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Light-emitting semiconductor device, light-emitting system and method for fabricating light-emitting...
Plasma display panel having sealing structure for reducing noise
Apparatus and method for providing a data interface to a plurality of radio transceivers
Performance-adjusted data allocation in a multi-device file system
Method and system for portfolio optimization from ordering information
Crystal whispering gallery mode optical resonators
Resonance-induced sensitivity enhancement method for conductivity sensors
Linear actuator
Use of piperidine derivatives as dermo-decontracting agents
Fiber Photovoltaic Devices And Applications Thereof
New Polypeptides, uses thereof and methods employing it
Manufacturing Method Of Tagatose Using Galactose Isomerization Of High Yield
Hydrogenolysis of Sugar Feedstock
Preparation Method of Bioresorbable Oxidized Cellulose
Nucleic acid molecules and other molecules associated with plants
Transcription Regulating Nucleotide Sequence from Solanaceae Triose-Phosphate Translocator Genes and...
Compositions and Methods of Use of Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Kinase Kinase
Polynucleotides and Methods for Making Plants Resistant to Fungal Pathogens
Stress-Induced Transcription Factor Derived from Maize
Nucleotide and amino acid sequences from Xenorhabdus bovienii strain Xs85831 and uses thereof
Dideoxynucleoside derivatives
Modified L-nucleic acid
Nucleic acid molecules encoding cysteine proteases
Web television having a two-way communication bus interconnecting a television controller and an int...
Display units
Gamma reference voltage generating circuit and flat panel display having the same
Organic light-emitting display device
OLED electron-injecting layer
Organic electroluminescent display device and method of preparing the same
Organic electroluminescence display device providing uniformity of color coordinates by controlling ...
N-type semiconductor materials for thin film transistors
Substituted fluorene polymers their preparation and uses
Organic light-emitting element and display device
Heterostructure devices using cross-linkable polymers
Organic electroluminescent element, and display and illuminator
Organo-electronic functional material and use thereof
Organic light emitting devices with conductive layers having adjustable work function and fabricatio...
Heading reference command and control algorithm systems and methods for aircraft turn-to-target mane...
Radiation scanning with photon tagging
Asynchronous hub
Method for determination of differential transfer function between two closely spaced hydrophones
Optical filter panel having a narrow-width selective-wavelength attenuation and high visible light t...
Method and system for obtaining in-phase and quadrature components of a signal
Multifunctional radio frequency directed energy system
Compositions and methods for vaccinating against HSV-2
Triggers for fluid applicators
Roller drive element
Hydraulic control apparatus for an automatic transmission
Automatic transmission for vehicle
Multi-stage automatic gearbox
Electro-acoustic transducer and electronic apparatus using it
STM switching arrangement
Method for predicting vibrational characteristics of rotating structures
Feedback control system and method that selectively utilizes observer estimates
Isolated operation detecting method, control apparatus for detecting isolated operation for distribu...
Method and apparatus for modifying tissue to improve electrical stimulation efficacy
Image forming apparatus with a guide having a rigid first member with a cutout at a downstream end a...
Multi-stage air movers for cooling computer systems and for other uses
Customizing binary content files
Providing instrumentation data to an instrumentation data source from within a managed code
Rules framework for definition and execution of end-user rules logic
Code individualism and execution protection
Azo dye compound
Combined etching and doping substances
Process for producing modified polymer, apparatus for producing modified polymer, and modified polym...
Method for passivating crystal silicon surfaces
Fluorinated bis-(phthalocyanylaluminoxy)silyl pigments
Electrophotographic photoreceptor and electrophotographic imaging apparatus employing the photorecep...
Light supply unit, illumination unit, and illumination system
Glazing panel having solar screening properties
Communication system, information processing apparatus, server, and communication method
Method and system for adaptive modulation
Efficient scalable implementation of VCAT/LCAS for SDH and PDH signals
Systems and methods for improved network based content inspection
Method and apparatus for providing access and egress uniform resource identifiers for routing
Approach for fast IP address lookups
Support mobile device in asymmetric link environment
Apparatus and method for driving image display device
Single-lens reflex camera capable of displaying live view
Methods for forming nonvolatile memory elements with resistive-switching metal oxides
Mask configured to maintain nutrient transport without producing visible diffraction patterns
Synthesis and characterization of biodegradable cationic poly(propylene fumarate-co-ethylene glycol)...
Molecular tag reader
3-substituted-5- and 6-aminoalkyl indole-2-carboxylic acid amides and related analogs as inhibitors ...
Process for producing 1,4-dihydroxy-2-naphthoic acid
Printing inspection apparatus, printing inspection method, printing inspection data generating appar...
Colored cosmetic compositions with pearlescent and color pigment blends
Method of screening for substances which proliferate natural killer cells
Mitotic kinesin inhibitors
Chlamydia 60 Kda CRMP antigens and vaccine uses
Heteroaryl peptidomimetics as thrombin receptor antagonists
Methods for producing modified glycoproteins
Polynucleotide encoding an IL-28B polypeptide
Truncated 24kDa basic fibroblast growth factor
Rabbit monoclonal antibodies against mouse/human Id3 proteins
Kallikrein-binding "Kunitz domain" proteins and analogues thereof
Programmable logic device with built in self test
User-sensitive pagerank
Content router notification
Redundant data forwarding storage
MAP message processing for SMS spam filtering
Contact lens extraction/hydration systems and methods of reprocessing fluids used therein
Plasticized polyolefin compositions
Latex compositions
Organic dispersions of inorganic particles and coating compositions containing them
Ultraviolet assisted porogen removal and/or curing processes for forming porous low k dielectrics
Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices and structures thereof
VEGF-related protein
S. epidermidis antigens
Stabilized preparations for use in metered dose inhalers
System and method for controlling a power generating system
Deposition reduction system for an ion implanter
Multi-pair cable with channeled jackets
Compounds, compositions and methods
Bulk metallic glass solder material
Musical instrument vibrato mounting adapter plate
Catholic rosary cuff
Double-roll machine for comminuting a bed of material
System and method for identifying extreme behavior in elements of a network
System and method for transferring data
Method of managing organic waste
Porous composite membrane and method for making the same
Hollow fiber module
Methods for time-alignment of liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry data
Buffy coat separator float system and method
Control of development of biofilms in industrial process water
Method of dewatering sludge and the sludge thus dewatered
Mass transfer apparatus and method
Preanalysis treatment method and apparatus for analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Storage device management method, system and program
Method and system for filtering unknown values in ASIC design simulation
Testing Particulate Materials
Aircraft monitoring equipment
Anatomical Feature Extraction From An Ultrasound Liver Image
Portable telephone, image converter, control method and program
Coin Sorting System
Measurement support system and measurement support method
Content distribution management system and content distribution management method
Electronic bidding method for receiving a bidding form from a bidder for a supplied item via a virtu...
Method and apparatus for producing goods in an automated manner
Automatic learning for mapping spoken/text descriptions of products onto available products
Intellectual property management method and apparatus
Planning withdrawals from financial accounts
Systems and methods for multi-objective portfolio analysis and decision-making using visualization t...
Anonymous and secure internet payment method and mobile devices
Method of automated processing of medical data for insurance and disability determinations
Oligoribonucleotides and ribonucleases for cleaving RNA
Determination of a specific immunoglobulin using multiple antigens
Test kit for the rapid detection and localization of digestive tract bleeding in equines
Regenerative expansion apparatus, pulse tube cryogenic cooler, magnetic resonance imaging apparatus,...
Surface Coil Arrays for Simultaneous Reception and Transmission with a Volume Coil and Uses Thereof
MR method for selective excitation
RF-switched superconducting resonators and methods of switching thereof
Method of manufacturing an electrical lead
Method and apparatus for altering neural tissue function
Method of analysis of comfort for virtual prototyping system
Multi-element acoustic recharging system
Techniques for applying, calibrating, and controlling nerve fiber stimulation
Techniques to monitor and trend nerve damage and recovery
Method and apparatus for lesion localization, definition and verification
Blood and cell analysis using an imaging flow cytometer
Blood and cell analysis using an imaging flow cytometer
Fusion of multiple imaging planes for isotropic imaging in MRI and quantitative image analysis using...
Optical tomography system
Method for measurement of analyte concentrations and semiconductor laser-pumped, small-cavity fiber ...
Magnetic resonance stage microscope
Fast laser scanning optical CT apparatus
Maize variety PHNWK
Inbred maize line PHE6W
Inbred corn line SLB01
Soybean variety XB34R07
Soybean variety XB04E07
Modulation of flowering time by the pft1 locus
Drought responsive promoters HVA22e and identified from Arabidopsis thaliana
Process of producing environmentally safe transgenic organisms
Detecting unsanctioned network servers
Queued component interface passing for results outflow from queued method invocations
Technique for automated e-business services
Error detection/correction method
Method and apparatus for analyzing serial data streams
Managing failover of J2EE compliant middleware in a high availability system
Crypto-engine for cryptographic processing of data
Integrated-circuit implementation of a storage-shelf router and a path controller card for combined ...
System and apparatus for early fixed latency subtractive decoding
Resource pool monitor
Method for controlling peripheral adapter interrupt frequency by estimating processor load in the pe...
Method and apparatus for determining application responsiveness over a network
TTL exploration technique for determining capabilities and configuration of a peer router
Distributed service deliver model
Synchronizing file system directories
Ensuring data persistence and consistency in enterprise storage backup systems
Technique for improving scalability and portability of a storage management system
Asymmetric data streaming architecture having autonomous and asynchronous job processing unit
Automatically generating and maintaining an address book
Creating a voice response grammar from a user grammar
Multi-drive adaptor for use in a slot of a disk drive test system
Power combining apparatus for hybrid electric vehicle
Driving force control apparatus for automotive vehicles
Accurate positioning of an unmanned mine vehicle using stationary obstacles
Method for deploying a torque reduction and torque limitation command through per wheel torque contr...
Secure control mode transition methods for an active front steer system
Method for steering and regulating the driving dynamics in vehicles with hybrid drive
Localization system and method of mobile robot based on camera and landmarks
Electric machine
Apparatus for stopping a vehicle
Spray boom lock assembly
Power steering system
Tilting vehicles
Seatbelt retractor
Electrically-driven transfer case with power take-off
Saddle-type vehicle and engine
Break-away license plate support for a motorcycle
Cotton harvester chassis configuration
Golf caddy vehicle
Motor vehicle steering control
Method for driving hydrogen internal combustion engine car
Mounting structure of electrical equipment
Inspection system and apparatus
Optical semiconductor device and driving method thereof
Semiconductor package including a top-surface metal layer for implementing circuit features
Magnetic head for perpendicular magnetic recording and method of manufacturing same
Tuning optical cavities
Filter exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Driving device capable of transferring vibrations generated by an electro-mechanical transducer to a...
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
Introducing a metal layer between SiN and TiN to improve CBD contact resistance for P-TSV
Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method therefor
Semiconductor device and method of forming metal interconnection layer thereof
Semiconductor device assemblies and packages with edge contacts and sacrificial substrates and other...
Semiconductor module
Integrated circuit package lid with a wetting film
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Memory devices with active and passive layers having multiple self-assembled sublayers
Light shield for CMOS imager
Method to assemble structures from nano-materials
Optical device, method for producing master for use in producing optical device, and photoelectric c...
Dental releasing materials
Antigen-binding polypeptides and their uses
Device, cartridge and method for solving powder in liquid, when manufacturing a dialysis fluid
Hydroclone based fluid filtration system
Water treatment equipment
Fluid treatment system and method
Layout adjustment method, apparatus and program for the same
Print system and information processing apparatus
Information coding by algebraic geometric code offering two decoding options
Communication apparatus and method of controlling same
Automatic distribution of electronic documents into and from a printing apparatus mailbox
Information providing system and method therefor
Speech recognition method for determining missing speech
Cleaning apparatus and image forming apparatus
Developing apparatus
Sheet conveyance apparatus, sheet processing apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Driving device, image forming apparatus including driving device, and control method therefor
Focusing device, image pickup apparatus, and control method
Image stabilizing system and optical apparatus
Image stabilizing apparatus and image pickup apparatus
Three-dimensional periodic structure including anti-reflection structure and light-emitting device
Image processing apparatus, control method therefor, computer program, and computer-readable storage...
Image conversion apparatus and image conversion method
Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
Moving apparatus
Printing control apparatus and printing control method
Image reading unit and image reading apparatus having the same
Systems and processes for technology asset management
Method and apparatus for monitoring cable stranding
Methods for high throughput genotyping
Cellular fibronectin as a diagnostic marker in stroke and methods of use thereof
Method and anchor for medical implant placement, and method of anchor manufacture
Dielectric element and method for generating a magnetic resonance image therewith
Image forming apparatus where the rotation and contact/release of a fixing fluid applying member is ...
Electrophotographic image forming method using a double walled toner cartridge
Lens module with focusing mechanism
Fiber optic article with inner region
Apparatus and methods for nanolithography using nanoscale optics
Pulsed power system including a plasma opening switch
Hierarchical bit line bias bus for block selectable memory array
Converter control device
Collection and transmission system
Power module connection assemblies and universal power supplies and methods including the same
Piezoelectric air jet augmented cooling for electronic devices
Magnetic head having reduced induction coil electrical resistance and method for the fabrication the...
Optical element package
Multilayer interference filter for photochromic lenses
Optical element, polarizing element, lighting device, and liquid crystal display
Process for the preparation of gabalactam
Open chain prolyl urea-related modulators of androgen receptor function
Quinolone carboxylic acids, derivatives thereof, and methods of making and using same
Method and antibodies for detecting nitrofuran
Synthesis of trithiocarbonate raft agents and intermediates thereof
Method for manufacturing supported nanocatalysts having an acid-functionalized support
UV light exposure for functionalization and hydrophobization of pure-silica zeolites
Zirconia porous body and manufacturing method thereof
Array of fullerene nanotubes
Inkjet recording element
Hydrogen generating system and hydrodehalogenation method
Method for nano-pumping using carbon nanotubes
Sidewall functionalization of nanotubes with hydroxyl terminated moieties
Thermal expansion inhibitor, zero thermal expansion material, negative thermal expansion material, m...
Process for producing ammonia and sulfuric acid from a stream comprising ammonium sulfate
Process for producing silicon
Process for preparing zirconium oxides and zirconium-based mixed oxides
Method of recovering carbon dioxide from a synthesis gas stream
Process for removing contaminants from gas streams
Molding a leaching chamber sidewall
Poly(ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene) membranes
Heat transport medium
Ultramarine pigment synthesis process
Method and plant for the heat treatment of solids containing iron oxide
Process for separating TI from a TI slurry
Portion of an electronic camera
Radar altering structure using specular patterns of conductive material
Wireless assisted recovery systems and methods
Pivoting panel for aircraft, and composite support piece
Enhanced multiple instrument distributed aperture sensor
Aircraft engine nacelle inlet having access opening for electrical ice protection system
Electrical interlock and indication system for aircraft
Jet engine nacelle for a supersonic aircraft
Method of selectively decoupling solidborne noise, a laminated ball joint, a mechanical connection, ...
Aerial robot with dispensable conductive filament
Smart counter asymmetric threat micromunition with autonomous target selection and homing
Backlight assembly comprising lamps having bent external electrodes, liquid crystal display having t...
Polystyrene binding peptides and methods of use
Covering having a burled structure
Multi-purpose eating utensil
Yeast-based therapeutic for chronic hepatitis C infection
Method and system for flexible/extendable at command interpreter
Azinium salts as splayant for layered materials
Method of making coating article including carbon coating on glass
Method for differentiating tissues in magnetic resonance imaging
Repeated examination reporting
Monolithic tunable lasers and reflectors
Method and apparatus for fast automatic centerline extraction for virtual endoscopy
CT/MRI heart isolation using a graph cut algorithm
Registering intraoperative scans
Method and system for rule-based comparison study matching to customize a hanging protocol
Incorporating spatial knowledge for classification
Imaging history display system and method
Method and system to request remotely enabled access to inactive software options resident on a devi...
Digital image processing using face detection information
Method and apparatus for treatment of discogenic pain
Speaker and device using the same
Methods and systems for determining the average atomic number and mass of materials
Computer tomograph with non-contacting energy transmission
Self-sensing active-damping voice coil
Reflective and slanted array channelized sensor arrays
Method and system for acquiring and converting electronic programming guide signals from multiple ve...
Simulation of aerial images
Collaborative platform
System for abstracting audio-video codecs
Method of controlling access to network resources referenced in electronic mail messages
Personal and server computers having microchips with multiple processing units and internal firewall...
Migrating temporary data of a session
Method, system and computer-readable media for repairing data record corruption
Method and system for relocating files that are partially stored in remote storage
Project property sheets
SQL structure analyzer
Method for managing risk in markets related to commodities delivered over a network
Method for managing risk in markets related to commodities delivered over a network
Method for managing risk in markets related to commodities delivered over a network
Method for managing risk in markets related to commodities delivered over a network
Method and apparatus to perform buy versus leasing transformational bidding
Bitrate constrained variable bitrate audio encoding
Technique for coupling meteorology to acoustics in forests
Methods and systems for mass defect filtering of mass spectrometry data
Acrylic copolymer composition, method for preparing acrylic copolymer, and vinyl chloride resin comp...
Catalyst system and process
Ionic compound, electrolytic solution, electrochemical device and battery
Mark forming apparatus, method of forming laser mark on optical disk, reproducing apparatus, optical...
Directional display device
Apparatus for combinatorial screening of electrochemical materials
Methods and apparatus for detecting viruses using an acoustic device
Lid of a cap for a bottle
Electrical toaster
Beverage carrying vest
Radio LAN system implementing simultaneous communication with different types of information and com...
4DHelp mobile device for 4DHelp information distribution system
Temperature control method for fixing device, and fixing device and image-forming apparatus that use...
Retractable telephone holding unit
Relay device and server, and port forward setting method
Radio LAN system implementing simultaneous communication with different types of information and com...
On demand peer-to-peer video streaming with multiple description coding
Magnetoresistive random access memory and its write control method
Wavelength conversion devices
Optical compensation plate, liquid crystal cell, and liquid crystal display device
Comparator circuit
Electroluminescence device, an electronic equipment, and methods of manufacturing the same
Carboxylic acid-modified bisphenol epoxy di(meth)acrylate
Sintered ceramic composite lead with superconductive nano-architecture
Particle having magnetic material incorporated therein, process for producing the same, particle for...
Solid oxide fuel cell with improved gas exhaust
Method of treating inorganic oxide film, electronic device substrate, method of manufacturing electr...
Method and apparatus for picking up semiconductor chip and suction and exfoliation tool used therefo...
Underwater cable cutter apparatus
Passive drain field system for wastewater treatment and associated methods
Detachable anchor bolt mixing head for use in mine roof support systems and method of using same
Ram style tensioner with fixed conductor and floating frame
Seismic sensor transfer device
Method, apparatus and system for forming drainage and trench forming systems
Wave power generator systems
Waste water electrical power generating system with storage system and methods for use therewith
Methods for compensating beach erosion
Sulfur barrier for use with in situ processes for treating formations
Device and method for pipeline rehabilitation
Derivatives of N-phenylanthranilic acid and 2-benzimidazolone as potassium channel and/or neuron act...
CGRP receptor antagonists
Method of predicting the onset of sepsis in SIRS-positive individuals using mass spectrometry
EGF receptor transactivation by G-protein-coupled receptors requires metalloproteinase cleavage of p...
Antimigraine combination comprising Sapindus and Emblica extracts
Open tube suitable for separation purposes comprising covalently bonded zwitterionic betaine groups
Substituted monocyclic CGRP receptor antagonists
Laser-induced fluorescence detection device and method
Formation of tetra-substituted enamides and stereoselective reduction thereof
Power conversion system and method
Site-directed modification of FVIII
Process for the preparation of stabilizers for polymers
Clearcoat insitu rheology control via UV cured oligomeric additive network system
Composition and associated method
Apparatus and method of treating fine powders
Apparatus for forming a composite structure body
Method for improving vacuum
Apparatus and method for reducing slippage between structures in an interferometric modulator
VLSI fabrication processes for introducing pores into dielectric materials
CPP reader with phase detection of magnetic resonance for read-back
Very low dielectric constant plasma-enhanced CVD films
Enzyme electrode and method of producing the same
Thermally controlled fluidic self-assembly
Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Separator for fuel cell and fuel cell using the same
Fuel cell with polymer-based fuel absorbing member
Fuel cell and separator thereof
Method of preparing a catalyst for direct formic acid fuel cells
Device for the generation of hydrogen
Multicomponent nanoparticles formed using a dispersing agent
Palladium-cobalt particles as oxygen-reduction electrocatalysts
Branched multiblock polybenzimidazole-benzamide copolymer and method for preparing the same, electro...
System and a method for manufacturing an electrolyte using electrodeposition
Fuel-cell stack and fuel cell
Electrochemical cell having gas flow channels surrounded by solid electrolyte and interconnector
Electrochemical cells having current-carrying structures underlying electrochemical reaction layers
Solid oxide fuel cell positive electrode--electrolyte--negative electrode
Battery having fluid regulator with pressure equalization
Systems including replaceable fuel cell apparatus and methods of using replaceable fuel cell apparat...
Apparatus for improving the performance of a fuel cell electric power system
Method and apparatus for maintaining high voltage in a fuel cell
Integration of silicon boron nitride in high voltage and small pitch semiconductors
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Thin film solar cells by selenization sulfurization using diethyl selenium as a selenium precursor
High refractive-index, hydrophilic, arylsiloxy-containing monomers and polymers, and ophthalmic devi...
Polysiloxane prepolymers for biomedical devices
Cell wall mannoproteins and active epitopes from Candida albicans and antibodies recognizing them
Composite intraocular lens and method of manufacture thereof
Optical apparatus and methods for performing eye examinations
Process to modify polymeric materials and resulting compositions
Block copolymer, composition comprising it and cosmetic treatment process
Rheology control agents for coating compositions
Nanosphere additives and lubricant formulations containing the nanosphere additives
Non-aqueous pigment dispersions using dispersion synergists
Golf club
Facility usage information processing apparatus and related method using tickets having unique infor...
Oral care display
Antibodies directed to the deletion mutants of epidermal growth factor receptor and uses thereof
Method for permanent calibration based on actual measurement
Printing machine with a device and a method for compensation of a longitudinal elongation and a tran...
Sheet processing machine having an apparatus for removing selected sheets
Operating console for a printing machine
Gatherer stitcher for brochures
Rotary table apparatus
Electromagnetic shielding for high field MRI coils
Radio frequency field localization for magnetic resonance
Method of reducing eddy currents caused by a gradient magnetic field in a magnetic resonance system
Methods and devices for polarized samples for use in MRI
Cryogenic cooling of superconducting magnet systems below temperature of 4.2 K
Temperature controlling method and temperature controller
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH852179
Plants and seeds of corn variety CV914011
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH323024
Soybean variety 0341931
Lettuce variety ISI 45125 and method of production
Soybean event MON89788 and methods for detection thereof
siRNA targeting superoxide dismutase 1 (SOD1)
Method for judging feature of malignant tumor
Expression of monoclonal antibodies in duckweed
Isolation of proteins involved in posttranscriptional gene silencing and methods of use
Isolation of proteins involved in posttranscriptional gene silencing and methods of use
Inhibitors of integrin
Corticotropin releasing factor 2 receptor agonists
Oligonucleotides comprising a ligand tethered to a modified or non-natural nucleobase
Compositions capable of specifically binding particular human antigen presenting molecule/pathogen-d...
Soluble, stable and concentrated pharmaceutical composition compromising ritonavir and process for p...
Indazolamides with analgesic activity
Ribonucleoside cyclic acetal derivatives for the treatment of RNA-dependent RNA viral infection
Compositions with hematopoietic and immune activity
S100 protein as neutrophil activator for alleviating neutropenia in cancer treatment
Identification and use of antiviral compounds that inhibit interaction of host cell proteins and vir...
Molecular detection and assay by electrobiochip micro-array
Expression elements
Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome isolates and methods of use
Use of Shigella invaplex to transport functional proteins and transcriptionally active nucleic acids...
Method for measuring resistance of a patient HIV-2 to protease inhibitors
Means and methods for detecting endoglycosidase activity
Methods to express recombinant proteins from lentiviral vectors
Attenuated human-bovine chimeric parainfluenza virus (PIV) vaccines
Low damage treatment fluids and methods of using the same
Compositions and methods for propagation of neural progenitor cells
Hydraulic steering arrangement
Two-way radio
Common link dual arm tensioning device
Spherical universal coupling
Mechanical strap tensioner for multi-strand tensioning
Dipper stick cutter
Animated wildfowl decoy
Orthopedic reamer
Alkylation process for increased conversion and reduced catalyst use
Lubricating oil
Recyclable ruthenium catalysts for metathesis reactions
Process and apparatus for alkylation of aromatic with olefin using impure aromatic recycle
Method and apparatus for making a middle distillate product and lower olefins from a hydrocarbon fee...
Low cost selective octene process: RHT-octene
Process for the synthesis of arylfluorenes and analogs thereof
Molecular modification assays
System and method for providing context to an input method
Apparatus and method for display screen flicker detection and correction
Electronic shopping service
Electromagnetic valve
Position measuring system for a hydraulic cylinder
Weapon handguard
Retractable pet toy
Devices, systems and methods for delivery of a fluid into a patient during a magnetic resonance proc...
Secured distributed method and system for the distribution of audiovisual flows
Data storage means
Casket shell corner
Fork lift
Recycling system
Trash can receptacle
Mop housing
Hand-held cleaning utensil with removable sponge head
Vacuum cleaner
Washing machine
Waste bag dispenser for animal waste
Pet toy
Pet toy
Pet toy
Pet toy
Shoulder pads for football
Hair cutting machine
Biobeneficial polyamide/polyethylene glycol polymers for use with drug eluting stents
Biphenyl compounds useful as muscarinic receptor antagonists
Treatment of psychostimulant addiction
Dialkylamino alkyl esters of pivagabine as medicaments for the treatment of central nervous system d...
Growth factor binding molecules
Metal-binding compounds and uses therefor
Association of TSPYL polymorphisms with SIDDT syndrome
Estimating fluidic properties and using them to improve the precision/accuracy of metered fluids and...
Method, device and computer program product for filtering an EMG signal out of a raw signal
System and method for graphically representing anatomical orifices and vessels
Image sensor for a fluorescence scanner
Synovial cell protein
Methamphetamine-like hapten compounds, linkers, carriers and compositions and uses thereof
Treatment of macrophage mediated disease
Syringe assist for infusion pump
Esterification reaction products and cosmetic products
Electrolyte having a polymer and battery using it
Cathode material for Li-ion battery applications
Anode active material with improved electrochemical properties and electrochemical device comprising...
Electrode materials for electrochemical cells
Pouch cell construction
Composition of epoxy resin, phenol resin and (epoxy resin-) CTBN
Polymeric media comprising polybenzimidazoles N-substituted with organic-inorganic hybrid moiety
Energy storage device and method
Prostaglandin derivatives
Liquid actuator
Devices and methods for spine repair
Oilfield apparatus comprising swellable elastomers having nanosensors therein and methods of using s...
Controlled transport through multiple reversible interaction point membranes
Method of producing toner for developing electrostatic charge image, toner for developing electrosta...
Connector capable of connecting to coaxial cable without using tool
Begonia plant named `BEGH 03897`
Aglaonema plant named `Lilliput`
Caesalpinia plant named `Mnstamepa`
Begonia plant named `BEGH 03899`
Brachycome plant named `Enduring Blue`
Ilex plant named `Scarlet's Peak`
Osteospermum plant named `Fidostlem`
Hibiscus plant named `America Irene Scott`
Nemesia plant named `GG Pearl`
Lily plant named `Tiny Orange Sensation`
Begonia plant named `Innbolora`
Lilac plant named `Penda`
Hibiscus plant named `Notwood3`
Kalanchoe plant named `Abbeta`
Verbena plant named `Sunmarikaisu`
Hydrangea plant named `Abetwo`
Calibrachoa plant named `Sunbelpapure`
Phlox plant named `Ditostem`
Abelia plant named `Rika 1`
Dahlia plant named `HS Princess`
Camellia plant named `Green 97-039`
Automated face enhancement
Analysis using a three-dimensional facial image
Cosmetic dermatological composition comprising at least one gradient copolymer, makeup comprising th...
Retractable USB stick
Electronic device and tactile touch screen display
Powered cosmetic dispenser
Preservatives for perishable preparations, in particular for cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparation...
Treatment of Alzheimer amyloid deposition
Cyclosporin alkynes and their utility as pharmaceutical agents
Radioimmunoconjugates for targeted alpha therapy
Humanized monoclonal antibodies to hepatocyte growth factor
Antibodies that bind human 17-A1/EpCAM tumor antigen
Methods for identifying inhibitors of botulinum neurotoxins
Stabilized body care products, household products, textiles and fabrics
Compositions and methods for isolation, propagation, and differentiation of human stem cells and use...
Coupled cofactor-dependent enzymatic reaction systems in aqueous media
Cobalamin assay
Tuberculosis diagnostic test
Polyhydroxyalkanoate-containing structure and manufacturing method thereof
Micronized wood preservative formulations comprising copper and zinc
Wind articulated waterfowl decoy having distinct sides
Compounds and methods for treatment of cancer and modulation of programmed cell death for melanoma a...
siRNA targeting proto-oncogene MET
System and method for remotely controlling character avatar image using mobile phone
Particulate monitor
Set of waveguide assisted antenna elements for RFID tags
Waveguide assisted core antenna for RFID tags
Secure method and system for creating a plug and play network
Multifunction machine and personal authentication method of multifunction machine
Dynamic total asset management system (TAMS) and method for managing building facility services
Apparatus and method for network analysis
Self-service checkout during item purchase via videophone
Systems and methods for creating routes for powered industrial vehicles
Propagation of data throughout an area using distributed transponders and scanners with relative mov...
Exchange unit and image forming apparatus having the same
Antenna for a backscatter-based RFID transponder
Radio frequency identification tag and antenna for radio frequency identification tag
Electronic article surveillance tag having an expulsion detrimental substance system with substance ...
Radio frequency identification tag and commodity
RFID tags with modifiable operating parameters
Sprinkler status indicator
Radio frequency identification asset management system, and computer program product
Method for tracking personnel and equipment in chaotic environments
Pallet content identification mechanism that converts RFID information to corresponding barcode info...
Object identification system with adaptive transceivers and methods of operation
Engineering Fc Antibody regions to confer effector function
Color developer for heat sensitive recording, process for producing the color development and heat s...
Composite oxide catalyst and method for preparation thereof
Measurement method of non-circularity of core optical fiber base material and apparatus therefor
Method of crystallization of bicalutamide
Asymmetric urea compound and process for producing asymmetric compound by asymmetric conjugate addit...
Hydrogenation process and catalysts
Titanium complexes, their production methods, titanium-containing thin films, and their formation me...
Substituted sym-triindole
Process for producing cycloalkanol and/or cycloalkanone
Self-adhesive organopolysiloxane composition
Polyethylene film having improved mechanical and barrier properties and method of making same
Plasticized polyolefin compositions
Elastomer nanocomposites comprising isobutylene and multifunctional oligomers
Method for producing 2-hydroxy-4-(methylthio)butyric acid
Anti-reflective coating forming composition for lithography containing polymer having ethylenedicarb...
Photoresist undercoat-forming material and patterning process
Modified nucleic acid sequences and methods for increasing mRNA levels and protein expression in cel...
Oxygenation system for fish farming installations
Selective insect trapping system
Feeder for animals
Portable dog waste collector
Mobile dry food dispenser for animals
Fishing reel
Device for sanitary removal of canine fecal matter and method therefor
Reel unit of spinning reel
Equine hoof rasp
Animal carrier accessory
Pet containment device and method
Self scooping cat litter box
Snell holding and storing device
Snag-resistant fishing lure
Graphical user interface for display of anatomical information
Ultrasonic strain imaging device and method providing parallel displacement processing
High resolution elastography using two step strain estimation
System for the prediction, rapid detection, warning, prevention, or control of changes in activity s...
Non-image, computer assisted navigation system for joint replacement surgery with modular implant sy...
Method and apparatus for size analysis in an in vivo imaging system
Segmentation of structures based on curvature slope
Method and medical imaging system for compensating for patient motion
Polymerizable copolymers for alignment layers
Curable resin composition
Polymers of ethylene and, optionally, copolymerizable esters, films using such polymers and stretch ...
Transparent composite articles
Alignment facilities for optical dyes
Alkyldienamides exhibiting taste and sensory effect in flavor compositions
Compositions and methods for modulation of Mcl-1 expression
Ethylenedicysteine (EC)-drug conjugates, compositions and methods for tissue specific disease imagin...
Abluminal, multilayer coating constructs for drug-delivery stents
Sulfoalkyl ether cyclodextrin compositions and methods of preparation thereof
Single crystal shape memory alloy devices and methods
Cherry tree named `13S2009`
Plotting method, plotting program, and plotting equipment
Method for simultaneous removal of asphaltene, and/or paraffin and scale from producing oil wells
Sensor device for gait enhancement
Portable weight bearing postural correction device
Exercise machine
Vehicle tire tie-down system and method
Shoe with anatomical protection
Apparatus for a wire wrapping process
Intelligent footwear systems
Bed ventilator unit
Waterproofed breathable sole for shoes and method for the manufacture thereof
Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Composition Comprising Cross-Linked Polyalkylene Oxide and Water Absorbe...
Hip Support Member
Mobilizing Musculoskeletal Structures
Dynamically Moderated Shock Attenuation System
Shoe-Reinforcement Material and Barrier Unit, Composite Shoe Sole, and Footwear Constituted Thereof
MAC header compression for use with frame aggregation
Seat for amusement apparatus
Firearm targets and methods for manufacturing firearm targets
Magnetic projectile and target game that uses a fulcrum board launcher
Table card game
Dealer and player hand combination side wager
Systems and methods for playing a card match game
Method for playing a matching game
Lottery game based on combining player selections with lottery draws to select objects from a third ...
Books of the Holy Bible learning activity
Checkpoint restart system and method
Method for locating road shapes using erroneous map data
Multivariate, predictive regulation of a direct reduction process
System and method for determining difficulty measures for training cases used in developing a soluti...
Cost based control of air pollution control
Event alert system and method
Mechanical housing
Heat dissipation device with fan holder
Heat dissipation device assembly with a fan duct having guiding members for guiding a screwdriver to...
Flat tube heat exchanger with housing
Heat exchanger
Liquid cooling device
Cooling agent compensation tank for a cooling circuit
Damage protected motor vehicle fan
Force convection milk pasteurizer
Retaining device for heat sink
Process for the preparation of high purity phytosterols
Food deposition apparatus and method of manufacturing a multi-component food product
Oral feeding bottle
Fuel produced by the treatment of brown grease
Lighter fluid composition
Blender base with food processor capabilities
Tamper evident container with tear-apart parts
Moulding composition
Handheld peeler with removable multi-blade cartridge
Survival kit and commode
Chestnut plant named `Au Gobbler II`
Methods of making and methods of using antiseptic disinfectant, cosmetic and toiletries, medicine or...
Water-stabilized antimicrobial organosilane products, compositions, and methods for using the same
Microbially-expressed thermotolerant phytase for animal feed
Product and method for oral administration of nutraceuticals
Phenyl quinolines and their use as estrogenic agents
Information processing device
Visceral fat determining device
Method and apparatus for atrial fibrillation detection based on ventricular cycle lengths
Tracking progression of congestive heart failure via a force-frequency relationship
Measurement indication method and apparatus thereof
System and method for parallel computation of an array transform
Infrared and near-infrared camera hyperframing
System and method for rapid emergency information distribution
Hybrid optical cylinder position sensor
Detecting device and method of using same
Effects applied to images in a browser
Method for incorporating facial recognition technology in a multimedia surveillance system
Derivation and quantization of robust non-local characteristics for blind watermarking
System and method for improved content delivery
System and method for correcting image vignetting
Imaging systems, articles of manufacture, and imaging methods
Removing ringing and blocking artifacts from JPEG compressed document images
Method for dynamically updating a planar topology
Loop back plug with protective dust cap
Wideband receiver based on photonics technology
Apparatus and method for forming an optical fiber device
Optical path feasibility in an optical communication network
Marker groove forming device
Process and device for positioning an optical component between two optical fibres
Passive optical network system based on a wavelength protection and protecting backup method thereof
Systems and methods for lifting a terminal enclosure in below ground applications
SOA-MZI device fault isolation
Particle movement device
Impact detection system with three or more optical fiber sensors
Plug locking assembly
Component assembly and fabrication method
Method for assembling a programmer for a medical device
Method and apparatus for calculating a focus metric
Dynamic auto-focus window selection that compensates for hand jitter
Digital camera with tiltable image sensor
Focus adjustable method of optical image
Lens apparatus
Imaging device
Information recording medium, and apparatus and method for recording information to information reco...
Presenter view control system and method
Methods of recording voice signals in a mobile set
Signal reception device, signal reception circuit, and reception device
Portable communication device equipped with an electronic flash having a LED ignition device
Image processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
Information processing apparatus, method and program
Moving image generating apparatus, moving image generating method and moving image generating progra...
Light emitting diode backlight unit and liquid crystal display device using the same
Lighting control system
LED element for an LED stream
Positive temperature coefficient light emitting diode light
Disconnect and locking system and method of disassembly and reassembly
LED night light with more than 1 optics means
Back light unit
Backlight unit
Backlight and liquid crystal display device
Polarizing turning film
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display device having the same
Line light irradiation device
Vehicle light
Vehicular headlamp and light emission module
Lamp shade and method for forming optical stripes on the surface of the lamp shade
Overhead light swivel bracket assembly
Mounting system for a light fixture
Front trim ring for a vandal resistant luminaire
Light source apparatus
Spectator mode for a game
Threaded expansion plugs
Apparatus for removing toxic material from toxic weapon projectiles
Interchangeable caliber semi-automatic rifle
Systems and methods for electronic weaponry with deployment unit detection
Combined concealed carry holster undergarment and outergarment with quick release and quick access m...
Ballistic armor
Surgical suturing apparatus with anti-backup system
Solar control multilayer film
Brachial plexus simulator
Apparatus and method for evaluating peel adhesion
Manufacturing method for semiconductor devices, and formation apparatus for semiconductor wafer dici...
Electrode materials for electric lamps and methods of manufacture thereof
Fuse-electrode electrosurgical apparatus
Cyclic loading system and methods for forming nanostructures
Pharmaceutical compositions that modulate HPTPbeta activity
Inorganic-organic melt-extruded hybrid yarns and fibrous composite medical devices thereof
Apparatus and method for manipulating substrates
Variable-gain low noise amplifier for digital terrestrial applications
Method and apparatus for controlling a supply voltage to a power amplifier
Multi-band lookup table type predistorter
Diagnostic authentication codes
Initializing diagnostic functions when specified run-time error criteria are satisfied
System and method for correlating and diagnosing system component performance data
Product counseling system, product development program, and machine-readable recording medium
Synchronized externally generated sound effects for model trains
Diagnostic device for use in process control system
Diagnostic tool for sensing oxygen sensor heater operation
Amplifier circuit for capacitive transducers
Vehicle or engine diagnostic systems with advanced non-volatile memory
Computed tomography system with stationary anode ring
Method and system for X-ray diagnosis of object in which X-ray contrast agent is injected
Adaptive peak windowing for crest factor reduction in a communication system transmitter
Method and system for tracking multiple information feeds on a communications network
Revocation information management
Information providing system and method thereof
Defining a resource template for locating relevant resources
Devices, systems, and methods for secure download of data
Roaming hardware paired encryption key generation
Customer request management method, device and computer product
Application usage metering management system
Method of recording and reproducing sample data to/from a recording medium and sample data containin...
Method and system for providing prepaid data service
Method for billing internet transactions via mobile radio telephone service
Method and apparatus for applying/linking transactions in a financial management system
Secure, objective online exchange, confirmation and evaluation methods
Method and apparatus for identifying purpose and behavior of run time security objects using an exte...
Method and apparatus for network assessment and authentication
System and method for enhanced broadcasting and interactive television
Automatic control of broadcast and execution of interactive applications to maintain synchronous ope...
Interpretation of DVD assembly language programs in Java TV-based interactive digital television env...
Automatic software downloading from a computer network
Object generation in packages
Methods and apparatus to support mixed-mode execution within a single instruction set architecture p...
Method and apparatus for pattern-based system design analysis using a meta model
Extensible multi-language compilation
Selective post-compile conversion
Method and apparatus for dataflow creation and execution
Application splitting for network edge computing
Method and apparatus for managing a selection list based on previous entries
System and method for providing a runtime environment for active web based document resources
Composite component architecture using javaserver pages (JSP) tags
System and method to establish and maintain conditional trust by stating signal of distrust
Peer assembly inspection
Shape memory alloy actuated steerable drilling tool
Bicyclic heterocycles as cannabinoid-1 receptor modulators
TRPV1 agonist compounds, formulations, prodrugs, methods for using the same
Buccal, polar and non-polar spray containing zolpidem
Prognosis adaptation method
Extraction methods and assays for feed enzymes
Eyewear with adjustable temples
Magnetic bearing device with vibration restraining function, magnetic bearing device with vibration ...
Assays and methods using biomarkers
Bone densifying agent characterized by use of cathepsin K inhibitor with PTH
Analogs of parathyroid hormone
Hybrid phase lateral flow assay
Method of using aminopeptidase to produce cleaved polypeptides
Modified human interferon-.beta. polypeptides
Dispenser with trigger
Cosmetic composition system with thickening benefits
Process and apparatus for the production of a detergent bar
Disposable absorbent article designed to facilitate an easy intuitive change
Surface indicia for a container
Package with surface indicia
Systems and methods for analysis and simulation of package net content decisions
Cleaning and/or treatment compositions
Continuous casting plant
Sharing of downloaded resources
Method and apparatus for remotely providing driver information
Determining power consumption in IT networks
Manifest-based trusted agent management in a trusted operating system environment
Method and apparatus for identifying a voice caller
Virtualized shared security engine and creation of a protected zone
Utilization of storage device from external terminal in network system
Packet validation in virtual network interface architecture
Systems and methods for real-time audio-visual communication and data collaboration in a network con...
Virus pattern update for mobile device
Method and device for authenticating a subscriber for utilizing services in a wireless LAN while usi...
Method to reproduce a multimedia data flow on a client terminal, corresponding device, system and si...
Multi-threaded processing design in architecture with multiple co-processors
System and method for providing rapid rerouting of real-time multi-media flows
Systems and methods for capturing multimedia communication signals
Access network device for managing queue corresponding to real time multimedia traffic characteristi...
Portable multimedia device with display bracket switch and method of operating the same
Device and method for enhancing the human perceptual quality of a multimedia signal
Classroom instructional tool
Remote computer disaster recovery and migration tool for effective disaster recovery and migration s...
Bearing health monitor
Sliding member
Iron species preform
Bearing vibration damping mechanism
Sealing device for a wheel hub unit
Bearing device for wheel
Bearing mechanism, carriage assembly, and magnetic disk drive
KVM switching device, sever rack assembly and sliding mechanism thereof
Fork-lift attachment with multiple forks
Hub-bearing unit for the wheel of a motor vehicle
Sealing arrangement
Idler roller assembly employing self-securing bearing retainer
Synchronous chain for a linear guideway
Linear guide
Shaft seal assembly
Rigid standard bearing shield disk scraper system
Ball circulating groove structure of ball nut