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Working vehicle comprising a hydrostatic transmission
System and method for induced acceleration mitigation for seat occupant
Working vehicle
Trailer moving vehicle
Fuel cell vehicle
Electric machine for hybrid motor vehicle
Electrically motorized wheel with protective cover
Vehicle drive device, and front-and-rear wheel-driven vehicle formed of the device
High tonnage ultra light mining truck with a greater load efficiency for off-road applications that ...
Windmill apparatuses and methods of mounting blades to enhance their performance
Method for Estimating Engine Power in a Hybrid Electric Vehicle Powertrain
Method and arrangement for the preventive protection of vehicle passengers in dangerous situations
Input device in a vehicle and method of occupant classification
Fuel cell system
Nucleic acids encoding recombinant proteins containing Shiga-like toxin and vascular endothelial gro...
Chimeric transcriptional regulatory element compositions and methods for increasing prostate-targete...
Method for producing or enhancing a T-cell response against a target cell using a complex comprising...
Posh nucleic acids, polypeptides and related methods
Apparatus and method for transporting radiopharmaceuticals
Methods of treating abnormal biological conditions using metal oxides
Fluorogenic or fluorescent reporter molecules and their applications for whole-cell fluorescence scr...
Ring fused pyrazole derivatives as CRF antagonists
Compositions and methods for use against acne-induced inflammation and dermal matrix-degrading enzym...
Method for treating an inflammation or lesion caused by a virus
Tricyclic nucleosides or nucleotides as therapeutic agents
Methods for treating cancer using cytokine-expressing polynucleotides
Use of oversulfated polysaccharides as inhibitors of HIV
Compositions useful as inhibitors of protein kinases
Twin-arm vehicle mirror with powerfold and powerextend features
Compounds, methods and pharmaceutical compositions for inhibiting PARP
Ligand of G protein-coupled receptor protein and DNA thereof
Steerable diagnostic catheters
Method and apparatus for evaluating and optimizing ventricular synchronization
Guidance of invasive medical devices by high resolution three dimensional ultrasonic imaging
Apparatus for vacuum-assisted irrigation and drainage of a body cavity
Intravenous catheter device
Catheter anchor system and method
Delivering material to a patient
Autologous material delivery apparatus and method
Cooled laser fiber for improved thermal therapy
Apparatus and method for sealing and cutting tissue
Method of test of clock generation circuit in electronic device, and electronic device
Ultrasonic transmitter, ultrasonic transceiver and sounding apparatus
Ink jet ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit, and ink jet recording apparatu...
Blind magnitude equalizer for segment sync-based timing recovery of receivers
Portable terminal device
Processor to efficiently rename decoded condition codes and instruction control method thereof
System and method for optimizing authentication in a network environment
Magnetic construction set
Method of fabrication of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Electromagnetic valve and vapor fuel treating system applying the same
Speaker assembly for a television cabinet
Wideband apochromatic lens system
Data transmission system and data transmission apparatus
Cleaning device for image forming apparatus
Surgical perforation device with electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring ability and method of using ECG ...
Peptides, derivates thereof, process for producing the same, novel strain producing the same, and an...
Inhibitors of histone deacetylase
Flotation device and method of froth flotation
Chemical compounds
Heterocyclic compounds
Cristalline and amorphous form of a triazolo (4,5-D) pyridimine compound
Cannabinoid receptor ligands and uses thereof
Amino acid derivatives, method for production thereof and pharmaceutical compositions comprising sai...
Surgical drain with sensors for monitoring fluid lumen
Bilateral extension prosthesis and method of delivery
Implantable prosthetic valve
System and method for unorchestrated determination of data sequences using sticky byte factoring to ...
Network interface for distributed intelligence database system
System for controlling the distribution and use of digital works using digital tickets
Systems and methods for deidentifying entries in a data source
Patient rule induction method on large disk resident data sets and parallelization thereof
Method and apparatus for providing a pay-for-service web site
Firewall providing enhanced network security and user transparency
Collecting and valuating used items for sale
Secure electronic voting device
Method and apparatus for real time monitoring of industrial electrolytes
Piracy-resistant data leasing system and method
System for high-speed automatic weighing of items in a mail stream
Method for determining a warranty start date
Semiconductor package having optical receptacles and light transmissive/opaque portions and method o...
Hybrid devices
Geranium plant named `KLEP03111`
Geranium plant named `KLEP03107`
Geranium plant named `Dueimvidared`
Peach tree named `SUGARPEACH II`
Strawberry plant named `Driscoll Bonaire`
Alstroemeria plant named `Zalsabrand`
Pelargonium plant named `Free Rured`
Impatiens plant named `Silte Oransar`
Pelargonium plant named `Free Derose`
Kalanchoe plant named `AFRICAN SUNSHINE`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Tamar Dark Salmon`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `JAChonew`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Anastasia Green`
Climbing rose plant named `WEKbecfoj`
Geranium plant named `Dueamanda`
Thuja plant named `Silvanus 1`
Mushroom variety named `Spoppo`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Tamar Light Violet`
Hop plant named `Summit`
tcdB2 protein from Photorhabdus luminescens W-14
Nucleic acid-protein fusions and methods of making and selecting fusions
Compositions for isolating and/or stabilising nucleic acids in biological material
Compounds for immunodiagnosis of prostate cancer and methods for their use
Helicobacter pylori antigens in blood
Messenger RNA profiling: body fluid identification using multiplex reverse transcription-polymerase ...
Identification and characterization of a novel alpha-amylase from maize endosperm
Method for identifying drug-sensitizing antisense DNA fragments and use thereof
Methods, libraries and computer program products for gene silencing with reduced off-target effects
Recombinant chimeric human anti-botulinum antibodies
Method for Measuring Binding of a Test Compound to a G-Protein Coupled Receptor
Polypeptide Having Rnase III Activity
Tryptophanyl-tRNA synthetase-derived polypeptides useful for the regulation of angiogenesis
Self assembling proteins for producing extended materials
Novel human LXRalpha variants
Novel Sirna-Based Approach to Target the Hif-Alpha Factor for Gene Therapy
Follicle Stimulating Hormone Superagonists
Novel thrombospondin-1 polynucleotides encoding variant thrombospondin-1 polypeptides and methods us...
Antiinflammatory Lactones
Antenna mounted on vehicle
Inter-vehicle communication apparatus and method with restrictions on size of network
Method and apparatus for detecting and correcting trailer induced yaw movements in a towing vehicle
Preceding-vehicle following control system
Path planning for mine countermeasures
Vehicle network and method of communicating data packets in a vehicle network
Method and control circuit for driving an electric motor of a seatbelt retractor
Portal server and information supply method for supplying music content of multiple versions
Method of and system for providing identification of a piece of information
Valve lifter assembly for selectively deactivating a cylinder
Evaluation method of diagnostic function for variable valve mechanism and evaluation apparatus for v...
Exhaust gas recirculation
Valve-driving system of internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine start-up control
Control apparatus for electric variable valve actuation mechanism
Apparatus and method for controlling internal combustion engine
Variable phase drive mechanism
Method for diagnosing variable intake system
System and method for media stream indexing and synchronization
Information delivery system, information delivery method, information delivery server, content deliv...
Customizing strings displayed upon a mobile device without altering core software of the device
Database index validation mechanism
Method and system for updating value correlation optimizations
Methods and apparatus for resource allocation in computer architectures
System and method for detecting and storing file content access information within a file system
Method and system for image templates
Kiosk having computer and peripherals
Sales kiosk
Secure system for delivery of a fax to a remote user
Intelligent printing by a kiosk
Audio and/or video generation apparatus
Watermarking messaging sessions
Invisible digital watermarks
Digital stamp
Method of generating printed interactive document
Remote surveillance system
Method and apparatus for generating, sensing, and adjusting watermarks
Method and apparatus for parallel shift right merge of data
Address management system, interface ID setting processor, communication terminal, address managemen...
System and method for providing multiplexing and remultiplexing of MPEG-2 streams
Authenticity output method and its apparatus, and processing program
Closure with concertina element and processing means
Arcuate guide apparatus and method for conveyor(s)
Guide apparatus and method for conveyor(s)
Means and methods for regulating gene expression
Human foreskin fibroblasts for culturing ES cells
Virus production
Production of adeno-associated virus in insect cells
Genetic control of plant growth and development
Stabilized ester compositions and their use in film-forming compositions
Veto cells effective in preventing graft rejection and devoid of graft versus host potential
Inkjet printer using ultraviolet cure ink
Flash curing in selective deposition modeling
Compact fluorescent lamp and luminaire using the same
Ceramic metal halide lamp
Hybridization of target DNA with immobilized nucleic acid analogs
Use of alkoxylated polyvinyl amines for the modification of surfaces
Water-based polymers for use as friction reducers in aqueous treatment fluids
Method of structuring of a substrate
Low-carbon-doped silicon oxide film and damascene structure using same
Preparation method of polyester resin
Composition for coating having a gas barrier property, coating and coated film having a gas barrier ...
Printing plate material and printing process
Polymer dispersant having hyperbranched structures
Ink jet recording method
Compositions and methods for cleaning contaminated articles
Paper sized with a sizing agent and a selected sizing promoter
Insulating glass assembly including a polymeric spacing structure
Amplifier circuit with reduced power-off transients and method thereof
Liquid crystal display of touch input type, and method of manufacture
Water-based coating composition curable with actinic energy ray, coated metallic material with cured...
Look-up table implementation of WCDMA frame synchronization and cell group ID detection
Reconfiguring a RAM to a ROM using layers of metallization
Method, system, and program product for boundary I/O testing employing a logic built-in self-test of...
Methods and apparatus for incorporating IDDQ testing into logic BIST
Cache directory array recovery mechanism to support special ECC stuck bit matrix
Extender card for testing error-correction-code (ECC) storage area on memory modules
Memory circuit comprising an error correcting code
Determining equivalent waveforms for distorted waveforms
On-chip variability impact simulation and analysis for circuit performance
Optical recording medium having super resolution layer
Conjunctive analysis of biological marker expression for predicting cardiac mortality
Programmable multiplexed active biologic array
Complexity management and analysis of genomic DNA
Use of non-volatile memory to perform rollback function
Method of detecting inorganic phosphoric acid, pyrophosphate and nucleic acid, and method of typing ...
Personal identification method and apparatus
Directed evolution methods for improving polypeptide folding and solubility and superfolder fluoresc...
Biosensors, method for obtaining the same and uses thereof
Electrophotographic photoconductor, process cartridge, image forming apparatus and image forming met...
Nickel-carbene, palladium-carbene and platinum-carbene complexes, their production and use in cataly...
Image heating apparatus
Compact lighting system attachable to a surgical tool and method of use thereof
Reactive hot melt adhesive
Compositions for rapid and non-irritating transdermal delivery of pharmaceutically active agents and...
Carrier frequency offset estimator for OFDM systems
Upstream data transmission
Reducing crosstalk in free-space optical communications
System and method for secure multiple wavelength communication on optical fibers
Control of delay line interferometer
Scalable and embedded codec for speech and audio signals
Method and apparatus for decreasing perceived push-to-talk call set-up time using a buffer for initi...
Method and apparatus for controlling uplink power to maintain desired frame error rate in a wireless...
Field emission devices having corrugated support pillars with discontinuous conductive coating
Logical star topologies for non-star networks
System and method for predistorting a signal using current and past signal samples
Optical device with tunable coherent receiver
Method and apparatus for determining a distance between a base station and a mobile unit
Playing one or more videos at one or more mobile phones while one or more phone calls associated wit...
Method and system for connecting calls through virtual media gateways
Dynamically controlling power consumption within a network node
Method and apparatus for dedicated hardware and software split implementation of rate matching and d...
Mesh for bags or packaging
Hairdye composition
Colored image-forming composition containing phthalocyanine compound, inks, inkjet inks, inkjet reco...
Environmentally benign anti-icing or deicing fluids employing triglyceride processing by-products
Corrosion inhibiting composition and article containing it
Odor control compositions and methods
Liquid oligomeric compositions containing acrylate unsaturation and polybutadiene segments
Cyclopropanecarboxaldehydes and their use in perfume compositions
Adhesive tape
Folding keyboard for an electronic communications device
Mobile wireless communications device comprising multi-frequency band antenna and related methods
Full screen display of key entries
Sheet guide, fixing device and image forming apparatus
Distributed control system with global contraints for controlling object motion with smart matter
Remote order entry system and method
Printer manager application icon for a display screen
Sheet feeding device with two cams
Low level cure transfuse assist for printing with radiation curable ink
Ink set for ink-jet recording, ink-jet recording method and ink-jet recording apparatus
Imaging member
Non-halogenated polymeric binder
Color input scanner calibration system
Systems and methods for compensating for temperature induced spectral emission variations in LED bas...
Method for smooth trap suppression of small graphical objects using run length encoded data
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Image carrier and developing device incorporated in image forming apparatus
Semiconductor device, electronic card and pad rearrangement substrate
High density plasma chemical vapor deposition process
Rotating electrical apparatus
Liquid crystal device, liquid crystal driving device and method of driving the same, and electronic ...
Internet facsimile apparatus and the apparatus setting method
Image forming apparatus, control method and toner consumption calculating apparatus and method
Image forming device
Remote reconfiguration system
Methods and apparatuses for mounting a flat panel video display
Dynamic network session redirector
FPGA-based digital circuit for reducing readback time
Dielectric filter and wireless communication system
Imprint-free coding for ferroelectric nonvolatile counters
Decoupled planar positioning system
Protection circuit for signal and power
Method for cleaning a resonator
System and method for process-flexible MEMS design and simulation
Laser peening process and apparatus using a liquid erosion-resistant opaque overlay coating
Fragrance bottle
Mattress cover with quilt pattern
Composition for forming dielectric layer, MIM capacitor and process for its production
Protective tape used for optical member
Semiconductor apparatus for white light generation and amplification
Method for measuring thin film transistor array of active matrix display panel
Organic electroluminescence display panel and display apparatus using thereof
Web-compatible electronic device, web page processing method, and program
Wear monitoring system with embedded conductors
Image forming method
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, method for manufacturing the electrophotographic photoreceptor, a...
Photopolymerizable composition, light sensitive planographic printing plate material and manufacturi...
Dielectric ceramic composition and monolithic ceramic capacitor
Aromatic compounds
IFN receptor 1 binding proteins, DNA encoding them, and methods of modulating cellular response to i...
Anonymous transaction authentication
Negative photosensitive resin composition
Apparatus and method for searching a n-branch data structure using information in entries
Meta-data driven resource management
Method and apparatus for generating custom configured output
Process and apparatus for treating a workpiece using ozone
Apparatus and methods for electrochemical processing of microelectronic workpieces
Workpiece processor having processing chamber with improved processing fluid flow
3,4-dihydroquinazoline derivatives as T-type calcium channel blockers and method of preparing the sa...
Substituted benzimidazoles and imidazo-[4,5]-pyridines
Window seal with electrical raceway
Coffee maker
Associative processing for three-dimensional graphics
Beverage making apparatus
Metal compound-metal multilayer electrodes for organic electronic devices
Multi-step organic light-emissive devices
Compound for light emitting device and organic light emitting device using the same
Electroluminescent devices having pendant naphthylanthracene-based polymers
Image display device
Hermetic encapsulation of organic, electro-optical elements
Display device and mobile display having a semi-transparent metal layer
Organic light emitting device having metal electrodes in a groove with steps in a substrate
Triboluminescent materials and devices
Conversational dealing system
Optical modulator
Ceramic optical sub-assembly for optoelectronic modules
Detecting radius of optically writable label side of optical disc at which markings have not been wr...
Optical connector, optical coupling method and optical element
Multi-channel optical loading channel transmitter
Lighted backpack
Optoelectronic transmission and/or reception arrangement
Laser package with digital electronic interface
Position-measuring device
Method and apparatus for recording optical information, and optical disk
Equalization of optical signals
Evanescent microwave probe with enhanced resolution and sensitivity
Central policy manager
Adaptive adjustment of time and frequency domain equalizers in communications systems
Extractor for a revolver
Method for correcting the flight path of ballistically fired spin-stabilised artillery ammunition
Truck pivot joint bearing and method of lubricating
Rolling element bearing having starved lubrication conditions
Spindle motor having dynamic pressure fluid bearing
Multistep transmission of a layshaft type
Internal combustion engine
Fluid bearing device
Annular disk for a sliding bearing
Protective cap for wheel support bearing assembly
Bearing unit for wheel
Rolling bearing and spindle device for machine tools
Sealing arrangement for rolling bearing and spindle of machine tool
Bearing apparatus for a driving wheel of vehicle
Motor resolver assembly and method of measuring speed and position of a motor rotor
Sliding device
Rolling bearing unit
Split outer race, split rolling bearing using same, and manufacturing method for split outer race
Lubricant grease for low and high temperature application and rolling bearing
Method and device for monitoring the functioning of a valve stroke adjusting device of an internal c...
Communications method, data processing apparatus, and program
Network monitor internals description
Hardware coordination of power management activities
Implementation-efficient multiple-counter value hardware performance counter
Ionic toothbrush bristles and method of fabricating a toothbrush
Bistable nematic liquid crystal display device
Fusible inkjet recording element and printing method
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst and process for purifying exhaust gas
Filtration, flow distribution and catalytic method for process streams
Inks for use in membrane image transfer printing process
Image supporting material, method for use thereof and image forming apparatus utilizing the same
Dosimeter with conducting layer
Floating body germanium phototransistor
Color changing liquid cleansing products
Methods of forming low leakage currents metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitors and related MIM capac...
Surface tinting composition and method of use
Slurry composition, polishing method using the slurry composition and method of forming a gate patte...
Organosulfur oxidation process
Process to produce polymers
Papermaking belt and product produced therefor
Paper product
Paper product
Product package
Product package
Perfume sampler vaporizer
Absorbent article
Channel estimation in orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) systems
Method of treating a systemic disease
Nucleic acids encoding a G-protein coupled receptor involved in sensory transduction
PTH analogs for renal osteodystrophy and related uses
Heterocyclic inhibitors of MEK and methods of use thereof
Mammalian cytokine-like polypeptide-10
Modified plant viruses and methods of use thereof
Agents for preventing and treating thrombocytopenia
Medical devices employing triazine compounds and compositions thereof
Gene differentially expressed in breast and bladder cancer, and encoded polypeptides
Method and apparatus for utilizing a sequence interpreter approach to control logic of a programmabl...
Scratch resistant gradient coating and coated articles
Data transmission controller that restarts data transmission when reconstruction is completed
Memory hub bypass circuit and method
Method and apparatus for limiting ports in a register alias table having high-bandwidth and low-band...
Hardware looping mechanism and method for efficient execution of discontinuity instructions
.beta.-lactamyl vasopressin V.sub.1a antagonists
Use of one or several substances selected from the group of pyrimidines and purines in cosmetic prep...
Dental stain preventer
Triazinylaminostilbene disulphonic acid mixtures
Skin lightening agents, compositions and methods
Two-part combination of compositions for forming substantially colorless thermoplastic reinforcement...
Compact printer housing
Printer including firmware to check page description data format
Printer with speaker to indicate print error conditions
Printhead cartridge having coupled media transport and capping mechanisms
Transition-encoder sense amplifier
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Current sense amplifier for low voltage applications with direct sensing on the bitline of a memory ...
Method and system for controlling refresh to avoid memory cell data losses
Physical layer and physical layer diagnostic system with reversed loopback test
Error detection during processor idle cycles
Wavelength-division-multiplexed optical source and passive optical network system employing the same
Filter circuit and radio apparatus
Optical transmission system for substantially equalizing the output signal level among frequency ban...
Phase shifter, phase shifting method and skew compensation system for high-speed parallel signaling
Image forming device
System and method for prioritizing and balancing simultaneous audio outputs in a handheld device
Method and apparatus for setting pilot signal transmit powers
Methods of drug delivery using sulphated chitinous polymers
Method for treatment of cellular materials with sugars prior to preservation
Thymosin .beta.4 compositions
Conjugated drug-polymer coated stent
Fuel reforming inlet device, system and process
Method for producing hydrogen
Fuel processing system for reforming hydrocarbon fuel
Fuel cell for powering electronic appliances, in particular portable objects
Fuel cell system
Method of estimating the volumetric carrying capacity of a truck body
Method for pressure- and flow-preventive fixing of pipes in a well
Measurement of surface areas by polyvinylpyrrolidone sorption
Bandaging device for sequestering a wound or inoculation site
Mat for die cutter
Gun trigger and hammer safety device
Downhole surge pressure reduction and filtering apparatus
Heat resistant plastic lamp components and methods of forming
Vehicular lamp
Vehicle light and method of indicating different signal patterns of a vehicle light
Illuminated fiber optic hair ornament and method for applying and making the same
Light source device and projector using the same
Curved light guide screen
Method and apparatus for directing light from a light source
Vehicle light
Backlight unit and liquid crystal display utilizing the same
Reflector for flat panel display device
Area light source device and liquid crystal display apparatus including the same
Backlight device and liquid crystal display
Light guide with an insert molded attachment structure for an optically active element
Reflector for back light assembly and back light assembly using the same
Backlight assembly and flat panel display apparatus having the same
Lamp string
Car interior LED lamp adapter electrical connector structure
Bi-curvature lens for light emitting diodes and photo detectors
Module to couple to an electrical and an optical backplane in a chassis
Optical cable fixing structure
Wireless communication system and receiving device
Optical performance monitor
Data exchange architecture using optical links
Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer
Waveguide type optical branching device
Bundled cables and method of making the same
Dispersion managed HOM multimode optical fibre
Reformatting documents using document analysis information
Systems and methods for capturing handwritten information using handwriting analysis
Image recognition-processing device and method using pattern elements
Energy minimization for classification, pattern recognition, sensor fusion, data compression, networ...
Method and system for generating and handling a harmonized network of points
Image decoding with a simplified process
Method for restoring faded photographs and film
Image processing method and apparatus for normalizing faces for a layout image
Finger medical sensor
Method and apparatus for analyzing a physiological waveform
Mode switching heart stimulation apparatus and method
Nematode PAN and ZP receptor-like sequences
Peptidomimetic modulators of cell adhesion
Chelating carbene ligand precursors and their use in the synthesis of metathesis catalysts
Polymerisation initiators, polymerisable compositions, and uses thereof for bonding low surface ener...
Method of forming an image
Thermoplastic elastomer-based solid emulsions
Continuous slurry polymerization process and apparatus
Method of drying a material having a cohesive phase
Method and arrangement for medical X-ray imaging and reconstruction from sparse data
Animal collar
Dog waste-collection device and bag disposal system
Animal treat dispensing assembly and method
Pet drinking fountain
Insulation material based on polymeric plastic
Shark repelling device
Fishing net device, and system
Level wind mechanism
Method of concentrating and separating dopaminergic neurons
Antibiotics, tripropeptins and process for producing the same
Polyurethane resin aqueous dispersion and sheet material obtained from the same
Antireflective coating, coating composition, and antireflective coated article
Curable resin, curable resin material, curable film, and insulator
Epoxidation catalyst
Composition for coating having a gas barrier property, coating and coated film having a gas barrier ...
Phosphorus-containing epoxy resin, phosphorus-containing epoxy resin composition, process for produc...
Branched aromatic polycarbonate and its production method
Process for production of substituted aniline compound
Process for preparing a biaryl compound
Dicarboxylic diester, process for producing the same, and refrigerating machine lubricating oil comp...
Process for producing aromatic carboxylic acids
Hydroformylation process
Process for producing vinyl ether compounds
Diimine metal complexes, methods of synthesis, and methods of using in oligomerization and polymeriz...
Addition reaction-curable liquid silicone rubber compositions and process of preparing same
Method of determining analyte concentration in a sample using infrared transmission data
Method and system for autonomous correlation of sensed environmental attributes with entities
Personal articles tracking
Protection against loss or theft of identification badges and other items
Method and apparatus for automated coverslipping
Interfering smart shelf
Inductive data and power link suitable for integration
Restricted parking system
On-demand support for resources in an automated data storage library
Electronic ID's for printed products
CDMA device with automatic bit rate allocation
RF device with thermo-electric cooler
Make-up applicator with LED light source
Personal care composition comprising hydrophobic gel
Composition for removing stains from textiles
Shale inhibition additive for oil/gas down hole fluids and methods for making and using same
Geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate synthase inhibitors
Glucocorticoid mimetics, methods of making them, pharmaceutical compositions, and uses thereof
Anti-epileptogenic agents
Load leveling battery and methods therefor
Compounds, compositions, and methods
Photosensitive composition and novel compound used therefor
Detection of analytes using reorganization energy
Negative electrode for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery comprising same
In cycling stability of Li-ion battery with molten salt electrolyte
Battery separators containing reactive functional groups
Chemical battery containing gel electrolyte based on crosslinked epoxy compound having an alicyclic ...
Compounds active at a novel site on receptor-operated calcium channels useful for treatment of neuro...
Ultrasonic toothbrushes employing an acoustic waveguide
Cradle assembly with opening assist mechanism and electrical switching apparatus employing the same
Medical snare loop with indentations for changing effective size of loop and associated method
Apparatus and methods for delivering coiled prostheses
Microsurgical balloon with protective reinforcement
Embolic coil retrieval system
Power injection system face plate
Container apparatus with edible container closure
Method and apparatus for system monitoring with reduced function cores
Pullulan film compositions
Diagnostic device for a fluidic device and a fluidic device equipped therewith
Method and apparatus for configuring a voice over IP client connection
Apparatus and method to facilitate wireless communications of automatic data collection devices in p...
Scalable lossless audio codec and authoring tool
Coated metal substrate
Tool assembly
High frequency electro mechanical pill/tablet dissolver
Non raster image scanning
Software upgrade over a USB connection
Recording/reproducing apparatus and method for updating firmware of the apparatus
Method and apparatus for modeling a business process to facilitate evaluation of driving metrics
System and method of universal programming language conversion
Development aid device
Cooling medium compressor arrangement
Intersubband detector with avalanche multiplier region
Element-coded affinity tags
Magnetic resonance spectrometer
Antenna element and antenna arrangement for magnetic resonance applications
Inter-subject coherence in DT-MRI
Capillary toroid cavity detector for high pressure NMR
RF coil for imaging system
Method and apparatus for acquiring multidimensional spectra and improved unidimensional spectra with...
Probe head for nuclear magnetic resonance measurements
MRI magnet apparatus for vertically and circularly suppressing the magnetic fringe field
Toroid cavity/coil NMR multi-detector
Magnet structure
Aggregation of asset use indices within a process plant
Grating forming method and manufacturing method for master member for manufacturing molding die
Delivery device for a sheet-processing machine
Imidazolo-related compounds, compositions and methods for their use
Millimetre wave(MMW) communication system and method using multiple receive and transmit antennas
Implants based on engineered metal matrix composite materials having enhanced imaging and wear resis...
Aluminizing slurry compositions free of hexavalent chromium, and related methods and articles
Module battery
Lithium secondary cell
Xylenes isomerization catalyst system and use thereof
Identification of brominated flame retardant additives in polymers by infrared spectroscopy
Placement process for elements of a self-stiffened panel of preimpregnated composite
Out-of-position friction stir welding of high melting temperature alloys
Method for manufacturing surface hardened stainless steel with improved wear resistance and low stat...
Process for producing a knitted fabric
Apparatus for mounting an electrical component to a bicycle
Seat for a two-wheeled vehicle
Lever powered watercraft
Stationary bike
Information processing system
Bicycle bar grip
Street electric bicycle
Rear derailleur
Free-planetary gear moderated nutating (athena) engine
Inflation device with automatic disconnect
Crosslinking of photoiniator-initialized polyacrylates
Polarization-sensitive vision prosthesis
Surface modification of functional group-containing medical devices with catalyst-containing reactiv...
Photosensitive organic semiconductor compositions
Fuel cell and method of operating the same
Compact fuel processor for producing a hydrogen rich gas
Gas detecting apparatus, gas detecting method and fuel cell vehicle
Combined autothermal/steam reforming fuel processor mechanization
Procedures for shutting down fuel cell system by using air purge at low cell temperature
Fuel container and delivery apparatus for a liquid feed fuel cell system
Proton exchange membrane electrochemical cell system
Bipolar plate having offsets
Method of forming a catalytic surface comprising at least one of Pt, Pd, Co and Au in at least one o...
Catalyst for partial oxidation reforming of fuel and fuel reforming apparatus and method using the c...
Method for removing titanium dioxide deposits from a reactor
Method for treating a substrate
Hydrophobic coating compositions, articles coated with said compositions, and processes for manufact...
Surface coating of lapped insulation tape
Spiral inductor with electrically controllable resistivity of silicon substrate layer
Detection with evanescent wave probe
Automated laboratory for high-throughput biological assays and RNA interference
Electromagnetic switch element
Color liquid crystal display with internal rear polarizer
Methods for electrosurgical treatment of spinal tissue
Electrosurgical apparatus and methods for treatment and removal of tissue
Minimally-invasive surgical system utilizing a stabilizer
Industrial microdeposition system for polymer light emitting diode displays, printed circuit boards ...
High-throughput electrophysiological measurement system
Assay device processing instrument
Use of waste heat from Fischer-Tropsch synthesis to form dry pulverized fuel feedstock
Methods and apparatus for MRI shims
Apparatus and method for testing liquid crystal display panel
Apparatus and method for measuring alignment accuracy, as well as method and system for manufacturin...
Method of making interpolymers and products made therefrom
Compounds useful for the treatment of diseases
Instrument assemblies and analysis methods
Assays to screen for compounds that bind the dorsal root receptor
System for the remote data acquisition and control of electric energy meters
Profiling complex surface structures using scanning interferometry
Method and apparatus for optical scanning capable of efficiently reducing an image surface distortio...
Display driver, display device, and portable electronic apparatus
Data protection system
Method of preparing 2-deoxyribose 5-phosphate
Thermoplastic resin composition and shaped article
Key button structure and portable terminal device therewith
Reflective optical sensor for bill validator
Method and system for managing the voltage on the DC bus of a speed controller for an AC motor
Apparatus and method for laser treatment
Wall block mold
Multinuclear platinum compounds
Plasmon resonance measuring method and apparatus
Alkali/transition metal HALO-and hydroxy-phosphates and related electrode active materials
Migrating large data sets for products upgrades
Method and system for managing distributed content and related metadata
Splice chip device
Optical multiplexing communication system using ultra high speed signal transmission
Modular free space optical (FSO) device and related methods
Monoformylated arylamine processes and compounds
Method for testing a memory chip and test arrangement
Sheet molding compound having improved characteristics
Electrical contact probe with compliant internal interconnect
Temperature self-regulating soldering iron with removable tip
Low maintenance vacuum generation
Reverse F-shaped antenna
Methods and systems for analyzing system operator coupling susceptibility
Determination of geophone coupling
Software behavior pattern recognition and analysis
Touch panel
Inclined optical compensation film, method for producing the same and liquid crystal display includi...
Film-forming composition, anti-reflection film, polarizing plate, image display apparatus, anti-poll...
Coating type optical film, fabrication method thereof and liquid crystal display using the optical f...
General film compensated reflective twisted nematic liquid crystal display
Articles prepared from hydrogenated controlled distribution block copolymers
Optical film, method for manufacturing the same, and phase difference film and polarizing plate usin...
Norbomene compounds with cross-linkable groups and their derivatives
Norbornene compounds with cross-linkable groups and their derivatives
Method for reducing pain
Lancing device
Method of detecting native proBNP
Read-head for optical diagnostic device
Method for the determination of an analyte in a liquid
Proteins with a high immunoreactivity and a method for the production thereof
Method of detecting native proBNP
Previous calculation reuse in a calculator
CD4+ T-lymphocyte-specific hepatitis C virus epitopes
Temperature compensated vapor sensor
Beverage bottling plant for filling bottles with a liquid beverage filling material having a device ...
Transducer-based sensor system
Method and apparatus for distributed compressed sensing
Systems and methods for monitoring and storing performance and maintenance data related to an electr...
FBG sensor interrogation method using semiconductor optical amplifier in ring cavity configuration
Method for management of multiple wells in a reservoir
Method and device for fastening a sensor
Resettable latching MEMS shock sensor apparatus and method
Method and system for remote hemodynamic monitoring
Active sensor circuit with one or more T-network pairs
Passive SAW-based hydrogen sensor and system
Method and apparatus for correction of quantization-induced beacon beam errors
Wavelength reference system for optical measurements
Resolution of media access contentions in networks comprising a plurality of network nodes and at le...
System integration module for CBRNE sensors
Liquid crystal module having connector housing
Frequency offset correction in transmitters having non-ideal synthesizer channel spacing
Thermally enhanced electronic flip-chip packaging with external-connector-side die and method
Three-stage liquid metal switch
Optical waveguide type biochemical sensor chip and method of manufacturing the same
Portable fluid sensing device and method
Method and apparatus for designing and locating chemical structures
Optical crossconnect apparatus and optical transmission system
Image processing using processing by bands and fixed-size work buffer
Image printing apparatus, image printing system, image data processing method and memory medium
Data communication apparatus, image server, control method, storage medium, and image system
Multi-beam optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Micro-oscillating member, light-deflector, and image-forming apparatus
Recording apparatus
Information processing method and apparatus, and computer program and computer -readable storage med...
Image processing apparatus and method therefor
Image forming apparatus
Process cartridge including first and second frames and separating member moving the second frame to...
Image forming apparatus with heating member control based on door opening state and heating member p...
Form processing method, form processing program, and form processing apparatus
Data processing apparatus, data processing method of data processing apparatus, and computer-readabl...
Alternating conventional and high capacity packing within the same section of an exchange column
Fluid treatment system apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for aerating a surface layer in a stratified liquid body
Device and process for treating a liquid medium
Surface acoustic wave filter
Method of increasing working time of tetracalcium phosphate cement paste
Protease deficient Caulobacter host cells
Wiring substrate for mounting semiconductor components
Printed circuit board and inkjet head
Microelectronic component and assembly having leads with offset portions
Retarding agglomeration of Ni monosilicide using Ni alloys
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor package free of substrate and fabrication method thereof
Chip bond layout for chip carrier for flip chip applications
Bump electrodes having multiple under ball metallurgy (UBM) layers
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Probe card assembly and method of attaching probes to the probe card assembly
Electrical, high temperature test probe with conductive driven guard
Method for testing semiconductor components using bonded electrical connections
RFID tag-pallet
Methods and apparatus for actuating displays
Computer-generated hologram and its fabrication process, reflector using a computer-generated hologr...
Detecting a reverse proxy and establishing a tunneled connection therethrough
Cross partition sharing of state information
Means of control bits protection in a logical partition environment having a first and second distin...
High speed bus with flow control and extended burst enhancements between sender and receiver wherein...
Multi-channel synchronization for programmable logic device serial interface
Protocol independent data transmission using a 10 Gigabit Attachment Unit interface
System and method for aligning data in a network environment
Transformations between private and shared workflows
Computer-readable media, methods, and systems for computer tactical operation
Pulse oximetry sensor including stored sensor data
Automatic post-pacing interval measurement
Method and apparatus for constructing host processor soft devices independent of the host processor ...
Broadcasting method and broadcast signal receiver apparatus
Vehicle pedal having a design of LED flames
Control circuit for optoelectronic module with integrated temperature control
System and method for integrated circuit device design and manufacture using optical rule checking t...
Strawberry plant named `Driscoll Sausalito`
Ladder station support assembly
Bicycle damping enhancement system
Apparatus and methods for importing hardware design and generating circuit interfaces
Natural fiber span reflectometer providing a virtual phase signal sensing array capability
Characterization of optical fiber using Fourier domain optical coherence tomography
Multi-wavelength light source and wavelength division multiplexing system using the same
Bi-directional electrical to optical converter module
Disk device and disk access route mapping
Optical deflector based on photonic bandgap structure
Fiber optic cables and assemblies suitable for distribution
Fiber waveguides and methods of making the same
Optical fiber filter for suppression of amplified spontaneous emission
Low bend loss optical fiber
Virtual protection channel for fiber optic ring network
System and method of routing data at a photonic core
Generic multi-protocol label switching (GMPLS)-based label space architecture for optical switched n...
Optical ring network for burst data communication
Purified active HCV NS2/3 protease
Reaction system for performing in the amplification of nucleic acids
Aqueous liquid detergent composition
Automatic self-cleaning toilet
Hard surface cleaning composition
Dishwasher dispensing assembly actuator mechanism
Compositions for protecting glassware from surface corrosion in automatic dishwashing appliances
Process for making polymeric particles
Shock resistant device
Assembly for and a method of feeding and milking animals, a feed platform, a milking pre-treatment d...
System for commonly utilizing vehicle
Emergency vehicle alert system
Mobile communication device
Method for updating vehicle diagnostics software
Vehicular power enhancement control system
G.P.S. management system
Measurement of adherence between a vehicle wheel and the roadway
Vehicle anti-theft apparatus
Mobile communication device
Switching device and related operating method
In-vehicle information system and software framework
Antagonists and agonists of LDCAM and methods of use
Glyphosate tolerant wheat plant 33391 and compositions and methods for detection thereof
Noise and quality detector for use with turbo coded signals
Master data quality
System and method for automated border-crossing checks
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Redundancy scheme for network processing systems
System for return bandwidth minimization using selective sampling
Process for catalytic dewaxing and catalytic cracking of hydrocarbon streams
Fluid cat cracking with high olefins production
Flexible method for producing oil bases and middle distillates with hydroisomerization-conversion fo...
Process for desulfurization comprising a stage for selective hydrogenation of diolefins and a stage ...
Catalyst and process for hydrocracking hydrocarbon-containing feedstocks
Products produced form rapid thermal processing of heavy hydrocarbon feedstocks
Molecular sieve catalyst composition, its making and use in conversion process
Medium where status information printing program is recorded, printer, print controller, status info...
Software debugger and software development support system for microcomputer operable to execute cond...
Heuristic detection of polymorphic computer viruses based on redundancy in viral code
System and method for providing network connectivity to a common embedded interface by stimulating t...
Instruction grouping history on fetch-side dispatch group formation
Recording medium storing document constructing program
Method for safely instrumenting large binary code
Draw back pump
Composite shaft
Fuel pump having single sided impeller
Current monitoring system and method for metering peristaltic pump
Offset-drive magnetically driven gear-pump heads and gear pumps comprising same
Plunger assembly for use in reciprocating fluid pump employing reversing polarity motor
Piezo electric pump and device with such pump
Staged turbocharger
unloading/venting valve having integrated therewith a high-pressure protection valve
Horizontally oriented gas separator
Apparatus for controlling operation of reciprocating compressor, and method therefor
Air spring device
Vehicle leveling system
Inexpensive compact grappling hook
Controlled volume device and method for moulding and vulcanizing a tire
Active damping apparatus, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Method and device for the separation of tubes
Inertial mass guided single axis vibration test machine
System and method for determining appropriate conditions for leveling a vehicle having an air suspen...
Vehicular suspension systems
Frame assembly for a bicycle
Method and apparatus for processing hard material
Externally adjustable internal bypass shock absorber
Fluid suspension member having grooved inlet
Connection between vehicle axle and suspension arm
Resonant shaking
Nozzle touch mechanism
Self-regulating media holder
Disposable serving bowl and lid
Anti-pilfering device for a vending machine
Table napkin dispenser
Web transfer mechanism for flexible sheet dispenser
Enhanced adhesion of polyethylene terephthalate to paperboard
Method and system for vagal nerve stimulation with multi-site cardiac pacing
Device for and method of measuring blood flow using bio-photon emission
System and method for distinguishing among cardiac ischemia, hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia using an...
Method for a liquid chemical concentration analysis system
Method and apparatus for optically measuring absolute displacement
General virtual interface algorithm for in-situ spectroscopic ellipsometric data analysis
Refractive index sensor using internally reflective light beams
Device and method for inspecting an object
Method and apparatus for inspecting defects
Magneto-optical imaging method and device
Thin-film characteristic measuring method using spectroellipsometer
Generic interface for an optical metrology system
Biomolecular sensor system utilizing a transverse propagation wave of surface plasmon resonance (SPR...
Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method, recording medium and program
Image recovery using thresholding and direct linear solvers
Apparatus and method of controlling brightness of image
Display system with framestore and stochastic dithering
Image correction processing method and apparatus for correcting image data obtained from original im...
Microsystem process networks
Ionic perfluorovinyl compounds and their uses as components of ionic conductors of the polymer type,...
Highly efficient waveguide pulsed THz electromagnetic radiation source and group-matched waveguide T...
Working electrode assembly for iontophoresis and iontophoresis device
Application-driven method and apparatus for limiting power consumption in a processor-controlled har...
Method to adjust an auditory system and corresponding auditory system
Efficient method and apparatus for parallel processing for use with high-speed single-bit sampling
DC interference removal in wireless communications
Non-coherent frequency shift keying transmitter using a digital interpolation synthesizer
Algorithm of bit synchronization for a digital FSK correlation receiver
Liquid crystal display device, driving method for liquid crystal display devices, and inspection met...
Host bus adaptor-based virtualization switch
Passive optical network
Reliable embedded file content addressing
Repetitive visual stimulation to EEG neurofeedback protocols
Chromatograph/mass spectrometer
Method for stimulation of liquid flow in a well
Mesoporous permeation layers for use on active electronic matrix devices
Apparatus for producing blood component products
Liquid filtration apparatus embodying super-buoyant filtration particles
Water treatment system for water animal feeding facility
Storm water drain system
Sterilizing water faucet
Pump system
Clarifier recycle system design for use in wastewater treatment system
Method for treatment of sewage plant sludges by a fungal process
Process for purifying lactams
Surfactant-like polymer gel and a method for separating material using same
Apparatus and method for processing of animal manure wastewater
Liquid filtration method embodying superbuoyant filtration particles
Large area catch basin filter
High capacity gravity feed filter for filtering blood and blood products
Semiconductor apparatus for controlling a switching power supply
Switch mode power supply control circuit
Brushless DC motor coupled directly to AC source and electric apparatus using the same motor
High efficiency power converter
Power supply with a direct converter
Lighting apparatus for illumination light source
Ballast circuit for operating a gas discharge lamp
Switching power supply apparatus
Isolated, current-fed, pulse width modulation, DC-DC converter
DC-AC converter and method of supplying AC power
Frequency converter and radio communication device using same
High efficiency power converter
Method and apparatus for controlling power factor correction
Capacitance type physical quantity detector
Plural output switching regulator with phase comparison and delay means
Class-D amplifier
Digital amplifier
Systems and methods for load detection and correction in a digital amplifier
Class-D amplifier system
Low-distortion tri-state switching amplifier
Low-distortion tri-state switching amplifier
Automatic measurement of fuel cell resistance
PWM digital amplifier with high-order loop filter
Optically active azole derivative and process for producing the same
Compositions and methods for promoting tissue regeneration
Imidazolidine derivatives
Pyrazole derivatives as gamma-secretase inhibitors useful in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Substituted 2-pyrrolidine-2-yl-1H-indole compounds
Carbonyl compounds as inhibitors of histone deacetylase for the treatment of disease
CETP activity inhibitors
Phenethanolamine derivatives
Method of treating autoimmune diseases
Salts of benzimidazole compound and use thereof
Portable terminal device and communication control method
Orbital sander
Method for making a fuel cell with large active surface and reduced volume
Air filtration arrangements having fluted media constructions and methods
Antimicrobial wounddressing
Insulation material comprising expanded polyurethane and crystallized polyamide
Anti-marking coverings for printing presses
Coated water-swellable material
Tackified amorphous-poly-alpha-olefin-bonded structures
Solid-oxide fuel cell module for a fuel cell stack
Fibers and nonwovens from plasticized polyolefin compositions
Multi-pair cable with channeled jackets
Methods and compositions for detection and analysis of polynucleotides using light harvesting multic...
Specimen collection container
Quality control of assays
Method of forming self-aligned low-k gate cap
N-alkynyl-2-(substituted phenoxy) alkylamides and their use as fungicides
Silica-reinforced rubber compounded with an alkoxysilane and a strong organic base
Olefin polymerisation process
Fluorescent sensor on basis of multichannel structures
Message authorization system and method
E-mail filtering services using Internet protocol routing information
System and method for matching an offer with a quote
Packing system
Methods and systems for a communications and information resource manager
Systems and methods for providing a RF transaction device operable to store multiple distinct accoun...
Systems and methods for managing multiple accounts on a RF transaction instrument
Web service call flow speech components
Graph algorithm for common neighborhood analysis
Network portal system and methods
Mobile terminal having virus resistant security module architecture
Card for facilitating user interaction
Enhanced process for making seating elements and products thereby including those specially designed...
Method of forming a tubular membrane on a structural frame
Perturbed membrane-binding compounds and methods of using the same
2-Piperidone derivatives as prostaglandin agonists