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SIM Card Handle
Personalized nutrition advisor
Method for the simulation of the haptic of an interaction of a guided object with a virtual three-di...
Composite Material Useful as Biomaterial and Its Preparation
Method for Preparing Endosseous Implants Anatase Titanium Dioxide Coating
Compressible, rotatable, and tiltable hydraulic spinal disc prosthesis system with selectable modula...
Spinous Process Spacer Hammock
Intervertebral Motion Disc With Helical Shock Absorber
Power supply
Recovering energy from an IrDA/remote control transmitter circuit
Initial voltage establishing circuit for a switching voltage converter
Ratioed feedback body voltage bias generator
Storage medium having game program stored thereon and game apparatus
Frequency-on-the-fly control circuit and method for a DC/DC PWM converter
Power supply switch circuit with current leakage protection
Circuit arrangement and method for driving a gate of a transistor, in particular a MOSFET
Semiconductor device
Voltage converting apparatus with auto-adjusting boost multiple
AC/DC converter and method of modulation thereof
Method and apparatus for providing economic analysis of power generation and distribution
Battery charger with backup charging circuit
Cell maintenance device for fuel cell stacks
Secondary battery with positive temperature coefficient (PTC) safety element
Devices powered by conformable fuel cells
Dual mode single temperature trimming
DC-to-DC converter with improved transient response
DC output voltage circuit with substantially flat PSRR
Nickel-hydride battery life determining method and life determining apparatus
Converting the format of a portion of an electronic document
Method of improving the reliability of peer-to-peer network downloads
Methods, systems, and products for selecting the content of internet call-waiting messages
System and method for providing recorded messages on a communications network
Multi-path gateway communications device
System and method of displaying a video stream
Fluorescent ballast with fiber optic and IR control
Content addressable information encapsulation, representation, and transfer
System and method for implementing a smart system call
Detecting errors in directory entries
Computer system including novel fault notification relay
Method, system and computer program product for recovery of formatting in repair of bad sectors in d...
Multiple nonvolatile memories
Circular buffer addressing
Buffer overflow detection
Serially indexing a cache memory
Apparatus and method for autonomically detecting resources in a logically partitioned computer syste...
Method of managing storage capacity in storage system, a storage device and a computer system
Memory tracking with preservation of alignment semantics
Identification of uncommitted memory blocks during an initialization procedure
Method and system to optimize java virtual machine performance
Storage control system and storage control method
Method for reallocation of a memory of a subsystem, and subsystem
Method and system for restoring data
Data stream generation method for enabling high-speed memory access
Moving hardware context structures in memory while maintaining system operation
Method for consistent copying of storage volumes
Maintaining write order fidelity on a multi-writer system
Audio generating method and apparatus based on motion
Electronic keyboard instrument
Automatic player capable of reproducing stop-and-go key motion and musical instrument using the same
Electronic drum
Method and system for time-shortening songs
Sound identification apparatus
Device and method for synchronizing illumination with music
Practice aid device for percussionists
Method for manufacturing a percussion instrument
Electronic percussion instrument
Trombone stand
Mouthpiece assembly for saxophone and other similar instruments
Guitar with dual sound boards
Big box office "The Movie Business Game"
Automatic card shuffler and dealer
Waste basket lid simulating sports playing field
Animal-shaped sleeping area for children
Controller and expansion unit for controller
Practice samurai sword
Doll sculpture skeleton
Novelty hand-held object holder
Card game tabletop with advertising
Method and system for detecting unusual events and application thereof in computer intrusion detecti...
Method of information capture and visualization
Method and system for the autonomous design of cybernetic systems
Malfunction condition judgment apparatus, control method, automobile and program method
System and method for the cascading definition and enforcement of EDI rules
Systems for developing analytical device methods
Heterotopias cyberspace module
Pre-processed feature ranking for a support vector machine
Parallel grouping decomposition for fast training of large-scale support vector machines
Systems and methods for performing quantum computations
Computational user-health testing
Computational user-health testing
Substituted 2-aminothiazoles for treating neurodegenerative diseases
siRNA targeting nuclear receptor interacting protein 1 (NRIP1)
siRNa targeting neuropilin 1 (NRP1)
Methods and Compositions for the Treatment of Gastrointestinal Disorders
Novel Salicylic Anilides
Novel Pyridine Derivatives
Pyridine and Pyrimidine Derivatives as Inhibitors of Histone Deacetylase
Combination of Organic Compounds
Hormone replacement therapy
Medical Diagnosis, Therapy, And Prognosis System For Invoked Events And Methods Thereof
Life sciences business systems and methods
Ultrasonic Equipment for Treatment of Osteoarthritis
Multi-Leveled Transgluteal Tension-Free Levatorplasty For Treatment of Rectocele
Method and Apparatus for Treatment of Vaginal Anterior Repairs
Substituted Aminoalkyl- and Amidoalkyl-Benzopyran Derivatives
System and methods for searching interactive broadcast data
Hosting an application in one of a plurality of execution environments
Event notification structure for dynamically aggregated logical components
Air pump
Using security levels to improve permission checking performance and manageability
Method of invisibly embedding into a text document the license identification of the generating lice...
Method for optimizing Web services binding
Apparatus, methods and computer programs for identifying or managing vulnerabilities within a data p...
Method and apparatus to isolate changes in remoting system servers
Internet site authentication service
Database system and information processing system with process code information
System and method for on-demand dynamic control of security policies/rules by a client computing dev...
Method and data processing system optimizing performance through reporting of thread-level hardware ...
Securing internet browser-based email system through session management
Methods and apparatus for providing a remote serialization guarantee
Automatic re-authentication
Method and apparatus for defining, building and deploying pluggable and independently configurable i...
System and method for controlling access in an interactive grid environment
SIMD code generation for loops with mixed data lengths
Method and System For Integration of Instant Messaging and Teleconferencing Via a Telephone Network
Compartmentalized Screening by Microfluidic Control
Reduced Malto-Oligosaccharides
Processes and Reagents for Desilylation of Oligonucleotides
Hydrolysable polymeric FMOC- linker
Method For Removing Sialic Acid and Method For Producing Asialoerythropoietin
Method for Producing Polyether Alcohols
Composition Having Blood Pressure Reducing and/or Elevation Suppressing Effect and Food and Drink Co...
Pde11a Mutations in Adrenal Disease
Use of the microRNA miR-1 for the treatment, prevention, and diagnosis of cardiac conditions
Nucleic acid derivatives
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH056821
Inbred maize line PHDWA
Nucleic acids encoding Cry8Bb1 endotoxins engineered to have insect-specific protease recognition se...
Flax (Linum usitatissimum L.) seed-specific promoters
Protein kinase stress-related proteins and methods of use in plants
Soluble hydrogenated starch derivatives containing nondigestible dietary fibres
Abortive promoter cassettes
Kit for diagnosing and prognosticating matrix metalloproteinase-1 related disease via a matrix metal...
Determination of hepatitis C virus genotype
Chimeric GB virus B (GBV-B)
Polypeptide hormone phosphatonin
Cynomolgus monkey dickkopf-4, nucleotides encoding same, and uses thereof
Insect desiccation resistance genes and uses thereof
Primers and a screening method for identification of artemisinin producing plants
Methods for detection and quantification of analytes in complex mixtures
Proteins and polypeptides from coagulaslase-negative staphylococci
Nonpolar thymidine analogs
Polynucleotides encoding novel Bt toxin receptors from lepidopteran insects
Polynucleotides encoding novel Bt toxin receptors from lepidopteran insects
Test piece, method of and apparatus for manufacturing the test piece and method of and system for re...
Enzymatic production of glycolic acid
Drywall finishing tool
Combined insulation capable and non-insulation capable recessed lighting assembly
Bracket system
Pressure sensitive adhesive repair patch product
Masonry anchoring system
Apparatus for replicating quadrilateral shapes
Lay out line
Spray-specs: a "pinch off" lens protection system, its method of attachment and removal, for safety ...
21St century challenge America basketball game
Methods for multi-sensory virtual golf instruction
System and Method for Preventing and Treating Repetitive Stress Injury
Braille Writing Apparatus With Information Processing Function
Marker for Optical Mark Response Forms
Computer-Aided Method and System for Guided Teaching and Learning
System and method for draft selection and participation therein
Method and system for education compliance and competency management
DAL self service school library
Human spine model
Cable set-top box with voice over internet protocol
Physiologically- Active Composition Based on Collagen
Method and apparatus for separating cooking oils from snack food products through a quasi-continuous...
Method and System for Cooling of Dressed Carcasses
Glycerol Feedstock Utilization for Oil-Based Fuel Manufacturing
In vitro Method for the Determination of Glycemic Index of Food Products
Receptor Blocker and Vasodilator Comprising Indole Derivative as Active Ingredient
Bi-Oriented Polypropylene Film Comprising Tear Orientation, a Process of Preparing Said Film and an ...
Preparation method of cooked rice with barley in aseptic packing system
Taste Potentiator Compositions in Oral Delivery Systems
Sitosterol Compound-Containing Composition and Process For Producing the Same
Method of Producing and Administering a Nutritional Supplement Including Sunflower Butter
Methods and Apparatus to Mechanically Reduce Food Products into Irregular Shapes and Sizes
Nutritious fabricated snack products
Artificial sweetener with high intensity sweetness
Method of processing meat to enhance moisture retention
Image capturing apparatus that performs dynamic frequency control of buffer memory during moving ima...
Vehicle customizing system
Image processing apparatus and its control method, and computer program and computer-readable storag...
Information processing apparatus
System and method for electronic correction of optical anomalies
Method of edge direction detection based on the correlation between pixels of a vector and an edge d...
Bioindex mechanism for increasing the relative speed of biometric identification against large popul...
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer readable medium storing program
Motion detection using multi-resolution image processing
Picture processing apparatus, picture processing method, picture pickup apparatus, and program
Contactless measuring of position and orientation
Wide-band multi-format audio/video production system with frame-rate conversion
High-heat dissipation lighting lens
Image forming apparatus
Display apparatus and display method
Optical unit, video display apparatus, and color switching method
Object association in a computer generated drawing environment
Integrated forms and method of making such forms
Game ticket construction
Providing speaker identifying information within embedded digital information
Telecommunications test plugs having tuned near end crosstalk
System, methods, and computer-readable media for expedited access to conference calls
Method for forwarding and storing session packets according to preset and/or dynamic rules
System and method for generating configurations used for accessing electronic mailboxes
Methods and systems for fax routing
Method and apparatus to improve name confirmation in voice-dialing systems
Device for acquiring and transferring data concerning payment means to a banking institution
Notification mechanisms in a wireless device
Electronic communication device including audio channeling
Multi-user telephone system
System and method to handle phone line services during modem dial-up connection
System and method for providing a local time of far end on telephone systems
Environmentally-controlled network interface device and methods
Messaging advise in presence-aware networks
Interactive voice-activated reservation system and method
System and method for implementing click-through for browser executed software including ad proxy an...
Methods and apparatus for viewing network resources
Computer system and method for reducing power consumption of storage system
Method and system for abstracting electronic documents
Product check matrix
Test manager
System and method for updating end user error reports using programmer defect logs
Method for synchronizing replicas of a database
Method for calculating clock offset and skew
Exclusive encryption
Secure message forwarding system detecting user's preferences including security preferences
Scalable network file system
Advanced hardware and software encapsulation of RAID solutions to facilitate data protection
Media player system
Auto removal of sent attachments
Stormwater pollution management apparatus and method of using same
Oxidation of organic compounds
Water retention system
Method and device for inserting a drainage wick
Arch shape cross section chamber having corrugations with flattened web segments
Method and system for building up land in a water-covered or water-surrounded area and land body for...
Accessory for domestic microwave ovens
9-(1',5'-dimethyl-1'-vinyl -4'- hexenyl)-4-hydroxy-7H-furo[3,2-.gamma.] [1] benzopyran-7-one as anti...
Random copolymers and formulations useful for thermoforming and blow molding applications
Resin composition and method for producing the same
Blue-green algae composition
High speed baking in novel toasting apparatus
Method and system for monitoring room activity
Microwave food heating package with removable portion
Kalanchoe plant named `Kaluna`
Pachysandra plant named `Hakurei`
Petunia.times.hybrida plant named `Kerwhifan`
Interspecific prunus tree named `Ruby Kat`
.times.Cupressocyparis Plant Named `RECO`
Osteospermum plant named `Duetipichar`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `SAKIMP010`
Apple tree named `Milwa`
Phlox plant named `Wesposky`
Wear-resistant aluminum alloy excellent in caulking property and extruded product made thereof
Ni-base directionally solidified superalloy and Ni-base single crystal superalloy
Tubular member having an anti-galling coating
Versatile engine muffling system
Process for automatic drive slip control (ASR)
Electric motor regulation with controlled error intercept
Electric power steering apparatus
Propeller shaft assembly with energy storage mechanism and controlled clutch
Universal instrument mount
Assistant stand mechanism of a cart for people to ride on
Electrically driven power steering apparatus
Structure for installing rear cushion
Snowmobile with intercooler
Hybrid vehicle control system
Drive system, especially for a motor vehicle
Wheelchair suspension
Regeneration control system
Data recording apparatus
Flow-based detection of network intrusions
World wide web receiving display station with a web browser generating a graphical user interface wi...
System and method for add-on services, secondary authentication, authorization and/or secure communi...
System for remotely managing maintenance of a set of facilities
Random number generation method based on multivariate non-normal distribution, parameter estimation ...
Customs duty audit using post entry data
Electronic trading system supporting anonymous negotiation and indications of interest
Transaction system and transaction terminal equipment
Electronic money system and electronic money terminal device
Method and apparatus for data recipient storage and retrieval of data using a network communication ...
Provision of protected content files via payment system
Method and system for generating postal indicia or the like
Return item early notification and return
Electronic bill presentment and payment system
System and methods for disclosing transaction information to customers
Guaranteed negotiation system and method
Computer web-based auction platform
Bidding language for combinatorial auctions and method of use thereof
System for evaluating Bingo card faces
Method for preparing single crystalline cerium oxide powders
Magnetic separation process for trona
Process for recovery of palladium from spent catalyst
Method for hydrogen production
Methods of preparing a surface-activated titanium oxide product and of using same in water treatment...
System and method for improved mercury control
Filamentous carbon particles for cleaning oil spills and method of production
Method for recovering metal values from metal-containing materials using high temperature pressure l...
Process for the purification of aqueous peroxygen solutions, solutions obtainable thereby and their ...
Form of carbon
System, method, and computer program product for media publishing request processing
Dental computer-aided design (CAD) methods and systems
Interactive system and method
Graphics system having a variable density super-sampled sample buffer
Lithium secondary battery
Track extrusion for a compactus assembly
Runner extrusion for a compactus assembly
Track extrusion for a compactus assembly
Wire and cable spool cart
Liner engaging member for a trashcan
Trash can
Two bins trashcan
Receptacle for waste management
Boot scrubber
Blade refill
Scrubbing glove
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Garden blower
Garden vacuum device
Laundry appliance set
Pet carrier
Small animal cage
Helmet liner cell
Bicycle training vest
Weight determining apparatus, a weight determination method, a radiation power measuring apparatus, ...
Locating system and method
Radio communication received having automatic gain control based on measured and received energy
Method for monitoring an RF power amplifier, and an RF device, a monitoring device, and an MR system...
Scheduling in packet switched networks
Data transmission in packet-switched radio system implementing user equipment location service
Adaptive uplink/downlink timeslot assignment in a hybrid wireless time division multiple access/code...
Data transfer method and radio terminal for executing transport layer protocol on radio network
System and method for integrating and characterizing data from multiple electronic systems
Feedhorn, radio wave receiving converter and antenna
Antenna with low SAR
Systems and methods for dedicating power to a radar module
Radio communications for vehicle speed adjustment
RFID temperature logger incorporating a frequency ratio digitizing temperature sensor
Method and apparatus for implant identification
Three-dimensional radio frequency identification tag and environment condition recognition system an...
System and method for person or object position location utilizing impulse radio
Object tagged with RFID tag and device and method for processing it
Efficiency-improved tuning assembly for radio frequency filters and method for forming the same
Amplifier composite triple beat (CTB) reduction by phase filtering
Radio frequency power amplifier and method using a controlled supply
Azeotrope-like compositions of 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluoropropane and hydrocarbons
Control methodology for desulfurization process
Diesel oil from residues by catalytic depolymerization with energy input from a pump-agitator system
Processes for making lubricant blends with low Brookfield viscosities
Method of converting agricultural waste to liquid fuel cell and associated apparatus
Process for removal of catalyst residues from poly-.alpha.-olefins
Process for converting methane into ethane
Process for the preparation of substituted fluorenes
Method for producing butene oligomers and tert-butyl ethers from C.sub.4 flows containing isobutene
Process for the hydrogenation of olefins
Methods of 1,3-enyne preparation using copper (I) catalysts
Blends of quinone alkide and nitroxyl compounds as polymerization inhibitors
Bicyclic pyrazolo protein kinase modulators
PAK4-related antibodies
Receptor for IL-17 homologous polypeptides and uses thereof
Agents with leukotriene B.sub.4-like antiviral (enveloped RNA) activities
4-imidazolin-2-one compounds
Pyrazole compounds useful as protein kinase inhibitors
Indolobenzazepine HCV NS5B inhibitors
Remodeling and glycoconjugation of peptides
Compounds promoting delivery of genes
Mutational profiles in HIV-1 protease correlated with phenotypic drug resistance
Method for selectively inhibiting reuptake of serotonin and norepinephrine using yeast extract
Human IgM antibodies, and diagnostic and therapeutic uses thereof particularly in the central nervou...
Humanized anti-CCR2 antibodies and methods of use therefor
Benzothiazole and azabenzothiazole compounds useful as kinase inhibitors
Data dependent scrambler with improved global constraint
Data card verification system
Method of selecting encrypting arithmetric for realizing communication of secrecy
Dynamic content-aware memory compression and encryption architecture
Method and apparatus for achieving crypto-syncronization in a packet data communication system
Modular inversion that is protected against espionage
Apparatus and method for memory encryption with reduced decryption latency
Digital rights management
Method for using a portable computing device as a smart key device
Secure personal content server
Wireless communication device, portable terminal, communication control program and communication sy...
Preventing a non-head end based service provider from sending media to a media processing system
Method for bypassing passkey exchange and authentication procedures
System and method for strong authentication achieved in a single round trip
Route generating system for an autonomous mobile robot
Robot cleaner
Logic circuit and operations providing control path to shared robotic device in automated data stora...
Object taking-out apparatus
Image based bar-code reading and robotic registration apparatus for use in automated tape library sy...
Case packing robot
Linkage system
Plants and seeds of corn variety I539440
Maize hybrid variety X5K655
Plants and seeds of corn variety I351729
Method of accumulating foreign gene product in plant seed at high level
Garden bean cultivar H24955
Soybean cultivar S06-SJ144056
Treatments employing neuronal exocytosis-inhibiting peptides
Platelet-derived growth factor compositions and methods of use thereof
Control system and method with multiple linked inputs
Method for information handling system consumables automated ordering
Apparatus and method for compulsively receiving multi-calls over internet protocol phones in interne...
Signal supply apparatus and method for public and private mobile communication system
Scalable methods and devices for computing routing paths within the internet
Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) call admission and call regulation in a wireless network
Parking lot reservation system with electronic identification
Receiver, distribution method of release information and distribution method of contents
Apparatus, system, method and computer program product for implementing an automatic identification ...
Interactive graphical user interface for television set-top box
Preserving symmetrical routing in a communication system based upon a server farm
Method and system for accessing internet resources through a proxy using the form-based authenticati...
Mobile IP system and data routing method of the same
Method and apparatus for handling disruptive events and replacement items
System and method for wireless signal time of arrival
Defect analyzer
Method and apparatus for defining and instrumenting reusable java server page code snippets for webs...
Printing system
System and method for remotely controlling a debugging unit
Flash / phase-change memory in multi-ring topology using serial-link packet interface
System and methods for using an application layer control protocol transporting spatial location inf...
System and method for problem resolution in communications networks
Method and system for presenting a video conference using a three-dimensional object
System and method for embedding symbology in digital images and using the symbology to organize and ...
Method and apparatus for providing remote alert reporting for managed resources
Browsing user interface for a geo-coded media database
Use of a plurality of light sensors to regulate a direct-firing backlight for a display
Display driver circuits for organic light emitting diode displays with skipping of blank lines, meth...
Display apparatus and driving method thereof
Shift register for driving display
Electroluminescent display devices
Display unit operating control method, display control method, and display apparatus
Modulation-signal generator circuit, image display apparatus and television apparatus
Light emitting device, and lighting system, backlight for display and display using the same
Organic electroluminescent device
Fluorescent filtered electrophosphorescence
Organic EL display and fabricating method thereof
Display panel
Display device having TFT with radiation-absorbing film
Organic light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Use of patterned CNT arrays for display purposes
Electroluminescent device with a blocking layer and a dummy electrode region
Organic semiconductor element
Organic polymers, electronic devices, and methods
Light emitting device
Phosphorescent iridium complexes
Light emitting display device and driving control method therefor
Inter-network and inter-protocol video conference privacy method, apparatus, and computer program pr...
Integrating video, voice and data traffic in a single conferencing system
Cyclic peptide compositions for treatment of sexual dysfunction
Fluorescent ink
Laser-based method and system for enhancing optical breakdown
Method and apparatus for controlling light flux with sub-micron plasmon waveguides
Raman and hyper-Raman excitation using superlensing
Cloned glucagon-like peptide-2 receptors
Air conditioner
Color laser printer
Laser printer
Developing device for laser printer
Copy machine
Cartridge for laser compound device
Digital camcorder
LCD Monitor
LCD monitor
Set of key buttons for a handset
Set of key buttons for a telephone handset
Bluetooth headset for cellular phone
Woofer speaker
Home theater receiver
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Bottom profile for drawn and ironed can body
Stochastically based thread budget overrun handling system and method
Automated biological reaction apparatus
Packet processor memory interface with conditional delayed restart
Packet processor memory interface with write dependency list
Two-element magnetic memory cell
Methods and systems for estimating a user position in a WLAN positioning system based on user assign...
Printing video information using a mobile device
Method and system for distributing product information
Methods and devices for selecting internet routing paths
Method and system for tracking signal sources with wrapped-phase hidden markov models
Method and apparatus for transmission and display of a compressed digitalized image
Method of and system for classifying objects using histogram segment features of multi-energy comput...
Devices and methods for providing spatially variable x-ray beam intensity
Antiscatter grid for reducing a scattered radiation in an x-ray machine, and x-ray machine having an...
Optical element such as multilayer film reflection mirror, production method therefor and device usi...
Systems and methods for adaptive image processing using acquisition data and calibration/model data
Optical coherence tomography with 3d coherence scanning
Method and apparatus for determining a vertical intensity profile along an illuminating beam
Clinician review of an orthodontic treatment plan and appliance
Data transfer method, image display device and signal line driving circuit, active-matrix substrate
Laser displays using UV-excitable phosphors emitting visible colored light
Illumination system for a wavelength of .ltoreq. 193 nm, with sensors for determining an illuminatio...
Acquisition window compensation for nuclear medical image reconstruction attenuation coefficient map...
Method to detect lung cancer
Compositions and methods for wound healing
Device for containing, reacting and measuring, and method of containing, reacting and measuring
Hemofiltration systems and methods that maintain sterile extracorporeal processing conditions
Deployable ultrasound medical transducers
Device for support of the head
System and method for monitoring the volume of urine within a bladder
Method for dye injection for the transcutaneous measurement of cardiac output
Fixing unit having a bracket supporting pressure rollers and a paper guide and image-forming apparat...
Implement for optically inferring information from a jotting surface and environmental landmarks
System and method for performing a three-dimensional virtual examination of objects, such as interna...
Digital media recognition apparatus and methods
Magnetic tape medium
Diffusion sheet, rear projection screen provided with diffusion sheet, method of manufacturing mold ...
Multi-wavelength light amplifier
System and method to reduce laser noise for improved interferometric laser ultrasound detection
Method for medical imaging
System and method for displaying an image stream
Lid with a spout
Lid with a sliding closure
Folding double tweezers
Flipping double tweezers
Carabiner tool with light
Front sheet display for use in a vending machine
Holder for writing or drawing instruments
Lens and frame for warning lights
Mass flow controller
System utilizing mixed resolution displays
Container with flip-top lid
Frequency modification techniques that adjust an operating frequency to compensate for aging electro...
Fresh fruit snack package
System and method for providing S/MIME-based document distribution via electronic mail mechanisms
Flashlight package
Approach to provide self-protection function to web content at client side
Construction and selection of a finite mixture model for use in clustering and vector quantization
Device and method for compensation of magnetic field disruptions in highly homogeneous magnetic fiel...
Method and apparatus for characterising multiphase fluid mixtures
Process for determining particle emission in the exhaust fume stream from an internal combustion eng...
Method and magnetic resonance system for generation of localizer slice images of an examination volu...
Device and method for optical measurement of chemical and/or biological samples
Calibration of X-ray reflectometry system
Multi-line tunable laser system
Refresh control circuit and method thereof and bank address signal change circuit and methods thereo...
Delay locked loop circuit for a synchronous semiconductor memory device and a method of generating i...
Cryogenic magnet control system
Selection of wavelengths for integrated circuit optical metrology
Integrated circuit device test system and method
In-die optical metrology
Display device
Method for improved single event latch up resistance in an integrated circuit
Microelectronic element chips
Method for in-line monitoring of via/contact holes etch process based on test structures in semicond...
High density contact to relaxed geometry layers
Method for forming robust solder interconnect structures by reducing effects of seed layer underetch...
Signal transfer film, display apparatus having the same and method of manufacturing the same
Integrated heat spreader, heat sink or heat pipe with pre-attached phase change thermal interface ma...
Semiconductor stack package and memory module with improved heat dissipation
Positive-intrinsic-negative (PIN) diode semiconductor devices and fabrication methods thereof
Semiconductor integrated circuit devices having high-Q wafer back-side capacitors
Fully silicided metal gate semiconductor device structure
Thin film transistor substrate and method for manufacturing the same
Strained channel finFET device
Deflection analysis system and method for circuit design
Semiconductor device
Magnetic random access memory (MRAM) having a magnetic tunneling junction (MTJ) layer including a tu...
Yeast-based vaccines as immunotherapy
Yeast cell surface display of proteins and uses thereof
Cytokine zalpha11 ligand
Plants and seeds of corn variety LH382
Isolated genomic polynucleotide fragments encoding human resistin and the human syntaxin binding pro...
Method and system for reducing battery consumption in wireless transmit/receive units (WTRUs) employ...
Networking integration of wire-free electric power surface
Apparatus and method for processing call and message-related events in a wireless terminal
Method and apparatus for communicating using wireless control channels
Frequency reuse in wireless communication networks
Dynamic digital up and down converters
Method and apparatus for receiving a control channel in a wireless communication system
Enhanced message security
Systems and methods for providing nonvolatile memory management in wireless phones
Method and apparatus for managing messages in a messaging session
Method and interface for multi-threaded conversations in instant messaging
System and method for providing a customizable web portal service
Apparatus and method for specifying and obtaining services through an audio transmission medium
Secured and access controlled peer-to-peer resource sharing
Web service integration
Method of automatically removing leading and trailing space characters from data being entered into ...
Web search system and method thereof
Context-based search visualization and context management using neural networks
System and method for prioritizing websites during a webcrawling process
Phonetic searching
Augmenting queries with synonyms selected using language statistics
Image-based document indexing and retrieval
Adapting business objects for searches and searching adapted business objects
Facilitating electronic commerce transactions using a shared product data repository
System and method for distributing in real-time, inventory data acquired from in-store point of sale...
Method for structuring unstructured domains to create value
Adaptive and scalable method for resolving natural language ambiguities
Expression extraction device, expression extraction method, and recording medium
System and method for generating usable images
Quadrode field emission display
Transmissive or reflective liquid crystal display and process for its manufacture
Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices having laser-formed single crystalline active structure...
Optical switch and method of using the same
Metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) transistors having three dimensional channels
Non-volatile memory device and method of fabricating the same
High performance, multi-media cable support-separator facilitating insertion and removal of conducti...
Imaging tool calibration artifact and method
Water treatment system
Brush for cleaning wafer
Decision feedback transceiver for multichannel communication system
Efficient space-time adaptive processing (STAP) filter for global positioning system (GPS) receivers
Equalization of transmit diversity space-time coded signals
Method and apparatus for adaptive channel equalization using decision feedback
Cardiac rhythm management system with noise detector
Multilayer stack with compensated resonant circuit
Fluorinated dyes or colorants and their uses
Compounds that stimulate glucose utilization and methods of use
Protocols for making hepatocytes from embryonic stem cells
Compositions and methods for inhibiting expression of anti-apoptotic genes
Preparation of microcapsules
Photoalignment of liquid crystals using poly(vinylstilbazolium) polymers
NSAID formulations, based on highly adaptable aggregates, for improved transport through barriers an...
Handle with base for cleaning implement
Cleaner utilizing adhesive member, and optical information processing device incorporating the same
Interactive topology graphs for visualization and characterization of SONET consumption patterns
Data processing device, data processing method, and storage medium
Alternate progress indicator displays
Memory controller and method for optimized read/modify/write performance
Processor, data processing system, and method for initializing a memory block in a data processing s...
System and method for providing a double adder for decimal floating point operations
Presenting a travel route
Methods and apparatus for enhancing electronic device manufacturing throughput
Belt unit and image-forming device having the same
Cleaning device and image forming apparatus
Consumable selection in a printing system
System and method of managing a ticket order
Methods and apparatus for a toe-up putter club head
Putter head
Putter with vibration isolation
Golf putter
Portable golf putting practice kit
Golf practice putting aid
Variable valve train mechanism of internal combustion engine
Oligonucleotides for use in determining the presence of human papilloma virus in a test sample
Head-protecting airbag apparatus
GPS receiver in mobile communications devices
Bit down-scaling apparatus and method, GPS synchronization acquisition method, and GPS receiver
Optical resin composition
Coating composition with solar properties
Multi-component, waterborne coating compositions, related coatings and methods
Composition for the vapor phase dehydrohalogenation of 1,1,2-trihaloethane to 1,1-dihaloethylene and...
Powder coating of amino-urea or urethane catalyst and epoxy and/or siloxane resin
Method of improving the flatness of a microdisplay surface, liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) display...
Compact, lightweight cabin pressure control system butterfly outflow valve with redundancy features
Drifting tubing
Light-emitting device with at least one triple junction formed in a plane
Coreless synthetic yarns and woven articles therefrom
Product seal of dissimilar materials
Organic electroluminescent device, manufacturing method therefor, and electronic devices therewith
Curable composition and sealing method for ceramic siding boards
Electrically conductive gasket
Method for manufacturing display device
Composite structural element fabricating device and method
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Shoe upper with detachable and flexible heel strap
Protective layer thermal transfer film and printed article
Rack system for storing, drying, and deodorizing boots
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Secure detection network system
Stand-off vehicle under-carriage inspection and detection system for deterring vehicle bombers from ...
Vehicle information/control system
System and method for producing terahertz radiation
Method for producing a functional, high-energetic material
Security module for use with ventilation grating
Coupling assembly for tubing and hose connections
Insensitive munitions warhead explosive venting system
Lightweight non-bulky personal cooling device
Firearm with modular sear and trigger mechanism housings
Pallet assembling machine
Identification of engineering intent requirements in an electronic environment
Multi-mode electrically variable transmissions with three fixed interconnections and two input clutc...
Multi-mode electrically variable transmissions with two brakes and three input clutches
Two-planetary electrically variable transmissions with multiple fixed ratios
Vehicular drive apparatus
Apparatus having an array of piezoelectric film sensors for measuring parameters of a process flow w...
EGR differential pressure sensor auto calibration method
Junction for medical electrical leads
Apparatus for mapping and coagulating soft tissue in or around body orifices
Magnetic carrier, two-component developer, development method, development device and image forming ...
Thin film magnetic head wafer with identification information
Diffuser plate with higher light diffusion efficiency and brightness
Microscope with evanescent wave illumination
Generation of radiation with stabilized frequency
Soft X-ray microscope
Optically pumped semiconductor laser
Magnetoresistance effect device having crystal grain boundary and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device mounting board, method of manufacturing the same, method of inspecting the same...
High energy density capacitors and method of manufacturing
Low coherence interferometry utilizing phase
Stabilized solid-state laser gyro and anisotropic lasing medium
Cationic graft-copolymer for non-viral gene delivery vector
Method for depositing a polymer onto a surface by applying a composition onto said surface
Spider esters in personal care applications
Process for preparation of chemically stable, dry-flow, low compact, dust free, soluble granules of ...
Method for measuring the content of a botulinum toxin in a formulation
Method for producing dendritic cells
Isolated avian cell that expresses Vaccinia virus host range genes
Bioactive compositions form Theacea plants and processes for their production and use
Maca extract and cosmetic composition containing such an extract
Pulmonary delivery of polyene antifungal agents
Injectable methadone, methadone and naltrexone, or buprenorphine and naltrexone microparticle compos...
Cancer cell targeting gene delivery method
Method for treatment of laminitis in animals
Pluggable formatters
Two-way synchronization of media data
Integration rich client views in server presentations
Method and system for providing a distributed querying and filtering system
Binding to types
Layout and management of browser panes
Large page optimizations in a virtual machine environment
Seamless discovery of workstation-installed remote applications from an extranet
Project-based configuration management method and apparatus
Memory cache management in XML/relational data mapping
Apparatus and method for removing solvent from carbon dioxide in resin recycling system
Supercritical developing for a lithographic process
Method for removing contaminants from plastic resin
Method and apparatus for providing credits for game play
Photosensitive resin composition, ink jet recording head using such composition and method for manuf...
Card manufacturing method and apparatus thereof
Method for manufacturing liquid ejection head, substrate for liquid ejection head, and liquid ejecti...
Ink jet head substrate, ink jet head, and method of manufacturing an ink jet head substrate
Device for exchanging an extrusion cylinder of an extruder
System for mounting wall panels to a wall structure
Dyes that are soluble in organic solvents
Display element and display device
Multi-axis joystick and transducer means therefore
Security system for preventing unauthorized removal of merchandise
Specimen current mapper
Method and apparatus for void content measurement and method and apparatus for particle content meas...
Gating voltage control system and method for electrostatically actuating a micro-electromechanical d...
Data storage device comprising write head with carbon element
Vinyl monomer with superacid ester group and polymer of the same
Methods and systems for layout and routing using alternating aperture phase shift masks
Sulfur-containing dispersant and sulfide phosphor paste composition comprising the same
Filtered unified logging service
System and method for revealing remote object status in an integrated development environment
System and method for automatic natural language translation during information transfer
Problem determination using system run-time behavior analysis
Differential dynamic content delivery with indications of interest from non-participants
Relaying piston multiuse valve-less electromagnetically controlled energy conversion devices
Semiconductor device having dielectric film having aperture portion
Method and device for controlled cleaving process
High strain glass/glass-ceramic containing semiconductor-on-insulator structures
Organic semiconductor material, organic semiconductor structure, and organic semiconductor device
P-type group II-VI semiconductor compounds
Curable composition, composition for optical material, optical material, liquid-crystal display devi...
Cooking tool
Stain-removal brush
Composition for forming silicon film and method for forming silicon film
Apparatus and method for generating electric power from a subsurface water current
Autonomous continuous atmospheric present weather, nowcasting, and forecasting system
Refined routes to chlorin building blocks
Exponential channelized timer
Method of transmitting data
IP packet version converting apparatus and method
Data connecting method, data connecting apparatus, program recording medium
Switch port analyzers
MAC address extension to maintain router information in source routed computer networks
Subminiature imaging optical system
Multi-wavelength fluorometric system and probe for monitoring of bioprocesses
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
System and method for detecting cells or components thereof
Light emitting diode display system
Conveyor belt cleaner scraper blade with sensor and control system therefor
System and method for monitoring link delays and faults in an IP network
Variable oscillator for generating different frequencies in a controller area network (CAN)
Imprint lithography template to facilitate control of liquid movement
Mutated AQP, method for detecting cancer using the same, DNA chip having oligonucleotides of said mu...
Payment card with internally generated virtual account numbers for its magnetic stripe encoder and u...
Methods for determining nucleic acid methylation
Stacked thin film transistor, non-volatile memory devices and methods for fabricating the same
Method of surface oxidizing zirconium and zirconium alloys and resulting product
Method and device for image processing, in addition to a night viewing system for motor vehicles
Method of producing near-infrared absorbing dye compound
Thermally reactive near-infrared absorbing acetal copolymers, methods of preparation and methods of ...
Near infrared fluorescent contrast agent and method for fluorescence imaging
Integrated cooling system
Methods and apparatuses for thermal dissipation
Heat sink restraints for calibrated mating pressure and shock absorption
High-load even pressure heatsink loading for low-profile blade computer applications
Folded-sheet-metal heatsinks for closely packaged heat-producing devices
Desktop personal computer and thermal module thereof
Electronic apparatus
Advanced device for exchange and/or reaction between fluids
Mini-channel heat exchanger with reduced dimension header
Liquid cooling system suitable for removing heat from electronic components
Heat sink assembly
Foil slot impingement cooler with effective light-trap cavities
Submerged evaporator with integrated heat exchanger
Method of determining optimal air conditioner control
Heat pipe and method of producing the same
Detecting overloading of an analog-to-digital converter of an implantable medical device
Somatostatin analogues
Heterocyclic arylsulfonamidobenzylic compounds
Secondary amino anilinic piperidines as MCH1 antagonists and uses thereof
Pyrazolopyrimidine derivatives or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof
Stable dispersion of solid particles comprising a water-insoluble pyrazine compound
Tetralin and indane derivatives and uses thereof
Identification, cloning, expression, and purification of three novel human calcium-independent phosp...
Method for the detection of Chagas disease related gene transcripts in blood
Wrist saver exercise handle
Bidirectional single linkage damping mechanism for leg exerciser
Gastro-occlusive device
Compliant coupling force control system
Hanging eyewear holder
Exercise intra-repetition assessment system
Method and apparatus for cleaning a milk line system
Container for collecting and storing breast milk
Replaceable nozzle for producing a frothed liquid
Method and system for performing non-local geometric operations for the layout design of a semicondu...
Automated tool for monitoring archaeological sites (ATMAS.TM.)
Apparatus and method for detecting and analyzing spectral components in predetermined frequency band...
Micro electromechanical switches and medical devices incorporating same
Textile-based electrode
Sealing member, toner supply container, and toner supply system
Micro-optic adapters and tips for surgical illumination fibers
Unirradiated nuclear fuel component transport system
Scalable ultra-wide band communication system
Method for signaling information by modifying modulation constellations
Column parallel readout with a differential sloped A/D converter
Sharing operational amplifier between two stages of pipelined ADC and/or two channels of signal proc...
Rotor hub, motor, and recording disk driving device
Outer hub assembly and spindle motor including the same in hard disk drive and method for servo-trac...
Data storage cartridge having a reduced thickness segment
Hard disk having air guide
Information processing apparatus and head retraction processing method of built-in hard disk drive t...
Tape recording system
Magnetoresistive head and manufacturing method thereof
Deep slot magazine storage library
Magneto-resistive (MR) transducer having an electrostatic discharge (ESD) element and separation str...
Miro-actuator, head gimbal assembly, and disk drive unit with the same
Voice-coil motor and positioning device or servo-track writer including a voice-coil motor
Magnetic recording apparatus with head arm holding part
Head gimbal assembly with air bearing slider crown having reduced temperature sensitivity
Storage device having slider with sacrificial extension aligned with channel on opposite surface
Magnetic recording medium, recording/reproducing apparatus, and stamper
Magnetic head heating element in a disk drive
Substituted gamma lactams as therapeutic agents
Methods for the treatment of a traumatic central nervous system injury
Measurement of a blood flow rate in hemodialysis shunts
Collet-based delivery system
Method and systems for treating vulnerable plaque
Valve port assembly with coincident engagement member for fluid transfer procedures
Instrumented catheter with distance compensation to sense vulnerable plaque
Preparation and use of ortho-sulfonamido aryl hydroxamic acids as matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor...
System and method for physician note creation and management
Amino-benzazoles as P2Y.sub.1 receptor inhibitors
Trisubstituted aryl and heteroaryl derivatives as modulators of metabolism and the prophylaxis and t...
Rapamycin analogues and the uses thereof in the treatment of neurological disorders
Diphenylazetidinone derivatives for treating disorders of the lipid metabolism
Cyclohexyl prostaglandin analogs as EP.sub.4-receptor agonists
Thioxylose compounds, preparation method thereof, pharmaceutical compositions containing same and us...
Read-only user access for web based auction
Method and apparatus for analyzing idle states in a data processing system
Remote network printing
Limited use PIN system and method
method for conducting an auction of a plurality of heterogeneous items
Method and system for accessing a universal message handler on a mobile device
Multiple function current-sharing charging system and method
Red-shifted water dispersible napthalocyanine dyes
Hand-held laser scanning device for scanning a product item
Systems and methods for event detection
Method for recognizing spam email
Email open rate enhancement systems and methods utilizing recipient opening history to increase the ...
Personalized auto-reply messages based on categories
Performing a parallel nearest-neighbor matching operation using a parallel hybrid spill tree
Preparation of multimodal polyethylene
Hydroxyapatite composite and manufacturing method thereof, medical material using hydroxyapatite com...
Photosensitive inkjet ink
Crosslinkable hydrophilic materials from polymers having pendent Michael donor groups
Bronchodilating beta-agonist compositions and methods
Well treatment process
Membrane arrays and methods of manufacture
Electrolyte for electrochemical cell
Particulate water absorbing agent with irregularly pulverized shape
Honeycomb structure, porous body, pore forming material for the porous body, and methods for manufac...
Gas plasma antenna
Porous material and method for production thereof
Skeletal reconstruction cages
Lightweight modular adjustable prophylactic hip orthosis
Cleaning utensil for a fluid container
Method for treating inkjet liquid, recording apparatus using the same, liquid storage tank, liquid a...
Wood air diffuser for use in saltwater aquarium foam fractionators
Apparatus and method for forming multiple plugs in a wellbore
Carbon canister with filter system
Vacuum insulated refrigerator cabinet and method for assessing thermal conductivity thereof
Vacuum insulated refrigerator cabinet and method for assessing thermal conductivity thereof
Face mask
11.beta.-benzaldoxime derivatives of D-homooestra-4,9-dien-3-ones
Hexafluoroisopropanol substituted ether derivatives
Substituted indazoles, compositions containing them, method of production and use
1,2,4-triazole derivatives, processes for the preparation thereof, and pharmaceutical compositions c...
3-cyclyl-5-(nitrogen-containing 5-membered ring)methyl-oxazolidinone derivatives and their use as an...
Androgen modulators
2-Oxo-piperidinyl- and 2-oxo-azepanyl alkanoic acid derivatives for the treatment of epilepsy and ot...
Adhesive composition for the direct joining of a pre-gelled polyester or vinyl ester to raw rubber
Level shift circuit
PWM digital amplifier with high-order loop filter
Low distortion class-D amplifier
Class D audio power amplifier for mobile applications
Method of finding a maximum power of a photovoltaic generator
Drive circuit for a switch in a switching converter
Power converter having phase lock circuit for quasi-resonant soft switching
Converter and power converter that becomes it with the converter
Isolated DC-DC converters with high current capability
Agent for capturing substance having anionic substituent
Hypothermia induction device
Apparatus for production, withdrawal and transfer of highly viscous slurry
Method and device for removal of residual products
Fluid treatment apparatus
Water disinfection method using simultaneous multiple disinfectants
Simulated moving bed separation process and device
Monolithic column
Process for the purification of macrolides
Method and installation for the biological treatment of water using activated sludge and comprising ...