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Therapeutic compounds
Dynamic anticancer platinum compounds
Magnetic resonance tomograph with an insertable gradient coil and a bundled detachably coupled water...
Linearization system and method
Operation unit of engine
Printing unit and a rotary roller printing press
Offset printing machine
Printing machines comprising several printing groups
Devices for storing a dressing to be supplied to a cylinder of a printing machine
Speed-monitoring radar-activated brake light
Mechanical hot tapping method
Multilayer golf ball
Gel electrolyte battery
Methods for atomic-layer deposition of aluminum oxides in integrated circuits
Method for depositing aluminum oxide coatings on flat glass
Granules for formation of an electrode of an electric double layer capacitor, manufacturing method t...
Heat spreader for emissive display device
Fluorovinyl ethers and polymers obtainable therefrom
Method for producing a fluorinated ester compound
Method of preparation of methyl-benzyl-ketone
Product management system
Ion chip
Foldable bicycle
Freestyle pegs for motorcycles
Utility table and tool storage apparatus for truck beds
Automotive roof rack and accessories manufactured with QPF/SPF technology
Garage hook
Continuously variable transmission
Mechanism for synchronizing the movement of the handlebars of an exercise apparatus
Systems and methods for contaminant detection within a fluid, ultraviolet treatment and status notif...
Method and apparatus for unclogging flow systems
Boron containing ceramic-aluminum metal composite and method to form the composite
Method for and arrangement comprising means for determining the available power capacity of an elect...
Transmission method, transmitter, reception method, and receiver
Integrated vehicle motion control system
Travel route mapping
Bicycle shift control lever
Bicycle shift control lever
Multifocal lenses for pre-presbyopic individuals
Container for delivery of fluid to ophthalmic surgical handpiece
Method in eye surgery
Method of manufacturing intraocular lenses and intraocular lenses manufactured by the method
Digital micromirror device having a window transparent to ultraviolet (UV) light
High efficiency solar cells
Piezoelectric axial flow microvalve
Single chamber compact fuel processor
System for controlling front and back end temperatures of a shift reactor
Fuel reformer system
Systems and methods for carbon monoxide clean-up
Fuel cell system and method for generating electrical energy using a fuel cell system
Methods to cool a fuel cell and if desired heat a hybrid bed simultaneously
Ion exchange fluorocarbon resin membrane
Gaseous fluid generation system
Method and apparatus for processing a wafer
Tetracalcium phosphate (TTCP) with surface whiskers and method of making same
Method for designing a plastic article having a desired appearance
Optically clear high temperature resistant silicone polymers of high refractive index
Modifying the electro-mechanical behavior of devices
Electron beam pattern generator with photocathode comprising low work function cesium halide
Electroluminescence display device having a semiconductor substrate
Liquid crystal display unit and method for driving the same
Liquid crystal display device
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Aberration measuring apparatus comprising wavelength calibration and stabilization
Thin-film tape head having single groove formed in head body and corresponding process
Systems and methods for a continuously variable optical delay line
Portable mass spectrometers
ROMP with alkoxy ether groups
Computer system, memory structure and structure for providing storage of data
Organic lights-emitting device with doped emission layer
Plasma display unit
Level shift circuit
Multiple power mode amplifier with bias modulation option and without bypass switches
Touch panel and electronic apparatus using the same
Thermal printer with cleaning device and cleaning method for thermal head
Exposure system
Surface mount capacitor and method of making same
Method and system for adaptive modification of cell boundary
Non-intrusive inspection systems for large container screening and inspection
Information retrieval system
Reinforced small intestinal submucosa
Method and apparatus for improving on-line purchasing
Phosphoric acid group-containing polymer electrolyte (composite) membrane and its production method
Multi-gap type transflective liquid crystal display including a resin layer with tapers of different...
Liquid crystal television with DVD player
Polymer electrolyte composition for improving overcharge safety and lithium battery using the same
Cyclopentadienyl-containing low-valent early transition metal olefin polymerization catalysts
All-optical bi-stable devices
Symbology for encoding energy stream
Optical waveguide structure
Surface light source device and display device
Optical packet switching apparatus and methods
Method and transceiver for through-air optical communications
Interconnecting processing units of a stored program controlled system using space division multiple...
Optical communications system and method of protecting an optical route
Differential complex modulation optical receiver having compensation of Kerr effect phase noise
Optical vestigial sideband transmitter/receiver
Educational institution selection system and method
Method and system for submitting bids using coded forms
Information reproducing apparatus, method of correcting reproducing program, and information recordi...
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor film with little warp
Recyclable tufted carpet with improved stability and durability
Modular refrigeration system
Netting product chute for automatic and/or manual packaging operations
Servo pattern writing method and magnetic disk drive for carrying out the same
Disk drive having an actuator arm assembly that includes stamped actuator arms
Superconducting magnet system with quench protection circuit
DC-DC converter with inductance element for detecting output current with accuracy
Microphone-tailored equalizing system
Abnormal pattern detection processing method and system
Method of processing images
Image display method and image display apparatus
Three-dimensional image capture system
Slice-layer in video codec
Interconnection circuit between two loop antennas embedded in a wristband of a wrist-carried wireles...
MR arrangement for localizing a medical instrument
Workstation configuration and selection method and apparatus
Asymmetric superconducting magnets for magnetic resonance imaging
Buffed toner metering blade for use with an imaging apparatus
System for measuring cardiac rhythm parameters for assessment of spinal cord stimulation
Liquid crystal display device and electronic device
Gelatinous elastomer compositions and articles
Chemical amplification type resist composition
Optically active .beta.-aminoketones, optically active 1,3-amino alcohols and processes for preparin...
Polymeric optical waveguide film, polymeric optical waveguide module and method of manufacturing pol...
Microfluidic system with high aspect ratio
Immunoassay for LSD and 2-oxo-3-hydroxy-LSD
Handheld diagnostic instrument
Rotationally stabilized contact lenses
Operation checking device and checking method for dispenser
Folding sink
Content query system and method
Welding torch device for connection to a welding robot
Robot with vibration sensor device
Method and apparatus for conducting Raman spectroscopy
Peripersonal space and object recognition for humanoid robots
Semiconductor manufacturing device with transfer robot
Robot control system
Light fixture wireless access points
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Image segmentation by means of temporal parallax difference induction
Method for the salt-free, non-oxidizing remelting of aluminium
Method of treating building materials with boron and building materials
Processes for preparing amorphous atorvastatin hemi-calcium
Amide derivatives and methods of their use
Apparatus and applicator patch for transdermal substance delivery
Custom prosthetic liner manufacturing system and method
3-D object creation system employing voxels
3-D object creation system incorporating two materials in one layer
Vehicle air bag electrical system
Systems and methods for managing distributed database resources
Digital device configuration and method
Digital device configuration and method
Image-forming device
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image forming apparatus
Modular rotary anvil
Ultrasonic transducer and method of joining an ultrasonic transducer
Method and apparatus for transmitting information to different destinations
Communications system, apparatus and method therefor
Reducing network traffic congestion
Satellite based content distribution system using IP multicast technology
Method and system for provisioning electronic field guides
Generic embedded device and mechanism thereof for various intelligent-maintenance applications
Information processing method and system as to evaluation information
Method and apparatus for searching multiple data element type files
Systems, methods, and software for building intelligent on-line communities
User profile classification by web usage analysis
Information communicating system, information transmitting apparatus and information transmitting me...
Method and system for prioritizing network services
Denial of service defense by proxy
Combustible gas detection systems and method thereof
Multi-layer golf ball
Golf ball which includes fast-chemical-reaction-produced component and method of making same
Melt-processible poly(tetrafluoroethylene)
Information processing apparatus and method for creating print data and storage medium
Evaluation apparatus, evaluation method, storage medium storing program, and program, for evaluating...
Image reading apparatus
Controller, image forming system, calibration control method, calibration control program, and memor...
Projection optical system, exposure apparatus and device fabricating method
X-ray multi-layer mirror and x-ray exposure apparatus
Character recognition apparatus and method
Image forming apparatus, method of adjusting developing unit of the apparatus, developing unit, and ...
Image forming apparatus using an ordered set of first, second and charging AC peak to peak voltages
Process cartridge having light guides and memory member, and electrophotographic image forming appar...
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Remanufacturing method for process cartridge
Image forming apparatus including a rotary member having a shaped cross section drive connecting me...
Image heating apparatus
Speech synthesizing method and apparatus for altering amplitudes of voiced and invoiced portions
Communication apparatus, communication method, communication system, program, and storage medium
Network interface apparatus, image processing apparatus, data providing method, and program
Image verification system
Method for removing oil, fat and grease from water
Compositions for the electronic detection of analytes utilizing monolayers
Calcium phosphate cements made from (TTCP) with surface whiskers and process for preparing same
Measuring system
Robot with a manipulator arm
Automated data storage system including a moveable rail system and garage
Power supply control device and method for mobile robot
Epicardial lead delivery system and method
Electrophoretic display, method for making the electrophoretic display, and electronic apparatus
Flat wire helix electrode used in screw-in cardiac stimulation leads
Sport performance systems for measuring athletic performance, and associated methods
Steganographically encoding specular surfaces
Optical fiber having at least one bragg grating obtained by writing directly through the coating cov...
Optical fiber with thermoplastic material based coating
Elastic roller
Toner container and image forming apparatus using the same
Sulfonylaminocarboxylic acids
Capacitive element and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same, a method of manufacturing a vertic...
Flip chip packaging using recessed interposer terminals
Ball grid array package enhanced with a thermal and electrical connector
Semiconductor device, semiconductor device substrate, and manufacturing method thereof that can incr...
Electronic component-mounted structure, method for mounting electronic component, electro-optical de...
Projected contact structures for engaging bumped semiconductor devices and methods of making the sam...
Module component
Less-dust-generative piezoelectric/electrostrictive device and manufacturing method
Semiconductor testing device
Module part
Dielectric antenna and radio device using the same
Driving device for display apparatus
Layer capacitor element and production process as well as electronic device
Heat sink and method for its production
Information recording medium, method and apparatus for recording and reproducing information
Optical module having a semiconductor optical device mounted on a bared cladding of an optical fiber
Method and apparatus for dynamic connection service category changes
Remote power control system
Transactional data communications for process control systems
Interrupt signal processing circuit for sending interrupt requests to a computer system
Configurable multi-port multi-protocol network interface to support packet processing
Memory and power efficient mechanism for fast table lookup
Deferred tuple space programming of expansion modules
Processor memory having a dedicated port
Remote mirrored disk pair resynchronization monitor
Microcomputer for apparatus control and vehicle-mounted electronic control unit incorporating microc...
Method, system, apparatus and program product for temporary personalization of a computer terminal
Semiconductor storage device and controlling method therefor
System and method for providing automatic data restoration after a storage device failure
Systematic and random error detection and recovery within processing stages of an integrated circuit
System and method for fault-tolerant synchronization of replica updates for fixed persistent consist...
Method for preventing total failure of a processing unit for protocol information
Method for analyzing and validating clock integration properties in circuit systems
Hybrid maize 33H25
Dermal phase meter with replaceable probe tips
System for monitoring medical parameters
Interferometer spectrometer with reduced alignment sensitivity
Uniform, disposable, interface for multi-element probe
Multi-layer information recording medium and information recording and reproducing apparatus
Television schedule system and method of operation for multiple program occurences
System and related methods facilitating the detection and acquisition of a data channel in a cable m...
Digital data protection arrangement
Remote unblocking with a security agent
Synchronization of security gateway state information
Method and apparatus for blocking unwanted windows
Interoperability of vulnerability and intrusion detection systems
System and method of limiting access to protected hardware addresses and processor instructions
Connected support entitlement system and method of operation
Video entry-phone control board
Audio-video display device
Video camera
Electronic circuitry
Systems and methods for directly generating a view using a layered approach
System and method for protecting eye safety during operation of a fiber optic transceiver
Method and apparatus for blood glucose testing from a reversible infusion line
System and method for sharing global data within distributed computing systems
Novelty helmet
Face mask for a batting helmet
Cat pet bed
Sofa pet bed
Flower pet bed
Dog toy
Pet toy
Rolling pet toy
Spherical pet toy
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Compact disc cleaner
Plunger bell
Electric steam iron
Waste container with perforation band
Portable ramp with pad and stabilizers
Portable ramp with pad and stabilizers
Pallet truck pump housing
Method and device for cryptographically processing data
Encryption of programs represented as polynomial mappings and their computations
Countermeasure procedures in an electronic component implementing an elliptical curve type public ke...
Method and apparatus for multi-session time-slot multiplexing
Method for generating/regenerating an encryption key for a cryptographic method
Method for implementing a navigation key function in a mobile communication terminal based on finger...
System and method for the assertion and identification of rights information in an analog video sign...
Disk anti-copy system, method and its device
E-mail firewall with stored key encryption/decryption
Protecting decrypted compressed content and decrypted decompressed content at a digital rights manag...
Begonia plant named `Libra`
Astilbe plant named `Beauty of Ernst`
Ageratum plant named `Sage00591`
Papaver plant named `Inferno`
Shrub rose plant named `Radcor`
Climbing rose plant named `WEKradler`
Papaver plant named `Fancy Feathers`
Papaver plant named `Matador`
Papaver plant named `Mandarin`
Begonia plant named `Bbvolkra`
Lonicera plant named `Maskerade`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Odyparnassus`
Calibrachoa plant named `Wescafire`
Voice messaging system caller ring bypass control
Universal telephony interface polarity detector
Gain or input volume controller and method utilizing a modified R2R ladder network
Communication device with rotating housing
Noise canceling microphone with acoustically tuned ports
System and method for notifying users of an event using alerts
Tracing of a malicious call
Signal routing for reduced power consumption in a conferencing system
Apparatus, method, media and signals for controlling a wireless communication appliance
Method and apparatus to perform speech recognition over a data channel
Systems and methods for clearing telephone number porting assignments EN masse
Expanded addressee sort/listing
Cascading network apparatus for scalability
Single print job printing system and method
Image Forming Device
Image Forming Device
System and method for sending a stored scanned job to printers or group of printers from a multi-fun...
Image Forming System
Apparatus and method for printing file using toolbar button
Polymers and laundry detergent compositions containing them
Polymers and laundry detergent compositions containing them
Site-specific access management system
Easy ejector seat with skeletal crash safety beam
System and method for online creation and integration of service of process functions
System and method for pairing providers with consumers of online goods and services
System for aggregating traveler information
Low-latency multi-hop ad hoc wireless network
Driving assist system and method with accelerator pedal reaction force control
Multiple segment data object management
Efficient encoder for low-density-parity-check codes
Apparatus and method for a data storage device with a plurality of randomly located data
Key-input correcting device
Method and apparatus for hierarchical assignment of rights to documents and documents having such ri...
Annotations for multiple versions of media content
System and method for electronic transmission, storage, and retrieval of authenticated electronic or...
Differential dynamic content delivery
Weight based background discriminant functions in authentication systems
Method for entering text
Storage device including a non-volatile memory
Method and system for creating, using and modifying multifunctional website hot spots
Method and apparatus for network assessment and authentication
Electrical design rule checking expert traverser system
Network switching apparatus for supplying power to network communication equipment through twisted p...
Difference engine method and apparatus
System and method to provide audio enhancements and preferences for interactive television
Information communication systems
Method for two-step hydrocracking of hydrocarbon feedstocks
Process for removal of nitrogen containing contaminants from gas oil feedstreams
Catalytic composition for the upgrading of hydrocarbons having boiling points within the naphtha ran...
Cyclone separator
Process for the preparation of catalyst microspheres
High-performance, superscalar-based computer system with out-of-order instruction execution
Methods and apparatus for multi-processing execution of computer instructions
Piston pump useful for aerosol generation
Rotary machine cooling system
Pump tube set handling system
Method and apparatus for employee access to a gaming system
Automatic electronic display alignment
Digital identification of unique game characteristics
Die for producing meltblown multicomponent fibers and meltblown nonwoven fabrics
Refastenable pant-like disposable undergarment
Disposable absorbent underpants
Anti-wicking protective workwear and methods of making and using same
Method of measuring attributes of personal care articles and compositions
Process for producing a paper wiping product
Soft tissue
Method and apparatus for scarfing fibrous substrates
Glove with high tactile portion
Multi-product accumulating and packing system
Absorbent article having an absorbent structure secured to a stretchable component of the article
Endotracheal catheter and manifold assembly with improved valve
Process for manufacturing a cellulosic paper product exhibiting reduced malodor
Method and apparatus for synthesizing olefins, alcohols, ethers, and aldehydes
Process for the valorization of a charge of hydrocarbons and for reducing the vapor pressure of said...
Oligomerization of isobutene in N-butenic hydrocarbon streams
Preparation of oligomers of alkenes having from 4 to 8 carbon atoms
Method of extracting and isolating minor components from vegetable oil
.alpha.-O-linked glycoconjugates, methods of preparation and uses thereof
Methods and compositions for inhibiting angiogenesis
Biologically active metal-containing nucleic acids
Container with integrated pallet for shipping television screens
Push lock
Paper dispenser with proximity detector
Systems and methods for blood glucose sensing
Beam splitting apparatus, transmittance measurement apparatus, and exposure apparatus
Enhancing the tonal characteristics of digital images using inflection points in a tone scale functi...
Image combination device
Method for generating calibration curve
Low threshold voltage PMOS apparatus and method of fabricating the same
Trench corner effect bidirectional flash memory cell
Reducing shunts in memories with phase-change material
Multi-layered complementary wire structure and manufacturing method thereof
Minimizing end boundary resistance in a programmable resistor of an integrated circuit
Insulated gate bipolar transistor having a high switching speed and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device which prevents peeling of low-permittivity film by using multilevel interconnec...
Semiconductor component and production method suitable therefor
System and apparatus for socket and package power/ground bar to increase current carrying capacity f...
Polishing composition for noble metals
Multi-layer wiring structure with dummy patterns for improving surface flatness
Multi-chip package (MCP) with spacer
Mobile terminals including a built-in radio frequency test interface
Apparatus and method for processing a microelectronic workpiece using metrology
Stacked chip electronic package having laminate carrier and method of making same
Microfabrication process for control of waveguide gap size
Method to trim and smooth high index contrast waveguide structures
Methods and apparatus for configuring plasma cluster tools
Simulation method, simulation program, and semiconductor device manufacturing method each employing ...
Magnetic field response measurement acquisition system
Barrier coating corrosion control methods and systems for interior piping systems
Simplified method and related device for authentication of DVD system
Integrated circuit dynamic parameter management in response to dynamic energy evaluation
Arrangement for a hearing aid
Decentralized method for manufacturing hearing aid devices
Phase-interpolator based PLL frequency synthesizer
Network fabric management via adjunct processor inter-fabric service link
Water purification with catalytic surfaces and microorganisms
Eluent for ion chromatography for measuring alkaline earth metal ions, and method for analyzing alka...
Methods of minimizing the effect of integrity loss in hollow fibre membrane modules
Methods for removal, purification, and concentration of viruses and methods of therapy based thereup...
Uses of cucurbituril devices
Oil-water separator
Cooling system for fuel cell and prevention method for degradation of coolant therefor
System and method for efficient and low energy desalination of water
Method of clarifying industrial laundry wastewater using cationic dispersion polymers and anionic fl...
Treatment of a waste stream through production and utilization of oxyhydrogen gas
Manually controlled skimming of industrial oil contaminants
Method and apparatus for removing cuttings from drilling fluids
Odor control
Method and apparatus for oxidizing organic matter
Apparatus and method for determining date of gas turbine washing
Signal-level converter
A/D converter with comparators and low-power detection mode for resistive matrix keyboards
Gain error correction in an analog-to-digital converter
Electric power distribution center having a plurality of ASICS each with a voltage to frequency conv...
Switching power supply device and the semiconductor integrated circuit for power supply control
Method and apparatus for protecting a switching amplifier from excess current
Low distortion class D amplifier using a controlled delay
Volume control in class D amplifier using variable supply voltage
Method and apparatus for extending the bandwidth of a Class D amplifier circuit
High-voltage discharge lamp operating device
Thermosetting adhesive for optical use, optical isolator element made with the adhesive, and optical...
Cholesteric liquid crystal copolymers and additives
Device for fixing a gas showerhead or target plate to an electrode in plasma processing systems
Target identifier sports training aid
Method for producing target substance
Apparatus and method for densely packing a branch instruction predicted by a branch target address c...
Method of increasing bone density or treating osteoporosis
Substituted indole oxo-acetyl amino acetic acid derivatives as inhibitors of plasminogen activator i...
C7 lactyloxy-substituted taxanes
Reduction of hair growth
Hemihydrate of a selective functional M1 muscarine receptor agonist
Polyamine analogues as therapeutic and diagnostic agents
Protein conjugates with a water-soluble biocompatible, biodegradable polymer
Thermally reversible implant and filler
Dental composite materials and method of manufacture thereof
Use of anti-CD45 leukocyte antigen antibodies for immunomodulation
Altering protein functional properties through terminal fusions
Antibodies that recognize and bind phosphorylated human androgen receptor and methods of using same
Antibodies to a fibrinogen binding protein of staphylococcus epidermidis
Sulfonamide derivatives, insecticides for agricultural and horticultural use, and usage thereof
Lidocaine analogs and methods of making and using same
Human hookworm model and method for maintaining human hookworm in a non-human primate
Beam current measuring device and apparatus using the same
Integration of a methanol synthesis system with a methanol to olefin reaction system
Method for determining the source of fouling in thermal conversion process units
Molecular sieve catalyst composition, its making and use in conversion processes
Method and apparatus for probe tip contact
Laser marking mechanism
Steering system for boat
Snorkel apparatus and methods of use
Inflatable boat with a high pressure inflatable keel
Convertible boat top
Boat system
Steering handlebar for outboard motor
Loading pipe in a cargo pressure tank of a ship
Hydraulic steering arrangement
Mooring of a floating unit to a vessel side
Evaporative emission treatment device
Filter element
Adsorption filter material with high adsorption capacity and low breakthrough behavior
Wet crepe throughdry process for making absorbent sheet and novel fibrous products
Olefin block copolymers, processes for producing the same and uses thereof
Non-chemical water treatment method and apparatus employing ionized air purification technologies
Method for material property monitoring with perforated, surface mounted sensors
System and method for treating wastewater using coir filter
Structure around a speaker unit and applied electric or electronic apparatus thereof
Liquid pipetting apparatus and micro array manufacturing apparatus
Matrix for oxygen delivery to compromised tissues
Conducting polymer
Lead-acid battery having an organic polymer additive and process thereof
Metal oxide-coated SiC foam carriers for catalysts, and catalytic systems therefor
Hedgehog signaling promotes the formation of three dimensional cartilage matrices
Retentate chromatography and protein chip arrays with applications in biology
Tagged microparticle compositions and methods
Spray-dried polymerization catalyst and polymerization process employing same
Soluble group-10 .alpha.-diimine catalyst precursors, catalysts and methods for dimerizing and oligo...
Polyols for breaking of fracturing fluid
Specific polymer-compounded detergent composition
Perfume compositions
Sulfonated aryl sulfonate matrices and method of production
Polymer blends with improved notched impact strength
Soluble late transition metal catalysts for olefin oligomerizations II
Wound dressing and method for manufacturing the same
Authentication method and system
Method and apparatus for enhancing the integrity of an implantable sensor device
Manufacturing information and troubleshooting system and method
Systems, methods, and computer program products for registering wireless device users in direct mark...
Method for increasing storage capacity in a multi-bit trie-based hardware storage engine by compress...
Manifold system and method for compressed medical gases
Heat storing element and method for manufacturing heat storage apparatus using the element
Food preparation and storage device
Low torque inner gimbal heat remover
Electrohydrodynamically (EHD) enhanced heat transfer system and method with an encapsulated electrod...
Heat pipe assembly
Weather protected heat exchanger
Air-to-air heat exchanger
Heat exchanger
Air conditioner for vehicle use
Thermal management system having porous fluid transfer element
Cooling system for an electronic display
Housing structure of electronic device and heat radiation method therefor
Heat spreader module
Integral heat spreader
Load bearing fabric attachment and associated method
Amphibious shoe
Footwear item and method of making the same
Fluid flow system for spring-cushioned shoe
Bottom assembly for an article of footwear
Closure system
Ball of foot shoe inserts
Portable exercise device and method of preventing lactic-acid build-up
Leather treated with fluorochemicals
Switching device for flexible material
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Self-contained/interruption-free positioning method and system thereof
Method and system for hierarchical visibility marks for hierarchical elements in hierarchical databa...
Linked value replication
Classification of data for insertion into a database
Communication system for a control system over Ethernet and IP networks
Validation of a connection between arbitrary end-nodes in a communications network
Partitionable multiprocessor system having programmable interrupt controllers
Synchronizing stack storage
Methods and apparatus for canceling a memory data fetch
Memory module indicator device
Unhandled operation handling in multiple instruction set systems
System and method for testing memory during boot operation idle periods
Multi-processor system having a watchdog for interrupting the multiple processors and deferring pree...
Schema evolution in replication
Mechanisms and artifacts to manage heterogeneous platform interfaces in a collaboration system
Enabling hypertext elements to work with software applications
Compressed file patcher
Wheeled holder for carpet cleaning nozzle
Composition for filtration particulate material
Pipe blanket to fit a variety of pipe diameters
Modified polypeptides stabilized in a desired conformation and methods for producing same
Method of vaccinating vertebrates
Matrices formed of polymer and hydrophobic compounds for use in drug delivery
Multi-component fibers having enhanced reversible thermal properties and methods of manufacturing th...
Nucleic acids encoding TANGO405 and functional fragments and uses thereof
Molecules of the PYRIN/NBS/LRR protein family and uses thereof
Mst1 modulation of apoptosis in cardiac tissue and modulators of Mst1 for treatment and prevention o...
Compounds specific to adenosine A.sub.3 receptor and uses thereof
Tricyclic compound
Spirobenzofuran lactams and their derivatives, processes for their preparation and use thereof
Nitrosated and nitrosylated compounds and compositions and their use for treating respiratory disord...
Thin, lightweight, flexible, bright, wireless display
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
RF coils for magnetic resonance tomography
Methods and devices for analysis of sealed containers
Object motion correction during MR imaging
Mounting structure for mounting a turboprop under an aircraft wing
Seaplane with retractable twin floats
Integrated transport system for overhead stowage
Structural panels for use in aircraft fuselages and other structures
Rapid deployment of troops and cargo
Device and method for on-orbit calibration verification of an infrared sensor
Process and device for the optimization of the deflection of the spoiler flaps of an aircraft in fli...
Process and system for transmitting information on an aircraft
Vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft with distributed thrust and control
Method for producing stably transformed duckweed using microprojectile bombardment
Soybean variety 92B14
Soybean cultivar 7085005
Soybean cultivar 6190006
Soybean variety XB32A06
Plants and seeds of high oil corn variety HOI002
Plants and seeds of corn variety I180576
Inbred maize line PH581
Inbred maize line PH5W4
Inbred maize line PH75K
Biological whole cell mass spectrometer
Optimized grating based biosensor and substrate combination
Least-square deconvolution (LSD): a method to resolve DNA mixtures
Retractable bumper system and method
Protective element for a breakwater or wave-retarding construction
Methods and module for an underground assembly for storm water retention or detention
Adjustable angle coupler for leaching chamber systems
System and method of remediation of contaminants
Subterranean barriers including at least one weld
In-situ generation of oxygen-releasing metal peroxides
Casing for leaf blower
Multi-spectral air inlet shield and associated inlet structure
Commutate silencer of computer system
Ported loudspeaker system and method with reduced air turbulence, bipolar radiation pattern and nove...
Method and computer readable medium storing executable components for locating items of interest amo...
Method, system and computer program product for valuating natural gas contracts using weather-based ...
Methods and systems for quantifying cash flow recovery and risk
Integrated auction
Method and system for obtaining a discovered price
Auction market with price improvement mechanism
Automated banking machine apparatus and system
Business method for determining quality and integrity of data content
Information content distribution based on privacy and/or personal information
Key distribution via a memory device
System and method for reallocating and/or upgrading and/or selling tickets, other even admittance me...
Unique time generating device and authenticating device using the same
Method for private personal identification number management
System and method for process mining
Method and system for estimating weights of mailpieces
Media type identification
Method and system for scripting commands and data for use by a personal security device
Electronic data management system and method
Method for generating many-time restrictive blind signatures
Stringed musical instrument having strings folded over tailpiece
Button structure of saxophone
Musical instrument for easy accompaniment
Gradually progressive bore BB-flat, CC, E-flat, F, or B-flat valved musical wind instrument and valv...
Bass mallet percussion instrument
Information retrieval engine
Low thermal expansion Ni-base superalloy
Use of a low-alloyed copper alloy and hollow profile component made therefrom
Metal matrix composites of aluminum, magnesium and titanium using silicon hexaboride, calcium hexabo...
Alloy type thermal fuse and fuse element thereof
Material for sliding contacts, clad composite material and small-sized DC motor using the same
Two sensor movement
Selectively updating a display in a multi-display system
Hand-held computer interactive device
Haptic feedback using rotary harmonic moving mass
Sensor for determining the angular position of a radiating point source in two dimensions and method...
Systems and methods for generating and providing previews of electronic files such as web files
Process for detoxification of CCA-treated wood
Method for treating amonia-containing effluent water
Radiopaque cationically polymerizable compositions comprising a radiopacifying filler, and method fo...
Diamondoid-containing field emission devices
Platinum-ruthenium containing catalyst formulations for hydrogen generation
Platinum-free ruthenium-cobalt catalyst formulations for hydrogen generation
Boron doped diamond
Mixed conductor and mixed conductor producing method
Process for treating an aqueous medium containing phosphate salt and organic compounds
Process for the continuous production of carbon monoxide-free hydrogen from methane or methane-rich ...
Method and equipment for processing organic material
Method and device for the production of an aqueous solution containing chlorine dioxide
Encoding system for error diffusion dithering
Video signal processing
Vertical sharpness adjustment device and TV receiver therewith
Program restart and commercial ending notification method and system
Spring mounting clip
Adaptive motion vector field coding
Generation of metadata for acquired images
Augmented reality technology
Tracking semantic objects in vector image sequences
Systems and methods for the automated sensing of motion in a mobile robot using visual data
Semiconductor processing device, semiconductor processing system and semiconductor processing manage...
Methods and apparatuses for detecting classifying and measuring spot defects in an image of an objec...
Adjusting apparatus for stereoscopic camera
Image processing apparatus and method
Antenna calibration system and method
System and method for image compression, storage, and retrieval
Beam scanning probe system for surgery
Radio frequency characterization of cable plant and corresponding calibration of communication equip...
Method and apparatus for automatic set-up of electronic devices
Protective material with punched shaped parts
Embedded information carrier for optical data
Protecting content from unauthorized reproduction
Gapless delivery and durable subscriptions in a content-based publish/subscribe system
Engine arrangement for a snowmobile
Personal transporter
Motorcycle with improved thermostat mounting
Motor vehicle having an electric seat adjuster for a seat and method of using the same
Interlock control system on wheeled work machine
Safety arrangement for a vehicle
Apparatus and method for detection of a latching device
Tractor with reversible operator position for operation and transport
Electric power steering device
Electric power steering apparatus
Electric power steering apparatus
Vehicle frame structure for motorcycles
Protective cage for motorcycle engine
Vehicle instrument panel assembly
Fuel cell stack with passive end cell heater
Start control apparatus
Electromotive power steering controller
Blind-spot warning system for an automotive vehicle
Motor-driven power steering unit
Occupant detection system
System for influencing the speed of a motor vehicle
System and method for language education using meaning unit and relational question
Mobile teaching system
Portable telephony apparatus with music tone generator
Picture book production system, server for producing picture book, and recording medium
Consolidated Online Assessment System
Public network weapon system and method
Portable electronic equipment with integrated lighter
Gaming device having an adjacent selection bonus scheme
Systems and methods for determining an outcome of a game on a gaming device based on a factor other ...
Game machine, method and program
System and method for using psychological significance pattern information for matching with target ...
Test apparatus, mobile terminal apparatus, test method
System, apparatus, method and computer program for producing signals for testing radio frequency com...
Fixed setting AM/FM radio system for broadcast promotion
Foldable cellular phone set
Method and system for setting user preference satellite radio music selections in a mobile vehicle
System and method for a direct conversion multi-carrier processor
Radio-controlled device
Wireless communication device
Method of controlling a communication terminal having a plurality of functions, communication termin...
Intersystem call transfer method for use in cellular mobile radio systems
Radio control apparatus, data communication control method, and mobile communication system
Method for detecting traffic data
Cellular network acquisition method and apparatus
Saddle-type vehicle equipped with a navigation system
Barometric floor level indicator
Electronic equipment operating component function setting system
Fatty alcohol oxidase genes and proteins from Candida tropicalis and methods relating thereto
CHAMP--a novel cardiac helicase-like factor
Master bone formation transcription factor: compositions and methods of use
Osteoclast-specific genes and proteins and uses thereof
Detection and amplification of ligands
Fluorescence energy transfer probes with stabilized conformations
Isolation of tigogenin pentaglycoside from Chlorophytum nimonii
Methods of using FET labeled oligonucleotides that include a 3'.fwdarw.5' exonuclease resistant quen...
Rapamycin carbohydrate derivatives
Monitoring amplification with fret probes
Nr-CAM gene, nucleic acids and nucleic acid products for therapeutic and diagnostic uses for tumors
Method of resolution and antiviral activity of 1,3-oxathiolane nucleoside enantiomers
Amino-modified polysaccharides and methods of generating and using same
Transgenic mice comprising a genomic human tau transgene
Metabolite transporters
DNA Sequences from Photorhabdus luminescens
Transcription factor stress-related proteins and methods of use in plants
Differentially-expressed conifer cDNAs, and their use in improving somatic embryogenesis
Oligonucleolotides having site specific chiral phosphorothioate internucleoside linkages
Antisense antiviral compound and method for treating influenza viral infection
Methods and compositions to elicit multivalent immune responses against dominant and subdominant epi...
RNA interference mediated inhibition of gene expression using chemically modified short interfering ...
RNA interference mediated inhibition of gene expression using chemically modified short interfering ...
RNA interference mediated inhibition of gene expression using chemically modified short interfering ...
RNA interference mediated inhibition of gene expression using chemically modified short interfering ...
Nucleoside derivatives as inhibitors of rna-dependent rna viral polymerase
Silylated oligonucleotide compounds
Novel glyphosate-N-acetyltransferase (GAT) genes
Nucleic acid and corresponding protein entitled 161P2F10B useful in treatment and detection of cance...
New immunoeffector compounds
Process for obtaining hydroxypropylstarch (HPS) for use in the treatment of drilling wells
Early light-induced protein promoters
Plant caffeic acid 3-O-methyltransferase homologs
Modified oleosins
N-vinylformamide derivatives, polymers formed therefrom and synthesis thereof
Enhancing security for facilities and authorizing providers
Rule induction for summarizing documents in a classified document collection
Hybrid neural network generation system and method
Providing time sensitivity to an inference engine
Pattern recognition template construction applied to oil exploration and production
Data mining assists in a relational database management system
Golf game apparatus
Gaming apparatus
Hidden element puzzle
Sports related board game
Dealer and player hand combination side wager
Five card high-low wagering games and methods thereof
Tricycle and steering assembly
Device for rippling of water
Panel-type magnetic toys
Pneumatic pump and vehicle
Gaming machine with superimposed display image
Gaming device having a multiple selection and award distribution bonus scheme
Gaming device having a competition bonus scheme
Portable backstop game apparatus
Audio signal generating apparatus, audio signal generating system, audio system, audio signal genera...
Portable electronic information and/or entertainment rendering devices carrier
Multi-stage sensor for an auto-darkening lens for use in welding and method
P-type group II-VI semiconductor compounds
Charge separation type heterojunction structure and manufacturing method thereof
Structure and method for fabricating semiconductor structures and devices for detecting an object
Methods and systems for harnessing electrical energy from ambient vibrational motion of a moving veh...
Active anti-islanding system and method
Low voltage low loss piezoelectric driver and switching apparatus
Light emitting diode based products
Boost converter utilizing bi-directional magnetic energy transfer of coupling inductor
Vehicle positioning apparatus
Single-aperture antenna system for producing multiple beams
Driving method of liquid crystal display panel and liquid crystal display device
Method and device for optical navigation
Area array modulation and lead reduction in interferometric modulators
System and method for providing thermal compensation for an interferometric modulator display
Power generating type electronic timepiece
Tracking device for grain
Centralized control and management system for automobiles
Method and system for assessing life of cracked dovetail in turbine
Solar battery charger
Thermal interface material and method for manufacturing same
One-time programmable, non-volatile field effect devices and methods of making same
CNT film and field-emission cold cathode comprising the same
Magnetically shielded assembly
MEMS multi-directional shock sensor
Stackable in-line surface missile launch system for a modular payload bay
Materials for removing toxic metals from wastewater
Method of making 2-furylalkylketones
Dual forward scattering method for modeling multipath propagation
Collaborative environment implemented on a distributed computer network and software therefor
Safety analysis training device
Projection screen and projection system comprising the same
Secure document of value and method of manufacturing same
Optical system, optical device including the same, and optical device designing method
Focusing systems for perspective dimensional measurements and optical metrology
Small zoom lens, and digital camera and video camera both having same
Light diffusing sheet, optical element and image display unit
Objective lens and optical pickup apparatus
Fisheye lens
One piece clear plastic cardholder, cardholder shaped fresnel magnifying lens and method of making t...
Zoom lens barrel and optical equipment
Retainer, exposure apparatus, and device fabrication method
Planar lightwave circuit variable optical attenuator
Optical modulator and method of manufacturing same
Piezo-electric apparatus for acting on an optical path
Electro-conductive anti-reflection coating
Method for evaluating the dynamic perspective distortion of a transparent body and method for suppor...
N-heteroarylpiperazinyl ureas as modulators of fatty acid amide hydrolase
Band pass filter and method of filtering for a base station in a wireless communication system
Transmission antenna diversity
Dynamically optimized smart antenna system
Apparatus and method for performing a dialing operation using a phone book of a mobile communication...
Mobile communication terminal having hands-free speech state and computer program for switching over...
Wireless earphone with built-in mobile communications module and dial-up method of the same
Secured wireless handsets
Mobile phone holder
Interchangeable covering additions to a mobile communication device for display and key reorientatio...
Sliding type mobile telephone terminal
Mobile phone, analysis device included therein, and analysis method
Non-GPS navigation
Cospas-sarsat beacon tester in a removable expansion card for a handheld computing device
Decoding an alternator output signal
Subscriber identification module (SIM) emulator
Process for synchronizing data between remotely located devices and a central computer system
Method for providing security on a powerline-modem network
System and method for filtering and organizing items based on common elements
Querying an object for properties
Method and system for usage analyzer that determines user accessed sources, indexes data subsets, an...
Moving pedestal for a camera including wheels and sensors for detecting a moving amount thereof
Aperture stop mechanism, illumination optical system, projection optical system, and projector
Image pickup apparatus
Optical module and camera module
Position detecting device of lens barrel with disk-shaped magnet and sensor chip
Apparatus for generating a combined image
Light guide plate with nano-particle layer and back light system with same
Method of forming carbon nanotube emitters and field emission display (FED) including such emitters
Nanocarbide precipitation strengthened ultrahigh-strength, corrosion resistant, structural steels
Controlled chemical aerosol flow synthesis of nanometer-sized particles and other nanometer-sized pr...
Monodisperse noble metal nanocrystals
Metal-doped single-walled carbon nanotubes and production thereof
Process for the continuous production of aligned carbon nanotubes
Carbon nanotube array and method for forming same
Process for making at least one nanotube between two electrically conducting elements and device for...
Stabilized semiconductor nanocrystals
Nanocomposite and molecular-composite polymer foams and method for their production
Polymer-phyllosilicate nanocomposites and their preparation
Method, arrangement and use of an arrangement for separating metallic carbon nanotubes from semi-con...
Superlattice nanopatterning of wires and complex patterns
Carbon nanotube array and method for making same
Storage elements using nanotube switching elements
Optical fiber with nano-particle cladding
Optical fiber with nano-particle overclad
Nanotube coatings for implantable electrodes
Integration of location logs, GPS signals, and spatial resources for identifying user activities, go...
Regulation of T cell-mediated immunity by tryptophan
Method of treating psoriasis using human anti-TNF antibodies and fragments
Methods of inhibiting TNF-.alpha. in patients with Crohn's disease
Coating and binding agent for pharmaceutical formulations with improved storage stability
Human hydrolase family members and uses thereof
Human cord blood as a source of neural tissue for repair of the brain and spinal cord
Methods for increasing schwann cell survival
Methods of inducing IL-10 production
Integrin binding motif containing peptides and methods of treating skeletal diseases
Fused bicycloheterocycle substituted quinuclidine derivatives
Melanin concentrating hormone receptor ligands: substituted 2-(4-benzyl-piperazin-1-ylmethyl)- and 2...
Acylated piperazine derivatives as melanocortin-4 receptor agonists
Substituted indolinones, preparation thereof and their use as pharmaceutical compositions
Nicotine in therapeutic angiogenesis and vasculogenesis
Pro180 polypeptide
Nucleic acids encoding PRO4400 polypeptides
DNA encoding anti-TNF antibodies and peptides
Renal nerve stimulation method and apparatus for treatment of patients
Vehicle radar apparatus
Image processing device for stereo image processing
Method,device and bus manager for operating a device that is connected to a motor vehicle communicat...
Method of timed shift to neutral in apparent stationary modes
Method of controlling an automated clutch of a vehicle
System and method for prediction of panel performance under localized loading conditions
Optical disc player and method for reproducing thereof
Method for heating an exhaust gas catalyst for an internal combustion engine operating with direct f...
Catalyst temperature control on an electrically throttled engine
Variable valve train apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Cam drive gear and valve operating system drive gear for engine
Computer controlled engine valve operation
Controlling spark for an engine with controllable valves
Control apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
Input of data
Queue management
Methods and compositions for dust and erosion control
Hydrophobic starch derivatives
Recording media discard device, recording media discard system, and contents administration method
Smart book
Anonymous peer-to-peer networking
Image processor and image processing method
Injectable hyaluronic acid derivative with pharmaceuticals/cells
Antibodies for enzymes of the .omega.-oxidation pathway and methods relating thereto
Method of treating biological cells and/or their cell components with electrical fields
Constructs for gene expression analysis
Method and apparatus for sorting particles
Flowering genes
Method and apparatus for facilitating management of information technology investment
System for processing and transporting compressed natural gas
Low temperature methods of bonding components and related structures
System and method for managing projector bulb life
Anti-infection and toxin elimination device
Plasma based trace metal removal apparatus and method
Drinking water filter used with tap water and other water sources
Contained micro-particles for use in well bore operations
Expandable stent having a stabilized portion