actinidia chinensis plant named `W45`
Lomandra hystrix plant named `LHCOM`
Lobelia plant named `Tech Heplib`
Lonicera nitida plant named `Briliame`
Viola plant named `Flovelwh`
Achillea plant named `Pomegranate`
Heuchera plant named `Christa`
Hydrangea plant named `NCHA1`
Magnolia plant named `GENIE`
Rhododendron rootstock named `Rhodunter 149`
Peach tree named `FLATQUEEN`
Pennisetum plant named `Desert Plains`
Cherry tree named `Maddison`
Grapevine plant named `Sheegene-4`
Ceanothus plant named `FIT02`
Osteospermum plant named `Sunny Fiona`
Echinacea plant named `Irresistible`
Philodendron plant named `Lemon Lime`
Conversion of dimethylether to propylene using moving bed technology
Solid acid catalyst for producing light olefins and process using the same
Bound phosphorus-modified zeolite catalyst, method of preparing and method of using thereof
Oxazolidinium compounds and use as hydrate inhibitors
Method of catalytic reaction using micro-reactor
Process for the manufacture of an alkenyl aromatic compound under low steam-to-oil process condition...
Heavy aromatics processing catalyst and process of using the same
Mesoporous material with active metals
Cat track
Angle-adjustable engine starting structure for remote-control toy car
Wastewater ballast system and method
Propulsion and steering arrangement for a ship
Shaped inflatable water sports board
Method of and apparatus for detecting and controlling bilge water in a sea vessel
Self-righting pool cleaning robot
Reversible seat for a boat
Masonry brick
Point repair sleeve carrier for conduits
Dual capstan puller and method
Low-pressure dosing system for sewage disposal and associated methods
Water conservation and distribution system
Suction pile installation method and suction pile for use in said method
Woodpile connector
Ground engineering method
Trench shield with adjustable vertical panels
Tau hyperphosphorylation in transgenic mice expressing the APP double mutation
Generation of plants with altered oil content
Transgenic pineapple plants with modified carotenoid levels and methods of their production
Transgenic bioluminescent plants
Transformation of seaweed utilizing biolistic gene transfer to spores
Nucleotide sequences and corresponding polypeptides conferring modulated plant size and biomass in p...
Soybean variety RJS38001
Inbred corn line G07-NPFA7183
Maize variety PHW2M
Inbred maize line PHEWW
Inbred maize line PHE67
Plants and seeds of corn variety CV520536
Plants and seeds of corn variety CV193192
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH945822
Plants and seeds of corn variety CV078495
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Methods and systems for using RFID in biological field
Absolute calibration process and device for a tissue modulated Raman spectrometer
Cytokine zalpha11 ligand polynucleotides
Polyunsaturated fatty acids in plants
Text-to scene conversion
Index layout measurement method, position and orientation estimation method, index layout measuremen...
Network identity and timezone (NITZ) functionality for non-3GPP devices
Optimization methods for the insertion, protection and detection of digital watermarks in digital da...
Fingertip tracker
Utilizing data reduction in steganographic and cryptographic systems
Controlling communications between stations
Compression of fiber-based certificate of authenticity data
Bit based arithmetic coding using variable size key cipher
Conditional access system for digital receivers
System and method of guaranteed anonymity of cable television viewership behavior
Encrypting message for secure transmission
Systems and methods for automated exchange of electronic mail encryption certificates
Enhanced acoustic transmission system and method
Digital watermarking method robust against local and global geometric distortions and projective tra...
Service verifying system, authentication requesting terminal, service utilizing terminal, and servic...
Data processing device, method of same, and program of same
Establishing shared information in a network
Method and system for real-time control of document printing
Digital signatures including identity-based aggregate signatures
Password enhancing device
Electronic media communication apparatus
Integrated image processor
Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, image processing method, image processing program and...
Feature-based color adjustment
Method, apparatus, computer program, computer system and computer-readable storage for representing ...
Film grain generation and addition
Imaging device
Method and apparatus for improving the playability of a PAL or NTSC video signal containing color bu...
Communication method
Apparatus for generating digital lane mark
Method and system for storage and fast retrieval of digital terrain model elevations for use in posi...
Transmitting apparatus for providing information by effective use of bands
Method for adjusting monitor clock phase that selects scaler threshold voltage corresponding to peri...
System and method for collecting video data
N-pyrazinyl-phenylsulphonamides and their use in the treatment of chemokine mediated diseases
Pyrazole derivatives having tyrosine kinase inhibitory activity
Substituted biaryl piperazinyl-pyridine analogues
Indazole having analgesic activity
Selective spirocyclic glucocorticoid receptor modulators
Methods of using N-alkyl-hydroxamic acid-isoindolyl compounds
Methods of treating viral disorders
Compounds and preparations having antiviral effect
Antibodies to ZCYTO20 (IL-28A) and ZCYTO22 (IL-28B)
N-terminally chemically modified protein compositions and methods
RNA interference mediated inhibition of GRB2 associated binding protein (GAB2) gene expression using...
Anti-infective agents
Benzoimidazole compounds
Transgenic mice having a human major histocompatability complex (MHC) phenotype, experimental uses a...
Transgenic snakes and methods of making
Method of increasing seed yield and growth eIF-5A
Aerodynamic lifting-thrusting propulsion device
Jettisonable nosecone and missile with a jettisonable nosecone
Window assembly retaining system
Method of controlling the attitude of satellites, particularly agile satellites with a reduced numbe...
Systems and methods for destabilizing an airfoil vortex
High lift longitudinal axis control system
Versatile honeycomb matrix heat shield
Masking private billing data by assigning other billing data to use in commerce with businesses
Method of conducting an EMV payment process using IRFM
Remote authentication of two dimensional barcoded indicia
Apparatus, methods and computer programs for metering and accounting for services accessed over a ne...
Clearing receivables with improved search
RF data channel API for mobile station client applications
Methods and systems for accepting offers via checks
System and method for network vulnerability detection and reporting
Method for granting customers access to a product
Providing apparatus, providing method, communication device, communication method, and program
System and method for handling peripheral connections to mobile devices
System for selection of remediation applications for workspace
System for controlling the distribution and use of digital works using digital tickets
Software project filter
Apparatus and method for moving contents having a restricted number of copies between storage media
Apparatus and method for moving contents having a restricted number of copies between storage media
Music distribution systems
Methods and apparatus for interior design component selection
Interior design system and method
Method and apparatus to provide daily goals in accordance with historical data
Language processing device, language processing method and language processing program
Imagine apparatus with rotatable lens barrel
Directing base for camera mount
Image-capturing device, light adjustment mechanism, and light control blade
Lens barrel
Coating and developing apparatus, and coating and developing method
Lens module and camera employing the same
Image capture apparatus and focus adjustment method
Infrared close-circuit television camera
Driving mechanism, driving device, and lens driving device
Method of determining a spectral route for a given connection in an optical telecommunications netwo...
Camera module
Controller, photographing equipment, control method of photographing equipment, and control program
Electronic blur correction device and electronic blur correction method
Multiple frame photography
User defined autofocus area
Image capture device and associated method of compensating backlash
Electronic device having light source and heat transmission member
Exposure time selection in a transmission apparatus with a camera
Device with a lens-rotation mechanism
System and method of photography using desirable feature recognition
Camera module package
Use of Lamb waves in cement bond logging
Method for passive seismic emission tomography
Lightweight speaker enclosure
Devices for regulating pressure and flow pulses
Transdifferentiation of pancreatic acinar cells
Method for screening agents for the treatment of diabetes
Use of sulglicotide for the treatment of mucositis
Abuse resistant lysine amphetamine compounds
Abuse-resistant amphetamine prodrugs
Powder of amino acids and method for producing the same
Retinoid solutions and formulations made therefrom
Method of treating post-surgical acute pain
Modified HIV Env polypeptides
Notch-based fusion proteins and uses thereof
Modified vitamin K-dependent polypeptides
Anti-Fc-gamma receptor antibodies, bispecific variants and uses therefor
Anti-FcRn antibodies for treatment of auto/allo immune conditions
Antibody that specifically binds hyaluronan synthase
Polishing steps used in multi-step protein purification processes
Mass spectrometry of antibody conjugates
Embryonic stem cell self maintenance and renewal reporter
Immunostimulatory oligoribonucleotides
Sealing retainer for extended wear hearing devices
Uterine cervical cancer computer-aided-diagnosis (CAD)
Multi-player gaming machine
Game system
Information processor having input system using stroboscope
Laser controller
Method and system for securely distributing computer software products
Multi-participant online activities
Interactive system including interactive apparatus and game
Personal accessory carrying device
Integrated electro-optic hybrid communication system
Method and apparatus for a multi-beam antenna system
Wireless communication system that performs diversity combining of radio signals from mobile termina...
Control method for high-frequency radio equipment and high-frequency radio system
RFID reader architecture
System and method for enabling communications with implantable medical devices
Method for the exchange of data
Optimizing circuit layouts by configuring rooms for placing devices
Transmission rate control method, transmission rate control system, and mobile station
Portable telephone capable of increasing facility of operation
Method for coordinated control of radio resources for multicasting in a distributed wireless system
Radio communication method including SDL having transmission rate of relatively high speed
Accounting of data transmission costs in a mobile radio network
Network engineering in a wireless network
Radio network controller and method for handover of mobile terminal
Mobile location method for WLAN-type systems
Target value control system for transmission power control and method thereof and base station and m...
Method of establishing communication link, and computer product
Method and system for mobile receiver antenna architecture for European band cellular and broadcasti...
Radio transmission scheduling according to multiradio control in a radio modem
Performance and efficiency of wireless devices
Method of printing security documents
High-performance, scalable, adaptive and multi-dimensional event repository
System and method of virtually packaging multimedia
Method and apparatus for providing point-to-multipoint multimedia service in a mobile communications...
Method for providing QoS using flow label in providing multimedia service in IPv6 network and system...
System and method for providing a plurality of multi-media services using a number of media servers ...
Method for multimedia broadcast/multicast service signaling bearer connection on Iu interface
Method and system for mobile communications
Search system, information processing apparatus, control method therefor, and program
Multimedia search system
System and method for accessing multimedia content
Scalable and configurable multimedia system for a vehicle
System and method for script based event timing
System and method for a master scheduler
Method and device for quality evaluation of an audio signal and device and method for obtaining a qu...
Pre-processed information embedding system
Digital convergent recorder
Method, system, and program product for on-line service call scheduling
Directing internet shopping traffic and tracking revenues generated as a result thereof
Simplified internet payment, security, & tax administration protocol (SIPSTAP)
Value transfer systems and methods
Footwear with GPS
Schema-based services for identity-based data access
Method of managing websites registered in search engine and a system thereof
Query categorizer
System for creating and maintaining a database of information utilizing user opinions
Standing order database search system and method for internet and intranet application
Distributed operating system management
Systems and methods of using an IP ID field for automatic WAN/LAN detection
Managed peer-to-peer file sharing
Meta content distribution network
Method, system, and program for managing data read operations on network controller with offloading ...
System and method for identifying a characteristic of a set of data accessible via a link specifying...
Information search apparatus and method, and computer readable memory
Method, system, and apparatus for exposing workbook ranges as data sources
System and method for modifying output of a computer program without source code modifications
Routing XML queries
Method and system for utilizing embedded MPEG-7 content descriptions
Systems for distributing data over a computer network and methods for arranging nodes for distributi...
Distributed managed entities and database
Managing workload by service
Sub-tree access control in network architectures
Caching content and state data at a network element
Data management method and apparatus, hierarchical storage apparatus and computer-readable storage m...
Computer system integrating different data types into a single environment
Method and device for classifying cells in a layout into a same environment and their use for checki...
Flexible deployment of software applications
System and method for computer-created advertisements
Data storage management and scheduling system
Server, computer memory, and method to support security policy maintenance and distribution
Method and apparatus for detecting hidden network communication channels of rootkit tools
Authentication of HTTP applications
Method and apparatus for sending alerts to internet protocol phones
Main terminal and a method of operating the same
System and method for upstream power backoff for xDSL
Hands free aural device holder
Mobile terminal apparatus
Acoustic feedback cancellation system
Remote personnel tracking
Pooling groups of wireless communication users
Making a phone call from an electronic device having an address list or a call history list
Method for instant scheduling of conference calls
Local number portability for mobility management
Location-based forwarding of a communication
Adjusting a transmit power of a subscriber device of a communication network by a transmit/receive m...
Character communication device
System and method for indexing voice mail messages by speaker
Voice activity detection and silence suppression in a packet network
Smart transfer
Apparatus, methods and systems for anonymous communication
Inspirational model device, spontaneous emotion model device, and related methods and programs
Computer implemented system for determining a distribution policy for a single period inventory syst...
Method and system for impact analysis using a data model
Method and apparatus for providing fast kernel learning on sparse data
Neural network element with reinforcement/attenuation learning
Method and apparatus for automatic noninvasive illegal rider detection system
Apparatus and method for compressing data, apparatus and method for analyzing data, and data managem...
Joint classification and subtype discovery in tumor diagnosis by gene expression profiling
Process and apparatus for realizing a digital neural network using electronic family
Method and apparatus for building skills in accurate text comprehension and use of comprehension str...
Method and system for seed based clustering of categorical data using hierarchies
Interaction method with an expert system that utilizes stutter peak rule
Method and product of manufacture for the recommendation of optimizers in a graphical user interface...
Moving an agent from a first execution environment to a second execution environment using supplied ...
Data analysis to optimize an explicative rule for analyzing the operation of a production line
Symbolic computation using an inverted match
Multiple-input, automatic recognition method and apparatus
Steel for components of chemical installations
Platinum-chromium-copper/nickel fuel cell catalyst
Underpressure surface gripping device
Walking robot by using passive changes in joint angles and control method thereof
Method and system for multi-mode coverage for an autonomous robot
Robot device operation control device and operation control method
Method and apparatus for limiting the movement of a robot, and a robot equipped with said apparatus
Controlling a robot using pose
Control device of legged mobile robot
Adjustable Antilip System for a Patty Forming Machine
Health Beverage and Additive Mixture for Preparing the Same
Silicone devices and methods for cooking with silicone devices
Novel Thraustochytrium SP, KJS-I, Bacillus Polyfermenticus KJS-2 and Feed Additive For Fish Includin...
Use of N-Phenyl-2-pyrimidineamine Derivativea Against Mast Cell-based Diseases Like Allergic Disorde...
Thiazole Compound (as PPAR delta) Ligand and Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Health Food Comprised Ther...
Internet video receiver
Magnetic locator system
Concrete building system and method
Skin attachment structure for wall system
Cutting tool
Interactive remote wireless system and method to assist in real estate transactions, and the like
Compile time meta-object protocol systems and methods
Mechanism for converting text output into objects
Methods for sharing of dynamically compiled code across class loaders by making the compiled code lo...
Method and apparatus for activating/deactivating run-time determined software routines in Java compi...
System and method for sharing objects between applications in a virtual runtime environment
Program execution method using an optimizing just-in-time compiler
Methods and systems for adaptation, diagnosis, optimization, and prescription technology for network...
Dynamically generating video streams for slideshow presentations
Integration of media playback components with an independent timing specification
Visual summary of a web service policy document
Mesh networks with exclusion capability
Origination/destination features and lists for spam prevention