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Stent with an end member having a lateral extension
Medical device having a coating layer with structural elements therein and method of making the same
Body augmenter capable of being planted through a pedicle for vertebral body reconstruction
Synthetic reinforced interbody fusion implants
Intervertebral prosthetic disc with metallic core
Spinal disc prosthesis and methods
Spinal disc prosthesis and methods
Ceramic manufactures
Method for treating diseased or damaged organs
Method of determining a genetic relationship to at least one individual in a group of famous individ...
Automated analysis of multiplexed probe-target interaction patterns: pattern matching and allele ide...
Novel method for chromatographic finger printing and standardization of single medicines and formula...
Computer aided interactive medical management information and control system and method
System and method for managing medical databases for patient care devices
Method for generating immune-compatible cells and tissues using nuclear transfer techniques
Transgenically produced fusion proteins
Transgenic transchromosomal rodents for making human antibodies
Methods and compositions for identification of genomic sequences
Tissue specific genes and gene clusters
Human albumin animal models for drug evaluation, Toxicology and immunogenicity studies
Phosphoinositide 3-kinase mediated inhibition of GPCRs
Transgenic non-human animals for producing heterologous and chimeric antibodies
Vector for the production of transplastomic angiosperm plants
Plant amino acid biosynthetic enzymes
Polycomb genes from Maize-Mez1 and Mez2
Methods of protecting plants from pathogenic fungi and nematodes
Methods of protecting plants from pathogenic fungi
Methods of protecting plants from pathogenic fungi
Commercial production of polysaccharide degrading enzymes in plants and methods of using same
Transcriptional activators involved in abiotic stress tolerance
Globulin 2 regulatory region and method of using same
Methods of producing peptides/proteins in plants and peptides/proteins produced thereby
Pear tree named 'Maxie'
Pear tree named 'Crispie'
Bidens ferulifolia plant named 'Bidcomtis'
Footwear sole component with an insert
Insole, and footwear system incorporating same
Footwear outsole including star shapes
Footwear with retractable studs
Cleated article of footwear and method of manufacture
Integrated flexible metatarsal guard with extended toe cap
Flexible puncture resistant sole
Item of footwear, particularyly an item of sports footwear
Cleated article of footwear
Sole for bowling shoes
Footwear incorporating piezoelectric energy harvesting system
Full suspension footwear
Recording/reproducing apparatus, data reproducing method, and data recording/reproducing method
System and method for controlling intake air by variable valve timing
Variable valve control system and method for an internal combustion engine
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Information retrieval system for documents
System and method for adaptive multi-cultural searching and matching of personal names
Helical antenna with integrated notch filter
Systems and methods of printer customization using radio frequency devices
Information display system
Ground fault circuit interrupter with enhanced radio frequency interference suppression
OFDM transmission system
Transmission of overhead information for broadcast and multicast services in a wireless communicatio...
Frame structures for a wireless communication system with multiple radio technologies
Method and system of scanning a TDMA channel
De-spreader operative with selectable operational clock for spread spectrum communication and a meth...
Apparatus for controlling a digital signal processor for radio isolation and associated methods
Training sequence for linearizing an rf amplifier
Apparatus using interrupts for controlling a processor for radio isolation and associated method
Radio frequency transmitter and method of operating a radio frequency transmitter
RF receiver using AGC and RF receiving method
Bone conduction systems and methods
Performance indicating electrical connector
Radio communication device that meets a plurality of frequency bands
Wireless keying for a continuous wave (CW) amateur radio transmitter
Transmission module
Radio frequency circuit and communication system with power amplifier control
Method and apparatus for tuning radio frequency
Computer system for enabling collaborative document markup between participants
Synchronizing a distributed mirror
Method for enabling collaborative document markup between participants
Paper including a multitone-effect watermark, and a wire for manufacturing the paper
Software interaction via interface surface and sensing device
Method and system for path protection in a communications network
Embedding digital watermarks in spot colors
Halftone primitive watermarking and related applications
Watermark embedding and extracting method and embedding hardware structure used in image compression...
Hiding geo-location data through arrangement of objects
Measuring digital watermark strength using error correction coding metrics
Methods of preparing bone marrow stromal cells for use in gene therapy
Method of protecting fish against columnaris disease with modified live Flavobacterium columnare ...
Biochemical synthesis apparatus
Protein extraction from canola oil seed meal
Method for multi-region data processing and visualization
Series connected TC unit type ferroelectric RAM and test method thereof
Asthma drug inhaler with whistle
Maintaining information to optimize restorable dynamic routing with shared backup
Credit-based adaptive flow control for multi-stage multi-dimensional switching architecture
Message access for radio telecommunications system
Mapping of block-encoded data formats onto a bit/byte synchronous transport medium
Integrated optical switches using nonlinear optical media
Waveguide/MEMS switch
Velocity based scheduling in cellular systems
Methods and apparatus for adaptive signal processing involving a Karhunen-Loève basis
Touch base user interface service selection icon for a portion of an image processing office machine
Air bladder packing system and process for using the same
Sheet discharge device with sheet size reference members
Ink replenishing device, sub ink tank, and ink jet recording apparatus
Door assembly having a print media delivery system
Image forming apparatus, image processing apparatus, image forming method and image processing metho...
Imaging members
System and method for real-time assignment of jobs to production cells
System and method for dynamic control of file size
System for controlling video and motion picture cameras
Systems and methods for embedding messages in look-up tables
Methods and apparatus for mediametric data cryptoprocessing
Spatial key trees for key management in wireless environments
Method and system for managing rights in digital information over a network
Self-orienting watermarks
System and method for reducing fraud in a digital cable network
Method for authenticating animation
Data recording and reproduction apparatus
Secure encryption processor with tamper protection
Content processing system and content protecting method
Cryptographic key exchange method using efficient elliptic curve
Method and system to securely distribute content via a network
Multi-planar rowing machine and associated exercise protocols
Exercise bar cord impingement assembly
Elliptical exercise apparatus with adjustment
Multi-beam scanning apparatus
Method and repairing defects in a liquid crystal display
Method and system for determining the alignment of a surface of a material in relation to a laser be...
Wavelength determining apparatus and method
Digital pulse width modulator for use in electrostatic printing mechanisms
Double pass optical amplifier with unidirectional compensation of chromatic dispersion and obstructi...
Illuminating optical system and microscope provided with the same
Tracking servo apparatus of optical information recording and reproducing apparatus
Optical head and disk unit
External cavity tunable laser with provisions for intracavity optical reflection suppression
Extinction ratio calculation and control of a laser
Information processing device and information processing method, maintenance information management ...
Enhanced link operation of directly modulated lasers using gain-coupled gratings
Hetero laser and light-emitting source of polarized radiation
Educational system
Note board apparatus and kit
Swing monitoring device
Managed services platform
Instructive clock with removable numerating strips
Musical training apparatus with lesson scheduler
System and method for processing test reports
System and method for diagnosing deficiencies and assessing knowledge in test responses
Dynamically developing education plans utilizing user preferences and/or constraints
Teaching easel with electronic capabilities
Pre-writing teaching aid and method to assist beginning writers in creating letters
On-line educational course delivery system for medical and other applications
Interactive foreign language teaching device and method
Insomnia assessment and treatment device and method
Method for long-term behavior change in humans
Device functionality representation tool
Methods for cognitive treatment
Method and device for learning and training dental treatment techniques
Device for placement between the hands of a person performing chest compression and the chest of a p...
Method for collecting and organizing information for use in writing a book
Test administration system using the Internet
Modular bulletin board
Program guide with integrated progress bar
Method for commercialization and advertising using a personal media player
Power system for a telecommunication facility
Automotive-use charger flashing light array
Battery protection circuit
Battery charger capable of indicating time remaining to achieve full charge
Generator control circuit having alarm controller
Waveform control system
Safety barrier for limiting current and voltage
Boost regulator utilizing a digital controller
Digital voltage regulator for DC/DC converters
Switching power supply system for automatically regulating circuit operating frequency and method th...
Method and apparatus for trimming current limit and frequency to maintain a constant maximum power
Circuit and method for setting the operation point of a BGR circuit
Current sensing circuit for DC/DC buck converters
Low voltage current monitoring circuit
Synthetic rectifiers
System including a wall switch device and a system including a power outlet device and methods for u...
Digital camera
Carousel for reader
Engine starting device and saddle-type traveling vehicle
Balancer structure for engine
Damper device
Method for producing magnetostrictive material
Volume phase grating, a method for producing such a volume phase grating, an optical module and a se...
Board unit
Electro-optic device having a self-cleaning hydrophilic coating
Structured catalysts incorporating thick washcoats and method
Titanium-containing interference pigments and foils with color shifting properties
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Chemical fluid deposition for the formation of metal and metal alloy films on patterned and unpatter...
Highly active β-nucleating additive for polypropylene
Dispersion for preventing electrification antistatic film and image display device
Tunable capacitor and method of fabricating the same
Ferroelectric-type nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Electronic voting apparatus, system and method
Method and system for interactively responding to instant messaging requests
System and method for providing language localization for server-based applications with scripts
System and method of synchronizing objects between two devices
Method and system for sharing end user information on network
User interface system methods and computer program products for multi-function consumer entertainmen...
Apparatus for manually and automatically processing microelectronic workpieces
Opto-electrical devices
Cooling station for disk-shaped substrates
Emission module for an optical signal transmission
Method and system for controlled spatially-selective epidermal pigmentation phototherapy with UVA LE...
Method and device for measuring, calibrating and using laser tweezers
High-throughput screen for identifying channel blockers that selectively distinguish transient from ...
Apparatus and method for carrying out analysis of samples using semi-reflective beam radiation inspe...
Hyperspectral retinal imager
Reading method and apparatus for a three-dimensional information carrier
Method and system for signal repeating in powerline communications
Fluid bearings and vacuum chucks and methods for producing same
Bearing device
Device for improving the lubrication of bearings, particularly in wind turbines
King pin seal assembly
Wheelend assembly with detachable outboard joint
Package cap
Aerosol container
Flexible manufacturing system
Wall mountable personal care products using stretch release adhesives
Method of controlling tension in a moving web material
Fabric conditioning compositions
Delivery of reactive agents via bi-layer structures for use in shelf-stable products
Non-sticky cosmetic moisturizer for skin and hair
Process of preparing in-situ water-soluble zinc salt for use in automatic dishwashing compositions
Hard surface cleaning composition comprising a bleach, acid, and silicone glycol polymer
Damp cleansing wipe
Method of using a small scale mill
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Method of inhibiting lipofibroblast to myofibroblast transdifferentiation
Eyewear with replaceable lens
Method and system for displaying changes of source code
Web content management software utilizing a workspace aware JSP servlet
System and method for animated character photo-editing interface and cross-platform education icon
Methods and systems for document navigation using enhanced thumbnails
MHP television device and GUI application
Tissue engineering composite
ATM permanent virtual circuit and layer 3 auto-configuration for digital subscriber line customer pr...
Bioresorbable stent
Method for subdividing multilayer optical film cleanly and rapidly
Dry-peelable temporary protective coatings
Protective shield
Light cover with double railed sealing edge
Fixing apparatus for light source conductive wire of backlight module
Housing for an LED fixture and soffit lighting system utilizing the same
Illumination system
Light fixture having a support system
Vehicle headlamp
Light-emitting diode module for vehicle headlamps, and a vehicle headlamp
light emitting diode lamp with light pipes
LED curing light
Planar light source unit and display device
Surface light source and light guide plate having differently configured dots
Flashlight with a light source aligned with a reflector axis
Flame-yielding device cover
Method for adjusting a multi-beam source unit
Direction indicator system
Part made of transparent material and headlight lens for vehicles
Video processing method and device
Process for mobile reception of television signals and a circuit for executing the process
Devices based on an array of light-filtering channels with surface plasmon interference filters
Method and system for automated grouping of images
Methods and apparatus for removing compression artifacts in video sequences
Display apparatus for vehicles
Apparatus and method for deriving an enhanced decoded reduced-resolution video signal from a coded h...
System and method for clock synchronization for USB sink device
Key exchange via a portable remote control device
Aligning data streams
System and method for statistically comparing and matching plural sets of digital data
Display device and OSD controlling method for the same
Dynamic image processing method and device and medium
Device for and method of automatically tracking a moving object
Dispersion compensated optical fiber transmission system and module including micro-structured optic...
Method of making spun optical fiber with low PMD
Waveguide type optical device and manufacturing method thereof
Polysilicon and silicon dioxide light scatterers for silicon waveguides on five layer substrates
Routing of optical fiber that exits from the front of circuit boards in an electronic shelf
Optical modules employing glass-sealed fiber feedthru with C-seal
Optical fiber probe for diagnosing combustion condition in a combustor
Radial type light-guiding plate
Coding and noise filtering an image sequence
Digital image storage method
Device and method for encoding DPCM image
Record and related method for storing encoded information using overt code characteristics to identi...
Automatic method of detection of incorrectly oriented text blocks using results from character recog...
Method and system for improving coding efficiency in image codecs
Method and apparatus for electronic image processing
Generalized scalability for video coder based on video objects
Low resolution-to-high resolution image correlation
Image processing apparatus and image processing program
Imaging system having adaptive clocking in response to processing state
Code reader
Device and method for creating a vascular graft in vitro
Medical charged particle irradiation apparatus
Method for analyzing MRI diffusion data
Pulse oximetry sensor adaptor
Identification by analysis of physiometric variation
Quantitative sleep analysis method and system
Linking neurophysiological and neuropsychological measures for cognitive function assessment in a pa...
Skin-applied electrode pads
E-beam curable resist and process for e-beam curing the resist
Processes for preparing multimodal polymer particle compositions
Limited play data storage media and method for limiting access to data thereon
Thin-layer-covered golf ball with improved velocity
Synthetic polyisoprenes and a process for their preparation
Real time interactive segmentation of pulmonary nodules with control parameters
Floating bait container
Milker unit detacher for rotary milking parlor
Controller for monitoring and controlling pulsators in a milking system
Knockdown cage
Elastic dog leash and coupler
Buffer arrangements to support differential link distances at full bandwidth
Thin clad diode laser
Segmented waveguide array gratings (SWAG)-based archival optical memory
Photonic crystal resonator apparatus with improved out of plane coupling
Method for diagnosing heart disease, predicting sudden death, and analyzing treatment response using...
Method for motion synthesis and interpolation using switching linear dynamic system models
Transportation subassembly for materials destabilized in presence of destabilizing contaminants
Apparatus and method for introducing micro-volume liquid
Electroconductive silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive composition
Process for the synthesis of iodopropynyl butylcarbamate in an aqueous solution of a suitable surfac...
Method for producing 2-benzylaniline
Process for producing 1, 1-bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)-3,3,5-trimethylcyclohexane
Antiobestic agents methods for screening antiobestic agents and kits comprising same
Toner binder and process for producing the same
Alpha-olefin/propylene copolymers and their use
Alpha-olefin/propylene copolymers and their use
Polymerization processes for alpha-olefin/propylene copolymers
Phenolic resin and method of producing the same
Reactive orange dyes containing vinyl sulfones
Vehicle fueling arrangement
Label to be attached on a plastic product formed in a mold and identifiable by a detecting device
Polythiophenes and devices thereof
Cordless identification security system and method
Modular school computer system and method
Electronic label reading system
Object matching via RFID
Radio frequency identification aiding the visually impaired with sound skins
Pipeline monitoring system
Wrist watch containing internal tag, radio watch, and antenna for wrist watch
Ring control node
Anti-ulcer pharmaceutical composition and the preparation thereof
Composition for treating chronic venous insufficiencies using an extract of red vine leaves
Acid-modified arabinogalactan protein composition
Compound iso-squamocin obtained from seeds of annona squamosa and composition containing the...
Methods for identifying an essential gene in a prokaryotic microorganism
Assay for entactogens
Biological control of postharvest decay of fruit using strains of Metschnikowia species
Target cell-specific adenoviral vectors containing E3 and methods of use thereof
Prolonged efficacy of islet neogenesis therapy methods with a gastrin/CCK receptor ligand and an EGF...
Purification method
Povidone-containing carriers for polypeptide growth factors
Anti-tumor composition
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Redock Dark'
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Fisupnic Mapink'
Hydrangea plant named 'Shamrock'
Verbascum plant name 'Sugar Plum'
Lobelia plant named 'Weslowat'
Calibrachoa plant named 'Sunbelpisupu'
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Visinflipu'
Strawberry plant named 'Albion'
Grapevine denominated 'Scarlet Royal'
Cotoneaster plant named 'Belka'
Conductive polishing article for electrochemical mechanical polishing
Encapsulated alloy electrodes
C7 carbonate taxane compositions
Method for producing refined ethylene sulfite
Compositions suitable for electrochemical cells
Urine cystine quantitation and supersaturation assay
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Alkaline cell with flat housing and improved current collector
Alkaline battery including nickel oxyhydroxide cathode and zinc anode
Anti-TNF antibodies and peptides of human tumor necrosis factor
Optical array device and methods of use thereof for screening, analysis and manipulation of particle...
Antagonists of MCP-1 function and methods of use thereof
Growth hormone secretagogues
Dipeptide derivatives
System and method for assessment of cardiac electrophysiologic stability and modulation of cardiac o...
Diagnostic test device and method of using same
Lighting fixture
Light fixture having an elongated housing and a square grid cell with an arched trim
Electric hair straightener
Razor cartridge
Electric shaver
Beard trimmer
Beard and moustache trimmer
Nose, ear, eyebrow trimmer
Hair trimmer
Batter's helmet
Combination bit
Circle shank bit
Pet shoe
Polyhedral skeletal animal toy
Helical pet toy
Dryer of a web-like product, such as a paper web
Vacuum cleaner
Spraying magic mop
Device for dispensing packing materials from a bag
Mobile tray rack
Attachable alarm system for strollers
Apparatus for supporting a logically partitioned computer system
Linear drive device
Hinge device and cell phone
Overflow downdraw glass forming method and apparatus
Pivoting lifter control system using spool valve and check valve to recirculate oil
Method for sulphonylating a hydroxylated organic compound
Light hardening apparatus
Semiconductor optical device with quantum dots having internal tensile or compressive strain
Mn-Zn ferrite and coil component with magnetic core made of same
Radio frequency coil for resonance imaging analysis of pediatric patients
Electric high speed molding press
Displacement device for a machine for processing flat printing materials and machine having the disp...
Web stabilization for non-contact web guidance in flying-change printing units
Method and system for efficiently transferring data objects within a graphics display system
Use of macromonomers to prepare acrylic PSAs
Alternating copolymers of isobutylene type monomers
Controlled polymerization
Ring-opened azlactone initiators for atom transfer radical polymerization
Scleral expansion device having duck bill
Adjustable intraocular lens system and intraocular lenses therefor
High refractive index aromatic-based siloxane monofunctional macromonomers
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Hydrogen-rich gas supply device for fuel cell
Storage of fuel cell energy during startup and shutdown
Fuel cell and power chip technology
Fuel cell
Fuel cell assembly
Gas diffusion electrode and fuel cell using this
Architected fuel cell system for modular application
In situ thermal processing of a coal formation to convert a selected total organic carbon content in...
Manufacturing method of an electron emitting apparatus
Digital to analog converter
Sunglass clip mechanism
Process for efficient light extraction from light emitting chips
Fuel cell network power system
Protecting pad
Multi-barbed device for retaining tissue in apposition and methods of use
Peptide-based multimeric targeted contrast agents
Compounds for the treatment of sexual dysfunction
Cell culture spinner flasks
Coating compositions
Semiconductor memory device, method for driving the same and portable electronic apparatus
Method for producing magnetic particle, magnetic particle and magnetic material
Programming verification method of nonvolatile memory cell, semiconductor memory device, and portabl...
Radiation image storage panel
Methods and systems for automatically provisioning address translation information in a mobile servi...
Monitor pattern of semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Guide plate, surface light source device and liquid crystal display
Semiconductor device, a method of manufacturing the same and an electronic device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive device and method of manufacturing same
Display apparatus with a multi-layer absorption, conduction and protection film
Automotive lane deviation avoidance system
Entity self-clustering and host-entity communication such as via shared memory
Mounting member made of glass for a magnetic disk and method for fabricating the same
Method for harvesting and processing cells from tissue fragments
Fuel cell
Film thickness measuring method and measuring apparatus for organic thin film for use in organic ele...
Apparatus and method for controlling olefin polymerization process
Interconnecting processing units of a stored program controlled system using free space optics
Method of development of custom colors without changing developer housing
Dynamically assigning a survey to a respondent
Efficient sampling of a relational database
Limit-cycle oscillation suppression method, system, and computer program product
System, method, apparatus and computer program product for operating a web site by electronic mail
Using one device to configure and emulate web site content to be displayed on another device
Mixed enclave operation in a computer network
Method and system for improving network performance by utilizing path selection, path activation, an...
Printed inductor capable of raising Q value
Disk drive apparatus
Coherent population trapping detector
Method of evaluating ion-exchange film, method of evaluating organic sample and X-ray measuring appa...
Speaker having spacer ring inside frame
Fast high-accuracy multi-dimensional pattern inspection
Low cost broad range loudspeaker and system
High speed signal enhancement using pixons
Fixing apparatus
Invasive device provided with a segmented electrical connection conductor
Method of detecting vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque
Sample holder for spectrum measurement and spectrophotometer
Method and apparatus for time resolved optical imaging of biological tissues as part of animals
Head suspension for swing arm actuator
Hermetic fuel level sender having tank bottom referencing
Method and apparatus for measuring and orienting golf club shaft
Valve mechanism for internal combustion engines
Potentiometer device for determination of valve positions
Substance delivery apparatus
Multi-valve damper for controlling airflow and method for controlling airflow
Air bleed apparatus for a burner unit
Electrical connector
Electrophotographic photosensitive member
Motor control apparatus operable in fail-safe mode
Method and apparatus for monitoring the purity and/or quality of steam
Broad range light detection system
Voice intelligibility enhancement system
Controlled room temperature synthesis of magnetic metal oxide nanoclusters within a diblock copolyme...
Magnetic disk substrate and magnetic disk
Multi-layer golf ball with a thin, castable outer layer
Cyclic olefin addition copolymer and process for producing same, crosslinking composition, crosslink...
Fluorine-containing cyclic esters, fluorine-containing cyclic alcohols, and their production process...
Compounds to treat Alzheimer's disease
Speech synthesizer
Memory unit having memory status indicator
Sulfonylamino phenylacetamide derivatives and methods of their use
Optical waveguide devices having adjustable waveguide cladding
Optical switch device
Bragg grating and method of producing a bragg grating using an ultrafast laser
Easy tearable cable component and telecommunication cable comprising said component
Fiber optic cable
Covering composition for optical fiber and covered optical fiber
Pulling grip for installing pre-connectorized fiber optic cable
Bragg grating optical fiber
Optical waveguide circuit including passive optical waveguide device combined with active optical wa...
Belt member incorporated in image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge including flexible member
Method for the control of quality in a paper web
Examination system, image processing apparatus and method, medium, and X-ray photographic system
Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium
Image processing apparatus, image processing system, image processing method, and computer-readable ...
Object extraction method, and image sensing apparatus using the method
Encoding apparatus and encoding method
Decoding apparatus, method, and storage medium for inputting and decoding variable-length coded data
Image processing apparatus and its processing method
Three-dimensional periodic structure and functional element including the same
Turbocoding methods with a large minimum distance, and systems for implementing them
Image forming apparatus
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing program for ...
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Sheet feed device and image forming apparatus
Developer supply container, and coupling-driving member for developer supply container
Developing apparatus with plural developer bearing members for each image bearing member
Image heating apparatus having a flexible sleeve
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Position and orientation determination method and apparatus and storage medium
Speech synthesizing method and apparatus
Multi-functional network device and a network system
Structured packing with increased capacity
Surface acoustic wave arrangement for broadband signal transmission
Vertebral body and disc space replacement devices
Coated spherical silicon nanoparticle thin film UV detector with UV response and method of making
Electronic component housing package and electronic apparatus
Formation of micro rough polysurface for low sheet resistant salicided sub-quarter micron polylines
Semiconductor photodetector with internal reflector
Barrier for interconnect and method
Electron beam inspection system and inspection method and method of manufacturing devices using the ...
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Image sensor and manufacturing method thereof
Electroless nickel immersion gold semiconductor flip chip package
Shutter switch for millimeter wave beams and method for switching
Method and system for encoding fluid level
Electrochromic display device and electrodeposition-type display device
Microtransformer for system-on-chip power supply
Gallium nitride based compound semiconductor light-emitting device
Damascene integration scheme for developing metal-insulator-metal capacitors
Film carrier tape for mounting electronic devices thereon
Electronic package having a folded package substrate
Semiconductor device having radiation structure
High performance multi-chip flip chip package
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Systems and methods for reducing error propagation in a video data stream
Method of determining a start of a transmitted frame in a frame-based communications network
Acknowledging missed messages broadcast on a control channel
System and method for emulating a surface EKG using an implantable cardiac stimulation device
Identifying heart failure patients suitable for resynchronization therapy using QRS complex width fr...
Method and apparatus for unified simulation
Method for determining and eliminating the drivers of non-value added cost due to product complexity...
System and method for determining changes in two snapshots and for transmitting changes to destinati...
Processing instruction addressed by received remote instruction and generating remote instruction to...
Applet permissions manager
Low power clocking systems and methods
Analogue/digital interface circuit
Method and apparatus for testing digital devices using transition timestamps
Optimization of digital designs
Fatty acids, soaps, surfactant systems, and consumer products based thereon
Method of stimulation hair growth
Bicyclic modulators of androgen receptor function
Anomaly detection based on signal variations
Antibody having a T-cell receptor-like specificity, yet higher affinity, and the use of same in the ...
Cardiac contractility modulation device having anti-arrhythmic capabilities and a method of operatin...
FcRn-based therapeutics for the treatment of auto-immune disorders
Medical device with position sensor having core with high permeability material for determining loca...
Method for studying a sample and optical interferometer for doing the same
Program guide information and processor for providing program and channel substitution
Information signal transmission device
Providing VCR functionality for data-centered video multicast
Method and system for manipulating broadcast signals
DTV data service application and receiver mechanism
Buffered coscheduling for parallel programming and enhanced fault tolerance
Controller and operating system
System and method for replacing underlying connection-based communication mechanisms in real time sy...
Method and system for managing software components
System and method for remote enabling classes without interfaces
Bicycle damping enhancement system
Low profile fluid dynamic bearing motor having increased journal span
Single and multiband quarter wave resonator
Self reverse bias low-power high-performance storage circuitry and related methods
All-metal three-dimensional circuits and memories
Process for preparing detergent compositions having high bulk density
Process for preparing detergent tablets having two or more regions
Method for making composite particles including a polymer phase
Mobile communications terminal for satellite communications system
Light emitting photonic crystals
Deep desulfurization catalyst, method for preparing the same and method for desulfurization using th...
Removable fifth string capo for a banjo
Lubricating structure in fixed displacement piston type compressor
Dual diaphragm valve
Variable displacement compressors which estimate an inclination angle of a plate of the compressor
Air compressor mounted on a compressor tank
Air compressor with improved hand portability
Radial piston pump with piston rod elements in rolling contact with the pump pistons
Vacuum pump
Method, apparatus and article for hierarchical wagering
Tray with central offset score lines
Muffin tray
Handled container
Radiation measurement within the human body
Angled sensors for detecting substrates
Beam splitting apparatus, transmittance measurement apparatus, and exposure apparatus
Measuring an alignment target with a single polarization state
Sensor utilizing attenuated total reflection
Method and apparatus for optical sampling to reduce interfering variances
Method for generating a unique and consistent signal pattern for identification of an individual
System and method for examining, recording and analyzing dermatological conditions
System and process for the analysis and predictive simulation of the temporal evolution of a hair re...
System and method for finding regions of interest for microscopic digital montage imaging
Method for quantitative analysis of blood vessel structure
Color spectral imaging
Methods for measuring microvascular density in tumors
System and method for effectively rendering high dynamic range images
Electrical power storage and delivery using magnetic levitation technology
In situ thermal processing of an oil shale formation using a pattern of heat sources
In situ thermal processing while controlling pressure in an oil shale formation
Thermal processing of a relatively permeable formation
Forming openings in a hydrocarbon containing formation using magnetic tracking
Refrigerant compositions containing a compatibilizer
Selective removal of oxygen from syngas
High performance short-wave broadcasting transmitter optimized for digital broadcasting
Luminaire device
Self-monitoring flow-through heater
Electromagnetic interference immune tissue invasive system
Ventilating device and a building comprising such a ventilating device
Hearing aid
Heating of microtitre well plates in centrifugal evaporators
Methods of treating fibromyalgia syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome and pain
Polymeric coatings containing a pH buffer agent
Sterically hindered poly(ethylene glycol) alkanoic acids and derivatives thereof
Carrier based drug delivery system
Synthesis of piperidine and piperazine compounds as CCR5 antagonists
Hydroxamic acid derivatives as antibacterials
Hydrogenation of precursors to thiazolidinedione antihyperglycemics
Melphalan derivatives and their use as cancer chemotherapeutic drugs
Method for obtaining aqueous formulations of oxidation-sensitive active principles
Modafinil polymorphic forms
Material delivery system
Method for making a bio-compatible scaffold
Device and method for joining a pair of socks
Apparatus for reducing spacing of beams delivered by stacked diode-laser bars
Proximity-based mobile telephone billing intervention
Hydroelectric power plant designed to transform the potential energy of compressed gas into mechanic...
Stabilized watercraft such as a trimaran
Sailboat mast stepping system
Large diameter mooring turret with compliant deck and frame
Retractable airfoil vessel
Attachment to a sea scooter
Adjustable seating system
Boat-trailer launch and recovery device
Surfboard fin mounting system
Method for automated electronic mail communication
Data store for knowledge-based data mining system
Web-based communications addressing system and method
Sombrero shape tortilla chip
Method for controlling operation of refrigerator
Food product containing instable additives
Steam oven having an inner casing including a vacuum
Enhanced food embossing stamper device
Composition having bacteristatic and bactericidal activity against bacterial spores and vegetative c...
Systems and techniques for detecting the presence of foreign material
Burner for gas cooking ranges
Method for producing packed tofu
Disposable infant formula feeding pouch
Apparatus and method for moving a workpiece through an opening in a container
Low temperature cleaning
Nutritional mineral fortification of milk
Radical scavenger
Expression of human milk proteins in transgenic plants
Food casing release coating comprising polyglyceryl esters
Disposable cutting sheet
Collapsible pet treat
Adaptive error correction in an oversampled ADC
Waste heat recovery device for internal combustion engine
System and method for supplying consumers with heat energy or with cooling energy
Involute foil regenerator
Electroosmotic microchannel cooling system
Cross-over rib pair for heat exchanger
Heat exchanger with header tubes
Automotive air conditioner
Thermal reservoir for two-pipe hydronic air-conditioning system
Architectural dynamic control: intelligent environmental control and feedback system for architectur...
Thermal processing roller and temperature control apparatus for roller
Temperature adjustment apparatus, exposure apparatus having the same, and device fabricating method
Using external radiators with electroosmotic pumps for cooling integrated circuits
Liquid cooled semiconductor device
Parallel cooling of heat source mounted on a heat sink by means of liquid coolant
Retention module, heat sink and electronic device
Heat sink
Metal ball attachment of heat dissipation devices
Heat sink attachment
Near infrared ray shielding film
Integrated field emission array sensor, display, and transmitter, and apparatus including same
Method and device for imaging liquid-filled container
Methods for preparing jewelry articles comprising sintered tungsten carbide
Expandable dental implant apparatus
Dental implant and method of insertion
Methods of modulating intracellular degradation rates of toxins
Multilayered material bearing a biologically active agent and the preparation thereof
Inorganic shaped bodies and methods for their production and use
Miniaturized high-density multichannel electrode array for long-term neuronal recordings
Laminated polymer optical waveguide and process for producing the same
Active tracking and retrieval of shared memory resource information
Subsystem and method of organizing multiplexed data
Method of altering a computer operating system to boot and run from protected media
Independent biometric identification system
System health monitoring and recovery
System for automated generation and assembly of specifications documents in CADD environments
Style-sheet output apparatus and method, and style-sheet output system
Method of designing integrated circuit and apparatus for designing integrated circuit
Method for rapidly determining the functional equivalence between two circuit models
Method of storing multi-parameter configuration information
Method and apparatus for authenticating a shipping transaction
Input unit arrangement
Method and apparatus for remotely performing tasks in a wireless personal digital assistant
Method and system to print via email
Method and an apparatus of an inspection system using an electron beam
Screen cloth insertion apparatus and method
Device and method for the examination of samples in a non-vacuum environment using a scanning electr...
Versatile RSDS-LVDS-miniLVDS-BLVDS differential signal interface circuit
Position detection apparatus and method
Position detecting method and apparatus, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Read bitline inhibit method and apparatus for voltage mode sensing
Column redundancy for digital multilevel nonvolatile memory
Method for sending a switch indicator to avoid out-of-ordering of frames in a network switch
Cache table management device for router and program recording medium thereof
System and method for delay compensation for a pulsed laser
L2 cache maintaining local ownership of remote coherency blocks
Cache coherent protocol in which exclusive and modified data is transferred to requesting agent from...
Camera tripod rotating head
Method for developing processing and apparatus for supplying developing solution
Method and apparatus for high-speed broadband illuminant discrimination
Closed circuit television camera
Method and apparatus for providing adaptive illumination
Preparation of crosslinked particles from polymers having activatible crosslinking groups
Aqueous, polymodal, multistage polymer emulsions
Apparatus for extruding honeycomb bodies
Open cavity extrusion dies
Very low melt viscosity resin
Ejecting method and ejecting apparatus
LED-based planar light illumination and imaging (PLIIM) engine
Multi-component internal mix spray applicator
Apparatus for simultaneously coating and measuring parts
Multi-component foam dispenser with improved flow metering means
Compositions for treatment or prevention of bioterrorism
Reactive multilayer foil with conductive and nonconductive final products
Methods of making and using freestanding reactive multilayer foils
Low VOC, coating compositions having improved flexibility and impact resistance based upon nonlinear...
Crystallization of 2,4,6,8,10,12-hexanitro-2,4,6,8,10,12-hexaazatetracyclo[,903,11]-dodecane
High-yield cathode body, cathode sleeve structure, and cathode-ray tube, cathode sleeve substrate, a...
Millimeter-wave active imaging system
Annular ring antenna
High-resolution optical microscope for quick detection of pathogens
Corner storage cabinet
Side element of a shoe upper
Footwear with lighting
Portion of a shoe upper
Method and apparatus for altering the charge distribution upon living membranes with functional stab...
Portion of a shoe upper
Orthopedic splints
Side element of a shoe upper
Coating apparatus and methods of applying a polymer coating
Portion of a shoe upper
Polymeric allophanates of diphenylmethane diisocyanate, perpolymers of these polymeric allophanates,...
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Three point footwear
Slipper insole, slipper, and method for manufacturing a slipper
Article of footwear with a stretchable upper and an articulated sole structure
Footwear orthotic with insert
Lubricating oil compositions
Methods and apparatus for operating gas turbine engines
Hybrid inlet
Missile interceptor
Method and device for automatic control of an aircraft deceleration in running phase
Sports equipment swing training apparatus and method of use
Frame design putter head with rear mounted shaft
Golf ball retrieval and ball mark repair tool
Golf ball having a controlled variable moment of inertia and method of making same
Golf ball with soft core
Golf shoe upper
System and method for resolving conflicts detected during a synchronization session
System and method for facilitating internet commerce with outsourced websites
Security protocol
Identity vectoring via chained mapping records
System and method for performing efficient computer virus scanning of transient messages using check...
Apparatus for automatic energy savings mode for ethernet transceivers and method thereof
Remote administration in a distributed system
System for determining the health of process control feedback loops according to performance assessm...
Data transformation system
Method for monitoring a plurality of systems of an aircraft including displaying tasks already perfo...
Vortex flowmeter
Specifying portions of a graphical program for respective execution by a processor and a programmabl...
Method and apparatus for displaying speech recognition results
Audible error detector and controller utilizing channel quality data and iterative synthesis
Thermochromic water proof apparel
Antibody formulation
Platlet glycoprotein IBα fusion polypeptides and methods of use thereof
Delivery systems for periadventitial delivery for treatment of restenosis and anastomotic intimal hy...
Particles with improved solubilization capacity
Methods for improving sensitivity of oxygen biosensors
Substituted phenyluracils
Method of microencapsulating an agricultural active having a high melting point and uses for such ma...
Sustained release formulations
Spirocyclic ligands for sigma receptors, and libraries and methods of use thereof
Pyrazolyl biphenyl carboxamides and the use thereof for controlling undesired microorganisms
Light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
Front substrate of plasma display panel and fabrication method thereof
CMOS transistor spacers formed in a BiCMOS process
Magnetic memory device having a non-volatile magnetic section and manufacturing thereof
Semiconductor memory with vertical charge-trapping memory cells and fabrication
Rail stack array of charge storage devices and method of making same
Spin transfer magnetic element with free layers having high perpendicular anisotropy and in-plane eq...
Deep well implant structure providing latch-up resistant CMOS semiconductor product
Array substrate for use in LCD device and method of fabricating same
Stacked variable inductor
Production of metal insulator metal (MIM) structures using anodizing process
Memory cell structure having nitride layer with reduced charge loss and method for fabricating same
Device including an amorphous carbon layer for improved adhesion of organic layers and method of fab...
Anchor for device package
Semiconductor package with crossing conductor assembly and method of manufacture
Capacitor-related systems for addressing package/motherboard resonance
Dual-damascene interconnects without an etch stop layer by alternating ILDs
Stacked chip electronic package having laminate carrier and method of making same
Multi-bit ROM cell, for storing one of n>4 possible states and having bi-directional read, an a...
Optical switch with flexible insulated beam and method for making same
Tapered structure for providing coupling between external optical device and planar optical waveguid...
Illumination apparatus and projector display apparatus
Driving circuit of active matrix type light-emitting element
Metal coordination compound, luminescence device and display apparatus
Blue light-emitting compound for organic electroluminescent device and organic electroluminescent de...
Cascaded organic electroluminescent devices
Photo-responsive organic field effect transistor
Memory cell
Organic semiconductor device
Active matrix organic electroluminescence display device
Light emitting device
Organic electroluminescent display device
Display device with sealing structure for protecting organic light emitting element
Organic EL drive circuit and organic EL display device using the same
Method and system for use in non-invasive optical measurements of blood parameters
Instrumentation and method for mounting a surgical navigation reference device to a patient
Tissue site markers for in vivo imaging
Apparatus and method for determining the relative position and orientation of neurostimulation leads
Graphical user interface with process quality indicator
Detecting leakage of engine exhaust gas using exhaust mass flow measurement
Assembly moves using float-remaining figures
System and method for wellbore communication
Method and apparatus for notifying a party of another party's location and estimated time of arrival...
Method and system for systematically diagnosing data problems in a database
System and method for maintaining and recovering data consistency in a data base page
Method and apparatus for obtaining an identifier for a logical unit of data in a database
Transmitting information over a network
Location measurement process for radio-frequency badges
Method, system and apparatus for aggregating failures across multiple memories and applying a common...
Concurrent memory control for turbo decoders
Document placemarker
Information processing method and apparatus
Methods and apparatus for connecting family members
Web channel guide graphical interface system and method
System for searching TV program data via the internet
Service processor control system and computer-readable recording medium recording service processor ...
Apparatus for and method of creating a device page for a device which does not support a predetermin...
Automatic access of internet content with a camera-enabled cell phone
Dynamically sharing a pool of IP addresses
Method and system for handling transaction requests from workstations to OLTP enterprise server syst...
Method and apparatus for prefetching internet resources based on estimated round trip time
System and method for user enrollment in an e-community
Techniques for managing database systems with a community server
Integrated multilingual browser
Point-of-sale server and method
Portable electronic device
Wireless communication processing system, wireless communication processing device, and wireless com...
Systems and methods for audio reminder messages
Portable electronic equipment and charger for portable electronic equipment
Back clip fixture of a receiver and transmitter device
Diagnostic sanitary test strip
Nitro and amino substituted heterocycles as topoisomerase I targeting agents
Water-soluble or water-dispersible graft polymers, their preparation and use
Polypeptides and polynucleotides homologous to thymosin, ephrin a receptors, and fibromodulin
Polypeptide and its DNA
Saquinavir derivatives useful in immunoassay
Agent imparting resistance to external stimuli
Method for marker-free repetitive DNA expression cassette exchange in the genome of cells or parts o...
Soybean variety XB11F04
Soybean variety 92M61
Soybean variety XB31W05
Apparatus and method for imaging a histological sample
Methods for estimating probe cell locations in high-density synthetic DNA microarrays
Wheeled work vehicle
Pedal support with coupled functions
Drive mechanism for trailer
All electric motor vehicle
Hybrid car
Closed-loop power control for hybrid electric vehicles
Hybrid-vehicle drive system with torque increasing device and driving method thereof
Motorized cover system and method of use thereof
Snowmobile ski
Snowmobile suspension system
Hydrostatic transmission device of a mobile machine
Steering drive for industrial trucks
Vehicle having a movable driving position
System for steering a vehicle, having a degraded mode in the event of failure of a wheel steering ac...
Ball screw and wheel steering device having the same
Power transfer device with hydraulically-actuated clutch assembly
Power transmission devices with active torque couplings
Interlocking suspension bracket for an inverted portal axle
Steering actuator of independent steer-by-wire system
Dual level oil impeller for drive axle assembly
Method for adjusting vehicle cockpit devices
Method and apparatus for transferring a wafer
Leg device for leg type movable robot, and method of controlling leg type movable robot
Biped walking mobile system, its walk controller, and walk control method therefor
Two-legged walding locomotion apparatus and its walking controller
Emergency stop circuit
Manipulator and its control apparatus and method
Prevention of autoimmune diabetes by immunogene therapy using recombinant vaccinia virus expressing ...
Progenitor cell preservation factors and methods for and products of their use
Herbal medicaments for the treatment of neurocerebrovascular disorders
Modified Cdc14 phosphatase proteins and constructs for improved expression and purification
Substituted 11-phenyl-dibenzazepine compounds useful for the treatment or prevention of diseases cha...
Substituted aryl 1,4-pyrazine derivatives
N-ureidoalkyl-piperidines as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
1,2,4-oxadiazole benzoic acid compounds and their use for nonsense suppression and the treatment of ...
Reducing the immunogenicity of fusion proteins
Substituted heterocyclic derivatives
Thiol-based NAALADase inhibitors
System method and apparatus for localized heating of tissue
Combination exhaust gas post treatment/muffler device in the exhaust gas section of an internal comb...
Pneumatic tool
Seatback audio system
Permanent seafloor seismic recording system utilizing micro electro-mechanical systems seismic senso...