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Transducer arrays with an integrated sensor and methods of use
Intelligent medical vigilance system
Serialization of single use endoscopes
Method of positioning a medical instrument
Medical examination apparatus
Imaging and therapeutic procedure for carpal tunnel syndrome
Device for improving cardiac function
Rotating firmness sensor
Surgical article and methods for treating female urinary incontinence
Shapeable intraluminal device and method therefor
Deflectable probe and thermometer
Contour filter for image sensor output signals
Apparatus, method, software and medium storage for performing the tasks of detecting specified marks
Systems and methods for automatic form segmentation for raster-based passive electronic documents
Software method for improved password entry
Image pickup information recognition system
Color interpolation using data dependent triangulation
Zooming method
Tilt correction of electronic images
System and method for compressing the dynamic range of an image
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Adjustable optical attenuator
Optical sub-assembly
Multi wavelength sensor array
Vehicle electrical control system for overriding an existing vehicle fuse box
Cover of lighting unit for vehicle
Light guide plate with holes
Directionally controllable night light
Backlight module and liquid crystal display having same
Illumination device and display apparatus including the same
Backlight module
Backlight assembly of liquid crystal display
Multiple lightguide backlight
Temporary assembly clip for snap-fit gear boxes
Pick-up truck cab accessory mounting bracket
Headlight lens for a motor vehicle headlight
Temperature control method and device for a display device
Decorative glass for lamps
Car lamp structure
Illumination assembly using circuitized strips
Sabot and shotshell combination
Firearm projectile with enhanced aerodynamic properties
Training ammunition
Conversion kit and method for a ruger 10/22 semi-automatic .22 caliber rim fire rifle to shoot .17 m...
Flash suppressor apparatus and methods
Method of firing of firearms
Fire-resistant architectural resin materials
Electrokinetic methods and apparatus for collection of ionic contaminants
Shape-acceleration measurement device and method
Disk rotation device and disk drive device
Sensor mechanism for detecting tray in/out motion
Intermediate frequency circuit of television tuner
RF switch
Sheet transport device, image reading device, and image forming device
Optical dispersion correction in transimpedance amplifiers
Video transmission and control system utilizing internal telephone lines
Low voltage swing pad driver and receiver
Semiconductor memory device with sub-amplifiers having a variable current source
Fast read port for register file
Sense amplifier circuit
Method and apparatus for communicating control and other information over a power bus
Data register arrangement for an inkjet printer
Color changing paint and varnish remover
Reduced byproduct high solids polyamine-epihalohydrin compositions
Method for designing arithmetic device allocation
System and method for re-routing failed video calls
Method and apparatus for data processing
Method and system for dynamically adjusting DRAM refresh rate
Multi-port memory device with precharge control
Replica commerce system and method
Industrial safety glasses
Hair coloring compositions for use in oxidative hair dyeing
Keratin dyeing compounds, keratin dyeing compositions containing them, and use thereof
Method for filling a package for compressible flat articles
Process for forming electrodes
Method and apparatus for disposing of fluorine-containing compound by decomposition
Narrow pore size distribution aluminum titanate body and method for making same
Standard application development framework
Standard application development template
Asynchronous and autonomous data replication
Combined sensor and bearing assembly and method of magnetizing element of rotation sensor
Continuously variable transmission case cover
Linear-motion device and method of manufacturing the same
Maximizing power generation in and distributing force amongst piezoelectric generators
Intensity detector circuitry having plural gain elements in a cascade with plural threshold values
Carmine strawberry plant
Method for measuring and quantizing document quality
Day lighting device
Process for producing optically active liquid crystalline polymer compound
Method and apparatus for the detection of high pressure conditions in a vacuum-type electrical devic...
Copy-protected optical media and method of manufacture thereof
Tetrahydrobenzfluorene derivatives
Manipulation of zombie files and evil-twin files
Preserving memory resources by limiting time-date information for a subset of properties
Synchronizing modifiable documents with multiple clients using document subsections
Selecting and showing copy pairs in a storage subsystem copy services graphical user interface
Composite pigment original, composite pigment, process for producing ink composition, and ink compos...
System and method for managing risk and opportunity
Structurally coated silica
Electric switch and memory device using the same
Support body for semiconductor element, method for manufacturing the same and semiconductor device
Ferroelectric film, method of manufacturing the same, ferroelectric memory and piezoelectric device
Light-emitting material and light-emitting element
Thin film formation method by ink jet method, ink jet apparatus, production method of organic EL dev...
Liquid ejection apparatus and method of controlling the same
Laser irradiation method and laser irradiation apparatus, and method for fabricating semiconductor d...
Organic EL display luminance control method and luminance control circuit
Timing generator of flat panel display and polarity arrangement control signal generation method the...
Multilayered cathode structures having silver for OLED devices
Silicon carbide bipolar junction transistors having epitaxial base regions and multilayer emitters a...
Thin film formation method by ink jet method, ink jet apparatus, production method of organic EL dev...
Manufacturing method of optical device
Method of fabricating a light emitting device including a step for cleaning the surface of an anode ...
Compositions for separating molecules
Nonwoven fabric
Nonwoven fabric
Nonwoven fabric
Laser shock peening coating with entrapped confinement medium
Method and device for cleaning desorption ion sources
Ultrafine-L-carnitine, methods of preparing the same, compositions containing the same, and methods ...
Toilet seat handle
Aluminum oxide sintered body, and members using same for semiconductor and liquid crystal manufactur...
Sound reproduction machine
Printing system, method for processing data in printing system, program, and storage medium
Information providing system and information providing method
System and method for summarization combining natural language generation with structural analysis
Reduction of differential gloss with halftoned clear toner
Printing system with extended color gamut
Color processing method, storage medium, color processing apparatus, color transforming apparatus, a...
Xerographic device streak failure recovery
Image information processing apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium
System for transporting and selectively sorting particles and method of using the same
Electrophotographic toner, process for producing the same, and process for forming image
Image-forming apparatus, frame structure used therein and method for producing the frame structure
Image formation apparatus and paper feed control method therefor
Method and system for increasing density of toner in a toner container
Multi-organizational project management system
Time-sensitive messages and events
Foldable organizer device
Combination writable scroll picture frame display assembly
Geranium plant named `ORKNEY CHERRY`
Method and apparatus for managing and representing elements in a network
Method of reflecting time/language distortion in objective speech quality assessment
Flexible transmission method for wireless communications
Unified scheduling and queueing architecture for a multiservice switch
Power generation assemblies, and apparatus for use therewith
Data structure and management system for a superset of relational databases
Processes for preparing tougheners for thermoset compositions
Copper electrodeposition in microelectronics
Cross member and manufacturing method thereof
Liquid/solid separator and method
Delayed coking process for producing free-flowing coke using a metals-containing additive
Nucleotide and amino acid sequences of asporins
Fluorogenic kinase assays and substrates
Determination of SNP allelic frequencies using temperature gradient electrophoresis
Method for detecting target nucleotide sequences
Semiconductor interconnect formed over an insulation and having moisture resistant material
Method of installing software on storage device controlling apparatus, method of controlling storage...
Negative slack recoverability factor--a net weight to enhance timing closure behavior
Method of tiling analog circuits that include resistors and capacitors
Method of tiling analog circuits
Plasma display panel
Preparation of improved inks for inkjet printers
Microelectronic devices having underfill materials with improved fluxing agents
Field emission device
Microfeature workpieces having microlenses and methods of forming microlenses on microfeature workpi...
Water-based ink, and image formation method and recorded image using the ink
Alteration of flowering time in plants
Modification of pollen coat protein composition
Functional assays for identifying compounds that modulate T1R1/T1R3 (umami) taste
Method and apparatus for previewing print data and recording media thereof
Authentication of identification documents using digital watermarks
Drink dispensing kiosk
Processing system using bitmap array to compress deterministic finite automation state table allowin...
System for automated storage management for databases
Audio mixer
Memory-card audio recorder
Detection of a specific faulted DOD electrohydraulic circuit
Universal translator for vehicle information
Method and apparatus for detecting decrease in tire air-pressure, and program for judging decompress...
Remote control system and method for vehicle
On-vehicle electronic control device
Process and system for detecting decrease in tire air-pressure and tire deflation judging program
Coordination of a vehicle dynamics control system with other vehicles stability systems
System and method for actively damping boom noise in a vibro-acoustic enclosure
Vehicle periphery monitoring apparatus
Rendering device for generating a display image for drive assistance
Motor-vehicle roof antenna with sheet-metal base plate
Axial deviation determining method for on-vehicle radar
Vehicle-to-vehicle communication device and method of controlling the same
Vehicle night vision system
Strap for snowboard boots or bindings
Height-adjustable column
Storm barrier assembly
Integrated flexible metatarsal guard with extended toe cap
Roller/foot device castor
High-frequency relay
Music page turning apparatus
Exercise apparatus for seated user, and related methods
Glide sleeve brace
Device and method for compressing wounds
Dressing Product
Reclosable Wound Dressing System
Dressing and an epidermal positioning machanism and method for using same
Therapeutic device having auxiliary strap holding positions
Arm and shoulder support harness
Binary signal converters for distinguishing direct signals carried by nanowires
Interconnectable nanoscale computational stages
Long-stroke, high-resolution nanopositioning mechanism
Nanotube based multi-level memory structure
Nanowire interconnection and nano-scale device applications
Process of converting ethylbenzene to styrene using a graphite nanocatalysts
Precision synthesis of quantum dot nanostructures for fluorescent and optoelectronic devices
Method for manufacturing photoresist having nanoparticles
Fabrication of reinforced composite material comprising carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, and vapor-grow...
Method for encapsulating nanoparticles in a zeolite matrix
Coated nanoparticles and quantum dots for solution-based fabrication of photovoltaic cells
Products comprising nano-precision engineered electronic components
Nanoscale ink-jet printing
Motion detector camera
Collapsible lens barrel and optical instrument using the same
Information reception device, information transmission system, and information reception method
Zoom lens system, lens barrel, imaging device and camera
Video surveillance camera
Image stabilizer for a microcamera module of a handheld device, and method for stabilizing a microca...
Active background control for infrared cameras
Processing apparatus for lithographic printing plate and process for processing the same
Compound dome window for a surveillance camera
Color display pixel arrangements and addressing means
Stand, particularly for bongos
Method for manufacturing a percussion instrument
Drum with head adjusting device
String instrument chord player
High-fidelity automatic player musical instrument, automatic player used therein and method employed...
Solar powered outdoor light
Solar powered bug eliminator
Interlocked plug and play with power management for operating systems
Processes and systems for predicting biological species invasions
Wafer inspection system
Method of coordinating and stabilizing the delivery of wind generated energy
Method of operation for a vision-based occupant classification system
Mobile phone locator
Method for quick registration from a mobile device
Radio-controlled timepiece and method of adjusting the time kept by a radio-controlled timepiece
Mechanism displaying values in variable cycles, particularly in a lunisolar calendar
Large-scale adaptive surface sensor arrays
Access annunciator
Cathode structure for inverted organic light emitting devices
Organic photodiode and method for manufacturing the organic photodiode
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Layer configuration comprising an electron-blocking element
Control of strain in device layers by selective relaxation
Solar cell and method of producing the same
Photovoltaic array
Method and system for accessing web pages based on playback of recordings
Etroops infrared shooting game
Gaming device having free game keno
System and method for gaming based upon intermediate points in a race event
Transformable toy
Game with object suspended by air
Impact plate attachment system for bullet traps
Firearm target assembly
Game machine
Game with path-intersecting disruptor
Musical game
Octave magic cube
Support for a drive motor of image-bearing rollers in amusement machines
Marble game machine
Storage and display case for wristwatch and accessories
Collapsible structures
Method and system for managing resources in a data center
Vehicle motion model generating device and method for generating vehicle motion model
Determining design preferences of a group
System and method for identifying an object
System and method for tuning a raw mix proportioning controller
Method for controlling air purifier by using biorhythm
Method for real-time identification and diagnosis of video network problems for digital cable and IP...
Heat resistant labeled product and method
Expanded content label and related method of manufacture
Single-sheet registration form and key packet
Attachable adapter for mounting index tabs
High-cleaning/moderate abrasive silica materials and dentifrice containing such materials
Hydrogen generator
Method of generating hydrogen gas from sodium borohydride
Lithium-cobalt composite oxide, process for its production, positive electrode for lithium secondary...
Diamond films and methods of making diamond films
Antimicrobial composition
Method and an apparatus for processing flue gas scrubber material flows
Method for removing halogen series gas
Reactive membrane process for the removal of vapor phase contaminants
Diamondoid-containing low dielectric constant materials
Silicon-titanium mixed oxide powder
Designed cellular coal
High pressure crystal growth apparatuses and associated methods
Disinfecting peroxosilicated compound with scale preventive effect, preparation method and use there...
Lepidocrocite potassium magnesium titanate, method for manufacturing the same and friction material
Method for producing .alpha.-alumina particulate
Method and apparatus for handling errors in a processing system
Method and system for rule based indexing of multiple data structures
Precision illumination methods and systems
Head mounted device
Method and system for efficient interfacing to frame sequential display devices
Haptic interface for palpation simulation
Display apparatus
MPEG-4 encoding/decoding method, medium, and system
Gear box structure for a toy gun
Single-crystal Ni-based superalloy with high temperature strength, oxidation resistance and hot corr...
Method of recording/reproducing data on storage medium
Multi-dimensional joint searcher and channel estimators
Communication control system, communication control method, base station and mobile station
Optimal two-leg histeresys for power control and phy mode switching control in adaptive phy mode sys...
Locating system and method
Device and method for forming a set of cells for time difference measurements, and for measuring tim...
Wireless electronic couponing technique
System, apparatus and method for single-channel or multi-channel terrestrial communication
Secure covert combat identification friend-or-foe (IFF) system for the dismounted soldier
AV communication control circuit for realizing copyright protection with respect to radio LAN
Method and apparatus for improved personal communication devices and systems
Determination of a reference value for automatic gain control of a receiver on a general packet cont...
Transmission configuration, in particular for mobile radio communication, and mobile station with th...
Radio receiving apparatus and method
Adaptive symbol mapping in mobile system
System and method for Fast Walsh Transform processing in a multi-coded signal environment
Method for operating a digital mobile radio network with space-time block codes
System and method for providing an IP core network for wireless/ wireline integration
Architecture and method for using IEEE 802.11-like wireless LAN system to emulate private land mobil...
Method and equipment for lossless packet delivery to a mobile terminal during handover
Method in a communication system
System and method for supporting digital rights management in an enhanced Java.TM. 2 runtime environ...
Communication and authentication of a composite credential utilizing obfuscation
Method and system for internationally providing trusted universal identification over a global commu...
Image verification system, image verification apparatus, and image verification method
Enrolling / sub-enrolling a digital rights management (DRM) server into a DRM architecture
Method of printing a document
On-line experimentation
System and method for providing fault-tolerant remote controlled computing devices
Data protection method, authentication method, and program therefor
System and method of secure authentication and billing for goods and services using a cellular telec...
Methods and apparatus for uniquely identifying a large number of film prints
Electronic withdrawal authorization store and forward for cash and credit accounts
System and method for displaying market information
Amortization for financial processing in a relational database management system
System and methods for servicing electronic transactions
Method, system and medium for assisting a user in evaluating a merchant in an electronic marketplace
Electronic commerce system and electronic commerce method
Technique for handling sales of regulated items implemented over a data network
System for recording and distributing recorded information over the internet
System and method for grouping products in a catalog
Co-branded internet service provider and retailer internet service site with retailer-offered incent...
Method of using anionic copolymer formulations for seepage control
Boring appliance
Device and a method for well intervention
Heated underwater diving suit
Landscaping channel liner apparatus
Apparatus for conveying fluids
Leaching chamber having dosing pipe hanger
Stormwater chamber with changing corrugation width angle
Apparatus and method for lateral pipe identification
Composite overfilled arch system
Diagnosis of multiple myeloma on gene expression profiling
Triticale cultivar 97TV38011
Soybean cultivar 90501911
PCR family genes which confer tolerance to heavy metals
Human Gil-19/AE289 polynucleotides
OtsA gene encoding trehalose-6-phosphate synthase from a coryneform bacterium
Heparin/heparosan synthase from P. multocida and methods of making and using same
Selection marker gene
Maize cellulose synthases and uses thereof
Sodium-independent transporter transporting small-sized neutral amino acid, gene thereof and method ...
Leptin antagonists
Use of 20-HETE synthesizing enzyme inhibitors as therapy for cerebral vascular disease
Antisense oligonucleotide modulation of STAT3 expression
Use of rapamycin to inhibit immune response and induce tolerance to gene therapy vector and encoded ...
Composition and use of substances for stabilising amino acids containing sulphur
Antifungal polypeptides
Truncated fragments of alpha-synuclein in Lewy body disease
Advanced cell-transducing transport domain-target protein-transport domain fusion protein and uses t...
Keratinocytes useful for the treatment of wounds
Endospore detector
Method and apparatus of automated optical container code recognition with positional identification ...
Gas generating system and method for inerting aircraft fuel tanks
System and method for an ambient atmosphere ion thruster
Non-pyrotechnic remote-controlled parachute jettison device
Inflatable endurance unmanned aerial vehicle
Tandem powered power tilting aircraft
Method of controlling seatbelt retractor
Frame-based occupant weight estimation apparatus having compliant load transfer mechanism
Steering device
Method for remotely determining and managing connection of tractor and trailer
Hybrid power generating system combining a fuel cell and a gas turbine
Tandem axle system
Vehicle steering device and method
Light source apparatus for electronic endoscope and electronic endoscope
Method of attaching a manually operated wheelchair to a motorized scooter
Suspension structure for an electric wheelchair
Crush-proof catch pan for engine oil
Hydraulic power-assisted steering system
Hydraulic steering apparatus
Variable gear ratio hydraulic power steering device
Frame structure in saddle type vehicle and method of manufacturing frame
Disable belt for an electrically driven transporter operated by a handicapped person
Vehicular collision object determining system
Engine coupling system
Air cushion vehicle and game
Fixing method of in-wheel motor and in-wheel motor system
Method for modeling and testing a security system
System and method for providing user input to character animation
Interactive inter-channel game
Gaming machine, server, and program with virtual player
Gaming device having an interactive sequence game with a multiple function multiplier
Wagering gaming and method of play
Electronic game table
Movie-related card game
Climbing tree stand
NMR analyzer
RF coil assembly for magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy systems
Microencapsulated metal catalyst
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Method for purification of albumin conjugates
PRO 6493 polypeptides
Chemical compounds
3-biphenyl-substituted-3-substituted-4-ketolactam and ketolactone and their utilization as pesticide
Optically activated particles for use in cosmetic compositions
Nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae virulence factors
PRO5774 antibodies
High visibility safety sign
Suction gas guiding system for reciprocating compressor
Electroacoustic transducer comprising a membrane with a middle area comprising stiffening grooves
Conforming earplug
Connection of one or more toll-free calls with one or more mobile phones associated with one or more...
System employing wideband wireless communication with super cycle detection
Image forming method and apparatus with reduced reverse toner transfer
Belt unit of electrophotographic printing apparatus
Emulation internal representation revision system and method
Apparatus, system, and method for automatically freeing a server resource locked awaiting a failed a...
System and method for improved branch performance in pipelined computer architectures
System for indicating a plug position for a memory module in a memory system
Flow-splitting and buffering PCI express switch to reduce head-of-line blocking
Method and device for performing operations involving multiplication of selectively partitioned bina...
Method of presenting leasing arrangements
Storable implantable medical device assembly allowing in package charging
Thrombolysis and chronic anticoagulation therapy
Optical-based sensing devices
System and method for prioritized interface design
Domestic appliance, in particular a built-in domestic appliance
Method for inspecting input shaft of power steering system
Biometric imaging system and method
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Seismic modem
Spin microscope based on optically detected magnetic resonance
Heat dissipation mechanism for electronic apparatus
Heat sink assembly having retaining device with relatively better heat dissipation effectiveness
Electronic package and method of cooling electronics
Cross-flow redundant air cooling method for high reliability electronics
Thermal transferring member, test board and test apparatus
Medical item thermal treatment systems and method of monitoring medical items for compliance with pr...
Heat spreader for display device
Carboxylate salts in heat-storage applications
Snap-in baffle insert for fluid devices
Two part condenser for varying the rate of condensing and related method
Modular heat sink
Fluid-containing cooling plate for an electronic component
Heat pipe connection system and method
Meta-data approach to indexing, retrieval and management of stored messages in a portable communicat...
Information handling mechanism
Push content filtering for short range communication
Mobile communications device employing multiple data storage locations for electronic messages
Detection and mitigation of unwanted bulk calls (spam) in VoIP networks
Method and apparatus for compact dispersive imaging spectrometer
Low dielectric materials and methods for making same
Closure housing for sealing
Metallocene complexes, their synthesis and use in catalyst systems for olefin polymerization
Latent fusion protein
Low dielectric constant materials and methods of preparation thereof
Polymerization reactor operability using static charge modifier agents
Polyethylene compositions for rotational molding
Silica containing rubber composition
Composition to reduce adhesion between a conformable region and a mold
Electrical component with fillers having semi-resistive properties and composite systems comprising ...
Process for forming an emulsion using microchannel process technology
Sodium dodecyl sulfate compositions for inactivating prions
Multimeric Apo A-I agonist compounds
Cleaning implements
Combination air sanitizer, soft surface deodorizer/sanitizer and hard surface disinfectant
Highly active alpha-olefin polymerization catalyst
Breathable composite sheet structure and absorbent articles utilizing same
Method for supercritical carbon dioxide processing of fluoro-carbon films
Memory cell and method of making the memory cell
Process to make synthetic leather and synthetic leather made therefrom
Interlabial pad having a labial-following layer
Molecular sieve compositions, catalyst thereof, their making and use in conversion processes
Substituted anthranilic amide derivatives and methods of use
Method for controlled release of enzymatic reaction components
Phage antibodies to radiation-inducible neoantigens
Modular fuel cell cassette for forming a solid-oxide fuel cell stack
Engineered particles and methods of use
Method of producing ceramic foams
Method of manufacturing composite sandwich structures
Methods and apparatus for replicating original objects
Membrane and the use thereof
Cyclone-type separator for separating foreign matters by utilizing a centrifugal force
Electrolytic generation of nitrogen using azole derivatives
Odor eliminating material and manufacturing method thereof
Rigid chambered boat hull with inflatable perimeter
Marine vessel vent plate
Two piece view port and light housing with swivel light
Method for positioning a marine vessel
Asymmetrical sail fabric
Ported tri-hull boat
Method for two-dimensional conformation-dependent separation of non-circular nucleic acids
Piperidine derivatives useful as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Aryloxy quinolines and uses thereof
DNA encoding a novel RG1 polypeptide
Method of preventing or treating estrogen-dependent diseases and disorders
2-Benzoylchromone derivatives
4-(1-(sulfonyl)-1h-indol-2-yl)-4-(hydroxy)-cyclohexa-2,5-dienone compounds and analogs thereof as th...
Indole derivatives and drugs containing the same
Combined agents for treatment of glaucoma
Inhibitors of cathepsin S
Benzoxazole carboxamides for treating CINV and IBS-D
Treatment of affective disorders by the combined action of a nicotinic receptor agonist and a monoam...
Thiazolidinone amides, thiazolidine carboxylic acid amides, methods of making, and uses thereof
3-(4-heteroarylcyclohexylamino)cyclopentanecarboxamides as modulators of chemokine receptors
Compounds Capable of Activating Cholinergic Receptors
Mitotic kinesin inhibitors
Deuterated 3-piperidinopropiophenone and medicaments containing said compounds
Cyclic benzimidazoles
Fiber channel adaptor for serial or parallel ATA disks
Non-isolated DC-DC converters with direct primary to load current
Inductive measurement system and method
Transition mode operating device for the correction of the power factor in switching power supply un...
Multiplexed computer peripheral device connection switching interface
Generator for sustaining pulse of plasma display panel
Filter for medical and laboratory use, especially for blood analysis and the like
Flexible centrifuge bag and methods of use
Fat collection and preparation system and method
Potato wastewater treatment method using a starch-complexing emulsifier
Method of deionizing solution yielded by polyester decomposition with ethylene glycol
Inactivation of microorganisms and virus in liquids and sludge
Valve mechanism for infusion fluid systems
Process for the removal of contaminants from water
Method for separation of enantiomeric isomers by simulated moving bed chromatography
Autotrophic denitrification chamber and calcium reactor
Treatment of water
Manure separation for digester method and apparatus
Porous PTFE materials and articles produced therefrom
Rotor and methods of use
Disposable tangential flow filtration device holder
Method for treating metal-working fluid
Device for treating water
Self-triggering outgoing buffers
Infiniband router having an internal subnet architecture
Method in the synchronization of a receiver, and a receiver
Compound semiconductor wafer and manufacturing method thereof
Capacitance modeling
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Simulation circuit pattern evaluation method, manufacturing method of semiconductor integrated circu...
Luminescent diode
SRAM cell design with high resistor CMOS gate structure for soft error rate improvement
Memory devices with active and passive doped sol-gel layers
Micro-optoelectromechanical system packages for a light modulator and methods of making the same
Organic field effect transistors
Structure and method for implementing oxide leakage based voltage divider network for integrated cir...
Integrated circuit chips and wafers including on-chip test element group circuits, and methods of fa...
Wafer-level electronic modules with integral connector contacts
Resin-molded semiconductor device having posts with bumps and method for fabricating the same
Electronic device with guard ring
Ultra-uniform silicide system in integrated circuit technology
Buried bit line non-volatile floating gate memory cell with independent controllable control gate in...
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
Electric device with phase change material and parallel heater
Method for forming quantum dot, and quantum semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for automated image correction for digital image acquisition
Method of detecting test bodies
Device for ellipsometric two-dimensional display of a sample, display method and ellipsometric measu...
Surface inspection apparatus, polarization illuminating device and light-receiving device
Method of reducing the effect of noise in determining the value of a dependent variable
Method for the optical characterization of materials without using a physical model
Hypoxia inducible factor 2.alpha. for curing neonatal respiratory distress syndrome and as a target ...
Black food containers
Pump connector system
Water circulation systems for ponds, lakes, and other bodies of water
Pressure exchanger
Guitar headstock
Quadruple edge guitar pick
Guitar stand
Method and system for parallel state machine implementation
Systems and methods for package sortation and delivery using radio frequency identification technolo...
NO.sub.x reduction compositions for use in FCC processes
High temperature combustion tube
Process for hydrodesulphurizing cuts containing sulphur containing compounds and olefins in the pres...
Nucleation of diamond films using higher diamondoids
Methods and systems for estimating density of a material in a mixing process
Using a fixed network wireless data collection system to improve utility responsiveness to power out...
Ensuring automatic season change demand resets in a mesh type network of telemetry devices
Method and apparatus for determining adaptive brake gain parameters for use in a safety system of an...
Lavandula plant named `Blueberry Ruffles`
Lavandula plant named `Mulberry Ruffles`
Dry compaction bit for earth boring
Cellular phone cover
Earphone portion
Earphone portion
End cap for a package with flexible walls
Multi-port network tap
Method and apparatus for correcting 3D mask effects
Use of redundant routes to increase the yield and reliability of a VLSI layout
Low-latency architectures for high-throughput Viterbi decoders
Network interface with double date rate and delay locked loop
Representing trust in distributed peer-to-peer networks
Prefix and IP address management scheme for router and host in network system
Alternate encodings of a biometric identifier
Structured algorithmic programming language approach to system design
Calculation system of fault coverage and calculation method of the same
Data recording/reproducing device, data recording/reproducing method, program, and recording medium
Apparatus and method of early decoding in communication systems
Analysis of pipelined networks
Collation processing apparatus, data communication system and data communication method
Systems and methods for online identity verification
Data scrambling system for a shared transmission media
Processing unit
System for portable PLC configurations
Data integrity protection for stored data
Architecture for a data storage device
Method and apparatus for policy-based packet classification using hashing algorithm
Dynamic load balancing for enterprise IP traffic
System and method for on-line upgrade of call processing software using group services in a telecomm...
Method, system and program products for distributing portal content processing
Mobile guide communications system
Membrane-permeant peptide complexes for medical imaging, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical therapy
Membrane-permeant peptide complexes for medical imaging, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical therapy
Aqueous neonicotinoid compositions for seed treatment
Oral pharmaceutical suspension of Cefdinir crystal
Hepatitis C virus codon optimized non-structural NS3/4A fusion gene
Methods for treating cardiovascular disease using a soluble CTLA4 molecule
Method for treating a mental disorder
Measurement of protein synthesis rates in humans and experimental systems by use of isotopically lab...
Method of inducing immunity against stratum corneum chymotrytic enzyme
Oncolytic viruses as phenotyping agents for neoplasms
Methods and means for assessing HIV envelope inhibitor therapy
Method for preventing and/or treating viral infection in aquatic animals
Herbal composition for treating CD33+ acute and chronic myeloid leukemia and a method thereof
Medicinal plant compositions of matter and method of preparation
Compositions enriched in phenolic compounds and methods for producing the same
Method of growing crystals
Nonwoven webs treated with fixed mobile materials
Dissolvable backing layer for use with a transmucosal delivery device
Highway marker transfer vehicle
Enhanced braking system and method
Protractor with a movable arm
Providing services for an information processing system using an audio interface
Differentiated service network and method of operating a differentiated service network
Method and apparatus for efficient generation of texture coordinate displacements for implementing e...
Vascular device for emboli and thrombi removal and methods of use
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Ingvine`
Osteospermum plant named `Oslipu`
Dogwood tree named `Missy's Appalachian Morning`
LCD video projector
Combined video camera, video tape recorder and storage medium player/recorder
Video camera with digital video disc player
Digital video disc recorder with hard disk recorder
Technique for secure remote configuration of a system
Protocol-parsing state machine and method of using same
Limiting the output of alerts generated by an intrusion detection sensor during a denial of service ...
Link-lock device and method of monitoring and controlling a link for failures and intrusions
Automated computer vulnerability resolution system
Method and framework for integrating a plurality of network policies
Secured FTP architecture
System and method for managing and authenticating services via service principal names
Associative policy model
Data structure for access control
Protection of data accessible by a mobile device
Antibodies that bind PRO9912
Computer accessible methods for establishing informed consent
Diagnosing cardiac health utilizing parameter trend analysis
Method, apparatus and product for acquiring cardiac images
Cardiac imaging system and method for quantification of desynchrony of ventricles for biventricular ...
Method, system, and apparatus for color representation of seismic data and associated measurements
Use of computer-aided detection system outputs in clinical practice
Correction of boundary artefacts in image data processing
Interferometric sensor for characterizing materials
Apparatus and method for measuring temperature dependent properties of liquid
System and method for video observation of a patient in a health care location
Dynamic radiant food preparation methods and systems
Software input/output using hard real time threads
Data flow scheduling environment with formalized pin-base interface and input pin triggering by data...
Method and an apparatus to improve hierarchical design implementation
Heartbeat apparatus via remote mirroring link on multi-site and method of using same
Reconfigurable testing system and method
Periodic checkpointing in a redundantly multi-threaded architecture
Latent error detection
Interlocked synchronous pipeline clock gating
Controlling power consumption peaks in electronic circuits
Memory chain
Configuring a communication link interface
Apparatus and methods for providing an audibly controlled user interface for audio-based communicati...
System for allocating resources in a computer system
Method and apparatus for automatic configuration of equipment
Method and system for accessing network services
Pattern matching
Techniques for video retrieval based on HMM similarity
Memory card
Micromachined electrode array
Image heating apparatus with endless belt operation in a nip
Electron emitter and method of producing the same
Surface acoustic wave device, surface acoustic wave apparatus, and communications equipment
Technique for attaching die to leads
Electronic component, semiconductor device, methods of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and el...
Semiconductor device of chip-on-chip structure, assembling process therefor, and semiconductor chip ...
Resin-encapsulated package, lead member for the same and method of fabricating the lead member
LDMOS transistor with improved gate shield
Semiconductor device
Electron beam lens for micro-column electron beam apparatus and method of fabricating the same
Method of treating conductive layer for use in a circuitized substrate and method of making said sub...
Membrane 3D IC fabrication
Method of forming a via contact structure using a dual damascene process
Structure and method for forming a dielectric chamber and electronic device including the dielectric...
Method for processing a thin semiconductor substrate
Wafer bonding with highly compliant plate having filler material enclosed hollow core
Methods for modulating angiogenesis
Robotic arm for use with pharmaceutical unit of use transport and storage system
Crane installation, in particular container crane
Gait producing device for leg type movable robot
Gait generation device and control device for leg type movable robot
Linear moving mechanism and transfer robot using the same
Calcium phosphate cements comprising a water-soluble contrast agent
Impatiens plant named `Boddblviobi`
Modulation scheme for FDD/TDD transceivers
Fluid treatment apparatus
Membrane based volatile component-removal devices for liquid chromatography
Centrifuge system utilizing disposable components and automated processing of blood to collect plate...
Image forming apparatus and method of controlling image forming apparatus
Image heating apparatus including an endless belt and belt cooling mechanism
Method for manufacturing three-dimensional photonic crystal
Digital video compression
Image retrieval apparatus and method, and image display apparatus and method thereof
Laser drive device and image forming apparatus incorporating the same
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
Image input/output control method and image input/output apparatus
Print control method and apparatus
Density control method for image control apparatuses and image forming apparatus capable of executin...
Print control apparatus, information processing apparatus, print control method, control method of i...
Information processor, method for processing information and memory medium for storing program reada...
Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and program
Web-based print server and client
Information processing method, information processing apparatus, program for information processing ...
Eccentricity measuring method and eccentricity measuring apparatus
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
White balance correcting device
IP packet error handling apparatus and method using the same, and computer readable medium having co...
Managing method of electrical device, management apparatus, electrical device, communications device...
Storage control apparatus, storage system, and control method for storage system
Communication terminal, server unit, mail incoming notification method and system, and mail sending ...
Methods and systems for user activated automated searching
Method and apparatus for transporting encrypted media streams over a wide area network
Fibre channel frame batching for IP transmission
Methods and systems for efficient multi-packet data processing in a layered network protocol
Method and apparatus to determine whether data flow is restricted by a sending node, a receiving nod...
System for capturing facsimile data in an electronic document management system
Two-way mobile video/audio/data interactive companion (MVIC) system
Computerized medical diagnostic and treatment advice system including network access
Back light unit for liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the unit
Method and device for recording sequence information on biological compounds
Delivery system and method using pulmonary artery for placement of RV leads
Percutaneous apparatus with electrical coupling
Textile-based electrode system
Intermediate transfer belt having reference position mark
Color image forming apparatus
Non-metallic heating element for use in a fluid heater
Optical waveguide and process for manufacturing the same
Component with optical fiber and associated optical fiber
Optical fiber cables
Fiber optic structures that allow small bend radii
Optical device including a filter member for dividing a portion of signal light
Optical assembly with optoelectronic device alignment
Method for texturing surfaces of optical fiber sensors used for blood glucose monitoring
Photonic crystal system and method of controlling/detecting direction of radiation propagation using...
System and method for collecting DNA and fingerprints
Intrinsic Fabry-Perot optical fiber sensors and their multiplexing
Process for the preparation of 3-{2-'4- (6-fluoro-1,2-benzisoxazol-3-yl)-1-piperidinyllethyl}-6,7,8,...
.beta.-amino heterocyclic dipeptidyl peptidase inhibitors for the treatment or prevention of diabete...
Display apparatus
Metallurgical vessel for melting device for liquid metals
Method for introducing additives to liquid metal, ceramic/metallic powder
Portable radio terminal, antenna selector control method for use in portable radio terminal, and ant...
Digital ballast
System and method of detecting temperature of a cooking utensil over a radiant cooktop
System and method for dynamically disabling partially streamed content
Cored-out cutlery
Cutlery set
Methods and compositions for reducing viral genome amounts in a target cell
Determining an analyte by multiple measurements through a cuvette
Production of weakly active or inactive mutants of alkaline phosphatase and their expression in yeas...
Tetrahydro-acridine and dithiolane derivatives
Method and apparatus for on-line measurement of polymer properties
Method and apparatus for detecting a cardiac arrhythmia
Automated projection spectroscopy (APSY)
Synchronized processing of ear shells for hearing aids
Magnetic resonance imaging using MT pulse of which duration is shorter
Communication between electromagnetic transponders
Method and apparatus for reducing the effects of motion in an image
Method and apparatus for adjusting a scanning region in a computed tomography system
Electro magnetic field generating element, information recording and reproducing head and informatio...
Semiconductor device
Optical lens system and method for microfluidic devices
Techniques for using chirped fields to reconfigure a medium that stores spectral features
Volume rendering apparatus and method
Antenna device having enhanced reception sensitivity in wide bands
Low-cost one-dimensional electromagnetic band gap waveguide phase shifter based ESA horn antenna
Systems, apparatus, and methods having a mechanical logic function in a microelectromechanical syste...
Method and system for alerting an entity to design changes impacting the manufacture of a semiconduc...
Surgical implement detector utilizing a radio-frequency identification marker
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Electrolyte for a lithium ion battery and a lithium ion battery comprising the same
Imaging method and system
Method for producing membrane-electrode structure and polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Microfluidic free interface diffusion techniques
Air ventilation cooling systems for a portable power device
Method for producing 1, 6 hexane diol
Flexible wired circuit board
Lithium ion secondary cell
Compensation techniques for group delay effects in transmit beamforming radio communication
Card reader
Heterocyclic derivatives as CRF antagonists
Piperidine derivatives useful as CCR5 antagonists
Cleavage of nucleic acids
Process for producing a high solubility, low viscosity, isoflavone-enriched soy protein isolate and ...
Orientia tsutsugamushi truncated recombinant outer membrane protein (r47) and (r57) vaccines diagnos...
Hemorrhagic feline calicivirus, calicivirus vaccine and method for preventing calicivirus infection ...
HIV-specific T-cell induction
Immunoglobulin IgG3 as a marker for protecting against infectious viral diseases, and the uses of th...
Method of preparing halogenoalkyldialkyl chlorosilane
Mobile phone
Drill with groove width variation along the drill and double margin with a thinning section at the t...
Portion of an electronic camera
Method, system, and computer-readable medium for filtering harmful HTML in an electronic document
Method for locating mobile units based on received signal strength ratio
Pressure switch
Screen printing squeegee
Bone fixation system
Optical recording medium having substantially uniform interlayer structure
Cradle for an electronic device
Pneumatic transport tube system
Single-port fluid manifold
Mounting arrangement for light emitting diodes
Interspinous process apparatus and method with a selectably expandable spacer
Boxwood cultivar named `Arctic Emerald`
Polymers having broad molecular weight distributions and methods of making the same
Pallet assembly
Method of manufacturing electrode and electrode
Navigator, navigation system, navigation method, data processing apparatus, data processing method, ...
Apparatus and method for removal of surface oxides via fluxless technique involving electron attachm...
Navigation system, method and device with automatic next turn page
Hydroformed port liner
Uninterruptible power supplies
Non-invasive glucose meter
Hair brush
Process and intermediates for the preparation of thienopyrrole derivatives
Network station management system and method
Hydrangea macrophylla plant named `HYMMAD I`
Photonic crystal interferometer
Unified messaging system configured for transport of encrypted messages
Aerosol container with actuator overcap and base
Humidification system
Anchor tag indexing in a web crawler system
Method of charging alkali metal polymer batteries
System and methods for preparing substitute food items
Method and system for participant automatic re-invite and updating during conferencing
Hybrid mass storage system and method
Dual shift register data serializer
Methods and systems for building and distributing audio packages
Applying blocking measures progressively to malicious network traffic
Systems and methods for multimedia messaging in a cable or satellite subscriber system
Printer having Bi-Level operational modes
Controller for a permanent magnet generator and a generator in combination with such a controller
System and method for DC power generation from a reluctance machine
Minimum synchronization frequency discriminator
Step-down voltage output circuit
Operation voltage supply apparatus and operation voltage supply method for semiconductor device
Power supply apparatus
Switchable voltage converter
Switching power supply device and a semiconductor integrated circuit
Solid-state microsecond capacitance charger for high voltage and pulsed power
Wireless direct routing service
Traffic modeling for packet data communications system dimensioning
Remote control, apparatus, system and methods of using the same
Electrical filter assembly having IDC connection
Gaming device including movable symbol indicator plates
Performance indicating electrical connector
Electrical connector with scoop proof dome
Method and apparatus for treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients
Subcutaneous thermolipolysis using radiofrequency energy
Boronic ester and acid compounds, synthesis and uses
Methods and compositions for treating and preventing neurologic disorders
Creatine prodrugs, compositions and uses thereof
Creatine analog prodrugs, compositions and uses thereof
Structured Triglycerides And Emulsions Comprising Same
Creatine analog prodrugs, compositions and uses thereof
Pharmaceutical Composition Having Prokinetic Effect
Method for antagonizing MIF activity
Novel pyrazolopyrimidines as cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors
Ion Channel Modulators
Pyrimidine Compounds as Purine Receptor Antagonist
Systems, methods, and software for building intelligent on-line communities
Anti-obesity diverter structure
Anti-obesity stent
Anti-obesity dual stent
Anti-obesity flow controller
Obesity treatment tools and methods
Non-Invasive Monitoring of Respiratory Rate, Heart Rate and Apnea
Locator system for implanted access port with RFID tag
Biological Rhythm Adjustment Method, Biological Rhythm Adjustment Device, Biological Rhythm Adjustme...
Methods of Accelerating Muscle Growth, Decreasing Fat Deposits and Improving Feed Efficiency in Live...
Pharmaceutical compositions of cholesteryl ester transfer protein inhibitors
Compounds for the Treatment of Metabolic Disorders
Method and apparatus for performing real-time on-line video quality monitoring for digital cable and...
Wireless personalized self-service network
Mobile telephone handset with pivoting latch
Emergency notification system and emergency notification device
Holder and communication apparatus
Processes and systems for screening work orders
System and method for multi-channel communication queuing using routing and escalation rules
Method for connecting calls directed to a PSTN extension to a handset of a packet switched network
Web-based data manipulation for advanced intelligent network service control point services
Conference call facility
Availability and location predictor using call processing indications
Extending mobile phone networks
Enhanced communication platform and related communication method using the platform
Telephone communication apparatus
Serializing an asynchronous communication
System and method for re-multiplexing multiple video streams
Method for rapidly dispatching H.323 packets