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Lactobacillus N-deoxyribosyl transferases, corresponding nucleotide sequences and their uses
Method and system for ranking videos / movies or other objects, and inserting commercial advertiseme...
Diving computer with programmable display
Aqueous foamable concentrates and methods
Tubular product
Natural analog system for reducing permeability of ground
Rock bolt post grouting apparatus
Automated, low profile drilling/bolting module with collaring
Lubrication system for pile and method of using the same
System and method for removal of buried objects
Fairing for reducing watercurrent-induced stresses on a marine riser
Apparatus and method for measuring supporting force of large diameter ferroconcrete piles
Curtain drain
Input unit for games and musical keyboards
Display method, display apparatus for game machine, and game machine
Gaming device having a multi-function free game bonus
Gaming machine having a pick and spin bonus scheme
System, method and computer program product for a distributed speech recognition tuning platform
Method and apparatus for graphically displaying a building system
System and method of displaying position information including an image in a navigation system
Computerized method and computer system for positioning a pointer
Micro fluxgate sensor and method of manufacturing the same
System and methods for providing automatic classification of media entities according to tempo
G-CSF analog compositions and methods
Closed-loop force controlled body weight support system
Virtual reality system locomotion interface utilizing a pressure-sensing mat
Virtual reality system locomotion interface utilizing a pressure-sensing mat
Hot rolled steel sheet for processing and method for manufacturing the same
Free cutting alloy
Palladium-boron alloys and methods for making and using such alloys
Co alloy target and its production method, soft magnetic film for perpendicular magnetic recording a...
Performance control apparatus and storage medium
Simulation of string vibration
Musical instrument recording advanced music data codes for playback, music data generator and music ...
Sound waveform synthesizer
Musical instrument display
Singing voice synthesizing apparatus with selective use of templates for attack and non-attack notes
Electronic percussion instrument and percussion tone control program
Sound generating hand wear
Side drum support device
Harmonica horn
Tunning fork type therapeutic utensil
Auto hang tag with radio transponder
Object loading system and method
Wireless transaction enabled handheld computer system and method
Mobile phone with FM antenna
Portable terminal device and communications device system wherein the device is used
Apparatus and method for delivery of network-specific codes to a mobile node
Radio communication system having ID management apparatus, operation management apparatus and line c...
Modular, portable data processing terminal for use in a radio frequency communication network
Receiving circuit for radio-wave clock broadcast wave
Wideband retroreflector
Image forming apparatus
Image capture device and methods
Receiving device and integrated circuit for reception
Power booster using peak suppression and pre-distortion for terminal radios
Radio communication system, radio communication device, radio communication method and computer prog...
Communication of audio control signals for wireless audio headphones
Integrated user and radio management in a wireless network environment
Method and apparatus sharing a slot descriptor block between multiple users
Apparatus, and an associated method, for communicating text data in a radio communication system
CDMA system with separate function channel card
Inter-RAT handover to UTRAN with simultaneous PS and CS domain sevices
Cost-optimization method
Performing automatically authorized programmatic transactions
Method and apparatus for encrypted remote copy for secure data backup and restoration
System and method for the efficient exchange and pricing of services and intangible works
Method for sharing groups of objects
Access control and metering system for streaming media
Modeling the life cycle of individual data objects
Advanced search algorithm with integrated business intelligence
Method and apparatus for gathering and evaluating information
Systems and methods for creating and evaluating content and predicting responses to content
Database for check risk decisions populated with check activity data from banks of first deposit
Integrated electronic bill presentment and risk based payment
Module for the interconnectivity of independent software applications
Systems and methods for processing credit card transactions that exceed a credit limit
Method of designing an electronic transaction system
Method and apparatus for managing multiple accounts
Method for transparently managing outbound traffic from an internal user of a private network destin...
Systems, methods and computer program products facilitating automated confirmations and third-party ...
Routing control for orders eligible for multiple markets
Methods of designing inhibitors for JNK kinases
Method and/or system for analyzing biological samples using a computer system
Sample carrier device incorporating radio frequency identification, and method
Monochromatic fluid treatment systems
Plants and seeds of corn variety I097062
Plants and seeds of corn variety I006234
Plants and seeds of corn variety I071535
Soybean variety 4782157
Soybean variety 4958786
Soybean Variety 98R31
Soybean cultivar S06-02JR111334
Soybean variety XB27K06
Positive electrode active material powder for lithium secondary battery
Lithium metal oxide materials and methods of synthesis and use
Titanium oxide powder, methods of manufacturing the same and barium titanate powder, dielectric cera...
Using condensed chemicals to precondition lithium niobate and lithium tantalate crystals
Niobium suboxide powder
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method of manufacturing the same
Method for producing perovskite-type composite oxide
Process for sulfur removal suitable for treating high-pressure gas streams
Silicon feedstock for solar cells
Method of making Group III nitrides
Method for manufacturing magnesium borohydride
Wet gas purification method and system for practicing the same
Method for removing mercury from a gas stream using iodine-doped dilution gas
Mercury reduction system and method in combustion flue gas using coal blending
Extraction process for removal of impurities from mother liquor in the synthesis of carboxylic acid
Dispersion of thin particles having a skeleton consisting of carbons
Process for producing CeO.sub.2 fine particles and polishing slurry containing such fine particles
Reactor and process for making synthesis gas
Method and installation for separating a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide
Method and system in the classification of objects occupying a seat
Steering apparatus
Motor control in vehicle power steering system
Sensitivity switchable detection circuit and method
Track assembly with idler wheels and cart incorporating same
Air guiding system for a vehicle
Air guiding system for a vehicle
Modular cast independent front suspension subframe
Vehicle front body structure
Front body structure of vehicle
Wheelchair suspension
Electric power steering apparatus for vehicle and method for installing the same on vehicle
Vehicle sensing method for detecting a pedestrian impact
Safety system for operating at least one electrically actuated locking apparatus of a door of a moto...
Automotive passenger restraint and protection apparatus
Shift actuator mounting arrangement for motorcycle
Adjustable seat for a snowmobile
Snowmobile track scraper
Remote control vehicle with UV sterilizer
Service vehicle
Vehicle engine compartment hood
System and method for integrating personal information management and messaging applications
Method and system for predicting causes of network service outages using time domain correlation
Method and device for providing speech-enabled input in an electronic device having a user interface
Mobile wireless communications device comprising integrated antenna and keyboard and related methods
Transmitter having an inner plate for preventing an electronic substrate from coming off
Shared recorded digital voice system
Method and system for automatic calling unit replenishment
Systems and methods for providing advanced telephony services
Call setup using a packet-switched address such as an internet address or the like
System and method for selecting a destination number upon receiving a dialed number from a calling p...
Real time customer service data manipulation to allow multiple services per trigger type
Telephony services system with instant communications enhancements
Variable data voice survey and recipient voice message capture system
Mechanism to select the physical media type connector in network devices
Bankover connection system
Contact center with normalized multiple protocol architecture
Communication system that shares protect links among multiple services including an internet service
Use of public switched telephone network for authentication and authorization in on-line transaction...
Multi-modal content and automatic speech recognition in wireless telecommunication systems
Measurement system and image processing system for neural fiber bundles
Magnetic resonance RF transmission array
Low Temperature Probe And Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Analysis Apparatus Using The Same
Magnetic attraction preventive system
Electrophoretic display device
Histone deacetylase inhibitors
Charge control agents in display media
Extracellular matrix-binding proteins from Staphylococcus aureus
Core-shell particles for electrophoretic display
PRO9739 polypeptides
Copolymers for suppression of autoimmune diseases, and methods of use
Ligands for metabotropic glutamate receptors and inhibitors of NAALADase
Methylthiophene carboxanilides
Optical biosensor with enhanced activity retention for detection of halogenated organic compounds
Reimageable paper
Targeted delivery of bioactive factors to the systemic skeleton
Hydrostatic delivery system for controlled delivery of agent
Polypeptide compounds for inhibiting angiogenesis and tumor growth
Technetium-dipyridine complexes, and methods of use thereof
Aqueous ink, ink-jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit and ink jet recording apparatus
Phase change inks
Phase change inks
Electronic paper printer
Device and method for assisting development of an infant's visual acuity and for transferring a moth...
Method and apparatus for gathering seismic data
Method for selective bandlimited data acquisition in subsurface formations
Hermetic compressor and freezing air-conditioning system
Backpressure reducing exhaust system with stationary blade structure
Exhaust noise control for motorcycles
Exhaust-gas muffler
Noise reducing equipment
Interference-based exhaust noise attenuation
Energy attenuation apparatus for a conduit conveying liquid under pressure, system incorporating sam...
Automobile exhaust pipe assembly
Cleaning appliance
Cleaning apparatus
Steering assembly for a floor cleaning machine
Cycle indicator for fluid distribution systems
Automatic channel switching
Implementing virtual functions of an interface with indirect inheritence
Extensible productivity tool for exposing common classes in application building
System and method for configuring graphics pipelines in a computer graphical display system
Method and system of previewing a volume revert operation
Cache management system providing improved page latching methodology
Method and system for communicating between a remote printer and a server
Methods to improve indexing of multidimensional databases
Computer-implemented method and apparatus for item processing
Data center for account management
System and method for diagnosing faults utilizing baseline modeling techniques
Airborne volcanic ash cloud and eruption detection system and method
Active noise control system for aircraft, and method for enhancing pilot situational awareness
Training device and method
Digital minimally invasive surgery system
Interference-resistant wireless audio system and the method thereof
Footwear portion
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper portion
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Footwear upper
Footwear outsole
Footwear sole
Process for the preparation of low molecular weight hydrogenated nitrile rubber
Synthesis of inorganic structures using templation and catalysis by self assembled repeat protein po...
Heat sink assembly
Video graphics array (VGA) card assembly
Method and apparatus for optimizing heat transfer with electronic components
Printed circuit board with improved heat dissipation efficiency, electronic apparatus having printed...
Heat dissipating apparatus for computer add-on cards
Heat sink assembly
Cooling system for computer hardware
Heat dissipation device
Heat dissipation device
Fuel cell system
Thermal interface material
Device and method with cooling jackets
Heating device for motor vehicles
Heat pump control system and method of operating to provide automatic backup heating modes
Vehicle air conditioner
Climate control system for hybrid vehicles using thermoelectric devices
Loop-type heat exchange module
Pump-free water-cooling system
EGR cooler with dual coolant loop
Heat source unit with switching means between heating and cooling
Isolation valve and coolant connect/disconnect assemblies and methods of fabrication for interfacing...
Method and system for limiting the impact of undesirable behavior of computers on a shared data netw...
System and method for selectively increasing message transaction costs
System and method for regulating an extensibility point's access to a message
Printing a trading card using a mobile device
Fiber-optic rotational device, optical system and method for imaging a sample
Polymerization catalyst systems, their use, their products and articles thereof
Electrode for energy storage devices and electrochemical supercapacitor based on said electrode
Inkjet ink composition and ink/receiver combination
Wound dressing and method for manufacturing the same
Tetracyclic amino and carboxamido compounds and methods of use thereof
Xylene process using perm-selective separations
Antimicrobial solid surface materials containing chitosan-metal complexes
Multifunctional unsymmetrically substituted monomers and polyarylene compositions therefrom
Method for increasing the strength of porous ceramic bodies and bodies made therefrom
Antibodies to HBIMF63 polypeptide
Method for increasing the strength of porous ceramic bodies and bodies made therefrom
Fungi resistant faced insulation assembly and method
Cosmetic composition in particular with anti-ageing activity comprising an extract of Aframomum angu...
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor having an anode having a uniform array of micron-sized pores
Charge storage device
Apparatus and method for characterizing an interfacial property of a dispersion
Piezoelectric transducer with gas matrix
Semiconductor device
Systems and methods for ion species analysis with enhanced condition control and data interpretation
Removable wound closure
Method of producing multi-component catalysts
Anti-pathogenic composition useful in blood preservation
Toughened uni-piece, fibrous, reinforced, oxidization-resistant composite
Mega flow system
Method and apparatus for monitoring liquid and solid contents in a froth
Methods for inhibition of angiogenesis with a composition comprising 3-hydroxythalidomide
Polymer blends as biodegradable matrices for preparing biocomposites
Transdermal delivery system for dried particulate or lyophilized medications
Estrogenic compounds as anti-mitotic agents
Compositions comprising mixtures of positional PEG isomers of PEGylated G-CSF
Humanized antibodies against CD3
Human antibodies that specifically recognize the toxin Cn2 from Centruroides noxius scorpion venom
Antimicrobial composition for medical articles
Amino-phenoxymethyl-benzamide opioid receptor antagonists
Sulfonamides as inhibitors of histone deacetylase for the treatment of disease
Compounds and related methods for inhibition of gamma-aminobutyric acid aminotransferase
Alpha 2 delta ligands for post-traumatic stress disorder
2-Aminobicyclo[3.1.0]hexane-2,6-dicarboxylic acid derivative
Method of treating osteoporosis comprising vacuolar-type (H+)-ATPase-inhibiting compounds
Macrocycles for the treatment of cancer
Optically active polymaleimide derivatives and process for their production
3-amino-2-phenylpyrrolidine derivatives
Composite for inhibiting algae growth and use therof
Ballast water treatment system and method without off-gas
Gel-based remedial additive for remediation of environmental media and method of use
Automated water treatment system and method of use
Method and arrangement for continuous filtering of particles out of a liquid
Method for inhibiting microbial growth in liquid nutrients
Treatment of water flowing in a horizontal conduit
Solid-liquid separation of oil-based muds
Hydrophilic membrane and associated method
Cellulose-based microporous membrane
Belt press apparatus and method for high solids capture and high solids content
Effluent treatment combining solid/liquid separation and pulsed electric fields
Flash chromatography cartridge
Spa treatment system
Hydromechanical driving device
Filtration apparatus
Apparatus for prewashing a hydrocarbon stream containing hydrogen sulfide
Hematocrit sensor
Filtering device
Flow diverter and exhaust blower for vibrating screen separator assembly
Storage device
Systems and methods for configuring a storage virtualization environment
Load balancing in a network comprising communication paths having different bandwidths
Performing block storage virtualization at a switch
Method for scoring queued frames for selective transmission through a switch
Method for forming self-aligned contacts and local interconnects simultaneously
Power supply wiring structure
COF flexible printed wiring board and method of producing the wiring board
Method and device for fabricating a release structure to facilitate bonding of mirror devices onto a...
Optoelectronic component having a conductive contact structure
Component including a fixed element that is in a silicon layer and is mechanically connected to a su...
Method and apparatus for improving integrated circuit device performance using hybrid crystal orient...
Low threshold voltage PMOS apparatus and method of fabricating the same
Insulated gate field-effect transistor having III-VI source/drain layer(s)
Reducing parasitic capacitance of MIM capacitor in integrated circuits by reducing effective dielect...
Circuit component with bump formed over chip
Solid-state image pick-up unit and method of manufacturing the same
Lateral silicided diodes
Silicon carbide power devices with self-aligned source and well regions
Thin film transistor with multiple gates fabricated using super grain silicon crystallization
Method for fabricating chalcogenide-applied memory
Neutral particle beam processing apparatus
Identification of soybeans having resistance to Phytophthora sojae
Composition and method for removing photoresist materials from electronic components
System and method for monitoring passenger oxygen saturation levels and estimating oxygen usage requ...
Low-noise flight support system
Avionics system, method and apparatus for selecting a runway
Method and device for detecting an overstepping of design loads of the tailplane of an aircraft
Single dielectric barrier aerodynamic plasma actuation
Frangible pneumatic latch
Clamp block assemblies and methods
Composite material structure
Aircraft interior architecture
Jetair recovery generator
Method for lighter-than-air aircraft
Combined fuel cell aircraft auxiliary power unit and environmental control system
Telescoped projectile
Method for image segmentation from proved detection of background and text image portions
Method for generating natural colour satellite images
Color vision characteristic detection apparatus
Method and apparatus for particle measurement employing optical imaging
Device for measuring the reflection factor
Analysis method and apparatus utilizing attenuated total reflection
Light sensor, and detecting mechanism and light-measuring mechanism in analyzing device
Imaging apparatus with heating element
IN Vivo raman endoscopic probe
Fluorescence-mediated molecular tomography
Method of sample control and calibration adjustment for use with a noninvasive analyzer
Container mounting bracket
Process for manufacturing paper and paperboard products
Towel dispenser with improved drive roll and improved dispensing chute
Linear actuator
Apparatus for varying capacity of scroll compressor
Motor-pump unit
Piston pump with check shaft
Hydrodynamic pressure bearing pump with a shaft and a bearing having hydrodynamic pressure generatin...
Reciprocating compressor
Control valve for variable displacement compressor
Pumping water from a natural gas well
Dewatering system and method for a subsurface vault
Housing for rotary hydraulic machines
Altering execution flow of a computer program
Method, apparatus and computer program product for implementing atomic data tracing
Resid cracking apparatus with catalyst and adsorbent regenerators and a process thereof
Process for improving aromatic and naphtheno-aromatic gas oil fractions
Heavy oil and bitumen upgrading
Method for assessing models of vehicle driving style or vehicle usage model detector
Method and system for geo-referencing and visualization of detected contaminants
Navigation method and system for accurately estimating positions of street address numbers
Vehicle interaction communication system
Video surveillance, storage, and alerting system having network management, hierarchical data storag...
Reverse operation of a vehicle
Strawberry plant named `DrisStrawTwo`
Portion of a display screen with a user interface
MR sensor and thin film media having alloyed Ru antiparallel spacer layer for enhanced antiparallel ...
Porogens for porous silica dielectric for integral circuit applications
Low metal porous silica dielectric for integral circuit applications
Bicycle wheel support with vibration isolation
Data conversion apparatus for data communication system
Video camera with recorder and player
Exception handling control in a secure processing system
System and method for controlling device-to-device accesses within a computer system
Static and run-time anti-disassembly and anti-debugging
Systems and methods for performing electronic surveillance
Computer virus detection and prevention
Systems and methods for determining anti-virus protection status
Method and system for morphing honeypot
Method and system for encrypted network management and intrusion detection
Automatic re-authentication
System and method for automatic password reset
Secure authentication systems and methods
Method and agent for the protection against the unauthorized use of computer resources
Method and system for creating a subset of programming channels
Apparatus for providing information, information receiver and storage medium
Stabilized lanthanum carbonate compositions
Inbred maize line PH58C
Inbred maize line PH6HR
Delivery information systems and methods
Signal processing apparatus
Oral drug compliance monitoring using radio frequency identification tags
4 dimensional magnetic resonance imaging
Method and apparatus providing interoperation of execution images of different versions
Method for synchronously binding an external behavior to a web page element
Apparatus and method for phase-buffering on a bit-by-bit basis using control queues
System and method for identifying and isolating faults in a video on demand provisioning system
Method and apparatus for memory compression
Apparatus and methods for storing data in a magnetic random access memory (MRAM)
Arbiter circuit and signal arbitration method
Systems and methods for providing centralized management of heterogeneous distributed enterprise app...
Local proxy server for establishing device controls
Distributed shared resource management
Method and apparatus for tracking user profile and habits on a global network
Method and apparatus for accessing a remote location with a reader having a dedicated memory system
Method to use acoustic signals for computer communications
Selective sequence generation method and apparatus
Standardized integration model for distributed business processes
Dynamically adaptable semiconductor parametric testing
Electronically servo-assisted bicycle gearshift and related method
System and method for emulating a surface EKG using internal cardiac signals sensed by an implantabl...
Electro-optical module comprising flexible connection cable and method of making the same
X-ray tube cathode with reduced unintended electrical field emission
Circuit-component-containing module
Thin film magnetic head and magnetic disk apparatus including the same
High density interconnect system having rapid fabrication cycle
Plasma producing apparatus and doping apparatus
Semiconductor component having thinned die, polymer layers, contacts on opposing sides, and conducti...
Semiconductor package structure and method of manufacture
Top layers of metal for high performance IC's
Post passivation interconnection schemes on top of IC chip
Semiconductor device with reduced contact resistance
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Chip package and bump connecting structure thereof
IC card and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device with a peeling prevention layer
Solid-state image sensing device equipped with inner lens
Oxime ester photoinitiators
Method of preparing porous calcium phosphate granules
Surface acoustic wave device
Air and heat exchange apparatus
System for notifying when printable dates of registered information will expire to a communication t...
System, method, program and storage medium for processing electronic mail
Demand forecast device, method, and program product
Curl correcting device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with endless belt movable in widthwise direction
Image forming apparatus featuring a pre-smoothening mode performed prior to formation of a toner ima...
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with curved conveyance path between first and second transfer portions
Image forming apparatus
Developing apparatus for preventing ghost images and uneven image density
Sealing member, toner accommodating container and image forming apparatus
Sheet material identification apparatus and image forming apparatus therewith
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and control program
Display apparatus and remote control apparatus
Recording apparatus and method
Image data recording apparatus and method
Information processing apparatus, method, storage medium and program
Image processing apparatus and method, and computer program and computer-readable storage medium
Method and device for processing and decoding a coded digital signal
Process for preparing cyclohexanediacetic acid monoamide
Pentafluorosulfanylphenyl-substituted benzoylguanidines, processes for their preparation, their use ...
Tetrahydro-naphthalene derivatives
Apparatus for the production or refining of metals, and related processes
Production of products from steel slags
Flowable fill and flowable fill method for disposal of recovered waste
Communication apparatus
Back light assembly for use with back-to-back flat-panel displays
Interconnecting block
Flatware handle
Expandable drawer organizer
Inhibitors of hepatitis C virus
Storing and restoring snapshots of a computer process
Use of inhibitors of glutaminyl cyclases for treatment and prevention of disease
Ultraviolet light (UV) absorbing compounds and compositions containing UV absorbing compounds
Processes for monitoring the levels of oxygen and/or nitrogen species in a substantially oxygen and ...
Hydroxygallium phthalocyanine pigment and process for the production thereof, electrophotographic ph...
Systems and methods for area activity monitoring and personnel identification
Toner cartridge
System and method for remote servicing of in-field product
Methods of sorting waste
System and method for designing a physiometric implant system
Method, device and computer product for making an individual model of a jaw-bone
Acquiring test data from an electronic circuit
Fundamental mistuning model for determining system properties and predicting vibratory response of b...
Real-time localization monitoring, triggering, and acquisition of 3D MRI
System and method for real-time localization for gated MR imaging
Optical fiber/waveguide polarizer and method of fabrication
Evenly elastically deformable damper for speaker
Method and device for reducing high frequency error components of a multi-channel modulator
High efficiency monochromatic X-ray source using an optical undulator
Optical pick-up device
Magnetic transfer apparatus
Water heater chamber wrap
Large-capacity semiconductor memory with improved layout for sub-amplifiers to increase operational ...
Method and apparatus for distributing and updating private keys of multicast group managers using di...
Method and apparatus for memory-mapped input/output
Systems and methods for voluntary migration of a virtual machine between hosts with common storage c...
Method and system for remote diagnostic, control and information collection based on various communi...
Method for problem determination in distributed enterprise applications
Method and apparatus for automatically updating website content
Method, system, and storage medium for providing search and reference functions for a messaging syst...
Database server with enhanced management and self-configuration features
Panel for rack mounted electronic device
Multi-disk data cartridge
System and method for examining mask pattern fidelity
Reference database and method for determining spectra using measurements from an LED color sensor, a...
Design review output apparatus, design review support apparatus, design review system, design review...
System and method for optimizing queries using materialized views and fast view matching
Common query runtime system and application programming interface
Production of higher olefins
Nitrile hydrogenation on heterogeneous catalysts in the presence of ionic liquids
Sound reproduction device and portable terminal apparatus
PEM fuel cell with high porosity hydrophilic water transport plates and temperature increase before ...
Humanized collagen antibodies and related methods
Rose plant named `BENuno`
Chickadee chirp toy
Portion of sunglasses
Portion of sunglasses
Bat shaped pendant
Strainer for canned foods
Correction method, computer-readable recording medium storing computer-executable correction program...
Image forming apparatus using a contact or a proximity type of charging system including a protectio...
Fixing rubber roller, fixing device and image forming apparatus incorporating the same
Image data storing device, image processing apparatus including the same and image data transfer con...
Developing device, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Methods to resolve TSF timer ambiguity of IEEE 802.11e schedule element
Zoom optical system
Liquid crystal optical element and test method for its boundary layer
Video signal processing apparatus, for controlling contrast compensation and edge compensation in re...
Display panel driving method
Video information display system and display apparatus applicable to the same
Mold and fungus growth warning apparatus and method
Spark plug having a precious metal tip
Circuit board stiffener
Pharmaceutical composition comprising citrulline
Methods and compositions for detecting receptor-ligand interactions in single cells
Non-endogenous, constitutively activated known G protein-coupled receptors
System and method for preparative mass spectrometry
Top anti-reflective coating polymer, its preparation method and top anti-reflective coating composit...
Polarizable electrode member, process for producing the same, and electrochemical capacitor utilizin...
Method and apparatus for cutting protective tape
Methods for improving the cracking resistance of low-k dielectric materials
Pulsed PECVD method for modulating hydrogen content in hard mask
MEMS RF switch integrated process
Integrated hydrogen production and processing system and method of operation
Platinum particles with varying morphology
Regenerative oxidizer assembly for use in PEM fuel cell applications
In-situ removal of electrolyte from gas oxidizer
Gas flow panels integrated with solid oxide fuel cell stacks
Direct methanol fuel cell system, portable electronic appliance, and method of detecting an amount o...
Optically oriented three-dimensional polymer microstructures
Maximizing PEM fuel cell power plant system efficiency at optimum system pressure
Power system for fuel cell, electronic equipment and electric power feeding method
Stress sensitive humidity sensor based on a MEMS structure
Treatment for dry macular degeneration
Multi-zonal monofocal intraocular lens for correcting optical aberrations
Method and arrangement for the measurement of the anterior segment of the eye
Video format conversion using 3D graphics pipeline of a GPU
Implantable or insertable medical devices containing radiation-crosslinked polymer for controlled de...
Hardware demapping of TLBs shared by multiple threads
Disc cartridge of reduced size
System and method for pipe repair
Diamine derivatives
Kits for detection of nucleic acids by invasive cleavage
Assays for drug discovery based on microcompetition with a foreign polynucleotide
Substituted bicycloalkylamine derivatives as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Substituted quinobenzoxazine analogs
Anti-HIV agents with dual sites of action
Pharmaceutical composition comprising a combination of Chinese traditional medicines
Seborrheic keratosis treatment
Fabric laundering
Mineral particle dispersions stabilized with a poly (oxyalkene) phosphonate
Hydrostatic variable displacement unit having a swash plate and a servo system having a spring arran...
Mobile phone
Tool chuck
Assay systems with adjustable fluid communication
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Multi-interface data acquisition system and method thereof
Connection device for fluid lines
Medical fluid adaptor
Hash function constructions from expander graphs
Object manager for common information model
Rigid structure with a latch mechanism for fastening a handheld device thereto
Device for cutting any width of wood or other materials
Methods for producing animal feed preparations with astaxanthin-containing plants or parts of plants...
Method to detect antibodies specific for type-2 turkey astrovirus
Combined DNA vaccine and biological modifiers for cancer therapy
Composition for treating hepatitis C
Methods for treating pain associated with arthritis
Methods and compositions of Areca catechu
Compositions containing an extract of a primula denticulata and use thereof
Menopause disorder synergistic phyto-nutraceutical composition
Insect repellent
Wireless dynamic boundary-scan topologies for field
Three-port fluid manifold
Vapor hydration of a hydrophilic catheter within a package
Method for controlling fouling in slurry-type polymerization reactors
Variants of RANKL protein
Forklift, toy and/or other replicas
Bone implant composite
Methods of polymer preparation using polycyclic dihydroxy compounds
Arc segment magnet, ring magnet and method for producing such magnets
Apparatus and process for air cleaning
Data transfer scheme using caching technique for reducing network load
Method and system for transient airflow compensation in an internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for protecting a digital video recorder
Anonymous trading system with improved quote input capabilities
Switch mode power supply with reduced switching losses
Bis-carbazole monomers and polymers
Adaptive machine translation service
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Ingfilu`
Cryosurgical devices for endometrial ablation
Characterization and reduction of variation for integrated circuits
Extensible task engine framework for humanoid robots
Rose plant named `Bokraskate`
Relay race blocking system
Drawing apparatus, method of use and resultant art
Method and system for integrating non-compliant providers of dynamic services into a resource manage...
Stable pharmaceutical solution formulations for pressurized metered dose inhalers
Graphic user interface of page turning elements for a display screen of a communications terminal
Polymer electrolyte and proton conductive membrane
Remote machine vision application program development method
Peripheral device for a wireless communication device
System and probe for detecting at least one parameter
Organometallic compounds and emission-shifting organic electrophosphorescence
Rectifying element for a crosspoint based memory array architecture
Method of autonomously controlling power to respective units of an information processing apparatus
Methods and systems for determining display overdrive signals
Grooved substrate
Method for identifying resistivity anomalies in electromagnetic survey data
System and method for monitoring a packet network
Proposition bet area for a craps table layout
Appliance outlet box
System and method for analyzing automatic speech recognition performance data
Driver observation system and method therefor
Sliding recreational device
Extended virtual user-to-network interface with ATM network
Methods, apparatus, and systems for evaluating gemstones
Apparatus and method for measuring steam quality
Weatherproof cover plate
Human G Protein-Coupled Receptor and Modulators Thereof for the Treatment of Cell Death-Related Diso...
Use of 2,5-Dihydroxybenzene Derivatives for Treating Actinic Keratosis
Pyrazole Analogs
Ventilatory assist system and methods to improve respiratory function
Aryl-Substituted Benzo[D]Isothiazol-3-Ylamine Analogues
Methods and compositions for treating post-cardial infarction damage
Quinazoline Based EGFR Inhibitors Containing a Zinc Binding Moiety
5-Carboxamido Substituted Thiazole Derivatives that Interact With Ion Channels, In Particular With I...
Novel methods for treatment of diseases related to activated lymphocytes
Method for Treating Primary and Secondary Forms of Glaucoma
Purine and Pyrimidine Cdk Inhitbitors and Their use for The Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases
Method of Treating Men with Metabolic and Anthropometric Disorders
Methods of hormonal treatment utilizing ascending-dose extended cycle regimens
17 Beta-Acetamide-4-Azasteroids As Androgen Receptor Modulators
Methods and compositions for CPG15-2
Condensed indoline derivatives and their use as 5HT, in particular 5HT2C, Receptor ligands
System for obfuscating identity
Grant Management System and Method
Method and system for determining ranges for the boundaries of chromosomal aberrations
Combined parasympathetic stimulation and drug therapy
Parasympathetic stimulation for heart conditions
Method and devices for the treatment of nasal sinus disorders
Methods and Devices for Organ Partitioning
Novel Phosphorus-Containing Prodrugs
Modified Human Plasma Polypeptide or Fc Scaffolds and Their Uses
Use of agomelatine in obtaining medicaments intended for the treatment of periventricular leukomalac...
Treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease in patients with chronic kidney disease by admini...
Lactate Containing Pharmaceutical Composition and Uses Thereof
Glucagon Receptor Antagonists, Preparation and Therapeutic Uses
Intelligent internet protocol television switching
Method for encoding and decoding communication data
Method and apparatus for providing an integrated network of processors
System and method for providing home appliance control data
System and method for storing and retrieving equipment inspection and maintenance data
Method and device for classifying internet objects and objects stored on computer-readable media
Hyperlink park and search
System and method for automatic access of a remote computer over a network
Systems, methods and computer program products for receiving and responding to customer requests for...
VoIP service threshold determination by home wireless router
Integrated phone-based home gateway system with a broadband communication device
Method and apparatus for configuring a network component
Mobile wireless hotspot system
Transparent interchangeable network (TIN)
System and method for associating different types of nodes with access point nodes in a wireless net...
Graphical condition builder for facilitating database queries
First-in/first-out (FIFO) information protection and error detection method and apparatus
Method and system to recover a failed flash of a blade service processor in a server chassis
Resource-limited directories with fine-grained eviction
Method and apparatus for transferring data
System and method for programmatically changing the network location of a network component
Method for mapping a network fabric
Methods and computer systems for directing a client to network locations for network hosted services
System and method for providing dynamic location information
Moving data from file on storage volume to alternate location to free space
Data retrieving method, data retrieving apparatus, data compression method and data compression appa...
Structure of a digital content package
System and method for dynamically providing personalized tracked data and automatically updating the...
Color filter manufacturing method and apparatus, ink-jet device, color filter, display device, and a...
Method for manufacturing an inkjet nozzle that incorporates heater actuator arms
Infusion device
Vehicle step tube
Pressure control tool for modluating pressure in a portion of a wellbore
Method and apparatus for equal channel angular extrusion of flat billets
A/D converter with voltage generation circuits
System-on-chip (SoC) integrated circuit including interleaved delta-sigma analog-to-digital converte...
Electronic communications device status determination
Electronic memory pad
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Transitional image for a portion of a display screen
Transitional image for a portion of a display screen
User interface for display screen
Display screen with tabbed user interface
Background image for a portion of a display screen
Background image for a portion of a display screen
Key for input device
Transmitter device
Holder for an electronic device
Holder for an electronic device
Holder for an electronic device
Color Reproduction on Translucent or Transparent Media
Communication system and method
Method for Dynamic Resource Allocation in Centrailized Base Stations
Flash drive-radio combination
Merchandise Management System for Merchandise Discharge Device
Nonlinear behavior models and methods for use thereof in wireless radio systems
Method And System For Refining A Media Program Item By Item
Implantable systems and methods for acquisition and processing of electrical signals for therapeutic...
Non-intrusive in-session QoS parameter modification method
Dynamic quality of service adaptation in packet data communications
Maximum Allowable Transmission Rate Deciding Method, Mobile Station And Wireless Base Station
Radio resource allocation and radio system
Interior protectant/cleaner composition
UHF active antenna amplifier for digital video broadcast (DVB) receiver and related DVB device
Method and apparatus for in-situ probe tip replacement inside a charged particle beam microscope
OLED displays with varying sized pixels
PFM-PWM DC-DC converter providing DC offset correction to PWM error amplifier and equalizing regulat...
Methods and devices for input waveform control in switching power supplies
Overvoltage and backflow current protection for a battery charger
Method of charging secondary battery, method of calculating remaining capacity rate of secondary bat...
Electronic equipment capable of housing battery
Charging apparatus and charging current detecting circuit thereof
Wide voltage range stabilized switching power supply for valve actuators
Programmable calibration circuit for power supply current sensing and droop loss compensation
Recharging method and associated apparatus
Reference buffer using current mirrors and source followers to generate reference voltages
Non-perturbing power supply margin controller
Method and apparatus for communication between an electronic device and a connected battery
Reference voltage source and current source circuits
Voltage reference with enhanced stability
Semiconductor device configured to control a gate voltage between a threshold voltage and ground
Apparatus for converting DC power and method of the same
Instructional cubes and composite structures therefrom
System and method for delivering prescribed instructional materials to students
System and method for statistical analysis of student information
Remote screening and/or therapy tool and method of remotely screening and/or providing therapy over ...
Method for providing technical information of complex service procedures
Capturing apparatus with a star observing function and a star observing method
Interactive Education System for Teaching Patient Care
Plaster your stress
Vidio interface for learning an activity
Systems and methods for teaching proper letter and character formation
Educational building blocks and two games
Glare reduction demonstrator
Holding structure for holding an object
Installation used to obtain salt-free sea water at a low temperature with continuous operation and e...
Water craft with new configuration of active hulls and stationary hulls for better hydrodynamic perf...
Trolling motor system with auto retract
Rotating davit apparatus
Anti-cavitation system
Hull with improved trim control
Storage space for watercraft
System and method for computer-controlled pet water dispenser
Field data collection and relay station
Surveillance camera apparatus having a selecting operation of image information in a receiving side
System and method for detecting obstacle
Spatial scan replication circuit
Method for aligning two objects, method for detecting superimposing state of two objects, and appara...
Method of determining a three-dimensional velocity field in a volume
Object detection method and apparatus which perform object detection using set parameters
Video transmission of layered coded data
Lens module
Image pickup apparatus and image pickup method
Liquid crystal television and liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal television receiver
Method and algorithm for detection of scene cuts or similar images in video images
Nonlinear process circuit used for image processing
Calculator pencil box
Digital audio player and pedometer
Donor sheet, method of manufacturing the same, method of manufacturing TFT using the donor sheet, an...
Core-shell structure having controlled cavity inside and structure comprising the core-shell structu...
Method to increase CCP-CPP GMR output by thermoelectric cooling
Luminescent body and optical device including the same
Signal converter, optical transmitter and optical fiber transmission system
Optical control type phased array antenna
Digital optical transmitter
Laser and fiber coupling control
X-ray catheter assembly
Method of monitoring pressure of a gas species and apparatus to do so
Diffusion bonded pump cavity
V-coupled-cavity semiconductor laser
Two-stage laser pulse energy control device and two-stage laser system
Laser spectral engineering for lithographic process
Semiconductor laser device and method of manufacturing the same
Surface-emitting type semiconductor laser and method for manufacturing the same
Solid state laser device
Widely-tunable laser apparatus
Apparatus and method for spatial mode selection of planar waveguide and thin slab lasers in the larg...
Systems and methods for automatic power control of laser diodes
THz semiconductor laser incorporating a controlled plasmon confinement waveguide
Optical recording medium having relationship between pit depths, wavelength and refractive index
f.theta. lens in laser scanning unit and method of making
Process flow thermocouple
Visceral fat determining device with a step-counting function
2,4-substituted indoles and methods of use
Pyrazolobenzamides and derivatives as factor Xa inhibitors
Piperazine derivatives useful for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders
Pyrrole derivatives, their preparation and their therapeutic use
Polymorphic forms of 1-'4-(5-cyanoindol-3-yl)butyl-4-(2-carbamoylbenzofuran-5-yl)piperazine hydrochl...
Azabicyclylmethyl derivatives of 7,8-dihydro-1,6,9,-trioxa-3-aza-cyclopenta[a]naphthalene as
Substituted piperidine compounds
Methods of treating diabetes mellitus
Methods and products related to metabolic interactions in disease
Prioritizing Bayes network alerts
Image-forming method using heat-sensitive transfer system
Method for using a rewritable thermal label
Recording disk apparatus having regions of constrained thermal conduction
Rotary piezoelectric microactuator and disk drive head-suspension assembly
Recording medium for storing start position information for each zone and method of managing data us...
Reduced cross talk in wireless suspensions
Method and system for preventing the unauthorized copying of video content
Tape head having a support plate with contoured surface
Latch mechanism for data storage device
Electrically resistive heating device
Retaining device for assembling drive bracket
Magnetic head structure
CPP with elongated pinned layer
Thin film magnetic head, method of manufacturing the same and magnetic recording apparatus
Read sensor having a self-pinned layer formed in both central and side regions for increased thermal...
Magnetic write head having a wider trailing edge pole structure
Magnetic head having self-pinned SV structures for CPP GMR applications
Magnetic read sensor employing oblique etched underlayers for inducing uniaxial magnetic anisotropy ...
Magnetic head having AMR reader, writer, and GMR reader
Convertible roof bow tensioning apparatus
Identification and characterization of a novel alpha-amylase from maize endosperm
Coleopteran-resistant transgenic plants and methods of their production
Method for producing transgenic rats
Retail production guide for store-prepared food items
Method and Device for Evaluating Displacement Signals
Modular long bone prosthesis
Crosslinking of polyethylene for low wear using radiation and thermal treatments
Arthroscopic unicompartmental knee implantation system and related method
Chemically crosslinked ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene for artificial human joints
Assembled Prosthesis Such as a Disc
Spinal arthroplasty device compatible with neural integrity monitoring
Intervertebral Prosthesis or Disk Prosthesis
Artificial Spinal Disc
Cellular engine for a data processing system
Processor and method of indirect register read and write operations
Address generation unit for a processor
Method and apparatus for prefetching data to a lower level cache memory
Prefetching apparatus, prefetching method and prefetching program product
Method for setting a second rank address from a first rank address in a memory module
Card-cage audio visual signal control system with card ID assignment
On-demand memory synchronization for peripheral systems with multiple parallel processors
Language for expressing storage allocation requirements
Cache systems and methods for employing speculative fills
Storage device that uses virtual ordered writes
Synchronous replication for system and data security
Application transparent autonomic availability on a storage area network aware file system
Recording device
Semiconductor storage device
Computer architecture containing processor and decoupled coprocessor
Illumination apparatus, in particular slit lamp
Nonlinear method and apparatus for electrocardiogram pacemaker signal filtering
Methyl mercaptan to olefins
Separator for fuel cell and process for producing the same
Flavoring a cigarette by using a flavored filter plug wrap
Concurrent bypass to instruction buffers in a fine grain multithreaded processor
Oxidation resistant carbon fiber reinforced carbon composite material and process for producing the ...
Optical head apparatus
Method of laundering coloured fabrics
Enriched central nervous system stem cell and progenitor cell populations, and methods for identifyi...
Cellular phone
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone, precursor peptides thereof and genes encoding the same
Cryptographic method for distributing load among several entities and devices therefor
Image forming apparatus with detachable units
Topology aware grid services scheduler architecture
Multi-position articulating mounting apparatus for an electronic device
Massively reduced instruction set processor
Fragrance delivery system for surface cleaners and conditioners
Electric discharge device and air purifying device
Computer-controlled power wheelchair navigation system
Method for monitoring the speed of a bi-turbocharger
Method and system for credit card reimbursements for health care transactions
Method and system for displaying and managing security information
Hand-held sharpener device
Managing breakpoints in a multi-threaded environment
Portable ice rink building and resurfacing device
Floribunda rose plant named `WEKcocbeb`
Identifying malware containing computer files using embedded text
Undoable volume using write logging
Cortaderia plant named `Silver Star `
Systems and methods for particle detection
Pallet puller
Method for controlling database copyrights
Method for preparing a lithium secondary battery comprising a multi-phase separator and lithium seco...
Oven for cooking cone-shaped foods
Magnetic write head having a magnetically anisotropic write pole
Optical disc apparatus
Catalytic trimerization and tetramerization of olefinic monomers
Resistivity phase change material
System and method for asymmetrical bandwidth management
Starch foam microparticles
Drug for treatment of complications of diabetes mellitus
Compositions and Methods for Protection of Harvested Fruits from Decay
Fast asleep
Konjac Mannan and Ginseng Compositions and Methods and Uses Thereof
Compositions for treatment of viral-induced skin lesions and methods of using same
Composition and therapeutic uses thereof
Use of placental biomaterial for ocular surgery
Methods for Preventing or Treating Bone Disorders