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Wear pads for timing-based surface film servo heads
Magnetic head with medium sliding surface having varied curvature and recording/reproducing apparatu...
Inductive write head having high magnetic moment poles and low magnetic moment thin layer in the bac...
Writer core structures having improved thermal dissipation properties
Magnetic head having a pole piece with a double pedestal structure
Head slider having tilted protrusions for ramp load-unload applications
Slider having plural leading step-level slots
Slider having a trailing bearing pad adjacent to a recessed area
Integrated lead suspension and method of construction
Rotary actuator assembly for a rotatable media data storage device
Giant magnetoresistance (GMR) read head with reactive-ion-etch defined read width and fabrication pr...
Magnetoresistive sensor with overlapping leads having distributed current
Spin filter bottom spin valve head with continuous spacer exchange bias
Magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus using a GMR head
Magnetoresistive device including pinned structure with a layer that provides texture for pinning
Information recording-displaying card, image processing method using same, and image processor
Protective layer thermal transfer sheet and matted print
Ice cream machine including a controlled input to the freezing chamber
Hands-free breast milk expression system
OBG3 globular head and uses thereof
Selective NPY (Y5) antagonists
Lactam-containing compounds and derivatives thereof as factor Xa inhibitors
Thyroid receptor ligands and method II
Substituted [1,4]oxazino[2,3-g]indazoles for the treatment of glaucoma
Micro-chimney and thermosiphon die-level cooling
Heat exchanger
Method and apparatus for mounting a heat transfer apparatus upon an electronic component
Method and apparatus for flexible fluid delivery for cooling desired hot spots in a heat producing d...
Channeled flat plate fin heat exchange system, device and method
Tubular heat dissipation device
Cooling unit having a plurality of heat-radiating fins, and electronic apparatus with the cooling un...
Microchannel condenser assembly
Heat exchanger
Solid buffer rods in high temperature heat exchanger
Oil-cooler-equipped radiator
Heat exchanger
Annular cold plate with reflexive channels
Heat exchanger and method of manufacturing core plate
Heat exchanger systems
Sample temperature regulator
Heating/ventilating/air conditioning systems for vehicles
Microchannel apparatus, methods of making microchannel apparatus, and processes of conducting unit o...
Duct for cooling multiple components in a processor-based device
High serviceability liquid cooling loop using tubing hinge
Thermal management system and method for electronic equipment mounted on coldplates
Cloud cover assessment: VNIR-SWIR
Retaining screw with rententive feature
Dental implants and methods for extending service life
Medical system and method for remodeling an extravascular tissue structure
Methionyl tRNA synthetase polypeptides from Staphylococcus aureus
Advanced slow-magic angle spinning probe for magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy
Pulse interval to voltage converter and conversion method thereof
System and method for transferring data through a video interface
Transport of SONET signals over an optical communications network
Device and method for the examination of samples in a non vacuum environment using a scanning electr...
Scanning exposure apparatus and method
Microscope apparatus
Virtual path restoration scheme using fast dynamic mesh restoration in an optical network
Scalable unidirectional routing with zone routing protocol extensions for mobile AD-HOC networks
Adaptive path discovery process for routing data packets in a multinode network
Manufacture of and apparatus for nearly frictionless operation of a rotatable array of micro-mirrors...
Automotive HVAC system and method of operating same utilizing evaporator freezing
Apparatus, systems and methods for use in three-dimensional printing
Device enclosures and devices with integrated battery
Pad with graduated thickness and very thin neckline and method for making the same
Context-sensitive help for thin client-based business operations platform
Use of internal general purpose registers of a processor as a Java virtual machine top of stack and ...
Strategic internet persona assumption
Controlling concurrent usage of network resources by multiple users at an entry point to a communica...
Low power reconfigurable systems and methods
System and method for adaptive storage and caching of a defect table
System and method for preventing software errors
System and method for an extendable mobile communications device user interface
Metal coated nanocrystalline silicon as an active surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) substra...
Cooling apparatus having low profile extrusion and method of manufacture therefor
Continuous extrusion apparatus
Device and method for the manufacture of a strand of a pasty mass and extrusion head for such a devi...
Honeycomb extrusion dies
Separable layer of bonding material, laminate and method for making same
Thermal ink ejection actuator
Ejection head for aggressive liquids manufactured by anodic bonding
Cash dispensing automated banking machine with improved card retention capabilities and method
Method and apparatus for performing machine translation using a unified language model and translati...
Method and apparatus using spectral addition for speaker recognition
Method and apparatus for denoising and deverberation using variational inference and strong speech m...
Dynamic streaming media management
Mapping database users to operating system users in a computer schema
Magnetically actuated micro-electro-mechanical apparatus and method of manufacture
Magnetic head suspension with a load beam structure
Solid electrolytic capacitor, circuit board having built-in solid electrolytic capacitor and methods...
Accessing phase change memories
Semiconductor memory device and portable electronic apparatus
Fiber optic gyroscope
Method and apparatus for image forming performing improved cleaning and discharging operation on ima...
Percutaneous biological fluid sampling and analyte measurement devices and methods
Methods and systems for selective control of bladder function
Apparatus and method for performing gas turbine adjustment
Planet pinion carrier assembly for Ravigneaux gearset
Removal of noise from seismic data using high resolution radon transformations
Planar laser illumination and imaging (PLIIM) based camera system for producing high-resolution 3-D ...
Method and apparatus for suppressing infrared signatures
Gun gurney
System and method for receiver resource allocation and verification
Apparatus for mounting and arranging a plurality of flat panel video displays
Stage system, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Self-contained integrated welder/generator and compressor
nF-Opening Aiv Structures
Apparatus and method for downhole well equipment and process management, identification, and actuati...
Tactical hand-held metal detector
Screw gun
Removal tool for locking nut, bolt and clip systems and assemblies
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Shoe testing apparatus and method of operation
Health ornament containing titanium powder and method for manufacturing thereof
Footwear with knit upper and method of manufacturing the footwear
Golf putter and method for manufacturing the golf putter
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear portion
Imaging apparatus for exposing a printing member and printing members therefor
Apparatus for taking up an object space
Method of determining local structures in optical crystals
System and method for dose control in a lithographic system
Optical information recording medium, method for recording/reproducing the same, and optical pickup
Optical disk recording and reproducing apparatus to control the laser power to an optimal value and ...
Optical disc drive for controlling reproduction of an optical disc having a plurality of data layers
Vertical laser diode with means for beam profile forming
Surface emitting semiconductor laser and manufacturing method thereof
Characterization of multiple section semiconductor lasers
Semiconductor laser optical output control circuit and optical device
Laser diode and manufacturing method thereof
GaN series surface-emitting laser diode having spacer for effective diffusion of holes between P-typ...
Distributed bragg reflector for optoelectronic device
Method of making at least one hole in a transparent body and devices made by this method
Image forming device, print cartridge and doctor blade assembly that reduce vibrations at doctoring ...
Conductive polishing article for electrochemical mechanical polishing
Grip end bottom weight and grip end bottom weighting structure
Lanthanide oxide/zirconium oxide atomic layer deposited nanolaminate gate dielectrics
Micro-electromechanical actuators
Biochemical reaction detection apparatus
Slip element for use with a downhole tool and a method of manufacturing same
System and apparatus for improving safety and thrust from a hydro-drive device
Inorganic matrix compositions and composites incorporating the matrix composition
Balloon folding technology
Transfer molding of integrated circuit packages
Heavy duty radial tire
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Golf ball
Solid golf ball
Method of making golf club head
Systems and methods of recording piston rod position information in a magnetic layer on a piston rod
Tire tread
Flexible tinsel ribbon antenna and assembly method for a tire
Method and assembly of sensor ready tires
Power-on reset for transponder
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Two-piece tire with improved tire tread belt and carcass
Tire tread with multi-planar chamfers
Oil extended rubber and composition containing low PCA oil
Tire tread
Motorcycle tire having tread including two different rubber compounds
Self-supporting pneumatic tire with a partial inner liner
Tread rubber for high traction tires
Spine stabilization system
Spine stabilization system
Dynamic lordotic guard with movable extensions for creating an implantation space posteriorly in the...
Transplant material and method for fabricating the same
Methods and compositions for identifying morphogenic protein analogs using morphogenic protein respo...
Hemi-interbody spinal implant manufactured from a major long bone ring or a bone composite
Attachment of absorbable tissue scaffolds to fixation devices
Stent with channel(s) for containing and delivering biologically active material and method for manu...
Therapeutic treatments using the direct application of antimicrobial metal compositions
Dry powders of metal-containing compounds
Golf putter
Adjustable golf club
Golf swing training method and apparatus
Putter grip
Golf putter
Golf ball having a controlled weight distribution about a designated spin axis and a method of makin...
Golf shoe upper
Handle/grip and method for designing the like
Golf balls comprising chiral diols or chiral cyclic ethers
Cark protein and nucleic acid molecules and uses therefor
Compositions and methods for hepatoprotection and treatment of cholestasis
Treating vitamin D responsive diseases
2-Aminoquinolines as melanin concentrating hormone receptor antagonists
Treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia
Electrophoretic display
Method of containing a phase change material in a porous carbon material and articles produced there...
Roller chain for applying pressure
Ultrasound contrast agents and methods of making and using them
Glycoprotein VI antibodies and uses thereof
Radiation sensitive liposomes
Bitline implant utilizing dual poly
Method for preparing carbon nano-fine particle, apparatus for preparing the same and mono-layer carb...
Patching resins for insulating tapes
System and method for inducing a top-down hierarchical categorizer
Identifying links of interest in a web page
Method to configure and quote component arrays
Method and apparatus providing user with account balance notification of prepaid wireless packet dat...
Ubiquitous connectivity and control system for remote locations
Mobile reporting module employing timing and message consolidation to economize transmissions
Mobile wireless local area network and related methods
Context block leasing for fast handoffs
Natural language messages from a keystroke output wedge
Semiconductor device and method of manufacture thereof
Hard mask removal
Ion implantation to modulate amorphous carbon stress
Process for forming a pattern
Manufacturing method of a semiconductor device
Composite dielectric forming methods and composite dielectrics
Process for laminating a dielectric layer onto a semiconductor
Silicon oxide gap-filling process
Method for forming a multi-layered structure of a semiconductor device and methods for forming a cap...
Chemical vapor deposition precursors for deposition of tantalum-based materials
Metal oxide compound semiconductor integrated transistor devices with a gate insulator structure
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Trench capacitor structure
Method for making a multi-die chip
Programmable sensor array
Die-up ball grid array package with patterned stiffener opening
Device for cooling hot spot in micro system
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of manufacturing the same
Laser diode with metal-oxide upper cladding layer
Defect detection using multiple sensors and parallel processing
Mass-production transfer support system and semiconductor manufacturing system
Multiple platform voice processing system with optimized resource allocation
Calibration of tissue densities in computerized tomography
Image processing device and image processing method
Method and apparatus for forming and displaying projection image from a plurality of sectional image...
Apparatus and method for extracting object based on feature matching between segmented regions in im...
Image defect display system
Monolithic reconfigurable optical multiplexer systems and methods
Method and apparatus to control a beverage or dessert dispenser
Communication system and method of non-intrusive performance data polling
Systems and methods for discovering fully dependent patterns
Method for controlling access to information
X-ray optical system for small angle scattering
Apparatuses and methods for surgical navigation
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus regulating the positions of crease...
Methods and apparatus for a security system
Garage door remote monitoring and actuating system
Systems and methods for facilitating and/or effectuating development, rehabilitation, restoration, a...
Device and method for in vitro determination of analyte concentrations within body fluids
Methods, systems, and computer program products for securely transforming an audio stream to encoded...
Overcurrent protection circuit
Method of training a digital voice library to associate syllable speech items with literal text syll...
System and method for converting text-to-voice
Method and apparatus for recording prosody for fully concatenated speech
Method of reducing recovery time in an x-ray detector
Flat dynamic radiation detector
Method and apparatus for precision measurement of film thickness
Wiring board, circuit board, electro-optical device and method for manufacturing the same, and elect...
Deformable mirror actuation system
Image reconstruction method for divergent beam scanner
X-ray CT scanner and image processor
Method and system for viewing a rendered volume
X-ray computed tomographic imaging apparatus
System and method of determining a user-defined region-of-interest of an imaging subject for x-ray f...
Method and apparatus to determine tube current modulation profile for radiographic imaging
Positioning apparatus, atmosphere substituting method, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing ...
X-ray computed tomography apparatus
Methods and apparatus for tileable sensor array
Method and apparatus for virtual digital subtraction angiography
Method for mapping heart electrophysiology
System and method for coordinated remote activation of multiple software-based options
Database annotation and retrieval including phoneme data
Distributed computing services platform
System and method for performing distributed video conferencing
Chemical compound capable of emitting visible light, and luminescent material, electro-luminescent d...
Stacked OLED display having improved efficiency
Electronic device and method of driving the same
Thin film EL device
Electrical contacts for molecular electronic transistors
Light emitting device
Driving of data lines used in unit circuit control
High resolution nmr probe head for small sample volumes and method for operating the same
Radiofrequency magnetic field resonator and a method of designing the same
Multiply-tuned volume resonator for magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy
Frequency detection system comprising circuitry for adjusting the resonance frequency of a high temp...
Multiple tuned scroll coil
Resonator system
Stabilizer for stabilizing NMR magnetic field and method of the same
Method for positioning a slice of a magnetic resonance measurement
Scanner for nuclear quadrupole resonance measurements and method therefor
Method and apparatus for MR image acquisition
Method and system of determining parameters for MR data acquisition with real-time B1 optimization
Method for printed circuit board inspection
Apparatus for generating an optical interference pattern
Wideband monolithic tunable high-Q notch filter for image rejection in RF application
Method and system for developing traffic messages
Gain factor and position determination system
System and method for on-the-fly eccentricity recognition
System and method for automated classification of text by time slicing
Web-based universal remote control
Personal entertainment device (PED) with double-opening flap
Method and system for inferring a schema from a hierarchical data structure for use in a spreadsheet
Graphical user interface for 3-dimensional view of a data collection based on an attribute of the da...
System and method for using shading layers and highlighting to navigate a tree view display
System and process for controlling electronic components in a ubiquitous computing environment using...
Method and apparatus for determining whether an element in an integrated circuit is a feedback eleme...
On chip timing adjustment in multi-channel fast data transfer
Method for static timing verification of integrated circuits having voltage islands
Method for identification of sub-optimally placed circuits
System and method for managing a workflow process
Method and system for real time scheduler
Apparatus and method for passively monitoring liveness of jobs in a clustered computing environment
Real-time scheduler
Playback control methods and arrangements for a DVD player
Method and system for adapting a telephone line modem for use on the power line
Method and apparatus to facilitate a transparent service option transition
Apparatus and method for securing communication information in CDMA communication system
Apparatus and method for cipher processing system using multiple port memory and parallel read/write...
Encryption method, cryptographic communication method, ciphertext generating device and cryptographi...
Method for testing a random number source and electronic devices comprising said method
Packetizing devices for secure scalable data streaming
Cable television setback decoder automatic control
Interface security system and method
Test system for identification and sorting of integrated circuit devices
Authentication method in an agent system
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Visinfred'
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Visinforfr'
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Visinfchr'
Petunia plant named 'Sunbabuve'
Heuchera plant named 'Lime Rickey'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Yosharon'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Sweet Yojeanette'
Osteospermum plant named 'Seipepan'
Hybrid Tea Rose plant named 'Why Not Cherise?'
Liriope plant named 'Cassidy'
Acorus plant named 'Golden Pheasant'
Hosta plant named 'Hanky Panky'
Phlox plant named 'Barthirtyone'
Verbena plant named 'Lirosena'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Charumbla'
Shoelace retainer
Shoe cover
Shoe having an inflatable bladder
Polyurea polyrethanes having improved physical properties
Drainage element for walls and septic tank systems
Muted tidal regulator
Cable dispenser and method
Lateral displacement pier and method of installing the same
Large scale soil processing tool for use with a preformed sacrificial guide
Means and method for constructing a fully precast top arch overfilled system
Process for producing edible sterol fatty acid esters
Apparatus and method for heated food delivery
Enclosed rotisserie with added convenience
Animal food and treat dispenser
Automatic pet food dispensing device
Folded fast food tray
Venturi-driven flotation separator for chili peppers
Covered dishware
Food tray with drawer
Bag with a window for foodstuffs
Soft drink replacer
Method for reducing acrylamide in foods comprising reducing the level of reducing sugars, foods havi...
Dual compartment beverage container
Production of capsules and particles for improvement of food products
System and method for making casingless sausage
Sports drink composition for enhancing glucose uptake into the muscle and extending endurance during...
Pedestal for a fan assembly
Endoscopy fluid pump tubing set
Spa shell
Concrete building
Metal awning with cloth valance and support members
Front portion of a retaining wall block
Glazing mullion
Anchor for a dive platform
Facade for a building element
Tread plate flooring
Laser pointer
Lighting fixture
Scraping device
Lint remover
Cosmetic container
Rollable pet toy
Litter box
Jack stand
Stabilizer base
Method for identifying and using compounds that inactivate HIV-1 and other retroviruses by attacking...
Cells for drug discovery
Antioxidants, preparation methods and uses
Carbocycle based inhibitors of glycogen synthase kinase 3
Pyrazole compounds useful as protein kinase inhibitors
Ccr5 modulators benzimidazoles or benzotriazoles
Imidazolyl-cyclic acetals
Heterocyclic compounds and uses thereof
Deep conversion combining the demetallization and the conversion of crudes, residues, or heavy oils ...
Alcohol absorbed polyalphaolefin drag reducing agents
Preparation method
Use of modified metalloaluminophosphate molecular sieves in catalytic processes
Carbonaceous material for cell and cell containing the carbonaceous material
Precipitated calcium carbonate
Fabrication method for arranging ultra-fine particles
Intermolecularly bound transition element complexes for oxygen-selective adsorption
Method for removing polymer from an acid gas treating system
Method for the absorptive outward transfer of ammonia and methane out of synthesis gas
Calcium fluoride crystal and method and apparatus for using the same
Photoelectric converting apparatus having amplifiers with different gains for its sensor ad storage ...
System and method for detecting obstacle
Automatic focusing device for film scanner
Agricultural utility vehicle and method of controlling same
Optical equipment and it control method, and computer-readable storage medium
Multi-agent autonomous system
System and method for indicating information on an imaging device lens stop
CCD camera daytime/nighttime control
Method of converting format of encoded video data and apparatus therefor
Apparatus and method for digital processing of analog television signals
Video signal processing apparatus and method capable of converting an interlace video signal into a ...
Image-signal processing apparatus for clamping analog image signal and then for converting it to dig...
Image distortion correcting device and image distortion correcting method
Optical arrangements for head mounted displays
Correction curve generating method, image processing method, image display unit, and storage medium
Image processing methods and image processing apparatus
Method, system, and software for signal processing using sheep and shepherd artifacts
Crawler tractor
Hybrid vehicle
Cooling system for internal combustion engine
One-way air duct for engine compartment cooling
Vibration-proof structure for metallic electrical packaging case
Safety arrangement for a motor vehicle
Automotive outboard air bag system
Power unit mount structure for vehicles
Pump unit and working vehicle
Fuel efficient power steering control system and method
Gear, reduction gear combination and electric power steering apparatus
Electrical steering system for manned or unmanned operation
Torque transfer coupling with magnetorheological clutch actuator
Cross car beam for vehicle
Hybrid vehicle
Drip berm having hydrophobic and hydrocarbon retentive properties
Vehicle occupant weight estimation apparatus
Regenerative braking system and method using air conditioning system of electric vehicle
Advanced audio safety apparatus
Air-conditioning system
Rear fastening device for aircraft engine
Methods and apparatus for passive illumination of refueling hoses
Safety index
System and method for computer-aided technician dispatch and communication
System and method for developing a farm management plan for production agriculture
Dynamic demand management
Computer implemented vehicle repair analysis system
Inventory management
Self-checkout system
Apparatus, system and method for electronic book distribution
Method and system for integrating core banking business processes
System, method and article of manufacture for cryptoserver-based auction
Method for reissuing indicium in a postage metering system
Method and system for conducting secure payments over a computer network
Method and apparatus for secure electronic commerce
Information management system
Method and apparatus for encrypting electronic messages composed using abbreviated address books
Digital signature system, digital signature method, digital signature mediation method, digital sign...
Memory assist device with clips
Dental training device
Electronic test item display as an image with overlay controls
Picture changer with recording and playback capability
Optical network system with quality control function
Operator supported remote camera positioning and control system with variable cross-sectional flexur...
Camera and optical apparatus
Electronic device in which different types of batteries can be selectively used as a power source
Photo-timer module
Optical module
Lens barrel having a moving optical element support frame
Running gear of saddle-riding-type vehicle
Speaker diaphragm edge and its manufacturing method
Sound insulation assembly for mounting in a tubular part, and a tubular part fitted with such assemb...
Synergistic composition for treating hyperilipdemia
Coated particles, methods of making and using
Microencapsulation of magnetic material using heat stabilization
Biological compositions and methods for treatment of testicular cancer
Recombinant adenoviral vector and methods of use
Schwann cells originating in myeloid interstitial cells
Rapid classification of biological components
Methods of treating dopamine dysregulation using agents that regulate phosphorylation/dephosphorylat...
Methods for treating cardiac hypertrophy by administering IFN-γ
Methods of treatment with erythropoietin and albumin fusion protein
Exendins, exendin agonists, and methods for their use
Use of calmodulin to promote bone regeneration
Testosterone derivative
Carboranylporphyrins and uses thereof
Disulfide prodrugs and linkers and stabilizers useful therefor
Casino bonus game using player input
Versatile practice insertion tip golf tee anchor
Yard game that uses balls and rings
Team trampoline game and method of playing the same
Game ball with bridged panels
Input controller for a game system having a combination move feature
Image processing device and image processing method
Sectional adapter of clamping holder for automobiles
Game skinning tool
DVD multimedia player
Antenna system for satellite communication and method for tracking satellite signal using the same
Method and apparatus for the control of multimedia services in networks
Motion estimation and compensation in video compression
Routing extensions for telecommunication network system and method
Method for sending multi-media messages using emoticons
SS7-Internet gateway access signaling protocol
Method, apparatus and program for pricing, transferring, buying, selling and exercising of freight c...
System and method for the storage and access of electronic data in a web-based computer system
System and method for finding persons in a corporate entity
System and method for concentration and load-balancing of requests
Method and system for using live time shift technology to control a multimedia file
ACD multimedia customer contact routing with delay announcements
System and method for providing last-mile data prioritization
Method and system for remotely configuring and monitoring a communication device
Combining real-time and batch mode logical address links
Mousepad with a hidden writing surface, an apparatus and a method of using the same
Conference call bridge arrangement
Multiple parallel packet routing lookup
System and method for performing layer 3 switching in a network device
Scientific information inquiry-answer system, and a host computer and an inquiring computer therefor
Network resource access system
Method for organizing laboratory information in a database
Method and system for device bootstrapping via server synchronization
Method for a proactive browser system for implementing background frame maintenance and asynchronous...
Secure data transmission from unsecured input environments
Method for handling node failures and reloads in a fault tolerant clustered database supporting tran...
Publishing system for intranet
Document management apparatus, related document extracting method, and document processing assist me...
Rescheduling transactions in a database system
Providing a network-based personalized newspaper with personalized content and layout
Method and system for transmitting secured electronic documents
Application program interfaces for electronic program guide data services
Unified messaging system using web based application server for management of messages using standar...
Transaction recognition and prediction using regular expressions
System and method for synchronizing objects between two devices
System and method for synchronizing objects between two devices
Drinking cup
Transfer apparatus
Device and method for supplying atomizers, and spraying installation equipped with such a device
Robot apparatus, and load absorbing apparatus and method
Multi-axis air/electrical control system
Custom-fitted orthodontic bracket manufactured by computerized and selective removal of portions of ...
Method for simulating multi-layer obscuration from a viewpoint
Flexible video architecture for generating video streams
Acceleration of graphics for remote display using redirection of rendering and compression
Visualization method for the analysis of prestack and poststack seismic data
Graphics system with an improved filtering adder tree
Image processing apparatus
Information processing apparatus, and information processing method
Bombesin analogs for treatment of cancer
Enhanced expression of transgenes
Nitro and amino substituted topoisomerase agents
Compounds and methods to inhibit or augment an inflammatory response
Stabilization of cardiac troponin I subunits and complexes
Process for the purification of EPI-HNE proteins
cDNA sequence transcribing an mRNA encoding the terminal oxidase associated with carotenoid biosynth...
Soybean variety 93B68
Soybean variety 92B13
Inbred maize line PH6HR
Hybrid maize 37F73
Wheat variety 25R54
Wheat variety XW02M
Automated DNA array image segmentation and analysis
Photonic crystal defect cavity biosensor
Device for thermal cycling
Systems and methods for facilitating provisioning of circuits and work control in a telecommunicatio...
Methods for blocking repeated occurrences of nuisance calls
Method and system for transmitting subscriber-specific information in a telecommunication system
Method for call answering in a distributed communications system
Broadband certified mail
Technique for providing information assistance while maintaining connection information anonymity
Method and system for remote telephone calibration
Method and apparatus for handling voice and data signals
Combination telephone network interface device and cable TV splitter
Method of acoustic echo cancellation in full-duplex hands free audio conferencing with spatial direc...
Dynamic balance control for telephone
Voice and data exchange over a packet based network with resource management
Crosstalk identification in xDSL systems
Hands-free speaker telephone
Dynamic reallocation of processing resources for redundant functionality
Interactive phone system utilizing wireless channels
Integrated forms and method of making such forms
Method for disturbance-component-free image acquisition by an electronic sensor
Device for radio communication equipment to reduce electromagnetic energy absorbency of a human body
Subscriber unit and radio base station recognition method
Dynamic wireless resource utilization
Methods and systems for routing messages in a radio access network
Radio frequency local area network
Method of transmitting synchronized channel in radio transmitter
Vehicle sound system
Wireless peripheral device for allowing an IP softphone to place calls to a public safety answering ...
Method for transmitting emergency call messages in a radio communications system
Mobile terminal
Communication system, communication method and switching node
Method and apparatus for cell reselection within a communications system
Method and arrangement in a radio communication system
Image forming system and image forming apparatus
Method for continuously making kettle style potato chips
Method for reducing cholesterol in oils or fats
Low carbohydrate direct expanded snack and method for making
Assembly and method for demolding a body of frozen confection
Tea-based beverage
Food sweetener
Lemon beverage
Dysphagic dietary treatment
Solid fat products from some liquid oil ingredients
Method for making a rolled snack food product having a light crispy texture
Viscous fat compositions having low amounts of trans-fat, methods and products
Biscuit flatbread and method of making same
Surface-modified hard caramels with improved storage life
Runny chocolate souffle dessert
Multi-strip promotional piece
Composition for preparing a food product that is at least partially gelled
Toy with dissolving external features that reveal skeletal features
Animal composition
Method of downloading contents and system thereof
Truncated soluble tumor necrosis factor type-I and type-II receptors
Proteins and nucleic acids encoding same
Method and device for analyzing nucleic acids immobilized on a support
Method for screening compounds inhibiting signal transduction through inflammatory cytokines
Compositions and methods for diagnosing or treating psoriasis
Method for extracting DNA from organisms
Method for in vitro molecular evolution of protein function
Subfamily of RNA helicases which are modulators of the fidelity of translation termination and uses ...
Isoprenoid production
DNA encoding a plant deoxyhpusine synthase, a plant eukaryotic initiation factor 5A, transgenic plan...
Recombinant methods for making reverse transcriptases and mutants thereof
Butyrylcholinesterase variant polypeptides with increased catalytic efficiency and methods of use
Methods of making microarrays with substrate surfaces having covalently bound polyelectrolyte films
Using polyamide nucleic acid oligomers to engender a biological response
Gene therapy for cardiomyopathy
Reagents for intracellular delivery of macromolecules
Purified chitins and production process thereof
25466, a human transporter family member and uses therefor
Deprotection and purification of oligonucleotides and their derivatives
Inbred corn line 3633BM
Inbred corn line 5020
Serpentine transmembrane antigens expressed in human cancers and uses thereof
Nematode neuromuscular junction GABA receptors and methods related thereto
Xylanase, microorganisms producing it, DNA molecules, methods for preparing this xylanase and uses o...
Gene encoding a protein having aurone synthesis activity
Protein and nucleic acid sequence encoding a krill-derived cold adapted trypsin-like activity enzyme
Production of microcrystalline cellulose
N-acetylglucosamine derivatives and use thereof
Therapy-enhancing glucan
Method for tracking and controlling infections
Maize bZIP transcription factors and genes encoding the same and use thereof
GDC-1 genes conferring herbicide resistance
GDC-2 genes conferring herbicide resistance
Method for recovering products
Vacuum boring and mud recovery system
Fluid filter with low-cost housing
Bailer having built-in filter
Pool skimmer
Pool skimmer screen
Fluid conditioner for reducing scale, corrosion and paraffin buildup in hydrocarbon piping
Apparatus for directing fluids through a filter system
Feed spacers for filtration membrane modules
Methods for the isolation, recovery and purification of non-polar compounds using novel hydrophobica...
Underdrain for filtration membrane
Methods for time-alignment of liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry data
Alginate gel based adsorbents for heavy metal removal
Fuel filter with restriction indicator, and method of using same
Automated capillary liquid chromatography small volume analysis system
Concrete product containing a mixture of bacillus microbial cells
Catalyst compositon for olefin polymerization
Guidewire bearing markings simplifying catheter selection
Substituted pyrazoline compounds, their preparation and use as medicaments
Compositions containing policosanol and omega-3 fatty acids and their pharmaceutical uses
Methods and compositions to promote bone homestasis
Methods and compositions for reducing C-reactive protein
Compositions comprising lycopene for the treatment and prevention of angiogenesis associated patholo...
Novel human membrane proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Medical information detection apparatus and health management system using the medical information d...
Orthopedic support
Devices and methods for attaching an endolumenal gastrointestinal implant
Suction assisted tissue plication device and method of use
Methods and devices for occlusion of an atrial appendage
Apparatus and methods for achieving prolonged maintenance of gastrointestinal tissue folds
Gastric reshaping devices and methods
Gastric retaining devices and methods
Therapy programming guidance based on stored programming history
Systems and methods for curbing appetite
Spatially decoupled twin secondary coils for optimizing transcutaneous energy transfer (TET) power t...
Azabicyclic, azatricyclic and azaspirocyclic derivatives of aminocyclohexane NMDA, 5HT3 and neuronal...
Novel compounds
Fused heterocyclic compounds and analogs thereof, modulators of nuclear hormone receptor function
Method for treating nervous system disorders and conditions
Method for treating nervous system disorders and conditions
Novel spiro-benzo[c]chromene derivatives useful as modulators of the estrogen receptors
Memantine for the treatment of mild and mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease
Methods and compositions for treating or preventing macular-degeneration related disorders
Rational evolution of cytokines for higher stability, the cytokines and encoding nucleic acid molecu...
Monoclonal antibodies to gastrin hormone
3-aminocyclopentanecarboxamides as modulators of chemokine receptors
Method for managing deselection of medicine
Mouse model for type II diabetes
Method of engine starting in a gas turbine engine
Evaluation system
Story interactive grammar teaching system and method
Interpretation phase for adaptive agent oriented software architecture
Speed wheel
Coin collection system for a gaming machine
Floating machine
Pool slide
Children's toy and bath soap assembly
Sheet member holder
Symbol display device for game machine
Knowledge-based casino game and method therefor
Monitor top typed simulation system and method for studying based on internet
Bubble generating assembly
Jumping can toy
Compact motion mechanism for an animated doll
Systems and method for determining performance metrics for constructing information systems
System and method for employing a process identifier to minimize aliasing in a linear-addressed cach...
Sorting method and apparatus using a CAM
Method of controlling storage device controlling apparatus, and storage device controlling apparatus
Method of hierarchical caching of configuration data having dataflow processors and modules having t...
System and method for simultaneous access of the same doubleword in cache storage
Method and apparatus for multithreaded cache with cache eviction based on thread identifier
Microprocessor, apparatus and method for selective prefetch retire
Mechanism for resolving ambiguous invalidates in a computer system
Task synchronization mechanism and method
Data sharing method, terminal, and medium on which program is recorded
Memory controller to communicate with memory devices that are associated with differing data/strobe ...
Computer storage restoration
Method and apparatus for segmenting memory based upon bandwidth of a data communication platform
Platform and method for remote attestation of a platform
Method and apparatus for securing volatile data in power failure in systems having redundancy
Hypervisor virtualization of OS console and operator panel
Server-independent object positioning for load balancing drives and servers
System and method for overrun catch-up in a real-time software
Digital signal processing device and a method and a Δ-σ sigma modulator using the same m...
Integrative encoding system and adaptive decoding system
Image coding device and method thereof and image decoding device and method thereof
Optical switching element, and switching device and image display apparatus each using the optical s...
Image projection apparatus, projection image pattern, laser drive apparatus, camera apparatus
Method and system for interactive digital radio broadcasting and music distribution
Wireless information communication method and its device
Method and apparatus for classifying signals method and apparatus for generating descriptors and met...
Digital signal processing method, learning method, apparatus thereof and program storage medium
Information processing apparatus, system and method, and recording medium
Dynamic graphical index of website content
Data rewriting apparatus, control method, and recording medium
Information providing apparatus and method, information processing apparatus and method, and program...
Public-key-encryption data-communication system and data-communication-system forming method
Method of and apparatus for restricting copy of digital information, and apparatus for recording dig...
Recording and/or playback apparatus and method
Locally stored content previews. Representative of programming content in an electronic programming ...
Enhancing broadcast of an event with synthetic scene using a depth map
Information providing system utilizing IC cards and method thereof
Person authentication system, person authentication method and program providing medium
Hands-free towel dispenser with EMF controller
Adjustable and collapsible display stand
Vehicle body structure with heat radiation insulating arrangement
Advanced micro-optics solar energy collection system
IR reflective pigment compositions
Microorganism-removing filter medium having high isoelectric material and low melt index binder
Absorbent article with phase change material
Scale with memory display function
Electronic lock system and method for its use with card only mode
Radio frequency identification architecture
Method of and computer for identifying reminder event
Satellite antenna station keeping
Current limiting device
Durable corrosion and ultraviolet-resistant silver mirror
Interference resistant wireless sensor and control system
Wireless, ground link-based aircraft data communication method
Method and apparatus for locomotive radio communications, with expansion capability
Method and apparatus for reaction wheel dynamic compensation in long-duration deployment of a large ...
Electronic gas flow measurement and recording device
Data processing apparatus
Liner contact automatic teat dip applicator
Enterprise workflow screen based navigational process tool system and method
System and method for determining methods and properties to be invoked on objects in a graphical pro...
Server-side code generation from a dynamic web page content file
XML-based graphical user interface application development toolkit
Apparatus and method of providing a pluggable user interface
Dynamic metabase store
Establishment of preferred business partners using a vendor certification program
Shared software breakpoints in a shared memory system
Updating a BIOS image by replacing a portion of the BIOS image with a portion of another BIOS image
Method for translating instructions in a speculative microprocessor featuring committing state
Device for rewriting software programs in peripheral devices connected to a network
Non-invasive automatic offsite patch fingerprinting and updating system and method
Apparatus and method for downloading data to electronic device
Method and system for offloading execution and resources for resource-constrained networked devices
Nanotube-based switching elements with multiple controls
Multipass optical retroreflector and method of using
Ultra-wideband antenna with wave driver and beam shaper
Acquisition system particularly suited for tracking targets having high bearing rates
Laser-based technique for producing and embedding electrochemical cells and electronic components di...
Thruster gas control mechanism
Methods for removing organolead compounds from non-aqueous compositions
Voice communications control system and method
Electronic check out system
Feature-based detection and context discriminate classification for known image structures
Variable power optical system
High-aperture projection lens
Wavefront aberrator and method of manufacturing
Variable-power optical system, projection optical system, and image projection apparatus using the s...
Zoom lens and projection display device which uses same
Two-group zoom lens
Zoom lens and photographing apparatus having the same
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus having zoom lens system
Long-throw, tight focusing optical coupler
Projection lens
Imaging lens
Compact magnifier for mounting to a portable video device
Laser beam transmission apparatus
Segmented modulator for high-speed opto-electronics
Optical modulator
Extended intensity-based optical sensor
Multi-bandwidth collimator
Apparatus and method for adjusting the spectral response of an optical waveguide grating
Optical waveform recognition and/or generation and optical switching
All optical logic gates
Self-configuring wireless system and a method to derive re-use criteria and neighboring lists theref...
Optical wireless networks with adjustable topologies
GPRS signaling via SMS messages
Wireless communication device with an improved antenna structure
Communication to one mobile station of update of call participation availability status of another m...
Lighting control system and method
Communication devices and method of communication
System for controlling operating information of construction machine and construction machine theref...
Flexible printed circuit board and foldable cell phone terminal
Method and system using delivery trucks to collect address location data
Cordless telephone system with wireless expansion peripherals
Radiolocation using path loss data
Telecommunications initiated data fulfillment system
System and method for monitoring receiving portion in wireless base station system, and recording me...
Methods and a user equipment for identification in a communications network
Cross-talk reduction in high speed electrical connectors
Central determination gaming system with a central controller providing a game outcome and a gaming ...
Gaming device with bonus scheme having multiple symbol movement and associated awards
Ground bus bar connector
High temperature circuit structures with thin film layer
Architecture and interconnect scheme for programmable logic circuits
Buried fiber optic system including a sub-distribution system and related methods
Fiber distribution frame having optical security and protection features
Synchronous-rectified DC to DC converter with improved current sensing
Methods for starting an internal combustion engine
Electrical system for turbine/alternator on common shaft
Line voltage variation compensation apparatus
Fuel cell power module and system including same
Protection method, control circuit, and battery unit
Battery power circuit and automobile battery power circuit
Engine generator
Flyback converter linearization methods and apparatus
Method of detecting switching power supply output current
Circuit design for a circuit for switching currents
Low dropout voltage regulator using a depletion pass transistor
Circuit arrangement for voltage regulation
System and method for providing digital pulse width modulation
LED driving device
Quasi-resonant DC-DC converters with reduced body diode loss
Method of analyzing the time-varying electrical response of a stimulated target substance
Bioabsorbable implant
Suture passing surgical instrument
Surgical tool system
Systems and methods for determining optimal retractor length in minimally invasive procedures
Neurostimulation system with distributed stimulators
Methods and systems for management of alzheimer's disease
System, method and apparatus for evaluating tissue temperature
System, method and apparatus for evaluating tissue temperature
Composite vascular graft having bioactive agent
Facet-preserving artificial disc replacements
System for articular surface replacement
Shoulder implant assembly
Prosthesis device for the ankle articulation
Oxidized zirconium on a porous structure for bone implant use
Methods and apparatus for manipulation and/or detection of biological samples and other objects
Molecular flux rates through critical pathways measured by stable isotope labeling in vivo, as bioma...
System and method for improved surgical workflow development
Antibody production methods related to disruption of peripheral tolerance in B lymphocytes
Cell in which genome is modified
Group 1 CD1 transgenic mice and their uses
Four color liquid crystal display and panel therefor
Plasmin variants and uses thereof
Nano-calorimeter device and associated methods of fabrication and use
Methods for producing di-block polymers
Method for using very small particles as obscurants and taggants
Prenatal screening
Lettuce variety nascent
Lettuce variety nasimento
Promoter sequences providing male tissue-preferred expression in plants
Soybean cultiver 927013
Soybean cultivar S030136
Cytokinin oxidase sequences and methods of use
Promoter, promoter control elements, and combinations, and uses thereof
Nutritional supplements containing methylselenocysteine
Compositions and methods for control of insect infestations in plants
Identification of novel e2f target genes and use thereof
Methods for modifying plant characteristics
Soy compositions having improved organoleptic properties and methods of generation
Stress tolerance and delayed senescence in plants
Synthetic DNA sequence having enhanced insecticidal activity in maize
Genes encoding proteins with pesticidal activity
Potato cultivar FL 2048
Pear tree named 'Nellie'
Low flicker noise current-folded mixer
Dynamic creation, selection, and scheduling of radio frequency communications
System and method for communications in a multi-platform environment
Service area determination method for determining whether a mobile terminal is in the service area o...
QoS differentiation for WCDMA services mapped onto an E-DCH channel
Channel allocation for access point in mesh network
Reducing delay in setting up calls
Method for handling service requests in a mobile telecommunication network
Method of controlling a processor for radio isolation using a timer
Method for effecting wireless communication between radio stations and device for carrying out the m...
Radio communication device and associated coupling structure comprising at least one conductor board...
Method and apparatus for radio system with multiple communication modes
Compensating for radiation pattern in radio system, and radio system
Integrated circuit package
Apparatus and method for saving power of a mobile communication terminal
Remote gaming eligibility system and method using RFID tags
Intra-subject device and related medical device
Acoustic signal transmission method and acoustic signal transmission apparatus
Portable radio terminal
Apparatus and method for robust classification of audio signals, and method for establishing and ope...
Dynamic selection and scheduling of radio frequency communications
Shoe structure
Shoe with a composite insole
Footwear outsole
Article of footwear with retractable protrusion
Snap block structure for bicycle-use shoes
Instant custom moldable insole
Reviewing cached user-group information in connection with issuing a digital rights management (DRM)...
Method and apparatus for measuring similarity among electronic documents
Image processing apparatus, image processing system and image processing method
Digital camera and printing system
Print system
Printer apparatus, control method and control program therefor, and computer-readable storage medium...
Matching of digital images to acquisition devices
Method and apparatus for uniformity and brightness correction in an OLED display
Film bridge assembly for a digital film scanning system
Gesture recognition
Method, apparatus and system for data block rearrangement for LZ data compression
Wall and floor construction arrangements and methods
Curved ceiling panel
Structural panel and method of fabrication
Foamed cement compositions, additives, and associated methods
Noise and vibration mitigating mat
Pulverulent materials
Systems and methods for the detection of termites
Radiography by selective detection of scatter field velocity components
Drywall fastener