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Speaker grille frame
Titanium dioxide-calcium carbonate composite particles
Process for preparing microporous crystalline titanium silicate
NOx, Hg, and SO2 removal using ammonia
H2O2 decomposition catalyst
Boron-oxide and related compounds for hydrogen storage
Rare earth zeolite Y and the preparation process thereof
Precious metal catalyst for debenzylation
Zinc chloride-loaded support and method for producing the same
System and method for copying and transmitting telephony conversations
System and method for consumer-initiated business solicitation calling system
Intelligent access control system
Control interface for linking a computer supported telephony application with a PBX switch utilizing...
Variable sidetone system for reducing amplitude induced distortion
Apparatus and method for detecting far end speech
Method and apparatus for gradual application of a hitless monitoring access to a communications circ...
Mirror-communication system
Wireless telephone system with mobile instruments for outgoing calls
Means and method for preventing unauthorized use of a mobile phone
Method for facilitating electronic communications
Use of personal communication devices for user authentication
Method and system for monitoring problem resolution of a machine
3-in-1 anti-noise radio sound-collection device
Method and apparatus for continuously controlling the dynamic range from an analog-to-digital conver...
Control device, control method, electric apparatus, control method of an electric apparatus, electri...
Self-monitoring radio network
Programmable controller with RF wireless interface
Efficiency of power amplifiers in devices using transmit beamforming
Class-L power-output amplifier
Radio frequency signal attenuation circuitry and gain controlling unit
Determination and processing for fractional-N programming values
Noise removal apparatus and an FM receiver
Radio receiver having an adaptive equalizer and method therefor
Apparatus for generating multiple radio frequencies in communication circuitry and associated method...
Apparatus and method for automatically switching communication/communication suppression mode of wir...
Mobile telecommunications system that is robust with respect to radio network controller failures
Radio terminal, communication control method and computer program
Radio communication method in a tree-structured radio communication terminal network
Telemetry duty cycle management system for an implantable medical device
Automatic player musical instrument for exactly reproducing performance and automatic player incorpo...
Keyboard musical instrument equipped with automatic top board spacer
Stringed instrument with tonal control
Hold down clamp
Singing voice synthesizing method
Gold alloy bonding wire for semiconductor device
Web-based medical diagnostic and training system
Equipment service vehicle with network-assisted vehicle service and repair
Technique for suggesting facilities in route navigation
Method for determining and tracking the position and orientation of a magnetic field sensor
Mechanical-electrical template based method and apparatus
Method, product, and apparatus for requesting a resource from an identifier having a character image
Position detector and attitude detector
Method, system and program product for specifying a dial group for a digital system described by a h...
Design of a pointerless BDD package
Use of time step information in a design verification system
Method, structure, and computer program product for implementing high frequency return current paths...
Methods and arrangements for automatically interconnecting cores in systems-on-chip
Technique for scheduling execution of jobs for or by network-connected devices
Generating mask patterns for alternating phase-shift mask lithography
System for preventing periodic load balancing if processor associated with lightest local run queue ...
Lock free reference counting
System and method for introducing enhanced features into a java swing application program interface
Host-based systematic attack detection tool
Deer and game feeder
Graphic adventure gaming machine
Lottery ticket distribution system
Game machine, game music output method, information storage medium, game program distribution device...
Gaming machine with visual and audio indicia changed over time
Video game controller with rechargeable battery system
Brightness adjusting apparatus of reflective type liquid crystal display device and program of game ...
System and method for providing user input to character animation
Method for dimensioning a riser element with integrated auxiliary lines
Methods and modules for an underground assembly for storm water retention or detention
System for anchoring fabric panels
Closed modular ditch liners
Application of inert gas mixtures to prevent and/or to control sulfide mineral oxidation and the gen...
Method and apparatus for consolidating earth strata
Lift cylinder assembly
Soil replacement product
Lightweight internet protocol encapsulation (LIPE) scheme for multimedia traffic transport
Business method and apparatus for employing induced multimedia classifiers based on unified represen...
Information processing apparatus, information delivery system, information processing method, and re...
Fixed point multiplying apparatus and method using encoded multiplicand
Client/server multimedia presentation system
Method and system for network security management
Utilization of wolinella succinogenes asparaginase to treat diseases associated with asparagine depe...
Protein delivery system using human papillomavirus virus-like particles
Proteins and nucleic acids encoding same
Method for isolating a polynucleotide of interest from the genome of a mycobacterium using a BAC-bas...
Isolated human transporter proteins, nucleic acid molecules, encoding human transporter proteins, an...
Mutant carbamoylphosphate synthetase and method for producing compounds derived from carbamoylphosph...
Gridlock nucleic acid molecules, polypeptides, and diagnostic and therapeutic methods
Diphenylazetidinones, process for their preparation, medicaments comprising these compounds and thei...
Cytokine production inhibitors, agents for protecting and promoting liver function, anti-inflammator...
Tricyclic macrolide antibacterial compounds
Methods and compositions for nucleic acid delivery
Combating side-effects
Use of N-acetyl-D-glucosamine in the manufacture of a medicament for treating cervical erosion
Recombinant gelatins
Nucleic acids encoding Eph-like receptor tyrosine kinases
Oligo- or polynucleotides comprising phosphate-moiety labeled nucleotides
DNA isolation method
Method for isolating DNA from biological materials
Highly sulfated derivatives of K5 polysaccharide and their preparation
Plant UDP-glucose epimerases
Regulated expression of genes in plant seeds
Macrolide analogs
Transcriptionally-activated AAV inverted terminal repeats (ITRs) for use with recombinant AAV vector...
Novel bone mineralization proteins, DNA, vectors, expression systems
Polynucleotide encoding autoantigens associated with endometriosis
Polynucleotide encoding autoantigens associated with endometriosis
Anti-angiogenic polypeptides
EphA2 T-cell epitopes and uses therefor
Novel 4-oxoquinoline compound and use thereof as HIV integrase inhibitor
Process for the preparation of azithromycin monohydrate isopropanol clathrate
Modulation of immunostimulatory properties of oligonucleotide-based compounds by optimal presentatio...
Drug-carrier complexes and methods of use thereof
Immunostimulatory nucleic acids for inducing IL-10 responses
Modulation of immunostimulatory properties of oligonucleotide-based compounds by utilizing modified ...
Immunostimulatory oligonucleotide multimers
Antisense modulation of MEKK4 expression
Nucleic acid adjuvants
Novel mRNA splice variant of the doublecortin-like kinase gene and its use in cancer diagnosis and t...
Method of aminoacylating trna
Methods for identifying modulators of transcriptional activator protein interactions
Filter element
Water filter and pump
Hydrate desalination for water purification
Underdrain system
Water, sediment/fuel separator for fuel checker
Switchable diesel fuel filter assembly
Filter having a media retaining plate
Hollow fiber contactor systems for removal of lipids from fluids
Apparatus and method for the treatment of waste
Optical isomer separating filler, production method therefor and application method therefor
Treatment process for removing radioactive thorium from solvent extraction liquid effluent
Process for the recovery of fluorosurfactants by active charcoal
Process for removing organics from ultrapure water
Solids retention in stormwater system
Free radical generator and method
Structure and process for continuously treating dental unit water
Filtering method
Flow-through drum centrifuge
Doped titanium oxides
System for the control and monitoring of sanitary appliances
Guggulsterone: an inhibitor of nuclear factor - kappaB and IkappaBalpha kinase activation and uses t...
Methods for treating and preventing insulin resistance and related disorders
RNA interference mediated inhibtion of protein tyrosine phosphatase-1B (PTP-1B) gene expression usin...
Treating bone-related disorders with selective androgen receptor modulators
Estrogen administration for treating male cognitive dysfunction or improving male cognitive function
Metal complex glycogen synthase kinase 3 inhibitors
Homopiperidine derivatives as NK-1 antagonists
Cyclopentylamine and cyclohexylamine derivatives as NK-1/SSRI antagonists
Methylidene-D-xylopyranosyl- and oxo-D-xylopyranosyl-substituted phenyl derivatives, medicaments con...
Benzothiazole derivatives
Method for reducing the likelihood of the occurrence of cardiac arrhythmias
Immunity-related protein kinase inhibitors
Modulators of muscarinic receptors
Compositions comprising 5-alpha reductase inhibitors and SERMs and methods of use thereof
Histamine-3 receptor antagonist
Compositions containing policosanol and biotin and their pharmaceutical uses
Posh nucleic acids, polypeptides and related methods
Methods and kits for analyzing polynucleotide sequences
Tumor suppressor CAR-1
Interleukin-8 homologous polypeptides and therapeutic uses thereof
Cell regulatory genes, encoded products, and uses related thereto
CIS-interactions between MHC molecules and co-expressed proteins, related neurological and non-neuro...
Use of three-dimensional microfabricated tissue engineered systems for pharmacologic applications
CD44 polypeptides, polynucleotides encoding same, antibodies directed thereagainst and method of usi...
Hyperthermic inducible expression vectors for gene therapy and methods of use thereof
Modulation of synaptogenesis
Neuregulin based methods and compositions for treating cardiovascular diseases
Method for treating cardiac remodeling following myocardial injury
Conopeptides and methods of use
RNA interference mediated inhibition of stromal cell-derived factor-1 (SDF-1) gene expression using ...
Tricyclic-heteroaryl compounds useful as kinase inhibitors
Granzyme b inhibitors
Method for treating nervous system disorders and conditions
Novel piperidyl derivatives of quinazoline and isoquinoline
Spirocyclic compounds useful as modulators of nuclear hormone receptor function
Azabicyclic, azatricyclic and azaspirocyclic derivatives of aminocyclohexane NMDA, 5HT3 and neuronal...
Methods and apparatus for generating a data structure indicative of an alarm system circuit
Energy minimization for classification, pattern recognition, sensor fusion, data compression, networ...
System and method for implementing real-time applications based on stochastic compute time algorithm...
Distance measure for probability distribution function of mixture type
System and method for converting a color formula using an artificial intelligence based conversion m...
Interactive simulations utilizing a remote knowledge base
Mechanism and method for continuous operation of a rule server
Intelligence system and a method of generating flags for use therein
Timing adjustment of clock signals in a digital circuit
Liquid container for calculator
Pet amusement device
Method and system for weighting model railroad cars
Valve for inflatable article
Revolving target amusement apparatus
Playing table having a light emitting effect
Portable board multi-game set
Automatic resetting shooting gallery
Box games and activities
Activity toy
Swivel air passing joint for an inflatable mannequin
Expression-varying device
Playing card supply method and apparatus
Elevated wood and concrete racetrack for go-karts and associated methods
Sound producing play apparatus
Climbing steps for playground structure
Foldable structure
Data storage and communication network for use with exercise units
Toy with remotely controlled security alarm
Memory access device, semiconductor device, memory access method, computer program and recording med...
Agent for preventing, improving or treating hypertension
Solid-state electric device
Electronic unit integrated into a flexible polymer body
Methods for modulating phototoxicity
Diarylselenide compounds and their use in human or veterinary medicine and in cosmetics
Niobium based paints and coatings, its oxides and anticorrosive use
Single-source precursors for ternary chalcopyrite materials, and methods of making and using the sam...
Integrated engine welder and electric compressor
Radiation image converting panel and production method of the same
Structure and method for fabricating semiconductor structures and devices utilizing piezoelectric ma...
Electronic device and process for forming same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Light-emitting unit, light-emitting unit assembly, and lighting apparatus produced using a plurality...
Multi-layer highly reflective ohmic contacts for semiconductor devices
Wind-driven power station
System and method for tracking movement of individuals
Marker lights for wireless doorbell transmitters and other devices
Signal dividing circuit and semiconductor device
Multi-conjugate liquid crystal tunable filter
Heating apparatus with special selective radiant material partially coated thereon
System and method for electronic business transaction of trading cards
Method and system of communication for automated inventory systems
Transaction tax collection system and method
System and method for allocating a conditional purchase offer for a travel related services reservat...
User interface for semi-fungible trading
Method and system for performing CRA, HMDA, and fair lending analysis and reporting for a financial ...
Method and device utilizing polymorphic data in e-commerce
Bar coded bill payment system and method
Method and mechanism for vending digital content
Method and apparatus for distributing multimedia programs
System and method for managing accounts
Electronic bartering system
Data providing system, data providing apparatus and method, data acquisition system and method, and ...
Ground-based travel portal
Context administrator
Creation of customized web pages for use in a system of dynamic trading of knowledge, goods and serv...
Method of creating data streams for user-specific usage data gathering systems
Method and system for providing client privacy when requesting content from a public server
Method and system for licensing a software product
System and method for facilitating user interaction in a browser environment
Listing activities in a graphical user interface in a collaborative work tool Architecture
Method for fast design of multi-objective frequency-shaping equalizers
Method, apparatus, and program for a state machine framework
Apparatus and method for integrated software documentation
Method and apparatus for developing enterprise applications using design patterns
Method for enabling a compiler or interpreter to use identifiers found at run time in a map containe...
Method and system for modeling a legacy computer system
Configuration tool for building a user application for multiple operating systems
Method and system for web based software object testing
Systems and methods for table driven automation testing of software programs
Conditional debug monitors
Dynamic registration of dynamically generated code and corresponding unwind information
Placing exception throwing instructions in compiled code
Compiler with dynamic lexical scanner adapted to accommodate different character sets
Compiler for parallel computer
Annotations to executable images for improved dynamic optimization functions
Dynamic compilation control
Optimization apparatus that decreases delays in pipeline processing of loop and computer-readable st...
Method and apparatus for multi-versioning loops to facilitate modulo scheduling
Method and apparatus for renewing software in a software-operated machine
Diagrammatic control of software in a version control system
Installing software on a mobile computing device using the rollback and security features of a confi...
Method and apparatus to verify type safety of an application snapshot
Method of manufacturing a micrometer-scaled electronic-charge-transferring device
Tunable chiral film optical filter
Folded foil and metal fiber braid electrical current collector brush
Methods for removing organolead compounds from aqueous compositions
Strength strand construction for a longitudinal section of a cable
Hollow core photonic band gap infrared fibers
Tidal seepage meter
Lens sheet and method for producing it
Production method of microlens array, liquid crystal display device and production method thereof, a...
Color combining optical system, projection-type display optical system, projection-type image displa...
Objective with birefringent lenses
Zoom lens and imaging device
Lens barrel having cam-cylinder with cam-groove and varying wall thickness, lens barrel having guide...
Hybrid lens and projection optical system including the same
Objective lens with the diffractive surface for DVD/CD compatible optical pickup
Lens system and optical device having the same
Photographing lens
Imaging lens system
Optical device, optical system, method of production of same, and mold for production of same
Precision optical wedge light beam scanner
System and method for providing a hermetically sealed lens and window assembly
Interchangeable objective for integrated rangefinder cameras
Micro reader scan engine with prism
Heat controlled optoelectrical unit
System having a rotating optical system and a non-planar prism that are used to obtain print and oth...
Zoom and focus control method and system
WDM transmitter
Electromagnetic signal sensing system
Frequency generating system for a mobile radio dual-band transceiver
Mobile radio communication terminal
Method and apparatus for inter-cell handover in wireless networks using multiple protocols
Wireless monitor tool for a mobile station
Communication device with history based alerts and method therefor
Waterproof transceiver having PTT switch, sound input/output portion and main portion formed into in...
Portable telephone, control method thereof, and recording medium therefor
Hands-free device for operating mobile telephones in motor vehicles with a module-changing mechanism
Integrated, interactive telephone and computer network communications system
System and method for pushing personalized content to small footprint devices
System and method for migration of subscriber data
Coaxial connector
Gaming device having multiple symbol displays
Gaming device having multiple symbol displays
Gaming device having a card game with negative impact cards
Method and system for text-to-speech conversion of caller information
Apparatus and method for improved business form with integrated card
Anti-counterfeiting see-through security feature using line patterns
Labels with removable section for in-mold production of in-mold labeled molded containers
Method for administering a cytokine to the central nervous system and the lymphatic system
Physiological tissue repair and functional organ regeneration by cultivation of regenerative stem ce...
Stilbene compounds comprising an adamantyl group, compositions and methods thereof
Methods and systems for allowing third party client applications to influence implementation of high...
Auto playlist generator
Managed file system filter model and architecture
Marker projectile
Apparatus and methods for keyboard data normalization
Method for controlling peripheral device, program for executing same method, storage device storing ...
Data storage system having two disk drive controllers each having transmit and receive path connecte...
Enhanced general input/output architecture and related methods for establishing virtual channels the...
Arbitration method for a source strobed bus
Management methods and apparatus that are independent of operating systems
Portable computing device-integrated appliance
System-on-a-chip having an on-chip processor and an on-chip dynamic random access memory (DRAM)
Dual-mode flash storage exchanger that transfers flash-card data to a removable USB flash key-drive ...
Single request data transfer regardless of size and alignment
Data storage system having separate data transfer section and message network with plural directors ...
Load balancing storage system
Prestaging data into cache in preparation for data transfer operations
Method and computer product for offloading processing tasks from software to hardware
Automatically configuring storage array including plurality of media storage devices for storing and...
Integrated circuits for multi-tasking support in single or multiple processor networks
Common communication system for control instruments
System and method for data processing system planar authentication
Method and appratus for power throttling in a multi-thread processor
Timer management for reducing power consumption and workload in computers
Method and apparatus for high-speed network adapter failover
Digital signature generation for hardware functional test
Scanning latches using selecting array
Transferring metadata to a client
Method and apparatus for capturing and rendering text annotations for non-modifiable electronic cont...
Web page personalization
Editing repeating calendar events
Method to employ multiple, alternative presentations within a single presentation
Scaling icons for representing files
Interactive graphical user interfaces for computer display systems with simplified implementation fo...
Managing long-lived resource locks in a multi-system mail infrastructure
Method and system for enabling a server application to be executed in the same virtual machine as a ...
Method for testing converted source code
Data cube script development and debugging systems and methodologies
Translation of comments in code
Multidimensional database query extension systems and methods
Exception handling in the processing of proposal requests in a grid computing environment
Apparatus and method for updating I/O capability of a logically-partitioned computer system
Vehicle antitheft device
Target awareness determination system and method
Display apparatus for vehicle
Power circuit device for vehicles and control method thereof
Integrating apparatus
Active noise control system
Method and apparatus for estimating inter-vehicle distance using radar and camera
Load anticipating engine/transmission control system
Vehicular controller
Copyright management apparatus, copyrighted-work distribution apparatus, and copyrighted-work distri...
Engine valve actuation system
Control device and control program product for engine
Variable valve actuation mechanism having an integrated rocker arm, input cam follower and output ca...
Determining the satisfiability and transitive closure of conditions in a query
Grayscale security microprinting for identification cards
Method and system for delivery of a facsimile using coded marks
Method, system and program product for automatically retrieving documents
Searching apparatus and searching method using pattern of which sequence is considered
Radiation curable laminating adhesives based on cycloaliphatic carboxylic acid functional monomers
Liquid metal contact reed relay with integrated electromagnetic actuator
Discharge lamp lighting circuit
Method for patterning carbon nanotube coating and carbon nanotube wiring
Method of making a semiconductor package device that includes an insulative housing with first and s...
Forming a contact in a thin-film device
Perylene derivatives and their application as dispersants
Monoazo lake pigment composition and gravure ink using the same
Water-developable photosensitive resin for flexography
Method for producing an optical information recording medium
Polyester tackifier and adhesive composition
Methacrylate structural adhesive
Latex binder for nonwoven fibers and article made therewith
Thick film compositions containing pyrochlore-related compounds
Fuel cartridge with thermo-degradable barrier system
Extractable conversion plug with a safety protection means
Magnetron cathode assembly
Method and apparatus for channel estimation
Scanning a protocol signal into an IC for performing a circuit operation
Enabling at speed application of test patterns associated with a wide tester interface on a low pin ...
Hold time error correction method and correction program for integrated circuits
Variable stage ratio buffer insertion for noise optimization in a logic network
Method and apparatus for performing technology mapping
Advanced design format library for integrated circuit design synthesis and floorplanning tools
Thin film electrode for forming ohmic contact in light emitting diodes and laser diodes using nickel...
Channel-less separation of bioparticles on a bioelectronic chip by dielectrophoresis
Method for error correction decoding in an MRAM device (historical erasures)
Magnetoresistive element and magnetic memory unit
Piezoelectric mixing method
Single molecule detection of bio-agents using the F1-ATPase biomolecular motor
Car receptors and related molecules and methods
Screening, diagnostic and therapeutic methods relating to RIZ
Human poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase 2 materials and methods
Bacteriocins and novel bacterial strains
Barrel handling system
Reclaimed magnesium desulfurization agent
Liquid transfer apparatus and reaction vessel
Upholstery fabric tack strips
Composite paper material with a pressure-sensitive adhesive coating finished to be resistant to repu...
Fiber-optic flow cell and method relating thereto
Recirculating air snow melting pad system
Method, device, system and recording medium for detecting improper cartridge, and cartridge
Hydrogen production using hydrogenase-containing oxygenic photosynthetic organisms
Method, device, system and recording medium for detecting improper cartridge, and cartridge
Apparatus for making tires filled with flatproofing material
Friction stir rivet drive system and stir riveting methods
Method and system for utilizing waste
Printhead capping arrangement
Method and apparatus for determining blood flow during a vascular corrective procedure
Biased vascular temperature measuring device
Endovascular prostethic devices having hook and loop structures
Composition for coating an implantable prosthesis
Cellulite reducing bench
Apparatus for equalizing air pressure in air respiratory system
Metering valve for aerosol container
Method and apparatus for admission management in wireless communication systems
Method of supporting seamless hand-off in a mobile telecommunications network
Method and apparatus for frequency offset estimation and interleaver synchronization using periodic ...
Methods and devices for scheduling transmissions in interference-limited networks
High speed syndrome-based FEC encoder and decoder and system using same
Method and apparatus for MAP decoding of first-order reed muller codes and related error correction ...
Pharmaceutically active ornithine derivatives, ammonium salts thereof and methods of making same
Method for the isomerization of allyl alcohols
Artificial fingernail remover
Apparatus and methods for a customer to produce and dispense automobile appearance care products
Reactive dyes and use thereof for dyeing substrates containing nucleophilic groups
Delivery of reactive agents via self emulsification for use in shelf-stable products
Emulsifier-free finely disperse systems of the oil-in-water and water-in-oil type
Method and apparatus for blow molding large reinforced plastic parts
Electrostatic capacitance tilt angle sensor
Method of coating microelectronic substrates
Method for restoring a fat-pad
System and method for timed profile changes on a mobile device
Ink correction pad
System and method for synchronizing objects between two devices
Type font
Method and apparatus for network independent initiation of telephony
Implicit page breaks for digitally represented handwriting
Formation of arrays of microelectronic elements
Adhering layers to metals with dielectric adhesive layers
Power converter cooling
Method for making an integrated circuit of the surface-mount type and resulting circuit
Molds configured to pattern masses associated with semiconductor constructions
Stacked piezoelectric device
Storage apparatus having a planar electron emitter
Method for controlling the target bit error rate of each packet in wired and wireless video communic...
Prepaid phone service for both wired and wireless telecommunication devices
Distributed topology control for wireless multi-hop sensor networks
Wireless repeater with intelligent signal display
Wireless apparatus having a transceiver equipped to support multiple wireless communication protocol...
Multi-node point-to-point satellite communication system employing multiple geo satellites
Method and system for label edge routing in a wireless network
Methods and apparatus for selecting between multiple carriers using a single receiver chain tuned to...
Method and system for improving throughput over wireless local area networks with mode switching
CSMA wireless LAN having antenna device and terminal station
Assigning physical channels to time slot sequences in a hybrid time division multiple access/code di...
System and method for received signal prediction in wireless communications systems
Short voice message (SVM) service method, apparatus and system
Vehicular monitoring systems with a multi-window display
Wide band gap bipolar transistor with reduced thermal runaway
Power transfer apparatus for concurrently transmitting data and power over data wires
Information manager method and system
Liquid crystal display device having a patterned spacer and method of fabricating the same
Magnetic tape and manufacturing method thereof, and servo writer and servo write method
Disk writer and writing method thereof
Method for transmitting message in paging channel
Semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for providing a dynamic resource role model for subscriber-requester based prot...
Apparatus for and method of transforming scanning format
Circuit and method for full search block matching
Audio system and method
Method and apparatus for monitoring WDM optical signal
Comfortable serving tray
Treatment of diabetes
Method for enrichment of natural antisense messenger RNA
Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding human drug metabolizing proteins
Full-gene sequence of the donkey leukocyte vaccine strain of the equine infectious anemia virus and ...
Methods to mobilize progenitor/stem cells
Device for Internet-worm treatment and system patch using movable storage unit, and method thereof
Calendar slide
Accelerated data navigation
Touch base user interface service selection icon for a portion of an image processing office machine
Systems and methods for induction heating of a heatable fuser member using a ferromagnetic layer
Inkjet ink and inkjet recording method
Method for converting color to monochrome to maintain differentiability
Image forming apparatus and driving device for image carrying member with banding suppression
Semiconductor device having DAC channels for video signals
Column read amplifier power-gating technique for integrated circuit memory devices and those devices...
Method for writing data to a semiconductor memory comprising a peripheral circuit section and a memo...
Acyl fluoride activation of carboxysilyl-coated glass substrates
Semiconductor device having multiple insulation layers
Electronic device and method for manufacturing the same
Organic EL display apparatus and method of controlling the same
Display device using bidirectional two-terminal element and manufacturing method thereof
Azo compound, colorant-containing curable composition, color filter and color filter production meth...
Group III nitride contact structures for light emitting devices
Active matrix type display device and method of manufacturing the same
Antenna and method for manufacturing the same
Color developing agent, azo dye, silver halide photographic light-sensitive material, and image-form...
Active matrix display device
Capillary array and related methods
Direct encapsulation of biomacromolecules in surfactant templated mesoporous and nanoporous material...
Preparation of olefins, particularly of propylene, by dehydrogenation
Environmental wipe solvent compositions and processes
Method of manufacturing large capacity preforms by MCVD
Method of roll grinding
Antipicornaviral compounds and compositions, their pharmaceutical uses, and materials for their synt...
Light-emitting device, and electric device using the same
Light emissive iridium (III) complexes
Magnetic ink character reading apparatus and magnetic ink character reading method
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus using the same
Optical scanning apparatus
Three-level air-clad rare-earth doped fiber laser/amplifier
Optical isolator
Optically powered optically controlled optical switch
Optical connection device
High refractive index aromatic-based siloxane monofunctional macromonomers
Apparatuses for in-situ optical endpointing on web-format planarizing machines in mechanical or chem...
Alternating aperture phase-shift mask fabrication method
Bladeshaft assembly for a powered saw or cutting machine
Ball bearing and lubricating method thereof
Spherical plain bearing
Bearing structure
Bearing insert with controlled endplay
Roller bearing with cage fastener
Rolling bearing with built-in motor
Synchronization modelling using templates and network management system
Apparatus and method for managing network and computer-readable recording medium thereof
System for selecting data communications service
Flame retardant fabric
Catalyst support
Catalysts for the oxidation of unsaturated aldehydes to produce carboxylic acids and methods of maki...
Aqueous film-forming mixtures and conformable films and articles made therefrom
Melt compounded fusion bonded marine anti-fouling coating
Ink jet white ink and titanium dioxide slurry therefor
Method for polishing a memory or rigid disk with a phosphate ion-containing polishing system
Methods to produce gel sheets
Coated media
Ceramic to noble metal braze and method of manufacture
Solvent welding process
Tension activatable substrate
Solid fabric conditioning compositions
Flexible brush comprising a mixture of polymers
Storage container
Pharmaceutical compositions for treating bone lesions in multiple myeloma
Flexible eyeglass side shield
Treatment of pain
Fuel cell system
Water recycling in fuel cell systems
Fuel cell power plant used as reformate generator
Power generation method
Determining the dielectric properties of wood
Methods and materials for the preparation and purification of halogenated hydrocarbons
Film for fastening cargo during transportation and method for fastening cargo using the same
Latent effects projection system
Electrophoresis gels with incorporated indicia
Range finder
Specialty media window
Cutting apparatus with a light-emitting unit for alignment of a workpiece
Lighting apparatus
Lamp housing containing an integrated LED support structure
Light panel with enlarged viewing window
Method and a device for illumination
Illumination assembly usable with a plurality of devices
Vehicular lamp with current limiting circuit
Multiple source collimated beam luminaire
Replacement LED lamp assembly and modulated power intensity for light source
Energy efficient lighting apparatus and use thereof
Lighting system
Illumination obscurement device
Recognition/anti-collision light for aircraft
Backlight module and liquid crystal display formed therefrom
Clock generation circuit, data transfer control device, and electronic instrument
Optical wavelength cross connect architectures using wavelength routing elements
Optical multi-band device with grating
Stray light absorber including grating array
Optical path with electrically conductive cladding
Circuit and method for decoding an encoded version of an image having a first resolution directly in...
Adaptive encoding and decoding of bi-level images
Electronic camera and image processing program
Image coding
Multiple coder technique
Segmented video coding and decoding method and system
Image signal processing apparatus
System for manipulating noise in digital images
Systems and methods for correlating images in an image correlation system with reduced computational...
Truss plate detector
Integer cosine transform matrix for picture coding
Navigation of medical instrument
Apparatus and method for rotating avian enclosures
Small animal bathing apparatus
Handle assembly for fishing reel
Inland aquaculture of marine life using water from a saline aquifer
Fluid delivery valve system and method
Scooping assembly
Portable scale having actuatable grip device
Systems and methods for producing superradiance using molecular magnets
Method of manufacturing a filament formed reinforcement member and a run flat tire support therewith
Method to monitor chemical reactions in a micro-reactor by measuring an electrical current
Device for carrying out chemical reactions
Nonwoven webs treated with fixed mobile materials
Fired spinel complex oxide and method for preparing the same
Aqueous emulsion comprising ethylene-vinylester copolymer
Material for forming resin suitable for cutting, molded resin product as raw material for model, and...
Coating liquid for producing insulating film having low dielectric constant
Process for the preparation of active somatotropin from inclusion bodies
Oxygen tailoring of polyethylene film resins
Acetic anhydride, method of purifying crude acetic anhydride, and method of producing polyoxytetrame...
Organometallic compound vaporizing/feeding system
Method for manufacturing glass-base-material by measuring the weight of the material
Method for handling high-viscosity substances
Conveyor belt cleaner scraper blade with sensor and control system therefor
Durable supports for labeling and relabeling objects
Combination money clip and transmitting and receiving device
Non-quasistatic phase lock loop frequency divider circuit
Object tracking
Method of displaying measurement result in inspection process and system thereof, and computer progr...
Programmable signal analysis device for detecting neurological signals in an implantable device
Auxiliary reactor for a hydrocarbon reforming system
Poly (arylene ether sulfone) having sulfoalkoxy group, process of producing the same, and polymer el...
Modified polybenzimidazole (PBI) membranes for enhanced polymer electrochemical cells
Semiconductor wafer plating cell assembly
Hydrophilic side-chain polymer electrolyte membranes
Amonafide salts
Hygienic treatments of body structures
Extruded tubing with discontinuous striping
Method of making a bifurcated stent with improved side branch aperture
Adjustment of the breakpoint of the rate response curve based on minute ventilation values
Health monitoring system for a partitioned architecture
Composition for conditioning water used in aquariums
Drill bit and method for grinding a drill bit
Method and apparatus to reduce RF power deposition during MR data acquisition
Organic light-emitting diode devices having reduced ambient-light reflection and method of making th...
Mixed metal catalyst comprising a combustible binder, its process of preparation and use
Process for regenerating a slurry fischer-tropsch catalyst
Methods of preparing polysilynes
Microwave induced process for the preparation of substituted 4-vinylphenols
Nested core gas turbine engine
Method for making extreme ultraviolet lithography structures
Light weight porous structure
Outlets for a pyrolytic waste treatment system
Hydrogen and liquid fuel injection system
Rivet, riveted joint structure riveting apparatus, and riveting method
Methods of manufacturing electron-emitting device, electron source, and image forming apparatus
Devices and techniques for treating glaucoma
Lock and switch using pressure-type fingerprint sensor
Manufacturing method for a composite coil spring
Shaft driven bicycle and transmission therefor
Vibration suppressed bicycle structure
Portable folding bicycle
Front bicycle derailleur
Pyrrolidine bicyclic compounds and its derivatives, compositions and methods of use
Seal assembly for a bicycle bottom bracket
Bicycle rack anti-sway stabilizer
Electronically servo-assisted bicycle gearshift and related method
Suspension for bicycle seat and handlebar support
Wheel lights
Rocker arm assembly for the rear derailleur of a bicycle
Transmission device for introducing a shift movement into a bicycle internal gear hub
Method for preparing acryl based impact-reinforcement
Apparatus and method for providing items of value in cooperation with operation of a companion devic...
Ocular analyte sensor
Intraocular lenses made from polymeric compositions and monomers useful in said compositions
Multifocal ophthalmic lenses
Methods and compositions usable in cataract surgery
Accomodative intraocular lens
Ultra-wide band pulse dispersion spectrometry method and apparatus providing multi-component composi...
Bushing and glass fiber producing method
Pain relieving pressure maintenance apparatus and method
Mammalian stauffen and use thereof
Ambient pressure matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI) apparatus and method of analysi...
Purified nitric oxide synthase
Angiotensin converting enzyme homolog and therapeutic and diagnostic uses therefor
Gold implantation/deposition of biological samples for laser desorption three dimensional depth prof...
Fuel cell, polyelectrolyte and ion-exchange resin used for same
Lead-free low softening point glass
Method for error detection/correction of multilevel cell memory and multilevel cell memory having er...
Resinous filter for ink-jet recording apparatus
Low stress conformal coatings of reliability without hermeticity for microelectromechanical system b...
Process for preparing prostaglandin derivatives and stereospecific starting material thereof
Method and apparatus for discriminating latent fingerprint in optical fingerprint input apparatus
Encoding apparatus and method, recording medium and program
Capacitance type sensor
Encoding apparatus and method, recording medium and program
Driving method for AC-type plasma display panel
Camera having user interface ambient sensor viewer adaptation compensation and method
Optical phase modulation
Energy management device and architecture with multiple security levels
System for controlling the in situ orientation of a vehicle headlamp, and method of use
Retiring early-completion instructions to improve computer operation throughput
Wrench with flexible ring
Retrofit kit for a modular control apparatus for a power impact tool
Wireless multi-frequency recursive pattern antenna
Dual force mode fine stage apparatus
Evaluation circuit for a current sensor using the compensation principle, in particular for measurin...
Object oriented framework for scanner/workstation configuration
Horizontal memory devices with vertical gates
Electronically biased strip loaded waveguide
Fusing roller device for electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for providing on-screen incident review in an AED
Setting device for a vehicle having a mechanically adjustable part, and method for operating the set...
Fuel metering unit with a compensated regulator valve in a turbomachine
System for moving a bed using a chain
Image projection lighting device
Method and apparatus for using vertical magnetic stirring to produce turbulent and chaotic mixing in...
Boat propulsion system
Sensor formulation for simultaneously monitoring at least two components of a gas composition
Dynamic control of power converter output voltage slew rate
Method and apparatus for uniformity and brightness correction in an OLED display
Actuator driving device of working machine
Method for flipping pages via electromechanical information browsing device
Method, system, and apparatus for management of reaction loads in a lithography system
Control system and method, and control unit
Control system for plant
Techniques to manufacture optical signal transmitters
Optical exposure apparatus and method for aligning a substrate
Phase change ink printing process
Process for cross-linking a polymer
Needleless hypodermic injection system, application device and medication cartridge therefor
Compound for treatment of allergy and asthma
Test media cassette for bodily fluid testing device
Joint mechanism for robot hand and the like
Joint Mechanism For Robot Hand And The Like
Supplementary support structure for robot
Mobile robot with a head-based movement mapping scheme
Device for producing shape model
Automotive vehicle framing system
Robot toy and drive device for toy
Method and device for processing a moving production part, particularly a vehicle body
Joint structure of robot
Information processing apparatus and method, program storage medium, and program
Robot system provided with robot controller
Reduced pressure irradiation processing method and apparatus
Rechargeable dispensing head
Rotatable, squeeze-spread end effector for industrial robot
Device for de-rinding trimming a piece of meat or a piece of slaughtered animal
Robot apparatus and method of controlling the motion thereof
Robot vacuum cleaner
System and method for confining a robot
Polymeric optical device having low polarization dependence and method of fabricating the same
Charging device using a charge roller and image forming apparatus including the same
Abrasion-resistant implantable medical lead and a method of fabricating such a lead
Connector-integrated type polymer optical waveguide, method and mold for producing the same
Lenticular optical system
Method of manufacturing micro-lens
Production method of microlens array, liquid crystal display device and production method thereof, a...
Reassembled toner cartridge and method of manufacture
Image input and output method, image input and output apparatus, and image processing system
Print controller, drawing controller, data processing method and storage medium
Image reading apparatus and its control method
Method and device for processing and watermarking a set of coefficients representing a digital image
Image processing apparatus, control method thereof, and image processing method
Image processing apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image fixing device with phase controlled heaters
Image forming apparatus with bias and integral current control features
Sealing member, toner accommodating container and image forming apparatus
Communication apparatus and system, and control method
Moving mechanism and stage system in exposure apparatus
Filter element with foam girdle to secure pleats and method of forming same
Algal and nutrient control system and method for a body of water
Surface acoustic wave device and communication device
Implant for recreating verterbrae and tubular bones
Bump manufacturing method
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having damascene interconnection
High voltage cable for a miniature x-ray tube
Semiconductor package device that includes a conductive trace with a routing line, a terminal and a ...
Integrated circuit packages with reduced stress on die and associated substrates, assemblies, and sy...
Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device including molded wireless exposed drain packaging
Semiconductor device with layered interconnect structure
Integrated circuit device having reduced substrate size and a method for manufacturing the same
Copper damascene with low-k capping layer and improved electromigration reliability
Conformal barrier liner in an integrated circuit interconnect
Electronic component and semiconductor device, method of fabricating the same, circuit board mounted...
BGA substrate via structure
Oscillating device
Socket for testing a semiconductor device and a connecting sheet used for the same
Systems and methods for enhanced error concealment in a video decoder
Service panel with utility controller
Method and apparatus for observability-based code coverage
Wide adder with critical path of three gates
Memory device outputting read data in a time starting from a rising edge of an external clock that i...
Integrated circuit design system and method using preprocessor which changes hardware description in...
Cryptographic architecture for secure, private biometric identification
Analyte monitoring device and methods of use
Diagnostic method and apparatus using light
Method of making male sterile petunia plants by transformation with a nucleic acid encoding a...
Compound for the amelioration of pseudofolliculitis
Pharmaceutical compositions containing lithium carbonate
Near on-line server
System for scheduled caching of in-band data services
System and method for tracking bootable devices
Interwoven manifolds for pressure drop reduction in microchannel heat exchangers
Method and system for photoselective vaporization of the prostate, and other tissue
Unified algorithm for frame scheduling and buffer management in differentiated services networks
Process of making a nonwoven web
Method of manufacturing optical devices and related improvements
Textile fiber degreasing agents, their production and their use
Optical fiber propagation time measurement
Application of statistical inference to optical time domain reflectometer data
Automated fiber optic inspection system
Moving fiber optical switch
Fiber amplifier for generating femtosecond pulses in single mode fiber
Enhanced multimode fiber
Mode multiplexing optical coupling device
Photonic crystal fibers
Coincident neutron detector for providing energy and directional information
Smart traffic signal system
Predictive speed control for a motor vehicle
Multiple channel wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for providing enhanced communication capability for mobile devices on a virtual...
Internet-based method for determining a vehicle's fuel efficiency
Mine transportation management system and method using separate ore vessels and transport vehicles m...
Warning apparatus for vehicle
Sensor device for use in surveillance system
System and method for monitoring assets, objects, people and animals utilizing impulse radio
Method and system for deinterleaving
Surveillance system with identification correlation
Matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
Apparatus and process for a starting a data processing installation
Method for diverting power reserves and shifting activities according to activity priorities in a se...
Dynamic power management of devices in computer system by selecting clock generator output based on ...
Analysis of network performance
Method of summarizing text by sentence extraction
Program surf grid
Two-way CATV system
Vertical cyclone separator
Apparatus and process for preventing coke accumlation in a centripetal separator
Method for producing maleic anhydride
Zeolite ZSM-48 catalyst and method for improving paraffinic feedstock flow point
Fluid-solid contacting method
Process for the desulfurization of light FCC naphtha
Method and system to surpress speculative execution of instructions in a microprocessor
Displacement shift valve and pumping apparatus and methods using such a valve
Fluid dispenser calibration system and method
Hybrid compressor with a selective drive clutch means and speed increasing means for driving the com...
Electronic trim for a variable delivery pump in a hydraulic system for an engine
Pump design for circulating supercritical carbon dioxide
Electric pump
Micropump with integrated pressure sensor
Fluid pumping apparatus
Pump priming apparatus
System and method for starting pump
Air driven liquid pump
Method for the control of an internal combustion engine combined with a gas-dynamic pressure wave ma...
Device and method for the pneumatic control, and regulation of hydraulic fluid flows
Tile flood pump
Noninvasive measurement of glucose through the optical properties of tissue
Apparatus for measurement of blood analytes
Probe using diffuse-reflectance spectroscopy
System and apparatus for testing a micromachined optical device
Methods and apparatus for analyzing mirror reflectance
Sensor head, luminance distribution measurement apparatus having the sensor head, and unevenness ins...
Ion implant monitoring through measurement of modulated optical response
Method of measuring implant profiles using scatterometric techniques
Process for producing multiple nucleic acid copies in vivo using a protein-nucleic acid construct
Control apparatus and method for image display
Adaptive data differentiation and selection from multi-coil receiver to reduce artifacts in reconstr...
Image reading apparatus for optically reading image information recorded on sheetlike recording medi...
Impact wrench
Method and apparatus for redundant transmission over TDMA optical networks
Separator with bearing lubrication arrangement
Motor controller
Soft-switched power converters
Switching power supply apparatus
Switching voltage regulator for switch mode power supply with planar transformer
Sound signal generating apparatus and method for reducing pop noise
Method of producing an optical recording medium
Fusible interlining
Polyester-based dimethacrylates designed for laminating applications
Ultra-low permeation hose and method of manufacture
Tropane alkaloid multidrug resistance inhibitors from Erythroxylum pervillei and use of the ...
Iron chelators and uses thereof
Benzanilides as potassium channel openers
Antiamyloid phenylsulfonamides: N-alkanol derivatives
Sulfonic acid derivatives of hydroxamic acids and their use as medicinal products
Polymeric thickeners for oil-containing compositions
Methods for producing, films comprising, and methods for using heterogeneous crosslinked protein net...
Heteroaryl alkyl alpha substituted peptidylamine calcium channel blockers
Single dose azithromycin
Inverted strain relief
Implantable self-inflating attenuation device
Device and method for the manipulation of organs
Absorbent articles having removable components
Unitized fuel cell assembly
Disposable absorbent articles having multiple absorbent core components including replaceable compon...
Apparatus of high power density fuel cell layer with micro structured components
Adjustable ablatable inlay
Fuel cell with overmolded electrode assemblies
Textile finishing composition and methods for using same
Acoustic matching layer, ultrasonic transducer and ultrasonic flowmeter
Polishing pads with polymer filled fibrous web, and methods for fabricating and using same
Process for making a reinforced fibrous absorbent member
Apparatus for continuous liquid flow in microscale channels using wicking
Methods and systems for mobile application part (MAP) screening
Personalized traveler information dissemination system
Universal connecting device that designates an operational mode
Apparatus for delivering ablation fluid to treat lesions
Method and device for filtering body fluid
Percutaneously delivered temporary valve assembly
Stabilization of radiopharmaceutical compositions using hydrophilic thioethers and hydrophilic 6-hyd...
Method and composition for improving male fertility health
Assay for rapid detection of human activated protein C and highly specific monoclonal antibody there...
Kunitz domain peptides
Methods for increasing blood cytidine and/or uridine levels and treating cytidine-dependent human di...
Disk drive and disk drive-containing device having selectively controllable spindle motor spin up pr...
Demodulating servo sectors and spiral tracks using common circuitry
Efficient transition from class D to linear operation in dual-mode voice coil motor controllers
Head position control method, disk device, and servo track write method
Disk storage device
Screw attachment from exterior of disk drive enclosure for motors with mount bracket screw bolt patt...
Drive level flow-field conditioning to reduce flow field turbulence