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Impregnating agent
Pharmaceutical composition for controlled drug delivery system
Device and a process for coarsely grinding hydrous polymer gels
Porous ceramic, polymer and metal materials with pores created by biological fermentation
Laser-induced fluorescence analysis device and separation apparatus comprising same
Coaxial through chip connection
Multi-layered macromolecules and methods for their use
Colored composition
Fusible adhesives crosslinkable by radiation
Toner, developer including the toner, container containing the toner or the developer and method of ...
Toner for developing latent electrostatic image, container having the same, developer using the same...
System and method for focused navigation within a user interface
Soft gel compositions for hot adhesion
Polymeric photoinitiators
Planar light emitting diode with shielding and back light unit
Apparatus and method for testing a device for storing data
Circuit and method for adding parametric test capability to digital boundary scan
Method and apparatus for measuring switching noise in integrated circuits
Test method and architecture for circuits having inputs
Shape-based geometry engine to perform smoothing and other layout beautification operations
Iterative decoding with likelihood weighting
Semiconductor equipment
Data write method of magnetic random access memory
Ternary bit line signaling
High throughput assays for the proteolytic activities of clostridial neurotoxins
Non-contact valve for particulate material
Device and method for identifying plastic
Liquid charging method, liquid container, and method for manufacturing the same
situ finishing aid control
Golf ball with thermoplastic material
Air actuated soft toss batting practice apparatus
Devices for controlling fluid flow through a medium
Apparatus for determining weight and biomass composition of a trickling filter
Tear resistant bag for consumables
Tracheostomy tube
Methods and apparatus for topology sensing in networks with mobile nodes
Multiple mode data communication system and method and forward and/or reverse link control channel s...
Uplink scheduling for wireless networks
Memory management system including on access flow regulator for a data processing system
Electronic shelf unit with management function performed by a common shelf card with the assistance ...
Compositions for golf equipment
Apparatus for positioning a wick in a dispenser for a volatile liquid
Enhanced efficacy antiperspirant compositions containing strontium
Method for the production of plane-parallel platelets by using organic separating agents
Microorganism secreting out lipid and process for producing the lipid and lipid balls having the lip...
Biofilter equipped with a stirrer and injector of solid feed and method for removing odor and volati...
Olefinic polymer and process for producing the same
Method and apparatus for computerized extracting of scheduling information from a natural language e...
Orientation dependent functionality of an electronic device
Devices for dissipating heat in a fluid ejector head and methods for making such devices
Surface emitting semiconductor laser, and method and apparatus for fabricating the same
Systems and methods for reducing torque disturbance in devices having an endless belt
Diagnosis of programmable modules
Secondary touch contextual sub-menu navigation for touch screen interface
Printer and power save control method for the same
Image processing device
USB device that provides power that is different from power prescribed in the USB standard
Digital camera
Driving force transmission mechanism and damper apparatus equipped with driving force transmission m...
Valve unit for filling machines
Tape printing apparatus, method of manufacturing label, program, and memory medium
Detection of very low quantities of analyte bound to a solid phase
Light emitting element driving device and portable apparatus equipped with light emitting elements
Electronic circuit for contactless tag, and contactless tag
Cluster availability model
Method and device for modifying the polarization state of light
Method of and system for manufacturing organic EL devices
Silicon optoelectronic device and optical signal input and/or output apparatus using the same
Image display medium ribs, production process thereof, and image display medium using the ribs
Display device
Driving apparatus for display panel
Input device and input and output device
Heat developing apparatus
Photothermographic material
Method of patterning a thin film transistor that includes simultaneously forming a gate electrode an...
Dielectric ceramic composition and method of production and electronic device of the same
Method of replicating a textured surface
Layered structure, sensor and method of producing and use of the same
Cementitious exterior sheathing product having improved interlaminar bond strength
Foldable non-traditionally-sized RF transaction card system and method
Supply interface unit for direct current power pooling
Apparatus and method for computer telephone integration in packet switched telephone networks
Polymer-modified gypsum composition
Tag nucleic acids and probe arrays
5-sulfonamido-substituted indolinone compounds as protein kinase inhibitors
Compositions and methods for the detection and treatment of methylthioadenosine phosphorylase defici...
Method to transfer information between data storage devices
Method for producing organic, thin-film device and transfer material used therein
Organic EL element and organic EL display
Optical multiplexer and demultiplexer apparatus utilizing multiple polarization beam splitters and r...
Module for amplifying signal light with remote excitation-light and optical-fiber communication syst...
Process for the racemization of N-protected amino acids using racemase
Antibacterial, antifouling paint for construction materials and construction materials coated therew...
Visual display system for displaying virtual images onto a field of vision
Method and apparatus for correcting velocity-induced range estimate phase errors in a two-tone monop...
Method of personalizing and identifying communications
Multiplexed mass spectrometer
Firearms protected from unauthorized use
Assault rifle hand and forearm guard and method of use
Method of liquid withdrawal from a tool spindle
Motor spindle with improved machining precision and method for operating one such motor spindle
Slinger and wear sleeve seal assembly
Guide rails for pull-out drawer/equipment
Bearing in a manual transmission
Linear motion drive system
Electronic device having a keyboard rotatable about an axis
Updating data from a source computer to groups of destination computers
Financial service system for converting amendment data at agent terminal and a portal to generate co...
Method and system for coordinating data and voice communications via contact channel changing system
Direct processor cache access within a system having a coherent multi-processor protocol
Firmware code profiling
Cathodic electrodeposition coating compositions and process for using same
Low molecular weight acrylic copolymer latexes for donor elements in the thermal printing of color f...
Random ethylene/alkyl acrylate copolymers, compounds and elastomeric compositions thereof with impro...
Supercritical fluid phase synthesis of methylene lactones using oxynitride catalyst
Composite twist core-spun yarn and method and device for its production
Method of producing heat-resistant crimped yarn
Lightweight protective apparel
Conductor compositions and the use thereof
Method for producing para-hydroxystyrene and other multifunctional aromatic compounds using two-phas...
Polymer-linked asphalt compositions
Coating composition for ambient cure containing an alkoxylated amine
Manufacture of polytrimethylene ether glycol
Preparation of levulinic acid esters and formic acid esters from biomass and olefins
Doped silica glass articles and methods of forming doped silica glass boules and articles
Hair coloring device
Biodegradable aliphatic-aromatic copolyester films
Giant remnant polarization in laser ablated SrBi.sub.2Nb.sub.2O.sub.9 thin films on Pt/TiO.sub.2/SiO...
Emulsion aggregation black toner and developer with superior image quality
Phosphite additives in polyolefins
Floating-gate field-effect transistors having doped aluminum oxide dielectrics
Package with a transparent window
Label for stretch wrapped stack
Increased recovery of active proteins
In-line socket device and its fabricating method
Far red shifted fluorescent proteins
Low-power processor hint, such as from a pause instruction
Apparatus for applying chemicals to rodents
Vehicle radar device
Material for gland packing and the gland packing
Apparatus for discriminating optical recording medium and method for discriminating optical recordin...
Use of non-lithographic shrink techniques for fabrication/making of imprints masks
Alkaline zinc secondary cell and method for preparation thereof
Device and method for the multi-phase operation of a gas discharge or metal vapor lamp
Bifunctional energy-reversible acyl-compositions
Use of 8-amino-aryl-substituted imidazopyrazines as kinase inhibitors
Method and device for determining the volumetric flow rate of milk flowing during a milking process
Method for making a solder between metallic balls of an electronic component and mounting lands of a...
Lipase variants
Apparatus for producing dental prostheses
Method and apparatus for measuring electrical properties in torsional resonance mode
Method to reduce adhesion between a conformable region and a pattern of a mold
POS system, network system, method of generating printing data for POS system, and method of managin...
Electron induced fluorescent method for nucleic acid sequencing
System and method for controlling and distributing electrical energy in a vehicle
Substrate processing apparatus
Alignment mark, alignment apparatus and method, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Method and apparatus for storing and using energy to reduce the end-user cost of energy
Apparatus and methods for converting a cryogenic fluid into gas
Infrared reflective wall paint
Transparent, sealable, flame-retardant polyester film, method for the production and use thereof
Embossed reflective laminates
Photothermographic material
Bloom-resistant benzotriazole UV absorbers and compositions stabilized therewith
Method and apparatus for providing help content corresponding to the occurrence of an event within a...
System and method for testing peer-to-peer network applications
System for selectively caching content data in a server based on gathered information and type of me...
Method and system for locking multiple resources in a distributed environment
Identifying and coalescing identical objects encrypted with different keys
Isolation of communication contexts to facilitate communication of data
Method of producing a multilayer microelectronic substrate
Asset surveillance system: apparatus and method
Optical element, optical head, optical recording reproducing apparatus and optical recording/reprodu...
Anode assembly for an x-ray tube
Method for producing a load sharing arrangement of planet pinions and gears for a Ravigneaux gearset
Lubricating mechanism of oil pump
Paint-ball sport gun with adjustable detent assembly
Less lethal weapons for multiple shots
Portable metallizing spray booth
Sputtering apparatus and film forming method
Process for radioisotope recovery and system for implementing same
Flash memory having a high-permittivity tunnel dielectric
Electrical power source
Intelligent multi purpose early warning system for shipping containers, components therefor and meth...
Video recording device for a targetable weapon
Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display
Vertically stacked field programmable nonvolatile memory and method of fabrication
Screening and use of agents which block or activate intein splicing utilizing natural or homologous ...
Wireless communication device
Waypoint navigation
Systems and methods for providing in-band and out-band message processing
Robust topology wireless communication using broadband access points
Service level indication and registration processing in a wireless communication device
Wireless station protocol method
Selecting a wireless link in a public wireless communication network
Emergency services for wireless data access networks
Corrosion-resistant rare earth element magnet
Serine protease genes related to DPPIV
Method for treating IgE-mediated disorders
Lipolytic enzymes
Organic electroluminescent device and encapsulation method
Polymer and polymeric luminescent element comprising the same
Materials for electroluminescent devices
Organic light emitting device having improved stability
Molecular memory device
Self light emitting display module, electronic equipment into which the same module is loaded, and i...
Electro-optical device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
Electronic circuit, method of driving electronic circuit, electro-optical device, method of driving ...
Temperature measurement using an OLED device
Enhanced touch-screen display system
Display panel driver
API representation enabling submerged hierarchy
Method and apparatus for configuring an endpoint device to a computer network
Information collection apparatus and method
Lavender plant named `Cocwob`
Carnation plant named `Margarita`
Pachystegia plant named `Hardec`
Papaver plant named `Sunset`
Bidens ferulifolia plant named `Bidcomtis`
Impatiens plant named `Imtrared`
Impatiens plant named `Butly Depink`
Miniature rose plant named `SAVapam`
Impatiens plant named `Cameo Bright Scarlet`
Azalea plant named `MNIJ92`
Buddleja plant named `MORNING MIST`
Papaver plant named `Scarlet O'Hara`
Method for providing interactive digital broadcasting service in mobile communication terminal
Tubular PDP
Systems and methods for implementing shader-driven compilation of rendering assets
Triple pulse method for MRAM toggle bit characterization
Semiconductor device including silicided source and drain electrodes
Non-aqueous electrolyte cell and manufacturing method therefor
Oral airway and airway management assistive device provided with the oral airway
Declarative, data-neutral client-server data transport mechanism
Pitcairnia plant named `Red Dragon`
Guerbet cranberry esters as a delivery system for natural antioxidants
LDPC (low density parity check) coded modulation symbol decoding
360 Degree rotatable lifter arm for log singulator
Generation of user equipment identification specific scrambling code for the high speed shared contr...
Insecticide applicator and method for livestock
Vehicular radar device
Magnetic flow meter with unibody construction and conductive polymer electrodes
Multilayer optical recording medium, method for recording data, and recorder
Retroreflective elements and articles
Copolymer having reactive silicon-containing group and organic-inorganic hybrid polymeric material
Electrical protection device and method for a communication circuit
Fuel cell system and control method of the same
System and method for compacting field upgradeable wireless communication device software code secti...
Methods for producing polymers with control over composition distribution
Memory chip with test logic taking into consideration the address of a redundant word line and metho...
Developing apparatus, configured to prevent splashing of toner and carrier
Adhesive system for attaching PTC heater to a wax motor
Vehicular lamp, cold cathode fluorescent lamp lighting apparatus, and cold cathode fluorescent lamp ...
Water-soluble polymer alkanals
Method and apparatus for managing configuration information in a distributed computer system
Method and system for a set of network appliances which can be connected to provide enhanced collabo...
Storage system and method for controlling the same
Apparatus and method for buffering instructions and late-generated related information using history...
System and method to trace high performance multi-issue processors
Federated management of content repositories
Method for preparing an organo-silicon sol and materials obtained from such a sol
Field emission backlight for liquid crystal television
Method and system for electronic detection of mechanical perturbations using BIMOS readouts
Integrated code and data flash memory
Inversion bit line, charge trapping non-volatile memory and method of operating same
Particles containing coated living micro-organisms, and method for producing same
Remote subscription unit for GPS information
Compressed gas cylinder
System and method for decoding and analyzing barcodes using a mobile device
Validating multiple execution plans for database queries
User intent discovery
Maximizing expected generalization for learning complex query concepts
Text analysis technique
Data search system and data search method
Use of web usage trail data to identify relationships between browsable items
Data storage and caching architecture
Methods and apparatus for estimating similarity
Multi-channel, self-calibrating fiber-coupled raman spectrometers including diagnostic and safety fe...
Apparatus and methods of using second harmonic generation as a non-invasive optical probe for interf...
Apparatus and method for determining directional transport processes
Glass optical element and method for producing the same
Recipe calculation method for matt color shades
FIFO memory devices having write and read control circuits that support x4N, x2N and xN data widths ...
Image forming apparatus capable of stable wireless communication
Systems and methods for simplex and duplex image on paper registration
Ferrule for cranial implant
Pattern recognition for sheet metal part models
Method to determine when a media handling system configuration is valid and a media handling system ...
User operated group machine time slot reservation and management system
File input/output control device and method for the same
Portable flat display adaptor
System and method for storing storage operating system data in switch ports
Systems and methods for navigating and displaying print job exception information in a printer syste...
Touch panel including external connection terminal placed within outline of touch panel body provide...
Optical printer head having liquid crystal shutter
Optical system and method for exciting and measuring fluorescence on or in samples treated with fluo...
Optical scanning observation apparatus
Method of manufacturing display and electronic apparatus
Projection screen and its manufacturing method
Film carrier tape for mounting electronic part
Image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for automatic sending of e-mail and automatic sending control program supplying...
Systems and methods for treatment analysis by teeth matching
Device for containing, reacting and measuring, and method of containing, reacting and measuring
Gas-barrier film and gas-barrier coating agent, and method for production thereof
Image forming material, color filter master plate, and color filter
Manufacturing process of aluminum support for planographic printing plate, aluminum support for plan...
High-speed thermally developable imaging materials
Photothermographic materials containing silver halide sensitized with combination of compounds
Structure of adenovirus bound to cellular receptor car
Method for producing ultra-thin semiconductor device
Test object for calibration of imaging measurements of mammalian skeletal joints
Neutron source detection camera
Multi-mode charged particle beam device
Thermal development method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for detecting state of blood sample contained in test tube, using X rays
X-ray crystal orientation measuring method and X-ray crystal orientation measuring apparatus
Method and system for displaying content while reducing burn-in of a display
Dynamic frequency selection in a wireless communication network
Method for searching document objects on a network
Product containment apparatus
Method and system for comprehensive evaluation of orthodontic treatment using unified workstation
Cardioprotective therapies based on enzymatic elimination of lipid peroxides by allene oxide synthas...
Compositions and methods for treating retroviral infections
Method and apparatus for performing multi connections at point-to-point protocol
Fusing device of an image forming apparatus and method thereof
High-speed--WPAN and method for enabling communication between devices located in different piconets
Switching filter module for dynamic multi-channel selection
Authentication method for fast handover in a wireless local area network
Forward channel scheduling algorithm of HDR system
Computer system embedding sequential buffers therein for performing a digital signal processing data...
Power control apparatus in a data communication network, and method therefor
Semiconductor integrated circuit with security function
Optical recording medium, data recording or reproducing apparatus and data recording or reproducing ...
Methods, apparatus and computer program products for generating selective netlists that include inte...
Method for comparative visual rendering of data
Conference table top
Unified distributed architecture for a multi-point video conference and interactive broadcast system...
Distribution information management system and method
Electronic watermark data insertion apparatus and electronic watermark data detection apparatus
Methods and apparatus for embedding and recovering watermarking information based on host-matching c...
Method and system for protecting data within portable electronic devices
Key generation
Method and apparatus for re-synchronization of a stream cipher during handoff
Method and system for establishing short-range service sessions
Decryption of graphics data in a graphics processing pipeline
Method for preparing a gelled food product and semi-finished product for use in the method
Reduction of non-enzymatic browning in citrus peel juice
Prostacyclin production-increasing agent and blood flow enhancer
Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid-Containing Oil Product and Uses and Production Thereof
Microwaveable Popcorn and Methods of Making
Food sachets
Gas-barriering coated film
Process for producing isoprenoid compounds by microorganisms and a method for screening compounds wi...
Anti-influenza virus compound comprising biflavonoid-sialic acid glycoside
Treatment of occlusive thrombosis
Production and use of a polar lipid-rich fraction containing stearidonic acid and gamma linolenic ac...
Carboxylic acid compounds and medicinal compositions containing the same as the active ingredient
Methods and systems for providing food, beverages, and associated goods and services in a retail env...
Scale with auto identification of frequently weighed items
Systems and apparatuses for providing enhanced management of facilities offering food, beverages, an...
Informational alert messaging for digital home services copyright notice
Genomic messaging system
Mass spectrometric data analyzing method, mass spectrometric data analyzing apparatus, mass spectrom...
Methods for quantitative analysis by tandem mass spectrometry
Method and system for testing spas
Iterative data analysis process via query result augmentation and result data feedback
Network method system and apparatus for recording and maintaining records
System and method of de-identifying data
System and method for maintaining temporal data in data storage
Adder, multiplier and integrated circuit
Method for the determination of soundness of a sheet-shaped medium, and method for the verification ...
Method for real time monitoring and verifying optical proximity correction model and method
Anchored RF ablation device for the destruction of tissue masses
Method and system for providing a secure multi-user portable database
Model for immunocomparability
Methods for enhancing embryo viability
Selecting animals for desired genotypic or potential phenotypic properties
Combinations of Cry1Ab and Cry1Fa as an insect resistance management tool
Utility of phylloplanins as antibiotics, selective fungicides and for enhancing microbial resistance...
Lettuce Variety
Nucleotide sequences and corresponding polypeptides conferring modulated plant growth rate and bioma...
Nucleotide sequences and corresponding polypeptides conferring modulated plant growth rate and bioma...
Method for the stable expression of nucleic acids in transgenic plants, controlled by a parsley-ubiq...
Environmental stress responsive promoter
Soybean Variety 98R31
Method for regenerating and transforming St. Augustinegrass from embryogenic callus
Miniature rose plant 'JENeight'
Miniature rose plant 'JENfour'
Miniature rose plant 'JENthree'
Phthalocyanine compounds, ink compositions comprising said compounds, and printing process therewith
Yellow ink composition, ink set, and recording method, recording system and recorded matter which us...
Method and apparatus for detecting enzymatic activity using molecules that change electrophoretic mo...
Glutaminase, its gene and a method of producing it
Medium additives and media for culturing animal cells
Method for forming silicon dioxide film on silicon substrate, method for forming oxide film on semic...
Modular fluid purification system and components thereof
Wastewater treatment
Modified amine-aldehyde resins and uses thereof in separation processes
Magenta ink composition, ink set, ink cartridge, and utilizing these, method of recording, recording...
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and device fabrication method
Porous silica having substance carried thereon
Method of extracting volatile component from tasty material, the volatile component and foods and dr...
Method for manufacturing magnetic disk glass substrate and method for manufacturing magnetic disk
Immunological assay for spongiform encephalopathies
Device and method for rapidly determining the effectiveness of sterilization or disinfection process...
Trichoderma reesei glucoamylase and homologs thereof
Polishing composition and polishing method
Polishing composition and polishing method
Tire tread containing core-shell particles
Production of canola protein
Method for excluding salt and other soluble materials from produced water
Statins (HMG-COA reductase inhibitors) as a novel type of immunomodulator, immunosuppressor and anti...
Process for producing garlic non-smelling in the body
Preparation for oral administration containing physiologically active fatty acids and oligomer proan...
Process for controlling the isomerization of (-)-epicatechin and (+)-catechin in edible products
Synergistic pharmaceutical compositions useful in prevention and treatment of beta-amyloid protein-i...
Composition containing high concentration of isoflavone and having high solubility and process for p...
Soybean Jam
Concentrated polyphenolic product and process for making the same
Novel composition containing extracts of Butyrospermum parkii and the use of such a composition for ...
Methods of administering anti-inflammatory cyclooxygenase-2 selective inhibitors
Purified component of blue-green algae and method of use
K9 and equine joint health food supplement and method of administering
Functional role of adrenomedullin (AM) and the gene-related product (PAMP) in human pathology and ph...
Trans-sialidases obtained from trypanosoma congolense
Diagnosis and treatment of kidney fibrosis and other fibrotic diseases
Method and means for treatment of osteoarthritis
Use of compounds for the prevention of drug-induced cell toxicity
Novel antagonists of mcp proteins
Endoluminal prosthesis comprising a therapeutic agent
Biodegradable polymer for coating
Segmented metal bitlines
Memory and driving method of the same
Platinum stuffed with silicon oxide as a diffusion oxygen barrier for semiconductor devices
Digital content cryptograph and process
Nostril filtering system
Delphinium plant named `Barthirty`
Cranberry alkoxy esters as a delivery system for natural antioxidants
System and method for programmatically creating a graphical program
Analyzing system error messages
Substituted 4,9-dihydrocyclopenta{imn}phenanthridine-5-ones derivatives thereof and their uses
System for supporting a virtual community
Break-away positioning conveyor mount for accommodating conveyor belt bends
Multilayer ceramic capacitor and method of producing the same
Separating agent including polysaccharide derivative having a polycyclic structure
Method of manufacturing epitaxial silicon wafer
Interleaver and deinterleaver for use in a diversity transmission communication system
Amine organoborane complex initiated polymerizable compositions containing siloxane polymerizable co...
Projection screen and projection system comprising the same
Heterogeneously catalyzed partial gas phase oxidation of acrolein to acrylic acid
Rechargeable cordless input and pointing device
Electronic instrument having first and second operation units
Method for the production of olefin polymers and selected catalysts
Method and device to regulate toner in an image forming device
Sequences of hepatitis C virus genotypes and their use as therapeutic and diagnostic agents
Circuit for driving cold cathode tubes and external electrode fluorescent lamps
Power umbilical for deep water
Image fiber
Solid core optic fiber and method for the production thereof
Reconfigurable photonic band gap device
Backbone interface, a terminal interface for communications in a space vehicle, and a communications...
10 Gbit/sec transmit structure with programmable clock delays
Xerographic printer having a semiresistive rotatable brush in the transfer zone
Limited-angle frequency-distance resolution recovery in nuclear medicine imaging
Remote monitoring system
Methods and systems for object identification and interaction
Method for recovering metal values from concentrates of sulfide minerals
Disk drive head touchdown detection with improved discrimination
Disk drive employing active braking using inductive sense
Servo track having periodic frames of tone field and embedded synchronization marks
Integrated lead suspension for use in a disk drive using a tri-metal laminate and method for fabrica...
Recording/ reproducing method and recording/reproducing apparatus for magnetic tape
Ramp member assembly including flying slider in recording disk drive
Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus and magnetic recording medium
Ground interconnects
Tape library
Magnetic recording and reproducing head restraining a side reading
Hard disk drive with aerodynamic diffuser, contraction, and fairing for disk base and re-acceleratio...
Magnetoresistive device and method of manufacturing same, and thin-film magnetic head and method of ...
Disk clamp of hard disk drive to prevent slippage of disk and damage to spindle motor
Magnetoresistive sensor having specular sidewall layers
Thin-film magnetic head having helical coils and manufacturing method for the same
Dual-type magnetic detecting element in which free magnetic layer and pinned magnetic layer have sui...
Thin-film magnetic head appropriately suppressing side fringing and method for fabricating the same
Magneto-resistance effect element, magneto-resistance effect head, magneto-resistance transducer sys...
Elimination of electric-pop noise in a MR device
Simplified memory detection
Grounding connection between suspension flexure and arm actuator
Device for warhead charges for cargo ammunition units
Primer composition, coating method, and coated article
Method and apparatus for detecting individuals using electrical field sensors
Compact security sensor system
Packet intrusion detection rule simplification apparatus and method, and packet intrusion detection ...
Murine lecithin-cholesterol acyltransferase protein
Glycogen synthase kinase-3 inhibitors
Partial and full agonists of A1 adenosine receptors
Administration of enoxaparin sodium to patients with severe renal impairment
Heterocyclic dihydropyrimidine compounds
Inhibitors of macrophage migration inhibitory factor and methods for identifying the same
Neuropeptide Y Y5 receptor antagonists
Oxazol/thiazol-derivatives activators of the hPPAR-alpha receptor
Aminopyrimidine and aminopyridine anti-inflammation agents
Monocyclic compounds and their use in medicine: process for their preparation and pharmaceutical com...
Method for calibration and certifying laser projection beam accuracy
Pick-up apparatus for digital storage medium
Wavelength tunable laser of small size
Optical element module package and method for manufacturing the same
Driver circuit and driving method for semiconductor laser
Low relative intensity noise fiber grating type laser diode
Solid-state laser device using two resonators on the same axis and dual monitors
Method, apparatus and system for high-speed transmission on fiber optic channel
Active DC output control and method for controlling targeted applications
Illumination system optimized for throughput and manufacturability
Pre-scan assembly for aligning a pre-scan lens in a laser scanning unit
Optical device
Optical system for optical head
Near-field optical head system with integrated slider and laser
Valve lifter
Automotive trim part with applique and method of making same
Sliding console
Method for encapsulation of an inorganic component in a wax, a wax particle prepared by the method a...
Open frames for providing structural support and related methods
Undercarriage for a vehicle and method for manufacturing longitudinal beams for it
Reducing facial aging and appliance therefor
Absorbent article with fastening system
Apparatus and method for securing engagement between fastening components of pre-fastened garments
Malleable composites and methods of making and using the same
Process for producing propylene chlorohydrin
Choke coil and electronic device using the same
Device for spraying water with a thin seal support
Method and compositions for applying multiple overlying organic pigmented decorations on ceramic sub...
Method for treating wood having a high extractive content
Refrigerator having cross flow fan
Juice extractor with integral juice manifold and cup bridge
Method for enhancing poultry production
Smoking cessation oral hygiene device
Chute rim device
Food presentation method and system
Multi-compartment storage container
Contamination detection system
Method for bleaching textile fibers
ITFM extraction of oil seeds
Detection of contaminants
Milk protein products and processes
Natural re-hydrating and energizing beverage based on coconut water, fruit juices and incorporated n...
Fat compositions
Ultraviolet blocking composition for protection of package or container contents
Method for the separation of oligomeric N-substituted (meth)acrylamide compounds and conjugates ther...
Anti-hack protection to restrict installation of operating systems and other software
Memory controller
Method of allowing point-in-time view of data on a disk
Systems and methods for creating exact copies of computer long-term storage devices
Storage system and remote copy method for storage system
Storage system and data processing system
Outputting apparatus, outputting method, recording apparatus, recording method, reproduction apparat...
Dynamic relocation of execute in place applications
Development of a detailed logical volume configuration from high-level user requirements
Kernel memory defragmentation method and apparatus
Method and apparatus to perform memory management
Non-volatile semiconductor memory that prevents unauthorized reading
Digital data storage subsystem including directory for efficiently providing formatting information ...
System and method for reading data stored in a semiconductor device having multilevel memory cells
Telescoping plunger assembly
Medical screwdrivers and methods
Driver instrument for use in a surgical application
System for tissue dissection and retraction
Device and methods for treating paranasal sinus conditions
Extra-cochlear implanted hearing aid device
Apparatus and method for the point treatment of a patient by acupuncture and light
Method of intracanalicular laser dacryocystorhinostomy
Hybrid stent
Non-linear artificial ligament system
Connective tissue substitutes, method of preparation and uses thereof
Fabrication and use of biocompatible materials for treating and repairing herniated spinal discs
Apparatus, system, and method for transcutaneously transferring energy
Tibial insert and associated surgical method
Articular surface implant and delivery system
Expandable acetabular liner extraction device, cup assembly and associated method
Intraoperative joint force measuring device, system and method
Hip stem for receiving intramedullary nail
Transgenic animals expressing salivary proteins
Promoter, promoter control elements, and combinations, and uses thereof
Mobile radio communications method, mobile radio communications system, base station controlling equ...
Method and system for establishing an emergency call in a communications system
Mobile communication system, mobile terminal and mobile terminal transmission scheduling method
Radio channel allocation for national security and emergency preparedness calls
Communicating system, communicating method, base station, and mobile station
Method for transmitting data from a transmitting station to a receiving station via a radio link, an...
Method for operating a mobile radio telephone system, mobile radio telephone system and base station
Apparatus and method for cell selection in a wireless network
Method and system for asymmetric dual-mode radio communications
Wireless device
System for mobile radio communnication with at least one subscriber area located in an overall area
Detection-signal transmitting apparatus
Vehicle-mounted data rewriting control system
Biometric apparatus and method
Radio frequency certificates of authenticity
Facilitating radio communications in a mobile device
Satellite radio-computer interface
Wireless detection and/or containment of compromised electronic devices in multiple power states
Controlling collection of debugging data
Modular system and process for obtaining measured data and for forwarding them in a radio-based mann...
Nicotianamine synthase and gene encoding the same
High lysine maize compositions and event LY038 maize plants
Proxy platform integration system
Limit engine database management system
Ferrite core, deflection yoke, and color picture tube apparatus
Adaptive-allocation of I/O bandwidth using a configurable interconnect topology
Selective refractory metal and nitride capping
Structured document management system, structured document management method, search device and sear...
Counter for counting metered doses of liquid, pastry or solid products and device for the metered di...
Diascia plant named `Balwinorg`
Topical analgesic and methods of use
Molecular detection using an optical waveguide fixed to a cantilever
Reducing discomfort caused by electrical stimulation
System and method for design entry and synthesis in programmable logic devices
Method and apparatus for controlling sound of an engine by sound frequency analysis
Determining service coverage for metropolitan wireless networks
Human estrogen receptor-.beta.
Ink cartridge component
Removable cap assembly
Phosphor based light sources utilizing total internal reflection
Counter weight
Noise reduction device and wireless LAN base station apparatus using the device
System management
Antireflection film, optical element and visual display
Rear projection screen and diffusing sheet
Method for producing an aqueous alkali acrylate solution
Converter support device with slider
Belt-type fixing device
Pyridyl substituted heterocycles useful for treating or preventing HCV infection
Interior rearview mirror assembly with polymeric components
Vessel sealer and divider for use with small trocars and cannulas
Monitoring optically powered actuators
Optical wavelength interrogator
Magnetic flux concentrator anti-differential current sensing topology
Re-configurable induction coil for metal detection
Ethernet connection of airborne radar over fiber optic cable
Integrated LED warning and vehicle lamp
Dual function prosthetic bone implant and method for preparing the same
A/D converter for wideband digital communication
Continuous-time delta-sigma ADC with programmable input range
Liquid metal varactor and method
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Housing for electronic circuits, electrically connecting element and contact spring, procedure for e...
Power conversion and voltage sag correction with regenerative loads
Transmitting/receiving apparatus, method, program, recording medium, and integrated circuit used in ...
Method and apparatus for preventing received data from corrupting previously processed data in a wir...
Terahertz lasers and amplifiers based on resonant optical phonon scattering to achieve population in...
Laser cavity
Combining a clock signal and a data signal
Multivariable cryptosystem
Security communication packet processing apparatus and the method thereof
Fiber-optic transceiver
Optical fiber coupler and manufacturing apparatus and method thereof
Method and apparatus for cardiac pacing with variable safety margin
Apparatus for enabling part picking in a manufacturing facility
Method and system to build optimal models of 3-dimensional molecular structures
Apparatus for altering a temperature state of a liquid within a container and method of use
Water sprayer with water-spraying adjustment mechanism
Systems and methods for providing an aluminum bar for towing
Multi-layer food product system and process
Extruded connector without channel insulating layer
Check reins for artificial disc replacements
Granulated active ingredients
Polymer manufacturing process
Thermoplastic elastomer resin
Composite stamp pad
Method for folding airbag, airbag apparatus, and airbag
Glove compartment
Group III nitride compound semiconductor light-emitting element
Light emitting device having a divalent-europium-activated alkaline earth metal orthosilicate phosph...
Golf training device and method
Golf club set and golf club shaft set
Golf putter head
Golf ball with improved flight performance
Method for selecting a golf putter
Golf ball core compositions
Interpenetrating polymer networks using blocked polyurethane/polyurea prepolymers for golf ball laye...
Connector for corrugated coaxial cable and method
Triode structure of field emission display and fabrication method thereof
Method for tuning a filter
Mobile communication system
Information management and processing in a wireless network
Mobile information acquisition system
Digital mapping system
Fluids chain-of-custody
Residential fuel tank monitoring system and proactive replacement program
Residential and business logistics system and method
Method and system for identifying master profile information using client properties selected from g...
Method, system, and program for managing database operations with respect to a database table
Precharge suggestion
Simultaneous external read operation during internal programming in a flash memory device
Methods and apparatus for caching a location index in a data storage system
Information handling system manufacture method and system
Display for rapid text reading
Method and apparatus for health and disease management combining patient data monitoring with wirele...
Method and apparatus for health and disease management combining patient data monitoring with wirele...
Data manager for wireless communication devices and method of managing data in a wireless device
Method and system for limiting content diffusion to local receivers
Internet advertisement system
Method and system for controlling cascaded windows on a GUI desktop on a computer
XML output definition table for transferring internal data into XML document
Router search system, router search method and router search program
Consumer network diagnostic agent
Method, computer system and computer program product for printing a document page
Supplemental request header for applications or devices using web browsers
Method and graphical user interface for creating a configuration file used to allocate computer syst...
Function objects
Reduction of storage elements in synthesized synchronous circuits
System and method for providing interface compatibility between two hierarchical collections of IC d...
Differential delay-line
Performing secure and insecure computing operations in a compartmented operating system
Computer program product having preloaded software module
Termination detection for shared-memory parallel programs
Digital still camera with image display device arranged on side of imaging device
Method and apparatus for tagging media presentations with subscriber identification information
Method and system for changing the frame rate to be optimal for the material being displayed while m...
Audio video reproduction apparatus, audio video reproduction method, program, and medium
Broadcasting and communication receiver apparatus
Adaptive non-linear noise reduction techniques
Broadcasting receiver and channel searching method in broadcasting receiver
Video signal processing apparatus
Television tuner in which influence from analog signals is suppressed when receiving digital signals
Image misconvergence correction apparatus for less switching noise influence
Duplicate images files for improving image handling and transmission
Digital image scanner with a variable aperture lens and multiple scanning speeds
Real time communications of musical tone information
Transmitting apparatus, transmitting method, receiving apparatus, receiving method, and transmitting...
Three dimensional object pose estimation which employs dense depth information
Interactive system
Information recording and reproducing apparatus
Tool change system for a machine
5 degrees of freedom mobile robot
Healthcare tele-robotic system which allows parallel remote station observation
Tele-robotic system used to provide remote consultation services
System and method for tunnel management over a 3G-WLAN interworking system
Entertainment system and method useful for recruiting and training associates
Assisted learning device
Child entertainment and learning device for use with a high chair tray
Cricket conditions simulator
Material processing apparatus, material processing method and material processing program
Projectile for an electrical discharge weapon
Method for improving sentence comprehension, vocabulary skills and reading for meaning using cloze t...
Method for developing cognitive skills
Mental therapy method for catharsis of negative feelings
System and method for gait training
Stationary virtual cycle system and method for operating the same
Mass casualty, disaster training inflatable manikin and method
Portable music machine
Adaptively user-centric authentication/security
Apparatus for forming a select talent group and method of forming the same
Interactive system and method for partner-based education and training
Scanning apparatus
Antidepressant azaheterocyclylmethyl derivatives of heterocycle-fused benzodioxans
Pyridyl derivatives and their use as therapeutic agents
Method of treating disorders and conditions using peripherally-restricted antagonists and inhibitors
Stereospecifically substituted benzo[1,3]dioxolyl derivatives
Treatment for diabetes and obesity as well as method of screening compounds useful for such treatmen...
Alkyl sulfonamide derivatives
Methods and compositions for the treatment of diabetes
Benzamide derivatives and uses related thereto
Nuclear magnetic resonance method for body composition analysis
Cuff and sleeve system for gastrointestinal bypass
Networked system for interactive communication and remote monitoring of individuals
Cloning of transgenic animals comprising artificial chromosomes
Tobacco ash hair color stain remover
Gmg-2 polynucleotides and polypeptides and uses thereof
Cosmetic compositions and methods using transforming growth factor-beta mimics
Hybrid polypeptides with selectable properties
Phosphodiesterase 4D in the ryanodine receptor complex protects against heart failure
N-linked heterocyclic antagonists of P2Y1 receptor useful in the treatment of thrombotic conditions
Method for treatment or prevention of androgen deficiency
Use of non-steroidal progesterone receptor modulators
Pyrimidine compounds
C-linked cyclic antagonists of P2Y1 receptor useful in the treatment of thrombotic conditions
Sulfonamide compounds and uses thereof
Beta-sheet mimetics and methods relating to the use thereof
Carbamate compounds for use in preventing or treating neuropathic pain and cluster and migraine head...
Crystallization of IGF-1
Carbocycle and heterocycle antagonists of P2Y1 receptor useful in the treatment of thrombotic condit...
Methods for modulating osteochondral development using bioelectrical stimulation
Biodegradable/bioactive nucleus pulposus implant and method for treating degenerated intervertebral ...
Gaming system dome cap for a shared symbol display cap
Packaging machine for wrapping products in respective sheets of heat-seal wrapping material
Wind shear inducing soil stability measuring device
Breathing apparatus and pressure vessels therefor
Coaxial cables having improved smoke performance
Brushless electric motor
Electrical rotating machine control unit and power generation system
Inverter controlled generator set and method for controlling the same
Direct amplitude modulation for switch mode power supplies
Light loading control circuit for a buck-boost voltage converter
Using pulse width modulation in the control of load sharing between paralleled power supplies
DC-DC voltage converter with reduced output voltage ripple
Safety device for managing batteries
Robust ramp controlled enable for voltage regulator
Method and system for battery protection employing a selectively-actuated switch
Temperature independent reference voltage generator
Method and system for battery protection employing averaging of measurements
Low power start-up circuit for current mirror based reference generators
Systems and methods for generating a current
Frequency selection of switch mode power converters via softstart voltage level
Voltage regulator for physically remote loads
Switching power supply circuit with a soft-start function
Input device
Data preparation for media browsing
Authentication device
Methods and apparatus for data conversion
Alpha-olefin/propylene copolymers and their use
Simple on screen display system using mapped ROM generated characters
Techniques for fabricating a resistor on a flexible base material
Built-in self test system and method
Navigation apparatus and navigation server
Oven including smoking assembly in combination with one or more additional food preparation assembli...
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Inter-application validation tool for use in enterprise architecture modeling
Adapter for localized treatment through a tracheal tube and method for use thereof
Aerosol device comprising a hair treatment composition, and hair treatment process
System and method for managing an online message board
Viewing and display apparatus position determination algorithms
Method creating a picture by different layered stencils
Light gun for pistol and rifle
Home exterior selection kit
Dummy medical instrument for use in a simulator
Goal based educational system with support for dynamic tailored feedback
Papaver plant named `Firefly`
Method and apparatus for locating position of a GPS device
Method for executing a sequential program in parallel with automatic fault tolerance
Distributed storage system capable of restoring data in case of a storage failure
Support system for the maintenance of a particle filter fitted in an exhaust system on a motor vehic...
Device for continuous or semi-continuous casting of metal material
Device for opening or closing an opening, in particular a bottom opening of a material bunker for a ...
Ti(C,N)-(Ti,Nb,W)(C,N)-Co alloy for finishing and semifinishing turning cutting tool applications
Adsorber station and the use thereof
Communication network in particular for telephony
Ionic liquids
Metallocenes and catalyst compositions derived therefrom
Method and apparatus for dispatching tasks in a non-uniform memory access (NUMA) computer system
Counteracting bioprosthetic calcification
Insulation displacement connection splice connector
Antimicrobial proteins from the SPO1 bacteriophage
Infrared ray cut filter and methods for manufacturing the same
Hindered ketones as perfuming ingredients
Method for producing eggs with low cholesterol level
Processes for making protein hydrolysates from animal peptone and for preserving mucosa
Nucleotide sequences of HIV-1 type (or subtype) O retrovirus antigens
Methods of diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease
Methods of reducing irritation in personal care compositions
Stabilization of enzymes
Therapeutically useful synthetic oligonucleotides
HoxD3, HoxA3, and HoxB3 compositions and methods for improved wound healing
Blanking station of a diecutting press
Charging cradle
Optical head with light-receiving device
Encryption circuit
Linearly adjustable apparatus for locating a workpiece
Method and system for assembling keypad
Radio frequency identification transponder with a quadrupler or N-tupler circuit for efficient RF to...
Process for the production of middle distillates by hydroisomerisation and hydrocracking of two frac...
Process for producing branched olefins from linear olefin/paraffin feed
Process for the production of mesitylene
Pyrazinoporphyrazines as markers for liquid hydrocarbons
Sheet glass forming apparatus
Implant and process of modifying an implant surface
Titanium-aluminide turbine wheel and shaft assembly, and method for making same
Methods for assisting recovery of damaged brain and spinal cord using arrays of X-ray microplanar be...
Staphylococcus aureus exopolysaccharide and process
Neisserial vaccine compositions and methods
Methods and compositions for treating secondary tissue damage and other inflammatory conditions and ...
Nucleoside compounds for treating viral infections
Pyrazole derivatives
Methods for modulation of the effects of aging on the primate brain
Haloalkyl- and piperidine-substituted benzimidazole-derivatives
Bicyclic heterocycles as HIV integrase inhibitors
Aminofurazan compounds useful as protein kinase inhibitors
Mutant trichosanthin
Methods of inhibiting transmission of a costimulatory signal of lymphocytes
4-(2-butylamino)-2, 7-dimethyl-8-(2-methyl-6-methoxypyrid-3-YL) pyrazolo-[1,5-A]-1,3,5-triazine, its...
Driven equilibrium and fast-spin echo scanning
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method
RF shield and MRI system
Apparatus for generating homogeneous magnetic field
Single-component yellow-emitting electroluminescent phosphor
Man-machine interface for monitoring and controlling a process
Crushing system
Machine for processing sheets of printing material
Printing couple in a printing machine with a pivotable transfer cylinder
Rotary roller printing press
Method for supplying dressings to a cylinder of a printing machine
Devices for aligning sheets
Continuous process for the production of combinatorial libraries of modified materials
.alpha.-Halogenated acid esters with polyvalent alcohols as atom transfer radical polymerization ini...
Polymerizable dental barrier material
Methods of implanting an intraocular lens
Diffractive lenses for vision correction
Cataract imaging apparatus
Lens delivery system
Intraocular lens injection instrument
Covalently-bound, hydrophilic coating compositions for surgical implants
Alkali-free aluminoborosilicate glasses, and uses thereof
Organic photovoltaic cells with an electric field integrally-formed at the heterojunction interface
Metal oxide dispersion for dye-sensitized solar cells, photoactive electrode and dye-sensitized sola...
Reforming apparatus
Methods, apparatus, and systems for producing hydrogen from a fuel
Fuel cell
Electric power generating apparatus and related method
Metal-air battery with programmed-timing activation
Solid polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell electrode catalyst layer
Proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Thin-film battery devices and apparatus for making the same
Crosslinked sulfonated polyimide films
Method and apparatus for filling a fuel container
Power system including lithium-metal-polymer batteries
Tetracalcium phosphate (TTCP) with surface whiskers and method of making same
Anisotropic conductive film
Projection screen and projection system comprising the same
Portable computer using a fuel cell
Method and circuit for energizing and de-energizing an electric energy storage device
Systems and methods for implementing delay line circuitry
System and method for recalibrating flat panel field emission displays
Method of driving display device
Raster engine with hardware cursor
Light emitting device and electronic apparatus using the same
Magnetic disk storage system
Apparatus and method for controlling headlight in vehicle and headlight lamp having multifunction st...
Single phase or polyphase switchgear in an enveloping housing
Methods for machine detection of at least one aspect of an object, methods for machine identificatio...
Composite laser rod, fabricating method thereof, and laser device therewith
Master oscillator/power amplifier excimer laser system with pulse energy and pointing control
Universal mold vacuum system
Method of cryopreservation of tissues by vitrification
Piracetam and piracetam analog conjugate and a pharmaceutical composition for treatment of neuronal ...
Compositions of plant carbohydrates as dietary supplements
Derivatives of n-(arylsulfonyl)beta-aminoacids comprising a substituted aminomethyl group, the prepa...
Substituted oxazolidinones and their use in the field of blood coagulation
Method for synthesissing (2s, 3as, 7as)-perhydroindole-2-carboxylic acid and the esters thereof and ...
Laser scanning confocal microscope apparatus, image recording method, and recording medium
Wind turbine with floating foundation
Optical receiver
Semiconductor device, manufacturing method thereof, and CMOS integrated circuit device
Plasma display panel
Linear accelerator
Power converter method and apparatus having high input power factor and low harmonic distortion
Airborne electromagnetic time domain system, computer product and method
Electronic security system
Encoding apparatus and method, recording medium and program
Force-feedback input device
Toner container and image forming apparatus using the same
Optical beam scanning device and image forming apparatus
System for exchanging binary data
Method of and apparatus for distinguishing type of pixel
Method and system for efficiently retrieving secured data by securely pre-processing provided access...
Objective lens system for microscope
Image processing using linear light values and other image processing improvements
Image evaluating method and apparatus
Organic electroluminescence element and an exposure unit and image-forming apparatus both using the ...
Olefin production process
Systems and methods for processing x-ray images
System and method for storing and accessing data in an interlocking trees datastore
System and method for multiplexing illumination in combined finger recognition and finger navigation...
Providing a consistent hierarchical abstraction of relational data
Method and apparatus for detecting structures of interest
Object-oriented materialized views
Demosaicing graphical content
Method and system for defining and controlling algorithmic elements in a graphics display system
Method of optimizing optical channel signal demultiplexing in a monolithic receiver photonic integra...
Method and apparatus to manage address translation for secure connections
Optical fiber
Method for operating transparent node for WDM shared "virtual ring" networks
Method and system for using toner concentration as an active control actuator for TRC control
Techniques for voice-based user authentication for mobile access to network services
Precision surface measurement
Encounter tracker and service gap analysis system and method of use
Systems and methods for blocking microwave propagation in parallel plate structures
Wire grid polarizer with double metal layers
Stress reduction pacing for arterial plaque stabilization
Electromagnetic switching device
Method for resonance identification in hard disk drives
Method and apparatus for optimizing stroke volume during DDD resynchronization therapy using adjusta...