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Autonomic embedded computing "dynamic storage subsystem morphing"
Conformable orthopedic implant
Intervertebral Prosthesis
Devices and Methods for the Treatment of Spinal Disorders
Devices and Methods for Annular Repair of Intervertebral Discs
Apparatus and method for the treatment of periprosthetic fractures
Orthopedic Implants Coated with Pyrolytic Carbon
Method for predicting liver fibrosis and related pathologies
Methods, systems and computer program products for extracting paroxysmal events from signal data usi...
External memory controller node
Personal Communication Apparatus Capable Of Recording Transactions Secured With Biometric Data
Security scanning system and method
Promoter, promoter control elements, and combinations, and uses thereof
Radio Base Station Apparatus and Data Transfer Control Method
Method and system for transmit power control techniques to reduce mutual interference between coexis...
Radio-Frequency Receiver Device
Low power very high-data rate device
Wireless Communication System and Radio Station
Cellular phone with integrated FM radio and remote low noise amplifier
Cellular phone with integrated FM radio and remote low noise amplifier
Cellular phone with integrated FM radio and remote low noise amplifier
Adjustable automatic gain control
Radio communication system and method therefor and portable radio communication unit and method ther...
Communication Control Method, Mobile Communication System, Base Station, and Radio Network Controlle...
Method and System for Automated Call Diversion
Management of cell-specific address information
Cellular radio network reusing frequencies
Method for coordinated control of radio resources in a distributed wireless system
Initial downlink transmit power adjustment for non-real-time services using dedicated or shared chan...
Radio communication system and radio communication terminal for the same
Method for controlling a radio transmission
Portable radio communication apparatus provided with a boom portion and a part of housing operating ...
Method, system, device and computer program for mutual authentication and content protection
Transportation system of persons and goods with checking out
Method of distributing content information over a broadcast file system
Electro-optical apparatus having a light-emitting element, manufacturing method thereof, and electro...
Fluid bed oxygenates to olefins reactor apparatus and process of controlling same
Write current shunting compensation
Non-volatile electromechanical field effect devices and circuits using same and methods of forming s...
Compositions for the preparation of void-containing articles
Materials and method for making splayed layered materials
Home server including a proxy facility, for executing an authentication and an encryption process in...
Jet endotracheal device and its use in intubation
Aerosol delivery apparatus and method for pressure-assisted breathing systems
Trouble information management system
Impatiens plant named `Balfafpinsar`
Transdermal composition of an antivomiting agent
Abutilon plant named `Oosttrump`
Mixed content flexibility for XML editors
Point-of-sale billing via hand-held devices
Expresso coffee machine
Programmable built-in self-test circuit for serializer/deserializer circuits and method
Table saw
Pectate lyases
Oral care appliance handle
Tennis racket frame
Methods and apparatus for electronic device manufacturing system monitoring and control
Wired circuit board
Method for thermal stabilization of highly concentrated formaldehyde solutions
Artificial vertebral disk replacement implant with crossbar spacer and method
Microfluid device and synthetic methods
Process of preparing an olefin oxide from olefin and organic hydroperoxide
Transparent error correcting memory that supports partial-word write
Image forming apparatus
Method and device for determining motion parameters of a conductive, profiled surface
Modified BACE
Self-aligning data path converter for multiple clock systems
Turret positioning system and method for a vehicle
Traffic light violation indicator
Bandpass filter network and method for bandpass filtering signals using multiple acoustic resonators
Method of restricting access, for the benefit of authorized users, to resources belonging to interac...
Method for amplifying a solid-state laser
Pulse shaping which compensates for component distortion
Autocorrelation threshold generation based on median filtering for symbol boundary detection in an O...
Rotating carriage assembly for use in scanning cargo conveyances transported by a crane
X-ray diffraction-based scanning system
Discovering communities-of-practice
Power saving control system and power saving control method
Method and apparatus for measuring crosstalk on a programmable logic device
Graphical application development system for test, measurement and process control applications
High quality anti-aliasing
Optical micro-actuator
General purpose 100% solid state drive for direct current rotary machines
Portable cellular phone system having automatic initialization
System and method for detecting cardiac ischemia using an implantable medical device
Interconnect for implantable medical device header
Method for predicting pore pressure
Thermal control extrusion press container
Method of manufacturing oxide dispersion strengthened martensitic steel excellent in high-temperatur...
Fuel vent valve
Golf ball dispensing and retrieving system
Golf training apparatus
Golf practice aid
Golf ball
Bi-modal ionomers
Scalable high density non-volatile memory cells in a contactless memory array
Polyhydroxy phenols and their use in binding p-selectin
Electron emission device with improved electron emission source structure
Nanoscale wire-based sublithographic programmable logic arrays
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device
System and method providing API interface between XML and SQL while interacting with a managed objec...
Selectable block protection for non-volatile memory
Secure deletion of information from hard disk drive
Memory block quality identification in a memory device
Method and apparatus for a modified parity check
Method and computer program product for identifying hypertext links in document printouts
Fast and accurate rendering of pliable display technology distortions using pre-calculated texel cov...
Electronic apparatus and apparatus for recording and/or playback on recording medium
Method and apparatus for detecting and processing noisy edges in image detail enhancement
Method and system for selecting data items for service requests
Method and system for management of roaming mobile subscriber
Method and system for determining a location of a plurality of units using sub-divided unit grouping...
Dynamic service binding providing transparent switching of information services having defined cover...
Apparatus for establishing a priority call in a fixed wireless access communication system
Energy information system and sub-measurement board for use therewith
Worked product appearance inspection method and system therefore
Distributed graph layout for sensor node networks
Router providing differentiated quality of service (QoS) and fast internet protocol packet classifyi...
Surveillance and table driven reporting tool
Systems and methods for employing an orthogonal corpus for document indexing
Internet subscriber management
Communication system and method for using any communication network therewith
Authentication using portion of social security number
Web address converter for dynamic web pages
SCSI-to-IP cache storage device and method
Facsimile apparatus having a function of archiving an image data into an external device through a n...
Information processing system
System and method for recording incoming calls on demand in a transaction processing system
System and method of automatically generating kerf design data
Program event activated and configured debugger method, system, article of manufacture, computer pro...
Run-time wait tracing using byte code insertion
Method and system for recording macros in a language independent syntax
Dynamic instrumentation for a mixed mode virtual machine
System and method for optimizing a program
System and method for incrementally saving web files to a web server using file hash values
Method and apparatus for handling threads in a data processing system
Method and apparatus for correlating events
Method of setting destinations of electronic mail
Method and system for representing hierarchal structures of a user-interface
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for enhancing a power distribution system in a ceram...
Equilibrium based vertical sync phase lock loop for video decoder
Image communication system
Method and apparatus for encoding video content
Portable telephone set
[Method of motion detection for 3D comb filter video decoder]
Dynamically controlled tuner AGC attack point
Broadband integrated tuner
System and method for processing images to emulate film tonescale and color
Imaging system with programmable spectral switch
System and method for viewing and selecting photographs using TV
System for improving performance of compression and decompression algorithms in a telecommunication ...
Dynamic gesture recognition from stereo sequences
Automatic target recognition system with Elliptical Laplacian Pyramid filter
Method of driving surveillance camera by using rotary electric machine
Filter process
Image processing device for scaling image frame
Method and device for digital video capture
Systems and methods for enhancing the provisioning and functionality of wireless instruments
Apparatus and method for correcting position of mobile robot
Comparing Media Files Against Database Content
Rolling electronic length measuring device
Method and apparatus for through-hole placement in a building structure
Process for production of gypsum/fiber board
Systems and methods for locating a circuit
Pharmaceutical Compositions
Diabetes-associated markers and methods of use thereof
Portable interactive gamed device with separate console for enhanced features and alternate display ...
Rotary Game Controller and Method of Facilitating User Exercise During Video Game Play
Synergistic Pharmaceutical And/Or Neutraceutical Flavanoid Composition For Management Of Diabetes Me...
Compounds Active in Sphingosine 1-Phosphate Signaling
Selective testicular 11beta-HSD inhibitors for the treatment of hypergonadism associated disorders a...
Fiber Containing Alkaline Beverage and Methods For Production Thereof
Method of Measuring Calorie of Object and Device of Measuring Calorie of Object
Method and system for assessing, quantifying, coding & communicating a patient's health and perioper...
Methods and systems for identifying compounds that modulate alpha-synuclein aggregation
Rate controlled release of a pharmaceutical agent in a biodegradable device
Methods for mapping tissue with optical coherence tomography data
Rate controlled release of a pharmaceutical agent in a biodegradable device
Metalloproteinase binding proteins
Method for Detecting Alzheimer's Disease and other Forms of Dementia, and Measuring Their Progressio...
Methods and compositions for treating post- myocardial infarction damage
Methods for rapid identification and quantitation of nucleic acid variants
Therapeutic agent for fibromyalgia
Novel mutations in hexosaminidase A
Topical composition having undifferentiated plant seed cells and method for using same
Diagnostics and Therapeutics for Diseases Associated with Kallikrein 2 (KLK2)
Lipid-Mediated Polynucleotide Administration to Deliver a Biologically Active Peptide and to Induce ...
Gaming device having a bonus scheme with multiple selection groups
Method to increase flash points of flammable solvents
Rechargable flashlight
Current collector ring for a generator having balance resistors
Method and apparatus for reminding a user of an unattended device in a vehicle
Battery pack control module
Apparatus and method of current sharing
Charging circuit for secondary battery
Drive state detection circuit
Power control circuit for charge storage element
Temperature compensation device and method for a voltage regulator
Multiple output power supply that configures itself to multiple loads
Overshoot suppression circuit for a voltage regulation module
Multi-lamp driver with active current regulator
Inrush current preventing circuit
Constant voltage outputting method and apparatus capable of changing output voltage rise time
Systems, multiphase power converters with droop-control circuitry and methods
Spring modulation with fast load-transient response for a voltage regulator
Photochromic film material
Brush-sieve powder-fluidizing apparatus for feeding nano-size and ultra-fine powders
Trusted system
Method and system for maintaining a desired service level for a processor receiving excessive interr...
Data processing system and method with data sharing for the same
Cover for reducing contamination in a plasma display device and plasma display device employing the ...
Versatile system for high-power switching controller in low-power semiconductor technology
Hardware updated metadata for non-volatile mass storage cache
Service programmable logic arrays with low tunnel barrier interpoly insulators
Method and apparatus for determining and displaying the service level of a digital television broadc...
Grill unit for use especially in commercial kitchens
Mobile locator system and method
Asynchronous configuration
Sleeved catheter having insertion control mechanism
Ballistic aerosol marking venturi pipe geometry for printing onto a transfuse substrate
Display arrangement
Foreign language learning tool and method for creating the same
Teaching aid device and method of teaching
Art kit for promoting religious comfort and spiritual healing
Breadboard to stackable plug convertor
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Ingrosab`
Position-recognizing system for self-moving robot
Enhanced privacy protection in identification in a data communications network
Strawberry plant named `Figaro`
Method and system architecture for secure communication between two entities connected to an interne...
Executing programs for a first computer architecture on a computer of a second architecture
Synchronized graphics and region data for graphics remoting systems
Coffee grinder assembly for a coffee machine
Leak detecting device for fuel vapor treatment unit
Swim training apparatus
Wall roll-up screen
Lubricant for improved surface quality of cast aluminum and method
Spray-formed articles made of pseudo-alloy and method for making the same
Method and apparatus for destruction of vapors and waste streams
Multi-mode electrically variable transmissions having two planetary gear sets with one fixed interco...
Strategy for mapping motor speed to calculate driver power demand in a hybrid electric vehicle
Continuously variable transmission apparatus
Iron-based sintered alloy material for valve seat
Apparatus and method for filtering particulate and NOx emissions
Production method for powdered core
Slidably movable member and method of producing same
Lubricant blends with low brookfield viscosities
Fluid resistant silicone encapsulant
Automatic gain adjust utility for radiation spectrometers
Electric generator
Correlated secondary TRC calibration method
Vehicle engine system having predictive control function
Plasma anemometer and method for using same
System and method for tokening documents
Runtime reconfiguration of reconfigurable circuits
Method of performing latch up check on an integrated circuit design
Methods of sampling halosilanes for metal analytes
Dip-forming latex, dip-forming composition and dip-formed article
Random fatty alcohol alkoxylates with low temperature stability, and methods of producing and using ...
Apparatus and method for multi-threaded password management
Modular trial mechanism
Sesquiterpene synthases and methods of use
Method for providing an area optimized binary orthogonality checker
Non-human transgenic animals for the study of neurodegenerative syndromes
Triggered release of liposomal drugs following mixing of cationic and anionic liposomes
Method for removing aflatoxins from Chinese herbal medicines
Detection of sarcocystis neurona
Neurotoxins with enhanced target specificity
Heparanase-like polypeptides
Method for chondrocyte expansion with phenotype retention
Colorants, dispersants and dispersions containing polymeric nanoparticles
Topical anesthetic formulation
Stable copolymers
Stable dosage forms containing ubiquinones
Minari extract for preventing the induction and metastasis of cancer by carcinogens contained in cig...
Botanical compositions having hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic and antimicrobial activities for maintaini...
Locking cradle for tablet computers
System and method for designing electronic forms and hierarchical schemas
Speaker device
Syringe interfaces and syringe adapters for use with medical injectors
Transparent replacement of a failing processor
Electromagnetic valve
Electronic alignment of acousto-optic modulator for modulating a laser
Self cleaning thermal media
Anodizing system with a coating thickness monitor and an anodized product
Apparatus and method for coding a time-discrete audio signal to obtain coded audio data and for deco...
System and method for unified sign-on
Biological culture growth and observation device
Deburring cutter for deburring edges of drilled holes
Mobile download system
Nozzle for air-assisted atomization of a liquid fuel
Crosslinking agent for a crosslinkable silicone composition with a low level of platinum based on a ...
Three-branched sugar-chain asparagine derivatives, the sugar-chain asparagines, the sugar chains, an...
Kits for the detection of target sequences
Diagnosis of human glycosylation disorders
Methods and compositions for identifying therapeutic compounds with GS-9005 ester hydrolase A
Methods and compositions for identifying therapeutic compounds with GS-7340 ester hydrolase
Methods and compositions for identifying therapeutic compounds with GS-9005 ester hydrolase B
Polypeptide-human actin-binding protein 54 and a polynucleotide encoding the same
Nested PCR employing degradable primers
Compositions and methods for identifying antigens which elicit an immune response
Methods of treating allergy by administering interleukin-17 receptor
HIV integrase inhibitors: cyclic pyrimidinone compounds
Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Benzophenones as inhibitors of reverse transcriptase
Inhibitors of serine proteases, particularly HCV NS3-NS4A protease
Borate phosphor materials for use in lighting applications
Chain saw
Method and apparatus for high throughput multiple radio sectorized wireless cell
Electromechanical functional module and associated process
Borehole equipment position detection system
Production method of suspension board with circuit
Method and device for analysing blushing in dispersion films
Method and apparatus for the linearization of a radio frequency high-power amplifier
Laser processing nozzle coupling
Solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Electro-optical device and driving device thereof
Solid electrolyte, method for preparing the same, and battery using the same
Quench process
System and method for speech generation from brain activity
Global closed loop control system with DV/DT control and EMI/switching loss reduction
Methods and apparatus based on coplanar striplines
Dielectric resonator device, dielectric filter, duplexer, and high-frequency communication apparatus
Discharge lamp lighting apparatus
Meander line capacitively-loaded magnetic dipole antenna
Quad-band coupling element antenna structure
Image reading apparatus and image reading method
Disk drive configured to enable non destructive leak detection at the interface between a drive sub-...
System and method for mitigating noise associated with information communication
Integrated crystal mounting and alignment system for high-throughput biological crystallography
Method and apparatus for synchronizing corresponding landmarks among a plurality of images
Optical waveguide displacement sensor
Light diffusing tip
Connector for interfacing intravascular sensors to a physiology monitor
Medical fluid delivery system
Downhole library of master wavelets for VSP-while-drilling applications
Geosteering in anisotropic formations using multicomponent induction measurements
Method for calculating frequency and amplitude modulation for adiabatic electro magnetic pulses
Aminoacetamide acyl guanidines as .beta.-secretase inhibitors
Capacitive touchpad integrated with key and handwriting functions
Closed-loop wavefront sensor using field programmable gate array
Two parallel folding knives attached by bridging devices
Magnetically controlled transformer apparatus for controlling power delivered to a load with current...
Method of treating tremors
Oxazole and thiazole compounds as transforming growth factor (TGF) inhibitors
Modulators of glucocorticoid receptor, AP-1, and/or NF-.kappa.B activity and use thereof
Methods of modulating mitochondrial NAD-dependent deacetylase
Process for producing a polyester
Processing of print data received over a network, and image formation using the processed data
Micromechanical potential sensor
Image forming apparatus with control of maximum output of colorant
Graphical object group management system
Image processing method and apparatus
Camera apparatus and image processing system with variable resolution
Scanning optical apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Pattern recognition apparatus using parallel operation
Three-dimensional photonic crystal and functional device including the same
Image forming apparatus to which a cartridge having a memory medium configured to store information-...
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with heat exhausting means for exhausting air from around a fixing unit and ...
Coupling part, photosensitive drum, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatu...
Information processing apparatus, management control method, computer program and memory medium
Data communication apparatus, data communication system, data communication method and storage mediu...
Exposure apparatus and device fabrication method using the same
Printing data held on a WWW server
Image recording and reproducing device, method and memory medium readable with computer
HIV immunoassays using synthetic envelope polypeptides
Apolipoprotein A-I agonists and their use to treat dyslipidemic disorders
Antibodies to the ED-B domain of fibronectin, their construction and uses
Antisense oligonucleotides for fertility and menstrual cycle regulation and for chemopreventive and ...
Integrated on-chip NMR and ESR device and method for making and using the same
Subcutaneous electrode with improved contact shape for transthoracic conduction
Compositions and methods of using a transient colorant
Fan blade bracket
Flower power shaped nightlight
System and method for separating three-dimensional models
Microprobe tips and methods for making
Managing state information in a computing environment
System and method for embedding a context-sensitive web portal in a computer application
Method and apparatus for burn-in of semiconductor devices
Semaphorin Z and gene encoding the same
Plunger pump
High-pressure fuel pump with a ball valve in the low-pressure inlet
Compressor assembly with piston having multiple cross sections
Control valve device for variable capacity type swash plate compressor
Control device for electric compressor
Air pump
Peristaltic irrigation pump system
Device and methods for body fluid flow control in extracorporeal fluid treatments
Shaft and post assemblies for molten metal apparatus
Parameter compensated pulse oximeter
Corrosion monitoring system, optical corrosion probe, and methods of use
System for determining stokes parameters
Sample entry purge system in spectrophotometer, ellipsometer, polarimeter and the like systems
Extracting shape information contained in cell images
Gamma correction method, gamma correction apparatus, and image reading system
Weapon guidance system
System for vehicle attitude and/or momentum control
Aircraft landing gear initial touch-down velocity monitor
Aircraft landing gear kinetic energy monitor
Dual panel type organic electroluminescent display device and method of fabricating the same
Silicon controlled rectifier electrostatic discharge protection device for power supply lines with p...
Substrate based ESD network protection for a flip chip
Ferroelectric/paraelectric multilayer thin film, method of forming the same, and high frequency vari...
Capacitor constructions
Memory cell array and method of forming the same
Capacitor constructions
Non-volatile memory and fabricating method and operating method thereof
Memory cell
Complementary thin film transistor circuit, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Sensor design and process
MgO-based tunnel spin injectors
Chemical sensor using chemically induced electron-hole production at a schottky barrier
Semiconductor package including redistribution pattern and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device having an interconnect that increases in impurity concentration as width increa...
High performance PFET header in hybrid orientation technology for leakage reduction in digital CMOS ...
Solid state image pickup device and manufacturing method therefor
Image processing device and method
System and method for determining the temperature of a semiconductor wafer
Disposable filter bag for a pool cleaner
External type filtration device
Method for the treatment of waste water with sludge granules
Fluid filter
Crossflow-filtration method for beverages
Membrane contactor apparatus including a module having hollow fiber membranes
Process for continuous ion exchange
Filter assemblies with valves
Method for treating water containing manganese
Functionalized polyimide molded body and functionalized polyimide membrane
Method for adsorption and reduction of hexavalent chromium by using ferrous-saponite
Method and device for reducing scale formation and/or corrosion in systems which conduct liquids
Process for removal of impurities from an oxidizer purge stream
Apparatus for condensing and recycling stripper
Method for determining the chemical dosage required to reduce sulfides in wastewater to acceptable l...
Biological fluid disposal system
Paint detackifier and detoxifier
Liquid switch, and microchip and mass-analyzing system using the same
Clean and test for fluid within a reflection optical switch system
Flash lamp drive circuit
Ozone injection method and system
Hull and fuselage construction
Copper tolerant yeast and pectinases produced by the yeast
System for policing junk e-mail messages
System and method for streaming of dynamic weather content to the desktop
Superconducting device with a cold head of a refrigeration unit with a thermosyphon effect thermally...
Environmental condition measurement system
Apparatus for cooling fluids
One or more heat exchanger components in major part operably locatable outside computer chassis
Electronic apparatus having a heat-radiating unit for radiating heat of heat-generating components
Systems for integrated cold plate and heat spreader
Cooling apparatus for heat generating devices
Modularized cooler
Heat exchanger in particular an evaporator for a vehicle air-conditioning unit
Cooling fin unit
Nanoengineered thermal materials based on carbon nanotube array composites
Reactor having a heat exchange medium circulation
Bake plate having engageable thermal mass
Cooling apparatus for an electronics subsystem employing a coolant flow drive apparatus between cool...
Capillary tube bubble containment in liquid cooling systems
Apparatus and method for cooling semiconductor devices
Power conversion device
Supporting plate
Programmable controller with saving changes indication
Devices having vertically-disposed nanofabric articles and methods of making the same
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear outsole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
System of vacuum accessibility for a vehicle
Dance footwear
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Star shaped tread member for footwear
Sandal having a variety of lacing styles
Exchangeable strap shoes
Balancing appliance for footwear item
Energy-activated compositions for controlled sustained release of a gas
Oral care implement
[18F]-furanosylpurine derivatives and uses thereof
Endotheliase-2 ligands
Method for preparing an enzyme containing granule
Tri-peptide hepatitis C serine protease inhibitors
Synthetic C-glycolipid and its use for treating cancer, infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases
6-11 bicyclic ketolide derivatives
Benzofuran inhibitors of factor VIIa
Use of difluoromethylornithine (DFMO) for the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Vibration proofing heat shield plate
Muffler with internal heat shield
Device and method for active soundproofing, and power unit for aeroplanes
Combination exhaust gas post treatment/muffler device in the exhaust gas section of an internal comb...
Method and apparatus for establishing communications with a remote node on a switched network based ...
Non-chronological system statistics
Echo cancellation in communication systems with asymmetric data rates
Transcription playback speed setting
Methods and systems for routing a call
Substantially synchronous deposit of messages into multiple communication modalities
Systems and methods for receiving telephone calls via instant messaging
Telephone to telephone data passing system
Network having space chattering control for maximizing call throughput during overload
Method and system for enhancement of caller identification
Method and apparatus for selectively establishing communication with one of plural devices associate...
Methods and systems for implementing a real-time, distributed, hierarchical database using a proxiab...
Methods, systems, and computer program products for routing calls based on the originating network
System and method of manufacture for establishing local payphone calls through long distance carrier...
Method and system for processing telephone calls via a remote tie-line
Scheduled return to queue with priority (SRQP)
Mounting for electronic accessories for vehicles
Methods and apparatus for flexible communication device usage attribution
Communication device including one or more electrical control buttons in an upper housing part
Telephone call handling center where operators utilize synthesized voices generated or modified to e...
System and method for multi-modal browsing with integrated update feature
Elimination of jack-knifing of the tractor-trailers
Control apparatus for a patient support
Dynamic balancing vehicle with a seat
Vehicle suspension apparatus
Electric wheelchair frame
Method for starting engine of vehicle with hybrid transmission and apparatus for carrying out the me...
Moving object with fuel cells incorporated therein and method of controlling the same
Automotive air induction duct
Hybrid hydraulic drive system with engine integrated hydraulic machine
Electric bicycle power structure
Prime mover control device of construction machine
Variable resolution control system
Traveling vehicle
Rack force disturbance rejection
Tension shackle x-brace
Traction control device
Method of producing granulated calcium carbonate/calcium phosphate composite materials with very hig...
Method and apparatus for the production of gaseous ammonia from a urea solution
Method of producing granulated anhydrous dicalcium phosphate
Carbon material and method of making same
Diamondoid-containing materials for passivating layers in integrated circuit devices
Method for decoloring sulfuric acid
Silicon annealed wafer and silicon epitaxial wafer
Hollow carbon fiber and production method
Nanocrystals in ligand boxes exhibiting enhanced chemical, photochemical, and thermal stability, and...
Inbred maize line PH1GD
Recombinant vector containing MJ1 gene and method of site-specific integration using the same
Methods of protecting plants from pathogenic fungi
Methods for inducing targeted stimulation of meiotic recombination and kits for performing said meth...
Elevation of fatty acid synthase levels in plants
Sweet potato MADS-box promoter directing high level expression in plant storage root
Soybean cultivar 4417380
Inbred corn line BE1146BMR
Inbred maize line PH3RC
Inbred corn line PHEHG
Inbred maize line PHB6V
Material porosity pressure impulse testing system
Selective melanin-concentrating hormone type-1 receptor agonists
Use of prohibitin RNA in treatment of cancer
Controlling protein levels in eucaryotic organisms
Zinc finger proteins for DNA binding and gene regulation in plants
Methods and products for regulating lectin complement pathway associated complement activation
Plant promoter
Wireless tag
Instantaneous mobile access to all pertinent life events
Print order system and method
Information recording/reproducing apparatus with security measure
Service system for selecting personal goods to wear or carry, and program product therefor
Automatic generation of a dimensional model for business analytics from an object model for online t...
System and method for generating a service level agreement template
Web enabled business to business operating system for rental car services
Workflow management software overview
RFID security device for optical disc
Stored order system for electronic commerce
System and method of providing agricultural pesticide information
Image processing system and ordering system
System, method and software product for ordering image products over a communication network from a ...
Product ordering method and system
Simultaneous real-time access to financial information
Distributed web CGI architecture
Web-based customer lead generator system with pre-emptive profiling
Cataloging radio stations
Method and system for monitoring utilizing condition of contents, computer program and recording med...
Combined headgear net with carrying pouch
Golf glove
Game glove
Wrestler headgear pad
Bird carrier
Simple sole washing device
High pressure cleaning apparatus
High pressure cleaning apparatus
High pressure cleaning apparatus
Robot vacuum cleaner with loading station
Display/input field
Portion of an upper housing for a floor care appliance
Lottery ticket scraper
Fluid reservoir pole with dispensing wash head and squeegee
Lobby dustpan with internal stacking mechanism
Container for household waste materials
Trainable dolly
Cart handle
Vampire fangs coffin
Method and apparatus for automatic delay compensation in space diversity radio transmissions
QoS control method for transmission data for radio transmitter and radio receiver using the method
Method and apparatus for frequency division multiplexing
Integrated electrical/optical hybrid communication system with revertive hitless switch
Digital radio feedback apparatuses, systems, and methods
Digital radio feedback systems
Advanced capability RFID system
Method for regulating transmission power in a radio system
Apparatus for automatically finding an am radio program
Methods and apparatus for reducing signal interference in a wireless receiver based on signal-to-int...
AM data recovery circuit
Method and base station controller for handover of simultaneous voice and data sessions
Cellular radio locator system
Electrical power supply system for unmanned aircraft
Radio wall switch
Tunable micro electromechanical inductor
Proximity management system and method using radio-frequency identification tags
Power strip with control and monitoring functionality
Replay or recording appliance for optical recording media having an inclination control system
Combined mobile communication plus pointing device
Non-organic open-framed chorded zither/autoharp with multiple interchangeable sound chambers
Timpani with a foldable leg assembly
Device and method for characterizing a tone signal
Wearable sensor matrix system for machine control
Position and velocity transducer using a phonograph disc and turntable
Support of a wavetable based sound synthesis in a multiprocessor environment
High-temperature coatings with Pt metal modified .gamma.-Ni+.gamma.'-Ni.sub.3Al alloy compositions
Hybrid active matrix thin-film transistor display
Method for defining animation parameters for an animation definition interface
Augmented reality system
Flexible video display apparatus and method
Method, apparatus, and program for analyzing a prosthetic device
Wild bird game feeder
Race game device
Ball game device
Impact measuring game ball
Display device
Method and apparatus for converting spent water-based drilling muds into fertile indigenous top soil
Modular floating dock frame and interconnection system
Hydraulic boat lift
Invert elevation-change adapter
Water intake open cavity drum for ornamental and fish ponds
Compositions and methods for removing heavy metals from contaminated samples using membranes provide...
Multimedia recording device
Method and system for implementing and managing a multimedia access network device
Signaling method and arrangement
Method and system for detecting conscious hand movement patterns and computer-generated visual feedb...
System and method for processing symbols embedded in digital video
Multimedia output device having embedded encryption functionality
Gathering data concerning publication usage
Card with increased gripability
Image processing apparatus and image processing method for distinguishing between an original print ...
Software based Dynamic Key Generator for Multifactor Authentication
Method and apparatus for interpreting information
Product support of computer-related products using intelligent agents
Method for speech-based data retrieval on portable devices
System and method for a seamless user interface for an integrated electronic health care information...
Device and method for arranging a flat panel display
Seasonal, multi-use, multi-level structure transportable both by ground and water for use in a body ...
Vertical lift craft
Article support apparatus, system, and method
Customer information card game
Video game chair
Magnetic construction modules for creating three-dimensional assemblies
Ultra-thin semiconductors bonded on glass substrates
Linear basic compounds having NK-2 antagonist activity and formulations thereof
Thermally stable self-doped functionalized polyanilines
Methods of making tris(N-aryl benzimidazoles)benzenes and their use in electronic devices
Thermoelectric power generation systems
Light switch assembly
Gamma vector camera
Light emitting diode systems
Solid state MEMS activity-activated battery device and method
Battery charging system distinguishing primary and secondary batteries
Regulator circuit having a low quiescent current and leakage current protection
Electrical utility communications and control system
Method and apparatus for reducing quantization-induced beam errors by selecting quantized coefficien...
Multiple evaluators for evaluation of a purality of conditions
Electronic device and electronic apparatus
Thermoplastic film having metallic nanoparticle coating
Electronic instrument having booster circuit
Compensation of temperature-induced dispersion drift in optical communication links
Optimized energy management system
Method and system for monitoring fluid flow
Islanding detection and protection method
Arrangement of color pixels for full color imaging devices with simplified addressing
Harness system for attaching camera to user
Integrated lithographic fabrication cluster
Image printing apparatus and image printing control method
Method and apparatus of generating three dimensional image data having one file structure and record...
Method and apparatus for creating aerial panoramic photography
Methods for the detection of variant cayman ataxia nucleic acids
Compositions for promoting sleep
Alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone derivatives and cosmetic application thereof
Super absorption Coenzyme Q.sub.10
Process for preparing tannate tablet, capsule or other solid dosage forms
Herbal preparation for management of cardiovascular and neurologic disorders
Method of diagnosing testicular tumors using polynucleotides encoding a novel testis-specific tubuli...
Compounds, compositions and methods for the treatment of diseases characterized by A-33 related anti...
Vascular endothelial growth factor-2
Tryptophanyl-tRNA synthetase-derived polypeptides useful for the regulation of angiogenesis
Method and pharmaceutical compositions for treating or inhibiting renal dysfunctions, diseases or di...
NMDA receptor antagonist formulation with reduced neurotoxicity
Antibody to PRO1779 polypeptides
Immunization of dairy cattle with GapC protein against Streptococcus infection
Methods of extended use oral contraception
Anti-asthmatic combinations comprising surface active phospholipids
Methods for treating autoimmune and chronic inflammatory conditions using antagonists of CD30 or CD3...
Nucleic acids encoding DP-178 and other viral fusion inhibitor peptides useful for treating aids
Method for administering agents to the central nervous system
Acceleration mode for a vehicle with a continuous transmission
Automatic transmission shifter assembly with integrated ignition actuator
Driving unit for motor vehicle and method for determining the characteristic of a coupling of the dr...
Temperature-based vehicle wakeup strategy to initiate fuel cell freeze protection
Single retainer mounted riser
AC motor driving apparatus and method of controlling the same
System informing a state of a wheel assembly of a vehicle and a method for informing the same
Device and method for determining a wheel position
Method and apparatus for controlling a video recorder/player to selectively alter a video signal
Systems and methods for visualization of data sets containing interrelated objects
Method for retrieving answers from an information retrieval system
System and method of finding documents related to other documents and of finding related words in re...
Database model for hierarchical data formats
Content/information search system
Optimization using a multi-dimensional data model
User-friendly rights management systems and methods
Information encoding on surfaces by varying spectral emissivity
Image forming apparatus, image forming system, image forming method, and control program for printin...
Document processing method and apparatus
Method for digital image alteration detection and original digital image recovery
Image processing apparatus for embedding information with a noise-multiplexed distribution, and meth...
Image processing apparatus for embedding information with a noise-multiplexed distribution, and meth...
Digital watermark embedding method, digital watermark extraction method, digital watermark embedding...
Apparatus and method for synchronizing presentation from bit streams based on their content
Watermark time scale searching
Macrolide antinfective agents
Light stabilized antimicrobial materials
Device for detecting magnetic fields and related detecting methods
Low cost detectible pipe and electric fencing manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materi...
Universal broadband polarizer, devices incorporating same, and method of making same
Rubber compositions comprising high levels of oily substance and the use thereof in golf balls
Environmentally friendly de-icer and anti-icer compositions
Homogeneous alumoxane-LCT-epoxy polymers and methods for making the same
Electrostatic inkjet ink composition
Process for hydrogenating carboxylated nitrile rubber, the hydrogenated rubber and its uses
Extruded toner receiver layer for electrophotography
Gas discharge tube
Pharmaceutical composition for treatment of cancers
IL-1-like cytokine antibodies
ACPL antibodies and methods of use thereof
Pharmaceutically active agents that impede the formation of amyloid by impeding the genesis or growt...
Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding isolated peptides which correspond to contiguous amino acid...
Environmentally safe agricultural supplement
Citrullinylarginine dipeptide analogs and their dermatological uses as care and treatment agents
Production of a parvovirus vaccine in plants as viral coat protein fusions
Methods of using Botulinum toxin for the treatment of hypervolemic lip deformity (lip ectropion)
Memory card with connecting portions for connection to an adapter
System and method for recording moving images
Display device of focal angle and focal distance in iris recognition system
Display screen burn-in prevention device and burn-in prevention method
Method for determining entropy of a pixel of a real time streaming digital video image signal, and a...
Inkjet printer for digital camera
Method for deinterlacing interlaced video by a graphics processor
Motion detection in an image capturing device
Video signal processing circuit and method for converting number of scan lines and image display dev...
Image input apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for analyzing a digitally converted analogue signal
JPEG compatible image file format using multiple application segments
Frame signal phase adjuster
Image pickup apparatus, image data processing apparatus, image data outputting method, image data pr...
Camera-equipped cellular telephone
Imaging device chip having transistors of same conductivity type and image pickup system
Receiving apparatus
Solid-state image pickup device and device driving control method for solid-state image pickup
Video apparatus with picture-in-picture ability
Method and apparatus for acquiring line signals
Image pickup apparatus with brightness distribution chart display capability
Liquid consumption status detecting method, liquid container, and ink cartridge
Butt-weldable conveyor belt
Mobile air powered material separator
Backflushable filter device for molten material and distribution unit for a filter device of this ty...
Greywater recycling apparatus
Tube joint for fuel tank
Motor vehicle passenger compartment heat insulation and dissipation
Plasticating screw
Methods for manufacturing foam material including systems with pressure restriction element
Method and apparatus for abrasive recycling and waste separation system
Prefab-type waterproofing structure and method for fabricating the waterproofing structure
Synthetic material and methods of forming and applying same
Apparatus for removing nitrogen
Draw resonant resistant multilayer films
Fiber reinforced concrete
Aerosol dispenser for mixing and dispensing multiple fluid products
System and method for adaptable testing of backplane interconnections and a test tool incorporating ...
Apparatus and method for reducing fluid drag on a submerged surface
Harness suitable for use on watercraft
Sailing vessel with lateen sail rigging
Secure hardware random number generator
Electronic-monetary system
Relational database management encryption system
System and method for processing information using encryption key block
Method and apparatus for providing peer authentication for an internet key exchange
Cryptographic key, encryption device, encryption/decryption device, cryptographic key management dev...
Methods and apparatus for authenticating data as originating from a storage and processing device an...
Communication system, wireless communication apparatus, and communication method
Key escrow systems
Method for industrially changing the passwords of AIX/UNIX users
Method and system for integrating test coverage measurements with model based test generation
Methods and apparatus for translating application tests for execution with simulation software tools
Apparatus and method for dynamically rerouting a network request based on shared predictive failure ...
Method, system, and program product for controlling test data of a logic built-in self-test of an in...
Method and systems for improving test of data transmission in multi-channel systems
Data editing for improving readability of a display
System and method for determining numerical representations for categorical data fields
Method and device for diagnosis using an oscillating airflow
Telephone controller for VoIP
Remote control telephone dialing system and method
Server, communication device, communication system and internet protocol address notification method
Dynamic wireless network
Dual-mode wireless and wired power line communications
Location management system and a paging server in a wireless IP network
Virtual-product presentation system
Server system, client system and difference update system
Device and method for exchanging flows between a client device and a server
Method and system for providing an instant messaging service in a mobile communication network
Method for developing adaptive menus
Wireless communication apparatus
Wireless telecommunications with adjustment of uplink power level
Method and apparatus for delivering program to storage module of mobile terminal
Method for recognizing request for data transmission by mobile/base station RRC using network transf...
Scheme to discard an erroneous PDU received in a wireless communication system
Adapter for car radios
Metal/ZnOx/metal current limiter
Methods, apparatus, and systems involving ion beam generation
Tire inflation pressure sensing apparatus supplied with electrical power via wireless communication
Hybrid-phased communication array
Time of arrival estimation mechanism
System and method for processing foreign currency payment instructions contained in bulk files
Optical generic switch panel
OASLM and a method and apparatus for driving an OASLM
Optical security element
Architecture and method for framing control and data bursts over 10 Gbit Ethernet with and without W...
Method and apparatus for optically reading target while folding reflected light
Diffractive optical variable image including barcode
Sealed housing unit for lighting system
Therapeutic compositions for intranasal administration which include KETOROLAC
Optically active aziridine-2-carboxylate derivatives and a process for preparing them
Method of heightening optical purity of 1-benzyl-3-aminopyrrolidine and salt for used therein
Production process of optically pure 2-(4- hydroxyphenoxy)-propionic acid compounds
Process for producing optically active compound
Display device and electronic equipment having the same comprising a region for reflecting a polariz...
Method of providing dynamic power redundancy based on a difference of current power units and curren...
Telephony control system with intelligent call routing
Integrated driver circuitry
Validating an invoice in a wireless telecommunication system
Caller identification device and method of operation thereof
System for forwarding SMS messages to other devices
Sliding/swing-type portable digital communication apparatus
String matching of locally stored information for voice dialing on a cellular telephone
Mobile phone holder
Kinesiological model-based gestural augmentation of voice communication
Method and system for implementing standard applications on an intelligent network service control p...
Dual tone multi frequency signal detection
System and method for voice organizer message delivery
Property management system protocol auto-detection
Method, system and article of manufacture for bookmarking voicemail messages
Flexible distributed/centralized architecture for voice/unified messaging system
Method and apparatus for measuring dimension using electron microscope
System and method for monitoring individuals
Transgenic expression of a phytochrome a gene
Modulation of bacterial membrane permeability
Microscale diffusion immunoassay
Multi-analyte diagnostic test for thyroid disorders
Methods and compositions for oxygen transport comprising modified hemoglobin in plasma
System and method for configurable binding of access control lists in a content management system
Method and apparatus for multimodal communication with user control of delivery modality
Peer group name server
System and method for managing and provisioning virtual routers
Delivering electronic content
Methods and apparatus for conducting electrical current
One-piece baffle trim for recessed light housing
Lampshade of a table lamp
Ashtray cup
Hair iron
Nail clipper
Hand-operable face cleansing apparatus
Wrestler headgear
Protective athletic glove
Disposable sanitized glove
Interior rear panel with an underwater landscape for use in an aquarium
Pet kennel
Elevated pet feeder having attachable extension bowls and containers
Drum type washing machine
Laundry dryer
Vacuum cleaner
Upper housing for a floor care appliance
Convection/impingement oven for continuously cooking food
Installation for delivering a frozen product and method for using same
Modular and reconfigurable frozen cone confection manufacturing system and method
Belt conveyor with a supporting platform formed from a single sheet of metal
Pegboard tray for retaining food items during transportation
Bariatric sleeve
Amorphous water-soluble calcium citrate salts and method of making and using same
Apparatus and method of automatic cooking of buckwheat
Method for reducing acrylamide formation in thermally processed foods
Sweetener and process for producing the same
Creamy foodstuff and method for production thereof
Dribble bib
Bib with an improved pocket
Highly absorbent/quick drying bib
Bis(salicylaldiminato)titanium complex catalysts, highly syndiotactic polypropylene by a chain-end c...
Self-degrading fibers and associated methods of use and manufacture
Methods and compositions for stabilizing the surface of a subterranean formation
Wound closure system and method
Coating systems containing modified crosslinkers
Image forming method using photothermographic material
Electronic identification tag with electronic banding
Workstation RFID reader for surgical instruments and surgical instrument trays and methods of using ...
RFID radiation nullifier
Multi-application smartcard
Shielded RFID transceiver with illuminated sensing surface
Small rectenna for radio frequency identification transponder
Method for forming radio frequency antenna
Antenna arrangement
System and method for notifying a user of a document left at a xerographic apparatus
Envelope detection circuit for low power communication systems
Methods and apparatus for providing information indicative of traffic delay of a wireless link
Smart medicine container
Delay lock loop delay adjusting method and apparatus
System and method for biometric authorization for financial transactions
Dispenser volume determination method
Process for managing an electronic transaction by chip card terminal and chip card implementing this...
Micromirrors with lower driving voltages
Automotive pedal support structure
Apparatus and method for detecting rotation
Exhaust device with or without dilution based on two controllable outputs
Multiple algorithm event discrimination method
Structural assembly for electric scooter
Adaptive rear-wheel steer open-loop control for vehicle-trailer system