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Multivalent metal ion management for low sludge processes
Organic waste treatment
Diffusion-based molecular separation in structured microfluidic devices
Length-adjustable filter cartridge end caps, filter cartridges employing, and methods of making, the...
Caching remote switch information in a fibre channel switch
Electronic component notably for decoding signals modulated by a digital quadrature modulation over ...
Frequency shift keying signal demodulator method and apparatus
Directional hearing given binaural hearing aid coverage
Method for performing interactions on microscopic subjects that change in space and time, and system...
Multilevel value output device
Digital cameras with luminance correction
Deep pixel display
Voltage sensor capable of contactless voltage measurement
Method for determining a test strip calibration code using a calibration strip
Test strip with permutative grey scale calibration pattern
Shipping and display container and associated container blank
Device and method for measuring metal inclusions
Pumping system with progressive cavity pump
Compressor having internally mounted inverter
Electric compressor with inverter
Liquid pump
Device for use in a blower configuration
Compressor and mechanism for separating lubricating liquid
Pressurizer for a rocket engine
Compressor control unit and gas turbine power plant including this unit
Cover sheet for guitar
Cover sheet for guitar
Cover sheet for guitar
Fetch-side instruction dispatch group formation
Process for preparing ethyl tert-butyl ether using ethanol dewatered by a membrane process
Particulate porous ammoxidation catalyst
Process for the preparation of an additive-containing anionic clay
Removal of nitrogen, sulfur, and alkylating agents from hydrocarbon streams
Process for removal of sulfur from components for blending of transportation fuels
Gearshift device
Digital broadcasting system and method for automatically locating programs after relocation
Multiple device notification synchronization
Method for automatically and dynamically composing document management applications
Method and apparatus to visually assist legalized placement with non-uniform placement rules
Encoding apparatus for storing data to disk
Integrated e-mail system
Interactive drag and snap connection tool
Method and apparatus for displaying real-time messages by a mouse cursor
Genders-usage assistant for composition of electronic documents, emails, or letters
Data processing apparatus and method for converting words to abbreviations, converting abbreviations...
Navigational mirror system for a vehicle
Information providing method for vehicle and information providing apparatus for vehicle
Method and system for modifying a wake up mode of a telematics unit
Continuous data optimization by filtering and positioning systems
Method and system for locating an object
Planting apparatus and method
Method of producing an electrophotographic photoconductor and an electrophotographic photoconductor ...
Miniature Fourier transform spectrophotometer
System and method for image reconstruction in a fiber array spectral translator system
Automatic digital preemphasis for dynamic NMR-magnetic fields by means of a digital IIR filter
NMR spectroscopy using spin states with long lifetimes
Reversible, low cost, distributed optical fiber sensor with high spatial resolution
System for communication of video, audio, data, control or other signals over fiber
System and method for determining fiber characteristics
Assemblies and methods for drop cable
Slack limiting fiber management system for an optic fiber distribution hub
Mounting arrangement for optical components
Planar lightwave filter with mixed diffraction elements
Optical fiber collimator
Connector mountable asymmetric free space optical isolators
Variable load circuit for reducing quadrature phase error
Amplitude and phase matching for layered modulation reception
Recording and using transcoding information
Recycled suppressor regenerants
Produce packaging system having produce containers with double-arched bottom ventilation channels
Personal assistant garment
Protected execution environments within a computer system
Detecting network proxies through observation of symmetric relationships
Dynamic computed tomography method and apparatus with temporal interpolation of data in perfusion st...
Ultrashort pulse compressor
Gantry system for a particle therapy facility
High power bimorph wave-front correction mirror
Magnetic resonance imaging coated assembly
Memory power models related to access information and methods thereof
HyperJTAG system including debug probe, on-chip instrumentation, and protocol
Accelerated hardware emulation environment for processor-based systems
Fault tolerance and recovery in a high-performance computing (HPC) system
Method of stalling one or more stages in an interlocked synchronous pipeline
Asynchronous symmetric multiprocessing
Cross process memory management
System and method for persistent RAM disk
Integrated disc drive controller
Data transfer control device including a switch circuit that switches write destination of received ...
Implementing conditional packet alterations based on transmit port
Policies for modifying group membership
Method and apparatus for provisioning tasks using a provisioning bridge server
Software package definition for PPU enabled system
Embedded time domain analyzer for high speed circuits
Adjustable overdrive pacing
System including a communication apparatus having a digital audio interface for audio testing with r...
Personal video recording with storage space distributed among remote personal video recorders
Brake torque load generation process for diesel particulate filter regeneration and SOx removal from...
Single substrate electromagnetic actuator
Probe card
Light source
Surface acoustic wave element and surface acoustic wave device using the same
Semiconductor device with reduced electromigration
Semiconductor package
Optical disk drive apparatus having a flexible substrate and wiring conductors
Package board and semiconductor device
Semiconductor chip and process for forming the same
Method for forming bump protective collars on a bumped wafer
Multi-layer interconnection circuit module and manufacturing method thereof
Wiring board construction including embedded ceramic capacitors(s)
Electronic component
Semiconductor light emitting device, light emitting module and lighting apparatus
Fully integrated All-CMOS AM transmitter with automatic antenna tuning
Fluid distribution apparatus for downflow multibed poly-phase catalytic reactor
Method and apparatus for analyzing interference fringe
Projection optical system, exposure apparatus, and device fabrication method
Information processing apparatus and method for evaluating conflict resolution rules
Information processing apparatus, file processing method, and computer-readable memory medium and pr...
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus having main assembly contact contacting a cartridge cont...
Information processing apparatus and method, computer storage medium, and program
Job display control method
Signal detection using maximum a posteriori likelihood and noise spectral difference
Radiographic image processing method and apparatus, and grid sorting method and apparatus
Sheet transport apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same
Micro-oscillating member, light-deflector, and image-forming apparatus
Printing control apparatus, printing control method and computer - readable medium
Image processing method and apparatus
Network printer having plural sleep modes
Conveyance of information relating to printer capability
Information processing apparatus for controlling a print job using a virtual printer
Image forming apparatus, method of controlling the image forming apparatus in order to process a dup...
Manufacturing a microlens at the extremity of a lead waveguide
Waveguide with a three dimensional lens
Interconnecting (mapping) a two-dimensional optoelectronic (OE) device array to a one-dimensional wa...
Compensation for fluctuations over time in the radiation characteristics of the X-ray source in an X...
Overhead console for a vehicle
Method and apparatus for failure prediction of an electronic assembly using life consumption and env...
Use of periodic refresh in medium retention memory arrays
Process for obtaining tolterodine
Efficient fluorescent lighting system
Trending system
Image processing device and method for reading image signal from a matrix type solid state image-pic...
Soil moisture sensor systems and methods
Manipulation of objects in potential energy landscapes
Fail safe HVAC temperature and medium presence sensor
Pressure sensor
Method and apparatus for accommodating device and/or signal mismatch in a sensor array
Piezo-electric force sensor and method
Refillable cutlery dispenser magazine
Construction, manipulation, and comparison of a multi-dimensional semantic space
Compositions containing fluorinated hydrocarbons and oxygenated solvents
Analog physical signature devices and methods and systems for using such devices to secure the use o...
Assays for cancer patient monitoring based on levels of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) extr...
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, a processing cartridge, an image forming apparatus and an image f...
Image forming method and image forming apparatus
Separating mixed signals containing a distorted signal
Toner cartridge for computer printer
Disk drive with reduced vibration due to rotational acceleration of a spindle motor
Controllable composite material
Greedy algorithm for identifying values for vocal tract resonance vectors
Piezoelectric micro-actuator for magnetic tape read/write head
Magnetic disk device with positioning control
System, method and storage medium for providing a high speed test interface to a memory subsystem
System and method for rapid restoration of server from back up
Active-active server for high availability of data replication management application
Time and frequency distribution for bufferless crossbar switch systems
Methods of operating portable computerized device with network security
Method for configuring a monitoring system to monitor selected network elements
Real composite objects for providing high availability of resources on networked systems
Method and apparatus for system lineup and testing
Targeting display for a rangefinder, riflescope, or other aimed optical device
Generating mask patterns for alternating phase-shift mask lithography
Eliminate false passing of circuit verification through automatic detecting of over-constraining in ...
Method for dynamically providing scroll indicators
Fuel cell structures and assemblies with channeled current collectors, and method of making the same
Wireless communicating
Capacitor for multiple replacement applications
Alternative DC-burst servo pattern for perpendicular recording
Image formation using dots of different spatial density determined based on comparison of pixel valu...
Method for recomposing large format media
Method of driving liquid crystal panel, and liquid crystal display apparatus
Method of driving solid state image sensing device
Method for purification of amino acid
Method of manufacturing acetic acid
Thermoplastic elastomer composition
Method for forming a shielded gate trench FET with the shield and gate electrodes being connected to...
Method of fabricating flash memory device using sidewall process
Microphone stand
Etching liquid
Liquid housing container and liquid supply apparatus
Optical detector for enzyme activation
Electronic control apparatus equipped with malfunction monitor
Calculating device capable of displaying constants and method thereof
Cold cathode fluorescent display
Interactive automated article dispensing system
Low impedance high performance pulse generator
Driving method for display apparatus
Display apparatus and driving method thereof
Plasma display apparatus and method of driving the same
Quantitative measurement of production and consumption of gases in power transformers
Contact terminal for measurement, measurement apparatus, probe card set, wafer probe apparatus, and ...
Nitrogenated carbon electrode for chalcogenide device and method of making same
Electron beam lithography apparatus
High voltage operating rod sensor and method of making the same
Autoclavable Switch Assembly
Hybrid vehicle display apparatus and method
Methods for producing low stress porous low-k dielectric materials using precursors with organic fun...
Grooves formed around a semiconductor device on a circuit board
Catalyst-coated membrane, membrane-electrode assembly, and polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Extended electrodes for PEM fuel cell applications
Direct methanol fuel cell
Photo-catalytic reactor
Low voltage compressor operation for a fuel cell power system
Current limiting system and current limiting method for fuel cells
Platinum-free ruthenium-cobalt catalyst formulations for hydrogen generation
Tool for insertion and removal of a catalytic reactor cartridge
Semiconductor device including a thin film transistor and a storage capacitor
Shade structures
Method for partial or total oxidation of one or several thiocarbonylthio ends of a polymer obtained ...
Speed control device
Hub unit for use in electrically movable wheels and vehicle comprising the hub unit
Drive mechanism for a bicycle transmission assist mechanism
Bicycle rack
Derivatives of unsaturated, cyclic organic acids
High-gloss room temperature curable water-based mold release agent
Bilevel bicycle storage system
Apparatus for connecting bicycle chain links together
Flexible route marker
Telescoping suspension fork having a quick release wheel component clamp
Fire-resistant polyamide composition
High mercury density ceramic metal halide lamp
.beta.-quartz and/or .beta.-spodumene glass ceramic
Crystal growth crucible
Method for fining powder and apparatus employing the same
Delivery of diazepam through an inhalation route
Raman spectroscopy system and method using a subwavelength resonant grating filter
Wireless communications system, wireless communications apparatus, wireless communications method an...
Skid-steer loader
NMR apparatus with commonly cooled probe head and cryogenic container and method for the operation t...
Stacked coil array for magnetic resonance experiments
Electromagnetic actuator
Method for targeting transcriptionally active loci
UV sanitizer for toothbrush head
Knee joint bandage
Sensor pad
Expansion circuit cart
Vascular compression device
Disposable dental handpiece
Protective casing for a hypodermic needle
Protective casing for a hypodermic needle
Protective container for a hypodermic needle
Plunger rod for syringe
Medical securing device
Catheter information clip
Backsheet pattern for a disposable absorbent article
Embossed absorbent article
Embossed absorbent article
Sanitary napkin
Mobile phone
Method and apparatus for examining an eye
Remotely controlled decoking tool used in coke cutting operations
User interface
System and method for generating and verifying a self-authenticating document
Fluid power cylinder
Fixing unit, electro-photographic image forming apparatus having the same, and printing method there...
Bone morphogenetic protein-2 in the treatment and diagnosis of cancer
Remedies for ischemic disease
Anti-dengue virus antibodies and compositions
Contaminant-resistant optical mouse and cradle
Process of preparing active material for battery and active material for battery prepared therefrom
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, image-forming device, process cartridge and image-forming method
Lithium secondary battery
Video telephone and computer program
Applicator device
Method and apparatus for current sharing ethernet power across four conductor pairs
Electrically-responsive lenticular display apparatus and method
Method and system of asset identification and tracking for enterprise asset management
Combined sticker with RFID payment device
System and method to track inventory using RFID tags
System for inventory control of an automated data storage library
Method and system for locating tires using RFID
System and method for killing a RFID tag
Automatic notification in a sequential process
Distillation apparatus for readily polymerizable compound
Modified chain aliphatic polyamine
Ethylene-.alpha.-olefin copolymer and molding thereof
Electrophotographic photoreceptor with polyester resin in photosensitive layer
Metal foil with resin and metal-clad laminate, and printed wiring board using the same and method fo...
Period indicator
Device to measure the solidification properties of a liquid film and method therefor
Inspection device for objects with a spherical surface
Animal litter collector
Fishing rod holder
Non-separable two-piece fishing rod
Low-viscosity oligocarbonate polyols
Corrosion resistant coatings
Michael addition compositions
Barrier coating mixtures containing non-elastomeric acrylic polymer with silicate filler and coated ...
Expandable epoxy resin-based systems modified with thermoplastic polymers
Golf club head
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Radiation-shielding container
Method and apparatus for delaying a ventricular tachycardia therapy
Measurement system and electrode for measuring skin impedance in a small region of skin
Method and apparatus for discriminating ventricular and supraventricular tachyarrhythmias
Portable cardiac monitor including a range limiter
Method for measuring the transcutaneous CO.sub.2 partial pressure on an ear lobe
Selection of ensemble averaging weights for a pulse oximeter based on signal quality metrics
Automatic detection of red lesions in digital color fundus photographs
Dual illumination system for an imaging apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for determining an improved assist feature configuration in a mask layout
Speaker recognition using local models
Method for providing recommendations using image, location data, and annotations
Image processing device and image processing method
Efficient scaling in transform domain
Method for automatically correcting skew image
System and method of three-dimensional image capture and modeling
Method and apparatus for automatically estimating the layout of a sequentially ordered series of fra...
Automatic generation of a photo album
Method and apparatus for removing image compression artifacts
Spacial-temporal processing of digital images
Monitor photodetector equipped optical modulator
Optical device, optical connector, electronic device, and electronic equipment
Devices and methods for all-optical processing and storage
Circular grating resonator with integrated electro-optical modulation
Tunable dispersion compensation
Contactless connector
Optical semiconductor device and optical semiconductor integrated circuit
Lighting apparatus
Back light assembly and liquid crystal display device having the same
Vehicle provided with switch device
Combination lampshade
Light emitting diode lamp and light emitting diode display unit
Indicator lamp having a converging lens
Replaceable liquid crystal display back plate for portable computer
Window assembly and lighting assembly therefor
Light strings including standard socket and longer-length non-standard keyed socket
Method and apparatus for mounting an LED module to a heat sink assembly
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Light cover
Backlight unit capable of easily forming curved and three-dimensional shape
Direct type back light unit for liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display
Marine LED lighting system and method
Adjustable lamp
Biodegradable cleaner
Compact laser aiming assembly for a firearm
Orthodontic adhesive dispensing assembly
Swim cap with multiple durometers
Machine for preparing beverages
Integrating multiple information-providing systems
Vinyl chloride polymer/neopentyl glycol bis(diphenyl phosphate) compositions
Wood flooring composed of WPL, base and soundproof layer
Inkjet inks and methods of printing with the same
Adhesive compositions and methods of using the same
Method for apparatus acquiring IP address automatically
Inflatable two-chambered rectangular ottoman with attached shoulder strap and pocket
CO generator
Lactam polymer derivatives
Disc changer device
Method and system for optimal data diagnosis
High dynamic range optical receiver
System and method for automating integration of semiconductor work in process updates
Multi chamber capture detection
Linear and non-linear dual mode transmitter
Multi-function bypass port and port bypass circuit
Operational amplifier and operating method thereof
Duobinary optical transmission device using at least one semiconductor optical amplifier
Semiconductor memory device capable of writing different data in cells coupled to one word line duri...
Information support system
Imaging lens for infrared cameras
Thermal detonator with multiple light sources and reflective enclosure
Optical modulation apparatus
Electrically powered rapid sharpening cosmetic pencil sharpener
Hair sensor
Drop size control
Detectable components and detection apparatus for detecting such components
Inkjet printer with retractable support and cover
Selective preview and proofing of documents or layouts containing variable data
Hydrophilic structured bar compositions comprising individually coated flat platy particles, each ha...
Method of inactivating prions
Rolled paper product having high bulk and softness
Aerosol collection apparatus and method
Weight-optimized portable oxygen concentrator
System and method for computing oral bone mineral density with a panoramic x-ray system
Formulations for transdermal or transmucosal application
Separating vessel
Brush package
Absorbent article or package with surface indicia
Colorants containing cationic indazoline thiazolazo dye
Method for a surface rewind system
Process for producing a stabilized compressed tampon
Sprayer head
Pre-moistened wipes
Method for unwinding rolls of web material
Substantially transparent material for use with light-emitting device
Process for preparing acylphosphanes and their oxides and sulphides
Method for producing polyamides
Method and apparatus for deposited hermetic cover for digital X-ray panel
Composite mask for producing a diffuser
Ozone removal system and method for low and high temperature operation
Method of improved high K dielectric-polysilicon interface for CMOS devices
Electrochemical reduction of metal oxides
Mortierella alpina C.sub.16/18 fatty acid elongase
Process for multilayer coating of substrates
Conductor compositions for use in electronic circuits
Inkjet ink and ink set
Methods and apparatus for dynamic session key generation and rekeying in mobile IP
Executing instruction for processing by ALU accessing different scope of variables using scope index...
System to monitor, detect and analyze chemical, radiation and/or biological threats
Method and apparatus for providing host resources for an electronic commerce site
Redundancy system having synchronization function and synchronization method for redundancy system
High bandwidth split bus
Multi-processor module
Bearing for a vibration damper
Bearing assembly and method for manufacturing the same
Hydrodynamic bearing device, motor, and disk driving apparatus
Ball circulation system for linear guide way
Gear unit
Method for producing rollers and sleeves for chains
Wheel bearing assembly mount with force attenuation
Pump bearing assembly with seal
Plain bearing element and method of producing a wrapped plain bearing bushing
Axial thrust bearing
Methods and apparatus for monitoring a condition of a material
Traffic sensor and method for providing a stabilized signal
Congestion indication for flow control
Soybean transformation and regeneration using half-seed explant
Printing system, printing apparatus, printing server and printing method utilizing wireless communic...
Inhibitors of hepatitis C virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, and compositions and treatments using ...
Ultraviolet laser system and method having wavelength in the 200-nm range
Method of recording data to an information recording medium
Liquid crystal display device
Digital imaging assembly & methods thereof
Optical semiconductor element and optical semiconductor device
Optical integrated circuit package
Process for production of optically active 2-halogeno-carboxylic acids
Transition metal complex and process for producing optically active alcohol
Analogs of terpene trilactones from Ginkgo biloba and related compounds and uses thereof
Retarder and circular polarizer
Apparatus and method for a molded waveguide for use with touch screen displays
Oxynitride fluorescent material and light-emitting device
Red phosphorescence compounds
Method of forming fluorescent image, fluorescent image, and ink-jet recording method
Aromatic amine derivative and organic electroluminescence device employing the same
Cytotoxic agents comprising new maytansinoids
Method and device for long-range guided-wave inspection of fire side of waterwall tubes in boilers
Absorbent article
Clock grid driven by virtual leaf drivers
System and method for managing distributed computer processes
Predictive algorithm for load balancing data transfers across components
System and method for managing a plurality of snapshots
System for distributed communications
Method for automatically completing an incomplete address entry
Unread mark replication bounce-back prevention
Valuing and optimizing scheduling of generation assets
Methods and associated systems for an airline to enhance customer experience and provide options on ...
Method and apparatus for a commercial network system designed to facilitate buyer-driven conditional...
Storage device
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
EL display device and a method of manufacturing the same
Poly(organosiloxane) materials and methods for hybrid organic-inorganic dielectrics for integrated c...
Method for fabricating a variable-resistance element including heating a RMCoO.sub.3 perovskite stru...
Resistive thermal sensing
Methods for making molding material, molded body, and sintered body
Mask making method, mask making device, and mask drawing device
Electro-optical device, driving method of electro-optical device, driving circuit of electro-optical...
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
Laser annealing method and manufacturing method of a semiconductor device
Producing method for crystalline thin film
Integrated circuit chip manufacturing method and semiconductor device
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
Electronic device
Stereoimage formation apparatus and stereoimage display unit
Method of modifying a workpiece following laser shock processing
Image forming apparatus and method for separating contaminant from blade for cleaning transfer belt ...
Printing apparatus and method of displaying explanations of printing apparatus
Use of multiple voltage controlled delay lines for precise alignment and duty cycle control of the d...
Knob and lid
Method for addressing a symbol in a memory and device for processing symbols
Switching power supply unit for generating an output voltage stepped up from an input voltage
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Method for preparing sintered product, sintered product and magnetostriction material
Method of lifting and supporting human breast tissue
Image processing device, for performing color conversion, image processing method for color conversi...
Systems and methods for associating color profiles with a scanned input image using spatial attribut...
Light scanning device and image forming apparatus
Color image processing apparatus and color image processing system using the apparatus
Print driver based marketing system and method
Multifunction device system using tags containing output information
Image forming system and image forming method
Position measurement system
Photoconductive members
Manufacturing method for three-dimensional structural body
Particle dispersion for electrostatic image-developing toners, electrostatic image-developing toner,...
Ether and antioxidant containing photoconductors
System and method for improving top sheet acquisition in a printing machine
Pseudo-random dynamic scheduler for scheduling communication periods between electronic devices
Method and storage medium for importing calendar data from a computer screen into a calendar applica...
Method and system for recalling details regarding past events
Particulate water absorbent agent and production method thereof, and water absorbent article
Actinic ray curable composition, and actinic ray curable ink and image forming method by use thereof
Alkaline protease
Coloring agent compositions and methods of treating keratin fibers therewith
Blower and design method of discharge port thereof
Device for mixing at least two components
Signaling of multi-task calls carried by a hybrid circuit/packet network
Method and apparatus for electronic equalization in optical communication systems
Frequency based modulator compensation
Bridged network spanning tree abnormality detection
Method for paging in a wireless network based on quality of service
Optimum sample spacing in over-sampled maximum likelihood sequence estimation receivers
Flexible multilevel output traffic control
Data transfer to nodes of a communication network using self-replicating code
Dynamic constant folding of a circuit
Exercise soft pad with ventilation
Auxiliary structure for fitness equipment efficacy
Stationary Exercise Equipment
Rebounding exerciser
Rotatable Handgrip for a Cardiovascular Exercise Machine
Elliptical exercise device
Cantilever Springboard Exercise Station
Traveling Outdoor Health Machine and the Control Method
Back twister
Stationary exercise apparatus
Mobile Communication Terminal Having Exercise Quantity Measurement Function and Method of Measuring ...
Abdominal bench
Portable Exercise Unit
Machine for Exercising the Muscles of the Lower Back and Associated Methods
Context-Aware and Real-Time Item Tracking System Architecture and Scenarios
Adjustable table and base assembly and method for use
Hcp soft underlayer
Transducer Assembly and Data Storage Apparatus Including the Transducer Assembly
Transducer Assembly and Data Storage Device Including the Transducer Assembly
Wastewater treatment system by superconducting magnetic separation
Isoquinoline compounds
Pressure desalination
Alkoxysilanes and Use Thereof In Alkoxysilane Terminated Prepolymers
Slurry and acoustical panel with reduced bound water
Method of Controlling Termites
Process for the Thermal Reduction of Sulfur Dioxide to Sulfur
Method of Adding STMP to a Gypsum Slurry
Flexible Mold and Methods
Optimizing in-building wireless signal propagation while ensuring data network security
Composite Absorbent Particles
Controlled Deterioration of Non-Reinforced Concrete Anchors
Software Management for Software Defined Radio in a Distributed Network
Systems and Methods for Determining Refresh Rate of Memory Based on RF Activities
Electrosurgical system
Antenna Unit and Receiving Apparatus Using the Same
Hinged Portable Radio Communication Equipment With a Double Action Hinge
Method and apparatus for jointly controlling transmit power in cognitive radio communication system
Mobile Location
Transmitting Information in Mobile Communications System
System and Method for Real-Time AAL2 Channel Detection in UTRAN
Switching Channel Pass Receive Filter
Method for determining capacity of lead-acid batteries of various specific gravities
Re-referencing a reference voltage
Switched mode power supply having variable minimum switching frequency
Extending the voltage operating range of boost regulators
Voltage generator device, motor vehicle, control method for the voltage generator device, control me...
Ultra-fast ultracapacitor charging method and charger
Battery remaining capacity detection method and power supply apparatus
Battery management and equalization system for batteries using power line carrier communications
Multi-series battery control system
Circuit system for a battery electronic control unit
Electrical combination, electrical component and battery charger
Method and apparatus for extending battery life in regulated voltage applications
Rechargeable electronic device system and method for recharging an electronic device
Plasma television set
Low pass filter
Wind turbine over-voltage exposure
Method and system for controlling a rotational speed of a rotor of a turbogenerator
Milking Member for an Animal
Liner contact automatic teat dip applicator
Method and device for milking of animals with four teats
Method of dynamic milking
Method for hierarchical control of data migration in a storage system
Automatically managing the state of replicated data of a computing environment
Methods and systems for enabling non-destructive erasure of data
Data processing system, cache system and method for actively scrubbing a domain indication
Apparatus for aging data in a cache
Separate data and coherency cache directories in a shared cache in a multiprocessor system
Cache organization for power optimized memory access
Processor, data processing system and method for synchronizing access to data in shared memory
Direct access of cache lock set data without backing memory
Automatic drive selection in optical media recording
High-speed interface circuit for semiconductor memory chips and memory system including the same
Microwave-Assisted Peptide Synthesis
Recombinant DNA constructs and methods for controlling gene expression
Compositions, cells, and plants that include BKI1, a negative regulator of BRI1-mediated BR signalin...
Stress tolerant cotton plants
Solanum Bulbocastanum polyubiquitin Bul427 promoter and uses thereof
Genomic DNA fragments containing regulatory and coding sequences for the B2-subunit of the neuronal ...
Process for the Preparation of a Piroxicam: Betacyclodextrin Inclusion Compound
Cellulose Acylate Film and Method for Producing Same, and Retardation Film, Polarizer and Liquid Cry...
Promoter For Hard Tissue Formation
Process for Preparation of Timosaponin B II
Means and methods for mediating protein interference
Anti-TNFalpha Antibodies and Methods of Use
Purification of polymers carrying a lipophilic group
Cysteinized ribonuclease and targeting moiety conjugated thereto
Breast cancer prognostic portfolio
Pan cancer oncolytic vectors and methods of use thereof
Methods for synthesizing 2-chloro-9-(2-deoxy-2-fluoro-.beta.-D-arabinofuranosyl)-9H-purin-6-amine
Secure music, video, audio, and other digital file downloading system and method using encoded plast...
Composition comprising polyphenol
Polyglutamic acids functionalized by cationic groups and hydrophobic groups and applications thereof...
Multilayer Laminated Film
Edible Pullulan Films Containing Flavoring
Method for Manufacturing Formed Lumps of Shellfish Meat
Pressure regulated supercritical fluid fractionation of oil seed extraction materials
Vegetable Drink Composition
Method For Producing a Casing-Less Sausage or Similar Type Food Product and Product Thus Obtained
Hydrated Food
Method For Obtaining a Vegetable Plant Protein Fraction, in Particular For Producing Vegetable Ice C...
Method and device for manufacture, storage, marketing and promotion of ice-creams and popsicles
Process for generating milk froth from milk powder and milk froth generating device and coffee machi...
Composition comprising polyphenol
Franking machine provided with a device for monitoring conformity of the postal indicia
Process for determining an auction methodology
Method of protecting an initial investment value of an investment
Systems and methods for creating financial advice applications
Communication interface for providing accounting support for print services
Computer implemented methods and computer readable mediums for optimizing a purchase order
Method and apparatus for providing open-ended subscriptions to commodity items normally available on...
On-line recommender system
RFID tracking of patient-specific orthodontic materials
Dual-mode smart card
Well cleanup tool with real time condition feedback to the surface
Radio frequency digital-to-analog converter
Radio remote control system
Digital transmission system and clock reproducing device
Decoding video signals to separate luma and chroma components
Display system and method of eliminating residual image in the same
Chroma upsampling method and apparatus therefor
Image angle detection device and scan line interpolation device having the same
Focus detection based on an opening pupil ratio
Solder reflux method for holding cryogenically aligned parts
Solid state image pickup device comprising lenses for condensing light on photodetection parts
Image-taking apparatus
Image photographing system having data management function, data management device and medium
Solid-state image pickup device having a lensing function
System and method to facilitate time domain sampling for solid state imager
Driving control method for image pickup device, image pickup apparatus, and image pickup system
Image processing apparatus having a digital image processing section including enhancement of edges ...
Image processing apparatus having a digital image processing section including enhancement of edges ...
Portable digital camera with red eye filter
Image data storage method and system
Image-processing device with a first image sensor and a second image sensor
Support program for web application server and server
System and method for providing private inference control
Method for processing a security setup control message in mobile communication system
Method, apparatus and computer program for inserting a watermarking program into an image processing...
Apparatus for and method of controlling propagation of decryption keys
Network lock method and related apparatus with ciphered network lock and inerasable deciphering key
Key agreement system, shared-key generation apparatus, and shared-key recovery apparatus
Method for countermeasure in an electronic component using a secret key algorithm
Encryption method, cryptogram decoding method, encryptor, cryptogram decoder, and communication syst...
System for protection against copying on magnetic tape recorders
Kit and method for detecting the ESM-1 protein
Environmental sampling and testing device
Method for high-throughput integrated chemical and biochemical reactions
Production of hydrogen gas and isolation of hydrogen producing microorganisms using replenishing coa...
Use of acacia gum to isolate and preserve a biological receptor on a biosensor
Target recognition element and biosensor including the same
Surfactant biocatalyst for remediation of recalcitrant organics and heavy metals
Thrombin compositions
User interface for a tabbed pane
Restoration of software configurations
Mechanism for disjoint instrumentation providers in a tracing framework
Cooperating test triggers
Methods for computing Miller-factor using coupled peak noise
Method and system for case-splitting on nodes in a symbolic simulation framework
System for verification using reachability overapproximation
Integrated circuit design closure method for selective voltage binning
Multi-layer alignment and overlay target and measurement method
Cargo dimensional and weight analyzing system
Multispectral imaging system and methods of use
Driving assistance system
Method for automatic identification and data capture
Synthetic aperture ladar system and method using real-time holography
Acoustic location of gunshots using combined angle of arrival and time of arrival measurements
Vehicle RF device detection system and method
System and method for minimizing MRI-imaging artifacts
Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging with Short Echo Times
Low Local Sar Birdcage Radio Frequency Coil
Organic EL drive circuit and organic EL display device
OLED multicolor displays
Organic light emitting display device
Thin film transistor and flat panel display using the same
Compounds for forming photoconvertible organic thin film and organic thin film formed body
Display controller, display system, and display control method
Display device and driving method of the same
Display controller, display system, and display control method
Method for driving electroluminescence display panel with selective preliminary charging
Display driving circuit and display device using the same
Display panel, light emitting display using the display panel, and driving method thereof
Method and apparatus for generating and updating a voice tag
Method and system of pausing an IVR session
Display unit with communication controller and memory for storing identification number for identify...
Mobile phone
Portable phone
Portable phone
Mobile phone
Portable phone
Portable phone
Cellular phone
Mobile phone
Portable phone
Portable phone
Cellular phone
PDP television receiver
Set top box
Microwave oven
Method of fabricating photo mask
Display unit with processor and communication controller which communicates information to the proce...
Systems and methods for estimating presence of a material within a volume of interest using x-ray
X-ray imaging system having improved weather resistance
X-ray CT apparatus
X-ray computed tomographic apparatus, scan plan support apparatus, and program
Holographic image corrector
Apparatus and method for real-time volume processing and universal three-dimensional rendering
Dual-array detector module
Photoelectric conversion device and radiation photography apparatus
Charged particle spectrometer and detector therefor
Method for production of MRAM elements
Image display medium, process for forming image, and multicolor image-forming apparatus
Precision Rogowski coil and method for manufacturing same
Organic electroluminescent display
System and method for design and fabrication of a high frequency transducer
Image sensor
System and method for non-square blind source separation under coherent noise by beamforming and tim...
Computed tomography apparatus
Network block services for client access of network-attached data storage in an IP network
Atomic layer deposition of metal oxide and/or low assymmetrical tunnel barrier interpoly insulators
Multimode transmitter architecture
Channel estimation for time division duplex communication systems
Wireless personal area networks with rotation of frequency hopping sequences
Frame aggregation in wireless communications networks
System and method for resolving contention among applications requiring data connections between a m...
Methods and apparatus for controlling resource allocation where tunneling and access link packet agg...
Wireless communication system, node position calculation method and node
Charging method
Systems and methods for communicating control data using multiple slot formats
System, method and device of interference mitigation in wireless communication
Dynamic update of push applications for wireless data device
Secure operation of a versatile device based on whether an authenticated user continues to wear the ...
Coupling antenna device having antenna pattern with multi-frequency resonating sectors
Alarm systems, remote communication devices, and article security methods
Broadband antenna and electronic device having the broadband antenna
Anti-cycling control system for luminaires
Getter and cleaning arrangement for a lithographic apparatus and method for cleaning a surface
Variable delay appliance hybrid program timer
Staged correlator
Data processing system, method and interconnect fabric supporting concurrent operations of varying b...
Filtering multipath propagation delay values for use in a mobile communications system
Display system and microdisplay apparatus
Computer system indicator panel with exposed indicator edge
Rectangular-wave transmitting metal detector
Contact mechanism cleaning
Surgical stapling instruments with collapsible features for controlling staple height
Welding helmet
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Hybrid oriented substrates and crystal imprinting methods for forming such hybrid oriented substrate...
Control of poly-Si depletion in CMOS via gas phase doping
High-quality SGOI by oxidation near the alloy melting temperature
Thermally-activated reservoir devices
Liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display panel and fabricating method thereof
In situ deposition of a low K dielectric layer, barrier layer, etch stop, and anti-reflective coatin...
Method of forming a gate stack containing a gate dielectric layer having reduced metal content
Method of manufacturing a thin film transistor
Dual work function CMOS devices utilizing carbide based electrodes
Chamber isolation valve RF grounding
Spinal fixation system and related methods
Manually removed cover and articulated cover supports for a vehicle
Automated deployable running board
Roof for a motor vehicle
Power seat track having a flexible support assembly for a lead screw
Door handle input decoupler for a cinching latch actuator
Optical information recording method, apparatus, and medium, laser control circuit, wobble signal de...
Information recording apparatus and information recording method
Device and method of polynomial power control for optical drives
Optical reproducing device that controls the strength of the light beam during reproduction
High voltage power supply
Focusing a laser beam
Distributed feedback semiconductor laser
Semiconductor laser device and laser projector
Method and apparatus for modifying the spread of a laser beam
Electro-optical distance measuring method, distance measuring program and distance measuring system
Laser apparatus and manufacturing method of thin film transistor using the same
Adjustable resolution interferometric lithography system
Portion of a footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Fatigue degree measurement device, fatigue detection device and computer program to be used therein
Liquid crystal display device
Method and apparatus for reducing dielectric charging in MEMS structures
Method of producing and operating a low power junction field effect transistor
Liquid-cooled armature bar clip-to-strand connection and method
System and method for responding to abrupt load changes on a power system
Three dimensional structure memory
Medicaments for asthma treatment
Recombinant porcine adenovirus vector
Antibodies to retinoid metabolizing protein
Intravascular delivery of nucleic acid
Method and apparatus for managing list items
Collapsible container with semi-collapsed view
Method and computer-readable medium for generating a multiple column layout
Merging identical memory pages
Method and apparatus for parsing text using mutual information
Systems for generating and managing filter strings in a filter graph
Method and system for real time scheduler
Resource loader for applications that utilize relative uniform resource identifiers
Method and computer-readable medium for installing an upgrade to an application program
Cold launch system comprising shape-memory alloy actuator
Air conditioner for automobile
Passive tensioning mechanism for underwater buoyant-slat automatic pool cover systems
Method and apparatus for receivability and reachability test of explicit multicast
Wide dynamic range and high speed voltage mode sensing for a multilevel digital non-volatile memory
Digital camera that performs autofocusing according to chromatic and achromatic sensing elements
Electronic circuit device
High-speed low noise CCD controller
Cashless vending system with tethered payment interface
Automatic management of dependencies between physical and logical elements in an application set
System and method for viewing a virtual content repository
Method and apparatus for moving data from an extensible markup language format to normalized format
Enhanced portal server system and method
Systems and methods of providing data from a data source to a data sink
Computer display tool for visualizing relationships between and among data
Method and apparatus for privacy preserving data mining by restricting attribute choice
Data query and location through a central ontology model
Polyarchical data indexing and automatically generated hierarchical data indexing paths
N-aroyl cyclic amine derivatives as orexin receptor antagonists
Acidic quinoline derivatives and their use for the prevention and/or treatment of hyperglycaemia-rel...
Cycloalkyl-substituted 7-amino-4-quinolone-3-carboxylic acid derivatives, process for their preparat...
Compounds and methods for treating dyslipidemia
Pyrrolo[3,2-D] pyrimidines that are selective antagonists of A.sub.2B adenosine receptors
Oxalamide derivatives as kinase inhibitors
Spiropiperidine derivatives as NK3 antagonists
Method of treating back and neck pain
Alkyl and aryl-thiotrifluoroacetates and process
Process for the synthesis of (7-methoxy-1-naphthyl) acetonitrile and its application in the synthesi...
Dihydrobenzofuran derivatives and uses thereof
Variable program voltage increment values in non-volatile memory program operations
Method for source bias all bit line sensing in non-volatile storage
Self-boosting system for flash memory cells
Disk drive estimating seek time according to a seek profile and a variance group
Disk drive compensating for rotational vibrations, physical shocks, and thermal popping
Voltage buffer for capacitive loads
Method of employing a transit time ultrasound sensor
Methods and compositions for selectin inhibition
Methods and compositions for selectin inhibition
Methods for detecting TAFIa or TAFIai
Fluorinated 2,4-diaryl-2,5-dihydropyrrole inhibitors of the mitotic kinesin KSP
Filter media and methods of manufacture
Systems and methods for shrinking and/or securing cardiovascular tissue
Detection of diamond contamination in polishing pad and reconditioning system therefor
Porous mold insert and molds
Reversible wall-mounted pillow with textured scrubbing surfaces
Cleanable device for depollution of engine exhaust gases
Device for effectively removing suspended particles from an airflow
Method of treating benign hypertrophy of the prostate
Mobile telecommunications device with a capper moveable between capping and uncapping positions by t...
Method of refilling a high speed print engine
CCR-2 antagonist salt
Sulfonamide derivatives as D3-receptor ligands
Thrombopoietin mimetics
Short-acting benzodiazepines
Bisphosphonate formulation
Angiogenic peptides and uses thereof
Kahalalide F
Glycopeptide antibiotics, combinatorial libraries of glycopeptide antibiotics and methods of produci...
Chemical additive carrier for filter
Fuel filter of an internal combustion engine
Apparatus for detecting and removing moisture and contaminants in a fuel storage tank
System for straining water
Apparatus for separation of a fluid with a separation channel having a mixer component
Hinged cover for use in a clarifier tank having an inboard launder channel
Cell sorting device and method of manufacturing the same
Filtration device
Cryogenic process system with extended bonnet filter
CMOS structure and method including multiple crystallographic planes
Light emitting diodes (LEDs) with improved light extraction by roughening
Array substrate for liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Infrared detector
Laser processing apparatus
Laser irradiation method and apparatus for forming a polycrystalline silicon film
Method for fast and local anneal of anti-ferromagnetic (AF) exchange-biased magnetic stacks
Method for silicon based dielectric chemical vapor deposition
Method of forming an oxide film, an oxide film, a component and an electronic apparatus
Methods for controlling feature dimensions in crystalline substrates
Double exposure double resist layer process for forming gate patterns
Method of forming pattern using fine pitch hard mask
Dry etching method and production method of magnetic memory device
Stretchable and permeable non-woven protective gloves
Event ticket/ID multi-pack
Method of transferring a wet tissue web to a three-dimensional fabric
Process and apparatus for producing wipes with a pleat-like zone along the leading edge portion
Method for perturbating a nuclear reactor core fuel bundle design to generate a group of designs
Method for manufacturing windmill blades
Directional laser probe
Flexible fiber optic bronchoscope one-way valve
Method of permanently repairing a pipeline section using a combination wrap and sleeve structure
Optical fibre connector system
Method, use and device concerning cladding tubes for nuclear fuel and a fuel assembly for a nuclear ...
Disc recording and/or playback apparatus
System and method of analyzing interpreted programs
Method and apparatus for parallel computations with incomplete input operands
Sequence-determined DNA fragments encoding cytochrome P450 proteins
Pancreatic cancer targets and uses thereof
Powered surgical apparatus, method of manufacturing powered surgical apparatus, and method of using ...
Sliding-window based signal monitoring
Data recovery circuits using oversampling for maverick edge detection/suppression
Single pass variable bit rate control strategy and encoder for processing a video frame of a sequenc...
Sub-symbol parallel interference cancellation
Method and system for allocating bandwidth
ATM switch for ensuring cell sequence
Method and apparatus for reducing delay jitter
System and method for oscillator noise cancellation
Configurable memory design for masked programmable logic
Position detection and external driver multiplexing system for DC motors
System, method, and computer program for conducting optical transmission measurements and evaluating...
System for detecting image light intensity reflected off an object in a digital imaging-based bar co...
Transaction terminal
System and method for determining on-chip bit error rate (BER) in a communication system
Calcium phosphate bone cements