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Disposable biomedical electrode having multiple connection sites
Method and system for contactless monitoring and evaluation of sleep states of a user
Handheld apparatus and method for transdermal drug delivery and analyte extraction
Contour fit pan liner for a food service pan
Implosion resistant container
Molding apparatus for forming food patties having top and bottom surface contours
Ventilated closure strips for use in packaging food products
Apparatus and method for channelizer drum reformer
Food product and process for reducing oil and fat content in cooked food
Method and system for cooling food or feed products
Composition for disinfection of plants, animals, humans, byproducts of plants and animals and articl...
Emulsion comprising a nut paste
Method and apparatus for meat scanning
Portable barbecue box
Methods of drilling and consolidating subterranean formation particulate
Silver halide photosensitive material and photothermographic material
Microstamping activated polymer surfaces
Photothermographic imaging material
Method of increasing the gas transmission rate of a film
Enzymatic production of (meth)acrylic esters that contain urethane groups
Fishing device
Removable attachment for a line
Fish bait system
Automatic milking device with a controllable stimulation device and stimulation system
Milk conveyer device
Retractable leash assembly with a quick connect coupling assembly
Window bird feeder
Device and method for driving animals in an oblong corridor section
Grill member for use in a poultry feeder
One way clutch for spinning reel
Motion generating squirrel feeder
Spinning reel handle assembly
Shade for hummingbird feeder
Fishing line free spooling regulation system
Method for reducing bacterial contamination and infectious diseases in livestock and other animals
Versican and epithelial-mesenchymal interaction
Production of high levels of DHA in microalgae using modified amounts of chloride and potassium
Enhanced input peripheral
Compensation for effects of mismatch in indices of refraction at a substrate-medium interface in non...
Method, apparatus and system for controlling the effects of power transients in optical transmission...
Operation scheme with high work function gate and charge balancing for charge trapping non-volatile ...
Planar light illumination and linear imaging (PLILIM) device with image-based velocity detection and...
Optical fiber for improved performance in S-, C- and L-bands
Inkjet dispensing apparatus
System and method of producing Bisphenol-A (BPA) using direct crystallization of BPA in a single cry...
Reovirus for the treatment of ral-mediated cellular proliferative disorders
Secondary batteries having a protective circuit
Organic electrophotographic photo-receptor
Anti-reflection film material and a substrate having an anti-reflection film and a method for formin...
Organochromium/metallocene combination catalysts for producing bimodal resins
Aluminum-free monocyclopentadienyl metallocene catalysts for olefin polymerization
Siloxane copolymer, making method, and thermosetting resin composition
Processes and apparatus for continuous solution polymerization
Process for decolorizing aromatic dicarboxylic acids
Liner for patch
Light emitting device and light emitting device module
RFID device with combined reactive coupler
Server apparatus and information providing method
Low cost method of producing radio frequency identification tags with straps without antenna pattern...
System and method for radio frequency tag group select
Geographic area multiple service card system
Protective container for readable cards
Medical assistance and tracking system and method employing smart tags
Thin, flexible, RFID label and system for use
Method and system for testing RFID devices
Child protection system
Networked RF tag for tracking freight
Article identification device
Handheld device for retrieving and analyzing data from an electronic monitoring device
Method of preparing cow brain homogenate
Somatic cells with ablated PrP gene and methods of use
Escherichia coli strain for an oral vaccine against post-weaning diarrhea in pigs
Alkylpolyglucosides containing disinfectant compositions active against pseudomonas microorganism
Compositions and methods for the treatment of primary and metastatic neoplastic diseases using arsen...
Injection made from Ixeris Sonchifolia Hance for treatment of cardio-cerebral vascular diseases and ...
Biological compositions and methods for treatment of colorectal cancer
Coated chewing gum product and method of making
Material dispenser with applicator
Personal care compositions comprising a dicarboxy functionalized polyorganosiloxane
Crystalline .alpha.-D-glucosyl .alpha.-D-galactoside, saccharide composition comprising the same, pr...
Resin particle and method for preparation thereof
Antirrhinum plant named `Balumsum`
Maple tree (Acer truncatum) variety named `Fire Dragon`
Buffalograss plant named `Density`
Geranium plant named `Global Orchid`
Geranium plant named `Patriot Soft Pink`
Eryngium planum plant named `Jade Frost`
Black walnut tree named `Beineke 14`
Miniature rose plant named `Poulpah035`
Buxus sempervirens `Hiram Saunders`
Podophyllum plant named `Spotty Dotty`
Papaver plant named `Carmen`
Papaver plant named `Castanette`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisco Lav`
Begonia plant named `Bbvolvir`
Argyranthemum plant named `Dansun`
Soil sample procuring tool and method of preparing soil sample for analysis
Air cleaning system
Rapid sequencing of polymers
Polymer electrolyte battery and method of producing same
Bipolar battery
Alkaline cell with flat housing
Organic electrolytic solution and lithium battery employing the same
Cradle cover for a vehicle entertainment system
Spray processing of porous medical devices
Substituted carboxamides
Oxabispidine compounds useful in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias
X-ray CT apparatus
Arrangement and method for obtaining imaging data
Fluid reservoir with integrated heater
Artery smooth muscle- and vein smooth muscle-specific proteins and uses therefor
Illuminator storage system
Hair iron
Poodle bath puff
Flamingo bath puff
Flossing head of motorized flosser
Cosmetic compact
Motorcycle safety belt
Pet bed
Squirrel proof seed port
Drum washing machine
Waste disposal container
Refuse cart
Garbage can
Garbage can
Rolling cabinet
Phlebotomy cart
Modular mobilizer assembly
Apron for a pallet truck
High frequency module
System and method for collecting, processing and managing livestock data
Vacuum regulating valve
Compressed domain conference bridge
Viscosity index improvers for lubricating oil compositions
Gas hydrate inhibitors
Non-sliding valve
Low-viscosity polyisocyante composition having high functionality and method for preparing same
Method and apparatus for spin-echo-train MR imaging using prescribed signal evolutions
Antibacterial compound
Laminate damping base material, and damping structure with stack of this base material
Portulaca plant named `Balrioscar`
Bacteriophage having multiple host range
Combined treatment for cataract and glaucoma treatment
Selectable multi-purpose card
Fibers and ribbons for use in the manufacture of solar cells
Method of operating a gas generating system and a gas generating system
Fuel cell stack having a bypass flow passage
Aromatic sulfonic acid ester derivative, polyarylene, polyarylene having sulfonic acid group and pro...
Cationic polymers having degradable crosslinks
Method and apparatus for sensing water flow through a dishwasher including a vacuum switch
Method and apparatus for extruding polymers employing microwave energy
Magneto-resistive element
Methods for determining the prognosis for cancer patients using tucan
Method of manufacturing light emitting device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Fabrication method of a semiconductor device
Mass spectrometric apparatus and ion source
Light emitting device
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Backlight having discharge tube, reflector and heat conduction member contacting discharge tube
Method and apparatus for improved plasma processing uniformity
Method for fabricating optical devices by assembling multiple wafers containing planar optical waveg...
Anticancer composition
Disk drive, positioning method for head, and servo system
Scorpionate-like pendant macrocyclic ligands, complexes and compositions thereof, and methods of usi...
Waterborne anti-chipping coating composition for automobiles
Image intensifier camera
High-pressure discharge lamp
Swimming pool spotlight lighting system
Interrogator and goods management system adopting the same
Liquid crystal display device having a gray-scale voltage selector circuit
Speed control device
Electro-optical device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
Image control device with information-based image correcting capability, image control method and di...
Active matrix in-plane switching type liquid crystal display and compensator arrangement
Image exposure system
Unitary surgical device and method
Method for manufacturing medical devices from linear elastic materials while maintaining linear elas...
Light emitting display, display panel, and driving method thereof
Apparatus for and method for polishing workpiece
Electrolyte solution for secondary battery and secondary battery using the same
Process for the production of olefins
Integrated gradient index lenses
Modular sleeve yoke
Tunable resonant cavity based on the field effect in semiconductors
Laser ribbon
Free-space dynamic wavelength routing systems with interleaved channels for enhanced performance
Method and system of classifying demand data
System and method for tracking changes associated with incremental copying
Partitioning modules for cross-module optimization
Multiple password policies in a directory server system
Method and apparatus to perform customized error handling
Model-based data conversion
Device for sound amplification, in particular pre-amplifier, amplifier and speaker
Method of depositing granules onto a moving substrate
Nuclear magnetic resonance probe coil
Therapeutic system
Method for forming programmable logic arrays using vertical gate transistors
Vessel evaluation methods, apparatus, computer-readable media and signals
Standing wave barrier
Method of noise estimation using incremental bayes learning
Non-contact IC card reading/writing apparatus
Method for developing complex systems
Approaching object detection apparatus
Frequency divider with variable capacitance
Compact tunable antenna
Lithographic tool with dual isolation system and method for configuring the same
Distinguishing positive and negative films system and method
Fast high-accuracy multi-dimensional pattern inspection
Optical fiber, evaluation and fabrication method thereof
Reversible ink cartridge
Method and apparatus for measuring face angle
Liquid crystalline compound and reterdation difference film using the same
Liquid crystal display
Polyester monofilaments
Holographic data storage media with structured surfaces
Context quantifier transformation in XML query rewrite
Disposable packaging for a ready-made food product
Ultrasonic inspection apparatus, system, and method
Controller for arc welding robot
Image processing system, image processing apparatus, and display apparatus
Library apparatus, control method and control program thereof, and information processing apparatus
Systems and methods for the automated pre-treatment and processing of biological samples
Systems and methods for the automated pre-treatment and processing of biological samples
Motion editing apparatus and motion editing method for robot, computer program and robot apparatus
Depth of field enhancement for optical comparator
Method of packaging a bone allograft intended for a spinal fusion procedure
Process for reducing plume opacity
Benzoquinolizine-2-carboxylic acid arginine salt tetrahydrate
Alpha2delta ligands for fibromyalgia and other disorders
Optical head and optical recording/reproducing device using it and aberration correction method
Optical junction apparatus and methods employing optical power transverse-transfer
Storage device having a storage cell programmable to one of more than two storage states
Method and system for polynucleotide synthesis
Digital device configuration and method
Digital watermarking apparatus and methods
Dust cap for fiber optic components
Bragg grating pressure sensor
Optical element and manufacturing method thereof
Signal addition to a wave division multiplex system
Side-light extraction by light pipe-surface alteration and light-extraction devices extending radial...
Photoelectric conversion apparatus, manufacturing method therefor, and X-ray imaging apparatus
Cassette type radiographic apparatus
Exposure apparatus and aberration correction method
Image processing method, system and apparatus, and storage medium
Image scanning apparatus and method, and storage medium
Image sensing and image processing apparatuses
Image forming apparatus with changeable image forming conditions due to changes in a surface layer t...
Image forming apparatus
Simulation apparatus, simulation method therefor, and program for implementing the simulation method
Speech processing apparatus and method using confidence scores
Information processing apparatus and method, and program
Method for annealing domain wall displacement type magneto-optical disc and magneto-optical disc
Television receiver
Ventilation system for fuel cell water tank
Composite multiplexer circuit and chip component, high-frequency module and radio communication appa...
Bone graft
Method of manufacturing circuit device
Method of fabricating a semiconductor multi-package module having inverted second package stacked ov...
Method for manufacturing circuit devices
Method of making circuitized substrate
Method of manufacturing a capacitor and a metal gate on a semiconductor device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and process for manufacturing the same
Film for copper diffusion barrier
Process for producing integrated circuit, and substrate with integrated circuit
Aqueous solutions containing dithionic acid and/or metal dithionate for metal finishing
Buried conductor patterns formed by surface transformation of empty spaces in solid state materials
Semiconductor device
Dielectric composite material
Multilayered substrate for semiconductor device
Semiconductor carrier film, and semiconductor device and liquid crystal module using the same
Wiring structure for semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Low cost adjustable RF resonator devices manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Semiconductor device
Irritation-reducing ocular iontophoresis device
Analgesic therapy for ICD patients
Cardiac output measurement using dual oxygen sensors in right and left ventricles
Daisy-chained device-mirroring architecture
Dynamically adaptable semiconductor parametric testing
Memory channel with unidirectional links
Measurement module interface protocol database and registration system
Memory system
Wireless human interface device host interface supporting both BIOS and OS interface operations
Transferring data between differently clocked busses
Tap time division multiplexing
Multiple coupled browsers for an industrial workbench
Cell based end user interface
Generating optimized and secure IP cores
Pruning local graphs in an inter-procedural analysis solver
Systems and methods for modular component deployment
Information access, collaboration and integration system and method
Arithmetic circuits for use with the residue number system
Opiate analogs selective for the .delta.-opioid receptor
Hybrid maize 38B12
Optical noninvasive vital sign monitor
Transcription factor stress-related proteins and methods of use in plants
Method of producing seedless watermelon
Distributed software applications in the HAVi home network
Layered computing systems and methods for insecure environments
Client-side tool for splitting or truncating text strings for interactive television
Broadcast reception apparatus for obtaining and storing high-use-possibility reproduction programs b...
Storing apparatus and password control method
Digital signatures for tangible medium delivery
Securely executing an application on a computer system
Video entry-phone control board
Digital video disc player
In-context launch management method, system therefor, and computer-readable storage medium
Method of scheduling executions of processes with various types of timing properties and constraints
Thread switch upon spin loop detection by threshold count of spin lock reading load instruction
Context selection and activation mechanism for activating one of a group of inactive contexts in a p...
Bicycle fork having lock-out, blow-off, and adjustable blow-off threshold
Random truncation and amplification of nucleic acid
Method and apparatus for electronically generating an outline indicating the size of an energy zone ...
Method and apparatus for calibrating data-dependent noise prediction
Method and apparatus for conducting linked simulation operations utilizing a computer-based system m...
Apparatus and method for I/O management in a mobile environment wherein access to data from a wirele...
Multilane remote sensing device
Uninterruptible DC power supply for equipment associated with a mobile site
Method of fabricating optical waveguide devices with smooth and flat dielectric interfaces
Multiple-core planar optical waveguides and methods of fabrication and use thereof
Reel to reel manufacturing line
Optical transmission system and optical transmitter used therein
Node apparatus, optical wavelength division multiplexing network, and system switching method
Transmitting an optical signal with corresponding WDM and TDM channels
Network transceiver for extending the bandwidth of optical fiber-based network infrastructure
Optical communications system and transmission section repair method
Optical fiber communication equipment and its applied optical systems
Image forming apparatus
Bluetooth transparent bridge
Cardiac harness for treating congestive heart failure and for defibrillating and/or pacing/sensing
Geometric track and track/vehicle analyzers and methods for controlling railroad systems
A/C bus assembly for electronic traction vehicle
Vehicle-direction estimating device, and driving control device including the vehicle-direction esti...
Adaptive link quality management for wireless medium
Selective checkpointing mechanism for application components
Batch based distributed data redundancy
Masking tape applicator
Apparatus for synthesis of layers, coatings or films
Laminate and display apparatus using the same
Catalytic composition for the aromatization of hydrocarbons
Guitar pick-up
Exhaust gas turbocharger for an internal combustion engine
Variable stroke assembly balancing
Device for conveying powder and method for operating the same
Gradient liquid feed pump system, and liquid chromatograph
Control of fluid flow in the processing of an object with a fluid
Pump and method of pump control
Suitcase style air compressor assembly
Compressor having alignment bushings and assembly method
Reciprocating compressor with a linear motor
Hydroimpedance pump
Electric motor and electric type compressor
Backlighting device
Odor adsorption agent in hygiene articles
Devices and methods for frequent measurement of an analyte present in a biological system
Measuring fiber orientation by detecting dispersion of polarized light
Mutation analysis by mass spectrometry using photolytically cleavable primers
Apparatus for forming images with proper gamma correction
2-D projectile trajectory correction system and method
Seat rail for aircraft cabin and method of manufacturing such a rail
Localized energy pulse rapid thermal anneal dielectric film densification method
Semiconductor and semiconductor substrate, method of manufacturing the same, and semiconductor devic...
Using polydentate ligands for sealing pores in low-k dielectrics
Methods for forming thin film layers by simultaneous doping and sintering
Low relative permittivity SiO.sub.x film including a porous material for use with a semiconductor de...
Semiconductor device and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Semiconductor package with heat sink and method for fabricating same
Mounting structure for semiconductor device, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Optical microelectromechanical device and fabrication method thereof
Wafer stage with a magnet
Test ket layout for precisely monitoring 3-foil lens aberration effects
Method for making a semiconductor structure using silicon germanium
Semiconductor memory device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device with pixel portion and driving circuit, and electronic device
Method of formation of dual gate structure for imagers
Single poly-emitter PNP using dwell diffusion in a BiCMOS technology
Spin injection devices
Pixel with strained silicon layer for improving carrier mobility and blue response in imagers
Semiconductor substrate, semiconductor device, and method of manufacturing the same
Methods for enhancing plant growth using hydrogen gas
Commercial service platform in space
Integrated plasma fuel cell process
Toner for forming image, method for developing electrostatic latent image, method for fixing toner i...
Delivery device and method for its operation
Digital demodulator, a telecommunications receiver, and a method of digital demodulation
Method and system for high speed network application
Method and apparatus for self-tuning transaction batching
SCSI-based storage area network having a SCSI router that routes traffic between SCSI and IP network...
Chemical proportioning and dispensing systems
Water supply system and multifunctional water supply tank
Retro filter bag
Fluidizable device
Fuel filter with keys
Electrostatic separator
Filtration device
Device for treating a gas/liquid mixture
Method for acquiring samples from a trickling filter medium
Water ozonation and bioremediation system and associated methods
System and method for enhanced wastewater treatment
Method and apparatus for enhancing filter bed performance
Process for treating wastewater containing peracetic acid
System and method for oxygenation for wastewater treatment
Affinity matrices with enhanced visibility for molecular pull-down and immunoprecipitation applicati...
Compositions for removing metal ions from aqueous process solutions and methods of use thereof
Multi-phase separation system
Apparatus and process for taking up particles from a water surface
Method for producing target substance
Target identifying apparatus, target identifying method, and target identifying program
Common reference target machine vision wheel alignment system
Microprocessor with branch target address cache update queue
Speculative branch target address cache with selective override by secondary predictor based on bran...
Compositions and treatments for inhibiting kinase and/or HMG-CoA reductase
5-substituted 7,9-difluoro-5H-chromeno[3,4-f]quinoline compounds as selective progesterone receptor ...
1-Amino 1H-imidazoquinolines
4-phenyl substituted tetrahydroisoquinolines and use thereof
Surfactants as malarial chloroguine resistance reversal agents
N-biarylmethyl aminocycloalkanecarboxamide derivatives
Azole compound and medicinal use thereof
Benzylether derivatives
Compounds, methods and compositions useful for the treatment of bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) i...
Substituted fullerene compositions and their use as antioxidants
3-(Cyclopenten-1-yl)-benzyl-or 3-(cyclopenten-1-yl)-heteroarylmethyl-amine derivatives and use there...
Nitrosated nonsteroidal antiinflammatory compounds, compositions and methods of use
Prostagladin derivatives for the treatment of glaucoma or ocular hypertension
Treatment and prevention of inflammatory disorders
Drugs, foods and oral compositions containing stilbene-type compounds
Molecular magnetic protein
Method and system for computer-assisted test construction performing specification matching during t...
Multi-functional product markers and methods for making and using the same
Control system for positioning of marine seismic streamers
Bimini top hook
Boat Platform
Personal watercraft
Electric device and method
Bagless dustcup
Multi-inlet port manifold for a medical waste receiver having an elevated filter element and tethere...
Solid oxide fuel cell stack assembly having tapered diffusion layers
Detachable heat sink
Composition inhibiting the expansion of fire, suppressing existing fire, and methods of manufacture ...
Fuel cell stack
System, method and apparatus for lost foam casting analysis
CMP abrasive, liquid additive for CMP abrasive and method for polishing substrate
Method of cutting an object and of further processing the cut material, and carrier for holding the ...
Reactor for plasma assisted treatment of gaseous
Polishing method
Biodegradable polymer compositions, compositions and uses related thereto
Method of fabricating multi layer devices on buried oxide layer substrates
Edge seal for a semiconductor device
Peptide with osteogenic activity
Superabsorbent polymer having increased rate of water absorption
Fluoroalcohol leaving group for non-metallocene olefin polymerization catalysts
Electrical devices from polymer resins prepared with ionic catalysts
Stabilized polymer beads and method of preparation
FVIIa antagonists
Enhanced sample processing devices, systems and methods
Multi-path, mono-polar co-fired hermetic electrical feedthroughs and methods of fabrication therfor
In the ear hearing aid utilizing annular ring acoustic seals
Method for preparing an ion exchange media
Bio-reactor for tissue cultivated in form of a thin layer and uses thereof
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device including high efficiency and low cost redundant structure
Heat shield structure of exhaust manifold and catalyst
Automatic monitoring system for thermal energy storage plants
Cooling fin assembly
Heat dissipating device
Heat exchanger distributor for multicomponent heat exchange fluid
Parallel flow evaporator with non-uniform characteristics
Heat exchanger
System and method for zone heating and cooling
Airship ballast system
Vehicle air conditioner
Plenum-based computer cooling system
Cooling system with submerged fan
Mounting device for heat sink
Modular heatsink, electromagnetic device incorporating a modular heatsink and method of cooling an e...
Thermal interface apparatus, systems, and methods
Shoe with interchangeable strap system
Footwear upper portion
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Orientation adjusting device for a satellite antenna
Apparatus and method for normalization of a drilling tool to a work surface
Apparatus for burnishing small asperities and cleaning loose particles from magnetic recording media
Shorted SCR lockout and indication
Radio communication system and method of operating the system
Method of managing radio bearer in mobile communication system
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus having a plurality of mounting portions for detachably m...
Method and system for modeling and managing terrain, buildings, and infrastructure
Method for mining, mapping and managing organizational knowledge from text and conversation
Method, system, and program for character set matching
Microprocessor with selectivity available random number generator based on self-test result
System and method for simultaneously establishing multiple connections
Web streaming in a messaging system
Processing node including a plurality of processor cores and an interconnect configurable in a test-...
Restricting access to memory in a multithreaded environment
Methods and apparatus for balancing memory access latency and bandwidth
Method and mechanism for managing traces within a computer system
Apparatus and method for encoding and decoding TFCI in a mobile communication system
Heat-peelable pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet
Controlled release microencapsulated NGF formulation
Process for dry coating a food particle or encapsulating a frozen liquid particle
Absorbent composition of matter for odoriferouse substances and releaser of diverse active ingredien...
Iodothyronine compositions
Peptide deformylase activated prodrugs
Methods for treating delirium glucocorticoid receptor-specific antagonists
Macrocyclic kinase inhibitors
Methods and compositions of novel triazine compounds
Substituted naphthyl benzothiophene acids
Adhesion promoter for plastisols
Polyether derivative and process for producing the same
Isolated complexes of endotoxin and MD-2
Field effect transistor
Electro-optic filament or fibre
Cryostat configuration with thermally compensated centering
NMR probe
RF coil for imaging system
Method and system of MR imaging with simultaneous fat suppression and T1 inversion recovery contrast
Simultaneous phase cycling for nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Method and system of MR imaging with reduced FSE cusp artifacts
Method for controlling the disposition of an incoming call based on the loading status of a route an...
Communication terminal
Fax-to-email and email-to-fax communication system and method
Method and system providing control options for voice files
Real-time transcription correction system
Control of access for telephone service providers using voice recognition
Voice storage device and voice coding device
Data communication system for supplementing telephone calls
Methods and apparatus to manage collect phone calling limits
System, evaluation device and method for verifying connection-related communication data determined ...
Method for categorization and prioritization of phone callers
Audible caller identification with nametag storage
Telecommunication resource allocation system and method
Enhanced call feature service
Power offloading for a subscriber line interface circuit
Method and apparatus for precode crosstalk mitigation
Production process for oxide magnetic material and oxide magnetic material
Hydrogen selective catalytic reduction for NO.sub.x
Cosmetic compositions comprising calcium silicates
Membrane for hydrogen recovery from streams containing hydrogen sulfide
Method for brightening virgin mechanical pulp
Method of treating substance to be degraded and its apparatus
Minimizing spatial-dispersion-induced birefringence
Animation on object user interface
Pane element
System and method for managing web page media
Apparatus and method for processing bookmark events for a web page
Cursor tracking in a multi-level GUI
Data store for arbitrary data types with type safe storage and retrieval
Application program interface for network software platform
Mechanism for testing execution of applets with plug-ins and applications
Methods and systems for reducing performance overhead of code instrumentation based profiling
Multi-lingual tag extension mechanism
Optimized representation of data type information in program verification
System and method for priority based application server updates
Task grouping in a distributed processing framework system and methods for implementing the same
Combining real-time and batch mode logical address links
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Eyeglass frame
HSPC150-like gene disruptions, compositions and methods related thereto
Soybean cultivar SG5030NRR
Soybean variety XB48T04
Soybean variety XB09J04
Soybean variety XB39N05
Soybean variety S05-99048-19
Plants and seeds of corn variety I060064
Inbred maize line PH26N
Inbred maize line PH48V
Plants and seeds of corn variety I113752
Inbred corn line PHCER
Hybrid random bead/chip based microarray
Predictive modeling of consumer financial behavior using supervised segmentation and nearest-neighbo...
System using electronic campaign yard sign for gathering supports from email recipients
Method and system for advertisement using internet browser to insert advertisements
System and method for managing remotely and distantly located assets
Interactive internet analysis method
Valuation prediction models in situations with missing inputs
Investment portfolio tracking system and method
Network-based trading system and method
System and method for an efficient dynamic multi-unit auction
Web-based account management for hold and release of funds
Differential commission and electronic order matching process for the distribution of primary market...
Sponsor funded stored value card
Media on demand via peering
Electronic commerce system and method for detecting fraud
Payment service method and system
System and method for pre-feeding mailpieces, detecting the presence of harmful materials in the mai...
Computer language for defining business conversations
Trusted infrastructure support systems, methods and techniques for secure electronic commerce transa...
System and method for facilitating signing by buyers in electronic commerce
Digital information system
Method for operating a non-railbound land vehicle with a combustion engine-generator unit and an ele...
Motor-driven vehicle drive control apparatus and method thereof
Air inlet conduit for a cooler of a vehicle
Motorcycle and engine for motorcycle
Method and apparatus for detecting the presence of a rear facing infant seat
Drive train assembly for a motor vehicle
Frame structure of a vehicle
Hydrostatic drive
Adjustable steering lock
Method and apparatus for detecting a failed temperature sensor in an electric assist steering system
Lift truck for the transport of a battery block of an industrial truck
Powered hand truck
Multi-position track width sensor for self-propelled agricultural sprayers
Pivot shaft structure for supporting swing arm
Engine to transmission coupler
Three speed transfer case with two transfer chains
Motor torque control apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Electric motor drive apparatus and motor-driven power steering system
Method for determining vehicle velocity
Control apparatus for fuel cell vehicle
Vehicle electro-hydraulic power steering unit
Tool holder
Biomorphic rhythmic movement controller
Robotic scrub nurse
Apparatus and method for patient rounding with a remote controlled robot
Medical tele-robotic system
Human cytomegalovirus antigens expressed in MVA and methods of use
Methods for the identification of antiviral compounds
Protein A based binding domains with desirable activities
Method of detecting molecular target by particulate binding
Histidine copolymer and methods for using same
Regulation of endogenous gene expression in cells using zinc finger proteins
p16 expression constructs and their application in cancer therapy
Adjuvant-containing vaccines
Cyclic derivatives as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Pyrazolopyridinyl pyrimidine therapeutic compounds
Heterocyclic substituted 1,4-dihydri-4ox9-1,8-naphthyridine analogs
Heterocyclic antiviral compounds
Vibration balanced receiver
Brace bar for sound board of guitar
String support
Quick release mallet holder and rim protector
Music session support method, musical instrument for music session, and music session support progra...
Setting update apparatus of scene data in audio mixer
Keyboard instrument having pedal mechanism
High tensile strength gray iron alloy
Climbing stick apparatus
Mobile lottery games over a wireless network
Authenticity indicator
Apparatus and method for supporting structures on offshore platforms
Mobile wind-driven electric generating systems and methods
Stepped tendon with sealed bulkheads for offshore platform
Method and apparatus for lifting and stabilizing subsided slabs, flatwork and foundations of buildin...
Injection grouting
Multi-position height adjustment system for a pipe handling apparatus
Integrated below-ground vault with a filtered catch basin
Diving snorkel assembly including a casing
Inconspicuous tactile notification for speaking engagements
Multimedia speaker with integrated stand
Scheme for supporting real-time packetization and retransmission in rate-based streaming application...
Communication system and method for sending isochronous streaming data across a synchronous network ...
System and method of music generation
Combined multimedia and data network
Multifunctional I/O organizer unit for multiprocessor multimedia chips
Multi-channel proportional user interface for physical control applications
Ray tracing hierarchy
Image generation system, program, and information storage medium
Apparatus and methods of generation of textures with depth buffers
Web-based architecture sales tool
Game for stimulating reading interest
Process for producing porous composite materials
System and method for synchronizing a live musical performance with a reference performance
Cellular radio communication system cellular radio communication method and rake reception method
Method and apparatus for assigning addresses to components in a control system
Rate adaptation for use in adaptive multi-rate vocoder
Method and system for acquiring ultra-wide-bandwidth communications signals using average block sear...
Radio communications system, transmitter, receiver, radio transmission method, radio reception metho...
Broadcast burst with repeated weights for a radio communications system
Non-recursive resampling digital fir filter structure for demodulating 3G cellular signals
Multichannel spectral mapping audio apparatus and method with dynamically varying mapping coefficien...
Radio communication device
Method and apparatus for optimizing supply modulation in a transmitter
Wireless portable device
Implantable stimulation device with isolating system for minimizing magnetic induction
International roaming service for permitting a cellular/wireless telephone instrument to access diff...
Method for controlling data retransmission and control unit for implementing the method
Method for quality measurement in a mobile telecommunications system
Radio access network apparatus and mobile communication system using the same
Radio communication system
Content selection and retrieval system
Human serum albumin-TIMP2 fusion protein, a polynucleotide encoding the same and a method of produci...
Hyperactive light signal related molecule of HFR1-.DELTA.N105 and transgenic plant thereof
Nucleic acid sequences encoding modified prepro peptides of an alkaline protease
Protected linker compounds
Modified reductase and its gene, and use thereof
Non-cryogenic process for forming glycosides
Methods and compositions for NAD(P)(H) oxidases
Gene targeting using replicating DNA molecules
Alpha-amylase variants
Restoration of fertility to cytoplasmic male sterile petunia
Ketolide derivatives
Antisense modulation of kinesin-like 1 expression
Partial and full agonists of A.sub.1 adenosine receptors
Methods and compositions for treating flaviviruses and pestiviruses
Compositions of estrogen-cyclodextrin complexes
RANTES mutants and therapeutic applications thereof
Histamine receptor H4 polynucleotides
Lincomycin derivatives possessing antibacterial activity
NIMA interacting proteins
Novel compositions and methods for the treatment of immune related diseases
Novel mediator of neurotransmitter and psychostimulant responses
Drug targets in Candida albicans
Immunomodulatory oligonucleotides
Oligonucleotide compositions and their use to induce differentiation of cells
Plants with increased activity of a class 3 branching enzyme
Solid State Irradiation of Hyaluronan-Based Solid Preparations, Its Derivatives And Mixtures In An U...
Regulation of growth in plants
Cytoplasmic dynein heavy chain 1 genes, expression products, non-human animal model uses in human ne...
Cloning of novel gene sequences expressed and repressed during winter dormancy in the apical buds of...
Trimeric binding proteins for trimeric cytokines
Gene expression in the central nervous system regulated by neuroleptic agents
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to M. catarrhalis for diagnostics and therapeutics
Hydrocarbon material and method for preparation thereof
Nucleic acids that control seed and fruit development in plants
Nitrogen transport metabolism
OAR polynucleotides, polypeptides and their use in PHA production in plants
Unconstrained handwriting recognition
Method for implementing indirect controller
Custom electronic learning system and method
Systems and methods for solving nogood databases
Administering devices in dependence upon user metric vectors including relational metrics and locati...
Flame simulating assembly
Small animal restraint chute
Dart and dartboard set
Recovery apparatus for fragmented ballistic materials and method for collection of the same
Walking toy figure
Toy percussion instrument with tethered striker
Casino game for betting on bidirectional linear progression
Portable backstop and sport equipment set, baseball related game, and playing field
Apparatus and method for facilitating a purchase using information provided on a media playing devic...
On-line schedule system with personalization features
Information processing system, entertainment system, startup screen display method and information r...
Method for producing thin semiconductor films by deposition from solution
Infra-red light-emitting device and method for preparing the same
Colorless glasses/borosilicate glasses with special UV-edge
Thin-film thermoelectric cooling and heating devices for DNA genomic and proteomic chips, thermo-opt...
Solar position tracing sensor using thin film pattern of both-sided printed circuit board
Vehicular restraint system control system and method using multiple optical imagers
High fidelity electrically calibrated pyroelectric radiometer
EUV light source
Photovoltaic device and manufacturing method thereof
Hall effect thruster with anode having magnetic field barrier
Multi-use linkage device
Navigation system using locally augmented GPS
Combination biometric and/or magnetic sensing functionalities and/or GPS with radio frequency transp...
Packaging for an interferometric modulator
Electromagnetic radiation collector and transport system
Vapor-emitting device with an active end of use indicator
Dual-mode transmitter for railroad crossings
Fixed and roving wireless system monitors
Inferring hierarchical descriptions of a set of documents
System and method for navigating patient medical information
Solar lamp
Collaborative data cleansing
Systems and methods for converting legacy and proprietary documents into extended mark-up language f...
System and method for restoring a single data stream file from a snapshot
Topological best match naming convention apparatus and method for use in testing graphical user inte...
Method and apparatus for facilitating refinement of a search
File tree conflict processor
Storage server embedded code backup method and system
Common programming interface for hardware components
Incremental method for backup of email messages
Method and apparatus for managing surplus memory in multitasking system
File management method in a distributed storage system
System and method for sharing information among provider systems
Storage area network file system
System and method for logical view analysis and visualization of user behavior in a distributed comp...
System and method to identify devices employing point-to-point-over Ethernet encapsulation
System and method to protect data stored in a storage system
Isolated ordered regions (IOR) prefetching and page replacement
Read-write snapshots
Method of performing active data copying processing, and storage subsystem and storage control appar...
Data management system, method, and recording medium
Data transfer system, data transfer apparatus, data recording apparatus, and data transfer method
Monolithic semiconductor device for preventing external access to an encryption key
Method of a public key encryption and a cypher communication both secure against a chosen-ciphertext...
Method for addressing terminals
Blast pressure gauge
Cavitating explosively augmented water-jet mine cutter system
Oil/water separator with enhanced in-situ cleaning
Friction stirred introduction of particles into a metallic substrate for surface durability treatmen...
Apparatus for applying liquid liner to rocket tube
Dual unit eidetic topographer
Optical coating and configuration for tailored spectral characteristics over viewing angle
Optically coupled toroidal lens:hemi-bead brightness enhancer for total internal reflection modulate...
Wraparound labels with lenticular lenses for clear walled containers
Zoom lens system
Three-group zoom lens
Zoom lens system
Zoom lens, camera, and mobile information terminal
Zoom lens, variable magnification group, camera unit and portable information terminal unit
Zoom lens system
Optical system and optical apparatus including the same
Imaging lens system
Lens shift mechanism and projection type video display
Optical scanning device
Optical system for optical pickup apparatus
Enhancing two-dimensional contrast images rendered from three-dimensional streak tube imaging lidar ...
Enhancing two-dimensional range images rendered from three-dimensional streak tube imaging lidar (ST...
Optical isolator using photonic crystal
Method for online characterization of a moving surface and device therefor
Modified photolithography movement system
Method and apparatus for direct image pick-up of granular speck pattern generated by reflecting ligh...
System and method for selecting communications coverage network information in a wireless communicat...
Auxiliary switch activated GPS-equipped wireless phone
Local phone number lookup and cache
Information terminal device and PC card that a user can easily find a hot spot to access a wireless ...
Location-based information and acquisition method
Method and device for positional determination of user appliances in a radio communication system us...
Global paging of mobile stations in a wireless network using MSC pool
Telecommunication method and suitable system for establishing a connection with a mobile station
Method and apparatus for location tracking in a multi-path environment
Millimeter band signal transmitting/receiving system having function of transmitting/receiving milli...
Apparatus and method for reducing the electromagnetic interference between two or more antennas coup...
Mobile telephone having voice recording, playback and automatic voice dial pad
Mobile telephone with simultaneous power-on and transmission setting function
Method and communication network for controlling the menu function of a mobile telephone
Method and system for testing assembled mobile devices
System and method for secure over-the-air administration of a wireless mobile station
Image browsing and downloading in mobile networks
Object graph faulting and trimming in an object-relational database system
Method and apparatus for managing computing devices on a network
Light quantity adjusting apparatus and image-pickup apparatus
Video image producing method and apparatus
Solid state image pickup device
Image stabilization apparatus
Vibration detection device and vibration correcting optical device
Cam mechanism of a photographing lens
Optical apparatus
Distance measurement and photometry sensor device
Communication terminal and program
Free-standing nanowire sensor and method for detecting an analyte in a fluid
Nucleic acid based nano-robotic system
Preparation of a concentrated organophyllosilicate and nanocomposite composition
Composition of bulk filler and epoxy-clay nanocomposite
Methods of positioning and/or orienting nanostructures
Nanotube-based logic driver circuits
Method of increasing bone toughness and stiffness and reducing fractures
Intravenous valproate for acute treatment of migraine headache
Controlled drug delivery system using the conjugation of drug to biodegradable polyester
Process for isolating sea cucumber saponin Frondoside A, and immunomodulatory methods of use
50 human secreted proteins
Copolymer 1 related polypeptides for use as molecular weight markers and for therapeutic use
Compositions and methods for the treatment of immune related diseases
Human tumor necrosis factor TR20 and methods based thereon
Microencapsulation and sustained release of biologically active polypeptides
Anti-PR020044 antibodies
Pro9821 polypeptides
Vehicle rollover detection and method of anticipating vehicle rollover
Intelligent vehicle rollover detection methods and systems
Vehicle accident analyzing apparatus
Vehicle motion control device
System and method for obscuring unwanted ambient noise and handset and central office equipment inco...
Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine and control method thereof
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Control apparatus for multi-cylinder internal combustion engine and control method
Variable valve system of internal combustion engine
Supercharged four-stroke engine combustion method and engine using such a method
System for analyzing occurrences of logical concepts in text documents
Method and system for searching classified advertising
Method and apparatus for multiple media printing
Printing control apparatus and printing control method
System and method for interactive contests
Digital content distribution system and method
Method for purification of process water from a kerosene desulfurization plant
Mycobacterium strains with modified erp gene and vaccine composition containing same
Gas phase synthesis of methylene lactones using novel grafted catalyst
Method for argon plasma induced ultraviolet light curing step for increasing silicon-containing phot...
Methods of reducing the permeabilities of horizontal well bore sections
Controlled release galantamine composition
Stable ink jet ink composition and printing method
Process for reducing monomer content in N-vinyl compound polymers
Method of manufacturing a color filter
Multilayer imageable element containing epoxy resin
Pressure sensitive adhesive composition and sheet, and adhered article
Method for fractionating grease trap waste and uses of fractions therefrom
Plasma display panel with two opposing fluorescent layers in VUV & UV discharge space
Implantable medical pump with multi-layer back-up memory
Adhesion of tungsten nitride films to a silicon surface
Chuck for supporting wafers with a fluid
Plastic identifying method
Pressure support system and method and a pressure control valve for use in such a system and method
Radio frequency power amplifier for lossless power combining
Method and apparatus for controlling power transients in an optical communication system
Multi-carrier/multi-sector channel pooling in a wireless communication system base station
Adapative quality control loop for link rate adaptation in data packet communications
Reconfigurable ADD/DROP, multiplexer/demultiplexer using a transceiver with loop-back function
Receiver for high rate digital communication system
Polyalklbicylic derivatives
Perfume bottle
Fragrance bottle
Cover plate for a fragrance dispenser
Process and system for producing tire cords
Activity indicator for a touch-based user interface for an image processing office machine
Ink stick for phase change ink jet printer
Line guide for fishing rod
Emulsion aggregation toner having gloss enhancement and toner release
Electrostatic latent image developing agent and image forming method
Method and structure for eliminating polarization instability in laterally--oxidized VCSELs
Parallel printing system having modes for auto-recovery, auto-discovery of resources, and parallel p...
Pattern recognition method and apparatus
Control system and method for mitigating transients in a machine due to occasional maintenance or se...
Semi-automatic image quality adjustment for multiple marking engine systems
Back of the belt cleaner in an imaging system
Display strip
Handle of apparatus for preparing a beverage
Nitrate sensor
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Dielectric ceramic composition and multilayer ceramic capacitor
Proppants and their manufacture
Toner fuser member with release layer formed from silsesquioxane-epoxy resin composition
Insulating film material containing an organic silane compound, its production method and semiconduc...
Coated article, coating liquid composition, and method for producing coated article
Method of delaminating a graphite structure with a coating agent in a supercritical fluid
Turning electrodes used in a reactor for electrochemically processing a microelectronic workpiece
N-methyl-substituted benzamidazoles
Peptide antagonists of DP transcription factors
Amino-substituted sulfonanilides and derivatives thereof for treating proliferative disorders
Channel occupancy in multi-channel medical device communication
Structure-defining materials for OLEDs
Batch process and device for forming spacer structures for packaging optical reflection devices
Magnet for a Faraday rotator
Chip-type electronic component and chip resistor
Image reading apparatus
Apparatus and method for optical determination of intermediate distances
Scheme capable of providing gain and thresholding to the parallel recording and replication of holog...
Method for processing and measuring rotationally symmetric workpieces as well as grinding and polish...
Memory bus within a coherent multi-processing system having a main portion and a coherent multi-proc...
Element for electromagnetic shielding and method for manufacturing thereof
Firing module
Airgun firing mechanism
Case for transporting handguns
Method of manufacturing a modular corner assembly
Ball screw device and linear motion device
Linear motion device
Hydrodynamic bearing and apparatus for driving polygonal mirror using the same
Thrust dynamic pressure bearing, spindle motor using the same, and information recording and reprodu...
Oil repelling agent
Stationary evaporative emission control system
Methods and arrangements for providing efficient information transfer over a limited-speed communica...
Mechanism to store reordered data with compression
HLA-A24 binding peptides of enhancer of zeste homolog 2
Split temples for a retractable eyewear restraint strap