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Radio apparatus carrying out automatic gain control and gain control method
Tone signal processing apparatus with intermittent clock supply
System and method for evaluating real estate financing structures
Dynamically changing the levels of reading assistance and instruction to support the needs of differ...
Detection of congestion from monitoring patient response to a recumbent position
Display device
Correction of dual energy X-ray absorptiometry measurements based on body lead levels
Implantable device having substances impregnated therein and a method of impregnating the same
Noninvasive alcohol sensor
Two-port fluid manifold
Chopper-stabilized instrumentation amplifier
Bogie unit for suspended transport of a treatment plant
Cradle unit having pivotal electrical contacts for electrically engaging with a pagewidth printhead ...
Canine IL-13 immunoregulatory proteins and uses thereof
System and methods for transportation and delivery using bar codes
Media player
Anchoring drill bit, system and method of anchoring
Method for the hemihydrogenation of dinitriles in order to form aminonitriles
Systems, devices and methods for temperature-based control of laser performance
Pressure sensitive adhesive composition for optical members, pressure sensitive adhesive layer for o...
Plants synthesizing a modified starch, a process for the generation of the plants, their use, and th...
Charge dissipation modifiers for olefinic interpolymer compositions
Manually controlled skimming of industrial oil contaminants
System for the diagnosis and monitoring of coronary artery disease, acute coronary syndromes, cardio...
Methods and compositions to detect bacteria using multiplex PCR
Expression pad
Methods for verifying fluid movement
Method and apparatus for alignment of DNA sequencing data traces
Hepatitis C Virus NS5B polymerase inhibitor binding pocket
Ballast for high-pressure discharge lamp and method of operating the same
Translational loop RF transmitter architecture for GSM radio
Process for the preparation of phenyltetrazole derivatives
Nebivolol and its metabolites in combination with nitric oxide donors, compositions and methods of u...
Network interconnection apparatus, network node apparatus, and packet transfer method for high speed...
Apparatus for converting internet protocol address and home network system using the same
Internet caller-ID integration
Arrangement for maintaining mode synchronization in automatic TTY-to-text translation systems
Generating multimedia information from text information using customized dictionaries
Robust voice browser system and voice activated device controller
Advertising system and method using internet web browser
Content display monitoring by a processing system
System and method for providing access to digital goods over communications networks
Answer system for technical support, and technical support method
Method and apparatus for providing an availability message to a remote user
Methods of migrating data between storage apparatuses
Method allowing persistent links to web-pages
Content distribution notification method, reservation control apparatus and program storage medium
Method and system for preventing the transmission of private information over a network
Priority based differentiated DNS processing
Aligning IP payloads on memory boundaries for improved performance at a switch
Universal media player
Broadcast video channel surfing system based on internet streaming of captured live broadcast channe...
Radiographic imaging apparatus, control method thereof, and radiographic imaging system
Insertion of a message in a sequence of digital images
Radiographic image processing method and apparatus
Image processing apparatus
Image transmission apparatus and method therefor
Photonic circuit board
Image taking apparatus and image taking method
Processing cartridge rotating a drum shaft in different directions and image forming apparatus mount...
Job processing method, image forming system, image forming apparatus and storage medium
Image forming apparatus
Toner supply container and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Toner supply container including a coupling member for engaging and receiving a driving force from a...
Image forming apparatus having a movable transfer unit
Image forming apparatus having movable developing devices and developer replenishment device
Image forming apparatus
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Contents distributing server, contents distribution control method, program, and recording medium
Control method for bus provided with internal switch
Data structure, processing method of structured document described using that data structure, progra...
Image processing apparatus, server apparatus, image processing method and memory medium
Gas-liquid separation method and unit
Microbiological energy source for driving a consumer
Integrated modular system and method for enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Articulated robot
Obstacle recognition apparatus and method, obstacle recognition program, and mobile robot apparatus
Operation control device for leg-type mobile robot and operation control method, and robot device
Tool grip calibration for robotic surgery
Feedback estimation of joint forces and joint movements
Workpiece conveying apparatus
Parallel kinematic machine, calibration method of parallel kinematic machine, and calibration progra...
Electrostatic application of powder material to solid dosage forms in an electric field
Micro-devices and analytical procedures for investigation of biological systems
Plush toy with stretch interface
Two-dimensional spectral cameras and methods for capturing spectral information using two-dimensiona...
Code, system and method for representing a natural-language text in a form suitable for text manipul...
Methods and apparatuses for searching both external public documents and internal private documents ...
Method and apparatus for integrated provisioning of a network device with configuration information ...
Aquarium filter holster
Expression vector, methods for the production of heterologous gene products and for the selection of...
System and method for continuous analyte monitoring
System and method for sensor recalibration
Test subject monitoring device
Body activity measurement device
Birefringence measurement of polymeric films and the like
System and method of selectively monitoring sample front and backside reflections in ellipsometer an...
Display device conversion device, display device correction circuit, display device driving device, ...
Image processing method and apparatus for recovering reading faults
Segmenting occluded anatomical structures in medical images
Retrospective correction of inhomogeneities in radiographs
Method for the automatic analysis of microscope images
Medical image segmentation apparatus and method thereof
Air intake structure for aircraft engine
Aircraft nose with shield
Adaptive compliant wing and rotor system
Hearing device and method of operating a hearing device
Retention apparatus for an external portion of a semi-implantable hearing aid
Multiple wavelength TDMA optical network
Fibre channel switch that aggregates registered state change notifications
Method and plant for preheating particulate or pulverulent material
Wireless information retrieval and content dissemination system and method
Data mining by retrieving causally-related documents not individually satisfying search criteria use...
Filtered peer-to-peer business communication in a distributed computer environment
System and method for supporting editorial opinion in the ranking of search results
System and method for a modular user controlled search engine
Correspondent-centric management email system for associating message identifiers with instances of ...
Handling of messages in a electronic messaging system
System for remote configuration of automatic reply message settings using an email message sent from...
Automatic electronic timesheet filler
Selection and deposition of nanoparticles using CO.sub.2-expanded liquids
In-situ formation of nanoparticles within a silicon-based matrix
Sensor platform using a non-horizontally oriented nanotube element
Mechanical cushioning system for footwear
Inflatable support system for an article of footwear
Motorized walking shoes
Method and system for detecting and displaying the impact of a blow
Abrasion resistant elastomeric compositions
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear outsole
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Portion of a shoe
Footwear hanger display arrangement
Apparatus and method for hydroenhancing fabric
Footgear with pressure relief zones
Air induction system having an integrated resonator
Noise suppressor exhaust sound attenuation overhaul and repair kit
Rotatable propeller driven engine exhaust system
Pre-converter device for cleaning exhaust gas for an internal combustion engine
Outer membrane vesicles from gram negative bacteria and use as a vaccine
Particulate compositions for pulmonary delivery
Interface patch clamping
Streptococcus pneumoniae open reading frames encoding polypeptide antigens and uses thereof
6-11 bridged oxime erythromycin derivatives
2'-Methyl-5-(1,3,4-oxadiazol-2-yl)1, 1'-biphenyl-4-carboxaide derivatives and their use as p38 kinas...
Water soluble paclitaxel prodrugs
Aqueous ink
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
PRO6097 polypeptides
PRO12970 polypeptides
Animal model, cells, and treatment for malignant melanoma
Process for imagewise opening and filling color display components and color displays manufactured t...
Method of preparing organomagnesium compounds
Patient table
Method for reducing the coupling during reception between excitation and receive coils of a nuclear ...
Rf Coil System for Super High Field (Shf) Mri
Magnetic resonance system with built-in deployable/retractable local coil
Orthogonal Coil for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Seamless Enclosures for Mr Rf Coils
High field magnetic resonance
Apparatus for producing nuclear spin-polarized noble gas, nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, a...
Method of 2D-NMR correlation spectroscopy with double quantum filtration followed by evolution of si...
Multi-coil magnetic resonance data acquisition and image reconstruction method and apparatus using b...
Pet bed
Bird feeder
Pet bowl
Dog harness
Dog leash shock absorber
Dog towel
Dog toy
Handheld vacuum cleaner
Control panel for a laundry appliance
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner base
Foam wash mitt
Disposable non-woven cleaning wipe
Waste container rib pattern
Hydraulic jack
Fork lift truck
Overhead guard for a fork lift truck
Card holder for a bar of precious metal
Method for proving the authenticity or integrity of a message by means of a public exponent equal to...
Method of implementing in an electronic component a cryptographic algorithm for finding the public e...
Block encoding method and block encoding/decoding circuit
Techniques of imperceptibly altering the spectrum of a displayed image in a manner that discourages ...
Content protection system, key data generation apparatus, and terminal apparatus
Protection of data on media recording disks
Conditional access system providing access to multiple programs or services
System and method for multimedia content simulcast
Encryption secured against DPA
Tolerant digital certificate distribute system and distribute method
Method and apparatus for embedding digital-watermark using robustness parameter
Magnetic watermark for text documents
Mobile communication system and apparatus constituting same
System and method for resource reduction receipt log and audit trail
Authentication protocol using a multi-factor asymmetric key pair
Certificate management system and method
Security module and method for production of forge-proof documents
Real time data encryption/decryption system and method for IDE/ATA data transfer
Chrysanthemum plant named `Magical`
Cranberry variety named `NJS98-35`
Veronica plant named `Total Eclipse`
Clematis plant named `Tie Dye`
Rose plant named `Bokrarunner`
Osteospermum plant named `Osjamvan`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoashley`
Corydalis plant named `Berry Exciting`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `Meifacul`
Shrub plant named `Poultc004`
Chrysanthemum plant named `OMEGA TIME DARK PINK`
Interspecific tree `Late Brittney`
Heuchera plant named `Cafe Ole`
Browallia hybrida named `UNHBR4`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yowilma`
Browallia plant named `UNHBR12`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yojillian`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yojacqueline`
Kalanchoe plant named `Sarah`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Sly Yojenna`
Calibrachoa plant named `Caltrablupu`
Apparatus and methods for correlating magnetic indicia data with database records
System and method for detecting fraudulent calls
Methods and systems for processing financial instrument deposits
Method and system for controlling and auditing content/service systems
Networked services licensing system and method
Method and mechanism for vending digital content
Fee imposition system for application software
System and method for providing secure services over public and private networks using a removable p...
System and method for determining and/or transmitting and/or establishing communication with a mobil...
Method and system for facilitating transactions
Intelligent clustering system
Cost-based method for dynamically pricing and prioritizing an e-mail
Post-session internet advertising system
Contents distributing method and distributing system
Generic service management system
Method and systems for creating a digital document altered in response to at least one event
Framework to model and execute business processes within a collaborative environment
Personalized, customized achievement recognition items
Systems, methods and computer program products for administration of computer security threat counte...
Binding a digital license to a portable device or the like in a digital rights management (DRM) syst...
Dynamic differentiated link adaptation for ultra-wideband communication system
Multi-carrier transmission/reception apparatus
Adaptive filtering method and filter for filtering a radio signal in a mobile radio-communication sy...
Leave collimator for radiation therapy
Gain insensitive high-pass VGA
Controlling the gain of a remote active antenna
Method for controlling the gain of radio-frequency signal
RX dual-band mixer
Method and apparatus for mobile based access point name (APN) selection
Multi-function, multi-state input control device
In-building radio frequency communications system with automatic failover recovery
Method and system for distributed wireless access
Method for carrying out a handover procedure in a radio communications system having a number of tra...
Method for scaling the radio interface for GPRS traffic and mixed GPRS and voice GSM traffic
Adaptive omni-modal radio apparatus and methods
Remotely reconfigurable system for mapping structure subsurface geological anomalies
Device for testing packet-switched cellular radio network
Inventory and revenue maximization method and system
Method for digital signing of a message
Broadcast and reception systems, and receiver/decoder and remote controller therefor
Organic silver salt composition and manufacturing method thereof and photothermographic material
Check fraud protection techniques
Preparation of compositions to alleviate inflammation and oxidative stress in a mammal
Compositions and methods for determining the susceptibility of a pathogenic virus to protease inhibi...
Methods for predicting drug sensitivity in patients afflicted with an inflammatory disease
Retrovirus-based genomic screening
Nucleic acid sequences having characteristics of enhanced expression in human neuroblastoma with fav...
Helper-free rescue of recombinant negative strand RNA virus
Diagnostic test for West Nile virus
Orally active peptides that prevent cell damage and death
Anti-viral treatment methods using phosphatidylethanolamine-binding peptides linked to anti-viral ag...
PT32 sperm protein, sperm c-Yes, oocyte cytoplasmic c-Yes, and uses thereof
Modified 2' and 3'-nucleoside prodrugs for treating Flaviviridae infections
Pyrazine based inhibitors of glycogen synthase kinase 3
Piperazine derivatives useful as CCR5 antagonists
Piperidine derivatives useful as CCR5 antagonists
Thienopyrimidinediones and their use in the modulation of autoimmune disease
Thienopyrimidinediones and their use in the modulation of autoimmune disease
Synthesis of epothilones, intermediates thereto, analogues and uses thereof
Polyamine polymers
Complementary DNAs encoding proteins with signal peptides
Human tango 509 polypeptides
Oxime derivative substituted hydroxyethylamine aspartyl protease inhibitors
Labile Linkage for Compound Delivery to a Cell
Corn Event TC1507 and Methods for Detection Thereof
siRNA targeting kinase insert domain receptor (KDR)
Photocleavable labeled nucleotides and nucleosides and methods for their use in DNA sequencing
Bead emulsion nucleic acid amplification
Method For Facilitating an Automated Isolation of a Biopolymer Using Magnetic Particles
Cross-linked Polysaccharide Derivatives
Fractionation of Charged Polysaccharide
UDP-Glucose Modifiers
Recombination Cassettes and Methods For Sequence Excision in Plants
Protein Regulating Leaf Longevity of Plants, the Gene Thereof and Their Use
Nucleic acids encoding monomers of a type II serine proteinase inhibitor
Plants Having Improved Growth Characteristics And Method For Making The Same
Nucleic acid molecules and other molecules associated with plants
Novel Altered Gene from Rice Anthranilic Acid Synthase Gene Oasa2 and Use Thereof
Geminivirus Resistant Transgenic Plants
Grain Quality Through Altered Expression of Seed Proteins
System and method for a sparse kernel expansion for a Bayes classifier
Automatic test program generation using extended conditional constraint satisfaction
Optimizing the performance of computer tasks using intelligent agent with multiple program modules h...
K-means clustering using t-test computation
Simulation enabled focused feedback tutorial system
Data packet filtering
Method of and system for rules-based population of a knowledge base used for medical claims processi...
Effective multi-class support vector machine classification
Information systems
Linear motor having progressive movement control
Intelligent distributed energy storage system for demand side power management
Adaptive power system
Self powered son device network
Motion detecting system for alarm device
Automated meter reading, billing and payment processing system
Organic electronic device having improved homogeneity
Sample analysis methodology utilizing electromagnetic radiation
Support structure for free-standing MEMS device and methods for forming the same
Surgical microscope for ophthalmology
Methods and devices for inhibiting tilting of a mirror in an interferometric modulator
Organic electrolyte capacitor
Dedicated short-range communication on-vehicle apparatus
Fallback mode ingress/egress mechanism for satellite communication system
Apparatus and method for determining presence of objects in a vehicle
Vehicle and equipment monitoring apparatus
Method for providing fortune information
Solar light
Electronic watch
Method for manufacturing soft shoes
Novel Heat Shock Protein 20-Related Polypeptides and Uses Therefor
Brace for use with an external fixation device
Tunnel dressing for use with negative pressure wound therapy system
Method and apparatus for hemostasis
Window dressing
Therapeutic stocking
Apparatus and method for recording/reproducing operation information in association with video or mu...
Video disk player
Changing a function of a device based on tilt of the device for longer than a time period
Visual landscape for multi-tiered application environment component interactions
Method for operating a hydraulic actuator, especially a gas exchange valve of an internal combustion...
Method for adjusting an angle of rotation, and phase displacement device for carrying out said metho...
Camshaft adjuster with a superposition drive
Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine having multiple cylinders
Method for optimizing a valve-lift changeover on spark-ignition engines
Debugging an application that employs rights-managed content
Conditional access system
Restricted reception device for digital cable broadcasting system, and reception system and method u...
Digital audio disc player
Speaker for small audio
Method for generating and assigning identifying tags to sound files
System, method, and computer program product for progressive query processing
Contact query data system and method
Publish and subscribe capable continuous query processor for real-time data streams
Compressing data stored in an intermediate or result table of a database
Method and system for interacting with a product item
Interaction with computer software using handwritten input on a form
Method and apparatus for allowing a user to send an electronic mail message
System and method for secure conditional access download and reconfiguration
Asset portfolio tracking
Sampling playback doorbell system
Method of manufacturing flat fluorescent lamp
Plasma based trace metal removal apparatus
Process for hydrogenating an aldehyde
Device for operation of a discharge lamp of the short arc type
Flat fluorescent lamp and liquid crystal display device having the same
Lighting device with flipped side-structure of LEDs
Hard mask structure for patterning of materials
Selecting a subset of automatic request retransmission processes
Multicast architecture for a virtual private local area network service in a metro ethernet network
Parallel round-robin arbiter system and method
Controlling the flow of packets within a network node utilizing random early detection
Method and system for compiling a lexical knowledge base
Shrub rose plant named `JACmorde`
Impatiens plant named `Balfushimglo`
Geranium plant named `Baldeslipzle`
Geranium plant named `Baldespep`
Impatiens plant named `Balfiepurp`
Promotional badge holding apparatus
On demand techniques for using data associated with a digital image suitable for rasterization at an...
Linking information making apparatus and recording medium
Efficient interpolation technique using programmable node spacing
Method for tag plane growth and contraction for improving object edge rendering
Reduction of differential gloss
Image quality defect detection from image quality database
Image forming system with exchange unit mounted therein
Process controls methods and apparatuses for improved image consistency
Fixing apparatus, image forming apparatus and fixing apparatus heating method
Method for operating a cleaning station
Fixing device
Semantic stenography using short note input data
Color to grayscale conversion method and apparatus
System and method for editing image data
Paper transportation device
Fluorene derivatives and polymers thereof
Composite material, wafer holding member and method for manufacturing the same
Transmission control device
Videophone system using cellular telephone terminal
Methods and apparatus for texture compression and computer program product therefor
Extra large low-profile tiltable mount for flat panel displays
Digital camera
Method for displaying images on electroluminescence devices with stressed pixels
Color filter comprising retardation control layer, method for manufacturing the same, and display
Solution jet type fabrication apparatus, method, solution containing fine particles, wiring pattern ...
Method for coating material, method of manufacturing color filter substrate, method of manufacturing...
Polysiloxane film and process for producing the same
Photoreceptor, image forming method and image forming apparatus using the photoreceptor, process car...
Organic field effect transistor and display using same
Shift register
Line head module and image forming apparatus
Method of making a patterned metal oxide film
Optical modulator
Chemical mechanical polishing slurry useful for copper substrates
Dielectric ceramic material and multilayer ceramic capacitor
Stable aqueous slurry suspensions
Antireflective transparent zeolite hardcoat, method for fabricating the same
Coated object
Thin film solid oxide fuel cell and method for forming
Image forming method and image forming apparatus
Phase-change TaN resistor based triple-state/multi-state read only memory
Organic-inorganic composite insulating material for electronic element, method of producing same and...
System and method for resource reduction financial impact analysis
Lupinus plant named `Manhattan Lights`
Database backup system using data and user-defined routines replicators for maintaining a copy of da...
System for determining the mapping of logical objects in a data storage system
Chimerized GM-CSF antibodies
Side portion of a sports equipment bag
Elevator with a control using optical fibers
Terahertz frequency band wavelength selector
System, a tool and method for communicating with a faulted circuit indicator using a remote display
Protective coating and hyperthermal atomic oxygen texturing of optical fibers used for blood glucose...
Ethernet passive optical network for integrating broadcast and communication based on time division ...
System and method for increased magazine capacity for a firearm
Firearm extractor mechanism
Electro-thermal chemical igniter and connector
Device for pre-stressing a wheel bearing
Wheel support bearing assembly
Linear motion guide device having dust shield
Fluid dynamic pressure bearing and recording disk drive device comprising the same
Bearing, bearing mechanism, and plunger pump
Spherical bearing, electric motor and circulation pump
Dispensing machine
Article for deionization of water
Fibrous structure and process for making same
Hydroentangled textile and use in a personal cleansing implement
Cationic azo azine dyes and colorants that contain these compounds
Cap and a container with a product having a stripe
Disposable absorbent articles having multiple absorbent core components including replaceable compon...
Pulmonary and circulatory blood flow support devices and methods for heart surgery procedures
Antibodies specific for sclerostin and methods of screening and use therefor
3-arylquinazoline derivatives as selective estrogen receptor beta modulators
Eyeglasses with a clock or other electrical component
Method and system for identifying multi-block indirect memory access chains
Method and system for generating prefetch information for multi-block indirect memory access chains
Very long instruction word (VLIW) computer having an efficient instruction code format
Shared resources in a chip multiprocessor
Method and system for implementing super-user-compatible privileges
Method and system for configuring a timer
System and method for monitoring the state of a plurality of machines connected via a computer netwo...
Data transfer error checking
System and method for client-side locale specific numeric format handling in a web environment
CPU usage regulation
Finely divided photoprotective oil-in-water emulsions comprising 4,4-diarylbutadiene UV-A sunscreens
Textile substrate with polymer foam coating
Hair iron
Fibrous elastic gel cleansing article
Cosmetic compositions using polyether siloxane copolymer network compositions
Method for stabilizing menthyl lactate
Stents with profiles for gripping a balloon catheter and molds for fabricating stents
System for reacting fuel and air into reformate
Containers, sleeves and lids therefor, assemblies thereof, and holding structure therefor
Sensor inserter assembly
Fermentation flask for cultivating microorganisms
Replaceable blank firing barrel
Hand mountable casing collection apparatus
Blank firing adapter for combination gas and recoil operated weapon
Rifle cartridge with bullet having resilient pointed tip
Method and apparatus for self-destruct frangible projectiles
Muzzleloading firearm projectile
Gun identification kit
Illumination system
Method of accurately controlling a cooling process of a high power lamp
Light source coupler, illuminant device, patterned conductor, and method for manufacturing light sou...
Recessed luminaire having a moisture barrier
Light source apparatus, optical apparatus, and image projection apparatus
Photographic light diffuser
Foldable support for a domed illumination element
Optical deflector element and light source device
Collapsible mobile communication terminal device
Planar light source system and light deflecting device therefor
Prism sheet employed in a backlight unit
Backlight module
Lighting system and liquid crystal backlight device
White light emitting diode using phosphor excitation
Display arrangement for a vehicle
Vehicle LED tail-light bulb
Liquid crystal display device and backlight module thereof comprising a spacer for supporting the op...
Radiological sensor systems and methods
Remote monitoring of undersea cable systems
Optical switch
Folded AWG architecture
Optical fiber cable with system and method for mid-span access
Optical fibers
Optical waveguide film, and light transmission and reception module
Fiber transitioning
Lighting apparatus and projection display apparatus using the same
Outside plant fiber distribution apparatus and method
Digital image processing system and method for processing digital images
Homogeneous and plain surface detection in optical navigation systems
Method and apparatus for re-constructing high-resolution images
Apparatus and method of compressing dynamic range of image
Apparatus for inspecting wafer surface, method for inspecting wafer surface, apparatus for judging d...
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
System and process for generating high dynamic range video
Radio resource management
Connector assembly
Integrated multi-wavelength Fabry-Perot filter and method of fabrication
High reliability battery contact assembly and method of forming same
Method of dynamic management of a virtual local area network (VLAN) in a wireless ad hoc network
Edge seal for improving integrated circuit noise isolation
Method and system for providing integrated data services to increase spectrum efficiency
Rotary switch with ratcheting feature
System for reducing calibration time of a power amplifier
Numeric keypad having keys assigned multiple-strokes for ideographic character input
Method for generating better than root raised cosine orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (BTR...
Method for supporting a plurality of subscribers operating on different frequency bands using a sing...
Medium access control for simultaneous channel communications
Real-time protocol (RTP) flow analysis using network processor
Method and apparatus for transmitting in a communication device
Pitch adaptive equalization for improved audio
Keypad for a communication device
Mounting and alignment bracket assembly for communication equipment
Flame retardants with high halogen content and low viscosity
Metal substrates coated with fluoropolymers
Photothermographic material
Polymer composition, image-forming method and image-forming apparatus
Radiation-curing binders containing carboxylic acid esters
Electrostatically dissipative fluoropolymers
Diver with scent chamber
Bobber-planer for slow trolling
Snelled fly file
Lab animal tracker and deterministic shocker
Method for maintaining cleanliness of animal water dispensers
Stuffing/dosing machine comprising a tilting hopper
Pet litter box
Keeping case for small animals
Collapsible pet crate
Composition and process for well cleaning
Fountain solution concentrates
Surface treatment method of metal member, and metal goods
Method and apparatus for controlling feed of gaseous reaction component
Hinge board and method for producing the same
Direct epoxidation catalyst
Catalyst composition and its use thereof in aromatics alkylation
Method of preparing a treated support
Method for producing propylene oxide
Single RF oscillator single-side band modulation for RFID readers with frequency translation and fil...
Sweat sensor system and method of characterizing the compositional analysis of sweat fluid
Broken-loop RFID reader antenna for near field and far field UHF RFID tags
Federated system for monitoring physical assets
UHF RFID tag and method of manufacturing the same
Two-stage location system
Circularly polarized antenna
Image forming apparatus with radio frequency identification function and method of using the same
System and method for powering a load
Hot swap and plug-and-play for RFID devices
Radio frequency identification security system and method
System and method of tamper detection
Deriving corresponding signals
Labeling reactant
Method for producing sterile polynucleotide based medicaments
Preservation of bioactive materials by freeze dried foam
Aglyco products and methods of use
Anti-TECK antibodies and methods of use therefor
Mycoplasma vaccine, method of making, and application thereof
Composition and method for treating a subterranean formation
Hybrid polymers for functional tuning of microfluidic device surfaces
Curable composition and image forming material containing the same
AC/DC voltage apparatus for detection of nucleic acids
Electrodes linked via oligomers to nucleic acids
Bar soap with fibrous assembly
Two terminal memory array having reference cells
Two terminal memory array having reference cells
Method of expressing foreign gene in kidney
In vivo transfection in avians
Centralized management system for programmable medical devices
Method and apparatus for designing circuits using high-level synthesis
Image communication device, method of communicating image, program and recording medium
Apparatus for producing hyperpolarized noble gas, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer and ma...
Self-shielded gradients and method of designing and producing self-shielded gradients
Irradiation coil and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus comprising the same
Gradient coil system and method for the production thereof
Method for controlling metallophosphate precipitation in high cell density fermentations
Positive electrode active material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Treating apparatus, treating method and method of treating soil
Method of making carbon/ceramic matrix composites
Process and apparatus for the production of useful products from carbonaceous feedstock
Cooking device with a glass-ceramic panel providing a cooking surface in a variety of different colo...
Hub unit for use in electrically movable wheels and vehicle comprising the hub unit
Electrical contact surface having numerous protrusions
Gear shift device for bicycles
Transmission apparatus for a bicycle
Composite powder and cosmetic containing the same
Diaryl ethers as opioid receptor antagonist
Apparatus and method for creating moving picture
Master cylinder
Helmet for a bicyclist
Alarm generation method and apparatus
Adjustable modulator for hydraulic brake lever assembly
Newspaper bagger system
Vehicular cargo loader
Method and apparatus of suspending, completing and working over a well
Surgical prep solution applicator system and methods
Error correction for flash memory
Method for producing formaldehyde
Adjustable length decoration panel
Electrophotographic photosensitive member and producing method therefore
Infrared-sensitive planographic printing plate precursor
Flame retardant aromatic polycarbonate resin composition
Quick-fit anti-skid system for vehicle wheels and associated device for fixing to the wheel
Tool caddy
Compact folding seat
Disposable diaper
Recording method and recording apparatus capable of reducing streaks and unevenness in image density
Medical closure screen device and method
Inkjet head
Cyclone dust-separating apparatus
Method for measuring the wave aberrations of the eye
Apparatus and method for manufacturing semiconductor
Medical composition kit for treating lesioned abnormal tissue
Method for sequentially writing fiber Bragg grating by using real-time side-diffraction optical fibe...
Methods for passive micrometer-range alignment of components using removable reference structures
Rare earth doped double clad optical fiber with plurality of air holes and stress rods
Fiber stretcher apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Background energy density control in an electrophotographic device
System and method for providing access points to assist in a handoff decision in a wireless environm...
Method, system and computer program product for historical account statements
Constant bitrate media encoding techniques
Auger for use within an image forming device
Motor control device and electric power steering device
Operating method for the resonant operation of high-pressure lamps in longitudinal mode, and an asso...
Optimized liquid-phase oxidation
Optical manifold for light-emitting diodes
Recessed electrical outlet cover and box
Package that includes a plurality of disposable absorbent articles
Breathable film and fabric having liquid and viral barrier
Face mask
Shipping carton with pull tabs and tear strip
Folded sheet dispenser having an overfill prevention mechanism
Top or bottom loading container
Soft durable tissue
Water dispersible, pre-saturated wiping products
Method and apparatus for accumulating a web
Through-roll profile unwind control system and method
Pressurized dispensing package and method for using the same
Method of forming decorative tissue sheets
Apertured tissue products
Percutaneous absorption preparation of compound having angiotensin II antagonistic activity
Assessment of cardiac health and thrombotic risk in a patient
Two-phase compositions
6-channel array coil for magnetic resonance imaging
Applicator of cosmetic cream jar
Insulated gate semiconductor device and process for fabricating the same
Opaque dental ceramic--method of production and use therof
Payment card preloaded with unique numbers
Magnetic recording element and magnetic recording device using the same
Network server load detection system, sharing system and method
Multiplex transmission apparatus and multiplex transmission method for encapsulating data within a c...
Resilient multiple service ring
High voltage input buffer
Methods and systems for thermal-based laser processing a multi-material device
Exposure apparatus
Scanning apparatus
System and method to perform smooth handoff of mobile terminals between fixed terminals in a network
Distributed data transmitter
Security system for preventing unauthorized removal of merchandise
Method for positioning a scanning probe on a target track of a multi-track storage medium, storage d...
Systems and methods for device simulation
Performing read-ahead operation for a direct input/output request
Ink composition comprising optically variable pigments, use of the composition, optically variable p...
Quinoline derivatives
X-ray source assembly having enhanced output stability, and fluid stream analysis applications there...
Optical waveguide devices
Robust door panel breakaway mechanism for an image forming device
Image forming method and apparatus capable of effectively positioning a cleaning unit
Microsensor system and method for measuring data
Subcutaneous implantable cardioverter/defibrillator
Connection for a coiled lead to an electrical contact for an implantable medical device
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Method for controlling valves during the stop of an engine having a variable event valvetrain
System architecture and method for three-dimensional memory
Hydraulic actuated cavitation chamber with integrated fluid rotation system
Automated 3-dimensional multitasking, stocking, storage, and distribution system
Pipette device with pivotable nozzle assembly
Self-extinguishing differentially entangled nonwoven fabrics
Consumable electrode arc welding
Method and system for detecting substances, such as special nuclear materials
Contact opening metrology
Mapping program including a map, process and system for precisely representing or determining a loca...
Computing an absorption parameter for a mode-converted seismic wave
Method and system of CT data correction
CT detector having a segmented optical coupler and method of manufacturing same
System and method for semantic video segmentation based on joint audiovisual and text analysis
Diffuse seismic imaging systems and methods
Non-contact deviation measurement system
Cellular phone and method for receiving and transmitting signals of different frequency bands
Automation of maintenance and improvement of location service parameters in a data base of a wireles...
Estimating the location of a mobile unit based on the elimination of improbable locations
System and method for using location information to execute an action
Position estimation of transceivers in communication networks
PC card and method of using same
Instant messaging windowing for topic threads
Buddy list-based sharing of electronic content
Exactly once data framework system
Interoperable voice and data wireless network
Wireless network system capable of tracking a location of a mobile station and a method for tracking...
Lottery channel
Methods for identifying compounds for treating diabetes mellitus
Method and structure of ion implanted elements for the optimization of resistance
Reagents and methods for smooth muscle therapies
Ultrashort-acting opioids for transdermal application
Displacement device for a catheter
Microwave plasma generator
Light-emitting device using a three-dimension percolated layer, and manufacturing process thereof
Thin film transistor and flat panel display including the same
LED capacitance discharge with limited current
Light emission display, display panel, and driving method thereof
Organic electroluminescent device and driving method thereof
Pixel circuit and display device
Combined aquarium and animal exhibit
Vacuum cleaner housing
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner base
Vacuum cleaner nozzle
Steam generator for laundry iron
Golf cart
Drain cleaner
Upright vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner grille
Vacuum cleaner housing
RSA cryptographic method and system
System and method for data encryption
Digital rights management negotiation for streaming media over a network
Method and apparatus for initializing multiple security modules
Lawful interception of end-to-end encrypted data traffic
Secure session set up based on the wireless application protocol
Deriving a symmetric key from an asymmetric key for file encryption or decryption
Key management for content protection
System and method of looking up and validating a digital certificate in one pass
Thiazole and thiadiazole inhibitors of tyrosine phosphatases
System and method for representing MFS control blocks in XML for MFS-based IMS applications
Management of virtual and physical servers using graphic control panels
Comparison of website visitation data sets generated from using different navigation tools
System and method for supporting file and block access to storage object on a storage appliance
Systems and methods for displaying and editing hierarchical data
Structure for storing a plurality of sub-networks
Global management of jobs in a heterogeneous system
Osteospermum plant named `Osjamspowit`
Method, Computer Program Product and Arrangement for Controlling the Milking by a Milking Machine
Structure and Method for Biasing Phase Change Memory Array for Reliable Writing
Methods for use of short bioactive peptides
Treatment of dry eye
Preamplifier for use in data storage devices
Acquiring spiral servo information on a storage surface
Dynamically controlling seek profile in an acceleration tracking seek controller
Pressure equalizing fluid flow stripper apparatus
Disk drive with flexible, integrated breather/recirculation filter elements
Layered perpendicular writer with pole tip partially embedded in yoke
Transducing head including a magnetic element exhibiting varying permeability
Method and apparatus for constant linear velocity electron beam substrate processing
Cyclic redundancy check based message passing in turbo product code decoding
Injection molded polymeric stampers/imprinters for fabricating patterned recording media
Open loop Ka calibration with low frequency compensation
Thermal expansion compensated stampers/imprinters for fabricating patterned recording media
Perpendicular magnetic recording media with thin soft magnetic underlayers and recording systems com...
Method and system of visual content authoring
Navigation system, user terminal, navigation device, and information recording method
Navigation apparatus for receiving delivered information
Presentation viewing tool designed for the viewer
Multifunction watch system and method
Digital video recorder and methods for digital recording
Nitrogen containing fertilizer for plant growth
Black conductive thick film compositions, black electrodes, and methods of forming thereof
Ethylene copolymer modified polypropylene and shaped articles
Low activation temperature adhesive composition with high peel strength and cohesive failure
Toughened poly(lactic acid) compositions
Capacitive/resistive devices, organic dielectric laminates and printed wiring boards incorporating s...
Automated short term option order processing
Internet facsimile machine
Injection molded ceramic metal halide arc tube having non-tapered end and method of forming same
Data run programming
Nested strong loader apparatus and method
Hose reel with tubular frame
Fluid product dispensing device
Filtering a collection of items
Extracts from sophora species, method for producing the same and their use
Seashore Paspalum plant named `SI 98`
Content providing device and system having a web data providing device to provide web data which rep...
Environmentally improved rearview mirror assemblies
Extrudable compositions and processes for producing same
Crystalline forms of {2-[1-(3,5-bis-trifluoromethyl-benzyl)-5-pyridin-4-yl-1H-[1,2,3]triazol-4- -yl]...
Semiconductor memory device
Spread spectrum modulation system and method for embedding digital information into digital or analo...
Transition zone in wind turbine blade
Preparation of tertiary carboxylic acids
Method and apparatus for detecting physiologic signals
Sulphonamido-substituted bridged bicycloalkyl derivatives
System and method for optically assessing lamp condition
Operating a browser to display first and second virtual keyboard areas that the user changes directl...
Accessing a platform independent input method editor from an underlying operating system
Microprocessor, apparatus and method for selective prefetch retire
Extractor system, method and computer program product for managing network access on a per-applicati...
Trust spectrum for certificate distribution in distributed peer-to-peer networks
Apparatus and method for facilitating encryption and decryption operations over an email server usin...
Rendering with GPU during screen saver activation
Previewing next state based on potential action in current state
Configuration system and methods including configuration inheritance and revisioning
System and method for implementing code hooks in a web-based environment
Compiler device, method, program and recording medium
Handheld GPS device
Multi-amine neutralizer blends
Methods for inhibiting hydrate blockage in oil and gas pipelines using amide compounds
Selective hydrogenation of alpha-methyl-styrene to cumene
Process for producing adamantane
Carbon-carbon cross coupling catalyzed by transition metals on solid supports
Simultaneous channel estimation of a carrier and an interferer
Noninvasive blood pressure determination method and apparatus
Low bias estimation of small signal-to-noise ratio
Reusable, spring driven autoinjector
Block-writable content addressable memory device
Method for implementing actions based on packet classification and lookup results
Method and apparatus for matching consumer of health care services to health care service provider
Longest prefix match (LPM) algorithm implementation for a network processor
Method and system for identifying object information
Method and apparatus for characterizing documents based on clusters of related words
Method and apparatus for ontology-based classification of media content
System and method for providing service for searching web site addresses
System and method for language translation within software applications
Hardware device for processing the tasks of an algorithm in parallel
System and method for creating and navigating a linear hypermedia resource program
System for organization, display, and navigation of digital information
Plants and seeds of corn variety LH326
Process for identifying modulators of G-protein-coupled receptors
Compositions and assays utilizing ADP or phosphate for detecting protein modulators
Canine IL-13 receptor alpha-1 subunit nucleic acid molecules
Human sphingosine-1-phosphate phosphatase and inhibition methods
DNA encoding galanin receptor activating peptide
Ranking database query results using probabilistic models from information retrieval
Just-in-time publishing via a publish/subscribe messaging system having message publishing controls
Method and system for providing a common collaboration framework accessible from within multiple app...
Implementing managed network services for customers with duplicate IP networks
Method and apparatus for filtering snoop requests using a scoreboard
Method and device for confirming the authenticity of a document and a safe for storing data
Electronic device and method for initiating powering-up of a processor in the electronic device
Methods and apparatus using commutative error detection values for fault isolation in multiple node ...
Generating a confirmation sheet listing identifiers, thumbnails, and pages associated with page thum...
System, method and recording medium for medical image management
Storage dispenser apparatus
Portion of a bottle
Portion of a bottle
Ink stick for a phase change ink jet printer
Ink stick for a phase change ink jet printer
Exercise device for cross training
Hair straightener
Weather-based activity advisor
Method and apparatus for resolving individual signals in detector output data
Method for determining a characteristic data record for a data signal
Pet carrier
Pet grooming tool with pivot head
Osteospermum plant named `Oslawit`
Osteospermum plant named `Oslalipu`
Shrub rose plant named `Meijocos`
Asian pear tree named `Asio 6`
Coleus plant named `MD CURLL06`
Coleus plant named `MD CURPGF06 `
Coreopsis plant named `Pinwheel ` auriculata
Heuchera plant named `Paris `
Calibrachoa plant named `Caltraelbu`
Dianella revoluta plant named `DTN03`
Coleus plant named `MD CURMAG06 `
Campanula plant named `Pink Octopus`
Chryanthemum plant named `Yobonnie`
Bidens ferulifolia plant named `Bidolbe`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yodarlene`
Coreopsis plant named `Rum Punch`
Mitt for thumb, index finger, and middle finger
Food storage system
Pressure-conditioning device
Selenohydroxy acids and their derivatives, applications in nutrition, cosmetics and pharmaceutics
Edge stackable absorbent display container
Liquid infusion and tenderization process, apparatus, and product
Method and composition for washing poultry during processing
Packaging film
Methods for detection of mutations in myostatin variants
Integrated process for producing "clean beef" (or milk), ethanol, cattle feed and bio-gas/bio-fertil...
Process for the heterotrophic production of microbial products with high concentrations of omega-3 h...
Taste Improving Substances
Frozen confections and methods for producing them
Frozen confections and methods for producing them
Whippable food product with improved stability
Fat-Burning Soup Composition Addressed to People Who Wish to Lose Weight
Water-Soluble Dry Food
Production of whole grain hot cereal products
Environmental protection paper material structure used for food containers and manufacturing method ...
Ceramic lever
PNA-DNA oligomers and methods of use thereof
Method for the Spectral Identification of Microorganisms
Antihypertensive Peptides
Method of improving bioavailability for non-sedating barbiturates
Preventing and reversing the formation of advance glycosylation endproducts
Metabolic Syndrome-Improving Agent and Medicine, Supplement, Functional Food and Food Additive Conta...
Simultaneous global shutter and correlated double sampling read out in multiple photosensor pixels
Methods and apparatus to convey electrical pumping systems into wellbores to complete oil and gas we...
Plate-shaped fastener device
Hydrophobing Additive
Sprayable thixotropic polymer decorative coating material
Absorbent compositions with clay aerogels and methods for forming absorbent compositions
Recovering metals from soil
Drywall repair patch
Dental impression material kneading device
Expanded perlite annealing process
Cement compositions comprising high alumina cement and cement kiln dust
Solid free-form fabrication of three-dimensional objects
Sorbent re-circulation system for mercury control
Method for producing silicone-treated polymers
Surfactant Combined Flow Through Capacitor
Three in One Method and Equipment for Treating Drinking Water
Methods of energy storage and transfer
Laminate Comprising Multilayer Film Assembled By Hydrogen Bond, Self-Supported Thin Film Obtained Th...
Biomarkers for cancer treatment
Alleles of the opcA Gene from Coryneform Bacteria
Method For Producing 3-Hydroxypropionaldehyde
Micro-machining dust removing device, micro-machining apparatus, and micro-machining dust removing m...
Cleaner Composition
Self standing bioreactor construction
Antimicrobial coating for erosive environments
Pharmaceutical composition for suppression of apoptosis and method for delivering the same