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Portion of a shoe upper
Square speaker
Skew horn for a loudspeaker
Apparatus, method and system for digitally transmitting acoustic pulse gun signals
Increased LF spectrum power density loudspeaker system
Reduction of coal-fired combustion emissions
Methods of making transition metal compounds useful as cathode active materials
Preparation of 157nm transmitting barium fluoride crystals with permeable graphite
Preparation of iron pentacarbonyl
Carbonated water produced by diamond vaporization
Diamondoid-containing thermally conductive materials
Method and device for chemical reaction between a gas and at least one compound in solution carried ...
Synthesis of nanoporous particles
Process for producing niobium and tantalum compounds
Chromium dioxide (CrO.sub.2) and composites of chromium dioxide and other oxides of chromium such as...
System for the co-production of electricity and hydrogen
Biological scrubber odor control system and method
Organofunctional surface-modified metal oxides
Method for producing oxygen-containing compound
Method, system and device for treating disorders of the pelvic floor by drug delivery to the pudenda...
Cyan ink and ink set
Emulsion/aggregation polymeric microspheres for biomedical applications and methods of making same
Neurotrophic factors
Lithium metal dispersion in secondary battery anodes
Titanium zeolite catalysts
Remodeling and glycoconjugation of peptides
Dipeptide inhibitors of .beta.-secretase
9a, 11-3C-bicyclic 9a-azalide derivatives
Thiazoles useful as inhibitors of protein kinases
Aminopyridine derivatives as estrogen receptor modulators
Nucleic acid-containing complex
Electrophoretic compositions
Sensor array for nuclear magnetic resonance imaging systems and method
Method of Effecting Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Experiments Using Cartesian Feedback
System for magnetic resonance imaging assisted surgery
Continuous Moving-Table Mri Involving Contrast Manipulation and/or Updat of Scanning Parameters
Magnetic resonance imaging using adaptive phase encoding gradient
System and Method for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
System and Method for Direct Digitization of NMR Signals
Tennis glove
Puzzle pen
Wealth board game
Crossword puzzle board game
Dart board game kit and associated method for playing the game
Inlet channel for bullet traps
Magnetic top toy
Method for performing game, information storage medium, game device, data signal and program
Method and apparatus for bonus round play
Slot machine with ticket-in/ticket-out capability
Game machine and monitor system
Game machine having wireless communication capability
Ergonomically designed computer gaming device
Distributed session listing and content discovery
Secure distribution of portable game software
Marching bass drum supporting structure, marching bass drum, and carrier
Multiple cymbals actuator apparatus
Music synthesis system
Method for music analysis
Maximized sound pickup switching apparatus for a string instrument having a plurality of sound picku...
Carbon-fiber laminate musical instrument sound board
Interactive sound reproducing
Electric power steering device
Control of a personal transporter based on user position
Motor-driven vehicle with a vehicle frame and a driving device that are interconnected removably
Vehicle body connection system
Closed-loop power control for hybrid electric vehicles
Aerodynamically constructed covering part for the underside of a passenger car, and method of making...
Fix structure of battery for vehicles
Automatic unbuckling seat belt system
Pedal support structure for vehicle
Speed control system for walk behind powered equipment
Adjustable combination propulsion and control handle for a work machine
Steering control device
Electric power steering device
Electric power steering system
Boat trailer tug
Wheel drive system for independently driving right and left wheels of vehicle
Drive system
Vehicle stability control system for enhanced transfer case compatibility
Method of undervoltage protection during engine cranking
Control system and method for electric vehicle
Vehicle guidance software, method and system
Thrust reversers including latching mechanisms and methods for manufacturing such thrust reversers
Balloonsonde launcher
Artillery fire control system
Aircrew restraint system
Gas-powered tip-jet-driven compound VTOL aircraft
Ducted fan vehicles particularly useful as VTOL aircraft
Jack apparatus
Airship docking mechanism
Operational ground support system
Aircraft cabin module
Helicopter one-piece door
Active control of a drogue body
Wind drive apparatus for an aerial wind power generation system
Actively cooled ceramic thermal protection system
Arrangement for generating vortexes
Wing tip device
On-board light source based gain correction for semi-active laser seekers
Cyclosporin compositions
Methods of treating intestinal ischemia using heparin-binding epidermal growth factor
Immunogenic proteoliposomes, and uses thereof
Method and composition for treatment of skeletal dysplasias
Ion exchange chromatography of proteins and peptides
Medicinal compositions containing prostacylin synthase gene
Proteins and nucleic acids encoding same
Mammalian ICYP (iodocyanopindolol) receptor and its applications
DNA sequence encoding a retinoic acid regulated protein
Promoter from maize invertase inhibitor gene
Oligonucleotide synthesis with alternative solvents
Method for producing recombinant trypsin
Transgenic animals, cell lines derived therefrom, and methods for screening for anti-amyloidogenic a...
Synthetic polynucleotide coding for human lactoferrin, vectors, cell and transgenic plants containin...
Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding the Dw3 P-glycoprotein of sorghum and methods of modifying ...
Soybean cultivar SN64195
Soybean variety XB44D04
Inbred maize line PH70R
Wheat variety XW03X
Methods for extracting similar expression patterns and related biopolymers
Apparatus for controlling underwater based equipment
Tool and method for installation of water pipe
Dispatch application utilizing short message service
Insurance policy renewal method and system
Push planning for unserviceable parts to facilitate repair planning in a repair network
Electronic marketplace communication system
Sustainability ratings and benchmarking for legal entities
Information portal in a contract manufacturing framework
System and method for consolidated shipping and receiving using reusable containers
Method for conducting an on-line bidding session with bid pooling
Method and system for supporting trade of securities
Delinquency-moving matrices for visualizing loan collections
Digital content distribution using web broadcasting services
Digital watermark system
Method for minimizing reintroduction of participants at successive social events
Relevance clause for computed relevance messaging
Completion of internet session notification service
Method and system for obscuring user access patterns using a buffer memory
System and method for distributed network acess and control enabling high availability, security and...
Security risk analysis system and method
Method and system for implementing digital rights management
Dynamic enabling of functionality in electronic document readers
Controlling the downloading and recording of digital data
Method and system for the generation, management, and use of a unique personal identification token ...
Arrangements And Methods Relating To Security In Networks Supporting Communication Of Packet Data
Method for detecting time dependent modes of dynamic systems
Dynamical method for obtaining global optimal solution of general nonlinear programming problems
Method for quantum computing
Method for discovering undeclared and fuzzy rules in databases
Computer architecture and process of patient generation, evolution, and simulation using knowledge b...
User selectable approach for generating modifiable rules
Dynamic adaptive distributed computer system
Method and mechanism for a portal website architecture
Three dimensional framework for information technology solutions
Energy converter and light source
System and method for driving LED
Apparatus and method for power sequencing for a power management unit
Cargo lock and monitoring apparatus and process
Monitoring apparatus and method
System and method for detecting, monitoring, tracking and identifying explosive materials
Electronic electric meter for networked meter reading
Digital record and replay binoculars
Image processing system, method and program for image sensing using plural image sensing devices, wi...
Apparatus and methods for focusing and collimating telescopes
Magnification mechanism for viewing an electronic display
Intermediately mounted magnification apparatus
Narrowband interference excision device
Direct write process and apparatus
Control system and method for chemical injection
Prediction system and method
Pattern detection for integrated circuit substrates
Embedded system for diagnostics and prognostics of conduits
Method and system of monitoring and prognostics
Secure biometric verification of identity
Solar-powered cattail light
Processing device of photo-sensitive material
Removable memory media with integral indicator light
AF control apparatus for zoom lens system
Zoom lens, camera apparatus and portable information terminal apparatus
Mobile equipment and mobile phone with shooting function
Ophthalmic treatment apparatus
Recombinant A2-specific TNF.alpha.-specific antibodies
Methods of treating abnormalities of the first metatarsophalangeal joint of the foot
Method for treating hyperalgesia by peripheral administration of a neurotoxin
Polynucleotides encoding a novel human G-protein coupled receptor splice variant, HGPRBMY29SV2
Anticoagulant and fibrinolytic therapy using p38 MAP kinase inhibitors
Method of treating chronic fatigue syndrome
Bicyclic piperidine derivatives as melanocortin-4 receptor agonists
Methods of the treatment or prevention of exercise-induced asthma using (+)-2-[1-(3-ethoxy-4-methoxy...
Composition and a method for treating hair loss
PRO1866 polypeptides
PRO4334 polypeptides
Antibodies to a polypeptide encoded by a nucleic acid under-expressed in stomach and lung tumor
Benzofuranyl-and benzothienyl-piperazinyl quinolines and methods of their use
Tetrahydroquinoline derivatives as cannabinoid receptor modulators
Orthopedic brace
Method for determining visibility
Distance measuring device for a vehicle
Feature enabling unit
Vehicle anti-theft device
Intelligent lift interlock system
Actuators report availabilities
Vehicle motion control system
Shift control method and apparatus of automatic transmission of vehicle
Vehicle stability enhancement system
Fuel and method for evaluating fuel saving operation
Internal combustion engine having a variable valve train
Engine with variable valve timing
Camshaft adjuster having a means for securing against modification
Method and system for reducing host variable impact on access path selection
Secure photo carrying identification device, as well as means and method for authenticating such an ...
Four-color mosaic pattern for depth and image capture
System and method for using a digital watermark on a graphical user interface as identifying indicia...
Process for production diphtheria toxin
Stabilizer against hydrolysis for an ester-group-containing resin and a thermoplastic resin composit...
Transparent compositions, methods for the preparation thereof, and articles derived therefrom
Mirror reflective element assembly
System, apparatus and method for maskless lithography that emulates binary, attenuating phase-shift ...
Slide cartridge and reagent test slides for use with a chemical analyzer, and chemical analyzer for ...
Plasma display panel provided with electrode pairs bordering each sidewall of barrier ribs members
Memory system
Distributed ring control circuits for Viterbi traceback
Facilitating high-level validation of integrated circuits in parallel with development of blocks in ...
Techniques for grouping circuit elements into logic blocks
Auto connection assignment system and method
Information processing apparatus and method of system control of the apparatus
Contact and omnidirectional reflective mirror for flip chipped light emitting devices
Power management for circuits with inactive state data save and restore scan chain
Methods for detecting nucleic acid sequence variation
Pharmaceutical compositions and utilization thereof particularly for the treatment of neurodegenerat...
Method of manufacturing surge arrestor
Root management system
Methods for fluid separations, and devices capable of separating fluids
Point of purchase display case
Method of and apparatus for distributing data, and computer program
Transceiver adapter
Method and apparatus for powering electronic circuits
Facilitating digital subscriber line services via a subscriber premise network interface device
Disposable air treatment device
Molded table and its method of manufacture
Resin film and manufacturing method for the same, and resin laminated metal sheet using said resin f...
Detection of mutations
Floral preservative and method of use
Encapsulated hard surface cleaning concentrates
Method and apparatus for separating and neutralizing ammonia
Mobile telecommunications data service
Continuous sheet-printing device, system, method and storage medium storing program
Optical lens system and position measurement system using the same
Detecting graphics in color rendering dictionaries
Fault diagnosis apparatus
Tables for audio/visual equipment
Portion of a digital voice recorder
Developing unit with pressing guide mechanisms and image forming device having the developing unit
Method for reducing communication data amount in business to business electronic commerce
EHF equalizer implemented with MEMs tap weight controls
System and method for monitoring laser shock processing
Electronics with two and three dimensional display functions
Chemical array reading
Backlighting for electrical cover plates
Method for locally modifying electronic and optoelectronic properties of crystalline materials an de...
Electronic device
Piezoelectric device, liquid droplet discharging head using the device, and liquid droplet dischargi...
Ink jet printing device with improved drop selection control
Primary electrochemical cell having scalloped electrodes
Planographic printing plate material and planographic printing plate preparing process
Process for the preparation of high-purity zirconium, hafnium, tantalum and niobium alkoxides
Preparation of phosphorus-containing alkoxylation products
Packaged electroosmotic pumps using porous frits for cooling integrated circuits
Spacers for field emission displays
Coatings and additives containing ceramic material
Nemesia plant named `Intraigold`
Pyrazine derivatives
Camptothecins with a modified lactone ring
Inhibitors of Akt activity
5-substituted-4-[(substituted phenyl) amino]-2-pyridone derivatives
Article having multiple spectral deposits
Container for carrying out and monitoring biological processes
Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
Combinations of genes for producing seed plants exhibiting modulated reproductive development
Monitoring and allocating access across a shared communications medium
Link management of document structures
Adjustable throw-lever picatinny rail clamp
Modular launch-cell system
Impact part of a projectile
Projectile fall-back preventer
Wheel suspension
Thrust sliding bearing
Thrust needle roller bearing and method for manufacture thereof
Roller thrust bearing
Power generating and propelling system of vessel
Method and apparatus for data alignment and parsing in SIMD computer architecture
Firmware interfacing with network protocol offload engines to provide fast network booting, system r...
Web-services-based data logging system including multiple data logging service types
Method and apparatus for providing peer-to-peer data transfer within a computing environment
Method and system for controlling forwarding or terminating of a request at a bus interface based on...
Interlayer composite structure for laminating glass with controlled diffusing properties at high tra...
Rotary transformer
Radiation detector
Titanium dioxide pigment composite and method of making same
Cosmetic dispenser
Cosmetic container
Diaper with elasticated topsheet
Method for producing acylated peptides
Plane-parallel structures of silicon/silicon oxide
Method for providing dilution thickening using polydextrose based biphasic compositions
Method for simultaneously dyeing and permanent shaping of hair
Paralytic peptide for use in neuromuscular therapy
Methods and apparatus for calibrating an electromagnetic measurement device
Nonvolatile memory device for storing data and method for erasing or programming the same
High speed redundant data sensing method and apparatus
Method and architecture to calibrate read operations in synchronous flash memory
Raman assisted EDFA system and method
DRAM circuit and its operation method
Output power error absorbing circuit and multi-carrier transmitter having the same
Dynamic random access memory (DRAM) capable of canceling out complementary noise development in plat...
Low-noise transmitter system and method
Non-volatile semiconductor memory
AM to FM correction system for a polar modulator
Highly reflective optical element
Weatherable multilayer resinous articles and method for their preparation
Cylindrical irradiance-mapping lens and its applications to LED shelf-lighting
Curvilinear LED light source
Luminaire construction
Collapsible chandelier
Headlamp for two-wheel vehicle
End region of a vehicle with a lid
Visual display device
Lens for vehicle marker
Signaling assembly
Internal illumination based sign device
Display device comprising a luminous element with an emission characteristic of controllable solid a...
Backlight module
Light guide plate and backlight module using the same
Multicolored lighting method and apparatus
Night light display hanger
Curing light
Flexible interconnect structures for electrical devices and light sources incorporating the same
Optical transmitter
Optical signal amplifying triode and optical signal transfer method, optical signal relay device, an...
Polyimide optical waveguides and method for the preparation thereof
Conversion of output device color values to minimize image quality artifacts
Image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus to reduce the system load of motion estimation for DSP
Image matching using pixel-depth reduction before image comparison
Image information compressing method, image information compressing device and image information com...
Measuring method and instrument comprising image sensor
Pattern evaluation system, pattern evaluation method and program
System for multi-sensor image fusion
In-plane rotation invariant object detection in digitized images
Searching device, searching method and program
Optical module using a linear sensor for identifying images
Male urethral prosthesis
Corrections for wavefront aberrations in ultrasound imaging
Method for analyzing an event such as a surgical intervention on a blood vessel
Barometric pressure correction based on remote sources of information
Steerable fiberoptic epidural balloon catheter and scope
Method and system for operating capacitive membrane ultrasonic transducers
Methods of stimulating a subterranean formation comprising multiple production intervals
Liquid laundry detergent comprising cationic silicone block copolymers
Stereoscopic observation system
Method of attaching a leader to a snelled fly
Fishing float
Dangler fishing rod support stand
Artificial hybrid lure
Purification and uses of dendritic cells and monocytes
Difluoroalkene derivative, pest control agent containing the same, and intermediate therefor
Thiadiazole compounds and use thereof
Resin composition, prepreg, laminate sheet and printed wiring board using the same and method for pr...
Polypropylene resin composition and film
Punched adhesive tape for semiconductor, method of manufacturing lead frame with the adhesive tape, ...
Methods and systems for automating inventory and dispatch procedures at a staging area
Portable data reading device with integrated web server for configuration and data extraction
Device and method for authenticating and securing transactions using RF communication
Wafer-level package and IC module assembly method for the wafer-level package
Method for RF card detection in a contactless system
System and device for detecting object tampering
Dynamic and hybrid RFID
RFID tag and method of manufacture
Animated display of traffic information
Antenna for slide-type wireless terminal device
Method and system for improving the contrast of LCDs using circular polarization
Nodelay per port
Preparation of radiolabelled haloaromatics via polymer-bound intermediates
HFC solution formulations containing an anticholinergic
Solubilized CoQ-10 and carnitine
Humanized anti-CEA T84.66 antibody and uses thereof
Proteinase K resistant surface protein of neisseria meningitidis
Soluble inhibitors of vascular endothelial growth factor and use thereof
Diagnostics and therapy of Epstein-Barr virus in autoimmune disorders
Reaction solution for cell-free protein synthesis, method of preparing the same, and protein synthes...
Genetically engineered cell lines and systems for propagating Varicella zoster virus and methods of ...
Tool holder and method of use
RFID device detection system and method
Aqueus electrolytic solution primary battery
Prostaglandin derivatives
Niobium for capacitor and capacitor using sintered body of the niobium
Alkaline battery including nickel oxyhydroxide cathode and zinc anode
Non-aqueous secondary battery having negative electrode including graphite powder
Balloon catheter having a multilayered shaft with variable flexibility
Device for occluding a hole in a body wall and a unit for inserting said device
Means and method for treating an intimal dissection after stent implantation
Stent for treating vulnerable plaque
Methods for forming and fabricating textured and drug eluting coronary artery stent
Stents for angioplasty
Intravascular stent and method of use
Method of manufacturing catheter
Anti-reflection film, organic EL device, and display medium using the anti-reflection film and the o...
Automatic intrusion detection system for perimeter defense
Sustaining TCP connections
Method of optimizing the performance of a computer and a main non-volatile memory unit optimized usi...
Manufacturing system software version management
Implicit frame-based processing for block-diagram simulation
Method of monitoring a magnetic field drift of a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Combined open and closed magnet configuration for MRI
Highly concentrated, free-flowing pearly lustre concentrates
Production processes
Device and method for thermogravimetrically testing the behavior of a solid material
Computer systems and methods for analyzing experiment design
Lithium polymer secondary battery and method for manufacturing the same
Process and apparatus for controlling catalyst temperature in a catalyst stripper
Capacitive discharge plasma ion source
Composite products and molded articles obtained from said products
Image formation apparatus and photoreceptor cartridge
Controlling container for a streamline electric bicycle
Bicycle crank
Bicycle control device
Bicycle crank assembly
Inertia valve shock absorber
Adjustable shopping cart and baby stroller stand
Bicycle hub assembly
Attachment system for bicycle accessories
Portable interlocking skate rail assembly
Method for individually adapting the saddle of a two-wheel vehicle
Battery and a method of manufacturing same
Vehicular driving support apparatus and driving support method
Apparatus for actuating a bicycle hub brake
Spoke for bicycle wheels
Air-fuel ratio control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Valve connector
Advanced vision intervention algorithm
Planographic printing plate precursor, substrate for the same and surface hydrophilic material
Thermally efficient micromachined device
System integration of a steam reformer and gas turbine
Membrane reactor for gas extraction
Honeycomb structural body and canning structural body storing the honeycomb structural body
Method and system for improving the performance of a fuel cell
Fuel cell power generating system
Process for converting carbon dioxide to oxygenates
Heat exchanger
Hydrogen generator and fuel cell power generation system
Ferromagnetic resonance excitation and its use for heating substrates that are filled with particles
Chlorosulphonated ethylene-.alpha.-olefin copolymer and method for producing the same
Fuel cell and method for making the same
Method of forming thin film patterning substrate including formation of banks
Process of preparing esters and ethers of probucol and derivatives thereof
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Portable fluorescent drop-light
Converter circuit and motor driving apparatus
Isolated genomic polynucleotide fragments from chromosome 10q25.3 that encode human soluble aminopep...
Fiber structure having high whiteness and high moisture-absorbing and releasing property, and method...
Golf ball manufacturing method
Method and apparatus for low-speed, high-throughput fiber drawing using coiled fiber loops
Optically anisotropic element comprising discotic compound
Surface-coated cermet cutting tool with hard coating layer having excellent chipping resistance
Film formation method and apparatus for semiconductor process
Water-soluble lubricant for warm or hot metal forming
ProapolipoproteinA-I mutant and pharmaceutical composition comprising the same for prevention and tr...
Ink jet recording ink
Plasma display panel
Solid-state image pickup apparatus reducing false signals and a solid-state image sensor for the sam...
Short range LIDAR apparatus having a flat spatial response
Alignment apparatus
Non-volatile memory electronic device with NAND structure being monolithically integrated on semicon...
Circuit and method for dynamically modifiable signal processor
Phage ligand sensor devices and uses thereof
Epoxidation catalyst
Workpiece inspection apparatus assisting device, workpiece inspection method and computer-readable r...
Method and apparatus for generating diagnoses of network problems
Configuring a graphical user interface on a multifunction peripheral
Optical transmission system with raman amplifiers comprising a supervisory system
Optical transmission systems including optical switching devices, control apparatuses, and methods
Image forming device
Blood withdrawal system
Compositions and methods for genetic analysis of polycystic kidney disease
System for driving plural lamps
Substituted bicylic thiophene derivatives, compositions containing such compounds and methods of use
Corynebacterium glutamicum genes encoding proteins involved in membrane synthesis and membrane trans...
Antibiotic-based gene regulation system
Fusion proteins for prodrug activation
Nucleic acid molecules encoding endonucleases and methods of use thereof
BGL3 beta-glucosidase and nucleic acids encoding the same
Cell having amplified signal transduction pathway responses and uses therefor
Method of applying acoustic energy effective to alter transport or cell viability
Preparative liquid chromatograph using plural detectors
Freeze prevention of a fuel cell power plant
Double flow cage compactor dryer apparatus and method of compacting and drying wastes
Process for drying difluoromethane
Sludge extractor
Infrared absorption filter
Infrared absorption filter
Vision catheter system including movable scanning plate
Patterning of solid state features by direct write nanolithographic printing
Optimal route selection in a content delivery network
Display control device with multipurpose output driver
Stackable network units with resiliency facility
Network relay apparatus and method of combining packets
System and method to facilitate pattern recognition by deformable matching
Face annotation for photo management
Facilitating communication with automotive vehicle buses
System and method for the logical substitution of processor control in an emulated computing environ...
System and method for joint optimization of language model performance and size
Word-specific acoustic models in a speech recognition system
Time-window-constrained multicast using connection scheduling
Task-oriented processing as an auxiliary to primary computing environments
Wireless communication system
Emergency report terminal device and system
Power management within a wireless communication system
Distance determination program for use by devices in a wireless network
Wired control channel for supporting wireless communication in non-exclusive spectrum
Transmission channel selection apparatus
Bias error compensated initial transmission power control for data services
Method, apparatus and article to remotely associate wireless communications devices with subscriber ...
White OLED having multiple white electroluminescence units
Variable density and variable persistent organic memory devices, methods, and fabrication
Electroluminescent device having anti-reflective member
Organic EL display device
Inverted organic light emitting diode with doped layers
Display unit having sealing structure and manufacturing method of same
Barberry plant named `Maria`
Diacylglycerol acyltransferases for alteration of polyunsaturated fatty acids and oil content in ole...
Nucleic acid molecule comprising a nucleic acid sequence coding for a haemocyanin
B1k chain of laminin and methods of use
Methods for synthesis of oligonucleotides
Methods for the prevention and/or the treatment of glutamate cytotoxicity
Pna-Neamine Conjugates and Methods for Producing and Using the Same
O-acetyl-ADP-ribose non-hydrolyzable analogs
2'-Fluoronucleoside phosphonates as antiviral agents
Ketogenic Saccharides
Method for Manufacture of Carboxyalkylinulin
Process for the Isolation and Stabilization of Low-Molecular Weight Aminoglycans from Waste Egg Shel...
Promoter molecules for use in plants
Foldable polymers as probes
Transgenic Plants Expressing Cellulase for Autohydrolysis of Cellulose Components and Methods for Pr...
siRNA targeting gremlin
Precise breeding - simultaneous silencing
Nucleic acid detection medium
Protein kinase stress-related proteins and methods of use in plants
Method for modification of starch, starch and its use
Cationic Oligomer of a Saccharide for Resolving Enantiomers and Asymmetric Synthesis
System and Method for Sequence Distance Measure for Phylogenetic Tree Construction
Novel 150-Labeled Monosaccharide and Producing Method Thereof
Drug adherence monitoring system
Porphyrin compound, process for producing porphyrin compound, three-dimensional optical recording ma...
Impact Copolymers
Methods and systems for providing deductible piers
Peptides with antioxidant and antimicrobial properties
System and method for analytically modeling data organized according to non-referred attributes
Agricultural extraction products and processes
Pet waste disposal assembly and method
Formulation of phosphorus fertilizer for plants
Formulation of phosphorus fertilizer for plants
System for the production of biogas and compost from organic materials and method of operating an or...
Vegetable fiber-digesting agent and method of processing vegetable waste by using the same
Process for producing fertilizer comprising sparingly water-soluble phosphatic fertilizer, urea/alip...
Easy-to-turn compost bin
Method and apparatus for composting organic material
Fertilizer containing Yaeyama Aoki extract
Cathodic electrocoating compositions containing an anti-crater agent
High resistance poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/poly(styrene sulfonate) for use in high efficiency ...
Abrasion tester and test method
Process for the production of decorative coatings on substrates
Plasma display panel having bumps on barrier ribs
Method for programming a multiple device control system using object sharing
Selective process restart based on API changes
Method and system and authenticating a user of a computer system that has a trusted platform module ...
Techniques for spin-flop switching with offset field
Adhesion layer for Pt on SiO.sub.2
Methods and apparatus for forming thin films for semiconductor devices
Method and system for managing aggregation data structures
Infectious cDNA clones of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus and expression vectors...
Method of manufacturing a cavity package
Bolometric detector with thermal isolation by constriction and device for detecting infrared radiati...
Osteospermum plant named `Sumipas 02`
Method and system for on demand selective rerouting of logical circuit data in a data network
System and method in an electronic spreadsheet for displaying and/or hiding range of cells
Tunable gas distribution plate assembly
HVAC/R monitoring apparatus and method
Compositions and methods for inducing osteogenesis
Core 1 .beta.3-galactosyltransferase specific molecular chaperones, nucleic acids, and methods of us...
Diagnostic assay for the human virus causing severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)
Information handling system including wireless scanning feature
Phenyl-5,6,6A,7,8,9-hexahydro-4H-1,4,9-triaza-phenalene derivatives as CRF antagonists
Network communication authentication
Optical filter and optical instrument
Cremation urn convertible into a birdhouse
Rare earth-oxides, rare earth-nitrides, rare earth-phosphides and ternary alloys with silicon
Construction machine
Maximum ratio transmission
Radiation emitting apparatus with spatially controllable output energy distributions
Molecular sieve catalyst composition, its production and use in conversion processes
Cable modem system and method for supporting packet PDU compression
Color image forming apparatus and image forming method
Malarial animal model having a chimeric human liver
Common application metamodel including C/C++ metamodel
Graphical view of shutdown process
Method and system for controlling the operation of a peripheral device in a network
Software verification method for control units and verification system
Computerized system and method for web enabling and/or web management of embedded applications
Systems and methods for generating video summary image layouts
Methods and apparatus for administering software modules in a storage area network management applic...
Real-time control system development tool with input pins providing values used by component during ...
Rapid tissue processing method and apparatus
Systems and methods for nanowire growth and harvesting
Method for making thin-film semiconductor device
Ball limiting metallurgy, interconnection structure including the same, and method of forming an int...
Mdm2 splice variants
Memory devices based on electric field programmable films
Silicon nitride film, a semiconductor device, a display device and a method for manufacturing a sili...
Micromirror array lens with focal length gradient
Near-field photo-lithography using nano light emitting diodes
Rendering page sets
Process and apparatus for recovering olefins
Catalyst treatment useful for aromatics conversion process
Process for the production of gasoline stocks
Process for isomerization of a C.sub.7 fraction with opening of naphthene rings
Trust mechanisms for a peer-to-peer network computing platform
Chain of trust processing
Search engine for forwarding table content addressable memory
Combined classification based on examples, queries, and keywords
Non-destructive single seed or several seeds NIR analyzer and method
Method and apparatus for monitoring the power level of two or more optical transmitters
Non-destructive derivation of weight of single seed or several seeds
Display system incorporating trilinear electromechanical grating device
Semiconductor memory device and semiconductor memory device test method
Methods and apparatus for providing redundancy in an asynchronous data transfer and source traffic c...
Bitwise adaptive encoding using prefix prediction
Actuator and systems and methods
System and method for setup of toner concentration target for a toner concentration sensor
Wireless private branch exchange (WPBX) and communicating between mobile units and base stations
Exhaust opacity measuring device
Storage path optimization for SANs
System and method for determining a world wide name for use with a host for enabling communication w...
Configurable advanced technology attachment/integrated drive electronics host controller with progra...
System and method for managing contacts in an instant messaging environment
Systems and methods for generating a comprehensive user attention model
Energy pathway arrangements for energy conditioning
System and method for three-dimensional image rendering and analysis
Digital circuit having delay circuit for adjustment of clock signal timing
ID issue management system, article information management system and ID issue management method
Hygienic input device for medical information systems
RFID tag
Optimized method of performing spatial transformation
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Touch sensor type liquid crystal display having a plurality of spacers, each comprising two members ...
Method of producing optical element by patterning liquid crystal films
Method and apparatus for measuring a thickness of a thin film in motion
X-ray source with nonparallel geometry
Digital rotation using a square x-ray detector and a rotating collimator
Defect inspection method and apparatus
Method of checking optical proximity correction data
Positive resist composition for immersion exposure and method of pattern formation with the same
Charged particle beam apparatus and method for operating the same
Scintigraphic device with variable resolution
Reading method for radiation image information and radiation image reading apparatus
Rotating data transmission device for multiple channels
Method and arrangement for three-dimensional medical X-ray imaging
X-ray examination apparatus and a method of controlling an output of an X-ray source of an X-ray exa...
Methods and systems for controlling exposure for medical imaging devices
System and method for providing an interactive, visual complement to an audio program
Battery pack for cordless device
Burst-mode weighted sender scheduling for ad-hoc wireless medium access control protocols
Gain and phase imbalance compensation for OFDM systems
Methods and device for managing message size transmitted over a network
Efficient serialization of bursty out-of-order results
Sliced crossbar architecture with no inter-slice communication
Information recording and reproducing apparatus and information recording medium
Booting and boot code update system using boot strapper code to select between a loader and a duplic...
Method of and apparatus for recording data on optical recording medium
Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving error detection information in a communication syste...
Optical recording medium with different wobble characteristics between the user data area and the le...
Data modulation method and apparatus capable of suppressing DC component using parity information of...
Multi-channel communication system and method based on class of service requirements
Remote controlled computer system and method of operating the same
Apparatus and method for assigning a supplemental channel in mobile communication system
Methods for minimizing setup time by optimizing bit allocation in multi-channel communication system
Single-carrier receiver having a channel equalizer interacting with a Trellis decoder and a channel ...
Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving signals using multiple antennas in mobile commun...
Method for fabricating an optical integrated circuit
Idle-pattern output control circuit used in a Gigabit Ethernet-passive optical network
Code combining and packet combining handoff method
Mobile communication terminal having detachable wireless display window, and operation method thereo...
Log accumulation device with user accuracy setting means and pseudo-information generating means
Euonymus plant named `Waldbolwi`
Pelargonium plant named `Cante Laver`
Euphorbia plant named `Innthal`
Nemesia plant named `Intraired`
Sedum plant named `Bronco`
Bracteantha plant named `Golbra`
Caladium plant named `Victoria`
Impatiens plant named `Bodlizviosta`
Petunia plant named `Keiwhihus`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Posh Pink`
Peach tree named `NJ352`
Floribunda rose plant named `Poulcas022`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Jeanny Bronze`
Chrysanthemum plant named `PPP CON OR05`
Chrysanthemum plant named `PPP COMP OR05`
Chrysanthemum plant named `PPP TUSC 05`
Synthesis of metal nanoparticle compositions from metallic and ethynyl compounds
Layered inorganic with pillared organic nanocomposite actuators
Dynamic distribution of participants in a centralized telephone conference
Scrambling and descrambling a high definition TV signal
Quantum cryptographic system and method for achieving unambiguous state discrimination measurement o...
Methods and apparatus for initialization vector processing
Data recovery with internet protocol replication with or without full resync
System and method for notifying mobile devices based on device type and network capabilities
Propagating commit times
Copy process substituting compressible bit pattern for any unqualified data objects
Method and apparatus for maintaining state information for web pages using a directory server
System and method for analyzing input/output activity on local attached storage
Private branch exchange back-up system, back-up device for private branch exchange and failure copin...
Baked Goods Comprising High-Potency Sweetener
Menthol Dearivative and Cooling Agent Composition Comprising the Same
Method for dehydrating biomass
Sugar Replacement and Baked Goods and Caramels Using the Sugar Replacement
Electric modulation of sympathetic nervous system
Generation of Starchy Products
Fish Food for Aquatic Farms, Based on Fermented Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids
Flour products having multi-flavor, multi-variety, and rich nutrition
Food product comprising fresh fruit
Pellet systems for preparing beverages
Coffee extracting method and coffee ice cube with preventing flavor losing
Shelled egg staging device, method of storing shelled eggs and method of cooking shelled eggs
Liquid egg product
Stable soy protein beverage composition
Functional food ingredient and process for preparing same
Composition for beneficially influencing Alzheimer's disease and/or for Alzheimer's prophylaxis
Multifunctional catheter handle
Method and apparatus for treating aneurysms by electrostimulation
Implantable cardiac stimulation device and method that discriminates between and treats ventricular ...
Trans-septal intra-cardiac lead system
Automatic linkage of process event data to a data historian
Precise breeding - backbone integration markers
Shrub rose plant named 'Poultc011'
Shrub rose plant named 'Poultc014'
Shrub rose plant named 'Poultc010'
Shrub rose plant named 'Poultc012'
Miniature rose plant named 'Poulpah038'
Apple tree named 'Fujiko'
Pear tree, 'Carolina Gold'
Echinacea purpurea plant named 'Lilliput'
Variety of Begonia plant named 'Solenia Super Soft Pink'
Hosta plant named 'Beckoning'
Osteospermum plant named Sunny Dark Florence
Climbing Tree
Elevator Shaft Enclosure
Image Forming Method, Planographic Printing Plate Precursor, and Planographic Printing Method
Glycerin by-products and methods of using same
Methods and compositions for controlling body weight and appetite
Method and Apparatus for the Manufacturing
Thermally stable cationic photocurable compositions
Aqueous Resin Dispersion for Adhesive and Composition Thereof
Polymer alloy
Stick Type Cosmetic and Production Process for the Same
Polyurethanes prepared from polyester polyols and/or polycaprolactone polyols, articles and coatings...
Light Diffuser and Process for Producing the Same
System and method for distributing building materials in a controlled manner
Process for Preparing Calcium Phosphate Self-Setting Bone Cement, the Cement So Prepared and Uses Th...
Multi-component biocide composition for wood protection
Concrete composition method of producing concrete compositions and cement admixture
Biodegradable dispersants for cement compositions and methods of cementing in subterranean formation...
Process for the preparation of a functionalized polymer intermediate products, compositions and shap...
Cement compositions comprising environmentally compatible defoaming agents and methods of use
Salts and methods for their preparation
Methods and apparatus for operating gas turbine engines
Water producing method and apparatus
Ink set and inkjet recording method
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and method for producing device
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and method for producing device
Semiconductor Polishing Composition
Hemostatic material
Solid Dosage Form of Wetted Heparin
Methods and compositions comprising at least one alpha3 beta4 nAChR antagonist or pharmaceutically a...
Process for Producing Fermented Milk and Fermented Milk
Water Contained With Mushroom Constituent And A Producing Method Thereof, And A Water Product Contai...
Compositions containing a nopal cactus isolate and method for making same
Bottleable green tea beverage
Method for manufacturing toner
Resist composition and pattern forming method using the same
Method for Producing Unsaturated Omega-3-Fatty Acids in Transgenic Organisms
Alleles of the zwf gene from coryneform bacteria
Method of Making Theanine
Selective Enrichiment of Microorganisms for Desired Metabolic Properties
Composition for measuring concentration of residual chlorine
Thermoplastic resins containing PBT units, having reduced organic carbon emissions
Sealants for Skin and Other Tissues
Solidification of Residuals from Water Treatment Systems in Heavy Oil Recovery Operations
Cancer treatment
Extended effect ergogenic drink
Virus-interacting layered phyllosilicates and methods of inactivating viruses on animate and inanima...
Novel non-surgical method for treating cataracts in mammals including man
Transcription modulator compositions
Method for increasing content of physiologically active substance in ginseng
Compounds from an extract of Artemisia and methods for treating disorders
Maintaining Anabolic Hormone Profile During Weight Loss and Intense Exercise
Methods for Modulating an Immune Response by Modulating Krc Activity
Functionalized artificial bone and joint compositions and methods of use and manufacture
Lentiviral triplex DNA, and vectors and recombinant cells containing lentiviral triplex DNA
Nucleic acid carriers for delivery of therapeutic agents
Method and composition for treating and preventing tumor metastasis in vivo
Introduction-assisting apparatus for capsule medical device
Interferon-alpha induced gene
Single board digital video system
Map display device and method for operating thereof
System and method for advanced tight coupling of GPS and inertial navigation sensors
Imaging system and apparatus for combining finger recognition and finger navigation
On-line directory assistance system
Postage metering system
System and method for managing the development and manufacturing of a pharmaceutical drug
Electrode structure of a plasma display panel
Catalytic trimerization of olefinic monomers
Cationic conductor
Facilitating 802.11 roaming by pre-establishing session keys
Nebulizer apparatus and method
Atomizer for inhaler
Shrub rose plant named `BAIcer`
Optical/radio local access network
Osteospermum plant named `Sumipas 01`
Immunotherapy for humans
Architecture for an iterative decoder
Methods to gather and display pin congestion statistics using graphical user interface
XML document processing for ascertaining match of a structure type definition
Harmonic diagnosing method for electric facility
Compositions and methods for altering biosynthesis of taxanes and taxane-related compounds
Display device, lighting device and projector
Electro-optical device, image printing apparatus, and method of manufacturing electro-optical device
Drive device for working vehicle and method of controlling the drive of working vehicle
Antenna switching based on a preamble MSE metric
Bicycle wheel hub
Process cartridge, image forming method, and image forming apparatus
Reversibly expandable energy absorbing assembly utilizing shape memory foams for impact management a...
Method for reducing 3-dimethylamnio-2-phenylpropion-acid ethyl ester-content in solutions of 2-dimet...
Solid electrolyte type fuel cell and air electrode current collector for used therein
Methods of constructing and screening diverse expression libraries
Olefin polymerization methods
Testing apparatus
Method and arrangement for generating positionally accurate print images on a carrier material
Registration pointer with interchangeable tip and method
Light emitting diode traffic control device
Optical fiber probe, light detection device, and light detection method
Measuring device
Light-emitting textile structure, in particular for medical purposes, and use thereof
Low-cost method and apparatus for establishing fiber optic connections
Natural fiber span reflectometer providing a virtual differential signal sensing array capability
Fiber optic ribbon subunits having ends with different shapes
Optical beam translation device and method utilizing a pivoting optical fiber
High figure of merit dispersion compensating optical fiber for transmission fiber and transmission s...
Stimulated rate optical power measurement in a fiber optic gyroscope
Fiber optic splice enclosure
Distributed raman amplification
Fiber optic module
Splice tray arrangement
Fiber guiding helical ring
Dispersion compensation method in optical communication system having optical add drop multiplexing ...
Method and apparatus for measuring channel quality using a smart antenna in a wireless transmit/rece...
Storage system, a method of file data backup and method of copying of file data
Apparatus and method of uplink data during cell update in universal mobile telecommunications system...
Home network name displaying methods and apparatus for multiple home networks
Method and apparatus for establishing and using a secure credential infrastructure
Correcting errors in disk drive read back signals by iterating with the reed-solomon decoder
Disk device
Media cartridge having multiple tape position sensor windows
Tape head read/write module
Windage stripper for an actuator and rotating disc
Sensor with semi-permanently deformable element for active element adjustment
Composite type thin film magnetic head having a low parasitic capacitance between a write coil and a...
Magnetoresistive head having an MR element between a pair of shields and including first and second ...
Magnetic thin film head, the fabrication method, and magnetic disk
Magnetic sensor having a free layer containing a single magnetic domain
Disk drive performing multi-level prioritization of entries in a suspect sector list to identify and...
Tape drive apparatus
Method for optimizing dynamic stroke in the self servo-write process
System and method for protecting head elements of a tape drive
Disk drive with adaptive actuator braking upon unexpected power loss
Logical mapping for improved head switching between corresponding tracks in a data handling device
Extendable storage bin mounting for automatic storage library
Base member of disk drive having clock window to write servo track information
Thermal donor for high-speed printing
Substituted arylalcanoic acid derivatives as PPAR pan agonists with potent antihyperglycemic and ant...
Method for screening MCH receptor antagonist/agonist
Selective NPY (Y5) antagonists
Polynucleotides encoding human transporter proteins
Endoscopic treatment system and anastomotic method using this system
Method for analyzing the biological age of a subject
Health monitoring system
Methods and apparatus for commutating a brushless DC motor in a laser printer
Method of sealing two substrates with a non-epoxy or epoxy-acrylate sealant using laser radiation
Method, system and apparatus for an enhanced electrically pumped oxygen iodine laser
Parallel phase-sensitive three-dimensional imaging camera
Optical fiber including a diffuser portion and continuous sleeve for the transmission of light
Laser detection and ranging apparatus
Waveguide apparatus and method for laser welding
Systems and methods for measuring stress in a specimen
Cell phone or other portable handset containing microminiature optical disc drive
Method and apparatus for calibrating laser 3D digitizing sensor
Information recording device and information recording method
Semiconductor laser drive circuit including a waveform generator voltage-to-current conversion circu...
Dark fiber laser array coupler
Buried heterostructure quantum cascade laser
Semiconductor laser element having InGaAs compressive-strained quantum-well active layer
Monolithic multi-wavelength laser device including a plurality of lasing parts and method of fabrica...
CO.sub.2 slab laser
Elastomeric vehicle control switch
Rear lighting system applied to an automotive vehicle
Universal vehicle based garage door opener control system and method
Vehicular touch switches with adaptive tactile and audible feedback
Notification control device for vehicle closure member and related notifying control method
Electromagnetic suspension apparatus for automotive vehicles and method for controlling electric mot...
Assist handle assembly with accessories
Spare tire storage structure
Truck slouch seat
Vehicle mirror with powered extension incorporating slip clutch
Surface configuration of a vehicle body, toy, and/or replica
Apparatus for controlling electric power from fuel cell
Rotor structure
Device for the hydraulic actuation of a parking brake and method for operating such a device
Liquid-repellent film-coated member, constitutive member of liquid-jet device, nozzle plate of liqui...
System and apparatus for improving safety and thrust from a hydro-drive device
Heat control method and heat controller
Method of tucking side panels with side panel fold location control
Resin-made interior member for opening and closing body and molding die and molding method therefor
Method for brazing ceramic-containing bodies, and articles made thereby
Multiple material golf club head
Vortex transducer
Internal cord fixation device
Display device, method for manufacturing thereof, and television device
Electronic component mounting board, electronic component module, method of manufacturing electronic...
Granulator for producing a granulate made of molten plastic
Drum dryer
Two-way aquarium feeder with suction cup adapter
Fry and food scoop with condiment cells
Health enhancement method
Meat package with reduced leaker rates
Process for cleaning and disinfecting food products
Method of making french fry-style potato products
Additive for infant milk formulas
Family GH-61 polypeptides
Cellulases, the genes encoding them and uses thereof
System and method for detecting internet worm traffics through classification of traffic characteris...
Multi-application transponder circuit and memory management method for the same
Accessing multiple copies of RAM distributed throughout an ASIC/FPGA and maintaining their content c...
Method and system for dynamically operating memory in a power-saving error correcting mode
Cache refresh algorithm and method
Computing machine with hard stop-tolerant disk file management system
Storage system
Virtualization system for computers with a region-based memory architecture
Handling of the transmit enable signal in a dynamic random access memory controller
System and method for controlling the updating of storage device
Flash memory management method that is resistant to data corruption by power loss
System and method for performing a full copy in a data storage environment having a capability for p...
Storage layout and data replication
System, apparatus and method for avoiding page conflicts by characterizing addresses in parallel wit...
Memory controller, flash memory system employing memory controller and method for controlling flash ...
Computer system having failure recovery function, and failure recovery method thereof