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System for arraying surface mount grid array contact pads to optimize trace escape routing for a pri...
Elastic track shoe
Methods and apparatus for transmitting information between a basestation and multiple mobile station...
Antioxidant system for carbon--carbon brake materials with enhanced resistance to humidity exposure
Packaging design with separate compartments
Methacrylates as stabilizers for polymer polyols
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and negative electrode for the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, method of testing semiconductor integrated circuit device a...
Compounds that exhibit specific molecular recognition of mixed nucleic acid sequences and bind in th...
Multi-phase input ballast with dimming and method therefor
Systems and methods for treating hemorrhoids
Expandable medical device for delivery of beneficial agent
Method and device for sensing and mapping temperature profile of a hollow body organ
Methods for detecting activity of clottings factors
Vascular occlusion systems and methods
Polymeric surface coatings
Tank piston seal and stabilizing system
Media for clostridium bacterium and processes for obtaining a clostridial toxin
Torque limiting implant drive system
Apparatus and method for performing radiation energy treatments
Circuit elements and parallel computational networks with logically entangled terminals
Comparator feedback peak detector
Apparatus and method for improving resolution of a current mode driver
Method and apparatus for generating multiple system memory drive strengths
Technique for multiprotocol transport using MPLS (multi-protocol label switching)
High speed protocol for interconnecting modular network devices
Point of play terminal
Treatment of living tissues using electromagnetic fields
PSA with adsorbents sensitive to contaminants
Controlled cleaving process
Architecture for distributed computing system and automated design, deployment, and management of di...
System and method for encapsulating data within a formatted data protocol
System and method for protecting identity information
Methods of providing integrated circuit devices with data modifying capabilities
Debugging breakpoints on pluggable components
COG dielectric composition for use with copper electrodes
Surface-mountable component and method for the production thereof
Superconducting articles, and methods for forming and using same
Optical recording article
Automotive control apparatus and method
System and method for temperature compensation of eddy current sensor waveform parameters
Radiation sources and compact radiation scanning systems
Method for real-time team coordination with unrealiable communications between team members
Mechanism in a microprocessor for executing native instructions directly from memory
Mobile back-pack
Anti-microbial electrosurgical electrode and method of manufacturing the same
Method for fabricating a hard cover for an article
Tensile-stressed microelectromechanical apparatus and tiltable micromirrors formed therefrom
Multiple microelectromechanical (MEM) devices formed on a single substrate and sealed at different p...
Multistep remote plasma clean process
Method for dechucking a substrate
Methods of controlling properties and characteristics of a gate insulation layer based upon electric...
Fabrication of advanced silicon-based MEMS devices
Vertically stacked field programmable nonvolatile memory and method of fabrication
Method of depositing low k films
Thin film transistor memory device
Selecting wireless devices
Scheduling data transmission in a wireless communications network
Method and apparatus for load sharing in wireless access networks based on dynamic transmission powe...
Method and apparatus for supporting multiple wireless carrier mobile station location requirements w...
Geographical position extension in messaging for a terminal node
Dual communication mode wireless network transmission device
Wireless network site survey tool
Apparatus and method for distributing electronic messages to a wireless data processing device using...
Aircraft base station for wireless devices
System and method of querying a device, checking device roaming history and/or obtaining device mode...
Material for use in the manufacturing of luminous display devices
Electroluminescent iridium compounds with fluorinated phenylpyridines, phenylpyrimidines, and phenyl...
Organic electroluminescent display and method for making same
Content exchange system
Protective cover for motor vehicle
System and method for blind media support
Nitride light-emitting device having an adhesive reflecting layer
Semiconductor light emitting element, semiconductor light emitting device, and method for fabricatin...
MRAM devices with fine tuned offset
Method of forming metal line in semiconductor device
Air pressure signal monitoring in apparatus for treating sleep disordered breathing
System and method for facilitating listening
Ligand specific to .beta..sub.2-glycoprotein I and use thereof
Plural layer anisotropic conductive connector and its production method
Sliding window packet management systems
System and method for synchronizing raster and vector map images
Preparation method of diene copolymer having improved rolling resistance and wet traction
Message transfer method and apparatus
Animal safety apparatus
Direct injection diesel engine
Energy absorbing articles
Apparatus and methods for delivery of multiple distributed stents
Method and device for producing ethylamine and butylamine
Fuel cell stack assembly and method of fabrication
Correlating high-speed serial interface data and FIFO status signals in programmable logic devices
Semiconductor memory and method of testing the same
Automobile body molding kit
Trigger assembly
Assembly line quality control
Electronic control unit and passenger detection apparatus for vehicle
Acceleration sensor module
Control apparatus and control method for internal combustion engine
Electronic power-measurement device with intelligent agent
Calibration method for surface texture measuring instrument, calibration program for surface texture...
Control system simulation, testing, and operator training
P-type OFET with fluorinated channels
Melt coating method using a polyester resin composition
Method and apparatus to increase the resolution and widen the range of differential mobility analyze...
Satellite navigation method
GPS receiver module
Device for collection of uncontaminated urine from children
Flexible electrosurgical electrode for treating tissue
Method and apparatus for implantation of soft tissue implant
Streptococcal streptolysin S vaccines
Microfabrication using patterned topography and self-assembled monolayers
Packaging including a composite web comprising porous layer
Compositions of monomeric surfactants
Echinocandin derivatives, their method of preparation and their application as anti-fungal agents
Writing utensil tray
Coplanar waveguide resonator
Device for transmitting an electric signal detected by contact with the skin surface
Communication system
Method for shared estimation of parameters
Receiver-side adaptive equalization in source-synchronous chip-to-chip communication systems
Pulse amplitude modulated transmission scheme for optical channels with soft decision decoding
Enhanced circulation effector composition and method
Camera control system, camera server, camera client, control method, and storage medium
Metasearching a plurality of queries and consolidating results
Apparatus and methods for filtering content based on accessibility to a user
Asymmetrical load balancing for mirrored storage volumes
Mounting for a plaster trowel
Method and system for switching among independent packetized audio streams
Semiconductor memory device with stable internal power supply voltage
Circuit for generating data strobe signal of semiconductor memory device
Spread spectrum clock generator
Bottle cap
Holder for multiple beverage containers
Wireless smoke detection unit
Decorative flat screen frame
Ink stick for phase change ink jet printer
Ink stick for phase change ink jet printer
Counting device
Gun sight
Method of detecting and locating a source of partial discharge in an electrical apparatus
Medical imaging diagnosis apparatus
Method for signaling an incoming call received at a telecommunications terminal, a telecommunication...
Modulator processing for a parametric speaker system
Twisted pet chew product
Method of editing information related to a picture file displayed on a cellular telephone
Method of compensating for image faults in an x-ray image recording
Surgical table top and accessory clamp used thereon
Shield junction thin film transistor structure
Planar voltage contrast test structure and method
Silicon-on-insulator active pixel sensors
Self regulating detector rail heater for computed tomography imaging systems
Systems, methods, and user interfaces for storing, searching, navigating, and retrieving electronic ...
Miniaturized cell array methods and apparatus for cell-based screening
Computer generated holograms
Archery vest
Method for processing dynamic database in distributed processing system based on corba platform
Universal serial bus device having logical circuit for conversive and immediate host reset operation
Display device and method for driving the same
Optical pickup actuator with improved damping effect with end of suspension wire movably inserted in...
Microwave oven
Can opener
Projection television
Portable phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Portable information terminal
Timekeeping apparatus providing premises-automation-related function through a network
Conference call dialing
Method of using magnetic cutting board
Collagen-containing food and drink
Fresh tea leaf powder and processed product, extract, oil and aroma obtained from fresh tea leaf pow...
Stable tea concentrates
Full-bodied taste enhancer containing product of decomposition of long-chain highly unsaturated fatt...
Monoglyceride and emulsifier compositions and processes of producing the same
Method for the enzymatic production of emulsifiers containing mono-and diacylglycerides
Products comprising corn oil and corn meal obtained from high oil corn
Pet food compositions having a defined relaxation property
Systems and methods for meat processing
Method of imparting non-stick property to metal surface
Method and apparatus for a mold barrier
Polyester film
Churning methods for separating microorganisms from a food matrix for biodetection
Ferment activator based on lactic acid bacteria, and method of preparing a product using said activa...
Dietary food items for a weight control or weight loss diet
Peelable polyethylene films
Antioxidant-functionalized polymers
Method for advertising
System for multimedia on demand over internet based network
Partition system
Boards comprising an array of marks to facilitate attachment
Hand-held tool containing a removably attachable object sensor
Irrigation control system
Retractable fastener device and method for facilitating the fastening of multiple objects
Wireless LAN architecture for integrated time-critical and non-time-critical services within medical...
Device, system, and method for restraining planar objects
Wireless LAN architecture for integrated time-critical and non-time-critical services within medical...
Hole saw slug removal device
Data processing system, data processing method and computer program
Cotton cultivar DP 108 RF
Cotton cultivar DP 167 RF
Cotton cultivar DP 113 B2RF
Cotton cultivar DP 117 B2RF
Cotton cultivar DP 143 B2RF
Cotton cultivar DPX 08Q912DF
Polynucleotides encoding a beta-glucosidase and uses thereof
Method of resistance management for transgenic crops
DNA encoding a plant lipase, transgenic plants and a method for controlling senescence in plants
Methods for modifying plant responses to stress and correspondingly derived plants
Nucleic acid molecules and other molecules associated with plants and uses thereof for plant improve...
Seedless watermelon having small fruit
Hybrid tea rose plant named 'Meibderos'
Geranium plant named "Patriot Rose Pink'
Geranium plant named 'Maestro Deep Lavender'
Method of producing copper hydoroxosulphates and copper fungicidal compositions containing same
Energy efficient and insulated building envelopes
Cellulose ether composition
Method for the production of polymer powders
Allylsilane containing composition
Disposable absorbent article containing an unapertured skinless elastomeric layer
Organic recycling with a pipe-cross or tubular reactor
Mixture of raw materials for the production of a cement clinker, a cement clinker and a cement
Process for preparing a sulphur cement product
Fire resistant sound absorber
Electrically conductive polyetherester composition comprising carbon black and product made therefro...
Methods and systems for making long fiber reinforced products and resultant products
Process for making slurries
Mixer, mixing method, and method of producing gypsum board
Durable superhydrophobic coating
Derotational brace for treatment of idiopathic scoliosis
Polymer/WUCS mat and method of forming same
Material for mechanical skin resurfacing techniques
Flame-retardant sheet and formed article therefrom
Dental repair material
In situ molded thermal barriers
Apparatus for applying reference markings to wallboard during manufacture
Self-drilling hollow wall anchor
Adjustable support for a sander
Papermaking process using a specified NSF to silica-based particle ratio
Abrasive articles and methods for the manufacture and use of same
Method of improving pigment fluorescence
Amine-containing cement processing additives
Use of dispersions of crosslinked cationic starch in papermaking
Decorative material
Crucible for melting rare earth element alloy and rare earth element alloy
Methods of modifying fibers
Membrane filter for water treatment
Hollow fiber membrane module
In-situ bioremediation for petroleum contamination
Radiolabelled metal transport proteins as imaging agents
Enhancement of iron chelation therapy
Method and apparatus for the detection and identification of trace organic substances from a continu...
Systems and methods for power generation with carbon dioxide isolation
Cyan dye for ink-jet
Photochemical transformation of metallic and non-metallic ions in an aqueous environment
Filter cartridge for fluid for treating surface of electronic device substrate
Process reactor with layered packed bed
Zero brine, zero rinse water process for treatment of contaminated drinking water for removal of ars...
Reflector, optical element, interferometer system, stage device, exposure apparatus, and device fabr...
Biological patterns for diagnosis and treatment of cancer
Antibody Composition-Producing Cell
Cleaning agent composition, cleaning and production methods for semiconductor wafer, and semiconduct...
Pesticidal compositions
Method for preventing fungal growth in plants
Composition for preventing atherosclerosis
Neutralizing agent for cavitating toxin
Cholesterol regulating agent
Correcting systemic androgen levels using Eurycoma longifolia
Herbal extract having anti-virus activity and preparation of same
Method and device for whitening teeth
Identification of targeting component of herbal medicines from simplified HPLC spectrum using after ...
Novel method for screening for GPCR agonists and/or antagonists from herbs
Production of bacteriophage compositions for use in phage therapy
Stability profile by minimizing wall effects for a personal care composition comprising at least two...
Methods and compositions for the inhibition of stat5 in prostate cancer cells
Gene products differentially expressed in cancerous cells III
HIV DNA vaccine
NF-kappaB oligonucleotide decoy molecules
Targeted atherosclerosis treatment
Adiponectin variants
G-CSF Conjugates
VGF fusion polypeptides
Medical device with low magnetic susceptibility
Vertically-oriented servo track writer and method
CrB and CrMoB as third underlayer to refine grains
Multi-phase acceleration of a data storage disc
Apparatus and method for coupling light to a thin film optical waveguide
Single command payload transfers block of security functions to a storage device
Distributed storage system with global replication
Robotic compliance mechanism
Distributed storage system with accelerated striping
Adaptive control of head velocity during data storage device startup
Shared redundancy in error correcting code
Hub and spindle assembly having asymmetrical seals for a disc drive memory system
Adhesive attachment of a first member to a second member
Flex on suspension with a heat-conducting protective layer for reflowing solder interconnects
Skip list with address related table structure
Atomic cache transactions in a distributed storage system
Object-based pre-fetching Mechanism for disc drives
Actuator coil support for enhanced performance
Actuator with fluid-redirecting and drag-reducing surface features
Reader shield/electrode structure for improved stray field and electrical performance
Damping control in magnetic recording systems
Path metric computation unit for use in a data detector
Code coverage for an embedded processor system
Tilted magnetic recording media
Method and system for buying and selling bras
System and method for shared directory management
High lamp-power lighting system and fluorescent lamp
Dielectric material forming methods
Dosimeter for fluid product dispenser
Cell separation compositions and methods
Posynomial modeling, sizing, optimization and control of physical and non-physical systems
Software emulator for optimizing application-programmable vertex processing
Apparatus and methods for estimating vehicle fuel composition
Data storage medium and apparatus and method for reproducing the data from the same
Methods for making compositions including gram negative microbial polypeptides
Bent axis hydrostatic module with multiple yokes
Needle-shaped cylindrical storage phosphor crystals
Mobile telecommunications with multisector antennas
Battery cathode
Segmented reflector systems and combined reflector and refractor systems
Lyotropic liquid crystal systems based on perylenetetracarboxylic acid dibenzimidazole sulfoderivati...
Electrophoretically deposited hydrophilic coatings for fuel cell diffuser/current collector
Disk apparatus
Malonamide derivatives
Protecting a cold cathode fluorescent lamp from a large transient current when voltage supply transi...
Heterocyclic compounds having antibacterial activity: process for their preparation and pharmaceutic...
Bi-directional single fiber optic link for data and radio frequency transmissions
Interlocking SONET/SDH network architecture
Side-pumped fiber laser
Method of rendering text on an output device
Method and system for telephone control using sensor with identifier
Method of system access to a wireless network
Method and system for telephone control using processing sensor
Method and system for telephone control using coded marks
Measurement system graphical user interface for easily configuring measurement applications
Usage-based adaptable taxonomy
High temperature heap bioleaching process
Spring assisted head stack assembly comb
External backup storage
One button external backup storage
Increasing areal density in magnetic recording media
Method and system for communication between a tape drive and an external device
Method and apparatus for controlling a disk drive under a power loss condition
Hard drive protection override
Self servo writing using servo burst edge errors for compound error correction
Magnetic disk drive with feedback control
Magnetic recording and reproduction apparatus
GMR sensor with oriented hard bias stabilization
Write/read head supporting mechanism, and write/read system
Base plate structure, transfer system, and method and apparatus for assembling a head gimbal assembl...
Wireless suspension design with ground plane structure
Disk drive including an orthogonally disposed actuator coil and an E-shaped voice coil motor yoke fo...
Dual spin valve sensor with a longitudinal bias stack
Removable ESD protection device using diodes
High linear density tunnel junction flux guide read head with in-stack longitudinal bias stack (LBS)
Thermal-assisted magnetic memory storage device
Magenta dye mixture
Thermal recording material
Closed molding tool
Amino nicotinate derivatives as glucokinase (GLK) modulators
Diarylcycloalkyl derivatives, process for their preparation and their use as pharmaceuticals
Substituted biphenyl derivatives, method for preparing same and pharmaceutical compositions containi...
Aromatic amine derivatives, their production and use
Pyrimidone compounds and pharmaceutical compositions containing the same
Use of interleukin-6 antagonists for the treatment of diseases characterized by high levels of aroma...
Data input device for tracking and detecting lift-off from a tracking surface by a reflected laser s...
Image forming apparatus, process cartridge and exposure scanning unit
Method of resizing a liquid crystal display
Method and apparatus for inspecting defects
Condensation sensor and method of controlling condensate film in sealed space with condensation sens...
Apparatus for optical system coherence testing
Frequency locker
Remote sensing apparatus and a frequency analysis method of the remote sensing apparatus
Disk apparatus for projecting a laser beam onto a recording surface of a disk recording medium
Method and arrangement for regulating the light power of a scanning beam in an apparatus for reading...
Information recording device and information recording method
Laser apparatus
Deployment of electro-optic amplitude varying elements (AVEs) and electro-optic multi-functional ele...
Oil level gauge guide structure
Regeneration control of diesel particulate filter
Engine fuel injection control apparatus
Estimation of particulate matter deposit amount in diesel particulate filter
Controlling an engine with a multi link-type piston crank mechanism
Variable valve actuating system and method
Start control for internal combustion engine
Control method and apparatus for direct injection spark ignited internal combustion engine
Horseshoe-like hoof pad lining
Decorative covering for an interior trim component
Overhead console assembly
Visibility adjusting method and apparatus of vehicle
Vehicle seat and head restraint assembly
Coordinated pivoting and extending vehicle mirror
Method of manufacturing an airbag assembly and vehicle trim component
Remote control automatic appliance activation
Vehicle-mounted device communication controller
Anti-pinch and electrical motor protection device
Shoe having an upper made of a waterproof breathable laminate
Display panel supporting device with cushion mechanism
Semipermeable membrane for an ink reservoir and method of attaching the same
Auxiliary pad for mounting absorbable article
Racket with self-powered piezoelectric damping system
Electronic component
Tip structures, devices on their basis, and methods for their preparation
Method of making a circuit board
Open-end spinning machine with a plurality of spinnboxes with respective rotors and covers
Method of soldering and solder compositions
Method and apparatus for evaluating panel drip tests
Polymer additives for powder coatings
Arcuate artificial hemi-lumbar interbody spinal fusion implant having an asymmetrical leading end
Methods and compositions for the detection of cervical disease
Multiple-wing balloon catheter to reduce damage to coated expandable medical implants
Method and apparatus for communicating intrusion-related information between Internet service provid...
Method for bus capacitance reduction
Storage system
Assuring genuineness of data stored on a storage device
More granular and more efficient write protection for disk volumes
Method and apparatus for data relocation between storage subsystems
Multi-user virtual tape system
Translation lookaside buffer-based memory system and method for use in a computer having a plurality...
Translation lookaside buffer prediction mechanism
Method for enhancing the visibility of effective address computation in pipelined architectures
Wireless communication apparatus
Reproducing apparatus and reproducing method for reproducing data by scanning slant tracks using a p...
Recording apparatus for an optical disk
Digital filter for IQ-generation, noise shaping and neighbor channel suppression
Audio reproducing apparatus
Tunable parasitic resonators
Coding apparatus and method, decoding apparatus and method, and program storage medium
Diagnostic system, diagnostic device and diagnostic method
Combined disc player, radio receiver and tape recorder
Disc drive
Reduced gate delay multiplexed interface and output buffer circuit for integrated circuit devices in...
Vibration generator and electronic apparatus
Display device with cathode containing lithium
Energetically-controlled delivery of biologically active material from an implanted medical device
Stent with tapered flexibility
Spinal implant and cutting tool preparation accessory for mounting the implant
Skeletal Stabilization Implant
Intervertebral Device and Method of Use
Intervertebral prosthesis with self-tapping fixing projections
Foldable nucleus replacement device
Modular tibial baseplate
Hip prosthesis provided with a shaft inserted into the femur
Structural body constituted of biocompatible material impregnated with fine bone dust and process fo...
Novel materials for dental and biomedical application
Immunochemically modified and sterilized xenografts and allografts
Crystal structures of YHHF polypeptides
Problem solving process based computing
Generic software interface architecture
Production of human proteins in transgenic animal saliva
Method of producing a mouse suitable for engraftment, differentiation and proliferation of heterolog...
Vector mediated organelle transfection
Individualized trichomes and products employing same
Double-stranded RNA stabilized in planta
Method of controlling wireless data transmission by switching between short-range and long-range rad...
Method and device for allocating radio resources in wireless portable network system
Apparatus and method of radio access management for a radio communication system
Method and apparatus for operating a call service in a cellular communication system
Mobile station and method for controlling mobile station side communication, base station and method...
System and method for controlling power consumption in a wireless device
Anntena for radio base station and radio communication system
Cell search process for wireless communication system
Scheduling information at serving cell change
Single chip wireless communication integrated circuit
Radio base station device, radio network control device, and transfer rate decision method
Apparatus and system of Internet-enabled wireless medical sensor scale
Aneurysm graft with markers
Navigation method and apparatus
Method for Estimating a Frequency Offset of a Modulated Bandpass Signal
Method and apparatus for outputting data using RFID tag information
Communication terminal
Peripheral apparatus control system, information processing apparatus, method for controlling inform...
Providing identification of broadcast transmission pieces
Dynamic mosaic extended electronic programming guide for television program selection and display
Microwave AV radio transmission system
System recovery method taking backup of data before data conversion batch and producing snapshot of ...
Plasma lighting system and bulb therefor
White light LED with multicolor light-emitting layers of macroscopic structure widths, arranged on a...
Method to perform selective atomic layer deposition of zinc oxide
Air cleaner apparatus for scooter-type vehicle
Method, system and device for predictive error recognition in a plant
Method and system for providing transfer of analytic application data over a network
Pyrazolopyrimidines as cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors
Bovine lymphocyte-derived antibacterial protein
Running control device for industrial vehicle
Image forming apparatus having a multi-layered intermediate transfer belt
Pressure sensitive adhesive optical film and image viewing display
Microporous articles and methods of preparation
Liquid phase process for the polymerization of .alpha.-olefins
Flow through molding apparatus and method
Hydroxyethylene compounds with Asp2 inhibitory activity
Fiber optic differential pressure sensor
Measuring device and method for reducing measuring errors
Method and device for the high-precision machining of the surface of an object, especially for polis...
Terthiophene-3-carboxylic acid compound and fabricating method thereof, functionalized conductive te...
Optical transducer for continuously determining liquid level
Display device for aircraft and method for displaying detected threats
Seat belt alarm apparatus
High-speed liquid dispensing modules
Electromagnetic driver for a planar diaphragm loudspeaker
Dual airbag airspring
Seal arrangement
All-terrain ski
Vehicle control method and apparatus
Method to measure the entrance dose of a radiology apparatus
Optical seat occupation sensor network
Pump energy source, method of providing pump energy to an optical transmission system, and optical t...
Method and apparatus of image forming and process cartridge included in the apparatus
Toner feeder
Energy-saving method for the wireless reception of data modulated on a carrier signal
Method and device for identifying antennae to transmit wireless signals
Method and system for detecting capture with cancellation of pacing artifact
Scripting solution for interactive audio generation
Method for producing a high-strength ceramic dental prosthesis
System and method for managing construction machinery
Structure and method of modeling integrated business and information technology frameworks and archi...
Vertically slotted header
Aqueous, colloidal gas black suspension
Rotary cleaning body, suction port body of vacuum cleaner, and production method of rotary cleaning ...
System and method for cleaning and priming an extrusion head
Method for manufacturing ceramic glow plugs
Polyefinic pipe having a chlorinated polyolefinic hollow core
Additive composition for organic polymers and its use
Vehicle storage system having a load floor assembly
Light emitting diode and manufacturing method thereof
Urban runoff water treatment methods and systems
Method and apparatus for training a user to swing a golf club
Golf putting and chipping training devices
Golf putting trainer
Rear, perimeter, and face weighted putter support
System and method for managing sponsorships
Golf bag
Non-volatile memory devices
Triode structure of field emission display and fabrication method thereof
Optical energy switching device and method
automated vehicle calibration and testing system via telematics
Motor Vehicle Navigation System
Dynamically adaptable semiconductor parametric testing
Monitoring of resources that are being modeled by simulation or emulation
Method in the decompression of an audio signal
Contextual search interface for business directory services
Universal serial bus interface to mass storage device
Methods and apparatus for parsing a content address to facilitate selection of a physical storage lo...
Apparatus and method for compressing redundancy information for embedded memories, including cache m...
System using mobile proxy for intercepting mobile IP message and performing protocol translation to ...
Apparatus and method for providing a usefulness metric based on coding information for video enhance...
Device and method for transmitting multimedia data in mobile communication system
Methods and system for fast session establishment between equipment using H.324 and related telecomm...
Multimedia system for transferring and receiving program number and methods therefor
Making an emergency call from a pre-established connection
Method for user verification and authentication and multimedia processing for interactive database m...
Multimedia display device
E-mail authentication protocol or MAP
Novel derivatives of amino acids for treatment of obesity and related disorders
Antidepressant oral pharmaceutical compositions
Adjustable gastroplasty ring comprising a grip tab
Gastrointestinal anchor compliance
Intranasal administration of mc4-r agonists
Methods of treating benign prostatic hyperplasia or lower urinary tract symptoms by using PDE 5 inhi...
Method of stabilizing lipid-rich plaque and method of preventing rupture thereof
New compounds
Methods for relaxation of smooth muscle contractions using Trospium
Triazolopyridine cannabinoid receptor 1 antagonists
Cept inhibitors and metabolites thereof
Treatment of Diabetes with Thiazolidinedione and Metformin
3,6-disubstituted azabicyclo {3.1.0} hexane derivatives useful as muscarnic receptor antagonists
Condensed n-heterocyclic compounds and their use as crf receptor antagonists
Novel bicyclic compounds as modulators of androgen receptor function and method
Inhibitors of cytosolic phospholipase A2
Pteridine derivatives for the treatment of septic shock and tnf-a-related diseases
Pharmaceutical/cosmetic compositions comprising novel ligands that activate RAR receptors
Methods and compositions of novel triazine compounds
Pyrrolotriazine compounds useful as kinase inhibitors and methods of treating kinase-associated cond...
Pyrrolotriazine compounds useful as kinase inhibitors and methods of treating kinase-associated cond...
Arylpiperazinyl compounds
Alpha-2adrenergic agonists
Nonsedating Alpha-2 Agonists
Novel salicylic anilides
Novel compounds for the treatment of obesity
HK1-binding proteins
Systems and methods to facilitate muscular benefit using vascular occlusion
Database system including computer code for predictive cellular bioinformatics
High speed, high signal integrity electrical connectors
Low-profile, high speed, board-to-board connector system
Pilot aided adaptive minimum mean square interference cancellation and detection
Method and system for interfacing systems unified messaging with legacy systems located behind corpo...
Method for preparation of carborane anions
Circuit, method and system for generating a non-linear transfer characteristic
Analog calibration of a current source array at low supply voltages
Electromagnetic device having independent inductive components
System and method for input current shaping in a power converter
Dynamic protection circuit
Controller of alternator for vehicle
Generator controlling system
Energy discharge apparatus
Removing a phase in multiphase DC/DC converter without disturbing the output voltage
System and method for determining load current in switching regulators operable in pulse skipping mo...
Modular high voltage power supply for chemical analysis
Adaptive bus voltage positioning for two-stage voltage regulators
Power supply device and electronic equipment comprising same
Multiphase DC-DC converter
Linear voltage regulator with an adjustable shunt regulator-subcircuit
High voltage power management unit architecture in CMOS process
Method and apparatus for generating N-order compensated temperature independent reference voltage
System, circuit, and method for auto-zeroing a bandgap amplifier
Low loss DC/DC converter
Tiled display for electronic signage
Remote diagnostic device for medical testing
Method of identifying disturbing frequencies originating from the presence of an anti-scatter grid d...
Base station for a multimedia device remote control system
Pretreatment instrument of saliva and pretreatment method of saliva
Electrodeless lighting system
Low voltage folded metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) amplifier circuit
Electromagnetic interference protection for radomes
Circuits, systems and methods for dynamic reference voltage calibration
Enhancement of electron and hole mobilities in <110> Si under biaxial compressive strain
Trachea tube with germicidal light source
Suspension aerosol formulations of pharmaceutical products
Induction heat fixing device
Cooling drum for thin slab continuous casting, processing method and apparatus thereof, and thin sla...
Structural reinforcement for electronic substrate
Gas metal arc welding of coated steels and shielding gas therefor
Systems and methods for computing a relative pose for global localization in a visual simultaneous l...
Constituent parts assembling method for an actuating apparatus
Manipulating a compressed video stream
Session description message extensions
Apparatus and method for providing data service in a wireless system
Memory management system having a linked list processor
Data copying method and apparatus in a thin provisioned system
Elimination of potential renaming stalls due to use of partial registers
Floating point unit pipeline synchronized with processor pipeline
Data processor with changeable architecture
Error detection methods in wireless communication systems
[1,8]naphthyridin-2-ones and related compounds for the treatment of schizophrenia
ATM kinase compositions and methods
Process for manufacturing polymers
Mouthpiece devices and methods to allow UV whitening of teeth
Method for making particulate compositions and products thereof
Bleaching device using electro-optical and chemical means namely in the medical and dental field
Golf ball compositions neutralized with ammonium-based and amine-based compounds
Method of fusing biomaterials with radiofrequency energy
Asymmetric compensation circuit
Low power asynchronous sense amp
Multimedia adapter for headset amplifier
Differential termination and attenuator network for a measurement probe having an automated common m...
Method for reading images
Memory device, circuits and methods for operating a memory device
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Sense amplifier bitline boost circuit
Implantable valve system
Locking compression plate anastomosis apparatus
pH-sensitive methacrylic copolymers and the production thereof
Device for producing hydrogen-containing gas for a fuel cell system
Wiping products having a low coefficient of friction in the wet state and process for producing same
Polymer encapsulated dicing lane (PEDL) technology for Cu/low/ultra-low k devices
Laminated high barrier shrinkable film
Shotgun firearm
Modular, light weight, blast protective, check point structure
Slug for industrial ballistic tool
Method and apparatus for pneumatic regulation a high-pressure reserve
System and method for distribution of interactive content to multiple targeted presentation platform...
Systems and methods for integrating a plurality of computer resources
Use of common language infrastructure for sharing drivers and executable content across execution en...
JSP tag libraries and web services
Methods and apparatus for indexing and searching of multi-media web pages
Ink container
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Dynamic modifications to a heterogeneous program in a distributed environment
Method of automatically virtualizing core native libraries of a virtual machine
Method and apparatus for creating string objects in a programming language
Language extension for light weight threading in a JVM
Method and apparatus for aggregate resource management of active computing environments
Providing predictable scheduling of programs using repeating precomputed schedules on discretely sch...
Application-independent API for distributed component collaboration
ASP.NET HTTP runtime
Memory media archiving system and operating method therefor
Hierarchical differential document representative of changes between versions of hierarchical docume...
Systems and methods that synchronize data with representations of the data
Computer system with plurality of database management systems
System and method for providing content services to a repository
Guaranteed exactly once delivery of messages
Method and system for externally managing router configuration data in conjunction with a centralize...
Backup technique for recording devices employing different storage forms
System and method for backing up and restoring data
Method and apparatus for backup and recovery system using storage based journaling
Method and system for obtaining memory usage information for a heap when a peak live count is update...
Method for automated generation and assembly of specifications documents in CADD environments
User interface for a decision support system
System and methods for intrusion detection with dynamic window sizes
Light manifold for automotive light module
Light blocking apparatus
Medical diagnostic device
Adjustment mechanism
Light emitting panel assemblies
Light guide plate with convergence concavities and method for manufacturing the light guide plate
Brightness enhancement film using a linear arrangement of light concentrators
Side-lighting type surface light source device, method for manufacturing the same, electrooptical ap...
Illuminated highlighter and advertising vehicle
Device for concentrating or collimating radiant energy
Automatic power generation light-image fan device
Multicolored LED lighting method and apparatus
Alert for indicating validity of removable memory media
Multilayer control of gobo shape
Light emitting device and apparatus using the same
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display device using the same
Fiber distribution frame
Non-circular, mechanically variable optical attenuator
Monitoring an optical element of a processing head of a machine for thermal processing of a workpiec...
Fiber to chip coupler
Use of buffer tube coupling coil to prevent fiber retraction
Optical transmission line and optical transmission system
Radiation-curable composition, optical waveguide and method for formation thereof
Notetaking method incorporating coded data sensor
System and method for increasing temporal and spatial capacity of systems that amplitude quantize da...
Method for segmenting and recognizing an image in industry radiation imaging
N-dimensional filter and method for n-dimensionally filtering an original image pixel
Image processing apparatus, image processing program and image processing method
Methods for image enhancement
Intra compression of pixel blocks using predicted mean
System and method for processing image data
Output job request electronic message notification system and method
Method, apparatus, computer program, computer system, and computer-readable storage medium for repre...
Compressed audio stream data decoder memory sharing techniques
Frequency coefficient scanning paths for coding digital video content
Method of automatically determining the region of interest from an image
System and method for dynamic perceptual coding of macroblocks in a video frame
Methods and apparatus for transform coefficient filtering
Health management device for pregnant woman
Blood drawing device with flash detection
Needle kit and method for microwave ablation, track coagulation, and biopsy
Load-controlled device for a patterned skin incision
Device and method for attenuating radiation from in vivo electrical devices
System and method for measuring bioelectric impedance in the presence of interference
Techniques for detecting heart pulses and reducing power consumption in sensors
System and method for correlating sleep apnea and sudden cardiac death
Apparatus and method for recognizing positive/negative intention using fine change of gamma wave of ...
Ventilation system
Method for performance and fault management in a telecommunication network
Calibration method for interleaving an A/D converter
Current/charge-voltage converter and reset method
Wireless quality-of-service detection method
Relative adjustment value for inbound time-slotted transmissions
Delay locked loop synthesizer with multiple outputs and digital modulation
Method and apparatus for determining regions of interest in images and for image transmission
Kalman filter assembly intensity noise subtraction for optical heterodyne receivers
Fast call set-up for multi-mode communication
Microphone boot
Clamping systems
Methods and systems for detecting errors in printhead pattern data and for preventing erroneous prin...
Ejection mechanism and method for same
Tri-axial handling apparatus
Impedance analyzer
Method and apparatus for a wobble fixture probe for probing test access point structures
Streaming vector processor with reconfigurable interconnection switch
Method and apparatus for wet contact detection in a portable communication device
Fluorescent and colored proteins, and polynucleotides that encode these proteins
Alert muting method through indirect contact for portable devices
Hydration beverage and method of delivering nutrients
Food surface sanitation tunnel
Process for retaining moisture in cooked food with a peptide
Method for making a triangularly-shaped, baked dough product
Organic acids incorporated edible antimicrobial films
Outdoor cooking machine
Combination bowl and internal rotatable tray for a food processor
Waste food processor
Food contact device
Height adjustable support for food service equipment
String hopper making machine
Method of feeding a ruminant
Method for preparing beer
Fermented product based on an oat suspension
Process for producing powdery linear polymer having improved powder properties
Dithiolene functionalized polymer membrane for olefin/paraffin separation
Method for employing vertical acid transport for lithographic imaging applications
Polyurethane PSA
Low dielectric (low k) barrier films with oxygen doping by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition...
Method for operating a computed tomography device
Prostate boundary segmentation from 2D and 3D ultrasound images
Medical image displaying device, image obtaining and displaying device, method for displaying image ...
Capsule and method for treating or diagnosing the intestinal tract
Surgery equipment holding device
Display location calculation means
Animal model having a chimeric human liver
Vacuum grooming tool
Animal model for identifying agents that inhibit or enhance CTLA4 signaling
Fishing pole holder
Fishing reel mounting structure and movable hood body for fishing pole
Fishing hook storage device
Composite fish hook having improved strength and penetration capability
Teat cup take off
Smart bowl system
Decorative member for outdoor use
Spinning reel
Spool braking device and dual bearing reel having the same
LED string light engine
Solid immersion lens structures and methods for producing solid immersion lens structures
Anomaly detection in data perspectives
Magneto-resistance effect element, magneto-resistance effect head, magneto-resistance transducer sys...
Current confined pass layer for magnetic elements utilizing spin-transfer and an MRAM device using s...
Method for checking the regulation state of a frequency-stabilized laser system and frequency-stabil...
Method and system for compositing images to produce a cropped image
Oxide high-temperature superconducting wire and method of producing the same
Method of producing synthetic quartz glass
Herbal composition and method of treating HIV infection
Laminated glass-use intermediate film and laminated glass
Method to improve high temperature cohesive strength with adhesive having multi-phase system
Modified olefin copolymer
Method for producing phenol condensate
Process for producing a polynitrile compound
Process for the oxidative purification of terephthalic acid
Process for producing oxime
Polymeric optical waveguide film
Display device, lighting device and projector
Current source control in RFID memory
Correlating captured images and timed event data
Transparent conveyor for check-out scanning
Multi-IDT SAW hybrid communication system
Apparatus for measuring read range between RFID tag and reader
User interface for portable RFID reader
Data recorder suitable for use as a railcar hunting detector
System, method, and logic for processing raw data comprising tag identifiers
RFID system performance monitoring
Antenna for RFID
Automatic neutral section control system
Testing and emulating a device's power characteristics
Apparatus identification systems and methods
Method of error control coding and decoding of messages in a packet-based data transmission system
Radioactive embolizing compositions
Injectable system for controlled drug delivery
Bioartificial liver system
Uniformly spreadable granular agricultural chemicals formulation and method for scattering (applying...
Fertilizer and insecticide capsule
Method and composition for polishing a substrate
Method for manufacture of highly cysteine-containing food material
Plastic substrate for display and display element
Image forming material
Corrosion resistant article and method of production thereof
Acid functional fluoropolymer membranes and method of manufacture
Vinyl polymer and organic electroluminescent device
Water borne film-forming compositions
C10 heterosubstituted acetate taxane compositions
Electrode for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery
Nonaqueous electrochemical cell with improved energy density
Hydroxyindoles, their use as inhibitors of phosphodiesterase 4 and processes for their preparation
Devices for detecting the presence of cardiac activity following administration of defibrillation th...
Methods for production of growth-promoting proteins and peptides for kidney epithelial cells
Texaphyrin coordination compounds and uses thereof
Substituted heterocyclic amides
Pharmacological treatment for sleep apnea
Methods and kit for treating Parkinson's disease
Electrostatic nozzle apparatus
Acidic oil-in-water type emulsified compositions
Process for producing polyoxyalkylene triamine
Process for producing cycloalkanone derivatives
Curable compositions
Wetness indicator having improved colorant retention and durability
Skin-care composition
Device and method for packaging and applying a substance
Method of reducing materials contained in juice
Caulkless panelized wall system
Preparation of starch reinforced rubber and use thereof in tires
Panelized wall system utilizing joint tape
Tubular reactor ethylene/alkyl acrylate copolymer as polymeric modifiers for asphalt
Ink jet ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit, and ink jet recording apparatu...
Elastomer-modified epoxy siloxane compositions
Golf balls comprising highly-neutralized acid polymers
Aqueous crumb rubber composition
Golf ball with soft core
Aqueous ink, and ink-jet recording method, ink-jet recording apparatus, and image forming method usi...
Image recording material, support for the image recording material and process of manufacturing the ...
Coated paper
Cross platform file system emulation
System and method for common code generation
Interactive display card
Computer motherboard architecture with integrated DSP for continuous and command and control speech ...
Versatile window system for information gathering systems
Dynamic barge-in in a speech-responsive system
Air freshener and method
Stress release mold for thermal setting compositions and systems thereof
Composition for bleaching human hair
Transparent, vegetable-based, substantially hydrocarbon-free candle article
Volatile material-containing article
Cosmetic compositions
Compositions comprising conditioned cell culture media and uses thereof
Low power solenoid driver circuit
Tool holder assembly
Non-sliding valve
Cordless camera telephone
Cover for a game controller
Safebox toy
Elongated tablet
Figure-eight tablet
Trilateral tablet
Disk tablet
Droplet tablet
Elliptical tablet
Nozzle adapted for insertion into a nasal cavity through a nostril
Elbow of a full face mask
Patient positioning frame
Reflex hammer
Safety scalpel cover
Low profile vessel sealing and cutting mechanism
Blood pressure monitor
ECG front end module
Anatomical support
Vital signs monitor
Underarm perspiration-absorbing patch
Hand-held massager
Pressure limiting valve in a hydraulic machine having a pressure limiting valve
Method of forming quantum dots for extended wavelength operation
BCL-x.gamma., a novel BCL-x isoform, and uses related thereto
Bis-amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonamide retroviral protease inhibitors
Composition and method for increasing cell density in cell cultures infected with lentivirus
Methods for producing and using in vivo pseudotyped retroviruses using envelope glycoproteins from l...
Methods to treat conditions mediated by chemokine receptors
Aliphatic nitrogen-containing 5-membered ring compound
Pyrrolo-triazine aniline compounds useful as kinase inhibitors
Pyrimidine-2,4-dione derivatives as matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors