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Dynamic message filtering
Probabilistic boolean networks
High throughput method for discovery of gene clusters
Method and apparatus for performing dialog management in a computer conversational interface
System and method for collecting and representing knowledge using task-method-knowledge with structu...
Imbibition well stimulation via neural network design
Method and apparatus for scheduling appointments for single location entries
Method and apparatus for scheduling appointments for multiple location entries
Compartmentalised combinatorial chemistry by microfluidic control
BETA 1,2-xylosyltransferase-gene from arabidopsis
Plant viral movement protein genes
Methods of extracting RNA
Growth differentiation factor-8
siRNA targeting cell division cycle 20 homolog (CDC20)
siRNA targeting insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor (IGF-1R)
siRNA targeting connexin 43
siRNA targeting HtrA serine peptidase 1
Novel albumins
Human neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor compositions and methods employing same
Nucleic acids encoding a G-protein coupled receptor involved in sensory transduction
Novel parenteral carbamazepine formulation
Double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) and method of use for inhibiting expression of a fusion gene
RNA interference mediated inhibition of histone deacetylase (HDAC) gene expression using short inter...
Protein Disulfide Isomerase and ABC Transporter Homologous Proteins Involved in the Regulation of En...
Rna interference mediated inhibition of nogo and nogo receptor gene expression using short interferi...
Genetic engineering salt tolerance in crop plants
Methods for transforming plants
Plant regulatory sequences for selective control of gene expression
RPSk-1 gene family, nucleotide sequences and uses thereof
Wuschel (WUS) Gene Homologs
Labeling reagents comprising aphenylic analogs of rhodamine dyes
Inhibitory oligonucleotides targeted to Bcl-2
Methods and compositions for expression of transgenes in plants
Nucleic acids encoding Sarcocystis neurona antigen and uses thereof
Recombinant P. falciparum merozoite protein-1.sub.42 vaccine
Cell cycle nucleic acids, polypeptides and uses thereof
Protein having ribonucleotide reductase activity and DNA thereof
Sialyltransferase and DNA encoding the same
Nucleotide and protein sequence of mammastatin and methods of use
AtRSp gene promoters
Methods, kits and compositions pertaining to combination oligomers and libraries for their preparati...
Apoptin-associating protein
Human high affinity choline transporter
Human p53 mutations and a genetic system in yeast for functional identification of human p53 mutatio...
Lincomycin derivatives possessing antibacterial activity
Transfection complexes
System for measuring audience of media on at least one internet communication network
Systems and methods for filtering and/or viewing collaborative indexes of recorded media
Multi-modal testing methodology
Database searching and retrieval using phoneme and word lattice
Electric swiveling mechanism for two axes
Method for managing transmissions of multimedia data via an internet-type network, in particular tel...
Media sensing method of media dispenser
Ballasting offshore platform with buoy assistance
Method and apparatus for replacement of underground pipe
Marine pipelay system and method
Method and system for removing contaminants from soil
In situ method and apparatus for biodegradation of alkyl ethers and tertiary butyl alcohol
Year-round decorative lights with selectable holiday color schemes and associated methods
Method of and system for labeling containers of prescribed medicine
Optical polarizing films with designed color shifts
Image adjustment
Security laminate
Method and apparatus for notifying a person of an appointment
Multi-functional calendar structure
Video game play using panoramically-composited depth-mapped cube mapping
Method of manufacturing game ball
Equalizing different jackpot games with frequent pays
Jackpot awarding system
Pattern display device and game machine including the same
Automated system for playing live casino table games having tabletop changeable playing card display...
Liquid racing game
Rapid assembly game blind transport trailer
Interactive simulated blackjack game with side bet apparatus and in method
Dice game
Bingo game pattern indicator and game display
Apparatus for playing a game
Galactic board game method and apparatus
Advanced games and puzzles
Device and method for continuously shuffling and monitoring cards
Method of playing a dice game
Nano particle-reinforced Mo alloys for x-ray targets and method to make
Aluminum alloy with improved mechanical properties at high temperatures
Heat and corrosion resistant cast CN-12 type stainless steel with improved high temperature strength...
Service managing system
Production of radio frequency ID tags
Delivering data updates to an avionics device
Systems and methods for securing cardiovascular tissue
Transceiver method in a radio system and a radio system
Method and apparatus for controlling a cell reselection mode
Estimating the Location of a Wireless Terminal Based on Non-Uniform Probabilities of Movement
Centralized cell homing and load balancing in a base station controller
Radio communication system and transmission mode selecting method
Method and system for radio communications using mobile terminal moving route prediction
Neighborhood cordless service call handoff
Service-based inter-system handover
Telephone set, communication adaptor, home appliance control method, and program recording medium
Method and apparatus for time calibration
Integrated multimode radio and components thereof
Compensating for analog radio component impairments to relax specifications
Repeater with diversity transmission
Content distribution system, method for distributing content and computer program thereof
Systems and methods for parasitic synchronization of radio networks
Through tubing real time downhole wireless gauge
Method of seismic surveying, a marine vibrator arrangement, and a method of calculating the depths o...
Windshield and sound-barrier for seismic sensors
Portable fuel system
Radiator mounting system
Hybrid vehicle
Axle assembly with parallel drive system for electric hybrid vehicles
Hybrid drive system and vehicle equipped therewith
Driver of electric automobile
Track assembly
Cooling arrangement for a snow vehicle engine
Apparatus for selectively configuring a hybrid electro-mechanical vehicular transmission
Vehicle driving control device
Steering system for vehicle
Walking structure of object
Hybrid electro-mechanical transmission with single motor/generator and method of control
Screw drive vehicle
Steering device for snowmobile
Steering system for a zero-steer vehicle
Speed equalizing linkage design for dual hydrostatic transmissions
Actuated tether
Composite construction vehicle frame
Catalysts for production of olefins by oxidative dehydrogenation, and methods of making and using th...
Regeneration temperature control in a catalytic reaction system
Process for the preparation of surfactant alcohols and surfactant alcohol ethers, the prepared produ...
Composition of catalyst and solvent and catalysis processes using this composition
Hydrate-based reduction of fluid inventories and concentration of aqueous and other water-containing...
Method for modifying an organic composition
Distillation system
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yochatham`
Verbena plant named `Duefarwi`
Lamium plant named `Checkin`
Verbena plant named `Duefarburg`
Verbena plant named `Duefarhoro`
Verbena plant named `Duefarred`
Verbena plant named `Sumverb 13`
Diascia plant named `KLEDI04015`
Bracteantha plant named `KLEBA04086`
Verbena plant named `KLEVE04343`
Kalanchoe plant named `Fiveranda Light Pink`
Aeschynanthus plant named `Twister`
Bracteantha plant named `KLEBA04076`
Apple tree named `CABp Fuji`
Dracaena plant named `Sol`
Omnidirectional toy manipulator
Illuminated, three-dimensional modules for a magnetic toy construction kit
Self-stabilizing rotating toy
Educational toy
Owl with spring connected head and wind activated fin
Stumping mechanism
Distributing network applications
Method and apparatus for providing back-up capability in a communication system
Audio request interaction system
Performance monitoring system and method
Mobile phone
Self configuring multiple element portable electronic device
System and method for managing mobile communications
Portable radiotelephone apparatus
Technique for generating and managing a personal dialing queue
Pre-paid mobile phone with temporary voice mail
Splitter assembly for a telecommunications system
Ring voltage generation circuit and method for generating a ring voltage
Method of calling up called party, communication equipment, calling party information server, and ca...
Method and system for providing extended reach of a digital subscriber line signal
Routing data based on comparative income values
Presence enabled queue management
Call features for automatic call distribution system
Selective message discard
Load sharing in SS7 networks
Regularized variable density sense
Generalized MRI reconstruction with correction for multiple image distortion
Coil sensitivity estimation for parallel imaging
Wireless mr receiving coil system
Short element tem coil for ultra-high field mr
Single-sided NMR sensor with microscopic depth resolution
Electrophoretic display comprising optical biasing element
Rifamycin C-11 oxime derivatives effective against drug-resistant microbes
Nucleic acid-based compounds and methods of use thereof
Methods of modulating .beta. cell function
Process for making hepatocytes from pluripotent stem cells
Antistatic conductive grid pattern with integral logo
Method for controlling solute loading of polymer microparticles
Biocompatible polymers and adhesives: compositions, methods of making and uses related thereto
Chimeric immunomodulatory compounds and methods of using the same--I
ALVAC/FIV constructs
Endovascular apparatus
TALL-1 receptor molecules and uses thereof
Ligation assay
HLA binding peptides and their uses
Consumer products distribution system
Footwear with externally activated switch
Article of footwear with retractable protrusion
Article of footwear with variable support structure
Foot cushioning construct and system for use in an article of footwear
Toe shoe
Footwear with ventilating and shock-absorbing device
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Combined footwear sole and flexible insert
Hydraulic control circuit for automatic transmission of vehicle
Security link management in dynamic networks
Securely authorizing the performance of actions
Virtual network with adaptive dispatcher
Methods and system of managing concurrent access to multiple resources
Systems and methods for scaling a graphical user interface according to display dimensions and using...
Providing user interface elements in an application that change in response to content
Representing document options, properties and backwards compatibility settings using a markup langua...
Method and system for reporting failures of a program module in a corporate environment
Systems and methods for analyzing bus data
Systems and methods for analyzing bus data
System and method for storing events to enhance intrusion detection
Runtime digital signatures
Steganographic authentication
Manifest-based trusted agent management in a trusted operating system environment
Universal graphic adapter for interfacing with hardware and means for determining previous output ra...
Logical semantic compression
Systems and methods for providing presence tracking in a distributed computing system
Multipoint processing unit
Enhanced email--distributed attachment storage
System and method for describing and automatically managing resources
Metal-containing materials
Photographic strobe diffuser
Lens array
Heat developing method and heat developing apparatus
Cardanic suspension device for a camera balance device
Reset circuit for timing controller
Remotely powered and remotely interrogated wireless digital sensor telemetry system
Detector device
Backlight driving method
Sensitive glow discharge ion source for aerosol and gas analysis
Methods for rapid detection and identification of bioagents for environmental and product testing
Card reader/writer devices and methods
Programmable hardware element with cartridge controllers for controlling modular measurement cartrid...
Global server load balancing
Content addressable memory with error signaling
Domain manager and method of use
System and method for network vulnerability detection and reporting
Call processing architecture
Arrangement and method for activation of a thermotransfer print head
Mobile communication system, mobile communication method, wireless base station, mobile station, and...
System and method for enhanced piracy protection in a wireless personal communication device
Calendar system and a method for producing a calendar view
Inline compression of a network communication within an enterprise planning environment
Distributed nonstop architecture for an event processing system
Subscription membership marketing application for the internet
Storage, management and distribution of consumer information
Continuous price optimization system, method and computer program product for satisfying certain bus...
Cost minimization of services provided by multiple service providers
Material sales system
System and method for conducting a financial transaction between a sender and recipient of a mail pi...
Method and system for providing mandatorily convertible securities with associated senior debt instr...
Method and system for providing dividend enhanced convertible stocks with acceleration triggers
Anonymous purchases while allowing verifiable identities for refunds returned along the paths taken ...
Method and system for aggregation and exchange of electronic tax information
Leveraging instant messaging presence to drive sales opportunities
Systems and circuits for providing support for user transactions on a media exchange network
Impact absorbing, modular helmet
Method and apparatus of evaluating layer matching deviation based on CAD information
Brain-machine interface systems and methods
Method and apparatus for differential, bandwidth-efficient and storage-efficient backups
Relaxed SiGe platform for high speed CMOS electronics and high speed analog circuits
Nanoelectromechanical transistors and switch systems
Methods for producing pattern-forming body
Scanning probe microscope and measuring method by means of the same
Ceramic in replacement components
Dental mill blanks
Laser augmented periodontal scaling instruments
Managed information transmission of electronic items in a network environment
Method and system for identifying unsolicited mail utilizing checksums
Method and apparatus for formatting information within a directory tree structure into an encylopedi...
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and process for manufacturing the same
System, method and service for ranking search results using a modular scoring system
Method and system for paying prepaid communications credit
Imaging method and device employing sherar waves
Bluetooth enabled hearing aid
Method and apparatus for a wireless hearing aid antenna
Hearing aid with a microphone in the battery compartment lid
Pressure sensing dead bolt
Vernier active flow control effector
Solar dominated satellite constellations capable of having repeating common ground tracks
Closure panel arrangement
Method and computer program product for controlling the control effectors of an aerodynamic vehicle
Flying device utilizing natural principles
Tandem motor actuator
Aircraft brake wheel heat shield
Breathing gas supply system
Projectile having circumferential members for varying a base cone angle of the projectile as a funct...
Metallic layer material, reinforced with basalt fibers, as well as products made thereof
Microscope with extended field of vision
Keystone distortion correction of a projector
Method for monitoring wounds
Sensor alignment apparatus for an analysis system
Light source wavelength correction
Method and device for in-line measurement of characteristics of the surface coating of a metallurgy ...
Ellipsometer or polarimeter and the like system with multiple detector element detector in environme...
Apparatus and method for measuring optically active materials
Metrology system with spectroscopic ellipsometer and photoacoustic measurements
Autofluorescence detection and imaging of bladder cancer realized through a cystoscope
Apparatus for measuring concentration of light-absorbing substance in blood
Measuring apparatus for measuring a metabolic characteristic in a human body
Blood sugar level measuring apparatus
Blood sugar level measuring apparatus
Method and apparatus for measuring biological condition
Battery operated spray head having an improved housing
Linear actuator and pump device and compressor device therewith
System for detecting the status of a vent associated with a fluid supply upstream of an infusion pum...
Housing including shock valves for use in a gerotor motor
Fluid pump
Natural gas processing well head pump assembly
Pump pressure limiting engine speed control
Supercharged two-stroke engine with upper piston extensions
Internal combustion engine
Electric blower and supercharger for automobiles using the same
Hand-operated inflator
Tube type pumping apparatus
Camouflaged inflation device
Method of managing time, at which maintenance in a gas compressor multiple system should be carried ...
Motor driven pump with improved motor cooling air flow
Plunger actuated pumping system
Guitar body
Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopic nano-imaging probe and uses therefor
System and method for dissolving gases in liquids
Method and apparatus for treating fluids
Centrifuge system utilizing disposable components and automated processing of blood to collect plate...
Apparatus and method for degassing liquids
Document retrieving method and apparatus
Exposure method and apparatus
Developing apparatus
Image forming apparatus whose image bearing member and developing device are provided in a cartridge...
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with power supply control for fusing control circuit
Image forming apparatus featuring a controller for switching a first transfer bias to a second small...
Recording apparatus and reproducing apparatus
Voice browser apparatus and voice browsing method
Moving image data processing apparatus and method
Process of information transmission in optical circuit device and optical circuit device therefor
Image processing apparatus and method
Image processing apparatus and method for compression-encoding image area information
Method and apparatus for generating models of individuals
Radiographic device and control method therefor
Control apparatus for controlling wireless communication system, communication apparatus and control...
Fixation method for optical member and optical unit
Optical element having minute periodic structure
Two-dimensional scanning apparatus and scanning type image displaying apparatus using the same
High frequency amplifier circuit permitting variable gain control
Switch frequency adjusting system and method for burst mode of liquid crystal display
Biodegradable coating
Environmentally friendly polylactide-based composite formulations
Methods for identifying iminosugar derivatives that inhibit HCV p7 ion channel activity
Systems and methods for generating markup-language based expressions from multi-modal and unimodal i...
Thermosetting resin composition for high speed transmission circuit board
Paper feeding mechanism for continuous form printer
Position detecting system and method
Pore-scale geometric models for interpretation of downhole formation evaluation data
Apparatus for generating radiation application synchronizing signal
Wireless communication system with high efficiency/high power optical source
Systems and methods for biosensing and microresonator sensors for same
Elastography imaging modalities for characterizing properties of tissue
Microactuated dimple for head suspensions
Micro-actuator, head gimbal assembly, disk drive unit and manufacturing method thereof
High frequency assisted writing
Switchable polymer-dispersed liquid crystal optical elements
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Camera with eye position detector
Visualization of volume-rendered data with occluding contour multi-planar-reformats
Synthesis of metamaterial ferrites for RF applications using electromagnetic bandgap structures
Radio frequency IC tag and bolt with an IC tag
Magnetic field generating device and method of shimming thereof
Method of preparing electrical contacts used in switches
Magnetic resonance apparatus with displaceable C-arm mount for an additional gradient coil unit
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
Method for imaging biological matter using an adiabatic pulse
Medical image capture system and method
Method and system for conducting an on-site measurement of the density of an insulation material
Process for manufacturing a composite sheet
Layout structure of semiconductor integrated circuit and method for forming the same
Preventing network data injection attacks using duplicate-ACK and reassembly gap approaches
Flexible accelerators for physical layer processing
Method and apparatus to improve network routing
Notifying users when messaging sessions are recorded
Fundamental method and its hardware implementation for the generic prediction and analysis of multip...
System and method for determining probing locations on IC
Methods and systems for location estimation
Self-tuned millimeter wave RF transceiver module
Cleaning unit with a light beam path for the passage of a light beam
Device to detect or generate optical signals
Coated optical fiber and fiber optic device having same
In-line, high energy fiber chirped pulse amplification system
Attachment-type optical coupler apparatuses
Fiber structure with improved bend resistance
Variable dispersion compensator
Spectral microscope and method for data acquisition using a spectral microscope
Image displaying method and device and image displaying control method and apparatus
Image forming system
Foot-based interface for interacting with a computer
Polypeptide display libraries and methods of making and using thereof
Instruction buffer and method of controlling the instruction buffer where buffer entries are issued ...
Multi-processor computing system that employs compressed cache lines' worth of information and proce...
Method and apparatus for detecting oscillations in cardiac rhythm with electrogram signals
Program recording device and method of recording program
Dual comb electrode structure with spacing for increasing a driving angle of a microscanner, and the...
Hierarchical scheme for blur detection in digital image using wavelet transform
Non-peripherals processing control module having improved heat dissipating properties
Body member of a powder container
Electrooptical device
Slot insulator and multiplexed resolver using same
Photodiode with controlled current leakage
Signal-enhancement system for photodetector outputs
Inhibitors of cathepsin S
Method for fabricating integrated circuits having both high voltage and low voltage devices
Electrophotographic photosensitive member
Non-aqueous electrolyte rechargeable battery
Imidazopyridine intermediates
Bicyclic compounds and compositions
Nitrosated and nitrosylated H.sub.2 receptor antagonist compounds, compositions and methods of use
Gene delivery compositions and methods
Method of treatment and agents useful for same
Treatment of neuropathic pain with zinc finger proteins
DNA encoding mammalian neuropeptide FF (NPFF) receptors and uses thereof
Methods for treating post-surgical pain by administering an anti-nerve growth factor antagonist
Semi-enclosed applicator for distributing a substance onto a target surface
Environmentally tolerant anode catalyst for a solid oxide fuel cell
Electrolytic capacitor
Board with cholesteric layer and display having the board
Method of dividing a substrate into a plurality of individual chip parts
Air gap formation
Composite structure body and method and apparatus for manufacturing thereof
Semiconductor radiation emitter package
Method for assembling micro-components to binding sites
Hydrous phosphate catalysts with low platinum
Energy devices
Fuel delivery system and method of use thereof
Systems and methods to generate hydrogen and electrical power in a reversible compound fuel cell
Fuel-cell reactant delivery and circulation device
Fuel substance and associated cartridge for fuel cell
Compact fuel cell system with efficient power generation performance
Sealing structure of fuel cell and manufacturing method of same
Production of hydrogen from alcohols
Process for conducting an equilibrium limited chemical reaction in a single stage process channel
Recycling of used perfluorosulfonic acid membranes
Device forming fuel gas for fuel cell and composite material for hydrogen separation
PROX catalyst for oxidizing carbon monoxide
Structured catalyst for POX reforming of gasoline for fuel-cell powered vehicles applications and a ...
Eulytite solid acid electrolytes for electrochemical devices
Fuel cells comprising laminar flow induced dynamic conducting interfaces, electronic devices compris...
Flue gas conversion apparatus and method
Method and device for diagnosing gas sensor degradation
Porous body and manufacturing method therefor
Barrier layer made of a curable resin containing polymeric polyol
Solutions of polymer semiconductors
Water temperature monitoring apparatus
Blue blocking tens
Intraocular lens for inhibiting cell growth and reducing glare
Agent for reduction of scar formation by using wound alkalinization
Low polydispersity poly-hema compositions
(Meth)acrylate block copolymer pressure sensitive adhesives
Enterobacteriaceae strains with an attenuated aspA gene for the fermentative production of amino aci...
Cement compositions with improved corrosion resistance and methods of cementing in subterranean form...
Digital data processing apparatus and methods with dynamically configurable application execution on...
Apparatus for producing a printing image by means of a laser
Folding appliances
Apparatus and method for pulling off sleeves
Cylinder and device for guiding a material web
Packing vent recovery system and method
Multi-loop receiver coil having a large tuning range for a magnetic resonance imaging system
Precision gradient amplifier with multiple output voltage levels
Magnet system and magnetic resonance imaging system utilizing the magnet system
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic field forming apparatus
High field head coil for dual-mode operation in magnetic resonance imaging
Method and system to dynamically configure transmit receive coils to calibrate a magnetic resonance ...
Hybrid maize plant and seed 39B93
Soybean cultivar S050230
Nucleic acid sequences and methods of use for the production of plants with modified polyunsaturated...
Inbred broccoli line GKO-1
Genetically modified plants expressing proteinase inhibitors, SaPIN2a or SaPIN2b, and methods of use...
Serum biomarkers of Hepatitis B Virus infected liver and methods for detection thereof
Method for analyzing a biological sample
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH403115
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH511458
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH479202
Hybrid maize plant and seed 39A94
Intracellular modulators of apoptopic cell death pathways
Pentapeptide compounds and uses related thereto
Protection of endogenous therapeutic peptides from peptidase activity through conjugation to blood c...
7-amido-isoindolyl compounds and methods of their use
Dicationic 2,5-diarylfuran aza-analogs as anti-protozoan agents
Methods for synthesis of diarylmethanes
Purine cytokine inhibitors
Thiazole compounds useful as inhibitors of protein kinase
Compositions and methods for inducing activation of dendritic cells
Measurement of gluconeogenesis and intermediary metabolism using stable isotopes
Modified vaccinia Ankara expressing p53 in cancer immunotherapy
Modified adenoviral fiber and target adenoviruses
Inhibitor of cell proliferation and methods of use thereof
Oral compositions for white blood cell activation and proliferation
Methods and compositions for detecting target sequences
High sensitivity immunoassay method
Sequences of hepatitis C virus genotypes and their use as therapeutic and diagnostic agents
Compositions, methods and kits for detecting the nucleic acids of HIV-1 and HIV-2
Use of core 2 G1cNAc transferase inhibitors in treating inflammation
CTA phaser with proportional oil pressure for actuation at engine condition with low cam torsionals
Torsional damper for balance shafts
Method and device for determining the position of rotationally drivable tools
Thin film composite electrolyte
Tungsten oxide/titanium dioxide photocatalyst for improving indoor air quality
Methods and compositions for analyzing proteins
Replicating the blob data from the source field to the target field based on the source coded charac...
Overheating and spill resistant mobile device docking cradle
Methods and systems for vibropendulous error compensation of acceleration sensors
Foldable storage container
Mail box
Fork lift truck
Quad caster jack apparatus
Cover for shopping carts
Handle for a computer cart
Shopping cart frame
Apparatus cart
Foot pedal
Trash receptacle
Combined bag holder and storage unit
Electric steam iron
Mop bucket and wringer
Combined motorized broom and collector
Powered hard floor cleaner
Powered hard floor cleaner
Mop head
Cleaning device
Grout cleaning tool
Vacuum cleaner handle
Defibrillation shock strength determination technology
Catheter and method for mapping a pulmonary vein
Basket catheter with improved expansion mechanism
Telecommunications network for remote patient monitoring
Photodiode for imaging system and method of making
8-azaprostaglandin derivatives and medical use thereof
Therapeutic agents useful for treating pain
Methods and compositions for therapies using genes encoding secreted proteins such as interferon-bet...
Workpiece clamp device and method
Methods for production of zinc oxide electrodes for alkaline batteries
Positive active material for a lithium secondary battery with higher performance and preparation met...
Electrolyte for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery comprising same
Non-aqueous electrolytic solution
Image recording material
Radiation-curable ink composition and image recording method
Taxanes having a C10 carbonate substituent
Washing or cleaning agent shaped bodies
Detection, diagnosis, and monitoring of a medical condition or disease with artificial olfactometry
Timing system and device and method for making the same
Method for fluorinating a compound comprising a halosulphonyl or dihalophosphonyl group
IL-23p40 specific immunoglobulin derived proteins
Security framework data scheme
Photoprotective cosmetic compositions containing aromatic amide, sulphonamide or carbamate derivativ...
Rotating dispenser for liquid cosmetics
Individualized anti-cancer antibodies
Streptococcal C5a peptidase vaccine
Tyrissamycin antibiotic
Methods of preparation and composition of peptide constructs useful for treatment of autoimmune and ...
Variants of humanized anti-carcinoma monoclonal antibody CC49
Hybrid system for solubilizing pharmaceutically active substances in polymer matrices
Preparation of spheres for diagnostic tests
Physiologically active substances
Non-gelatinous capsule shell composition and a capsule formed from the same
High pressure processing chamber for semiconductor substrate
Spiro compounds as perfuming ingredients
Remote identification of container contents by means of multiple radio frequency identification syst...
Asset tracking using wireless LAN infrastructure
Polythiophenes and devices thereof
Selective catalytic activation of non-conductive substrates
Method for recalibrating a material attribute monitor for a mobile vehicle
Wireless communication device adjusting antenna position and wireless communication method of adjust...
Universal smart chip cartridges for multiple printing apparatus
Picture phone with caller id
Determining the physical location of resources on and proximate to a network
Fluid verification system and method for infusions
Antenna for radio frequency identification
Button-type RFID tag
Spindle with an RFID function
Tracking surgical implements with integrated circuits
Magazine and image recording apparatus in which magazine is used
Immunogen adherence inhibitor and method of making and using same
Method for creating a linear programming model of an industrial process facility
Thin-film field-effect transistors and making method
Pyrazole derivatives and process for the production thereof
Imide silicone resin and production process therefor
Polymeric fluorescent substance and polymer light-emitting device
Process of making polymer blends
Pyrimidone derivatives
Use of .alpha. 1-antichymotrypsin polypeptides, or nucleic acids encoding them, or of a cell which i...
Fatty acid esters and uses thereof
Positive resist compositions and patterning process
Carbon material for electric double layer capacitor electrodes
Polymeric fluorescent substance and polymer light-emitting device using the same
Solid catalyst component for .alpha.-olefin polymerization, process for producing catalyst therefor,...
Method for compression-molding a cylindrical tablet
Catalyst regeneration process
Indolecarboxylic ester trimer and electrochemical cell using the same
Chemical reaction and analysis system
Sports equipment handle
Gas-permeable plug and method for manufacturing the same
Method and device for endovascular treatment of the Alzheimer's disease
System and method for providing the shaped structural weakening of the human lens with a laser
Magnetic device and method to prevent gastroesophageal reflux, fecal incontinence and urinary incont...
Compositions and Methods for Treating Diseases
Agent or method for treating severe aphasia in cerebrovascular accident chronic stage
Benzothiazole and azabenzothiazole compounds useful as kinase inhibitors
Use of thiazole derivatives for preparing a medicament intended to protect the mitochondria
N-hydroxyamidinoheterocycles as modulators of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase
Azabicyclic, azatricyclic and azaspirocyclic derivatives of aminocyclohexane NMDA, 5HT3 and neuronal...
Therapeutic agents II
Novel ureido-and amido-pyrazolone derivatives
Novel 3-substitued-1,4-benzodiazepines
Nitrogeneous polycyclic derivatives useful as chelators of metal ions and their applications
Smooth Muscle Controller
Articulating surgical instrument
Method for aiding a surgical procedure
Galvanic Current Skin Treatment
Apparatus, method, and medium for measuring body fat using a near infrared signal
Home diagnostic system
Two-way adjustable implant
Gastric band introduction device
Surgical Articles for Placing an Implant about a Tubular Tissue Structure and Methods
Preparation of substituted quinoxalines
Compositions and Methods for Promoting Fat Loss
Treatment methods using triaryl methane compounds
Aquatic animal egg collection apparatus, and method of use
Assembly for and a method of feeding and milking animals, and a feed platform suitable for use in su...
Fishing lure
Alligator clip holder for supporting a fishing rod
Multi-functional compact line clipper for fishing
Drosophila strain carrying bradeion gene(s) transferred thereinto
Dual bearing reel
Method for spacing guides on fishing rods and chart for spacing same
Medical examination and treatment system
Method of manufacture of polyester molding compositions and articles produced therefrom
Poly(arylene ether) composition useful in blow molding
High performance curable polymers and processes for the preparation thereof
Check valve assembly for injection molding apparatus
Polarizing, photochromic devices and methods of making the same
Heterocycle-amine ligands, compositions, complexes, and catalysts
Process for production of high-isoprene butyl rubber
Modified block copolymer
Analyte assay using particulate labels
Methods of creating high porosity propped fractures
Vertically adjustable intervertebral disc prosthesis
Process for producing fatty acid salt and livestock feed containing the fatty acid salt
Device and method for treating a substance containing undesirable organisms using a pulsed electrica...
Immunogen adherence inhibitor and method of making and using same
Flavanone compound and uses thereof
Enzyme having .beta.-glucosidase activity and use thereof
Effect pigments based on thin SiO.sub.2 flakes
Patch bag with patch containing high and low crystallinity ethylene copolymers
Cooling air system for a patty-forming apparatus
Continuous direct enzymatic protein solubilization process for industrial wastes
Circulating type food and drink transport apparatus
Chicken soup mix composition and a process for preparing the same
Method of improving taste and/or flavour of foods and beverages
Configurable electronic redeemable coupon
System for transmitting video images over a computer network to a remote receiver
Integrated interface electronics for reconfigurable sensor array
Vehicle seat with vibration monitoring ability
Magnetic resonance imaging system
Systems and methods for three-dimensional mapping of electrical activity
High frequency, high frame-rate ultrasound imaging system
Patient-worn medical monitoring device
Electronic endoscope apparatus which stores image data on recording medium
Devices and methods to treat a patient
Cardiac reinforcement device
Virtual image generation
Noise reduction in color digital images using pyramid decomposition
Image processing device and method, and recording medium
Digital polarization filter
Systems and methods for image pattern recognition
Method and system for image segmentation
Lossy/lossless region-of-interest image coding
Document information processing device that achieves efficient understanding of contents of document...
Electronic data storage medium with fingerprint verification capability
Parking assisting device
Image sensor for capturing and filtering image data
Method, apparatus, computer program, computer system and computer-readable storage for representing ...
Digital image interpolation method
Processing method for obtaining a high resolution digital image
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding motion vectors
System and method for scaling an image
Moving image coding method and apparatus for determining a position of a macro block which is intra-...
Integrated optical device with reduced waveguide birefringence
Optical fiber
Method for reducing hydrogen sensitivity of optical fiber
Optical fiber ribbon with improved stripability
Optical fiber cable
Optical communication module with particular fiber guide hole, optical-communication-module producti...
Optical waveguide element with directional coupler
Method for processing transparent material, apparatus for processing the same and optical function d...
Ultra-narrow bandpass filter
Multi-wavelength CD and PMD compensator
MEMS switch
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Tunable optical routing systems
Method and apparatus for removing an isolation closure from a fiber optic cable
Optical interleaver
Mask defect analysis system
Methods and systems for detecting and recognizing objects in a controlled wide area
Monitoring apparatus, monitoring method, monitoring program and monitoring program recorded recordin...
Telephone communication system
Method and system for reducing inter-symbol interference effects in transmission over a serial link ...
Method and apparatus of picture display
Automatic homing apparatus of a rotatable module
Timing generator, and timing generating method
Projection display apparatus and method for projecting image onto a screen
Digital television signal translator
VSB reception system with enhanced signal detection for processing supplemental data
Video signal processing method for digital video decoder
Baseband video transmission system
Image processing system and method, and image display system
Apparatus and method for deinterlacing video images
Eccentric planar fluorescent tube
Display device with combined light guide
Chemiluminescent light source using visible light for biotherapy
Safety night light
Lamp fixing holder and back light assembly having the same
Phosphor based illumination system having a light guide and an interference reflector
Illuminated shoes and illuminated fashion accessories
Vehicular headlamp and light emission module
Illuminated keyless entry control device
Interior rearview mirror system for a vehicle
Rear view side mirror with signals emitter device
Lighting module
Dimmer device for backlight module
Lamp reflector having a plurality of reflecting elements
LED illumination lamp
Light emitting diode light source
System and method for the diffusion of illumination produced by discrete light sources
Methods and apparatus for generating and modulating illumination conditions
Direct backlight module
Candle extinguisher and a method for producing a candle extinguisher
Security markers for determining composition of a medium
Method for defeat of bulk chemical warfare agents
Revolver for firing high velocity ammunition
Variable refractive index polymer materials
Bryostatin analogues, synthetic methods and uses
Methods and compositions for correction of cardiac conduction disturbances
Post-partum mammalian placenta, its use and placental stem cells therefrom
Nanotube mat with an array of conduits for biological cells
Composite collagen material and method of forming same
Disc changer, method of detecting mode thereof, and method of selecting disc ejection
Apparatus for testing USB memory and method thereof
System and method for fault diagnosis using distributed alarm correlation
Additional-data embedding apparatus and additional-data embedding method
Computer support service with solution function updates as a function of pre-delivery expert changes...
Method and apparatus for fault diagnosis
Wireless communication semiconductor integrated circuit device and wireless communication system
Dynamic control of planck radiation in photonic crystals
Duobinary optical transmission apparatus using a semiconductor optical amplifier
Image position matching method and apparatus therefor
Signal-off detection circuit and optical receiving device using the same
Base band circuit of receiver and low cut-off frequency control method
Multiple high-speed bit stream interface circuit
Offset adjusting circuit for optical disc and offset adjusting method
Memory data access scheme
Enhanced sensing in a hierarchical memory architecture
Image forming device and image forming method
Method and system for address book application programming interface
Accessing an in home network through the internet
Rapid application integration using functional atoms
Methods and apparatus for managing an application
Method of automatic shape-based routing of interconnects in spines for integrated circuit design
Software-to-hardware compiler
Efficient authenticated dictionaries with skip lists and commutative hashing
System and method for publishing documents
Scalable home control platform and architecture
Site finding
Method and apparatus for counting instruction execution and data accesses for specific types of inst...
System and method for storing large messages
Method and apparatus for directing a flow of packets based on request and server attributes
Method and apparatus for ensuring an allowable client configuration for an application
Steel wire and method of manufacturing the same
Tutorial and wits-increment toy car
Portable apparatus and system for supporting a child in multiple positions
Reconfigurable variable blank-holder force system and method for sheet metal stamping
Eyewear retention device
Vest serving as portable lockout station for machine maintenance
Autothermal reactor and method for production of synthesis gas
Monocyclic N-Aryl hydantoin modulators of androgen receptor function
Combination therapy for osteoporosis
Apparatus with weeping tip and method of use
System and method for controlling power across multiple electrodes in a furnace
Box for cosmetics
Container with cap
Inverted bottle
Cap with a product having a stripe
Product package
Laundry articles
Cleaning compositions
Anhydrous cosmetic compositions containing polyols
Skin exfoliating tool and kit
Command processing system by a management agent
Firewall penetration system and method for real time media communications
Architecture for an integrated policy enforcement system
Apparatus and method for detecting memory leaks
Synchronizing memory copy operations with memory accesses
Development environment platform using message type mapping for converting message and providing inf...
Inter-working method of wireless internet networks (gateways)
Managing transiently connected network clients
Method of estimating airflow in an air injection reaction system
Multi-layer sliding part and a method for its manufacture
Thrust rollers
Bearing apparatus for a driving wheel of vehicle
Roller bearing with air passage in a bore provided with flutes
Diamond bearing with cooling/lubrication channels
Sealing device for linear guide apparatus
Transporting apparatus
Roller bearing cage and method of producing the same
Linear motion guide unit
Production method for sintered bearing member, fluid dynamic pressure bearing device, and spindle mo...
Industrial ammunition
Quick-mount interlocking attachment system
Soft armor
Target support and method
Method and system for in-mold coating flow simulation
Photoreceptor abrader for LCM
Optical switching using light bullets
Printer driver customization using incremental custom print processor
Detection of a dwell gesture by examining parameters associated with pen motion
Auto-aligning touch system and method
Materials and methods for forming hybrid organic-inorganic anti-stiction materials for micro-electro...
Bar code scanner and software interface interlock for performing encrypted handshaking and for disab...
Traveling body system, automated storage and retrieval system, and method for controlling traveling ...
Method and system for monitoring multiple optical communications lines
Transmitter-receiver with integrated modulator array and hybrid bonded multi-wavelength laser array
Semiconductor waveguide based high speed all optical wavelength converter
Method and apparatus for performing second harmonic optical coherence tomography
Enhanced lithographic resolution through double exposure
Method and its apparatus for inspecting particles or defects of a semiconductor device
Fabrication of low leakage-current backside illuminated photodiodes
Process for making chiral 1,4-disubstituted piperazines
Stackable WDM arrangement
Underfill integration for optical packages
Optical semiconductor module and its manufacturing method
Enhanced waveguide metrology gauge collimator
Anthracene compound for organic electroluminescent device
Anthracene derivative host having ranges of dopants
Organic electroluminescence device
Organic electroluminescent element and luminescent apparatus employing the same
Organic light-emitting devices
Organic electroluminescent device and organic compound for use in organic electroluminescent device
Encapsulated organic electroluminescent display
Machine for the preparation of beverages
Coffee pot
Cancerous disease modifying antibodies
Multifluoro-substituted chalcones and analogs as activators of caspases and inducers of apoptosis an...
Prodrugs of excitatory amino acids
Liquid pharmaceutical compositions
Fluid reservoir for a cable span
Apparatus and method for thermally controlled processing of microelectronic workpieces
Discrete linear space sampling method and apparatus for generating digital 3D models
Input device, information device, and control information generation method
Real time markerless motion tracking using linked kinematic chains
Video bit stream extension by differential information annotation
Vertex interaction
Encapsulation for oled devices
Method for providing engineering tool services
Data ranking with a Lorentzian fuzzy score
System and method for marketing cotton
Method and system of knowledge based search engine using text mining
Wireless communications systems and method
Methods and apparatuses for programming user-defined information into electronic devices
Data transfer system and method of data transfer
Methods, systems, and products for providing communications services
Unified message system for accessing voice mail via email
System and method for unified messaging in inter/intranet telephony
Aromatic diamide derivatives, chemicals for agricultural or horticultural use and usage thereof
(R)-chiral halogenated substituted fused heterocyclic amino compounds useful for inhibiting choleste...
Thin film capacitors on ceramic
Anti-reflection coating, and optical element and optical system with anti-reflection coating
Switchable window based on electrochromic polymers
Molded component for beam path of radar apparatus
Semiconductor device using metal nitride as insulating film
Light emitting device
Semiconductor storage device which includes a hydrogen diffusion inhibiting layer
Substituted paracyclophane derivatives in asymmetric catalysis
Tire rubber composition based on a reinforcing aluminosilicate
Methods and apparatus for e-beam treatment used to fabricate integrated circuit devices
Ferroelectric film, ferroelectric capacitor, ferroelectric memory, piezoelectric element, semiconduc...
Method for making single-phase anatase titanium oxide
Methods for synthesis of semiconductor nanocrystals and thermoelectric compositions
System and method for efficiently passing information between compiler and post-compile-time softwar...
Restoring debugging breakpoints subsequent to program code modifications
Method and apparatus for converting globally clock-gated circuits to locally clock-gated circuits
Technology migration for integrated circuits with radical design restrictions
Method, circuit library and computer program product for implementing enhanced performance and reduc...
System and method for automatic control of window viewing
Array self repair using built-in self test techniques
System, method and program to migrate a virtual machine
Method and apparatus for inserting prefetch instructions in an optimizing compiler
Steering system for a marine propulsion device
Take-down seating
Adjustable adapter assembly
Hatch assembly with contiguous seating area
Ramp for pontoon boat
Stable, high-speed marine vessel
Floating docking system
Cache boat
Boat deck locker
Personal watercraft incorporating capsize-recovery facilitating structure, and method of using same
Semiconductor device, electronic card and pad rearrangement substrate
Developer containing device, image forming apparatus, and image forming system with housing sections...
Portable device
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus incorporating the same
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor light emitting device
Method for manufacturing R-T-B system rare earth permanent magnet
Method for manufacturing R-T-B system rare earth permanent magnet
Method for determination of the physical features of a tire
Electronic copying machine
Electronic copying machine
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Digital camera
Digital camera
Digital camera
Copy control method and apparatus for a receiving system
Apparatus and method for key scheduling
Account authority digital signature (AADS) system using encoded information
System for denying access to content generated by a compromised off line encryption device and for c...
Information management method and information management apparatus
System and method for high speed reversible data encryption
Cryptographical pseudo-random number generation apparatus and program
Calculation of identifier codes distributed among pan devices
Cipher message assist instructions
Embedded PCI-Express implementation
Project management system
Induction heated heat pipe fuser with low warm-up time
Transfer assist blade dwell correction
Photoreceptor charging systems and methods
Image forming device and image forming method
Fuser image stress analysis system
Automated notification systems and methods
Systems and methods for improving calibration of a linear array sensor
Image processing apparatus and image processing method for processing digitized image data
Image processing device
Method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling laser intensity in a ROS scanning system
Compact printer paper path manual access improvement with collapsible air ducts
System and method for rewards-based education
System and method for teaching a new language
Method and system for certifying operators of x-ray inspection systems